BRADFORD: Bradford Parliamentary Register 1873, EAST WARD, surnames A-G.



* Lines starting with an asterisk (*) mean the entry is not for voting.

EAST WARD, 1873, surnames A-G.
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1 Abbey AlfredExeter streethouse162, Exeter street
2 Abbott AlfredSpinkwell terracehouse242, Spinkwell terrace
3 Abbott UmplebyHarris streethouse & shop25, Harris street
4 Abercrombie George WilliamLightcliffewarehouseBentley street
5 Acroyd BenjaminWellington streethouse34, Wellington street
6 Acroyd BenjaminButler streethouse63, Butler street
7 Acroyd CharlesOrchard streethouse15, Orchard street
8 Acroyd EdwardManor rowwarehouse4, Broadstones
9 Acroyd FrederickWapping roadhouse83, Wapping road
10 Acroyd HenryManninghamwarehouse2, Brook street
11 Acroyd JamesHeap lanehouse118, Heap lane
12 Acroyd James EdmondsonTennyson placehouse87, Tennyson place
13 Acroyd JohnOtley roadhouse46, Otley road
14 Acroyd JohnThornton's Buildingshouse8, Thornton's Buildings
15 Acroyd JohnHortonwarehouse10, Brook street
successivewarehouseCharles street
16 Acroyd JohnJohnson foldhouse7, Johnson fold
17 Acroyd John HarrisManninghamwarehouse25, Charles street
18 Acroyd JosephMildred streethouse124, Mildred street
19 Acroyd ParkinsonHortonwarehouse10, Brook street
successivewarehouseCharles street
20 Acroyd RichardJermyn streethouse45, Jermyn street
21 Acroyd SamuelHortonwarehouse31, Booth street
22 Acroyd SimeonWest viewhouse1, West view
23 Acroyd ThomasBirkenshawwarehouse18, Charles street
24 Acroyd ThomasTimber courthouse3, Timber court
25 Acroyd WignallJermyn streethouse3, Jermyn street
26 Acroyd WilliamBirkenshawwarehouse18, Charles street
27 Acroyd WilsonOtley roadhouse28, Otley road
successivehouse26, Otley road
28 Ackworth JamesHortonwarehouse37, Peel place
29 Adams William LeeTennyson placehouse101, Tennyson place
30 Adamson JosephMulberry streethouse14, Mulberry street
31 Ainsworth RobinsonIdle roadhouse4, Idle road
32 Airey AnthonyOtley roadhouse53, Otley road
33 Akam ThomasManninghamwarehouse21, Swaine street
34 Aked JosiahHalifaxwarehouse42, Hall ings
35 Aked RobertShipleywarehouse11, Bentley street
36 Akins StephenWapping roadhouse113, Wapping road
37 Akroyd EdwardHalifaxwarehouse25, Booth street
38 Albut GeorgeExeter streethouse56, Exeter street
successivehouse58, Exeter street
39 Alderson ArthurNorthbrook streethouse15, Northbrook street
40 Alderson JohnExeter streethouse176, Exeter street
41 Alderson ListerExeter streethouse72, Exeter street
42 Alderson ThomasTimber courthouse6, Timber court
43 Allen JohnWright streethouse19, Wright street
44 Allen MordecaiButler streethouse1, Butler street
45 Allison IsaacUpper Park streethouse22, Upper Park street
46 Allison JohnCordingley streethouseUpper Park street
successivehouse47, Cordingley street
47 Almond WilliamTennyson placehouse12A, Tennyson place
48 Ambler BramwellCobourg streethouse4, Cobourg street
49 Ambler JamesManninghamwarehouse23, Well street
50 Ambler James AndersonShipleywarehouse17, Swaine street
51 Ambler JohnManninghamwarehouse17, Swaine street
52 Ambler RobertFilbert streetwarehouse10, Brook street
53 Ambler ThomasManninghamwarehouse17, Swaine street
54 Ambler ThomasWapping streethouse2, Wapping street
55 Amos RichardOtley roadhouse52, Wilfred street
successivehouse180, Otley road
56 Anderson Charles A.Filbert streethouse77, Filbert street
57 Anderson JohnOrchard streethouse38, Orchard street
58 Anderson JosephCross Sun streethouse31, Cross Sun street
59 Anderson ThomasCordingley streethouse40, Cordingley street
60 Anderson ThomasStott hillhouse34, Stott hill
61 Anderson WilliamArthur streethousePine street
successivehouse18, Arthur street
62 Aneley WilliamWilfred streethouse87, Wilfred street
63 Angus JohnCraven streethouse19, Craven street
64 Annable LukeBolton roadhouse228B, Bolton road
65 Appleyard GeorgeFilbert streethouse48, North wing
successivehouse37, Filbert street
66 Appleyard JamesJoseph streethouse31, Joseph street
67 Appleyard JoshuaHalifaxwarehouseBooth street
68 Armitage AbelWellington streethouse62, Wellington street
69 Armitage FrancisPaper Hall streethouse13, Paper Hall street
70 Armitage GeorgeManninghamwarehouse7, Mildred court
71 Armitage HenryHeap streethouse41, Heap lane
72 Armitage JobLingard streethouse3, Lingard street
73 Armitage JohnTennyson placehouse56, Tennyson place
74 Armitage John RamsdenIlkleywarehouse8, Swaine street
75 Armond JohnWapping roadhouse263, Wapping road
76 Armstrong John JacksonOtley roadhouseAiredale square
successivehouse71, Otley road
77 Arnold EdwardWilfred streethouse16, Wilfred street
78 Arnold JamesWellington streethouse46, Wellington street
79 Arnold JohnWellington streethouse42, Wellington street
80 Arnold JosephRichmond streethouse15, Richmond street
81 Arnold William HenryTennyson placehouse26, Tennyson place
82 Arthur SamuelExeter streethouse170, Exeter street
successivehouseExeter street
83 Ashley HenryBack foldhouse2, Back fold
84 Ashley JamesSun streethouse27, Sun street
85 Ashley JohnUpper Park streethouse27, Upper Park street
86 Ashworth JamesMab streethouse12, Mab street
87 Ashworth JohnGarnett streethouse133, Garnett street
88 Ashworth ThomasTennyson placehouse92, Tennyson place
89 Ashworth ThomasWapping roadhouse118, Wapping road
90 Askin JohnPaper Hall streethouse6, Paper Hall street
91 Aspinall JosephSowden's Buildingshouse14, Sowden's Buildings
92 Asquith Arthur GauntHortonshopMarket street
93 Asquith JamesHortonwarehouseBentley street
94 Atack BenjaminMulberry streethouse47, Mulberry street
95 Atack JosephNorth winghouse94, Longcroft place
successivehouse136, North wing
96 Atkin George EdwinLofthouse streethouse24, Lofthouse street
97 Atkin JohnBolton roadhouse122, Bolton road
98 Atkins StephenWapping roadhouse113, Wapping road
99 Atkinson GeorgeHeap courthouse6, Heap court
100 Atkinson George WalkerStott hillhouse27, Stott hill
101 Atkinson HenryNorth winghouse9, North wing
102 Atkinson JamesExeter streethouse184, Exeter street
103 Atkinson JosephJermyn streethouse23, Jermyn street
104 Atkinson JosephMildred streethouse62, Mildred street
105 Atkinson RobertWright streethouse29, Wright street
106 Atkinson ThomasBaker streethouse1, Baker street
107 Atkinson WilliamRichard streethouse22, Richard street
108 Atkinson William FletcherManninghamcountinghouse71, Market street
109 Austerfield ThomasSouthampton streethouse30, Southampton street
110 Averdieck HermannRawdonwarehouse64, Vicar lane
111 Avery JosephClub houseshouse6, Club houses
112 Avery ThomasBaker streethouse1, Baker street
113 Aykroyd AlfredManninghamwarehouse22, Brook street
114 Aykroyd WilliamManninghamwarehouse22, Brook street
115 Aykroyd William EdwardManninghamwarehouse22, Brook street
116 Ayre JohnOxford placehouse106, Wapping road
successivehouse6, Oxford place

EAST WARD, 1873, surnames beginning with the letter B
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
117 Backwith JohnOrchard streethouse12, Orchard street
118 Bailey JamesClub houseshouse8, Club houses
119 Bailey JosephWilfred streethouse48, Wilfred street
120 Bailey JosiasWapping roadhouse235, Wapping road
121 Bailey Samuel OldfieldManninghamwarehouse5, Leeds road
122 Bailey ThomasClub houseshouse98, Mildred street
successivehouse4, Club houses
123 Bainbridge JamesNorth winghouse102, North wing
124 Baines KaberryCottingleywarehouse16, Booth street
125 Baines ThomasCottingleywarehouse16, Booth street
126 Bairstow JohnCambridge placehouse7, Cambridge place
127 Bairstow JohnClaytonwarehouse42, Brook street
128 Baker JamesPark gatehouse40, Park gate
129 Baker WilliamJermyn streethouse22, Jermyn street
130 Baker WilliamSouthampton streethouse34, Southampton street
131 Balan BenjaminLoom streethouse15, Loom street
132 Baldwin JohnGarnett streethouse27, Garnett street
133 Baldwin WilliamTennyson placehouse49, Tennyson place
134 Baldy GeorgeSpinkwell terracehouse236, Spinkwell terrace
135 Ball HenryWapping roadhouse231, Wapping road
136 Balme HenryGarnett streethouse161, Garnett street
137 Balmford EdwardPaper Hall courthouse15, Paper Hall court
138 Balmford ThomasGarnett streethouse67, Garnett street
139 Balmford WilliamWapping roadhouse50, Wapping road
140 Bankart GeorgeManninghamwarehouse3, Swaine street
141 Bankart John HorsfallBoltonwarehouse51, Hall ings
142 Banks Emanuel BarkerUpper Park streethouse60, Butler street
successivehouse20, Upper Park street
143 Banks JohnMildred streethouse72, Mildred street
144 Banks JosephStott hillhouse14, Stott hill
145 Banks ThomasOtley roadhouse125, Otley road
146 Bannan ThomasKing Charles streethouseLoom street
successivehouse7, Irving street
successivehouse21, King Charles street
147 Bannister CharlesDe Grey streethouse1, De Grey street
148 Bannister JohnMulberry streethouse38, Mulberry street
149 Banton WilliamHeap streethouse39, Heap street
150 Barber JohnSun streethouse20, Priestley street
successivehouse2, Sun street
151 Barber LukeLeeds roadhouse141, Leeds road
152 Barker BenjaminClub houseshouse26, Club houses
153 Barker DavidCowper placehouse5, Cowper place
154 Barker FrederickPollard lanehouse29, Pollard lane
155 Barker GeorgePollard lanehouse5, Pollard lane
156 Barker HenryRichard streethouse24, Richard street
157 Barker JamesClub houseshouse28, Club houses
158 Barker JohnHaigh rowhouse2, Haigh row
159 Barker JohnPollard lanehouse15, Pollard lane
successivehouse25, Pollard lane
160 Barker John SmithJane streethouse12, Jane street
161 Barker JosephPollard lanehousePollard lane
162 Barker Roger WalkerHustler terraceshop1, Otley road
163 Barlow RichardLeeds roadhouse147, Leeds road
164 Barlow ThomasHeap streethouse50, Heap street
165 Barnes JoshuaRichard streethouse14, Richard street
166 Barnett JamesJury streethouse31, Jury street
167 Barnon JohnCaptain streethouse6, Captain street
168 Barnon MichaelKing Charles streethouse9, King Charles street
169 Barr GeorgeVictoria terracehouse218, Victoria terrace
170 Barraclough ChristopherArthur streethouse1, Arthur street
171 Barraclough EdwinHeap lanehouse178, Otley road
successivehouse132, Heap lane
172 Barraclough JamesWapping roadhouse11, Wapping road
173 Barraclough JamesWright streethouse9, Wright street
174 Barraclough JohnNorthampton streethouse15, Northampton street
175 Barraclough SamuelTennyson placehouse14, Tennyson place
176 Barraclough SimeonWapping roadhouse25, Wapping road
177 Barraclough WilliamOtley roadhouse17, Mulberry street
successivehouse106, Otley road
178 Barraclough WilliamBolton roadhouse138, Bolton road
179 Barraclough William HenryButler streethouse53, Butler street
180 Barrans JamesWapping roadhouse271, Wapping road
181 Barrett HenryBarkerend roadhouse54, Barkerend road
182 Barrett JamesFilbert streethouse38, Filbert street
183 Barrett JohnBarkerend roadhouse173, Barkerend road
184 Barrett JosephAiredale squarehouse19, Airedale square
185 Barrow JamesJane streethouse9, Jane street
186 Barrow RobertSun streethouse31, Sun street
187 Barsdorf SolomonHipperholmewarehouse39, Brook street
188 Bartholomew RobertBack Spinkwell terracehouse16, Back Spinkwell terrace
189 Bartle JesseHortonshop71, Market street
190 Bartle PeterUpper Bolton streethouse11, Upper Bolton street
191 Bartle WilliamSmithson placehouse4, Smithson place
192 Barton JohnHeap streethouse69, Heap street
193 Barton JosephTennyson placehouse50, Tennyson place
194 Bartrum Arthur ClementHortonwarehouse9, Swaine street
195 Barwick JamesJermyn streethouse46, Jermyn street
196 Barwick JohnBarkerend roadhouse61, Barkerend road
197 Bastow PaulOtley roadhouse & shop158, Otley road
198 Bateman ChristianPaper Hall courthouse6, Paper Hall court
199 Bateman Ignatius W.Manninghamwarehouse27, Charles street
200 Bateman WilliamKing Charles streethouse11, King Charles street
201 Bates JamesExeter streethouse11, Exeter street
202 Bates JohnExeter streethouse198, Exeter street
203 Battye GeorgeOtley roadhouse & shop26, Otley road
successivehouse28, Otley road
204 Battye WilliamBack Victoria terracehouse3, Back Victoria terrace
205 Baxter BenjaminBack foldhouse1, Back fold
206 Baxter FrankWilfred streethouse34, Wilfred street
207 Baxter GeorgeHeap streethouse37, Heap street
208 Baxter JabezMildred streethouse13, Mulberry street
successivehouse68, Mildred street
209 Baxter JohnAmberley streetshopEast parade
210 Baxter JohnPark gatehouse36, Park gate
211 Baxter WilliamBolton roadhouse & shop120, Bolton road
212 Baxter William BradfordMarket streethouse31, Market street
213 Bayes JosephUpper Bolton streethouse5, Upper Bolton street
214 Bayley ThomasTennyson placehouse36B, Tennyson place
215 Beadle John WaitsBarkerend roadhouse45, De Grey street
successivehouseBarkerend road
216 Bean RobertTennyson placehouse12, Tennyson place
217 Beanland AlfredManninghamwarehouse44, Well street
218 Beanland JohnHortonshop15, Harris street
219 Beanland WilliamHortonshop15, Harris street
220 Beattie JonathanHortonwarehouse51, Hall ings
221 Beattie WilliamNorth winghouse151, North wing
222 Beaumont WilliamCalverleyshopBroadstones
223 Beaver JohnRichard streethouse6, Richard street
224 Beaver JosephBack Victoria terracehouse13, Back Victoria terrace
225 Beck AbrahamCross Sun streethouse56, Cross Sun street
226 Beck JamesLoom streethouse29, Loom street
227 Bedell JohnBarkerend roadhouseDe Grey street
successivehouse110, Barkerend road
228 Beecroft JohnUndercliffe lanemill72, Harris street
229 Beetham ThomasBack Victoria terracehouse2, Back Victoria terrace
230 Beever JohnLeeds roadhouse139, Leeds road
231 Behrens JacobNorth paradewarehouseSwaine street
232 Belcher FrancisTimber streethouse7, Timber street
233 Belcher JohnWild Boar streethouse16, Wild Boar street
234 Beldon JosephCowper placehouseCowper place
235 Belford FrankWapping roadhouse243, Wapping road
236 Bell CharlesPark gatehouse53, Park gate
237 Bell DavidEast paradehouse6, East parade
238 Bell EdmundHortonwarehouse5, Swaine street
239 Bell HenryRichmond streethouse20, Richmond street
240 Bell JamesWapping roadhouse121, Wapping road
241 Bell JeremiahGarnett squarehouse14, Garnett square
242 Bell JohnFilbert streethouse65, Filbert street
243 Bell JohnWellington streethouse1, Wellington street
244 Bell JoshuaJermyn streethouse74, Jermyn street
245 Bell MartinColeridge placehouse25, Coleridge place
246 Bell MichaelWapping roadhouse219, Wapping road
247 Bell RichardBarkerend roadhouse65, Barkerend road
248 Bell WilliamHarris streethouse134, Harris street
249 Bellerby LauncelotBarkerend roadhouse & shop39, Barkerend road
250 Benistow AbrahamJermyn streethouse76, Jermyn street
251 Benn SolomonSpinkwell terracehouse258, Spinkwell terrace
252 Bennett JohnManninghamcountinghouse9, Market street
253 Bennett WilliamKing Charles streethouse13, King Charles street
254 Bennett WilliamCarver courthouse15, Carver court
255 Bennison JamesJoseph streethouse1, Joseph street
256 Benson JonathanPaper Hall streethouse8, Paper Hall street
257 Benson WilliamCordingley streethouse47, Cordingley street
successivehouseCordingley street
258 Bent GeorgeCraven streethouse27, Craven street
259 Bentley JohnButler streethouse59, Butler street
260 Bentley ThomasHeap streethouse20, Heap street
261 Berry BenjaminMildred streethouse90, Mildred street
262 Berry DavidHeap lanehouse13, Heap lane
263 Berry HenryMulberry streethouse31, Mulberry street
264 Berry Isaac RoperMab streethouse15, Mab street
265 Berry John WaltonHallfield roadcountinghouse5, Charles street
266 Berry Peter RathboneRipon streethouse182, Ripon street
267 Berwick JohnBaker streethouseBaker street
268 Beschy GustaveManninghamwarehouse9, Currer street
269 Bibby JohnButler streethouse6, Butler street
270 Bilbrough WilliamPark gatehouse38, Park gate
271 Billington WilliamNewlaywarehouse30, Charles street
272 Bilton WilliamPollard lanehouse9, Pollard lane
273 Bingham GeorgeColeridge placehouse2, Coleridge place
274 Bingham ThomasStanacre placehouse2, Stanacre place
275 Binks JamesGreen foldhouse2, Green fold
276 Binks WilliamLingard streethouse16, Lingard street
277 Binns AbrahamKeighleycountinghouse1, Booth street
successivewarehouse47, Leeds road
278 Binns EdwardMab streethouse9, Mab street
279 Binns GeorgeColeridge placehouse26, Coleridge place
280 Binns JohnExeter streethouse43, Wapping road
successivehouse99, Exeter street
281 Binns LeethamNorth Bierleywarehouse22, Hall ings
282 Binns WilliamExeter streethouse110, Exeter street
283 Birch GibsonMason courthouse2, Mason court
284 Birch JamesSun streethouse24, Sun street
285 Birchill JohnLoom streethouse21, Loom street
286 Birdsall GeorgeTennyson placehouse107, Tennyson place
287 Blackburn George HowgillPollard laneshopMarket street
288 Blackburn HenryManninghamshop61A, Market street
289 Blackburn HenryGarnett streethouse153, Garnett street
290 Blackburn JohnJoseph streethouse27, Joseph street
291 Blackburn RichardBarkerend roadhouse122, Barkerend road
292 Blackburn WilliamExeter streethouse62, Exeter street
293 Blackburn WilliamOtley roadhouse174, Otley road
294 Blackburn William HowgillPollard lanehouse13, Pollard lane
295 Blackwell IsaacWilfred streethouse52, Wilfred street
successivehouse44, Wilfred street
296 Blade JamesDe Grey streethouse43, De Grey street
297 Blair Hugh RamseyManninghamwarehouse39, Leeds road
298 Blakey JoshuaHalifaxwarehouse3, Brook street
299 Blakey SamuelWapping roadhouse195, Wapping road
300 Blakey WalterExeter streethouse106, Exeter street
301 Blakey WilliamRipon streethouse3, Ripon street
302 Bland AlfredFilbert streethouse15, Filbert street
303 Bland GeorgeShipleywarehouse22, Charles street
304 Bland JamesFilbert streethouse17, Filbert street
305 Bland JohnMab courthouse10, Mab court
306 Bland JohnBarkerend roadhouse167, Barkerend road
307 Bland JohnWindhillwarehouse22, Charles street
308 Bland JosephWindhillwarehouse22, Charles street
309 Bland LukePark streethouse8, Park street
310 Bland MatthewButler streethouse17, Butler street
311 Bland SolomonOrchard streethouse53, Orchard street
312 Bleasdale JosephNorth winghouse & shop59, North wing
313 Bloomfield GeorgeMildred streethouse136, Mildred street
314 Boardman HenryManninghamwarehouse2, Bentley street
315 Bogan ThomasJermyn street placehouse3, Jermyn street place
316 Bollans ThomasChurch bankshop24, Church bank
317 Bolton AlfredPark gatehouse71, Park gate
318 Bolton GeorgeCraven streethouse13, Craven street
319 Bolton JohnPark streethouse44, Park street
320 Bolton JohnColeridge placehouse11, Coleridge place
321 Bolton JosephBunker's hillhouse138, Silsbridge lane
successivehouse183, Bunker's hill
322 Bolton JosephWapping roadhouse51, Wapping road
323 Bolton JoshuaTennyson placehouse38, Tennyson place
324 Bolton ThomasPeckover streethouse3, Peckover street
325 Bolton WilliamJermyn streethouse20, Jermyn street
326 Bolton WilliamWapping Cross streethouse3, Wapping Cross street
327 Bolton WilliamOrchard streethouse10, Orchard street
328 Bomford HenryCross Sun streethouse9, Cross Sun street
329 Boocock SamuelMildred streethouse45, Mildred street
330 Booker William HenryHortonwarehouse26, Brook street
331 Boon ThomasCaptain streethouse14, Captain street
332 Booth BenjaminHortonwarehouse7, Leeds road
333 Booth CharlesPaper Hall courthouse16, Paper Hall court
334 Booth DennisJoseph streethouse38, Joseph street
335 Booth JohnGolden Cock yardhouse8, Golden Cock yard
336 Booth JohnWellington streethouse13, Wellington street
337 Booth NathanielKing Charles courthouse14, King Charles court
338 Booth Spencer BankColeridge placehouse3, Coleridge place
339 Booth ThomasOtley roadhouse13, East parade
successivehouse219, Otley road
340 Booth ThomasOrchard streethouse77, Orchard street
341 Boothroyd EmanuelCordingley streethouse33, Cordingley street
342 Boothroyd JosephHortonwarehouseDrake street
successivewarehouse49, Leeds road
343 Boothway WilliamBolton streethouse12, Bolton street
344 Borrisow Albert MatthewNorth paradewarehouse6, Mildred court
345 Boston WilliamHeap streethouse29, Heap street
346 Bosworth JohnHeap courthouse12, Heap court
347 Botterill JohnLeedswarehouse27A, Charles street
348 Bottomley BenjaminGarnett streethouse83, Garnett street
349 Bottomley EliHortonwarehouse7, Charles street
350 Bottomley HenryNorth Bierleywarehouse15, Charles street
successivewarehouse35, Booth street
351 Bottomley JamesNorth Bierleywarehouse22, Swaine street
352 Bottomley James ShackletonUpper Park streethouse17, Upper Park street
353 Bottomley JosephHortonwarehouse22, Swaine street
354 Bottomley MosesRawdonwarehouse34, Brook street
355 Bottomley SamuelShelfwarehouse34, Brook street
356 Bottomley SmithHortonwarehouse3, Brook street
357 Bottomley SydneyOtley roadhouse59, Otley road
358 Bottomley Thomas, junr.Shelfwarehouse22, Swaine street
359 Bourke JamesLoom streethouse37, Loom street
successivehouse35, Loom street
360 Bowen ConradPriestley streethouse72, Jermyn street
successivehouse20, Priestley street
361 Bowen DennisPaper Hall courthouse18, Paper Hall court
362 Bowen WilliamPine streethouse37, Pine street
363 Bower AbrahamCambridge placehouse3, Cambridge place
364 Bower JohnBarkerend roadhouse93, Barkerend road
365 Bower JosephCavalier streethouse14, Cavalier street
366 Bower WilliamColeridge placehouse16, Coleridge place
367 Bower William WainhouseUpper Park streethouse11, Upper Park street
368 Bowers ThomasWilfred streethouse2, Wilfred street
369 Bowker GeorgeCambridge placehouse8, Cambridge place
370 Bowles FrederickKing Charles courthouse16, King Charles court
371 Bowling AaronUpper Bolton streethouse31, Upper Bolton street
372 Bowling PeterLoom streethouse19, Loom street
373 Bowman WilliamHeap streethouse30, Heap street
374 Boyd Eldred JamesTennyson placehouse66, Tennyson place
375 Boyd SamuelUndercliffe lanehouse88, Tennyson place
successivehouse21, Undercliffe lane
376 Boyden HenryHortonwarehouseHardcastle lane
377 Boyes RobertColeridge placehouse23, Coleridge place
378 Boynton JohnExeter streethouse75, Exeter street
379 Bracewell RobertBunker's hillhouseBunker's hill
successivehouse179, Bunker's hill
380 Bradbury JosephRipon streethouse52, Ripon street
381 Bradford JosephSydenham placehouse29, Sydenham place
382 Bradley JamesCaptain streethouse83, Captain street
383 Bradley JosephStott hillhouse35, Stott hill
384 Bradley MarkWright streethouse27, Wright street
385 Bradley RobertJury streethouse2, Jury street
386 Brady JosephIrving streethouse33, Irving street
387 Brady MichaelSouthey placehouse9, Southey place
388 Brailsford Alfred WaltonAmberley streetwarehouse23, Swaine street
389 Braithwaite JamesCavalier streethouse12, Cavalier street
390 Braithwaite JohnExeter streethouse186, Exeter street
391 Braithwaite JoshuaPark streethouse39, Park street
392 Braithwaite WilliamRichmond streethouse3, Richmond street
successivehouse6, Richmond street
successivehouse5, Richmond street
393 Bramham GeorgeKing Charles squarehouse7, King Charles square
394 Branchfield ThomasNathan streethouse21, Nathan street
395 Branson ThomasHarris streethouse2, Harris street
396 Bray EdmundGarnett squarehouse15, Garnett square
397 Bray JohnBunker's hillhouseBunker's hill
398 Bray JosephGarnett squarehouse10, Garnett square
399 Bray ThomasBarkerend roadhouse119, Barkerend road
400 Bray WilliamPark streethouse3, Park street
401 Brayshaw AbrahamFilbert streethouse57, Filbert street
402 Brayshaw BenjaminNorth winghouse100, North wing
403 Brayshaw CharlesHill side villaswarehouse1, Booth street
404 Brayshaw JamesLumb lanewarehouse1, Booth street
405 Brayshaw JamesPine streethouse17, Pine street
406 Brayshaw JohnHarris streethouse176, Harris street
407 Brayshaw JosephWapping roadhouse153, Wapping road
408 Breaks ThomasHill side villashouse20, Hill side villas
409 Brear RobinsonManninghamwarehouse18, Swaine street
410 Brear SolomonManninghamwarehouse18, Swaine street
411 Brearley JosephWapping roadhouse111, Wapping road
412 Brearley ThomasExeter streethouse9, Myrtle street
successivehouseExeter street
413 Brearton JohnNorth street courthouse5, North street court
414 Brearton RichardCaptain streethouse20, Captain street
415 Breckin JohnMulberry streethouse3, Mulberry street
416 Brenner JosiahColeridge placehouse7, Coleridge place
417 Brett GeorgeMildred streethouse132, Mildred street
418 Brian DavidHeap streethouse15, Heap street
419 Brian PatrickIrving streethouse22, Irving street
420 Bridges ThomasUpper Park streethouse23, Upper Bolton street
successivehouse30, Upper Park street
421 Brierley WalterLightcliffecountinghouse1, Booth street
422 Brigg Benjamin SeptimusKeighleywarehouse41, Swaine street
423 Brigg JohnKeighleywarehouse41, Swaine street
424 Brigg JoshuaManninghamwarehouse6, Bentley street
425 Brigg WilliamKeighleywarehouse49, Well street
426 Briggs AlfredOrchard streethouse52, Mulberry street
successivehouse45, Orchard street
427 Briggs DanielWapping roadhouse & shop81, Wapping road
428 Briggs JamesManninghamwarehouse11, Swaine street
429 Briggs JeffreyNorth winghouse130, North wing
430 Briggs JohnWapping roadhouse110, Wapping road
431 Briggs JonasWykewarehouse30, Booth street
432 Briggs ThomasWapping roadhouse3, Salisbury street
successivehouse229, Wapping road
433 Briggs ThomasBolton roadhouse82, Bolton road
434 Briggs WilliamBack Victoria terracehouse11, Back Victoria terrace
435 Briggs WilliamHortonwarehouse11, Brook street
436 Broadbent JohnHortonwarehouse26, Brook street
437 Broadbent John JonasHortonwarehouse25, Hall ings
438 Broadley EdwardAiredale placehouse8, Airedale place
439 Broadley EdwardWilfred streethouse62, Wilfred street
440 Broadley ThomasGarnett streethouse125, Garnett street
441 Brock JohnTemperance streethouse35, Temperance street
442 Brogden JohnChaucer placehouse9, Chaucer place
443 Brogden SamuelCavalier streethouse33, Cavalier street
successivehouse16, Cavalier street
444 Brogden WilliamMulberry streethouse53, Mulberry street
successivehouse55, Mulberry street
445 Brogden WilliamWapping roadhouse223, Wapping road
446 Brook Alfred ThomasBentley streethouse33, Bentley street
447 Brook BenjaminExeter streethouse45, Exeter street
448 Brook CyrusHalifaxwarehouse38, Brook street
449 Brook FletcherTennyson placehouse29, Tennyson place
450 Brook GeorgeUndercliffe roadhouse344, Undercliffe road
451 Brook HenryNathan streethouse3, Nathan street
452 Brook HenryIdle roadhouse4, Thomas fold
successivehouse4, Idle road
453 Brook JohnButler streethouse65, Butler street
454 Brook JohnMulberry streethouse15, Mulberry street
455 Brook ThomasButler streethouse59A, Orchard street
successivehouse114, Butler street
456 Brook ThomasExeter streethouse54, Exeter street
457 Brook WilliamGarnett streethouse5, Garnett street
458 Brook WilliamJoseph streethouse23, Joseph street
459 Brooke EdwardNorth street courthouse2, North street court
460 Brookfield WilliamRipon streethouse146, Ripon street
461 Broomfield JohnPark streethouse14, Park street
462 Broomhead AbrahamFilbert streethouse18, Filbert street
463 Brophy JohnWellington streethouse19, Wellington street
464 Broughton BenjaminManninghamwarehouse21, Leeds road
465 Broughton HenryLofthouse streethouse22, Lofthouse street
466 Broughton WilliamButler streethouse12, Butler street
467 Brown GeorgeBarkerend roadhouse166, Barkerend road
468 Brown HenryWilfred streethouse54, Wilfred street
469 Brown JamesManninghamwarehouse4, Broadstones
470 Brown JamesPalladios buildingshouse24, Palladios buildings
471 Brown John HenryOrchard streethouse78, Orchard street
472 Brown JosephButler streethouse66, Butler street
473 Brown JosephNathan streethouse7, Nathan street
474 Brown JosephHustler terracewarehouse11, Well street
475 Brown RichardChaucer placehouseChaucer place
476 Brown RichardWapping roadhouse249, Wapping road
477 Brown RobertMulberry streethouse2, Mulberry street
478 Brown ThomasManninghamwarehouse24, Charles street
479 Brown ThomasSouthampton streethouse6, Southampton street
480 Brown ThomasDelver rowhouse2, Delver row
481 Brown ThomasIrving streethouse41, Irving street
482 Brown Thomas HenryTennyson placewarehouse11, Well street
483 Brown UptonGarnett streethouse89, Garnett street
484 Brown WilliamOrchard streethouse24, Orchard street
485 Brown WilliamHeadingleywarehouseEast parade
486 Brown WilliamHeap lanehouseHeap lane
487 Brown WilliamTennyson placewarehouse11, Well street
488 Brown WilliamChapel streethouse30, Chapel street
489 Bruan MichaelKing Charles streethouse41, Frederick street
successivehouse14, King Charles street
490 Bruce RobertOtley roadhouse87, Otley road
491 Brumfit EllisJoseph streethouse23, Joseph street
successivehouse5, Joseph street
492 Brumfit GeorgeJermyn streethouseCobourg street
successivehouse63, Jermyn street
493 Brumfit JonathanSun streethouse20, Sun street
494 Brunton JohnBolton streethouse15, Bolton street
495 Brunton RichardOrchard streethouse31, Orchard street
496 Brunton WilliamBolton streethouse7, Bolton street
497 Bryant RobertSt. Augustine's terracehouse20, St. Augustine's terrace
498 Buckle RichardHortonwarehouse31, Charles street
499 Buckley Charles JosephHortoncountinghouseOld Market
successivecountinghouse43, Market street
500 Buckley JosephHaigh rowhouse3, Haigh row
501 Bullough JamesWell streethouse25, Well street
502 Bulmer SamuelThornburywarehouse1, Booth street
503 Bunney RobertGarnett streethouse13, Garnett street
504 Bunting William LantsburyHortonwarehouse18, Hall ings
505 Burgess David EdwardOrchard streethouse23, Orchard street
506 Burgess JohnBrighousewarehouse12, Charles street
507 Burgess JohnHarris streetwarehouse26, Charles street
508 Burgess ThomasBrighousewarehouse12, Charles street
509 Burnett JosephBack Spinkwell terracehouse2, Back Spinkwell terrace
510 Burnett WilliamCordingley streethouse51, Cordingley street
511 Burniston WilliamOtley roadhouse78, Otley road
512 Burrell GeorgeOtley roadhouse9, Otley road
513 Burton DanielWellington streethouse82, Wellington street
514 Burton JamesWapping roadhouse215, Wapping road
515 Busfield JamesLofthouse streetwarehouse14, Booth street
516 Busfield WilliamBingleycountinghouse7, Market street
517 Busfield William HenryOtley roadhouse141, Otley road
518 Butler AlfredBingleywarehouse57, Brook street
519 Butler HenryBingleywarehouse57, Brook street
520 Butler JohnTemperance streethouse43, Temperance street
521 Butler JohnStanacre placehouse8, Stanacre place
522 Butler JohnPark streethouse21, Park street
523 Butler JosephWright streethouse4, Wright street
524 Butler JosephSouthampton streethouse16, Southampton street
525 Butler MartinPark gatehouse18, Park gate
526 Butler PeterNorthbrook streethouse16, Northbrook street
527 Butler ThomasJane streethouse6, Jane street
528 Butler WilliamIrving streethouse9, Irving street
529 Butt William HenryFilbert streethouseFilbert street
530 Butterfield ThomasHeap lanehouse122, Heap lane
successivehouse77, Heap lane
531 Butterfield WilliamPollard lanewarehouse3, Mildred court
532 Butterworth HoratioManninghamwarehouse8, Booth street
533 Buttery JamesExeter streethouse128, Exeter street
successivehouse132, Exeter street
534 Byrne Patrick WilliamHortonshop77, Market street
535 Byron JoshuaJermyn streethouse59, Jermyn street

EAST WARD, 1873, surnames beginning with the letter C
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
536 Callagher PhelixNorth winghouse49, North wing
537 Calmann CharlesHortonwarehouse49, Hall ings
538 Calverley EdwardJermyn streethouse49, Jermyn street
539 Calverley JohnMildred streethouse84, Mildred street
540 Campbell RichardHortonwarehouse19, Charles street
successivewarehouse6, Charles street
541 Campin JohnTemperance streethouse21, Temperance street
542 Cannan RichardWapping roadhouse63, Wapping road
543 Cannan WilliamChapel streethouse26, Chapel street
544 Cansfield AbrahamNorthbrook streethouse19, Northbrook street
545 Cansfield JohnUndercliffe roadhouse1, Undercliffe road
546 Cansfield ThomasUndercliffe roadhouse445, Undercliffe road
547 Cansfield WilliamUndercliffe roadhouse338, Undercliffe road
548 Capstick WilliamExeter streethouse36, Pratt street
successivehouseExeter street
549 Carney JamesWapping roadhouse29, Wapping road
550 Carr EmanuelDe Grey streethouse35, De Grey street
551 Carr JohnOrchard streethouse59, Orchard street
552 Carrodus ThomasWapping Cross streethouse15, Wapping Cross street
553 Carroll DanielWild Boar streethouse30, Wild Boar street
554 Carroll MartinNorthbrook courthouse4, Northbrook court
555 Carroll PatrickWilfred streethouse67, Wilfred street
556 Carter EliManninghamwarehouse9, Leeds road
557 Carter GeorgeBack foldhouse12, Back fold
558 Carter GeorgeOrchard streethouse7, Orchard street
559 Carter JamesHortonwarehouse35, Brook street
560 Carter JohnBarkerend roadhouse41, Barkerend road
561 Carter JohnFilbert streethouse6, Filbert street
562 Carter JohnHeap lanehouse11, Heap lane
563 Carter JosephMildred streethouse106, Mildred street
successivehouse31, Mildred street
564 Carter RichardWellesley streethouse5, Wellesley street
565 Carter SamuelMildred streethouse53, Mildred street
566 Carter WilliamRichard streethouse12, Richard street
567 Carter WilliamExeter streethouse28, Exeter street
568 Cartwright EdwardPaper Hall streethouse12, Paper Hall street
569 Casey DanielWapping streethouse8, Wapping street
570 Cass JohnDudley hillwarehouse39, Brook street
571 Casson ArthurKing Charles streethouse10, King Charles street
572 Casson JohnTennyson placehouse95, Tennyson place
573 Caton RobertFilbert streethouse21, Filbert street
574 Catton WilliamButler streethouse4, Butler street
575 Cautley HenryMorleywarehouseBentley street
576 Cavill JosephRipon streethouse212, Ripon street
577 Cawood ThomasKing Charles courthouse15, King Charles court
578 Cawthra JosephHortonwarehouse27, Booth street
579 Caygill GeorgeClub houseshouse20, Club houses
580 Chamberlain ThomasGarnett streethouse167, Garnett street
581 Chambers CharlesRichard streethouse5, Richard street
582 Chandler AlfredOtley roadhouse110, Otley road
583 Chanter WilliamExeter streethouse66, Exeter street
584 Chapman AlfredDe Grey streethouse57, De Grey street
585 Charlton HenryMulberry streethouse24, Mulberry street
successivehouse17, Mulberry street
586 Charnley ThomasCordingley streethouse62, Cordingley street
587 Cheetham JosephNorth winghouse23, North wing
588 Cheetham WalterGarnett streethouse77, Garnett street
589 Cherry ThomasBarkerend roadhouse8, The Mount
successivehouse125, Barkerend road
590 Chesterman WilliamExeter streethouse8, Exeter street
591 Chew WilliamRipon streethouse19, Ripon street
592 Child AlfredWright streethouse12, Wright street
593 Child JamesPark streethouse32, Park street
594 Chippendale JamesWapping roadhouse247, Wapping road
595 Chippendale ThomasWapping roadhouse241, Wapping road
596 Clapham ElijahWilsdenwarehouse39, Brook street
597 Clapham EzraExeter streethouse114, Exeter street
598 Clapham FrederickOtley roadhouse6, Otley road
599 Clapham HenryJermyn streethouse18, Jermyn street
600 Clapham JonathanLofthouse streethouse24, North street
successivehouse48, Lofthouse street
601 Clare JamesPaper Hall courthouse23, Paper Hall court
602 Clark FrankWilfred streethouse19, Wilfred street
603 Clark HenryKing Charles streethouse34, King Charles street
604 Clark JamesSt. Augustine's terracehouse24, St. Augustine's terrace
605 Clark JohnHortonwarehouse10, Broadstones
606 Clark RobertUpper Park streethouse30, Upper Park street
successivehouse32, Upper Park street
607 Clarke FrederickIdlewarehouse5, Leeds road
608 Clarke JamesCaptain streethouse60, Captain street
609 Clarke JamesMab courthouse8, Mab court
610 Clarke JohnManninghamwarehouseBunker's hill
611 Clarke RobertUpper Park streethouseUpper Park street
successivehouse32, Upper Park street
612 Clarke SolomonJermyn streethouse19, Jermyn street
613 Clarke WilliamJermyn streethouse51, Jermyn street
614 Clarke William HenryIdlewarehouse5, Leeds road
615 Clarkson HughesGreen streethouse10, Green street
616 Clayton ColinGreen streethouseGreen street
617 Clayton EdwardIrving streethouse34, Irving street
618 Clayton George BarrowAiredale placeshop1, Booth street
619 Clayton HowgillPark gatehouse37, Park gate
620 Clayton JamesBack Victoria terracehouse12, Back Victoria terrace
621 Clayton JohnPeckover streethouse5, Peckover street
622 Clayton JosephTennyson placehouse40, Tennyson place
623 Clayton JosephDudley hill roadhouse55, Dudley hill road
624 Clayton JosephUpper Park streethouse19, Upper Park street
625 Clayton SamuelRichard streethouse4, Richard street
626 Clayton WilliamRipon streethouse25, Ripon street
627 Cleary MartinPaper Hall courthouse11, Paper Hall court
628 Clegg WesleyHalifaxwarehouse7, Charles street
629 Clement FrederickSowden's Buildingshouse15, Sowden's Buildings
630 Clement SamuelIdle roadhouse5, Idle road
631 Cleveland FrancisWilfred streethouseWharfe street
successivehouse72, Wilfred street
632 Clifford ThomasUndercliffe roadhouse493, Undercliffe road
633 Close WilliamBolton roadhouse66, Bolton road
634 Clough AlfredJermyn streethouse65, Jermyn street
635 Clough JamesHeap streethouse12, Heap street
636 Clough James HenryTennyson placehouse85, Tennyson place
637 Clough JohnTennyson placehouse60, Tennyson place
638 Clough JosephOxford placehouse8, Oxford place
639 Clough SamuelHarris streethouse148, Harris street
640 Clough WilliamLingard streethouse13, Lingard street
641 Clough William HenryManninghamhouse8, Well street
642 Coates GeorgeManninghamwarehouse36, Booth street
643 Cockerham EdwardBingleywarehouse32, Charles street
644 Cockram JamesBolton roadhouse42, Bolton road
645 Cockroft HenryHortonwarehouse94A, Harris street
646 Cockroft JohnOtley roadhouse79, Otley road
647 Cockroft ThomasAllertonwarehouse35B, Charles street
648 Cockshott EdmundShipleywarehouseMildred court
649 Cockshott RichardBack Chapel streethouse1, Back Chapel street
650 Cockshott ThomasChaucer placehouse13, Chaucer place
651 Coe WilliamCavalier courthouse2, Cavalier court
652 Coffee RichardPalladios buildingshouse13, Palladios buildings
653 Cogan JohnMulberry streethouse37, Mulberry street
654 Coggill HiramOrchard streethouse46, Orchard street
655 Coggill Joshua JowettPark gatehouse45, Park gate
656 Cole JosephOtley roadhouse161, Otley road
657 Cole MartinOrchard streethouse26, Orchard street
658 Cole ThomasFilbert streethouse31, Filbert street
659 Coleman StephenRipon streethouse16, Ripon street
660 Collins John RaistrickHortonwarehouse10, Swaine street
661 Collins MichaelExeter streethouse152, Exeter street
662 Collins RichardJermyn streethouse29, Jermyn street
successivehouse33, Jermyn street
663 Collinson JamesEccleshillwarehouse7, Charles street
664 Collinson JamesWoodbine streethouse8, Woodbine street
665 Collinson ThomasBarkerend roadhouse142, Barkerend road
666 Comber ThomasSouthampton streethouse39, Southampton street
667 Connelly MichaelWapping roadhouse38, Wapping road
668 Connolly BryanCross Sun streethouse43, Cross Sun street
669 Connor PatrickGolden Cock yardhouse2, Golden Cock yard
670 Conroy JohnNorth courthouse5, North court
671 Conroy RobertSchool courthouse4, School court
672 Constantine PicklesBaildonwarehouse16, Swaine street
673 Conway MartinCross Wellington streethouse3, Cross Wellington street
674 Conway Patrick W.Pine streethouse15, Pine street
675 Conwell JohnWapping streethouse1, Wapping street
676 Cook CharlesFilbert streethouse20, Filbert street
677 Cooke GeorgeCordingley streethouse17, Cordingley street
678 Cooke GeorgeButler streethouse101, Wilfred street
successivehouse98, Butler street
679 Cooke RichardTennyson placehouse32B Tennyson place
680 Cooke RufusHeap streethouse54, Heap street
681 Coope JoshuaCobourg streethouse6, Cobourg street
682 Cooper JamesRanter courthouse3, Ranter court
683 Cooper JohnWellington streethouse19, Balme street
successivehouse61, Wellington street
684 Cooper JosephPriestley streethouse2, Priestley street
685 Cooper LeemingColeridge placehouse1, Coleridge place
686 Cooper PeterBaker streethouse7, Baker street
687 Cooper WilkinsonWapping roadhouse217, Wapping road
successivehouse211, Wapping road
688 Copeland CharlesButler streethouse39, Butler street
689 Copley GeorgeMulberry streethouse155, Bolton road
successivehouse43, Mulberry street
690 Copley TobiasSmithson placehouse1, Smithson place
691 Copperthwaite JamesBolton roadwarehouse8, Brown street
692 Copperthwaite JosephGarnett streethouse141, Garnett street
693 Copperthwaite SamuelHeap streethouse35, Heap street
694 Corbett JohnCleckheatonwarehouse20, Charles street
695 Corcoran JamesCarver courthouse14, Carver court
696 Corcoran RichardCordingley streethouse23, Cordingley street
697 Cordingley BenjaminCordingley streethouse57, Cordingley street
698 Cordingley HerbertCordingley streethouse17, Frederick street
successivehouse27, Cordingley street
699 Cordingley JamesGaunt streethouse4, Gaunt street
700 Cordingley JosiahHortonwarehouseChapel street
701 Cordingley JosiahUndercliffe Old roadhouse1, Undercliffe Old road
702 Cordingley SamuelFilbert streethouse13, Filbert street
703 Cornan PatrickIrving streethouse15, Irving street
704 Cornfield EdwardCross Sun streethouse16, Cross Sun street
705 Coronan MichaelWapping streethouse23, Wapping street
706 Corrigan JamesIrving streethouse19, Irving street
707 Corrigan TimothyIrving streethouse23, Irving street
708 Corrina LawrenceWapping roadhouse17, Wapping road
709 Costigan JamesPalladio's Buildingshouse9, Palladio's Buildings
710 Cotterill DavidVictoria terracehouse222, Victoria terrace
711 Coulton SethWapping roadhouseMulberry street
successivehouse106, Wapping road
712 Coulton ThomasWapping roadhouse102, Wapping road
713 Coulton WilliamArthur streethouse6, Arthur street
714 Cousin HenryOtley roadhouse52, Otley road
715 Cousin JamesHeap lanehouse3, Heap lane
716 Cousin JohnPark streethouse17, Park street
717 Cousin Sam EdwinChapel streethouse22, Chapel street
718 Cowan AndrewDudley hill roadhouse53, Dudley hill road
719 Cowling ThomasNorth winghouse122, North wing
720 Cowman JonasJermyn street placehouse1, Jermyn street place
721 Cowperthwaite StephenMarket streethouse63, Market street
722 Cox SamuelOtley roadhouse73, Otley road
723 Cox ThomasJermyn streethouse42, Jermyn street
724 Crabtree BenjaminShipleywarehouse38, Hall ings
725 Crabtree CharlesHill side villashouse35, Hill side villas
726 Crabtree JosephSouthampton streethouse22, Southampton street
727 Crabtree LovellWapping Cross streethouse11, Wapping Cross street
728 Crabtree MarkOtley roadhouse & shop153, Otley road
729 Crabtree WilliamLoom streethouse47, Loom street
730 Cragg WilliamWright streethouse11, Wright street
731 Cram RichardStanacre placehouse6, Stanacre place
732 Crapper JohnWilfred streethouse21, Wilfred street
733 Craven BenjaminExeter streethouse123, Exeter street
734 Craven DavidThorntonwarehouse30, Charles street
735 Craven FrancisThorntonwarehouse33, Booth street
736 Craven JohnHarris streethouse2, Bath street
successivehouse164, Harris street
737 Craven JohnRipon streethouseKing Charles court
successivehouse7, Ripon street
738 Craven JosephBolton roadhouse78, Bolton road
739 Craven JosephThorntonwarehouse14, Swaine street
740 Craven JosephThorntonwarehouse30, Charles street
741 Craven Joseph HenryKeighleywarehouse23, Booth street
742 Craven JoshuaThorntonwarehouse14, Swaine street
743 Craven Joshua, junr.Thorntonwarehouse14, Swaine street
744 Craven PhineasHortonwarehouse30, Charles street
745 Craven ThomasKeighleywarehouse23, Booth street
746 Creak DarbyCross Wellington streethouse14, Cross Wellington street
747 Creed JohnHeap lanehouse102, Heap lane
748 Cressey AbrahamCordingley streethouse52, Cordingley street
749 Cressey HenryPark gatehouse13, Park gate
750 Cressey WilliamChapel streethouse36, Chapel street
751 Crichton GeorgeTennyson placehouse37, Tennyson place
752 Critchley WilliamManninghamwarehouse31, Booth street
753 Cross JohnWright streethouse13, Wright street
754 Crossland Richard PaulSouthey placeshop60, Barkerend road
755 Crossland ThomasUpper Bolton streethouse15, Upper Bolton street
756 Crossley EdwardWapping roadhouse126, Wapping road
757 Crossley JamesCavalier streethouse1, Cavalier street
758 Crossley WilliamBarkerend roadhouse136, Barkerend road
759 Crowley CorneliusUndercliffe Old roadhouse15, Undercliffe Old road
760 Crowley JeremiahCaptain streethouse72, Captain street
761 Crowther SamuelStott hillhouse40, Captain street
successivehouse1, Stott hill
762 Crowther ThomasLeeds roadhouse11, Chapel street
successivehouse81, Leeds road
763 Croxall WilliamMildred streethouse152, Mildred street
764 Culloden FentonNorthbrook streethouse37, Northbrook street
765 Culloden JohnCavalier streethouse9, Cavalier street
766 Cummins PatrickNorthbrook courthouse3, Northbrook court
767 Cunliffe EdwardSmithson placehouse7, Smithson place
768 Cunliffe RichardPine streethouse21, Pine street
769 Cunningham WilliamExeter streethouse63, Exeter street
770 Currer JamesBack Victoria terracehouse16, Back Victoria terrace
771 Currer JohnPark gatehouse33, Park gate
772 Curtis ThomasJoseph streethouse17, Joseph street

EAST WARD, 1873, surnames beginning with the letter D
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
773 Dacey PatrickCross Sun streethouse2, Cross Sun street
774 Daker JosephWapping roadhouse255, Wapping road
775 Daker RobertBaker streethouse5, Baker street
776 Dalby GeorgePark gatehouse47, Park gate
777 Dalby JosephOtley roadhouse23, Otley road
778 Dalby JosephBunker's hillhouseBunker's hill
779 Dale BryanFearnley streethouse10, Fearnley street
780 Dale HarryHortonshopMarket street
781 Dale ThomasFearnley streethouse6, Fearnley street
782 Daley CorneliusWapping roadhouse197, Wapping road
783 Dalton ChristopherWilfred streethouse799, Leeds road
successivehouse77, Wilfred street
784 Dalton WilliamBroadstoneshouse12, Broadstones
785 Dands WilliamWellington streethouse8, Wellington street
786 Darling FrancisJermyn streethouse155, Wapping road
successivehouse8, Jermyn street
787 Darmady ThomasWellesley courthouse3, Wellesley court
788 Davidson JamesSouthey placehouse26, Southey place
789 Davidson William JohnExeter streethouse14, Exeter street
790 Davies ThomasOtley roadhouse56, Otley road
791 Davy IsaacBolton roadhouse53, Filbert street
successivehouse132, Bolton road
792 Davy JonasTennyson placehouse23, Tennyson place
793 Dawney RobertRipon streethouse44, Ripon street
794 Dawson CharlesRipon streethouse42, Ripon street
795 Dawson CharlesNorth winghouse107, North wing
796 Dawson JamesCross Sun streethouse68, Cross Sun street
797 Dawson JosephPark streethouse51, Park street
798 Dawson MarkHipperholmewarehouse12, Booth street
799 Dawson Mark junr.Hipperholmewarehouse12, Booth street
800 Dawson WilliamSouthampton streethouse15, Southampton street
801 Dawson WilliamSpinkwell terracehouse254, Spinkwell terrace
802 Day FrederickPark streethouse25, Park street
803 Daykin ThomasBarkerend roadhouse159, Barkerend road
804 Deacon GeorgeVictoria terracehouse212, Victoria terrace
805 Dean AlbertSouthampton streethouse20, Southampton street
806 Dean JamesExeter streethouse74, Gaynor street
successivehouse102, Exeter street
807 Dean SamuelMulberry streethouse19, Mulberry street
808 Dean ThomasFernbank terracehouse5, Fernbank terrace
809 Dean WilliamUndercliffe roadhouse491, Undercliffe road
successivehouse495, Undercliffe road
810 Dean WilliamsonChaucer placehouse12, Chaucer place
811 De Anglis DavidManninghamwarehouse66, Vicar lane
812 Dearden EdwardExeter streethouse80, Jermyn street
successivehouse188, Exeter street
813 Dehn FrederickManninghamwarehouse4, Brook street
814 Deighton WilliamDudley hill roadhouseDudley hill road
815 Deighton WilliamCarver courthouse8, King Charles court
successivehouse11, Carver court
816 Delaney SohnWild Boar streethouse38, Wild Boar street
817 Delaney WilliamWapping roadhouse27, Wapping road
818 Delius Julius Frederick WilliamHortonwarehouse5, Burnett street
819 Delius TheodoreEldon placewarehouse5, Burnett street
820 Denbigh John BrookSouthey placehouse14, Southey place
821 Denbigh JosephManninghamwarehouse49, Brook street
822 Denbigh RobertTennyson placehouse81, Tennyson place
823 Denby CharlesShipleywarehouse15, Leeds road
824 Denby GeorgeShipleywarehouse19, Booth street
825 Denby JohnShipleywarehouse15, Leeds road
826 Denby JohnRipon streethouse134, Ripon street
827 Denby JosephRipon streethouse68, Ripon street
828 Denby JosephShipleywarehouse15, Leeds road
829 Denby ThomasWindhillwarehouse19, Booth street
830 Denby WilliamLofthouse streethouse23, Lofthouse street
831 Denby William HodgsonBaildonwarehouse15, Leeds road
832 Denham WilliamHortonwarehouseGeorge Hotel yard
833 Denher JohnCavalier streethouse31, Cavalier street
834 Dennison DysonHarris streethouse130, Harris street
835 Dennison EdwardArthur streethouse24, Arthur street
836 Dennison HenryMulberry streethouse22, Mulberry street
837 Dennison JosephGarnett streethouse163, Garnett street
838 Dennison JosephWinter rowhouseBolton road
successivehouse7, Winter row
839 Dennison ManassehBradford moorhouse33, Bradford moor
840 Dennison WilliamHarris streethouse178, Harris street
841 Dennison WilliamBradford moorhouse34, Bradford moor
842 Dennison WilliamPark streethouse37, Park street
843 Denston JosephBolton roadhouse62, Bolton road
844 Denton AlfredRichmond streethouse1, Richmond street
845 Denton HenryHortonwarehouse27, Charles street
846 Depledge JamesLofthouse streethouse37, Lofthouse street
847 Depledge WilliamArthur streethouse2, Arthur street
848 Depledge William ThomasCordingley streethouse3, Cordingley street
849 Devanagh DarbyNorth courthouse4, North court
850 Develin JohnCavalier streethouse19, Farrar square
successivehouse15, Cavalier street
851 Devitt RichardOrchard streethouse84, Orchard street
852 Dewhirst IsaacNorth winghouse73, North wing
853 Dewhirst JohnHortonwarehouse30, Brook street
854 Dewhirst JohnRipon streethouse142, Ripon street
855 Dewhirst JonasTemperance streethouse40, Temperance street
856 Dewhirst JosephIdle roadhouse2, Idle road
857 Dewhirst RichardBolton roadhouse106, Bolton road
858 Dewhirst ThomasHortonwarehouse18, Hall ings
859 Dewhirst WilliamRawdonwarehouse29, Hall ings
860 Dewhirst William DavidHoughton placewarehouse43, Leeds road
861 Dibbin EdwardHeap lanehouse80, Heap lane
862 Dickens RobertBarkerend roadhouse59, Barkerend road
863 Dickenson William LeddicoteBarkerend roadhouse110, Bolton road
864 Dickson AdamOtley roadhouseOtley road
865 Dickson Charles AnthonyHallfield roadwarehouse39, Peel place
866 Dinsdale RalphVictoria terracehouse174, Victoria terrace
867 Dix FredTennyson placehouse28, Tennyson place
868 Dixon SethGarnett streethouse111, Garnett street
869 Dixon WilliamPark streethouse2, Park street
870 Dobson JosephSouthampton streethouse23, Southampton street
871 Dobson JosephDe Grey streethouse17, De Grey street
872 Dobson WilliamChapel streethouse7, Chapel street
873 Dobson William AlfredHeap lanehouse76, Heap lane
874 Dodgson WilliamRipon streethouse132, Ripon street
875 Dolling RudolphHortonwarehouse30, Charles street
876 Donaldson Charles AndrewExeter streethouse23, Exeter street
877 Dooley JamesJoseph streethouse32, Joseph street
878 Dooley RichardCaptain streethouse76, Captain street
879 Dooley ThomasClub houseshouse12, Club houses
880 Doughty PatrickBarkerend roadhouse73, Barkerend road
881 Dove Charles ParkerHortonwarehouse49, Well street
882 Dove Edward ParkerRodleycountinghouse3, Leeds road
883 Dover JamesMildred streethouse47, Mildred street
884 Dowd ThomasCraven streethouse17, Craven street
885 Downham ThomasMildred streethouse44, Mildred street
886 Downing WilliamColeridge placehouseEast parade
successivehouseColeridge place
887 Dowson JosephBowlingshop90, Otley road
888 Drake AbrahamBack Spinkwell terracehouse12, Back Spinkwell terrace
889 Drake CalebOtley roadhouse104, Otley road
890 Drake CalebWapping roadhouse128, Wapping road
891 Drake EzraJoseph streethouse22, Joseph street
892 Drake JamesSpinkwell terracehouseCannon street
successivehouse264, Spinkwell terrace
893 Drake JosephUndercliffe lanehouse27, Undercliffe lane
894 Drake JosephHeap streethouse34, Heap street
895 Drake JosephChapel streethouse12, Chapel street
896 Drake MosesPaper Hall courthouse17, Paper Hall court
897 Drake NathanHortonwarehouse35, Swaine street
898 Draper GeorgePollard lanehousePollard lane
899 Draper JamesHarris streethouse151, Leeds road
successivehouse106, Harris street
900 Dresser CharlesMildred streethouse176, Mildred street
901 Drummond JamesManninghamwarehouse11, Booth street
902 Drummond James, junr.Manninghamwarehouse11, Booth street
903 Drummond JohnManninghamwarehouse11, Booth street
904 Duck JohnLofthouse streethouse8, Lofthouse street
905 Ducker JamesGreen streethouse6A, Green street
906 Duckett SamuelWapping roadhouse132, Wapping road
907 Duckett TimothyThe Mounthouse53, Mulberry street
successivehouse8, The Mount
908 Duckworth CharlesFilbert streethouse23, Filbert street
909 Duckworth RichardPark streethouse59, Park street
910 Duckworth ThomasMildred streethouse27, Mildred street
911 Duckworth WilliamJermyn streethouse43, Jermyn street
912 Duffy MichaelCross Wellington streethouse13, Cross Wellington street
913 Duffy PatrickNorth street courthouse8, North street court
914 Duffy PatrickWapping streethouse19, Wapping street
915 Duggan Edwin PatrickTennyson placehouse62, Tennyson place
916 Dunderdale ThomasMirfieldwarehouse43, Leeds road
917 Dunkley William HenryRipon streethouse198, Ripon street
918 Dunlop WalterHarden grangewarehousePeckover street
919 Dunn FrancisCavalier streethouse7, Cavalier street
920 Dunn JohnCraven streethouse8, Craven street
921 Dunn JohnStott hillhouse36, Stott hill
922 Dunn JohnKing Charles streethouse54, King Charles street
923 Dunn PatrickTemperance streethouse30, Temperance street
924 Dunn WilliamCross Sun streethouse41, Cross Sun street
925 Dunnitty WilliamNorthbrook streethouse29, Northbrook street
926 Dunwell WilliamStott hill placehouse21, Stott hill place
927 Durham JohnBack Victoria terracehouse22, Back Victoria terrace
928 Durkin JosephRipon streethouse28, Stanacre place
successivehouse23, Ripon street
929 Durkin PatrickTemperance streethouse34, Temperance street
930 Duxbury JohnRipon streethouse122, Ripon street
931 Dwyer DanielCross Sun streethouse17, Cross Sun street
932 Dwyer PatrickCraven streethouse35, Craven street
933 Dyson AmosEast paradehouse146, East parade
934 Dyson GeorgeHortonshop51, Market street

EAST WARD, 1873, surnames beginning with the letter E
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
935 Eagle RobertTennyson placeshop18, Church bank
936 Earnshaw JohnBarkerend roadhouse12, Bishop Blaize square
successivehouseBarkerend road
937 Earnshaw John ThomasRipon streethouse180, Otley road
successivehouse120, Ripon street
938 Earnshaw WilliamUpper Bolton streethouse27, Upper Bolton street
939 Eastwood JamesRipon streethouse72, Ripon street
940 Eastwood JamesHeap lanehouse4, Heap lane
941 Eastwood JohnMidgleywarehouse15, Booth street
942 Edelstein VictorManninghamwarehouse4, Brook street
943 Edmonds ThomasHortonwarehouse21, Swaine street
944 Edmondson BenjaminEast paradehouse156, East parade
945 Edmondson JohnJermyn streethouse34, Jermyn street
946 Edmondson John HolmesEccleshillshop14, Broadstones
947 Edmondson JosephFrizinghallwarehouse3, Brook street
948 Edmondson JosephWellesley streethouse1, Wellesley street
949 Edmondson Joseph SowdenHortonwarehouse6, Swaine street
950 Edmondson RichardHill side villashouse6, Hill side villas
951 Edwards WilliamCross Wellington streethouse2, Cross Wellington street
952 Elgey George AllisonNorth paradewarehouse7, Leeds road
953 Ellet WilliamManninghamwarehouse4, Brook street
954 Elliot ThomasPeckover streethouse40, Peckover street
955 Elliott JonathanHarris streethouse9, West street
successivehouseHarris street
956 Ellis CharlesExeter streethouse196, Exeter street
957 Ellis DemasDudley hillwarehouse5, Mills passage
958 Ellis IsaacOrchard streethouse29, Villiers street, Horton
successivehouse18, Bingley street, Manningham
successivehouse59A, Orchard street
959 Ellis SamuelPark gatehouse2, Heap lane
successivehouse65, Park gate
960 Ellis ThomasAiredale squarehouse15, Airedale square
961 Ellison AlfredTrafalgar streetshopWell street
962 Ellison JohnNorthampton streethouse6, Northampton street
963 Ellison JohnBarkerend roadhouse148, Barkerend road
964 Ellison JonasAiredale placehouse5, Airedale place
965 Ellison ThomasRipon streethouse216, Ripon street
966 Ellison WilliamManninghamwarehouseGeorge Hotel yard
967 Ellwood JohnPark streethouse4, Park street
968 Elsworth AbrahamTongwarehouse6, Charles street
969 Elsworth ThomasOtley roadhouse129, Otley road
970 Emmott EliasTennyson placehouse13, Tennyson place
successivehouseTennyson place
971 Emmott WilliamCavalier courthouse4, Cavalier court
972 Empsall EdwardJermyn streethouse69, Jermyn street
973 Empsall WilliamJermyn streethouse71, Jermyn street
974 Emsley JohnHortonwarehouseBrook street
975 Emsley SydneyHortonwarehouse15, Swaine street
976 England AbrahamChapel streethouse5, Chapel street
977 England David BinnsBingleywarehouse27A, Charles street
978 England ThomasPark gatehouse20, Park gate
979 Eno JohnHill side villashouse18, Hill side villas
980 Eshelby JohnFearnley streethouse7, Fearnley street
981 Euerby ArthurHeap streethouse32, Heap street
982 Euler HenryHortonwarehouse24A, Bolton road
983 Evans ArthurButler streethouse9, Peckover street
successivehouse43, Butler street
984 Evans GeorgeRipon streethouse224, Ripon street
985 Evans RichardUndercliffe roadhouse489, Undercliffe road
986 Exley HenryTimber streethouse2, Timber street
987 Exley WilliamOtley roadhouse150, Otley road

EAST WARD, 1873, surnames beginning with the letter F
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
988 Fairbank EdwardTennyson placeshop81, Otley road
989 Fairbank WilliamAllertonwarehouse9, Brook street
990 Falconer WilliamExeter streethouse3, Exeter street
991 Falkingham RichardOtley roadhouse76, Otley road
992 Falkner WilliamExeter streethouse3, Exeter street
993 Fallen JamesWapping streethouse12, Wapping street
994 Fallow PatrickSun streethouse8, Watson fold
successivehouse7, Sun street
995 Farnell JosephOtley roadhouse21, Otley road
996 Farrar DavidCobourg streethouse10, Cobourg street
997 Farrar DavidHustler terracehouse103, Hustler street
998 Farrar EdwardNorth winghouse123, North wing
999 Farrar JamesOtley roadhouse114, Otley road
1000 Farrar JohnOtley roadhouse11, Ripon street
successivehouse178, Otley road
1001 Farrar WilliamOtley roadhouse222, Otley road
1002 Farrell JosephDe Grey streethouse55, De Grey street
1003 Fawbert ElijahRipon streethouse106, Ripon street
1004 Fawbert JamesBarkerend roadhouse165, Barkerend road
1005 Fawbert JosephJermyn streethouse10, Jermyn street
1006 Fawbert William ThomasBarkerend roadhouse89, Barkerend road
1007 Fawcett GeorgeRipon streethouse220, Ripon street
1008 Fawcett JamesCordingley streethouse7, Cordingley street
1009 Fawcett JamesHeap streethouse27, Heap street
1010 Fawcett JosephWapping roadhouse37, Wapping road
1011 Fawcett JoshuaExeter streethouse4, Exeter street
1012 Fawthorp EnochCobourg streethouse9, Cobourg street
1013 Fawthrop HenryPriestley streethouse16, Priestley street
1014 Fearn JamesExeter streethouse33, Exeter street
1015 Fearnley EdwinOrchard streethouse89, Orchard street
1016 Fearnley GeorgeWellesley streethouse10, Wellesley street
1017 Fearnley RichardWellington streethouse36, Wellington street
successivehouse31, Wellington street
1018 Fearnley ThomasGaunt streethouse9, Gaunt street
1019 Fearnley William HenryLofthouse streethouse29, Lofthouse street
1020 Fearnsides SamuelExeter streethouse34, Joseph street
successivehouseExeter street
1021 Fearnsides WilliamSouthampton streethouse29, Southampton street
1022 Feather RobertSpinkwell terracehouse272, Spinkwell terrace
1023 Feather SamuelHeap streethouse40, Heap street
1024 Feeley MichaelPalladios buildingshouse15, Palladios buildings
1025 Fell BenjaminColeridge placehouse5, Coleridge place
1026 Fennell GeorgeRipon streethouse128, Ripon street
1027 Fenton BenjaminWapping roadhouse3, Wapping road
1028 Fenton Edward MartinPark gatehouse17, Park gate
1029 Fenton JamesHeap courthouse2, Heap court
1030 Fenwick JosephGolden Cock yardhouse10, Golden Cock yard
1031 Ferrand EdwardManninghamwarehouse42, Well street
1032 Ferrand William ColeManninghamwarehouseBolton road
1033 Field George HenryManninghamcountinghouse51, Market street
1034 Fieldhouse AaronBradford moorhouseBradford moor
successivehouse32, Bradford moor
1035 Fieldhouse BenjaminJohnson foldhouse3, Johnson fold
1036 Fieldhouse GeorgeJane courthouse4, Jane court
1037 Fieldhouse WilliamHill side villashouse43, Hill side villas
1038 Fieldsend Frederick GarlickDudley hillwarehouse35, Brook street
1039 Finley WilliamCross Wellington streethouse7, Cross Wellington street
1040 Finn PatrickCaptain streethouse24, Captain street
1041 Finningley ThomasLeeds roadhouse & shop113, Leeds road
1042 Firth AlfredHortonwarehouse20, Brook street
1043 Firth GeorgeHortonwarehouse21, Leeds road
1044 Firth George HenryWilfred streethouse7, Ripon street
successivehouse78, Wilfred street
1045 Firth IsaacBolton roadhouse10, Wild Boar street
successivehouse170, Bolton road
1046 Firth NathanBelmont streethouseBelmont street
1047 Firth ReubenStanacre placehouse55, Mulberry street
successivehouse29, Stanacre place
1048 Firth ThomasExeter streethouse10, Exeter street
1049 Firth ThomasUpper Bolton streethouse29, Upper Bolton street
1050 Firth WilliamBrick lanewarehouse65, Brook street
1051 Firth WilliamHortonwarehouse21, Leeds road
1052 Firth WrightBeldon placehouse2, Beldon place
1053 Fisher Albert JosephUndercliffe roadhouse487, Undercliffe road
1054 Fisher HenryJermyn streetshop34, Barkerend road
1055 Fisher HenryJermyn streethouse47, Jermyn street
1056 Fison WilliamBurleywarehouse31, Hall ings
1057 Fitzpatrick JamesKing Charles streethouse28, King Charles street
1058 Fitzpatrick JohnCaptain streethouse26, Captain street
1059 Fitzpatrick MichaelNorth streethouse17, North street
1060 Flannery MartinPaper Hall squarehouse6, Paper Hall square
1061 Flaxington Benjamin WalkerBarkerend roadhouse44, Barkerend road
1062 Flemming DennisWellington streethouse2, Wellington street
1063 Fletcher GeorgeTimber courthouse4, Timber court
1064 Fletcher JamesUndercliffe lanehouse5, Gladstone street
successivehouse23, Undercliffe lane
1065 Fletcher JamesWardle streethouse16, Cavalier street
successivehouse2, Wardle street
1066 Fletcher JohnHeap lanehouse116, Heap lane
1067 Fletcher JohnLofthouse streethouse12, Lofthouse street
1068 Fletcher JosephJane courthouse10, Jane court
1069 Flower JohnWilfred streethouse64, Wilfred street
1070 Foley JamesCross Sun streethouse22, Wild Boar street
successivehouse47, Cross Sun street
1071 Forrest Sylvester EdwardBolton roadhouse128, Bolton road
1072 Forrest ThomasHill side villashouse7, Hill side villas
1073 Forster William Edward, M.P.Burleywarehouse31, Hall ings
1074 Foster Abraham BriggsNorthowramwarehouseWell street
1075 Foster BenjaminDenholmewarehouseWell street
1076 Foster EliDenholmewarehouseWell street
1077 Foster EnochPark gatehouse23, Park gate
1078 Foster HenryDenholmewarehouse31, Well street
1079 Foster JeremiahWapping roadhouse269, Wapping road
1080 Foster JohnClaytonwarehouse30, Well street
1081 Foster JohnBarkerend roadhouse118, Barkerend road
successivehouse116A, Barkerend road
1082 Foster JohnBelmont streethouseBarkerend road
successivehouseBelmont street
1083 Foster JohnHallfield roadwarehouse36, Hall ings
1084 Foster John, junr.Claytonwarehouse30, Well street
1085 Foster JonasBingleywarehouse7, Booth street
1086 Foster JonasClaytonwarehouse30, Well street
1087 Foster JonathanStott hillhouse26, Stott hill
1088 Foster JosephManninghamwarehouse32, Well street
1089 Foster RobertSun streethouse30, Sun street
1090 Foster TomTennyson placehouse109, Tennyson place
1091 Foster WilliamClaytonwarehouse30, Well street
1092 Foster WilliamBarkerend roadhouse114, Barkerend road
1093 Foster WilliamDenholmewarehouse31, Well street
1094 Fothergill GeorgePark streethouse57, Park street
1095 Fothergill William HenryArthur streethouse3, Arthur street
1096 Fox AlfredHortonwarehouse31, Charles street
1097 Fox David WrightHipperholmewarehouse35, Brook street
1098 Fox DracupLofthouse streethouse15, Lofthouse street
1099 Fox HenryWapping streethouse23, Wapping road
successivehouse13, Wapping street
1100 Frankland JosephCordingley streethouse50, Cordingley street
1101 Franks JohnClub houseshouse34, Club houses
1102 Fraser Frank OctaviusManninghamwarehouse37, Leeds road
1103 Fraser John WilliamsonShipleywarehouseBooth street
1104 Freeman WilliamChapel streethouse20, Chapel street
1105 Frerich AndrewHortonwarehouse17, Peckover street
1106 Fretwell DavidJury streethouse25, Jury street
1107 Fugill JosephHortoncountinghouse3, Leeds road
1108 Fugill JosephHortonwarehouse31, Booth street
1109 Fuller EdwardMulberry streethouse59, Mulberry street
1110 Fulton WilliamMulberry streethouse36, Mulberry street
1111 Fynn JohnCaptain streethouse74, Captain street

EAST WARD, 1873, surnames beginning with the letter G
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1112 Gadey JohnLingard streethouse45, Lingard street
1113 Gallagher JohnWapping streethouse28, Wapping street
1114 Gallagher PhelimNorth winghouseBrick court
successivehouse49, North wing
1115 Galloway JohnCraven streethouse52, Craven street
1116 Gant ThomasNorthbrook streethouse17, Northbrook street
1117 Garbutt JohnManninghamcountinghouse7, Charles street
1118 Gardiner Alfred LotManninghamwarehouse28, Swaine street
1119 Gardiner BenjaminThornburywarehouse4, Chapel street
1120 Gardiner Frederick JohnBarkerend roadhouse16, Potter street
successivehouse94, Barkerend road
1121 Gardiner RobertManninghamwarehouse3, Brown street
1122 Gargan JohnIrving streethouse21, Irving street
1123 Gargin JamesSun streethouse13, Sun street
1124 Garnett JamesUndercliffewarehouseBunker's hill
1125 Garnett JohnHalifaxwarehouseBooth street
1126 Garnett RobertSt. Augustine's terracehouse14, St. Augustine's terrace
1127 Garnett ThomasBingleywarehouse27, Leeds road
1128 Garnett WilliamPollard lanewarehouseBunker's hill
1129 Garrard GeorgeWild Boar streethouse4, Wild Boar street
1130 Garrett GeorgeRanter courthouse9, Ranter court
1131 Garside JohnNathan streethouse9, Nathan street
1132 Gascoigne ThomasNorth winghouse59, Wapping road
successivehouse63, North wing
1133 Gascoigne ThomasButler streethouse24, Laurel street
successivehouse102, Butler street
1134 Gascoigne WilliamBarkerend roadhouse158, Barkerend road
1135 Gascoigne WilliamWapping roadhouse16, Wapping road
successivehouse18, Wapping road
1136 Gascoigne WilliamBack Spinkwell terracehouse15, Back Spinkwell terrace
1137 Gater ThomasWapping roadhouse4, Oxford place
successivehouse93, Wapping road
1138 Gaukroger TitusBowlingwarehouse16, Booth street
1139 Gaunt Charles NorthropOtley roadhouse55, Otley road
1140 Gaunt Joseph HarrisonMildred streethouse150, Ripon street
successivehouse33, Mildred street
1141 Gauntley WilliamArthur streethouse5, Arthur street
successivehouse22, Arthur street
1142 Gawthorpe ThomasMulberry streethouse25, Mulberry street
1143 Gay WilliamUndercliffe lanebuildings & landOtley road
1144 Geach RobertApperley bridgewarehouse7, Swaine street
1145 Geldar JonathanUndercliffe roadhouse336, Undercliffe road
1146 Geldar Thomas SwaineRipon streethouse86, Ripon street
successivehouse150, Ripon street
1147 Getz AdolphusNorth paradewarehouse28, Booth street
1148 Gibb JamesVictoria terracehouse214, Victoria terrace
1149 Gibson ChristopherGarnett streethouse71, Garnett street
1150 Gibson HenryKing Charles streethouse30, King Charles street
1151 Gibson John AtleyGarnett streethouse73, Garnett street
1152 Gibson MansfieldOrchard streethouse67, Orchard street
1153 Gibson ObadiahRichmond streethouse12, Richmond street
1154 Gibson SamuelPark gatehouse32, Park gate
1155 Gibson ThomasBarkerend roadhouse52, Barkerend road
1156 Gidley WilliamHortonwarehouse31, Charles street
1157 Gilandos AlexanderOrchard streethouse20, Orchard street
1158 Gilfoyle PatrickKing Charles courthouse21, King Charles court
1159 Gill AlfredBarkerend roadhouse28, Barkerend road
1160 Gill JohnPriestley streethouse9, Priestley street
1161 Gill John WilliamRipon streethouse222, Ripon street
1162 Gill JosephCaptain streethouse28, Captain street
1163 Gill JosephWapping roadhouse1, Wapping road
1164 Gill MartinDe Grey streethouse39, De Grey street
1165 Gill SydneyBradford moorhouse31, Bradford moor
1166 Gill ThomasUndercliffe roadhouse1, Geldar yard
successivehouse330, Undercliffe road
1167 Gill WilliamUpper Park streethouse1, Upper Park street
1168 Gillies John LawsonEccleshillwarehouse27, Leeds road
1169 Gillott Robert WorthyOtley roadhouse139, Otley road
1170 Gilmartin PatrickCaptain streethouse12, Captain street
1171 Gilyard John ThomasWilfred streethouse23, Wilfred street
1172 Gilyard WilliamBunker's hillcountinghouse25, Market street
1173 Glasson JosephRipon streethouse126, Ripon street
1174 Gledhill EdwardJermyn streethouseButler street
successivehouse80, Jermyn street
1175 Gledhill JosephNorth Winghouse116, North Wing
1176 Gledson EdwinPark gatehouse69, Park gate
1177 Gleeson JeremiahCaptain streethouse4, Captain street
1178 Glyde Lavington TaylorShipleywarehouse29A, Hall ings
1179 Goddard RichardManninghamwarehouse16, Booth street
1180 Godwin John VenimoreRawdonwarehouse37, Peel place
1181 Goggs RobertWellington streethouse29, North street
successivehouse48, Wellington street
1182 Goldsborough EdwardMildred streethouse4, Woodbine street
successivehouse70, Mildred street
1183 Goldsborough John WilsonUpper Bolton streethouse2, Anne gate
successivehouse21, Upper Bolton street
1184 Goldschmidt EmileManninghamwarehouse49, Well street
1185 Goldschmidt HenryApperley bridgewarehouse49, Well street
1186 Goodall CharlesLofthouse streethouse10, Lofthouse street
1187 Goodall DenbyNorth street courthouse3, North street court
1188 Goodall WilliamSun streethouse28, Sun street
1189 Goodall WilliamThornton's BuildingshouseHaigh row
successivehouse12, Thornton's Buildings
1190 Goodbody WilliamCaptain streethouse16, Captain street
1191 Gooderham HenryBack Victoria terracehouse18, Back Victoria terrace
1192 Gooding RichardAiredale placehouse4, Airedale place
1193 Goodyear JamesCordingley streethouse25, Cordingley street
1194 Gorman JohnWapping streethouse44, Wapping street
1195 Gorman Joseph PatrickNorth streethouse2, North street
1196 Gorman JohnCarver courthouse6, Carver court
1197 Gorman JohnIrving streethouse39, Irving street
1198 Gorman LawrenceCaptain streethouse78, Captain street
1199 Gornall JohnClub houseshouse30, Club houses
1200 Gornall ThomasHaigh rowhouse6, Haigh row
1201 Gott JamesJermyn streethouse67, Jermyn street
1202 Gough JohnTennyson placehouse22, Barkerend road
successivehouse31, Tennyson place
1203 Gourlay James DoigManninghamwarehouse38, Brook street
successivewarehouse47, Leeds road
1204 Gourlay John McMillanHortonwarehouse38, Brook street
successivewarehouse47, Leeds road
1205 Graham DavidHaigh rowhouse4, Haigh row
1206 Graham JamesMulberry streethouse11, Mulberry street
1207 Graham JamesManninghamwarehouse7, Mildred court
1208 Graham ThomasBolton roadhouse46, Bolton road
1209 Graham WilliamPark gatehouse30, Park gate
1210 Grainge EdmundWapping roadhouse53, Wapping road
1211 Grainger ChristopherWilfred streethouse137, Wilfred street
1212 Grainger ThomasOtley roadhouse32, Otley road
1213 Grainger WilliamFilbert streethouse24, Filbert street
1214 Grandage AbrahamEccleshillwarehouse18, Bentley street
1215 Grandage WilliamApperley Bridgewarehouse18, Bentley street
1216 Grant PeterIrving streethouse14, Irving street
1217 Gray BenjaminRipon streethouse9, Ripon street
1218 Gray HumphreyBolton roadhouse84, Bolton road
1219 Gray JohnFilbert streethouse19, Filbert street
1220 Greaves HenrySowden's Buildingshouse19, Sowden's Buildings
1221 Greaves JohnNorth winghouse93, North wing
1222 Greaves John WesleyHortonwarehouse25, Leeds road
1223 Greaves William HunsleyFulneckwarehouse24, Charles street
1224 Green AlfredBack foldhouse5, Back fold
1225 Green BenjaminFilbert streethouse34, Filbert street
1226 Green George KnowlesHortoncountinghouse9, Leeds road
1227 Green IsaiahStanacre placehouse21, Stanacre place
1228 Green JamesWapping roadhouse31, Wapping road
1229 Green JeremiahNorth streethouse6, North street
successivehouse7, North street
1230 Green JohnThe Mounthouse12, The Mount
1231 Green JohnOrchard streethouse47, Orchard street
1232 Green Joseph William KnowlesManninghamcountinghouse9, Leeds road
1233 Green RichardMildred streethouse112, Mildred street
1234 Green SamuelFearnley streethouse11, Fearnley street
1235 Green SidneyRipon streethouse152, Ripon street
1236 Greenall JamesUpper Park streethouse3, Upper Park street
1237 Greenough WilliamCordingley streethouseHeap lane
successivehouseCordingley street
1238 Greenwood EdwinBarkerend roadhouse162, Barkerend road
1239 Greenwood GeorgeCaptain streethouse58, Captain street
1240 Greenwood HenryOrchard streethouse5, Orchard street
1241 Greenwood JamesLofthouse streethouseWilfred street
successivehouse35, Lofthouse street
1242 Greenwood JamesOtley roadhouse5, Otley road
1243 Greenwood JamesMildred streethouse76, Mildred street
1244 Greenwood JohnPark gatehouse15, Park gate
1245 Greenwood JonasBarkerend roadhouse161, Barkerend road
1246 Greenwood RobertButler streethouse55, Butler street
1247 Greenwood ThomasColeridge placehouse10, Coleridge place
1248 Greenwood WilliamHaworthwarehouse38, Brook street
1249 Greenwood William WatsonHortonwarehouseBrook street
successivewarehouse39, Brook street
1250 Gregson AlbertPeckover streethouse15, Peckover street
1251 Grey AlfredRipon streethouse4, Albert square
successivehouse2, Ripon street
1252 Grey AndrewCross Sun streethouse12, Cross Sun street
1253 Grey ArthurFilbert streethouse69, Filbert street
1254 Grey BenjaminStott hill placehouse27, Stott hill place
1255 Grey JamesBelmont streethouseDe Grey street
successivehouse4, Belmont street
1256 Grimes ThomasArthur streethouse9, Arthur street
1257 Grimshaw WilliamMildred streethouse68, Mildred street
successivehouseDe Grey street
successivehouse128, Mildred street
1258 Grogen JohnButler streethouse72, Butler street
1259 Groves JohnBaildonwarehouse57, Leeds road
1260 Grundy JamesLofthouse streethouse21, Lofthouse street
1261 Grundy JohnLingard streethouse15, Lingard street
1262 Grundy JohnNathan streethouse5, Nathan street
1263 Guffick JohnSun streethouse28, Sun street
1264 Gunstone JamesWestfield terracehouse6, Westfield terrace

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