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BRADFORD: Bradford Parliamentary Register 1869, LITTLE HORTON WARD, surnames T-Z.


LITTLE HORTON WARD, 1869, surnames T-Z.
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
3548 Tallant MichaelAdelaide streethouse30, Adelaide street
3549 Tallant JohnClifford streethouse33, Clifford street
3550 Tankard JohnManchester roadhouse296, Manchester road
3551 Tankard JonathanBerwick streethouse47, Berwick street
3552 Tankard JosephEbor streethouse17, Ebor street
3553 Taplin George WilliamMelbourne terracehouse2, Melbourne terrace
3554 Tarbottom JohnTumbling hill streethouse55, Tumbling hill street
3555 Tarbottom WilliamRichmond roadhouse19, Richmond road
3556 Tarbutton JamesHorton greenhouse97, Grafton street
successivehouseHorton green
3557 Tate ArthurOsborne streethouse17, Osborne street
3558 Tate WilliamKent streethouse4, Kent street
3559 Tattersall WilliamNeal streethouse13, Neal street
3560 Taylor DavidManchester roadhouse & shop248, Manchester road
3561 Taylor HenryJesse streethouse36, Jesse street
3562 Taylor JamesChapel lanehouseChapel lane
3563 Taylor JohnBottomley streethouse8, Bottomley street
3564 Taylor JohnGrove terracehouse15, Grove terrace
3565 Taylor JohnHenry streethouse13, Henry street
3566 Taylor JonasManchester roadhouse242, Manchester road
3567 Taylor JosephRupert streethouse62, Rupert street
3568 Taylor JosephBrewery lanehouse3, Brewery lane
3569 Taylor JosephFarside greenhouse18, Farside green
3570 Taylor JosephMilne streethouse1, Milne street
3571 Taylor JosephHope streethouse72, Fitzgerald street
successivehouseHope street
3572 Taylor ThomasAshley streethouse28, Ashley street
3573 Taylor ThomasCrampton streethouse32, Crampton street
3574 Taylor ThomasHortonwarehouseNelson street
3575 Taylor WalkerHolme top streethouse70, Holme top street
3576 Taylor WilliamAdelaide streethouse25A, Adelaide street
3577 Taylor WilliamAshley streethouse43, Ashley street
3578 Taylor WilliamPark lanehouse34, Park lane
3579 Taylor WilliamBower streethouse55, Bower street
3580 Taylor WilliamBright streethouse58, Bright street
3581 Taylor WilliamLittle Horton lanehouse649, Little Horton lane
3582 Teale WilliamLittle Hortonhouse718, Little Horton
3583 Tearn WilliamManchester roadhouse208, Manchester road
3584 Tempest BenjaminLittle Hortonhouse679, Little Horton
3585 Tempest EdwinClifford streethouse16, Clifford street
3586 Tempest JamesLittle Hortonhouse790, Little Horton
3587 Tempest JohnCollege roadhouse8, College road
3588 Tempest JohnLittle Horton greenhouse42, Little Horton green
3589 Tempest JosephAycliffe lanehouse7, Aycliffe lane
3590 Tempest RobertNorton gatehouse11, Norton gate
3591 Tempest WilliamShearbridgehouse123, Shearbridge
3592 Tennant DavidMary gatehouse9, Mary gate
3593 Tennant JamesClifford streethouse3, Clifford street
3594 Tennett ThomasMilton streethouse & shop38, Milton street
3595 Terry JamesLower Thomas streethouse14, Lower Thomas street
3596 Terry JohnManchester roadhouse530, Manchester road
3597 Terry JohnMary gatehouse29, Mary gate
3598 Terry JosephHorton roadhouse26, Horton road
3599 Terry WilliamClarence streethouse7, Clarence street
3600 Terry WilliamManchester roadhouse564, Manchester road
3601 Tetley AlfredSkinner streethouseSkinner street
3602 Tetley BenjaminChapel greenhouse49, Chapel green
3603 Tetley JohnEarl streethouse106, Earl street
3604 Tetley RichardWestbrook placehouse9, Westbrook place
3605 Thackwray EmanuelEarl streethouse29, Earl street
3606 Thackwray JamesLittle Horton lanehouse43, Little Horton lane
3607 Thackwray JohnRupert streethouse16, Rupert street
3608 Thackwray MajorKent streethouse44, Kent street
3609 Thewlis EdwardBramley streethouse47, Bramley street
3610 Thewlis SteenieLittle Horton lanehouse860, Little Horton lane
3611 Thirkhill HenryUpper Back William streethouseUpper Back William street
3612 Thistlewaite JohnClifford streethouse40, Clifford street
3613 Tholey DavidKent streethouse48, Kent street
3614 Thomas JohnKent streethouse5, Kent street
3615 Thomas RichardBright streethouse41, Bright street
3616 Thompson GeorgeMorpeth streethouse23, Morpeth street
3617 Thompson HiramGrafton streethouse36, Grafton street
3618 Thompson JamesPark roadhouse47, Park road
3619 Thompson JamesFitzgerald streethouse64, Fitzgerald street
3620 Thompson JamesLongside lanehouse38, Longside lane
3621 Thompson JamesMelbourne placehouse13, Melbourne place
3622 Thompson JamesManchester roadshop54, Manchester road
3623 Thompson JohnHolme top streethouse5, Holme top street
3624 Thompson JohnHope streethouse21, Hope street
3625 Thompson JohnTumbling hill streethouse67, Tumbling hill street
3626 Thompson JohnAshfieldhouseAshfield
3627 Thompson John HunterElizabeth streethouse29, Elizabeth street
3628 Thompson JosephGrafton streethouse55, Grafton street
3629 Thompson Matthew WilliamGuiseleybrewhouseHorton road
3630 Thompson RobertEuston crescenthouse129, Euston crescent
3631 Thompson ThomasEarl streethouse3, Earl street
3632 Thompson WilliamCrampton streethouse12, Crampton street
3633 Thompson WilliamPaisley streethouse44, Paisley street
3634 Thompson WilliamHorton villahouseHorton villa
3635 Thorn BenjaminFitzgerald streethouse125, Fitzgerald street
3636 Thorn JohnBower streethouse48, Bower street
3637 Thornbeck ThomasHope streethouse32, Hope street
successivehouse47, Hope street
3638 Thorns ThomasSterling streethouse34, Sterling street
3639 Thornton EzraLittle Hortonhouse377, Little Horton
3640 Thornton GeorgeAycliffe lanehouse10, Aycliffe lane
3641 Thornton HenryTumbling hill streethouse125, Tumbling hill street
3642 Thornton HenryPark lanehouse118, Park lane
3643 Thornton HezekiahManchester roadhouse & shop244, Manchester road
3644 Thornton JamesSouthfield lanehouse58, Southfield lane
3645 Thornton JohnLower Thomas streethouse16, Lower Thomas street
3646 Thornton JohnManchester roadhouse195, Manchester road
3647 Thornton JohnEarl streethouse123, Earl street
3648 Thornton JohnSmith streethouse18, Smith street
3649 Thornton JohnHorton roadhouse46, Horton road
3650 Thornton MatthewJacob streethouse100, Jacob street
3651 Thornton SamuelClarence streethouse5, Clarence street
3652 Thornton SimeonFranklin streethouse23, Franklin street
3653 Thornton WilliamSkinner streethouseSkinner street
3654 Thornton WilliamManchester roadhouse215, Manchester road
3655 Thornton William HenryHannah gatehouse29, Hannah gate
3656 Thorp GeorgeHoward streethouse22, Howard street
3657 Thorp GeorgeLumby streethouse39, Lumby street
3658 Thorpe Thomas EdwardMarshall streethouseMarshall street
3659 Thresh BenjaminLittle Horton lanehouse758, Little Horton lane
3660 Thresh GeorgePaisley streethouse14, Paisley street
3661 Thresh JamesManchester roadhouse24, Manchester road
3662 Throp GeorgeClayton lanehouse15, Clayton lane
3663 Throp JohnCaledonia streethouse33, Caledonia street
3664 Throp JonasClarence streethouse19, Clarence street
3665 Throp JosephBower streethouse38, Bower street
3666 Thwaites GeorgeLower Bramley streethouse2, Lower Bramley street
3667 Thwaites RobinsonHorton roadhouse48, Horton road
3668 Tindall CharlesCaledonia streethouse17, Caledonia street
3669 Tindall JamesEbor streethouse61, Ebor street
3670 Tidswell ThomasLittle Hortonhouse635, Little Horton
3671 Tildersley JamesLower Thomas streethouse42, Lower Thomas street
3672 Tildesley JosephJonas gatehouse39, Jonas gate
3673 Tilley JamesElizabeth streethouse27, Elizabeth street
3674 Tillotson John TuralLongside lanehouse47, Longside lane
3675 Tillotson JosephBower streethouse66, Bower street
3676 Todd James MitchellCollege roadhouse59, College road
3677 Todd JohnEbor streethouse29, Ebor street
3678 Todd JonathanHorton roadhouse54, Horton road
3679 Todd MatthewHorton roadhouse60, Horton road
3680 Todd WilliamPark lanehouse138, Park lane
3681 Tolson RichardPreston streethouse77, Preston street
3682 Tomlinson AlfredHannah gatehouse46, Hannah gate
3683 Tomlinson JohnManchester roadhouse364, Manchester road
3684 Tomlinson WilliamDuncan streethouse54, Duncan street
3685 Toney BernardAdelaide streethouse26, Adelaide street
3686 Topham AaronCromwell streethouse2, Cromwell street
3687 Topham DavidNorcroft browhouse19, Norcroft brow
3688 Topham FrederickLaisteridge lanehouse8, Laisteridge lane
3689 Topham HenryTopham streethouse13, Topham street
3690 Topham JamesTopham streethouse3, Topham street
3691 Topham MosesClaremont terracehouse5, Claremont terrace
3692 Topham ThomasLower Thomas streethouse10, Lower Thomas street
3693 Topham ThomasLaisteridge lanehouse10, Laisteridge lane
3694 Tordoff JamesAshley streethouse50, Ashley street
3695 Tordoff WilliamAbram gatehouse10, Abram gate
3696 Torrance JamesManchester roadhouse105, Manchester road
3697 Town BenjaminManchester roadhouse41, Manchester road
3698 Town JosephAshley streethouse34, Ashley street
3699 Townend AlfredMilne streethouse4, Milne street
3700 Townend BenjaminChapel greenhouse33, Chapel green
3701 Townend HenryCrampton streethouse22, Crampton street
3702 Townend RobertCroft streethouse9, Croft street
3703 Townend RichardLower Back William streethouse1, Lower Back William street
3704 Townend RichardBeldon hillshop10, Manchester road
3705 Townend WalterHampton placehouse33, Hampton place
3706 Townend WilliamManchester roadhouse168, Manchester road
3707 Townsend SamuelElizabeth streethouse8, Elizabeth street
3708 Townsley ThomasHarrington streethouse26, Harrington street
3709 Trafford ThomasSt. James's squarehouse9, St. James's square
3710 Trees JamesLittle Horton lanehouse416, Little Horton lane
3711 Trees WilliamBower streethouse8, Bower street
3712 Trickery RobertBerwick streethouse30, Berwick street
3713 Trickett WilliamSterling streethouse75, Sterling street
3714 Troughton RichardCrowther courthouse8, Crowther court
3715 Trueman JosephHope streethouse33, Hope street
3716 Tuck Rev. RobertSt. Andrew's placehouse32, St. Andrew's place
3717 Turner CharlesSpring placehouse10, Spring place
3718 Turner GeorgeLittle Horton lanehouse60, Little Horton lane
3719 Turner JamesLumby streethouse26, Lumby street
3720 Turner JamesSawrey placehouse7, Sawrey place
3721 Turner JohnSterling streethouse33, Sterling street
3722 Turner JohnManchester roadhouse378, Manchester road
3723 Turner JosephTelford streethouse18, Telford street
3724 Turner RichardMilne streethouse11, Milne street
3725 Turner ThomasPark roadhouse53, Park road
3726 Turner William WilsonTelford streethouse14, Telford street
3727 Turnpenny SamuelClarence streethouse22, Clarence street
3728 Turnpenny WatsonDavid streethouse50, David street
3729 Turnpenny JohnClarence streethouse36, Clarence street
3730 Turton JohnFitzgerald streethouse101, Fitzgerald street
3731 Turton WilliamCarlton placehouse5, Carlton place
3732 Turvey GeorgeBright streethouse54, Bright street
3733 Twier PatrickVulcan streethouse11, Vulcan street
3734 Twilton JohnOsborne streethouse15, Osborne street
3735 Tyman JohnNelson courthouse42, Nelson court
3736 Tyne StephenManchester roadhouse49, Manchester road
3737 Tyne WilliamVilliers streethouse13, Villiers street

LITTLE HORTON WARD, 1869, surnames beginning with the letter U
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
3738 Umpleby ThomasLumby streethouse37, Lumby street
3739 Underwood FrederickManchester roadhouse344, Manchester road
3740 Underwood IsaacHorton roadhouse23, Horton road
3741 Unna Charles FrederickAshgrovehouse15, Ashgrove
3742 Unwin DavidPortland streethouse64, Portland street
3743 Unwin JosephAbram gatehouse30, Abram gate
3744 Unwin JosephMary gatehouse6, Prince street
successivehouse35, Mary gate
3745 Utler WilliamPortland streethouse60, Portland street
3746 Utley JohnManchester roadhouse253, Manchester road

LITTLE HORTON WARD, 1869, surnames beginning with the letter V
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
3747 Varey BenjaminGrafton streethouse109, Grafton street
3748 Varey GeorgeEbor streethouse24, Ebor street
3749 Varley JesseEarl streethouse85, Earl street
3750 Varley JohnSterling streethouse17, Sterling street
3751 Varley JohnGrafton streethouse137, Grafton street
3752 Varley JohnPark roadhouse17, Park road
3753 Varley RichardHannah gatehouse34, Hannah gate
3754 Varley ThomasSkinner streethouse54, Skinner street
3755 Varley ThomasSterling streethouse123, Sterling street
3756 Varley WilliamArundel streethouse3, Arundel street
3757 Varlow MarkTumbling hill streethouse48, Tumbling hill street
3758 Vaughan DavidGower streethouse15, Gower street
3759 Vautrey BenjaminCobden streethouse31, Cobden street
3760 Verity AbrahamManchester roadhouse320, Manchester road
3761 Verity JohnManchester roadhouse47, Manchester road
3762 Verity JosephHolme top lanehouse17, Holme top lane
3763 Verity SamuelSmith streethouse28, Smith street
3764 Verity WilliamGower streethouse49, Gower street
3765 Verr JosephTumbling hill streethouse38, Tumbling hill street
3766 Vickerman JohnAshgrovehouse18, Ashgrove
3767 Vickers ThomasPrince streethouse29, Prince street
3768 Virgo CharlesFitzgerald streethouse148, Fitzgerald street
3769 Virr WilliamLady lanehouse21, Lady lane
3770 Vitty GeorgeOsborne streethouse111, Osborne street
3771 Vitty ThomasMarshall streethouse34, Marshall street

LITTLE HORTON WARD, 1869, surnames beginning with the letter W
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
3772 Waddington AbrahamSmith rowhouse8, Smith row
3773 Waddington JohnPark lanehouse213, Park lane
3774 Waddington MartinShearbridgehouse6, Sterling street
3775 Waddington MatthewManchester roadshop336, Manchester road
successiveshop7, Manchester road
3776 Waddington ThomasBerwick streethouse20, Berwick street
3777 Waddington WilliamChapel greenhouse30, Chapel green
3778 Waddington WilliamSterling streethouse78, Sterling street
3779 Waddington WilliamWestbrook terracehouse2, Westbrook terrace
3780 Waddington WilliamEbor streethouse18, Ebor street
3781 Waddington WilliamFarside greenhouse11, Farside green
3782 Waddington William HenryFitzgerald streethouse136, Fitzgerald street
3783 Wade JosephParkinson streethouse3, Parkinson street
3784 Wade Thomas WilliamCrowther streethouse45, Crowther street
3785 Wadsworth CharlesManchester roadhouse319, Manchester road
3786 Wadsworth GeorgeMorpeth streethouse20, Morpeth street
3787 Wadsworth ThomasCleveland streethouse18, Cleveland street
3788 Wadsworth WilliamWilliam streethouse7, William street
3789 Wainhouse SamuelRichmond roadhouse23, Richmond road
3790 Wainwright HarrisonHope streethouse58, Hope street
3791 Wainwright JohnShearbridgehouse105, Shearbridge
3792 Wainwright SamuelCollege roadhouse61, College road
3793 Waite JohnCromwell streethouse6, Cromwell street
3794 Waite JosephHope streethouse31, Hope street
3795 Walker AbrahamClarence streethouse17, Clarence street
3796 Walker AlexanderPark roadhouse59, Park road
3797 Walker BarlowManchester roadhouse & shop202, Manchester road
3798 Walker BenjaminCrowther streethouse44, Crowther street
3799 Walker George HenryMilton streethouse15, Milton street
3800 Walker HenrySkinner streethouseSkinner street
3801 Walker JamesGrafton streethouse45, Grafton street
3802 Walker JohnPark roadhouse6, Park road
3803 Walker JohnLansdowne placehouse4, Lansdowne place
3804 Walker JohnZetland placehouse12, Zetland place
3805 Walker JosephClarence streethouse4, Clarence street
3806 Walker JosephAycliffe lanehouse12, Aycliffe lane
3807 Walker LouisDenton streethouse22, Denton street
3808 Walker PeterHorton roadhouse11, Horton road
3809 Walker RichardAbram gatehouse13, Abram gate
3810 Walker SamuelZetland placehouse8, Zetland place
3811 Walker WilliamSterling streethouse50, Sterling street
3812 Walker WilliamLumby streethouse9, Lumby street
3813 Walkington JohnManchester roadhouse & shop276, Manchester road
3814 Wall ErnestTrinity terracehouse5, Trinity terrace
3815 Wallace ElijahBower streethouse45, Bower street
3816 Wallace JohnPark lanehouse66, Park lane
3817 Wallace JohnLittle Horton lanehouse299, Little Horton lane
3818 Walmsley BeniahManchester roadhouse138, Manchester road
3819 Walmsley IsaacCollege roadhouse14, College road
3820 Walmsley RobertWickham streethouse9, Wickham street
3821 Walmsley Samuel BairstowClaremonthouse14, Claremont
3822 Walmsley ThomasClarence streethouse20, Clarence street
3823 Walpole WilliamTudor streethouseTudor street
3824 Walsh MichaelClifford streethouse112, Clifford street
3825 Walsh RichardCrowther courthouse3, Crowther court
3826 Walsh RobertAdelaide streethouse51, Adelaide street
3827 Walsh SamuelPark roadhouse55, Park road
3828 Walsh ThomasAbram gatehouse35, Abram gate
3829 Walsh WalterVulcan streethouse21, Vulcan street
3830 Walshaw JamesBerwick streethouse18, Berwick street
successivehouse11, Nelson street
3831 Walters JosephPaisley streethouse31, Paisley street
3832 Walters WilliamBower streethouse61, Bower street
3833 Walters WilliamManchester roadhouse275, Manchester road
3834 Walton AsherHolme top streethouseHolme top street
3835 Walton ElijahOsborne streethouse27, Osborne street
3836 Walton GeorgeBeehive mill yardhouseBeehive mill yard
3837 Walton GeorgeMorpeth streethouse56, Morpeth street
3838 Walton GeorgeLittle Horton lanehouse33, Little Horton lane
3839 Walton George JamesEbor streethouse14, Ebor street
3840 Walton HenryBeehive millshouseBeehive mills
3841 Walton JeremiahCavendish streethouse10, Cavendish street
3842 Walton JohnCobden streethouse54, Cobden street
3843 Walton JoshuaCleveland streethouse7, Cleveland street
3844 Walton JoshuaManchester roadhouse368, Manchester road
3845 Walton MatthewBerwick streethouseBerwick street
3846 Walton NathanielSmith streethouse70, Smith street
3847 Walton Payne SmithLumby streethouse14, Lumby street
3848 Walton RobertManchester roadhouse & shop332, Manchester road
3849 Walwork JamesManchester roadhouse160, Manchester road
3850 Walworth JamesMilne streetwarehouseMilne street
3851 Warburton JosephHarrington streethouse22, Harrington street
3852 Warburton WilliamTumbling hill streethouse93, Tumbling hill street
3853 Ward AlfredWestbrookhouseWestbrook
3854 Ward HenryWestbrookhouseWestbrook
3855 Ward JohnDuncan streethouse93, Duncan street
3856 Ward JohnHoward streethouse31, Howard street
3857 Ward JosephLittle Horton lanehouse289, Little Horton lane
3858 Ward JonathanLittle Hortonhouse281, Little Horton
3859 Ward MichaelMilton streethouse36, Milton street
3860 Ward SamsonGrafton streethouse121, Grafton street
3861 Wardle CharlesChapel greenhouseChapel green
3862 Wardman EdwardChapel greenhouse2, Chapel green
3863 Wardman HenryMarshall streethouse45, Marshall street
3864 Wardman JohnThornton lanehouseThornton lane
3865 Wardman JohnCleveland streethouse24, Cleveland street
3866 Wardman JosephLittle Horton lanehouse762, Little Horton lane
3867 Wardman RichardSouthfield lanehouse33, Southfield lane
3868 Wardman WilliamMaltkiln foldhouse3, Maltkiln fold
3869 Wardsworth Joshua TaylorSt. Andrew's placehouseSt. Andrew's place
3870 Waring JosephManchester roadhouse59, Manchester road
3871 Waring PatrickSterling streethouse90, Sterling street
3872 Warmby Henry BoothAlbert placehouse4, Albert place
3873 Waterhouse SamuelCaledonia streethouse4, Caledonia street
3874 Waterworth HenryLittle Horton lanehouse464, Little Horton lane
3875 Watmough JohnAshgrovehouse22, Howard street
3876 Watson CharlesFitzgerald streethouse130, Fitzgerald street
3877 Watson EphraimRoyd streethouseRoyd street
3878 Watson GeorgeMilton streethouse26, Milton street
3879 Watson HenryPaisley streethouse28, Paisley street
3880 Watson HenryAdelaide streethouse2, Adelaide street
3881 Watson JacobPark lanehouse135, Park lane
3882 Watson JamesCrampton streethouse13, Crampton street
3883 Watson JohnLittle Horton lanehouse454, Little Horton lane
3884 Watson JosephAbram gatehouse25, Abram gate
3885 Watson JoshuaCavendish streethouse8, Cavendish street
3886 Watson RichardPreston streethouse35, Preston street
3887 Watson RichardWestbrook Cottageshouse10, Westbrook Cottages
3888 Watson SamuelHolme top lanehouse39, Holme top lane
3889 Watson SimeonEarl streethouse76, Earl street
3890 Watson ThomasPreston streethouse69, Preston street
3891 Watson WilliamJacob streethouse3, Jacob street
3892 Watson WilliamPaisley streethousePaisley street
3893 Watson WilliamTrinity terracehouse1, Trinity terrace
3894 Watson William SamsonManchester roadhouse56, Manchester road
successivehouse68, Hope street
3895 Watts RichardBright streethouse62, Bright street
3896 Waud George MotleyManninghammillPortland street
3897 Waud Joseph EdwardRawdonmillPortland street
3898 Waud WilliamLittle Horton lanehouse62, Little Horton lane
3899 Waugh JohnBright streethouse38, Bright street
3900 Way JamesJesse streethouse34, Jesse street
3901 Wear SamuelFranklin streethouse17, Franklin street
3902 Weatherill WilliamCollege roadhouse67, College road
3903 Webster AlbertEarl streethouse113, Earl street
3904 Webster HenryTumbling hill streethouse99, Tumbling hill street
3905 Webster JamesBowling Old lanehouse2, Bowling Old lane
3906 Webster JohnOsborne streethouse25, St. Andrew's villas
successivehouseOsborne street
3907 Webster RobertHoward streethouse18, Howard street
3908 Webster SamuelAshfield placehouse7, Ashfield place
3909 Webster SamuelSterling streethouse39, Sterling street
3910 Webster WilliamGrove terracehouse25, Grove terrace
3911 Webster WilliamBower streethouse1, Bower street
3912 Wechmar WilliamClaremonthouse13, Claremont
3913 Wegener GeorgeHoward streethouse23, Howard street
3914 Wellock BenjaminBerwick streethouse52, Berwick street
3915 Wells IsaacHorton roadhouse24, Horton road
3916 Wells JacobBramley streethouse23, Bramley street
3917 Wells JohnMoss streethouse12, Moss street
3918 West John B.Fitzgerald streethouse150, Fitzgerald street
3919 West JohnCrampton streethouse14, Crampton street
3920 West ThomasJohn gatehouse2, John gate
3921 Western JosephCleveland streethouse5, Bramley street
successivehouseCleveland street
3922 Whalley Dr. WilliamLittle Horton lanehouse77, Little Horton lane
3923 Whalley CuthbertHannah gatehouse118, Croft street, Bradford
successivehouse3, Hannah gate, Horton
3924 Wharton ScottAshgrovehouse28, Ashgrove
3925 Wheater EzekielPark roadhouse50, Park road
3926 Wheatley JonasGrafton streethouse29, Grafton street
3927 Whitaker DavidBottomley streethouse4, Bottomley street
3928 Whitaker EdwinTelford streethouse22, Telford street
3929 Whitaker ElijahPark lanehouse142, Park lane
3930 Whitaker GeorgeMoss streethouse15, Moss street
3931 Whitaker JamesGrafton streethouse59, Grafton street
3932 Whitaker JamesBright streethouse49, Bright street
3933 Whitaker JamesGrafton streethouse112, Grafton street
3934 Whitaker JohnBack Jonas gatehouse7, Back Jonas gate
3935 Whitaker JohnKaye streethouse11, Kaye street
3936 Whitaker JohnFitzgerald streethouse37, Fitzgerald street
3937 Whitaker JosephBerwick streethouse38, Berwick street
3938 Whitaker KayeJacob streethouse29, Bright street
3939 Whitaker SimeonBright streethouse15, Bright street
3940 Whitaker ThomasManchester roadhouse399, Manchester road
3941 Whitaker WilliamLittle Horton greenhouse & land33, Little Horton green
3942 White AlbertPreston streethouse58, Preston street
3943 White ArthurGrafton streethouse123, Grafton street
3944 White CalebLittle Horton lanehouse49, Little Horton lane
3945 White Charles RhodesLady lanehouseLady lane
3946 White EzraSt. Andrew's placehouseSt. Andrew's place
3947 White JamesLittle Horton lanehouse397, Little Horton lane
3948 White JohnTumbling hill streethouse102, Tumbling hill street
3949 White Jonas R.St. James's squarehouse15, St. James's square
3950 White JosephVilliers streethouse55, Villiers street
3951 White JosephAshgrovehouse6, Ashgrove
3952 White JosephSouthfield lanehouse110, Southfield lane
3953 White LutherAllertonwarehouseFawcett court
3954 White RobertHannah gatehouse17, Hannah gate
3955 White Robert WilliamManchester roadhouse258, Manchester road
3956 White ThomasCobden streethouse38, Cobden street
3957 White WilkinsonTumbling hill streethouse22, Tumbling hill street
3958 White WilliamLittle Hortonhouse830, Little Horton
3959 White WilliamHayley's yardhouse35, Hayley's yard
3960 Whitfield CharlesFitzgerald streethouse113, Fitzgerald street
3961 Whitehead AbrahamSterling streethouse18, Sterling street
3962 Whitehead CoultasSkinner streethouseSkinner street
3963 Whitehead EdwardListerhills roadhouse72, Listerhills road
3964 Whitehead GeorgeTumbling hill streethouse9, Tumbling hill street
3965 Whitehead JamesBroadbent streethouseBroadbent street
3966 Whitehead JamesRupert streethouse92, Rupert street
3967 Whitehead JohnBright streethouse1, Bright street
3968 Whitehead JohnSmith streethouse20, Smith street
3969 Whitehead John RobinsonRupert streethouse90, Rupert street
3970 Whitehead JonathanLittle Horton greenhouse49, Little Horton green
3971 Whitehead JosephAshgrovehouse22, Ashgrove
3972 Whitehead RichardManchester roadhouse & shop328, Manchester road
3973 Whitehead SamuelManchester roadhouse348, Manchester road
3974 Whitehead WilliamAshgrovehouse7, Ashgrove
3975 Whiteley JamesEmma gatehouse2, Emma gate
3976 Whiteley John BarberLongside lanehouse & shop37, Longside lane
3977 Whiteley RichardPreston placehouse37, Preston street
3978 Whiteley ThomasParkinson streethouse23, Parkinson street
3979 Whitelock GeorgeAshley streethouse40, Ashley street
3980 Whitelock HenryEmma gatehouse5, Emma gate
3981 Whitelock WilliamAshley streethouse76, Ashley street
3982 Whitham CalebPortland streethouse76, Portland street
3983 Whitham JohnLower Thomas streethouse11, Lower Thomas street
3984 Whitley BatesBower streethouse24, Bower street
3985 Whitley JonasAllertonwarehouseChapel lane
3986 Whitley NathanAshgrovehouse24, Ashgrove
3987 Whitley RichardNelson courtwarehouseNelson street
3988 Whitley ThomasLower Bright streethouse1, Lower Bright street
3989 Whitley WilliamCleveland streethouse11, Cleveland street
3990 Whitley WilliamDenton courthouse14, Denton court
3991 Whitney HenryManchester roadshop20, Manchester road
3992 Whittaker EdwinFitzgerald streethouse3, Heaton street, Bradford
successivehouse89, Fitzgerald street
3993 Whittingham GeorgeMarshall streethouse38, Marshall street
3994 Whittle CharlesAlbert placehouse8, Albert place
3995 Whittle PeterClarence streethouse35, Clarence street
3996 Whittom IsaacLower Bramley streethouse10, Lower Bramley street
3997 Whittom JohnRichmond roadhouse31, Richmond road
3998 Whitwham WilliamHorton roadhouse22, Horton road
3999 Widdop JohnTumbling hill streethouse28, Tumbling hill street
4000 Widdop John HenryBower streethouseBower street
4001 Widdop SamuelNorcroft browhouse20, Norcroft brow
4002 Widdop WilliamCastle rowhouse7, Castle row
4003 Wiggins WilliamGower streethouse12, Gower street
4004 Wigglesworth SamuelWilliam streethouse24, William street
4005 Wigglesworth ThomasTumbling hill streethouse135, Tumbling hill street
4006 Wigglesworth WilliamGrafton streethouse64, Grafton street
4007 Wignall GeorgeGrafton streethouse7, Grafton street
4008 Wilby HenryBack Jonas gatehouse11, Back Jonas gate
4009 Wilcock JohnLittle Horton lanehouse24, Little Horton lane
4010 Wilcock JohnKent streethouse41, Kent street
4011 Wilcock JohnRussell streethouse5, Russell street
4012 Wilcock John WoodLittle Horton lanehouse151D, Little Horton lane
4013 Wilcock JosephEbor streethouse1, Ebor street
4014 Wilcock ThomasGrafton streethouse75, Grafton street
4015 Wild JohnClifford streethouse36, Clifford street
4016 Wild JohnEbor streethouse47, Ebor street
4017 Wild JohnEmma gatehouse8, Emma gate
4018 Wild JohnClifford streethouse90, Clifford street
4019 Wildman AbrahamKent streethouse54, Kent street
4020 Wildon RichardBramley streethouse61, Bramley street
4021 Wilkinson AaronManchester roadhouse428, Manchester road
4022 Wilkinson BenjaminPaisley streethouse40, Paisley street
4023 Wilkinson CharlesCrowther streethouse37, Crowther street
4024 Wilkinson CharlesMarshall streethouse26, Marshall street
4025 Wilkinson ChristopherWilliam streethouse13, William street
4026 Wilkinson CroftElizabeth streethouseLittle Horton
successivehouseElizabeth street
4027 Wilkinson EdwardCrowther streethouse5, Crowther street
4028 Wilkinson FrederickSmith streethouse56, Smith street
4029 Wilkinson JamesRoyd streethouse32, Royd street
4030 Wilkinson JamesSterling streethouse88, Sterling street
4031 Wilkinson JamesBerwick streethouse15, Berwick street
4032 Wilkinson JohnManchester roadhouse358, Manchester road
4033 Wilkinson JohnSouthfield lanehouse98, Southfield lane
4034 Wilkinson JohnLower Kent streethouse5, Lower Kent street
4035 Wilkinson JohnCroft streethouse65, Croft street
4036 Wilkinson JohnLittle Hortonhouse383, Little Horton
4037 Wilkinson JohnRupert streethouse50, Rupert street
4038 Wilkinson JohnBower streethouse2, Bower street
4039 Wilkinson JosephLittle Hortonhouse683, Little Horton
4040 Wilkinson JosephEarl streethouse129, Earl street
4041 Wilkinson MarkKent streethouse60, Kent street
4042 Wilkinson MatthewBerwick streethouse54, Berwick street
4043 Wilkinson RichardLongside lanehouse46, Longside lane
4044 Wilkinson RichardSmith rowhouse2, Smith row
4045 Wilkinson RobertGreaves streethouse24, Greaves street
4046 Wilkinson SamuelAycliffe lanehouse18, Aycliffe lane
4047 Wilkinson ThomasHolme top lanehouse31, Holme top lane
4048 Wilkinson ThomasTudor streethouse21, Tudor street
4049 Wilkinson ThomasBerwick streethouse109, Berwick street
4050 Wilkinson TimothySpring placehouse17, Spring place
4051 Wilkinson WilliamManchester roadhouse377, Manchester road
4052 Wilkinson WilliamJesse streethouse24, Jesse street
4053 Wilkinson WilliamGiles streethouse4, Giles street
4054 Wilkinson WilliamPark lanehouse109, Park lane
4055 Wilkinson ZachariasLittle Horton lanehouseLittle Horton lane
4056 Wilks JosephManchester roadhouse129, Manchester road
4057 Wilks WilliamMarshall streethouse15, Marshall street
4058 Willan RichardTumbling hill streethouse17, Tumbling hill street
4059 Willans JamesGrafton streethouse126, Grafton street
4060 Willey JosephMoss streethouse6, Moss street
4061 Willey ThomasDuncan streethouse60, Duncan street
4062 Wiley ThomasDuncan streethouse38, Duncan street
4063 Williams JamesTrinity terracehouse11, Trinity terrace
4064 Williams ThomasSkinner streethouseSkinner street
4065 Williamson JohnRichmond roadhouse15, Richmond road
4066 Willis Charles JohnSpring placehouse15, Spring place
4067 Willis JamesFitzgerald streethouse74, Fitzgerald street
4068 Willis JohnEdmund streethouse4, Edmund street
4069 Willis ThomasBower streethouse46, Bower street
4070 Wilman AbrahamSkinner streethouse70, Skinner street
4071 Wilman DanielAdelaide streethouse6, Adelaide street
4072 Wilman JohnLittle Hortonhouse730, Little Horton
4073 Wilman WilliamLittle Horton lanehouse780, Little Horton lane
4074 Wilson BenjaminGreaves streethouse12, Greaves street
4075 Wilson Charles ThomasSterling streethouse7, Sterling street
4076 Wilson CourtMilton streethouse9, Milton street
4077 Wilson EphraimVilliers streethouse28, Villiers street
4078 Wilson GeorgeEbor streethouse25, Ebor street
4079 Wilson GeorgeHorton roadhouse46, Bentinck place
successivehouseHorton road
4080 Wilson HenryCobden streethouse13, Cobden street
4081 Wilson HenryLady lanehouse7, Lady lane
4082 Wilson JacobManchester roadhouse199, Manchester road
4083 Wilson JamesCleveland streethouse4, Cleveland street
4084 Wilson JamesLittle Horton greenhouse52, Little Horton green
4085 Wilson James HenrySterling streethouse151, Sterling street
4086 Wilson James StephenHorton roadwarehouseHorton road
4087 Wilson JohnTopham placehouse7, Topham place
4088 Wilson JohnHolme top streethouse76, Holme top street
4089 Wilson JohnManchester roadhouse81, Manchester road
4090 Wilson JohnCrowther streethouse35, Crowther street
4091 Wilson JohnBramley streethouse8, Bramley street
4092 Wilson JohnCobden streethouse13, Cobden street
4093 Wilson John HenryCollege roadhouse83, College road
4094 Wilson John TurnerSawrey placehouse10, Sawrey place
4095 Wilson JonathanEarl streethouse53, Earl street
4096 Wilson JosephBright streethouse30, Bright street
4097 Wilson RichardVilliers streethouse6, Villiers street
4098 Wilson RobertHannah gatehouse24, Hannah gate
4099 Wilson ThomasLittle Hortonhouse309, Little Horton
4100 Wilson WilliamBottomley streethouse7, Bottomley street
4101 Winder WilliamWaterloo Millhouse86, Waterloo mill
4102 Windle WilliamTumbling hill streethouse60, Tumbling hill street
4103 Winter BenjaminCroft streethouse67, Croft street
4104 Winterburn JosephKent streethouse6, Kent street
4105 Winterburn WilliamQuaker lanehouse1, Quaker lane
4106 Wiseman ThomasCobden streethouse8, Cobden street
4107 Wolstenholme JamesEarl streethouse27, Earl street
4108 Womersley JohnKaye streethouse18, Kaye street
4109 Womersley SamuelManchester roadhouse127, Manchester road
4110 Wood AnthonyEbor streethouse41, Ebor street
4111 Wood BenjaminSt. James's streethouse26, St. James's street
4112 Wood CharlesAycliffe lanehouse4, Aycliffe lane
4113 Wood GeorgeAshley streethouse49, Ashley street
4114 Wood GeorgeHolme top streethouse68, Holme top street
4115 Wood GeorgeBower streethouse15, Bower street
4116 Wood GentLittle Hortonhouse419, Little Horton
4117 Wood HenryLittle Horton greenhouse38, Little Horton green
4118 Wood JacobListerhills roadhouse44, Listerhills road
4119 Wood JamesAshfieldhouse22, Ashfield
4120 Wood JamesSterling streethouse47, Sterling street
4121 Wood JamesSt. James's squarehouse16, St. James's square
4122 Wood JamesLittle Horton lanehouse699, Little Horton lane
4123 Wood JohnPark roadhouse83, Park road
4124 Wood JohnGrafton streethouse107, Grafton street
4125 Wood JohnFarside greenhouse & shop1, Farside green
4126 Wood JohnLittle Hortonhouse462, Little Horton
4127 Wood JosephMorpeth courthouse11, Morpeth court
4128 Wood JosephSouthfield lanehouse27, Southfield lane
4129 Wood JosephKent streethouse20, Kent street
4130 Wood JosephSterling streethouse40, Sterling street
4131 Wood Joseph68, Holme top streetwarehouse5, Hope street
4132 Wood JoshuaFranklin streethouse4, Franklin street
4133 Wood JoshuaCroft streethouse39, Croft street
4134 Wood MarshallEarl streethouse80, Earl street
4135 Wood RichardNorton gatehouse19, Norton gate
4136 Wood SamuelGrafton streethouse33, Grafton street
4137 Wood SamuelGower streethouse19, Gower street
4138 Wood ThomasGrafton streethouse31, Grafton street
4139 Wood ThomasJacob streethouse27, Jacob street
4140 Wood TimothyQuaker lanehouse5, Quaker lane
4141 Wood WilliamEmma gatehouse11, Emma gate
4142 Wood WilliamPark lanehouse64, Park lane
4143 Wood WilliamGower streethouse11, Gower street
4144 Wood WilliamManchester roadhouse204, Manchester road
4145 Wood WilliamGreaves streethouse8, Greaves street
4146 Wood WilliamLittle Horton lanehouse913, Little Horton lane
4147 Woodcock EdwardPark roadhouse & shop80, Park road
4148 Woodhead BenjaminJacob streethouse68, Jacob street
4149 Woodhead Charles StoreyElizabeth streethouse32, Elizabeth street
4150 Woodhead JamesSt. James's streethouse3A, St. James's street
4151 Woodhead JamesHope streethouse41, Hope street
4152 Woodhead JamesManchester roadhouse217, Manchester road
4153 Woodhead JobEarl streethouse16, Earl street
4154 Woodhead JohnLittle Hortonhouse424, Little Horton
4155 Woodhead JohnSouthfield lanehouse108, Southfield lane
4156 Woodhead JohnJacob streethouse23, Jacob street
4157 Woodhead JohnPark roadhouse81, Park road
4158 Woodhead JohnTumbling hill streethouse42, Tumbling hill street
4159 Woodhead JonasLegrams lanehouse8, Carlton place
successivehouseLegrams lane
4160 Woodhead ThomasMary gatehouse30, Mary gate
4161 Woodhead ThomasOsborne streethouse5, Osborne street
4162 Woodhead WilliamJacob streethouse19, Jacob street
4163 Woodhead WilliamFitzgerald streethouse21, Fitzgerald street
4164 Woodhead WilliamLady lanehouse25, Lady lane
4165 Woodhead WilliamChapel greenhouse37, Chapel green
4166 Woodhouse JohnAshgrovehouse8, Ashgrove
4167 Woodhouse LawZetland placehouse2, Zetland place
4168 Wooler EphraimCrowther courthouse2, Crowther court
4169 Wormall WilliamManchester roadhouse393, Manchester road
4170 Worsley JosephSterling streethouse9, Sterling street
4171 Worsnop AbrahamFitzgerald streethouse28, Fitzgerald street
4172 Worsnop GeorgeSouthfield lanehouse10, Southfield lane
4173 Worsnop IsaacFitzgerald streethouse40, Fitzgerald street
4174 Worsnop Joseph BensonWestbrook terracehouse5, Westbrook terrace
4175 Worsnop LeviPark lanehouse47, Park lane
4176 Worsnop ThomasAbram gatehouse45, Abram gate
4177 Worsnop WilliamSkinner streethouseSkinner street
4178 Wraith JohnFitzgerald streethouse35, Fitzgerald street
4179 Wray JohnGrafton streethouse96, Grafton street
4180 Wray RichardLittle Hortonhouse597, Little Horton
4181 Wray WilliamEarl streethouse67, Earl street
4182 Wredman WrightCollege roadhouse65, College road
4183 Wright BenjaminGreaves streethouse40, Greaves street
4184 Wright EdwinHolme top streethouse26, Holme top street
4185 Wright George AndersonPark terracehouse161, Park terrace
4186 Wright JamesHannah gatehouse41, Hannah gate
4187 Wright JohnAbram gatehouse1, Abram gate
4188 Wright JohnBack Jonas gatehouse9, Back Jonas gate
4189 Wright JohnHorton greenhouse47, Horton green
successivehouse6, Belgrave street, Manningham
4190 Wright JonathanHannah gatehouse47, Hannah gate
4191 Wright JosephFitzgerald streethouse100, Fitzgerald street
4192 Wright JosephKent streethouse53, Kent street
4193 Wright SamuelPortland streethouse55, Portland street
4194 Wright ThomasSterling streethouse98, Sterling street
4195 Wright WilliamLongside lanehouse54, Longside lane
4196 Wright WilliamFitzgerald streethouse100, Fitzgerald street
4197 Wright William LuptonFitzgerald streethouse98, Fitzgerald street
4198 Wrigley Nathaniel RichardLansdowne placehouse20, Lansdowne place
4199 Wroe AlbertMilton streethouse4, Milton street
4200 Wroe HenryMilton streethouse7, Milton street
4201 Wroe JosephLittle Hortonhouse & land732, Little Horton
4202 Wroe RichardVilliers streethouse53, Villiers street
4203 Wrose JamesRupert streethouse39, Rupert street
4204 Wynn WilliamLady lanehouse27, Lady lane
4205 Wyrill JosephGrafton streethouse147, Grafton street
4206 Wyrill ThomasPark lanehouse62, Park lane

LITTLE HORTON WARD, 1869, surnames beginning with the letter Y
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
4207 Yates JudeElizabeth streethouse15, Elizabeth street
4208 Yates RobertBradfordcountinghouseLongside lane
4209 Yates William HenrySawrey placehouse6, Sawrey place
4210 Yewdall IsaacSterling streethouse52, Sterling street
4211 Yewdall JamesPortland streethouse54, Portland street
4212 Young GeorgeCaledonia streethouse15, Caledonia street
4213 Young GeorgeCollege roadhouse18, College road

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