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BRADFORD: Bradford Parliamentary Register 1872, NORTH WARD, surnames A-G.


NORTH WARD, 1872, surnames A-G.
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1 Abbott AnthonyCannon streethouse23, Cannon street
2 Ackroyd BenjaminBroad streethouseBroad street
successivehouse11, Broad street
3 Ackroyd GeorgeManninghamofficeKirkgate
4 Ackroyd JohnManor rowhouse13, Manor row
5 Ackroyd JosiahBolton roadhouse255, Bolton road
6 Ackroyd WilliamBolton roadhouseDenton court, Horton
successivehouse401, Bolton road
7 Alderson EdwardCannon streethouse47, Cannon street
8 Alpin JamesBalme streethouseBalme street
9 Ambler EdwardManninghamwarehouseValley road
10 Ambler JeremiahManninghamwarehouseValley road
11 Ambler Jeremiah, junr.ManninghamwarehouseValley road
12 Ambler JohnManninghamwarehouseValley road
13 Ambler RichardLeeming streethouse9, Leeming street
14 Anderson ThomasSalem streethouse33, Salem street
15 Appleby WilliamValley roadhouseValley road
16 Ardern Robert24, Tyson streetofficeCanal road
17 Armitage ThomasMiddle streethouse4, Middle street
18 Armitage ThomasClarenton lanehouse34, Clarenton lane
19 Ashton WilliamManninghamshop38, North parade
20 Aspinall GeorgeSpring gardenshouse12, Spring gardens
21 Aspinall SamuelRegent placehouse5, Regent place
22 Atkinson JamesBolton roadhouse313, Bolton road
23 Atkinson JohnClarenton lanehouse8, Clarenton lane
24 Atkinson NathanDrewton streetshopKirkgate
25 Atley RichardTrafalgar streethouse2, Trafalgar street
26 Aveyard GeorgeBolton roadhouse413, Bolton road
27 Aveyard ScottSalisbury streethouseWapping road
successivehouse17, Salisbury street
28 Aykroyd JohnManninghamwarehouse9, Piccadilly

NORTH WARD, 1872, surnames beginning with the letter B
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
29 Backhouse JohnManninghamshopNorth parade
30 Badman HarryLeeming streethouse2, Leeming street
31 Bailey ArthurBroad streethouse2, Broad street
32 Bailey WilliamStone streethouse7, Manor street
successivehouse21, Stone street
33 Bainbridge ThomasNorth paradeshopNorth parade
34 Bairstow JohnSchool streethouse28, School street
35 Bairstow LukeAlbert streethouse18, Albert street
36 Bairstow WilliamBalme streethouse23, Balme street
37 Baker WilliamBroad streethouse4, Broad street
38 Baldwin JamesSalem streethouse7, Salem street
39 Baldwin William HenryWell streethouseWell street
40 Bancroft JabezTurner rowhouse4, Turner row
41 Barker BaxterBroad streethouse8, Broad street
42 Barker JosephBolton roadhouse217, Bolton road
43 Barlow William WagstaffManninghamoffice46, Darley street
44 Barnett WilliamBolton roadhouse485, Bolton road
45 Barr RobertManor rowhouse29, Manor row
46 Barraclough HenryHoldsworth streethouse5, Holdsworth street
47 Barraclough William HansonHallfield placehouse9, Hallfield place
48 Baskerville ReubenNorthbrook placehouse5, Northbrook place
49 Bates GeorgeWharfe streethouse13, Wharfe street
50 Baxter JamesBolton roadhouse307, Bolton road
51 Baxter SquireBolton roadhouse461, Bolton road
52 Beaumont WilliamCannon streethouse19, Cannon street
53 Beavers ThomasBolton roadhouse939, Bolton road
54 Beck RichardDarley streethouse18, Darley street
55 Beckenbach William FrederickNorth paradewarehouse22, Bermondsey
56 Beldon William BenjaminHallfield streethouse16, Hallfield street
57 Bell JamesMiddle streethouse7, Middle street
58 Bennett JosephBolton roadhouseOtley road
successivehouse903, Bolton road
59 Benson ThomasTrafalgar streethouse9, Trafalgar street
60 Benson WilliamSalisbury streethouse18, Salisbury street
successivehouseBank street
61 Berlon HenryManninghamshop16, North parade
62 Berry FrancisLister streethouse1, Lister street
63 Best AbrahamSalem streetwarehousePiccadilly
64 Best John GibsonSalem streetwarehousePiccadilly
65 Best SamuelYork streetwarehousePiccadilly
66 Best Thomas ScraceWortleyshop12, Piccadilly
67 Bevan Thomas GodfreyKirkgatehouseBank street
68 Bingham GeorgeColeridge placewarehouse7, Bolton road
69 Binns JohnManninghamshop38, Darley street
70 Birkby HenryAlbert streethouse5, Albert street
71 Blackburn HenryBroad streethouse10, Broad street
72 Blackwell JohnCannon streethouse51, Cannon street
successivehouse52, Cannon street
73 Blakey GeorgeSpring Gardenshouse13, Spring gardens
74 Blamires WilliamManninghamwarehouseBermondsey
75 Bolton WilliamNorthbrook placehouse33, Northbrook place
76 Bond FrederickBowlingwarehouseKirkgate
77 Boocock WilliamBolton roadhouse421, Bolton road
successivehouse389E, Bolton road
78 Booker JohnNorthbrook placehouse17, Northbrook place
79 Booth AllenWharfe streethouse31, Wharfe street
80 Booth WilliamHortonwarehouseKirkgate
81 Boothroyd ByronSpring Gardenshouse26, Spring gardens
82 Borrisow Albert MatthewNorth paradehouse30, North parade
83 Bowen EphraimBack School streethouse5, Back School street
84 Bower FrederickBolton roadhouse423, Bolton road
85 Bower JamesMiddle streethouseAdolphus street
successivehouse12, Middle street
86 Bower JosephShipleywarehouse20, Kirkgate
87 Bowles JamesCannon streethouse119, Sticker lane, Bowling
successivehouse5, Cannon street
88 Boyce GeorgeSalem streethouseSalem street
successivehouse64, Salem street
89 Boyce Thomas GibsonPark placeshop36, Darley street
90 Boyes FrancisTrafalgar streethouse15, Trafalgar street
91 Boyes WilliamSpring gardenshouse18, Spring gardens
92 Boynes BenjaminBolton roadhouse445, Bolton road
93 Braithwaite JohnBolton roadhouse219, Bolton road
94 Braithwaite WilliamCannon streethouse29, Cannon street
95 Brayshaw JamesBolton roadhouseBolton road
96 Brayshaw WilliamMiddle streethouse3, Middle street
97 Brear JosephBolton roadhouse951, Bolton road
98 Brearley GeorgeBolton roadhouse519, Bolton road
99 Brewer JohnTrafalgar streethouse82, Trafalgar street
100 Brewer WilliamTrafalgar streethouse74, Trafalgar street
101 Brewerton John RichardsonDixon streethouse19, Dixon street
102 Briggs HenryManninghamwarehouseTrafalgar street
103 Briggs SamuelSchool streethouseCook street
successivehouse34, School street
104 Broadbent JohnHortonwarehouseLeeming street
105 Broadbent JonasHortonwarehouseLeeming street
106 Bronner EdwardManor rowhouse33, Manor row
107 Brook JohnSpring gardenshouse30, Spring gardens
108 Brook MarshallBolton roadhouse933, Bolton road
109 Brook TimothyManninghamshop36, North parade
110 Brown EdmundStone streethouse3, Stone street
111 Brown GeorgeManninghamshopKirkgate
112 Brown JohnRegent placehouse3, Regent place
113 Brown JohnEllis streethouseAcre street
successivehouse10, Ellis street
114 Brown SamuelManor rowhouse22, Manor row
115 Brown WilliamHallfield placeshop34, Darley street
116 Buck ThomasManor rowhouse17, Manor row
117 Burgess FrederickManninghamwarehouseMill street
118 Burlison RobertBolton roadhouse959, Bolton road
119 Burn WilliamBeanland squarehouse27, Beanland square
120 Burnley JamesManninghamwarehouse3, Cheapside
121 Burrows DanielNortholme streethouseBritannia street
successivehouse5, Northolme street
122 Butler RobertBack School streethouse1, Back School street
123 Butler SamuelSilsbridge laneshopWell street
124 Butterfield FrederickKeighleywarehouse7, Piccadilly
125 Butterfield Henry IsaacKeighleywarehouse7, Piccadilly
126 Butterfield JesseBolton roadhouseWellington street
successivehouse91, Bolton road
127 Butterfield WilliamKeighleywarehouse7, Piccadilly
128 Byles WilliamHortonofficeCheapside
129 Byles William PollardHortonofficeCheapside

NORTH WARD, 1872, surnames beginning with the letter C
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
130 Calvert WilliamBolton roadhouse145, Bolton road
131 Carrodus JohnBolton roadhouse237, Bolton road
132 Cavanah ThomasMill streethouse1, Mill street
133 Cawthra ThomasSalem streethouse19, Salem street
134 Chadwick WilliamCannon streethouse39, Cannon street
135 Chaffer JosephBolton roadhouse405, Bolton road
136 Chambers GeorgeHanover squareofficeWell street
successiveofficeDarley street
137 Chapman JohnHortonshop26, Kirkgate
138 Charlton Thomas JamesTrafalgar streethouse62, Trafalgar street
139 Ching RobertSpring gardensshop20, Kirkgate
140 Clappison WilliamSalisbury streethouse5, Salisbury street
141 Clark JamesTrafalgar streethouse3A, Trafalgar street
142 Clarke BenjaminCroft streetwarehouse25, Bermondsey
143 Clarke JohnEldon placewarehouse3, Palmerston buildings
144 Clarke JohnMargerison streethouseWapping road
successivehouse7, Margerison street
145 Clarke WilliamIdleshopKirkgate
146 Clarkson EdwardAlbert placehouse11, Albert place
147 Clayton GeorgeHallfield placehouse11, Hallfield place
148 Clayton JamesTrafalgar streethouse38, Trafalgar street
149 Clayton JamesWharfe streethouse9, Wharfe street
150 Clayton JamesBack School streethouse4, Back School street
151 Clayton WilliamSchool streethouse4, School street
152 Clough JamesLeeming streethouseWakefield road
successivehouseLeeming street
153 Clulow William BentonSpring gardenshouse20, Spring gardens
154 Coates RalphBolton roadhouse45, Bolton road
155 Cobb BenjaminManninghamshopCheapside
156 Cockerline RobertCannon streethouse7, Cannon street
157 Cockshott WilliamBroad streethouseWestgate
successivehouse3, Broad street
158 Collins ThomasManor streethouse5, Manor street
159 Collins WilliamManninghamwarehouseLister street
160 Collinson JosephManninghamwarehouseCanal road
161 Connor JohnMargerison streethouseHoldsworth street
successivehouse2, Margerison street
162 Cooke WilliamManninghamwarehouse19, Cheapside
successivewarehouseDale street
163 Cooper JohnBalme streethouse19, Balme street
164 Cooper SamuelBolton roadhouse901, Bolton road
165 Copley George, junr.Bolton roadhouse155, Bolton road
166 Copley JohnBolton roadhouse309, Bolton road
167 Copley JohnBolton roadhouse163, Bolton road
168 Cororan DanielBolton roadhouse279, Bolton road
169 Coulton DixonRailroad streethouse11, Railroad street
170 Cousen FrederickBroad streethouse6, Broad street
171 Cowburn ThomasTrafalgar streethouse86, Trafalgar street
172 Cowgill EllisBroad streetshop26, Broad street
173 Cowgill JamesSpring gardenshouse52, Drewton street
successivehouseSpring gardens
174 Cowgill WilliamManor rowhouse41, Manor row
175 Crabtree JohnBolton roadhouse343, Bolton road
176 Crabtree JosephBolton roadhouse347, Bolton road
177 Crabtree JoshuaBolton roadhouse345, Bolton road
178 Crabtree ThomasSchool streethouse13, School street
179 Crane WilliamManor rowhouseManor row
180 Craven LotManninghamwarehouseBermondsey
181 Cridland HenryHortonwarehouseMill street
182 Croft WilliamManninghamwarehouseLister street
183 Cronin PatrickSalem streethouse37, Salem street
184 Crowther JonasSalisbury streethouse20, Salisbury street
successivehouse22, Salisbury street
185 Cudworth WilliamHallfield placehouse7, Hallfield place
186 Cullingworth DavidTrafalgar streethouseBolton road
successivehouse41, Trafalgar street
187 Cummings MatthewMargerison streethouse6, Holdsworth street
successivehouse8, Margerison street
188 Cunliffe RobertBolton roadhouse205, Bolton road
189 Curtis HenryCalverleyshop5, Broadstones
190 Curtis PeterCalverleyshop5, Broadstones

NORTH WARD, 1872, surnames beginning with the letter D
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
191 Dallman RichardTrafalgar streethouseMildred street
successivehouse6, Trafalgar street
192 Dalton GeorgeStone streethouse4, Stone street
193 Dann WilliamBolton roadhouse289, Bolton road
194 Darg WilliamSpinkwell dyehousehouse7, Spinkwell dyehouse
195 Davis Charles63, Wharfe streethouse63, Wharfe street
196 Davis JosephQueen streethouse21, Queen street
successivehouse35, Queen street
197 Dawson JohnBolton roadhouse447, Bolton road
198 Dawson John HayhurstPudseywarehouse6, Dale street
199 Dawson SmithBermondseywarehouseBermondsey
200 Dawson WilliamBeanland squarehouse15, Beanland square
201 Deacon JamesNorthbrook placehouse27, Northbrook place
202 Deacon Joseph IllingworthBolton roadhouse487, Bolton road
203 Delius DanielYeadonwarehouseCheapside
204 Delver GeorgeSpinkwell dyehousehouse4, Spinkwell dyehouse
205 Dennison JosephDuke streetshopDuke street
206 Dennison JosephBolton roadhouseAlmond street
successivehouseHarris street
successivehouse495, Bolton road
207 Dennison RobertTrafalgar streethouse47, Trafalgar street
208 Dennison ThomasBolton roadhouse475, Bolton road
209 Dewhirst WilliamRegent placehouse11, Regent place
210 Dibb ChristopherBack School streethouse2, Back School street
211 Dibb JohnHallfield roadwarehouse18, Bermondsey
212 Dickinson WilliamBolton roadhouse185, Bolton road
213 Dobson JamesManor rowhouseManor row
214 Dobson JoshuaBolton roadhouse761, Bolton road
215 Donagan PatrickAlbert streethouseVincent street
successivehouse13, Albert street
216 Dooley ThomasAlbert placehouse5, Albert place
217 Drake AlfredHeatonshop38, North parade
218 Drake JamesCannon streethouse24, Cannon street
219 Dresser JosephBalme streethouse23, Balme street
220 Duckett AbrahamBolton roadhouse463, Bolton road
221 Duckitt WilliamManninghamofficeMarket street
222 Dufty BrianHortonwarehouseBermondsey
223 Duggan MichaelMargerison streethouseJury street
successivehouse10, Margerison street
224 Dunlop JohnManor rowhouse35, Manor row
225 Dunn JohnCannon streethouse17, Cannon street
226 Durkin JohnCannon streethouseRawson place
successivehouse26, Cannon street
227 Dwyer MichaelBolton roadhouse143, Bolton road
228 Dyson HenryBowlingshop33, Cheapside

NORTH WARD, 1872, surnames beginning with the letter E
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
229 Eastburn JohnDixon streethouse67, Dixon street
230 Eastwood Thomas CharlesNorthgateshopHallfield street
231 Eckersley John, senr.Hallfield placehouse3, Hallfield place
232 Eckersley John, junr.Trafalgar placehouseTrafalgar street
successivehouse9, Trafalgar place
233 Edmondson WilliamSchool streethouse11, School street
234 Edwards DavidBolton roadhouse305, Bolton road
235 Egerton SamuelSalisbury streethouse11, Salisbury street
236 Ellison AlfredTrafalgar streethouse58, Trafalgar street
237 Ellison JohnColeridge placewarehouseBroadstones
successivewarehouse9, Cheapside
238 Elstrip WilliamBolton roadhouse13, Bolton road
239 Elwood JamesCannon streethouse11, Margerison street
successivehouse34, Cannon street
240 Emmott JohnBolton roadhouse209, Bolton road
241 Emsley ThomasBolton roadhouse3, Wharfe street
successivehouse & shop85C, Bolton road
242 England WilliamSchool streethouse16, School street
243 Exley John, junr.BaildonwarehouseBermondsey
244 Exley JosephApperley BridgewarehouseBermondsey
245 Exley RobertEccleshillwarehouseCanal road
246 Exley SamuelManninghamwarehouseBermondsey

NORTH WARD, 1872, surnames beginning with the letter F
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
247 Farrar EdwardBroad streethouse24, Broad street
248 Farrar EdwinBolton roadhouseCarver court
successivehouse135, Bolton road
249 Farrar HansonManninghamshop20, Kirkgate
250 Fattorini AntonioWestgateshopKirkgate
251 Fattorini EdwardWestgateshopKirkgate
252 Fattorini InnocentWestgateshopKirkgate
253 Fattorini JohnWestgateshopKirkgate
254 Fawcett GeorgeClarenton lanehouse14, Clarenton lane
255 Fawcett JohnBalme streethouse21, Balme street
256 Fawcett RichardApperley Bridgewarehouse9, Dale street
257 Fearnley EdwardDarley streethouse & shop42, Darley street
258 Fearnley JamesBeanland squarehouse3, Beanland square
259 Fearnley WilliamTrafalgar streethouse11, Trafalgar street
260 Feather SutcliffeSchool streethouse10, School street
261 Fewster JamesBolton roadhouse389D, Bolton road
262 Fieldhouse WilliamTurner rowhouse3, Turner row
263 Firth JohnMill streethouse9, Mill street
264 Firth JosephBolton roadhouse403, Bolton road
265 Firth Thomas AbrahamRawdonwarehouseLister street
successivewarehouseMill street
266 Firth WalterAshfieldwarehouse17, Piccadilly
267 Firth WilliamBolton roadhouse425, Bolton road
successivehouse427, Bolton road
268 Fisher JohnSpringfield placehouse7, Springfield place
269 Fisher SamuelNortholme streethouse3, Northolme street
270 Flannagan HenryQueen streethouse28, Queen street
successivehouse32, Queen street
271 Fletcher JosephBroad streethouse16, Broad street
272 Forrest ThomasManninghamshopKirkgate
273 Forster JamesCannon streethouseWentworth street
successivehouse43, Cannon street
274 Fortune EdwardHallfield placehouse13, Hallfield place
275 Fortune PaulBeanland squarehouse5, Beanland square
276 Foster JohnSchool streethouse24, School street
277 Foster JohnFarsleywarehouseCheapside
278 Foulds RobertNorthbrook placehouse11, Northbrook place
279 Fox John EdwardHortonwarehouseBermondsey
280 France CharlesManninghamofficeCheapside
281 Frank John PhilipHalifaxwarehouse7, Duke street
282 Frankland GeorgeBroad streethouse13, Broad street
283 Franklin WilliamStone streethouse5, Stone street
284 Franks WilliamBolton roadhouse76, Bolton road
285 Frater GeorgeSpinkwell dyehousehouse8, Spinkwell dyehouse
286 Freeman SamuelMortonwarehouseTrafalgar street
287 Fryer JohnHortonwarehouseMill street
288 Fuller WilliamSchool streethouse32, School street

NORTH WARD, 1872, surnames beginning with the letter G
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
289 Garnet SamBingleywarehouseDale street
290 Garnett JamesUndercliffewarehousePalmerston buildings
291 Garnett WilliamPollard lanewarehouse3, Palmerston buildings
292 Gascoigne GeorgeBolton roadhouseOtley road
successivehouse339, Bolton road
293 George WilliamManninghamofficeKirkgate
294 Getz AdolphusNorth paradehouse44, North parade
295 Gibb GeorgeClarenton lanehouseCrown street
successivehouse12, Clarenton lane
296 Gibson JamesHortonshop36, Darley street
297 Gibson JohnSpringfield placehouse21, Springfield place
298 Gill WilliamTrafalgar streethouse78, Trafalgar street
299 Gillaghan JosephRegent placehouse10, Regent place
300 Gilgras HenryBolton roadhouse477, Bolton road
301 Gledhill HenrySnowden streethouseSnowden street
302 Glover MarkHortonwarehousePiccadilly
303 Golden CharlesGrammar School streetshop18, Cheapside
304 Gorman PatrickBolton roadhouse261, Bolton road
305 Gotthardt Walter HebdenManninghamofficeBermondsey
306 Grauhan Frederick WilliamManor rowhouse10, Manor row
307 Green EdwardRailroad streethouse10, Railroad street
308 Green JohnBolton roadhouseBolton road
successivehouse421, Bolton road
309 Greenhough ListerTongwarehouseSchool street
successivewarehouseDale street
310 Greenhough SquireBolton roadhouse481, Bolton road
311 Greenwood BenjaminManninghamwarehouse19A, Cheapside
312 Greenwood GeorgeBolton roadhouse291, Bolton road
313 Greenwood WilliamTrafalgar placehouse4, Trafalgar place
314 Guinan JamesAlbert streethouse15, Albert street
315 Gurney JohnManninghamwarehouse38, Piccadilly

Transcribed by Colin Hinson © 2014
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