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BRADFORD: Bradford Parliamentary Register 1870, LITTLE HORTON WARD, surnames F-L.


LITTLE HORTON WARD, 1870, surnames F-L.
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1095 Fairbank JohnLittle Horton greenhouse36, Little Horton green
1096 Fairbrother GeorgeVilliers streethouse17, Villiers street
1097 Fairbrother WilliamLower Bright streethouse40, Cobden street
successivehouse1, Lower Bright street
1098 Fairburn JamesOsborne streethouse120, Osborne street
1099 Falkner WilliamFitzgerald streethouse58, Fitzgerald street
1100 Farnall EzraPaisley streethouse27, Paisley street
1101 Farnall JohnTumbling hill streethouse11, Tumbling hill street
1102 Farnall WilliamTumbling hill streethouse52, Tumbling hill street
1103 Farnell BenjaminPark roadhouse39, Park road
1104 Farnell GeorgeFitzgerald streethouse18, Fitzgerald street
1105 Farnell JesseEarl streethouse85, Earl street
1106 Farnell JosephAshley streethouse19, Ashley street
1107 Farrar DanielLower Thomas streethouse13, Lower Thomas street
1108 Farrar JohnKent streethouse38, Kent street
1109 Farrar JosephManchester roadhouse29, Manchester road
1110 Farrar SamuelCrowther streethouse67, Crowther street
1111 Farrar ZechariahHope streethouse50, Hope street
1112 Fawcett AlfredCromwell streethouse20, Thornton street, Bradford
successivehouse4, Cromwell street
1113 Fawcett JohnKaye streethouse34, Kaye street
1114 Fawcett JosephTumbling hill streethouse18, Tumbling hill street
1115 Fawcett JosephCrowther streethouse29, Crowther street
1116 Fawcett SamuelRoyd streethouse33, Royd street
1117 Fawcett ThomasDewhirst's BuildingshouseSunbridge, Bradford
successivehouse117, Dewhirst's Buildings
1118 Fawcett Thomas JosephPark roadhouse4, Park road
1119 Fawcett WilliamFitzgerald streethouse76, Fitzgerald street
1120 Fawthrop BenjaminHolme top streethouse40, Holme top street
1121 Fawthrop GeorgeLittle Horton lanehouse806, Little Horton lane
1122 Fearey HenryManchester roadhouse38, Manchester road
1123 Fearnley HoltPreston streethouse43, Preston street
1124 Fearnley JamesLittle Horton lanehouse427, Little Horton lane
1125 Fearnley JohnLittle Horton lanehouse289, Little Horton lane
successivehouse295, Little Horton lane
1126 Fearnley JosephHannah gatehouse44, Hannah gate
1127 Fearnley JosephManchester roadhouse233, Manchester road
1128 Fearnley SquireBramley streethouse65, Bramley street
1129 Fearnley ThomasHoward streethouse11, Howard street
1130 Fearnsides JamesClaremont terracehouse3, Claremont terrace
1131 Fearnsides JonasCobden streethouse22, Cobden street
1132 Feather BenjaminTumbling hill streethouse121, Tumbling hill street
1133 Feather JamesLittle Horton lanehouse427, Little Horton lane
1134 Feather JohnPark lanehouse130, Park lane
1135 Featherstone Edward HarveyWestbrook terracehouse10, Westbrook terrace
1136 Feeney JohnAshley streethouse25, Ashley street
1137 Fell JosephJacob streethouse17, Jacob street
1138 Fethney PeterDavid streethouse32, David street
1139 Field JamesHannah gatehouse14, Hannah gate
1140 Field SquireGreaves streethouseGreaves street
1141 Fielden EliBright streethouse17, Harrington street
successivehouse44, Bright street
1142 Fielden ElijahPrince streethouse25, Prince street
successivehouse18, Prince street
1143 Fielden JamesTumbling hill streethouse37, Tumbling hill street
1144 Fielden JohnPark roadhouse69, Park road
1145 Fieldhouse GeorgeHoward streethouse10, Howard street
1146 Fieldhouse HenryPortland streethouse68, Portland street
1147 Fieldhouse IsaacManchester roadhouse & shop297, Manchester road
1148 Fieldsend ThomasThornburywarehouseFawcett court
1149 Fieldsend WilliamGreaves streetwarehouseFawcett court
1150 Finlayson Henry WilliamFitzgerald streethouse145, Fitzgerald street
1151 Firby WilliamHope streethouse2, Kent street
successivehouse35, Hope street
1152 Firmish JeremiahThomas streethouse8, Thomas street
1153 Firth AbrahamAycliffe lanehouse15, Aycliffe lane
1154 Firth AlbertCrowther streethouse90, Fitzgerald street
successivehouse7, Crowther street
1155 Firth Charles HenryWellington placehouse63, Wellington place
1156 Firth GeorgeMilton streethouse25, Milton street
1157 Firth GeorgeGrafton streethouse125, Grafton street
1158 Firth GeorgeAshfield placehouse1, Ashfield place
1159 Firth JamesGrafton streethouse30, Grafton street
1160 Firth JamesNurser lanehouse11, Nurser lane
1161 Firth JohnMiall streethouse51, Jacob street
successivehouse21, Miall street
1162 Firth JohnZetland placehouse6, Zetland place
1163 Firth JohnPark terracehouse159, Park terrace
1164 Firth JonasCromwell streethouse10, Cromwell street
1165 Firth JosephClarence streethouse39, Clarence street
1166 Firth JosephNorcroft browhouse33, Norcroft brow
1167 Firth JosephBroadbent streethouse28, Broadbent street
1168 Firth ThomasRupert streethouse74, Rupert street
1169 Firth ThomasAshfield placehouse5, Ashfield place
1170 Firth WilliamLittle Horton lanehouse800, Little Horton lane
1171 Firth WilliamTrinity terracehouse17, Trinity terrace
1172 Firth WilliamSt. Andrew's terracehouse16, St. Andrew's terrace
1173 Firth WilliamAycliffe lanehouse23, Aycliffe lane
1174 Firth William RatcliffeVilliers streethouse49, Villiers street
1175 Fisher ThomasPark lanehouse110, Park lane
1176 Fison James ReevesSt. Andrew's villashouse37, St. Andrew's villas
1177 Fison WilliamGreenholme, BurleywarehouseBurrow street
1178 Fitton AdamSkinner streethouse30, Skinner street
successivehouse47, Skinner street
1179 Fitzpatrick JohnDuncan streethouse9, Duncan street
1180 Fitzpatrick JohnSouthfield lanehouse2, Brownroyd fold
successivehouse3, Southfield lane
successivehouse27, Southfield lane
1181 Flather EmanuelBower streethouse69, Bower street
1182 Flather JohnThomas streethouse16, Thomas street
1183 Flather JonasMill lanehouse20, Mill lane
1184 Flemming ThomasAdelaide streethouse42, Adelaide street
1185 Fletcher HenryAbram gatehouse3, Abram gate
1186 Fletcher JamesLower Thomas streethouse16, Lower Thomas street
1187 Fletcher JamesOsborne streethouse108, Osborne street
1188 Fletcher JosephCromwell streethouse13, Cromwell street
1189 Fletcher JosephEdmund streethouse & shop2, Manchester road
successivehouse12, Edmund street
1190 Fletcher RichardLittle Horton lanehouse67, Little Horton lane
1191 Fletcher WilliamEarl streethouse39, Earl street
1192 Flint GeorgeEbor streethouse52, Ebor street
1193 Flynn ThomasHannah gatehouse11, Hannah gate
1194 Footit FrancisFitzgerald streethouse78, Fitzgerald street
1195 Footit WilliamFitzgerald streethouse11, Lower Back William street
successivehouse63, Fitzgerald street
1196 Forbut JosephHope streethouse46, Hope street
1197 Ford Malachi HenrySouthbrook terracehouse5, Southbrook terrace
1198 Forrest JacobLittle Horton lanehouse890, Little Horton lane
1199 Forrest JohnWoodhead roadhouse26, Woodhead road
1200 Forrest SamuelGower streethouse45, Gower street
1201 Fortune HenrySt. James's squarehouse22, St. James's square
1202 Foster JohnCobden streethouse15, Cobden street
1203 Foster JohnLittle Horton lanehouse113, Little Horton lane
1204 Foster JosephMorpeth streethouse50, Morpeth street
1205 Foster JosephCastle rowhouse3, Castle row
1206 Foster JosephVilliers streethouse15, Villiers street
1207 Foster MartinLongside lanehouse30, Longside lane
1208 Foster SamuelPaisley streethouse49, Paisley street
1209 Foster WilliamManchester roadhouse & shop254, Manchester road
1210 Foster WilliamPrince streethouse23, Prince street
1211 Foulds JohnManchester roadhouse43, Manchester road
1212 Foulds ThomasPaisley streethouse76, Paisley street
1213 Fowell JamesBerwick streethouse28, Berwick street
1214 Fowler EdwardAshfield placehouse15, Ashfield place
1215 Fowler GeorgeManchester roadhouse265, Manchester road
1216 Fowler IsaacDorset streethouseHorton villas
successivehouseDorset street
1217 Fowler JohnMarshall streethouse49, Marshall street
1218 Fox ChristopherNorton gatehouse10, Norton gate
1219 Fox HenryLittle Horton lanehouse865, Little Horton lane
1220 Fox JamesLittle Horton lanehouse304, Little Horton lane
1221 Fox JohnAycliffe lanehouse22, Aycliffe lane
1222 Fox JonathanParkinson streethouse25, Parkinson street
1223 Fox NedLittle Horton lanehouse323, Little Horton lane
1224 Fox ThomasPark lanehouse51, Park lane
1225 Fox ThomasGreat Russell streethouse24, Great Russell street
1226 Fox ThomasTumbling hill streethouse78, Tumbling hill street
1227 Fox Thomas BairstowAllertonwarehouseChapel lane
1228 Fox WilliamNorton gatewarehouseGate street
1229 Francis JosephManchester roadhouse164, Manchester road
1230 Franckel HermanRichmond roadhouse6, Richmond road
1231 Frankland JohnMason streethouse7, Mason street
1232 French AlfredCleveland streethouse6, Cleveland street
1233 French JohnManchester roadhouse315, Manchester road
1234 French Robert RuthvenWilliam streethouse14, William street
1235 Frey FerdinandHoward streethouse9, Howard street
1236 Friechs AndreasClaremonthouse16, Claremont
1237 Frost JamesFitzgerald streethouse61, Fitzgerald street
1238 Fryer William RobinsonRoyd streethouse35, Royd street
1239 Fugill JosephSawrey placehouse3, Sawrey place
1240 Fulda LeopoldClaremonthouse9, Claremont
1241 Furgess HenryBerwick streethouse9, Berwick street
1242 Furneaux HenryMoss streethouse13, Moss street
1243 Furneaux HenryJonas gatehouse25, Jonas gate
1244 Furstenhaden ThesidoreMannville terracehouse1, Mannville terrace
1245 Furstenheim MoritzElizabeth streethouse20, Elizabeth street

LITTLE HORTON WARD, 1870, surnames beginning with the letter G
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1246 Gale KnightSt. Andrew's parsonagehouseShearbridge road
1247 Gallagher JohnOsborne streethouse72, Osborne street
1248 Galloway FrancisManchester roadhouse247, Manchester road
1249 Galloway IsaacSterling streethouse46, Sterling street
1250 Galloway JesseBowlingwarehouse12, Hope street
1251 Galloway JohnSt. Andrew's placehouseSt. Andrew's place
1252 Galloway WilliamSt. John's streethouse3, St. John's street
1253 Gamble SamuelAshgrovehouse33, Ashgrove
1254 Gamble Samuel NorthenMannville terracehouse42, Horton road
successivehouseMannville terrace
1255 Gane GeorgeOsborne streethouse13, Osborne street
1256 Gardiner JohnManchester roadhouse518, Manchester road
1257 Gardiner ThomasGiles streethouse8, Giles street
1258 Garner RichardNorton gatehouse16, Norton gate
1259 Garnett JamesLittle Horton lanehouse528, Little Horton lane
1260 Garnett JohnTriangle streethouse5, Triangle street
1261 Gartney JohnNelson courthouse64, Nelson court
1262 Gaukroger TitusPark terracehouseLittle Horton lane
1263 Gaul CharlesNorcroft browhouse126, Tumbling hill street
successivehouse31, Norcroft brow
1264 Gaunt JohnAshgrovehouse52, Ashgrove
1265 Gaunt WalterTumbling hill streethouse32, Tumbling hill street
1266 Gawthorpe BenjaminWellington placehouse59, Wellington place
1267 Gawthorpe ThomasManchester roadhouse & shop134, Manchester road
1268 Gawthorpe WilliamNelson squarehouse11, Nelson square
1269 Geelar WilliamClifford streethouse104, Clifford street
1270 Geldard IsaacElizabeth streethouse31, Elizabeth street
1271 Geoghegan PatrickDuncan streethouse80, Duncan street
successivehouse30, Duncan street
1272 George Thomas WooleyLongside lanehouse & shop41, Wakefield road, Bradford
successivehouse & shopLongside lane
1273 German WilliamManchester roadhouse196, Manchester road
1274 Gerrard JohnPortland streethouse22, Portland street
1275 Getz AdolphusManninghamwarehouseWestholme
1276 Gibbons JohnLower Thomas courthouse35, Gower street
successivehouse11, Lower Thomas court
1277 Gibson JamesNeal streethouse5, Neal street
1278 Gibson ThomasHorton roadhouse & shop140, Manchester road
successivehouse & shopHorton road
1279 Gibson WilkinsonCopley streethouse4, Southfield lane
successivehouse9, Copley street
1280 Gibson WilliamElizabeth streethouse50, Elizabeth street
1281 Gibson WilliamTumbling hill streethouse & shop16, Tumbling hill street
1282 Gidley JamesOsborne streethouse1, Osborne street
1283 Gidley WilliamGreaves streethouse32, Greaves street
successivehouseGreaves street
1284 Gilbride LawrenceCaledonia streethouse36, Caledonia street
1285 Giles ThomasKaye streethouse25, Kaye street
1286 Gill JamesSpring placehouse23, Spring place
1287 Gill JohnLower Kent streethouse3, Lower Kent street
1288 Gill JohnFitzgerald streethouse42, Fitzgerald street
1289 Gill JoshuaLady lanehouse70, Richmond road
successivehouse1, Lady lane
1290 Gill JonasAbram gatehouse41, Abram gate
1291 Gill ThomasPreston streethouse75, Preston street
1292 Gill WilliamManchester roadhouse & shop250, Manchester road
1293 Gill WilliamPark lanehousePark lane
1294 Gillard William EdwardBradfordshopManchester road
1295 Gilpine GeorgeRupert streethouse26, Rupert street
1296 Gilpine ThomasRupert streethouse48, Rupert street
1297 Gilson WilliamSmith streethouse16, Smith street
1298 Gledhill JamesClayton lanehouse17, Tudor street
successivehouse21, Clayton lane
1299 Gledhill JohnTudor streethouse21, Clayton lane
successivehouseTudor street
1300 Gledhill JohnWestbrook terracehouse11, Westbrook terrace
1301 Gledhill John, sen.Fitzgerald streethouse118, Fitzgerald street
1302 Gledhill John, junr.Fitzgerald streethouse122, Fitzgerald street
1303 Gledhill RichardElizabeth streethouse1, Elizabeth street
1304 Gledhill Thomas ClarkHolme top streethouse15, Holme top street
1305 Glover BellPark lanehouse23, Park lane
1306 Glover JamesLansdowne placehouse5, Chester street
successivehouse20, Lansdowne place
1307 Glover JohnMelbourne placehouse8, Melbourne place
1308 Glover MarkSawrey placehouse18, Sawrey place
1309 Glover WilliamAshfield placehouse3, Ashfield place
1310 Goldsborough JohnMilton streethouse23, Milton street
1311 Goldsborough JohnTumbling hill streethouse109, Tumbling hill street
1312 Goldstein LouisAshgrovehouse3, Carlton place
successivehouse55, Ashgrove
1313 Gomersal HenryBottomley streethouse5, Bottomley street
1314 Good JamesFitzgerald streethouseAdelaide street
successivehouseJacob street
successivehouse9, Fitzgerald street
1315 Gooden William BartlesLittle Horton greenhouse3, Ebor street
successivehouseLittle Horton lane
1316 Goodison GeorgeGrafton streethouse89, Grafton street
1317 Goodison ThomasEarl streethouse26, Earl street
1318 Goodman BenjaminListerhills roadhouse56, Listerhills road
1319 Goodman ThomasMarshall streethouse2, Marshall street
1320 Goodwin GeorgeGrafton streethouse14, Grafton street
1321 Goodwin JamesBramley streethouse49, Bramley street
1322 Goring WilliamVilliers streethouse52, Villiers street
successivehouse70, Villiers street
1323 Gornall HenryManchester roadhouse285, Manchester road
1324 Gott JosephAshley streethouse58, Ashley street
1325 Gott WilliamCollege roadhouse29, College road
1326 Gotthardt JohnPaisley streethouse5, Paisley street
1327 Gouch WilliamFranklin streethouse6, Mill lane
successivehouse9, Franklin street
1328 Gowan SamuelAdelaide streethouse5, Adelaide street
1329 Goyder DavidHorton roadhouse99, Little Horton lane
successivehouse62, Horton road
1330 Grace JohnKaye streethouse24, Kaye street
1331 Graham FrederickClayton lanehouse37, Clayton lane
1332 Graham James CampbellHolme top streethouse14, Holme top street
1333 Graham RobertLittle Horton lanehouse367, Little Horton lane
1334 Graham WilliamSterling streethouse48, Sterling street
1335 Grandage AbrahamClaremonthouse23, Claremont
1336 Gratton HenryEarl streethouse104, Earl street
1337 Gray FrederickChapel greenhouse9, Chapel green
successivehouse7, Chapel green
1338 Gray JamesAdelaide streethouse47, Adelaide street
1339 Grayson ThomasTumbling hill streethouse71, Tumbling hill street
1340 Grace JohnClarence streethouse15, Clarence street
1341 Grear DerricWilliam streethouse21, William street
1342 Greaves John WesleyMelbourne placehouse3, Melbourne place
1343 Greaves JosephGreaves streethouse36, Greaves street
1344 Greaves JosephManchester roadhouse340, Manchester road
1345 Green HenryMorpeth streethouse34, Morpeth street
1346 Green JamesPark roadhouse43, Park road
1347 Green JamesLittle Horton lanehouse746, Little Horton lane
1348 Green JamesTriangle streethouse2, Triangle street
1349 Green JohnClayton lanehouse61, Clayton lane
1350 Green JohnSouthfield lanehouse114, Southfield lane
1351 Green WilliamJonas gatehouse24, Bower street
successivehouse39, Jonas gate
1352 Greenhough DavidLittle Horton greenhouse67, Little Horton green
1353 Greenhough EdwardHolme top lanehouse66, Holme top lane
1354 Greenhough JosephLittle Horton lanehouse295, Little Horton lane
successivehouse363, Little Horton lane
1355 Greenhough Thomas TaylorEarl streethouse65, Earl street
1356 Greenhough William PrestonLower Thomas streethouse48, Lower Thomas street
1357 Greenough AmosLittle Horton lanehouse667, Little Horton lane
1358 Greenwood AlfredGreat Russell streethouse20, Great Russell street
1359 Greenwood BarzillaiAbram gatehouse1, John gate
successivehouse12, Abram gate
1360 Greenwood DanielChapel greenhouse35, Chapel green
1361 Greenwood Frederick SmithEmma gatehouse12, Emma gate
1362 Greenwood InghamHolme top streethouse53, Holme top street
1363 Greenwood IsaacAycliffe lanehouse13, Aycliffe lane
1364 Greenwood JamesCroft streethouse3, Croft street
1365 Greenwood JamesManninghamhouse114, Manchester road
1366 Greenwood JamesSouthfield lanehouse8, Southfield lane
1367 Greenwood JohnSt. Andrew's terracehouse4, St. Andrew's terrace
1368 Greenwood JohnBradfordwarehouseFawcett court
1369 Greenwood JohnSmith streethouse86, Smith street
1370 Greenwood JohnRawdonwarehouseCroft street
1371 Greenwood JohnLittle Horton greenhouse65, Little Horton green
1372 Greenwood John TurnerManchester roadhouse117, Manchester road
1373 Greenwood JonasCrowther streethouse & shopCrowther street
1374 Greenwood JosephMill lanehouse22, Mill lane
1375 Greenwood LukeSouthfield lanehouse78, Southfield lane
1376 Greenwood PaulLittle Horton lanehouse915, Little Horton
1377 Greenwood PeterLittle Horton lanehouse526, Little Horton lane
1378 Greenwood ReginaldAbram gatehouse5, Butterfield terrace
successivehouse7, Abram gate
1379 Greenwood RichardTumbling hill streethouse91, Tumbling hill street
1380 Greenwood SamuelMorpeth streethouse25, Morpeth street
1381 Greenwood SamuelThornton lanehouse14, Farside green
successivehouse44, Thornton lane
1382 Greenwood WatsonPark lanehouse39, Park lane
1383 Greenwood WilliamBack Abram gatehouse42, Back Abram gate
1384 Greenwood WilliamFarside greenhouse10, Farside green
1385 Gregory RichardManchester roadhouse534, Manchester road
1386 Griffin JohnHope streethouse48, Hope street
1387 Grinley RobertBroadbent streethouse25, Broadbent street
1388 Grogan AnthonyHannah gatehouse18, Hannah gate
1389 Guy WilliamAnn placehouseBirch lane, Bowling
successivehouse4, Ann place

LITTLE HORTON WARD, 1870, surnames beginning with the letter H
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1390 Haas GeorgeClaremonthouse15, Claremont
1391 Habbishaw John132, Lumb lane, ManninghamwarehouseLongside lane
1392 Haggas CorneliusFitzgerald streethouse30, Fitzgerald street
1393 Haggas EdwardEarl streethouse80, Osborne street
successivehouse29, Earl street
1394 Haigh BenjaminTriangle streethouse25, Park street, Bradford
successivehouse10, Triangle street
1395 Haigh CharlesClayton lanehouse16, Clayton lane
1396 Haigh DanielLittle Horton lanehouse784, Little Horton lane
1397 Haigh DavidClifford streethouse13, Clifford street
1398 Haigh JohnManchester roadhouse92, Manchester road
1399 Haigh JohnCobden streethouse9, Cobden street
1400 Haigh JosephCavendish streethouse9, Cavendish street
1401 Haigh JosephPark roadhouse95, Crowther street
successivehouse46, Park road
1402 Haigh JosephEarl streethouse119, Earl street
1403 Haigh ThomasWickham streethouse1, Wickham street
1404 Haigh ThomasBright streethouse24, Bright street
1405 Haigh WilliamGrafton streethouse77, Grafton street
1406 Haigh WilliamManchester roadhouse544, Manchester road
1407 Haigh William NowellMannville terracehouse7, Mannville terrace
1408 Hailstone EdwardHorton hallhouseHorton hall
1409 Hainsworth HiramCrampton streethouse17, Crampton street
1410 Hainsworth JohnLittle Horton lanehouse415, Little Horton lane
1411 Hainsworth JonasMilne streethouse13, Milton street
1412 Hainsworth JonathanStowell mill streethouse5, Stowell mill street
1413 Hainsworth JosephPaisley streethouse10, Paisley street
successivehouse16, Paisley street
1414 Hainsworth JosephJacob streethouse5, Parkinson street
successivehouseJacob street
1415 Hainsworth JoshuaChester streethouse13, Chester street
1416 Hainsworth SamuelLongside lanehouse20, Longside lane
1417 Hainsworth ThomasBright streethouse19, Bright street
1418 Hainsworth WilliamGrafton streethouse36, Grafton street
1419 Haley DavidHolme top streethouse11, Holme top street
1420 Haley DavidFitzgerald streethouse10, Fitzgerald street
1421 Haley EmanuelBright streethouse59, Bright street
1422 Haley EnochRichmond roadhouse14, Richmond road
1423 Haley EnochBright streethouse50, Bright street
1424 Haley JamesPark roadhouse83, Park road
1425 Haley JamesBowlingwarehouseNelson street
1426 Haley JohnRupert streethouse78, Rupert street
1427 Haley JohnClayton lanehouseClayton lane
1428 Haley JohnSt. James's streethouse17, St. James's street
1429 Haley JosephPaisley streethouse25, Paisley street
1430 Haley NobleWestbrookoccupier of Phoenix worksTumbling hill street
1431 Haley PatrickDuncan streethouse89, Duncan street
1432 Haley WilliamBolton road, Bradfordshop14, Manchester road
1433 Hall JohnBerwick streethouse79, Berwick street
successivehouseBerwick street
1434 Hall JohnTumbling hill streethouse84, Tumbling hill street
1435 Hall JosephMannville terracehouse7, Spring place
successivehouseMannville terrace
1436 Hall RobertOsborne streethouse35, Osborne street
1437 Hall WilliamFitzgerald streethouse14, Fitzgerald street
1438 Hall WilliamFitzgerald streethouse150, Fitzgerald street
1439 Hallam BenjaminAshley streethouse4, Ashley street
1440 Halliday AbrahamZetland placehouse9, Zetland place
1441 Halliday JosephLansdowne placehouse12, Lansdowne place
1442 Halliday ThomasHenry streethouse6, Henry street
1443 Halliday WilliamElizabeth streethouse194, Elizabeth street
1444 Halstead GeorgeEmma gatehouse8, Emma gate
1445 Halstead WilliamAshley streethouse33, Ashley street
1446 Hamer WilliamAshley streethouse16, Ashley street
1447 Hammond Ezra WaughBradfordbrewhouseManchester road
1448 Hammond JamesOtleybrewhouseManchester road
1449 Hanby EdwinNorton gatehouse23, Norton gate
1450 Hanley MatthewGrafton streethouse103, Grafton street
1451 Hanson AndrewGower streethouse7, Gower street
1452 Hanson BriggsTelford streethouse12, Telford street
1453 Hanson CyrusFitzgerald streethouse51, Fitzgerald street
1454 Hanson GeorgeCobden streethouse45, Cobden street
1455 Hanson JamesBottomley streethouse37, Jacob street
successivehouse74, Bottomley street
1456 Hanson JohnBroadbent streethouse16, Broadbent street
1457 Hanson John FrederickPark lanehouse80, Park lane
1458 Hanson JoshuaLower Thomas courthouse10, Lower Thomas court
1459 Hanson OliverManchester roadhouse379, Manchester road
successivehouse375, Manchester road
1460 Hanson ThomasBradfordwarehouseLongside lane
1461 Hardacre BenjaminLittle Horton lanehouse53, Little Horton lane
1462 Hardaker AbrahamVilliers streethouse38, Villiers street
1463 Hardaker GeorgeBramley streethouse55, Bramley street
1464 Hardaker JohnWilton streethouse1, Wilton street
1465 Hardaker JohnManchester roadhouse25, Manchester road
1466 Hardaker JosephMorpeth streethouse12, Morpeth street
1467 Hardaker JosephSouthfield lanehouse96, Southfield lane
1468 Hardaker RichardSt. Andrew's villashouse29, St. Andrew's villas
1469 Hardaker SamuelAbram gatehouse14, Abram gate
1470 Hardcastle JohnManchester roadhouse45, Holme top lane
successivehouse528, Manchester road
1471 Hardington RobertClayton lanehouse30, Clayton lane
1472 Hardman JohnCleveland streethouse24, Cleveland street
1473 Hardwick BenjaminBower streethouseBower street
1474 Hardy GeorgeThornton lanehouse27, Thornton lane
1475 Hardy HenryPark lanehouse251, Park lane
1476 Hardy JohnQuaker lanehouse & land12, Quaker lane
1477 Hardy JohnCross streethouse7, Cross street, Park road
1478 Hardy JosephCopley streethouseCopley street
1479 Hardy ThomasJacob streethouse7, Jacob street
1480 Hardy WilliamRoyd streethouse13, Royd street
1481 Hargreaves EdwardEbor streethouse9, Ebor street
1482 Hargreaves HartleyCuckoo nesthouse5, Cuckoo nest
1483 Hargreaves InghamTumbling hill streethouse85, Tumbling hill street
1484 Hargreaves JamesBower streethouse34, Bower street
1485 Hargreaves Thomas HenryHampton placehouse35, Hampton place
1486 Hargreaves WilliamEbor streethouse45, Ebor street
1487 Hargreaves William LantwithElizabeth streethouse26, Elizabeth street
1488 Harker ChristopherPortland streethouse52, Portland street
1489 Harker John GeorgeLongside lanehouse44, Westgrove street, Bradford
successivehouse & shopLongside lane
1490 Harland ThomasBower streethouse68, Bower street
1491 Harley ThomasBottomley streethouse54, Bottomley street
1492 Harling JohnDuncan streethouse22, Duncan street
1493 Harold RichardBower streethouse41, Bower street
1494 Harrison CharlesClifford streethouse116, Clifford street
1495 Harrison DanielManchester roadhouse410, Manchester road
1496 Harrison EdwardManchester roadhouse448, Manchester road
1497 Harrison FrancisMarshall streethouse81, Marshall street
1498 Harrison GeorgeGreaves streethouse10, Greaves street
1499 Harrison HarrisonCavendish streethouse6, Cavendish street
1500 Harrison HenryHolme top streethouse9, Holme top street
1501 Harrison James DeaconCollege roadhouse57, College road
1502 Harrison JohnSterling streethouse83, Sterling street
1503 Harrison JohnSt. James's streethouse12, St. James's street
1504 Harrison JosephCromwell streethouse12, Cromwell street
1505 Harrison JosephBowling Old lanehouse12, Bowling Old lane
1506 Harrison JosephCrowther streethouse21, Crowther street
1507 Harrison MetcalfeCavendish streethouse2, Cavendish street
1508 Harrison RichardManchester roadhouse & shop232, Manchester road
1509 Harrison SamuelEarl streethouse96, Earl street
1510 Harrison ThomasWickham streethouse3, Wickham street
1511 Harrison ThomasLansdowne placehouse2, Lansdowne place
1512 Harrison ThomasAlbert placehouse1, Albert place
1513 Harrison WilliamGrafton streethouse38, Grafton street
1514 Harrowby James EdwardUpper Back William streethouse4, Upper Back William street
1515 Harrowby JohnChester streethouse13, Chester street
1516 Hart JohnSt. Andrew's terracehouse24, St. Andrew's terrace
1517 Hartley BenjaminBramley streethouse57, Bramley street
1518 Hartley GeorgeCobden streethouse7, Cobden street
1519 Hartley GeorgePaisley streethouse30, Paisley street
1520 Hartley GreenwoodMiall streethouse3, Bright street
successivehouse8, Miall street
1521 Hartley HenryTomlinson streethouseMilton street
successivehouse6, Tomlinson street
1522 Hartley JamesLongside courthouse7, Longside court
1523 Hartley JamesMary gatehouse20, Mary gate
1524 Hartley JarvisLittle Horton lanehouse373, Little Horton lane
1525 Hartley JohnCross streethouse9, Cross street
1526 Hartley JohnButcher streethouse7, Butcher street
1527 Hartley JohnSterling streethouse24, Sterling street
1528 Hartley JohnEarl streethouse6, Sharpe street
successivehouse11, Earl street
1529 Hartley JosephManchester roadhouse177, Manchester road
1530 Hartley JosephLongside lanehouse49, Longside lane
1531 Hartley SidneyMarshall streethouse35, Marshall street
1532 Hartley StephenLittle Horton lanehouse403, Little Horton lane
1533 Hartley ThomasVilliers streethouse57, Villiers street
1534 Hartley ThomasParkinson streethouse1, Parkinson street
1535 Hartley WilliamTomlinson streethouse46, Mosscar street, Bradford
successivehouse27, Tomlinson street
1536 Hartley WilliamLittle Horton lanehouse & shop532, Little Horton lane
1537 Hartley WilliamLongside lanehouse & shop56, Longside lane
1538 Hartop JosephBower streethouse77, Bower street
1539 Hartop Joseph, junr.Clarence streethouse55, Clarence street
1540 Hartop JoshuaJonas gatehouse34, Jonas gate
1541 Harvard StephenRichmond roadhouse12, Richmond road
1542 Haslam ThomasOsborne streethouse109, Osborne street
1543 Haste JohnGreat Russell streethouse14, Great Russell street
1544 Hastie JohnDuncan streethouse48, Duncan street
1545 Hawksworth JohnListerhills roadhouse50, Listerhills road
1546 Haworth JamesLaisteridge courthouse15, Laisteridge court
1547 Hay JohnGrafton streethouse136, Grafton street
1548 Hayes RobertHolme top streethouse17, Holme top street
1549 Hayhurst JohnGiles streethouse157, Sterling street
successivehouse7, Giles street
1550 Hearn JamesNewell streethouse540, Manchester road
successivehouseKaye street
successivehouse5, Newell street
1551 Heaton EdwinHolme top lanehouse69, Holme top lane
1552 Heaton GeorgeManchester roadhouse148, Manchester road
1553 Heaton JohnMilton streethouse24, Milton street
1554 Heaton MichaelPortland streethouse84, Portland street
1555 Heaton MosesAlbert placehouse8, Albert place
1556 Heaton RobertLittle Horton greenhouse56, Little Horton green
1557 Heaton WilliamLittle Horton greenhouse58, Little Horton green
1558 Hebblethwaite JohnPreston streethouse49, Preston street
successivehouse100, Preston street
1559 Hebblethwaite JohnSmith streethouse88, Smith street
1560 Hebden JonathanAdelaide streethouse57, Adelaide street
1561 Heddon WilliamVilliers streethouse21, Villiers street
1562 Helliwell GeorgeSterling streethouse57, Sterling street
1563 Helliwell JamesCroft streethouse10, Croft street
1564 Helliwell JamesBerwick streethouse58, Berwick street
1565 Helliwell JamesJesse streethouse29, Jesse street
1566 Helliwell JohnCrowther streethouse9, Crowther street
1567 Helliwell NicholsJesse streethouse9, Jesse street
1568 Helliwell RobertSmith rowhouse1, Smith row
1569 Hemmens ThomasAdelaide streethouse48, Adelaide street
1570 Hemmingway HenryAshley streethouse39, Ashley street
1571 Henderson WilliamCleveland streethouseCleveland street
1572 Henrich CharlesEdmund streethouse14, Edmund street
1573 Hepper Thomas EdwinRichmond roadhouse33, Richmond road
1574 Heptinstall RichardAbram gatehouse37, Abram gate
1575 Hepworth GeorgeForster streethouse5, Forster street
1576 Hepworth WilliamSterling streethouse42, Sterling street
1577 Herrick WilliamPreston streethouse51, Preston street
1578 Heselgreave JohnGrafton streethouse298, Manchester road
successivehouse23, Grafton street
1579 Heslam JohnJacob streethouse5, Jacob street
1580 Hesse Thomas GrangeChesham streethouse1, Chesham street
1581 Hetherington GeorgeEarl streethouse115, Earl street
1582 Hetherington JamesPrince streethouse10, Prince street
1583 Hewin LeonardDenton streethouse13, Denton street
1584 Hewitt JohnFitzgerald streethouse160, Fitzgerald street
1585 Hewitt Joseph FilkinSterling streethouse4, Sterling street
1586 Hewitt ThomasBright streethouse45, Bright street
1587 Hewitt WilliamLittle Horton greenhouse11, Little Horton green
successivehouse13, Little Horton green
1588 Hey GeorgeManchester roadhouse61, Manchester road
1589 Hey JonasTumbling hill streethouse115, Tumbling hill street
1590 Heywood JohnMarshall streethouse79, Marshall street
1591 Hibbert HenryTudor streethouse20, Tudor street
successivehouse22, Tudor street
1592 Hibbert JamesFitzgerald streethouse116, Fitzgerald street
1593 Hick ThomasSt. Andrew's villashouse16, St. Andrew's villas
1594 Hick Thomas WalterLittle Horton lanehouse343, Little Horton lane
1595 Hickes JosephEdmund streethouse8, Edmund street
1596 Higgins RichardBright streethouse17, Bright street
1597 Hill EdwinBright streethouse15, Bright street
1598 Hill GeorgeClayton lanehouse63, Clayton lane
successivehouse71, Clayton lane
1599 Hill GeorgeChapel greenhouse5, Chapel green
1600 Hill HiramHolme top lanehouse59, Holme top lane
successivehouse25, Holme top lane
1601 Hill JohnEbor streethouse38, Ebor street
1602 Hill JohnManninghamwarehouseRichmond road
1603 Hill JohnBerwick streethouse51, Berwick street
1604 Hill JohnLittle Horton lanehouse293, Little Horton lane
1605 Hill JoshuaMiall streethouse2, Miall street
1606 Hill NathanielWoodhead roadhouse52, Woodhead road
1607 Hill RichardMarshall streethouse28, Marshall street
1608 Hill RichardCroft streethouse36, Croft street
1609 Hill RobertHorton roadhouse8, Horton road
1610 Hill WilliamHolme top lanehouse23, Holme top lane
1611 Hillam AlfredBramley streethouse79, Bramley street
1612 Hillam CharlesLittle Horton lanebeerhouse647, Little Horton lane
1613 Hillam CharlesLittle Horton lanehouse637, Little Horton lane
1614 Hillam EdmundHillam streethouse2, Hillam street
1615 Hillam EdwardHolme top streethouse51, Holme top street
1616 Hillam EphraimSouthfield lanehouse4, Southfield lane
1617 Hillam WilliamLittle Horton lanehouse638, Little Horton lane
1618 Hillas SamsonLittle Horton lanehouse909, Little Horton lane
1619 Hillas SamuelHolme top streethouse19, Holme top street
1620 Hinchley WilliamDuncan streethouse74, Duncan street
1621 Hinchliffe GeorgeCastle rowhouse6, Castle row
1622 Hinchliffe SethPortland streethouse72, Portland street
1623 Hindle EdmundManchester roadhouse & shop252, Manchester road
1624 Hindle JamesManchester roadhouse261, Manchester road
1625 Hines RichardOsborne streethouse116, Osborne street
1626 Hinings FrederickSawrey placehouse8, Sawrey place
1627 Hinnings RobertManchester roadhouse432, Manchester road
1628 Hird AbrahamShearbridge roadhouse26, Shearbridge road
1629 Hird HenryLower AshgrovehouseLower Ashgrove
1630 Hird JohnMilton streethouse33, Milton street
1631 Hird Joseph13, Turner streetshopChapel lane
1632 Hird RobertMilton streethouse20, Milton street
1633 Hird Robert SmithRupert streethouse8, Rupert street
1634 Hird ThomasLittle Horton greenhouse25, Little Horton green
1635 Hird WilliamOsborne streethouse19, Osborne street
1636 Hirst AllanBramley streethouse33, Bramley street
1637 Hirst AnthonyHope streethouse30, Hope street
1638 Hirst EdwinTurner streethouse32, Great Russell street
successivehouseTurner street
1639 Hirst HenryHolme top streethouse24, Holme top street
1640 Hirst HenryBerwick streethouse11, Berwick street
1641 Hirst JamesEarl streethouse41, Crowther street
successivehouse125, Earl street
1642 Hirst JosephMorpeth streethouse24, Morpeth street
1643 Hirst JosephNorton courthouse4, Norton court
1644 Hitchen WilliamPaisley streethouse3, Paisley street
1645 Hobson SimeonSkinner streethouse59, Skinner street
1646 Hodgson AlfredTumbling hill streethouse111, Tumbling hill street
1647 Hodgson BenjaminCaledonia streethouse7, Caledonia street
1648 Hodgson FrancisHolme top lanehouse49, Holme top street
1649 Hodgson George HenryGrafton streethouse & shop81, Grafton street
1650 Hodgson GreenwoodSterling streethouse111, Girlington road, Manningham
successivehouse36, Crowther street
successivehouse101, Sterling street
1651 Hodgson HenryFitzgerald streethouse115, Fitzgerald street
1652 Hodgson HenryGrafton streethouse115, Grafton street
1653 Hodgson HenryTumbling hill streethouse83, Tumbling hill street
1654 Hodgson HenryNorcroft browhouse7, Norcroft brow
1655 Hodgson IsaacHarrington streethouse14, Harrington street
1656 Hodgson JamesCross streethouse13, Cross street, Park road
1657 Hodgson JohnTumbling hill streethouse5, Tumbling hill street
1658 Hodgson JohnLower Bright streethouse4, Lower Bright street
1659 Hodgson JonathanButcher streethouse6, Butcher street
1660 Hodgson JosephCross streethouse3, Cross street
1661 Hodgson JosephSawrey placehouse9, Sawrey place
1662 Hodgson JoshuaLittle Horton lanehouse778, Little Horton lane
1663 Hodgson SamuelHenry streethouse8, Melbourne terrace
successivehouse13, Henry street
1664 Hodgson SamuelCollege roadhouse12, College road
1665 Hodgson SamuelTomlinson streethouse19, Tomlinson street
1666 Hodgson StuartLittle Horton lanehouse786, Little Horton lane
1667 Hodgson WilliamTelford streethouse6, Telford street
1668 Hodgson WilliamMelbourne placehouse14, Melbourne place
1669 Hodgson WilliamSterling streethouse109, Sterling street
1670 Hodgson WilliamSt. Andrew's placehouse1, St. Andrew's place
1671 Hoffman ArcherAshfieldhouse16, Ashfield
1672 Holdsworth BenjaminHolme top lanehouse21, Holme top lane
1673 Holdsworth CharlesSkinner streethouse37, Skinner street
1674 Holdsworth CharlesRupert streethouse19, Rupert street
1675 Holdsworth DavidQuaker lanehouse10, Quaker lane
1676 Holdsworth EdwardGiles streethouse12, Giles street
1677 Holdsworth EphraimManchester roadhouse263, Manchester road
1678 Holdsworth GeorgeSkinner streethouse41, Skinner street
1679 Holdsworth GeorgeOsborne streethouse21, Osborne street
1680 Holdsworth IsraelQuaker lanehouse11, Quaker lane
1681 Holdsworth JamesPark lanehouse100, Park lane
1682 Holdsworth JohnElizabeth streethouse11, Elizabeth street
1683 Holdsworth JohnHoward streethouse14, Howard street
1684 Holdsworth JohnPark lanehouse104, Park lane
1685 Holdsworth JonathanPreston streethouse & shop23, Preston street
1686 Holdsworth JonathanVilliers streethouse52, Villiers street
1687 Holdsworth JosephBottomley streethouse60, Bottomley street
1688 Holdsworth JosephGrafton streethouse98, Grafton street
1689 Holdsworth ThomasPortland streethouse24, Portland street
1690 Holdsworth ThomasOsborne streethouse118, Osborne street
1691 Holdsworth ThomasLower Osborne streethouse3, Lower Osborne street
1692 Holdsworth ThomasSouthfield lanehouse78, Southfield lane
1693 Holdsworth WilliamBack Jonas gatehouse16, Back Jonas gate
successivehouse6, Back Jonas gate
1694 Holdsworth WilliamHolme top lanehouse19, Holme top lane
1695 Holdsworth WilliamManchester roadhouse354, Manchester road
1696 Holgate DavidManchester roadhouse63, Manchester road
1697 Holgate EdwardHarrington streethouse1, Harrington street
1698 Holgate John RobertHannah gatehouse32, Hannah gate
successivehouse12, Hannah gate
1699 Holgate Richard DobsonSmith streethouse11, Smith street
1700 Holgate RichardLittle Horton lanehouse770, Little Horton lane
1701 Holgate WilliamManchester roadhouse34, Manchester road
1702 Holgate WilliamLongside lanehouse48, Longside lane
1703 Holliday JohnGrove terracehouse7, Grove terrace
1704 Hollingdrake GreenwoodVilliers streethouse62, Villiers street
1705 Hollings JamesRupert streethouse80, Rupert street
1706 Hollings WilliamHillam streethouse8, Hillam street
1707 Hollinrake JamesPreston streethouse56, Preston street
1708 Holmes BryanManchester roadhouse15, Manchester road
1709 Holmes EdwardLaisteridge courthouse17, Laisteridge court
1710 Holmes EdwardManchester roadhouse103, Manchester road
1711 Holmes HenryManchester roadbeerhouse6, Manchester road
1712 Holmes JacobManninghamwarehouseFawcett court
1713 Holmes JamesDavid streethouse44, David street
1714 Holmes JamesManchester roadhouse526, Manchester road
1715 Holmes JamesWickham streethouse7, Wickham street
1716 Holmes JohnRupert streethouse92, Rupert street
1717 Holmes JohnManchester roadhouse115, Manchester road
1718 Holmes JohnBack Abram gatehouse32, Back Abram gate
1719 Holmes JohnMorpeth streethouse1, Morpeth street
1720 Holmes JonathanOsborne streethouse86, Osborne street
1721 Holmes JosephDarton streethouse30, Clarence street
successivehouseDarton street
1722 Holmes Joseph RichardHorton roadhouse27, Horton road
1723 Holmes JoshuaSt. Andrew's terracehouse42, St. Andrew's terrace
1724 Holmes MatthewCleveland streethouse55, Berwick street
successivehouseCleveland street
1725 Holmes RobertMary gatehouse12, Mary gate
1726 Holmes ThomasFitzgerald streethouse44, Fitzgerald street
1727 Holmes ThomasClifford streethouse94, Clifford street
1728 Holmes WilliamMoss streethouse39, Moss street
1729 Holmes WilliamMill lanehouse18, Mill lane
1730 Holroyd BenjaminCobden streethouse56, Cobden street
1731 Holroyd GeorgeCopley streethouse15, Copley street
1732 Holroyd JamesEarl streethouse54, Earl street
1733 Holroyd JohnLower Kent streethouse1, Lower Kent street
1734 Holroyd JohnGrafton streethouse84, Grafton street
1735 Holroyd JosephLittle Horton greenhouse71, Little Horton green
1736 Holroyd JosephCrowther streethouse72, Crowther street
1737 Holroyd NathanLittle Horton lanehouse357, Little Horton lane
1738 Holroyd RichardCroft streethouse45, Croft street
1739 Holroyd SamuelLittle Horton lanehouse361, Little Horton lane
1740 Holroyd WilliamClayton lanehouse50, Clayton lane
1741 Holroyd WilliamSkinner streethouse66, Little Horton green
successivehouseSkinner street
1742 Holt BenjaminLittle Horton lanehouse81, Park lane
successivehouse446, Little Horton lane
1743 Holt DanielPark lanehouse73, Park lane
1744 Holt HenryHolme top streethouse43, Holme top street
1745 Holt JamesSt. Andrew's placehouse57, Preston street
successivehouse31, St. Andrew's place
1746 Holt JohnLittle Horton lanehouse83, Park lane
successivehouse452, Little Horton lane
1747 Holt ThomasElizabeth streethouse1, Zetland place
successivehouseElizabeth street
1748 Hooson RichardDenton courthouse6, Denton court
1749 Hooson WilliamGower streethouse2, Gower street
1750 Hopkinson AbrahamHorton roadhouse9, Horton road
1751 Hopkinson CharlesJacob streethouse53, Jacob street
1752 Hopkinson JamesFarside greenhouse17, Farside green
1753 Hopkinson JosephPreston streethouse11, Telford street
successivehouse49, Preston street
1754 Hopkinson JosephEdinburgh streethouse18, Richmond road
successivehouse26, Edinburgh street
1755 Hopkinson RichardFarside greenhouse19, Farside green
1756 Hopkinson SamuelMelbourne terracehouse10, Melbourne terrace
1757 Hopkinson ThomasMannville terracehouse1, Woodville terrace
successivehouse13, Mannville terrace
1758 Horan MichaelClifford streethouse92, Clifford street
1759 Horn Jonathan FosterSterling streethouse79, Sterling street
1760 Horn JosephTudor streethouse25, Tudor street
1761 Hornby JamesSouthfield lanehouse2, Southfield lane
1762 Hornby JohnListerhills roadhouse38, Listerhills road
1763 Horne SquireClarence streethouse24, Clarence street
1764 Horner BarnabasCleveland streethouseCleveland street
1765 Horner ThomasLittle Horton lanehouse898, Little Horton lane
1766 Horracks JosephLower Osborne streethouse83, Berwick street
successivehouse5, Lower Osborne street
1767 Horsfall DavidCrowther streethouse39, Osborne street
successivehouse43, Crowther street
1768 Horsfall DavidAshley streethouse86, Ashley street
1769 Horsfall EdwardLady lanehouse25, Lady lane
1770 Horsfall NathanMorpeth streethouse32, Morpeth street
1771 Horsfall RobinsonCobden streethouse72, Dyson street, Bradford
successivehouse44, Cobden street
1772 Horsfall ThomasPark roadhouse41, Park road
1773 Horsfall TimothyLittle Horton lanehouse834, Little Horton lane
1774 Horsman JohnPark lanehouse79, Park lane
1775 Houghton JamesEarl streethouse14, Earl street
1776 Howard CharlesHenry streethouse9, Henry street
1777 Howard CharlesEarl streethouse20, Earl street
1778 Howard JesseLumby streethouse47, Lumby street
1779 Howard JohnAshley streethouse12, Ashley street
1780 Howard RichardDenton streethouse75, Clayton lane
successivehouse5, Denton street
1781 Howe ThomasWhite lanehouseWhite lane, Tumbling hill street
1782 Howroyd CharlesClarence streethouse42, Clarence street
1783 Howroyd JohnAshley streethouse6, Ashley street
1784 Howroyd MatthewMarshall streethouse41, Marshall street
1785 Howroyd WilliamSterling streethouse63, Sterling street
1786 Hoyle JohnGrafton streethouse11, Moss street
successivehouse34, Grafton street
1787 Hoyle WilliamSt. Andrew's placehouse22, St. Andrew's place
1788 Hoyle ZaccheusWoodhead roadhouse18, Woodhead road
1789 Hudson AbrahamTumbling hill streethouse68, Tumbling hill street
1790 Hudson EdwardCobden streethouse28, Cobden street
1791 Hudson FrancisCross streethouse11, Cross street
1792 Hudson FrankMary gatehouse27, Mary gate
1793 Hudson JamesLongside lanehouse42, Longside lane
1794 Hudson JamesMary gatehouse7, Mary gate
1795 Hudson JamesGrove terracehouse11, Grove terrace
1796 Hudson JohnGrafton streethouse25, Grafton street
1797 Hudson JohnSmith rowhouse4, Smith row
1798 Hudson JonasNorcroft browhouse26, Norcroft brow
successivehouse30, Norcroft brow
1799 Hudson JosephCobden streethouse39, Cobden street
successivehouse18, Telford street
successivehouse52, Cobden street
1800 Hudson SamuelLittle Horton lanehouse285, Little Horton lane
1801 Hudson ThomasMary gatehouse3, Mary gate
1802 Hudson ThomasManchester roadhouse330, Manchester road
1803 Hudson WilliamMill lanehouse24, Mill lane
1804 Hughes JohnMary gatehouse11, Mary gate
1805 Hull ThomasDenton courthouse4, Denton court
1806 Humble JohnCrampton streethouse26, Crampton street
1807 Humphreys JohnKaye streethouse26, Kaye street
1808 Humphreys JohnLittle Horton lanehouse720, Little Horton lane
1809 Humphreys SamuelStowell mill streethouse7, Stowell mill street
1810 Humphreys ThomasLower Thomas streethouse19, Lower Thomas street
1811 Hunt HenryLumby streethouse17, Lumby street
1812 Hunter JohnManchester roadhouse28, Manchester road
1813 Hunter ThomasLittle Horton lanehouse111, Little Horton lane
1814 Hurn JamesKaye streethouse540, Manchester road
successivehouse15, Kaye street
1815 Hustler GeorgeSt. James's squarehouse14, St. James's square
1816 Hustler HenryMiall streethouse6, Miall street
1817 Hustler IsaacSpring placehouse6, Spring place
1818 Hutchinson James GwynneMelbourne placehouse12, Melbourne place
1819 Hutchinson JohnCrowther streethouse11, Crowther street
1820 Hutchinson RalphFitzgerald streethouse67, Fitzgerald street
1821 Hutton JamesMiall streethouse29, Miall street
1822 Hutton JohnBradfordhouse52, Manchester road
1823 Hyde RobertKaye streethouse17, Kaye street
1824 Hyde William RichardPark lanehouse141, Park lane

LITTLE HORTON WARD, 1870, surnames beginning with the letter I
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1825 Ibbottson WilliamAshgrovehouse30, Ashgrove
1826 Iddison JohnBroadbent streethouse14, Broadbent street
1827 Igoe PatrickHannah gatehouse21, Hannah gate
1828 Illingworth AbnerBerwick streethouse7, Berwick street
1829 Illingworth CainRoyd streethouse160, Park lane
successivehouse65, Royd street
1830 Illingworth Charles HenryManchester roadhouse502, Manchester road
1831 Illingworth DanielLittle Horton lanehouse917, Little Horton lane
1832 Illingworth EzraLittle Horton lanehouse878, Little Horton lane
1833 Illingworth HeberTumbling hill streethouse113, Tumbling hill street
1834 Illingworth IsaacLittle Horton lanehouse814, Little Horton lane
1835 Illingworth JamesTumbling hill streethouse53, Tumbling hill street
1836 Illingworth JeremiahKaye streethouse3, Kaye street
1837 Illingworth JohnPark lanehouse106, Park lane
1838 Illingworth JosephManchester roadhouse346, Manchester road
1839 Illingworth RobertLittle Horton lanewarehouseChapel green
1840 Illingworth RobertAshgrovehouse56, Ashgrove
1841 Illingworth SamuelManchester roadhouse384, Manchester road
1842 Illingworth SamuelSouthfield lanehouse121, Southfield lane
1843 Illingworth WilliamCobden streethouse36, Cobden street
1844 Illingworth WilliamTumbling hill streethouse22, Tumbling hill street
1845 Ingham EsauNorcroft browhouse11, Norcroft brow
1846 Ingham JamesSouthfield lanehouse5, Southfield lane
1847 Ingham JamesTumbling hill streethouse35, Tumbling hill street
1848 Ingham JohnGreaves streethouseGreaves street
1849 Ingle JohnManchester roadhouse165, Manchester road
1850 Inman DavidPark roadhouse48, Park road
1851 Inman DavidAshley streethouse21, Ashley street
1852 Inman HenryLittle Horton greenhouse70, Little Horton green
1853 Inman JohnBroadbent streethouse3, Broadbent street
1854 Inman JohnClayton lanehouse48, Clayton lane
1855 Iredale SidneyChapel greenhouse22, Chapel green
1856 Ireland AnthonyGreat Russell streethouse56, Great Russell street
1857 Isherwood JohnFitzgerald streethouse83, Fitzgerald street
1858 Isles GeorgeHolme top lanehouse43, Holme top lane

LITTLE HORTON WARD, 1870, surnames beginning with the letter J
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1859 Jackson Charles MetcalfeClaremont terracehouse11, Claremont terrace
1860 Jackson FrederickElizabeth streethouse4, Elizabeth street
1861 Jackson GabrielBack Caledonia streethouse18, Back Caledonia street
1862 Jackson GeorgeBurrow streethouse14, Burrow street
1863 Jackson GeorgeMorpeth streethouse27, Morpeth street
1864 Jackson George ThompsonSt. George's placehouse152, Old lane, Bradford
successivehouse46, St. George's place
1865 Jackson JamesManchester roadhouse300, Manchester road
1866 Jackson JamesLower Osborne streethouse10, Lower Osborne street
1867 Jackson JesseListerhills roadhouse64, Listerhills road
1868 Jackson JohnSouthbrook terracehouse6, Southbrook terrace
1869 Jackson John RobinsonManchester roadhouse366, Manchester road
1870 Jackson JosephManchester roadhouse & shop266, Manchester road
1871 Jackson JosephFarside greenhouse24, Farside green
1872 Jackson MatthewLittle Horton greenhouse60, Little Horton green
1873 Jackson SamuelSt. James's streethouse30, St. James's street
1874 Jackson SamsonCobden streethouse3, Cobden street
1875 Jackson SquireTumbling hill streethouse54, Tumbling hill street
1876 Jackson ThomasSterling streethouse159, Sterling street
1877 Jackson ThomasBurrow streethouseBurrow street
1878 Jackson ThomasMorpeth streethouse21, Morpeth street
1879 Jackson ThomasHorton roadhouse17, Horton road
1880 Jackson WilliamEarl streethouse109, Earl street
successivehouse114, Earl street
1881 Jackson WilliamTudor streethouse28, Tudor street
1882 Jackson WilliamManchester roadhouse & shop101, Manchester road
1883 Jackson WilliamGrafton streethouse3, Grafton street
1884 Jackson William ThomasSterling streethouse64, Sterling street
1885 Jacob AdolphusAshgrovehouse12, Ashgrove
1886 Jacques GeorgeKeighleymillManchester road
1887 Jagger EsauSmith streethouse7, Smith street
1888 Jagger Joseph HodgsonGreaves streethouse6, Greaves street
1889 James WilliamTrinity terracehouse11, Trinity terrace
1890 Jaram EdwardManchester roadhouse460, Manchester road
1891 Jardine DavidSt. Andrew's villashouse15, St. Andrew's villas
1892 Jarvis GeorgeCleveland streethouse10, Cleveland street
1893 Jarvis JohnManchester roadhouse32, Manchester road
1894 Jeckell WilliamFitzgerald streethouse98, Fitzgerald street
1895 Jefferson JosephAdelaide streethouse44, Adelaide street
1896 Jefferson JosephLittle Horton lanehouse64, Bower street
successivehouse145, Little Horton lane
1897 Jeffrey EdwinNorton courthouse7, Norton court
1898 Jenkins JamesManchester roadhouse380, Manchester road
1899 Jenkinson AndertonVilliers streethouse41, Villiers street
1900 Jenkinson Joseph EdwardEbor streethouse15, Ebor street
1901 Jenkinson WilliamLittle Horton greenhouse15, Little Horton green
1902 Jennings JohnPreston streethouse & shop94, Preston street
1903 Jennings JonathanRichmond roadwarehouseRichmond road
1904 Jennings SamuelPark roadhouse2, Park road
1905 Jennings TimothyButcher streethouse10, Butcher street
1906 Jennings WilliamRichmond roadwarehouseRichmond road
1907 Jenson GeorgeMilton streethouse11, Milton street
1908 Jepson WilliamWoodhead roadhouse10, Woodhead road
1909 Jessop JohnPark roadhouse92, Grafton street
successivehouse12, Park road
1910 Jessop JonathanBramley streethouse39, Bramley street
1911 Johnson CharlesClayton lanehouse8, Clayton lane
1912 Johnson CharlesWestbrook terracehouse1, Westbrook terrace
1913 Johnson CharlesAbram gatehouse19, Abram gate
1914 Johnson EdwardGrafton streethouse94, Grafton street
1915 Johnson GeorgeCrowther streethouse23, Crowther street
1916 Johnson JamesListerhills roadshop117, Listerhills road
1917 Johnson JohnSkinner streethouse24, Skinner street
1918 Johnson JohnBright streethouse58, Bright street
1919 Johnson JohnPark lanehouse69, Park lane
1920 Johnson John WilliamMill lanehouse14, Mill lane
1921 Johnson MichaelClayton lanehouse20, Clayton lane
1922 Johnson ThomasSpring placehouse8, Spring place
1923 Johnson WilliamSterling streethouse105, Sterling street
1924 Jolly JohnSt. Andrew's terracehouseSt. Andrew's terrace
1925 Jolly PeterManninghamwarehouseFawcett court
1926 Jolly RobertPark lanehouse123, Park lane
1927 Jones BenjaminGrafton streethouse117, Grafton street
1928 Jones EdwardGreaves streethouseGreaves street
1929 Jones RalphRoyd streethouse67, Royd street
1930 Jones ThomasJesse streethouse7, Jesse street
1931 Jopling ThomasCrowther streethouse25, Crowther street
1932 Jordan GeorgeBramley streethouseGate street
successivehouseBramley street
1933 Jordan JohnNelson courthouse46, Nelson court
successivehouse50, Nelson court
1934 Jordan RichardBramley streethouse12, Bramley street
1935 Jowett AbelTumbling hill streethouse122, Tumbling hill street
1936 Jowett AquillaCastle streethouse13, Castle street
1937 Jowett ArchibaldEarl streethouse82, Earl street
1938 Jowett BenjaminClaremont terracehouse1, Claremont terrace
1939 Jowett CharlesFitzgerald streethouse69, Fitzgerald street
1940 Jowett HenryManchester roadhouse214, Manchester road
1941 Jowett JohnBarton streethouse6, Farside green
successivehouse774, Little Horton lane
successivehouseDarton street
1942 Jowett JohnCleveland streethouse5, Cleveland street
1943 Jowett JohnCrowther streethouse70, Crowther street
1944 Jowett JonasVilliers streethouse27, Villiers street
1945 Jowett NathanLittle Horton lanehouse & shop65, Little Horton lane
1946 Jowett WilliamCaledonia streethouse47, Caledonia street
1947 Joyce PeterClifford streethouse118, Clifford street

LITTLE HORTON WARD, 1870, surnames beginning with the letter K
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1948 Kaye AbrahamLittle Horton lanehouse6, Southfield lane
successivehouse830, Little Horton lane
1949 Kaye AlfredFarside greenhouse22, Farside green
1950 Kaye EliasPrince streethouse7, Prince street
1951 Kaye GeorgePark lanehouse65, Park lane
1952 Kaye JamesHolme top lanehouse2, Holme top lane
1953 Kaye JesseManchester roadhouse316, Manchester road
1954 Kaye JohnPark lanehouse303, Little Horton lane
successivehouse137, Park lane
1955 Kaye JohnDuncan streethouse76, Duncan street
1956 Kaye JohnSouthfield lanehouse72, Southfield lane
1957 Kaye SolomonMoss streetpress shopMoss street
1958 Kaye WilliamLittle Horton lanehouse830, Little Horton lane
1959 Kaye WilliamWilliam streethouse11, William street
1960 Kaywood JonathanListerhills roadhouse68, Listerhills road
1961 Keating DanielDuncan streethouse96, Duncan street
1962 Keenan ChristopherAdelaide streethouse46, Adelaide street
1963 Keenan MarkNelson courthouse34, Nelson court
1964 Keenan PatrickVulcan streethouse68, Vulcan street
1965 Keighley ArthurTelford streethouse19, Telford street
1966 Keighley IsraelWoodhead roadhouse4, Woodhead road
1967 Keighley JohnHarrington streethouse12, Harrington street
1968 Kellett JamesThornton lanehouse15, Thornton lane
1969 Kellett RobertFarside greenhouse3, Farside green
1970 Kelley JacobClarence streethouse26, Clarence street
1971 Kelley JohnDuncan streethouse11, Duncan street
1972 Kelley LawrenceElizabeth streethouse5, Elizabeth street
1973 Kelley PearsonSterling streethouse111, Sterling street
1974 Kelly DavidNorton courthouse10, Norton court
1975 Kelsey William JamesMarshall streethouse36, Crowther street
successivehouseMarshall street
1976 Kemp HenrySt. Andrew's villashouse3, Rhodes terrace, Bradford
successivehouse19, St. Andrew's villas
1977 Kemp WilliamEbor streethouse50, Ebor street
1978 Kendal JohnHarrington streethouse23, Harrington street
1979 Kennedy CorneliusBerwick streethouse45, Clayton lane
successivehouse41, Berwick street
1980 Kennedy RichardListerhills roadhouse & shop126, Listerhills road
1981 Kenney JohnGrafton streethouse11, Grafton street
1982 Kennion ThomasGrafton streethouse44, Grafton street
1983 Kennish RobertElizabeth streethouse38, Elizabeth street
1984 Keough PeterCollege roadhouse3, College road
1985 Kerr AlexanderCollege roadhouse35, College road
1986 Kershaw AbrahamEbor streethouse2, Ebor street
1987 Kershaw CharlesDenton courthouse10, Denton court
1988 Kershaw EliPreston streethouse52, Preston street
1989 Kershaw Joseph25A, Horton roadshop12, Manchester road
1990 Kershaw JosephGrafton streethouse57, Grafton street
1991 Kershaw JosephCollege roadhouse17, Croft street
successivehouse31, College road
1992 Kershaw WilliamManchester roadhouse317, Manchester road
1993 Kiddie HenryOsborne streethouse22, Osborne street
1994 Killaby AlfredEarl streethouse77, Crowther street
successivehouse16, Earl street
1995 Kilner WilliamSt. Andrew's placehouse33, Preston street
successivehouse29, St. Andrew's place
1996 King RobertCastle streethouse6, Castle street
1997 Kingdom JohnLongside lanehouse36, Longside lane
1998 Kirby WilliamCobden streethouse57, Pollard street, Bowling
successivehouse29, Cobden street
1999 Kirk BenjaminCroft streethouse40, Croft street
2000 Kitchen MatthewNorcroft browhouse24, Norcroft brow
2001 Kitchen SimeonLittle Horton lanehouse864, Little Horton lane
2002 Kitcheman SquireMorpeth streethouse5, Morpeth street
2003 Kitchman WilliamManchester roadhouse & shop272, Manchester road
2004 Kitson JosephBower streethouse48, Bower street
2005 Knapton AbnerLongside lanehouse7, Longside lane
2006 Knapton JohnPreston streethouse45A, Preston street
2007 Kneeshaw GeorgeLittle Horton lanehouse303, Little Horton lane
2008 Knowles DanielLower Thomas streethouse27, Lower Thomas street
2009 Knowles David BaxendaleManchester roadhouse111, Manchester road
2010 Knowles EsauBramley streethouse85, Bramley street
2011 Knowles GeorgeManchester roadhouse157, Manchester road
2012 Knowles IsaacWoodhead roadhouse58, Woodhead road
2013 Knowles JosephEarl streethouse98, Earl street
2014 Knowles JosephPark roadhouse14, St. James's street
successivehouse10, Park road
2015 Knowles RichardPark roadhouse75, Park road
2016 Knowles TimothyNurser lanehouse1, Nurser lane

LITTLE HORTON WARD, 1870, surnames beginning with the letter L
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
2017 Labatt ThomasAshgrovehouse57, Ashgrove
2018 Lacey HenryTumbling hill streethouse4, Tumbling hill street
2019 Lacey IsaacOsborne streethouse18, Paisley street
successivehouse8, Osborne street
2020 Lacey RichardLittle Horton lanehouse26, Little Horton lane
2021 Lake ThomasMiall streethouse3, Miall street
2022 Lambert JamesJonas gatehouse1, Jonas gate
2023 Lambert JohnTelford streethouse5, Telford street
2024 Lambert JosephCobden streethouse53, Cobden street
2025 Lambert MichaelCobden streethouse61, Cobden street
2026 Lambert PeterCavendish streethouse5, Cavendish street
2027 Lambert RichardCroft streethouse34, Croft street
2028 Lambert RobertHolme top streethouse72, Holme top street
successivehouse78, Holme top street
2029 Lambert ThomasFitzgerald streethouse127, Fitzgerald street
2030 Lancaster James AlfredCavendish streethouse11, Cavendish street
2031 Lancaster JohnBower streethouse35, Bower street
2032 Lapage GeorgeEarl streethouse100, Earl street
2033 Lapage JohnPaisley streethouse142, Osborne street
successivehouse45, Paisley street
2034 Lapage JohnVilliers streethouse43, Villiers street
2035 Larrad GeorgePaisley streethouse64, Paisley street
2036 Lassey JosephTumbling hill streethouse159, Tumbling hill street
2037 Latimer ThomasAshfield househouse96, Ashfield place
2038 Lauckland JosephChapel lanehouseChapel lane
2039 Lavin LawrencePrince streethouse6, Prince street
2040 Law JamesTriangle streethouse4, Triangle street
2041 Law RobertChapel lanehouse & shopChapel lane
2042 Law Robert AinsworthCromwell streethouse8, Cromwell street
2043 Lawler JosephDuncan streethouse100, Duncan street
2044 Lawrence JamesBerwick streethouse60, Berwick street
2045 Lawrence JohnNorton gatehouse17, Norton gate
successivehouse25, Norton gate
2046 Lawrence WilliamManchester roadhouse392, Manchester road
2047 Lawson CharlesHolme top streethouse20, Holme top street
2048 Lawson CharlesLittle Horton lanehouse71, Little Horton lane
2049 Lawson JamesManchester roadhouse & shop29, Manchester road
2050 Lawson RichardChapel lanebeerhouseChapel lane
2051 Lawson SamuelSt. Andrew's villashouse14, St. Andrew's villas
2052 Laycock BenjaminPark roadhouse49, Park road
2053 Laycock CharlesBright streethouse30, Bright street
2054 Laycock DavidMelbourne terracehouse4, Melbourne terrace
2055 Laycock GeorgeSterling streethouse107, Sterling street
2056 Laycock GeorgeQuaker lanehouse24, Quaker lane
2057 Laycock George FrederickRupert streethouse60, Rupert street
2058 Laycock HenryManchester roadhouse141, Manchester road
2059 Laycock JohnSterling streethouse26, Sterling street
2060 Laycock JohnOsborne streethouse17, Osborne street
successivehouse54, Osborne street
2061 Laycock JonasBack William streethouse5, Lower Back William street
2062 Laycock JosephHannah gatehouse30, Hannah gate
2063 Laycock ReubenSterling streethouse31, Marshall street
successivehouse6, Sterling street
2064 Laycock SamuelAshley streethouse7, Ashley street
successivehouse2, Ashley street
2065 Laycock SmithsonFitzgerald streethouse20, Fitzgerald street
2066 Laycock ThomasButterfield terracehouse1, Butterfield terrace
2067 Laycock ThomasCroft streethouse11, Croft street
2068 Laycock WilliamTumbling hill streethouse18, Tumbling hill street
2069 Lazenby JamesMelbourne terracehouse9, Melbourne terrace
2070 Lazenby JohnCollege roadhouse39, College road
2071 Leach AbrahamBroadbent streethouse36, Broadbent street
2072 Leach AbrahamHolme top streethouse3, Holme top street
2073 Leach EdwardPark lanehouse8, Cleveland street
successivehouse9, Park lane
2074 Leach George EdwardSt. Andrew's villashouseSt. Andrew's villas
2075 Leach HenryCobden streethouse21, Cobden street
2076 Leach HenryLaisteridge lanehouseLaisteridge lane
2077 Leach JamesVilliers streethouse35, Villiers street
2078 Leach JonathanVilliers streethouse135A, Kensington street, Manningham
successivehouse33, Villiers street
2079 Leach JosephManninghamhouseHolme top mill
2080 Leach JoshuaRoyd streethouse49, Royd street
2081 Leach RobertSt. Andrew's placehouse265, Springville
successivehouse27, St. Andrew's place
2082 Leach ThomasCavendish streethouse7, Cavendish street
2083 Leach WilliamPark roadhouse63, Park road
2084 Leach William ThomasHorton roadhouse18, Horton road
2085 Leadley LawrenceFitzgerald streethouse117, Fitzgerald street
2086 Lee GeorgeGower streethouse19, Gower street
2087 Lee JohnClayton lanehouse35, Clayton lane
2088 Lee JohnLittle Horton lanehouse75, Crowther street
successivehouse450, Little Horton lane
2089 Lee JohnAshgrovehouse19, Ashgrove
2090 Lee JosephNorcroft browhouse4, Norcroft brow
2091 Lee MatthewPreston streethouse110, Preston street
2092 Lee RichardTumbling hill streethouse28, Tumbling hill street
2093 Lee ThomasPreston streethouse59, Preston street
2094 Lee William BoothSt. James's streethouse3, St. James's street
2095 Leedham JosephKent streethouse45, Kent street
2096 Leek RobertGreaves streethouseGreaves street
2097 Leeming IsaacAshgrovehouse13, Ashgrove
2098 Leeming SamuelEbor streethouse22, Ebor street
2099 Leeson Joseph FrederickLittle Horton lanehouse30, Little Horton lane
2100 Legge HenryTrinity terracehouse9, Trinity terrace
2101 Lenney BennettMary gatehouse19, Mary gate
2102 Levick JohnOsborne streethouse122, Osborne street
2103 Lewis EdwardFitzgerald streethouse132, Fitzgerald street
2104 Lewis LeopoldClaremonthouse10, Claremont
2105 Lickiss CharlesSkinner streethouseBroadbent street
successivehouse55, Skinner street
2106 Light JohnLittle Horton lanehouse105, Little Horton lane
2107 Lightowler WilliamBottomley streethouse3, Bottomley street
2108 Linaghan JamesAdelaide streethouse7, Adelaide street
2109 Linaghan LawrenceAdelaide streethouse33, Adelaide street
2110 Lincey Richard60, Crowther streetshop120, Manchester road
2111 Linck EdwardAshgrovehouse1, Ashgrove
2112 Lindley ThomasParkinson streethouse5, Denton street
successivehouse9, Parkinson street
2113 Lindsey JosephWestbrook streethouse9, Westbrook street
2114 Linforth JohnBower streethouse52, Bower street
2115 Linton JohnBramley streethouse31, Bramley street
2116 Lister BenjaminClifford streethouse26, Clifford street
2117 Lister DavidUpper Earl streetwarehouseFawcett court
2118 Lister HoratioClayton lanehouse3, Clayton lane
2119 Lister JohnAnn placehouse2, Ann place
2120 Lister JohnHunsletwarehouseFawcett court
2121 Lister JohnRichmond roadhouseGuy's cliffe, Bradford
successivehouse15, Richmond road
2122 Lister JosephPortland streethouse19, Grafton street
successivehouse31, Portland street
2123 Lister Joshua BrookPark terracehouse163, Park terrace
2124 Lister ThomasFitzgerald streethouse23, Fitzgerald street
2125 Lister ThomasLittle Horton lanehouseLittle Horton lane
2126 Lister ThomasHunsletwarehouseFawcett court
2127 Lister WilliamJeffries streethouse7, Jeffries street
2128 Lister WilliamWibseywarehouseFawcett court
2129 Lister WilliamTelford streethouse8, Telford street
2130 Lister WilliamLittle Horton lanehouse772, Little Horton lane
2131 Littleton ThomasGreaves streethouseGreaves street
2132 Liversedge William ArthurSt. Andrew's villashouse10, St. Andrew's villas
2133 Llewellyn JohnClarence streethouse3, Clarence street
2134 Lloyd EdwinLower Cobden streethouse3, Lower Cobden street
2135 Lobley John WilsonEarl streethouse97, Earl street
2136 Lock WilliamOsborne streethouse68, Osborne street
2137 Lockwood EdwardHolme top streethouse22, Holme top street
2138 Lockwood ThomasLittle Horton lanehouse321, Little Horton lane
2139 Lockwood ThomasJonas gatehouse37, Jonas gate
2140 Lockwood WilliamWestbrookhouseWestbrook
2141 Lockwood WilliamGrafton streethouse6, Grafton street
2142 Lodge AbrahamManchester roadhouse213, Manchester road
2143 Lodge George AlbertDavid streethouse26, David street
2144 Loeffler PhilipAshgrovehouse127, Euston crescent
successivehouse6, Ashgrove
2145 Lofthouse WilliamAbram gatehouse28, Abram gate
2146 Logan GeorgeNelson courthouse50A, Nelson court
2147 Long JosephManchester roadhouse132, Manchester road
2148 Long ThomasCromwell streethouse5, Cromwell street
2149 Longfield JohnRichmond roadhouse7, Richmond road
2150 Longfield JosephSt. Andrew's terracehouse20, St. Andrew's terrace
2151 Longmore ThomasSpring mill streethouse2, Spring mill street
2152 Longthorne WilliamManchester roadhouse & shop476, Manchester road
2153 Lonsdale CharlesAshfieldwarehouseLongside lane
2154 Lonsdale ThomasAshfieldhouse6, Ashfield
2155 Loosemoore Robert WoodLittle Horton lanehouse70, Little Horton lane
2156 Lord GeorgeRoyd streethouse15, Royd street
2157 Lord JamesJonas gatehouse5, Jonas gate
2158 Lord JohnFitzgerald streethouse39, Fitzgerald street
2159 Lord JosephFarside greenhouse9, Farside green
2160 Lossell AdolphusHoward streethouse21, Howard street
2161 Lount JamesClarence placehouse8, Clarence place
2162 Love AlfredRichmond roadhouse29, Richmond road
2163 Love George HenryHoward streethouse16, Howard street
2164 Lowery JosephNewell streethouse3A, Newell street
2165 Lowndes AbsalomManchester roadhouse482, Manchester road
2166 Lowndes JamesEarl streethouse21, Earl street
2167 Lowndes JohnCaledonia streethouse75, Caledonia street
2168 Lowndes JosephCaledonia streethouse63, Caledonia street
2169 Lowndes MajorCaledonia streethouse39, Caledonia street
2170 Lowndes WilliamPortland streethouse32, Portland street
2171 Lowther EdwardLower Back William streethouse3, Lower Back William street
2172 Loxam RichardBramley streethouse14, Bramley street
2173 Loxley WilliamEarl streethouse95, Earl street
2174 Luby EdwardCollege roadhouse28, College road
2175 Luby PatrickDuncan streethouse163, Duncan street
2176 Luchenyarney RathelloPark roadhouse37, Park road
2177 Ludlam DanielLower Thomas streethouse9, Lower Thomas street
2178 Ludlam JohnOsborne streethouse23, Osborne street
2179 Ludlam WilliamManchester roadhouse227, Manchester road
2180 Lumb CharlesNelson squarehouse4, Nelson square
2181 Lumb GeorgeManchester roadhouse312, Manchester road
2182 Lumb JabezLittle Horton greenhouse24, Little Horton green
2183 Lumb JabezZetland placehouse4, Zetland place
2184 Lumb JamesGiles streethouse14, Giles street
2185 Lumb JamesPark lanehouse72, Park lane
2186 Lumb JesseLittle Horton lanehouse53, Holme top lane
successivehouse329, Little Horton lane
2187 Lumb JohnLittle Horton greenhouseLittle Horton green
2188 Lumb ShepherdHolme top streethouse7, Holme top street
2189 Lumbley JosephCollege roadhouse16, College road
2190 Lund HartleyOsborne streethouse110, Osborne street
2191 Lund JonasHorton roadhouse & shopHorton road
2192 Lund JosephElizabeth streethouse52, Elizabeth street
2193 Lund RichardManchester roadhouse145, Manchester road
2194 Lund ThomasSaltaireoffice2, Manchester road
2195 Lund ThomasMilton streethouse19, Milton street
2196 Lupton HenryBright streethouse25, Bright street
2197 Lupton JohnAshgrovehouse3, Ashgrove
2198 Lupton John LishmanManchester roadhouse55, Manchester road
2199 Luscombe GeorgeJeffries streethouse8, Jeffries street
2200 Luscombe RichardJeffries streethouse4, Jeffries street
2201 Luty WilliamAbram gatehouse33, Abram gate
2202 Lyall ThomasVilliers streethouse35, Villiers street
2203 Lyons JohnBerwick streethouse18, Berwick street
successivehouse35, Berwick street

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