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BRADFORD: Bradford Parliamentary Register 1867, BOWLING.


BOWLING, 1867.
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
3282 Abbey JamesBroomfield terracehouse & shop46, Broomfield terrace
3283 Abbey JohnHortonweaving shedsCastle street
3284 Ackroyd WilliamHortonpart of millProspect mill
3285 Akeroyd AbrahamOld lanehouse127, Old lane
3286 Akeroyd JosephOld lanehouse & land105, Galloway hill
3287 Ambler JonathanPollard streethouse & shopPollard street
3288 Ambler WilliamRooley lanebeerhouseRooley lane
3289 Armitage JonasWakefield roadhouse & shop406, Wakefield road
3290 Ashworth JohnMill lanesize worksGordon street
3291 Ashworth ThomasMill lanesize worksGordon street
3292 Astbury WilliamDavy streethouseDavy street
3293 Astin GreenwoodHortonpress shopsGordon street
3294 Atkinson JosephOld lanehouse & land232, Old lane
3295 Atkinson SamuelOld lanehouse & land368, Old lane

BOWLING, 1867, surnames beginning with the letter B
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
3296 Bailey RobertLow wellhouse521, Low well
3297 Bailey ThomasGuy streetbeerhouse1, Guy street
3298 Barber JohnBierley parsonagehouse61, Bierley parsonage
3299 Barraclough JamesHall lanehouse & shopHall lane
3300 Barraclough ThomasOld lanehouse & shopOld lane
3301 Barrett AbrahamBowling hallhouse & landBowling hall farm
3302 Bastow WilliamWesleyan terracepart of millTerry's mill
3303 Bateman IgnatiusSmiddles lanehouse44, Smiddles lane
3304 Baxandall JohnOld lanehouse & land188, Old lane
3305 Baxter JamesMill lanehouseMill lane
3306 Beanland DavidSticker lanebeerhouse223, Sticker lane
3307 Beanland JosephOld lanehouseNewby street
3308 Bearder JosephBack lanebeerhouse248, Back lane
3309 Bearder WilliamSticker lanehouse & shopSticker lane
3310 Beecroft WilliamHortonmillWaterloo mill
3311 Belwood JohnFairfax streethouseFairfax street
3312 Berry BenjaminUpper Pollard streethouseUpper Pollard street
3313 Berry HenryBroomfield terracemachine shops100, Hall lane
3314 Berry PeterHall lanemachine shops100, Hall lane
3315 Berry ThomasEccleshillmachine shops100, Hall lane
3316 Berry WilliamAshgrove, Hortonmachine shops100, Hall lane
3317 Berry William MillsLow wellhouse523, Low well
3318 Binns DanielJoshua streethouse & shop2, Joshua street
3319 Binns JamesOld lanehouse & shopOld lane
3320 Blakey SethHortonsize worksGordon street
3321 Blakey Charles HenryUsher streethouse35, Usher street
3322 Booth AlfredRooley lanehouseRooley lane
3323 Booth MarkLow wellhouse531, Low well
3324 Boothroyd JoshuaMill lanehouseMill lane
3325 Bottomley AsquithHall lanepart of millGordon street
3326 Bottomley EliAddison streethouse28, Addison street
3327 Bottomley JosephOld lanehouse105, Old lane
3328 Bower BenjaminBack lanehouse & shop356, Back lane
3329 Bowler GeorgeOld lanehouseOld lane
3330 Boyd WilliamSwaine greenhouse & shop20, Swaine green
3331 Boyes HolroydBack laneinnBack lane
3332 Boyes ThomasChurch hillhouse502, Church hill
3333 Bradley DavidDudley hillhouse & landDudley hill
3334 Brayshaw MarkOld lanehouseOld lane
3335 Brayshaw ThomasLow moorpart of millAlbion mill
3336 Brear DavidManninghammillWaterloo mill
3337 Brewer AbelDudley hillhouse982, Dudley hill
3338 Briggs DanielWykeshedsLudlam street
3339 Briggs JamesManninghampart of millHall lane mill
3340 Briggs JonasWykemillSpring mill
3341 Briggs SamuelHirst streethouse & shop279, Wakefield road
3342 Broadbent JosephWakefield roadhouse & shop505, Wakefield road
3343 Broadbent SquireRooley lanehouse & shopRooley lane
3344 Brook JohnSticker lanehouse & shop227, Sticker lane
3345 Brooksbank JosephWakefield roadhouse354, Wakefield road
3346 Brownbridge JosephWakefield roadhouse & shopWakefield road
3347 Brownbridge RobertWakefield roadland & stablesWakefield road
successivehouseCarbon street
3348 Burrell GeorgeCaledonia streethouse114, Caledonia street
3349 Butler GeorgeNewby streethouse22, Newby street
3350 Butler GeorgeDudley hill, Tongmaltkiln & landDudley hill
3351 Butterick JohnPollard streethouseUpper Pollard street
3352 Bywater EdwardDudley hillhouse & shop985, Dudley hill

BOWLING, 1867, surnames beginning with the letter C
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
3353 Cahill JohnCaledonia streethouse183, Caledonia street
3354 Carr JamesMill lanehouse111, Mill lane
3355 Carr MatthewDudley hillhouse & shop989, Dudley hill
3356 Caton JamesWootton streethouse8, Wootton street
successivemillOsborn mill, Park road
3357 Chapman George OdamHortonmillRipley's mill, Ludlam street
3358 Charlesworth EdmondsonDudley hillhouse235, Dudley hill
3359 Charnock JosephBradfordmillVictoria mill
3360 Chown Joseph ParberyHall lanehouseSpringfield house
3361 Clapham WilliamHortonworkshopsConway street
successivehouseAnderton street
3362 Clark JoshuaAddison streethouseAddison street
3363 Clayton JohnHortonstablesLizard street
3364 Clegg JoshuaUpper Sturges streethouseUpper Sturges street
3365 Clough AnthonyOld laneinn & land154, Red Ginn
3366 Clough JamesOld laneinn250, Prince of Wales
3367 Clough JohnDudley hillhouse & land239, Dudley hill
successivepart of millGordon street
3368 Clough JonathanTennant streethouseTennant street
3369 Clough JosephBankfoothouse & shop518, Bankfoot
3370 Coates WilliamDudley hillbeerhouse946, Dudley hill
3371 Cole JamesWakefield roadhouse366, Wakefield road
3372 Cole JohnHartley's Buildingshouse339, Hartley's Buildings
3373 Collins EnochCanning streetbeerhouseCanning street
3374 Collins GeorgeWakefield roadhouse & shop443, Wakefield road
3375 Collins WilliamWakefield roadhouse & shop445, Wakefield road
3376 Collinson WilliamSwaine greenbeerhouseSwaine green
3377 Condliffe JamesChurch hillhouseChurch hill
3378 Cook EdwardWakefield roadhouse188, Wakefield road
3379 Cook ThomasWakefield roadinn &c.Barley Mow inn
3380 Cook WilliamHall lanehouseHall lane
3381 Cordingley JohnBurnett fieldhouse & landBurnett field
3382 Coulter WilliamOld lanehouseOld lane
3383 Crabtree GeorgeBroom streetbeerhouse8, Broom street
3384 Crabtree JohnAddison streethouse12, Addison street
3385 Craven LotBierley househouseBierley house
3386 Craven PhineasHortonpart of millGordon street
3387 Cromwell JohnBroomfield terracehouse & shopBroomfield terrace
3388 Cromwell WilliamBroomfield terracehouse & shopBroomfield terrace
3389 Corless WilliamUpper croft placehouse310, Upper croft place
3390 Crisp EdwardCaledonia streethouse163, Caledonia street
3391 Croft JamesBack lanehouse & shop40, Back lane
3392 Crossley WilliamManninghampart of millGordon street
3393 Crowther JohnOld lanehouse & land99, Old lane
3394 Crowther WilliamSticker lanebeerhouse236, Sticker lane
successivepart of millGordon street
3395 Cure JohnOld lanehouse120, Old lane

BOWLING, 1867, surnames beginning with the letter D
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
3396 Dalby Joseph WilcockClaytonmillOsborn mill, Park road
successivemillRipley's mill, Ludlam street
3397 Davies CharlesGuy streethouse & shop53, Guy street
3398 Davidson John HunterWakefield roadhouse335, Hartley's buildings
3399 Dawson GeorgeHortonmillSpringhead mill
3400 Dawson MarkHipperholmemillSpringhead mill
3401 Dawson WilliamBroomfield terracehouse & shopBroomfield terrace
3402 Deighton Alfred HorsfallHall laneinnHall lane
3403 Dixon EdwardWootton streethouse & shop2, Wootton street
3404 Dobson VincentGoose hillhouse & shopGoose hill
3405 Dooley ThomasCaledonia streetinn &c.Caledonia street
3406 Downes JamesWakefield roadhouse & shop176, Wakefield road
3407 Duckworth WilliamBolling streetbeerhouse226, Bolling street
3408 Dyson JohnBroomfield terracehouseBroomfield terrace

BOWLING, 1867, surnames beginning with the letter E
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
3409 Eastwood JohnTyersallbuilding & landHall lane
3410 Edmondson AnthonyCaledonia streethouse157, Caledonia street
3411 Edhouse HenryWakefield roadhouse & shop271, Wakefield road
3412 Ellinthorpe RobertWakefield roadinn &c.363, Wakefield road
3413 Ellis WilliamWakefield roadhouseWakefield road
3414 Ellis DemasDudley hillpart of millDudley hill
3415 Ellis LeonardDudley hillpart of millIndustry mill
3416 Ellis ManassehDudley hillhouse & shop1080, Dudley hill
3417 Elsworth JohnHartley streethouse6, Hartley street
3418 Emmott BenjaminAddison streethouse4, Addison street

BOWLING, 1867, surnames beginning with the letter F
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
3419 Farrand JohnWakefield roadhouse & shop312, Wakefield road
3420 Fawcett WilliamMill lanehouse136, Mill lane
3421 Fearnley GeorgeGoose hillbeerhouse136, Goose hill
3422 Fearnley ThomasBroomfield terracehouseBroomfield terrace
3423 Fenton JohnWakefield roadhouse31, Wakefield road
3424 Field GeorgeDudley hillhouse193, Dudley hill
3425 Field JamesDudley hillhouseDudley hill
3426 Fieldhouse AbrahamMarsh placehouse & shopMarsh place
3427 Firth JohnLow wellhouse519, Low well
3428 Fison CornellRawdonweaving shedsConway street
3429 Fletcher JohnBierley laneland & stablesSticker lane
3430 Flynn Thomas HenrySt. Luke's parsonagehouse185, Caledonia street
3431 Forrest ThomasCaledonia streethouse165, Caledonia street
3432 Foster JamesWakefield roadhouse & shop282, Wakefield road
3433 Fox David WrightHipperholmemillUpper croft mill
3434 Fox WilliamHortonpart of millUpper croft mill
3435 Frost Joseph LoxdaleHighfield househouse335, Church hill

BOWLING, 1867, surnames beginning with the letter G
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
3436 Galloway JesseOld lanehouse128, Old lane
3437 Gardner GeorgeWakefield roadhouse & shop431, Wakefield road
3438 Gaukroger TitusKaye street, Hortonsize worksSpring street
3439 Gibson StephenRipley's houseshouse & shopRipley's houses
3440 Gidley JamesWootton streethouse17, Wootton street
3441 Gidley WilliamHortonpart of millGordon street
3442 Gittins PhilipWakefield roadhouse434, Wakefield road
3443 Gledhill BenjaminLavinia streethouseLavinia street
3444 Gledhill RichardHortonsize worksGordon street
3445 Goodchild HenryBack lanehouse330, Back lane
3446 Grandage WilliamLodge lanehouse & land2, Lodge lane
3447 Gray WilliamBankfoothouse & shopBankfoot
3448 Greenhough FrankRooley lanehouseRooley lane
3449 Greenhough ListerDudley hillmillDudley hill
3450 Greenwood Frederick AlexanderBankfootcorn millBankfoot
3451 Greenwood WilliamBack lanepart of millProspect mill
successivepart of millVictoria mill
3452 Gregson StocksBradfordpart of millProspect mill
successivehouseBurnett field
3453 Guy WilliamBirch lanehouseBirch lane

BOWLING, 1867, surnames beginning with the letter H
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
3454 Haigh JohnSmiddleshouse & land4, Smiddles
3455 Hainsworth StephenBradfordpart of millProspect mill
3456 Haley JonasDudley hillhouse & shop301, Dudley hill
3457 Hall JohnHall lanemill & houseAddison mill
3458 Hall RichardBroom streetbeerhouseBroom street
3459 Halliday JamesBradfordfoundryGordon street
3460 Hanson HenryRooley lanehouse & land35, Rooley lane
3461 Hargreaves RobertCaledonia streethouse159, Caledonia street
3462 Harker JohnNewby streethouse18, Newby street
3463 Harrison BenjaminCarbon streethouse9, Carbon street
3464 Harrison HenryWakefield roadpart of millDudley hill
3465 Harrison JohnBankfoothouse & shopBankfoot
3466 Harrison WilkinsonDudley hillhouse & shop993, Dudley hill
3467 Hartley JamesWootton streethouse8, Wootton street
3468 Hartley JohnSturges streethouse21, Sturges street
3469 Hartley JonathanBirch lanehouseBirch lane
3470 Hartley WilliamHall lanehouse & shop40, Hall lane
3471 Harwood WilliamNew roadbeerhouse439, New road
3472 Hastings CharlesRawdon, GuiseleymillHall lane mill
3473 Hattersley WilliamUpper Sturges streethouseUpper Sturges street
3474 Heaton John AldamBingleypart of millHall lane mill
3475 Helliwell JohnCaledonia streethouse & shopCaledonia street
3476 Hepworth JamesSticker lanehouse & land518, Sticker lane
3477 Hey AbrahamOld lanehouse & shop148, Old lane
3478 Hill CharlesHall lanehouse & shop24, Hall lane
3479 Hill WilliamCrab streethouse2, Crab street
3480 Hillas BenjaminBierley lanepart of millDudley hill
3481 Hillas MatthewDudley hillpart of millDudley hill
3482 Hinchcliffe DanielSmiddles lanepart of millProspect mill
3483 Hird ThomasBaildonbuildings & yardGranby street
3484 Hirst HenryFairfax streethouse10, Fairfax street
3485 Hirst Samuel CharlesworthBack lanehouse348, Back lane
3486 Hodgson AlexanderMitchell streethouse & shop1, Mitchell street
3487 Hodgson HenryBankfoothouse & shop496, Bankfoot
3488 Holdsworth GeorgeWakefield roadhouse329, Wakefield road
3489 Holdsworth EdwardTennant streethouse6, Tennant street
3490 Holdsworth JacobLilac streetpart of millProspect mill
3491 Holdsworth JohnDudley hillpart of millDudley hill
3492 Holmes CharlesSticker lanehouse & landSticker lane
3493 Holmes DanielRooley lanehouse & landRooley lane
3494 Holmes JamesWakefield roadhouse & shop701, Wakefield road
3495 Holmes JosephDudley hillhouse995, Dudley hill
3496 Holmes SidneyDudley hillhouse & shop1007, Dudley hill
3497 Holroyd JohnAddison streethouse34, Addison street
3498 Hood SamuelBradfordpart of millProspect mill
3499 Hopkinson EdwardWootton streethouse10, Wootton street
3500 Hornby HenryBack lanehouse & shop106, Back lane
3501 Horsfield WilliamDudley hillhouse & shopDudley hill
3502 Horsman JohnRooley lanehouse & land51, Rooley lane
3503 Houson ThomasGalloway farmhouse & land381, Galloway farm
3504 Howard CharlesHortonpart of millGordon street
3505 Hoyle WilliamOld lanehouse122, Old lane
3506 Hudson JamesWakefield roadbeerhouse325, Wakefield road
3507 Hudson JohnRooley laneinnRooley lane
3508 Hustler WilliamWakefield roadhouse240, Wakefield road

BOWLING, 1867, surnames beginning with the letter I
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
3509 Illingworth BenjaminUpper Pollard streethouseUpper Pollard street
3510 Ingham OatesBradfordhouseBierley house
3511 Ingham WilliamHall lanehouse & shopHall lane

BOWLING, 1867, surnames beginning with the letter J
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
3512 Jackson George ThompsonOld lanehouse152, Old lane
3513 Jackson SamuelUpper Pollard streethouseUpper Pollard street
3514 Jackson WilliamWakefield roadhouse & shop549, Wakefield road
3515 Jennings SamuelDudley hillhouse233, Dudley hill
3516 Jewitt JamesWakefield roadhouse & shop650, Wakefield road
3517 Johnson RobertWakefield roadhouse374, Wakefield road
3518 Johnson William HenryWootton streethouse13, Wootton street
3519 Jowett CharlesWakefield roadhouse & shop391, Wakefield road
3520 Jowett JosephHortonpart of millWaterloo mill
3521 Joyce John BarnettHortonmachine shops5, Conway street

BOWLING, 1867, surnames beginning with the letter K
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
3522 Kay SolomonOld lanehouse153, Old lane
3523 Kay ThomasFairfax streethouse37, Fairfax street
3524 Keighley JamesSwaine greenbeerhouse97, Swaine green
3525 Kellett JosephWakefield roadhouse & shop545, Wakefield road
3526 Kershaw GeorgeOaks foldhouse & land34, Oaks fold
3527 Kershaw IsaacNew roadhouse & shopNew road
3528 King WilliamUpper Pollard streethouseUpper Pollard street
3529 Knapton JohnBack lanepart of millProspect mill
3530 Kitchenman WilliamWakefield roadhouse & shop288, Wakefield road

BOWLING, 1867, surnames beginning with the letter L
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
3531 Lambert ThomasWakefield roadhouse & land704, Wakefield road
3532 Land RichardBack lanehouse & shop354, Back lane
3533 Laycock DavidPrimrose hill, Hortontobacco millWindsor street
3534 Lea JamesDudley hillhouseDudley hill
3535 Lea Henry JarvisWakefield roadhouse540, Wakefield road
3536 Lea HenryDudley hillhouse1001, Dudley hill
3537 Leach WilliamHall lanehouse & shopHall lane
3538 Lee FrancisAnnie villahouseAnnie villa
3539 Levers JohnBroom streethouse & shop59, Broom street
3540 Lister RobertWakefield roadhouse & shop433, Wakefield road
3541 Lodge CharlesAddison streethouse16, Addison street
3542 Lodge SamuelHall lanehouse2, Hall lane
3543 Longbottom ThomasWakefield roadhouse & shop319, Wakefield road
3544 Longstaff ThomasBolling streethouseBolling street
3545 Ludlam ThomasBroomfield terracehouse66, Broomfield terrace
3546 Lund JosephBradfordpart of millProspect mill
3547 Lund ThomasBradfordmillVictoria mill
3548 Lund WilkinsonBingleypart of millProspect mill
3549 Lupton JohnMill lanehouse139, Mill lane

BOWLING, 1867, surnames beginning with the letter M
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
3550 MacGill RobertCaledonia streethouse151, Caledonia street
3551 Marchbank JamesHall lanehouse & shop28, Hall lane
3552 Marchent JamesWakefield roadhouse202, Wakefield road
3553 Markham JosephMill lanehouse119, Mill lane
3554 Marsden HenrySticker lanehouse228, Sticker lane
3555 Marsden HezekiahWesleyan terracehouse & shopWesleyan terrace
3556 Marsden JamesSticker lanehouse & shopSticker lane
3557 Marsden JohnBack lanehouse & shop246, Back lane
3558 Marsden John FrankBowling ParkshouseSt. Stephen's Parsonage
3559 Marsden JosephSwaine greenhouse &c.Swaine green
3560 Marsden JosiahSticker lanehouse & shop264, Sticker lane
3561 Marsden PeterSticker lanehouse & land325, Sticker lane
3562 Marsden WilliamWakefield roadhouse & shop557, Wakefield road
3563 Marsden WilliamTennant streethouse8, Tennant street
3564 Marshall ThomasBradfordstablesHardy street
3565 Marshall WilliamGreaves street, Hortonsize worksSpring street
3566 Martin John FrancisBradfordweaving shedsSpring street
3567 Matthews JohnBolling streetpart of millGordon street
3568 Mawer ThomasBolling streethouse & shop192, Bolling street
3569 Mawson John HornerCaledonia streethouse269, Caledonia street
3570 Messenger JobDudley hillhouse & shop1019, Dudley hill
successivemachine shopsFitzwilliam street
3571 Metcalf JohnWakefield roadhouse & shop559, Wakefield road
3572 Middleton JohnHall lanehouse & shopHall lane
3573 Midgley JohnCaledonia streethouse149, Caledonia street
3574 Mitchell AbrahamRooley lanehouse & landRooley lane
3575 Mitchell AbrahamNewby streethouse24, Newby street
3576 Mitchell HenryLilac streethouseLilac street
3577 Mitchell John HarperHorton villamillSpring street
3578 Mitchell JohnBankfoothouse & land389, Bankfoot
3579 Mitchell JosephRooley lanehouse & landRooley lane
3580 Mitchell ReubenRooley lanehouse & landRooley lane
3581 Moore JosephBradfordpart of millProspect mill
3582 Moorhouse IsaacWakefield roadhouse & shopBroomfield terrace
3583 Moorhouse WilliamHall lanehouse & shopHall lane
3584 Moulson JohnOld lanehouse & land138, Old lane
3585 Moulson WilliamHortonbrickworksPark side
3586 Munday JamesDudley hillhouse & shop995, Dudley hill
3587 Murgatroyd BenjaminOaks lanehouse & landFar oaks
3588 Murgatroyd RobertHall lanehouse63, Hall lane

BOWLING, 1867, surnames beginning with the letter N
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
3589 Naylor AbrahamMill lanehouse125, Mill lane
3590 Naylor IsaacHortonpart of millLady well
3591 Naylor WilliamBolling streethouse & shop138, Bolling street
3592 Newell JonathanManchester roadhouse & shopManchester road
3593 Newell WilliamCaledonia streethouse141, Caledonia street
3594 Nicholls RichardRooley lanehouseRooley lane
3595 North BenjaminCarrbottomhouse & land458, Carrbottom
3596 Northing BenjaminOld lanehouse9, Old lane
3597 Nuttall James KirkmanWakefield roadhouse348, Wakefield road

BOWLING, 1867, surnames beginning with the letter O
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
3598 Oates MichaelParry lanehouseParry lane
3599 Oates SamuelWakefield roadhouse518, Wakefield road
3600 Oddy MarkHall laneland & stablesHall lane
3601 Onion JosephBurras engineland & stableBurras engine
3602 Onion WilliamDavy streethouseDavy street
3603 Ounsworth JohnWakefield roadhouse & shop535, Wakefield road
successivebeerhouseBack lane

BOWLING, 1867, surnames beginning with the letter P
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
3604 Padgett MilesBack laneshop & house152, Back lane
3605 Palmer JohnSmiddles lanehouse46, Smiddles lane
3606 Parkin WilliamWakefield roadhouse367, Wakefield road
3607 Parkinson WilliamWootton streethouse14, Wootton street
3608 Pearce Francis HaroldWakefield roadhouseWakefield road
3609 Pearce John CharlesWakefield roadhouse683, Wakefield road
3610 Pearce JonathanDudley hillhouse674, Dudley hill
3611 Pearson GeorgeLavinia streetbrickworksMill lane
3612 Pearson SamuelCleckheatonbrickworksMill lane
3613 Pearson WilliamBankfoothouse & shop492, Bankfoot
3614 Pearson WilliamOld lanehouse & shop156, Old lane
3615 Peel WilliamBradfordpart of millUpper croft mill
3616 Peel WilliamAddison streethouse6, Addison street
3617 Pellitt Emanuel LinesCaledonia streethouse143, Caledonia street
3618 Pepper JohnLeedsstablesHardy street
3619 Perkin JohnLow wellhouse527, Low well
3620 Petty GeorgeWhitworth streetland & buildingsWatercock street
3621 Pitcher JosephCaledonia streethouse137, Caledonia street
3622 Pitcher WilliamPollard streethousePollard street
3623 Pitts EdwinWakefield roadhouse & shop551, Wakefield road
3624 Pitts JamesAnnie villahouseAnnie villa
3625 Pitts JosephDudley hillhouse257, Dudley hill
3626 Pitts SamuelBack lanebeerhouse64, Back lane
3627 Platts CharlesWalker courthouse6, Walker court
3628 Pollard JoshuaScarr hill, BradfordironworksBowling ironworks
3629 Potterton JohnLizard streethouse & store roomsLizard street
3630 Priestley AbrahamGoose hillpart of millAlbion mill
3631 Priestley JamesRooley lanehouse & shopRooley lane
3632 Priestley SamuelNewby streethouse20, Newby street

BOWLING, 1867, surnames beginning with the letter R
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
3633 Raby WilliamBroomfield terracehouseBroomfield terrace
3634 Raper JamesFairfax streethouse8, Fairfax street
3635 Ratcliffe MatthewBack lanehouse & shop128, Back lane
3636 Rawson WilliamHall lanehouse30, Hall lane
3637 Reeves PeterAddison streethouse32, Addison street
3638 Revel AlfredWakefield roadhouse & shopWakefield road
3639 Rhodes MatthewNorth Bierleyengine houseIndustry mill
3640 Rhodes ThomasBroom streetbeerhouse61, Broom street
3641 Rigg ThomasBack lanehouse326, Back lane
3642 Ripley Henry WilliamLightcliffe-cum-BrighousedyeworksBowling dyeworks
3643 Robertshaw BenjaminBack lanehouse324, Back lane
3644 Robertshaw JamesWakefield roadmachine shopsUpper croft mill
3645 Robertshaw StephenGoose hillbeerhouse144, Goose hill
3646 Robinson CharlesMoody streetbeerhouse13, Moody street
3647 Robson WilliamBradfordshop44, Wakefield road
3648 Rodgers WilliamHall lanehouse & shopHall lane
3649 Roper IsaacBroomfield terracehouse76, Broomfield terrace
3650 Ross JohnHall lanehouse & shopHall lane
3651 Rosenthal SiegmundHortonmillUpper Castle street
3652 Rotheray GeorgeOld lanehouse382, Old lane
3653 Rowley SamuelWakefield roadhouseWakefield road
3654 Rushfirth WilliamRooley lanehouseRooley lane
3655 Russam JamesBerry streethouseBerry street

BOWLING, 1867, surnames beginning with the letter S
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
3656 Scargill JohnWakefield roadhouseWakefield road
3657 Schofield EdwardHall lanehouseHall lane
3658 Schofield JamesPark sidehousePark side
3659 Schofield WilliamSticker lanehouse & shopSticker lane
3660 Scholefield JosephHall lanesaw millWakefield road
3661 Schott GustavusHortonmillUpper Castle street
3662 Scott SilasShipleymillAlbion mill
3663 Seanor JohnWakefield roadhouse674, Wakefield road
3664 Seanor JamesWakefield roadhouseWakefield road
3665 Sellers GeorgeRooley lanehouse & shopRooley lane
3666 Sellers WilliamBack lanehouse & shopBack lane
3667 Selwyn William MarshallBingleyironworks, buildings & landBowling Ironworks & Parks
3668 Sewell Augustus BellBradfordshop44, Wakefield road
3669 Sharp HenryRooley lanehouse & land37, Rooley lane
3670 Sharp JeremiahDavy streethouseDavy street
3671 Sharp MosesLilac streetmillVictoria mill
3672 Sharp WilliamOld lanehouse & shopOld lane
3673 Shaw DavidCarbon streethouse7, Carbon street
3674 Shepherd AaronHortonpress shopsGordon street
3675 Shepherd BowmanHorton roadmillSpring street
3676 Shepherd JohnBerry streethouseBerry street
3677 Shepherd William HenryGrosvenor terracemillSpring street
3678 Shoesmith GeorgeDudley hillbeerhouse217, Dudley hill
3679 Shoesmith JosephGoose hillhouse & shop87, Goose hill
3680 Silson JohnCaledonia streethouse & shopCaledonia street
3681 Singleton BenjaminUsher streethouse11, Usher street
3682 Smith BoltonBroomfield terracehouse & shopBroomfield terrace
3683 Smith DavidBirch lane, Bowling Old lanehouse36, Birch lane
3684 Smith George AldersonCottingley hallweaving shedsUpper Castle street
3685 Smith JohnCaledonia streethouse155, Caledonia street
3686 Smith JonasBirch lane, Bowling Old lanehouse34, Birch lane
3687 Smith JosephEllen streethouseEllen street
3688 Smith SamuelWakefield roadbeerhouse277, Wakefield road
3689 Smith HenryBankfoothouseSt. Matthew's parsonage
3690 Smith JohnDudley hillpart of millDudley hill
3691 Smith JosephHartley streethouse6, Hartley street
3692 Smith ThomasMill lanebeerhouse30, Mill lane
3693 Smithies JohnHall lanehouse65, Hall lane
3694 Snow William HargreavesHall laneshopHall lane
3695 Snowden RobertBroomfield terracehouse70, Broomfield terrace
3696 Snowden JohnWakefield roadhouse248, Wakefield road
3697 Sowden JohnWakefield roadhouse & shop281, Wakefield road
3698 Sowden SamuelBroomfield terracehouse78, Broomfield terrace
3699 Speakman ThomasBack lanehouse & shop344, Back lane
3700 Speight JohnHortonmillWaterloo mill
3701 Speight RobertWootton streethouse15, Wootton street
3702 Speight ThomasBradfordmillUpper Castle street
3703 Speight ThomasWootton streethouse16, Wootton street
3704 Spencer HenryCaledonia streethouse139, Caledonia street
3705 Spurr EmanuelWheat Sheafinn &c.88, Wheat Sheaf
3706 Squire JohnWakefield roadhouse555, Wakefield road
3707 Stead AmosGalloway lanehouse & land369, Galloway lane
3708 Stell MichaelTongpart of millWaterloo mill
3709 Stephens EdwardAddison streethouse12, Addison street
3710 Stephenson JohnHall lanebeerhouseHall lane
3711 Sugden GeorgeCliftonmillSpring mill
3712 Sugden RichardOld lanebeerhouse7, Old lane
3713 Suddards EdwardOaks lanehouse & landOaks lane
3714 Surridge RobertWakefield roadhouse & shop285, Wakefield road
3715 Sutcliffe John JenningsWakefield roadhouseWakefield road
3716 Sutcliffe WilsonBurnett fieldhouse & landBurnett field
3717 Suttill JohnBradfordpart of millProspect mill
3718 Sutcliffe WilliamLow wellhouse345, Low well
3719 Sutcliffe HenryBowling DyeworkshouseBowling Dyehouse
3720 Swaine AbrahamMill lanebeerhouseMill lane

BOWLING, 1867, surnames beginning with the letter T
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
3721 Tankard James MarslandLightcliffepart of millUpper croft mill
3722 Tankard JohnBack lanepart of millUpper croft mill
3723 Tankard JosephTongpart of millDudley hill
3724 Tankard RichardTongpart of millDudley hill
3725 Taylor LawrenceCaledonia streethouse & shop48, Caledonia street
3726 Taylor RobertSticker lanehouse & land372, Sticker lane
3727 Teal GeorgeCaledonia streethouse231, Caledonia street
3728 Terry JamesSticker laneinn &c.Sticker lane
3729 Tetley EdwardDudley hillhouseDudley hill
3730 Tetley EdwardDudley hillhouse231, Dudley hill
3731 Tetley HenryWakefield roadbeerhouseWakefield road
3732 Tetley RobertDudley hillhouse451, Dudley hill
3733 Thackray MosesMill laneland & stablesMill lane
3734 Thirkhill JohnWakefield roadshopHall lane
3735 Thirkill JohnSwaine greenhouse & shopSwaine green
3736 Thornton EdwardOld lanehouseOld lane
3737 Throp HenryOld lanehouse & shop500, Old lane
3738 Todd James MitchellMoulson streethouse1, Moulson street
3739 Topper JohnBolling streethouse & shop72, Bolling street
3740 Townend SimeonHortonmillWaterloo mill
3741 Townsend GeorgeHall lanebeerhouse72, Hall lane
3742 Turner EdwinHortonironworksBowling ironworks
3743 Turner JosephOld lanehouse & shop484, Old lane

BOWLING, 1867, surnames beginning with the letter V
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
3744 Verity WilliamUpper Pollard streethouseUpper Pollard street

BOWLING, 1867, surnames beginning with the letter W
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
3745 Wade EdwinSticker lanehouse & landSticker lane
3746 Wade JohnWootton streethouse18, Wootton street
3747 Wade JohnHarker streethouseHarker street
3748 Wade WilliamWakefield roadhouse & shopWakefield road
3749 Wadsworth PeterNew roadhouse & shopNew road
3750 Walker CharlesBolling Hallhouse & landBolling Hall
3751 Walker JohnWheat Sheafhouse & shop92, Wheat Sheaf
3752 Walker JohnCrab streethouse4, Crab street
3753 Walker JosephUpper Pollard streethouseUpper Pollard street
3754 Walker ThomasWakefield roadhouse404, Wakefield road
3755 Walker WilliamWakefield roadhouse182, Wakefield road
3756 Wall FrancisWakefield roadhouse & shop523, Wakefield road
3757 Waring AbrahamTennant streethouse4, Tennant street
3758 Watson George HenryBillingsby's yardhouseBillingsby's yard
3759 Watson JohnWakefield roadhouseWakefield road
3760 Watson MatthewDudley hillhouse1015, Dudley hill
3761 Wells BenjaminMill lanehouse177, Mill lane
3762 Wells WilliamDudley hillhouse & shop272, Dudley hill
3763 Wheatcroft AnthonyMill lanehouse103, Mill lane
3764 Wheater WilliamDudley hillpart of millDudley hill
3765 Whitaker PaulSpring mill streethouseGas works
3766 Whitaker ThomasBradfordpart of millGordon street
3767 Whitaker WilliamDudley hillhouse & shop992, Dudley hill
3768 Whitley IsraelDudley hillhouseDudley hill
3769 Wickham Henry WickhamKirklees hallland & buildingsNewell hall
3770 Wickham Lamplugh WickhamLow moorland & buildingsNewell hall
3771 Wilde SamuelHall lanehouse & shop14, Hall lane
3772 Wilkinson GeorgeMill lanehouse175, Mill lane
3773 Wilkinson HenrySt. John's terracehouseSt. John's terrace
3774 Wilkinson JohnHall lanehouseHall lane
3775 Wilkinson RichardAddison streethouseAddison street
3776 Wilkinson SethWakefield roadbeerhouse146, Wakefield road
3777 Wilkinson ThomasWakefield roadhouse & landWakefield road
3778 Wilkinson WilliamSt. John's terracehouse590, St. John's terrace
3779 Williams ThomasMill lanepart of millLady well
3780 Williams WilliamHall lanehouse65, Hall lane
3781 Wilson JamesCross HillsmillHall lane mill
successivehouseWootton street
3782 Wilson JohnOld lanehouse10, Old lane
3783 Wilson JosephPollard streethousePollard street
3784 Wood JosephBankfootinn & stables425, Bankfoot
3785 Wood MarkAddison streethouse30, Addison street
3786 Wood ThomasBolling streethouse & shopBolling street
3787 Woodhead WilliamMill lanebeerhouse101, Mill lane
3788 Wordsworth JamesCarbon streethouse3, Carbon street
3789 Wordsworth RobertCarbon streethouse5, Carbon street
3790 Worsnop LukeManchester roadhouse & shop391, Manchester road
3791 Wright EdwardBailey streetmachine shopMill lane
successivehouseBack lane
3792 Wright JohnBillingsby's yardhouseBillingsby's yard
3793 Wright AlfredWakefield roadhouse620, Wakefield road
3794 Wright JamesLow wellhouse525, Low well
3795 Wright JonathanOld lanehouse422, Old lane
3796 Wright JosephOld lanehouse & shop195, Old lane
3797 Wright JosephOaks foldhouse & land33, Oaks fold
3798 Wright MatthewSmiddleshouse42, Smiddles lane
3799 Wright SethBroomfield terracehouseBroomfield terrace
3800 Wright ThomasMill lanehouse & shop50, Mill lane

BOWLING, 1867, surnames beginning with the letter Y
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
3801 Yewdall EzraManchester roadhouse & shopManchester road

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