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BRADFORD: Bradford Parliamentary Register 1871, BOWLING WARD, surnames R-Z.


BOWLING WARD, 1871, surnames R-Z.
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
2167 Raby WilliamBroomfield terracehouse72, Broomfield terrace
2168 Radcliffe JamesMill lanehouse173, Mill lane
2169 Radford JohnOld lanehouse152, Old lane
2170 Radford ThomasConway streethouseConway street
2171 Radford WilliamOld lanehouse183, Conway street
2172 Raistrick WilliamMoody streethouse67, Moody street
2173 Ramsbottom GeorgeFitzwilliam streethouse71, Fitzwilliam street
2174 Raper JamesAddison streethouse13, Addison street
2175 Raper WilliamWakefield roadhouse906, Wakefield road
2176 Raspin WilliamPollard streethouse58, Pollard street
2177 Ratcliffe GeorgeNewby streethouseMulgrave street
successivehouse120, Newby street
2178 Raven JohnBeetham streethouse13, Beetham street
2179 Rawnsley BenjaminNewby streethouse73, Newby street
2180 Rawnsley EdwardNewby streethouseNewby street
successivehouse103, Newby street
2181 Rawson WilliamHall lanehouse30, Hall lane
2182 Rayner JosephMoody streethouse166, Moody street
2183 Readshaw JohnSticker lanehouse69, Sticker lane
2184 Reardon JohnGranby streethouse80, Granby street
2185 Reddin WilliamSloane streethouse44, Sloane street
2186 Reed MichaelViolet courthouse19, Violet court
2187 Reeves JohnGranby streethouse15, Granby street
2188 Reeves PeterAddison streethouse32, Addison street
2189 Revell EdwinFoundry lanehouse16, Foundry lane
2190 Revell ElijahMarshall rowhouse3, Marshall row
2191 Revell EmanuelRook lanehouseWakefield road
successivehouseRook lane
2192 Reynolds JohnCalcutta streethouseCalcutta street
successivehouse3, Calcutta street
2193 Reynolds JohnGranby streethouse49, Granby street
2194 Reynolds MatthewBirch lanehouse4, Birch lane
2195 Reynolds PatrickGranby streethouseBroom street
successivehouse63, Granby street
2196 Reynolds ThomasSaville streethouse56, Saville street
2197 Rhodes CharlesPark sidehousePark side
2198 Rhodes CharlesOld lanebeerhouse228, Old lane
2199 Rhodes JohnBeatrice streethouseBeatrice street
successivehouse19, Beatrice street
2200 Rhodes JosephRipley terracehouse39, Ripley terrace
2201 Rhodes Joseph NaylorRipley terracehouse49, Ripley terrace
2202 Rhodes SamFairfax streethouseWestgate
successivehouse37, Fairfax street
2203 Rhodes SamuelOld lanehouse60, Old lane
2204 Rhodes SimeonMoody streethouse71, Moody street
2205 Rhodes SmithBolling streethouse10, Bolling street
2206 Rhodes WilliamLancaster streethouse10, Lancaster street
2207 Richards EliasTennant streethouse44, Tennant street
2208 Richards JamesBolling streethouse31, Bolling street
2209 Richards JohnHarker streethouse12, Harker street
2210 Richards RichardMoody streethouse110, Moody street
2211 Richardson EdwardWakefield roadhouseChurch hill court
successivehouse464, Wakefield road
2212 Richens EliasLizard streethouse3, Lizard street
2213 Richmond JamesCarter streethouse5, Carter street
2214 Riddiough JohnMill lanehouse28, Mill lane
2215 Riddiough MatthewTennant streethouse73, Tennant street
2216 Riddle JohnLong streethouse42, Long street
2217 Riddle JohnViolet courthouse16, Violet court
2218 Rideal RichardOld lanehouse311, Old lane
2219 Rideal SamuelOld lanehouse301, Old lane
2220 Rideal SamuelOld lanehouse372, Old lane
2221 Rideal ThomasOld lanehouse362, Old lane
2222 Rider RobertRipley terracehouse53, Ripley terrace
2223 Riley FrancisBroom streethouse27, Broom street
2224 Riley JamesHardy streethouse27, Hardy street
2225 Riley JamesHall lanehouse211, Hall lane
2226 Riley JohnHird streethouse3, Hird street
2227 Riley JonasCold damhouseCold dam
2228 Riley OwenGranby streethouse36, Granby street
2229 Riley SamuelRooley lanehouseRooley lane
2230 Rimmington RichardSticker lanehouse264, Sticker lane
2231 Ripley EdwardLightcliffe-cum-Brighousepart of millSpring mill street
2232 Ripley GeorgeLightcliffe-cum-Brighousepart of millSpring mill street
2233 Ripley Henry WilliamLightcliffe-cum-BrighousedyeworksBowling dyeworks
2234 Ripley JamesHall lanehouse180, Hall lane
2235 Ripley JohnMill lanehouse175, Mill lane
2236 Roach EdwardGranby streethouse83, Granby street
2237 Roberts JohnVere streethouseRipley terrace
successivehouse24, Vere street
2238 Roberts RichardProvidence placehouse2, Providence place
2239 Robertshaw EdwinCarter streethouse23, Carter street
2240 Robertshaw EmanuelSticker lanehouseSticker lane
successivehouse344, Sticker lane
2241 Robertshaw HenryChurch hill courthouseChurch hill court
successivehouse8, Church hill court
2242 Robertshaw JohnRouse yardhouse6, Rouse yard
2243 Robertshaw JosephParry lanehouse25, Parry lane
2244 Robertshaw JosephSticker lanehouse167, Sticker lane
2245 Robertshaw LeviAddison streethouseFiley street
successivehouse16, Addison street
2246 Robertshaw WilliamMarsden foldhouse3, Marsden fold
2247 Robins BenjaminRipley terracehouse57, Ripley terrace
2248 Robinson BenjaminManchester roadhouseManchester road
2249 Robinson CharlesMoody streetinn &c.13, Moody street
2250 Robinson EphraimGibson foldhouse15, Gibson fold
2251 Robinson HenryUpper Pollard streethouseDuncan street
successivehouse3, Upper Pollard street
2252 Robinson HenrySmiddles lanehouseSmiddles lane
2253 Robinson JamesBolling streethouse194, Bolling street
2254 Robinson JamesTennant streethouse107, Tennant street
2255 Robinson JohnBroom streethouse24, Broom street
2256 Robinson JohnElsworth streethouse2, Elsworth street
2257 Robinson JohnBolling streethouse120, Bolling street
2258 Robinson JosephWhitworth streethouse4, Whitworth street
2259 Robinson JosephWakefield roadhouseWindsor street
successivehouse180, Wakefield road
2260 Robinson JosephBirch lanehouse1, Birch lane
2261 Robinson LotGibson foldhouse8, Gibson fold
2262 Robinson RobertProvidence placehouse13, Providence place
2263 Robinson RobertGrey streethouse4, Grey street
2264 Robinson RobertRipley streethouse11, Ripley street
2265 Robinson SamuelUpper Addison streethouseHall lane
successivehouse1, Upper Addison street
2266 Robinson StephenEmsley streethouseNewby street
successivehouse25, Emsley street
2267 Robinson ThomasRutland streethouse15, Rutland street
2268 Robinson ThomasNewby streethouse10, Newby street
successivehouse6, Newby street
2269 Robinson WilliamMill lanehouse127, Mill lane
2270 Robinson WilliamFitzwilliam streethouse103, Fitzwilliam street
2271 Robson WilliamEmsley streethouse22, Emsley street
2272 Rochfort StephenBroom streethouse65, Broom street
2273 Rocks JohnGranby streethouse76, Granby street
2274 Rodgers JosephRooley lanehouse81, Rooley lane
2275 Rodgers MarkOld lanehouse275, Old lane
2276 Rodwell WilliamPark sidehouseOld lane
successivehousePark side
2277 Rogers PeterBankfoothouse740, Bankfoot
2278 Roper SamuelEmsley streethouseJesse street
successivehouse27, Emsley street
2279 Ross JosephMoody streethouse64, Moody street
2280 Rotheray GeorgeSmiddles lanehouse33, Smiddles lane
2281 Rotheray IsaacSmiddles lanehouse13, Smiddles lane
2282 Rotheray JosephSmiddles lanehouse11, Smiddles lane
2283 Rotheray SharpSmiddles lanehouse26, Smiddles lane
2284 Rotheray ThomasSmiddles lanehouse24, Smiddles lane
2285 Rotheray WilliamSmiddleshouse40, Smiddles
2286 Roundhill JosephSticker lanehouse153, Sticker lane
2287 Rourke BartholomewBroom streethouse46, Broom street
2288 Rourke JohnCalcutta streethouseCalcutta street
successivehouse15, Calcutta street
2289 Rouse HenryManchester roadhouse674, Manchester road
2290 Rouse JohnOld lanehouseOld lane
successivehouse354, Old lane
2291 Rouse JosephFaxfleet streethouseSmiddles lane
successivehouse3, Faxfleet street
2292 Rowbottom JohnLittle Cross streethouseMoody street
successivehouseLittle Cross street
2293 Rowbottom JohnOld lanehouseManchester road
successivehouse293, Old lane
2294 Rowbottom JohnPollard streethouse147, Pollard street
2295 Rowland WilliamHall lanehouse184, Hall lane
2296 Rowley SamuelWakefield roadhouse598, Wakefield road
2297 Rowley WilliamLong streethouseJohn court
successivehouse34, Long street
2298 Rudd SamuelLower lanehouse7, Lower lane
2299 Ruddon TerenceBroom streethouse49, Broom street
2300 Runcorn JohnSaville streethouseSaville street
successivehouse29, Saville street
2301 Runham DanielFurnace inn streethouse12, Furnace inn street
2302 Rushfirth WilliamRooley lanehouse493, Rooley lane
2303 Rushton JohnHardy streethouseBradford moor
successivebeerhouse48, Hardy street
2304 Rushworth BenjaminRipley streethouse1, Ripley street
2305 Rushworth EdwinBengal streethouse11, Bengal street
2306 Rushworth JonathanEmsley streethouse1, Emsley street
2307 Rushworth ThomasTennant streethouse36, Tennant street
2308 Rushworth WilliamTennant streethouse1, Tennant street
2309 Rushworth WilliamTennant streethouse38, Tennant street
2310 Russell BenjaminWalton streethouse129, Walton street
2311 Russell George JohnWilliam streethouse12, John William street
2312 Russell RichardBirch lanehouse12, Birch lane
2313 Ryan FrancisHardy streethouse15, Hardy street
2314 Ryan MartinBroom streethouse44, Broom street
2315 Ryan PatrickGranby streethouse32, Granby street
2316 Rycroft JohnWakefield roadhouse212, Wakefield road

BOWLING WARD, 1871, surnames beginning with the letter S
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
2317 Sadler ThomasTennant streethouse54, Tennant street
2318 Sagar JosephSticker lanehouse433, Sticker lane
2319 Sagar WilliamNewby streethouse166, Newby street
2320 Salkield BenjaminBailey streethouse14, Bailey street
2321 Sanderson JosephHarker streethouseWakefield road
successivehouseHarker street
2322 Sanson JohnEmsley streethouse2, Emsley street
2323 Saville GeorgeOld lanehouse36, Smiddles lane
successivehouse484, Old lane
2324 Saville ThomasBankfoothouse729, Bankfoot
2325 Saville WilliamBankfoothouseBankfoot
successivehouse723, Bankfoot
2326 Saxon MatthewRipley streethouse21, Ripley street
2327 Scanlon JohnGuy streethouseGuy street
successivehouse43, Guy street
2328 Scargill JohnDavy streethouse7, Davy street
2329 Schmidt FrederickHall lanehouse60, Hall lane
2330 Schofield CharlesWakefield roadhouse976, Wakefield road
2331 Schofield IsaacSticker lanehouse231, Sticker lane
2332 Schofield JamesPark sidehousePark side
2333 Schofield JamesWakefield roadhouseWakefield road
successivehouse434, Wakefield road
2334 Schofield JeremiahSticker lanehouse473, Sticker lane
2335 Schofield JohnWakefield roadhouse1030, Wakefield road
2336 Schofield JohnCaledonia streethouse90, Caledonia street
2337 Schofield JohnRooley lanehouseRooley lane
successivehouse471, Rooley lane
2338 Schofield JohnSticker lanehouse177, Sticker lane
2339 Schofield Julius CaesarTennant streethouse46, Tennant street
2340 Schofield MatthewRooley lanehouse409, Rooley lane
2341 Schofield NoahSwaine greenhouse100, Swaine green
2342 Schofield ThomasUsher streethouse16, Usher street
2343 Schofield WilliamSticker lanehouse187, Sticker lane
2344 Scholefield JohnOld lanehouse222, Old lane
2345 Scholefield JosephHall lanehouse45, Hall lane
2346 Scholey RichardOld lanehouse191, Old lane
2347 Scott HalvinRooley lanehouse537, Rooley lane
2348 Scott HenrySmiddles lanehouse1, Smiddles lane
2349 Scott JamesTennant streethouse2, Tennant street
2350 Scott JoeSticker lanehouse45, Sticker lane
2351 Scott RobertRooley lanehouse543, Rooley lane
2352 Scott SilasShipleywarehouseAlbion mill
2353 Scott WilliamNewby streethouse63, Newby street
2354 Seanor JamesWakefield roadhouse336, Wakefield road
2355 Seanor JohnWakefield roadhouse600, Wakefield road
2356 Seanor WilliamBillingsley terracehouse693, Billingsley terrace
2357 Seaton JohnBolling streethouse63, Bolling street
2358 Seed JohnRooley lanehouse211, Rooley lane
2359 Seed JosephNewell hallhouse332, Newell hall
2360 Sellers GeorgeRooley lanehouse & shop349, Rooley lane
2361 Sellers WilliamBack lanehouse & shop254, Back lane
2362 Senescall WilliamDross streethouseLower lane
successivehouse2, Dross street
2363 Senior JohnFairfax streethouse10, Fairfax street
2364 Sewell WilliamMoody streethouse82, Moody street
2365 Shackleton DavidWakefield roadhouse341, Wakefield road
2366 Shackleton EdwardRooley lanehouseAmerica square
successivehouseRooley lane
2367 Shackleton Isaac526, Sticker lanehouse526, Sticker lane
2368 Shackleton MarkLower Barrack yardhouse6, Lower Barrack yard
2369 Shackleton MilesRipley streethouse47, Ripley street
2370 Shackleton RichardNewby streethouse16, Newby street
2371 Shackleton SouthwellWakefield roadhouse8, Wakefield road
2372 Shackleton ThomasBolling streethouse182, Bolling street
2373 Shackleton ThomasWakefield roadhouse27, Wakefield road
2374 Shaftoe SamuelRipley terracehouse81, Ripley terrace
2375 Sharp BenjaminPollard streethouse1, Pollard street
2376 Sharp HenryRooley lanehouse & land87, Rooley lane
2377 Sharp JamesRutland streethouse19, Rutland street
2378 Sharp JamesProspect streethouse3, Prospect street
2379 Sharp JamesLower lanehouseLower lane
2380 Sharp JeremiahSaville streethouseGirlington road
successivehouse5, Saville street
2381 Sharp JeremiahDavy streethouse9, Davy street
2382 Sharp JosephSticker lanehouse219, Sticker lane
2383 Sharp MosesLilac streethouse11, Lilac street
2384 Sharp PeterLudlam streethouse6, Ludlam street
2385 Sharp SmithWakefield roadhouse236, Wakefield road
2386 Sharp WilliamCaledonia streethouse101, Caledonia street
2387 Sharp WilliamOld lanehouse444, Old lane
2388 Shaw BarnabasSticker lanehouse399, Sticker lane
2389 Shaw DavidRooley lanehouse359, Rooley lane
2390 Shaw GeorgeSloane streethouse43, Sloane street
2391 Shaw JamesBroom streethouse10, Broom street
2392 Shaw JohnPollard streethousePollard street
successivehouseCalcutta street
successivehouse7, Pollard street
2393 Shaw JohnWakefield roadhouse891, Wakefield road
2394 Shaw JosephStephen foldhouse5, Stephen fold
2395 Shaw SamsonFaxfleet streethouseFaxfleet street
2396 Shaw WilliamRooley lanehouse449, Rooley lane
2397 Shaw WilliamWakefield roadhouse210, Wakefield road
2398 Shaw WilliamSmiddles lanehouseSmiddles lane
successivehouseSmiddles lane
2399 Shea EdwardGranby streethouse31, Granby street
2400 Shee EdwardSloane streethouse57, Saville street
2401 Shee TimothyOld lanehouse496, Old lane
2402 Shepherd AaronHortonpress shopsGordon street
2403 Shepherd AlfredBankfoothouse18, Bankfoot
2404 Shepherd BowmanHortonwarehouseSpring mill street
2405 Shepherd JohnOld lanehouse284, Old lane
2406 Shepherd JohnFoundry lanehouse8, Foundry lane
2407 Shepherd JohnWalton streethouse127, Walton street
2408 Shepherd JosephCaledonia streethouseCaledonia street
successivehouse161, Caledonia street
2409 Shepherd LiversedgeThornton squarehouseWhite Abbey
successivehouseLow green
successivehouse17, Thornton square
2410 Shepherd RichardUpper Sturges streethouse5, Upper Sturges street
2411 Shepherd William HenryGrosvenor terracewarehouseSpring mill street
2412 Shillito ThomasHird streethouse16, Hird street
2413 Shires EliWakefield roadhouse401, Wakefield road
2414 Shires JamesLancaster streethouse11, Lancaster street
2415 Shoesmith GeorgeRooley lanebeerhouse483, Rooley lane
2416 Shoesmith JosephRooley lanehouse415, Rooley lane
2417 Shoesmith JosephRooley lanehouse & shop351, Rooley lane
2418 Shoesmith JosephRooley lanehouse379, Rooley lane
2419 Shoesmith ThomasRooley lanehouse464, Rooley lane
2420 Shutt ThomasWhitworth streethouse9, Whitworth street
2421 Shuttleworth EllisBankfoothouse751, Bankfoot
2422 Shuttleworth LawrencePollard streethouse66, Pollard street
2423 Shuttleworth WilliamTennant streethouse108, Tennant street
2424 Sidebottom JohnRook lanehouse4, Rook lane
2425 Silson JohnCrab streethouse & shop1, Crab street
2426 Silson JosephBolling streethouse77, Bolling street
2427 Simons WilliamLudlam streethousePaisley street
successivehouse20, Ludlam street
2428 Simpkins JosephBroom streethouse12, Broom street
2429 Simpson AdamSaville streethouse18, Saville street
2430 Simpson FrankVere streethouseBridge street
successivehouse4, Vere street
2431 Simpson HenryLizard streethouse11, Lizard street
2432 Simpson IsaacCarbon streethouse8, Carbon street
2433 Simpson JamesViolet streethouseHustler street
successivehouse11, Violet street
2434 Simpson JohnBerry streethouse11, Berry street
2435 Simpson LukeSticker lanehouse117, Sticker lane
2436 Simpson ThomasSaville streethouse50, Saville street
2437 Simpson WilliamSticker lanehouse125, Sticker lane
2438 Sindery JosephBroom streethouse31, Broom street
2439 Singleton BenjaminUsher streethouse10, Usher street
2440 Singleton JohnSticker lanehouse214, Sticker lane
2441 Singleton RobertWootton streethouse14, Wootton street
2442 Slater DavidBolling streethouse51, Bolling street
2443 Slinger MatthewBroom streethouse21, Broom street
2444 Slinger RobertPollard streethouse16, Pollard street
2445 Slingsby GeorgeNewby streethouse170, Newby street
2446 Sluggett StephenHall lanehouse53, Hall lane
2447 Smith AbrahamLizard streethouse26, Lizard street
2448 Smith AlfredHall lanehouse16, Hall lane
2449 Smith AlfredBolling streethouse53, Bolling street
2450 Smith BoltonWakefield roadhouse30, Wakefield road
2451 Smith DavidBailey streethouseEllen street
successivehouse22, Bailey street
2452 Smith DavidSaville streethouse48, Saville street
2453 Smith EdwardMill lanehouseMill lane
successivehouse85, Mill lane
2454 Smith George AldersonCottingley hallwarehouseUpper Castle street
2455 Smith HenryLong streethouse14, Long street
2456 Smith JamesCarbon streethouseMoody street
successivehouse6, Carbon street
2457 Smith JamesAmerica squarehouseNewby street
successivehouseAmerica square
2458 Smith JesseFairfax streethouse105, Fairfax street
2459 Smith JohnSticker lanehouseWakefield road
successivehouse247, Sticker lane
2460 Smith JohnMuff streethouseGreenhough buildings
successivehouse42, Muff street
2461 Smith JohnSaville streethouse31, Saville street
2462 Smith JohnSticker lanehouse133, Sticker lane
2463 Smith JonasBirch lanehouseOaks fold
successivehouseBirch lane
2464 Smith JosephRutland streethouse13, Rutland street
2465 Smith MilesSturges streethouse30, Sturges street
2466 Smith NathanielMill lanehouse36, Mill lane
2467 Smith PeterWakefield roadhouse407, Wakefield road
2468 Smith RichardWesleyan terracehouse7, Wesleyan terrace
2469 Smith RichardSloane streethouse38, Sloane street
2470 Smith SamFitzwilliam streethouse97, Fitzwilliam street
2471 Smith SidneyRooley lanehouse131, Rooley lane
2472 Smith ThomasMaw streethouse25, Maw street
2473 Smith ThomasBankfoothousePrimrose hill
successivehouse908, Bankfoot
2474 Smith ThomasBolling streethouse87A, Bolling street
2475 Smith ThomasFairfax streethouseTomlinson street
successivehouse11, Fairfax street
2476 Smith ThomasTennant streethouse88, Tennant street
2477 Smith TimothyWakefield roadhouseWakefield road
2478 Smith WilliamWakefield roadhouse & shop365, Wakefield road
2479 Smith WilliamJoshua streethouse9, Joshua street
2480 Smith WilliamSturges streethousePollard street
successivehouse32, Sturges street
2481 Smith WilliamWakefield roadhouse190, Wakefield road
2482 Smith WilliamBolling streethouse71, Bolling street
2483 Smith WilliamBirch lanehouseTennant street
successivehouseBirch lane
2484 Smith WilliamWadsworth streethouse23, Wadsworth street
2485 Smith WilliamNewby streethouse8, Newby street
2486 Smith William BoocockSturges streethouse87, Sturges street
2487 Smithies GeorgeSquare streethouse2, Square street
2488 Smithies JonathanBailey streethouse5, Bailey street
2489 Smithson RichardLilac streethouse1, Lilac street
2490 Snow William HargreavesHall lanehouse & shop1, Hall lane
2491 Snowden JamesCalcutta streethouse60, Calcutta street
2492 Snowden JohnWakefield roadhouse234, Wakefield road
2493 Snowdon JamesBroomfield terracehouse78, Broomfield terrace
2494 Snowdon RobertBroomfield terracehouse70, Broomfield terrace
2495 Somers JamesDross streethouse10, Dross street
2496 Somersgill DavidHirst streethouseWadsworth street
successivehouse8, Hirst street
2497 Soothill JamesWakefield roadhouse529, Wakefield road
2498 Soothill JamesNewby streethouse116, Newby street
2499 Sowden JohnHirst streethouse & shop2, Hirst street
2500 Sowden JosephRutland streethouse12, Rutland street
2501 Sowden JosephOld lanehouse260, Old lane
2502 Sowden SamuelHall lanehouse132, Hall lane
2503 Sowden SamuelWakefield roadhouse299, Wakefield road
2504 Sowood JonasWakefield roadhouse293, Wakefield road
2505 Soyers WilliamHirst streethouse9, Hirst street
2506 Spalding JohnParry lanehouse7, Parry lane
2507 Spalton JosephAddison streethouse1, Addison street
2508 Sparrow AbrahamFitzwilliam streethouse117, Fitzwilliam street
2509 Speak JohnRooley lanehouse441, Rooley lane
2510 Speakman ThomasCarbon streethouse & shop1, Carbon street
2511 Speight AndrewGranby streethouse62, Granby street
2512 Speight DavidTennant streethouse84, Tennant street
2513 Speight PaulNewby streethouse25, Newby street
2514 Speight ThomasParry lanehouseBadger square
successivehouse14, Parry lane
2515 Speight ThomasBradfordpart of shedCastle street
2516 Spencer DenisWootton streethouseCalcutta street
successivehouse24, Wootton street
2517 Spencer HenryRipley terracehouseSaville street
successivehouse9, Ripley terrace
2518 Spencer JamesOld lanehouse46, Old lane
2519 Spencer MarkSaville streethouse58, Saville street
2520 Spencer MilesRooley lanehouse509, Rooley lane
2521 Spencer MilesRodney streethouse4, Rodney street
2522 Spencer MosesWakefield roadhouse1012, Wakefield road
2523 Spencer RichardWakefield roadhouseWakefield road
2524 Spencer SamuelCaledonia streethouse102, Caledonia street
2525 Spofforth JohnLizard streethouse24, Lizard street
2526 Sprouce SmithBengal streethouseAddison street
successivehouseBengal street
2527 Spurr EmanuelWakefield roadinnWheat Sheaf Inn, 88, Wakefield road
2528 Spurr HenryWakefield roadhouse519, Wakefield road
2529 Spurr RichardOld lanehouse13, Old lane
2530 Stables WilliamWakefield roadhouse910, Wakefield road
2531 Stainthorpe BenjaminSaville streethouse20, Smiddles lane
successivehouse59, Saville street
2532 Stainthorpe JacobRooley lanehouse271, Rooley lane
2533 Stainthorpe WilliamOld lanehouse458, Old lane
2534 Stander JamesOld lanehouse58, Old lane
2535 Standsworth JamesHall lanehouse62, Hall lane
2536 Stanfield EdwardWadsworth streethouse21, Wadsworth street
2537 Stansfield JamesRipley streethouse9, Ripley street
2538 Starkey ThomasFairfax streethouse43, Fairfax street
2539 Stead AmosGalloway lanehouse & land631, Galloway lane
2540 Stead CharlesBolling streethouse57, Bolling street
2541 Stead JamesBeatrice streethouseFairfax street
successivehouse24, Beatrice street
2542 Stead JamesUsher streethouse4, Usher street
2543 Stead JamesHaigh streethouse14, Haigh street
2544 Stead JosephFairfax streethouseSloane street
successivehouse18, Fairfax street
2545 Stead MitchellWootton streethouseBengal street
successivehouse1, Wootton street
2546 Stead RobertCaledonia streethouseCarter street
successivehouse177, Caledonia street
2547 Stead WilliamHall lanehouse78, Hall lane
2548 Stead WilliamWakefield roadhouse359, Wakefield road
2549 Steel CharlesViolet streethouse9, Violet street
2550 Steel DenisCutler heightshouseCutler Heights
2551 Steel GeorgeGranby streethouse89, Granby street
2552 Steel JamesBroomfield terracehouse & shopBroomfield terrace
2553 Steel JohnFairfax streethouse8, Fairfax street
2554 Steel JohnFairfax streethouse1, Fairfax street
2555 Steel JosephNewby streethouse130, Newby street
2556 Steel ThomasCaledonia streethouse167, Caledonia street
2557 Steel WilliamWakefield roadhouse902, Wakefield road
2558 Steel WillieBolling streethouse57, Bolling street
2559 Stell JosephHall lanehouse56, Hall lane
2560 Stephens WilliamCalcutta streethouse6, Calcutta street
2561 Stephenson HenryRipley terracehouseMoulson street
successivehouse85, Ripley terrace
2562 Stephenson JohnHall lanebeerhouse98, Hall lane
2563 Stephenson JohnRooley lanehouse447, Rooley lane
2564 Stephenson JohnCold damhouseCold dam
2565 Stephenson JohnKelvin streethouseKelvin street
2566 Stephenson MosesNewby streethouse89, Newby street
2567 Stephenson ThomasFairfax streethouse117, Fairfax street
2568 Stephenson WilliamWootton streethouseNewby street
successivehouse37, Wootton street
2569 Stizaker WilliamWakefield roadhouse506, Wakefield road
2570 Stobart GeorgeFoundry lanehouse1, Foundry lane
2571 Stobart JohnBankfoothouseBankfoot
successivehouse878, Bankfoot
2572 Stockdale MichaelPenn streethouseIron street
successivehouse11, Penn street
2573 Stocks CharlesWakefield roadhouseAdolphus street
successivehouse92, Wakefield road
2574 Stocks TimothyStephen foldhouse12, Stephen fold
2575 Stocks William StockwellFairfax streethouse107, Fairfax street
2576 Stoddart WilliamBrougham streethouse3, Brougham street
2577 Stolworthy Charles StoreyBengal streethouseCrowther street
successivehouse29, Bengal street
2578 Stopford JamesAddison streethouse51, Addison street
2579 Storey RobertCaledonia streethouse100, Caledonia street
2580 Storey WilliamMill lanehouse113, Mill lane
2581 Stott JamesBack lanehouse296, Back lane
2582 Stott JohnBack lanehouse292, Back lane
2583 Stott MitchellOld lanehouse62, Old lane
2584 Stowe WilliamCaledonia streethouse151, Caledonia street
2585 Straney JohnHardy streethouse41, Hardy street
2586 Street JamesSticker lanehouse471, Sticker lane
2587 Stringer JohnSloane streethouse62, Sloane street
2588 Stringer ThomasChurch hill courthouse5, Church hill court
2589 Stringer WilliamRook lanehouse7, Rook lane
2590 Strutt CharlesManchester roadhouseManchester road
successivehouse644, Manchester road
2591 Strutt JosephRipley terracehouse67, Ripley terrace
2592 Sturrs JamesWindsor streethouseWindsor street
2593 Stutton WilliamLord streethouse1, Lord street
2594 Suddards EdwardFar oakshouse & land46, Far Oaks
2595 Suddards FrancisFar oakshouse45, Far Oaks
2596 Suddick JohnNew rowhouse15, New row
2597 Sugden GeorgeCliftonmillCastle street
2598 Sugden IsaacSticker lanehouse127, Sticker lane
2599 Sugden JosephMoulson streethouse3, Moulson street
2600 Sugden RichardOld lanebeerhouse7, Old lane
2601 Sugden ThomasRook lanehouse5, Rook lane
2602 Sugden WilliamHall lanehouse124, Hall lane
2603 Sugden WilliamSticker lanehouse208, Sticker lane
2604 Sugden WilliamSticker lanehouse524, Sticker lane
2605 Summersgill JesseSmiddles lanehouse3, Smiddles lane
2606 Sunderland JosephWakefield roadhouse128, Wakefield road
2607 Sunderland LazarusSloane streethouse45, Sloane street
2608 Sunter BenjaminMoody streethouse76, Moody street
2609 Surbutt SharpSlater's yardhouse20, Slater's yard
2610 Sutcliffe GeorgeAlbion streethouse12, Albion street
2611 Sutcliffe HenryBowling dyeworkshouseBowling dyeworks
2612 Sutcliffe IsaacCarrbottomhouse5, Carrbottom
2613 Sutcliffe JamesBack lanehouseCook street
successivehouse70, Back lane
2614 Sutcliffe JohnRutland streethouse22, Rutland street
2615 Sutcliffe John JenningsWakefield roadhouse570, Wakefield road
successivehouse & shop551, Wakefield road
2616 Sutcliffe JonasPollard streethouse12, Pollard street
2617 Sutcliffe JosephNewby streethouse128, Newby street
2618 Sutcliffe ListerOld lanehouse & shop432, Old lane
2619 Sutcliffe NathanielHall lanehouse128, Hall lane
2620 Sutcliffe RobertWootton streethousePark lane
successivehouse9, Wootton street
2621 Sutcliffe WilliamHall lanehouse233, Hall lane
2622 Sutcliffe William AlfredAbram streethouse & shop2, Abram street
2623 Sutcliffe WilsonBurnett fieldhouse & landBurnett field
2624 Swaine AbrahamHardy streethouse70, Hardy street
2625 Swaine DavidWakefield roadhouseForster's hotel, Wakefield road
2626 Swaine JohnMuff streethouse13, Muff street
2627 Swaine LeviBankfoothouseBankfoot
2628 Swaine SamuelCaledonia streethouse193, Caledonia street
successivehouseCaledonia street
2629 Swaine ThomasMill lanehouse105, Mill lane
2630 Swales JosephFairfax streethouseFairfax street
successivehouse95, Fairfax street
2631 Sweeney TerenceFurnace inn streethouse10, Furnace inn street
2632 Swift JohnMitchell streethouse3, Mitchell street
2633 Swires ThomasNewby streethouse154, Newby street
2634 Swithenbank WilliamRooley lanehouseRooley lane
successivehouse534, Rooley lane
2635 Sykes GeorgeSquare streethouse3, Square street
2636 Sykes JohnCastle streethouse8, Castle street
2637 Symes JohnBroom streethouse35, Broom street

BOWLING WARD, 1871, surnames beginning with the letter T
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
2638 Tane JohnHardy streethouse47, Hardy street
2639 Tane PeterBroom streethouse8, Broom street
2640 Tankard JohnBack lanewarehouse350, Back lane
2641 Tankard JohnBack lanehouse350, Back lane
2642 Tankard JohnParry lanehouse4, Parry lane
2643 Tankard JosephCutler heightspart of millSticker lane
2644 Tankard RichardCutler heightspart of mill137, Sticker lane
2645 Tate RobertFitzwilliam streethouse93, Fitzwilliam street
2646 Tate William JohnWilliam streethouse28, John William street
2647 Tatham John SkirrowUpper Pollard streethouse17, Upper Pollard street
2648 Tattersall JohnGrey streethouse3, Grey street
2649 Tattersall John, jun.7, Grey streethouse7, Grey street
2650 Taylor AdamSaville streethouse14, Saville street
2651 Taylor CharlesSmiddles lanehouse22, Smiddles lane
2652 Taylor DavidWatercock streethouse4, Watercock street
2653 Taylor DavidOld lanehouse269, Old lane
2654 Taylor David, junr.Old lanehouse281, Old lane
2655 Taylor EdwardBolling streethouse168, Bolling street
2656 Taylor GeorgeRooley lanehouse487, Rooley lane
2657 Taylor George BrearleyBankfoothouseBankfoot
2658 Taylor HenryWakefield roadhouse444, Wakefield road
2659 Taylor HenryFairfax streethouseTennant street
successivehouse32, Fairfax street
2660 Taylor JamesPollard streethouse31, Pollard street
2661 Taylor JamesOld lanehouse127A, Old lane
2662 Taylor JamesBirch lanehouseNew row
successivehouseBirch lane
2663 Taylor JohnWakefield roadhouse1002, Wakefield road
2664 Taylor JohnBirch lanehouse13, Birch lane
2665 Taylor JohnGranby streethouse8, Granby street
2666 Taylor JonathanSticker lanehouseSticker lane
successivehouse183, Sticker lane
2667 Taylor JosephGranby streethouse11, Granby street
2668 Taylor LawrenceMoody streethouse & shop1, Moody street
2669 Taylor SamuelLittle Cross streethouseOld lane
successivehouseLittle Cross street
2670 Taylor WilliamWakefield roadinn &c.Engineer Inn, Wakefield road
2671 Teale James HardistySticker lanehouse95, Sticker lane
2672 Teale JohnBack lanehouse & shop178, Back lane
2673 Tearne WilliamRipley streethouse25, Ripley street
2674 Telford JohnUpper Pollard streethouseQueen street
successivehouseUpper Pollard street
2675 Tempest HerbertRooley lanehouse550, Rooley lane
2676 Tempest JamesHarker streethouse6, Harker street
2677 Tempest JohnTennant streethouseTennant street
successivehouse130, Tennant street
2678 Tempest WilliamNew Cross streethouseNew Cross street
2679 Tempest WilliamRooley lanehouse529, Rooley lane
2680 Terry JohnSticker lanehouse171, Sticker lane
2681 Terry JohnViolet courthouse14, Violet court
2682 Terry MatthewSticker lanehouse233, Sticker lane
2683 Terry MatthewSticker lanehouse175, Sticker lane
2684 Terry ThomasMuff streethouse6, Muff street
2685 Terry ThomasSticker lanehouse203, Sticker lane
2686 Terry WilliamGardiner rowhouse1, Gardiner row
2687 Terry WilliamSwaine greenhouse44, Swaine green
2688 Terry WilliamPollard streethouse38, Pollard street
2689 Tetley BenjaminRooley lanehouse497, Rooley lane
2690 Tetley EdwardRooley lanehouse507, Rooley lane
2691 Tetley EdwardSticker lanehouse419, Sticker lane
2692 Tetley SamuelHirst streethouse10, Hirst street
2693 Tetley SamuelWootton streethouse3, Wootton street
2694 Tetley WalterOld lanehouse486, Old lane
2695 Tetley WilliamUsher streethouse23, Usher street
2696 Thacker GeorgeWakefield roadhouse & shop188, Wakefield road
2697 Thackray OliverWakefield roadhouse379, Wakefield road
2698 Thackray WilliamNewell hallhouse314, Newell hall
2699 Thatcher William HenryTennant streethouseTennant street
successivehouse86, Tennant street
2700 Theobalt JohnWakefield roadhouseDudley street
2701 Thirkill CharlesCaledonia streethouseCaledonia street
successivehouse84, Caledonia street
2702 Thirkill JohnSwaine greenhouse & shop14, Swaine green
2703 Thirkill JohnHall lanehouse33, Hall lane
2704 Thomas Rev. Charles LomaxVicarage, Wakefield roadhouseVicarage, Wakefield road
2705 Thomas HenryBolling streethouse144, Bolling street
2706 Thomas WilliamHird streethouse11, Hird street
2707 Thomis IsaacBillingsley terracehouseWakefield road
successivehouse687, Billingsley terrace
2708 Thomis JamesWakefield roadhouse588, Wakefield road
2709 Thomis JamesAbram streethouse8, Abram street
2710 Thomis JamesDudley streethouse3, Dudley street
2711 Thomis JoshuaPacific placehouse897, Pacific place
2712 Thomis SamuelPollard streethouse154, Pollard street
2713 Thomis WilliamWakefield roadhouse590, Wakefield road
2714 Thomis WilliamHall lanehouse207, Hall lane
2715 Thompson HiramLudlam streethouse22, Ludlam street
2716 Thompson IsaacMitchell streethouse9, Mitchell street
2717 Thompson JamesSticker lanehouseSticker lane
successivehouseSticker lane
2718 Thompson JohnRodney streethouse1, Rodney street
2719 Thompson LeonardNewby streethouse45, Newby street
2720 Thompson SamuelParry lanehouse34, Parry lane
2721 Thompson ThomasSticker lanehouse426, Sticker lane
2722 Thompson WilliamTennant streethouse8, Tennant street
2723 Thorne AlfredWakefield roadhouse280, Wakefield road
2724 Thorne CharlesFairfax streethouse58, Fairfax street
2725 Thornton AbrahamNewby streethouse27, Newby street
2726 Thornton DavidNewby streethouse3, Newby street
2727 Thornton GeorgeSwaine greenhouseSticker lane
successivehouse84, Swaine green
2728 Thornton HenryThornton squarehouseSmiddles lane
successivehouse21, Thornton square
2729 Thornton HenrySmiddles lanehouse15, Smiddles lane
2730 Thornton HenryWakefield roadinn &c.Napoleon Inn, 343, Wakefield road
2731 Thornton JohnNewby streethouseCalcutta street
successivehouse37, Newby street
2732 Thornton JohnSticker lanehouse330, Sticker lane
2733 Thornton JohnOld lanehouse357, Old lane
2734 Thornton JosephOld lanehouse138, Old lane
2735 Thornton MatthewOld lanehouse309, Old lane
2736 Thornton ThomasBankfoothouse763, Bankfoot
2737 Thornton ThomasMarsden foldhouse8, Marsden fold
2738 Thornton WilliamSmiddles lanehouse19, Smiddles lane
2739 Thornton WilliamThornton squarehouseManchester road
successivehouse23, Thornton square
2740 Thornton WilliamRooley lanehouse217, Rooley lane
2741 Thornton WilliamHaigh streethouse10, Haigh street
2742 Thorp DavidBirch lanehouse28, Birch lane
2743 Thorpe JamesFairfax streethouse67, Fairfax street
2744 Throp HenryManchester roadhouse & shopManchester road
2745 Throp JamesBankfoothouse38, Bankfoot
2746 Throp JohnRooley lanehouse16, Rooley lane
2747 Throup JohnBack lanehouse & shopBack lane
2748 Tiffney JosephNewell hallhouse318, Newell hall
2749 Tilley ThomasSturges streethouse67, Sturges street
2750 Todd JohnLavinia streethouseVere street
successivehouse1, Lavinia street
2751 Todd JohnProvidence placehouse4, Providence place
2752 Todd SolomonAddison streethouse26, Addison street
2753 Tomlinson JosephWakefield roadhouseDavy street
successivehouse638, Wakefield road
2754 Tomlinson WilliamCalcutta streethouse26, Calcutta street
2755 Tommis CharlesLinton streethouse & shopLinton street
2756 Topham ThomasWakefield roadhouseWakefield road
2757 Topham WilliamSticker lanehouse516, Sticker lane
2758 Topper JohnHall lanebeerhouse29, Hall lane
2759 Tordoff JonasBack lanehouse242, Back lane
2760 Tordoff JosephSmiddles lanehouse6, Smiddles lane
2761 Tordoff SamuelRooley lanehouse157, Rooley lane
2762 Tordoff SamuelOld lanehouse456, Old lane
2763 Tordoff UriahRooley lanehouseRooley lane
2764 Tottie SamuelNewby streethouse65, Newby street
2765 Toulson JamesRipley terracehouseSaville street
successivehouse17, Ripley terrace
2766 Town Thomas EdwardMarsden foldhouseMarsden fold
2767 Townend SimeonHortonwarehouseWaterloo mill
2768 Townsend BenjaminSturges streethouse9, Sturges street
2769 Townsend ChristopherCaledonia streethouseCaledonia street
successivehouse183, Caledonia street
2770 Townsend GeorgeRipley terracehouseHall lane
successivehouse45, Ripley terrace
2771 Townsend NathanielFairfax streethouse71, Fairfax street
2772 Townsend RichardSturges streethouse91, Sturges street
2773 Townsend SimeonGuy streethouse25, Guy street
2774 Townson WilliamBroom streethouse4A, Broom street
2775 Travis JohnMoody streethouse96, Moody street
2776 Travis WilliamGranby streethouse9, Granby street
2777 Trotter RichardBolling streethouse73, Bolling street
2778 Turner CharlesHird streethouse5, Hird street
2779 Turner IsaacTennant streethouse78, Tennant street
2780 Turner JohnPollard streethouse28, Pollard street
2781 Turner JosephOld lanehouse474, Old lane
2782 Turner JosephUsher streethouse2, Usher street
2783 Turner SamuelBirch lanehouseFar oaks
successivehouseBirch lane
2784 Turner William JohnWilliam streethouse22, John William street
2785 Turner WilliamFitzwilliam streethouse113, Fitzwilliam street
2786 Turner WilliamWakefield roadhouse & shop254, Wakefield road
2787 Twitchett GeorgeHall lanehouse118, Hall lane
2788 Tynin MartinCalcutta streethouse21, Calcutta street

BOWLING WARD, 1871, surnames beginning with the letter U
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
2789 Underwood HenryTutor streethouse7, Tutor street
2790 Unwin Stephen PhilipHall royd, Shipleypart of millCastle street
2791 Upton ThomasSwaine's yardhouse82, Swaine's yard

BOWLING WARD, 1871, surnames beginning with the letter V
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
2792 Vanston JohnGranby streethouse33, Granby street
2793 Verity JohnMill lanehouse117, Mill lane
2794 Verity WilliamUpper Pollard streethouse13, Upper Pollard street
2795 Vickers HenrySticker lanehouse89, Sticker lane
2796 Vickers JosephSticker lanehouse322, Sticker lane

BOWLING WARD, 1871, surnames beginning with the letter W
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
2797 Waddington AbrahamMill lanehouse32, Mill lane
2798 Waddington EleazerWakefield roadhouse354, Wakefield road
2799 Waddington EliNewby streethouse112, Newby street
2800 Waddington HenryMill lanehouse133, Mill lane
2801 Waddington JohnWakefield roadhouse1015, Wakefield road
2802 Waddington JosephMaw streethouse29, Maw street
2803 Waddington MarkSturges streethouse28, Sturges street
2804 Waddington ThomasWakefield roadhouseWakefield road
successivehouse715, Wakefield road
2805 Waddington ThomasRooley lanehouse531, Rooley lane
2806 Waddington WalterBack lanehouse118, Back lane
2807 Wade DavidWootton streethouse16, Wootton street
2808 Wade EdwinSticker lanehouse & land270, Sticker lane
2809 Wade JamesWakefield roadhouseHall lane
successivehouse445, Wakefield road
2810 Wade JohnHall lanehouse82, Hall lane
2811 Wade JohnHarker streethouseHarker street
successivehouseHarker street
2812 Wade JosephBrougham streethouseBrougham street
2813 Wade JosephHardy streethouse17, Hardy street
2814 Wade JosephSturges streethouse77, Sturges street
2815 Wade Walter WilliamRouse yardhouse10, Rouse yard
2816 Wade WilliamWakefield roadhouse & shop307, Wakefield road
2817 Wadsworth PeterManchester roadhouse & shop704, Manchester road
2818 Wainwright JoshuaWakefield roadhouse130, Wakefield road
2819 Waite JosephHird streethouse13, Hird street
2820 Walker AlfredProvidence placehouse11, Providence place
2821 Walker BenjaminNewby streethouse114, Newby street
2822 Walker CharlesMoody streethouse138, Moody street
2823 Walker Frederick WilliamTennant streethouse42, Tennant street
2824 Walker JamesRooley lanehouse546, Rooley lane
2825 Walker James RobertOld lanehouseOld lane
successivehouse312, Old lane
2826 Walker JessePark sidehouse42, Park side
2827 Walker JohnHall lanehouseHall lane
successivehouse67, Hall lane
2828 Walker JosephLord streethouseLord street
successivehouse2, Lord street
2829 Walker JosephUpper Pollard streethouse15, Upper Pollard street
2830 Walker JosephMuff streethouseMuff street
successivehouseMuff street
2831 Walker JoshuaMarsden foldhouse22, Marsden fold
2832 Walker RichardGibson foldhouse5, Gibson fold
2833 Walker RichardWakefield roadhouse388, Wakefield road
2834 Walker Robert ThorntonMill lanehouse153, Mill lane
2835 Walker SquireWakefield roadhouseWakefield road
2836 Walker ThomasMoody streethouse9, Moody street
2837 Walker ThomasPark sidehousePark side
2838 Walker WilliamSticker lanehouse151, Sticker lane
2839 Walker William AspinallHall lanehouse87, Hall lane
2840 Walker William InnsLower Barrack yardhouse3, Lower Barrack yard
2841 Wallace ThomasNewby streethouse22, Newby street
2842 Waller JamesGibson foldhouseRooley lane
successivehouse10, Gibson fold
2843 Walmsley WilliamWootton streethouseCrown street
successivehouse77, Wootton street
2844 Walsh EdwardCarter streethouseCarter street
successivehouse1, Carter street
2845 Walsh JohnHirst streethouse17, Hirst street
2846 Walsh JohnBroom streethouse63, Broom street
2847 Walsh JohnAddison streethouse53, Addison street
2848 Walsh JonathanOld lanehouse218, Old lane
2849 Walsh JosephOld lanehouse220, Old lane
2850 Walsh WilliamGranby streethouse85 & 87, Granby street
2851 Walsh WilliamWakefield roadhouse717, Wakefield road
2852 Walshaw HenryBankfoothouse675, Bankfoot
2853 Walshaw JohnAddison streethouseAddison street
2854 Walton EdwardBroom streethouse5, Broom street
2855 Walton Frederick JohnWilliam streethouseJohn William street
successivehouse6, John William street
2856 Walton HenryParry lanehouse1, Parry lane
2857 Walton JamesNewby streethouse117, Newby street
2858 Walton JosephMill lanehouse38, Mill lane
2859 Walton SamuelParry lanehouse18, Parry lane
2860 Walton WilliamLavinia streethouse7, Lavinia street
2861 Warburton John EdwardSquare streethouse5, Square street
2862 Ward ChristopherRouse yardhouse15, Rouse yard
2863 Ward George HenryBack lanehouse44, Back lane
2864 Ward PatrickGranby streethouse95, Granby street
2865 Ward SamuelBeetham streethouse30, Saville street
successivehouse6, Beetham street
2866 Ward ThomasSaville streethouseRipley terrace
successivehouse22, Saville street
2867 Ward WilliamMill lanebeerhouse30, Mill lane
2868 Ward WilliamNewby streethouseHolme top street
successivehouse105, Newby street
2869 Wardman CharlesRooley lanehouse154, Rooley lane
2870 Wardman GeorgeRooley lanehouse133, Rooley lane
2871 Wardman IbbetsonCaledonia streethouse131, Caledonia street
2872 Wardman IsaacFitzwilliam streethouse83, Fitzwilliam street
2873 Wardman JohnRooley lanehouse224, Rooley lane
2874 Wardman JohnRooley lanehouse277, Rooley lane
2875 Wardman JosephRooley lanehouse230, Rooley lane
2876 Wardman MarkRooley lanehouse273, Rooley lane
2877 Wardman PeterBankfootinnRed Lion Inn, 743, Bankfoot
2878 Wardman RobertBankfoothouse753, Bankfoot
2879 Wardman SamuelStay gatehouse232, Stay gate
2880 Wardman SimeonRooley lanehouse387, Rooley lane
2881 Waring AbrahamTennant streethouse4, Tennant street
2882 Warman WilliamDross streethouse21, Dross street
2883 Waterhouse TempestWakefield roadhouse340, Wakefield road
2884 Watson AlfredMunster streethouseSticker lane
successivehouseMunster street
2885 Watson FrederickBack lanehouse & shop256, Back lane
2886 Watson JohnFoundry lanehouse3, Foundry lane
2887 Watson JohnWakefield roadhouse499, Wakefield road
2888 Watson JohnWakefield roadhouse386, Wakefield road
2889 Watson LeviSaville streethouse2, Saville street
2890 Watson MatthewWakefield roadhouse1013, Wakefield road
2891 Watson MetcalfRodney streethouse5, Rodney street
2892 Watson RobertJoshua streethouse3, Joshua street
2893 Watson SamuelSticker lanehouse65, Sticker lane
2894 Watson ThomasWalker courthouse14, Walker court
2895 Watson WilliamLizard streethouseLizard street
2896 Waud Benjamin SkeltonLightcliffepart of millSpring mill street
2897 Waud George MotleyNorth parademillBritannia mills
2898 Waud Joseph EdwardRawdon, GuiseleymillBritannia mills
2899 Waugh JohnRipley streethouse3, Ripley street
2900 Webb HenryWakefield roadhouse246, Wakefield road
2901 Webster AbrahamFurnace inn streethouse30, Furnace inn street
2902 Webster AbrahamWakefield roadhouse218, Wakefield road
2903 Webster GeorgeSt. John's terracehouse9, St. John's terrace
2904 Webster GeorgeBrass Knob rowhouse92, Brass Knob row
2905 Webster GeorgeParry lanehouse48, Parry lane
2906 Webster JohnUpper croft placehouse5, Upper croft place
2907 Webster ThomasRooley lanehouse554, Rooley lane
2908 Webster TomBroomfield terracehouse76, Broomfield terrace
2909 Webster WilliamRooley lanehouse397, Rooley lane
2910 Wellock BenjaminNewby streethouseBerwick street
successivehouse124, Newby street
2911 Wells AaronOaks foldhouse40, Oaks fold
2912 Wells BenjaminHall lanehouse172, Hall lane
2913 Wells CharlesCold damhouseCold dam
2914 Wells IsaacWakefield roadhouse445, Wakefield road
2915 Wells IsaacSticker lanehouse135, Sticker lane
2916 Wells JamesCroft nookhouseCroft nook
2917 Wells James LudlamDudley streethouse4, Dudley street
2918 Wells JohnDudley streethouse2, Dudley street
2919 Wells JohnBrass knob rowhouse94, Brass knob row
2920 Wells JohnSticker lanehouse59, Sticker lane
2921 Wells JonasSticker lanehouse57, Sticker lane
2922 Wells JonathanWakefield roadhouse861, Wakefield road
2923 Wells JosephProvidence placehouse26, Providence place
2924 Wells JosephWakefield roadhouse474, Wakefield road
2925 Wells MosesWakefield roadhouse510, Wakefield road
2926 Wells Thomas HollingworthBroomfield terracehouseBroomfield terrace
2927 West JosephOld lanehouse498, Old lane
2928 West JosephHall lanehouse160, Hall lane
2929 West ThomasBowling ironworkshouseBowling ironworks
2930 Westerman ThomasWalton streethouse131, Walton street
2931 Whalen FentonFairfax streethouse49, Fairfax street
2932 Whalley JamesTennant streethouseGrafton street
successivehouse74, Tennant street
2933 Wharf BlackburnBroomfield terracehouse & shopBroomfield terrace
2934 Wharton DavidWadsworth streethouse13, Wadsworth street
2935 Wharton TimothyParry lanehouse42, Parry lane
2936 Wheatcroft AnthonyMill lanehouse75, Mill lane
2937 Wheater JamesAddison streethouse36, Addison street
2938 Wheater JohnWakefield roadhouse331, Wakefield road
2939 Wheater WilliamRooley lanehouse383, Rooley lane
2940 Whedon AlfredLong streethouse16, Long street
2941 Whedon WilliamBack lanehouse170, Back lane
2942 Wheelhouse GeorgeWakefield roadhouse399, Wakefield road
2943 Whelan FintonGuy streethouseFairfax street
successivehouseSturges street
successivehouse33, Guy street
2944 Whelan WilliamGranby streethouse34, Granby street
2945 Whitaker EdwardPollard streethouse63, Pollard street
2946 Whitaker HenryUpper Addison streethouse20, Upper Addison street
2947 Whitaker JoelNewby streethouse509, Low well
successivehouseNewall street
successivehouse113, Newby street
2948 Whitaker JosephBack lanehouse126, Back lane
2949 Whitaker PaulRipley's gasworkshouseRipley's gasworks
2950 Whitaker ThomasMill lanehouse101, Mill lane
2951 Whitaker ThomasBradfordwarehouseGordon street
2952 Whitaker WilliamWakefield roadhouse958, Wakefield road
2953 Whitaker WilliamRodney streethouse7, Rodney street
2954 Whitaker William HenryNewby streethouseJohn street
successivehouse178, Newby street
2955 White JamesHall lanehouse209, Hall lane
2956 White PeterSticker lanehouse79, Sticker lane
2957 White WilliamRipley terracehouse7, Ripley terrace
2958 Whitehead AbrahamFairfax streethouseSterling street
successivehouse121, Fairfax street
2959 Whitehead BennettCrab streethouse7, Crab street
2960 Whitehead FrancisLow wellhouse525, Low well
2961 Whitehead JosephHortonpart of millCastle street
2962 Whitehead LewisTennant streethouse22, Tennant street
2963 Whitehead ThomasBroom streethouse26, Broom street
2964 Whiteley BenjaminNewell hallhouse320, Newell hall
2965 Whiteley DavidSaville streethouse63, Saville street
2966 Whiteley GeorgeHall lanehouse & shop162, Hall lane
2967 Whiteley JamesCaledonia streethouse163, Caledonia street
2968 Whiteley JobMoody streethouse168, Moody street
2969 Whiteley JohnRooley lanehouse150, Rooley lane
2970 Whiteley JohnSticker lanehouse369, Sticker lane
2971 Whiteley JoshuaMaw streethouse31, Maw street
2972 Whiteley WilliamTennant streethouse137, Tennant street
2973 Whitfield JohnBolling streethouse27, Bolling street
2974 Whitfield RobertSturges streethouse73, Sturges street
2975 Whitley IsraelRooley lanehouse576, Rooley lane
2976 Whittingham GeorgeBroom streethouse61, Broom street
2977 Whittles John LawsonTennant streethouse9, Tennant street
2978 Whitwell RalphLilac streethouse8, Lilac street
2979 Whytell WilliamSt. John's terracehouse7, St. John's terrace
2980 Wickham Lamplugh WickhamLow moorstables & landNewell hall
2981 Wickham William WickhamKirklees hallstables & landNewell hall
2982 Wiggins JohnUsher streethouse1, Usher street
2983 Wignall JamesOld lanehouse & shop96, Old lane
2984 Wilby CorneliusBack lanehouse74, Back lane
2985 Wilcock DewhirstSmiddles lanehouseFaxfleet street
successivehouse20, Smiddles lane
2986 Wilcock EdwinEllen streethouse2, Ellen street
2987 Wilcock Henry JamesMaw streethouse12, Maw street
2988 Wilcock JosephMaw streethouse14, Maw street
2989 Wilkinson AmosManchester roadhouse686, Manchester road
2990 Wilkinson GeorgeBrass knob rowhouse102, Brass knob row
2991 Wilkinson GeorgeMill lanehouse175, Mill lane
2992 Wilkinson HenrySt. John's terracehouse8, St. John's terrace
2993 Wilkinson HenryOld lanehouse177, Old lane
2994 Wilkinson JacobOld lanehouseBirch lane
successivehouse326, Old lane
2995 Wilkinson JamesOld lanehouse448, Old lane
2996 Wilkinson JamesRipley terracehouse71, Ripley terrace
2997 Wilkinson JamesMoulson streethouseMoulson street
2998 Wilkinson JamesBankfoothouseBankfoot
2999 Wilkinson JamesOld lanehouseOld lane
successivehouse123, Old lane
3000 Wilkinson JamesWakefield roadhouse375, Wakefield road
3001 Wilkinson JamesSaville streethouse36, Saville street
3002 Wilkinson JohnOld lanehouse410, Old lane
3003 Wilkinson JohnHall lanehouse81, Hall lane
3004 Wilkinson JohnSticker lanehouse81, Sticker lane
3005 Wilkinson JohnRooley lanehouse21 & 23, Rooley lane
3006 Wilkinson JohnOld lanehouseNew row
successivehouse289, Old lane
3007 Wilkinson JonathanOld lanehouse382, Old lane
3008 Wilkinson JonathanRouse yardhouseBack lane
successivehouse16, Rouse yard
3009 Wilkinson JonathanStephen foldhouse9, Stephen fold
3010 Wilkinson JonathanWakefield roadhouse360, Wakefield road
3011 Wilkinson JosephRooley lanehouse19, Rooley lane
3012 Wilkinson JosephRooley lanehouse321, Rooley lane
3013 Wilkinson JosephWakefield roadhouse547, Wakefield road
3014 Wilkinson JosephRipley terracehouse23, Ripley terrace
3015 Wilkinson MarkWakefield roadhouse602, Wakefield road
3016 Wilkinson MarkHall lanehouse225, Hall lane
3017 Wilkinson OrlandoBirch lanehouseBirch lane
3018 Wilkinson RichardHall lanehouseHall lane
successivehouseUpper Sturges street
3019 Wilkinson RobertSticker lanehouse55, Sticker lane
3020 Wilkinson RobertLittle Hortonpart of millSpring mill street
3021 Wilkinson SamuelRooley lanehouse353, Rooley lane
3022 Wilkinson SethWakefield roadhouse146, Wakefield road
3023 Wilkinson ThomasWakefield roadhouse & landWakefield road
3024 Wilkinson Timothy FawbertLower lanehouseLower lane
3025 Wilkinson WilliamSt. John's terracehouse11, St. John's terrace
3026 Wilkinson WilliamManchester roadhouse768, Manchester road
3027 Wilkinson WilliamBankfoothouse30, Bankfoot
3028 Wilkinson WilliamMuff streethouse18, Muff street
3029 Wilkinson WilliamManchester roadhouseManchester road
3030 Wilkinson WilliamWesleyan terracehouse5, Wesleyan terrace
3031 Wilkinson WilliamMill lanehouse179, Mill lane
3032 Wilkinson WilliamSwaine greenhouse78, Swaine green
3033 Willey JosephLizard streethouseBeetham street
successivehouse5, Lizard street
3034 Williams FrancisFairfax streethouse91, Fairfax street
3035 Williams WilliamBroomfield terracehouse74, Broomfield terrace
3036 Williams WilliamWootton streethouseNewby street
successivehouse75, Wootton street
3037 Willimott FrankUpper Pollard streethouse5, Upper Pollard street
3038 Wilman AlexanderOld lanehouse502, Old lane
3039 Wilman JohnSmiddles lanehouse21, Smiddles lane
3040 Wilman ThomasOld lanehouse508, Old lane
3041 Wilman WilliamSmiddles lanehouse23, Smiddles lane
3042 Wilson CharlesBerry streethouse9, Berry street
3043 Wilson DavidRook lanehouse14, Rook lane
3044 Wilson EdwinCaledonia streethouse & shop157, Caledonia street
3045 Wilson FrankHall lanehouse44, Hall lane
3046 Wilson FrankPump streethouseDross street
successivehouse10, Pump street
3047 Wilson GeorgeFairfax streethouse95, Fairfax street
3048 Wilson HenryLong streethouse30, Long street
3049 Wilson JohnOld lanehouse428, Old lane
3050 Wilson JosephPollard streethouse18, Pollard street
3051 Wilson RichardCaledonia streethouse104, Caledonia street
3052 Wilson ThomasBirch lanehouse2, Birch lane
3053 Wilson WilliamCold damhouseCold dam
3054 Wilson WilliamMoody streethouse65, Moody street
3055 Wilson WilliamGranby streethouse58, Granby street
3056 Wilson WilliamWakefield roadhouse930, Wakefield road
3057 Wilson WilliamHall lanehouse156, Hall lane
3058 Winn GeorgeBack lanehouse358, Back lane
3059 Winn LewisNewby streethouse53, Newby street
3060 Winsor JosephLord streethouse9, Lord street
3061 Winter JohnWadsworth streethouse19, Wadsworth street
3062 Winterburn WilliamSaville streethouse1, Saville street
3063 Wiper GeorgeFoundry lanehouse7, Foundry lane
3064 Witherley WilliamWakefield roadhouse922, Wakefield road
3065 Womersley JosephGalloway lanehouseGalloway lane
3066 Wood AllenOld lanehouse122, Old lane
3067 Wood AmosRooley lanehouseRooley lane
3068 Wood BenjaminSmiddles lanehouse9, Smiddles lane
3069 Wood BenjaminLow wellhouse519, Low well
3070 Wood EllisBeetham streethouse7, Beetham street
3071 Wood GeorgeBack lanehouse338, Back lane
3072 Wood GreenwoodBengal streethouse5, Bengal street
3073 Wood HoltPollard streethousePollard street
successivehouse67, Pollard street
3074 Wood JohnSloane streethouse22, Sloane street
3075 Wood JosephParry lanehouse21, Parry lane
3076 Wood JosephBankfoothouse934, Bankfoot
3077 Wood JosephLord streetbeerhouse4, Lord street
3078 Wood JosephManchester roadhouseManchester road
3079 Wood Sam FredPollard streethouse127, Pollard street
3080 Wood SamuelCalcutta streethouse50, Calcutta street
3081 Wood ThomasBolling streethouse & shop192, Bolling street
3082 Wood ThomasRipley terracehouse21, Ripley terrace
3083 Wood ThomasCaledonia streethouse80, Caledonia street
3084 Wood WilliamRooley lanehouseBeatrice street
successivehouse229, Rooley lane
3085 Woodcock WilliamSloane streethouse54, Sloane street
3086 Woodhead GeorgeTennant streethouse111, Tennant street
3087 Woodhead HenryLow wellhouse505, Low well
3088 Woodhead JohnUpper Pollard streethouseBailey street
successivehouse11, Upper Pollard street
3089 Woodhead JohnSmiddles lanehouse41, Smiddles lane
3090 Woodhead JohnLavinia streethouse4, Lavinia street
3091 Woodhead JohnBroomfield terracehouse84, Broomfield terrace
3092 Woodhead JosephLavinia streethouse2, Lavinia street
3093 Woodhead PeterRooley lanehouse475, Rooley lane
3094 Woodhead ThomasWootton streethouse12, Wootton street
3095 Woodhead TimothyMuff streethouse38, Muff street
3096 Woodhead WilliamHaigh streethouse1, Haigh street
3097 Woodhead WilliamOld lanehouse290, Old lane
3098 Woodhead WilliamRipley terracehouse75, Ripley terrace
3099 Woodhead WilliamBengal streethouse23, Bengal street
3100 Woodhead William GreenwoodNewby streethouse & shop36, Newby street
3101 Woodrow JamesGranby streethouse23, Granby street
3102 Woodrow WilliamHaigh streethouse4, Haigh street
3103 Wooller JosephUsher streethouseWakefield road
successivehouse11, Usher street
3104 Wooller JosephNewby streethouse101, Newby street
3105 Wooller RobertBroom streethouse79, Broom street
3106 Wooller WilliamMaw streethouse10, Maw street
3107 Wordsworth JamesCarbon streethouse5, Carbon street
3108 Wordsworth Robert WilliamDross streethouse8, Dross street
3109 Worfolk JamesWood roadhouse11, Wood road
3110 Worfolk WilliamNewby streethouse180, Newby street
3111 Wormald WilliamPollard streethousePollard street
successivehouse42, Pollard street
3112 Worsman DanielRooley lanehouse465, Rooley lane
3113 Worsman DavidStephen foldhouseStephen fold
successivehouse1, Stephen fold
3114 Worsman JohnSticker lanehouse328, Sticker lane
3115 Worsnop EzraFairfax streethouse35, Fairfax street
3116 Worth ThomasMerton streethouseMerton street
3117 Wray JosephVere streethouse6, Vere street
3118 Wray RobertSaville streethouse26, Saville street
3119 Wray ThomasRipley streethouse7, Ripley street
3120 Wright AaronBeetham streethouseUpper Pollard street
successivehouse4, Beetham street
3121 Wright Alfred CorneliusWakefield roadhouse568, Wakefield road
3122 Wright EdwardMill lanehouse8, Beetham street
successivehouse139, Mill lane
3123 Wright EdwinManchester roadhouse571, Manchester road
3124 Wright EdwinOld lanehouseManchester road
successivehouse506, Old lane
3125 Wright FergusSwaine greenhouse58, Swaine green
3126 Wright FrederickOld lanehouseOld lane
successivehouse162, Old lane
3127 Wright GeorgeBirch lanehouseNew cross street
3128 Wright JamesLow wellhouse529, Low well
3129 Wright JamesOld lanehouse307, Old lane
3130 Wright JamesTennant streethouse14, Tennant street
3131 Wright JohnOld lanehouse336, Old lane
3132 Wright JohnCaledonia streethouse205, Caledonia street
3133 Wright JonathanOld lanehouse392, Old lane
3134 Wright JosephOld lanehouse279, Old lane
3135 Wright JosephOld lanehouse & shop197, Old lane
3136 Wright JosephOaks foldhouse & land41, Oaks fold
3137 Wright Joseph JohnWilliam streethouse16, John William street
3138 Wright JosephCutler heightshouseCutler heights
3139 Wright RichardNew Cross streethouseNew Cross street
3140 Wright SethBroomfield terracehouse62, Broomfield terrace
3141 Wright SquireOld lanehouseOld lane
successivehouseOld lane
3142 Wright StephenOld lanehouse361, Old lane
3143 Wright ThomasWakefield roadbeerhouse488, Wakefield road
3144 Wright WilliamManchester roadhouse664, Manchester road
3145 Wright WilliamWakefield roadbeerhouse228, Wakefield road
3146 Wroe CharlesOld lanehouseBaxandall fold
3147 Wroe Charles FrancisCarter streethouse27, Carter street
3148 Wroe JohnWakefield roadhouse582, Wakefield road
3149 Wroe RichardSmiddles lanehouse38, Smiddles lane

BOWLING WARD, 1871, surnames beginning with the letter Y
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
3150 Yates HenrySticker lanehouseSticker lane
successivehouse77, Sticker lane
3151 Yates RobertSticker lanehouse73, Sticker lane
3152 Yates WilliamBolling streethouse64, Bolling street
3153 Yeadon SamuelPollard streethouseLizard street
successivehouse65, Pollard street
3154 Yewdall EzraManchester roadhouseManchester road
3155 Yewdall JohnRooley lanehouse462, Rooley lane
3156 Yewdall JohnBankfoothouse916, Bankfoot

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