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BRADFORD: Bradford Parliamentary Register 1867, BRADFORD, surnames K-R.


BRADFORD, 1867, surnames K-R.
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1596 Kay RichardTownhill streethouse55, Townhill street
successivewarehouseWell street
1597 Kane JohnHoughton placewarehousePeel place
1598 Kay WilliamWestgrove streethouse47, Westgrove street
1599 Kaye JamesSimes streethouse15, Simes street
1600 Kaye SampsonTrafalgar streethouse90, Trafalgar street
1601 Keeble RichardBrick lanehouse & shop41, Brick lane
1602 Keenan JohnFulneckofficesBrook street
1603 Keighley CharlesManninghamwarehouseRoebuck yard
1604 Keighley EdwardManninghamwarehouseAlbion court
1605 Keighley GilbertBrunswick placewarehouseBrook street
1606 Keighley JamesManninghamshop3, Chapel court
1607 Keighley JohnManninghamwarehouseBirks hall lane
1608 Keighley WilliamKirkgatehouse8, Kirkgate
1609 Kell RobertManninghamwarehouseVicar lane
1610 Kell Samuel CopelandManninghamwarehouseVicar lane
1611 Kelly JohnNorthbrook placehouse17, Northbrook place
1612 Kelly JohnBridge streetwarehouseMildred court
1613 Kelly ThomasCroft streethouse147, Croft street
1614 Kelly ThomasWestgatehouseWestgate
1615 Kelly Thomas KirbyBirkenshawwarehouseBolton road
1616 Kelsall WilliamHill sidewarehouseLeeds road
successivewarehouseCharles street
1617 Kemp Alfred BlytheManninghamwarehouseSwaine street
1618 Kendall JohnNorth winghouseNorth wing
1619 Kendrew EdwardBridge streethouse9, Kirkgate
successivehouseBridge street
1620 Kershaw AbrahamBack lanehouse & shop21, Back lane
1621 Kershaw HenryBower greenmillLaisterdyke
1622 Kershaw JonasTyersallmillLaisterdyke
1623 Kershaw JosephWestgrove streethouse81, Westgrove street
1624 Kershaw JosephMulgrave streetmillMulgrave street
1625 Kershaw JosephEast paradehouse5, East parade
1626 Kershaw SamuelWestgatehouse & shop171, Westgate
1627 Kershaw SamuelBower greenmillLaisterdyke
1628 Kilbride HughTetley streetshopAldermanbury
1629 Killerby RichardJohn streethouse23, John street
1630 Killick Henry FisonHortonofficesHall ings
1631 King FrederickOtley roadhouseOtley road
1632 King JohnLumb lanehouse27, Lumb lane
1633 King JohnManninghamwarehouseDuke street
1634 King JohnNorth winghouseNorth wing
1635 King RaphaelVaughan streethouse2, Vaughan street
1636 Kipling ThomasLeeds roadhouse & shop576, Leeds road
successivehouseTrafalgar place
1637 Kirby WilliamGrammar school streethouseGrammar school street
1638 Kirk George JacksonNorth paradehouse49, North parade
1639 Kirk Joseph MoxonHalifaxwarehouseCourt street
1640 Kirkbride EdwardRawson placeshopNorthgate
1641 Kitchenman JamesBrick lanehouse & shop11 Brick lane
1642 Kitching WilliamSedgwick streetshopLumb lane
1643 Kitson JohnEssex streethouse22, Essex street
successivehouse16, Hill side
1644 Kitson WilliamTennyson placehouseTennyson place
1645 Knapton JohnSouthgatehouse37, Southgate
1646 Knapton JonasVictoria streethouse11, Victoria street
1647 Knight BeanlandDarfield streetwarehouse11, Cheapside
1648 Knight Edward SamuelRobert's placeofficePiece hall yard
1649 Knight James BlackburnHanover squarehouse55, Hanover square
1650 Knight JohnPeel squarewarehouse11, Cheapside
1651 Knight John PikeManninghamwarehouseMildred court
1652 Knight Joseph HenryPeel squarewarehouse11, Cheapside
1653 Knight WilliamHill sidehouseHill side
1654 Knowles DanielLongcroft placehouse15, Longcroft place
1655 Knowles GeorgeSilsbridge lanehouse & shop26, Silsbridge lane
1656 Knowles GeorgeShipleyoffices9, Leeds road
1657 Knowles JohnWestend lanehouse15, Westend lane
1658 Knowles JonathanManninghamwarehousePeel place
1659 Knowles RichardHortonwarehouseLister street
1660 Kutter WilliamManninghamwarehousePeckover street

BRADFORD, 1867, surnames beginning with the letter L
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1661 Lacy HenryVicar laneshopSilsbridge lane
1662 Lambert DavidGarnett streethouse165, Garnett street
1663 Lambert Henry WilliamUndercliffeofficeKirkgate
successiveoffice14, Piccadilly
1664 Lambert JamesUndercliffeofficeKirkgate
successivehouse15, Beanland square
1665 Lambert JamesSalem streethouse34, Salem street
1666 Lambert JoshuaWestgatehouse & shopWestgate
1667 Lancaster RobertVictoria streetshopNorth parade
1668 Lancaster WilliamCleckheatonoffice2, Manor row
1669 Langdale WilliamHill sideshopMarket street
1670 Lapage WilliamChapel streethouse28, Chapel street
1671 Lapish WilliamNorthampton streethouseNorthampton street
1672 Lassen Edward SamuelManninghamwarehouseWell street
1673 Latimer Henry Ridley CranmerHoughton placehouseHoughton place
successivewarehouseCharles street
1674 Latimer ThomasHortonwarehouseSwaine street
1675 Law JamesHortonwarehouse10, Leeds road
1676 Lawson William WatsonIvegatehouse & shop22, Ivegate
1677 Laycock AbrahamWakefield roadhouse & shop73, Wakefield road
1678 Laycock BenjaminHortonshopHustlergate
1679 Laycock BenjaminBrick lanehouse & shop17, Brick lane
1680 Laycock DavidWestgatehouse83, Westgate
1681 Laycock DavidHortonshopHustlergate
1682 Laycock JohnMosscar streetshopUnion street
1683 Laycock JohnBrunswick placewarehouse35, Ivegate
1684 Laycock JohnBishop Blaize squarehouse11, Bishop Blaize square
1685 Laycock JohnBritannia Street Schoolhouse116, Croft street
1686 Laycock JosephBarkerendhouse159, Barkerend
1687 Laycock JoshuaCottingleywarehouseMill bank
1688 Laycock SamuelHortonbanking-houseKirkgate
1689 Laycock SimeonEast paradehouseEast parade
1690 Laycock ThomasMarkethouseMarket
1691 Laycock Thomas BriggsKeighleywarehouse14, Charles street
1692 Laycock WilliamGarnett streethouse151, Garnett street
1693 Leach GeorgeBrick lanehouse163, Brick lane
1694 Leach JohnWestgatehouse & shop159, Westgate
1695 Leach JohnBishop Blaize squaremillThompson's alley
1696 Leach JohnBrick lanehouse & shop15, Brick lane
1697 Leach JosephManninghamwarehouseSwaine street
1698 Leadbeater JohnHill sidehouse17, Hill side
1699 Leather George HenryHortonmillDixon street
1700 Leather SamuelHortonmillDixon street
1701 Leathley SamuelChandos streetshopChandos street
1702 Leathley WilliamLeeds roadhouse102, Leeds road
1703 Leavens RobertBolton roadshopWharfe street
1704 Ledgard JohnManninghamwarehouseThornton road
1705 Lee AlfredBroad streetshop52, Kirkgate
1706 Lee AlfredLaisterdykehouse & shop90, Laisterdyke
1707 Lee EdwinGarnett streethouse109, Garnett street
1708 Lee JohnHarris streethouse14, Harris street
1709 Lee JohnWestgatehouse & shop211, Westgate
1710 Lee JosephBack lanehouse349, Back lane
1711 Lee JoshuaBarkerend roadhouse26a, Barkerend road
1712 Lee WilliamVictoria streethouse76, Victoria street
1713 Lee WilliamBarkerendhouse & shop120, Barkerend
1714 Leeming IsaacHortonwarehouseAldermanbury
1715 Leeming JamesManninghamworkshops7, Railroad street
1716 Leeming JohnManninghamworkshops7, Railroad street
1717 Leeming Joseph19, Westgrove streethouse19, Westgrove street
1718 Leeming WilliamHipperholmewarehouseAldermanbury
1719 Lees CharlesHortonoffices5, Albion court
successivehouse26, Victoria street
1720 Legge AlfredHanover squarehouse52, Hanover square
1721 Leigh SampsonLumb lanehouse & shop51, Lumb lane
1722 Leighton WilliamCropper lanehouse & shopCropper lane
1723 Lennard RobertMarket streethouseMarket street
1724 Leppingwell WilliamLeeds roadhouse & shop143, Leeds road
1725 Lever GeorgeBower greenmillBirksland street
1726 Levig RichardBramleywarehouseBrook street
successivewarehouseUnion street
1727 Lewis GeorgeSpring gardensofficeDarley street
1728 Lewis LeopoldHortonwarehouseVicar lane
1729 Lewis William FrederickRobert's placehouse21 Robert's place
successivehouse23, Robert's place
1730 Light JohnHortonwarehouse39, Darley street
1731 Lightowler CharlesBolton roadhouse2, Bolton road
1732 Lister HenryHortonwarehouse3, Lister street
1733 Lister JohnWibseywarehouseBrook street
1734 Lister JohnBirkenshawwarehouseUnion street
1735 Lister JohnRailroad streethouse & shop1, Railroad street
1736 Lister Joshua BrookHortonwarehouse3, Lister street
1737 Lister SamuelCope streetmillAllan street
1738 Lister Samuel CunliffeManninghammillMill street
1739 Lister WilliamHolmes streetofficeQueensgate
1740, Lister WilliamAdolphus streethouse3, Adolphus street
1741 Little DavidManninghamoffice5, Piccadilly
1742 Little ThomasScarr hillhouse29, Scarr hill
1743 Littlewood CharlesDrewton streethouse51, Drewton street
1744 Liversedge SamuelLeeds roadhouse142, Leeds road
1745 Liversedge SamuelShipleywarehouseHall ings
1746 Lobley WilliamVictoria streetofficeQueensgate
1747 Lockwood Henry FrancisApperley bridgeofficesExchange
1748 Lockwood WilliamHortonwarehouse24, Church bank
1749 Lofthouse AbrahamSouthampton streetshopOtley road
1750 Lofthouse DavidDudley hillofficeCanal road
1751 Long AlfredBaptist placehouseBaptist place
1752 Long CharlesGeorge streethouse & shop154, George street
1753 Long ChristopherIvegatehouse & shop15, Ivegate
1754 Longbottom GeorgeHunsworthwarehouseLaisterdyke
successivehouse121, Garnett street
1755 Longbottom JosephHill sidehouseHill side
1756 Longbottom JosephThornton roadhouse238, Thornton road
1757 Longbottom SamuelManninghamshopLee street
1758 Longfield WilliamHortonshop55, Kirkgate
1759 Lonsdale ThomasHortonwarehouseSwaine street
1760 Lord CharlesSalem streetwarehouseCharles street
1761 Lord JohnGarnett streethouse & shop124, Garnett street
1762 Lord JohnHallfield streethouse5, Hallfield street
1763 Lord JohnRobert's placeshopWestgate
1764 Lord RichardVaughan streetshopsThornton road
1765 Lord WilliamJoseph streethouse92, Joseph street
1766 Lord William GeorgeManor streethouse2, Manor street
1767 Lount JamesLeeds roadhouse654, Leeds road
1768 Love WalterHortonshopNorthgate
1769 Lowcock JosephFountain streetwarehouseDale street
1770 Lowenthal SiegmundBelle vuewarehouseSwaine street
1771 Ludlam WilliamNorthbrook placehouseNorthbrook place
1772 Lumb EdwardHorton roadhouseHorton road
1773 Lumb SamuelManninghamwarehouseCharles street
1774 Lumb Thomas FowlerNorthgatehouse3, Northgate
1775 Lumby JamesHortonwarehouseBooth street
1776 Lumley Edward GeorgePark gateshopLeeds road
1777 Lumley JamesDudley hillofficeDarley street
1778 Lund CharlesManninghamofficeMarket street
1779 Lund JamesTennyson placewarehouseCheapside
1780 Lund JosephWestgatehouse & shop82, Westgate
1781 Lund RobinsonBarkerend roadshopBarkerend road
1782 Lund WilkinsonManninghamwarehouseBrown street
1783 Lupton JohnBridge streethouse22, Bridge street
1784 Lupton JosephLeedswarehouse42, Bridge street
1785 Lupton SimeonJohn streethouse31, John street
1786 Lupton WilliamWestgrove streethouse35, Westgrove street

BRADFORD, 1867, surnames beginning with the letter M
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1787 Mackew CharlesVictoria streetshopWhite Abbey
1788 Macturk William, M.D.Eldon terracehouse4, Eldon terrace
1789 Mahoney Michael JosephBingleywarehouse4, Piccadilly
successivehouse21, Houghton place
1790 Makepeace Rev. JonathanHanover squarehouseHanover square
1791 Mallett Charles JamesHanover squareshopWell street
1792 Mallett Edward CookeHanover squareshopWell street
1793 Manley HenryGarnett streethouse29, Garnett street
1794 Manley JohnBridge streethouse & shop127, Bridge street
1795 Mann DavidBuck streethouseBuck street
1796 Mann JonasBolton placehouse23, Bolton place
1797 Mann JosephBridge streethouse & shop145, Bridge street
1798 Mann WilliamCannon streethouse31, Cannon street
1799 Mann WilliamYork streethouse49, York street
1800 Marchbank Charles WilliamBank streethouseBank street
1801 Marchbank JohnManninghamshopHustlergate
1802 Margerison JervisDudley hill roadhouse & shop16, Dudley hill road
1803 Margerison JohnEbenezer streethouse11, Ebenezer street
1804 Margerison John ListerManor rowhouseManor row
1805 Margerison ThomasBonwell courtshop29, Barkerend road
1806 Margerison WilliamSalem streethouse16, Salem street
1807 Margerison WilliamManninghamofficeBridge street
1808 Margison JamesGarnett streethouse179, Garnett street
1809 Marsden FrederickNorth paradehouse69, North parade
1810 Marsden JamesNorth paradehouse51, North parade
1811 Marsden ThomasLeeds roadhouse & shopLeeds road
1812 Marsh JosephBolton roadhouse & shop172, Bolton road
1813 Marshall JosephBolton roadshop55, Bolton road
1814 Marshall MatthewPeel streethouse34, Peel street
1815 Marshall SamuelCoach rowhouse52, Coach row
1816 Marshall ThomasGeorge streethouse & shop145, George street
1817 Marshall ThomasKirkgatehouse & shopKirkgate
successivehousePark crescent
1818 Marshall WilliamHustler terracehouse103, Hustler terrace
1819 Marten WilliamBoltonwarehouseCheapside
1820 Marten William HaighBoltonwarehouseCheapside
successivehouse2, Fountain street
1821 Martin GavinNorth paradehouse45, North parade
1822 Martin James FrancisHortonwarehouseBrook street
1823 Martin JohnGarnett streethouse3, Garnett street
1824 Martin SamuelHortonwarehouseWell street
1825 Martin ThomasSalem streetshopIvegate
1826 Martin ThomasLeeds roadhouse534, Leeds road
1827 Martin WilliamLeeds roadhouse201, Leeds road
1828 Marvell JohnSilsbridge lanehouse & shop44, Silsbridge lane
1829 Marville IsaacSouthgatehouse39, Southgate
1830 Mason GeorgeHortonwarehouseSwaine street
1831 Mason HenryHortonwarehouseBooth street
1832 Mason JamesMulgrave streethouse & shop38, Mulgrave street
1833 Mason JohnGarnett streethouse69, Garnett street
1834 Masser ThomasHortonshop6, Sunbridge
1835 Matthewman CharlesManninghamwarehouseSwaine street
1836 Matthewman JosephHortonwarehouseLeeds road
1837 Matthews Alfred MarstonManninghamshop12, North parade
1838 Maud Robert DanielEast paradehouse152, East parade
1839 Maude JosephMarket streethouse & shop41, Market street
1840 Maw WilliamBeanland squarehouse25, Beanland square
1841 Mawer ThomasGeorge streethouse39, George street
1842 Mawson Henry OgleEldon placeshop43, Kirkgate
1843 Mawson RichardLeedsofficeKirkgate
1844 Mawson WilliamManninghamofficeKirkgate
1845 Maxfield JamesBarkerendhouse119, Barkerend
1846 Maynard WilliamShipleywarehouse10, Leeds road
1847 May MichaelSilsbridge lanehouse83, Silsbridge lane
successivehouseHill side
1848 McAuliffe JohnSalem streethousePark crescent
successivehouseSalem street
1849 McCall JohnSedgfield terracehouse3, Sedgfield terrace
1850 McCarty PatrickLongcroft placehouse4, Longcroft place
successivehouse54, Peel square
1851 McCracken JamesPeel squarehouse48, Peel square
1852 McCraith ThomasVictoria streethouse21, Victoria street
1853 McCrea Henry CharlesHalifaxwarehouseSwaine street
1854 McCrea JohnHalifaxwarehouseBooth street
1855 McCroben Edward RipleyKirkgatehouse & shop41, Kirkgate
1856 McCroben William HenrySpring gardenshouse25, Spring gardens
1857 McDermott ThomasSilsbridge lanehouseSilsbridge lane
1858 McDonald JohnSnow hillhouse6, Snow hill
1859 McDonald JohnSedgfield terracehouse2, Sedgfield terrace
1860 McKay AlexanderHill sidehouse29, Hill side
1861 McKean AndrewManninghamwarehousePeel place
1862 McKell JamesPark gatehouse75, Park gate
1863 McKerrow AlexanderRobert's placehouse8, Robert's place
1864 McLandsborough JohnApperley bridgeoffices24, Queensgate
1865 McLaren GeorgeLaisterdykehouse14, Laisterdyke
1866 McLaurin Andrew ScottLightcliffewarehouse21, Peel place
1867 McLeod JamesApperley bridgewarehousePalmerston buildings
1868 McMichan JamesVictoria streethouse62, Victoria street
1869 McOwen JosephShipleywarehouseBank street
1870 McQuaid BernardManninghamwarehouseHall ings
successivehouse8, Manor row
1871 Meade HarryManor rowhouse37, Manor row
1872 Meade Richard HenryManor rowhouse10, Manor row
1873 Merrall GeorgeHaworthwarehouseBrook street
1874 Merrall HartleyHaworthwarehouseBrook street
1875 Merrall MichaelHaworthwarehouseBrook street
1876 Metcalfe JamesNorth paradeshopTyrrel street
1877 Metcalfe JohnHortonbuildings & landLeeds road
1878 Metcalfe JohnBaildonwarehouse8, Duke street
1879 Metcalfe RalphLeeds roadhouse294, Leeds road
1880 Metcalfe ThomasThornton roadhouse78, Thornton road
1881 Metham John WesleyLeeds roadhouse & shop152, Leeds road
1882 Meyer George SolomonNorth paradewarehouseLister street
1883 Miall PhilipNorth paradehouse57, North parade
1884 Middleton DavidGeorge streethouseGeorge street
1885 Middleton JosephLeeds roadhouse & shop1198, Leeds road
1886 Middleton William HenryManninghamshopWestgate
1887 Midgley JohnLeeds roadhouse292, Leeds road
1888 Midgley JohnManninghamwarehouseBrook street
1889 Midgley JohnShipleywarehouseBrook street
1890 Midgley RobertMalvern streethouse10, Malvern street
1891 Midgley ThomasSilsbridge lanehouse & shopSilsbridge lane
1892 Midgley ThomasGeorge streethouse174, George street
1893 Midgley WilliamGeorge streethouse8, George street
successivehouse9, Peckover street
1894 Midgley William EdwardLeeds roadhouse & shop84, Leeds road
1895 Miller AlexanderSalem streetschoolBrunswick place
1896 Milligan HarrisonRawdonwarehouse12, Leeds road
1897 Milligan JamesHanover squarewarehouseCharles street
1898 Milligan RobertManninghamwarehousePiccadilly
1899 Milligan Robert, junr.Hortonwarehouse15, Charles street
1900 Mills James WilliamBaildonwarehouse9, Hall ings
1901 Mills JohnBrunswick placemillFulton street
1902 Milner DanielVictoria streethouse63, Victoria street
1903 Milner JoshuaHanover squarewarehouse22, Cheapside
1904 Milner SamuelRobert's placehouse16, Robert's place
1905 Milner ThomasButler streethouse24, Butler street
1906 Milner ThomasSalem streethouse41, Salem street
1907 Milner William FearnleySalem streetshopSunbridge
1908 Milnes BenjaminWellington streethouse & shop56, Wellington street
1909 Milnes EliManninghamofficesCheapside
1910 Milnes JosephUnion streethouseUnion street
1911 Milnes SamuelTennyson placewarehouseSwaine street
1912 Milnes WilliamEccleshillmillBarkerend
1913 Milnes William HaufmanBarkerendmillBarkerend
1914 Milthorp WilliamHanover squarewarehouse9, Swaine street
1915 Mirfield JohnBack Coach rowhouse29, Back Coach row
1916 Mirfield MatthewTongwarehouseBrook street
1917 Mirfield WilliamBack Coach rowhouse24, Back Coach row
1918 Misdale WilliamDarley streethouse & shop44, Darley street
1919 Mitchell AbrahamBowlingwarehouseUnicorn yard
1920 Mitchell AnthonyStott hillhouse5a, Stott hill
1921 Mitchell HenryManninghamwarehouse18, Leeds road
1922 Mitchell HughNorth paradehouse77, North parade
1923 Mitchell IsaacMulgrave streetmillAllan street
1924 Mitchell JohnManninghamwarehouse18, Leeds road
1925 Mitchell JohnSimes streethouse & shopSimes street
1926 Mitchell John HarperFulneckwarehouseBooth street
1927 Mitchell JonathanBishop Blaize squarehouse3, Bishop Blaize square
1928 Mitchell JonathanJames streethouse28, James street
1929 Mitchell JosephBowlingwarehouseUnicorn yard
1930 Mitchell RobertThornton roadhouse & shop90a, Thornton road
1931 Mitchell SamuelBowlingwarehouseTyrrel street
1932 Mitchell SquireGeorge streethouse38, George street
1933 Mitchell SquireBowlingwarehouseUnicorn yard
1934 Monkman JosephChapel streetwarehouseBank street
1935 Monkman ThomasBrunswick placehouse4, Brunswick place
1936 Monies WilliamHortonwarehouseBrook street
1937 Moody NathanielEast paradehouse16, East parade
1938 Moon MarkSilsbridge lanehouse & shop175, Silsbridge lane
successivewarehouseBrook street
1939 Moore JamesHortonwarehouseBermondsey
1940 Moore John WilkinsonWestgrove streethouseWestgrove street
1941 Moore JosephWhite Abbeyhouse & shop76, White Abbey
successivewarehouseBrook street
1942 Moore RichardHortonwarehouseBermondsey
1943 Moore WilliamBirks hall lanemillBirks hall lane
1944 Moorehouse JamesDarfield streetshopWestgate
1945 Moorehouse JohnBowlingshopBridge street
1946 Moorthorpe WilliamMount streethouse & shop158, Mount street
1947 Morgan JohnBowlingshop1, Townhill street
1948 Morgan RalphTrafalgar streethouse68, Trafalgar street
1949 Morgan WilliamWakefield roadoffices31, Kirkgate
1950 Morley John LimberAldermanburyhouse & shopAldermanbury
1951 Morphet WilliamBrick lanehouse & shop109, Brick lane
1952 Morrell GeorgeManninghamwarehousePiccadilly
1953 Morrell JohnLeeds roadhouse179, Leeds road
1954 Morrell JohnEast streetshopHarris street
1955 Morrell RobertWestgatehouse & shop46, Westgate
1956 Morrell Robert WilliamEldon placewarehouse20, Hall ings
1957 Morrell WilliamWestgatewarehouseWestgate
1958 Morrett WilliamFrederick streethouse44, Frederick street
1959 Morris ArthurRastrickwarehousePalmerston buildings
1960 Morris James PatrickThornton roadhouse & shopThornton road
1961 Morris MichaelThornton roadhouse & shopThornton road
1962 Mortimer DavidVictoria streethouse9, Victoria street
1963 Mortimer MichaelLow moorwarehouseSwaine street
1964 Mortimer Richard PolycarpGay lanewarehouse9, Well street
1965 Mortimer WilliamHortonwarehouseBrook street
1966 Mortimer William DawsonHortonshopRoebuck yard
1967 Morton JohnCannon streethouse50, Cannon street
1968 Mosley JamesBury streetshopBroadstones
1969 Moss JohnLeeds roadhouse & shop122, Leeds road
1970 Mossman George RobertEldon placeofficeManor row
1971 Mossman George Robert, junr.HortonofficesLeeds road
successiveofficesTyrrel street
1972 Mossman WilliamBoltonwarehouseOld market
successivewarehouseBrook street
1973 Motler Very Rev. Canon JohnJermyn streethouseJermyn street
1974 Moulding AndrewWilsdenwarehouseMildred court
1975 Moulson DavidHortonbuildings & landCanal road
1976 Mountain WilliamWestgateshop155, Westgate
1977 Mountain WilliamTrafalgar streethouse42, Trafalgar street
1978 Mowbray GeorgeLeeds roadhouse85, Leeds road
1979 Muff Thomas ParkinsonManninghamshop54, Market street
1980 Mullen JohnBolton roadhouse72, Bolton road
1981 Mundy JohnLeeds roadhouse840, Leeds road
1982 Munro DavidWestgatehouse & shopWestgate
1983 Murgatroyd JamesWestgatehouse & shop197, Westgate
1984 Murgatroyd JohnMidgleywarehouseBrook street
1985 Murgatroyd SamuelInfirmary streethouse22, Infirmary street
1986 Murgatroyd WilliamBolton roadhouse & shop118, Bolton road
1987 Murgatroyd WilliamWestgatehouse & shop209, Westgate
1988 Murray JohnSpring gardensshop1, Market street
1989 Musgrave Peter WilliamHallfield roadhouse35, Victoria street
1990 Musgrave SamuelBramleywarehouse4, Brook street
1991 Musgrave SimeonBramleywarehouse4, Brook street
1992 Myers AbrahamUndercliffehouse148 & 150, Undercliffe
1993 Myers AnthonyWakefield roadhouse & shopWakefield road
1994 Myers EdwardScholeswarehouseBrook street
1995 Myers HenryHortonshopIvegate
1996 Myers JohnLidget greenwarehouseAldermanbury
1997 Myers JohnLow moorwarehouseCourt street

BRADFORD, 1867, surnames beginning with the letter N
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1998 Nadin GeorgeWhite Abbeyhouse24, White Abbey
1999 Nathan LouisHortonwarehouseVicar lane
2000 Naylor CorneliusMount streethouse & shopMount street
2001 Naylor JosephBradford moorhouse & landBradford moor
2002 Neesom GeorgeButler streetshopMarket street
2003 Neesom JamesButler streetshopMarket street
2004 Neill ArchibaldHortonshop181, Westgate
2005 Neill JamesHallfield roadhouseHallfield road
2006 Nelson CharlesManninghamshopSchool street
2007 Nelson MichaelManninghamoffices37, Old market
2008 Nelson ThomasQuebec terracehouse18, Quebec terrace
2009 Nettleton FrancisBack lanehouse205, Back lane
2010 Nettleton JosephChandos streethouse & shop2, Chandos street
2011 Newbould JacobKirkgatehouse69, Kirkgate
successivehouse & shop141, Leeds road
2012 Newbould JohnNorthgatehouse & shop35, Northgate
2013 Newbould JosephLeeds roadhouse & shop141, Leeds road
2014 Newboult GeorgeManninghamshopWestgate
2015 Newboult RobertManninghamshopWestgate
2016 Newby GeorgeNorth paradeshopSunbridge
2017 Newby JohnKirkgatehouse & shop12, Kirkgate
2018 Newby TimothyNorth paradeshopSunbridge
2019 Newell JohnCanal terracehouse & shop13, Broadstones
2020 Newell JosephWestgatehouse & shopWestgate
2021 Newsholme WilliamNorthgatehouse & shop16, John street
2022 Newsholme HenryLeeds roadhouse & shop145, Leeds road
2023 Newton DavidQueen streetofficeBridge street
2024 Newton John RiderStanacre placehouseStanacre place
2025 Newton JosephOtley roadhouse & shopOtley road
2026 Newton ReubenHortonshopDarley street
2027 Nichol RichardLeeds roadhouse & shop432, Leeds road
2028 Nichols EdwardManninghamwarehouseBolton road
2029 Nichols William SchofieldManninghamwarehouseBolton road
2030 Nichols William ShawManninghamwarehouseBolton road
2031 Nicholson EllisonLeeds roadhouse & shop278, Leeds road
2032 Nicholson FrederickWhite Abbeyhouse & shop18, White Abbey
2033 Nicholson Frederick WhitworthHill sideshopMulgrave street
2034 Nicholson HarrisonJames streethouseJames street
2035 Nicholson JohnManninghamofficesWell street
2036 Nicholson JohnChurch hillhouse4, Church hill
2037 Nicholson RichardCross Wellington streethouse & shop10, Cross Wellington street
2038 Nicholson RobertBarkerend roadhouse & shopBarkerend road
2039 Nicholson ThomasBedford streetshopMill bank
2040 Nixon JosephSilsbridge lanehouse & shopSilsbridge lane
2041 Noble JohnBridge streethouse51, Bridge street
2042 Noble WilliamChandos streethouse76, Chandos street
2043 Nocton ThomasSilsbridge lanehouse5, Silsbridge lane
2044 Noddle AdamNorthgatehouse & shop54, Northgate
2045 Noddle EdwardLeeds roadbuildings & landLeeds road
2046 Normanton JosephCroft streethouse123, Croft street
2047 Normington JohnErnest streethouseErnest street
2048 Normington JohnTennyson placehouseTennyson place
2049 Normington ThomasHeap lanehouseHeap lane
2050 North ChristopherLeeds roadhouse & shop420, Leeds road
2051 Northend JosephHortonshopDryden street
2052 Northrop JonathanThorntonmillLeeds road
2053 Northrop ThomasBlack Abbeywarehouse19, Black Abbey
2054 Nowell SamuelSouthgatehouseSouthgate
2055 Nutt David BuchanFountain streethouse12, Fountain street
2056 Nutter JohnCliff lanehouse & landCliff lane

BRADFORD, 1867, surnames beginning with the letter O
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
2057 O'Brien JamesWestgrove streethouse3, Westgrove street
2058 O'Brien JohnLonglands streethouse3, & 1, Longlands street
2059 O'Donnell JohnTrafalgar streethouse19, Trafalgar street
2060 Oddy GeorgeTongshop2, Broadstones
2061 Oddy JamesTongwarehouse28, Brook street
2062 Oddy JamesBirkenshawwarehouse11, Court street
2063 Oddy JohnMulgrave streethouse & shop31, Mulgrave street
successivewarehouseBooth street
2064 Oddy John CharlesManninghamwarehouseCharles street
2065 Oddy JosephTongwarehouse28, Brook street
2066 Oddy MarkBowlingshop68, Market street
2067 Oddy SamHortonshopBank street
2068 Oddy ThomasTongwarehouse28, Brook street
2069 Oddy WilliamBirkenshawwarehouse28, Brook street
successivehouse & shop29, Kirkgate
2070 Ogden AlfredHortonwarehousePalmerston buildings
2071 O'Hara MichaelLongcroft placehouse168, Longcroft place
2072 O'Keefe JohnGeorge streethouse & shop10, George street
2073 Oldfield JamesStone streethouse7, Stone street
2074 Oldfield JamesManninghamwarehouseWell street
2075 Oldfield JosephLeeds roadhouse436, Leeds road
2076 Oldfield RichardBolton roadhouse503, Bolton road
2077 Oldroyd CharlesHill sidehouseHill side
2078 Ollivant FrederickGreen streethouseGreen street
2079 Ollivier CharlesHortonofficeCharles street
2080 O'Murphy JamesWestgrove streethouse27, Westgrove street
2081 Onions EdwardGreat Cross StreetshopsFrederick street
2082 Orange JamesBarkerend roadhouse144, Barkerend road
2083 Osborne GeorgeBoltonwarehouseCharles street
2084 Osborne George SangsterBoltonwarehouseBermondsey
2085 Ostcliffe JohnKirkgatehouseKirkgate
2086 Overend HenryWestgatehouse & shop157, Westgate

BRADFORD, 1867, surnames beginning with the letter P
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
2087 Padbury JosephHanover squarehouse57, Hanover street
2088 Padgett John HowarthHortonshopDarley street
2089 Palmer George HenryNorth paradewarehouseBentley street
2090 Pape ThomasPollard lanehousePollard lane
2091 Park MatthewVictoria streetshopDarley street
2092 Parker GeorgeGarnett streethouse63, Garnett street
2093 Parker JamesNorth streethouse23, North street
successivehouse3, Townhill street
2094 Parker JamesTownhill streethouse7, Townhill street
2095 Parker JohnWakefield roadhouse111, Wakefield road
2096 Parker MilesWakefield roadhouse & land123, Wakefield road
2097 Parker SamuelHallfield streetshopCanal road
2098 Parker WilliamBrick lanehouse & shop43, Brick lane
2099 Parker WilliamBolton roadhouse95,Bolton road
2100 Parker WilliamHortonwarehouseHall ings
2101 Parker WilliamBrick lanehouse & shop107, Brick lane
2102 Parker WilliamTyrrel streethouse & shop50, Tyrrel street
2103 Parker WilliamLeeds roadhouse148, Leeds road
2104 Parkinson Charles EdwardHortonwarehouse2, Chapel lane
2105 Parkinson DavidHortonshopMill bank
successiveshop27, Kirkgate
2106 Parkinson GeorgeHortonshop29, Kirkgate
2107 Parkinson James Greaves TetleyHallfield roadshop & warehouse51, Old market
2108 Parkinson JohnManor rowwarehouse5, Duke street
2109 Parkinson JohnBridge streetshop94, Westgate
2110 Parkinson JohnLee streethouse & buildingsLee street
2111 Parkinson JohnQueen streethouse & shop45, Queen street
2112 Parkinson JosephQueen streetwarehouseAldermanbury
2113 Parkinson JosephNorth BierleyshopIvegate
2114 Parkinson JoshuaAbbey streethouse & shop32a, Abbey street
2115 Parkinson RobertHortonshopSunbridge
2116 Parkinson ThomasNorth paradewarehouse5, Duke street
2117 Parkinson ThomasKing streetwarehouseAldermanbury
2118 Parkinson WilliamSedgwick streetshopSedgwick street
2119 Parkinson WilliamManor rowhouse4, Manor row
2120 Parkinson WilliamNorth winghouse & shopNorth wing
2121 Parratt Arthur EdwardTrafalgar streethouse60, Trafalgar street
2122 Parratt JosephWestgrove streethouse28, Westgrove street
2123 Parratt RichardBower greenhouse19, Bower green
2124 Parratt RichardBolton roadhouse11, Bolton road
2125 Parratt UriahLeeds roadhouse566, Leeds road
successivehouse45, Drewton street
2126 Parry John JohnstoneSimes streethouseSimes street
2127 Parson JamesManor rowhouse15, Manor row
2128 Parson JosephManor rowhouse15, Manor row
2129 Parsons JamesTownhill streethouse8, Townhill street
2130 Partington JohnWestgrove streethouse79, Westgrove street
2131 Partington ThomasWestgrove streethouse77, Westgrove street
2132 Passivant PhilipNewlaywarehousePiccadilly
2133 Patchett IsaacCross Wellington streethouseCross Wellington street
2134 Patchett JohnHeadingleyshop40, Kirkgate
2135 Patchett JosephOtley roadhouse42, Otley road
2136 Patchett ThomasPark gatehouse32, Park gate
2137 Pattison JohnThornton roadhouse153, Thornton road
2138 Pawson RichardSouthey placehouseSouthey place
2139 Peacock AlfredSouthampton streethouse & shop1, Southampton street
2140 Peacock RobertKirkgatehouse & shopKirkgate
2141 Peacock WilliamNorth streethouse1, North street
2142 Pearce George ClarkGarnett streethouse89, Garnett street
2143 Pearce Thomas MasseyHortonwarehouseThornton road
2144 Pearson Edward ClarksonHanover squareshop10, Kirkgate
2145 Pearson DavidWakefield roadhouse & shop209, Wakefield road
2146 Pearson DavidWestgatehouse & shopWestgate
2147 Pearson GeorgeEast paradehouse140, East parade
2148 Pearson WilliamTyrrel streetshopTyrrel street
2149 Pease JosephBarkerend foldbuildings & landBarkerend fold
2150 Peckover WilliamWhitley streethouse4, Whitley street
successivewarehouse40, Bridge street
2151 Peel George FrederickManninghamwarehouseSwaine street
2152 Peel JohnIvegatehouse & shopIvegate
successivewarehouse40, Bridge street
2153 Peel TheophilusHortonwarehouseSwaine street
2154 Peel WilliamHortonwarehouse40, Bridge street
2155 Peel William HenryMannville crescentwarehouse40, Bridge street
successivewarehouseLeeds road
2156 Pell ThomasGirlingtonwarehouseWell street
2157 Pennett EdwardThornburywarehouseWell street
2158 Pennington GeorgeManninghamwarehouseLister street
2159 Pepper JohnLeedsofficeBridge street
2160 Pepper JosephHortonofficesAldermanbury
2161 Perkin JamesManninghamwarehouseThornton road
2162 Perkins Joseph WilliamHallfield roadhouse3, Hallfield road
2163 Peters JohnHalifaxwarehouseDrake street
2164 Pettler RichardGarnett streethouseGarnett street
2165 Petty BenjaminHoughton placehouse32, Houghton place
2166 Petty RichardBolton roadhouse251, Bolton road
successivehouse & shopBridge street
2167 Philips JohnPeckover streethousePeckover street
2168 Philips WilliamTownhill streethouse10, Townhill street
successivehouse108, Bridge street
2169 Philips IsaacPeckover streetshopBridge street
successivewarehouseVicar lane
2170 Philips JacobManninghamwarehouseBurnett street
2171 Philpot RobertBack lanehouse32, Back lane
2172 Pickard EdwardHill sidehouseHill side
2173 Pickard JamesLeeds roadhouse & shop440, Leeds road
2174 Pickard WilliamBridge streethouse & shop129, Bridge street
2175 Pickard WilliamStone streethouse9, Stone street
2176 Pickles BenjaminWestgatehouse44, Westgate
2177 Pickles HenryNorthgatehouse & shop27, Northgate
2178 Pickles JohnNorthowramwarehouseWell street
2179 Pickles John BoothHortonwarehouseMildred court
2180 Pickles JosephNorthowramwarehouseWell street
2181 Pickles RobertJermyn streetwarehousePiccadilly
2182 Pighills JohnHaworthwarehouseMillergate
2183 Pighills WilliamKing streethouse & shop67, King street
successivewarehouseCharles street
2184 Pilling MosesHortonwarehouseBooth street
2185 Platts MatthewBingleywarehouseBrook street
2186 Plees William GordonWestgatehouse & shopWestgate
2187 Plowman JohnThornton roadhouse & shop214, Thornton road
2188 Pollard JohnDarley streethouse & shop22, Darley street
successivehouse7, Townhill street
2189 Pollard JohnFountain streethouse14, Fountain street
2190 Pollard JoshuaScarr hallhouseScarr hall
2191 Pollard JoshuaHortonwarehouse9, Bentley street
2192 Pollard NathanBack lanehouse364, Back lane
successivewarehouseBrook street
2193 Pollard RobertManninghamwarehouseBermondsey
2194 Pollard SamuelHortonwarehouseBentley street
2195 Pollard WilliamScarr hallland & buildingsScarr hall
2196 Poole GeorgeWestgatehouse112, Westgate
2197 Poole JohnVictoria streethouse10, Victoria street
2198 Poole JosephJames streetshop59, Westgate
2199 Popplestone JohnRhodes terraceshopSunbridge
2200 Popplewell Benjamin BriggsMarket streetwarehouse11, Market street
2201 Popplewell HenryWapping roadhouse & shop145, Wapping road
2202 Popplewell JohnMount streethouse122, Mount street
2203 Porritt JonathanCheapsidewarehouseCheapside
2204 Porter GeorgeWestgrove streethouse16, Westgrove street
2205 Pratt ChristopherEccleshillshops2, Northgate
2206 Pratt JohnSpring gardensshop18, Ivegate
2207 Pratt RobertBuck streethouse8, Buck street
2208 Preller EmiliusManninghamwarehouse17, Piccadilly
2209 Prest ThomasVicar lanehouse & shop4, Vicar lane
2210 Prest WilliamHanover squarehouse2, Hanover square
2211 Preston JohnManninghamwarehouseAldermanbury
2212 Preston JohnBridge streethouse & shop103, Bridge street
2213 Price MortonVictoria streethouseVictoria street
2214 Priestley BriggsHortonwarehouseSwaine street
2215 Priestley HenryHortonwarehouseSwaine street
2216 Priestley RobertBunker's hillhouse210, Bunker's hill
2217 Priestley WilliamWestgatehouse89, Westgate
2218 Priestman AlfredManninghamwarehouseBrook street
2219 Priestman EdwardManninghamwarehouseBooth street
2220 Priestman FredManninghamwarehouseBooth street
2221 Priestman John, junr.ManninghamwarehouseBrook street
2222 Prince CharlesWapping roadhouse147, Wapping road
2223 Prince ThomasManninghamshops2, Northgate
2224 Prince William WoodWakefield roadhouse & shop217, Wakefield road
2225 Pringle AdamManninghamwarehouseSwaine street
2226 Procter CharlesHortonwarehouseUnion street
2227 Procter CharlesHortonwarehouseBrook street
2228 Procter JamesChapel streetmillMulgrave street
2229 Procter JamesManninghamwarehouseBrook street
2230 Procter JamesHortonshop1, Tyrrel street
successiveshopCooper street
2231 Procter JohnSilsbridge lanehouse & shop28, Silsbridge lane
2232 Proctor SamuelJames streethouse26, James street
2233 Proctor William BirkettBridge streethouse50, Bridge street
2234 Proctor William WilcockManor rowhouse39, Manor row
2235 Pullan HenryWestgatehouseWestgate
2236 Pullan RichardHortonwarehouseSwaine street
2237 Pullan RobertHortonshop31, Queensgate
2238 Pullan ThomasHortonwarehouseSwaine street
2239 Punt WilliamBarkerend roadhouse & shop39, Barkerend road
2240 Pye EdwardDryden streethouseDryden street
2241 Pyrah WilliamRegent placebuildings & landCanal road

BRADFORD, 1867, surnames beginning with the letter R
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
2242 Raistrick EdwardRobert's placehouseRobert's place
2243 Raistrick JosephEbenezer streethouse4, Ebenezer street
2244 Raistrick ThomasBolton roadhouse & shop101, Bolton road
2245 Raistrick ThomasNorth winghouse65, North wing
2246 Raistrick WilliamSouthgatehouse35, Southgate
2247 Ralfe WalterClarendon streetwarehouseLeeds road
2248 Ramsden Abraham WalmsleyHardenwarehouseBrook street
successivewarehouseCharles street
2249 Ramsden DavidManninghamwarehouseLeeds road
successivewarehouseUnion street
2250 Ramsden HenryDarley streethouse28, Darley street
2251 Ramsden JohnEccleshillshopsBrook street
2252 Ramsden JohnHortonwarehouseBooth street
2253 Ramsden JosephManninghamwarehouseMildred court
2254 Ramsden RobertTrafalgar streethouse64, Trafalgar street
2255 Ramsden ThomasJames streetshopRoebuck yard
2256 Ramsden WilliamHortonwarehouseBooth street
2257 Rand JohnManninghamwarehouse18, Charles street
2258 Rand WilliamHortonwarehouse18, Charles street
2259 Randall JohnBarkerend roadhouse & shopBarkerend road
2260 Raper JohnBunker's hillhouse208, Bunker's hill
2261 Raper JosephDryden streethouse & shop5, Dryden street
2262 Ratcliffe JohnBridge streethouse & shop7, Bridge street
2263 Ratcliffe JohnBedford streethouse & shop79, Bedford street
2264 Raw GeorgeDrewton streethouse44, Drewton street
2265 Raw JamesBolton roadhouse & shop225, Bolton road
2266 Rawling SamuelLumb lanehouse & shop35, Lumb lane
2267 Rawling WilliamAbbey streethouse81, Abbey street
2268 Rawlinson JohnLower Southgatehouse75 Lower Southgate
2269 Rawnsley JohnEccleshillshop35, Market street
2270 Rawnsley WilliamHortonwarehouseHustlergate
2271 Rawnsley WilliamManninghamwarehouseSouthgate
2272 Rawson JamesLeeds roadhouse844, Leeds road
2273 Rawson JohnHortonofficesKirkgate
2274 Rawson JohnScaley lanehouse1, Scaley lane
2275 Rawson JosephManor streethouse21, Manor street
2276 Rawson ThomasRobert's placehouse18, Robert's place
2277 Rawson WilliamJohnson streetmillScaley lane
2278 Rawsthorne Joseph TweedaleDewsburyland & buildingsBolton road
2279 Read BenjaminHanover squareshop29, Market street
2280 Read JohnNorthgatehouse & shop10, Northgate
2281 Read RobertRhodes terracehouse17, Rhodes terrace
2282 Reaney RichardManninghamwarehouseBrook street
2283 Rearden WilliamBolton roadhouse56, Bolton road
successivehouseHallfield road
2284 Reddan JohnHallfield roadwarehouseCharles street
2285 Redfearn WilliamWestgatehouse43, Westgate
2286 Redmayne JohnTongwarehouseBolton place
2287 Reece CharlesNorth paradehouse & shop11, North parade
2288 Rees WilliamWright streethouse2, Wright street
2289 Reffit JohnSouthfield placewarehouse8, Well street
2290 Reffit JohnBrunswick placehouse27, Brunswick place
2291 Rennard AmbroseHanover squarehouse32, Hanover square
2292 Renton JamesCropper laneshopWestgate
2293 Renton John HenryBeanland squarehouse9, Beanland square
2294 Renton ThomasManninghamwarehouseBolton road
2295 Revell EmanuelWakefield roadhouse & shop9, Wakefield road
2296 Revell IsaacWakefield roadhouse & shopThornton road
successivehouse & shopWakefield road
2297 Revell NathanLaisterdykehouse & shop74, Laisterdyke
2298 Reynolds FrederickLeeds roadshopLeeds road
2299 Reynolds JosephBirksland streethouse & landBirksland street
2300 Reynolds WilliamHarris streetshopWell street
2301 Rhimes Richard HenrySpring gardensshopDarley street
2302 Rhodes CharlesVictoria streethouse36, Victoria street
2303 Rhodes Edmund CoatesGreat Cross Streethouse16, Great Cross Street
2304 Rhodes EdwardHortonwarehouseCurrer street
2305 Rhodes HenryHortonshop8, Union passage
2306 Rhodes JamesBrunswick placeshopDarley street
2307 Rhodes JamesManninghamofficesDarley street
2308 Rhodes JamesManninghammill21, Wharfe street
2309 Rhodes JamesHoughton placewarehouse3, Church bank
2310 Rhodes JohnBolton roadhouse & shop149, Bolton road
2311 Rhodes John FearnleyOtley roadshopKirkgate
2312 Rhodes JonasMount streethouse87, Mount street
2313 Rhodes JosephBridge streethouse & shop81, Bridge street
2314 Rhodes JosephHill sideshopCheapside
2315 Rhodes JosephHortonshop44, Northgate
2316 Rhodes JubalQueen streetshop8, Northgate
2317 Rhodes LouisTrafalgar streetwarehouseBermondsey
2318 Rhodes ManoahHortonshop6, Westgate
2319 Rhodes ObedSalem streethouse38, Salem street
2320 Rhodes RushworthWestgrove streethouse34, Westgrove street
2321 Rhodes SamuelWestgatehouse & shop168, Westgate
2322 Rhodes SamuelEccleshillshop4, Darley street
2323 Rhodes SquireWestgatehouse & shop195, Westgate
2324 Rhodes ThomasWhite Abbeyhouse & shop30, White Abbey
2325 Rhodes WilliamEccleshillshopBolton road
2326 Rhodes WilliamHanover squareshopsWade street
2327 Rhodes WilliamRegent placehouse8, Regent place
2328 Rhodes WilliamGarnett streethouse119, Garnett street
2329 Richards Rev. JohnNorth paradehouse16, North parade
2330 Richardson GeorgeHortonwarehouseBooth street
2331 Richardson George BartonJohn streetshopJohn street
2332 Richardson HenryGeorge streethouse & shop155, George street
2333 Richardson JohnTrafalgar streethouse48, Trafalgar street
2334 Richardson RichardSpringfield placehouse15, Springfield place
2335 Richardson RobertHortonofficesMarket street
2336 Riddiough DanielUndercliffehouseUndercliffe
2337 Ridehalgh RichardNorth paradeofficesBond street
2338 Rider SamuelNorthgatehouse & shopNorthgate
2339 Ridings EdwinClaytonwarehouseBrook street
2340 Ridge WilliamWhite Abbeyhouse & shop56, White Abbey
2341 Rigg SydneyBradford moormillMulgrave street
2342 Rigg WilliamEbenezer streethouse8, Ebenezer street
2343 Riley HartleyBarkerend roadhouse & shop71, Barkerend road
2344 Riley JamesSteel's yardhouseSteel's yard
2345 Riley JamesWakefield roadhouse & shopWakefield road
2346 Riley JohnHortonwarehouse22, Piccadilly
2347 Riley JohnWestgatehouse & shopWestgate
2348 Riley JohnBrick laneshopIvegate
2349 Riley ThomasManninghamwarehouseCharles street
2350 Riley WilliamHortonwarehouseBrook street
2351 Rimmington Felix MarshHanover squareshop6, Ivegate
2352 Rimmington WilliamMount streethouse & shopMount street
2353 Ripley Henry WilliamLightcliffewarehouseSwaine street
2354 Ripley WilliamNorth streethouse & shop8, North street
2355 Rishworth JohnHallfield roadhouse22, Hallfield road
2356 Roberts GeorgeGarnett streethouse25, Garnett street
2357 Roberts GeorgeLeeds roadhouse67, Leeds road
2358 Roberts HenryGomersalwarehouseCharles street
2359 Roberts John AlfredManninghamwarehouseMarket street
2360 Roberts JohnWestgatehouse & shop56, Westgate
2361 Roberts JohnPlanetreeshouse & land9, Planetrees
2362 Roberts JohnStone streethouse & shop19, Stone street
2363 Roberts JosephBack lanebuildings & landBack lane
2364 Roberts RichardBack lanebuildings & land401, Back lane
2365 Roberts Samuel FrederickBridge streethouse58, Bridge street
2366 Roberts WilliamWestgatehouse & shop207, Westgate
2367 Roberts WilliamBack Coach rowhouse28, Back Coach row
2368 Roberts WilliamNorth paradeshopKirkgate
2369 Robertshaw CalvinAllertonwarehouseBrook street
2370 Robertshaw EdwinGarnett streethouse85, Garnett street
2371 Robertshaw IllingworthAllertonwarehouseBrook street
2372 Robertshaw IsaacAllertonwarehouse9, Court street
2373 Robertshaw JeremiahBroad streetwarehousePalmerston buildings
2374 Robertshaw JobHortonshop9, Queensgate
2375 Robertshaw JohnManninghamwarehouseIvegate
2376 Robertshaw LeviPeel streethousePeel street
2377 Robertshaw LutherAllertonwarehouseBrook street
2378 Robertshaw SolomonNorthbrook placehouse25, Northbrook place
2379 Robertshaw SolomonBolton roadhouse15, Bolton road
2380 Robertshaw ThomasDrewton streetshopsThornton road
2381 Robertshaw ThomasAllertonwarehouseBrook street
2382 Robertshaw WilliamHortonshop9, Queensgate
2383 Robertson JamesHortonwarehousePeel place
2384 Robinson GeorgeChain streethouseChain street
2385 Robinson GeorgeDrewton streethouse1, Drewton street
2386 Robinson JacobBedford streethouse85, Bedford street
2387 Robinson JacobBridge streethouse & shop133, Bridge street
2388 Robinson JamesManor streethouse15, Manor street
2389 Robinson JohnCrown streethouse18, Crown street
2390 Robinson JohnHortonwarehouseWell street
2391 Robinson JohnThornton roadhouse & shop212, Thornton road
successivewarehouseThornton road
2392 Robinson JonasHortonwarehouseWade street
successivehouse & shop538, Leeds road
2393 Robinson JosephBuck streethouseBuck street
2394 Robinson RobertQuill streetwarehouseQuill street
2395 Robinson SamuelDrewton streethouse40, Drewton street
2396 Robinson SquirePeckover streethouse6, Peckover street
2397 Robinson ThomasThornton roadhouse240, Thornton road
2398 Robinson ThomasThornton roadwarehouseSilsbridge lane
2399 Robinson ThomasSnow hillhouse1, Snow hill
2400 Robshaw BenjaminRhodes terracehouseRhodes terrace
2401 Robson JohnRhodes terracehouse7, Rhodes terrace
2402 Robson SamuelDrewton streethouse5, Drewton street
2403 Robson ThomasBack Quebec terracehouse7, Back Quebec terrace
2404 Robson TimothyFountain streetwarehouse29, Bermondsey
2405 Rodgers WilliamPark gatehouse37, Park gate
2406 Rogerson MichaelNorth paradeshop2, Darley street
successivewarehouseBrook street
2407 Rogerson RobertManninghamwarehouseCharles street
2408 Rooks GeorgeBolton roadshopBroadstones
2409 Rooks JamesBirk streethouse & shop81, Birk street
2410 Roper JamesVictoria streethouse48, Victoria street
2411 Roper JohnShipleywarehouse17, Peckover street
2412 Roper TimothyHustlergatehouse & shop12, Hustlergate
2413 Rouse WilliamBurleymillNortholme street
2414 Routledge JamesDixon streethouse55, Dixon street
2415 Rowan JohnVictoria streethouse24, Victoria street
2416 Rowbotham JamesBridge streethouse & shop79, Bridge street
2417 Rowbotham JohnLeeds roadhouse118, Leeds road
2418 Rowlinson JohnSouthgatehouse75, Southgate
2419 Rowsby JohnMount streetshop & yardGreen street
2420 Royston SamuelHortonshop1, Tyrrel street
successiveshopCooper street
2421 Rudd RobertUndercliffehouse & landUndercliffe
2422 Rudd William HaleyWestgatehouse & shopWestgate
2423 Ruddock ThomasLeeds roadshopLeeds road
2424 Rumboll HenryLiversedgewarehouseHall ings
2425 Rushforth SamuelBingleywarehouseCharles street
2426 Rushforth JesperMiddle streetshopStone street
2427 Rushforth ThomasBingleywarehouseBrook street
2428 Rushforth WilliamAdwaltonhouse & shop56, Kirkgate
2429 Rushton ThomasBolton roadhouse87, Bolton road
2430 Rushton WilliamBowlingfoundryThornton road
2431 Rushworth GeorgeTownhill streethouse9, Townhill street
2432 Rushworth JohnGarnett streethouse74, Garnett street
2433 Rushworth JosephWestgrove streethouse38, Westgrove street
2434 Rushworth WilliamWestgatehouse & shop173, Westgate
successivehouseChesham street
2435 Russell Rev. Andrew PeelPark villashousePeel Park villas
2436 Russell Rev. Andrew GibbHanover squarehouse50, Hanover square
2437 Russell HenryJohn streethouse & shop4, John street
2438 Russell JohnHortonwarehouse10, Leeds road
2439 Russell SimeonLeeds roadhouse147, Leeds road
2440 Rycroft JohnManninghamwarehouseMill bank
2441 Ryder HenryChurch bankoffice4, Church bank
2442 Ryder WilliamChurch bankoffice4, Church bank

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