BRADFORD: Bradford Parliamentary Register 1869, WEST WARD, surnames H-Q.



* Lines starting with an asterisk (*) mean the entry is not for voting.

WEST WARD, 1869, surnames H-Q.
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1080 Hagan GeorgeVincent streethouse222, Vincent street
1081 Hagan JamesLongcroft placehouse122, Longcroft place
1082 Hagan MartinGreenaire placehouse17, Greenaire place
1083 Hagan PatrickLongcroft placehouse66, Longcroft place
1084 Hagerty TimothySpink placehouse4, Spink place
1085 Haigh BenjaminSilsbridge lanehouse95, Silsbridge lane
1086 Haigh JamesJowett streethouse37, Jowett street
1087 Haigh WilliamAlbion streethouse38, Albion street
1088 Hainsworth AbelWalmsley's Buildingshouse6, Walmsley's Buildings
1089 Hainsworth AbrahamOddfellows courthouse2, Oddfellows court
1090 Hainsworth JosephWorthington streethouse10, Cropper lane
successivehouse13, Worthington street
1091 Hainsworth WilliamPudseywarehouse11, Wade street
1092 Haley CharlesWestend lanehouse24, Westend lane
1093 Haley EdwardBierleyshopCheapside
successiveshopBrunswick place
1094 Haley EnochHortonshop171, Thornton road
1095 Haley JeremiahVincent streethouse166, Vincent street
1096 Haley MartinGracechurch streethouse37, Gracechurch street
1097 Haley TimothyLumb lanehouse & shopLumb lane
1098 Haley William HenryLongside lane, Hortonwarehouse & foundryListerhills road
1099 Hall DavidAbbey streethouse3, Abbey street
1100 Hall JohnNorthgatehouse & shop67, Northgate
1101 Hall JohnAbbey streethouse104, Abbey street
1102 Hall JohnHerring rowhouse5, Herring row
1103 Hall JohnPeel squarehouse44, Peel square
1104 Hall JohnManor streetshop62, Market street
1105 Hall JohnLongcroft placehouse123, Longcroft place
1106 Hall John, junr.Manninghamshop33, Kirkgate
1107 Hall JosephGalway streethouse28, Galway street
1108 Hall WilliamCrown streethouse64, Crown street
1109 Halliday BenjaminRebecca streethouseManningham
successivehouse17, Rebecca street
1110 Halliday RobertThornton streethouse47, Thornton street
1111 Halliday ThomasClayton streethouse8, Clayton street
1112 Halstead Henry RichardManninghamwarehouseAldermanbury
1113 Halstead IsaacVictoria streetshop72, Thornton road
1114 Halstead JosephHortonshop72, Thornton road
1115 Hamilton JamesVincent streethouse86, Vincent street
1116 Hammond JamesGreen markethouse16, Green market
1117 Hammond JosephBrunswick placehouse16, Brunswick place
1118 Hampshaw JohnWynne streethouse14, Wynne street
1119 Haran JamesUpper West streethouse7, Upper West street
1120 Handley GeorgeGracechurch streethouse176, Gracechurch street
1121 Handy JamesSilsbridge lanehouse & shop104, Silsbridge lane
1122 Handy WilliamVincent streethouse142, Vincent street
1123 Hanley ThomasIndustrious rowhouse24, Industrious row
1124 Hanson DanielVictoria streethouse53, Victoria street
1125 Hanson GeorgeLow streethouse13, Low street
1126 Hanson GeorgeHanover squarehouse10, Hanover square
1127 Hanson HarryThornton roadhouse46, Thornton road
1128 Hanson JamesDrewton streetofficeWestgate
1129 Hanson SamuelLow streethouse9, Low street
1130 Hanson SquireGreenaire placehouse26A, Greenaire place
1131 Hanson ThomasThornton roadhouse132, Thornton road
1132 Haran PatrickSilsbridge lanehouse18, Silsbridge lane
1133 Hardaker JamesSilsbridge laneshop92, Westgate
1134 Hardaker JamesProvidence streethouse & shop14, Providence street
1135 Hardaker JohnClayton streethouse49, Clayton street
1136 Hardaker RichardHortonmillThornton road
1137 Hardaker RichardShipleywarehouseRoebuck yard
1138 Hardaker WalterThornton streethouse13, Thornton street
1139 Hardcastle ThomasBrick lanehouse27, Brick lane
1140 Hardisty CharlesThornton streethouse68, Thornton street
1141 Hardisty JamesLumb lanehouse51, Lumb lane
1142 Hardman JamesLongcroft placehouse97, Longcroft place
successivehouse71, Longcroft place
1143 Hardwick ThomasKing streethouse69, King street
1144 Hardy AbrahamHind streethouse4, Hind street
1145 Hardy JohnJowett streethouseSilsbridge lane
successivehouse82, Jowett street
1146 Harget JohnRaven streethouse17, Raven street
1147 Hargreaves DavidLumb lanehouse & shop84, Lumb lane
1148 Hargreaves EdwardClayton streetshopBrick lane
1149 Hargreaves JamesManninghamofficeOld market
1150 Hargreaves JamesClayton streethouse93, Clayton street
1151 Hargreaves JohnManninghamwarehouse33, Aldermanbury
1152 Hargreaves JohnVictoria streethouse40, Victoria street
1153 Hargreaves JosephCrown streethouse73, Crown street
1154 Hargreaves MichaelLongcroft placehouse147, Longcroft place
1155 Hargreaves RobinsonHortonwarehousePiece Hall yard
1156 Hargreaves ThomasBurnley foldhouse4, Burnley fold
1157 Hargreaves WilliamLeedsoffice12, Union passage
1158 Harker GeorgeWestgrove streethouse44, Westgrove street
1159 Harker JacobSedgwick streethouse75, Sedgwick street
1160 Harkinson WilliamUpper West streethouse4, Upper West street
1161 Harlam JohnCrown streethouse23, Crown street
1162 Harland JohnManninghamshopHustlergate
1163 Harland JohnBrick lanehouse55, Brick lane
1164 Harland RichardWestgrove streethouse12, Westgrove street
1165 Harley JohnGreenaire placehouse19A, Greenaire place
1166 Harling JamesJowett streethouse77, Jowett street
1167 Harrington JohnOddfellows courthouse12, Oddfellows' court
1168 Harris Alfred, junr.ShipleybankinghouseCheapside
1169 Harris HenryHeaton hallbankinghouseCheapside
1170 Harris ThomasSedgfield terracehouse4, Sedgfield terrace
1171 Harrison AnthonyClayton streethouse14, Clayton street
1172 Harrison JamesHoughton placehouse44, Houghton place
1173 Harrison JamesGalway streethouse29, Galway street
1174 Harrison JohnLumb lanehouse17, Lumb lane
1175 Harrison JohnGalway streethouse25, Galway street
1176 Harrison JosephBrick lanehouse31, Brick lane
1177 Harrison JosephQueen streethouse19, Queen street
1178 Harrison JoshuaThornton streethouse45, Thornton street
1179 Harrison LukeJowett streethouse111, Jowett street
1180 Harrison ThomasHortonshopSunbridge
1181 Hart JamesChain streethouse33, Chain street
1182 Hart JohnVincent streethouse218, Vincent street
1183 Hartley Alfred WardWhite Abbeyhouse38, White Abbey
1184 Hartley EdwardAbbey streethouse34, Abbey street
1185 Hartley GeorgeHolmes streetshopBrick lane
1186 Hartley James ThompsonHortonwarehousePiece Hall yard
1187 Hartley JohnKing streethouse57, King street
1188 Hartley JohnHortonwarehouseFleece Inn yard, Hustlergate
1189 Hartley JosephIvegatehouse23, Ivegate
1190 Hartley JosephPark gateshopBridge street
1191 Hartley JosephSedgwick streethouse7, Sedgwick street
1192 Hartley MidgleyLonglands streethouseManningham
successivehouse27, Longlands street
1193 Hartley PatrickVincent streethouse200, Vincent street
1194 Hartley SamuelLongcroft placehouse53, Longcroft place
1195 Hartley ThomasWestgrove streethouse1, Westgrove street
1196 Hartley ThomasLow streethouseSaltpie street
successivehouse11, Low street
1197 Hartley WilliamBrick lanehouseBrick lane
1198 Hartley WilliamCrown streethouse79, Crown street
1199 Hartley WilliamClayton streethouse25, Clayton street
1200 Hartley WilliamBrewery streethouse9, Brewery street
1201 Hartley WilliamCrown streethouse52, Crown street
1202 Harvey WilliamThornton roadhouse28, Thornton road
1203 Hasenclever AlbertHipperholmeofficeExchange
1204 Haslam JohnNorth paradehouse61, North parade
1205 Haste JoshuaClayton squarehouse10, Clayton square
1206 Haste ThomasJowett streethouse12, Jowett street
1207 Hastings CharlesManninghammillThornton road
1208 Hattersley WilliamSilsbridge lanehouse74, Silsbridge lane
1209 Hawkins JohnMiddle streetshop82, Northgate
1210 Hawksworth LionelBrewery streethouseBeck street
successivehouseBrewery street
1211 Hawksworth PeterTownhill streetwarehouseMill bank
1212 Hawley JohnSilsbridge lanehouse & shop33, Silsbridge lane
1213 Healey FrancisSawrey placeofficeTyrrel street
1214 Healey JamesKing streethouseManningham
successivehouse101, King street
1215 Heaps WilliamHortonshop29, Queensgate
1216 Hearley PatrickLonglands streethouse36, Longlands street
1217 Heaton PeterWestend streethouse23, Westend street
1218 Heaton PeterRaven streethouse81, Raven street
1219 Heaton RobertAbbey streethouse37, Abbey street
1220 Heaton SamuelNorthgatehouse34, Northgate
1221 Heaton WilliamWestgatehouse126, Westgate
1222 Hebden John WilliamRawson placehouse13, Rawson place
1223 Hebden Thomas HoadleyDarfield streetshop7, Westgate
1224 Hellewell JamesJames streethouseHorton
successivehouse29, James street
1225 Helliwell AaronThornton streethouse6, Thornton street
1226 Helliwell AbrahamThornton streethouse22, Thornton street
successivehouse65, Thornton street
1227 Helliwell MartinClayton streethouse111, Clayton street
1228 Helliwell WilliamSpring gardensmillQuebec terrace
1229 Helliwell William, junr.Spring gardensmillQuebec terrace
1230 Hemmingway AbrahamThornton streethouse50, Thornton street
1231 Henderson ThomasGracechurch streethouse13, Gracechurch street
1232 Henry DominicUpper West streethouse33, Upper West street
1233 Henry JamesLongcroft placehouse7, Longcroft place
1234 Henry MichaelUpper West streethouse19, Upper West street
1235 Henry MichaelLonglands streethouse96, Longlands street
1236 Henry MichaelLower West streethouse12, Lower West street
1237 Heptonstall ThomasNorthgatehouse69, Northgate
1238 Heron JamesHanover squarehouse30, Hanover square
1239 Heron ThomasHallfield roadhouse9, Hallfield road
1240 Herson JohnGracechurch streethouse17, Gracechurch street
1241 Hertz JamesLumb lanehouse1, Lumb lane
1242 Heslington AbrahamDarfield streethouseDarfield street
1243 Heslop RichardVictoria streethouse5, Victoria street
1244 Hetherington GeorgeHortonshop34, Tyrrel street
1245 Hetherington James SykesWestgatehouse & shopWestgate
1246 Hetherington JamesSilsbridge lanehouse & shop153, Silsbridge lane
1247 Hetherington JamesBowlingshopWestgate
1248 Hey GeorgeLongcroft placehouse134, Longcroft place
1249 Hey JamesJowett streethouse38, Jowett street
1250 Hey JosephLonglands streethouse103, Longlands street
1251 Hey WilliamSouthgatehouse7, Southgate
1252 Hey WilliamIllingworth yardshopGreen market
1253 Heydon EdmundRaven streethouse16, Raven street
1254 Heys WilliamHayworth streethouse5, Hayworth street
1255 Heyworth CrossleyChain streethouse37, Chain street
1256 Hibbert SamuelAbbey streethouse63, Abbey street
1257 Hick JosephHanover squarehouse39, Hanover square
1258 Hick JosephButterfield placehouse32, Butterfield place
1259 Higgins MichaelGreenaire placehouse54, Greenaire place
1260 Higgins PatseyGreenaire placehouse60, Greenaire place
1261 Hiley JohnKirkgatehouse & shop62, Kirkgate
1262 Hiley JonathanRaven streethouse61, Raven street
1263 Hill CharlesLumb lanehouse3, Lumb lane
1264 Hill CharlesLumb lanehouse53, Lumb lane
1265 Hill EliRoberts placehouse21, Roberts place
1266 Hill JohnSedgwick courthouse5, Sedgwick court
1267 Hill JohnWorthington streethouseGreat Cross street
successivehouse3, Worthington street
1268 Hill JoshuaAbbey streethouse144, Abbey street
1269 Hill JoshuaLumb lanehouse53, Lumb lane
1270 Hill JoshuaQueen streethouse76, Queen street
1271 Hill RichardLongcroft placehouse114, Longcroft place
1272 Hill SamuelThornton streethouse22, Thornton street
1273 Hill WalkerWestgatehouse188, Westgate
1274 Hill WilliamClayton streethouse96, Clayton street
1275 Hinchliffe ThomasVictoria streethouse6, Victoria street
1276 Hind AdamWykewarehouse35, Old market
1277 Hind JamesWykewarehouse35, Old market
1278 Hind JohnWykewarehouse35, Old market
1279 Hind JosephGalway streethouse53, Galway street
1280 Hindle EdmundHortonwarehouseBank street
1281 Hindle JosephCrown streethouse20, Crown street
1282 Hindle SydneyVincent streethouse234, Vincent street
1283 Hird JohnCropper lanehouse & shop8, Cropper lane
successiveshop20, Silsbridge lane
1284 Hird RobertSilsbridge lanehouse88, Silsbridge lane
1285 Hird WilliamWestgatehouse153, Westgate
1286 Hirst AbrahamBell streethouse4, Bell street
1287 Hirst Henry SagasClaytonofficeChapel lane
1288 Hirst JosephClaytonofficeChapel lane
1289 Hirst JosephManninghamwarehouse2, Roebuck yard
1290 Hitchen JohnDyson streetshop16, John street
1291 Hobson JohnSilsbridge lanehouse158, Silsbridge lane
1292 Hodgson AlbertGarnett streetshopKirkgate
1293 Hodgson EdmundQuebec terracehouse9, Quebec terrace
1294 Hodgson EmanuelSummer streethouse22, Summer street
1295 Hodgson GeorgeHortonshopThornton road
1296 Hodgson GeorgeDyson streethouse62, Dyson street
1297 Hodgson HenryBack Quebec terracehouseHorton
successivehouse8, Back Quebec terrace
1298 Hodgson JamesSaltpie streethouse23, Saltpie street
1299 Hodgson JamesCrown streethouse56, Crown street
1300 Hodgson JohnVictoria streethouse57, Victoria street
1301 Hodgson JonathanJohn courthouse23, John court
1302 Hodgson RichardDarfield streethouseDarfield street
1303 Hodgson WilliamJowett streethouse75, Jowett street
1304 Hodgson WilliamSilsbridge lanehouse118, Silsbridge lane
1305 Hodgson WilliamHortonwarehouseThornton road
1306 Hogan JamesGracechurch streethouse31, Gracechurch street
1307 Hogan JohnLongcroft placehouse84, Longcroft place
1308 Holdsworth EdwinRaven streethouse29, Raven street
1309 Holdsworth EnochRaven streethouse71, Longcroft place
successivehouse77, Raven street
1310 Holdsworth HeberJohn streethouse15, John street
1311 Holdsworth JamesAbbey streethouse108, Abbey street
1312 Holdsworth JamesRoberts placehouse20, Roberts place
1313 Holdsworth JamesWestend lanehouse7, Westend lane
1314 Holdsworth JohnBrayshaw yardhouse4, Brayshaw yard
1315 Holdsworth JohnLonglands streethouse86, Longlands street
1316 Holdsworth JohnInfirmary streethouse9, Infirmary street
1317 Holdsworth JosephAbbey streethouse22, Abbey street
1318 Holdsworth PaulKing streethouseManningham
successivehouse59, King street
1319 Holdsworth RichardGaynor streethouse40, Gaynor street
1320 Holdsworth Thomas WrightKing streethouse24, King street
1321 Holdsworth WilliamLongcroft placehouse47, Longcroft place
1322 Holdsworth WilliamSpink streethouse3, Spink street
1323 Holgate DawsonWestgatehouse & shop124, Westgate
1324 Holgate JohnSilsbridge lanehouse178, Silsbridge lane
1325 Holgate WilliamMarket streethouse & shop12, Market street
1326 Holgate WilliamUnion passagehouse & shop15, Union passage
1327 Holker SamuelSpink streethouse7, Spink street
1328 Holland FrancisHortonshopExchange
1329 Holland JosephThornton roadhouse & shop126, Thornton road
1330 Holland MichaelJowett streethouseHorton
successivehouse102, Jowett street
1331 Hollings Edwin HodgsonWestgrove streethouse8, Westgrove street
1332 Hollings JamesBrick lanehouse22, Brick lane
1333 Hollingworth WilliamSaltaireshop26, Tyrrel street
1334 Holloway William HenryEldon placehouse7, Eldon place
1335 Holmes DennisRoberts placehouse25, Roberts place
1336 Holmes GeorgeGaynor streethouse28, Gaynor street
1337 Holmes HenryWestgrove streethouse50, Westgrove street
1338 Holmes JamesAbbey streethouse97, Abbey street
1339 Holmes JohnHortonwarehouse25, Thornton road
1340 Holmes JohnKing streetshop82, White Abbey
1341 Holmes JohnShipleywarehouseAldermanbury
1342 Holmes JohnRaven streethouse63, Raven street
1343 Holmes JohnLumb lanehouse43, Lumb lane
1344 Holmes John AlbertVictoria streethouse49, Victoria street
1345 Holmes Joseph JamesDarley streethouse53, Darley street
1346 Holmes Samuel HartleyManninghamwarehouseAldermanbury
1347 Holmes WilliamHolmes streethouse17, Holmes street
1348 Holmes WilliamHanover squarehouse31, Hanover square
1349 Holroyd HardwickLonglands streethouse25, Longlands street
1350 Holroyd JacobProvidence streethouse13, Roundhill place
successivehouse16, Providence street
1351 Holroyd JosephJowett streethouse71, Jowett street
1352 Holroyd JosephThorntonwarehouseThornton road
1353 Holroyd ThomasJowett streethouseGirlington
successivehouse11, Jowett street
1354 Holroyd TimothyClayton streethouse74, Clayton street
1355 Holroyd WilliamJowett streethouse48, Jowett street
1356 Holroyd WilliamThornton streethouse75, Thornton street
1357 Holroyd William HenryNorth paradehouse17, North parade
1358 Holt AbrahamCrown streethouse26, Crown street
1359 Holt BenjaminQueen streethouse30, Queen street
1360 Holt GeorgeVictoria streetshop21, Kirkgate
1361 Holt JamesRaven streethouse2, Raven street
1362 Holt JamesWynne streethouse20, Clayton square
successivehouse21, Wynne street
1363 Holt JosephRoberts placehouse19, Roberts place
1364 Holt ThomasBaptist placeshop11, Queensgate
successivehouseBaptist place
1365 Holt ThomasJowett streethouse62, Jowett street
1366 Holt ThomasHolmes streethouse25, Holmes street
1367 Holt WilliamJowett streethouse125A, Jowett street
1368 Hope Thomas CampbellManninghamofficeExchange
1369 Hopkinson GeorgeBrick lanehouse147, Brick lane
1370 Hopkinson ThomasHortonshop19, Wade street
1371 Horan ThomasKing streethouse18, Spink place
successivehouse25, King street
1372 Horne JonathanThornton streethouse35, Thornton street
1373 Horner GeorgeParadise streethouseParadise street
1374 Horner JabezClayton streethouse87, Clayton street
1375 Horner JonathanBurnley foldhouse8, Burnley fold
1376 Horner WilliamKing streethouse77, King street
1377 Horsfall JohnKing streethouse107, King street
1378 Horsfall JosephJowett streethouse50, Jowett street
1379 Horsfall RobinsonDyson streethouse72, Dyson street
1380 Horsfall ThomasJowett streethouse109, Jowett street
successivehouse103, Jowett street
1381 Horton RichardJames streetshopLee street
1382 House JohnJowett streetshopWater lane
1383 Howard ChristopherKing streethouse99, King street
1384 Howard ThomasJowett streethouse54, Jowett street
1385 Howe RichardSaltpie streethouse7, Saltpie street
1386 Howell FrancisSedgwick courthouse6, Sedgwick court
1387 Howker JohnWhite Abbeyhouse48, White Abbey
1388 Howroyd WilliamJohn courthouseWestend street
successivehouseJohn court
1389 Hoyle JosephChain streethouse12, Chain street
1390 Hoyle WilliamClayton streethouseManningham
successivehouse32, Clayton street
1391 Huddlestone SamuelHind streethouse22, Hind street
1392 Hudson JamesSaltpie streethouse8, Saltpie street
1393 Hudson JohnButterfield placehouse36, Butterfield place
1394 Hudson JohnBrick lanehouse & shopBrick lane
1395 Hudson JohnBradford MoorshopThornton road
1396 Hudson RichardKing streethouse55, King street
1397 Hudson StephenAlbion streethouse24, Albion street
1398 Hudson ThomasLumb lanehouseLumb lane
1399 Hudson William HenryBowlingshopExchange
1400 Hugginson WilliamWestend lanehouse63, Longcroft place
successivehouse10, Westend lane
1401 Hughes EdwardLeyshouse19, Leys
1402 Hughes JohnThornton roadhouse & shop30, Thornton road
1403 Hughes MartinLeyshouse9, Leys
1404 Hughes Richard ThomasPark placehouse8, Park place
1405 Hullah Charles RileyAbbey streetshop146, Westgate
1406 Humble GeorgeManninghamoffice13, Union passage
1407 Hunt JamesLongcroft placehouse70, Longcroft place
1408 Hunter JohnHortonshop74, Market street
1409 Hunter WilliamThornton roadhouse & shop17, Thornton road
1410 Hunter ThomasHorton laneshop64, Market street
successiveshopTop of Ivegate
1411 Hurd SamuelLeedsofficeCheapside
1412 Hustler BenjaminOne streethouse15, One street
1413 Hustler HenryGaynor streethouseGaynor street
1414 Hutchinson BenjaminWestend lanehouse13, Westend lane
1415 Hutchinson IsaacCrown streethouse49, Crown street
1416 Hutchinson James GwynneHortonofficeQueensgate
1417 Hutchinson JeremiahLongcroft placehouse116, Longcroft place
1418 Hutchinson RobertThornton roadhouseWapping road
successivehouse216, Thornton road
1419 Hutton JohnQueen streethouse62, Queen street
1420 Hutton JohnManchester roadshop36, Brick lane
1421 Hyde WilliamQueen streethouse7, Queen street

WEST WARD, 1869, surnames beginning with the letter I
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1422 Ibbetson HenryJowett streethouse36, Jowett street
1423 Ibbetson HenryManninghamofficeExchange
1424 Ibbetson JohnCrown streethouse55, Crown street
1425 Ibbetson John G.Jowett streethouseTrafalgar street
successivehouse39, Jowett street
1426 Ibbetson WilliamLower Cross streethouse61, Lower Cross street
1427 Ibbison JohnSilsbridge lanehouse125, Silsbridge lane
1428 Ickringill AbrahamManninghamshop39, Northgate
1429 Ickringill IraBingleyofficeOld market
1430 Illingworth AlfredNorth paradehouse57, North parade
1431 Illingworth BenjaminRebecca streethouse & shop3, Rebecca street
1432 Illingworth BoothManninghamwarehouse45, Southgate
1433 Illingworth ErSimes streethouse & shop21, Brick lane
successivehouseSimes street
1434 Illingworth HenryPeel squarehouse34, Peel square
1435 Illingworth HiramCrown streetshopBrick lane
1436 Illingworth JoeHortonshop44, Tyrrel street
1437 Illingworth JohnQueen streethouse26, Queen street
1438 Illingworth JohnSimes streetshop66, Westgate
1439 Illingworth JohnSouthgatehouse4, Southgate
1440 Illingworth John HenryManninghamwarehouseSouthgate
1441 Illingworth JonathanPoole alleyhouse4, Poole alley
1442 Illingworth RichardOddfellows courthouse6, Oddfellows court
1443 Illingworth Robert HolroydWestgatehouse & shop205, Westgate
1444 Illingworth StephenGalway streethouseGalway street
1445 Illingworth ThomasJowett streethouse14, Jowett street
successiveshopMawson street
1446 Illingworth ThomasRebecca streethouse21, Rebecca street
1447 Illingworth ThomasSpring gardensshop66, Westgate
1448 Illingworth ThomasWestgrove streethouse41, Westgrove street
1449 Illingworth ThomasManninghamwarehousePiece Hall yard
1450 Illingworth ThomasManninghamshop44, Tyrrel street
1451 Illingworth Thomas BarracloughBrunswick placeshop66, Westgate
1452 Illingworth WilliamWynne streethouse10, Wynne street
1453 Ingham JamesWestgatehouse183, Westgate
1454 Ingham JohnRebecca streethouse7, Rebecca street
1455 Ingham JohnCrown streethouse59, Crown street
1456 Ingham JonasHardaker streethouse8, Hardaker street
1457 Ingham RobertDyson streethouse88, Dyson street
1458 Ingham SamuelPudseyshopMawson street
1459 Ingle JohnParadise streethouseParadise street
1460 Ingle JohnThornton roadmillThornton road
1461 Ingleby WilliamJowett streethouse79, Jowett street
1462 Ingleson ThomasQueen streethouse50, Queen street
1463 Ingram CharlesRaven streethouse14, Raven street
1464 Inman ThomasGreenaire placehouse10, Greenaire place
1465 Irvine JohnLonglands streethouse85, Longlands street
1466 Irvine StewartWestgatehouse & shop96, Westgate
1467 Irving ChristopherVictoria streethouse34, Victoria street
1468 Irving HenryChain streethouse35, Chain street
1469 Isherwood OliverLongcroft placehouse120, Longcroft place
1470 Isitt George HannibalHortonshop72, Market street

WEST WARD, 1869, surnames beginning with the letter J
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1471 Jackson AbrahamListerhills roadhouse9, Listerhills road
1472 Jackson HardistyBlack Abbeyhouse27, Black Abbey
1473 Jackson HenryTyson streethouseTyson street
1474 Jackson JohnProvidence streethouse17, Providence street
1475 Jackson RichardWestgrove streethouseAbbey street
successivehouse78, Westgrove street
1476 Jackson RobertRebecca streethouse15, Rebecca street
1477 Jackson SamuelSouthgatehouse2, Southgate
1478 Jackson ThomasHortonwarehouseAldermanbury
1479 Jackson WilliamQueen streethouse17, Queen street
1480 Jackson WilliamBrunswick placehouse13, Brunswick place
1481 Jagger JacobGreenaire placehouse28A, Greenaire place
1482 Jagger WalterClayton streethouse33, Clayton street
1483 James BenjaminWestgatehouse & shop192, Westgate
1484 James WilliamHortonhouse & shopIvegate
1485 James WilliamNorthgatehouse & shop43, Northgate
1486 Jeffrey JosephHayworth streethouse13, Hayworth street
1487 Jeffrey WilliamSedgwick streethouse39, Sedgwick street
1488 Jennings BinnsJames streethouse34, James street
1489 Jennings JonathanWestgrove streetwarehouse41, Aldermanbury
1490 Jennings PatrickBrick courthouse14, Brick court
1491 Jennings SamuelDudley hillwarehouse17, Wade street
1492 Jennings ThomasThompson's alleyhouse2, Thompson's alley
1493 Jennings WilliamManninghamwarehouse41, Aldermanbury
1494 Jesper AlfredHortonshop21, Kirkgate
1495 Jessop JosephManninghamshopSedgwick street
1496 Johnson BenKirkgatehouse & shop65, Kirkgate
1497 Johnson GeorgeDarfield streethouse12, Darfield street
1498 Johnson JamesLongcroft placehouse141, Longcroft place
1499 Johnson JohnJowett streethouse108, Jowett street
1500 Johnson RobertHolmes streethouse24, Holmes street
1501 Johnson ThomasDarfield streethouse14, Darfield street
1502 Johnson WilliamIllingworth yardhouse8, Illingworth yard
1503 Johnstone JamesDrewton streethouse114, Westgate
successivehouse51, Drewton street
1504 Johnstone JohnWestgrove streethouse45, Westgrove street
1505 Johnstone JosephHallfield roadhouse15, Hallfield road
1506 Jolly AlfredAbbey streethouse93, Abbey street
1507 Jolly JohnIvegatehouseBolton road
successivehouse18, Ivegate
1508 Jolly NathanBrick lanehouse57, Brick lane
1509 Jolly PeterVictoria streethouse67, Victoria street
1510 Jones HughThornton streethouse56, Thornton street
1511 Jones ThomasGalway streethouse2, Galway street
1512 Jones WilliamGracechurch streethouseGracechurch street
1513 Jordan BartleyVincent streethouse104, Vincent street
1514 Jowett AdamWestgrove streethouse42, Westgrove street
1515 Jowett CravenClayton streethouse47, Clayton street
successivehouse112, Clayton street
1516 Jowett FrancisLongcroft placehouse18, Longcroft place
1517 Jowett GeorgeRaven streethouse28, Raven street
1518 Jowett IsaacThornton streethouse41, Thornton street
1519 Jowett JamesWestgrove streethouse40, Westgrove street
1520 Jowett JesseCropper lanehouseHorton
successivehouse16, Cropper lane
1521 Jowett JohnRaven streethouse71, Raven street
1522 Jowett JohnRaven streethouse36, Raven street
1523 Jowett John ClaytonHeap laneshop8, Bond street
1524 Jowett JosephHortonwarehouse5, Union passage
1525 Jowett NathanClayton streethouse108, Clayton street
successivehouse104, Clayton street
1526 Jowett Nathan AtkinsonManninghamofficeBrunswick place
1527 Jowett SimeonWestend lanehouse21, Westend lane
1528 Jowett WilliamPeel squarehouse32, Peel square
1529 Jowett WilliamJohn streethouseBolton road
successivehouseJohn street
1530 Joy ThomasQueen streethouse13, Queen street
1531 Joy WilliamSnow hillhouse5, Snow hill
1532 Joyce MartinGoit sidehouse2, Goit side
1533 Joyce MichaelBrick courthouse10, Brick court
1534 Joyce PatrickGoit sidehouse3, Goit side
1535 Judge WilliamMill bankhouse7, Mill bank

WEST WARD, 1869, surnames beginning with the letter K
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1536 Kane JohnWestend streethouse56, Westend street
1537 Karle FrederickSilsbridge lanehouse & shop39, Silsbridge lane
1538 Kay GeorgeWestend streethouse63, Westend street
1539 Kay JamesSimes streethouse15, Simes street
1540 Kay JamesCrown streethouse61, Crown street
1541 Kay JohnWestgrove streethouse17, Westgrove street
1542 Kay JosephQueen streethouse16, Queen street
1543 Kearney JamesAbbey streethouse85, Abbey street
1544 Kearney JamesAbbey streethouse114, Abbey street
1545 Kearns WilliamThornton streethouse60, Thornton street
1546 Keenan PatrickVincent streethouse14, Vincent street
1547 Keighley CharlesManninghamwarehouseRoebuck yard
1548 Keighley EdwardManninghamwarehouse5, Albion court
1549 Keighley FrederickAbbey streethouse119, Abbey street
1550 Keighley JamesManninghamshop6, Chapel court
1551 Keighley JosephBoyes courthouse4, Boyes court
1552 Kellett JosephLonglands placehouse4, Longlands place
1553 Kellett JosephRebecca streethouse6, Rebecca street
1554 Kelly JamesCrown streethouseUpper West street
successivehouse89, Crown street
1555 Kelly JohnHerring rowhouseHorton
successivehouse3, Herring row
1556 Kelly JohnLongcroft placehouse25, Longcroft place
1557 Kelly JohnOne streethouse3, One street
1558 Kelly JohnLongcroft placehouse68, Longcroft place
1559 Kelly OwenLongcroft placehouse74, Longcroft place
1560 Kelly PatrickLower Southgatehouse82, Lower Southgate
1561 Kelly PatrickBlack Abbeyhouse63, Black Abbey
1562 Kelly PeterLongcroft placehouse36, Longcroft place
1563 Kelly StephenMawson streethouse21, Mawson street
1564 Kelly WilliamCrown streethouse69, Crown street
1565 Kemp GeorgeQueen streethouse78, Queen street
1566 Kendall DanielBurnley foldhouse7, Burnley fold
1567 Kendall JamesNorthgatehouse45, Northgate
1568 Kendall JohnHolmes streethouse19, Holmes street
1569 Kendall RichardRaven streethouse34, Raven street
1570 Kendrew EdwardBridge streethouse13, Bridge street
1571 Kenion JohnRebecca streethouse5, Rebecca street
1572 Kennedy JohnUpper West streethouse3, Upper West street
1573 Kennedy JohnUpper West streethouse21, Upper West street
1574 Kennedy MorrisLeyshouse27, Leys
1575 Kennedy ThomasWestend streethouse28, Westend street
1576 Kennedy ThomasLonglands streethouse80, Longlands street
1577 Kennedy WilliamAbbey streethouseAbbey street
1578 Kent GeorgeSnow hillhouse8, Snow hill
1579 Kershaw ElkanahTumbling hill streethouse7, Tumbling hill street
1580 Kershaw JosephWestgrove streethouse81, Westgrove street
1581 Kershaw JosephBlack Abbeyhouse61, Black Abbey
1582 Kershaw OliverCrown streethouse60, Crown street
1583 Kershaw SamuelWestgatehouse171, Westgate
1584 Kettlewell JamesClayton streethouse83, Clayton street
1585 Kewby SamuelChain streethouse1, Westend lane
successivehouse24, Chain street
1586 Kilbride BartholomewLongcroft placehouse59, Longcroft place
1587 Kilbride HughTetley streethouse34, Tetley street
1588 Kilcarlin MichaelVincent streethouse13, Vincent street
1589 Kilcullen RogerWestend streethouse65, Westend street
1590 Killerby MichaelLonglands streethouse38, Longlands street
1591 Killerby RichardJames streethouse23, John street
successivehouse28, James street
1592 Killick Henry FisonManninghamofficePiece Hall yard
1593 Kilmartin JamesVincent streethouse122, Vincent street
1594 Kilmartin MichaelGreenaire placehouse6, Greenaire place
1595 Kilmore ThomasVincent streethouse58, Vincent street
1596 Kimber BenjaminLower Southgatehouse69, Lower Southgate
1597 Kinan JamesVincent streethouse180, Vincent street
1598 Kinder CharlesCrown streethouse30, Crown street
1599 Kinder WilliamAbbey streethouse82, Abbey street
1600 King JohnBrick courthouse16, Brick court
1601 King JohnKing streethouse111, King street
1602 King JosephSilsbridge lanehouse120 Silsbridge lane
1603 King RaphaelVaughan streethouse2, Vaughan street
1604 King ThomasLonglands streethouse37, Longlands street
1605 Kirk George JacksonNorth paradehouse49, North parade
1606 Kirkbride EdwardRawson placeshopGreen Market
1607 Kirkbride JamesIllingworth yardhouseIllingworth yard
1608 Kirkbride JamesLongcroft placehouse50, Longcroft place
1609 Kirkbride JosephHayworth streethouse23, Hayworth street
1610 Kirkbride WilliamCrown streethouse47, Crown street
1611 Kitchenman DavidBowlingmillTetley street
1612 Kitchenman JamesBrick lanehouse & shop11, Brick lane
1613 Kitchenman JohnKing streethouse21, King street
1614 Kitching WilliamCropper laneshopLumb lane
1615 Knapton JonasVictoria streethouse11, Victoria street
1616 Knight BakesRaven streethouse53, Raven street
1617 Knight BeanlandDarfield streethouse28, Darfield street
1618 Knight Edward SamuelRoberts placeofficePiece Hall yard
1619 Knight James BlackburnHanover squarehouse55, Hanover square
1620 Knight JohnPeel squarehouse40, Peel square
1621 Knight Joseph HenryPeel squarehouse42, Peel square
1622 Knight JoshuaJowett streethouse60, Jowett street
1623 Knowles JamesHind streethouse14, Hind street
1624 Knowles JohnWestend lanehouse15, Westend lane
1625 Knowles JohnCrown streethouseHorton
successivehouse38, Crown street
1626 Knowles JonathanWestend streethouse35, Westend street
1627 Knowles ThomasProvidence streethouse & shop15, Providence street

WEST WARD, 1869, surnames beginning with the letter L
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1628 Lacey Rev. RichardWestgatehouseWestgate
1629 Lacy HenryGarnett streetshopWade street
1630 Lally WilliamLonglands streethouse49, Longlands street
1631 Lambert DavidBlack Abbeyhouse57, Black Abbey
1632 Lambert DavidHardaker streethouse102B, Westgate
successivehouse2, Hardaker street
1633 Lambert GeorgeNorthgatehouse98, Northgate
1634 Lambert Henry WilliamPollard laneofficeUnion passage
1635 Lambert JamesRawson placehouse10, Rawson place
1636 Lambert JamesPollard lanecountinghouseUnion passage
1637 Lambert JohnAbbey streethouse64, Abbey street
1638 Lambert JohnCrown streethouse8, Crown street
1639 Lambert JoshuaWestgatehouse & shop42, Westgate
1640 Lambert MartinClayton streethouse55, Clayton street
1641 Lancaster EdwardAbbey streethouse91, Abbey street
1642 Lancaster HenryClayton streethouse9, Clayton street
1643 Lancaster JamesSilsbridge lanehouse40, Silsbridge lane
1644 Lancaster JamesJowett streethouse68, Jowett street
1645 Lancaster LancasterCrown streethouse50, Crown street
1646 Lancaster RobertVictoria streethouse68, Victoria street
1647 Lancaster RobertLongcroft placehouse148, Longcroft place
1648 Landolph FrancisHanover squarehouse59, Hanover square
1649 Langan JamesLongcroft placehouse14, Longcroft place
1650 Lapish JamesJames streethouse35, James street
1651 Lapish JosephLumb lanehouse21, Lumb lane
1652 Larner JohnOddfellows courthouse8, Oddfellows court
1653 Larum ChristopherCrown streethouse27, Crown street
1654 Latham JosephWestend streethouse51, Westend street
1655 Latimer Henry Ridley CranmerDarfield streethouse24, Darfield street
1656 Lavan PatrickLeyshouse31, Leys
1657 Lavell MarkUpper West streethouse14, Upper West street
1658 Laven EdwardVincent streethouse96, Vincent street
1659 Law TimothySummer streethouse8, Summer street
1660 Lawrence JamesVincent streethouse146, Vincent street
1661 Lawson JohnBrunswick placehouse19, Brunswick place
1662 Lawson WilliamSedgwick streethouse41, Sedgwick street
1663 Lawson William WatsonIvegatehouse & shop22, Ivegate
1664 Laycock AbrahamSedgwick streethouse37, Sedgwick street
1665 Laycock BenjaminBrick lanehouse17, Brick lane
1666 Laycock DavidHolmes streethouse14, Holmes street
1667 Laycock GeorgeWestgatehouse83, Westgate
1668 Laycock JamesHortonshopExchange
1669 Laycock James HenryNorthrop yardhouse30, Northrop yard
1670 Laycock JohnBishop Blaize squarehouse11, Bishop Blaize square
1671 Laycock JohnRebecca streethouse6, Rebecca street
1672 Laycock JosephLongcroft placehouse67, Longcroft place
1673 Laycock JoshuaCottingleywarehouseMill bank
1674 Laycock ThomasMarkethouse49, Market
1675 Laycock WilliamKing streethouse8, King street
1676 Lazenby EdwardLongcroft placehouse140, Longcroft place
1677 Leach GeorgeLongcroft placehouse133, Longcroft place
1678 Leach JohnManninghammillTetley street
1679 Leach JohnBurnley foldhouse5, Burnley fold
1680 Leach JonathanManninghamwarehouseTetley street
1681 Leach JosiahVaughan streethouse4, Vaughan street
1682 Leach PeterClayton streethouse44, Clayton street
1683 Leach WilliamJowett streethouse51, Jowett street
1684 Leachman RobertTetley streethouse25, Tetley street
1685 Leachman WilliamTetley streethouse31, Tetley street
1686 Leadbeater HenryBank streethouseBank street
1687 Leadbeater SamuelLonglands placehouse46, Longlands place
1688 Ledger WilliamSummer streethouse24, Summer street
1689 Ledley JohnLongcroft placehouse75, Longcroft place
1690 Lee AlfredNorth paradeshop52, Kirkgate
1691 Lee AndrewLonglands streethouse99, Longlands street
1692 Lee JohnWestgatehouse190, Westgate
1693 Lee JosephBlack Abbeyhouse29, Black Abbey
1694 Lee ThomasAbbey streethouse116, Abbey street
1695 Lee WilliamGaynor streethouse19, Gaynor street
1696 Lee WilliamBlack Abbeyhouse65, Black Abbey
1697 Lee WilliamVictoria streethouse76, Victoria street
1698 Leeming IsaacHortonwarehouseAldermanbury
1699 Leeming JohnWestend streethouse60, Westend street
1700 Leeming JosephBishop Blaize squarehouse6, Bishop Blaize square
1701 Leeming MatthewWestend streethouse33, Westend street
1702 Leeming RobertSilsbridge lanehouse164, Silsbridge lane
1703 Lees CharlesHortonoffice1, Albion court
1704 Leigh SamsonLumb lanehouse55, Lumb lane
1705 Lennard WilliamVincent streethouse156, Vincent street
1706 Leonard HenrySimes streethouse38, Simes street
1707 Lewis Frederick WilliamTyson streethouse23, Roberts place
successivehouseTyson street
1708 Lichfield JamesVincent streethouse174, Vincent street
1709 Lister JosephClayton streethouse78, Clayton street
1710 Lister RichardSilsbridge lanehouse114, Silsbridge lane
1711 Lister Samuel CunliffeManninghamwarehouseOld market
1712 Lister ThomasBrick lanehouse18, Brick lane
1713 Lister WilliamHolmes streetofficeQueensgate
1714 Little GeorgeAbbey streethouse23, Abbey street
1715 Lobley WilliamVictoria streetofficeQueensgate
1716 Lockwood Henry FrancisRawdonofficeBank street
1717 Long AbrahamJowett streethouse15, Jowett street
1718 Long GeorgeKeighley streethouse4, Keighley street
1719 Long JamesAbbey streethouse60, Abbey street
1720 Longbottom BenjaminAbbey streethouse90, Abbey street
1721 Longbottom DavidGracechurch streethouse63, Gracechurch street
1722 Longbottom JosephThornton roadhouse238, Thornton road
1723 Longbottom JosephJowett streethouse6, Clayton square
successivehouse25, Jowett street
1724 Longbottom RobertGracechurch streethouse57A, Gracechurch street
1725 Longbottom SamuelBishop Blaize squarehouse4, Bishop Blaize square
1726 Longbottom ThomasQueensburywarehouseRoebuck yard
1727 Longfield Joseph WhalleyRebecca streethouse25, Rebecca street
1728 Longfield WilliamHortonshop55, Kirkgate
1729 Lonsdale JohnBrick lanehouse & shopBrick lane
successivehouse & shop26, Brick lane
1730 Lonsdale ThomasGaynor streethouse27, Gaynor street
1731 Lord RichardVaughan streetshopThornton road
1732 Lotes WilliamLonglands streethouse83, Longlands street
1733 Louis GustavusNorth paradewarehouse12, Thornton road
1734 Love WalterNorthgatehouse & shop33, Northgate
1735 Lowndes SamuelThornton roadhouse232, Thornton road
1736 Loxley Joseph StansfieldWigan streethouseQuill street
successivehouse25, Wigan street
1737 Lumb EdwardHallfield roadhouse2, Horton road
successivehouseHallfield road
1738 Lumb SamuelNorth paradehouse71, North parade
1739 Lumb Thomas FowlerNorth paradehouse & shop29, North parade
1740 Lumby Joseph WilkinsonYork streetshopMarket
1741 Lund GeorgeManninghamofficeLeeds road
1742 Lund JosephWestgatehouse & shop80, Westgate
1743 Lupton JohnHortonshopSunbridge
1744 Lupton SimeonJohn streethouse31, John street
1745 Lupton WilliamHortonshopSunbridge
1746 Luram DennisGracechurch streethouse105, Gracechurch street
1747 Lyger AlfredBowlingshopSilsbridge lane
1748 Lynch EdwardUpper West streethouse1, Upper West street
1749 Lynch JohnPoole alleyhouse19, Poole alley

WEST WARD, 1869, surnames beginning with the letter M
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1750 Mack JohnCropper lanehouseBrick lane
successivehouse15, Cropper lane
1751 Mack JohnLongcroft placehouse99, Longcroft place
1752 Mackew CharlesVictoria streetshop36, White Abbey
1753 Mackew JohnVincent streethouse28, Vincent street
1754 Macturk William, M.D.Eldon terracehouse4, Eldon terrace
1755 Madden EdwardProvidence streethouse6, Providence street
1756 Maguire JosephThornton roadhouseMyrtle street
successivehouse44, Thornton road
1757 Mahon JohnAlbion streethouse6, Albion street
1758 Makepeace Reverend JonathanHanover squarehouse25, Hanover square
1759 Malarkey BernardLower West streethouse19, Lower West street
1760 Malarkey JohnGreenaire placehouse19, Greenaire place
1761 Malarkey JohnLongcroft placehouse39, Longcroft place
1762 Malarkey JohnGalway streethouse11, Galway street
1763 Malarkey PeterAlbion streethouse7, Albion street
1764 Mallett EdwardHanover squarehouse9, Hanover square
1765 Mallinson GeorgeWoodhouse buildingshouseManningham
successivehouse6, Woodhouse buildings
1766 Mallison JamesBoltonwarehouseOld market
1767 Malloy WilliamVincent streethouse108, Vincent street
1768 Malone JohnAbbey streethouse7, Abbey street
1769 Malone MartinAbbey streethouse15, Abbey street
1770 Malone MichaelGreenaire placehouse63, Greenaire place
1771 Maloney JohnLonglands streethouse17, Longlands street
1772 Manchester EphraimCalverleyshop113, Westgate
1773 Mangham PatsyLonglands streethouse79, Longlands street
1774 Mangham ThomasLeyshouse22, Leys
1775 Manley JamesKing streethouse18, King street
1776 Manley MichaelAbbey streethouse62, Abbey street
successivehouse55, Abbey street
1777 Mann JosephNorthgatehouse55, Northgate
1778 Manning DanielGalway streethouse37, Galway street
1779 Manny MichaelGreenaire placehouse39, Greenaire place
1780 Mansfield WilliamWynne streethouse1, Wynne street
1781 Manson WilliamWestgrove streethouse74, Westgrove street
successivehouse75, Westgrove street
1782 Marchbank Charles WilliamBank streethouseBank street
1783 Marchbank JohnManninghamshopHustlergate
1784 Margerison EdwardJowett streethouse20, Jowett street
1785 Margerison WilliamManninghamofficeBridge street
1786 Marr LawrenceWestend streethouse54, Westend street
1787 Marriott JohnBlack Abbey foldhouse11, Black Abbey fold
1788 Marsden Charles EdwinNorth paradeofficeDarley street
1789 Marsden FrederickNorth paradehouse69, North parade
1790 Marsden WilliamQueen streethouse66, Queen street
1791 Marshall Albert GeorgeShipleywarehouse11, Wade street
1792 Marshall JohnRaven streethouse46, Raven street
1793 Marshall RobertSilsbridge lanehouse112, Silsbridge lane
1794 Marshall WilliamClayton streethouse99, Clayton street
1795 Marston JamesSedgwick streethouse85, Sedgwick street
1796 Martin GavinNorth paradehouse45, North parade
1797 Martin ThomasSalem streetshopIvegate
1798 Martindale ThomasAbbey streethouse73, Abbey street
1799 Martindale WilsonAbbey streethouse59, Abbey street
1800 Marvel JamesSilsbridge lanehouse42, Silsbridge lane
1801 Marvell JohnSilsbridge lanehouse44, Silsbridge lane
1802 Marville WilliamWalmsley streethouse11, Walmsley street
1803 Mason FrancisGreenaire placehouse27, Greenaire place
1804 Mason JohnSaltpie streethouse6, Saltpie street
1805 Mason JosephSilsbridge lanehouse182, Silsbridge lane
1806 Masser ThomasHortonshop6, Sunbridge
1807 Matthews PeterBrick lanehouse101, Brick lane
1808 Matthews SamuelDyson streethouseManningham
successivehouse102, Dyson street
1809 Maud EzraGreenaire placehouse5, Greenaire place
1810 Maud SamuelAbbey streethouse77, Abbey street
1811 Mawson Henry OgleEldon placeshop43, Kirkgate
1812 Mawson JohnLonglands streethouse89, Longlands street
1813 Mawson RichardManninghamofficeBank street
1814 Mawson WilliamManninghamofficeBank street
1815 Maxwell WilliamUpper West streethouse27, Upper West street
1816 May JohnUpper West streethouseChapel fold
successivehouse28, Upper West street
1817 May JosephLonglands streethouse110, Longlands street
1818 May MichaelSilsbridge lanehouse83, Silsbridge lane
1819 May ThomasSilsbridge lanehouse & shop25, Silsbridge lane
1820 McCabe PatrickGracechurch streethouse18, Gracechurch street
1821 McCall JohnSedgfield terracehouse3, Sedgfield terrace
1822 McCarty PatrickLongcroft placehouse4, Longcroft place
1823 McChristie JamesGracechurch streethouse32, Gracechurch street
1824 McClement JohnSummer streethouse21, Summer street
1825 McCormack JamesGreenaire placehouse58, Greenaire place
1826 McCormack WilliamGreenaire placehouse65, Greenaire place
1827 McCraith ThomasVictoria streethouse21, Victoria street
1828 McCroben Edward RipleyKirkgatehouse & shop41, Kirkgate
1829 McCroben William HenryBrunswick placehouseSpring gardens
successivehouse14, Brunswick place
1830 McCue MichaelOne streethouse25, One street
1831 McDermott PeterLongcroft placehouse55, Longcroft place
1832 McDermott ThomasSilsbridge lanehouse92, Silsbridge lane
1833 McDonald AndrewPoole alleyhouse8, Poole alley
1834 McDonald EdwardLongcroft placehouse43, Longcroft place
1835 McDonald JamesSpink placehouse7, Spink place
1836 McDonald JohnSedgfield terracehouse2, Sedgfield terrace
1837 McDonald JohnSnow hillhouse6, Snow hill
1838 McDonald PatrickUpper West streethouse11, Upper West street
1839 McDowell RobertLonglands streethouse47, Longlands street
1840 McGeever PatrickLonglands streethouse107, Longlands street
1841 McGowan JamesWestend streethouse50, Westend street
1842 McGowan JamesMill bankhouse43, Mill bank
1843 McGowan PeterNorthgatehouse36, Northgate
1844 McGraith TimothyGracechurch streethouse16, Gracechurch street
1845 McGrath PatrickLongcroft placehouse35, Longcroft place
1846 McGuin LukeProvidence streethouse30, Providence street
1847 McGuinness PeterLonglands streethouse112, Longlands street
1848 McKean ArthurLonglands streethouse134, Longlands street
1849 McKenley WilliamInfirmary streethouseBowling
successivehouse32, Infirmary street
1850 McKenzie AlbertJames streethouseJames street
1851 McKerrow AlexanderRoberts placehouse8, Roberts place
1852 McLandsborough JohnApperley BridgeofficeExchange
1853 McLane WilliamTurk streethouse3, Turk street
1854 McLaughlin MichaelVincent streethouse144, Vincent street
1855 McLellan DuncanDrewton streethouse2, Drewton street
1856 McMichan JamesVictoria streethouse62, Victoria street
1857 McNab JohnLumb lanehouse18, Lumb lane
1858 McNamara JohnVincent streethouse172, Vincent street
1859 McOwen JosephShipleywarehouse22, Bank street
1860 McPherson WilliamGarden placehouse6, Garden place
1861 McQuinn ThomasRoundhill placehouse8, Roundhill place
1862 Medley JamesJowett streethouse4, Jowett street
1863 Medley ThomasCrown streethouse39, Crown street
1864 Meehan JohnVincent streethouse134, Vincent street
1865 Megery MichaelLonglands streethouse118, Longlands street
1866 Mellor DavidVictoria streethouse35, Victoria street
1867 Mellor HenryMill bankhouse42, Mill bank
1868 Mercer EphraimAbbey streethouse33, Abbey street
1869 Mercer RobertWorthington streethouseUndercliffe
successivehouse15, Worthington street
1870 Mercer WilliamQueen streethouse18, Queen street
1871 Meredith HenryGreenaire placehouse40, Greenaire place
1872 Metcalfe AnthonyGracechurch streethouse83, Gracechurch street
1873 Metcalfe GeorgeAbbey streethouse132, Abbey street
1874 Metcalfe JamesNorth paradehouse87, North parade
1875 Metcalfe WilliamGracechurch streethouse51, Gracechurch street
1876 Miall PhilipNorth paradehouse67, North parade
1877 Michaven HughLongcroft placehouse88, Longcroft place
1878 Middleton JamesOne streethouse9, One street
1879 Middleton JosephBlack Abbeyhouse13, Black Abbey
1880 Middleton William HenryManninghamshop52, Westgate
1881 Midgley RichardGracechurch streethouse61, Gracechurch street
1882 Midgley ThomasSilsbridge lanehouse58, Silsbridge lane
1883 Midgley ThomasPark gateshopBond street
1884 Milley WilliamChain streethouse32, Chain street
1885 Milligan JamesHanover squarehouse62, Hanover square
1886 Milligan JamesLower West streethouse21, Lower West street
1887 Millington JamesGalway streethouse27, Galway street
1888 Mills AlbertThornton roadhouse230, Thornton road
1889 Mills JohnBrunswick placemillFulton street
1890 Milner DanielVictoria streethouse63, Victoria street
1891 Milner EliWhite Abbeyhouse & shop12, White Abbey
1892 Milner JoshuaHanover squarehouse11, Hanover square
1893 Milner SamuelRoberts placehouse16, Roberts place
1894 Milner William FearnleySalem streetwarehouseSunbridge
1895 Milnes WilliamEccleshillofficeExchange
1896 Milnes William HauptmanBarkerendofficeExchange
1897 Milthorp WilliamHanover squarehouse66, Hanover square
1898 Milton JamesWynne streethouse45, Birksland street
successivehouse23, Wynne street
1899 Minikin WilliamBell streethouse2, Bell street
1900 Mitchell AbrahamBowlingwarehouseUnicorn yard
1901 Mitchell GeorgeClayton streethouse80, Clayton street
1902 Mitchell HughNorth paradehouse77, North parade
1903 Mitchell James AstinVictoria streethouseManningham
successivehouse19, Victoria street
1904 Mitchell JohnSedgwick streethouse77, Sedgwick street
successivehouse87, Sedgwick street
1905 Mitchell JohnSimes streethouse42A, Simes street
1906 Mitchell JonathanBishop Blaize squarehouse3, Bishop Blaize square
1907 Mitchell JonathanWorthington streethouse28, James street
successivehouse23, Worthington street
1908 Mitchell JosephBowlingwarehouseUnicorn yard
1909 Mitchell SamuelNorth BierleywarehouseChapel lane
1910 Moate Frederick JohnWestgatehouse103, Westgate
1911 Monaghan PatrickLonglands streethouse42, Longlands street
1912 Monckman RobertVictoria streethouse12, Victoria street
1913 Monckman ThomasBrunswick placehouse4, Brunswick place
1914 Moon JohnSilsbridge lanehouse184, Silsbridge lane
1915 Moon MarkSilsbridge lanehouse175, Silsbridge lane
1916 Moore DennisBlack Abbey foldhouse10, Black Abbey fold
1917 Moore JohnWhite Abbeyhouse & shop6, White Abbey
1918 Moore JohnGalway streethouse18, Galway street
1919 Moore John WilkinsonWestgrove streethouse22, Westgrove street
1920 Moore JosephWhite Abbeyhouse74, White Abbey
1921 Moorehouse JamesWestgateshop117, Westgate
1922 Moorehouse James EdwardManninghamwarehouseIvegate
1923 Moran HughVincent streethouse3, Vincent street
1924 Moran PatrickOddfellows courthouse3, Oddfellows court
1925 Moran ThomasLongcroft placehouse162, Longcroft place
1926 Morgan DanielLower West streethouse18, Lower West street
1927 Morgan WilliamWakefield roadoffice31, Kirkgate
1928 Morley John LimberAldermanburyhouse & shopAldermanbury
1929 Morphet WilliamBrick lanehouse109, Brick lane
1930 Morrell JohnSimes streethouse9, Simes street
1931 Morrell JohnWestend streethouse53, Westend street
1932 Morrell JosephWestend streethouse40, Westend street
1933 Morrell LeviGaynor streetshopBrick lane
1934 Morrell MajorBell streethouse10, Bell street
1935 Morrell RichardBrewery streethouse13, Brewery street
1936 Morrell RobertWestgatehouse & shop46, Westgate
1937 Morris Henry160, Westgatehouse99, Kensington street
successivehouse & shop160, Westgate
1938 Morris MichaelThornton roadhouse & shop99, Thornton road
1939 Mortimer JohnSilsbridge lanehouse174, Silsbridge lane
1940 Mortimer SamuelWestgrove streethouse49, Westgrove street
1941 Mortimer WilliamBurnley foldhouse2, Burnley fold
1942 Mortimer William DawsonHortonshopIvegate
1943 Morton LuptonNorthgatehouse71, Northgate
1944 Mossman FrederickManninghammillThornton road
1945 Mossman George RobertEldon placehouse11, Eldon place
1946 Mossman George Robert, junr.Eldon placeoffice4, Bond street
1947 Mossop WilliamGalway streethouse59, Galway street
1948 Moulson HirstDyson streethouse64, Dyson street
1949 Mountain WilliamWestgatehouse155, Westgate
1950 Moyes Thomas B.Queen streethouse78A, Queen street
1951 Muff GeorgeBlack Abbeyhouse67, Black Abbey
1952 Muff IsaacJames streethouse48A, James street
1953 Muff IsaacCropper lanehouse & shop19, Cropper lane
1954 Muff JohnTetley streethouse36, Tetley street
1955 Muff JohnWalmsley streethouse9, Walmsley street
1956 Muff Thomas ParkinsonManninghamshop54, Market street
1957 Muirhead WalterTetley streethouse21, Tetley street
1958 Muldoon AndrewLonglands streethouse57, Longlands street
1959 Muldoon JamesKeighley streethouse17, Keighley street
1960 Mullan JohnLeyshouse29, Leys
1961 Mullins GeorgeGracechurch streethouse149, Gracechurch street
1962 Mulroy JamesMill bankhouse45, Mill bank
1963 Mumford George EdwardManninghamofficePiece Hall yard
1964 Munro DavidWestgatehouse & shop127, Westgate
1965 Murgatroyd CharlesGracechurch streethouse141, Gracechurch street
1966 Murgatroyd JamesWestgatehouse197, Westgate
1967 Murgatroyd JohnHortonwarehouse15, Bond street
1968 Murgatroyd JonathanSedgwick streethouse33, Sedgwick street
1969 Murgatroyd ThomasThornton streethouse61, Thornton street
successivehouse48, Thornton street
1970 Murgatroyd WilliamWestgatehouse209, Westgate
1971 Murphy DennisLongcroft placehouse13, Longcroft place
1972 Murphy GeorgeSilsbridge lanehouse & shop23, Silsbridge lane
1973 Murphy JohnGreenaire placehouse43, Greenaire place
1974 Murphy PatrickGracechurch streethouse85, Gracechurch street
1975 Murphy PatrickSilsbridge lanehouse85, Silsbridge lane
1976 Murphy PatrickSaltpie streethouseManningham
successivehouse16, Saltpie street
1977 Murphy PeterAbbey streethouse128, Abbey street
1978 Murphy ThomasLonglands streethouse13, Longlands street
1979 Murray JosephInfirmary streethouse3, Infirmary street
1980 Murray MichaelSpink streethouse1, Spink street
1981 Murray MichaelGracechurch streethouse115, Gracechurch street
1982 Murray PatrickLongcroft placehouse64, Longcroft place
1983 Murray PatrickMawson streethouse15, Mawson street
1984 Musgrave Peter WilliamHallfield roadhouse6, Hallfield road
1985 Myatt JamesSpink streethouse16, Spink street
1986 Myers EzraGreenaire placehouse90, Jowett street
successivehouse29A, Greenaire place
1987 Myers HenryHortonshopIvegate
1988 Myers ThomasGaynor streethouse25, Gaynor street

WEST WARD, 1869, surnames beginning with the letter N
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1989 Nanson WilliamWestend streethouse47, Westend street
1990 Naylor JacobKing streethouse10, King street
1991 Naylor JamesHayworth streethouse1, Hayworth street
1992 Naylor JamesWestgrove streethouse77, Westgrove street
1993 Naylor WilliamThornton streethouse63, Thornton street
1994 Neale MichaelSpink streethouse5, Spink street
1995 Needham ThomasVincent streethouse26, Vincent street
1996 Needle SamuelParadise streethouseParadise street
1997 Neill ArchibaldHortonshop177, Westgate
1998 Neill HiramVincent streethouse210, Vincent street
1999 Nelson CharlesGirlingtonshopQuebec terrace
2000 Nelson DavidThornton streethouse43, Black Abbey
successivehouse31, Thornton street
2001 Nelson LeonardChapel courthouse4, Chapel court
2002 Nelson MichaelManninghamshop37, Old market
2003 Nelson ThomasQuebec terracehouse18, Quebec terrace
2004 Nelson WilliamChain streethouse15, Chain street
2005 Newbould JacobKirkgatehouse69, Kirkgate
2006 Newbould JohnNorthgatehouse & shopNorthgate
2007 Newboult AlfredVictoria streethouse37, Victoria street
2008 Newboult GeorgeManninghamshop66, Westgate
2009 Newboult RobertManninghamshop66, Westgate
2010 Newby GeorgeNorth paradeshopSunbridge
2011 Newby TimothyVictoria streetshopSunbridge
2012 Newcombe JamesPoole alleyhouse11, Poole alley
2013 Newell JosephWestgatehouse & shop135, Westgate
2014 Newell ThomasVaughan streethouse135, Westgate
successivehouse12, Vaughan street
2015 Newsholme EdwardLongcroft placehouse157, Longcroft place
2016 Newsholme WilliamJohn streethouse & shop16, John street
2017 Newton JohnDyson streethouse115, Longlands street
successivehouseDyson street
2018 Newton JosephBell streethouse12, Bell street
2019 Newton SamuelCropper lanehouse146, Longcroft place
successivehouse6, Cropper lane
2020 Nicholl JonasWalmsley streethouse29, Hayworth street
successivehouse10, Walmsley street
2021 Nicholson Frederick WilliamWhite Abbeyhouse18, White Abbey
2022 Nicholson GeorgeDyson streethouse120, Dyson street
2023 Nicholson HarrisonJames streetshopDuckett lane
2024 Nicholson ThomasAlbert placewarehouseMill bank
2025 Nixon JosephSilsbridge lanehouse62, Silsbridge lane
2026 Nocton MichaelLeyshouse3, Leys
2027 Nocton ThomasSilsbridge lanehouse5, Silsbridge lane
2028 Nolan MichaelLongcroft placehouse19, Longcroft place
2029 Noon EdwardVincent streethouse9, Vincent street
2030 Noon LawrenceChapel foldhouse12, Chapel fold
2031 Normington JohnAbbey streethouse110, Abbey street
2032 Normington JosephOxenhopewarehouseMill bank
2033 Normington WilliamAbbey streethouse56, Abbey street
2034 North SolomonWibseywarehouse36, Aldermanbury
2035 Northrop EdwinDyson streethouse84, Dyson street
2036 Northrop JonasLudlow streethouse1, Ludlow street
2037 Northrop JonathanWestgrove streethouse24, Westgrove street
2038 Northrop ThomasBlack Abbeyhouse19, Black Abbey
2039 Nulty NeilVincent streethouse138, Vincent street
2040 Nutt David BuchanFountain streethouse12, Fountain street
successivehouse11, Fountain street
2041 Nutter WilliamLongcroft placehouse102, Longcroft place

WEST WARD, 1869, surnames beginning with the letter O
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
2042 O'Brian DanielMawson courthouse10, Mawson court
2043 O'Brian DarbyLonglands streethouse67, Longlands street
2044 O'Brian HughLonglands streethouse92, Longlands street
successivehouse102, Longlands street
2045 O'Brian JamesWestgrove streethouse3, Westgrove street
2046 O'Brian JohnLonglands streethouse1, Longlands street
2047 O'Brian MichaelLongcroft placehouse156, Longcroft place
successivehouse160, Longcroft place
2048 O'Brian WilliamLongcroft placehouse158, Longcroft place
2049 O'Connell WilliamProvidence streethouse7, Providence street
2050 Oddy MarkBowlingshop68, Market street
2051 Oddy SamManor rowshopBank street
2052 Oddy WilliamQueen streethouse86, Queen street
2053 O'Donnell JohnVincent streethouse132, Vincent street
2054 O'Donnor MichaelLeyshouse6, Leys
2055 Ogle EdwardSpink streethouse18, Spink street
2056 O'Hara JamesVincent streethouse224, Vincent street
2057 O'Hara JohnUpper West streethouse6, Upper West street
2058 O'Hara MichaelGreenaire placehouse44, Greenaire place
2059 O'Hara MichaelLongcroft placehouse168, Longcroft place
2060 O'Hara OoneyLongcroft placehouse52, Longcroft place
2061 Oldfield JamesDrewton streethouse42, Drewton street
2062 Oldfield WilliamQueen streethouse4, Queen street
2063 Oliver HenryManninghamshopSunbridge
2064 Ollivier CharlesHortonofficeMarket street
2065 O'Murphy JamesWestgrove streethouse27, Westgrove street
2066 O'Neill ThomasPoole alleyhouse9, Poole alley
2067 O'Neill ThomasHoughton placehouse28, Houghton place
2068 O'Rourke FarrellVincent streethouse100, Vincent street
2069 Ostcliffe JohnKirkgatehouse35, Kirkgate
2070 Otty WilliamJowett streethouse86, Jowett street
2071 Otty WilliamGaynor streethouse32, Gaynor street
successivehouse42, Gaynor street
2072 Overend HenryWestgatehouse & shop157, Westgate
2073 Overend JosephWestgrove streetshopParadise street
2074 Owston AnthonyVaughan streethouse8, Vaughan street

WEST WARD, 1869, surnames beginning with the letter P
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
2075 Padbury JosephHanover squarehouse57, Hanover square
2076 Page FrederickDrewton streethouse5, Drewton street
2077 Page ThomasLonglands streethouse81, Longlands street
2078 Palliser WilliamLongcroft placehouse138, Longcroft place
2079 Palmer George HenryNorth paradehouse75, North parade
2080 Parker WilliamThornton streethouse3, Thornton street
2081 Parker WilliamTyrrel streethouse & shop24, Tyrrel street
2082 Parker WilliamQueen streethouse80, Queen street
2083 Parker William HenryLumb lanehouse68, Lumb lane
2084 Parkin AlfredThornburyworkshopBull's head yard
2085 Parkin IsaacThornton roadhouse196, Thornton road
2086 Parkin JohnBrick lanehouse8, Brick lane
2087 Parkinson BenjaminJohn streethouse & shop19, John street
2088 Parkinson DavidHortonshop56, Mill bank
2089 Parkinson EdwardChain streethouse26, Chain street
2090 Parkinson GeorgeHortonshop29, Kirkgate
2091 Parkinson JamesJowett streetoffice121, Jowett street
2092 Parkinson James Greaves TetleyHallfield roadshopMarket street
2093 Parkinson JohnBridge streetshop94, Westgate
2094 Parkinson JohnQueen streethouse & shop45, Queen street
2095 Parkinson JosephNorth BierleyshopIvegate
2096 Parkinson JosephThornburyshop5, New Exchange
2097 Parkinson JoshuaAbbey streethouse32A, Abbey street
2098 Parkinson RobertHortonshop8, Sunbridge
2099 Parkinson SamuelLee streethouse11, Lee street
2100 Parkinson ThomasKing streetshopMarket street
2101 Parkinson WilliamSedgwick streetshopSedgwick street
2102 Parkinson WilliamLee streethouse15, Lee street
2103 Parr EnochClayton streethouse64, Clayton street
2104 Parratt JosephWestgrove streethouse28, Westgrove street
2105 Parratt SamuelSilsbridge lanehouse90, Silsbridge lane
2106 Parratt WilliamTetley streethouse30, Tetley street
2107 Passavant PhilipNewlaywarehouseBank street
2108 Patchett JohnKing streethouse81, King street
2109 Patchett JohnHeadingleyshop40, Kirkgate
2110 Pattison JohnThornton roadhouse153, Thornton road
2111 Pattison RobertSedgwick streethouse89, Sedgwick street
2112 Paver WilliamClayton streethouse36, Clayton street
2113 Payton Frederick BartrumHortonoffice18, Bridge street
2114 Peacock AlfredDarley streethouse147, Otley road
successivehouse35, Darley street
2115 Peacock John HenryWhite Abbeyhouse & shop28, White Abbey
2116 Peacock RobertKirkgatehouse & shop54, Kirkgate
2117 Pearce GeorgeGracechurch streethouse133, Gracechurch street
2118 Pearce Thomas MasseyHortonwarehouseThornton road
2119 Pearson AbrahamOne streethouseJowett street
successivehouse4, One street
2120 Pearson Edward ClarksonHanover squarehouse3, Hanover square
2121 Pearson JonasAbbey streethouse70, Abbey street
2122 Pearson ThomasWestend streethouse30, Westend street
2123 Pearson WilliamTyrrel streetshop10, Tyrrel street
2124 Pease TimothyQuebec terracehouse24, Quebec terrace
2125 Pedley DavidHortonmillThornton road
2126 Peel BenjaminChain streethouse14, Chain street
2127 Peel JohnIvegatehouse & shop7, Ivegate
2128 Peel ThomasWalmsley streethouse3, Walmsley street
2129 Peel ThomasHortonofficeChapel lane
2130 Peggs BenjaminRaven streethouse40, Raven street
2131 Peggs WilliamRaven streethouse33, Raven street
2132 Pemberton HenryCrown streethouse24, Crown street
2133 Pembroke JamesBrick lanehouse155, Brick lane
2134 Pembroke RobertCrown streethouse36, Crown street
2135 Pepper JosephHortonofficeAldermanbury
2136 Percy JohnChain streethouse23, Chain street
2137 Perkin JamesManninghamshop179, Thornton road
2138 Perkin JosephHallfield roadhouse3, Hallfield road
2139 Petrocochino ThemistoclesEldon placehouse13, Eldon place
2140 Petty JosephCrown streetmillThornton road
2141 Petty RobertCrown streetmillThornton road
2142 Phelam JohnGreenaire placehouse57, Greenaire place
2143 Phelps EdwardJowett streethouse123, Jowett street
2144 Phelps FrancisJowett streethouse105, Jowett street
2145 Phelps SolomonJowett streethouse97, Jowett street
2146 Phillips IsaacPeckover streetshopBridge street
successiveshop114, Westgate
2147 Phillips ThomasGaynor streethouse44, Gaynor street
2148 Pickard JamesBridge streetshop1, Darley street
2149 Pickard JohnHayworth streethouse8, Hayworth street
2150 Pickard WilliamBridge streetshop1, Darley street
2151 Pickard WilliamLongcroft placehouse96, Longcroft place
2152 Pickard WilliamLudlow streethouse2, Ludlow street
2153 Pickles BenjaminWestgatehouse44, Westgate
2154 Pickles JohnOxenhopewarehouseMill bank
2155 Pickles JohnLonglands streethouse117, Longlands street
2156 Pickles JohnSilsbridge lanehouse17, Silsbridge lane
2157 Pickles JosephGracechurch streethouse137, Gracechurch street
2158 Pickles ThomasAlbion streethouse1, Albion street
2159 Pickles ThomasBrick lanehouse143, Brick lane
2160 Pickles WilliamGaynor streethouse15, Gaynor street
2161 Pickles WilliamKing streethouse49, King street
2162 Pickup DavidGaynor streethouse46, Gaynor street
2163 Pighills JohnHaworthwarehouseMill bank
2164 Pighills WilliamKing streethouse67, King street
2165 Pilling EphraimGalway streethouse4, Galway street
2166 Plasting GeorgeKing streethouse51, King street
2167 Platt WilliamRoberts placehouse17, Roberts place
2168 Plees William GordonWestgatehouse & shopWestgate
2169 Plummer WilliamLonglands streethouse11, Longlands street
2170 Pollard AdamManninghammillThornton road
2171 Pollard Alfred ThorntonRaven streethouse59, Raven street
2172 Pollard HenryLonglands streethouse32, Longlands street
2173 Pollard JohnHallfield roadhouse19, Hallfield road
2174 Pollard JohnBrick lanehouse141, Brick lane
2175 Pollard JohnHind streethouse2, Hind street
2176 Pollard JohnFountain streethouse14, Fountain street
2177 Pollard SamuelLower Southgatehouse65, Lower Southgate
2178 Poole GeorgeWestgatehouse112, Westgate
2179 Poole JohnVictoria streethouse10, Victoria street
2180 Poole JosephRoberts placeshop59, Westgate
2181 Poole WilliamSilsbridge lanehouse91, Silsbridge lane
2182 Poppleston JohnRhodes terraceshopBridge street
2183 Porter GeorgeWestgrove streethouse16, Westgrove street
2184 Potter JamesClayton squarehouse1, Clayton square
2185 Potter JohnRoundhill placehouse6, Roundhill place
2186 Poulter NorthropWalmsley streethouse5, Ludlow street
successivehouse4, Walmsley street
2187 Poulter RobertLonglands streethouse97, Longlands street
2188 Pratt ChristopherEccleshillshop2, Northgate
2189 Prendergrast JohnLonglands streethouse65, Longlands street
successivehouse66, Longlands street
2190 Prest ThomasSimes streethouse10, Simes street
2191 Prest WilliamHanover squarehouse2, Hanover square
2192 Preston JohnManninghamwarehouse37, Aldermanbury
2193 Preston SamuelHind streethouse6, Hind street
2194 Price EdwardThornton roadhouse96, Thornton road
2195 Pridden HumphreyBrick courthouse5, Brick court
2196 Priestley EdwardHind streethouse11, Hind street
2197 Priestley HenryHortonmillThornton road
2198 Priestley RichardThornton roadhouse189, Thornton road
2199 Priestley WilliamWestgatehouse89, Westgate
2200 Priestman EdwardManninghamshopMarket street
2201 Priestman WilliamManninghamshopMarket street
2202 Prince ThomasManninghamshop2, Northgate
2203 Procter AlfredSilsbridge laneshop1, King street
2204 Proctor JamesHortonshopCooper street
2205 Proctor JohnSilsbridge lanehouse & shop28, Silsbridge lane
2206 Proctor SamuelJames streethouse26, James street
2207 Prouse JohnHayworth streethouse15, Hayworth street
2208 Pullan HenryWestgatehouseWestgate
2209 Pullan RobertQueensgateshop34, Queensgate
2210 Pullan ThomasSedgwick streethouse53, Sedgwick street

WEST WARD, 1869, surnames beginning with the letter Q
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
2211 Quigley MosesLongcroft placehouse80, Longcroft place
2212 Quigley ThomasLonglands streethouse44, Longlands street
2213 Quinn JamesGreenaire placehouse18, Greenaire place
2214 Quinn JohnVincent streethouse121, Vincent street
2215 Quinn PatrickLister courthouse5, Lister court
2216 Quinney AustinAlbion streethouse4, Albion street
2217 Quinney JohnVincent streethouse128, Vincent street

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