BRADFORD: Bradford Parliamentary Register 1868, GREAT HORTON WARD, surnames H-R.



* Lines starting with an asterisk (*) mean the entry is not for voting.

GREAT HORTON WARD, 1868, surnames H-R.
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
466 Haigh JamesHarris courthouse3, Harris court
467 Haigh JohnHunt yardhouse13, Hunt yard
468 Haigh JonathanCross street, Union roadhouse34, Cross street, Union road
469 Hainsworth JosephCemetery roadhouse253, Cemetery road
470 Hainsworth JoshuaCemetery roadhouse241, Cemetery road
471 Haley CharlesEbenezer rowhouse12, Ebenezer row
472 Haley DanielBlacksmith foldhouse4, Blacksmith fold
473 Haley HenryHigh streethouse8, High street
474 Haley JohnHollingwood lanehouseHollingwood lane
475 Haley JohnBrunel househouseBrunel house
476 Haley JohnCragg lanehouse12, Cragg lane
477 Haley NathanSouthfield lanehouse208, Southfield lane
478 Haley RichardSouthfield lanehouse290, Southfield lane
479 Haley WilliamBartle foldhouseBartle fold
480 Hall RichardUnion roadhouse9, Union road
481 Hall WilliamCarlton streethouse36, Carlton street
482 Hammond CharlesLidget greenhouse7, Lidget green
483 Hammond WilliamParadisehouseParadise
484 Hanson AmosBramley rowhouse5, Bramley row
485 Hanson EdmundSouthfield lanehouse172, Southfield lane
486 Hanson EnochLidget green streethouse11, Lidget green street
487 Hanson EnochOld roadhouse180, Old road
488 Hanson GeorgeUpper greenhouse4, Upper green
489 Hanson IsaacDracup roadhouse44, Dracup road
490 Hanson JamesCragg lanehouse3, Cragg lane
491 Hanson JamesSouthfield lanehouse297, Southfield lane
492 Hanson SamuelDog lanehouseDog lane
493 Hanson ThomasAycliffe hillhouse52, Aycliffe hill
494 Hanson WilliamHigh streethouse329, High street
495 Hardaker JobAlexander streethouse9, Alexander street
496 Hardaker JohnAlexander streethouse7, Alexander street
497 Hardaker RichardHunt yardhouse2, Hunt yard
498 Hardaker ThomasNew roadhouse107, New road
499 Hardaker ThomasParadise greenhouse11, Paradise green
500 Hardaker WilliamLidget green streethouse8, Lidget green street
501 Hardaker WilliamTanner hillhouseTanner hill
502 Hardy ThomasBeldon hillhouse32, Beldon hill
503 Hare IsaacClub streethouse9, Club street
504 Hare RobertClub streethouse14, Club street
505 Hargreaves HenryCross lanehouse28, Cross lane
506 Hargreaves WilliamSouthfield lanehouse171, Southfield lane
507 Harper GeorgeSouthfield lanehouse155, Southfield lane
508 Harper ThomasSouthfield lanehouse158, Southfield lane
509 Harrison JohnSummerhill streethouse25, Summerhill street
510 Harrison SamuelLidget green streethouse19, Lidget green street
511 Hartley AmosBakes streethouse3, Bakes street
512 Hartley DanielCragg lanehouse14, Cragg lane
513 Hartley DavidHigh streethouse345, High street
514 Hartley JacobLidget green streethouse7, Lidget green street
515 Hartley JohnCross lanehouseCross lane
516 Hartley Richard RobertsBakes streethouse5, Bakes street
517 Hartley WilliamHew clewshouseHew clews
518 Heap JosephHollingwood lanehouseHollingwood lane
519 Heap ThomasOld roadhouse166, Old road
520 Heaton DanielUpper greenhouse7, Upper green
521 Helliwell JamesFalkner streethouse16, Falkner street
522 Helliwell JonathanLidget green streethouse25, Lidget green street
523 Helliwell JosephClub streethouse3, Club street
524 Helliwell SamuelClub streethouse11, Club street
525 Hepworth JohnCross lanehouse26, Cross lane
526 Heron JohnHollingwood lanehouseHollingwood lane
527 Hey BurtonHigh streethouse301, High street
528 Hey ThomasNew roadhouse93, New road
529 Hey WilliamTownendhouse19, Townend
530 Heyworth SamuelDirk hill lanehouseDirk hill lane
531 Hill DavidHigh streethouse195, High street
532 Hill JamesHigh streethouse158, High street
533 Hill James, junr.Upper greenhouse3, Upper green
534 Hill JohnSuddards foldhouse13, Suddards fold
535 Hill JosephLydgate placehouse31, Lydgate place
536 Hillam AaronSouthfield lanehouse192, Southfield lane
537 Hillam AlfredSouthfield lanehouse153, Southfield lane
538 Hillam HenrySchool alleyhouse3, School alley
539 Hillam RobertHigh streethouse327, High street
540 Hillam JosephSouthfield lanehouse235, Southfield lane
541 Hind JohnSouthfield lanehouse226, Southfield lane
542 Hind WilliamSuddard's foldhouseSuddard's fold
543 Hindle AaronHigh streethouse164, High street
544 Hindle DavidHunt yardhouse14, Hunt yard
545 Hindle DavidHigh streethouse202, High street
546 Hindle HenryWestcroft terracehouse7, Westcroft terrace
547 Hindle JosephLane closehouse40, Lane close
548 Hird ThomasPaternoster foldhouse17, Paternoster fold
549 Hirst JosephHill endhouseHill end
550 Hirst PrattLidget green streethouse22, Lidget green street
551 Hodgson GeorgeLegrams lanehouse16, Legrams lane
552 Hodgson JobHigh streethouse144, High street
553 Hodgson JohnSouthfield lanehouse217, Southfield lane
554 Hodgson StewartAycliffe hillhouse29, Aycliffe hill
555 Hodgson WilliamLegrams lanehouse181, Legrams lane
556 Hodgson WilliamHorton roadhouse244, Horton road
557 Holden CharlesCross lanehouse40, Cross lane
558 Holdroyd DavidUpper greenhouse9, Upper green
559 Holdroyd GeorgeSouthfield lanehouse266, Southfield lane
560 Holdroyd JohnHollingwood lanehouseHollingwood lane
561 Holdroyd JohnNew roadhouse71, New road
562 Holdroyd JohnHigh streethouse86, High street
563 Holdroyd ReubenPleasant streethouse20, Pleasant street
564 Holdroyd WilliamToby lanehouse59, Toby lane
565 Holdsworth AlfredSouthfield lanehouse243, Southfield lane
566 Holdsworth AlfredNew roadhouse93, New road
567 Holdsworth DavidCross lanehouse13, Cross lane
568 Holdsworth DavidHigh streethouse218, High street
569 Holdsworth EnochBramley streethouse6, Bramley street
570 Holdsworth FrederickToby lanehouse61, Toby lane
571 Holdsworth GeorgeDog lanehouse1, Dog lane
572 Holdsworth HenryOld roadhouse102, Old road
573 Holdsworth HenryLidget green streethouse39, Lidget green street
574 Holdsworth JabezParadise greenhouse3, Paradise green
575 Holdsworth JohnNew roadhouse143, New road
576 Holdsworth JonathanOld roadhouse90, Old road
577 Holdsworth Joseph RufusLow greenhouse8, Low green
578 Holdsworth JosephOld roadhouse4, Old road
579 Holdsworth JosephParadise greenhouse15, Paradise green
580 Holdsworth JosephParadise greenhouse14, Paradise green
581 Holdsworth MarmadukeBrow hillhouse8, Brow hill
582 Holdsworth NathanHigh streethouse239, High street
583 Holdsworth SamuelHollingwood lanehouseHollingwood lane
584 Holdsworth SamuelSouthfield lanehouse144, Southfield lane
585 Holdsworth SamuelOld roadhouse88, Old road
586 Holdsworth SamuelLydgate placehouse27, Lydgate place
587 Holdsworth WilliamFrank streethouse29, Frank street
588 Holdsworth WilliamSouthfield lanehouse276, Southfield lane
589 Holdsworth WilliamHorton roadhouse230, Horton road
590 Holdsworth WilliamHorton roadhouse252, Horton road
591 Holdsworth WilliamSmith roadhouse193, Smith road
592 Holdsworth WilliamSouthfield lanehouse138, Southfield lane
593 Holgate EphraimSouthfield lanehouse174, Southfield lane
594 Holgate HenrySouthfield lanehouse163, Southfield lane
595 Holgate JohnSouthfield lanehouse169, Southfield lane
596 Holgate WilliamHigh streethouse13, High street
597 Holland HenryCarlton streethouse34, Carlton street
598 Hollings JosephSnaphouseSnap
599 Holmes JamesLydgate placehouse69, Lydgate place
600 Holmes JohnFrank streethouse7, Frank street
601 Holmes SamuelSmith roadhouse211, Smith road
602 Holmes WilliamFrank streethouse15, Frank street
603 Holroyd DanielCross lanehouse52, Cross lane
604 Holt ThomasSummerhill streethouse10, Summerhill street
605 Horsfall JamesCross lanehouseCross lane
606 Horsfield ThomasArctic paradehouse13, Arctic parade
607 Hoyle GilesPleasant streethouse32, Pleasant street
608 Hoyle JamesTownendhouse15, Townend
609 Hoyle JohnLow greenhouse27, Low green
610 Hudson AbimelechPleasant streethouse44, Pleasant street
611 Hudson EnochLow greenhouse6, Low green
612 Hudson FrederickHigh streethouse251, High street
613 Hudson IsaacHigh streethouse91, High street
614 Hudson JohnCliffe lanehouseCliffe lane
615 Hudson JohnPickles lanehouse19, Pickles lane
616 Hudson JohnCross lanehouse36, Cross lane
617 Hudson JohnHigh streethouse214, High street
618 Hudson JohnHigh streethouse35, High street
619 Hudson JohnAycliffe hillhouseAycliffe hill
620 Hudson SamuelLow greenhouse5, Low green
621 Hudson TimothyOld roadhouse198, Old road

GREAT HORTON WARD, 1868, surnames beginning with the letter I
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
622 Illingworth EphraimSouthfield lanehouse231, Southfield lane
623 Illingworth JamesCross lanehouseCross lane
624 Illingworth JohnHigh streethouse167, High street
625 Illingworth MarkRamsden foldhouse10, Ramsden fold
626 Illingworth PeterAycliffe hillhouse8, Aycliffe hill
627 Illingworth ThomasBeckside roadhouse40, Beckside road
628 Ingham NathanOld roadhouse140, Old road
629 Iredale MatthewSouthfield lanehouse313, Southfield lane
630 Isherwood JamesLow greenhouse10, Low green
631 Isles JohnOld roadhouse118, Old road
632 Isles JohnNew roadhouse147, New road
633 Isles RobertOld roadhouse144, Old road

GREAT HORTON WARD, 1868, surnames beginning with the letter J
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
634 Jackson EnochHigh streethouse57, High street
635 Jackson EzraTownendhouse29, Townend
636 Jackson JamesTownendhouse23, Townend
637 Jackson JobHigh streethouse146, High street
638 Jackson JohnLegrams lanehouse100, Legrams lane
639 Jackson JohnOld roadhouse128, Old road
640 Jackson SamsonTownendhouseTownend
641 Jackson ThomasSummerhill streethouse13, Summerhill street
642 Jackson RobertVine streethouse6, Vine street
643 Jagger BethelSummerhill streethouse16, Summerhill street
successivehouse20, High street
644 Jagger JamesEbenezer placehouse14, Ebenezer place
645 Jagger SmithEbenezer placehouse13, Ebenezer place
646 Jennings JamesCross lanehouse8, Cross lane
647 Jennings John FawcettSouthfield lanehouse265, Southfield lane
648 Jennings JosephHigh streethouse333, High street
649 Jepson JamesDirk hill lanehouse237, Dirk hill lane
650 Jowett EnockCross lanehouse32, Cross lane
651 Jowett GeorgeOld roadhouse168, Old road
652 Jowett HenryPleasant streethouse18, Pleasant street
653 Jowett HenryHigh streethouse109, High street
654 Jowett JamesCannon mill streethouse20, Cannon mill street
655 Jowett JohnPleasant streethouse10, Pleasant street
656 Jowett JohnHigh streethouse386, High street
657 Jowett JonasCross lanehouse24, Cross lane
658 Jowett JonasOld roadhouse125 Old road
659 Jowett JonasBecksidehouseBeckside
660 Jowett JosephBeldon hillhouse29, Beldon hill
661 Jowett JoshuaOld roadhouse23, Old road
662 Jowett JoshuaSouthfield lanehouse319, Southfield lane
663 Jowett KershawNew roadinnNew road
664 Jowett LukeUnion roadhouse4, Union road
665 Jowett LukeOld roadhouse135, Old road
666 Jowett MatthewFrank streethouse39, Frank street
667 Jowett MilesNew roadhouse2, New road
668 Jowett MilesAycliffe hillhouse49, Aycliffe lane
669 Jowett MosesCragg lanehouse8, Cragg lane
670 Jowett RichardHigh streethouse341, High street
671 Jowett SharpPickles hillhouse5, Pickles hill
672 Jowett ThomasHollingwood lanehouseHollingwood lane
673 Jowett WilliamSouthfield lanehouse291, Southfield lane

GREAT HORTON WARD, 1868, surnames beginning with the letter K
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
674 Kay JohnAycliffe hillhouse10, Aycliffe hill
675 Keighley CharlesHigh streethouse64, High street
676 Keighley WilliamHigh streethouse60, High street
677 Kellett AbrahamParadise greenhouse9, Paradise green
678 Kellett JacobParadise greenhouse10, Paradise green
679 Kellett JamesToby lanehouse55, Toby lane
680 Kellett JohnTownendhouse16, Townend
681 Kellett JohnUpper greenhouse10, Upper green
682 Kellett JonasCragg lanehouse15, Cragg lane
683 Kershaw JosephSouthfield lanehouse236, Southfield lane
684 Kershaw SquireOld roadhouse89, Old road
685 Kershaw ThomasArctic paradehouse26, Arctic parade
686 Kershaw WilliamHigh streethouse173, High street
687 Kettlewell JohnSouthfield lanehouseSouthfield lane
688 Kingdom JosephHigh streethouse24, High street
successivehouse22, Carlton street
689 Knight AbrahamLegrams lanehouse8, Legrams lane
690 Knight JamesLydgate placehouseLydgate place
691 Knowles JamesTownendhouse11, Townend
692 Knowles JohnSouthfield lanehouse275, Southfield lane
693 Knowles JohnCross street, Union roadhouse32, Cross street, Union road
694 Knowles ThomasCross lanehouse2, Cross lane
695 Knowles ThomasBakes streethouse8, Bakes street
696 Knowles ThomasGreat Hortonhouse2, Low green

GREAT HORTON WARD, 1868, surnames beginning with the letter L
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
697 Lacey HenryParadise greenhouseParadise green
698 Lamb JonasHorton roadhouse332, Horton road
699 Lamb WilliamManchester roadhouse7, Pickles hill
successivehouse & shop472, Manchester road
700 Latham HenryLow greenhouse38, Low green
701 Lawson JohnClub streethouse12, Club street
702 Lawton JohnTownendhouse34, Townend
703 Lawton SidneyTownendhouse30, Townend
704 Laycock AlfredKnight's foldhouse6, Knight's fold
705 Laycock JohnBakes streethouse18, Bakes street
706 Laycock ThomasBeckside roadhouse50, Beckside road
707 Leach BenjaminSouthfield lanehouse146, Southfield lane
708 Leach GeorgeLidget green streethouse13, Lidget green street
709 Leach JohnCemetery roadhouse274, Cemetery road
710 Leach JonasUnion roadhouse18, Union road
711 Leach JosephParadise greenhouse6, Paradise green
712 Leach RobertSpring villahouse265, Spring villa
713 Lee AllanSouthfield lanehouse267, Southfield lane
714 Lee Cummings ObadiahVine streethouse16, Vine street
715 Lee Rev. JamesSpring villahouse261, Spring villa
716 Lightowler DavidSouthfield lanehouse190, Southfield lane
717 Lightowler JosephBeldon hillhouse22, Beldon hill
718 Lindon JacobPleasant streethouse46, Pleasant street
719 Lister AlfredBeldon hillhouse3, Beldon hill
720 Lister BenjaminHigh streethouse159, High street
721 Lister HezekiahHigh streethouse67, High street
722 Lister JamesLow greenhouse16, Low green
723 Lister JamesBeldon hillhouse1, Beldon hill
724 Lister JohnNew roadhouse89, New road
725 Lister JohnNew roadhouse87, New road
726 Lister SimeonSouthfield lanehouse307, Southfield lane
727 Lister WadeMiry pondhouse15, Miry pond
728 Lister WilliamBrow hillhouseSouthfield lane
successivehouse6, Brow hill
729 Liversedge AckroydHigh streetland & buildingsLow green
730 Lockwood EdwardHigh streethouse14, High street
731 Lofthouse CharlesHigh streethouse39, High street
732 Lofthouse GeorgeHigh streethouse249, High street
733 Lofthouse ThomasCross lanehouse80, Cross lane
734 Lofthouse WilliamHigh streethouse32, High street
735 Long RichardUpper greenhouse48, Upper green
736 Lord DavidHigh streethouse208, High street
737 Lord EdmundCarlton streethouse43, Carlton street
738 Lord WilliamFalkner streethouse10, Falkner street
739 Lumb CharlesLow greenhouse55, Low green
740 Lumby BairstowLegrams lanehouse189, Legrams lane
741 Lumby RichardBecksidehouseBeckside

GREAT HORTON WARD, 1868, surnames beginning with the letter M
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
742 Making WilliamCross street, Union roadhouse30, Cross street, Union road
743 Marley Joe AllanVine streethouse14, Vine street
744 Marr EdwardPickles hillhouse2, Pickles hill
745 Marsden WilliamPaternosterhouse4, Paternoster
746 Marsland GeorgeLegrams lanehouse73, Legrams lane
747 Martin William JamesHigh streethouseHigh street
748 Mason Christopher BottomleyTownendhouseTownend
749 Mason GeorgeClayton heightswarehouseBank top
750 Mason Henry BottomleyFrank streethouseFrank street
751 Mason John BottomleySouthfield lanehouse149, Southfield lane
752 Merrill ThomasLow greenhouse1, Low green
753 Metcalfe AnthonyHigh streethouse147, High street
754 Metcalfe ThomasHollingwood lanehouseHollingwood lane
755 Midgley JamesBeckside roadhouseBeckside road
756 Midgley JohnFrank streethouse35, Frank street
757 Midgley JohnCross lanehouse15, Cross lane
758 Midgley JosephWestcroft terracehouse1, Westcroft terrace
759 Midgley JoshuaVine streethouse3, Vine street
760 Midgley SamuelLydgate placehouse18, Lydgate place
761 Milner JohnOld Corn MillhouseOld Corn Mill
762 Milner JohnLidget green streethouse4, Lidget green street
763 Milner ThomasHorton roadhouse330, Horton road
764 Milnes AlfredHigh streethouse204, High street
765 Milnes JohnUnion roadhouse13, Union road
766 Milnes JonasCross lanehouse71, Cross lane
767 Milnes ThompsonLydgate placehouse47, Lydgate place
768 Milnes WilliamHigh streethouse210, High street
769 Mitchell ArthurAycliffe hillhouse43, Aycliffe hill
770 Mitchell DavidSouthfield lanehouse145, Southfield lane
771 Mitchell EphraimHollingwood lanehouseHollingwood lane
772 Mitchell JamesPeel rowhouse9, Peel row
773 Mitchell JohnNew roadhouse85, New road
774 Mitchell JohnVine streethouse1, Vine street
775 Mitchell JohnBartle squarehouse5, Bartle square
776 Mitchell JonathanHigh streethouse107, High street
777 Mitchell JosephLow greenhouse31, Low green
778 Mitchell JosephArctic paradehouse4, Arctic parade
779 Mitchell SamuelLidget streethouse7, Lidget street
780 Mitchell ThomasLydgate placehouse37, Lydgate place
781 Mitchell WalterCross lanehouse20, Cross lane
782 Mitton DanielWestcroft terracehouse3, Westcroft terrace
783 Mitton JohnSouthfield lanehouse234, Southfield lane
784 Mitton WilliamCross lanehouse14, Cross lane
785 Moore JamesSmith roadhouse197, Smith road
786 Moore ThomasSouthfield lanehouse270, Southfield lane
787 Moore WilliamHollingwood lanehouseHollingwood lane
788 Moorhouse JohnJennings placehouse9, Jennings place
789 Moorhouse WilliamHigh streethouse303, High street
790 Morris ThomasNew roadhouse101, New road
791 Mortimer AbrahamHorton roadhouse238, Horton road
792 Mortimer DavidHorton roadhouse247, Horton road
793 Mortimer DavidParadisehouseParadise
794 Mortimer DavidHorton roadhouse212, Horton road
795 Mortimer GeorgeHollingwood lanehouseHollingwood lane
796 Mortimer JamesHorton roadhouse245, Horton road
797 Mortimer JosephFrank streethouse31, Frank street
798 Mortimer JosephBeldon hillhouse13, Beldon hill
799 Mortimer RichardCrossley streethouse10, Crossley street
800 Moulden JamesHorton roadhouse312, Horton road
801 Moulson WebsterHorton roadhouse258, Horton road
802 Mounsey ThomasPickles hillhouse14, Pickles hill
803 Muirhead WalterUpper greenhouse49, Upper green
804 Murgatroyd DavidHigh streethouse337, High street
805 Murgatroyd JamesHigh streethouse313, High street
806 Murgatroyd MichaelHollingwood lanehouseHollingwood lane
807 Murgatroyd SamuelCross lanehouseCross lane
808 Murgatroyd SamuelBeldon hillhouse10, Beldon hill
809 Murgatroyd WilliamBank tophouse197, Bank top
810 Myers EdwardCroft terracehouse30, Croft terrace
811 Myers JohnLegrams lanehouse132, Legrams lane
812 Myers SamuelSouthfield lanehouse269, Southfield lane
813 Myers Samuel PeelCroft terracehouse31, Croft terrace

GREAT HORTON WARD, 1868, surnames beginning with the letter N
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
814 Naylor AbrahamSouthfield lanehouse246, Southfield lane
815 Naylor CharlesSouthfield lanehouse289, Southfield lane
816 Naylor CharlesHollingwood lanehouseHollingwood lane
817 Naylor IsaacSouthfield lanehouse167, Southfield lane
818 Naylor JohnBeckside roadhouseBeckside road
819 Naylor WilliamUnion roadhouse6, Union road
820 Neill RobertLydgate placehouse17, Lydgate place
821 Nelson JosephNew roadhouse149, New road
822 Nelson ThomasHigh streethouse323, High street
823 Nettleton ThomasAycliffe hillhouse20, Aycliffe hill
824 Newbald JohnClub streethouse13, Club street
825 Nicholison JohnKnight's foldhouse13, Knight's fold
826 Nichols IsaacSouthfield lanehouse140, Southfield lane
827 Noble George CardwellSouthfield lanehouse187, Southfield lane
828 Noble JosephSouthfield lanehouse264, Southfield lane
829 Noble JosephHigh streethouse17, High street
830 Norfolk JohnAycliffe hillhouse44, Aycliffe hill
831 Normington JohnBakes streethouse13, Bakes street
832 Northrop JosephBeckside roadhouse80, Beckside road
833 Northrop StephenPleasant streethouse30, Pleasant street
834 Norton BenjaminFrank streethouse42, Frank street
835 Nutt HenryHorton roadhouse336, Horton road
836 Nuttall JohnLegrams lanehouseLegrams lane

GREAT HORTON WARD, 1868, surnames beginning with the letter O
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
837 Oates JosephSummerhill streethouse17, Summerhill street
838 Oates SamuelHigh streethouse & shopHorton road
successivehouseHigh street
839 Orange JohnHorton roadhouse334, Horton road
840 Ormand WilliamBank tophouse313, Bank top
841 Ormand HenryAycliffe hillhouseAycliffe hill
842 Orme William HenryUpper greenhouseUpper green
843 Ormondroyd AlfredSouthfield lanehouse258, Southfield lane
844 Ormondroyd CharlesBrow hillhouseBrow hill
845 Ormondroyd JamesToby lanehouse57, Toby lane
846 Ormondroyd JonathanHorton roadhouse240, Horton road
847 Ormondroyd JosephLidget green streethouse16, Lidget green street
848 Ormondroyd JoshuaSouthfield lanehouse242, Southfield lane
849 Ormondroyd WilliamTownendhouse59, Townend
850 Overend StephenHigh streethouse130, High street
851 Overend SutcliffeBlacksmith foldhouse8, Blacksmith fold

GREAT HORTON WARD, 1868, surnames beginning with the letter P
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
852 Parker HenryPeel rowhouse11, Peel row
853 Parker JohnPleasant streethouse12, Pleasant street
854 Parker JosephBramley streethouse7, Bramley street
855 Parker JosephNew roadhouseNew road
856 Parker MartinHigh streethouse18, High street
857 Parker ThomasOld roadhouse176, Old road
858 Parker WilliamSouthfield lanehouse282, Southfield lane
859 Parrott ThomasHigh streethouse69, High street
860 Patchett BenjaminParadise greenhouse2, Paradise green
861 Patchett ThomasLydgate placehouse71, Lydgate place
862 Pearson AbrahamCemetery roadhouse17, Cemetery road
863 Pearson JamesSam's MillhouseSam's Mill
864 Pearson JamesHarris courthouse2, Harris court
865 Pearson James, junr.BirkshouseBirks
866 Peel SamuelHigh streethouse43, High street
867 Peel ThomasSouthfield lanehouse191, Southfield lane
868 Peel WilliamPeel rowhouse4, Peel row
869 Petty ChristopherOld roadhouse196, Old road
870 Peverill Charles WilliamHigh streethouse181, High street
871 Pickles AlfredAycliffe hillhouse15, Aycliffe hill
872 Pickles EdwinUnion roadhouse2, Union road
873 Pickles JonasParadise greenhouse7, Paradise green
874 Pickles JosephCrossley streethouse16, Crossley street
875 Pickles JosephFrank streethouseFrank street
876 Pickles JosephOld roadhouse194, Old road
877 Pollard DanJennings placehouse7, Jennings place
878 Pollard JosephRamsden foldhouse11, Ramsden fold
879 Pollard RobertSmith roadhouse213, Smith road
880 Pollard WilliamJer lanehouse3, Jer lane
881 Pollard WilliamHigh streethouse89, High street
882 Popplewell FrancisLegrams lanehouse8, Legrams lane
883 Popplewell MartinBeckside roadhouseBeckside road
884 Pounder RobertCross lanehouse17, Cross lane
885 Pratt JosephBeckside roadhouse128, Beckside road
886 Preston JohnCross lanehouse1, Cross lane
887 Price HenryNecropolis roadhouseNecropolis road
888 Priestley ArchimedesBeldon hillhouse31, Beldon hill
889 Priestley BenjaminBeldon hillhouse7, Beldon hill
890 Priestley EdwinBeldon hillhouse20, Beldon hill
891 Priestley EnochSouthfield lanehouse239, Southfield lane
892 Priestley GeorgeOld roadhouse98, Old road
893 Priestley HenryHigh streethouse172, High street
894 Priestley HenryHollingwood lanehouseHollingwood lane
895 Priestley JacobHigh streethouse37, High street
896 Priestley JamesCemetery roadhouse282, Cemetery road
897 Priestley JamesBeldon hillhouse23, Beldon hill
898 Priestley JeremiahCemetery roadhouse270, Cemetery road
899 Priestley JohnHigh streethouse47, High street
900 Priestley JohnCemetery roadhouse259, Cemetery road
901 Priestley JohnHigh streethouse235, High street
902 Priestley JonathanRamsden courthouse3, Ramsden court
903 Priestley JosephAycliffe hillhouse25, Aycliffe hill
904 Priestley JosephTownendhouse21, Townend
905 Priestley JowettOld roadhouse85, Old road
906 Priestley MosesPickles hillhouse15, Pickles hill
907 Priestley StephenBeldon hillhouse19, Beldon hill
908 Priestley ThomasPrimrose hillhouse5, Primrose hill
909 Priestley ThomasHollingwood lanehouseHollingwood lane
910 Priestley TimothyCliffe lanehouse8, Cliffe lane
911 Priestley WilliamTownendhouse4, Townend
912 Priestman EdwardManninghamcountinghouseCannon mill
913 Priestman FrederickManninghamcountinghouseCannon mill
914 Proctor CharlesSchool alleyhouseSchool alley
915 Proctor JohnSouthfield lanehouse232, Southfield lane
916 Proctor SamuelCross lanehouse63, Cross lane
917 Proctor WilliamPerseverance rowhouse45, Perseverance row
918 Pullon CharlesPrimrose hillhouse2, Primrose hill
919 Pullon GeorgeSummerseat placehouse10, Summerseat place

GREAT HORTON WARD, 1868, surnames beginning with the letter R
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
920 Ramsden JohnHorton roadhouse228, Horton road
921 Ramsden JohnCragg lanehouseCragg lane
922 Ramsden NathanRamsden foldhouse8, Ramsden fold
923 Ramsden WilliamBracken hallhouseBracken hall
924 Rawling JosephLydgate placehouse73, Lydgate place
925 Rawnsley EdwardBeckside roadhouse22, Beckside road
926 Rawnsley EdwardHorton roadhouse243, Horton road
927 Rawnsley EdwardLidget green streethouse24, Lidget green street
928 Rawnsley EdwardHigh streethouse157, High street
929 Rawnsley IsaacBeckside roadhouse74, Beckside road
930 Rawnsley JohnLegrams lanehouse112, Legrams lane
931 Rawnsley PeterBeckside roadhouse72, Beckside road
932 Rawnsley RobertCross lanehouseCross lane
933 Rawnsley SamuelLidget green streethouse15, Lidget green street
934 Rawnsley SamuelLidget green streethouse5, Lidget green street
935 Rhodes BenjaminDog lanehouse3, Dog lane
936 Rhodes CharlesLidget greenhouse1, Lidget green
937 Rhodes EdwardLegrams lanehouse12, Legrams lane
938 Rhodes JamesHigh streethouse65, High street
939 Rhodes JohnBeckside roadhouse12, Beckside road
940 Rhodes JosephPleasant placehouse34, Pleasant street
941 Rhodes JosephLegrams lanehouse2, Legrams lane
942 Rhodes JosephLydgate placehouse49, Lydgate place
943 Rhodes RufusHigh streethouse349, High street
944 Richardson MatthewOld roadhouse156, Old road
945 Riley AlbertUpper greenhouse28, Upper green
946 Riley EphraimSouthfield lanehouse206, Southfield lane
947 Riley GilbertUpper greenhouse28, Upper green
948 Riley JohnDracup roadhouse43, Dracup road
949 Riley ReiUpper greenhouse33, Upper green
950 Roberts JohnHunt yardhouse11, Hunt yard
951 Roberts JosephHigh streethouse48, High street
952 Roberts WilliamCragg lanehouseCragg lane
953 Robertshaw JamesHorton roadhouse340, Horton road
954 Robertshaw JamesSouthfield lanehouse229, Southfield lane
955 Robertshaw JobLegrams lanehouse192, Legrams lane
956 Robertshaw JoshuaHigh streethouse160, High street
957 Robertshaw PaulLegrams lanehouse192, Legrams lane
958 Robertshaw WilliamSouthfield lanehouse261, Southfield lane
959 Robertson Rev. J. B.St. Andrew's villahouseSt. Andrew's villas
successivehouse42, Carlton street
960 Robertson JamesBank tophouseBank top
961 Robinson AnthonySouthfield lanehouse271, Southfield lane
962 Robinson DavidParadise greenhouse8, Paradise green
963 Robinson GeorgeBeacon lanehouse5, Beacon lane
964 Robinson JamesHollingwood lanehouseHollingwood lane
965 Robinson JamesSouthfield lanehouse160, Southfield lane
966 Robinson JamesBramley rowhouse4, Bramley row
967 Robinson JohnLydgate placehouse51, Lydgate place
968 Robinson JohnBramley streethouse2, Bramley street
969 Robinson JohnPickles hillhouse7, Pickles hill
970 Robinson JohnTanner hillhouseTanner hill
971 Robinson JohnParadise greenhouse14, Paradise green
972 Robinson JosephSchool alleyhouse4, School alley
973 Robinson JosephBank tophouse193, Bank top
974 Rothera BoothCarlton streethouseCarlton street
975 Rothera JohnBakes streethouse7, Bakes street
976 Rothera JosephParadise greenhouseParadise green
977 Rothera PeterCemetery roadhouse278, Cemetery road
978 Rothera WalterHigh streethouse119, High street
979 Rudd JeremiahFrank streethouse27, Frank street
980 Rudd JohnSouthfield lanehouse276, Southfield lane
981 Rudd JonasHigh streethouse98, High street
982 Rushworth JosephBartle squarehouse9, Bartle square
983 Ryder William EdmundCross lanehouse59, Cross lane

Transcribed by Colin Hinson © 2014
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