BRADFORD: Bradford Parliamentary Register 1868, MANNINGHAM WARD, surnames S-Z.



* Lines starting with an asterisk (*) mean the entry is not for voting.

MANNINGHAM WARD, 1868, surnames S-Z.
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1792 Sagar BensonWaile streethouse61, Waile street
1793 Sagar JamesCarlisle roadhouse78, Carlisle road
1794 Sagar John TetleySalt streethouse1, Salt street
1795 Sagar JosephValley streethouse21, Valley street
1796 Sagar RobertWaile streethouse & shed38, Waile street
1797 Sagar SamuelWhite Abbeyhouse & shop84, White Abbey
1798 Sagar TomWaile streethouse67, Waile street
1799 Sanderson James ErskineNorth paradehouse125, North parade
1800 Sands Thomas ChildClarendon streethouse24, Clarendon street
1801 Sargison WilliamLilycrofthouse17, Lilycroft
1802 Saul TimothySalt streethouseJermyn street, Bradford
successivehouse83, Salt street
1803 Saville SmithNorthfield placehouse11, Northfield place
1804 Scaife JohnWilson squarehouse6, Wilson square
1805 Scales Henry ChristianMornington villashouse1, Mornington villas
1806 Scales WilliamKensington streethouse269, Kensington street
1807 Scarlett Samuel WhartonGirlington roadhouse109, Girlington road
1808 Schlesinger AndrewCrow treeshouseCrow trees
1809 Schmidt WilliamHighfield placehouse3, Highfield place
1810 Scholefield JoshuaSilver streethouse9, Silver street
1811 Scholefield SamuelKensington streethouse74, Kensington street
1812 Scholes AlfredLily streethouse44, Lily street
1813 Scholes GeorgeSilver streethouse26, Silver street
1814 Scholey StephenPicton streethouse55, Picton street
1815 Schutt Herman PeterWhetley lanehouseWhetley lane
1816 Scott JamesLumb lanehouse & shop63, Lumb lane
1817 Scott JohnSeal streethouse10, Seal street
1818 Scott JonathanSpringfield streethouse38, Springfield street
1819 Scott JosephLily streethouse54, Lily street
1820 Scott SamuelDaisy hill lanehouse22, Daisy hill lane
1821 Scott WalterOak avenuehouse4, Oak avenue
1822 Seed EdwardSpringcliffehouse5, Springcliffe
1823 Semen CharlesManningham LodgehouseManningham lodge
1824 Settle AbrahamFour lane endshouse108, Four lane ends
1825 Settle John, junr.Four lane endshouse81, Four lane ends
1826 Settle John, seniorFour lane endshouse83, Four lane ends
1827 Settle JosephRoundthornhouse21, Roundthorn
1828 Settle WilliamFour lane endshouse91, Four lane ends
1829 Sewell RobertSalt streethouseQuarry street
successivehouse63, Salt street
1830 Shackleton CharlesLumb lanehouse & shopLumb lane
successivehouse & shopLumb lane
1831 Shackleton IsaacWashington streethouse7, Montgomery street
successivehouseWashington street
1832 Shackleton JoeCarlisle roadhouse70, St. Jude's place
successivehouse7, Carlisle road
1833 Shackleton JohnLaburnum streethouse20, Laburnum street
1834 Shackleton JohnPrimrose terracehouse59, Primrose terrace
1835 Shackleton RobertPicton streethouse25, Picton street
1836 Shackleton SamuelGlobe foldhouse33, Globe fold
1837 Shackleton StephenUpper Globehouse8, Upper globe
1838 Shackleton WilsonKensington streethouse270, Kensington street
1839 Shann FrancisUpper Globehouse14, Upper globe
1840 Shann WilliamLumb lanehouse & shop169, Lumb lane
1841 Sharman James MaudWashington streethouse18, Washington street
1842 Sharp HenrySalt streethouse75, Salt street
1843 Sharp IsaacGirlington roadhouse94, Girlington road
1844 Sharp JeremiahGirlington roadhouse11, Mab street, Bradford
successivehouse84, Girlington road
1845 Sharp JohnSpringfield streethouse17, Springfield street
1846 Sharp JosephGlobe streethouse3, Globe street
1847 Sharp SamuelSouthfield squarehouse56, Southfield square
1848 Sharp SimonHopwood streethouse1, Hopwood street
1849 Sharp ThomasThornton roadhouse362, Thornton road
1850 Sharp WilliamLumb lanehouse & shop61, Lumb lane
1851 Sharp WilliamBrick lanehouseGaynor street, Bradford
successivehouse206, Brick lane
1852 Sharrock JohnDelph hill, Whetley streethouseDelph hill, Whetley street
1853 Shaw HenryGirlington roadhouse39, Girlington road
1854 Shaw JohnRose streethouse31, Rose street
1855 Shaw JosephPrimrose terracehouse47, Primrose terrace
1856 Shaw OsfieldGlobe foldhouse9, Globe fold
1857 Shaw ThomasBelgrave streethouse15, Belgrave street
1858 Shaw ThomasValley roadhouse102, Valley road
1859 Shaw WilliamSouthfield squarehouse & shop1, Southfield square
1860 Shaw WilliamValley roadhouse116, Valley road
1861 Shepherd AlexanderThornton roadhouse234, Brick lane
successivehouse328, Thornton road
1862 Shepherd JohnArcadia streethouseHanover square, Bradford
successivehouse23, Arcadia street
1863 Shepherd WilliamSouthfield squarehouse3, Southfield square
1864 Shuttleworth JamesBack Regent streethouse10, Back Regent street
1865 Shuttleworth ThomasLilycrofthouse21, Lilycroft
1866 Shuttleworth WilliamCemetery roadhouse16, Cemetery road
1867 Shuttleworth WilliamGirlington roadhouseGirlington road
1868 Silson JonathanSpringfield streethouse52, Springfield street
successivehouse40, Springfield street
1869 Silson Richard WalkerChurch streethouse & shop213, Church street
1870 Silson WilliamGirlington roadhouseFawbert yard, Bowling
successivehouseGirlington road
1871 Simpson JohnSouthfield squarehouse36, Southfield square
1872 Simpson JosephWhetley lanehouseRoundthorn place
successivehouse & shopWhetley lane
1873 Simpson RandolphSouthfield squarehouse26, Southfield square
1874 Simpson RichardNew Miller's Dam sidehouseNew Miller's dam side
1875 Simpson ThomasBold streethouse7, Bold street
1876 Simpson WilliamPicton streethouse & shop119, Picton street
1877 Singleton Joseph RobertHighfieldhouseHighfield
1878 Singleton ThomasSalt streethouse95, Salt street
1879 Skelly FrankNorthfield placehouse17, Northfield place
1880 Slater JamesPicton streethouse212, Picton street
1881 Slater JamesWood square, Picton streethouse3, Wood square, Picton street
1882 Slater JohnPicton streethouse27, Picton street
1883 Slater ThomasPicton streethouse32, Picton street
1884 Sleight EdwardGreen rowhouse272, Green row
1885 Slingsby JoshuaAnvil streethouse18, Anvil street
1886 Slingsby WilliamKensington streethouse276A, Kensington street
1887 Sloane WilliamArcadia streethouse35, Arcadia street
1888 Smith AbrahamCemetery bridgehouse1, Cemetery bridge
1889 Smith BenjaminAtha villa, Toller lanehouseAtha villa, Toller lane
1890 Smith BenjaminGirlington roadhouse68, Girlington road
1891 Smith CharlesValley roadhouse170, Valley road
1892 Smith EliGirlington roadhouse223, Girlington road
1893 Smith EphraimBack Northfield placehouse12A, Back Northfield place
1894 Smith FrederickSalt streethouse8, Salt street
1895 Smith GentSilver streethouse12, Silver street
1896 Smith HodgsonThornton roadhouse358, Thornton road
1897 Smith IsaacBelgrave placehouse97, Belgrave place
1898 Smith IsaacChesnut cottage, Smith lanehouseChesnut cottage, Smith lane
1899 Smith IsaacSmith lanehouseSmith lane
1900 Smith JamesKensington streethouse125, Kensington street
1901 Smith JamesPicton streethouse143, Picton street
1902 Smith JamesPrimrose streethouse35, Primrose street
1903 Smith JohnCemetery roadhouse4, Cemetery road
1904 Smith JohnField house, Daisy hillhouseFieldhouse, Daisy hill
1905 Smith JohnGreenhill placehouse42, Greenhill place
1906 Smith JohnLilycrofthouse35, Lilycroft
1907 Smith JosephAnvil streethouse32, Anvil street
1908 Smith JosephBlenheim mounthouse6, Blenheim mount
1909 Smith JosephKensington streethouse146, Picton street
successivehouse123, Kensington street
1910 Smith JubalFour lane endshouse107, Four lane ends
1911 Smith LawrenceWhetley lanehouseLegrams lane, Horton
successivehouseWhetley lane
1912 Smith MartinPicton streethouse118, Picton street
1913 Smith PrinceFour lane endshouse191, Four lane ends
1914 Smith SamuelNew Miller's Dam Millhouse & millNew Miller's Dam Mill
1915 Smith SkirrowKensington streethouseGirlington road
1916 Smith ThomasHeaton roadhouse31, Heaton road
1917 Smith ThomasMontgomery streethouse23, Montgomery street
1918 Smith ThomasSpring rowhouse57, Primrose terrace
successivehouse3, Spring row
1919 Smith ThomasWhetley streethouse8, Whetley street
1920 Smith ThomasValley streethouse5, Valley street
1921 Smith WilliamSalt streethouse30, Salt street
1922 Smith WilliamGirlington roadhouse41, Girlington road
1923 Smith WilliamPicton streethouse8, Picton street
1924 Snow ThomasClarendon terracehouse19, Clarendon terrace
1925 Snowden GeorgeSouthfield squarehouse55, Southfield square
1926 Snowden JohnToller lanehouse64, Toller lane
1927 Southwell JamesBeecher streethouse10, Beecher street
1928 Southwell RichardWood square, Picton streethouse5, Wood square, Picton street
1929 Sowden IsaacFour lane endshouse135, Four lane ends
1930 Sowden JamesManningham lanehouseManningham lane
1931 Sowden WilliamToller lanehouseLilycroft lane
successivehouse62, Toller lane
1932 Speight FrederickLumb lanehouse124, Lumb lane
1933 Speight JohnSouthfield squarehouse11, Southfield square
1934 Speight SamuelBelgrave placehouse113, Belgrave place
1935 Spence JohnGirlington roadhouse67, Girlington road
1936 Spence LeonardGirlington roadhouse79A, Girlington road
1937 Spencer EdwinSpringfield streethouse12, Springfield street
1938 Spencer JamesCarlisle roadhouse23, Carlisle road
1939 Spencer JamesEast Squire lanehouse4, East Squire lane
1940 Spencer JohnLily streethouse7, Lily street
1941 Spencer JonasGreenhill placehouse11, Greenhill place
1942 Spencer SamuelSalt streethouse18, Salt street
1943 Spencer ThomasRegent streethouse21, Regent street
1944 Spink JohnMarlborough roadhouse21, Marlborough road
1945 Spink JosephOak avenuehouseOak avenue
1946 Spire HenrySt. Jude's placehouse29, St. Jude's place
1947 Squires GeorgeGreen lanehouse28, Green lane
1948 Stackhouse ChristopherPicton streethouse163, Picton street
1949 Staincliffe JohnWilson squarehouse2, Wilson square
1950 Stake FrancisChurch streethouse171, Church street
1951 Standring ThomasPrimrose terracehouse10, Primrose terrace
1952 Stanley JohnPicton streethouse33, Picton street
successivehouse29, Picton street
1953 Stanley WilliamPicton streethouse40, Picton street
1954 Stansfield EdwardClarendon placehouse15, Clarendon place
1955 Stansfield JamesValley streethouse12, Valley street
1956 Stansfield John SlaterWater side, Thornton roadhouseWater side, Thornton road
1957 Stead BryanBold streethouse8, Bold street
1958 Stead IsaacChurch streethouse40, Church street
1959 Stead JosephArcadia streethouse42, Arcadia street
1960 Stead SamuelLily streethouse59A, Lily street
1961 Stead TheophilusSunnybankhouse1, New row
successivehouse7, Sunnybank
1962 Stead WilliamChurch streethouse101, Church street
1963 Stead WilliamQuarry streethouse5, Quarry street
1964 Steel DanielLumb lanehouse & shop90, Lumb lane
1965 Steel EdwardGreenhill placehouse30, Greenhill place
1966 Steinthal Charles GustavusOak avenuehouseClifton villas
successivehouseOak Avenue
1967 Stephenson AlfredClarendon placehouse11, Clarendon place
1968 Stephenson George BalmeClarendon terracehouse5, Clarendon terrace
1969 Stephenson ThomasKensington streethouse115, Kensington street
1970 Stillings JohnThornton roadhouse328, Thornton road
successivehouseThornton road
1971 Stockdale FrancisValley rowhouse16, Valley row
1972 Stockdale RobertGrosvenor placehouseHopwood street
successivehouseGrosvenor place
1973 Stocks CharlesBirch mounthouse96, Girlington road
successivehouseBirch mount
successivehouseKensington street
1974 Stocks CharlesPrimrose streethouseNorth court, Bradford
successivehouse25, Primrose street
1975 Stocks HenryGirlington roadhouseRipley villa, Bowling
successivehouse96, Girlington road
1976 Stocks JamesValley rowhouse22, Valley row
1977 Stocks JohnSalt streethouse29, Salt street
1978 Stocks John BarkerThornton roadhouse256A, Thornton road
1979 Stocks JosephPicton streethouse34, Picton street
1980 Stocks MilesArcadia streethouse39, Arcadia street
1981 Stoney JabezPrimrose streethouse61, Primrose street
1982 Storey HenryPicton streethouse3, Picton street
1983 Stork RichardSalt streethouse34, Salt street
1984 Strohn WilliamCliffe villashouseCliffe villas
1985 Strother RichardSalt streethouse24, Salt street
1986 Sugden AbrahamKensington streethouse54A, Kensington street
1987 Sugden CharlesSalt streethouseJoseph street, Bradford
successivehouse13, Salt street
1988 Sugden EdwardMarlborough roadhouseMarlborough road
1989 Sugden HenrySalt streethouse85, Salt street
1990 Sugden IsaacClarendon terracehouse11, Clarendon terrace
1991 Sugden JamesOak lanehouseOak lane
1992 Sugden JohnBelgrave streethouse33, Belgrave street
1993 Sugden SamuelApsley crescenthouse1, Apsley crescent
1994 Sugden SamuelRegent streethouse38, Regent street
1995 Sugden SamuelWhetley terracehouse12, Whetley terrace
1996 Sugden ThomasGreenhill placehouse48, Greenhill place
1997 Sugden ThomasGlobe streethouse17, Globe street
1998 Sugden Thomas junr.Canary streethouse119, Canary street
1999 Sugden WilliamOak lanehouseOak lane
2000 Sugden WilliamCanary streethouse117, Canary street
2001 Sugden WilliamKensington streethouse205, Kensington street
2002 Sugden WilliamUpper Globehouse26, Upper globe
2003 Summerscales JohnSalt streethouse45, Salt street
2004 Summersgill JacobHeaton roadhouse41, Heaton road
2005 Sumner IsraelSalt streethouse86, Salt street
2006 Sunderland JohnSalt streethouse144, Salt street
2007 Sunderland JosephGreen lanehouse42, Green lane
2008 Sunderland JosephSalt streethouse68, Salt street
2009 Sussman AlfredSpring bankhouseSpring bank
2010 Sutcliffe AlfredWashington streethouse114, Washington street
2011 Sutcliffe GeorgeMontgomery streethouse4, Montgomery street
2012 Sutcliffe HenryPrimrose streethouse18, Primrose street
2013 Sutcliffe JamesPrimrose terracehouse6, Primrose terrace
2014 Sutcliffe James WilliamFairmounthouse7, Fairmount
2015 Sutcliffe JohnCarlisle roadhouse & shop59, Carlisle road
2016 Sutcliffe JonasSalt streethouse146, Salt street
2017 Sutcliffe JosephPrimrose terracehouse12, Primrose terrace
2018 Sutcliffe JoshuaCrow tree lanehouse2, Crow tree lane
2019 Sutcliffe SamuelSpring bankhouseSpring bank
2020 Sutcliffe ThomasValley rowhouse26, Valley row
2021 Sutcliffe ThomasRegent squarehouse4, Regent square
2022 Sutcliffe WilliamSkinner lanehouse9, Skinner lane
2023 Swaine JonathanKensington streethouse201, Kensington street
2024 Swaine RobertBack Spring rowhouse5, Back Spring row
2025 Sweeney WilliamGreen lanehouse27, Green lane
2026 Swindlehurst GeorgeHopwood streethouse5, Hopwood street
2027 Swithenbank JosephBelgrave streethouse41, Belgrave street
2028 Swithenbank MidgleySt. Jude's squarehouse5, St. Jude's square
2029 Sykes EmanuelAnvil streethouse15, Valley street
successivehouseAnvil street
2030 Sykes JamesKensington streethouse56A, Kensington street
2031 Sykes JohnClarendon placehouse4, Clarendon place
2032 Sykes JohnArcadia streethouse46, Arcadia street
2033 Sykes JohnSilver streethouseValley street
successivehouseSilver street
2034 Sykes JosephBack Spring rowhouse6, Back Spring row
2035 Sykes JosephKensington streethouse141, Kensington street
2036 Sykes RichardQuarry streethouse3, Quarry street

MANNINGHAM WARD, 1868, surnames beginning with the letter T
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
2037 Tankard AlfredSouthfield squarehouse6, Southfield square
2038 Tarbotton JamesGirlington roadhouse111, Girlington road
2039 Tattersall BenjaminPicton streethouse41, Picton street
2040 Taylor AbrahamLilycrofthouse22, Lilycroft
2041 Taylor AddisonGirlington roadhouse220, Girlington road
2042 Taylor GeorgeGreen lanehouse3, Green lane
2043 Taylor George WilliamFour lane endshouse84, Four lane ends
2044 Taylor JamesSilver streethouse31, Silver street
2045 Taylor JohnGirlington roadhouseSilsbridge lane, Bradford
successivehouse12A, Girlington road
2046 Taylor JohnMornington villashouse5, Mornington villas
2047 Taylor JohnThornton roadhouse348, Thornton road
2048 Taylor John CravenGreen lanehouse25, Green lane
2049 Taylor JosephLilycrofthouse13, Lilycroft
2050 Taylor LawrenceSouthfield squarehouse24, Southfield square
2051 Taylor SamuelNorthfield placehouse25, Northfield place
2052 Taylor ThomasKensington streethouse195, Kensington street
2053 Taylor ThomasThornton roadhouse352, Thornton road
2054 Terry JohnSt. Jude's placehouse8, St. Jude's place
2055 Terry WilliamRose streethouse12, Rose street
2056 Tetley EdwardCrow tree lanewarehouseLeeds road, Bradford
successivehouseCrow tree lane
2057 Tetley JamesRose streethouse46, Rose street
2058 Tetley JohnSt. Jude's placehouse4, St. Jude's place
2059 Tetley ThomasGreenfield placehouseGreenfield place
2060 Tetley WilliamBrow, Daisy hillhouseBrow, Daisy hill
2061 Thackray CharlesPicton streethouse33, Picton street
2062 Thackray WilliamFairmounthouse3, Fairmount
2063 Theakstone FrancisArcadia streethouse32, Arcadia street
2064 Thomas EliasNorthfield placehouse5, Northfield place
2065 Thomas HenrySalt streethouse15, Salt street
2066 Thomas JamesFour lane endshouse97, Four lane ends
successivehouse99, Four lane ends
2067 Thomas MatthewWood streethouse54, Wood street
2068 Thomlinson BenjaminBelgrave placehouse101, Belgrave place
2069 Thompson BartholomewGreen lanehouse45, Green lane
2070 Thompson JohnLily streethouseSpring gardens, Bradford
successivehouse41, Lily street
2071 Thompson JohnSt. Jude's placehouseProspect terrace, Bradford
successivehouse68, St. Jude's place
2072 Thompson JosephGirlington roadhouseLumb lane, Bradford
successivehouse95, Girlington road
2073 Thompson ThomasGirlington roadhouse201, Girlington road
2074 Thompson William RoseBelgrave placehouse113, Belgrave place
2075 Thornton JamesBavaria placehouse4, Bavaria place
2076 Thornton JohnBrick lanehouse3, Globe fold
successivehouse232, Brick lane
2077 Thornton JosephWaile streethouse10, Greenhill place
successivehouse21, Waile street
2078 Thornton SharpChurch streethouse217, Church street
2079 Thornton SquireCrow tree lanehouse9, Crow tree lane
2080 Thornton ThomasLilycrofthouse6, Lilycroft
2081 Thornton WilliamArcadia streethouse23, Arcadia street
successivehouse37, Arcadia street
2082 Thornton WilliamMontgomery streethouse41, Montgomery street
2083 Thornton WilliamPrimrose streethouse13, Primrose street
2084 Thorp GeorgeBottom of Girlingtonhouse13, Bottom of Girlington
2085 Thresh AbrahamLaburnum placehouse4, Laburnum place
2086 Tidswell JamesAnvil streethouse10, Anvil street
2087 Tidswell JohnBelgrave placehouse119, Belgrave place
2088 Tillotson JohnNorth Butterfield rowhouse9, North Butterfield row
2089 Tillotson MilesSpring bankhouseSpring bank
2090 Tillotson ThomasGirlington roadhouse56A, Girlington road
2091 Tindall GeorgeSpringfield streethouseCrown street, Bradford
successivehouse18, Springfield street
2092 Tindall JonathanMontgomery streethouse26, Montgomery street
2093 Tomlinson JohnWhetley streethouse38, Whetley street
2094 Tomlinson WilliamKensington streethouse197, Kensington street
2095 Toothill HenryKensington streethouse272, Kensington street
2096 Toothill JohnDaisy Hill Back lanehouse2, Daisy Hill Back lane
2097 Toothill JohnWashington streethouse24, Silver street
successivehouseWashington street
2098 Toothill JosephCarlisle roadhouse98, Carlisle road
2099 Toothill WilkinsonLily streethouse14, Lily street
2100 Topham Richard WarwickSouthfield squarehouse70, Southfield square
2101 Tordoff Thomas DenbighApsley crescenthouse8, Apsley crescent
2102 Town end William HenryMornington villashouse7, Mornington villas
2103 Townsend WilliamGirlington roadhouse75, Girlington road
2104 Townsley DavidJarratt streethouse18, Jarratt street
2105 Trees WilliamWaile streethouse24, Waile street
2106 Tunstall JamesGlobe streethouse17, Globe street
2107 Tunstall ThomasLilycrofthouse4, Lilycroft
2108 Turner CharlesBack Wood streethouse15, Back Wood street
2109 Turner DanielLily streethouse48, Lily street
2110 Turner RichardGreenhill placehouse6, Greenhill place
2111 Turner ThomasSalt streethouse11, Salt street
2112 Turner WilliamDuckworth lanehouse198A, Duckworth lane
2113 Turner WilliamGlobe foldhouse15, Globe fold
2114 Turner WilliamNorthfield placehouse18, Northfield place
2115 Tyler LouisClifton villashouseClifton villas

MANNINGHAM WARD, 1868, surnames beginning with the letter U
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
2116 Udall JamesMontgomery streethouse37, Montgomery street
2117 Udall JohnPrimrose terracehouse14, Primrose terrace
2118 Unwin SquireWest Squire lanehouse17, West Squire lane

MANNINGHAM WARD, 1868, surnames beginning with the letter V
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
2119 Varley GeorgeSmith lanehouseSmith lane
2120 Varley JosephBelgrave streethouse14, Belgrave street
2121 Vaughan WilliamHighfield placehouse2, Highfield place
2122 Verity IsaacSpring rowhouse12, Spring row
successivehouse13, Spring row
2123 Verity JoshuaLily streethouse58, Lily street
successivehouseLily street
2124 Vickers RodgerBrick lanehouse210, Brick lane
2125 Vinter ReubenBelgrave streethouse61, Belgrave street
2126 Vitty ThomasPrimrose streethouse32, Primrose street
2127 Voight Ernest OttoBlenheim roadhouse24, Blenheim road

MANNINGHAM WARD, 1868, surnames beginning with the letter W
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
2128 Waddington BenjaminLilycrofthouse20, Lilycroft
2129 Waddington JacobUpper globehouse32, Upper globe
2130 Waddington JohnPrimrose streethouse44, Primrose street
2131 Waddington JohnWilson squarehouse12, Wilson square
2132 Waddington John SutcliffeGreenhill placehouse22, Greenhill place
2133 Waddington JosephWashington streethouse26, Washington street
2134 Waddington JoshuaJarratt streethouse30, Jarratt street
2135 Waddington WilkinsonGreenhill placehouse4, Greenhill place
2136 Wade John HenryOak avenuehouse6, Oak avenue
2137 Wade WilliamWood square, Picton streethouse4, Wood square, Picton street
2138 Wadsworth AbrahamSilver streethouse30, Silver street
2139 Wadsworth JamesGirlington roadhouse88A, Girlington road
2140 Wadsworth ThomasWest Butterfield rowhouse8, West Butterfield row
2141 Wager Bramley WilliamBelgrave placehouse115, Belgrave place
2142 Walbank ChristopherMontgomery streethouse22, Montgomery street
2143 Walbank HughHeaton roadhouse11, Heaton road
2144 Walker GeorgeWellesley terracehouse236, Wellesley terrace
2145 Walker IsaacNew rowhouse3, New row
2146 Walker JohnGirlington roadhouse42A, Girlington road
2147 Walker JohnNew rowhouse14, New row
2148 Walker JosephChurch streethouse73, Church street
2149 Walker JosephDaisy hill lanehouse21, Daisy hill lane
2150 Walker ThomasWood streethouse31, Wood street
2151 Walker WilliamNew rowhouse5, New row
2152 Walker WilliamSt. Jude's placehouse52, St. Jude's place
2153 Walker WilliamWhetley streethouse20, Whetley street
2154 Wallace AlexanderKensington streethouse98, Washington street
successivehouseKensington street
2155 Wallace FrederickApsley crescenthouse19, Apsley crescent
2156 Wallace MichaelClarendon terracehouse27, Clarendon terrace
2157 Wallace ThomasLily streethouseCarlisle road
successivehouseLily street
2158 Wallace WilliamGreen lanehouse12, Picton street
successivehouse16, Green lane
2159 Waller CharlesWalmer villashouseWalmer villas
2160 Walmsley ThomasAllerton roadhouse12, Allerton road
2161 Walsh DavidValley roadhouse106, Valley road
2162 Walsh JohnPrimrose streethouse53, Primrose street
2163 Walsh JosephValley roadhouse118, Valley road
2164 Walton WilliamGreen rowhouse276, Green row
2165 Walworth JamesArcadia streethouse40, Arcadia street
2166 Warburton AbrahamWest Butterfield rowhouse9, West Butterfield row
2167 Warburton JosephCarlisle roadhouse21, Carlisle road
2168 Warburton PeterGreen lanehouse35, Green lane
successivehouse43, Green lane
2169 Ward FrederickSouthfield squarehouse27, Southfield square
2170 Ward HoratioKensington streethouseJarratt street
successivehouseKensington street
2171 Ward JamesFour lane endshouse96, Four lane ends
2172 Ward JamesSt. Jude's squarehouseSilsbridge lane, Bradford
successivehouse62, St. Jude's place
2173 Wardell WilliamSpringfield streethouse20, Springfield street
2174 Wardle JohnDuckworth lanehouseDuckworth lane
2175 Wardle ThomasArcadia streethouse18, Arcadia street
2176 Waterhouse JohnWest Squire lanehouse18, West Squire lane
2177 Waterhouse JosephHeaton roadhouse30, Heaton road
2178 Waterhouse RobertDenby streethouse12, Denby street
2179 Waterhouse WilliamChurch streethouse157, Church street
2180 Waterman Thomas TheodoreMarlborough roadhouse5, Fairmount
successivehouse34, Marlborough road
2181 Waterworth JosephQuarry streethouseWestgate, Bradford
successivehouse29, Quarry street
2182 Watson BenjaminChurch streethouse19, Church street
2183 Watson CalebNorth Butterfield rowhouse7, North Butterfield row
2184 Watson IsaacWest Squire lanehouse1, West Squire lane
2185 Watson JamesGreen lanehouse39, Green lane
2186 Watson JamesGirlington roadhouse45, Girlington road
2187 Watson JeremiahSkinner lanehouse7, Skinner lane
2188 Watson WilliamCemetery bridgehouse3, Cemetery bridge
2189 Watson WilliamWaile streethouse65, Waile street
2190 Watson WilliamWilson streethouse9, Wilson street
2191 Watts NathanielWaile streethouse14, Waile street
2192 Waugh BenjaminCemetery roadhouse100, Cemetery road
2193 Waugh JosephFour lane endshouse153, Four lane ends
2194 Waugh ReubenGirlington roadhouse46, Girlington road
2195 Weatherill JamesRose streethouse37, Rose street
2196 Weatherill WilliamArcadia streethouse62, Arcadia street
2197 Weber AlfredOak streethouseSpring gardens, Bradford
successivehouseOak street
2198 Webster JosephArcadia streethouse68, Arcadia street
2199 Weil EmileBelle vuehouse2, Belle vue
2200 Wellock WilliamBack Regent streethouse4, Back Regent street
2201 West EdwardToller lanehouseToller lane
2202 West JohnWaile streethouse41, Waile street
2203 Wheater HammondGirlington roadhouse99, Girlington road
2204 Wheater WilliamFour lane endshouse87, Four lane ends
2205 Wheelhouse JohnSpring rowhouse43, Sedgwick street, Bradford
successivehouse7, Spring row
2206 Whitaker CharlesGrosvenor placehouse157, Grosvenor place
2207 Whitaker CharlesWood streethouse13, Wood street
2208 Whitaker CharlesSalt streethouse46, Salt street
2209 Whitaker HartleySkinner lanehouse42, Skinner lane
2210 Whitaker JohnArcadia streethouse24, Arcadia street
2211 Whitaker JohnThornton roadhouseCope street, Bradford
successivehouseThornton road
2212 Whitaker JohnThornton roadhouse236, Brick lane
successivehouse340, Thornton road
2213 Whitaker MichaelWhetley streethouse14, Whetley street
2214 Whitaker NicholasWaile streethouse6, Waile street
2215 Whitaker RedmanPicton streethouse89, Picton street
2216 Whitaker RobinsonGreen lanehouse157, Picton street
successivehouse35, Green lane
2217 Whitaker SmithMontgomery streethouse20, Montgomery street
2218 Whitaker ThomasPicton streethouse28, Picton street
2219 Whitaker WilliamPrimrose terracehouse5, Primrose terrace
2220 Whitaker William HenryLily streethouse17, Jarratt street
successivehouseLily street
2221 White CharlesLumb lanehouse & shop167H, Lumb lane
2222 White EdwinFour lane endshouse90, Four lane ends
2223 White IsaacBrownroydhouseBrownroyd
2224 White JamesPrimrose streethouse142, Picton street
successivehouse38, Primrose street
2225 White JobSaxon streethouse17, Saxon street
2226 White JohnBeecher streethouse13, Beecher street
2227 White JohnChurch streethouse46, Church street
2228 White JosephHeaton roadhouse26, Heaton road
successivehouse10, Heaton road
2229 White LutherSalt streethouse19, Salt street
2230 White SamuelWilson squarehouse14, Wilson square
2231 Whiteley DavidSaxon streethouse6, Saxon street
2232 Whiteley John MarvelSalt streethouse74, Salt street
2233 Whiteley SamuelValley roadhouse3, Valley road
successivehouse176, Valley road
2234 Whitfield JohnWood streethouse & shop2, Wood street
2235 Whitham GeorgeLily streethouse9, Green lane
successivehouseLily street
2236 Whitham JohnGreen lanehouse46, Green lane
2237 Whitham SamuelPicton streethouse190, Picton street
2238 Whitham WilliamHeaton roadhouse21, Heaton road
2239 Whitley DavidWest Squire lanehouse7, West Squire lane
2240 Whitley James BriggsClarendon terracehouse21, Clarendon terrace
2241 Whittingham JosephSalt streethouse9, Salt street
2242 Why SamuelGlobe foldhouse26, Globe fold
2243 Wild CrosbyCarlisle roadhouse70, Carlisle road
2244 Widdop GeorgeValley rowhouse2, Valley row
2245 Widdop HenryCarlisle roadhouse17, Carlisle road
2246 Widdop JonasArcadia streethouse47, Arcadia street
2247 Widdop WilliamValley rowhouse8, Valley row
2248 Wigglesworth WilliamClarendon terracehouse17, Clarendon terrace
2249 Wilcock EllisSkinner lanehouse21, Skinner lane
2250 Wilcock JohnHeaton roadhouseHeaton road
2251 Wild George DrakeWashington streethouse146, Washington street
2252 Wild JonasGreen lanehouse7, Green lane
2253 Wild WatsonValley roadhouse108, Valley road
2254 Wild WilliamPicton streethouse50, Picton street
2255 Wildman CharlesWood streethouse44, Wood street
2256 Wilkinson AlfredDuckworth lanehouseDuckworth lane
2257 Wilkinson BriggsPrimrose streethouse2A, Primrose street
2258 Wilkinson DavidDaisy hill lanehouse21, Crow tree lane
successivehouse1, Daisy hill lane
2259 Wilkinson EdwardLumb lanehouse & shop159, Lumb lane
2260 Wilkinson FrancisSouthfield squarehouse53, Southfield square
2261 Wilkinson GeorgePicton streethouse204, Picton street
2262 Wilkinson HenryGirlington roadhouse182, Girlington road
2263 Wilkinson JohnArcadia streethouse41, Arcadia street
2264 Wilkinson JohnDuckworth lanehouse & shopWhite Abbey, Bradford
successivehouse & shopDuckworth lane
2265 Wilkinson JohnGreenhill placehouse50, Greenhill place
2266 Wilkinson JohnMontgomery streethouse2B, Montgomery street
2267 Wilkinson JonathanGreenhill placehouse29, Greenhill place
2268 Wilkinson JosephFour lane endshouse109, Four lane ends
2269 Wilkinson JosephCrow tree lanehouseCrow tree lane
2270 Wilkinson JosephGreen lanehouse10, Green lane
2271 Wilkinson JoshuaSpringfield streethouse10, Springfield street
2272 Wilkinson Mark AnthonyNorth paradehouse105, North parade
2273 Wilkinson RycroftRose streethouse44, Rose street
2274 Wilkinson SamuelHeaton roadhouse15, Heaton road
2275 Wilkinson ThomasBavaria placehouse18, Bavaria place
2276 Wilkinson ThomasGreen rowhouse280, Green row
2277 Wilkinson ThomasLilycroft lanehouse8, Lilycroft lane
2278 Wilkinson ThomasRegent streethouse6, Regent street
2279 Wilkinson Thomas NetherwoodCrow Tree lanehouseLily street
successivehouse11, Crow Tree lane
2280 Wilkinson WilliamGlobe foldhouse27, Globe fold
2281 Wilkinson WilliamSalt streethouse82, Salt street
2282 Wilkinson WilliamPrimrose terracehouse5, Springfield street
successivehouse57, Primrose terrace
2283 Willans JamesSilver streethouse5, Silver street
2284 Willey AlfredWood streethouse15, Wood street
2285 Williams GeorgeGreen lanehouse32, Green lane
2286 Williams George ThomasArcadia streethouseAmberley street, Bradford
successivehouse31, Arcadia street
2287 Williams JohnHeaton roadhouse2, Heaton road
2288 Williamson JamesApsley crescenthouse18, Apsley crescent
2289 Williamson ThomasBrow, Daisy hillhouseBrow, Daisy hill
2290 Williamson William HarrisonMarlborough terracehouseMarlborough terrace
2291 Wilman AbrahamPrimrose terracehouse49, Primrose terrace
2292 Wilman BenjaminCrow tree lanehouse4, Crow tree lane
2293 Wilman JohnGirlington roadhouse88, Girlington road
2294 Wilman MatthewPrimrose streethouse41, Primrose street
2295 Wilman SampsonCrow tree lanehouse3, Crow tree lane
2296 Wilman SamuelKensington streethouse56, Kensington street
2297 Wilman ThomasBack Spring rowhouse8, Back Spring row
2298 Wilman ThomasGirlington roadhouse95, Girlington road
successivehouseGirlington road
2299 Wilman ThomasPrimrose streethouse36, Primrose street
2300 Wilson BenjaminBold streethouse2, Bold street
2301 Wilson BenjaminSalt streethouse158, Salt street
2302 Wilson CharlesCarlisle roadhouse29, Carlisle road
2303 Wilson GeorgeGlobe streethouse2, Globe street
2304 Wilson GeorgeThornton roadhouse199, Thornton road
2305 Wilson HenryCanary streethouse127, Canary street
2306 Wilson HenryClarendon streethouse18, Clarendon street
2307 Wilson JamesCarlisle roadhouse35, Carlisle road
2308 Wilson JamesGreenhill placehouse43, Greenhill place
2309 Wilson James StevenMount roydhouseMount royd
2310 Wilson JohnLily streethouse18, Lily street
2311 Wilson JohnCarlisle roadhouse90, Carlisle road
2312 Wilson JohnGreenfield placehouseGreenfield place
successivehouseLaburnum street
2313 Wilson John EdwardBelgrave streethouseRebecca street, Bradford
successivehouse32, Belgrave street
2314 Wilson JosephSpring rowhouseSpring row
2315 Wilson JosephSpring rowhouse18, Spring row
2316 Wilson JosephCarlisle roadhouseCarlisle road
2317 Wilson JoshuaWashington streethouse14, Washington street
2318 Wilson JoshuaNorth paradehouse135, North parade
2319 Wilson SamuelBlenheim roadhouse28, Blenheim road
2320 Wilson SidneyValley roadhouse104, Valley road
2321 Wilson ThomasPicton streethouse130, Picton street
2322 Wilson ThomasWhetley terracehouse19, Whetley terrace
2323 Wilson Thomas MillerArcadia streethouse13, Arcadia street
2324 Wilson WardRose streethouse8, Rose street
2325 Wilson WilliamSkinner lanehouse11, Skinner lane
2326 Wiseman JohnKensington streethouseClayton street, Bradford
successivehouseKensington street
2327 Wolf GustaveBlenheim roadhouse26, Blenheim road
2328 Wolfenden DavidPicton streethouse172, Picton street
2329 Wolfenden JosephSkinner lanehouse3, Skinner lane
2330 Wolstencroft AmosSt. Jude's squarehouse4, St. Jude's square
2331 Wood BenjaminKensington streethouse267, Kensington street
2332 Wood BenjaminPicton streethouse145, Picton street
2333 Wood CharlesBack Wood streetwarehouseBack Wood street
2334 Wood DawsonLily streethouse13, Church street
successivehouseLily street
2335 Wood EdwardUpper globehouse16, Upper globe
2336 Wood FrancisSkinner lanehouse37, Skinner lane
2337 Wood IsaacDaisy hill, Back lanehouse3, Daisy hill, Back lane
2338 Wood IsaacGirlington roadhouse11, Girlington road
2339 Wood JamesArcadia streethouse11, Arcadia street
2340 Wood JamesBelgrave placehouse137, Belgrave place
2341 Wood JamesUnder the Chapel, Carlisle roadhouseUnder the Chapel, Carlisle road
2342 Wood JeremiahAnvil streethouse8, Bavaria place
successivehouseAnvil street
2343 Wood JohnGreen rowhouse288, Green row
2344 Wood JohnHopwood streethouse16, Hopwood street
2345 Wood JohnMontgomery streethouse14, Montgomery street
2346 Wood JohnWashington streethouse17, Heaton road
successivehouse70, Washington street
2347 Wood JohnPicton streethouse121, Picton street
2348 Wood JonasAnvil streethouse38, Anvil street
2349 Wood JonasDuckworth lanehouse34, Duckworth lane
2350 Wood JosephGirlington roadhouse180, Girlington road
2351 Wood JosephKensington streethouse265, Kensington street
2352 Wood JosephNew rowhouse8, New row
2353 Wood JosephWellesley terracehouse244, Wellesley terrace
2354 Wood Nicholas JohnCanary streethouse93, Canary street
2355 Wood ThomasKensington streethouse274, Kensington street
2356 Wood ThomasNew rowhouse11, New row
2357 Wood ThomasSalt streethouse99, Salt street
2358 Wood ThomasThornton roadhouse346, Thornton road
2359 Wood TimothyLumb lanehouse173, Lumb lane
2360 Wood TitusWilson squarehouse8, Wilson square
2361 Wood WilliamNew rowhouse9, New row
2362 Wood WilliamVictoria inn, White AbbeyhouseVictoria inn, White Abbey
2363 Wood WilliamWood square, Montgomery streethouse10, Wood square, Montgomery street
2364 Wood William HenryApsley crescenthouse17, Apsley crescent
2365 Woodend RichardHeaton roadhouse18, Heaton road
2366 Woodhead DavidManningham lanehouseManningham lane
2367 Woodhead JamesValley rowhouse24, Valley row
2368 Woodhead Joseph HarperValley rowhouse18, Valley row
2369 Woodhead ThomasCemetery roadhouse2, Cemetery road
2370 Woodhead WilliamPicton streethouse7, Picton street
2371 Woodhouse JosephHeaton roadhouse9, Heaton road
2372 Woodworth WilliamCemetery roadhouse12, Cemetery road
2373 Wooler JosephGreen lanehouse & shop20, Green lane
2374 Woolford WilliamRegent streethouse7, Regent street
2375 Worms CharlesMount roydhouseEldon place, Bradford
successivehouseMount royd
2376 Worsnop CharlesArcadia streethouse12, Arcadia street
successivehouse1, Arcadia street
2377 Worsnop WilliamRose streethouse34, Rose street
2378 Wray JosephPicton streethouse206, Picton street
2379 Wray WilliamMontgomery streethouse12, Montgomery street
2380 Wright CharlesMarlborough roadhouse12, Marlborough road
2381 Wright EdwinPrimrose streethouse49, Primrose street
2382 Wright GreenwoodGreen lane courthouse6, Green lane court
2383 Wright HenryCarlisle roadshopThornton road
successivehouse & shopCarlisle road
2384 Wright IsaacGrosvenor placehouse149, Grosvenor place
2385 Wright JohnHeaton roadhouse9A, Heaton road
2386 Wright JonathanBelgrave streethouse6, Belgrave street
2387 Wright JosephBavaria placehouse3, Bavaria place
2388 Wright JosephChurch streethouse99, Church street
2389 Wright JoshuaGirlington roadhouse187, Girlington road
2390 Wright SaulGlobe streethouse14, Globe street
2391 Wroe Thomas HenryWellesley terracehouse220, Wellesley terrace
2392 Wroe WilliamLilycroft lanehouse7, Lilycroft lane
2393 Wyrill GeorgeWhetley streethouse34, Whetley street

MANNINGHAM WARD, 1868, surnames beginning with the letter Y
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
2394 Yates GeorgeSalt streethouseRupert street, Horton
successivehouse57, Salt street
2395 Yates JohnSalt streethouse40, Salt street
2396 Yates RobertApsley crescenthouse12, Apsley crescent
2397 Yeadon WilliamBeecher streethouse29, Beecher street
2398 Yeoman JohnSaxon streethouse4, Saxon street
2399 Yewdall HenryWalmer placehouseWalmer place
2400 Yewdall JesseNorth paradehouseSnow hill, Bradford
successivehouse137, North parade
2401 Yewdall ThomasPrimrose streethouse43, Primrose street
2402 Young JamesCemetery roadhouse6, Cemetery road
2403 Young ThomasWest Butterfield rowhouse10, West Butterfield row

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