BRADFORD: Bradford Parliamentary Register 1870, BOWLING WARD, surnames A-G.



* Lines starting with an asterisk (*) mean the entry is not for voting.

BOWLING WARD, 1870, surnames A-G.
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1 Abbey JamesHall lanehouse47, Hall lane
2 Abbey JohnHortonwarehouseCastle street
3 Abbot JohnSticker lanehouse143, Sticker lane
successivehouse193, Sticker lane
4 Ackroyd AbrahamOld lanehouse119, Old lane
5 Ackroyd BastowCarr bottomhouse4, Carr bottom
6 Ackroyd JamesWakefield roadhouse468, Wakefield road
7 Ackroyd JohnRooley lanehouse331, Rooley lane
8 Ackroyd JohnWakefield roadhouse329, Wakefield road
9 Ackroyd JosephHaigh streethouse6, Haigh street
10 Ackroyd ThomasWakefield roadhouse512, Rooley lane
successivehouse564, Wakefield road
11 Ackroyd WilliamWakefield roadhouse877, Wakefield road
12 Ackroyd WilliamWesleyan terracehouse11, Wesleyan terrace
13 Ackroyd WilliamHortonwarehouseProspect mill
14 Ackroyd WilliamLancaster streethouse4, Lancaster street
15 Adams JamesDavy streethouse5, Davy street
16 Adams JasonWakefield roadhouse364, Wakefield road
17 Adams SamuelLancaster streethouse8, Lancaster street
18 Akam James IngleBack lanehouse124, Back lane
19 Akeroyd JosephOld lanehouse & land339, Old lane
20 Alderson ChristopherTennant streethouse96, Tennant street
21 Alderson HenryTennant streethouse90, Tennant street
22 Alderson JamesManchester roadhouse611, Manchester road
23 Alderson JohnSmiddles lanehouse3, Smiddles lane
24 Alderson SquireSmiddles lanehouse7, Smiddles lane
25 Alderson WilliamTennant streethouse625, Manchester road
successivehouse113, Tennant street
26 Allen JosephSticker laneinn &c.Hit or Miss Inn, 518, Sticker lane
27 Allen MatthewHird streethouse24, Hird street
28 Allison JamesFoundry lanehouse19, Foundry lane
29 Allison ThomasSturges streethouseSturges street
30 Ambler CharlesCaledonia streethouse107, Caledonia street
31 Ambler JamesHortonpart of millMill lane
32 Ambler JonathanBolling streethouse & shop55, Bolling street
33 Ambler JosephWadsworth streethouse9, Wadsworth street
34 Ambler RufusHall lanehouse213, Hall lane
35 Ambler ThomasAddison streethouseAddison street
36 Anderson JohnAlma streethouseRooley lane
successivehouse176, Alma street
37 Anderson ThomasFairfax streethouse23, Fairfax street
38 Andrew GeorgeLodge lanehouse1, Lodge lane
39 Angless WilliamBailey streethouse18, Bailey street
40 Antcliffe JamesRodney streethouse13, Rodney street
41 Antcliffe JosephCalcutta streethouse18, Calcutta street
42 Appleby GeorgeGardiner rowhouse3, Gardiner row
43 Appleton SamuelVere streethouseLavinia street
successivehouse16, Vere street
44 Appleyard EdwardMarsh placehouse700, Marsh place
45 Appleyard ZechariahBierley Lane tophouseBierley lane top
46 Armitage BenjaminCarbon streethouse4, Carbon street
47 Armitage DavidSturges streethouse15, Sturges street
48 Armitage GeorgeWakefield roadhouseWakefield road
49 Armitage JacobBerwick streethouseBerwick street
successivehouse103, Mill lane
50 Armitage JoshuaMoody streethouseMoody street
51 Armitage WilliamHall lanehouse221, Hall lane
52 Armstrong JohnWakefield roadhouse375, Wakefield road
successivebeerhouse373, Wakefield road
53 Arnold LukeWakefield roadhouse909, Wakefield road
54 Ashton EliNewby streethouse109, Newby street
55 Ashton GeorgeOld lanehouse87, Park lane
successivehouse190, Old lane
56 Ashton RobertHall lanehouse70, Hall lane
57 Ashworth JamesElsworth streethouse8, Elsworth street
58 Ashworth JohnHortonsize worksGordon street
59 Ashworth ThomasSloane streethouse35, Sloane street
60 Ashworth WilliamWakefield roadhouse10, Haigh street
successivehouseWakefield road
61 Asquith JohnRooley lanehouse407, Rooley lane
62 Asquith WilliamNewell hallhouse324, Newell hall
63 Astbury JamesMill lanehouse & mechanics' shop34, Mill lane
64 Astin GreenwoodHortoncounting-houseGordon street
65 Atchison Daniel GeorgeTyersall hallironworksBack lane
66 Atkinson AlfredBeetham streethouse2, Beetham street
67 Atkinson CharlesNewell hallhouse328, Newell hall
68 Atkinson George AllenVere streethouse38, Vere street
69 Atkinson IsaacViolet streethouse25, Violet street
70 Atkinson JamesAbram streethouse10, Abram street
71 Atkinson JohnOld lanehouse346, Old lane
72 Atkinson JohnWakefield roadhouse & shop266, Wakefield road
73 Atkinson JohnMoody streethouse35, Moody street
74 Atkinson JohnSturges streethouse43, Sturges street
75 Atkinson JosephOld lanehouse & landOld lane
76 Atkinson MarkNewell hallhouse322, Newell hall
77 Atkinson RalphWakefield roadhouse1016, Wakefield road
78 Atkinson RichardNewby streethouse95, Moody street
79 Atkinson SamuelOld lanehouse & land368, Old lane
80 Atkinson ThomasProvidence placehouse3, Providence place
81 Atkinson WilliamViolet streethouse27, Violet street
82 Atkinson WilliamSturges streethouse6, Sturges street

BOWLING WARD, 1870, surnames beginning with the letter B
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
83 Babb WilliamGuy streethouse17, Guy street
84 Badland JohnPollard streethouse129, Pollard street
85 Baildon JamesParry lanehouse17, Parry lane
86 Bailey JamesWakefield roadhouseMarshall row
successivehouse425, Wakefield road
87 Bailey RobertSmiddles lanehouse521, Low well
successivehouse46, Smiddles lane
88 Bairstow ThomasOld lanehouse277, Old lane
89 Bairstow ThomasCarter streethouse18, Carter street
90 Bakes SamuelPollard streethouse141, Pollard street
91 Baldwin KelitaCaledonia streethouse161, Caledonia street
92 Baldwin SamuelKelvin streethouse4, Kelvin street
93 Ball ThomasLizard streethouse19, Lizard street
94 Balme GeorgeOld lanehouse291, Old lane
95 Balmforth CharlesBack lanehouse114, Back lane
96 Bamford JamesViolet streethouse39, Violet street
97 Bancroft JohnGranby streethouse6, Granby street
98 Bannon MichaelWadsworth streethouse6, Wadsworth street
99 Barker EdwardNewby streethouse91, Newby street
100 Barker EzraOld lanehouse276, Old lane
101 Barker FrederickHird streethouse1, Hird street
102 Barker HenryWakefield roadhouse511, Wakefield road
103 Barker JohnRooley lanehouse223, Rooley lane
104 Barker JohnDam pithouseDam pit
105 Barker ListerSmiddles lanehouse32, Smiddles lane
106 Barker RobertWakefield roadhouse493, Wakefield road
107 Barker SamuelRipley terracehouse31, Ripley terrace
108 Barker WilliamGranby streethouse7, Granby street
109 Barnes EdwardNew rowhouse17, New row
110 Barnes JohnHall lanehouse115, Hall lane
successivehouse86, Caledonia street
111 Barraclough AbrahamFairfax streethouseFairfax street
successivehouse99, Fairfax street
112 Barraclough HenryMoody streethouse164, Moody street
successivehouse146, Moody street
113 Barraclough JamesHall lanehouse & shop97, Hall lane
114 Barraclough JohnRooley lanehouse450, Rooley lane
115 Barraclough JohnRooley lanehouse12, Rooley lane
116 Barraclough JosephOld lanehouse268, Old lane
117 Barraclough JosephMuff streethouse12, Muff street
118 Barraclough PaulSwaine greenhouse22, Swaine green
119 Barraclough PeterSmiddles lanehouse & shop5, Smiddles lane
120 Barraclough SamuelBeetham streethouse1, Beetham street
121 Barraclough ThomasOld lanehouse & shop297, Old lane
122 Barraclough ThomasMill lanehouse119, Mill lane
123 Barraclough ThomasManchester roadhouse646, Manchester road
124 Barraclough WilliamFaxfleet streethouseFaxfleet street
125 Barran ThomasLavinia streethouse17, Lavinia street
126 Barrens WilliamBailey streethouse30, Bailey street
successivehouse4, Bailey street
127 Barrett AbrahamBolling Hallhouse & landBolling Hall
128 Barrett JohnRutland streethouse5, Rutland street
129 Barrett StephenWakefield roadhouseChurch hill
successivehouse519, Wakefield road
130 Barrett WilliamGibson foldhouse11, Gibson fold
131 Barron MichaelSwaine greenhouse46, Swaine green
132 Barry MichaelPollard streethouse11, Pollard street
133 Bartle PeterSaville streethouse13, Saville street
134 Bartle SidneySaville streethouse51, Saville street
135 Bartrum Arthur ClementHortonmillCastle street
136 Baskervill EdwinWakefield roadhouse431, Wakefield road
137 Basson ThomasWakefield roadhouseWakefield road
successivehouse108, Wakefield road
138 Bastow AbrahamBankfoothouse938, Bankfoot
139 Bastow ArthurSticker lanehouse324, Sticker lane
140 Bastow CharlesBankfoothouse5, Bankfoot
141 Bastow GeorgeWood roadhouse5, Wood road
142 Bastow HiramAbram streethouse3, Abram street
143 Bastow JamesWood roadhouse1, Wood road
144 Bastow JohnOld lanehouseOld lane
successivehouse236, Old lane
145 Bastow JohnNewby streethouse7, Newby street
146 Bastow JohnOld lanehouse189, Old lane
147 Bastow SquireCaledonia streethouse177, Caledonia street
148 Bastow ThomasAbram streethouse1, Abram street
149 Bastow WilliamOld lanehouse192, Old lane
150 Bastow WilliamLudlam streethouseLudlam street
151 Bateman AbrahamBankfoothouse765, Bankfoot
152 Bateman JamesBankfoothouse759, Bankfoot
153 Bates HaighSaville streethouse12, Saville street
154 Bateson JohnAddison streethouse12, Addison street
155 Batley BenjaminBerry streethouse13, Berry street
156 Batley GeorgeWakefield roadhouse200, Wakefield road
157 Batty GeorgeOld lanehouse173, Old lane
158 Baxandall AbrahamOld lanehouse308, Old lane
159 Baxandall JamesSticker lanehouse210, Sticker lane
160 Baxandall JohnSt. John's terracehouse4, St. John's terrace
161 Baxandall JohnOld lanehouse & landOld lane
162 Baxandall JosephOld lanehouse221, Old lane
163 Baxter EmanuelCalcutta streethouse48, Calcutta street
164 Baxter JamesMill lanehouse139, Mill lane
165 Baxter JosephHall lanehouse227, Hall lane
166 Baxter ThomasRooley lanehouse219, Rooley lane
167 Baxter WilliamLong streethouse29, Violet court
successivehouse40, Long street
168 Bean GeorgeWakefield roadhouse438, Wakefield road
successivehouse448, Wakefield road
169 Bean JamesFoundry lanehouse15, Foundry lane
170 Bean JohnViolet courthouse20, Violet court
171 Bean JohnWakefield roadhouse454, Wakefield road
172 Bean WilliamWakefield roadhouse515, Wakefield road
173 Beanland DavidMarsden foldhouse19, Marsden fold
174 Beanland GeorgeWakefield roadhouse562, Wakefield road
175 Beanland HenryCutler heightshouseCutler heights
176 Beanland IsaiahFurnace Inn streethouse22, Furnace Inn street
177 Beanland JohnSticker lanehouse412, Sticker lane
178 Beanland JosephSticker lanehouse338, Sticker lane
179 Beanland JosephOld lanehouse150, Old lane
180 Beanland ThomasSquare streethouse10, Square street
181 Beanland WebsterSticker lanehouse85, Sticker lane
182 Bearder BenjaminFoundry lanehouse11, Foundry lane
183 Bearder HiramSticker lanehouse415, Sticker lane
184 Bearder JamesRooley lanehouse545, Rooley lane
185 Bearder JosephWalker courthouse2, Walker court
186 Bearder ThomasWakefield roadhouse586, Wakefield road
187 Bearder WilliamSticker lanehouse & shopSticker lane
188 Bearder WilliamSalem terracehouse235, Salem terrace
189 Beaver IsaacRouse foldhouse1, Rouse fold
190 Beck JosephSloane streethouse8, Sloane street
191 Bedford WilliamCalcutta streethouse54, Calcutta street
192 Beecroft WilliamHortonwarehouseWaterloo mill
193 Beesley WilliamLudlam streethouse24, Ludlam street
194 Beetham AlfredRooley lanehouseRooley lane
successivehouseRooley lane
195 Beetham JosephUsher streethouse8, Usher street
196 Beetham ThomasHall lanehouse101, Hall lane
197 Beetham WilliamRooley lanehouse375, Rooley lane
198 Behan EdwardViolet streethouse17, Violet street
199 Bell Alfred HenryWakefield roadhouse92, Wakefield road
200 Bell WilliamUsher streethouse37, Usher street
201 Bell WilliamKelvin streethouse1, Kelvin street
202 Bellamy JohnFoundry lanehouse3, Crab street
successivehouse4, Foundry lane
203 Bellwood JohnFairfax streethouse39, Fairfax street
204 Bennett BenjaminOld lanehouse416, Old lane
205 Bennett JohnWalker courthouse5, Walker court
206 Bennett SampsonOld lanehouse293, Old lane
207 Bennett WilliamRooley lanehouseRooley lane
208 Bennett WilliamTennant streethouse80, Tennant street
209 Bennett WilsonOld lanehouse472, Old lane
210 Benson JosephTennant streethouse62, Tennant street
211 Bentley AndertonSturges streethouse83, Sturges street
212 Bentley JamesBirch lanehouse10, Birch lane
213 Bentley SamuelSloane streethouse50, Sloane street
214 Benton JamesSticker lanehouse93, Sticker lane
215 Bergen AndrewBroom streethouse47, Broom street
216 Bergen WilliamBroom streethouseGranby street
successivehouse53, Broom street
217 Berry BenjaminUpper Pollard streethouse11, Upper Pollard street
218 Berry JamesSaville streethouse4, Saville street
219 Berry PeterHall lanehouse223, Hall lane
220 Berry RichardBankfoothouse & land677, Bankfoot
221 Berry WilliamMitchell streethouse11, Mitchell street
222 Berry William MillsLow wellhouse523, Low well
223 Bertram JohnFairfax streethouse55, Fairfax street
224 Betts JamesSloane streethouseGeorge street
successivehouse19, Sloane street
225 Bibby RichardMoody streethouse136, Moody street
226 Binner WilliamCarter streethouse11, Carter street
227 Binns DanielJoshua streethouse2, Joshua street
228 Binns JamesOld lanehouse & shop142, Old lane
229 Binns JonasRook lanehouse13, Rook lane
230 Binns WilliamRooley lanehouse24, Rooley lane
231 Birch GeorgeHill streethouse4, Hill street
232 Birch JamesBack lanehouse362, Back lane
233 Birch ThomasMuff streethouse10, Muff street
234 Birkby HenryOaks foldhouse36, Birch lane
235 Birkby JonathanTennant streethouse124, Tennant street
236 Birkby NathanielOld lanehouse460, Old lane
237 Black WilliamAbram streethouse7, Abram street
238 Blackburn EnochUpper Sturges streethouse13, Upper Sturges street
239 Blackburn TaylorCaledonia streethouse82, Caledonia street
240 Blackburn ThomasWakefield roadhouse44, Back lane
successivehouse & shopWakefield road
241 Blackshaw ThomasCrab streethouse6, Crab street
242 Blagborough WilliamUpper Addison streethouse13, Upper Addison street
243 Blaides JamesWakefield roadhouse378, Wakefield road
244 Blakeboro MatthewAddison streethouse11, Addison street
245 Blakeboro WilliamLancaster streethouse6, Lancaster street
246 Blakeboro WilliamLizard streethouseLizard street
247 Blakey Charles HenryUsher streethouse35, Usher street
248 Blakey EdwardLower lanehouse4, Lower lane
249 Blakey JobsonNew rowhouse14, New row
250 Blakey JohnNewby streethouse174, Newby street
251 Blakey SethHortonsize worksGordon street
252 Blakey WilliamMarsden foldhouse9, Marsden fold
253 Blakey WillieBolling streethouse2, Usher street
successivehouseBolling street
254 Bland HenryMill lanehouse65, Mill lane
255 Bland JohnViolet courthouse9, Violet court
256 Bland MatthewMoody streethouse100, Moody street
257 Bland ThompsonWakefield roadhouse7, Upper Barrack yard
successivehouse298, Wakefield road
258 Blaythorne RichardHird streethouse13, Hird street
259 Blazard IsaacWakefield roadhouse381, Wakefield road
260 Blazard ThomasLancaster streethouse2, Lancaster street
261 Bleasdale RobertGower streethouse17, Gower street
262 Blezard RichardSwaine greenhouse26, Swaine green
263 Boak GeorgeAmerica squarehouse8, America square
264 Boardley JohnGranby streethouse37 & 43, Granby street
265 Bolland DavidHall lanehouse86, Hall lane
266 Bolland HenryDross streethouse18, Dross street
267 Bolton SamuelTennant streethouse114, Tennant street
268 Bond FrederickWakefield roadhouse443, Wakefield road
269 Boocock JohnCanning streethouse7, Canning street
270 Booth DanWakefield roadhouse496, Wakefield road
271 Booth GeorgeWakefield roadhouse206, Windsor street
successivehouse148, Wakefield road
272 Booth JohnWakefield roadhouse434, Wakefield road
273 Booth JohnWakefield roadhouse528, Wakefield road
274 Booth JosephDudley hillhouse & shopDudley hill
275 Booth JosephLower lanehouseLower lane
276 Booth ManassehWakefield roadhouse1022, Wakefield road
277 Booth MarkSmiddles lanehouse44, Smiddles lane
278 Booth ThomasNewby streethouse101, Newby street
279 Booth WilliamWakefield roadhouse421, Wakefield road
280 Booth WilliamBolling streethouse110, Bolling street
281 Boothroyd JoshuaMill lanehouse137, Mill lane
282 Bottomley AsquithEmsley streethouse13, Emsley street
283 Bottomley DavidSticker lanehouse530, Sticker lane
284 Bottomley EliAddison streethouse28, Addison street
285 Bottomley HenrySquare streethouse6, Square street
286 Bottomley JamesWakefield roadhouse308, Wakefield road
287 Bottomley JeremiahBirch lanehouse6, Birch lane
288 Bottomley JohnOld lanehouse270, Old lane
289 Bottomley JohnSaville streethouseBolling Hall
successivehouse9, Saville street
290 Bottomley JosephOld lanehouse105, Old lane
291 Bottomley MilesCaledonia streethouse221, Caledonia street
292 Bottomley RiphathSturges streethouse97, Sturges street
293 Bottomley SamuelRooley lanehouse26, Rooley lane
294 Bottomley SamuelMaw streethouse13, Maw street
295 Bottomley SamuelLavinia streethouse9, Lavinia street
296 Bottomley SmithListerhillspart of millSpring mill street
297 Bowen MatthewRodney streethouse9, Rodney street
298 Bower BenjaminBack lanehouse356, Back lane
299 Bower ThomasOld lanehouse100, Old lane
300 Bowes LukeBadger squarehouse32, Badger square
301 Bowes WilliamSticker lanehouse36, Badger square
successivehouse189, Sticker lane
302 Bowles JamesSticker lanehouse113, Sticker lane
successivehouse119, Sticker lane
303 Boyes GeorgeRutland streethouse17, Rutland street
304 Boyes HolroydMuff streethouse36, Muff street
305 Boyes JohnGower streethouse15, Gower street
306 Boyes JohnRooley lanehouseRooley lane
307 Boyes ThomasWakefield roadhouse462, Wakefield road
308 Boyes WilliamRooley lanehouse489, Rooley lane
309 Bracken WilliamWootton streethouse7, Sloane street
successivehouse32, Wootton street
310 Bradley DavidWakefield roadhouse & land918, Wakefield road
311 Bradley MajorCalcutta streethouse10, Calcutta street
312 Bradley ThomasRooley lanehouseRooley lane
successivehouse485, Rooley lane
313 Brady FrankWakefield roadhouse576, Wakefield road
314 Brady JamesWakefield roadhouse484, Wakefield road
315 Brady JohnSticker lanehouse111, Sticker lane
316 Bragington CharlesManchester roadhouse32, Long street
successivehouse629, Manchester road
317 Bramhall JohnLong streethouse32, Long street
318 Branson ThomasParry lanehouse50, Parry lane
319 Brayshaw HenryOld lanehouse287, Old lane
320 Brayshaw MarkOld lanehouse299, Old lane
321 Breaks IsaacManchester roadhouse735, Manchester road
322 Breaks JohnOld lanehouse390, Old lane
323 Brear DavidManninghamwarehouseWaterloo mill
324 Brearley WalkerTennant streethouse120, Tennant street
325 Brearley WalterRooley lanehouse505, Rooley lane
326 Breen ThomasViolet courthouse8, Violet court
327 Breen WilliamViolet courthouse26, Violet court
328 Bremner JamesTennant streethouse118, Tennant street
329 Brentnall WilliamNewby streethouse152, Newby street
330 Brewer AbelWakefield roadhouse982, Wakefield road
331 Brewer CharlesWakefield roadhouse681, Wakefield road
332 Bridge JohnLinton streethouse36, Saville street
successivehouse & shop3, Linton street
333 Briggs DanielWykepart of millLudlam street
334 Briggs JamesWakefield roadhouseWakefield road
successivehouse202, Wakefield road
335 Briggs JohnWakefield roadhouse & shopWakefield road
336 Briggs JonasWykemillCastle street
337 Briggs SamuelWakefield roadhouse & shop279, Wakefield road
338 Briggs WilliamWakefield roadhouse879, Wakefield road
339 Briggs WilliamWadsworth streethouse2, Wadsworth street
340 Britton JosephSticker lanehouse528, Sticker lane
341 Broadbent BenjaminMoody streethouse30, Moody street
342 Broadbent DanielRipley streethouse43, Ripley street
343 Broadbent HenryGranby streethouse1, Granby street
344 Broadbent JosephWakefield roadhouse & shop441, Wakefield road
345 Broadbent RichardRipley streethouse37, Ripley street
346 Broadbent RobertWakefield roadhouse437, Wakefield road
347 Broadbent SquireRooley lanehouse & shop275, Rooley lane
348 Broadbent WilliamFitzwilliam streethouse73, Fitzwilliam street
349 Broadhead JohnBeetham streethouse15, Beetham street
350 Broadley NicholasSmiddles lanehouse29, Smiddles lane
351 Broadley WilliamGalloway hillhouse422, Galloway hill
352 Brock AlfredSticker lanehouse475, Sticker lane
353 Brogan ThomasBroom streethouse40, Broom street
354 Brook AbrahamMoody streethouse17, Moody street
355 Brook BenjaminSticker lanehouse221, Sticker lane
356 Brook CharlesBack lanehouse & shop1, Back lane
357 Brook CharlesProvidence placehouseFurnace Inn street
successivehouse22, Providence place
358 Brook GeorgeSticker lanehouse51, Sticker lane
359 Brook HenrySticker lanehouse63, Sticker lane
360 Brook HenryFitzwilliam streethouse109, Fitzwilliam street
361 Brook JamesSticker lanehouse87, Sticker lane
362 Brook JamesSticker lanehouse420, Sticker lane
363 Brook JamesViolet streethouse1, Violet street
364 Brook JohnSticker lanehouse & shop199, Sticker lane
365 Brook JohnViolet courthouse15, Violet court
366 Brook JosephSticker lanehouseSticker lane
367 Brook JosephSwaine greenhouse28, Swaine green
368 Brook Joshua TomlinsonSticker lanehouse149, Sticker lane
369 Brook SimpsonSticker lanehouse414, Sticker lane
370 Brook ThomasSticker lanehouse169, Sticker lane
371 Brook ThomasFairfax streethouseSloane street
successivehouseFairfax street
372 Brook WilliamWakefield roadhouse370, Wakefield road
373 Brook WilliamHall lanehouse38, Hall lane
374 Brook WilliamManchester roadhouseManchester road
375 Brook WilliamMoody streethouse41, Moody street
376 Brooks JamesWootton streethouse34, Wootton street
377 Brooksbank JamesWadsworth streethouse3, Wadsworth street
378 Brooksbank JosephRutland streethouse21, Rutland street
379 Brophy ThomasMoody streethouse68, Moody street
380 Browitt MatthewBirch lanehouse11, Birch lane
381 Brown GeorgeLong streethouse12, Long street
382 Brown JamesOld lanehouse430, Old lane
383 Brown JohnLong streethouse38, Long street
384 Brown JohnSlater's yardhouse11, Slater's yard
385 Brown JohnLavinia streethouseUpper Sturges street
successivehouse21, Lavinia street
386 Brown JohnJoshua streethouse8, Joshua street
387 Brown JosephWootton streethouse5, Wootton street
388 Brown JosephEmsley streethouse6, Gate street, Horton
successivehouse16, Emsley street
389 Brown RalphEmsley streethouse44, Vere street
successivehouseEmsley street
successivehouse28, Emsley street
390 Brown RobertPollard streethouse60, Pollard street
391 Brown ThomasRipley terracehouse37, Ripley terrace
392 Brown WilliamBolling streethouse104, Bolling street
393 Brown WilliamBack lanehouse112, Back lane
394 Brownbridge JosephWakefield roadhouse & shop317, Wakefield road
395 Brownbridge RobertWakefield roadstable & landWakefield road
396 Bruce IsaacWakefield roadhouse152, Wakefield road
397 Brundrett HenrySaville streethouse52, Saville street
398 Buckley EmanuelWakefield roadhouse995, Wakefield road
399 Buckley GeorgeWakefield roadhouseWakefield road
successivehouseWakefield road
400 Buckley JohnProvidence placehouse1, Providence place
401 Buckley JohnLower lanehouseLower lane
402 Buckley JosephLower lanehouse12, Lower lane
403 Bull William LowndesBankfoot parsonagehouseBankfoot
404 Bunney ThomasAddison streethouse57, Addison street
405 Bunney WalkerManninghampart of millWakefield road
406 Burland JohnCalcutta streethouse32, Calcutta street
407 Burley RichardRipley terracehouse47, Ripley terrace
408 Burnell JosephNewby streethouse162, Newby street
409 Burnell ThomasHaigh streethouse2, Haigh street
410 Burnett AdamOld lanehouse292, Old lane
411 Burnett HenryBankfoothouseBankfoot
412 Burnett IsaacManchester roadhouse708, Manchester road
413 Burnett JohnLancaster streethouse17, Lancaster street
414 Burnley JamesBailey streethouse28, Bailey street
415 Burnley JohnLavinia streethouse3, Lavinia street
416 Burns PatrickHirst streethouse19, Hirst street
417 Burrow ThomasLower Barrack yardhouse1, Lower Barrack yard
418 Burrows JamesLizard streethouse12, Lizard street
419 Burrows JosephLower lanehouse17, Lower lane
420 Burton ThomasMuff streethouse40, Muff street
421 Busfield JamesHall lanehouse231, Hall lane
422 Busfield WilliamLilac streethouse7, Lilac street
423 Butler GeorgeSticker lanemalthouse & landSticker lane
424 Butler GeorgeSloane streethouse3, Sloane street
425 Butler JamesBolling streethouse86, Bolling street
426 Butler JohnHirst streethouse2, Hirst street
427 Butler MartinUpper Addison streethouse22, Upper Addison street
428 Butler ReubenRooley lanehouse411, Rooley lane
429 Butterfield John MooreSwaine greenhouse98, Swaine green
430 Butterfield TimElsworth streethouse18, Elsworth street
431 Butterworth Albert EdwardOld lanehouse468, Old lane
432 Butterworth JosephRipley streethouse35, Ripley street
433 Buxton WilliamSticker lanehouse119, Sticker lane
successivehouse113, Sticker lane
434 Buxton WilliamSticker lanehouse123, Sticker lane
435 Byrne JamesFairfax streethouse53, Fairfax street
436 Byrne WilliamViolet courthouse10, Violet court
437 Bywater AbrahamOld lanehouse627, New road
successivehouse512, Old lane
438 Bywater EdwardWakefield roadhouse & shop985, Wakefield road
439 Bywater GeorgeUpper Addison streethouse17, Upper Addison street
440 Bywater WilliamUpper Addison streethouse10, Upper Addison street

BOWLING WARD, 1870, surnames beginning with the letter C
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
441 Cahill JohnGranby streethouse & shop2, Granby street
442 Cain JohnBolling streethouse69, Granby street
successivehouse22, Bolling street
443 Call JohnWakefield roadhouse574, Wakefield road
444 Calloway SamuelWakefield roadhouse497, Wakefield road
445 Cameron AlexanderViolet courthouse6, Violet court
446 Cameron WilliamOld lanehouse193, Old lane
447 Campaign WilliamLilac streethouse17, Lilac street
448 Cann GeorgeOld lanehouse166, Old lane
449 Cantrill HenryChurch hill courthouse8, Church hill court
450 Cantrill RalphSticker lanehouse431, Sticker lane
451 Caradice JohnMoody streethouse120, Moody street
452 Carbarey PatrickBolling streethouse20, Bolling street
453 Carr GentWakefield roadhouse883, Wakefield road
454 Carr JamesMill lanehouse111, Mill lane
455 Carr JamesHortonfoundryCaledonia street
456 Carr JohnVere streethouse39, Saville street
successivehouse10, Vere street
457 Carr WilliamWakefield roadhouse1008, Wakefield road
458 Carroll JamesGranby streethouse103, Granby street
459 Carroll WilliamSturges streethouse51, Sturges street
460 Carter BenjaminWakefield roadhouse110, Wakefield road
461 Carter EliDenton streethouse3, Denton street
successivehouse71, Newby street
462 Carter JamesAddison streethouse55, Addison street
463 Carter JohnBankfoothouse & shop757, Bankfoot
464 Carter RichardHortonmillMill lane
465 Cartledge SamuelCalcutta streethouse45, Fairfax street
successivehouse36, Calcutta street
466 Casey JamesHardy streethouse19, Hardy street
467 Cash HenryBolling streethouse122, Bolling street
468 Casson WilliamOld lanehouseFrank street
successivehouse & shopOld lane
469 Catherall JonathanBolling streethouse37, Bolling street
470 Cawley JohnHall lanehouse67, Hall lane
471 Cawthra RichardRipley's dyeworkshouseRipley's dyeworks
472 Cawthray JosephSticker lanehouse177, Sticker lane
successivehouseSticker lane
473 Cawthray WilliamSalem terracehouse245, Salem terrace
474 Challand GeorgeCanning streethouseCanning street
475 Chambers JamesRooley lanehouseRooley lane
476 Chambers ThomasRooley lanehouse371, Rooley lane
477 Chapman George BurrowMarsden foldhouse11, Marsden fold
successivehouse12, Marsden fold
478 Chapman OctaviusWootton streethouse13, Wootton street
479 Chapman RobertCaledonia streethouse123, Caledonia street
480 Chappell MatthewWakefield roadhouse376, Wakefield road
481 Chappell MatthewMuff streethouse7, Clarke street
successivehouse16, Muff street
482 Charlesworth EdmondsonRooley lanehouse & land243, Rooley lane
483 Charnley JamesWakefield roadhouse284, Wakefield road
484 Charnley John de WickliffeSmiddles lanehouse8, Smiddles lane
485 Charnley RobertBack Kelvin streethouse8, Back Kelvin street
486 Charnock JosephHartley's Buildingspart of millVictoria mill
487 Charwood ThomasPollard streethouse153, Pollard street
488 Chatburn WilliamOld lanehouse285, Old lane
489 Chown Joseph ParberrySpringfield Househouse139, Springfield house
490 Clark GeorgeFairfax streethouse119, Fairfax street
491 Clark GeorgeGuy streethouse23, Guy street
492 Clark HenryBankfoothouse761, Bankfoot
493 Clark JamesBankfoothouse14, Bankfoot
494 Clark JamesHall lanehouseBolling Hall
successivehouse71, Hall lane
495 Clark JohnChurch hill courthouse10, Church hill court
496 Clark JohnNewby streethouse182, Newby street
497 Clark JosephBack lanehouse334, Back lane
498 Clark LeonardSticker lanehouse368, Sticker lane
499 Clark SolomonFairfax streethouse12, Fairfax street
500 Clark WilliamWakefield roadhouse594, Wakefield road
501 Clark WilliamOld lanehouse363, Old lane
502 Clarke CharlesCarter streethouse16, Carter street
503 Clarkson WilliamBailey streethouse22, Bailey street
successivehouse26, Bailey street
504 Claven JohnBolling streethouse19, Bolling street
505 Clayton JamesViolet streethouse4, Violet street
506 Clayton JamesFairfax streethouse13, Fairfax street
507 Clayton JohnIron streethouse3, Iron street
508 Clayton JosephConway streethouseConway street
509 Clayton WilliamKelvin streethouseKelvin street
510 Clegg EdwardTennant streethouse88, Tennant street
511 Clegg GeorgeWhitworth streethouse3, Whitworth street
512 Clegg JohnWakefield roadhouse411, Wakefield road
513 Clegg JoshuaUpper Sturges streethouse12, Upper Sturges street
514 Clegg JoshuaLower Barrack yardhouse8, Lower Barrack yard
515 Clegg ThomasHird streethouse20, Hird street
516 Clinton HenryRodney streethouse14, Rodney street
517 Close JosephSaville streethouse53, Saville street
518 Clough AnthonyOld laneinn &c.Red Ginn Inn, 128, Old lane
519 Clough BenjaminWadsworth streethouse8, Wadsworth street
520 Clough CharlesPark sidehousePark side
521 Clough EdwinMoody streethouse160, Moody street
522 Clough IsaacWootton streethouse11, Wootton street
523 Clough JamesOld laneinn &c.Prince of Wales Inn, 244, Old lane
524 Clough JohnRooley lanehouse & land503, Rooley lane
525 Clough JohnTennant streethouse98, Tennant street
526 Clough JonathanOld lanehouse412, Old lane
527 Clough JosephBankfoothouse & shop928, Bankfoot
528 Clough JosephCanning streethouse6, Canning street
529 Clough MatthewWakefield roadhouse4, Wakefield road
530 Clough RobertSt. John's terracehouse6, St. John's terrace
531 Clough SamuelRooley lanehouse327, Rooley lane
532 Clough ThomasBroomfield terracehouse80, Broomfield terrace
533 Clough WilliamFitzwilliam streethouse95, Fitzwilliam street
534 Coates JohnWakefield roadhouse & shop303, Wakefield road
535 Coates WilliamWakefield roadbeerhouse944, Wakefield road
536 Coates WilliamLilac streethouse19, Lilac street
537 Cocking JamesRooley lanehouse59, Ripley terrace
successivehouseRooley lane
538 Cockroft JohnRipley streethouseWakefield road
successivehouse69, Ripley street
539 Cockshott ThomasRipley streethouse19, Ripley street
540 Cole CharlesHartley's Buildingshouse323, Hartley's Buildings
541 Cole JamesWakefield roadhouse346, Wakefield road
542 Cole JohnHartley's Buildingshouse327, Hartley's Buildings
543 Colley GeorgeMoody streethouse162, Moody street
successivehouse170, Moody street
544 Collins EmanuelUpper Barrack yardhouse3, Upper Barrack yard
545 Collins EnochCanning streetbeerhouse5, Canning street
546 Collins GeorgeWakefield roadhouse & shop393, Wakefield road
547 Collins MichaelGranby streethouse78, Granby street
548 Collins RichardRooley lanehouse433, Dudley hill
successivehouseRooley lane
549 Collins SamuelWakefield roadhouse191, Wakefield road
550 Collins SquireWakefield roadhouse342, Wakefield road
551 Collins WilliamWakefield roadhouse & shop397, Wakefield road
552 Collins WilliamAddison streethouseAddison street
553 Collinson JohnSticker lanehouse373, Sticker lane
554 Collinson JosephRooley lanehouse443, Rooley lane
555 Collinson SamuelGardiner rowhouse9, Gibson fold
successivehouse5, Gardiner row
556 Collinson WilliamSwaine greenhouse12, Swaine green
557 Condliff JamesWakefield roadhouse450, Wakefield road
558 Connell MichaelCaledonia streethouse95, Caledonia street
559 Conolley RobertBack lanehouse294, Back lane
560 Conolly JohnBroom streethouse22, Broom street
561 Conroy JohnSlater's yardhouse18, Slater's yard
562 Conroy MichaelHardy streethouse49, Hardy street
563 Conroy RogerPollard streethouse54, Pollard street
564 Cook DavidStephen foldhouse7, Stephen fold
565 Cook JamesMarsden foldhouse20, Marsden fold
566 Cook WilliamHall lanehouse157, Hall lane
567 Cook WilliamRipley terracehouse77, Ripley terrace
568 Cook WilliamMarsden foldhouse15 Marsden fold
569 Cooper CharlesNewby streethouse172, Newby street
570 Cooper JohnLow hillhouse6, Low hill
571 Cooper PickeringMarsden foldhouse25, Marsden fold
572 Cooper RobertRutland streethouse29, Rutland street
573 Cooper ThomasDudley streethouse5, Dudley street
574 Cooper WilliamLow hillhouse2, Low hill
575 Cooper WilliamWakefield roadhouse537, Wakefield road
576 Cooper WilliamFairfax streethouseFairfax street
577 Copley EdwardUpper Sturges streethouse2, Upper Sturges street
578 Copley JosephCanning streethouse8, Canning street
579 Cordingley CharlesWakefield roadhouse319, Wakefield road
580 Cordingley JohnBurnett fieldhouse & landBurnett field
581 Cordingley JosephSaville streethouseTownhill street
successivehouse59, Saville street
582 Cordingley WalterBurnett fieldhouseBurnett field
583 Cordingley WilliamBeetham streethouseBolling street
successivehouse3, Beetham street
584 Corless WilliamBack lanehouse314, Back lane
585 Cornthwaite ThomasUsher streethouse29, Usher street
586 Cossey UriahWadsworth streethouse21, Wadsworth street
587 Cossey WilliamWadsworth streethouse26, Wadsworth street
588 Costello MichaelWakefield roadhouse & shop316, Wakefield road
589 Cottam LawrenceFairfax streethouse20, Fairfax street
590 Cottam ThomasUpper Sturges streethouse69, Fairfax street
successivehouseUpper Sturges street
591 Cottam WilliamOld lanehouse102, Old lane
592 Cotter JamesFairfax streethouse175, Caledonia street
successivehouseFairfax street
593 Coulson HenryAddison streethouse & shopAddison street
594 Coultas DavidMarsden foldhouse5, Marsden fold
595 Coultas ThomasBirch lanehouse32, Birch lane
596 Coultas WilliamOld lanehouse & shop282, Old lane
597 Court JosephVere streethouse46, Vere street
598 Cowgill ThomasConway streethouseConway street
599 Cowgill WilliamHall lanehouse166, Hall lane
600 Coxon ThomasTennant streethouse68, Tennant street
601 Crabtree CharlesCarr bottomhouse11, Carr bottom
602 Crabtree CharlesOld lanehouseOld lane
successivehouse2 8, Old lane
603 Crabtree JohnSturges streethouse89, Sturges street
604 Crabtree JohnAddison streethouse15, Addison street
605 Crabtree JohnRooley lanehouse34, Rooley lane
606 Crabtree JohnOld lanehouse30, Old lane
607 Crabtree JosephMitchell streethouse4, Mitchell street
608 Cragg JamesSturges streethouse17, Sturges street
609 Crampton JosephPollard streethouse42, Pollard street
610 Craven LotBierley HousehouseBierley lane top
611 Craven PhineasHortonwarehouseGordon street
612 Crisp EdwardCaledonia streethouse163, Caledonia street
613 Critchley WilliamHall lanehouse117, Hall lane
614 Croft JamesLong streethouse & shop2, Long street
615 Croft WilliamCaledonia streethouse114, Caledonia street
616 Cromwell EliBroomfield terracehouse & shop34, Broomfield terrace
617 Cromwell ErloiBolling streethouse96, Bolling street
618 Crossland CharlesRooley lanehouse513, Rooley lane
619 Crossland JosephManchester roadhouseSmiddles lane
successivehouse644, Manchester road
620 Crossland WilliamRooley lanehouse527, Rooley lane
621 Crossley GeorgeMoody streethouseMoody street
622 Crossley JamesMoody streethouseMoody street
623 Crossley JesseWakefield roadhouseWakefield road
624 Crossley JohnOld lanehouseOld lane
successivehouse240, Old lane
625 Crossley JohnHalifaxwarehouseWaterloo mill
626 Crossley RobertWakefield roadhouse140, Wakefield road
627 Crossley RobertWakefield roadhouse382, Wakefield road
628 Crossley WilliamCalcutta streethouse14, Calcutta street
629 Crowther AlbertNewby streethouseNewby street
successivehouse4, Newby street
630 Crowther DariusRooley lanehouse548, Rooley lane
631 Crowther HenryOld lanehouse252, Old lane
632 Crowther JamesPlantation placehouse1, Plantation place
633 Crowther JohnOld lanehouse & land337, Old lane
634 Crowther JohnTennant streethouse128, Tennant street
635 Crowther WilliamSticker lanebeerhouse240, Sticker lane
636 Crowther WilliamBroomfield terracehouse68, Broomfield terrace
637 Crummack JosephOld lanehouseOld lane
638 Cryer RichardBirch lanehouse20, Birch lane
639 Cuff JohnGranby streethouse30, Granby street
640 Culpan WilliamMitchell streethouse14, Mitchell street
641 Cunningham William CormickRipley terracehouse19, Ripley terrace
642 Cure HenryOld lanehouse342, Old lane
643 Cure JohnOld lanehouse120, Old lane
644 Curtin JohnIron streethouse4, Iron street

BOWLING WARD, 1870, surnames beginning with the letter D
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
645 Dakin WilliamFairfax streethouse14, Fairfax street
646 Dalby JosephLaisterdykeenginehouseBack lane mill
647 Dalby RobertLaisterdykeenginehouseBack lane mill
648 Dalby ThomasSquare streethouse7, Square street
649 Daly JohnSturges streethouse71, Sturges street
650 Darnbrough JosephRooley lanehouse552, Rooley lane
651 Darwin JohnMarsden foldhouse193, Sticker lane
successivehouse13, Marsden fold
652 Davidson JamesFairfax streethouse101, Fairfax street
653 Davis DavidBolling streethouse90, Bolling street
654 Davis JamesLord streethouse8, Lord street
655 Davis JohnHall lanehouse63, Hall lane
656 Davis JosephCaledonia streethouse169, Caledonia street
657 Davy JamesLower lanehouse & shopWakefield road
successivehouseLower lane
658 Davy JohnRooley lanehouse553, Rooley lane
659 Davy JohnWakefield roadhouse612, Wakefield road
660 Dawson GeorgeHortonwarehouseSpring mill street
661 Dawson IsaacMoody streethouse92, Moody street
662 Dawson JacobHall lanehouse105, Hall lane
663 Dawson JamesQuill streethouse8, Quill street
664 Dawson JamesMoody streethouse144, Moody street
665 Dawson JohnMoody streethouse124, Moody street
666 Dawson MarkHipperholmewarehouseSpring mill street
667 Dawson ThomasSticker lanehouse207, Sticker lane
668 Dawson ThomasGrey streethouse6, Grey street
669 Dawson WilliamBroomfield terracehouse & shop28, Broomfield terrace
670 Day John GreenfieldPlantation placehouse3, Plantation place
671 Dean WalterJohn William streethouse20, John William street
672 Dearden JohnWakefield roadhouseWakefield road
673 Deighton IsaacTennant streethouse374, Old lane
successivehouse24, Tennant street
674 Delaney JohnSturges streethouse35, Sturges street
675 Delaney LawrenceBroom streethouse6, Broom street
676 Delves WilliamFairfax streethouse86, Caledonia street
successivehouseFairfax street
677 Dempsey FentonViolet courthouse13, Violet court
678 Dempsey HenrySturges streethouse24, Sturges street
679 Dempsey MichaelSturges streethouse41, Sturges street
680 Dempsey PatrickViolet courthouse11, Violet court
681 Denby IsaacAddison streethouse17A, Addison street
682 Denby ThomasPollard streethouse44, Pollard street
683 Denison Joseph DitchRooley lanehouse241, Rooley lane
684 Denning FrederickNew rowhouse19, New row
685 Denning JohnManchester roadhouse623, Manchester road
686 Denning PhilipTennant streethouse629, New road
successivehouse110, Tennant street
687 Denning ReubenTennant streethouseOld lane
successivehouseJohn William street
successivehouse92, Tennant street
688 Denning SquireBirch lanehouse24, Birch lane
689 Denning StephenSmiddles lanehouse35, Smiddles lane
690 Dennis BenjaminHardy streethouse5, Hardy street
691 Dennison CorneliusChurch hill courthouse2, Church hill court
692 Dennison JamesAddison streethouse30, Addison street
693 Dennison JamesCutler heightshouseCutler heights
694 Dennison JohnMoody streethouse5, Moody street
695 Dennison WilliamCaledonia streethouse145, Caledonia street
696 Dent JohnJoshua streethouseRipley street
successivehouse6, Joshua street
697 Denton GeorgePollard streethouse67, Pollard street
698 Denton WilliamFairfax streethouse24, Fairfax street
699 Dewhirst FrankLizard streethouseLizard street
700 Dewhirst JamesUsher streethouse9, Usher street
701 Dewhirst JosephSmiddles lanehouse42, Smiddles lane
702 Dewhirst WilliamPollard streethouse152, Pollard street
703 Dewhirst WilliamMill lanehouse121, Mill lane
704 Dickenson JamesCaledonia streethouse147, Caledonia street
705 Dickenson SamuelWakefield roadhouse614, Wakefield road
706 Dickenson WilliamSticker lanehouse105, Sticker lane
707 Dickenson WilliamSturges streethouse15, Dixon street
successivehouse1, Sturges street
708 Dickie HenryCalcutta streethouse4, Calcutta street
709 Dixon EdwardWootton streethouse & shop2, Wootton street
successivehouse & shopTennant street
710 Dixon RobertWakefield roadhouse156, Wakefield road
711 Dixon WilliamBerry streethouse5, Berry street
712 Dobson Thomas DuckworthBillingsley terracehouse689, Billingsley terrace
713 Dobson VincentRooley lanehouse & land311, Rooley lane
714 Dobson WilliamNewby streethouse15, Newby street
715 Dodson JosephElsworth streethouse4, Elsworth street
716 Dodson SamuelMill lanehouse165, Mill lane
717 Dodsworth WilliamNewby streethouse93, Newby street
718 Douglas WrightSwaine greenhouse36, Swaine green
719 Dover JamesSaville streethouse8, Saville street
720 Downes JamesNewby streethouse & shop176, Wakefield road
successivehouse & shop38, Newby street
721 Dowson AlfredHall lanehouse168, Hall lane
722 Dracup GeorgeNewby streethouseBolling street
successivehouse1, Newby street
723 Dracup JonasSturges streethouse45, Sturges street
724 Drake JohnFairfax streethouse61, Fairfax street
725 Drake JohnAddison streethouse3, Addison street
726 Drake WatsonBolling streethouse70, Bolling street
727 Drinkwell EdwardWakefield roadhouse522, Wakefield road
728 Drink well GeorgeWakefield roadhouse362, Wakefield road
729 Drink well JohnWakefield roadhouse532, Wakefield road
730 Drinkwell ThomasWakefield roadhouse524, Wakefield road
731 Drinkwell WilliamWakefield roadhouse530, Wakefield road
732 Driver JamesWakefield roadhouse907, Wakefield road
733 Driver JosephSticker lanehouse & workshop435, Sticker lane
734 Drury WilliamUpper Addison streethouse6, Upper Addison street
735 Duce AlfredPenn streethouse11, Penn street
736 Duce BenjaminNewby streethouse14, Newby street
737 Duce HenryGibson foldhouseRooley lane
successivehouse1, Gibson fold
738 Duckett CharlesCastle streethouse8, Castle street
739 Duckworth Abednego RobertsPump streethouse10, Pump street
740 Duckworth JohnLord streethouse7, Lord street
741 Duckworth MatthewCaledonia streethouse111, Caledonia street
742 Duckworth RichardFairfax streethouse3, Fairfax street
743 Duckworth ThomasCaledonia streethouse115, Caledonia street
744 Duckworth WilliamBolling streetbeerhouse186, Bolling street
745 Duff FentonViolet courthouse25, Violet court
746 Duff JohnLong streethouse36, Long street
747 Duff ThomasSlater's yardhouse7, Slater's yard
748 Dufton JohnHarker streethouse14, Harker street
749 Dufton Richard FletcherSaville streethouse54, Saville street
750 Dunhill WilliamTennant streethouse40, Tennant street
751 Dunkley DavidCaledonia streethouse106, Caledonia street
752 Dunkley WilliamUpper Lavinia streethouse15, Upper Lavinia street
753 Dunn BernardGranby streethouse39, Granby street
754 Dunn HenryMoody streethouse146, Moody street
successivehouse168, Moody street
755 Dunn JohnViolet courthouse19, Violet court
756 Dunwell WilliamUpper Croft placehouse316, Upper Croft place
757 Durkin MartinCarter streethouse15, Carter street
758 Duty BirkettOld lanehouseGuy street
successivehouse & shopOld lane
759 Dyer JohnNewby streethouse5, Newby street
760 Dyer JohnHall lanehouse95, Hall lane
761 Dyson HenryHall lanehouse110, Hall lane
762 Dyson JohnBroomfield terracehouse1, Broomfield terrace

BOWLING WARD, 1870, surnames beginning with the letter E
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
763 Eade StephenRooley lanehouseFitzgerald street
successivehouse495, Rooley lane
764 Eastwood JamesOld lanehouse223, Old lane
successivehouse7, Wood road
765 Eastwood John3, Villiers placewarehouseCastle street
766 Eatch WilliamUsher streethouse5, Usher street
767 Eccles EdmundMitchell streethouse5, Mitchell street
768 Eccles JamesMitchell streethouse2, Mitchell street
769 Edmondson JohnHardy streethouse29, Hardy street
770 Edmondson RichardFoundry lanehouse18, Foundry lane
771 Ellinthorp RobertWakefield roadhouse & shop367, Wakefield road
772 Elliott NicholasMarsden foldhouse4, Marsden fold
773 Ellis CharlesLower lanehouse6, Lower lane
774 Ellis DemasTong streetwarehouseIndustry mill
775 Ellis EdwinHaigh streethouse896, Haigh street
776 Ellis GeorgePollard streethouse147, Mill lane
successivehouse57, Pollard street
777 Ellis GeorgeTutor streethouse5, Tutor street
778 Ellis IsaacSt. John's terracehouse3, St. John's terrace
779 Ellis JohnWood roadhouse9, Wood road
780 Ellis LeonardDudley hillwarehouseIndustry mill
781 Ellis LeviRooley lanehouse133, Rooley lane
782 Ellis ManassehWakefield roadhouse1032, Wakefield road
783 Ellis SquireRooley lanehouse536, Rooley lane
784 Ellis ThomasWakefield roadhouse705, Wakefield road
785 Ellis ThomasSticker lanehouse224, Sticker lane
786 Ellis WilliamWakefield roadhouse413, Wakefield road
787 Elsworth HenrySticker lanehouse401, Sticker lane
788 Elsworth JohnHartley streethouse6, Hartley street
successivehouse28, Hartley street
789 Elsworth JohnCrab streethouse5, Crab street
790 Elsworth JosephLower Barrack yardhouse4, Lower Barrack yard
791 Emmett EdwinMoulders' Arms inn, Sticker laneinn147, Sticker lane
792 Emmett JamesSticker lanehouse238, Sticker lane
793 Emmett JohnSticker lanehouse & shop236, Sticker lane
794 Emmett JohnPump streethouse7, Pump street
795 Emmett RichardRooley lanehouse517, Rooley lane
796 Emsley DavidWindsor streethouse204, Windsor street
797 Emsley JohnBankfoothouse719, Bankfoot
798 Emsley SamuelRipley's DamhouseRipley's dam
799 Emsley WilliamOld lanehouse271, Old lane
800 England JohnMill lanehouse83, Mill lane
801 Evans GeorgeConway streethouse11, Conway street
802 Evitt JohnGrey streethouse8, Grey street
803 Exley JohnRouse yardhouse4, Rouse yard

BOWLING WARD, 1870, surnames beginning with the letter F
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
804 Farnell BatesWakefield roadhouse134, Wakefield road
805 Farrand JohnWakefield roadhouse & shop296, Wakefield road
806 Farrar HenryNewby streethouseNewby street
807 Farrar JamesOld lanehouse104, Old lane
808 Farrar JonathanRutland streethouse4, Rutland street
809 Farrar ThomasEmsley streethouseEmsley street
successivehouseNewby street
successivehouse26, Emsley street
810 Farrell ReubenMoody streethouse140, Moody street
811 Fawcett JamesSticker lanehouse397, Sticker lane
812 Fawcett JohnSticker lanehouse331, Sticker lane
813 Fawcett JohnWhitworth streethouse5, Whitworth street
814 Fawcett WilliamStephen foldhouse4, Stephen fold
815 Fawcett WilliamMill lanehouseMill lane
816 Fawthorp HenryRipley terracehouse35, Ripley terrace
817 Fawthrop JohnOld lanehouse117, Old lane
818 Fawthrop JonathanMoody streethouse154, Moody street
successivehouse164, Moody street
819 Fawthrop JosephOld lanehouse340, Old lane
820 Fawthrop JosephOld lanehouse164, Old lane
821 Fawthrop JosephOld lanehouse113, Old lane
822 Fearnley GeorgeRooley lanebeerhouse473, Rooley lane
823 Fearnley HenryRooley lanehouse479, Rooley lane
824 Fearnley IsaacRooley lanehouse458, Rooley lane
825 Fearnley JesseAmerica squarehouseAmerica square
826 Fearnley JohnGibson foldhouseAmerica square
successivehouse12, Gibson fold
827 Fearnley JosephRipley terracehouse41, Ripley terrace
828 Fearnley MatthewMuff streethouse4, Muff street
829 Fearnley ThomasWakefield roadhouse984, Wakefield road
830 Fearnley WilliamSaville streethouse9, Saville street
successivehouse19, Saville street
831 Feather WilliamSaville streethouse35, Saville street
832 Feeley JohnBolling streethouse13, Bolling street
833 Fell JosephOld lanehouse171, Old lane
834 Fell TimothyOld lanehouse266, Old lane
835 Fenton BenjaminOld lanehouse225, Old lane
836 Fenton GeorgeChurch hill courthouse9, Church hill court
837 Fenton IsaacStephen foldhouse1, Stephen fold
838 Fenton JohnWakefield roadhouse & shop300, Wakefield road
839 Field JamesRooley lanehouse491, Rooley lane
840 Field JamesFawbert streethouse172, Wakefield road
successivehouse6, Fawbert street
841 Field JohnRutland streethouse6, Rutland street
842 Field ThomasOaks foldhouse37, Oaks fold
843 Fieldhouse AbrahamManchester roadhouse & shop706, Manchester road
844 Fieldhouse EzraWakefield roadhouseBack lane
successivehouse230, Wakefield road
845 Fieldhouse GeorgeRooley lanehouse221, Rooley lane
846 Fieldhouse JacobNewby streethouse107, Newby street
847 Fieldhouse JohnWadsworth streethouse22, Wadsworth street
848 Fieldhouse JosephMuff streethouse34, Muff street
849 Fieldhouse ThomasTutor streethouse3, Tutor street
850 Fieldhouse WilliamAlbion streethouse10, Albion street
851 Fieldhouse WilliamBankfoothouse932, Bankfoot
852 Fielding JohnWakefield roadhouse606, Wakefield road
853 Firth AlfredBack lanehouse & shopHeap lane
successivehouse & shop324, Back lane
854 Firth BensonDudley hillhouseDudley hill
855 Firth CharlesPark sidehousePark side
856 Firth HenrySt. John's terracehouse12, St. John's terrace
857 Firth IsaacGranby streethouse127, Granby street
858 Firth JabezUpper Sturges streethouse9, Upper Sturges street
859 Firth SimeonMill lanehouse54, Osborne street
successivehouse161, Mill lane
860 Firth ThomasKelvin streethouse6, Kelvin street
861 Firth ThomasVere streethouse18, Vere street
862 Firth WilliamRooley lanehouse341, Rooley lane
successivehouse534, Rooley lane
863 Fisher LukeWakefield roadhouse518, Wakefield road
864 Fitzpatrick PatrickBroom streethouse36, Brown street
865 Flaherty JohnViolet courthouse21, Violet court
866 Flathers GeorgeWakefield roadhouse344, Wakefield road
867 Flathers HenryLong streethouse3, Long street
868 Flathers JohnTutor streethouse9, Tutor street
869 Fleming JohnGranby streethouse117, Granby street
870 Fleming JosephMaw streethouse11, Maw street
871 Fletcher JamesBolling streethouse116, Bolling street
872 Fletcher JohnSloane streethouse31, Sloane street
873 Fletcher JohnBierley lanestables & landSticker lane
874 Fletcher JosephMill lanehouse149, Mill lane
875 Fletcher MarkRook lanehouse11, Rook lane
876 Fletcher WilliamTennant streethouseHudson street
successivehouse143, Tennant street
877 Flooks GeorgeHall lanehouse18, Hall lane
878 Flude JohnViolet streethouse26, Long street
successivehouse5, Violet street
879 Flude WilliamBack lanehouse44, Long street
successivehouse & shop104, Back lane
880 Flynn Thomas HenryCaledonia streethouse191, Caledonia street
881 Forrest JosephCarter streethouse7, Carter street
882 Forrest ThomasCaledonia streethouse165, Caledonia street
883 Fortes JamesGas streethouse2, Gas street
884 Fortune SunderlandOld lanehouse26, Old lane
885 Foster JamesWakefield roadhouse & shop264, Wakefield road
886 Foster JohnWakefield roadhouse260, Wakefield road
887 Foster JonasNewby streethouse144, Newby street
888 Foster SamuelCanning streethouse1, Canning street
889 Foster WilliamHardy streethouse45, Hardy street
890 Foulds DanielSticker lanehouse334, Sticker lane
891 Foulds John ThompsonCalcutta streethouse34, Calcutta street
892 Foulsham SamuelWadsworth streethouse17, Wadsworth street
893 Fowler JohnHall lanehouse116, Hall lane
894 Fowler JosephWadsworth streethouse24, Wadsworth street
895 Fowler WilliamCarbon streethouseCook street
successivehouse6, Carbon street
896 Fox CharlesBankfoothouse28, Bankfoot
897 Fox David WrightLightcliffewarehouseUpper croft mill
898 Fox JamesBankfoothouse17 Bankfoot
899 Fox JosephBolling streethouse45, Bolling street
900 Fox ReubenBankfoothouse739, Bankfoot
successivehouse918, Bankfoot
901 Fox SquireBankfoothouse731, Bankfoot
902 Fox WilliamWakefield roadhouse335, Wakefield road
903 Fox WilliamAddison streethouseAddison street
904 Frankland StephenUpper Addison streethouse4, Upper Addison street
905 Fretwell HenryFairfax streethouse26, Fairfax street
906 Furniss IsaacBrass Knob rowhouse96, Brass Knob row
907 Furniss ThomasParry lanehouse26, Parry lane

BOWLING WARD, 1870, surnames beginning with the letter G
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
908 Galloway HenryOld lanehouse386, Old lane
909 Galloway JesseOld lanehouse124, Old lane
910 Galloway JohnOld lanehouse388, Old lane
911 Galloway JohnMitchell streethouse6, Mitchell street
912 Gambles BryanSaville streethouse34, Saville street
913 Gambling WilliamGordon streethouse8, Gordon street
914 Gane GeorgeRipley terracehouse108, Moody street
successivehouse73, Ripley terrace
915 Gane WilliamGranby streethouse89A, Granby street
916 Gardner WilliamFitzwilliam streethouse81, Fitzwilliam street
917 Garforth JohnElsworth streethouse19, Elsworth street
918 Garner JohnTutor streethouse8, Tutor street
919 Garner ThomasWadsworth yardhouse8, Wadsworth yard
920 Garnett JamesOld lanehouse262, Old lane
921 Garnett RobertSwaine greenhouse18, Swaine green
922 Garside JohnSticker lanehouse411, Sticker lane
923 Garside JohnConway streethouse21, Conway street
924 Gascoigne HenryNewby streethouse126, Newby street
925 Gath GeorgeBankfoothouse876, Bankfoot
926 Gath SamuelSquare streethouse8, Square street
927 Gaukrodger TitusHortonsize worksSpring mill street
928 Gibson AlfredLower lanehouseLower lane
929 Gibson GeorgeGranby streethouse29, Granby street
930 Gibson HenryBailey streethouse12, Bailey street
931 Gibson JabezGibson foldhouse13, Gibson fold
932 Gibson StephenSaville streethouse & shop38, Saville street
933 Gibson WilliamBeetham streethouse9, Beetham street
934 Gidley JohnHall lanehouse53, Hall lane
935 Gidley WilliamHortonwarehouseGordon street
936 Gilbert JamesNew rowhouse27, New row
937 Gilchrist GeorgeCaledonia streethouse223, Caledonia street
938 Gill JohnFairfax streethouse45, Fairfax street
939 Gill JonathanLong streethouse10, Long street
940 Gill PollardFoundry lanehouse21, Foundry lane
941 Gill RichardKelvin streethouseKelvin street
942 Gill RogerNewby streethouse43, Newby street
943 Gilmore JamesBolling streethouse61, Bolling street
944 Gittins EdwardWakefield roadcountinghouseWakefield road
945 Gittins PhilipWakefield roadhouse412, Wakefield road
946 Gledhill JohnMuff streethouse24, Muff street
947 Gledhill JosephViolet courthouse12, Violet court
948 Gledhill JosephSloane streethouse59, Sloane street
949 Gledhill RichardHortonsize worksGordon street
950 Gledhill WilliamManchester roadhouse766, Manchester road
951 Glennan PatrickWadsworth yardhouse6, Tutor street
successivehouse5, Wadsworth yard
952 Glover JamesCaledonia streethouse127, Caledonia street
953 Goleby WilliamCaledonia streethouse93, Caledonia street
954 Gomersal JoshuaSticker lanehouse512, Sticker lane
955 Good WilliamBailey streethouse8, Bailey street
956 Goodchild HenryBack lanehouse330, Back lane
957 Goodison WilliamProvidence placehouse336, Providence place
958 Goodyear EphraimAbram streethouse4, Abram street
959 Goodyear GeorgeBailey streethouse24, Bailey street
960 Goodyear SethNewby streethouse12, Albion street
successivehouse138, Newby street
961 Gornall JohnNewby streethouse97, Newby street
962 Gosling BenjaminWakefield roadhouse290, Wakefield road
963 Gosling ThomasUpper Barrack yardhouse11, Upper Barrack yard
964 Grace Charles HenryFairfax streethouse41, Fairfax street
965 Graham MosesSaville streethouseSaville street
successivehouse32, Saville street
966 Graham RogerTennant streethouse56, Tennant street
967 Graham StephenWakefield roadhouse383, Wakefield road
968 Grandage WilliamLodge lanehouse2, Lodge lane
969 Grant JohnCutler heightshouseCutler heights
970 Gray JohnManchester roadhouse710, Manchester road
971 Gray ThomasGranby streethouseGranby street
successivehouse61, Granby street
972 Gray WilliamBankfoothouse & shop880, Bankfoot
973 Greaves EdwardBankfoothouse872, Bankfoot
974 Greaves GeorgeManninghampart of millMill lane
975 Greaves SamManninghampart of millMill lane
976 Green CharlesStephen foldhouse10, Stephen fold
977 Green RobertWakefield roadhouse374, Wakefield road
978 Green ThomasFurnace Inn streethouse34, Furnace Inn street
979 Greenhill GeorgeWakefield roadhouse894, Wakefield road
980 Greenhill WilliamRooley lanehouse373, Rooley lane
981 Greenhough CharlesSticker lanehouse467, Sticker lane
982 Greenhough FrankSticker lanehouse469, Sticker lane
983 Greenhough JamesNewell hallhouse326, Newell hall
984 Greenhough JonasRooley lanehouse228, Rooley lane
985 Greenhough JosephHarker streethouse10, Harker street
986 Greenhough ListerTong streetpart of millTerry's mill, Dudley hill
987 Greenhough RobertOld lanehouse466, Old lane
988 Greenhough WilliamLower lanehouseLower lane
989 Greenhough WilliamRooley lanehouse553, Rooley lane
990 Greening CharlesHird streethouse4, Hird street
991 Greening ThomasBack lanehouse590, Back lane
992 Greenwood AbrahamRutland streethouse9, Rutland street
993 Greenwood EdwardWakefield roadhouse302, Wakefield road
994 Greenwood EdwardWatercock streethouse7, Watercock street
995 Greenwood Frederick AlexanderBankfootcorn millBankfoot
996 Greenwood GeorgeFitzwilliam streethouse59, Fitzwilliam street
997 Greenwood GeorgePollard streethouse50, Pollard street
998 Greenwood JamesConway streethouse13, Conway street
999 Greenwood JohnMoody streethouse126, Moody street
1000 Greenwood JohnBankfoothouse737, Bankfoot
1001 Greenwood JohnLower lanehouseLower lane
1002 Greenwood ThomasWakefield roadhouse & shop315, Wakefield road
1003 Greenwood WilliamGreenhough buildingshouse12, Greenhough buildings
1004 Greenwood WilliamRipley streethouse51, Ripley street
1005 Gregory EdwardMoody streethouseMoody street
1006 Gregory JamesSticker lanehouse81, Sticker lane
successivehouse165, Sticker lane
1007 Gregson JosephWakefield roadhouse & shopWakefield road
1008 Gregson StocksBradfordwarehouseProspect mill
1009 Grey ThomasLord streethouse2, Lord street
1010 Grice DavidMoody streethouseMoody street
1011 Grimes ThomasFairfax streethouse75, Fairfax street
1012 Groves WilliamTennant streethouse72, Tennant street
successivehouse79, Tennant street
1013 Grundy ThomasHird streethouse17, Hird street
1014 Gunn William HenryBolling streethouse152, Bolling street

Transcribed by Colin Hinson © 2014
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