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BRADFORD: Bradford Parliamentary Register 1873, GREAT HORTON WARD, surnames A-G.


GREAT HORTON WARD, 1873, surnames A-G.
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1 Abbot RobinsonCemetery roadhouse15, Cemetery road
2 Ackernley RichardPrinceville streethouse33, Princeville street
3 Ackroyd GeorgeSouthfield lanehouse210, Southfield lane
4 Ackroyd IsaacEwart streethouse102, Ewart street
5 Ackroyd SamuelGreaves streetcountinghouseBeckside
6 Ackroyd ThomasLidget streethouse45, Lidget street
7 Ackroyd WilliamHorton roadhouse226, Horton road
8 Ainley JamesLow greenhouse42, Perseverance lane
successivehouse34, Low green
9 Ainley ThomasUpper greenhouse50, Upper green
10 Ainsworth JoshuaFenton streethouse32, Fenton street
11 Akeroyd JoshuaHorton roadhouse & shop210, Horton road
12 Akers WilliamSouthfield lanehouse297, Southfield lane
13 Alderson JohnCragg lanehouse3, Cragg lane
14 Alderson RobsonLawrence streethouse18, Lawrence street
15 Alexander JamesVine streethouse15, Vine street
16 Allan Joseph HenryPrinceville streethouse32, Crossley street
successivehouse3, Princeville street
17 Allott ThomasLidget streethouse35, Lidget street
18 Allott TomAlexandra streethouse10, Lower Bright street
successivehouse9, Alexandra street
19 Ambler AbrahamTurner placehouse24, Turner place
20 Ambler AbrahamAlexandra villashouse78, Osborne street
successivehouse3, Alexandra villas
21 Ambler JohnSouthfield lanehouse176, Southfield lane
22 Anderton JohnLegrams lanehouse5, Summerseat place
successivehouse14, Legrams lane
23 Andrews GeorgeFalcon streethouse8, Falcon street
24 Andrews JoshuaGreenfield lanehouse20, Greenfield lane
25 Appleyard ThackrayWatmough streethouse78, Watmough street
26 Archer WilliamHorton roadhouse197, Horton road
27 Armistead BenjaminAnne streethouse15, Anne street
28 Armitage JohnPickles hillhouse20, Pickles hill
29 Armitage JosephCross lanehouse61, Cross lane
30 Armitage JosephBeacon hillhouseBeacon hill
31 Armitage LucasCross lanehouse65, Cross lane
32 Armitage SamuelFrank streethouse1, Frank street
33 Armitage WilliamOld roadhouse206, Old road
34 Armitage WilliamCross lanehouseCross lane
35 Ashley AlfredCross lanehouse23, Cross lane
36 Ashley JohnSummerseat placehouse11, Summerseat place
37 Ashworth BenjaminSchool alleyhouse5, School alley
38 Ashworth JamesKnight's foldhouse4, Knight's fold
39 Ashworth JohnSummerhill streethouse16, Summerhill street
40 Ashworth NathanSouthfield lanehouse284, Southfield lane
41 Athey Thomas MichaelCrossley streethouse10, Crossley street
42 Atkinson James PrestonHigh streethouse86, High street
43 Atkinson JohnOld roadhouse102, Old road
44 Atkinson JohnHigh streethouse174, High street
45 Atkinson JohnBeckside roadhouseLodge, Legrams lane
successivehouse51, Beckside road
46 Atkinson SykesFenton streethouse16, Fenton street
47 Atkinson WilliamHollingwood lanehouse406, Hollingwood lane
48 Audsley SquireHorton roadbuildings & landHorton road
49 Audsley WilliamHorton roadhouse236, Horton road
50 Aveyard JosephLidget streethouse41, Lidget street
51 Ayre IsaacClub streethouse9, Club street
52 Ayre RobertClub streethouse14, Club street

GREAT HORTON WARD, 1873, surnames beginning with the letter B
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
53 Baines William HenryRand streethouse11, Rand street
54 Bairstow DanielOld roadhouse90, Old road
55 Bairstow JesseNew roadhouse139, New road
56 Bairstow JohnAycliffe hillhouse39, Aycliffe hill
57 Bairstow JohnHunt yardhouse9, Hunt yard
58 Bairstow JohnTanner beckhouseTanner beck
59 Bairstow JonathanLidgate placehouse22, Lidgate place
60 Bairstow Jonathan, junr.Beckside roadhouse36, Beckside road
successivehouse & shop48, Beckside road
61 Bairstow JosephCross lanehouse84, Cross lane
62 Bairstow WilliamOld roadhouse92, Old road
63 Bakes AlfredBirkshouseBirks
64 Bakes JamesLivingstone streethouseLidgate place
successivehouse26, Livingstone street
65 Baldwin AmosOld roadhouse136, Old road
66 Baldwin DavidOld roadhouse134, Old road
67 Baldwin John ClaytonSummerhill streethouse9, Summerhill street
68 Baldwin JonathanOld roadhouse138, Old road
69 Ball OrlandoFrank streethouse18, Frank street
70 Balme JosephLidget streethouse47, Lidget street
71 Balme ThomasOld roadhouse114, Old road
72 Balmforth EllisHew clewshouse12, Paradise green
successivehouseHew clews
73 Bancroft WilliamWatmough streethouse54, Watmough street
74 Banyard WilliamHorton roadhouse224, Horton road
75 Barker AdamNew roadhouse111, New road
76 Barker BenjaminBartle squarehouse4, Bartle square
77 Barker HenryWatmough streethouse48, Watmough street
78 Barker HenryHigh streethouse & shop33, High street
79 Barker JamesBartle squarehouse4, Arctic parade
successivehouse9, Bartle square
80 Barker JamesDirk hill streethouse4, Low green
successivehouse57, Newell street
successivehouseDirk hill street
81 Barker JobPrinceville streethouse37, Princeville street
82 Barker JosephBeckside roadhouseBeckside road
83 Barker RichardHollingwood lanehouse6, Hollingwood lane
84 Barker RobinsonRand streethouse14, Rand street
85 Barker WilliamCambridge streethouse11, Cambridge street
86 Barraclough FrancisJer lanehouse5, Jer lane
87 Barraclough JamesSouthfield lanehouse281, Southfield lane
88 Barraclough JohnLidget streethouse27, Lidget street
89 Barraclough JohnAycliffe hillhouse45, Aycliffe hill
90 Barraclough JonathanAycliffe hillhouse1, Aycliffe hill
91 Barraclough JosephHorton roadhouse256, Horton road
92 Barraclough JosephAycliffe hillhouse16, Aycliffe hill
93 Barraclough SquireFrank streethouse17, Frank street
94 Barraclough WilliamSouthfield lanehouse170, Southfield lane
95 Barstow JohnVine streethouse22, Vine street
96 Barstow JonathanVine streethouse11, Vine street
97 Bartle DavidHigh streethouse & shop85, High street
98 Bartle EdwardSouthfield lanehouse154, High street
successivehouse307, Southfield lane
99 Bartle JamesUpper greenhouseUpper green
successivehouseUpper green
100 Bartle JohnHigh streethouse305, High street
101 Bartle MarkSouthfield lanehouse299, Southfield lane
102 Bartle SharpHigh streethouse & shop25, High street
103 Bartle TimothyHorton roadhouse237, Horton road
104 Bartle WilliamPleasant streethouse22, Pleasant street
105 Barton RobertUnion roadhouse34, Union road
106 Bateman CharlesHollingwood lanehouse118, Hollingwood lane
107 Bateman JephthahBramley rowhouse5, Bramley row
108 Bateman JonathanClub streethouse10, Club street
109 Bates JamesOld roadhouse21, Old road
110 Baxendale JohnRand streethouse3, Rand street
111 Baxter JamesBakes streethouse7, Bakes street
112 Beanland GeorgeBakes streethouse96, Cross lane
successivehouse12, Bakes street
113 Beanland JohnBakes streethouse10, Bakes street
114 Beanland SkirrowLidgate placehouse27, Lidgate place
115 Bearder EmanuelEtna streethouse14, Etna street
116 Beaumont JohnTown endhouse25, Town end
117 Beck WilliamBeckside roadhouse52, Beckside road
118 Benn AmosCemetery roadhouse3, Cemetery road
119 Benn SamuelHigh streethouse & shop182, High street
120 Bennett CainUpper greenhouse56, Livingstone street
successivehouseUpper green
121 Bennett EdwinPerseverance lanehouse7, Perseverance lane
122 Bennett JohnEbenezer placehouse10, Ebenezer place
123 Bennett JohnLidgate placehouse75, Lidgate place
124 Bennett JosephWatmough streethouse82, Watmough street
125 Bennett RobinsonPeel rowhouse10, Hillam street
successivehouse5, Peel row
126 Bennett RobinsonBeldon roadhouse & shop32, Beldon road
127 Bentley CharlesClaytonbuildingsUnder the hill
128 Bentley HenryLegrams lanehouse226, Legrams lane
129 Bentley JohnAycliffe hillhouse42, Aycliffe hill
130 Bentley JohnLegrams lanehouse224, Legrams lane
131 Bentley WalterArctic paradehouse & shop56, High street
successivehouse12, Arctic parade
132 Bentley WalterLucy streethouse1, Fenton street
successivehouse21, Lucy street
133 Binns AlfredFrank streethouse4, Frank street
134 Binns EdwinCollins streethouse17, Collins street
135 Binns EliUpper greenhouse8, Upper green
136 Binns GeorgeSummerseat placehouse12, Summerseat place
137 Binns JabezUpper greenhouse13, Upper green
138 Binns JeremiahLime streethouse11, Frank street
successivehouseLime street
139 Binns JohnUpper greenhouse30, Upper green
140 Binns JohnNew roadhouse85, New road
141 Binns JosephCambridge streethouse30, Cambridge street
142 Binns SamuelSouthfield lanehouse276A, Southfield lane
143 Binns WilliamCross lanehouse72, Cross lane
144 Birch GeorgeWatmough streethouse74, Watmough street
145 Birchell JohnEbenezer placehouse9, Ebenezer place
146 Birkbeck WilliamHollingwood lanehouse402, Hollingwood lane
147 Blackburn AlexanderHollingwood lanehouse112, Hollingwood lane
148 Blackburn AlfredTurner placehouse12, Turner place
149 Blackburn JohnNew roadhouse & shop81, New road
150 Blackburn JosephNew roadhouse93, New road
151 Blackburn WilliamDerby streethouse7, Derby street
152 Blackey RichardVine streethouse7, Vine street
153 Blagborough AlfredAycliffe hillhouse27, Aycliffe hill
successivehouse9, Aycliffe hill
154 Blagborough EdwardBakes streethouse20, Bakes street
155 Blagborough EdwardAycliffe hillhouse25, Aycliffe hill
156 Blagborough EliFrank streethouse32, Frank street
157 Blagborough HiramAycliffe hillhouse9, Aycliffe hill
successivehouse27, Aycliffe hill
158 Blagborough JosephAycliffe hillhouse22, Aycliffe hill
159 Blagborough SamuelCollins streethouse21, Collins street
160 Blagborough ThomasHigh streethouse206, High street
161 Blakey WilliamFrank streethouse40, Frank street
162 Blamires EdmundOld roadhouse95, Old road
163 Blamires EdwinDog lanehouse7, Cliffe lane
successivehouse3, Dog lane
164 Blamires JohnHigh streethouse300, High street
165 Blamires JosephHigh streethouse172, High street
166 Blamires LukeFrank streethouse6, Frank street
167 Blamires SamuelLidgate placehouse26, Lidgate place
168 Bland AckroydBeckside roadhouse34, Beckside road
169 Bland AckroydWatmough streethouse76, Watmough street
170 Bland DavidCross lanehouse82, Cross lane
171 Bland JamesLow greenhouse38, Low green
172 Bland JonasBeckside roadhouse14, Beckside road
173 Bland JosephLow greenhouseLow green
174 Blundell JohnMiry pondhouse14, Miry pond
175 Boddy TimothyCrossley streethouse40, Crossley street
176 Bolton AbrahamBlacksmith foldhouse12, Blacksmith fold
177 Bolton EdmundKnight's foldhouse16, Knight's fold
178 Bolton JohnCambridge streethouse6, Cambridge street
179 Bolton JohnPerseverance lanehouse4, Perseverance lane
180 Bolton JosephPrinceville streethouse45, Princeville street
181 Bolton RichardHigh streethouse & shop66, High street
182 Bolton WilliamRamsden courthouse7, Ramsden court
183 Bolton WilliamFalcon streethouse10, Falcon street
184 Bolts EdwardCambridge streethouse5, Cambridge street
185 Bone HenrySouthfield lanehouse262, Southfield lane
186 Booker William HenryBingleywarehouseCannon mill
187 Booth CharlesHorton roadhouse229, Horton road
188 Booth DanielWestcroft foldhouse10, Westcroft fold
189 Booth HenryLivingstone streethouse18, Bakes street
successivehouse34, Livingstone street
190 Booth HenryCross lanehouse14, Cross lane
191 Booth JamesLegrams lanehouse189, Legrams lane
192 Bottomley FrancisKnight's foldhouse15, Knight's fold
193 Bottomley JamesLidgate placehouse12, Lidgate place
194 Bottomley JohnAycliffe hillhouse51, Aycliffe hill
195 Bottomley Robert JenningsSouthfield lanehouse & shop272, Southfield lane
196 Bottomley ThomasSmithies streethouse18, Smithies street
197 Bottomley WilliamLegrams lanehouse185, Legrams lane
198 Bowden JohnUpper greenhouse36, Upper green
199 Bower AlfredAnne streethouse27, Anne street
200 Bower CharlesSuddards foldhouse19, Suddards fold
201 Bower JamesNecropolis roadhouse32, Necropolis road
202 Bower JohnCross lanehouse73, Cross lane
203 Bower PeterCross lanehouse41, Cross lane
204 Bower SamuelCross lanehouse64, Cross lane
205 Bower ThomasDirk hill lanehouse9, Dirk hill lane
206 Bower ThomasCross lanehouse66, Cross lane
207 Bower WilliamHill endhouseRichmond road
successivehouseHill end
208 Bowker WilliamPickles hillhouse1, Pickles hill
209 Bowles AlfredHigh streethouse50, Watmough street
successivehouse299, High street
210 Bowles HenrySellars foldhouse44, Sellars fold
211 Bowles JosephPaternoster lanehouse6, Paternoster lane
212 Boyes AlfredHunt yardhouse3, Hunt yard
213 Boyes WilliamBartle foldhouseBartle fold
214 Bradshaw ThomasCambridge streethouse39, Cambridge street
215 Bramley AmosPickles lanehouse7, Pickles lane
216 Brannan PatrickUpper greenhouse54, Upper green
217 Breaks Reuben HenryHorton roadhouse245, Horton road
218 Breaks RufusHorton roadhouse219, Horton road
219 Brearley JamesLime streethouse5, Peel row
successivehouseLime street
220 Brewer Alfred JenningsPrimrose hillhouse14, Lansdowne place
successivehouse1, St. John's street
successivehouseDirk hill street
successivehouse2, Primrose hill
221 Briggs CharlesSellars foldhouse18, Sellars fold
222 Briggs CharlesOld roadhouse87, Old road
223 Briggs ElamLivingstone streethouse55, Livingstone street
224 Briggs GeorgeBramley rowhouse1, Bramley row
225 Briggs SamsonEtna streethouse10, Etna street
226 Briggs ThomasCrossley streethouse382, High street
successivehouse32, Crossley street
227 Briggs ThomasSouthfield lanehouse256, Southfield lane
228 Briggs WilliamBlacksmith foldhouse2, Blacksmith fold
229 Britten Robert HenryRand streethouse17, Rand street
230 Britten WilliamSmith roadhouse213, Smith road
231 Broadbent EliLidgate placehouse45, Lidgate place
232 Broadbent FrederickBath house, Cross lanehouseBath house, Cross lane
233 Broadbent FrederickCollins streethouse19, Collins street
234 Broadbent JohnHigh streethouse62, High street
235 Broadbent John JohnsonSouthfield lanehouse329, Southfield lane
236 Broadbent JosephCross lanehouse50, Cross lane
237 Broadbent MilesSellars foldhouse22, Sellars fold
238 Broadbent WilliamEwart streethouse73, Ewart street
239 Broadbent William HenrySmith roadhouse20,5 Smith road
240 Brogden WilliamLegrams lanehouse10, Naseby street
successivehouse73, Legrams lane
241 Brook HerbertCross lanehouseCross lane
242 Brook IsaacParadise greenhouse12, Paradise green
243 Brook IsaacHigh streethouse152, High street
244 Brook JamesCross lanehouseCross lane
245 Brook JohnSchool alleyhouse7, School alley
246 Brook JohnParadise greenhouse1, Paradise green
247 Brook JonasLow greenhouseLow green
248 Brook JonathanHigh streethouse101, High street
249 Brook JosephCross lanehouse48, Cross lane
250 Brook JosephHigh streethouse & shop161, High street
251 Brook SharpHollingwood lanehouse316, Hollingwood lane
252 Brook WilliamGreenfield lanehouse26, Greenfield lane
253 Brook WilliamSouthfield lanehouse231, Southfield lane
254 Brown DavidFrank streethouse23, Frank street
255 Brown JohnFenton streethouse27, Fenton street
256 Broxup AbrahamCambridge streethouse19, Cambridge street
257 Bryar RobertPaternoster lanehouse10, Paternoster lane
258 Buckle JohnHigh streethouse120, High street
259 Buckle RichardHorton roadhouse232, Horton road
260 Bull AaronOld roadhouse83, Old road
261 Bunting William LantsburyThorntonwarehouseLane close
262 Burgess WilliamCambridge streethouse17, Cambridge street
263 Burnett IsaacSouthfield lanehouse275A, Southfield lane
264 Burns ThomasHigh streethouse301, High street
265 Burrows RobertMiry pondhouse12, Miry pond
266 Burrows WilliamMiry pondhouse11, Miry pond
267 Burston ThomasAnne streethouse13, Anne street
268 Burston WilliamCross lanehouse49, Cross lane
269 Busfield ElijahPaternoster lanehouse3, Paternoster lane
270 Busfield William, junr.Princeville streethouse41, Princeville street
271 Butler JabezAlexandra streethouse14, Alexandra street
272 Butterfield AmosLivingstone streethouse53, Livingstone street
273 Butterfield CharlesLivingstone streethouse59, Livingstone street
274 Butterfield EdwinLidgate placehouseLidgate place
275 Butterfield JamesOld Corn Mill lane, BecksidehouseOld Corn mill lane, Beckside
276 Butterfield JosephEwart streethouse82, Ewart street
277 Butterfield PeterPleasant streethouse12, Pleasant street
278 Butterfield ThomasMill yard, Shearbridgehouse1, Alexandra street
successivehouseMill yard, Shearbridge
279 Butterworth JosephWard streethouse5, Cliffe lane
successivehouse46, Ward street
280 Butterworth ThomasPaternoster lanehouse11, Paternoster lane
281 Buttery John LeeUnion roadhouse11, Peel row
successivehouse191, Southfield lane
successivehouse24, Union road

GREAT HORTON WARD, 1873, surnames beginning with the letter C
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
282 Calvert CharlesHigh streethouse158, High street
283 Carr EdwinAlexandra villashouse8, Alexandra villas
284 Carr JohnHigh streethouse179, High street
285 Carr JosephSouthfield lanehouse238, Southfield lane
286 Carr SamuelFrank streethouse19, Frank street
287 Carr WilliamHorton roadhouse201, Horton road
288 Carr WilliamHigh streethouse169, High street
289 Carrodus JosephSouthfield lanehouse & shop295, Southfield lane
290 Carter JamesDracup roadhouse263, Southfield lane
successivehouse40, Dracup road
291 Carter James EmmettSouthfield lanehouse142, Southfield lane
292 Carter SamuelHigh streethouse153, High street
293 Carter WilliamSouthfield lanehouse198, Southfield lane
294 Caton JamesEtna streethouse22, Etna street
295 Catton ThomasSouthfield lanehouse42, Park road
successivehouse179, Southfield lane
296 Cawthra HenrySolitaryhouseSolitary
297 Cawthra HenryBeckside roadhouse20, Beckside road
298 Cawthra JonathanHigh streethouse175, Bank top
successivehouse323, High street
299 Cawthra WilliamLidgate placehouse77, Lidgate place
300 Chalk WilliamSouthfield lanehouse289, Southfield lane
301 Chambers ThomasLegrams lanehouse171, Legrams lane
302 Chambers ThomasLivingstone streethouse30, Livingstone street
303 Champion William Needham LongdenBank topwarehouseBank top
304 Chapburn ZimriDerby streethouse2, Pleasant street
successivehouse11, Derby street
305 Chapman WilliamHigh streethouse10, High street
306 Charlton James RichardsonUnion roadhouse22, Union road
307 Charlton SamuelHigh streethouse170, High street
308 Chesterman JohnHorton roadhouse & shop346, Horton road
309 Chew JohnHigh streethouse39, Turner street
successivehouse249, High street
310 Chew ThomasHigh streethouse307, High street
311 Chisslett ThomasSouthfield lanehouse212A, Southfield lane
successivehouse151, Southfield lane
312 Clare PeterUpper greenhouse11, Upper green
313 Clark AlbertRand streethouse15, Rand street
314 Clark Thomas RobertshawLidgate placehouseLidgate place
315 Clayton JamesBecksidehouseBeckside
316 Clayton JohnOld roadhouse112, Old road
317 Clayton WilliamCross lanehouse53, Cross lane
318 Clough BenjaminHigh streethouse96, Southfield lane
successivehouse26, High street
319 Clough HenrySouthfield lanehouse236, Southfield lane
320 Clough WilliamFalcon streethouse5, Falcon street
321 Clough WilliamLime streethouse2, Lime street
322 Coates FrancisTown endhouse51, Town end
successivehouse41, Town end
323 Coates MarkPickles hillhouse6, Pickles hill
324 Cockerham EdwardBingleycountinghouseLegrams Mill lane
325 Cockitt SimonEbenezer placehouse54, Southfield lane
successivehouse11, Ebenezer place
326 Cockitt StephenWestcroft foldhouse4, Westcroft fold
327 Cockroft SamuelLidget streethouse10, Lidget street
328 Cockroft WilliamLidget streethouse14, Lidget street
329 Coleman CharlesFenton streethouse23, Fenton street
330 Coley EzekielKnight's foldhouse19, Knight's fold
331 Collins JosephBeldon roadhouseEwart street
successivehouseBeldon road
332 Collins LukeLidgate placehouseLidgate place
333 Connell BenjaminUpper greenhouse155, Southfield lane
successivehouse25, Upper green
334 Connell IsaacSouthfield lanehouse & shop260, Southfield lane
335 Cooper JohnSummerhill streethouse5, Summerhill street
336 Cordingley EmanuelTown endhouse15, Town end
337 Cordingley SamuelHigh streetbuildingsHorton green
successivehouse118, High street
338 Cosgrove JamesOld roadhouse57, Upper green
successivehouse81, Old road
339 Cox HenryLivingstone streethouse50, Pleasant street
successivehouse56, Livingstone street
successivehouse14, Pleasant street
successivehouse33, Livingstone street
340 Crabtree AbrahamSouthfield lanehouse143, Southfield lane
341 Crabtree AmosRand streethouse8, Rand street
342 Crabtree EzraSouthfield lanehouse223, Southfield lane
343 Crabtree SamuelSouthfield lanehouse204, Southfield lane
344 Crabtree WilliamSouthfield lanehouse157, Southfield lane
345 Craven GeorgeArctic paradehouse27, Arctic parade
346 Craven IsaacHigh streethouse253, High street
347 Craven JohnPleasant streethousePleasant street
348 Craven JonasWatmough streethouse76, Watmough street
349 Craven JoshuaLidget streethouse29, Lidget street
350 Craven WilliamHigh streethouse196, High street
351 Craven WilliamHart streethouse5, Hart street
352 Craven ZachariasHigh streethouse68, High street
353 Craven ZachariasHollingwood lanehouse18, Hollingwood lane
354 Crawshaw CainAlexandra streethouse15, Alexandra street
355 Crebbin JamesCross lanehouse31, Cross lane
356 Cromwell EliLivingstone streethouse63, Livingstone street
357 Cross Frederick JamesTurner placehouse30, Turner place
358 Cross WilliamPerseverance lanehouse40, Perseverance lane
359 Crossland MarkArctic paradehouse28, Arctic parade
360 Crossland WilliamHorton roadhouse249, Horton road
361 Crossley JohnTown endhouse9, Town end
362 Crossley JonasLidgate placehouse51, Beckside road
successivehouseLidgate place
363 Crossley JonasLidgate placehouse32, Lidgate place
successivehouseLidgate place
364 Crossley SamuelUnion roadhouse3, Union road
365 Crowther JamesEwart streethouse96, Ewart street
366 Crowther RobertUpper greenhouse58, Upper green
367 Crowther RufusLidgate placehouse57, Lidgate place
368 Croxall James HenryPrimrose hillhouse1, Primrose hill
369 Curtis JosephAnne streethouse11, Anne street
370 Cusworth ThomasAycliffe hillhouse17, Aycliffe hill

GREAT HORTON WARD, 1873, surnames beginning with the letter D
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
371 Dale WilliamAlexandra streethouse5, Alexandra street
372 Davison WilliamCross lanehouseCross lane
373 Dawson JosephSouthfield lanehouse250, Southfield lane
374 Day AlfredAlexandra villashouse6, Alexandra villas
375 Day JosephEbenezer placehouse3, Ebenezer place
376 Dean BenjaminFenton streethouse7, Fenton street
377 Dean CharlesHigh streethouse309, High street
378 Dean CharlesLidget streethouse11, Lidget street
379 Dean JonathanFrank streethouse33, Frank street
380 Dean SamHigh streethouse38, Livingstone street
successivehouse & shopHigh street
381 Dean WilliamClub streethouse5, Club street
382 Denham CharlesHigh streethouse181, High street
383 Denham WilliamClaytonhouse3, Cliffe lane
successivewarehouseBank top
384 Dennison IsaacLime streethouse6, Lime street
385 Denton BenjaminSummerhill streethouse4, Summerhill street
386 Denton GeorgeHigh streethouse42, High street
387 Denton GeorgeHollingwood lanehouse2, Hollingwood lane
388 Denton HenryBeckside roadhouse44, Beckside road
389 Denton JosephPaternoster lanehouse5, Paternoster lane
390 Denton JosephLidgate placehouse29, Lidgate place
successivehouseLidgate place
391 Derby HughTanner hillhouseTanner hill
392 Dewhirst CharlesPerseverance lanehouse3, Perseverance lane
393 Dewhirst CharlesCemetery roadhouse249, Cemetery road
394 Dewhirst Christopher Hodgson DawsonLawrence streethouse34, Lawrence street
395 Dewhirst EliHorton roadhouse251, Horton road
396 Dewhirst GeorgeLidget streethouse33, Lidget street
397 Dewhirst HenrySuddards foldhouse26, Suddards fold
398 Dewhirst HenryWestcroft terracehouse1, Westcroft terrace
399 Dewhirst IsaacCemetery roadhouse247, Cemetery road
400 Dewhirst JohnCross lanehouse38, Cross lane
401 Dewhirst JohnBeckside roadhouse78, Beckside road
402 Dewhirst JonasHollingwood lanehouse322, Hollingwood lane
403 Dewhirst JosephCross lanehouse7, Cross lane
404 Dewhirst RobertFenton streethouse26, Fenton street
405 Dewhirst SethFenton streethouse29, Fenton street
successivehouse30, Fenton street
406 Dewhirst ThomasCross lanehouse & shop62, Cross lane
407 Dewhirst WilliamBeckside roadhouse & shop86, Beckside road
408 Dewhirst WilliamPickles lanehouse9, Pickles lane
409 Dewhirst William IsaacSummerseat placehouse13, Summerseat place
410 Dickenson GeorgePrinceville streethouse64, Princeville street
411 Dickinson WilliamPrinceville streethouse14, Paradise street, Bradford
successivehousePrinceville street
412 Dinsdale JamesPrinceville streethouse31, Princeville street
413 Dixon JamesNorth parkhouseNorth park
414 Dixon JohnEtna streethouse12, Etna street
415 Dobson JamesLawrence streethouse8, Lawrence street
416 Dobson JohnClub streethouse2, Club street
417 Doughty JamesHigh streethouse278, Hollingwood lane
successivehouse144, High street
418 Downsbrough GeorgeSouthfield lanehouse193, Smith road
successivehouse172, Southfield lane
419 Drabble Adolphus WilliamBottom of Cliffe lanehouseBottom of Cliffe lane
420 Dracup AaronHollingwood lanehouse102, Hollingwood lane
421 Dracup BenjaminHollingwood lanehouse104, Hollingwood lane
422 Dracup BriggsFrank streethouse8, Frank street
423 Dracup EdmundPickles lanehouse4, Pickles lane
424 Dracup EdmundPleasant streethouse9, Pleasant street
425 Dracup EdwinPleasant streethouse40, Pleasant street
426 Dracup EzraBeckside roadhouse13, Beckside road
427 Dracup GeorgeCliffe lanehouse2, Cliffe lane
428 Dracup IsaacHigh streethouse299, High street
successivehouse247, High street
429 Dracup JabezHigh streethouse317, High street
430 Dracup MilesHigh streethouse80, High street
431 Dracup PaulCliffe lanehouse145, High street
successivehouse3, Cliffe lane
432 Dracup RobinsonDracup roadhouse39, Dracup road
433 Dracup RogerPleasant streethouse30, Pleasant street
434 Dracup SimeonPickles lanehouse11, Pickles lane
435 Dracup Smith ToppingCross lanehouse44, Cross lane
successivehouse45, Cross lane
436 Dracup ThomasSolitaryhouseSolitary
437 Drake EdwinTurner placehouse38, Turner place
438 Drake WilliamHart streethouse16, Hart street
439 Driver AlbertFenton streethouse5, Fenton street
440 Dufty BryanLegrams lanehouse86, Legrams lane
441 Duncan ThomasLegrams lanehouse114, Legrams lane
442 Dunn GeorgeBeldon hillhouse25, Beldon hill
443 Dunn WilliamAlexandra streethouse19, Alexandra street
444 Durdy WilliamLime streethouse215, Smith road
successivehouseLime street
445 Dykes ThomasHarris courthouse3, Harris court
446 Dyson GeorgeClub streethouse8, Club street
447 Dyson JohnBeckside roadhouse18, Beckside road

GREAT HORTON WARD, 1873, surnames beginning with the letter E
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
448 Earnshaw ReubenHorton roadhouse227, Horton road
449 Edmondson Henry BoocockFrank streethouse14, Frank street
450 Edwards ThomasAlexandra streethouse20, Alexandra street
451 Elam JohnHigh streethouse300A, High street
452 Ellis JohnLidgate placehouse19, Lidgate place
453 Ellison AbrahamHart streethouse7, Hart street
454 Elston HenryLow greenhouse30, Low green
successivehouse36, Low green
455 Elsworth JamesTurner placehouse35, Bramley street
successivehouseTurner place
456 Emmott BenjaminCambridge streethouse36, Cambridge street
457 Emmott RobertHorton roadhouse10, Alexandra street
successivehouse & shop193, Horton road
458 Emsley IsaacBeldon roadhouse26, Beldon road
459 Emsley JonathanHigh streethouse45, High street
460 Emsley JonathanBank tophouse191, Bank top
461 Emsley RobertBramley rowhouse7, Bramley row
462 Emsley SidneyRand streethouse18, Rand street
463 England RichardNecropolis roadhouse73, Necropolis road
464 Eveleigh ThomasCross lanehouse35, Cross lane
465 Exley JamesLidgate placehouse24, Lidgate place
466 Exley RichardAnne streethouse17, Anne street

GREAT HORTON WARD, 1873, surnames beginning with the letter F
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
467 Farnell JohnUpper greenhouse2, Upper green
468 Farnish WilliamHart streethouse3, Hart street
469 Farrand HenryCross lanehouse6, Cross lane
470 Farrand MajorSummerhill streethouse7, Summerhill street
471 Farrand SquireSummerhill streethouse11, Summerhill street
472 Farrar EllisBeckside roadhouse42, Beckside road
473 Fawcett EdwinLidgate placehouse10, Lidgate place
474 Fawcett JosephLidgate placehouse23, Lidgate place
475 Fearnley JamesAycliffe hillhouse67, Holme top lane
successivehousePercy street
successivehouse3, Aycliffe hill
476 Fearnsides JosephHigh streethouse123, High street
477 Fearnsides ThomasFalcon streethouse7, Falcon street
478 Feather JohnDracup roadhouse63, Dracup road
479 Fell Adonijah BerryArctic paradehouse32, Arctic parade
480 Fell WilliamPerseverance lanehouse9, Perseverance lane
481 Fieldhouse AaronTodd terracehouse158, High street
successivehouseTodd terrace
482 Fieldhouse BenjaminDerby streethouse5, Derby street
483 Fieldhouse EmanuelHollingwood lanehouse282, Hollingwood lane
successivehouse310, Hollingwood lane
484 Fieldhouse HenryPickles lanehouse17, Pickles lane
485 Fieldhouse JosephOld roadhouse158, Old road
successivehouse130, Old road
486 Fieldhouse JosephLidget streethouse18, Lidget street
487 Fieldhouse MosesHigh streethouse331, High street
488 Fieldhouse MosesCross lanehouse43, Cross lane
489 Fieldhouse ThomasHigh streethouse173, High street
490 Fieldhouse WilliamHigh streethouse177, High street
491 Fieldhouse WilliamOld roadhouse116, Old road
492 Firth AlfredAshfieldwarehouseShearbridge
493 Firth JohnWestcroft foldhouse3, Westcroft fold
494 Firth JonathanDog lanehouse34, Ward street
successivehouse3, Dog lane
successivehouse4, Dog lane
495 Firth JosephTurner placehouse28, Turner place
496 Firth JosephHigh streethouse92, High street
497 Firth PullanHigh streethouse121, High street
498 Firth SamsonHigh streethouse & shop28, High street
499 Firth SamuelOld roadhouse194, Old road
500 Firth ThomasUnion roadhouse11, Union road
501 Firth William BoothArctic paradehouseArctic parade
502 Firth William RatcliffeDog lanehouse3, Dog lane
503 Fisher John LewisTanhousehouseTanhouse
504 Flather EnochLivingstone streethouse43, Livingstone street
505 Flather JohnBeldon hillhouse27, Beldon hill
506 Fletcher EliSouthfield lanehouse161, Southfield lane
507 Fletcher JamesTurner placehouse6, Turner place
508 Fogg Nathaniel BirtlesNew roadcountinghouseBank top
509 Foster AlfredLivingstone streethouse24, Livingstone street
510 Foster GeorgeAlexandra streethouse11, Alexandra street
511 Foster JohnSummerhill streethouse & shop1, Summerhill street
512 Foster JowettSouthfield lanehouse214A, Southfield lane
513 Foster MartinBakes streethouse22, Bakes street
514 Foster WilliamUpper greenhouse4, Upper green
515 Fothergill SamuelHollingwood lanehouse284, Hollingwood lane
516 Fox EdmundHollingwood lanehouse374, Hollingwood lane
517 Fox GilbertHigh streethouse & shop163, High street
518 Fox JamesTurner placehouse384, High street
successivehouseAycliffe road
successivehouse382, High street
successivehouseTurner place
519 Fox JarvisUpper greenhouse31, Upper green
520 Fox JohnBottomshouseBottoms
521 Fox John EdmundSouthfield lanehouse286, Southfield lane
522 Fox JonathanHollingwood lanehouseHollingwood lane
523 Fox JosephLidgate placehouseLidgate place
524 Fox JosephBeckside roadhouse84, Beckside road
525 Fox PeterDracup roadhouse41, Dracup road
526 Fox RobertHigh streethouse166, High street
527 Fox Robert AlfredHunt yardhouse8, Hunt yard
528 Fox WilliamHigh streethouse142, High street
529 Frankland AlbertLidgate placehouse35, Lidgate place
530 Frankland GeorgeWatmough streethouse & shop36, Watmough street
531 Frankland JosephHorton roadhouse223, Horton road
532 Frankland ParkerCrossley streethouse1, Dirk hill lane
successivehouseCrossley street
533 Frankland WilliamKnight's foldhouse11, Knight's fold
534 Frankland WilliamRand streethouse4, Rand street
535 Franklin JamesCannon mill yardhouse20A, Cannon mill yard

GREAT HORTON WARD, 1873, surnames beginning with the letter G
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
536 Galloway JamesUnion roadhouse17, Union road
537 Garritt WilliamFrank streethouse27, Frank street
538 Garthwaite CharlesHigh streethouse59, High street
539 Garthwaite HenryBecksidehouseBeckside
540 Garthwaite JohnWestcroft terracehouse3, Westcroft terrace
541 Gatenby GeorgeBeckside roadhouse2, Beckside road
542 Gates DanielAycliffe hillhouse37, Aycliffe hill
543 Gaunt JamesHorton roadhouse248, Horton road
544 Gaunt WilliamPrinceville streethouse29, Princeville street
545 Gawthorp TomWard streethouse28, Ward street
546 Gibson AaronOld roadhouse142, Old road
547 Gibson AminadabSmithies streethouse16, Smithies street
548 Gibson JohnHigh streethouse297, High street
549 Gibson JohnLegrams lanehouse75, Legrams lane
550 Gibson WilliamBeacon lanehouse4, Beacon lane
551 Gidley WilliamRand streethouse33, Greaves street
successivehouse5, Rand street
552 Gill BernardHollingwood lanehouse8, Hollingwood lane
553 Gill GeorgeCambridge streethouse25, Cambridge street
554 Gill JohnKnight's foldhouse6, Knight's fold
555 Gill ThomasHollingwood lanehouse106, Hollingwood lane
556 Gill WilliamCrossley streethouse26, Union road
successivehouse12, Crossley street
557 Gledhill JesseDerby streethouse13, Derby street
558 Gledhill John CockittWatmough streethouse70, Watmough street
559 Goldsborough JohnLivingstone streethouse57, Lidget street
successivehouse27, Livingstone street
560 Goodchild JamesPrinceville streethouse57, Princeville street
561 Gornell GeorgeDirk hill lanehouse12, Falcon street
successivehouseDirk hill lane
562 Gornell JohnLidgate placehouseLidgate place
563 Gough EnochBeldon roadhouse30, Beldon road
564 Green JonathanGreenfield lanehouse27, Greenfield lane
565 Green JosephSellars foldhouse46, Sellars fold
566 Greenhough AlfredBeckside roadhouse & shopBeckside road
567 Greenwood FrederickKnight's foldhouse28, Livingstone street
successivehouse17, Knight's fold
568 Greenwood GeorgeLawrence streethouse10, Lawrence street
569 Greenwood HenryTown endhouse13, Town end
570 Greenwood JesseBeldon hillhouse6, Beldon hill
571 Greenwood JohnCemetery roadhouse280, Cemetery road
572 Greenwood John StephensonBack of Ebenezer placehouseBack of Ebenezer place
573 Greenwood LukeSouthfield lanehouse141, Southfield lane
574 Greenwood MarkHigh streethouse & shop49, High street
575 Greenwood MosesPeel rowhouse38, Cambridge street
successivehouse11, Peel row
576 Greenwood ThomasParadise foldhouse20, Paradise fold
577 Greenwood ThomasBeckside roadhouse54, Beckside road
578 Greenwood WilliamCross lanehouse70, Cross lane
579 Greenwood WilliamTanhousehouseTanhouse
580 Greenwood WilliamAycliffe hillhouse11, Aycliffe hill
581 Greenwood WilliamPickles hillhouse5, Pickles hill
582 Greenwood WilliamUnion roadhouse7, Union road
583 Greenwood WilliamFar end of Etna streethouseFar end of Etna street
584 Greetham WilliamLegrams lanehouse108, Legrams lane
585 Gregson JoeLivingstone streethouse5, Bartle square
successivehouse3, Livingstone street
586 Grimshaw CharlesCragg terracehouse2, Cragg terrace

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