BRADFORD: Bradford Parliamentary Register 1869, MANNINGHAM WARD, surnames H-R.



* Lines starting with an asterisk (*) mean the entry is not for voting.

MANNINGHAM WARD, 1869, surnames H-R.
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
852 Habbishaw JohnLumb lanehouse132, Lumb lane
853 Hague JosephWest Butterfield rowhouse2, West Butterfield row
854 Haigh EnochGirlington roadhouse54, Girlington road
855 Haigh GeorgeMontgomery streethouse31, Montgomery street
856 Haigh GeorgeSmith lanehouse8, Smith lane
857 Haigh HenrySpring bankhouseSpring bank
858 Haigh MatthewSouthfield squarehouse10, Southfield square
859 Halder RobertPrimrose streethouseHarrington street, Horton
successivehouse18, Primrose street
860 Hales RichardWaile streethouse23, Waile street
861 Haley JohnGreen rowhouse296, Green row
862 Haley WilliamGlobe streethouseBrick lane, Bradford
successivehouse13, Globe street
863 Hall CharlesSt. Jude's squarehouse1, St. Jude's square
864 Hall HenrySt. Jude's squarehouse8, St. Jude's square
865 Hall HenryQuarry streethouse25, Quarry street
866 Hall JohnClarendon streethouse22, Clarendon street
867 Hall RichardPicton streethouseBrick lane, Bradford
successivehouse165, Picton street
868 Hall SamuelKensington streethouse69, Kensington street
869 Hall TitusLily streethouse49, Lily street
870 Hall WilliamSalt streethouse89, Salt street
871 Hallas GeorgeFraser streethouse & shop2, Fraser street
872 Hallas William HenryClarendon streethouse6, Clarendon street
873 Halliday JeremiahCarlisle roadhouse2, Salt street
successivehouseCarlisle road
874 Halstead BarnesBack Spring rowhouseBack Spring row
875 Halstead HenryClarendon streethouse25, Clarendon street
876 Halstead HenryRose bankhouse3, Rose bank
877 Halstead JohnSalt streethouse69, Salt street
878 Halstead SmithSalt streethouse71, Salt street
879 Hamilton William BrankerBlenheim roadhouse3, Blenheim road
880 Hammond BenjaminWalmer villashouseWalmer villas
881 Hammond BenjaminFour lane endshouse114, Four lane ends
882 Hammond JohnFour lane endsworkshopFour lane ends
883 Hammond JonasRoundthornhouse25, Roundthorn
884 Hammond JonathanFour lane endsworkshopFour lane ends
885 Hammond JosephFour lane endshouse116, Four lane ends
886 Handforth Edward, junr.Lumb lanehouse & shop167B, Lumb lane
887 Handforth Edward, seniorLaburnum streethouseLaburnum street
888 Hanson HenryCarlisle roadhouse124, Salt street
successivehouse19, Carlisle road
889 Hanson JohnRegent streethouse16, Regent street
890 Hanson John DysonCanary streethouse81, Canary street
891 Hanson WilliamWilson squarehouse17, Wilson square
892 Hardaker James HenryClarendon terracehouse13, Belgrave street
successivehouse9, Clarendon terrace
893 Hardaker RichardThornton roadwarehouseThornton road
894 Hardaker RobertDaisy Hill Back lanehouse5, Daisy Hill Back lane
895 Hardaker William SamuelGirlington roadhouse9, Girlington road
896 Hardcastle ThomasWilson squarehouse11, Wilson square
897 Hardisty DavidGirlington roadhouseGirlington road
898 Hardisty WilliamHeaton roadhouse5, Heaton road
899 Hardwick BenjaminBelgrave streethouse22, Belgrave street
900 Hardy JonasBelgrave placehouse133, Belgrave place
901 Hardy JonasMontgomery streethouse42, Montgomery street
902 Hargreaves HenryChurch streethouse191, Church street
903 Hargreaves JamesGirlington roadhouse227, Girlington road
904 Hargreaves JohnDenby streethouseAbbey street, Bradford
successivehouse11, Denby street
905 Hargreaves JohnPrimrose streethouse29, Primrose street
906 Hargreaves JohnSpring rowhouse14, Spring row
907 Hargreaves ThomasValley streethouse4, Valley street
908 Hargreaves WilliamArcadia streethouse3, Arcadia street
909 Hargreaves WilliamBelgrave streethouse31, Belgrave street
910 Hargreaves WilliamSalt streethouse150, Salt street
911 Harridance WilliamPrimrose streethouse11, Primrose street
912 Harris JosephNorth park roadhouseNorth park road
913 Harris PeterWhetley lanehouse41, Whetley lane
914 Harris William WilsonBlenheim roadhouse6, Blenheim road
915 Harrison CampbellPicton streethouse95, Picton street
916 Harrison ElishaPicton streethouse4, Picton street
917 Harrison JohnJarratt streethouse22, Jarratt street
918 Harrison JohnValley roadhouse168, Valley road
919 Harrison JosephGirlington roadhouseBrick lane, Bradford
successivehouse137, Girlington road
920 Harrison JosephWashington streethouse44, Washington street
921 Harrison PeterGlobe streethouse21, Globe street
922 Harrison RobertBeecher streethouse12, Beecher street
923 Harrison WilliamFour lane endshouse119, Four lane ends
924 Harrison WilliamSalt streethouse60, Salt street
successivehouse99, Salt street
925 Harrison William HenrySalt streethouse90, Salt street
926 Harrop JamesWhetley lanehouse19, Whetley lane
927 Harrowby EdwardGreenhill placehouse16, Greenhill place
928 Harrowby WilliamBelgrave placehouse121, Belgrave place
929 Hartley ArmisteadGirlington roadhouse188, Girlington road
930 Hartley HenryPicton streethouse220, Picton street
931 Hartley JamesFour lane endshouse105, Four lane ends
932 Hartley JamesNorthfield placehouse7, Northfield place
933 Hartley JosephWest Squire lanehouse16, West Squire lane
934 Hartley MidgleyGreen lanehouse & shop52, Green lane
935 Hartley RobertSalt streethouse122, Salt street
936 Hartley SamuelDuckworth lanehouse32, Duckworth lane
937 Hartley ThomasWilson squarehouse10, Wilson square
938 Haste Joseph PatchettBelgrave streethouse58, Belgrave street
939 Head JosephGirlington roadhouseKensington street
successivehouse93, Girlington road
940 Healey HenryGlobe streethouse9, Globe street
941 Hearn JamesWood streethouse23, Wood street
942 Hearnshaw JonasSilver streethouse33, Silver street
943 Heaton CharlesGlobe streethouse7, Globe street
944 Heaton EliasLumb lanehouse & shop157, Lumb lane
945 Heaton JacobBack wood streethouse3A, Back wood street
946 Heaton JohnWest Squire lanehouse3, West Squire lane
947 Heaton RobertGreenhill placehouse46, Greenhill place
948 Helliwell GeorgeGolden squarehouse5, Golden square
949 Helliwell HenryValley streethouse14, Valley street
950 Helliwell IsaacValley streethouse8, Valley street
951 Helliwell JamesHopwood streethouse13, Hopwood street
952 Helliwell JohnValley streethouse9, Valley street
953 Helliwell JonathanGlobe foldhouse5, Globe fold
954 Helliwell TimothyValley streethouse3, Valley street
955 Hemingway JosephBeecher streethouse9, Beecher street
956 Hemingway ThomasArcadia streethouse2, Arcadia street
957 Hemming John HeathSouthfield squarehouse31, Southfield square
958 Henderson JosephPrimrose streethouse35, Primrose street
959 Hertz William DavidClifton villashouseClifton villas
960 Heselton John AllisonSouthfield squarehouse22, Southfield square
961 Hewson WilliamCarlisle roadhouse88, Carlisle road
962 Hey AbrahamButterfield rowhouse & shop1, Butterfield row
963 Hey JamesBavaria placehouse17, Bavaria place
964 Hey JeremiahPicton streethouse24A, Primrose street
successivehouse168, Picton street
965 Hey JohnArcadia streethouse60, Arcadia street
966 Hey JohnHeaton roadhouse49, Heaton road
967 Hey JosephPrimrose terracehouse39, Primrose terrace
968 Hey JosephRose streethouse29, Rose street
969 Hey WignallBavaria placehouse5, Bavaria place
970 Hey WilliamLily streethouse29, Lily street
971 Heydemann NicholasSpring bankhouseSpring bank
972 Heyn Diedrich JuliusMornington villashouseMornington villas
973 Heyward ThomasSalt streethouse38, Salt street
successivehouse42, Salt street
974 Hiley DanielPrimrose streethouse40, Primrose street
975 Hill AbrahamCemetery bridgehouse5, Cemetery bridge
976 Hill AlbertPrimrose streethouse55, Primrose street
977 Hill AlfredArcadia streethouse64, Arcadia street
978 Hill DavidArcadia streethouse26, Laburnum street
successivehouse80, Arcadia street
979 Hill JacobKensington streethouse49, Paul street
successivehouse157, Kensington street
980 Hill JamesPaul streethouse25, Paul street
981 Hill JohnWhetley streethouse12, Whetley street
982 Hill JohnDaisy Hill Back lanehouse6, Daisy Hill Back lane
983 Hill JohnApsley crescenthouse11, Apsley crescent
984 Hill JonasDaisy hill lanehouseDaisy hill lane
successivehouse2, Daisy hill lane
985 Hill JosephSunnybankhouse6, Sunnybank
986 Hill JosephWhetley streethouse33, Whetley street
987 Hill JosephWalmer villashouseWalmer villas
988 Hill SquireGlobe foldhouse11, Globe fold
989 Hill ThomasAllerton roadhouse1, Crow tree lane
successivehouseAllerton road
990 Hill ThomasGreenhill placehouse45, Greenhill place
991 Hill ThomasSpring rowhouse17, Spring row
992 Hill WilliamDaisy hill lanehouse31, Daisy hill lane
993 Hill WilliamGirlington roadhouseHind street, Bradford
successivehouseGirlington road
994 Hill WilliamWhetley streethouse17, Whetley street
995 Hill William FrederickFairmounthouse2, Fairmount
996 Hilton BensonPicton streethouse184, Picton street
997 Hinchcliffe BenjaminBlenheim roadhouse19, Blenheim road
998 Hindle CharlesSalt streethouseSalt street
999 Hineson WilliamBeecher streethouse8, Beecher street
1000 Hird HartleyThorn street, Girlingtonhouse9, Thorn street, Girlington
1001 Hird JohnBrick lanehouse204, Brick lane
1002 Hird JosephThornton roadhouseThornton road
1003 Hird WilliamBack wood streethouse27, Back wood street
1004 Hirst GeorgeDuckworth lanehouse44, Duckworth lane
1005 Hirst JacobDaisy hill lanehouse28, Daisy hill lane
1006 Hirst JamesWhetley lanehouse31, Whetley lane
1007 Hirst JosephDaisy hill lanehouseDaisy hill lane
1008 Hirst JosephKensington streethouse191, Kensington street
1009 Hirst JosephSchool house, Church streethouseSchool house, Church street
1010 Hirst PhineasPicton streethouse222, Picton street
1011 Hirst ThomasGirlington roadhouse229A, Girlington road
1012 Hirst TitusDaisy hill lanehouse35, Daisy hill lane
1013 Hodgson CharlesWillow streethouseWillow street
1014 Hodgson GreenwoodGirlington roadhouse111, Girlington road
1015 Hodgson JamesGirlington roadhouse231, Girlington road
1016 Hodgson JohnGreenhill placehouse9, Greenhill place
1017 Hodgson JohnLumb lanehouse & shop150, Lumb lane
1018 Hodgson JosephWashington streethouse181, Washington street
1019 Hodgson RichardBlenheim roadhouse9, Blenheim road
1020 Hodgson ThomasSeal streethouseSeal street
1021 Hodson JamesOakfieldhouseOakfield
1022 Hogan MichaelWood streethouse7, Wood street
1023 Holden AngusToller lanebuildings & landToller lane
1024 Holden EdwardThornton roadcountinghouseThornton road
1025 Holden IsaacThornton roadcountinghouseThornton road
1026 Holder JohnKensington streethouse121, Kensington street
1027 Holdforth JosephArcadia streethouse20, Arcadia street
1028 Holdsworth JeremiahCemetery bridgehouse2, Cemetery bridge
1029 Holdsworth JohnPicton streethouse21, Picton street
1030 Holdsworth JonasNew rowhouse7, New row
1031 Holdsworth JonathanFour lane endshouse104, Four lane ends
1032 Holdsworth JonathanLaburnum placehouse9, Laburnum place
1033 Holdsworth Tom PrestonPicton streethouse35, Picton street
1034 Holdsworth WilliamGirlington roadhouse18, Girlington road
1035 Holdsworth WilliamWashington streethouse170, Washington street
1036 Holdsworth WilliamGreen lanehouse14, Green lane
1037 Holgate JohnBelgrave streethouse47, Belgrave street
1038 Holgate WilliamSpringcliffehouse5, Springcliffe
1039 Hollas JamesHopwood streethouse17, Hopwood street
1040 Hollings JohnPicton streethouse10, Picton street
1041 Hollingworth JohnPrimrose streethouse46, Primrose street
1042 Hollingworth JohnSt. Jude's placehouse5, St. Jude's place
1043 Hollingworth RichardQuarry streethouse27, Quarry street
1044 Hollingworth ThomasPicton streethouse19, Picton street
1045 Hollingworth ThomasWaile streethouse13, Waile street
1046 Hollingworth WilliamClarendon streethouse12, Clarendon street
1047 Holloway FrankWellesley terracehouse238, Wellesley terrace
1048 Holmes AbrahamNorthfield placehouse24, Northfield place
1049 Holmes HeatonKensington streethouse62, Kensington street
1050 Holmes JacobKensington streethouse98, Kensington street
1051 Holmes JonasBaldwin fold, Thornton roadhouse244, Baldwin fold, Thornton road
1052 Holmes MidgleyArcadia streethouse22, Arcadia street
1053 Holmes OgdenSpringfield streethouse5, Springfield street
1054 Holmes PickeringSt. Jude's placehouse74, St. Jude's place
1055 Holmes RichardBeecher streethouse19, Beecher street
1056 Holmes SamuelBavaria placehouse10, Bavaria place
1057 Holmes Samuel HartleyMarlborough terracehouse5, Marlborough terrace
1058 Holmes WilliamChurch streethouse69, Church street
1059 Holmes WilliamArcadia streethouse12, Arcadia street
1060 Holmes WilliamNorthfield placehouse15, Northfield place
1061 Holmes WilliamSt. Jude's placehouse27, St. Jude's place
1062 Holroyd BenjaminLily streethouse11, Lily street
1063 Holroyd CharlesArcadia streethouse14, Arcadia street
1064 Holroyd GideonSaxon streethouse16, Saxon street
1065 Holroyd JohnPicton streethouse116, Picton street
1066 Holt BenjaminSeal streethouse15, Lilycroft
successivehouseSeal street
1067 Holt GeorgeOak terrace, Oak lanehouse4, Oak terrace, Oak lane
1068 Holt JamesPrimrose streethouse59, Primrose street
1069 Holt ThomasSeal streethouse19, Lilycroft
successivehouseSeal street
1070 Hood DavidSilver streethouse25, Silver street
1071 Hood WilliamArcadia streethouse28, Arcadia street
1072 Hook CharlesCemetery roadhouseCemetery road
1073 Hope Thomas CampbellOak villashouse5, Oak mount
successivehouseOak villas
1074 Hopkinson AbrahamCarlisle roadhouse104, Carlisle road
1075 Hopkinson ThomasAnderson streethouseHeaton road
successivehouseAnderson street
1076 Horne ThomasLumb lanehouse146, Lumb lane
1077 Horner AckroydSt. Jude's placehouse70, St. Jude's place
1078 Horner GeorgeSpring rowhouse & shopSpring row
1079 Horsfall JohnSalt streethouse26, Salt street
1080 Horsfall JonasSalt streethouse28, Salt street
successivehouse93, Salt street
1081 Horsfall WilliamSeal streethouse12, Seal street
1082 Horsfield JamesPicton streethouse87, Picton street
1083 Horsfield JosephSilver streethouse50, Church street
successivehouse31, Silver street
1084 Horsfield WilliamWaile streethouse18, Waile street
1085 Howarth AbrahamWashington streethouse90A, Washington street
1086 Howarth HenryCemetery roadhouseCemetery road
1087 Howarth JohnCemetery roadhouseCemetery road
1088 Howarth WilliamValley streethouse24, Valley street
1089 Howarth WilliamWhetley streethouse35, Whetley street
1090 Howe RobertHopwood streethouse15, Hopwood street
1091 Howgate JohnNorthfield placehouse16, Northfield place
1092 Howgate JohnSilver streethouse34, Silver street
1093 Howson WilliamGolden squarehouse24, Golden square
1094 Huddleston JamesRegent streethouse27, Wood street
successivehouse12, Regent street
1095 Hudson JohnGreenhill placehouse26, Greenhill place
1096 Hudson JohnValley placehouse5, Valley place
1097 Hudson JosephChurch streethouse48, Church street
1098 Hudson JosephSalt streethouse84, Salt street
1099 Hudson WilliamLumb lanehouse & shop171, Lumb lane
1100 Hudson WilliamQuarry streethouse2, Quarry street
1101 Hudson WilliamLily streethouse27, Lily street
1102 Humble GeorgeMarlborough terracehouse6, Marlborough terrace
1103 Hunter AlexanderGrosvenor placehouse159, Grosvenor place
1104 Hunter FrederickSkinner lanehouse129, Skinner lane
1105 Hunter JamesGreen rowhouse318A, Green row
1106 Hunter JamesAnvil streethouseAnvil street
1107 Hunter JosephSkinner lanehouse13, Skinner lane
1108 Hurtley ThomasGreen lanehouse12, Green lane
1109 Hustler AlfredGreen lanehouse5, Green lane
1110 Hustler FosterAmbler streethouseAmbler street
1111 Hustler JosephWood streethouseWood street
1112 Hustler WilliamMontgomery streethouse52, Montgomery street
1113 Hutchinson William Llewellyn GywnneWashington streethouse92, Washington street
1114 Hutton JamesLaburnum placehouse1, Laburnum place
1115 Hutton WilliamBavaria placehouse16, Bavaria place

MANNINGHAM WARD, 1869, surnames beginning with the letter I
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1116 Ibbotson HenryClarendon placehouse13, Clarendon place
1117 Ibbotson JamesBack wood streethouseBack wood street
1118 Ibbotson JamesWood streethouse45, Wood street
1119 Ickringill AbrahamWhite Abbeyhouse & shop98, White Abbey
1120 Ideson SquirePaul streethouse29, Paul street
1121 Ideson WilliamWilson streethouse3, Wilson street
1122 Illingworth AlbertSt. Jude's squarehouse10, St. Jude's square
1123 Illingworth AlfredDaisy bankhouseDaisy bank
1124 Illingworth BenjaminGuardian streethouse3, Guardian street
1125 Illingworth BoothSt. Jude's placehouse1, St. Jude's place
1126 Illingworth EdmundFour lane endshouse101, Four lane ends
1127 Illingworth EdwardGreen lanehouse31, Green lane
1128 Illingworth HamerBack Heaton roadhouse6, Back Heaton road
1129 Illingworth HenryDuckworth lanehouseDuckworth lane
1130 Illingworth HiramFour lane endshouse121, Four lane ends
1131 Illingworth John HenryClarendon streethouse21, Clarendon street
1132 Illingworth John TaylorClarendon placehouse & shopClarendon place
1133 Illingworth JonathanGolden squarehouse7, Golden square
1134 Illingworth JosephUpper globehouse10, Upper globe
1135 Illingworth JoshuaGreen rowhouse302, Green row
1136 Illingworth JubalWhetley streethouse11, Whetley street
1137 Illingworth RichardSt. Jude's placehouse17, St. Jude's place
1138 Illingworth ThomasHighfield placehouse6, Highfield place
1139 Illingworth ThomasThornton roadhouse201, Thornton road
1140 Illingworth WalterBlenheim roadhouse22, Blenheim road
1141 Ingham BenjaminFour lane endshouse195, Four lane ends
1142 Ingham BenjaminValley roadhouse100, Valley road
1143 Ingham HighleyGreen rowhouse266, Green row
1144 Ingham JohnValley roadcountinghouseValley road
1145 Ingham OatesMarlborough roadcountinghouseValley road
1146 Isherwood WilliamFour lane endshouse92, Four lane ends
1147 Isitt George HannibalApsley crescenthouse9, Apsley crescent
1148 Ives JosephSalt streethouse5, Salt street
1149 Iveson WilliamMontgomery streethouse25, Montgomery street

MANNINGHAM WARD, 1869, surnames beginning with the letter J
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1150 Jackman JosephHeaton roadhouse22, Heaton road
1151 Jackman WilliamGirlington roadhouse2, Lilycroft lane
successivehouseGirlington road
1152 Jackson BenjaminBeecher streethouse24, Beecher street
1153 Jackson FosterBaldwin fold, Thornton roadhouseBaldwin fold, Thornton road
1154 Jackson GeorgeSalt streethouse12, Salt street
1155 Jackson JohnBeecher streethouse14, Beecher street
1156 Jackson JohnThornton roadhouse326, Thornton road
1157 Jackson JosephGreen rowhouse270, Green row
1158 Jackson JosephLilycrofthouse9, Lilycroft
1159 Jackson RichardGreen lanehouse26, Green lane
1160 Jackson RobertWilson squarehouse15, Wilson square
1161 Jackson SamuelSalt streethouse126, Salt street
1162 Jackson WilliamCanary streethouse131, Canary street
1163 Jackson WilliamHeaton roadhouseManningham lane
successivehouse18, Heaton road
1164 Jackson WilliamSpringfield streethouse26, Springfield street
1165 Jagger JohnWhetley streethouse40, Whetley street
successivehouse37, Whetley street
1166 Jarratt EdwardGlobe foldhouseGlobe fold
1167 Jarratt JamesThorntonshopGlobe fold
1168 Jarratt WilliamPicton streethouse & shop161, Picton street
1169 Jefferson CorneliusWhetley lanehouse25, Whetley lane
1170 Jefferson JamesGirlington roadhouse151, Girlington road
1171 Jefferson JosephAnvil streethouse34, Anvil street
1172 Jefferson LazarusGirlington roadhouse52, Girlington road
1173 Jefferson MordecaiWhetley lanehouse27, Whetley lane
1174 Jeffery John RustToller lanehouseToller lane
1175 Jemmison RalphChurch streethouse28, Church street
1176 Jenkinson ThomasBottom of Girlingtonhouse & shop9, Bottom of Girlington
1177 Jennings WilliamGirlington roadhouse161, Girlington road
1178 Jennings WilliamGirlington roadhouse155, Girlington road
1179 Jennings WilliamLily streethouse9, Lily street
1180 Jesper AlfredHeaton roadhouseHeaton road
1181 Jesson Carl FerdinandGuardian streethouseGuardian street
1182 Jewell John HenryCamden terracehouse46, Southfield square
successivehouse2, Camden terrace
1183 Johnson EdwardWhetley lanehouse51, Whetley lane
1184 Johnson James BradleyChurch streethouseSchool house, Church street
1185 Johnson WilliamPrimrose terracehouse55, Primrose terrace
1186 Johnson William JamesBlenheim roadhouse37, Blenheim road
1187 Jolly IsaacLaburnum placehouse3, Laburnum place
1188 Jowett Charles StewartSalt streethouse120, Salt street
1189 Jowett JamesGirlington roadhouse4, Cemetery bridge
successivehouse67, Girlington road
1190 Jowett JamesSnake hill lanehouseSnake hill lane
1191 Jowett Nathan AtkinsonClock house, Manningham lanehouseClock house, Manningham lane
1192 Jowett Samuel GreenwoodSt. Jude's squarehouseHarris street, Bradford
successivehouse9, St. Jude's square
1193 Jowett WilliamLaburnum placehouse2, Laburnum place
1194 Joy AnthonyRegent squarehouse5, Regent square
1195 Joy RobertChurch streethouse183, Church street
successivehouse185, Church street

MANNINGHAM WARD, 1869, surnames beginning with the letter K
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1196 Kay JohnSouthfield squarehouse47, Southfield square
1197 Kay JohnWhetley streethouse44A, Whetley street
1198 Kay SamuelWhetley streethouse46, Whetley street
1199 Kay WilliamWhetley streethouse44, Whetley street
1200 Kay WilliamSouthfield squarehouse51, Southfield square
1201 Kay WilliamWashington streethouse148, Washington street
1202 Keighley DavidHeaton roadhouse6, Heaton road
1203 Keighley EdwardOak villashouse5, Oak villas
1204 Keighley HenryPaul streethouse41, Paul street
1205 Keighley IsaacChurch streethouse & shop153, Church street
1206 Keighley JamesBelle vuehouse1, Belle vue
1207 Keighley JamesFraser streethouse8, Fraser street
1208 Keighley JohnNorth paradehouse145, North parade
1209 Keighley JosephHeaton roadhouseBack Heaton road
successivehouse4, Heaton road
1210 Keighley RichardSeal streethouse7, Seal street
1211 Keighley WilliamUpper globehouse28, Upper globe
1212 Keighley WrightLily streethouse40, Lily street
1213 Kellett JohnPrimrose streethouse14, Primrose street
1214 Kellet JosephSpringfield streethouse52, Springfield street
1215 Kennedy Robert JohnNorth paradehouse141, North parade
1216 Kershaw JamesPrimrose terracehouse15, Primrose terrace
1217 Kershaw JamesPrimrose terracehouseGirlington road
successivehouse14, Primrose terrace
1218 Kershaw JohnSalt streethouse29, Green lane
successivehouse59, Salt street
1219 Kershaw JohnWashington streethouse144, Washington street
1220 Kershaw JosephPrimrose streethouse37, Primrose street
1221 Kershaw RileyFour lane endshouse93, Four lane ends
1222 Kershaw WilliamWhetley streethouse18, Whetley street
successivehouse20, Whetley street
1223 Killerby DavidRose streethouse4, Rose street
1224 King BenjaminRoundthorn placehouse2, Roundthorn place
1225 King JohnMarlborough roadhouse8, Marlborough road
successivehouse14, Marlborough road
1226 King John EdwardValley placehouse4, Valley place
1227 King JosephCarlisle roadhouse86, Carlisle road
1228 King RichardNorth Butterfield rowhouse10 North Butterfield row
1229 King SamuelBlenheim roadhouse35, Blenheim road
1230 Kirk ThomasBelgrave streethouse11, Montgomery street
successivehouse9, Belgrave street
1231 Kitching EllisPaul streethouse57, Paul street
1232 Kitching JohnJarratt streethouse27, Jarratt street
1233 Kitching JosephDaisy hill lanehouse13, Daisy hill lane
1234 Kitching WilliamWest Butterfield rowhouse3, West Butterfield row
1235 Kitching WilliamGlobe foldhouse42, Globe fold
1236 Kitchingman SydneyChurch streethouse15, Church street
1237 Kitson JohnJarratt streethouse21, Jarratt street
1238 Kitson ThomasButterfield rowhouse45, Paul street
successivehouse7, West Butterfield row
1239 Knight Edward SamuelMarlborough roadhouse19, Marlborough road
1240 Knight GeorgeCemetery roadhouse53, Cemetery road
1241 Knight John PikeSouthfield squarehouse62, Southfield square
1242 Knight Thomas EdmundSouthfield squarehouse35, Southfield square
1243 Knowles GeorgeLumb lanehouse & shop98, Lumb lane
1244 Knowles JohnSilver streethouse18, Silver street
1245 Knowles JohnPicton streethouse36, Picton street
1246 Knowles SeptimusHopwood streethouse3, Hopwood street
1247 Koppel John SalomonOak mounthouse13, Mornington villas
successivehouseOak mount

MANNINGHAM WARD, 1869, surnames beginning with the letter L
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1248 Lambert AbrahamCarlisle roadhouse100, Carlisle road
1249 Lambert BenjaminDenby streethouse5, Denby street
1250 Lambert BenjaminMontgomery streethouse6, Montgomery street
1251 Lambert IsaacSilver streethouse35, Silver street
1252 Lambert MarkCanary streethouse97, Canary street
1253 Lambert RichardQuarry streethouse1, Quarry street
1254 Lambert ThomasGirlington roadhouse66, Girlington road
1255 Lambert ThomasWashington streethouse94A, Washington street
1256 Lambert WilliamCarlisle roadhouse102, Carlisle road
1257 Lambert WilliamToller lanehouse71, Toller lane
1258 Lancaster HenryUpper globehouse18, Upper globe
1259 Lancaster JohnPaul streethouse85B, Paul street
1260 Lancaster StephenGlobe streethouse27, Globe street
1261 Lassen Edward SamuelRose mounthouseRose mount, Clifton villas
1262 Law SamuelLumb lanehouse & shopLumb lane
1263 Lawrie James DouglasWellesley terracehouse242, Wellesley terrace
1264 Lawrie John DouglasCamden terracehouse1, Camden terrace
1265 Lawson WilliamLily streethouse19A, Lily street
1266 Lawton EdwinClarendon placehouse5, Clarendon place
1267 Laycock EllisAnvil streethouse16, Anvil street
1268 Leach ArmitageValley streethouse22, Hopwood street
successivehouse25, Valley street
1269 Leach IsaacDuckworth lanehouse196A, Duckworth lane
1270 Leach JohnBelgrave streethouse21, Belgrave street
1271 Leach JohnChurch streethouse13, Church street
1272 Leach JohnWest Squire lanehouse12, West Squire lane
1273 Leach JohnKensington streethouse17, Kensington street
1274 Leach JonathanKensington streethouse135A, Kensington street
1275 Leach JosephManningham lanehouse & gardenManningham lane
1276 Leach JosephSpring bankhouseSpring bank
1277 Leach JoshuaWest Squire lanehouseWest Squire lane
1278 Leach RobertBack Spring rowhouse20, Back Spring row
1279 Leach SamuelArcadia streethouse44, Arcadia street
1280 Leach WilliamSalt streethouse62A, Salt street
1281 Leach WilliamSouthfield squarehouse34, Southfield square
1282 Leader ThomasBack wood streethouse3, Back wood street
1283 Leather SamuelSouthfield squarehouse41, Southfield square
1284 Leblonc CharlesBelgrave streethouse11, Belgrave street
1285 Ledgard Jeremiah HarrisonLumb lanehouse161, Lumb lane
1286 Ledgard JosephLily streethouse42, Lily street
1287 Ledgard JosephWaile streethouse12, Waile street
1288 Ledgard SamuelWhite Abbeyhouse30, Spring row
successivehouse104, White Abbey
1289 Ledgard ThomasBeecher streethouse25, Beecher street
1290 Lee JamesSpringfield streethouse46, Springfield street
1291 Lee JohnCarlisle roadhouse82, Arcadia street
successivehouseCarlisle road
1292 Lee John MargraveClarendon terracehouse3, Clarendon terrace
1293 Leeming JamesManningham lanehouse178, Manningham lane
1294 Leeming JohnMount roydhouse1, Mount royd
1295 Leighton WilliamSaxon streethouse9, Saxon street
1296 Lepper FrancisNorth Park roadhouse8, North Park road
1297 Lewty JohnCarlisle roadhouse5, Carlisle road
1298 Lincey JamesBelgrave streethouse60, Belgrave street
1299 Lincey James HenryNorthfield placehouse3, Northfield place
1300 Lishman MatthewWashington streethouse36, Washington street
1301 Lister JosephKensington streethouse276, Kensington street
1302 Lister Samuel CunliffeManningham hallhouseManningham hall
1303 Lister WilliamArcadia streethouse84, Arcadia street
1304 Little DavidMount roydhouse6, Mount royd
1305 Lochore JohnDuckworth lanehouse22, Duckworth lane
1306 Lockwood CharlesOak lanehouse8, Oak lane
1307 Lodge DavidKensington streethouse54, Kensington street
1308 Long JamesPicton streethouse120, Picton street
1309 Long JohnThornton roadhouse364, Thornton road
1310 Long JonathanSeal streethouse8, Seal street
1311 Long JosephAnvil streethouse7, Anvil street
1312 Long JosephThornton roadhouse354, Thornton road
1313 Longbottom JohnSeal streethouseSeal street
1314 Longbottom ThomasKensington streethouse50, Kensington street
1315 Longthorne PeterGlobe foldhouse44, Globe fold
1316 Lord GeorgeSilver streethouse37, Silver street
1317 Lord RichardWhitefield place, Whetley lanehouseWhitefield place, Whetley lane
1318 Lord WilliamHighfield placehouse4, Highfield place
1319 Lowcock WalterManningham lanehouseGreen lane court
successivehouse171, Manningham lane
1320 Lowe RobertBottom of Girlingtonhouse11A, Bottom of Girlington
1321 Lowson JohnSalt streethouse20, Salt street
1322 Lowther JohnWaile streethouse63, Waile street
1323 Lucas RichardWaile streethouse20, Waile street
1324 Ludgate ThomasChurch streethouse163, Church street
1325 Lumb JohnClarendon streethouse4, Clarendon street
1326 Lund CharlesBlenheim roadhouse1, Blenheim road
1327 Lund IsaacCarlisle roadhouse81, Carlisle road
1328 Lund KeighleySouthfield squarehouse65, Southfield square
1329 Lund WilkinsonGuardian streethouse19, Guardian street
1330 Lund WilliamBelgrave streethouse & shop55, Belgrave street
1331 Lund WilliamPrimrose terracehouse25, Primrose terrace
1332 Lush Henry WilliamSalt streethouse23, Salt street
1333 Lynn JamesArcadia streethouse15, Arcadia street
1334 Lynn JohnArcadia streethouse72, Arcadia street

MANNINGHAM WARD, 1869, surnames beginning with the letter M
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1335 Maden HenryPicton streethouse94, Picton street
1336 Maden JamesPicton streethouse96, Picton street
1337 Maden JohnPicton streethouse100, Picton street
1338 Making Henry FrancisApsley crescenthouse23, Apsley crescent
1339 Mallinson JamesChurch streethouse54, Church street
1340 Mallison JohnLily streethouse43, Lily street
1341 Mann BenjaminDaisy hill lanehouse7, Daisy hill lane
1342 Mann DavidDaisy hill lanehouse4, Daisy hill lane
1343 Mann IsaacDaisy hill lanehouse17, Daisy hill lane
1344 Mann WilliamGreen lanehouse38, Green lane
1345 Mann WilliamChurch streethouse189, Church street
1346 Marchbank WilliamBelgrave streethouse27, Belgrave street
1347 Marcus MartinGuardian streethouseGuardian street
1348 Margerison SamuelApperley bridgewarehouseThornton road
1349 Marriott SamuelLilycrofthouse2, Lilycroft
1350 Marshall AbrahamSalt streethouse33, Salt street
1351 Marshall JohnBelle vuehouse8, Belle vue
1352 Marshall WilliamJarratt streethouse19, Jarratt street
1353 Marshall WilliamSalt streethouse72, Salt street
1354 Marten WilliamFairmounthouse1, Fairmount
1355 Marten William HaighOak mounthouse3, Oak mount
1356 Marvell AndrewKensington streethouse101, Kensington street
1357 Marvell ThomasGreenhill placehouse40, Greenhill place
1358 Marwood JosephSilver streethouse17, Silver street
1359 Maslen StephenSalt streethouse43, Salt street
1360 Mather James StewartApsley crescenthouse5, Apsley crescent
1361 Matthews Alfred MarstonMount pleasanthouse5, Mount pleasant
1362 Maud GeorgeSt. Jude's placehouse9, St. Jude's place
1363 Maud JamesSpringfield streethouse2, Springfield street
1364 Maud James MurgatroydBelgrave placehouse145, Belgrave place
1365 Maud JohnSalt streethouse79, Salt street
1366 Maud Robert FranklandPicton streethouse142, Picton street
1367 Mawson WilliamApsley crescenthouse7, Apsley crescent
1368 Mawson WilliamBlenheim roadhouse17, Blenheim road
1369 Maxfield JohnGreen lanehouse5, Montgomery street
successivehouse3, Green lane
1370 McCaffery JamesOak terrace, Oak lanehouse1, Oak terrace, Oak lane
1371 McDonald DuncanEast Squire lanehouse6, East Squire lane
1372 McGowen William ThomasOak villashouse3, Oak villas
successivehouseOak villas
1373 McKean AndrewSpring bankhouseSpring bank
1374 McLaren John MalcolmOak mounthouse8, Oak mount
1375 Mellor DavidManningham lanecountinghouseManningham lane
1376 Mellor IsaacPicton streethouse137, Picton street
1377 Melville AlexanderGreen lanehouse37, Green lane
1378 Mensforth RalphLily streethouse21A, Lily street
1379 Mercer AaronCrow tree lanehouse10, Crow tree lane
1380 Mercer CalebWashington streethouse188A, Washington street
1381 Mercer FrederickAllerton roadhouse2, Daisy hill lane
successivehouseAllerton road
1382 Mercer JohnGirlington roadhouse79, Girlington road
1383 Mercer JohnPearson lanehouse7, Pearson lane
1384 Mercer JohnAllerton roadhouseReservoir hotel, Allerton road
1385 Mercer SamuelFour lane endshouse71, Four lane ends
1386 Mercer SamuelLily streethouse16, Lily street
1387 Mercer SamuelWashington streethouse186A, Washington street
1388 Mercer ThomasGirlington roadhouse71, Girlington road
1389 Mercer ThomasWaile streethouse69, Waile street
1390 Mercer WilliamGirlington roadhouse105, Girlington road
1391 Merrall StephenApsley crescenthouse20, Apsley crescent
1392 Merrill Henry WilliamBelgrave streethouse44, Belgrave street
1393 Metcalfe DavidClarendon placehouse6, Clarendon place
1394 Metcalfe JamesChurch streetshop155, Church street
1395 Metcalfe JosephFour lane endshouse159, Four lane ends
1396 Metcalfe Joseph AtkinsonWashington streethouse129, Kensington street
successivehouse114, Washington street
1397 Metcalfe Ralph PrestonLily streethouse6, Anvil street
successivehouse36, Lily street
1398 Metcalfe StephenKensington streethouse207, Kensington street
successivehouseKensington street
1399 Metcalfe ThomasSilver streethouse38, Silver street
1400 Metcalfe WilliamChurch streethouse175, Church street
1401 Metcalfe WilliamGlobe foldhouse12, Globe fold
1402 Metcalfe WilliamSouthfield squarehouse43, Southfield square
1403 Mey OttoSouthfield squarehouse18, Southfield square
1404 Miall James GoodeveCamden terracehouse5, Camden terrace
1405 Micklethwaite JamesWhetley terracehouse3, Whetley terrace
1406 Middlemiss AnthonyPicton streethouse11, Picton street
1407 Middleton JohnWaile streethouse28, Waile street
1408 Middleton William HenrySouthfield squarehouse21, Southfield square
1409 Midgley JohnBold streethouse4, Bold street
1410 Midgley JosephSalt streethouse70, Salt street
1411 Midgley WilliamGreenhill placehouse35, Greenhill place
1412 Midgley WilliamWhetley terracehouseWhetley terrace
1413 Midgley WilliamMontgomery streethouse45, Montgomery street
1414 Miles JohnGreenhill placehouse34, Greenhill place
1415 Miller JosephPicton streethouse18, Picton street
1416 Miller ThomasWaile streethouse31, Waile street
1417 Milligan RobertNorth Park roadhouseNorth Park road
1418 Milnes EliFarcliffe, Toller lanehouseFarcliffe, Toller lane
1419 Milnes HenryToller lanehouse59, Toller lane
1420 Mirfield JohnSpring rowhouse6, Spring row
1421 Mirfield WilliamBack Regent streethouse17, Back Regent street
1422 Mirfield WilliamRegent streethouse30, Regent street
1423 Mitchell DavidPicton streethouse110, Picton street
1424 Mitchell EdwardSalt streethouseSalt street
1425 Mitchell GeorgeAmbler streethouseAmbler street
1426 Mitchell JohnBelgrave placehouse89, Belgrave place
1427 Mitchell SamuelLily streethouse45, Lily street
1428 Mitchell ThomasLumb lanehouse130, Lumb lane
1429 Mitchell WilliamNorthfield placehouse20, Northfield place
1430 Mitchell WilliamRose streethouse33, Rose street
1431 Mitton WelburySt. Paul's parsonagehouseSt. Paul's parsonage
1432 Mitton WilliamBelgrave streethouse63, Belgrave street
1433 Moody WilliamChurch streethouse141, Church street
1434 Moore DavidWilson streethouseCollege road, Horton
successivehouseWilson street
1435 Moore EdwardWilson streethouse4, Wilson street
1436 Moore GeorgeSpring rowhouse5, Spring row
1437 Moore HenryCarlisle roadhouse80, Carlisle road
1438 Moore JohnSpringfield streethouse23, Springfield street
1439 Moore ThomasSpringfield streethouse27, Springfield street
1440 Moorehouse George HenryArcadia streethouse74, Arcadia street
1441 Moorehouse JamesPrimrose streethouse160, Picton street
successivehouse23, Primrose street
1442 Moorehouse SimeonChurch streethouse151, Silver street
successivehouseChurch street
1443 Moorehouse ThomasBelgrave streethouse34, Belgrave street
1444 Morrell GeorgeOakroydhouse174, Oakroyd
1445 Morrell WilliamArcadia streethouse54, Arcadia street
1446 Mortimer AbrahamNew rowhouse13, New row
1447 Mortimer DavidGreen rowhouseVictoria street, Bradford
successivehouse324, Green row
1448 Mortimer JosephGreen rowhouse300, Green row
1449 Morton JohnFraser streethouse6, Fraser street
1450 Moseley JamesValley roadhouse & shop174, Valley road
1451 Moseley ThomasWashington streethouse140, Washington street
1452 Moss Henry GeorgeWashington streethouse28, Washington street
1453 Mossman FrederickCrow tree lanehouseCrow tree lane
1454 Moulden AndrewSmith lanehouseSmith lane
1455 Mount RichardPrimrose terracehouse23, Primrose terrace
1456 Mountain Thomas HenryBavaria placehouse8, Bavaria place
1457 Moxen William RussellGreen rowhouse262, Green row
1458 Mulcahy DavidRegent streethouse8, Regent street
1459 Mullen James BackRegent streethouse12, Regent street
successivehouse14, Back Regent street
1460 Mumford George EdwardMount roydhouse7, Mount royd
1461 Murgatroyd CharlesBelgrave streethouseWellington street, Bradford
successivehouse17, Belgrave street
1462 Murgatroyd JamesGreenfield placehouse179, Greenfield place
1463 Murgatroyd JosephChurch streethouse & shop2, Church street
1464 Murgatroyd ThomasGreen lanehouse34, Green lane
1465 Murray HenryRegent streethouse24A, Regent street
1466 Musgrove GeorgeGreenhill placehouse36, Greenhill place
1467 Musgrove SamuelWhetley terracehouse5, Whetley terrace
1468 Myers AbrahamAnvil streethouse26, Anvil street
1469 Myers JohnPrimrose streethouse20, Primrose street
1470 Myers JosephBelgrave streethouse91, Belgrave place
successivehouse39, Belgrave street
1471 Myers SamuelChurch streethouse169, Church street
1472 Myers ThomasNew Miller's Dam InnhouseNew Miller's dam inn

MANNINGHAM WARD, 1869, surnames beginning with the letter N
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1473 Nathan EmilBlenheim roadhouse31, Blenheim road
1474 Nathan LudwigMount roydhouse2, Mount royd
1475 Naylor AbednegoGlobe foldhouse45, Globe fold
1476 Naylor DavidDaisy hill lanehouse18, Daisy hill
1477 Naylor GeorgeSalt streethouse91, Salt street
1478 Naylor HenryGirlington roadhouseGirlington road
1479 Naylor JohnBold streethouse5, Bold street
1480 Naylor JohnGirlington roadhouseGirlington road
1481 Naylor JoshuaLily streethouse37, Lily street
1482 Naylor RobertSkinner lanehouse45, Skinner lane
1483 Neill Daniel JosephSalt streethouse37, Salt street
1484 Nelson CharlesGirlington roadhouse143, Girlington road
1485 Nelson John AsquithGirlington roadhouse141, Girlington road
1486 Nelson RichardSpring rowhouse20, Spring row
1487 Nelson RobertWood streethouse19, Wood street
1488 Newbould JohnLumb lanehouse & shopLumb lane
1489 Newboult GeorgeCliffe villashouse1, Clarendon terrace
successivehouseCliffe villas
1490 Newboult RobertGirlington roadhouse203, Girlington road
1491 Newby GeorgeNorth paradehouse97, North parade
1492 Newsome RobertPrimrose streethouse31, Primrose street
1493 Newton OliverBelgrave streethouse25, Belgrave street
1494 Nichols HenryCarlisle roadhouse3, Carlisle road
1495 Nichols JoshuaGreenhill placehouseGreenhill place
1496 Nichols WilliamDaisy hill lanehouse15, Daisy hill lane
1497 Nicholson JohnMarlborough roadhouse13, Marlborough road
1498 Noble CharlesMontgomery streethouse33, Montgomery street
1499 Noble MarkWood streethouseGreenhill place
successivehouse58, Wood street
1500 Nolan LukeGolden squarehouse17, Golden square
1501 Normington JohnWhite AbbeyhouseSilver street
successivehouse & shopWhite Abbey
1502 North BenjaminCrow tree lanehouse13, Crow tree lane
1503 North DavidKensington streethouse58, Kensington street
1504 North HenryGirlington roadhouse62, Girlington road
1505 North SamuelPrimrose streethouseSchool street, Bradford
successivehouse24, Primrose street
1506 North WilliamGirlington roadhouse48A, Girlington road
1507 Northend JesseGirlington roadhouseGirlington road
1508 Northend WilliamGreenhill placehouse37, Greenhill place
1509 Northrop AlfredCemetery roadhouseCemetery road
1510 Northrop JosephBelgrave streethouse54, Belgrave street
1511 Northrop JosephWest Squire lanehouse5, West Squire lane
1512 Northrop SamuelWhetley lanehouse5, Whetley lane
1513 Northrop WilliamCemetery roadhouse20, Cemetery road
successivehouse10, Cemetery road
1514 Norton JonathanWashington streethouse168, Washington street
1515 Nutter JosephKensington streethouseKensington street
1516 Nutter MatthewSalt streethouse10, Salt street

MANNINGHAM WARD, 1869, surnames beginning with the letter O
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1517 Oakes GeorgeMontgomery streethouse16, Montgomery street
1518 Oakes JamesWilson squarehouse4, Wilson square
1519 Oaths BenjaminGirlington roadhouseGirlington road
1520 Oddy John CharlesKensington househouseWillow street
1521 Ogden JosephWaile streethouse30, Waile street
successivehouse26, Waile street
1522 O'Hara ThomasLily streethouse59, Lily street
1523 Oldfield HenryGirlington roadhouseGirlington road
1524 O'Leary TimothyHopwood streethouse11, Hopwood street
1525 Oliver HenryWellesley terracehouseLumb lane
successivehouse218, Wellesley terrace
1526 Ormanroyd HenryKensington streethouse63, Kensington street
1527 Osborn GeorgeBlenheim mounthouse11, Blenheim mount
1528 Osborne HenryGreen lanehouse15, Green lane
1529 Ovenden WilliamPicton streethouse106, Picton street
1530 Oxley JoeWhetley terracehouse1, Whetley terrace

MANNINGHAM WARD, 1869, surnames beginning with the letter P
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1531 Padfield JosephWashington streethouse160, Washington street
1532 Padgett SamuelGirlington roadhouseGreen row
successivehouseGirlington road
1533 Page ThomasSaxon streethouse15, Saxon street
1534 Paget BerkeleyBlenheim mounthouse5, Blenheim mount
1535 Palfreeman HenryMontgomery streethouse9, Montgomery street
1536 Parker DavidSilver streethouse21, Silver street
1537 Parker JohnSkinner lanehouseChurch street
successivehouse47, Skinner lane
1538 Parker JosephChurch streethouse145, Church street
1539 Parker WilliamBelle vuehouse5, Belle vue
1540 Parkin JoshuaLily streethouse52, Lily street
1541 Parkinson BenjaminLumb lanehouse & shopJohn street, Bradford
successivehouse & shop173, Lumb lane
1542 Parkinson Edward ChandlerWellesley terracehouse232, Wellesley terrace
1543 Parkinson HenryGreen lanehouse9, Green lane
1544 Parkinson JohnGuardian streethouse23, Guardian street
1545 Parkinson JosephWashington streethouse108, Washington street
1546 Parkinson RobertWest view, Lilycroft lanehouseWest view, Lilycroft lane
1547 Parry CharlesSpring rowhouse16, Spring row
1548 Partington ThomasThornton roadshopThornton road
1549 Passavant FerdinandBlenheim roadhouse11, Blenheim road
1550 Patchett HerbertClarendon streethouse17, Clarendon street
1551 Patchett JamesChurch streethouse11, Church street
1552 Patchett JamesNorth paradehouse121, North parade
1553 Patchett JohnChurch streethouse103, Church street
1554 Patchett JohnLumb lanehouse196, Lumb lane
1555 Patchett JosephManningham lanehouseManningham lane
1556 Patefield HenryWood square, Montgomery streethouse9, Wood square, Montgomery street
1557 Pattison SamuelMontgomery streethouse34, Montgomery street
1558 Pawson HenrySpringfield streethouse14, Springfield street
1559 Pearce George ClarkeBelgrave streethouse43, Belgrave street
1560 Pearce JohnThornton roadhouseRoyal street, Bradford
successivehouse366, Thornton road
1561 Pearson AbrahamGirlington roadhouse55, Girlington road
1562 Pearson AlbertFour lane endshouse145, Four lane ends
1563 Pearson CharlesHeaton roadhouse3, Heaton road
1564 Pearson JohnNorthfield placehouseQuarry street
successivehouse13, Northfield place
1565 Pearson JohnWhetley terracehouse4, Whetley terrace
1566 Pearson JonasFour lane endsfoundryFour lane ends
1567 Pearson WilliamTreeshouse10, Trees
1568 Pearson William AbrahamWest Squire lanehouse4, West Squire lane
1569 Peel JohnWhetley lanehouse43, Whetley lane
1570 Peel ReubenDuckworth lanehouse36, Duckworth lane
1571 Pell AquillaCemetery roadhouseCemetery road
1572 Pendleton JosephLumb lanehouse118, Lumb lane
1573 Pennington GeorgeSouthfield squarehouse15, Southfield square
1574 Pesel Frederick RobertMornington villashouseMornington villas
1575 Pesel George HenryMornington villashouseMornington villas
1576 Petty BenjaminMount pleasanthouse4, Mount pleasant
1577 Petty JamesRose streethouse28, Rose street
1578 Petty JonasGirlington roadhouse52a, Girlington road
1579 Petty JoshuaRose bankhouse4, Rose bank
1580 Phillip JacobClifton villashouseClifton villas
1581 Pickard JosephTreeshouse6, Trees
1582 Pickard ScarboroughDenby streethouse9, Denby street
1583 Pickard WilliamWaile streethouse17, Waile street
1584 Pickering John6, Wilson streethouse6, Wilson street
1585 Pickering WilliamArcadia streethouse4, Green lane
successivehouse1, Arcadia street
1586, Pickles AbrahamMelrose placehouse69, Melrose place
successivehouseFour lane ends
1587 Pickles BenjaminWhetley lanehouseWhetley lane
1588 Pickles DavidJarratt streethouse32, Jarratt street
1589 Pickles HenryJarratt streethouse24, Jarratt street
1590 Pickles JamesWest Butterfield rowhouse5, West Butterfield row
1591 Pickles James EdwardSalt streethouse7D, Salt street
1592 Pickles JohnFour lane endshouse133, Four lane ends
1593 Pickles JohnSilver streethouse22, Silver street
1594 Pickles JohnWest Squire lanehouse2, West Squire lane
1595 Pickles JosephMontgomery streethouse54, Montgomery street
1596 Pickles JosephNorthfield placehouse14a, Northfield place
1597 Pickles JosephPrimrose streethouse9, Primrose street
1598 Pickles JosephSpring rowhouse24, Spring row
1599 Pickles NathanMontgomery streethouse48, Montgomery street
1600 Pickles RichardRegent streethouse22, Regent street
1601 Pickles WilliamSunnybankhouseSunnybank
1602 Pilling DanielBack Spring rowhouseBack Spring row
1603 Pinder JosephBeecher streethouse15, Beecher street
1604 Pinder JosephGreenhill placehouse15, Greenhill place
1605 Pollard AdamKensington streethouse95, Kensington street
1606 Pollard JosephGirlington roadhouse95, Girlington road
1607 Pollard JoshuaBottom of Whetley lanehouse4, Bottom of Whetley lane
1608 Pollard ReubenWood streethouse40, Wood street
1609 Pollard RobertNorth paradehouse103, North parade
1610 Pollard ThomasGlobe foldhouse1, Globe fold
1611 Pollitt GeorgeFour lane endshouse83, Four lane ends
1612 Popple JohnRose streethouse32, Rose street
1613 Popplewell Joseph SmithGreenhill placehouse32, Greenhill place
1614 Porritt JonathanBlenheim roadhouse7, Blenheim road
1615 Postlethwaite JamesMontgomery streethouse17, Montgomery street
1616 Potter BriceBlenheim roadhouse20, Blenheim road
1617 Poulter GibsonCarlisle roadhouse110, Carlisle road
1618 Powell LindleyLumb lanehouse198, Lumb lane
1619 Powell ThomasLumb lanehouse165, Lumb lane
1620 Pratt AnthonyPicton streethouse202, Picton street
1621 Pratt FrancisSeal streethouse9, Seal street
1622 Pratt WilliamPicton streethouse42, Picton street
1623 Pratt WilliamKensington streethouse37, Whetley street
successivehouse65, Kensington street
1624 Preston EdwardGlobe foldhouse24, Globe fold
1625 Preston ElijahGlobe streethouse33, Globe street
1626 Preston JohnHopwood streethouse2, Hopwood street
1627 Preston JohnPrimrose streethouse42, Primrose street
1628 Preston WilliamSpring rowhouse4, Spring row
1629 Priestley BriggsToller lanehouseToller lane
1630 Priestley HenryLaburnum streethouse34, Laburnum street
1631 Priestley JohnPicton streethouse2, Wilson street
successivehouse34, Picton street
1632 Priestley JosephFour lane endshouse137, Four lane ends
1633 Priestley ThomasGlobe streethouse10, Globe street
1634 Priestman AlfredMornington villashouseMornington villas
1635 Priestman EdwardGirlington roadhouseGirlington road
1636 Priestman FrederickToller lanehouseToller lane
1637 Priestman JohnWalmer villashouseWalmer villas
1638 Prince JosephSt. Jude's squarehouse7, St. Jude's square
1639 Prince ThomasMarlborough roadhouseMarlborough road
1640 Pringle JamesNorthfield placehouse9, Northfield place
1641 Pullan JohnPicton streethouse162, Picton street
1642 Pullan JosephSalt streethouse6, Whetley street
successivehouse22, Salt street
1643 Pullan ThomasPicton streethouse108, Picton street
1644 Pulman FrederickAnvil streethouse5, Anvil street
1645 Punt DavidPrimrose terracehouse19, Primrose terrace
1646 Pyrah WilliamValley roadhouseValley road

MANNINGHAM WARD, 1869, surnames beginning with the letter Q
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1647 Quinsey GeorgeSalt streethouse55, Salt street
1648 Quinsey JosephLily streethouse47, Lily street

MANNINGHAM WARD, 1869, surnames beginning with the letter R
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1649 Raine John WilliamBelgrave placehouse135, Belgrave place
1650 Raistrick GeorgeMontgomery streethouse2A, Montgomery street
1651 Ralston JohnLumb lanehouse138, Lumb lane
1652 Ramsbotham Robert RedheadLeedscountinghouseThornton road
1653 Ramsden DavidClifton villashouseClifton villas
1654 Ramsden FrederickWhetley terracehouse16, Whetley terrace
1655 Ramsden JohnWhetley streethouse9, Whetley street
1656 Ramsden JonasPreston street, Thornton roadhousePreston street, Thornton road
1657 Ramsden JosephBack Wood streethouse55, Back Wood street
1658 Ramsden JosephFour lane endshouse48, Four lane ends
1659 Ramsden JosephRose streethouse43, Rose street
1660 Rand James HoratioOak street, Oak lanehouseOak street, Oak lane
1661 Rand JohnManningham thorpehouseManningham thorpe
1662 Rastrick SamuelSilver streethouse6, Silver street
1663 Ratcliffe John HirdLaburnum placehouseSedgwick street, Bradford
successivehouse7, Laburnum place
1664 Rathmell AbrahamLumb lanehouse & shop96, Lumb lane
1665 Raw JamesUpper globehouseUpper globe
1666 Rawling JosephBeecher streethouseAbbey street, Bradford
successivehouse5, Beecher street
1667 Rawnsley HenryFour lane endshouse110, Four lane ends
1668 Rawnsley JamesBack Regent streethouse6, Back Regent street
1669 Rawnsley JamesCanary streethouse133, Canary street
1670 Rawnsley JohnPaul streethouse61, Paul street
1671 Rawnsley JosephLumb lanehouse & shop175, Lumb lane
1672 Rawnsley JosephQuarry streethouse17, Quarry street
1673 Rawnsley JoshuaCemetery roadhouse8, Cemetery road
1674 Rawnsley Joshua HaleyClarendon streethouse28, Clarendon street
1675 Rawnsley WilliamPrimrose streethouse16, Primrose street
1676 Read JesseSpring rowhouse19, Spring row
1677 Read ThomasCanary streethouse123, Canary street
1678 Reaney RichardApsley crescenthouse6, Apsley crescent
1679 Redfearn BenjaminPicton streethouse24, Picton street
1680 Redman JohnWashington streethouse98, Washington street
1681 Redman MarmadukeSalt streethouseSagar square, Salt street
successivehouse66, Salt street
1682 Reeday HenryPicton streethouse85, Picton street
1683 Reeday WilliamPicton streethouse134, Picton street
1684 Reffitt JohnGreenfield placehouse189, Greenfield place
1685 Reischke HenryFairmounthouse4, Fairmount
1686 Rennard RobertBelgrave streethouse3, Belgrave street
1687 Renton ThomasClifton villashouseClifton villas
1688 Reynolds RobertThornton roadhouse256, Thornton road
1689 Rhodes AbnerGuardian streethouse1, Guardian street
1690 Rhodes AlfredSouthfield squarehouse16, Southfield square
1691 Rhodes EnochPrimrose streethouse38A, Primrose street
1692 Rhodes IsaacCarlisle roadhouse20, Rose street
successivehouseCarlisle road
1693 Rhodes JamesOak lanehouse7, Oak lane
1694 Rhodes JamesSouthfield squarehouse68, Southfield square
1695 Rhodes James BaldwinGirlington roadhouse68, Girlington road
1696 Rhodes JeremiahBlenheim roadhouse25, Blenheim road
1697 Rhodes JohnBold streethouse1, Bold street
1698 Rhodes JohnHeaton roadhouse34, Heaton road
1699 Rhodes JosephGreen lanehouse13, Green lane
1700 Rhodes Manoah SharpleySouthfield squarehouse72, Southfield square
1701 Rhodes RushforthCarlisle placehouseWestgrove street, Bradford
successivehouseCarlisle place
1702 Rhodes SamuelRose streethouse40, Rose street
1703 Rhodes SamuelSkinner lanehouse53, Skinner lane
1704 Rhodes ThomasHedge side, Allerton roadhouseHedge side, Allerton road
1705 Rhodes ThomasRegent streethouse26, Regent street
1706 Rhodes ThomasWhetley streethouse15, Whetley street
1707 Rhodes TimothySalt streethouse97, Salt street
1708 Rhodes William EdwinWaile streethouse10, Waile street
1709 Rhodes WrightKensington streethouse268, Kensington street
1710 Richardson RobertWalmer placehouse5, Walmer place
1711 Richmond HenrySpringfield streethouse15, Springfield street
1712 Richmond RichardSpring rowhouse1, Spring row
1713 Richmond ThomasRegent streethouse & shop23, Regent street
1714 Rider PaulGlobe streethouse16, Globe street
1715 Ridge JohnPicton streethouse214, Picton street
1716 Riley Arthur JamesClarendon streethouse5, Clarendon street
1717 Riley JohnBeecher streethouse3, Beecher street
1718 Riley JohnValley rowhouse6, Valley row
1719 Riley ThomasGirlington roadhouseGirlington road
1720 Riley WilliamWashington streethouse18, Lilycroft
successivehouse8, Washington street
1721 Rimmington WalterAnvil streethouse14, Anvil street
1722 Risden JohnGreenhill placehouse14, Greenhill place
1723 Roberts AmosBelgrave streethouse29, Belgrave street
1724 Roberts JamesHopwood streethouse19, Hopwood street
1725 Roberts JohnClarendon placehouse2, Clarendon place
1726 Roberts John ArthurBelle vuehouse3, Belle vue
successivehouse11, Belle vue
1727 Roberts JosephWashington streethouse26, Washington street
1728 Robertshaw AlfredOak streethouseGreenfield place
successivehouseOak street
1729 Robertshaw BenjaminKensington streethouse53, Kensington street
1730 Robertshaw EllisGreen lanehouse19, Green lane
1731 Robertshaw JohnAnvil streethouse11, Anvil street
1732 Robertshaw JohnSpring rowhouse12, Spring row
1733 Robertshaw JohnSkinner lanehouse19, Skinner lane
1734 Robertshaw JosephGreen lanehouse18, Green lane
1735 Robertshaw Joseph HammondClarendon terracehouse15, Clarendon terrace
1736 Robertshaw JoshuaLily streethouse5, Lily street
1737 Robertshaw JoshuaRoundthorn, Thornton roadhouseRoundthorn, Thornton road
1738 Robertshaw ThomasBelgrave streethouse46, Belgrave street
1739 Robertshaw TimothyPrimrose terracehouse17, Primrose terrace
1740 Robertshaw WilliamBrick lanehouse212, Brick lane
1741 Robertshaw WilliamWilson squarehouse1, Wilson street
successivehouse13, Wilson square
1742 Robinson AdamGirlington roadhouse69, Girlington road
1743 Robinson DavidGreen rowhouse290, Green row
1744 Robinson DavidDuckworth streethouseDuckworth street
1745 Robinson DavidHeaton roadhouse45, Heaton road
1746 Robinson DavidUpper globehouse12, Upper globe
1747 Robinson GeorgeWashington streethouse190, Washington street
1748 Robinson HenryKensington streethouse23, Primrose street
successivehouse219, Kensington street
1749 Robinson HenryTreeshouse8, Trees
1750 Robinson IsaacPrimrose terracehouse41, Primrose terrace
1751 Robinson JamesBelgrave streethouse52, Belgrave street
1752 Robinson JamesPrimrose streethouse39, Primrose street
1753 Robinson JamesGreen rowhouse284, Green row
1754 Robinson JohnBottom of Kensington streethouse & shopBottom of Kensington street
1755 Robinson JohnKensington streethouseJowett street, Bradford
successivehouseKensington street
1756 Robinson JohnMount roydhouse3, Mount royd
1757 Robinson JohnPrimrose terracehouse31, Primrose terrace
1758 Robinson JonasGirlington roadhouse180, Girlington road
1759 Robinson JonasPicton streethouse157, Picton street
1760 Robinson JosephDuckworth lanehouse198, Duckworth lane
1761 Robinson RobertQuarry streethouse8, Quarry street
1762 Robinson ThomasGirlington roadhouse40A, Girlington road
1763 Robinson ThomasSt. Jude's placehouse60, St. Jude's place
1764 Roe BenjaminLaburnum placehouse & shop6, Laburnum place
1765 Rogerson George BayldonMount pleasanthouse2, Mount pleasant
1766 Rolfsen AlbertRose bankhouse2, Rose bank
1767 Romaine AlfredPicton streethouse192, Picton street
1768 Roome CharlesBeecher streethouse2, Beecher street
1769 Roper DavidCrow tree lanehouse12, Crow tree lane
1770 Roper DavidPrimrose streethouse28, Primrose street
1771 Roper JamesPearson lanehouse1, Pearson lane
1772 Roper ThomasGirlington roadhouse149, Girlington road
1773 Ross MalcolmSalt streethouse27, Salt street
1774 Rowbotham HenryWaile streethouse33, Waile street
1775 Rowling EdwinGuardian streethouse21, Guardian street
1776 Rowling ThomasDaisy hill lanehouse34, Daisy hill lane
1777 Rushforth JasperAshdowne placehouseAshdowne place
1778 Rushton John IbbotsonWaile streethouse53, Waile street
1779 Rushton RobertSalt streethouse51, Salt street
1780 Rushworth BaileyLily streethouse34, Lily street
1781 Rushworth BrumfitHeaton roadhouse26, Heaton road
1782 Rushworth JonathanThornton roadhouse356, Thornton road
1783 Rushworth ThomasRose streethouse22, Rose street
1784 Russam RichardBelgrave streethouse16, Belgrave street
1785 Russell BenjaminLily streethouse58, Lily street
1786 Russell PeterGuardian streethouse17, Guardian street
1787 Rycroft AmosLily streethouse60, Lily street
1788 Rycroft EdwinSalt streethouse87, Salt street
1789 Rycroft JohnLumb lanehouse126, Lumb lane
1790 Rycroft JosephSagar square, Salt streethouse4, Sagar square, Salt street
1791 Rycroft JoshuaRose streethouse41, Rose street
1792 Rycroft ThomasAnvil streethouse3, Anvil street
1793 Ryder JohnSkinner lanehouse55, Skinner lane
1794 Ryder JohnDelph hill, Whetley streethouseDelph hill, Whetley street
1795 Ryder JohnLilycroft lanehouseLilycroft lane
1796 Rye DanielSpringfield streethouse11, Springfield street

Transcribed by Colin Hinson © 2014
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