BRADFORD: Bradford Parliamentary Register 1869, LITTLE HORTON WARD, surnames M-S.



* Lines starting with an asterisk (*) mean the entry is not for voting.

LITTLE HORTON WARD, 1869, surnames M-S.
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
2238 Macfarline WilliamWestbrookhouse107, Westbrook
2239 Mackell WilliamListerhills roadhouse62, Listerhills road
2240 Mackley WilliamAshley streethouse42, Ashley street
2241 Macksfield JohnLittle Horton greenhouse61, Little Horton green
2242 Madden LawrenceDuncan streethouse64, Duncan street
2243 Maddock SamuelFitzgerald streethouse36, Fitzgerald street
2244 Maddison JohnBottomley streethouse10, Bottomley street
2245 Magerison William HenryLower Bright streethouse5, Lower Bright street
2246 Malone JohnCroft streethouse55, Croft street
2247 Maher PatrickCaledonia streethouse79, Caledonia street
2248 Mahoney JohnAdelaide streethouse50, Adelaide street
2249 Mahoney TimothyManchester roadhouse197, Manchester road
2250 Mail AlbertBright streethouse46, Bright street
2251 Mallett Charles JamesPark lanehouse9, Park lane
2252 Malone ValentineAshley streethouse17, Ashley street
2253 Maloney PatrickCaledonia streethouse5, Caledonia street
2254 Mangham MichaelDuncan streethouse5, Duncan street
2255 Mann GeorgeLongside lanehouse113, Longside lane
2256 Mann WilliamManchester roadhouse324, Manchester road
2257 Manning JamesNelson courthouseNelson court
2258 Manning PatrickHope streethouse42, Hope street
2259 Marchbank RichardGrafton streethouse10, Grafton street
2260 Marchbank RusselTudor streethouseTudor street
2261 Marriott ThomasEarl streethouse45, Earl street
2262 Marsden IsaacLaisteridge courthouse16, Laisteridge court
2263 Marsden JamesNurser lanehouse3, Nurser lane
2264 Marsden JohnLaisteridge courthouse4, Laisteridge court
2265 Marsden LukeBramley streethouse1, Bramley street
2266 Marsden MatthewSterling streethouse41, Sterling street
2267 Marshall JamesEccleshillwarehouseNelson court
2268 Marshall JohnMarshall streethouse36, Marshall street
2269 Marshall JohnLongside courthouse7, Longside court
2270 Marshall JosephJeffries streethouse22, Jeffries street
2271 Marshall ThomasClarence streethouse40, Clarence street
2272 Marshall ThomasTumbling hill streethouse7, Longside court
successivehouse19, Tumbling hill street
2273 Marshall WilliamForster streethouse11, Forster street
2274 Marshall WilliamVilliers streethouse54, Villiers street
2275 Martin James HenryClaremont terracehouse7, Claremont terrace
2276 Martin SamuelRussell streethouse7, Russell street
2277 Martin WilliamCroft streethouse28, Croft street
2278 Marvell WilsonStowell mill streethouse11, Stowell mill street
2279 Maskell GeorgeBramley streethouse128, Bramley street
2280 Mason WilliamKaye streethouse10, Kaye street
2281 Mason WilliamVulcan streethouse4, Vulcan street
2282 Masser ThomasSawrey placehouse32, Sawrey place
2283 Mathers BerryTelford streethouse9, Telford street
2284 Mathers JosephKent streethouse39, Kent street
2285 Matthewman ThomasKaye streethouse6, Kaye street
2286 Maw WilliamVilliers streethouseManningham
successivehouse34, Villiers street
2287 Mawson WilliamEarl streethouse83, Earl street
2288 McCarthy ThomasDuncan streethouse165, Duncan street
2289 McCeue MichaelClifford streethouse27, Clifford street
2290 McClymont GavinEdmund streethouse26, Edmund street
2291 McCready JohnJeffries streethouse5, Jeffries street
2292 McCready JosephPortland streethouse47, Portland street
2293 McCulloch WilliamCrampton streetschoolroom19, Crampton street
2294 McDonald FrancisDuncan streethouse44, Duncan street
2295 McDonald JohnDuncan streethouse167, Duncan street
2296 McDonald JohnJeffries streethouse10, Jeffries street
2297 McDonald PeterClifford streethouse34, Clifford street
2298 McDonner PatrickClifford streethouse44, Clifford street
2299 McDonough ThomasClifford streethouse64, Clifford street
2300 McDougall AlexanderEuston crescenthouse147, Euston crescent
2301 McDuggan ThomasAshley streethouse1, Ashley street
2302 McDurmott HughClifford streethouse48, Clifford street
2303 McDurmott JohnKent streethouse25, Kent street
2304 McGowan JohnManchester roadhouse128, Manchester road
2305 McGuffy WilliamRandall well streethouse2, Randall well street
2306 McGuinn Not GivenCaledonia streethouse7, Caledonia street
2307 McGuire AlexanderCobden streethouse24, Cobden street
2308 McIntyre AndrewNelson courthouse38, Nelson court
2309 McIvan BernardNelson courthouse24, Nelson court
2310 McKabe MatthewDuncan streethouse73, Duncan street
2311 McKay ThomasLumby streethouse18, Lumby street
2312 McKew CharlesManchester roadhouse158, Manchester road
2313 McLaughlin PatrickNelson courthouse40, Nelson court
2314 McMann PatrickJeffries streethouse12, Jeffries court
2315 McMillan AlexanderClaremonthouse11, Claremont
2316 McNulty PatrickHope streethouse13, Hope street
2317 McNulty PeterBurrow streethouse15, Burrow street
2318 Medley JohnAdelaide streethouse14, Adelaide street
2319 Mears John5, Jeffries streethouse5, Jeffries street
2320 Mears ThomasManchester roadhouse281, Manchester road
2321 Mears ThomasJonas gatehouse31, Jonas gate
2322 Mears WilliamPortland streethouse80, Portland street
2323 Medley JosephTudor streethouse2, Tudor street
2324 Meekin PeterClifford streethouse56, Clifford street
2325 Melbourne ChristopherBerwick streethouse97, Berwick street
2326 Meldrum WilliamCrampton streethouse10, Crampton street
2327 Mellor Rev. GeorgeAnn placehouse8, Ann place
2328 Merrill WilliamBerwick streethouse49, Berwick street
2329 Messinger CharlesKent streethouse49, Kent street
2330 Metcalf Godfrey SugdenBroadbent streethouse23, Broadbent street
2331 Metcalfe JamesPaisley streethouse42, Paisley street
2332 Metcalfe JohnTrinity terracehouse15, Trinity terrace
2333 Metcalfe JohnBright streethouse44, Bright street
2334 Metcalfe JohnOsborne streethouseOsborne street
2335 Metcalfe JosephMoss streethouse9, Moss street
2336 Metcalfe LeonardElizabeth streethouse33, Elizabeth street
2337 Metcalfe ThomasLady lanehouse3, Lady lane
2338 Michael Charles FrederickVilliers streethouse8, Villiers street
2339 Micklefield EdwardFitzgerald streethouse12, Fitzgerald street
2340 Middlebrook HargreavesCrampton streethouse24, Crampton street
2341 Middlesborough JamesHolme top streethouse18, Holme top street
2342 Middleton WilliamKent streethouse18, Kent street
2343 Middleton WilliamAycliffe lanehouseend of Aycliffe lane
2344 Midgeley JacobBright streethouse14, Bright street
2345 Midgeley JamesNorcroft browhouse21, Norcroft brow
2346 Midgeley JamesTelford streethouse24, Telford street
2347 Midgeley John WhitworthLittle Horton lanehouse75, Little Horton lane
2348 Midgeley JosephMorpeth streethouse36, Morpeth street
2349 Midgeley WilliamHolme top streethouse32, Holme top street
2350 Miller Pickles JoshuaDenton streethouse1, Denton street
2351 Miller RobertEarl streethouse79, Earl street
2352 Miller RobertRandall well streethouse3, Randall well street
2353 Milligan WilliamLittle Horton lanehouse125, Little Horton lane
2354 Mills DanielLittle Hortonhouse475, Little Horton lane
2355 Mills HenryPaisley streethousePaisley street
2356 Milner BenjaminHarrington streethouse5, Harrington street
2357 Milner JohnBower streethouse17, Bower street
2358 Milner JosephRichmond roadhouse90, Richmond road
2359 Milner JosephSmith streethouse32, Smith street
2360 Milner JosephRichmond roadhouse94, Richmond road
2361 Milner TimothyClarence streethouse12, Clarence street
2362 Milner WilliamPark lanehousePark lane
2363 Milnes AlonzoShearbridgehouseShearbridge
2364 Milnes DavidCrampton streethouse11, Crampton street
2365 Milnes EdwinLittle Horton greenhouse2, Little Horton green
2366 Milnes Frank WilliamLaisteridge lanehouse2, Laisteridge lane
2367 Milnes George HarrisonFitzgerald streethouse142, Fitzgerald street
2368 Milnes HenryEbor streethouse16, Ebor street
2369 Milnes James AckroydRoyd streethouseRoyd street
2370 Milnes JonasMorpeth courthouse5, Morpeth court
2371 Milnes JosephLongside lanehouse4, Longside lane
2372 Milnes JoshuaManchester roadhouse422, Manchester road
2373 Milnes MosesPark lanehouse267, Park lane
2374 Milnes PeterTumbling hill streethouse72, Tumbling hill street
2375 Milnes WilliamMilton streethouse34, Milton street
2376 Milstone JohnPark roadhouse & shop54, Crowther street
2377 Milthorpe JobSmith streethouse72, Smith street
2378 Milthorpe WilliamKaye streethouse30, Kaye street
2379 Mitchell AbrahamPaisley streethousePaisley street
2380 Mitchell AbrahamBowlingwarehouseMill gate
2381 Mitchell Charles HenryVilliers streethouse8, Villiers street
2382 Mitchell DavidPortland streethouse51, Portland street
2383 Mitchell DavidCroft streethouse16, Croft street
2384 Mitchell DavidVilliers streethouse4, Villiers street
2385 Mitchell EliCollege roadhouse33, College road
2386 Mitchell HenryMorpeth courthouse8, Morpeth court
2387 Mitchell IsaacQuaker lanehouse17, Quaker lane
2388 Mitchell IssacharHolme top lanehouse57, Holme top lane
2389 Mitchell JamesJonas gatehouse4, Jonas gate
2390 Mitchell JamesJeffries streethouse11, Jeffries street
2391 Mitchell JamesJeffries streethouse14, Jeffries street
2392 Mitchell JamesHarrington streethouse18, Harrington street
2393 Mitchell JamesManchester roadhouse185, Manchester road
2394 Mitchell JohnFitzgerald streethouse57, Fitzgerald street
2395 Mitchell JohnBowlingwarehouseMill gate
2396 Mitchell JohnBowlingwarehouseMill gate
2397 Mitchell JohnSt. John's streethouse9, St. John's street
2398 Mitchell JohnPark roadhouse74, Park road
2399 Mitchell JohnCollege roadhouse55, College road
2400 Mitchell JohnChapel greenhouse28, Chapel green
2401 Mitchell JohnTumbling hill streethouse46, Tumbling hill street
2402 Mitchell JohnEarl streethouse86, Earl street
2403 Mitchell John HarperHorton villahouseHorton villa
2404 Mitchell JonasQuaker lanehouse18, Quaker lane
2405 Mitchell JosephTumbling hill streethouse82, Tumbling hill street
2406 Mitchell JosephSterling streethouse155, Sterling street
2407 Mitchell JosephBowlingwarehouseMill gate
2408 Mitchell ReubenBowlingwarehouseMill gate
2409 Mitchell SamsonManchester roadhouse267, Manchester road
2410 Mitchell ThomasDenton streethouse28, Denton street
2411 Mitchell ThomasGrafton streethouse76, Grafton street
2412 Mitchell WilliamAdelaide streethouse60, Adelaide street
2413 Mitchell WilliamListerhills roadhouse138, Listerhills road
2414 Mitchell WilliamAbram gatehouse38, Abram gate
2415 Moherty JohnBrewery lanehouse2, Brewery lane
2416 Molloy ThomasTudor streethouse92, Jacob street
successivehouseTudor street
2417 Molloy WilliamAshley streethouse38, Ashley street
2418 Molloy JamesAshley streethouse21, Ashley street
2419 Monaghan PatrickNelson courthouse30, Nelson court
2420 Moncaster JohnFitzgerald streethouse96, Fitzgerald street
2421 Monies JamesAshfieldhouse10, Ashfield
2422 Monies WilliamClaremonthouse6, Claremont
2423 Moon AlexanderRichmond roadhouse18, Richmond road
2424 Moore CharlesChester streethouse10, Chester street
2425 Moore EdwinManchester roadhouse13, Manchester road
2426 Moore HenryChapel greenhouseChapel green
2427 Moore JamesAshfield placehouse9, Ashfield place
2428 Moore JohnBramley streethouse10, Bramley street
2429 Moore JohnCrowther courthouse6, Crowther court
2430 Moore John UtleySterling streethouse14, Sterling street
2431 Moore JosephSouthfield lanehouse106, Southfield lane
2432 Moore RichardRussell streethouse1, Russell street
2433 Moore RichardCollege roadhouse25, College road
2434 Moore RobertMarshall streethouse19, Marshall street
2435 Moore WilliamCollege roadhouse43, College road
2436 Moorehouse EliBower streethouse67, Bower street
2437 Moorhouse FrancisJeffries streethouse20, Jeffries street
2438 Moorhouse IvesonRupert streethouse76, Rupert street
2439 Moorhouse JamesBright streethouse8, Bright street
2440 Moorhouse JeremiahSterling streethouse44, Sterling street
2441 Moorhouse JohnRichmond roadhouseRichmond road
2442 Moorhouse JohnTumbling hill streethouse44, Tumbling hill street
2443 Moorhouse JosephLittle Hortonhouse716, Little Horton
2444 Moorhouse RobertBright streethouse4, Bright street
2445 Moorhouse ThomasTumbling hill streethouse97, Tumbling hill street
2446 Moran RobertCaledonia streethouse5, Caledonia street
2447 Morley John LimberAshgrovehouse54, Ashgrove
2448 Morris James BatesonCarlton placehouse2, Carlton place
2449 Morris RobertButterfield placehouse8, Butterfield place
2450 Mortimer CharlesTudor streethouse19, Tudor street
2451 Mortimer JohnBramley streethouse111, Bramley street
2452 Mortimer JonasManchester roadhouse301, Manchester road
2453 Mortimer JonasCrowther streethouse69, Crowther street
2454 Mortimer SamuelManchester roadhouse210, Manchester road
2455 Mortimer SamuelEbor streethouse6, Ebor street
2456 Mortimer WilliamElizabeth streethouseElizabeth street
2457 Mortimer William DawsonVilliers placehouseVilliers place
2458 Morton EdwinCobden streethouse43, Cobden street
2459 Morton WaringMarshall streethouse13, Marshall street
2460 Moss JamesLumby streethouse29, Lumby street
2461 Moss JohnGrafton streethouse24, Grafton street
2462 Moulden JohnGrafton streethouse117, Grafton street
2463 Moulson AbrahamSouthfield lanehouse4, Southfield lane
2464 Moulson AlfredSouthfield lanehouse8, Southfield lane
2465 Moulson BenjaminPark lanehouse98, Park lane
2466 Moulson BenjaminLittle Horton lanehouse387, Little Horton lane
2467 Moulson CharlesLittle Horton lanehouse49, Holme top lane
successivehouse331, Little Horton lane
2468 Moulson DavidVilliers streethouse44, Villiers street
2469 Moulson DavidHolme tophouse69, Holme top
2470 Moulson FredPark laneshopsHolme top
2471 Moulson GeorgeLittle Hortonhouse714, Little Horton
2472 Moulson GeorgeLittle Horton greenhouse31, Little Horton green
2473 Moulson HiramLittle Hortonhouse473, Little Horton
2474 Moulson JamesLittle Hortonhouse389, Little Horton
2475 Moulson JohnLittle Hortonhouse291, Little Horton
2476 Moulson John HenrySkinner streethouse64, Skinner street
2477 Moulson JonathanJeffries streethouse15, Jeffries street
2478 Moulson JosephStowell mill streethouse3, Stowell mill street
2479 Moulson LeviBright streethouse20, Bright street
2480 Moulson Squire37, Holme top lanehouse211, Park lane
successivehouse37, Holme top lane
2481 Moulson StephenNurser lanehouse15, Nurser lane
2482 Moulson ThomasNurser lanehouse20, Nurser lane
2483 Moulson WilliamStowell mill streethouse4, Stowell mill street
2484 Moulson WilliamLittle Horton greenhouse30, Little Horton green
2485 Mounsey JosephCrowther courthouse5, Crowther court
2486 Mountain HenryFitzgerald streethouse7, Fitzgerald street
2487 Mourne ThomasClarence streethouse29, Clarence street
2488 Moxon GeorgeFitzgerald streethouse146, Fitzgerald street
2489 Muff CharlesPortland streethouse29, Portland street
2490 Muff Isaac304, Manchester roadhouse17, Tudor street
successivehouse304, Manchester road
2491 Muff WilliamNorton courthouse9, Norton court
2492 Mullany PaulClayton lanehouseClayton lane
2493 Muller GeorgeVilliers placehouseVilliers place
2494 Munro JohnFitzgerald streethouse107, Fitzgerald street
2495 Munro AndrewEbor streethouse33, Ebor street
2496 Murgatroyd CharlesKent streethouse56, Kent street
2497 Murgatroyd EmanuelRupert streethouse33, Rupert street
2498 Murgatroyd HenryManchester roadhouse303, Manchester road
2499 Murgatroyd HenryCobden streethouse52, Cobden street
2500 Murgatroyd JohnLittle Horton lanehouse774, Little Horton lane
2501 Murgatroyd JohnHolme top lanehouse4, Holme top lane
2502 Murgatroyd JosephManchester roadhouse31, Manchester road
2503 Murgatroyd JosephPrince streethouse10, Prince street
2504 Murgatroyd JoshuaVilliers streethouse25, Villiers street
2505 Murgatroyd MosesLittle Horton lanehouse467, Little Horton lane
2506 Murgatroyd RalphJesse streethouse3, Jesse street
2507 Murgatroyd SamuelNurser lanehouse10, Nurser lane
2508 Murgatroyd SamuelSt. Andrew's terracehouse22, Infirmary street, Bradford
successivehouse8, St. Andrew's terrace, Horton
2509 Murgatroyd ThomasDavid streethouse22, David street
2510 Murphy EuganeClarence placehouse1, Clarence place
2511 Murphy MosesGrafton streethouse28, Grafton street
2512 Murtha JohnNelson courthouse50A, Nelson court
2513 Muscamp ThorntonCroft streethouse43, Park lane
successivebeerhouse8, Croft street
2514 Musgrave JohnAshley streethouse44, Ashley street
2515 Musgrave WilliamAshley streethouse13, Ashley street
2516 Myers BenjaminVilliers streethouse35, Villiers street
2517 Myers GeorgeLower Back William streethouse4, Lower back William street
2518 Myers HenryPark terracehouse157, Park terrace
2519 Myers HenryMarshall streethouse5, Marshall street
2520 Myers IsaacFitzgerald streethouse34, Fitzgerald street
2521 Myers JohnCastle streethouse11, Castle street
2522 Myers JohnPreston streethouse25, Preston street
2523 Myers JosephCroft streethouse34, Croft street
2524 Myers JosephAshgrovehouse20, Ashgrove
2525 Myers JosephCaledonia streethouse89, Caledonia street
2526 Myers ThomasLower Cobden streethouse9, Lower Cobden street
2527 Myers Thomas FrancisCarlton placehouse6, Carlton place

LITTLE HORTON WARD, 1869, surnames beginning with the letter N
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
2528 Narey PatrickAlbert placehouse5, Albert place
2529 Narey PeterManchester roadhouse60, Manchester road
2530 Nathan LouisWest househouseWest house
2531 Naylor AbrahamMill lanehouse13, Mill lane
2532 Naylor AbrahamForster streethouse8, Forster street
2533 Naylor AlfredTelford streethouse22, Telford street
2534 Naylor BenjaminGrafton streethouse2, Grafton street
2535 Naylor EdwardPaisley streethouse24, Paisley street
2536 Naylor EdwinHope streethouse71, Hope street
2537 Naylor GeorgeCrowther streethouse47, Crowther street
2538 Naylor IsaacAshgrovehouse44, Ashgrove
2539 Naylor IsaacRupert streethouseRupert street
2540 Naylor JamesLittle Horton greenhouse27, Little Horton green
2541 Naylor JesseEarl streethouse81, Earl street
2542 Naylor JohnFitzgerald streethouse45, Fitzgerald street
2543 Naylor JosephLittle Horton greenhouse7, Little Horton green
2544 Naylor JosephFarside greenhouse8, Farside green
2545 Naylor JosephHolme top streethouse59, Holme top street
2546 Naylor WilliamBerwick streethouse45, Berwick street
2547 Naylor WilliamManchester roadhouse287, Manchester road
2548 Neal CharlesJohn gatehouseJohn gate
2549 Neal Charles, junr.Earl streethouse108, Earl street
2550 Neary PatrickNorton courthouse6, Norton court
2551 Neill ArchibaldFieldheadhouseFieldhead
2552 Nelson AsquithManchester roadshop22, Manchester road
2553 Nelson FrankHope streethouse43, Hope street
2554 Nelson JohnClarence streethouse16, Clarence street
2555 Nelson MichaelEdmund streethouse5, Edmund street
2556 Nelson MichaelSt. John's streethouse18, St. John's street
2557 Nelson MosesMarygatehouse18, Marygate
2558 Netherwood William HenryRupert streethouse64, Rupert street
2559 Nevin EdwardAdelaide streethouse23, Adelaide street
2560 Newall GeorgeManchester roadhouse391, Manchester road
2561 Newall RichardPortland streethouse62, Portland street
2562 Newall RichardsonManchester roadhouse181, Manchester road
2563 Newbolt PeterCollege roadhouse47, College road
2564 Newbould NathanSterling streethouse113, Sterling street
2565 Newboult Joseph TaylorSpring placehouse5, Spring place
2566 Newsholme EdwardEmma gatehouse3, Emma gate
2567 Newsholme GeorgeLittle Horton lanehouse653, Little Horton lane
2568 Newsholme GeorgeRupert streethouseRupert street
2569 Newsholme WilliamMarshall streethouseMarshall street
2570 Newton John RiderRichmond terracehouse131, Otley road, Bradford
successivehouse35, Richmond terrace
2571 Newton ThomasManchester roadhouse19, Manchester road
2572 Nichols AbrahamNurser lanehouse4, Nurser lane
2573 Nichols Edward8, Woodville terracemillShaw mill, Osborne street
2574 Nichols JamesShearbridgehouseShearbridge
2575 Nichols JohnPreston streethouse41, Preston street
2576 Nichols JohnHolme top streethouse80, Holme top street
2577 Nichols JohnWilliam streethouse12, William street
2578 Nichols JohnShearbridgehouseMill cottage, Shearbridge
2579 Nichols JosephMorpeth courthouse1, Morpeth street
2580 Nichols JosephRupert streethouse66, Rupert street
2581 Nichols JuliusMilton streethouse3, Milton street
2582 Nichols WilliamVilliers streethouse11, Topham street
successivehouse42, Villiers street
2583 Nichols William SchofieldWoodville terracehouse8, Woodville terrace
2584 Nichols William ShawWoodville terracemillShaw mill, Osborne street
2585 Nicholson EdwardLower Thomas streethouse46, Lower Thomas street
2586 Nicholson GeorgeCaledonia streethouseCaledonia street
2587 Nicholson JohnManchester roadhouse67, Manchester road
2588 Nicholson John EmmottEarl streethouse56, Earl street
2589 Nicholson RichardSt. Andrew's placewarehouseFawcett court
2590 Nicholson ThomasFitzgerald streethouse10, Crowther court
successivehouse99, Fitzgerald street
2591 Noble JamesPark lanehouse129, Park lane
2592 Nocton PatrickNelson courthouse44, Nelson court
2593 North CharlesMorpeth streethouse54, Morpeth street
2594 North JamesManchester roadhouse334, Manchester road
2595 North JohnSt. James's squarehouse5, St. James's square
2596 North WilliamHarrington streethouse4, Harrington street
2597 Northend DavidMarygatehouse33, Marygate
2598 Northin DavidOsborne streethouse52, Osborne street
2599 Northin EdwardEarl streethouse50, Earl street
2600 Northrop JonasBerwick streethouse1, Berwick street
2601 Northrop WilliamCobden streethouse44, Cobden street
2602 Northrop WilliamSkinner streethouseSkinner street
2603 Northrop WilliamPark lanehouse143, Park lane
2604 Norton EdwardButcher streethouse3, Butcher street
2605 Nuttall JosephCobden streethouse30, Cobden street
2606 Nutter JosephFitzgerald streethouse61, Fitzgerald street
2607 Nutter LawrenceClayton lanehouse7, Clayton lane

LITTLE HORTON WARD, 1869, surnames beginning with the letter O
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
2608 Oakley ThomasJeffries streethouse10, Jeffries street
2609 Oaks DeanKent streethouse16, Kent street
2610 Oates DavidMarygatehouse37, Marygate
2611 Oates SamuelThomas streethouse1, Thomas street
2612 O'Bryan PatrickClarence streethouse53, Clarence street
2613 O'Connell DanielCaledonia streethouse42, Caledonia street
2614 Octzel FrederickManchester roadhouse95, Manchester road
2615 Oddy AbrahamSt. James's streethouse8, St. James's street
2616 Oddy BenjaminCrowther streethouse34, Crowther street
2617 Oddy BenjaminParkinson streethouse24, Parkinson street
2618 Oddy FairfaxManchester roadhouse374, Manchester road
2619 Oddy JohnAshley streethouse51, Ashley street
2620 Oddy JohnGrafton streethouse90, Grafton street
2621 Oddy JosephJonas gatehouse22, Jonas gate
2622 O'Donald JamesHope streethouse34, Hope street
2623 O'Donald JohnClifford streethouse52, Clifford street
2624 O'Donald JohnAshley streethouse30, Ashley street
2625 Ogden AlfredAshfieldhouse14, Ashfield
2626 O'Gradwell MarkPortland streethouse46, Portland street
2627 O'Hara EdwardAdelaide streethouse49, Adelaide street
2628 O'Hara PatrickKent streethouse27, Kent street
2629 O'Laughlan JohnAshley streethouse15, Ashley street
2630 Oldfield AlfredPaisley streethouse74, Paisley street
2631 Oldfield JamesMilne streethouse2, Milne street
2632 Oldfield JohnAshley streethouse2, Ashley street
2633 Oldfield WilliamBright streethouse5, Bright street
2634 Olivant JosiahEbor streethouse32, Ebor street
2635 Olive JosephSt. James's streethouse19, St. James's street
2636 Oliver RichardFranklin streethouse11, Franklin street
2637 Ollivier CharlesHorton roadhouse36, Horton road
2638 O'Neal JamesBower streethouse18, Bower street
2639 O'Neal MarkJonas gatehouse24, Jonas gate
2640 Ormes JosephCroft streethouse48, Croft street
2641 Ormondroyd DavidAycliffe lanehouse5, Aycliffe lane
2642 Ormondroyd EnochEarl streethouse44, Earl street
2643 Ormondroyd WilliamQuaker lanehouse4, Quaker lane
2644 Ormondroyd WilliamAycliffe lanehouse7, Aycliffe lane
2645 Osbaldiston OscarCroft streethouse61, Croft street
2646 Osborn HenryLittle Horton greenhouse13, Little Horton green
2647 Osborn JohnOsborne streethouse11, Osborne street
2648 Osborn SamuelRichmond roadwarehouseRichmond road
2649 O'Shaughnessy NicholasCaledonia streethouse28, Caledonia street
2650 Overend JosephMilton streethouse28, Milton street
2651 Overend NathanLumby streethouse12, Lumby street

LITTLE HORTON WARD, 1869, surnames beginning with the letter P
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
2652 Padgett HenrySterling streethouse77, Sterling street
2653 Page JohnBowling Old lanehouse18, Bowling Old lane
2654 Paley JamesFitzgerald streethouse114, Fitzgerald street
2655 Paley RichardFitzgerald streethouse110, Fitzgerald street
2656 Paley WilliamFitzgerald streethouse108, Fitzgerald street
2657 Palmer JohnBramley streethouse43, Bramley street
2658 Pammenton IsaacKaye streethouse16, Kaye street
2659 Pammenton RobertEmma gatehouse10, Emma gate
2660 Parker GeorgeClayton lanehouse4, Clayton lane
2661 Parker JamesBroadbent streethouse39, Broadbent street
2662 Parker JamesSkinner streethouseSkinner street
2663 Parker JohnLittle Horton lanehouse379, Little Horton lane
2664 Parker JohnManchester roadhouse307, Manchester road
2665 Parker PatrickPrince streethouse19, Prince street
2666 Parker ThomasJacob streethouse31, Jacob street
2667 Parker WilliamManchester roadhouse184, Manchester road
2668 Parker WilliamChapel greenhouse24, Chapel green
2669 Parkinson DavidVilliers streethouse74, Villiers street
2670 Parkinson GeorgeBentinck placehouse42, Bentinck place
2671 Parkinson JohnAckroyd streethouse2, Ackroyd street
2672 Parkinson JohnZetland placehouse10, Zetland place
2673 Parkinson JohnSawrey placehouse5, Sawrey place
2674 Parkinson JohnGrove terracehouse23, Grove terrace
2675 Parkinson MarkTumbling hill streethouse123, Tumbling hill street
2676 Parkinson RichardRupert streethouse88, Rupert street
2677 Parkinson ThomasRichmond roadhouse41, Richmond road
2678 Parkinson WilliamJesse streethouse5, Jesse street
2679 Parkinson WilliamSpring placehouse16, Spring place
2680 Parrott HenryChapel lanehouseChapel lane
2681 Parrott SamuelBower streethouse59, Bower street
2682 Parry GeorgeCross streethouse1, Cross street
2683 Parson WilliamGrafton streethouse20, Grafton street
2684 Patchett HenryManchester roadhouse56, Manchester road
2685 Patchett HenryVilliers streethouse23, Villiers street
2686 Patchett JohnCaledonia streethouse59, Caledonia street
2687 Patchett JosephChapel greenhouse40, Chapel green
2688 Patchett JoshuaLongside lanehouse20, Longside lane
2689 Patchett WilliamMarshall streethouse21, Marshall street
2690 Patchett WilliamLittle Horton greenhouse22, Little Horton green
2691 Patrick ChristopherLittle Horton lanehouseLittle Horton lane
2692 Pattison WoodFitzgerald streethouse124, Fitzgerald street
2693 Peacock GeorgeEarl streethouse43, Earl street
2694 Peacock HenryVilliers streethouse40, Villiers street
2695 Peacock JamesOsborne streethouse27, Osborne street
2696 Pearce CharlesKent streethouse19, Kent street
2697 Pearce GeorgeGrafton streethouse71, Grafton street
2698 Pearce JohnMarshall streethouse33, Marshall street
2699 Pearce Thomas MasseyMarley househouse88, Horton road
2700 Pears CharlesDavid streethouse36, David street
2701 Pearson DavidManchester roadhouse & shop278, Manchester road
2702 Pearson GentHannah gatehouse39, Hannah gate
2703 Pearson GeorgeEmma gatehouse9, Emma gate
2704 Pearson JamesPortland streethouse94, Portland street
2705 Pearson JamesClifford streethouse120, Clifford street
2706 Pearson JonathanLower Thomas streethouse30, Lower Thomas street
2707 Pearson JosephHolme tophouse68, Holme top
2708 Pearson JosephMarygatehouse21, Marygate
2709 Pearson RichardPark lanehouse162, Park lane
2710 Pearson WilliamManchester roadhouse291, Manchester road
2711 Pearson WilliamGrafton streethouse139, Grafton street
2712 Pearson WilliamSmith streethouse82, Smith street
2713 Pearson William HenryManchester roadhouse188, Manchester road
2714 Pease RichardMelbourne terracehouse1, Melbourne terrace
2715 Peckover JohnListerhills roadhouse42, Listerhills road
2716 Peddar JohnLittle Hortonhouse & shop414, Little Horton
2717 Peddar RobertJesse streethouse23, Jesse street
2718 Pedley DavidCobden streethouse37, Cobden street
2719 Pedley JohnPark lanehouse134, Park lane
2720 Pedley LukePark lanehouse139, Park lane
2721 Pedley SamuelRichmond roadhouseJacob street
successivehouse76, Richmond road
2722 Pedley WilliamPark lanehouse101, Park lane
2723 Peel JohnCrowther courthouse4, Crowther court
2724 Peel JohnSt. Andrew's placehouse24, St. Andrew's place
2725 Peel JohnBerwick streethouse39, Berwick street
2726 Peel Joseph H.Elizabeth streethouse9, Elizabeth street
2727 Peel ThomasSt. John's streethouse14, St. John's street
2728 Peel ThomasShearbridge roadhouse9, Shearbridge road
2729 Peel ThomasCobden streethouse20, Cobden street
2730 Peel WilliamRichmond roadwarehouseRichmond road
2731 Peel WilliamMannville crescenthouse56, Mannville crescent
2732 Peel WilliamDavid streethouse28, David street
2733 Pell JonasCobden streethouse11, Cobden street
2734 Pellett Alfred DysonMoss streethouse14, Moss street
2735 Pemberton JosephAshley streethouse74, Ashley street
2736 Pennington JamesChapel greenhouse29, Chapel green
2737 Pension GeorgeClifford streethouse84, Clifford street
2738 Percival IsaacCrampton streethouse1, Crampton street
2739 Perkins CharlesBerwick streethouse48, Berwick street
2740 Petherbridge AbrahamManchester roadhouse226, Manchester road
2741 Petherbridge JohnTriangle streethouse14, Triangle street
2742 Petheridge JamesGrafton streethouse67, Grafton street
2743 Petty RobertSawrey placehouse2, Sawrey place
2744 Petyt AaronBower streethouse42, Bower street
2745 Phalin PhenixVulcan streethouse66, Vulcan street
2746 Phelan WilliamPortland streethouse19, Portland street
2747 Phillips GeorgeGreaves streethouseGreaves street
2748 Pickard AbrahamEbor streethouse30, Ebor street
2749 Pickard CharlesCaledonia streethouse37, Caledonia street
2750 Pickard GeorgeCrampton streethouse30, Crampton street
2751 Pickard George BrownEbor streethouse32, Ebor street
2752 Pickard JosephMill lanehouse11, Mill lane
2753 Pickard JosephOsborne streethouseBroadbent street
successivehouse2, Osborne street
2754 Pickard ThomasCrowther streethouse68, Crowther street
2755 Pickard ThomasPortland streethouse90, Portland street
2756 Pickersgill GeorgeChester streethouse10, Chester street
2757 Pickersgill JohnPaisley streethousePaisley street
2758 Pickles BalmforthOsborne streethouse58, Osborne street
2759 Pickles BenjaminGrafton streethouse125, Grafton street
2760 Pickles FrederickButterfield terracehouse3, Butterfield terrace
2761 Pickles GeorgeSterling streethouse143, Sterling street
2762 Pickles JamesJonas gatehouse17, Jonas gate
2763 Pickles JohnPark lanehouse82, Park lane
2764 Pickles JohnSterling streethouse127, Sterling street
2765 Pickles JonasCobden streethouse42, Cobden street
2766 Pickles JonasClarence streethouse51, Clarence street
2767 Pickles JosephNorton gatehouse18, Norton gate
2768 Pickles RobertCrowther courthouse12, Crowther court
2769 Pickles Samuel JohnAshley streethouse80, Ashley street
2770 Pickles ThomasPark lanehouse255, Park lane
2771 Pickup JamesPark lanehouse127, Park lane
2772 Piercey JohnGate streethouse2, Gate street
2773 Pilling AlfredMorpeth streethouse3, Morpeth street
2774 Pilling JabezEarl streethouse110, Earl street
2775 Pilling JohnCroft streethouse27, Croft street
2776 Pilling JosephLittle Horton lanehouse40, Little Horton lane
2777 Pilling MosesSt. Andrew's placehouse34, St. Andrew's place
2778 Pilling RobinsonListerhills roadhouse77, Listerhills road
2779 Pinder JamesNorton courthouse8, Norton court
2780 Pittam SamuelChapel lanehouseChapel lane
2781 Pittgrew JamesEarl streethouse24, Earl street
2782 Pitts WilliamCollege roadhouse49, College road
2783 Platts Joseph SmithPreston streethouse61, Preston street
2784 Pollard AbrahamClifford streethouse11, Clifford street
2785 Pollard BenjaminMilton streethouse13, Milton street
2786 Pollard Edwin CurrerVilliers streethouse39, Villiers street
2787 Pollard JosephHolme top streethouse66, Holme top street
2788 Pollard JosephAshley streethouse14, Ashley street
2789 Pollard JoshuaRichmond roadhouse17, Richmond road
2790 Pollard LouisClayton lanehouse6, Broadbent street
successivehouseClayton lane
2791 Pollard SamuelRichmond roadhouse21, Richmond road
2792 Pollard ThomasJacob streethouse49, Jacob street
2793 Pollard WilliamFarside greenhouse23, Farside green
2794 Pollett JoshuaGrafton streethouse128, Grafton street
2795 Poole JamesEbor streethouse21, Ebor street
2796 Poole JoshuaListerhills roadhouse66, Listerhills road
2797 Poole JoshuaHope streethouse73, Hope street
2798 Poole SamuelHolme top lanehouse11, Holme top lane
2799 Poppleston ThomasManchester roadhouse412, Manchester road
2800 Popplewell BenjaminMoss streethouse7, Moss street
2801 Popplewell WilliamAshgrovehouse45, Ashgrove
2802 Porter JohnJacob streethouse58, Jacob street
2803 Porter RichardClifford streethouse38, Clifford street
2804 Porter WilliamPark lanehouse125, Park lane
2805 Potter ThomasWoodville terracehouse3, Woodville terrace
2806 Powell BenjaminListerhills roadhouse132, Listerhills road
2807 Powell Francis SharpHorton Old hallhouseHorton Old hall
2808 Powell JamesMilton streethouse29, Milton street
2809 Powell SamuelClifford streethouse7, Clifford street
2810 Powell SamuelMorpeth streethouse68, Morpeth street
2811 Powell WilliamLaisteridge courthouse9, Laisteridge court
2812 Pratt JohnCroft streethouse4, Croft street
2813 Pratt WilliamPaisley streethouse15, Paisley street
2814 Prest ThomasListerhills roadhouse120, Listerhills road
2815 Prest ThomasWickham streethouse1, Wickham street
2816 Preston JohnBerwick streethouse86, Berwick street
2817 Priestley BriggsManninghamwarehouseShearbridge
2818 Priestley CharlesBramley streethouse51, Bramley street
2819 Priestley HenryWestbrookhouse109, Westbrook
2820 Priestley JamesBramley streethouse16, Bramley street
2821 Priestley JamesTumbling hill streethouse103, Tumbling hill street
2822 Priestley JohnSawrey placehouse12, Sawrey place
2823 Priestley JohnFitzgerald streethouse120, Fitzgerald street
2824 Priestley JohnChapel greenhouse27, Chapel green
2825 Priestley JohnChapel lanehouseChapel lane
2826 Priestley JohnChapel greenhouse1, Chapel green
2827 Priestley JohnManchester roadhouse273, Manchester road
2828 Priestley JohnManchester roadhouse126, Manchester road
2829 Priestley JohnChapel greenhouse23, Chapel green
2830 Priestley JohnJohn gatehouse3, John gate
2831 Priestley JonathanMilton streethouse18, Milton street
2832 Priestley JosephDuncan streetbeerhouse4, Duncan street
2833 Priestley JosephJacob streethouse76, Jacob street
2834 Priestley JoshuaGiles streethouse34, Royd street
successivehouseGiles street
2835 Priestley ReubenPortland streethouse50, Portland street
2836 Priestley SamuelRichmond roadhouse9, Richmond road
2837 Priestley WilliamHudson streethouse54, Hudson street
2838 Pritchard Thomas ShemBright streethouse9, Bright street
2839 Proctor AnthonyManchester roadhouse167, Manchester road
2840 Proctor JohnLower Thomas streethouse50, Lower Thomas street
2841 Proctor JosephRupert streethouse36, Rupert street
2842 Proctor WilliamHope streethouse29, Hope street
2843 Proudlove FrancisFranklin streethouse8, Franklin street
2844 Pullan JohnSt. James's squarehouse6, St. James's square
2845 Pullan RobertLittle Horton greenhouse55, Little Horton green
2846 Pullan WilliamCobden streethouse60, Cobden street
2847 Punt WilliamNurser lanehouse9, Nurser lane
2848 Pye DavidAshley streethouse23, Ashley street
2849 Pye JamesHannah gatehouse16, Hannah gate
2850 Pyrah BenjaminMarshall streethouseMarshall street

LITTLE HORTON WARD, 1869, surnames beginning with the letter Q
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
2851 Quinn FrancisGrafton streethouse39, Grafton street
2852 Quinn JamesCaledonia streethouse17, Caledonia street

LITTLE HORTON WARD, 1869, surnames beginning with the letter R
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
2853 Raby BenjaminFitzgerald streethouse129, Fitzgerald street
2854 Raby BenjaminBottomley streethouse52, Bottomley street
2855 Race RichardMoss streethouse31, Moss street
2856 Radford GeorgeCobden streethouse26, Cobden street
2857 Rafter DanielGrafton streethouse8, Grafton street
2858 Rafter JosephCaledonia streethouse40, Caledonia street
2859 Raistrick JamesManchester roadhouse139, Manchester road
2860 Raistrick JosephPrince streethouse5, Prince street
2861 Raistrick WilliamClarence streethouse10, Clarence street
2862 Raistrick WilliamPrince streethouse27, Prince street
2863 Ramsbotham ThomasAbram gatehouse20, Abram gate
2864 Ramsbottom EdwardAbram gatehouse5, Abram gate
2865 Ramsbottom Robert RedheadLeedswarehouseWaterloo mill
2866 Ramsden JamesClarence streethouse47, Clarence street
2867 Ramsden John CarterPark lanehouse7, Park lane
2868 Ramsden JonasMilton streethouse22, Milton street
2869 Ramsden JoshuaVilliers streethouse48, Villiers street
2870 Ramsden ThomasBright streethouse16, Bright street
2871 Ramsden ThomasSterling streethouse117, Sterling street
2872 Rand JohnManninghamwarehouseHorton road
2873 Ranson JosephCrowther streethouse38, Crowther street
2874 Raper SamuelFitzgerald streethouse16, Fitzgerald street
2875 Raw JamesSt. James's streethouse14, St. James's street
2876 Raw ThomasMoss streethouse10, Moss street
2877 Raw WilliamBright streethouse43, Bright street
2878 Rawlins JosephJesse streethouse19, Jesse street
2879 Rawlinson JonathanHope streethouse59, Hope street
2880 Rawlinson JoshuaQuaker lanehouse3, Quaker lane
2881 Rawlinson WilliamFranklin streethouse5, Franklin street
2882 Rawnsley AaronQuaker lanehouse7, Quaker lane
2883 Rawnsley AbrahamTumbling hill streethouse155, Tumbling hill street
2884 Rawnsley BenjaminSterling streethouse42, Sterling street
2885 Rawnsley BenjaminCleveland streethouse6, Cleveland street
2886 Rawnsley JohnTopham placehouse1, Topham place
2887 Rawnsley JohnLegrams lanewarehouseManchester road
2888 Rawnsley JonathanEarl streethouse46, Earl street
2889 Rawnsley WilliamLongside lanehouse & shop55, Longside lane
2890 Rawson ChristopherEarl streethouse117, Earl street
2891 Rayner EdwardPortland streethouse78, Portland street
2892 Rayner JohnDenton streethouse15, Denton street
2893 Rayner JohnLittle Horton lanehouse796, Little Horton lane
2894 Read JamesCaledonia streethouse45, Caledonia street
2895 Reddish John RobertVilliers streethouse68, Villiers street
2896 Redfern HenryCrowther streethouse8, Crowther street
2897 Redfern WilliamMarshall streethouse6, Marshall street
2898 Redman JohnHolme top lanehouse63, Holme top lane
2899 Redman JonathanHolme top lanehouse65, Holme top lane
2900 Rendle ThomasNorton gatehouse14, Norton gate
2901 Renton CooperTelford streethouse13, Telford street
2902 Reynard WilliamTumbling hill streethouse33, Tumbling hill street
2903 Rhodes BenjaminForster streethouse8, Forster street
2904 Rhodes EdwardChapel lanehouseChapel lane
2905 Rhodes FrancisTumbling hill streethouse80, Tumbling hill street
2906 Rhodes HenryCollege roadhouse13, College road
2907 Rhodes JohnSterling streethouse129, Sterling street
2908 Rhodes JohnGrafton streethouse21, Grafton street
2909 Rhodes JosephCuckoo nesthouse2, Cuckoo nest
2910 Rhodes JosephManchester roadhouse178, Manchester road
2911 Rhodes ManoahLittle Horton lanehouse54, Little Horton lane
2912 Rhodes SamuelLower Thomas streethouse17, Lower Thomas street
2913 Rhodes SamuelMilton streethouse32, Milton street
2914 Rhodes SmithKaye streethouse14, Kaye street
2915 Rhodes WilliamHolme top streethouse29, Holme top street
2916 Rhodes WilliamSt. John's streethouse1, St. John's street
2917 Rhodes ZaccheusHorton roadhouse7, Horton road
2918 Richards GeorgeRupert streethouse67, Rupert street
2919 Richards JesseGower streethouse87, Gower street
2920 Richards JohnPark lanehouse105, Park lane
2921 Richards JohnSterling streethouse11, Sterling street
2922 Richards JosephSterling streethouse13, Sterling street
2923 Richards SamuelTudor streethouse7, Tudor street
2924 Richardson RichardBroadbent streethouse20, Broadbent street
2925 Richardson RobertSterling streethouse3, Sterling street
2926 Richardson ThomasClifford streethouse94, Clifford street
2927 Richardson WilliamThomas streethouse12, Thomas street
2928 Ridehalgh FouldsCobden streethouse35, Cobden street
2929 Rider IsraelHolme top lanehouse44, Holme top lane
2930 Rider JohnMarshall streethouse8, Marshall street
2931 Ridings EdwinClaytonwarehouseWestholme
2932 Ridley GeorgeWilliam streethouse10, William street
2933 Rigg ArminadabButterfield terracehouse6, Butterfield terrace
2934 Riley AlexanderHorton greenhouse53, Horton green
2935 Riley EdmundHorton greenhouse54, Horton green
2936 Riley JamesPaisley streethouse90, Ashley street
successivehouse90, Paisley street
2937 Riley Joseph AlfredManchester roadhouse528, Manchester road
2938 Riley MatthewHolme top lanehouse5, Holme top lane
2939 Riley PatrickVulcan streethouse8, Vulcan street
2940 Riley RobertMilton streethouse27, Milton street
2941 Riley ThomasHorton greenhouse18, Horton green
2942 Ringstead JosephCrowther streethouse33, Crowther street
2943 Ripley Henry WilliamLightcliffegas houseMill lane
2944 Risden JamesButterfield terracehouse9, Butterfield terrace
2945 Roan PatrickAdelaide streethouse29, Adelaide street
2946 Roberts JohnCobden streethouse59, Cobden street
2947 Roberts SamuelLittle Horton lanehouse41, Little Horton lane
2948 Roberts Rev. ThomasEarl streethouse84, Earl street
2949 Robertshaw EdwardElizabeth streethouseElizabeth street
2950 Robertshaw GeorgeBright streethouse2, Bright street
2951 Robertshaw HezekiahJeffries streethouse16, Jeffries street
2952 Robertshaw JamesBroadbent streethouse21, Broadbent street
2953 Robinson AbrahamOsborne streethouse9, Osborne street
2954 Robinson AlfredManchester roadhouse404, Manchester road
2955 Robinson BatemanCobden streethouse57, Cobden street
2956 Robinson ButterfieldPreston streethouse27, Preston street
2957 Robinson Charles John TempestSt. John's streethouse16, St. John's street
2958 Robinson FrancisSmith streethouse84, Smith street
2959 Robinson JamesButterfield terracehouse7, Butterfield terrace
2960 Robinson JamesClayton lanehouse17, Clayton lane
2961 Robinson JamesPreston streethouse31, Preston street
2962 Robinson JamesManchester roadhouse566, Manchester road
2963 Robinson JamesHudson streethouse4, Hudson street
2964 Robinson JohnParkinson streethouse16, Parkinson street
2965 Robinson JohnThornton lanehouse15, Thornton lane
2966 Robinson JohnMilne streethouse12, Milne street
2967 Robinson JohnThornton lanehouse31B, Thornton lane
2968 Robinson JohnBeehive millshouseBeehive mills
2969 Robinson JohnNurser lanehouse19, Nurser lane
2970 Robinson JohnCleveland streethouse16, Cleveland street
2971 Robinson JohnGrove terracehouse13, Grove terrace
2972 Robinson John HenryMarygatehouse12, Marygate
2973 Robinson John HolmesHope streethouse35, Hope street
2974 Robinson JosephFitzgerald streethouse147, Fitzgerald street
2975 Robinson JoshuaWickham streethouse5, Wickham street
2976 Robinson MichaelLittle Horton lanehouse29, Little Horton lane
2977 Robinson RalphManchester roadhouse150, Manchester road
2978 Robinson RalphLittle Horton greenhouse50, Little Horton green
2979 Robinson RichardGrafton streethouse61, Grafton street
2980 Robinson RobertClayton lanehouse32, Clayton lane
2981 Robinson RobertGrafton streethouse64, Grafton street
2982 Robinson SamuelPark lanehouse67, Park lane
2983 Robinson SamuelHolme top streethouse4, Holme top street
2984 Robinson SethCrowther streethouse83, Crowther street
2985 Robinson ThomasNorcroft browhouse31, Norcroft brow
2986 Robinson ThomasCastle streethouse8, Castle street
2987 Rogers JohnPark lanehouse265, Park lane
2988 Rogers JonathanPark lanehouse117, Park lane
2989 Rogers JosephNorcroft browhouse5, Norcroft brow
2990 Rogers WilliamCollege roadhouse17, College road
2991 Rollett GeorgeBrewery streethouse29, Brewery street
2992 Rollings William HenrySterling streethouse60, Sterling street
2993 Rooks WilliamBerwick streethouse50, Berwick street
2994 Rooks WilliamHarrington streethouse20, Harrington street
2995 Ross ThomasBrewery streethouse31, Brewery lane
2996 Roote GeorgeJonas gatehouse36, Jonas gate
2997 Roper CharlesChapel greenhouse34, Chapel green
2998 Roper JohnGreaves streethouse16, Greaves street
2999 Roper SamuelJesse streethouse23, Jesse street
3000 Roper WilliamPark lanehouse51, Park lane
3001 Rosingdale WilliamClarence streethouse31, Clarence street
3002 Rotenstein MoritzTrinity terracehouse3, Trinity terrace
3003 Rothea AbelJacob streethouse84, Jacob street
3004 Rothera JohnAycliffe lanehouse20, Aycliffe lane
3005 Rothery BoothPaisley streethousePaisley street
3006 Rouse JonathanTumbling hill streethouse114, Tumbling hill street
3007 Rouse WilliamLittle Hortonhouse848, Little Horton
3008 Routledge JohnKaye streethouse13, Kaye street
3009 Rowbottom JohnManchester roadhouse271, Manchester road
3010 Rowland HenryFitzgerald streethouse32, Fitzgerald street
3011 Rowling JohnSterling streethouse27, Sterling street
3012 Rowan John CameronPreston streethouse & shopPreston street
3013 Roxburgh DavidEarl streethouse40, Earl street
3014 Rudd JohnSouthbrook terracehouseSouthbrook terrace
successivehouseSouthfield lane
3015 Rudd JeremiahSouthbrook terracehouseFrank street
successivehouseSouthbrook terrace
3016 Rushforth EdmundManchester roadhouse450, Manchester road
3017 Rushforth GeorgeForster streethouse12, Forster street
3018 Rushforth JamesEarl streethouse87, Earl street
3019 Rushforth JohnRupert streethouse51, Rupert street
3020 Rushforth JohnLumby streethouse11, Lumby street
3021 Rushforth JohnQuaker lanehouseQuaker lane
3022 Rushforth JohnThornton lanehouse17, Thornton lane, Thorne's farm
3023 Rushforth JosephCobden streethouse49, Cobden street
3024 Rushforth JosephClayton lanehouse73, Clayton lane
3025 Rushforth MichaelEbor streethouse48, Ebor street
3026 Rushforth WilliamOsborne streethouse150, Osborne street
3027 Rushton WilliamCavendish streethouse1, Cavendish street
3028 Russell George LloydDenton streethouse26, Denton street
3029 Russell JamesLittle Hortonhouse792, Little Horton
3030 Ryan AndrewManchester roadhouse99A, Manchester road
3031 Ryan JamesClifford streethouse50, Clifford street
3032 Ryan JohnAdelaide streethouse4, Adelaide street
3033 Rycroft JamesNelson squarehouse5, Nelson square
3034 Rycroft JamesStowell mill streethouse11A, Stowell mill street
3035 Rycroft JohnHorton lanehouse446, Little Horton lane
successivehouse345, Horton lane
3036 Rycroft JosephWestbrook terracehouse7, Westbrook terrace
3037 Rycroft RobinsonLittle Hortonhouse458, Little Horton
3038 Ryder SamuelTumbling hill streethouse65, Tumbling hill street

LITTLE HORTON WARD, 1869, surnames beginning with the letter S
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
3039 Saddler ThomasBroadbent streethouse4, Broadbent street
3040 Sagar EdwardTumbling hill streethouse92, Tumbling hill street
3041 Sagar JamesShearbridgehouse117, Shearbridge
3042 Sagar JamesTelford streethouse17, Telford street
3043 Sagar JamesCroft streethouse58, Croft street
3044 Sagar James KenionSterling streethouse53, Sterling street
3045 Sagar JohnManchester roadhouse174, Manchester road
3046 Sagar JohnListerhills roadhouse & shop116, Listerhills road
3047 Sagar JohnPreston streethouse67, Preston street
3048 Sagar WilliamCaledonia streethouse9, Caledonia street
3049 Saltonstall JamesGrafton streethouse50, Grafton street
3050 Sandwell RichardBramley streethouse17, Bramley street
3051 Santon John RamshawLittle Horton lanehouse & shop391, Little Horton lane
3052 Sargent DursleyCrowther streethouse79, Crowther street
3053 Sawtenstall GeorgeBroadbent streethouse13, Broadbent street
3054 Sayers ThomasManchester roadhouse522, Manchester road
3055 Scaife ChristopherEbor streethouse11, Ebor street
3056 Scaife StephenTumbling hill streethouse81, Tumbling hill street
3057 Scarfe Thomas WilkinsonClaremonthouse4, Claremont
3058 Schaeppie John JamesLansdowne placehouse18, Lansdowne place
3059 Schnalenbey GustaveRupert streethouse55, Rupert street
3060 Schofield AlfredManchester roadshop8, Manchester road
3061 Schofield AlfredLittle Horton greenhouse51, Little Horton green
3062 Schofield EdwardRichmond roadhouse13, Richmond road
3063 Schofield EdwinPaisley streethouse52, Paisley street
3064 Schofield EmanuelPaisley streethousePaisley street
3065 Schofield EmanuelDavid streethouse34, David street
3066 Schofield FrancisPreston streethouse50, Preston street
3067 Schofield GeorgeFitzgerald streethouse158, Fitzgerald street
3068 Schofield HenryFitzgerald streethouse55, Fitzgerald street
3069 Schofield JamesVilliers streethouse30, Villiers street
3070 Schofield JohnSterling streethouse62, Sterling street
3071 Schofield JohnPark roadhousePark road
3072 Schofield JohnSt. James's streethouse18, St. James's street
3073 Schofield JohnEarl streethouse121, Earl street
3074 Schofield JohnSpring placehouse14, Spring place
3075 Schofield JosephSterling streethouse56, Sterling street
3076 Schofield JosephBright streethouse35, Bright street
3077 Schofield JosephLower Thomas streethouse15, Lower Thomas street
3078 Schofield WilliamAycliffe lanehouse19, Aycliffe lane
3079 Schofield WilliamTopham streethouse9, Topham street
3080 Scholey WilliamPaisley streethousePaisley street
3081 Schussler GeorgeManchester roadhouse236, Manchester road
3082 Scott AbrahamTumbling hill streethouse145, Tumbling hill street
3083 Scott DanielBrownroyd foldhouse1, Brownroyd fold
3084 Scott GeorgeGrafton streethouse143, Grafton street
3085 Scott HenryBrownroyd foldhouse7, Brownroyd fold
3086 Scott JamesLumby streethouse43, Lumby street
3087 Scott JamesBrownroyd foldhouse3, Brownroyd fold
3088 Scott JamesLower Kent streethouse8, Lower Kent street
3089 Scott ThomasCobden streethouse51, Cobden street
3090 Scott ThomasFitzgerald streethouse81, Fitzgerald street
3091 Scott WilliamAbram gatehouse2, Abram gate
3092 Scruton JohnManchester roadhouse536, Manchester road
3093 Scruton RichardCleveland streethouseCleveland street
3094 Sedgwick JohnBower streethouse60, Bower street
3095 Sedgwick WilliamListerhills roadhouseListerhills road
3096 Seed JonathanAshley streethouse19, Ashley street
3097 Seed JosephAlbert placehouse4, Albert place
3098 Sellars GeorgeHope streethouse19, Hope street
3099 Sellars JoshuaKaye streethouse32, Kaye street
3100 Sellars WilliamKent streethouse17, Kent street
3101 Sellers WilliamThornton lanehouseThornton lane
3102 Senior CharlesEarl streethouse8, Earl street
3103 Senior DavidVilliers streethouse3, Villiers street
3104 Senior GeorgeCromwell streethouse3, Cromwell street
3105 Senior JohnManchester roadhouse313, Manchester road
3106 Senior ThomasAshgrovehouse45, Ashgrove
3107 Senior WilliamSterling streethouse43, Sterling street
3108 Settle PatrickGower streethouse39, Gower street
3109 Settle StephenBramley streethouse69, Bramley street
3110 Sewell JamesHope streethouse17, Hope street
3111 Seymour GeorgeLittle Hortonhouse359, Little Horton
3112 Seymour JohnClifford streethouse98, Clifford street
3113 Shackleton ArthurSkinner streethouse72, Skinner street
3114 Shackleton CharlesTumbling hill streethouse40, Tumbling hill street
3115 Shackleton EdwinPaisley streethouse23, Paisley street
3116 Shackleton EzraPark lanehouse70, Park lane
3117 Shackleton JamesForster streethouse9, Forster street
3118 Shackleton JamesJacob streethouse80, Jacob street
3119 Shackleton JamesCastle streethouse4, Castle street
3120 Shackleton JohnFitzgerald streethouse17, Fitzgerald street
3121 Shackleton JohnMorpeth streethouse52, Morpeth street
3122 Shackleton JohnManchester roadhouse2, Chapel green
successivehouseManchester road
3123 Shackleton LeviSmith streethouse80, Smith street
3124 Shackleton ReubenGreaves streethouseGreaves street
3125 Shackleton RobertCobden streethouse10, Cobden street
3126 Shackleton ThomasWilliam streethouse18, William street
3127 Shackleton WilliamHolme top lanehouse25, Holme top lane
3128 Shackleton WilliamSterling streethouse139, Sterling street
3129 Shackleton WilliamPark lanehouse3, Park lane
3130 Shackleton WilliamForster streethouse9, Forster street
3131 Shalders Alfred OwenManninghamwarehouseChapel lane
3132 Shannon JohnPrince streethouse31, Prince street
3133 Sharp CharlesBrownroyd foldhouse4, Brownroyd fold
3134 Sharp DanBrownroyd foldhouse9, Brownroyd fold
3135 Sharp HenryOsborne streethouse118, Osborne street
3136 Sharp JamesCollege roadhouse15, College road
3137 Sharp JamesCobden streethouse46, Cobden street
3138 Sharp JeremiahPark lanehouse84, Park lane
3139 Sharp JohnMilton streethouse16, Milton street
3140 Sharp JohnListerhills roadhouse46, Listerhills road
3141 Sharp JohnChapel greenhouse38, Chapel green
3142 Sharp JohnPark roadhouse46, Park road
3143 Sharp JosephSterling streethouse145, Sterling street
3144 Sharp LeonardSkinner streethouseSkinner street
3145 Sharp MitchellCrowther streethouse89, Crowther street
3146 Sharp MungoGrafton streethouse43, Grafton street
3147 Sharp RichardRichmond roadhouse83, Richmond road
3148 Sharp SquireManchester roadhouse297, Manchester road
3149 Sharp SquireManchester roadhouse163, Manchester road
3150 Sharp ThomasOsborne streethouse2, Osborne street
3151 Sharp WilliamBurrow streethouse2, Burrow street
3152 Sharp WilliamPark roadhouse41, Park road
3153 Sharp WilliamPaisley streethouse28, Paisley street
3154 Sharples AlexanderCastle rowhouse1, Castle row
3155 Sharrow GeorgeChesham placehouse92, Chesham place
3156 Shaw AbsolomLongside lanehouse & shop34, Longside lane
3157 Shaw BenjaminAdelaide streetwarehouseAdelaide street
3158 Shaw JohnRupert streethouse100, Rupert street
3159 Shaw JohnManchester roadhouse342, Manchester road
3160 Shaw John EdwinClaremont terracehouseClaremont terrace
3161 Shaw MosesJonas gatehouse27, Jonas gate
3162 Shaw ThomasLittle Hortonhouse655, Little Horton
3163 Shaw WilliamLady lanehouse17, Lady lane
3164 Shaw WilliamEdmund streethouse2, Edmund street
3165 Shaw WilliamLittle Hortonhouse896, Little Horton
3166 Shaw WilliamFitzgerald streethouse8, Fitzgerald street
3167 Sheard JohnEarl streethouse133, Earl street
3168 Shedden JohnOsborne streethouseOsborne street
3169 Sheehan DanielAdelaide streethouse54, Adelaide street
3170 Sheehan JohnDuncan streethouse72, Duncan street
3171 Shepherd BowmanMarley cottagehouse90, Horton road
3172 Shepherd EdwardTumbling hill streethouse38, Tumbling Hill street
3173 Shepherd George HollingsFitzgerald streethouse9, Fitzgerald street
3174 Shepherd JohnManchester roadhouse44, Manchester road
3175 Shepherd JonathanSmith rowhouse7, Smith row
3176 Shepherd JosephAycliffe lanehouse8, Aycliffe lane
3177 Shepherd JosephThomas streethouse6, Thomas street
3178 Shepherd EdwardRupert streethouse1, Rupert street
3179 Shepherd MarkBroadbent streethouse37, Broadbent street
3180 Shepherd WilliamLittle Horton lanehouse66, Little Horton lane
3181 Shepherd WilliamSouthfield lanehouse12, Southfield lane
3182 Shepherd William HenryLittle Horton lanehouse68, Little Horton lane
3183 Shepherd William WellsBright streethouse7, Bright street
3184 Sheridan MartinAdelaide streethouse16, Adelaide street
3185 Shields GeorgeFitzgerald streethouse22, Fitzgerald street
3186 Shields ThomasGiles streethouse36, Elizabeth street
successivehouseGiles street
3187 Shockensey NicholsCaledonia streethouseCaledonia street
3188 Shoesmith DavidCuckoo nesthouse6, Cuckoo nest
3189 Shoesmith JamesGrafton streethouse78, Grafton street
3190 Shoesmith JosephPark lanehouse152, Park lane
3191 Shorrock JamesPaisley streethouse32, Paisley street
3192 Shutt ThomasAdelaide streethouse38, Adelaide street
3193 Sichel VictorClaremonthouse2, Claremont
3194 Sidney HenrySterling streethouse84, Sterling street
3195 Siltzer JohnManninghamwarehouseNelson street
3196 Simmons ChristopherAbram gatehouse19, Mount street, Bradford
successivehouse8, Abram gate, Horton
3197 Simmott IsaacHorton greenhouse16, Horton green
3198 Simpson CharlesDenton courthouse6, Denton court
3199 Simpson FrankCollege roadhouse53, College road
3200 Simpson FrederickOsborne streethouseOsborne street
3201 Simpson HenryAshgrovehouse24, Ashgrove
3202 Simpson JeremiahClifford streethouse41, Clifford street
3203 Simpson JohnButcher streethouse8, Butcher street
3204 Simpson JohnWilliam streethouse6, William street
3205 Simpson JosephManchester roadhouse240, Manchester road
3206 Simpson JosephBradfordwarehouseFawcett court
3207 Simpson ThomasAshley streethouse52, Ashley street
3208 Simpson ThomasCroft streethouse41, Croft street
3209 Simpson WilliamThomas streethouse4, Thomas street
3210 Simpson WilliamOsborne streethouse140, Osborne street
3211 Simpson WilliamSouthfield lanehouse29, Southfield lane
3212 Sinyard Joseph EnglishBower streethouse29, Bower street
3213 Singleton RalphGrove terracehouse19, Grove terrace
3214 Singleton RobertSouthfield lanehouse5, Southfield lane
3215 Size JohnBroadbent streethouse26, Broadbent street
3216 Size ThomasCross streethouse19, Cross street
3217 Skillings GeorgeHannah gatehouse26, Hannah gate
3218 Skirrow JohnPortland streethouse22, Portland street
3219 Skirrow JohnBramley streethouse15, Bramley street
3220 Slater HenryMiall streetshop105, Listerhills road
3221 Slater ThomasEarl streethouse22, Earl street
3222 Slater WilliamBramley streethouse41, Bramley street
3223 Slee HenryRichmond roadhouse20, Richmond road
3224 Slinn JohnParkinson streethouse21, Parkinson street
3225 Slinger JosephTudor streethouse13, Tudor street
3226 Slinger ThomasClayton lanehouse55, Clayton lane
3227 Slingsby GeorgeMarygatehouse31, Marygate
3228 Slingsby GeorgeNorton courthouse1, Norton court
3229 Slingsby JosephCobden streethouse32, Cobden street
3230 Smalley AllanHorton greenhouse8, Horton green
3231 Smalley CharlesAbram gatehouse23, Abram gate
3232 Smart FrederickHoward streethouse1, Howard street
3233 Smith AbrahamPreston streethouse102, Preston street
3234 Smith AbsalomKent streethouse21, Kent street
3235 Smith AlfredOsborne streethouseOsborne street
3236 Smith AmosFitzgerald streethouse91, Fitzgerald street
3237 Smith BenjaminBottomley streethouse58, Bottomley street
3238 Smith BenjaminManninghamwarehouseFieldhead mill
3239 Smith BenjaminPreston streethouse46, Preston street
3240 Smith CharlesBurrow streethouse11, Burrow street
3241 Smith CharlesOsborne streethouseOsborne street
3242 Smith Rev. CharlesWestbrook terracehouse12, Westbrook terrace
3243 Smith ConstantineCollege roadhouse27, College road
3244 Smith DavidRupert streethouse13, Rupert street
3245 Smith EdmundBright streethouse17, Addison street, Bowling
successivehouse51, Bright street
3246 Smith EdwardAnn placehouse12, Ann place
3247 Smith EdwardCroft streethouse5, Croft street
3248 Smith EdwinKaye streethouse5, Kaye street
3249 Smith EliListerhills roadhouse & shop12, Listerhills road
3250 Smith FrederickSterling streethouse125, Sterling street
3251 Smith GeorgeCobden streethouse33, Cobden street
3252 Smith GeorgeBramley streethouseBramley street
3253 Smith GeorgeLittle Hortonhouse671, Little Horton
3254 Smith George BelkMelbourne placehouse11, Melbourne place
3255 Smith HenryTumbling hill streethouse43, Tumbling hill street
3256 Smith HenryAshgrovehouse14, Ashgrove
3257 Smith HolmesWoodhead roadhouse3, Cross lane
successivehouse60, Woodhead road
3258 Smith IsaacManninghamwarehouseFieldhead mill
3259 Smith JamesTudor streethouse31, Tudor street
3260 Smith JamesAbram gatehouse28, Abram gate
3261 Smith JamesCobden streethouse23, Cobden street
3262 Smith JamesTudor streethouse27, Tudor street
3263 Smith JohnForster streethouse10, Forster street
3264 Smith JohnKent streethouse7, Kent street
3265 Smith JohnEdmund streethouse28, Edmund street
3266 Smith JohnFitzgerald streethouse29, Fitzgerald street
3267 Smith JohnVilliers streethouse36, Villiers street
3268 Smith JohnMilne streethouse9, Milne street
3269 Smith JohnSterling streethouse49, Sterling street
3270 Smith JohnManninghamwarehouseFieldhead mill
3271 Smith JohnOsborne street, Park roadhouseOsborne street
3272 Smith JohnListerhills roadhouse76, Listerhills road
3273 Smith JohnLumby streethouse13, Lumby street
3274 Smith JohnMarygatehouse4, Marygate
3275 Smith JohnListerhills roadhouse76, Listerhills road
3276 Smith JohnPark lanehouse150, Park lane
3277 Smith JosephPaisley streethousePaisley street
3278 Smith JosephAshgrovehouse29, Ashgrove
3279 Smith JosephTumbling hill streethouse74, Tumbling hill street
3280 Smith JosephBower streethouse19, Bower street
3281 Smith JosephGower streethouse10, Gower street
3282 Smith JosephManchester roadhouse179, Manchester road
3283 Smith JosephCrowther courthouse13, Crowther court
3284 Smith JosephManchester roadhouse203, Manchester road
3285 Smith MarkRupert streethouse4, Rupert street
3286 Smith MichaelShelfwarehouseHolme top mill
3287 Smith PeterButterfield terracehouse4, Butterfield terrace
3288 Smith ReubenChapel greenhouse39, Chapel green
3289 Smith RichardTudor streethouse10, Tudor street
3290 Smith RichardClifford streethouse17, Clifford street
3291 Smith RobertLittle Hortonhouse681, Little Horton
3292 Smith Robert GardnerNew Ashfieldhouse18, New Ashfield
3293 Smith SamuelGrafton streethouse63, Grafton street
3294 Smith SamuelField househouseField house
3295 Smith SamuelSterling streethouse22, Sterling street
3296 Smith SamuelBower streethouse49, Bower street
3297 Smith SamuelHannah gatehouse2, Hannah gate
3298 Smith Samuel MilneFieldheaddyehouseFieldhead
3299 Smith SemeliasThornton lanehouseThornton lane
3300 Smith SimeonCromwell streethouse14, Cromwell street
3301 Smith SolomonEarl streethouse75, Earl street
3302 Smith ThomasJacob streethouse72, Jacob street
3303 Smith ThomasTelford streethouse1, Telford street
3304 Smith ThomasGrafton streethouse46, Grafton street
3305 Smith ThomasTumbling hill streethouse98, Tumbling hill street
3306 Smith ThomasAbram gatehouse24, Abram gate
3307 Smith Thomas WorsnopBottomley streethouse56, Bottomley street
3308 Smith WilliamPreston streethouse60, Preston street
3309 Smith WilliamRupert streethouse42, Rupert street
3310 Smith WilliamAnn placehouse10, Ann place
3311 Smith WilliamManchester roadhouse508, Manchester road
3312 Smith WilliamManchester roadhouse187, Manchester road
3313 Smith WilliamManchester roadhouse124, Manchester road
3314 Smith WilliamManchester roadhouse182, Manchester road
3315 Smith WilliamFieldheadhouse60, Fieldhead
3316 Smith WilliamClayton lanehouse6, Clayton lane
3317 Smith WilliamVilliers streethouse19, Villiers street
3318 Smith WilliamBroadbent streethouse34, Broadbent street
3319 Smith WilliamAshley streethouse72, Ashley street
3320 Smith WilliamEarl streethouse101, Earl street
3321 Smithies JohnNorcroft browhouse7, Norcroft brow
3322 Smithies JohnMilton streethouse14, Milton street
3323 Smithson JohnManchester roadhouse498, Manchester road
3324 Smorley CharlesAbram gatehouse33, Abram gate
3325 Snowden George RussellCrampton streethouse3, Crampton street
3326 Snowden JamesLittle Hortonhouse824, Little Horton
3327 Sonnanthall IsidorClaremonthouse15, Claremont
3328 Soothill JosephOsborne streethouse4, Osborne street
3329 Southwell JosephNewall streethouse1, Newall street
3330 Sowden DavidAshgrovehouse66, Villiers street
3331 Sowden IsaacLittle Hortonhouse & shop540, Little Horton
3332 Sowden JobMilne streethouse5, Milne street
3333 Sowden JohnSt. James's squarehouse21, St. James's square
3334 Sowden MilesEarl streethouse52, Earl street
3335 Sowden WilliamSterling streethouse12, Sterling street
3336 Speed JosephManchester roadhouse211, Manchester road
3337 Speight AlfredCollege roadhouse81, College road
3338 Speight EdwardThornton lanehouseThornton lane
3339 Speight JamesAllertonwarehouseChapel lane
3340 Speight JohnEuston crescenthouse133, Euston crescent
3341 Speight JonasRichmond roadhouse39, Richmond road
3342 Speight WilliamTumbling hill streethouse44, Tumbling hill street
3343 Spence ThomasClarence streethouse5, Clarence street
3344 Spence WilliamBradfordmillChapel lane
3345 Spencer GeorgeBramley streethouse131, Bramley street
3346 Spencer IsaacPark lanehouse77, Park lane
3347 Spencer JamesSterling streethouse38, Sterling street
3348 Spencer JamesTumbling hill streethouse34, Tumbling hill street
3349 Spencer JohnBright streethouse12, Bright street
3350 Spencer JohnManchester roadhouse218, Manchester road
3351 Spencer JoshuaSterling streethouse51, Sterling street
3352 Spencer ThomasElizabeth streethouse3, Elizabeth street
3353 Spencer WilliamLumby streethouse45, Lumby street
3354 Spofford JohnKent streethouse66, Kent street
3355 Spurr DavidRupert streethouse32, Rupert street
3356 Spurr RichardMason streethouse1, Mason street
3357 Spurr ThomasClayton lanehouse28, Clayton lane
3358 Spurr WilliamFitzgerald streethouse111, Fitzgerald street
3359 Squire JohnForster streethouse6, Forster street
3360 Stables BenjaminCambridge streethouseCambridge street
successivehouse5, Little Horton green
3361 Stables WilliamEmma gatehouse2A, Emma gate
3362 Stafford BenjaminSterling streethouse135, Sterling street
3363 Stafford JamesCroft streethouse2, Croft street
3364 Stamp WilliamMoss streethouse2, Moss street
3365 Stan cliffe EdwardSterling streethouse66, Sterling street
3366 Stancliffe SharpSterling streethouse68, Sterling street
3367 Stancliffe William HenryManchester roadhouse119, Manchester road
3368 Standering RichardDenton streethouse24, Denton street
3369 Standering RobertParkinson streethouse20, Parkinson street
3370 Standing WilliamClarence streethouse2, Clarence street
3371 Stanfield CharlesEdmund streethouse30, Edmund street
3372 Stanley EdwinOsborne streethouse7, Osborne street
3373 Stansfield GeorgePrince streethouse6, Prince street
3374 Stansfield GeorgeHannah gatehouse36, Hannah gate
3375 Stansfield HartleyMarygatehouse5, Marygate
3376 Stansfield JamesSt. John streethouse19, Richmond road
successivehouse10, St. John street
3377 Stansfield JohnSawrey placehouse13, Sawrey place
3378 Stansfield JosephAbram gatehouse8, Abram gate
3379 Stansfield WilliamClifford streethouse39, Clifford street
3380 Stansfield WilliamPark roadhouse57, Park road
3381 Starkey SamuelManchester roadhouseFitzgerald street
successivehouseManchester road
3382 Starr ThomasPaisley streethousePaisley street
3383 Stead DavidManchester roadhouse107, Manchester road
3384 Stead JamesLittle Hortonhouse385, Little Horton
3385 Stead JamesBroadbent streethouse38, Broadbent street
3386 Stead JohnNelson streethouse15, Nelson street
3387 Stead JohnBerwick streethouse31, Berwick street
3388 Stead JohnAshgrovehouse44, Ashgrove
3389 Stead JonathanGower streethouse5, Gower street
3390 Stead JosephBerwick streethouseBerwick street
3391 Stead JosephCollege roadhouse59, College road
3392 Stead Joseph HitchenManchester roadhouse26, Manchester road
3393 Stead SamuelFitzgerald streethouse41, Fitzgerald street
3394 Stead SamuelEarl streethouse61, Earl street
3395 Stead ThomasHorton roadhouse & shop6, Horton road
3396 Stead ThomasManchester roadhouse241, Manchester road
3397 Stead WilliamLongside lanehouse44, Longside lane
3398 Stead WilliamFitzgerald streethouse33, Fitzgerald street
3399 Stead WilsonLittle Horton lanehouse51, Little Horton lane
3400 Steeg JohnManchester roadhouse122, Manchester road
3401 Steel GeorgeEarl streethouse127, Earl street
3402 Steel JamesEbor streethouse35, Ebor street
3403 Steel ThomasGower streethouse2, Gower street
3404 Steinthal BodoAshgrovehouse31, Ashgrove
3405 Stell MichaelAdelaide streetwarehouseAdelaide street
3406 Stellings ThomasGreaves streethouseGreaves street
3407 Stenson JohnAdelaide streethouse12, Adelaide street
3408 Stephenson AbrahamEarl streethouse74, Earl street
3409 Stephenson DavidManchester roadhouse424, Manchester road
3410 Stephenson JamesGower streethouse30, Gower street
3411 Stephenson JamesManchester roadhouse446, Manchester road
3412 Stephenson JohnSpring placehouse21, Spring place
3413 Stephenson JohnBramley streethouse15, Bramley street
3414 Stephenson JosephJesse streethouse16, Jesse street
3415 Stephenson MosesHorton roadhouse14, Horton road
3416 Stephenson MosesBramley streethouse18, Bramley street
3417 Stephenson Reuben CalvertVilliers streethouse64, Villiers street
3418 Stephenson RichardVilliers streethouse70, Villiers street
3419 Stephenson SamuelGrafton streethouse82, Grafton street
3420 Stephenson ThomasAshgrovehouse4, Ashgrove
3421 Stephenson WilliamSmith rowhouse4, Smith row
3422 Stevenson AllanManchester roadhouse57, Manchester road
3423 Stewart AlexanderLongside lanehouse51, Longside lane
3424 Stewart EdwardBroadbent streethouse18, Broadbent street
3425 Stewart GeorgeClarence streethouse20, Clarence street
3426 Stirk GeorgeManchester roadhouse152, Manchester road
3427 Stirk JamesSharpe streethouse8, Sharpe street
3428 Stirk ThomasLower Thomas streethouse21, Lower Thomas street
3429 Stirrup JohnAbram gatehouse31, Abram gate
3430 Stobbards WilliamFranklin streethouse12, Franklin street
3431 Stockdale GeorgeEarl streethouse36, Earl street
3432 Stockdale JamesParkinson streethouse11, Parkinson street
3433 Stockdale JohnPaisley streethousePaisley street
3434 Stockdale WilliamSterling streethouse10, Sterling street
3435 Stocks JamesManchester roadhouse420, Manchester road
3436 Stocks HenryTrinity terracehouse13, Trinity terrace
3437 Stocks JosephPark lanehouse99, Park lane
3438 Stocks SimeonManchester roadhouse470, Manchester road
3439 Stokes RobertSt. James's squarehouse10, St. James's square
3440 Stolworthy Charles StoreyCrowther streethouse & shop74 & 76, Crowther street
3441 Stoner DavidSterling streethouse19, Sterling street
3442 Stoner JamesRupert streethouse34, Rupert street
3443 Stoney GeorgeBower streethouse9, Bower street
3444 Storey JamesSt. George's placehouse42, St. George's place
3445 Storey AbrahamLongside lanehouse50, Longside lane
3446 Storey JamesNorton gatehouse10, Norton gate
3447 Storey JohnPrince streethouse2, Prince street
3448 Storey WilliamHope streethouse52, Hope street
3449 Storey WilliamPaisley streethousePaisley street
3450 Stott CharlesPark lanehouse80, Park lane
successivehouse712, Marsh place, Bowling
3451 Stott DavidGrafton streethouseBroadbent street
successivehouse109, Grafton street
3452 Stott EdwardLumby streethouse19, Lumby street
3453 Stott EliVilliers streethouse47, Villiers street
3454 Stott HenryJonas gatehouse3, Jonas gate
3455 Stott JamesJonas gatehouse48, Jonas gate
3456 Stott James WhiteleyCrowther streethouse & shop1, Crowther street
3457 Stott JosephManchester roadhouse362, Manchester road
3458 Stott JosephKaye streethouse8, Kaye street
3459 Stott PhilemonBerwick streethouse107, Berwick street
3460 Stott ThomasBerwick streethouse46, Berwick street
3461 Stowell ChristopherLittle Horton greenhouse & land46, Little Horton green
3462 Stowell HenryManchester roadhouse430, Manchester road
3463 Stowell SamuelManchester roadhouse506, Manchester road
3464 Stowell SquireHorton greenhouse46, Horton green
3465 Stringer JamesCleveland streethouse12, Cleveland street
3466 Strong WilliamMilne streethouse7, Milne street
3467 Stubbs JosephLady lanehouse11, Lady lane
3468 Sturgeon WilliamVulcan streethouse7, Vulcan street
3469 Suddards JamesTumbling hill streethouse61, Tumbling hill street
3470 Sugden BenjaminLittle Hortonhouse438, Little Horton
3471 Sugden DavidThornton lanehouseThornton lane
3472 Sugden EdwardFitzgerald streethouse162, Fitzgerald street
3473 Sugden JohnAshgrovehouse10, Ashgrove
3474 Sugden JohnSmith streethouse18, Smith street
3475 Sugden JohnLittle Horton lanehouse657, Little Horton lane
3476 Sugden JohnAshley streethouse78, Ashley street
3477 Sugden JonasRoyd streethouseRoyd street
3478 Sugden Joseph DawsonHoward streethouse3, Howard street
3479 Sugden MichaelBright streethouse39, Bright street
3480 Sugden MosesManchester roadhouse189, Manchester road
3481 Sugden NathanielLittle Hortonhouse393, Little Horton
3482 Sugden OatesLittle Horton greenhouse57, Little Horton green
3483 Sugden RobertManchester roadhouse198, Manchester road
3484 Sugden ThomasSt. James's streethouse6, St. James's street
3485 Sugden WilliamAshley streethouse78, Ashley street
3486 Sugden WilliamMarshall streethouse27, Marshall street
3487 Sugden WilliamForster streethouse7, Forster street
3488 Sugden WilliamWilliam streethouse26, William street
3489 Summerley WilliamClarence streethouse4, Clarence street
3490 Summers HughKent streethouse8, Kent street
3491 Summers ThomasLittle Hortonhouse812, Little Horton
3492 Summersgill JesseSouthfield lanehouse3, Southfield lane
3493 Summersgill JohnSouthfield lanehouse68, Southfield lane
3494 Summersgill JosephFitzgerald streethouse10, Fitzgerald street
3495 Summersgill NathanSouthfield lanehouse7, Southfield lane
3496 Summersgill WilliamLittle Horton lanehouseLittle Horton
3497 Sunderland AlfredCromwell streethouse11, Cromwell street
3498 Sunderland JohnLower Thomas streethouse16, Lower Thomas street
3499 Sunderland JohnSterling streethouse133, Sterling street
3500 Sunderland ThomasCross streethouse15, Cross street
3501 Sunderland WilliamDavid streethouse52, David street
3502 Sunderland WilsonManchester roadhouse264, Manchester road
3503 Sunter SmithJonas gatehouse46, Jonas gate
3504 Sutcliffe AlfredSmith streethouse90, Smith street
3505 Sutcliffe CalebCobden streethouse12, Cobden street
3506 Sutcliffe CharlesHolme top streethouse47, Holme top street
3507 Sutcliffe Edward HarrisonLittle Horton lanehouse335, Little Horton lane
3508 Sutcliffe EphraimTumbling hill streethouse49, Tumbling hill street
3509 Sutcliffe GeorgeManchester roadhouse548, Manchester road
3510 Sutcliffe HarrisonEarl streethouse89, Earl street
3511 Sutcliffe IsaacBramley streethouse259, Park lane
successivehouseBramley street
3512 Sutcliffe JohnHolme top streethouse49, Holme top street
successivehouse9, Morpeth street
3513 Sutcliffe JohnTumbling hill streethouse135, Tumbling hill street
3514 Sutcliffe RobertPark lanehouse2, Bath street
successivehousePark lane
3515 Sutcliffe ThomasMorpeth streethouse40, Morpeth street
3516 Sutcliffe WilliamLittle Horton lanehouse786, Little Horton lane
3517 Sutcliffe WilliamSterling streethouse23, Sterling street
3518 Sutcliffe WilliamKaye streethouse20, Kaye street
3519 Sutcliffe WilliamFitzgerald streethouse19, Fitzgerald street
3520 Sutcliffe WilliamSouthfield lanehouse80, Southfield lane
3521 Sutcliffe WilliamNorcroft browhouse3, Norcroft brow
3522 Sutcliffe WilliamPreston placehouse63, Preston place
3523 Sutcliffe William RichardVilliers streethouse48, Villiers street
3524 Swailes ElijahFitzgerald streethouse87, Fitzgerald street
3525 Swaine Absalom RawnsleySt. John's streethouse2, St. John's street
3526 Swaine GeorgeClarence streethouse9, Clarence street
3527 Swaine IsaacEbor streethouse28, Ebor street
3528 Swaine IshmaelCrampton streethouse9, Crampton street
3529 Swaine JohnManchester roadhouse442, Manchester road
3530 Swaine JonathanManchester roadhouse512, Manchester road
3531 Swaine SamuelBramley streethouse133, Bramley street
3532 Swaine WilliamAycliffe lanehouse17, Aycliffe lane
3533 Sweeney PatrickFitzgerald streethouse97, Fitzgerald street
3534 Swift GeorgeCobden streethouse6, Cobden street
3535 Swift GeorgeBower streethouse44, Bower street
3536 Swift SamuelPreston streethouse65, Preston street
3537 Swithenbank AlfredCaledonia streethouse53, Caledonia street
3538 Swithenbank JamesBerwick streethouse95, Berwick street
3539 Swithenbank JohnManchester roadhouse153, Manchester road
3540 Swithenbank JohnPreston streethouse83, Preston street
3541 Swithenbank John WalkerEarl streethouse11, Earl street
3542 Sykes AtkinsonMorpeth streethouse28, Morpeth street
3543 Sykes Henry EdwinLittle Horton lanehouseLittle Horton lane
3544 Sykes JohnSmith streethouse76, Smith street
3545 Sykes SamuelBowlingwarehouseNelson street
3546 Sykes ThomasPark roadhouse76, Park road
3547 Sykes WilliamSmith streethouse78, Smith street

Transcribed by Colin Hinson © 2014
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