BRADFORD: Bradford Parliamentary Register 1868, WEST WARD, surnames A-G.



* Lines starting with an asterisk (*) mean the entry is not for voting.

WEST WARD, 1868, surnames A-G.
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1 Abbott HenryRaven streethouse27, Raven street
2 Achin JohnLongcroft placehouse61, Longcroft place
3 Ackroyd AbrahamGaynor streethouse30, Gaynor street
4 Ackroyd BentleyGaynor streethouse26, Gaynor street
5 Ackroyd JohnNorth paradehouseNorth parade
6 Ackroyd JohnHind streethouse16, Hind street
7 Ackroyd JohnHardaker streethouse5, Hardaker street
8 Ackroyd John EdwardTurk streethouse11, Turk street
9 Ackroyd JonasLow streethouse22, Low street
10 Ackroyd JonasWestend streethouse57, Westend street
11 Ackroyd JosephNorthgatehouse80, Northgate
12 Ackroyd SamuelHortonshop12, Quebec terrace
13 Ackroyd WilliamWestgatehouseWestgate
14 Ackroyd WilliamBrunswick placehouse27, North parade
successivehouse8, Brunswick place
15 Ackroyd WilliamWestend streethouse19, Westend street
16 Adams ArthurHayworth streethouse17, Hayworth street
17 Ahrensberg HenryHustlergateshopMarket street
18 Ahrensburg LouisHustlergateshopHustlergate
19 Ahrons LeopoldNorth paradehouse73, North parade
20 Akam BenjaminSilsbridge lanehouseVincent street
21 Akam JohnVincent streethouse7, Vincent street
22 Akam JohnManninghamshop150, Westgate
23 Aldersley JeremiahClayton streethouse31, Clayton street
24 Alderson GeorgeShipleyshop1, Bridge street
25 Alderson John KirtonInfirmary streethouse13, Infirmary street
26 Alderson RobsonJowett streethouse19, Jowett street
27 Alderson ThomasShipleyshop1, Bridge street
28 Allan ThomasWestgrove streethouse68, Westgrove street
29 Allen WilliamAllertonwarehouseAllen's mill
30 Ambler DavidSilsbridge lanehouse133, Silsbridge lane
31 Ambler EdwardManninghammillSilsbridge lane
32 Ambler IsaacGracechurch streethouse77, Gracechurch street
33 Ambler JeremiahManninghammillSilsbridge lane
34 Ambler Jeremiah, junr.ManninghammillSilsbridge lane
35 Ambler JohnManninghammillSilsbridge lane
36 Ambler MichaelGracechurch streethouse139, Gracechurch street
37 Ambler OwenThornton streethouse39, Thornton street
38 Ambler Samuel BuckleyWestgatehouse & shop115, Westgate
39 Anderson RichardQuebec terracehouse20, Quebec terrace
40 Anderson ThomasKing streethouse13, King street
41 Anderson ThomasQueen streethouse12, Queen street
42 Anderson ThomasJowett streethouse56, Jowett street
43 Anderton EdmundManninghamwarehouseMill Bank
44 Andrew EdwardCrown streethouse65, Crown street
45 Andrew JosephClaytonwarehouse32A, Aldermanbury
46 Andrews JosephWestgrove streethouse55, Westgrove street
47 Andrew WilliamSpring streethouse21, Spring street
48 Andrews JosephThornton streethouse77, Thornton street
49 Andrews Rev. JosiahHanover squarehouse44, Hanover square
50 Andrews Thomas GarlickLumb laneofficeAldermanbury
51 Andrews WilliamHortonofficeAldermanbury
52 Appleby ThomasBrick lanehouse97, Brick lane
53 Appleyard RobertLudlow streethouse8, Ludlow street
54 Appleyard RobertGracechurch streethouse28, Gracechurch street
55 Appleyard WilliamJowett streethouse135, Jowett street
56 Archer HenryNorth paradehouse & shop19, North parade
57 Archer WilliamWestgatehouse & shop49, Westgate
58 Armitage BenjaminAbbey streethouse89, Abbey street
59 Armitage JohnClaytonwarehouse2, Brewery street
60 Armitage John RamsdenThornton roadwarehouseThornton road
61 Armitage SamuelManninghamwarehouseThornton road
62 Arnold Tubal CainVictoria streethouse54, Victoria street
63 Arthur JonathanKeighley streethouse10, Keighley street
64 Arton ThomasShipleywarehouseKirkgate
65 Ashworth JamesGracechurch streethouse81, Gracechurch street
66 Ashworth JosephSummer streethouse40, Summer street
67 Ashworth ThomasSummer streethouse42, Summer street
68 Aspin AlfredHortonwarehousePiece hall yard
69 Astin JosephSedgwick streethouseSedgwick street
70 Astrap SamuelWestgrove streethouse64, Westgrove street
71 Atack JosephWestend lanehouse14, Westend lane
72 Athea JohnCropper lanehouse17, Cropper lane
73 Atkinson AlexanderBaildonshopKirkgate
74 Atkinson HenryNorthgatehouse & shopNorthgate
75 Atkinson JamesNorthgatehouseNorthgate
76 Atkinson JamesSnow hillhouseBirkshall lane
successivehouse3, Snow hill
77 Atkinson JosephKing streethouse33, King street
78 Atkinson WilliamHanover squarehouse47, Hanover square
79 Atlay RichardSilsbridge lanehouse22, Silsbridge lane
80 Austin JohnWestend lanehouse24, Westend lane
81 Austwick ThomasGreenaire placehouse10, Greenaire place
82 Auty SquireManninghamshop54, Kirkgate

WEST WARD, 1868, surnames beginning with the letter B
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
83 Backhouse WilliamHallfield roadhouse16, Hallfield road
84 Bacon JohnSummer streethouse18, Summer street
85 Bailey FergusonLongcroft placehouse94, Longcroft place
86 Bailey GeorgeGaynor streethouse48, Gaynor street
87 Bailey PeterQueen streethouse24, Queen street
88 Bailey ThomasLaisterdykewarehouse32, Aldermanbury
89 Bailey TownsendThornton roadhouse187, Thornton road
90 Baines RobertRebecca streethouse23, Rebecca street
91 Baines WilliamSilsbridge laneshopWestgate
92 Bairstow AbrahamWestholme Millhouse4, Westholme mill
93 Bairstow PeterHortonshopHustlergate
94 Bairstow RobertQueen streethouse11, Queen street
95 Baker DavidGracechurch streethouse131, Gracechurch street
successivehouse97, Gracechurch street
96 Baker JohnRaven streethouse43, Raven street
97 Bakes JohnLonglands streethouseFoundry street
successivehouse14, Longlands street
98 Bakes SamuelClayton streethouse45, Clayton street
99 Bakes WilliamVictoria streethouse77, Victoria street
100 Balding JohnSedgwick streethouse49, Sedgwick street
101 Baldwin WilliamWestgrove streethouse29, Arcadia street, Manningham
successivehouse79, Westgrove street
102 Baldwin WilliamLow streethouse6, Low street
103 Baldwin JosephSilsbridge lanehouse173, Silsbridge lane
104 Ball SamuelLower West streethouse26, Lower West street
105 Bamford JamesLongcroft placehouse106, Longcroft place
106 Bamford JohnLongcroft placehouse81, Longcroft place
107 Bamford JohnAlbion streethouse37, Albion street
108 Balmforth DavidThornton roadmillThornton road
109 Balmforth JosephClayton streethouse96, Clayton street
110 Balmforth SamuelClayton streethouse89, Clayton street
111 Banks WilliamJowett streethouse52, Jowett street
112 Banks WilliamHarris streetshopBridge street
successiveshop24, Westgate
113 Bannister ThomasLongcroft placehouse152, Longcroft place
114 Barber AlexanderBrunswick placehouse66, Victoria street
successivehouse17, Brunswick place
115 Barber Samuel TurnerClayton streethouse63, Clayton street
116 Barker AbrahamWestholme Millhouse1, Westholme mill
117 Barker BenjaminRoberts placehouse5, Roberts place
118 Barker BenjaminWestgatehouse & shop30, Westgate
119 Barker JobTurk streethouse7, Turk street
120 Barker JonathanHortonwarehouseWater lane mill
121 Barker Joseph BenjaminWestgatehouse & shop30, Westgate
122 Barker LyciasHortonwarehouseWater lane mill
123 Barker RichardLudlow streethouse4, Ludlow street
124 Barker Thomas ListerNorth paradehouse23, North parade
125 Barker WilliamBrunswick placehouse6, Brunswick place
126 Barraclough JohnManninghamshop28, Ivegate
127 Barraclough JonasClayton streethouse72, Clayton street
128 Barraclough JosephProvidence streethouse11, Providence street
129 Barraclough WilliamCrown streethouse46, Crown street
130 Barrans JonasWestgatehouse104, Westgate
successivehouse & shop76, Westgate
131 Barrett AnthonyLower West streethouse10, Lower West street
132 Barrett JamesLonglands streethouseLonglands street
133 Barrett MartinVincent streethouseMill bank
successivehouse130, Vincent street
134 Barrett RichardJowett streethouse18, Jowett street
135 Barrett StephenSaltpie streethouse19, Saltpie street
136 Barrett StephenSaltpie streethouse27, Saltpie street
137 Barrett WilliamIllingworth yardhouse2, Illingworth yard
138 Barron ThomasThornton roadhouseThornton road
139 Barrons AnthonyCropper lanehouse & shop15, Cropper lane
140 Barrow JohnHortonshop24, Bank street
141 Bartle PatrickGalway streethouse43, Galway street
142 Bartle WilliamWykeofficeQueensgate
143 Bartley WilliamChain streethouse34, Chain street
144 Barton JamesWestend lanehouse16, Westend lane
145 Bashforth AndrewDarfield streethouse30, Darfield street
146 Bastow JohnLonglands streethouse69, Longlands street
147 Bastow JohnTurk streethouse12, Turk street
148 Bastow JosephLongcroft placehouse85, Longcroft place
149 Bastow MarkAbbey streethouse36, Abbey street
150 Bateman AbelNorthrop yardhouse36, Northrop yard
151 Bateman CharlesSilsbridge lanehouse16, Silsbridge lane
152 Bateman DanielCropper lanehouse24, Cropper lane
153 Bates JamesWynne streethouse13, Wynne street
154 Bates JoshuaManninghamwarehouseAldermanbury
155 Bates MilesLongcroft placehouse69, Longcroft place
156 Bateson CharlesSedgwick streethouse71, Sedgwick street
157 Batty GeorgeSilsbridge lanehouse97, Silsbridge lane
158 Baxandall DavidHortonmillTetley street
159 Baxandall JohnAbbey streethouse16, Abbey street
160 Baxter BenjaminLongcroft placehouse24, Longcroft place
161 Baxter BenjaminJowett streethouse21, Jowett street
162 Baxter JosephCrown streethouse29, Crown street
163 Baxter JosephQueen streethouse7, Queen street
164 Baxter JosephEccleshillshop51, Westgate
165 Baxter SamuelSilsbridge lanehouse129, Silsbridge lane
166 Baxter WilliamWestgatehouse & shop174, Westgate
167 Baxter WilliamWestgatehouse51, Westgate
168 Bean JosephVictoria streethouse44, Victoria street
169 Beanland AbrahamThornton roadhouse56, Thornton road
170 Beanland JohnVictoria streethouse1, Victoria street
171 Beanland JohnKing streethouse37, King street
172 Beanland JosephMarketshop53, Market
173 Bearder EdwinJames streethouse24, James street
174 Beardmore ThomasBrick courthouse32, Brick court
175 Beaver WilliamNorth paradehouse93, North parade
176 Beck GeorgeKeighley streethouse9, Keighley street
177 Beck IsaacCrown streethouse63, Crown street
178 Beckett HenryRaven streethouse85, Raven street
179 Beever John JacksonLeeds roadwarehouseMill bank
180 Behrens JacobNorth paradehouse53, North parade
181 Bell FrancisHortonshopTyrrel street
182 Bell JohnThornton roadhouse98, Thornton road
183 Bell John HenryHallfield roadhouse1, Hallfield road
184 Bell Joseph SilversidesVaughan streethouseVaughan street
185 Bell PeterVictoria streethouse71, Victoria street
186 Bell StephenGreenaire placehouse27, Greenaire place
187 Bell WilliamCrown streethouse85, Crown street
188 Bennett CharlesJolly's yardhouse6, Jolly's yard
189 Bennett HarrisonJohn courthouse21, John court
190 Bennett HenryClayton streethouse16, Clayton street
191 Bennett ThomasLongcroft placehouse58, Longcroft place
192 Bent JacobLonglands streethouse45, Longlands street
193 Bentham OliverCrown streethouse77, Crown street
194 Bentley JabezWestgrove streethouse43, Westgrove street
195 Bentley JamesDyson streethouse114, Dyson street
196 Bentley JohnSummer streethouse38, Summer street
197 Bentley JosephClayton streethouse122, Clayton street
198 Bentley WalterJowett streethouse24, Jowett street
199 Berlon HenryNorth paradehouse37, Northgate
200 Berry John WaltonVictoria streetofficeUnion passage
201 Berry JosephAbbey streethouse8, Abbey street
202 Berry PhilipJowett streethouse102, Jowett street
203 Berry RichardKeighley streethouseKeighley street
204 Berwick JamesHolmes streethouse29, Holmes street
205 Best AaronClayton streethouse73, Clayton street
206 Best SamuelThornton streethouse37, Thornton street
207 Beyer FrederickIvegatehouse & shop15, Ivegate
208 Bibby BenjaminWestend streethouse49 Westend street
209 Biddlestone WilliamDyson streethouse80, Dyson street
210 Bilborough William HudsonBramleywarehouse7, Union passage
211 Bingham EzraVictoria streethouse55, Victoria street
212 Bingham JohnBurnley foldhouse10, Burnley fold
213 Binnington ThomasSteel's yardhouse3, Steel's yard
214 Binnington ThomasWestgatehouse78, Westgate
215 Binns CharlesOne streethouse13, One street
216 Binns GeorgeHortonwarehouse4, Sunbridge
217 Binns JohnAlbion streethouse18, Albion street
218 Binns JohnWestgrove streethouse58, Westgrove street
219 Binns JonasGracechurch streethouse24, Gracechurch street
220 Binns PeterGracechurch streethouse47, Gracechurch street
221 Binns ThomasWestgrove streethouse4, Westgrove street
222 Binns WilliamHolmes streethouse21, Holme street
223 Binns WilliamLee streethouse15, Lee street
224 Birchall EbenezerChain streethouse29, Chain street
225 Birkby DanielBrick lanehouse53, Brick lane
226 Birken ThomasRaven streethouse7, Raven street
227 Birkett IsaacHortonwarehouseThornton road
228 Birrell JohnNorth paradehouse91, North parade
229 Blackburn BaileyManninghamshop2, Westgate
230 Blackburn GideonManninghamwarehouse27, Aldermanbury
231 Blackburn Henry WebsterHorsforthoffice10, Darley street
successiveofficePiece hall yard
232 Blackburn JohnWestgatehouse & shop160, Westgate
233 Blackburn JohnHorsforthoffice10, Darley street
successiveofficePiece hall yard
234 Blackburn JohnWestgrove streethouse13, Westgrove street
235 Blackburn SamuelAbbey streethouse39, Abbey street
236 Blackburn Thomas A.Westgatehouse & shop164, Westgate
237 Blacktin HenryNorthgatehouse & shop90, Northgate
238 Blades StephenLonglands streethouse28, Longlands street
239 Blake Dodshon BrowneHortonshopExchange
240 Blakey GeorgeSpring gardensshopIvegate
241 Blakey WalterNorth paradehouseRhodes terrace
successivehouse83, North parade
242 Blakey WilliamClayton streethouse110, Clayton street
243 Blamires JosephCheapsidehouse1, Cheapside
244 Blamires SamuelPeel squarehouse36, Peel square
245 Blamires WilliamPeel squarewarehouseThornton road
246 Bloomfield Rev. JohnHallfield roadhouse2, Hallfield road
247 Blott JohnHardaker streethouse3, Hardaker street
248 Boast JohnHortonshop45, Kirkgate
249 Bogan LukeLeyshouse17, Leys
250 Bolland WilliamHanover squarehouse7, Hanover square
251 Bolton CharlesHolmes streethouse10, Holmes street
252 Boocock BenjaminSilsbridge lanehouse161, Silsbridge lane
253 Boocock JamesGracechurch streethouse29, Gracechurch street
254 Boocock JohnBishop Blaize squarehouse1, Bishop Blaize square
255 Boocock JohnSilsbridge lanehouse47, Silsbridge lane
256 Boocock JohnMillergatehouse18, Millergate
257 Booth BenjaminThornton streethouse18, Thornton street
258 Booth EdwinJowett streethouse25, Jowett street
259 Booth Francis OliverAbbey streethouse2, Hayworth street
successivehouse31, Abbey street
260 Booth JohnLongcroft placehouse130, Longcroft place
261 Booth John PollardWestgatehouse154, Westgate
262 Booth JonathanCrown streethouse37, Crown street
263 Booth MosesHortonshop50, Northgate
264 Booth ThomasTetley streethouse28, Tetley street
265 Booth WilliamJowett streethouse27, Jowett street
266 Boothman JamesOne streethouse8, One street
267 Boothway JohnHerring rowhouse10, Herring row
268 Bootland WilliamWestgrove streethouse21, Westgrove street
269 Boston WilliamLumb lanehouse6, Lumb lane
270 Bottomley DennisThornton roadhouse7, Thornton street
271 Bottomley SamuelCrown streethouse12, Crown street
272 Bottomley SamuelLow moorwarehousePiece Hall yard
273 Bottomley ThomasHortonwarehouse25, Piece Hall yard
274 Bottomley William ParkerHortonshop36, Market
275 Bower SamuelHortonshop12, Quebec terrace
276 Bowes JamesUnion passagehouse & shop9, Union passage
277 Bowker GeorgeAbbey streethouse61, Abbey street
278 Bowker JohnManninghamshop156, Westgate
279 Bowker JohnSilsbridge lanehouse159, Silsbridge lane
280 Bowles John HoldsworthWestgatehouse201, Westgate
281 Bowles ThomasWynne streethouse11, Wynne street
282 Bowling MichaelLonglands streethouse33, Longlands street
283 Bowman JohnHortonwarehouse16, Bridge street
successivewarehouse8, Tyrrel street
284 Boyce Thomas GibsonPark placehouse4, Park place
285 Boyden HenryHoughton placeshop12, Lumb lane
286 Boyle PatrickWestend lanehouse27, Westend lane
287 Boyd JohnSilsbridge laneshopSilsbridge lane
288 Boyes RobertCropper lanehouse10, Cropper lane
289 Boyes WilliamVictoria streethouse28, Victoria street
290 Bradbury WilliamGreen markethouseGreen Market
291 Bradford JosephThornton roadhouse191, Thornton road
292 Bradford FrederickWestgrove streethouse46, Westgrove street
293 Bradford Thomas BirchIvegatehouse11, Ivegate
294 Bradley ChristopherManninghamwarehouseWade street
295 Bradley GeorgeLeyshouse29, Leys
296 Bradley HenryKing streethouse11, King street
297 Bradley WalterManninghamwarehouseWade street
298 Bradley WilliamManninghamwarehouseWade street
299 Braithwaite JamesHortonofficeExchange
300 Braithwaite SamuelDrewton streetmillThornton road
301 Bragan JamesVincent streethouse60, Vincent street
302 Bramfit JamesWoodhouse buildingshouse5, Woodhouse buildings
303 Bramfit JohnLonglands streethouse24, Longlands street
304 Bramfit JonathanIllingworth's yardhouseIllingworth's yard
305 Brammah SamuelWestholme Millhouse2, Westholme mill
306 Brannan JamesSilsbridge lanehouse124, Silsbridge lane
307 Brannan JamesVincent streethouse15, Vincent street
308 Brannan LukeLonglands streethouse108, Longlands street
309 Brannan MartinGalway streethouse30, Galway street
310 Brannan MatthewLongcroft placehouse87, Longcroft place
311 Brannan MichaelLongcroft placehouse72, Longcroft place
312 Brannan MichaelVincent streethouse11, Vincent street
313 Brannan MichaelLongcroft placehouse28, Longcroft place
314 Branson CharlesHoughton placehouse42, Houghton place
315 Brayshaw GeorgeWestgatehouse62, Westgate
316 Brayshaw JamesHallfield roadhouse12, Hallfield road
317 Brayshaw JohnDyson streethouse110, Dyson street
318 Brayshaw JohnTurk streethouse5, Turk street
319 Brayshaw WilliamAbbey streethouse140, Abbey street
320 Brayshaw WilliamAbbey streethouse102, Abbey street
321 Brayshaw WilliamLumb lanehouse13, Lumb lane
322 Brayshaw WilliamSouthgatehouse30, Southgate
323 Brear DavidHallfield roadhouse13, Hallfield road
324 Brear JohnBrick lanehouse135, Brick lane
325 Brear JoshuaRaven streethouse83, Raven street
326 Brear SamuelSilsbridge lanehouse156, Silsbridge lane
327 Brear ThomasManninghamshop17, Kirkgate
328 Brear WilliamHerring rowhouse1, Herring row
329 Brear WilliamBrick lanehouse123, Brick lane
330 Brearley TopsonKing streethouse22, King street
331 Brett HenryVincent streethouse152, Vincent street
332 Brewer GeorgeGaynor streethouse36, Gaynor street
333 Brewer WilliamThornton roadhouse & shop38, Thornton road
334 Brewerton JohnOne streethouse7, One street
335 Briggs BenjaminManninghamwarehouse45, Aldermanbury
336 Briggs FrankCrown streethouse62, Crown street
337 Briggs GeorgeClayton streethouse44, Clayton street
338 Briggs HendersonLow streethouse15, Low street
339 Briggs HenryManninghamshop5, North parade
340 Briggs IshmaelClayton streethouse82, Clayton street
341 Briggs JamesManninghammillThornton road
342 Briggs JohnManninghamshopHind street
343 Briggs ListerLumb lanehouse7, Lumb lane
344 Briggs PickardWestend lanehouse25, Westend lane
345 Briggs RobertWestend streethouse41, Westend street
346 Briggs SamuelClayton streethouse22, Clayton street
347 Briggs ThomasHortonwarehouseBond street
348 Briggs ThomasAbbey streethouse76, Abbey street
349 Briggs ThomasHortonwarehouseBond street
350 Briggs ThomasManninghamshopHind street
351 Briggs WilliamAbbey streethouse18, Abbey street
352 Briggs WilliamSilsbridge lanehouse154, Silsbridge lane
353 Briggs WilliamThornton roadhouse & shop60, Thornton road
354 Broadhave WilliamGreenaire placehouse45, Greenaire place
355 Broadley MilesNorth paradehouse15, North parade
356 Broadley WilliamSedgwick streethouse3, Sedgwick street
357 Broadley WilliamClayton streethouse27, Clayton street
358 Brook EdwardRhodes terracewarehouse23, Thornton road
359 Brook GeorgeWestend lanehouse3, Westend lane
360 Brook GeorgeWestgatehouse36, Westgate
successivehouse & shop26, Westgate
361 Brook JohnThornton streethouse55, Thornton street
362 Brook JoahHortonmillSilsbridge lane
363 Brook RichardManninghamshop49, Kirkgate
364 Brook RichardQueen streethouse & shop35, Queen street
365 Brook WilliamAbbey streethouse6, Abbey street
successivehouse8, Abbey street
366 Brook WilliamThornton roadhouseJames street
successivehouse64, Thornton road
367 Brooks William ThomasWynne streethouse10, Wynne street
368 Brooksbank WilliamTyrrel streethouse & shop28, Tyrrel street
369 Broscombe JohnHind streethouse19, Hind street
370 Broscombe JonasJowett streethouse23, Jowett street
371 Broscombe JosephBlack Abbeyhouse53, Black Abbey
372 Broughton RichardMillergatehouse15, Millergate
373 Brown GeorgeKirkgatehouse & shop42, Kirkgate
374 Brown George BrothertonLumb lanehouse41, Lumb lane
375 Brown HenryRawdonshop54, Market street
376 Brown IsaacWestgatehouse & shop97, Westgate
377 Brown JamesProvidence streethouse3, Providence street
378 Brown JamesVictoria streethouse82, Victoria street
379 Brown JamesSilsbridge lanehouse162, Silsbridge lane
380 Brown JamesManninghamshop6, Market street
381 Brown JamesMarket placehouse & shop46, & 48, Market place
382 Brown JohnThorntonmillThornton road
383 Brown RichardBolton placeshop10, Queensgate
384 Brown RobertManninghamshop36, Kirkgate
385 Brown ThomasClayton streethouse105, Clayton street
386 Brown ThomasLeedswarehouse8, Thornton road
387 Brown Thomas LongfieldKirkgatehouse & shop51, Kirkgate
388 Brown WhitakerJolly's yardhouse1, Jolly's yard
389 Brown WilliamKirkgatehouse & shop58, Kirkgate
390 Brown WilliamBank streetwarehouse9, Bank street
391 Brumfit EllisHortonwarehouseAldermanbury
392 Brumfit JosephHanover squarehouse15, Hanover square
393 Brumfitt WilliamNorthgatehouse76, Northgate
394 Brunton WilliamWestgrove streethouse2, Westgrove street
395 Buck BollandHoughton placehouse24, Houghton place
396 Buckle RichardHortonmillThornton road
397 Buckley JosephKing streethouse53, King street
398 Buckley PicklesThornton roadhouse & shop82, Thornton road
399 Buckley WilliamTetley streethouse4, Tetley street
400 Buckley WilliamKing streethouse16, King street
401 Buckley WilliamKeighley streethouse2, Keighley street
402 Bullock JohnBrick lanehouse65, Brick lane
403 Bullock WilliamBlack Abbeyhouse41, Black Abbey
404 Burgess FrederickManninghamwarehouseThornton road
405 Burgess JohnBaptist placehouse5, Baptist place
406 Burke HenryLonglands streethouse82, Longlands street
407 Burke JohnSilsbridge lanehouse & shop67, Silsbridge lane
408 Burlinson JohnQueen streethouse38, Queen street
409 Burnie WilliamDrewton streethouse18, Drewton street
410 Burnley JamesHind streetshopDrewton street
411 Burnley JohnDrewton streethouse49, Drewton street
412 Burnley ThomasInfirmary streetshopInfirmary street
413 Burns CawbertLister courthouse2, Lister court
414 Burns CharlesLongcroft placehouse40, Longcroft place
415 Burns DennisLower West streethouse6, Lower West street
416 Burns MichaelVincent streethouse170, Vincent street
417 Burns MichaelGreenaire placehouse64, Greenaire place
418 Burns ThomasLonglands streethouse106, Longlands street
419 Burton John EdwardHortonwarehouse23, Thornton road
420 Busfield EdwardClayton streethouse44, James street
successivehouse113, Clayton street
421 Busfield JosephJowett streethouse103, Jowett street
422 Butler GeorgeThornton roadhouse & shop66, Thornton road
423 Butler GeorgeKing streethouse28, King street
424 Butler JamesKing streethouse26, King street
425 Butler JohnLongcroft placehouse79, Longcroft place
426 Butler JosiahCleckheatonofficeChapel lane
427 Butler SamuelSilsbridge lanehouse & shop21, Silsbridge lane
428 Butler WilliamKing streethouse45, King street
429 Butterfield AmosCrown streethouse72, Crown street
430 Butterfield BenjaminBridge streethouse & shop3, Bridge street
431 Butterfield CharlesCrown streethouse54, Crown street
432 Butterfield GeorgeLongcroft placehouse122, Longcroft place
433 Butterfield JohnClayton squarehouse5, Clayton square
434 Byles WilliamHortonofficeCheapside
435 Byles William PollardHortonofficeCheapside
436 Byrne Patrick WilliamHortonwarehouseWade street
437 Byrnes MarkBrick lanehouse149, Brick lane

WEST WARD, 1868, surnames beginning with the letter C
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
438 Cafferty MichaelListerhills roadhouse5, Listerhills road
439 Cain GeorgeWestend streethouse63, Westend street
440 Call WilliamDyson streethouse116, Dyson street
441 Call WilliamLow streethouse4, Low street
442 Callaghan JohnLonglands streethouse41, Longlands street
443 Callaghan MichaelKeighley streethouse16, Keighley street
444 Calvert EdwardKing streethouse42, King street
445 Calvert JosephWoodhouse buildingshouse6, Woodhouse buildings
446 Calvert MichaelManninghamshop27, Kirkgate
447 Calvert TimothyJowett streethouse127, Jowett street
448 Calway WilliamHanover squarehouse13, Hanover square
449 Campbell Rev. James RobertsonEldon placehouse5, Eldon place
450 Campbell PeterLeyshouse20, Leys
451 Campbell RichardManninghammillThornton road
452 Canavan MartinLister courthouse3, Lister court
453 Carman ThomasLonglands streethouse94, Longlands street
454 Capstick AnthonyGaynor streethouse17, Gaynor street
455 Carbut Edward HamerPark placewarehouseThornton road
456 Carey PatrickVincent streethouse204, Vincent street
457 Carey PatrickGracechurch streethouse131, Gracechurch street
458 Carlin GeorgeSpink placehouse13, Spink place
459 Carline JohnClayton streethouse62, Clayton street
460 Carlisle ThomasJowett streethouse32, Jowett street
461 Carney JamesLonglands streethouse26, Longlands street
462 Carney ThomasGracechurch streethouse15, Gracechurch street
463 Carr JamesLongcroft placehouse76, Longcroft place
464 Carroll HughGreenaire placehouse6, Vincent street
465 Carroll JamesLongcroft placehouse99, Longcroft place
466 Carroll JamesBrick courthouse24, Brick court
467 Carroll JamesBoyes courthouse11, Boyes court
468 Carroll JohnVincent streethouse31, Vincent street
469 Carroll JohnListerhills roadhouseListerhills road
470 Carroll MarkLower West streethouse7, Lower West street
471 Carroll MichaelAlbion streethouse19, Albion street
472 Carroll ThomasBrick courthouse2, Brick court
473 Carron MichaelSaltpie streethouse10, Saltpie street
474 Carter JohnLow moorwarehouseAldermanbury
475 Carter ThomasWestgateshopCropper lane
successiveshop147, Westgate
476 Carter WilliamHortonwarehouseThornton road
477 Carter WilliamChain streethouse24, Chain street
478 Cartwright JosephDrewton streethouse32A, Drewton street
479 Carvany JohnLongcroft placehouse6, Longcroft place
480 Carver JohnWestgatehouse58, Westgate
successivehouse56, Kirkgate
481 Casey JamesAlbion streethouse13, Albion street
482 Cass FrancisLow moorwarehouseBrewery street
483 Cass MarmadukeClayton streethouse5, Clayton street
484 Casson ChristopherVictoria streethouse47, Victoria street
485 Casson RobertVictoria streethouse58, Victoria street
486 Cater JamesHortonofficePiece hall yard
487 Catlow JohnCrown streethouse10, Crown street
488 Catlow ZachariahThornton streethouse12, Thornton street
489 Caton JamesSummer streethouse4, Summer street
490 Catton JohnThornton streethouse71, Thornton street
491 Catton WilliamSilsbridge lanehouse168, Silsbridge lane
492 Cavanagh EdwardUpper West streethouse9, Upper West street
493 Cawood AlfredOne streethouse17, One street
494 Cawthra JohnLonglands streethouse2, Longlands street
495 Cawthra WilliamSummer streethouse13, Summer street
496 Cawthra WilliamGarden placehouse3, Garden place
497 Chambers GeorgeHanover squarehouse43, Hanover square
498 Chapman JosephCrown streethouse71, Crown street
499 Chapman WilliamWhite Abbeyhouse8, White Abbey
500 Charlesworth CharlesSpring gardenswarehouse47, Aldermanbury
501 Charlton EdwardRaven streethouse18, Raven street
502 Charnley ThomasRaven streethouse19, Raven street
503 Chatburn HenryThornton streethouse73, Thornton street
504 Chatterton WilliamMillergatehouse4, Millergate
505 Cheeseborough WilliamKing streethouse50, King street
506 Cheetham George ThomasHortonshop75, Chapel lane
507 Cheetham JohnNorthgatehouse84, Northgate
508 Cheetham SamuelKing streethouse43, King street
509 Cherry WilliamWestgrove streethouse70, Westgrove street
510 Chesney PeterHallfield roadhouse21, Hallfield road
511 Child JohnHoughton placehouse21, Houghton place
512 Child JohnAbbey streethouse13, Abbey street
513 Chippendale GeorgeSummer streethouse30, Summer street
514 Chippendale ThomasRaven streethouse51, Raven street
515 Clapham George BennettKeighleywarehouse37, Old Market
516 Clapham HenryBrick lanehouse75, Brick lane
517 Clapham JohnAlbion courthouse30, Albion court
518 Clark EdwardLonglands streethouse119, Longlands street
519 Clark JohnSedgwick streethouse87, Sedgwick street
520 Clark JohnEldon placeofficeExchange
521 Clark MichaelLongcroft placehouse49, Longcroft place
522 Clark RichardBrick lanehouse27, Brick lane
523 Clark ThomasClayton streethouse40, Clayton street
524 Clark ThomasTennyson placeofficeChapel lane
525 Clark ThomasManninghamshopWestgate
526 Clark WilliamHanover squarehouse51, Hanover square
527 Clark WilliamSummer streethouse17, Summer street
528 Clarke RichardWigan streethouse11, Wigan street
529 Clarke RobertHortonhouse29, Kirkgate
530 Clarke ThomasWestgatehouse & shop102, Westgate
531 Clarke WilliamJohn streethouse11, John street
532 Clarke WilliamMarkethouse & shop46, Market
533 Clayton CharlesManninghammill176, Thornton road
534 Clayton EdwardGreenaire placehouse42, Greenaire place
535 Clayton JamesSilsbridge lanehouse & shop86, Silsbridge lane
536 Clayton JohnAllertonmill176, Thornton road
537 Clayton JohnCross James streethouseCross James street
538 Clayton JohnWhite Abbeyhouse60, White Abbey
539 Clayton JosephBishop Blaize squarehouse2, Bishop Blaize square
540 Clegg JamesThornton roadhouse76, Thornton road
541 Clegg JamesDrewton streethouse53, Drewton street
542 Clemitshaw JohnVictoria streethouse32, Victoria street
543 Cliffe IsaacHallfield roadhouse24, Hallfield road
544 Clifton EdwardManninghamshopKirkgate
545 Close EdwardTurk streethouse8, Turk street
546 Clough John, junr.Keighleywarehouse20, Piece Hall yard
547 Clough RobertKeighleywarehouse20, Piece Hall yard
548 Clough ThomasKeighley streethouse25, Keighley street
549 Clough WilliamWestgatehouse75, Westgate
550 Clough WilliamKeighleywarehousePiece Hall yard
551 Clough William HenryGreenaire placeshopHustlergate
552 Cluderay JamesInfirmary streetwarehouseChapel lane
553 Cluderay WilliamPeel squareshop134, Westgate
554 Coates GeorgeNorthgatehouse & shop60, Northgate
555 Coates WilliamThornton streethouse31, Thornton street
556 Coates WilliamNorthgatehouse & shop60, Northgate
557 Cockroft AlbertHayworth streethouse21, Hayworth street
558 Cockroft HenryGalway streethouse3, Galway street
559 Cockroft IsaacHerring rowhouse4, Herring row
560 Cockshott HenryWestgrove streethouse69, Westgrove street
561 Cockshott RichardJowett streethouse133, Jowett street
562 Cockshott WilliamWestgatehouse & shop32, Westgate
563 Coe ThomasThornton streethouse9, Thornton street
564 Coleman WilliamProvidence streethouse10, Providence street
565 Collins BenjaminIvegatehouse & shopIvegate
566 Collins HenryNorthgatehouseNorthgate
567 Collins JamesInfirmary streethouse7, Infirmary street
568 Collins PhillipChain streethouse30, Chain street
569 Collins SamuelThornton roadhouse185, Thornton road
570 Collinson Christopher FrancisClayton streethouse4, Clayton street
571 Collinson JamesEccleshillwarehouseIvegate
572 Collinson JosephWestgrove streethouse30, Westgrove street
573 Collinson WilliamDyson streethouse94, Dyson street
574 Conchar RobertVictoria streethouse39, Victoria street
575 Conlan MichaelLeyshouse5, Leys
576 Conlan MichaelGalway streethouse17, Galway street
577 Conlan PatrickGreenaire placehouse3A, Greenaire place
578 Conlan ThomasUpper West streethouse5, Upper West street
579 Conlin JohnGreenaire placehouse4, Greenaire place
580 Conlin PatrickVincent streethouse88, Vincent street
581 Connor MichaelBoyes courthouse5, Boyes court
582 Connor TimothyVincent streethouse206, Vincent street
583 Cononley BernardChapel foldhouse15, Chapel fold
584 Conroy PatrickSpink placehouse14, Spink place
585 Conroy PatrickAbbey streethouse38, Abbey street
586 Conroy PatrickSaltpie streethouse18, Saltpie street
587 Conroy WilliamBoyes courthouse9, Boyes court
588 Conroy WilliamSpink placehouse8, Spink place
589 Conway JohnIvegatehouse & shopIvegate
590 Conway MartinBell streethouse13, Bell street
591 Conway PatrickMill bankhouse9, Mill bank
592 Cook Edward ClaytonBridge streethouse & shop9, Bridge street
593 Cook JamesClayton streetshopThornton road
594 Cook JohnPaddock rowhouse3, Paddock row
595 Cook JosephAbbey streethouse86, Abbey street
596 Cooke JohnManninghamofficeBank street
597 Cookson JohnWestgateshopPoole alley
598 Cooper JohnLow streethouse3, Low street
599 Cooper SamuelAbbey streethouse28, Abbey street
600 Cope JamesJowett streethouse94, Jowett street
601 Copley ThomasLonglands streethouse29, Longlands street
602 Cordingley John RhodesHortonwarehouseQuebec terrace
603 Cordingley JosephHortonshop40, Tyrrel street
604 Cordingley ThomasBrewery streethouse5, Brewery street
605 Cordingley WilliamRebecca streethouse13, Rebecca street
606 Coss PatrickBoyes courthouse10, Boyes court
607 Costello AnthonyVincent streethouse178, Vincent street
608 Costello JamesAbbey streethouse27, Abbey street
609 Coulter ThomasGracechurch streethouse12, Gracechurch street
610 Coulthurst JabezBrick lanehouse39A, Brick lane
611 Coultous EdmundQueen streethouse37, Queen street
612 Courts ThomasKing streethouse41, King street
613 Cousen FrederickBroad streetshop60, Kirkgate
614 Cousen SamuelRegent placeshop15, Kirkgate
successiveshop8, Market street
615 Cowburn JoshuaRebecca streethouse9, Rebecca street
616 Cowen PatrickAlbion streethouse14, Albion street
617 Cowen SamuelRoberts placehouse10, Roberts place
618 Cowgill BrianBrick lanehouse89, Brick lane
619 Cowgill EllisFountain streethouse24, Fountain street
620 Cowgill JamesDrewton streethouse59, Drewton street
621 Cowgill JohnCrown streethouse32, Crown street
622 Cowgill WilliamManor rowofficePiece hall yard
623 Cowin WilliamQueen streethouse42, Queen street
624 Cowling JosephRaven streethouse & shop5, Raven street
625 Cowman JohnButterfield placehouse1, Butterfield place
626 Crabtree AbrahamSimes streethouse19, Simes street
627 Crabtree ArthurHortonwarehouseThornton road
628 Crabtree HenryLower SouthgatewarehouseLee street
629 Crabtree JohnSouthgatehouse14, Southgate
630 Crabtree JosephGreen markethouse11, Green market
631 Crabtree JoshuaSouthgateshopSouthgate
632 Craig JamesAbbey streethouse83, Abbey street
633 Craig SamuelVincent streethouse186, Vincent street
634 Crampton WilliamPudseywarehouseAldermanbury
635 Cranston JohnMill bankhouse12, Mill bank
636 Craven CharlesThornton streethouse29, Thornton street
637 Craven DavidCrown streethouse33, Crown street
638 Craven EdwardDyson streethouse90, Dyson street
639 Craven FosterClayton streethouse58, Clayton street
successivehouse114, Clayton street
640 Craven JamesRebecca streethouse4, Rebecca street
641 Craven JohnQueen streethouse28, Queen street
642 Craven JonasGaynor streethouseGaynor street
643 Craven JonathanHortonmillThornton road
644 Craven JosephClayton streethouse13, Clayton street
645 Craven JoshuaThornton streethouse34, Thornton street
646 Craven SamuelClayton streethouse50, Clayton street
647 Craven ThomasThornton streethouse66, Thornton street
648 Craven ThomasOne streethouse18, One street
649 Craven WilliamCrown streethouse31, Crown street
650 Crawshaw ThomasBrunswick placehouse15, Brunswick place
651 Crebben Edward WilliamManninghamshopWestgate
652 Cresswell UriahMill bankhouse13, Mill bank
653 Croft JamesKing streethouse3, King street
654 Croft MarmadukeInfirmary streethouse7, Infirmary street
655 Croft ThomasWynne streethouse35, Wynne street
656 Crook JosephSaltpie streethouse14, Saltpie street
657 Cross William BowyerManninghamofficeBank street
658 Crossley Henry WilliamHortonshop31, Ivegate
659 Crossley WesleyHortonshopThornton road
660 Crow GeorgeManninghamwarehouse6, Thornton road
661 Crowley JeremiahLonglands streethouse35, Longlands street
662 Crown JamesLonglands streethouseLongcroft place
successivehouse78, Longlands street
663 Crowther DavidWestgatehouse & shop120, Westgate
664 Crowther HenryBrunswick placehouse45, Brunswick place
665 Crowther John HenryJohn streethouse3, John street
666 Crowther SamuelBlack Abbeyhouse & shop23, Black Abbey
667 Crowther TimothyThornton roadhouseThornton road
668 Crowther WilliamTyrrel streethouse32, Tyrrel street
669 Cryer ChristopherThornton roadhouse192, Thornton road
670 Cullam ThomasGreenaire placehouse49, Greenaire place
671 Cullen JohnGreenaire placehouse20A, Greenaire place
672 Cullen PatrickUpper West streethouse10, Upper West street
673 Culloden NicholasWestgatehouse & shop151, Westgate
674 Cummins MichaelLower West streethouse25, Lower West street
675 Cunliffe JamesJowett streethouse58, Jowett street
676 Cunliffe JohnInfirmary streethouse34, Infirmary street
677 Cunliffe JohnHayworth streethouse11, Hayworth street
678 Cunliffe JoshuaHayworth streethouse6, Hayworth street
679 Cure WilliamWestgrove streethouse72, Westgrove street
680 Curly AnthonyLongcroft placehouse12, Longcroft place
681 Curly JohnLongcroft placehouse16, Longcroft place
682 Curly PatrickUpper West streethouse15, Upper West street
683 Currie JamesBrunswick placehouse9, Brunswick place
684 Curtis GeorgeSedgwick streethouse11, Sedgwick street
685 Curtis ThomasKing streethouse41, King street

WEST WARD, 1868, surnames beginning with the letter D
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
686 Dalby BenjaminClayton streethouse15, Clayton street
687 Dalby SamuelIvegatehouse & shop5, Ivegate
688 Daley MichaelVincent streethouse188, Vincent street
689 Daley PatrickLongcroft placehouse42, Longcroft place
690 Dalton JamesAbbey streethouse52, Abbey street
691 Dargue JohnDarfield streethouse34, Darfield street
692 Davey RushforthSpink placehouse17, Spink place
693 Davey SethSaltpie streethouse17, Saltpie street
694 Davey WilliamJohn streethouse17, John street
695 Davies EdwardWestgrove streetshopWater lane
696 Davis EdwinKirkgatehouse & shop47, Kirkgate
697 Davis JohnSnow hillhouse9, Snow hill
698 Dawes FrederickIvegatehouse & shop16, Ivegate
699 Dawson HenryWestgatehouse17, Westgate
700 Dawson JamesDrewton streethouse54, Drewton street
701 Dawson RalphHallfield roadhouse36, Hallfield road
702 Dawson WilliamCrown streethouse45, Crown street
703 Dawtry WilliamWestgrove streethouse51, Westgrove street
704 Day WilliamSpink streethouse6, Spink street
705 Dean JamesGracechurch streethouse89, Gracechurch street
706 Dean SilvesterHind streethouse3, Hind street
707 Dean WilliamShipleyshop49, Darley street
708 Deighton JohnInfirmary streethouse24, Infirmary street
709 Delaney EdwardBlack Abbey foldhouse15, Black Abbey fold
710 Delaney WilliamSummer streethouse28, Summer street
711 Delaney WilliamGracechurch streethouse22, Gracechurch street
712 Delius TheodorEldon placehouse9, Eldon place
713 Demaine JosephWestgatehouse & shop98, Westgate
714 Demaine JosephClayton streethouse109, Clayton street
715 Dempsey JamesGalway streethouse15, Galway street
716 Dempsey ThomasVincent streethouse10, Vincent street
717 Dennison JohnClayton streethouse98, Clayton street
718 Dennison JosephDarley streethouseDarley street
successivehouse & shopDarley street
719 Dennison WilliamJowett streethouse93, Jowett street
720 Dent GeorgeLongcroft placehouse150, Longcroft place
721 Dent RobinsonLongcroft placehouse137, Longcroft place
722 Denton CharlesManninghamoffice4, Sunbridge
723 Denton MatthewLongcroft placehouse100, Longcroft place
724 Denton ThomasNorthgatehouse37, Northgate
725 Derman JonathanLonglands streethouse72, Longlands street
726 D'Este George JohnChaucer placeshopKirkgate
727 Dewhirst BenjaminBlack Abbeyhouse31, Black Abbey
728 Dewhirst JamesNutter placehouse1, Nutter place
729 Dewhirst RobertWalmsley streethouse2, Walmsley street
730 Dewhirst ThomasClayton streethouse18, Clayton street
731 Dibb JohnHallfield roadhouse30, Hallfield road
732 Dickens JosephThornton roadhouse87, Thornton road
733 Dickenson HenrySilsbridge lanehouse & shop49, Silsbridge lane
734 Dickenson WilliamWestgatehouse & shop143, Westgate
735 Dilger TheodoreWestgatehouse198, Westgate
736 Dilley PhilipDyson streethouse112, Dyson street
737 Dillon DennisAbbey streethouse118, Abbey street
738 Divine JohnLongcroft placehouse140, Longcroft place
739 Dixon HenryFountain streethouse9, Fountain street
740 Dixon JamesHortonshopSunbridge
741 Dixon JohnEldon placehouse4, Eldon place
742 Dixon JosephWhite Abbeyhouse50, White Abbey
743 Dixon ThomasManor streetofficeKirkgate
744 Dixon WilliamRaven streethouse38, Raven street
745 Dixon WilsonSummer streethouse6, Summer street
746 Dobby JohnBack laneshopTyrrel street
747 Dobson GeorgeHortonshop141, Westgate
748 Dobson HenryGreenaire placehouse11, Greenaire place
successivehouse26, White Abbey
749 Dobson JohnLongcroft placehouse117, Longcroft place
750 Dobson RobertClayton streethouse84, Clayton street
751 Dobson ThomasGreenaire placehouse22, Greenaire place
752 Dobson WilliamClayton streethouse32, Clayton street
753 Dobson William JohnWestgatehouse & shop162, Westgate
754 Dodsworth GeorgeThornton roadhouse84, Thornton road
755 Doherty MichaelPoole alleyhouse17, Poole alley
756 Donagan Henry RobertHoughton placehousePreston street
successivehouseHoughton place
757 Donohoe JamesAbbey streethouse48, Abbey street
758 Douglas JamesHortonwarehouseTyrrel street
successivewarehouseChapel lane
759 Dove CharlesIvegatehouse & shop26A, Ivegate
760 Dovenor JohnWestgatehouse & shop77, Westgate
761 Dowling EdwardWestend streethouse52, Westend street
762 Dowson William AlbertHortonmillThornton road
763 Dracup AbrahamSilsbridge lanehouse108, Silsbridge lane
764 Dracup AmosHortonwarehouseAldermanbury
765 Dracup BottomleyJowett streethouse70, Jowett street
766 Drake IsaacRaven streethouse11, Raven street
767 Drake JohnDyson streethouse77, Dyson street
768 Drake JosephBrick lanehouse & shop67, Brick lane
769 Drake JosephDyson streethouse67, Dyson street
770 Drake JosephJowett streethouse29, Jowett street
771 Drake ThomasThornton roadhouse76, Thornton road
772 Drake WilliamDyson streethouse104, Dyson street
773 Driver JohnLonglands streethouse12, Longlands street
774 Drover AlbertSedgwick courthouse3, Sedgwick court
775 Drury George DickensonNorth paradehouse & shop1, North parade
776 Duce EdwardBishop Blaize squarehouse7, Bishop Blaize square
777 Duckett JamesHortonoffice18, Bridge street
778 Duckett WilliamHind streethouse24, Hind street
779 Duckett WilliamKeighley streethouse12, Keighley street
780 Duckitt ThomasHortonwarehousePiece Hall yard
781 Duckworth JohnWigan streethouse17, Wigan street
782 Duckworth RichardThornton streethouse54, Thornton street
783 Duddy JohnBuck streethouse18, Buck street
784 Dudley William HenryDrewton streethouseFountain street
successivehouseDrewton street
785 Duffer PatrickGalway streethouse63, Galway street
786 Duffield John BibbyGarnett streetwarehouseIvegate
787 Duffy AnthonyLonglands streethouse98, Longlands street
788 Duffy EdwardGreenaire placehouse20, Greenaire place
789 Duffy PatrickVincent streethouse112, Vincent street
790 Dufty FrancisVincent streethouse230, Vincent street
791 Dufty MarkVincent streethouse214, Vincent street
792 Duncan JamesOtleywarehousePiece Hall yard
793 Duncan JohnOtleywarehousePiece Hall yard
794 Duncan Thomas, junr.OtleywarehousePiece Hall yard
795 Dunkerley IsaacLower Southgatehouse86, Lower Southgate
796 Dunn DennisGracechurch streethouse34, Gracechurch street
797 Dunn FrankGracechurch streethouse10, Gracechurch street
798 Dunn JabezJowett streethouse91, Jowett street
799 Dunn JamesLower West streethouse27, Lower West street
800 Dunn JohnNorthgatehouse47, Northgate
801 Dunn RichardGreenaire placehouse46, Greenaire place
802 Dunn ThomasJackson foldhouseJackson fold
803 Durkin JamesUpper West streethouse23, Upper West street
804 Durkin PatrickAlbion streethouse10, Albion street
805 Durkin PatrickGalway streethouse21, Galway street
806 Dyer ThomasLeyshouse18, Leys
807 Dyson HenryCrown streetwarehouseThornton road

WEST WARD, 1868, surnames beginning with the letter E
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
808 Eales BassettAbbey streethouse1, Abbey street
809 Eales WilliamSedgwick streethouse73, Sedgwick street
810 Earnshaw JohnBishop Blaize squarehouse12, Bishop Blaize square
811 Easby John FeintHallfield roadhouseHallfield road
812 Eastwood GeorgeProvidence streethouse20, Providence street
813 Eastwood ThomasHolmes streethouse23, Holmes street
814 Eden CharlesRaven streethouse20, Raven street
815 Edhouse JohnLumb lanehouseBack Spring row
successivehouse & shop59, Lumb lane
816 Edmondson ChristopherEccleshillshop52, Market place
817 Edmondson JamesJowett streethouse84, Jowett street
818 Edmondson JohnChain streethouse25, Chain street
819 Edmondson JohnSummer streethouse2, Summer street
820 Edmondson RichardEccleshillshop34, Market place
821 Edmondson RobertLow moorshop32, Market place
822 Edmondson WilliamHerring rowhouse12, Herring row
823 Egan MichaelGalway streethouse9, Galway street
824 Elgey Charles JamesWestgatehouse11, Westgate
825 Elgey HenryHanover squarehouse49, Hanover square
826 Ellins ThomasGracechurch streethouse103, Gracechurch street
827 Elliot RichardJowett streethouse78, Jowett street
828 Elliot ThomasHayworth streethouse23, Hayworth street
829 Ellis SharpBrick lanehouse29, Brick lane
830 Ellison ChristopherWhite Abbeyhouse78, White Abbey
831 Ellison IsaacHayworth streethouse14, Hayworth street
832 Ellison JohnKing streethouse35, King street
833 Ellwood CorneliusGalway streethouse65, Galway street
834 Eltoft Joseph GreenNorth paradehouse21, North parade
835 Emmott JamesJames streethouse38, James street
836 Emmott JosephJames streethouse115, Longlands street
successivehouse27, James street
837 Emmott WilliamQueen streethouse39, Queen street
838 Emsley HenryThornton streethouse64, Thornton street
839 Emsley JohnJowett streethouse16, Jowett street
840 Emsley JosephAbbey streethouse30A, Abbey street
841 Eshelby DanNorthgatehouse & shop31, Northgate
842 Eshelby JonasNorthgatehouse & shop31, Northgate
843 Evans JohnJowett streethouse26, Jowett street
844 Everdell CharlesVictoria streethouse19, Victoria street

WEST WARD, 1868, surnames beginning with the letter F
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
845 Fairbank John TertiusBank streetofficeQueensgate
846 Fallow WilliamLongcroft placehouse34, Longcroft place
847 Fannan ThompsonPoole alleyhouse1, Poole alley
848 Farish AdamVictoria streethouse38, Victoria street
849 Farnish JohnQueen streethouse60, Queen street
850 Farnish JosephBaildonwarehouseWade street
851 Farral DanielAbbey streethouse42, Abbey street
852 Farrall JamesProvidence streethouse8, Providence street
853 Farrar AaronBell streethouse8, Bell street
854 Farrar EdwardAlbion streethouse12, Albion street
855 Farrar George HenryManninghamshop13, Kirkgate
856 Farrar JohnHolmes streethouse18, Holmes street
857 Farrar JosephManninghamofficeMarket street
858 Farrar JosephButterfield placehouse5, Butterfield place
859 Farroe DanielAbbey streethouse42, Abbey street
860 Fattorini AntonioWestgatehouse & shop28, Westgate
861 Fattorini InnocentWestgatehouse & shop28, Westgate
862 Fattorini JohnWestgatehouse & shop28, Westgate
863 Faull JohnWestgatehouse & shop204, Westgate
864 Fawcett AlfredThornton streethouse20, Thornton street
865 Fawcett JohnRaven streethouse79, Raven street
866 Fawcett RichardBridge streethouse & shop6, Bridge street
867 Fawcett ThomasBridge streethouse & shopBridge street
868 Fawthorp JamesSilsbridge lanehouse136, Silsbridge lane
869 Fearnley EdwinClayton streethouse115, Clayton street
870 Fearnley JohnWhite Abbeyhouse & shop16, White Abbey
871 Fearnley JohnClayton streethouse119, Clayton street
872 Fearnley ThomasJowett streethouse104, Jowett street
873 Feather BenjaminBrewery streethouse19, Brewery street
874 Feather JamesLudlow streethouse12, Ludlow street
875 Feather JohnManninghamwarehouseAldermanbury
876 Feather SmithSedgwick courthouse4, Sedgwick court
877 Feather TempestVincent streethouse11, Vincent street
878 Feather TimothyJowett streethouse98, Jowett street
879 Federer Carl AntonHallfield roadhouse8, Hallfield road
880 Feeley MichaelLonglands streethouse38, Longlands street
881 Feeley MichaelGalway streethouse45, Galway street
882 Fell WilliamWhite Abbeyhouse72, White Abbey
883 Fellows WilliamLonglands streethouseLonglands street
884 Fenton JamesMarkethouse41, Market
885 Ferguson DavidVictoria streethouse29, Victoria street
886 Ferrand EdwardVictoria streethouse50, Victoria street
887 Ferrand JosephLonglands streethouse123, Longlands street
888 Ferrand JosephManninghamoffice3, Ludlow street
889 Ferrand WilliamVictoria streethouse52, Victoria street
890 Field JamesCrown streethouse40, Crown street
891 Field JosephJohn courthouse13, John court
892 Field MartinManninghamshop68, Northgate
893 Field WilliamAbbey streethouse69, Abbey street
894 Field WilliamWestgatehouse13, Westgate
895 Fielding JohnWestend lanehouse8, Westend lane
896 Fieldsend JohnManninghamwarehouseSouthgate
897 Finan PatrickMill bankhouse8, Mill bank
898 Finch JamesVincent streethouseVincent street
899 Finnikin PeterJames streethouseJames street
900 Firkin WilliamBlack Abbeyhouse55, Black Abbey
901 Firth AbrahamTetley streethouse27, Tetley street
902 Firth BenjaminMill bankhouse23, Mill bank
903 Firth CharlesHortonwarehouseAldermanbury
904 Firth DavidJowett streethouse40, Jowett street
905 Firth EliOddfellows courthouse5, Oddfellows' court
906 Firth Henry GeorgeJowett streethouse122, Jowett street
907 Firth JamesHortonmill129, Thornton road
908 Firth JohnJowett streethouse31, Jowett street
909 Firth JosephClayton streethouseClayton street
910 Firth JoshuaBrick lanehouse113, Brick lane
911 Firth PaulBrick lanehouse127, Brick lane
912 Firth PullanSummer streethouse3, Summer street
913 Firth RobertRaven streethouse8, Raven street
914 Firth SamuelPaddock rowhouse2, Paddock row
915 Firth ThomasAbbey streethouse87, Abbey street
916 Firth WilliamHind streethouse10, Hind street
917 Firth WilliamDyson streethouse37, Cropper lane
successivehouse68, Dyson street
918 Firth WilliamBlack Abbeyhouse49, Black Abbey
919 Fisher IsaacSedgfield terracehouse7, Sedgfield terrace
920 Fisher JamesPeel squarehouse54, Peel square
921 Fitzgerald PatrickLongcroft placehouse20, Longcroft place
922 Flaherty PatrickVincent streethouse17, Vincent street
923 Flanigan MichaelAbbey streethouse54, Abbey street
924 Flannigan JohnSilsbridge lanehouse56, Silsbridge lane
925 Flemming RoreyLower West streethouse8, Lower West street
926 Fletcher GeorgeLumb lanehouse & shop16, Lumb lane
927 Fletcher JamesJames streethouseRoyal street
successivehouse56, James street
928 Fletcher JamesKing streethouse83, King street
929 Fletcher JohnSimes streethouse17, Simes street
930 Fletcher JonasWoodhouse buildingshouse3, Woodhouse buildings
931 Fletcher JosephHortonshops63, Westgate
932 Fletcher WilliamGirlingtonshopWestgate
933 Flynn MichaelLonglands streethouse84, Longlands street
934 Foden JamesOddfellows courthouse10, Oddfellows' court
935 Foggo AlgernonIlkleyofficeHallfield road
936 Foley EdwardVincent streethouse84, Vincent street
937 Forrest JohnOne streethouse5, One street
938 Forrest JohnChain streethouse21, Chain street
939 Forshaw Thomas GarrettVictoria streethouse43, Victoria street
940 Foster JamesGreen markethouse3, Green Market
941 Foster JeremiahBlack Abbey foldhouse5, Black Abbey fold
942 Foster JohnManninghamwarehousePiece Hall yard
943 Foster JoshuaThornton streethouse32, Thornton street
944 Foster JoshuaThornton roadhouse228, Thornton road
945 Foster WhitakerGaynor streethouse54, Gaynor street
946 Foulds AndrewBrick lanehouse137, Brick lane
947 Foulds FrederickLower Southgatehouse77, Lower Southgate
948 Foulds SamuelManninghamwarehouseThornton road
949 Foulds ThomasCrown streethouse14, Crown street
950 Foulds WilliamSouthgatehouse3, Southgate
951 Foulds WilliamSilsbridge lanehouse57, Silsbridge lane
952 Fountain JohnManninghamshop1, Queen street
953 Fowler JonathanBurnley foldhouse3, Burnley fold
954 Fox AmosClayton streethouse120, Clayton street
955 Fox JohnHortonwarehouseAldermanbury
956 Fox ThomasJohn streethouse33, John street
957 Francis CharlesQueen streethouse56, Queen street
958 Franckell MichaelDrewton streethouse17, Drewton street
959 Fraser John WilliamsonNorth paradehouse59, North parade
960 Freeman JamesHallfield roadshop59, Kirkgate
961 Freeman JohnHallfield roadhouse14, Hallfield road
962 French AdamBaptist placehouse2, Baptist place
963 French JohnBaptist placehouse2, Baptist place
964 Friedley EmilWestgatehouse & shop100, Westgate
965 Frood WilliamHallfield roadhouse5, Hallfield road
966 Furstenheim LouisHustlergateshopHustlergate
967 Fynan MichaelWestend streethouse26, Westend street
968 Fyrth WilliamCropper lanehouse6, Cropper lane

WEST WARD, 1868, surnames beginning with the letter G
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
969 Gaff ThomasGracechurch streethouse65, Gracechurch street
970 Gaiety ThomasChapel foldhouse10, Chapel fold
971 Gale SeptimusHortonshopIvegate
972 Gallagher PhelimBrick courthouse8, Brick court
973 Gallagher AnthonyTetley streethouse17, Tetley street
974 Gallagher BernardLower West streethouse22, Lower West street
975 Gallagher BrianGreenaire placehouse3, Greenaire place
976 Gallagher JohnGalway streethouse47, Galway street
977 Gallagher MichaelVincent streethouse160, Vincent street
978 Gallagher WilliamLister courthouse9, Lister court
979 Gallaway JohnHortonshopQueensgate
980 Gangan PatrickBoyes courthouse7, Boyes court
981 Ganley JohnLeyshouse14, Leys
982 Ganley ThomasLow streethouse17, Low street
983 Gant James Greaves TetleyManninghamofficeUnion passage
984 Gant William TetleyKirkgatehouse & shop77, Kirkgate
985 Garbutt JohnSpring gardensshopNorthgate
986 Garforth DanielJames streethouseNorth street
successivehouse44, James street
987 Garfit HenryWestgatehouseWestgate
988 Garner FrancisFountain streethouseDrewton street
successivehouse6, Fountain street
989 Garner JosephHortonwarehouse10, Quebec terrace
990 Garnett WilliamUndercliffeofficeExchange
991 Garside FrancisLongcroft placehouse2, Longcroft place
successivehouse62, Longcroft place
992 Garthwaite WilliamCropper laneshopThornton road
993 Garvey FrancisDrewton streethouse34, Westgate
successivehouse50, Drewton street
994 Garside JosephRaven streethouse39, Raven street
995 Gaskarth HenryWestgatehouse & shop5, Westgate
996 Gatenby MatthewSilsbridge lanehouse89, Silsbridge lane
997 Gatenby William ThomasAbbey streethouse112, Abbey street
998 Gath WilliamProvidence streethouse13, Providence street
999 Gathercole AlfredDarfield streetshopFountain street
1000 Gaukroger GeorgeThornton streethouse1, Thornton street
1001 Gaukroger GeorgeGaynor streethouse33, Gaynor street
1002 Gawthorp BenjaminHortonwarehouseIvegate
1003 Gawthorp WilliamManninghamwarehouseIvegate
1004 Gay WilliamUndercliffeofficeExchange
1005 Geldar JoshuaRebecca streethouse27, Rebecca street
1006 Geldar Joshua OverendRebecca streethouse29, Rebecca street
1007 Gelder JohnJohn courthouse17, John court
1008 George WilliamManninghamofficeKirkgate
1009 Gettings WilliamHerring rowhouse7, Herring row
1010 Getz AdolphusNorth paradewarehouseThornton road
1011 Gibson JohnSouthgatehouse31, Southgate
1012 Gibson JosephSilsbridge lanehouse11, Silsbridge lane
1013 Gibson RobertVincent streethouse94, Vincent street
1014 Gibson WilliamSimes streethouse12, Simes street
1015 Gilchrist JohnVincent streethouse114, Vincent street
1016 Gilfoyle MichaelGreenaire placehouse7, Greenaire place
1017 Gill DavidCropper lanehouse8, Cropper lane
1018 Gill GeorgeQueen streetshop3, Brick lane
1019 Gill GeorgeQueen streethouse9, Queen street
1020 Gill JamesBlack Abbeyhouse51, Black Abbey
1021 Gill JohnVincent streethouse232, Vincent street
1022 Gill JohnAbbey streethouse126, Abbey street
1023 Gill JohnProvidence streethouse1, Providence street
1024 Gill JosephDarfield streethouseDarfield street
1025 Gill JosephCropper lanehouse21, Cropper lane
1026 Gill WilliamRaven streethouseCrown street
successivehouse45, Raven street
1027 Gillam CharlesJowett streethouse77, Jowett street
1028 Gillan MichaelGalway streethouse12, Galway street
1029 Gillespie AndrewVincent streethouse30, Vincent street
1030 Gillespie JohnLongcroft placehouse21, Longcroft place
1031 Gillespie MichaelLonglands streethouse87, Longlands street
1032 Gillet John BaintonVictoria streethouse14, Victoria street
1033 Gillet ThomasGaynor streethouse56, Gaynor street
1034 Gillighan JohnOne streethouse24, One street
1035 Gillighan John, junr.One streethouse23, One street
1036 Gillman JamesBlack Abbey foldhouse6, Black Abbey fold
1037 Gillmartin DanielLonglands streethouse6, Longlands street
1038 Gilmore JohnUpper West streethouse17, Upper West street
1039 Gilmore MichaelUpper West streethouse4, Upper West street
successivehouse19, Galway street
1040 Gilmore MichaelLeyshouse23, Leys
1041 Gilmore ThomasVincent streethouse58, Vincent street
1042 Gledhill GeorgeChain streethouse & shop10, Chain street
1043 Gledhill HenryInfirmary streethouse20, Infirmary street
1044 Gledhill WilliamNorthgatehouse46, Northgate
1045 Gledhill WilliamDyson streethouse108, Dyson street
1046 Gledhill WilliamWestgatehouse & shop91, Westgate
1047 Gleeson JohnGracechurch streethouse35, Gracechurch street
1048 Glenton JohnClayton streethouse103, Clayton street
1049 Glover FrederickGaynor streethouse39, Gaynor street
1050 Glover JohnLonglands streethouse111, Longlands street
1051 Glover JohnHortonwarehouseOld market
1052 Goggin MorrisManninghamwarehouseOld market
1053 Golden JamesChapel foldhouse9, Chapel fold
1054 Golden JohnVincent streethouse35, Vincent street
1055 Goldborough AbrahamWigan streethouse23, Wigan street
1056 Goodaire JosephManninghamshop1, Brick lane
1057 Goodaire JosephButterfield placehouse70, Lower Cross street
successivehouse20, Butterfield place
1058 Goodaire ThomasHolmes streethouse13, Holmes street
1059 Goodall RichardWestgrove streethouse15, Westgrove street
1060 Goodall WilliamLow streethouse1, Low street
1061 Goodbody WilliamLonglands streethouse5, Longlands street
1062 Goodhall JohnNorthgatehouse32, Northgate
1063 Goodman SamuelBell streethouse7, Bell street
1064 Goodwin RichardBlack Abbey foldhouse14, Black Abbey fold
1065 Gordon EdwardVincent streethouse90, Vincent street
1066 Gorelle RobertSilsbridge lanehouse54, Silsbridge lane
1067 Gorman JohnAlbion streethouse34, Albion street
1068 Gorman MichaelWestend streethouse61, Westend street
1069 Gorman PatrickUpper West streethouse6, Upper West street
1070 Gornall ThomasBrick lanehouse121, Brick lane
1071 Gourlay James DoigManninghammillThompson's alley
1072 Gourlay John McMillanManninghammillThompson's alley
1073 Grace JohnLudlow streethouse6, Ludlow street
1074 Grady ThomasVincent streethouse150, Vincent street
1075 Graham JamesJohn streethouse & shop14, John street
1076 Graham WilliamDyson streethouse58, Dyson street
1077 Grandige JamesClayton streethouse71, Clayton street
1078 Grandige JohnJowett streethouse100, Jowett street
1079 Grant JamesWestgatehouse93, Westgate
1080 Grayson CharlesWestgatehouse & shop61, Westgate
1081 Grayson GeorgeHind streethouse8, Hind street
1082 Grayson ThomasAlbion streethouse35, Albion street
1083 Greaves JohnManninghamwarehouse31, Kirkgate
1084 Greaves JosephClayton streethouse88, Clayton street
1085 Greaves MarkSedgwick streethouse9, Sedgwick street
1086 Green JamesManninghamofficeAldermanbury
1087 Green JamesClayton streethouse102, Clayton street
1088 Green SydneyJowett streethouse61, Jowett street
1089 Green ThomasJohn streethouse & shop18, John street
1090 Greenhough BenjaminVictoria streethouse30, Victoria street
1091 Greenhough JamesWestgatehouse & shop79, Westgate
1092 Greenhough JohnCropper lanehouse16, Cropper lane
1093 Greenhough JosephVictoria streethouse20, Darfield street
successivehouse79, Victoria street
1094 Greenwood AlfredSedgfield terracehouse1, Sedgfield terrace
1095 Greenwood CharlesWestend streethouse59, Westend street
1096 Greenwood GeorgeLongcroft placehouse83, Longcroft place
1097 Greenwood Isaac EllisDyson streethouse96, Dyson street
1098 Greenwood JamesManninghamshop148, Westgate
1099 Greenwood JamesAbbey streethouse74, Abbey street
1100 Greenwood JamesClayton streethouse6, Clayton street
1101 Greenwood JohnClayton streethouse97, Clayton street
1102 Greenwood JohnRaven streethouse9, Raven street
1103 Greenwood JohnManninghamshop58, Market street
1104 Greenwood JohnHanover squarehouse4, Hanover square
1105 Greenwood JohnVincent streethouse126, Vincent street
1106 Greenwood John OatesNorthowramwarehousePiece hall yard
1107 Greenwood JosephManninghamwarehouseOld market
1108 Greenwood JosephThornton streethouse26, Thornton street
1109 Greenwood LukeSpink streethouse14, Spink street
1110 Greenwood MatthewBrick lanehouse39, Brick lane
1111 Greenwood Richard M.Steel's yardhouseSteel's yard
1112 Greenwood StephenDyson streethouse77, Dyson street
1113 Greenwood ThomasWestgatehouse136, Westgate
1114 Greenwood ThomasUpper West streethouse18, Upper West street
1115 Greenwood WilliamWigan streethouseNorth parade
successivehouse25, Wigan street
1116 Gregson JamesCrown streethouse66, Crown street
1117 Gregson JosephChain streethouse9, Chain street
1118 Gresham JosephWestgatehouse & shop12, Westgate
1119 Grew JohnJowett streethouse28, Jowett street
1120 Griffin PatrickMawson streethouse17, Mawson street
1121 Griffiths Thomas HenryVictoria streethouse72, Victoria street
1122 Grimsby WilliamNorthgatehouse74, Northgate
1123 Groveham JohnSimes streethouseSimes street
1124 Gwynne WilliamGracechurch streethouse19, Gracechurch street

Transcribed by Colin Hinson © 2014
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