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BRADFORD: Bradford Parliamentary Register 1873, GREAT HORTON WARD, surnames H-R.


GREAT HORTON WARD, 1873, surnames H-R.
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
587 Haigh JohnLime streethouse12, Bakes street
successivehouse10, Lime street
588 Haigh John WilliamBakes streethouse44, Turner street
successivehouse38, Livingstone street
successivehouse18, Bakes street
589 Haigh JonathanLime streethouseLawrence street
successivehouseLime street
590 Haigh ThomasLidgate placehouseLidgate place
591 Haigh WilliamFenton streethouse4, Fenton street
successivehouse10, Fenton street
592 Hainsworth IsaacBeckside roadhouse82, Beckside road
593 Haley CharlesEbenezer placehouse12, Ebenezer place
594 Haley DanielBlacksmith foldhouse4, Blacksmith fold
595 Haley EnochLidget streethouse37, Lidget street
596 Haley HenryWard streethouse8, High street
successivehouse44, Ward street
597 Haley JohnLidgate placehouse73, Lidgate place
598 Haley JohnCragg lanehouse12, Cragg lane
599 Haley MilesLidget streethouse39, Lidget street
600 Haley NathanSouthfield lanehouse208, Southfield lane
601 Haley RichardSouthfield lanehouse290, Southfield lane
602 Haley WilliamBartle foldhouseBartle fold
603 Hallowell JamesHigh streethouse & shop14, High street
604 Halstead JohnWatmough streethouse24, Greenfield lane
successivehouse64, Watmough street
605 Halstead JosephAnne streethouseHew clews
successivehouse23, Anne street
606 Hammond WilliamParadise foldhouse21, Paradise fold
607 Hanson AmosBramley rowhouse9, Bramley row
608 Hanson EdmundLivingstone streethouse172, Southfield lane
successivehouse32, Livingstone street
609 Hanson EnochPrinceville streethouse44, Princeville street
successivehouse35, Princeville street
610 Hanson EnochDerby streethouseDerby street
611 Hanson GeorgeSouthfield lanehouse216A, Southfield lane
612 Hanson JamesBakes streethouse14, Bakes street
613 Hanson JamesCragg lanehouse1, Cragg lane
614 Hanson JamesLivingstone streethouse8, Livingstone street
615 Hanson JohnCambridge streethouse9, Cambridge street
616 Hanson ThomasBottom of Cliffe lanehouseBottom of Cliffe lane
617 Hardaker JohnAlexandra streethouse7, Alexandra street
618 Hardaker RichardHunt yardhouse2, Hunt yard
619 Hardaker ThomasCemetery roadhouse1, Cemetery road
620 Hardaker ThomasParadise greenhouse11, Paradise green
621 Hardcastle WilliamFar end of Anne streethouseFar end of Anne street
622 Hardy DawsonOld roadhouse108, Old road
623 Hardy ThomasBeldon hillhouse32, Beldon hill
624 Hargreaves HenryCross lanehouse28, Cross lane
625 Hargreaves JohnHigh streethouse191, High street
626 Hargreaves Rev. Joseph HenryPleasant streethouse2, Necropolis road
successivehousePleasant street
627 Hargreaves WilliamSouthfield lanehouse171, Southfield lane
628 Harrison GeorgeHollingwood lanehouse110, Hollingwood lane
629 Harrison JohnHorton roadhouse217, Horton road
630 Harrison PeterUpper greenhouse60, Upper green
631 Harrison SamuelLidget streethouse19, Lidget street
632 Hartley AmosHigh streethouse84, High street
633 Hartley DavidHigh streethouse347, High street
634 Hartley EdwinEwart streethouse83, Ewart street
635 Hartley HenryEwart streethouse81, Ewart street
636 Hartley JohnFrank streethouse28, Frank street
637 Hartley Richard RobertsBakes streethouse3, Bakes street
638 Hartley SamuelCross lanehouse98, Cross lane
639 Hartley WilliamUpper greenhouse49, Upper green
successivehouse3, Upper green
640 Heap JosephHollingwood lanehouse168, Old road
successivehouse282, Hollingwood lane
641 Heap ThomasOld roadhouse166, Old road
642 Hearn JohnHollingwood lanehouse108, Hollingwood lane
643 Heaton DanielArctic paradehouse15, Arctic parade
644 Heaton UriahCragg terracehouse12, Cragg terrace
645 Hellewell JohnOld Corn Mill, BecksidehouseOld Corn Mill, Beckside
646 Helliwell JosephClub streethouse3, Club street
647 Helliwell JonathanLidget streethouse25, Lidget street
648 Hepworth JohnCross lanehouse25, Cross lane
649 Herfield WilliamCollins streethouse9, Collins street
650 Hewitt JosephPrinceville streethouse17, Princeville street
651 Hey JeremiahTown endhouse7, Town end
652 Hey WilliamTown endhouse19, Town end
653 Heyworth SamuelDirk hillhouseDirk hill
654 Highley DanielFenton streethouse6, Fenton street
655 Hill JosephLidgate placehouse31, Lidgate place
656 Hill SimeonCrossley streethouse26, Crossley street
657 Hill WilliamManninghambuildingsLegrams lane
658 Hillam AaronSouthfield lanehouse249, Southfield lane
659 Hillam HenrySouthfield lanehouse192, Southfield lane
660 Hillam JobSouthfield lanehouse235, Southfield lane
661 Hillam RobertSouthfield lanehouse327, High street
successivehouse233, Southfield lane
662 Hind GeorgeSouthfield lanehouse268, Southfield lane
663 Hind JohnCross lanehouse40, Cross lane
664 Hind WilliamSuddards foldhouse18, Suddards fold
665 Hindle AaronHigh streethouse164, High street
666 Hindle DavidHigh streethouse202, High street
667 Hindle HenryWestcroft terracehouse7, Westcroft terrace
668 Hindle JosephDog lanehouse1, Dog lane
669 Hird BenjaminLivingstone streethouse26, Arctic parade
successivehouse15, Livingstone street
670 Hird JosephAlexandra villashouse4, Alexandra villas
671 Hird RobertFenton streethouse14, Fenton street
672 Hirst PrattLidget streethouse22, Lidget street
673 Hirst ThomasJer lanehouse3, Jer lane
674 Hirst ThomasPasture lane endhouse18, Pasture lane end
675 Hodgson GeorgeLegrams lanehouse16, Legrams lane
676 Hodgson HenryVine streethouse18, Falcon street
successivehouse1, Vine street
677 Hodgson JobWard streethouse20, Ward street
678 Hodgson JohnPleasant streethouse3, Pleasant street
679 Hodgson JosephNecropolis roadhouse30, Necropolis road
680 Hodgson WilliamHorton roadhouse244, Horton road
681 Hogarth ThomasPleasant streethouse20, Pleasant street
682 Holden JamesHigh streethouse325, High street
683 Holden SilasHigh streethouse321, High street
684 Holdsworth AdamEwart streethouse76, Ewart street
685 Holdsworth AlfredSummerhill streethouse23, Summerhill street
successivehouse6, Summerhill street
686 Holdsworth DavidHigh streethouse218, High street
687 Holdsworth DukeBrow hillhouse8, Brow hill
688 Holdsworth EnochOld roadhouse174, Old road
689 Holdsworth EphraimLidgate placehouse67, Lidgate place
690 Holdsworth FrancisPickles hillhouse8, Pickles hill
691 Holdsworth George FrederickHorton roadhouse222, Horton road
692 Holdsworth George WilliamUpper greenhouse9, Upper green
693 Holdsworth HenryOld roadhouse87, Old road
694 Holdsworth HoldsworthFrank streethouse10, Frank street
695 Holdsworth JabezParadise greenhouse3, Paradise green
696 Holdsworth JohnNew roadhouse & shop143, New road
697 Holdsworth JohnSouthfield lanehouse154, Southfield lane
698 Holdsworth JonasOld roadhouse314, Hollingwood lane
successivehouse22, Pickles hill
successivehouse2, Old road
699 Holdsworth JonathanHigh streethouse15, Cambridge street
successivehouse210, High street
700 Holdsworth JonathanHarris courthouse2, Harris court
701 Holdsworth JosephSmithies streethouse8, Smithies street
702 Holdsworth JosephParadise greenhouse14, Paradise green
703 Holdsworth JosephFrank streethouse42, Frank street
704 Holdsworth NathanHigh streethouse239, High street
705 Holdsworth SamuelHollingwood lanehouse398, Hollingwood lane
706 Holdsworth SamuelEtna streethouse20, Etna street
707 Holdsworth SamuelOld roadhouse88, Old road
708 Holdsworth SamuelWard streethouse40, Ward street
709 Holdsworth SamuelLivingstone streethouse23, Livingstone street
710 Holdsworth Samuel, junr.Bank tophouse209, Bank top
711 Holdsworth WilliamFrank streethouse29, Frank street
712 Holdsworth WilliamHorton roadhouse230, Horton road
713 Holdsworth WilliamHorton roadhouse252, Horton road
714 Holdsworth WilliamBeacon lanehouse1, Beacon lane
715 Holdsworth William HenrySouthfield lanehouse138, Southfield lane
716 Holgate HenrySouthfield lanehouse163, Southfield lane
717 Holgate JohnSouthfield lanehouse175, Southfield lane
718 Holmes CharlesSellars foldhouse24, Sellars fold
719 Holmes IsaacLidgate placehouse65, Lidgate place
720 Holmes JamesLidgate placehouse69, Lidgate place
721 Holmes JohnFrank streethouse7, Frank street
722 Holmes JonasHigh streethouse117, High street
723 Holmes WilliamFrank streethouse15, Frank street
successivehouse5, Frank street
724 Holroyd Amos EdwardHigh streethouse20, High street
725 Holroyd DanielCross lanehouse52, Cross lane
726 Holroyd IsaacLivingstone streethouse17, Livingstone street
727 Holroyd JohnNew roadhouse71, New road
728 Holroyd MicahHigh streethouse & shop50, High street
729 Holroyd MosesHart streethouse10, Hart street
730 Holroyd RaymothBeckside roadhouse24, Beckside road
731 Holroyd ReubenLivingstone streethouse20, Livingstone street
732 Holroyd WilliamPleasant streethouse4, Pleasant street
733 Holroyd WilliamToby lanehouse59, Toby lane
734 Holt ThomasHigh streethouse51, High street
735 Hooper JamesFenton streethouse19, Fenton street
736 Hopkinson IsaacLivingstone streethouse48, Livingstone street
737 Horn AbrahamRamsden courthouse11, Ramsden court
738 Horsfield DavidAnne streethouse5, Anne street
739 Horsfield ThomasLidget streethouse12, Lidget street
740 Hoyes BenjaminFalcon streethouse20, Falcon street
741 Hoyle AmonLidget streethouse8, Lidget street
742 Hoyle JohnLow greenhouse27, Low green
743 Hudson AbimelechPleasant streethouse46, Pleasant street
744 Hudson EnochLow greenhouse3, Low green
745 Hudson FrederickHigh streethouse251, High street
746 Hudson IsaacHigh streethouse & shop91, High street
747 Hudson JohnHigh streethouse214, High street
748 Hudson JohnAnne streethouse19, Anne street
749 Hudson JohnHigh streethouse55, High street
750 Hudson JonathanAycliffe hillhouse14, Aycliffe lane
successivehouse10, Aycliffe hill
751 Hudson SamuelLow greenhouse5, Low green
752 Hudson ThomasCollins streethouse3, Copley street
successivehouseCollins street
753 Hudson TimothyOld roadhouse198, Old road
754 Hudson WilliamCambridge streethouse7, Cambridge street
755 Hutchinson HarrisonCambridge streethouse33, Cambridge street

GREAT HORTON WARD, 1873, surnames beginning with the letter I
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
756 Ianson JohnOld roadhouse7, Jer lane
successivehouse168, Old road
757 Ianson John, junr.Low greenhouse9, Jer lane
successivehouse30, Low green
758 Illingworth AbrahamEwart streethouse78, Ewart street
759 Illingworth EphraimBeldon roadhouse28, Beldon road
760 Illingworth JohnHigh streethouse167, High street
761 Illingworth MarkRamsden courthouse10, Ramsden court
762 Illingworth PeterAycliffe hillhouse6, Aycliffe hill
763 Illingworth ThomasDracup roadhouse65, Dracup road
764 Ingham JamesLow greenhouse1, Low green
765 Ingham James ThomasNew roadhouse149, New road
766 Ingham NathanOld roadhouse140, Old road
767 Inman SquireTown endhouse49, Town end
768 Iredale MatthewSouthfield lanehouse313, Southfield lane
769 Isherwood JosephWatmough streethouse40, Watmough street
770 Isles JohnTown endhouse31, Town end
771 Isles JohnHigh streethouse43, Lidget street
successivehouse345, High street
772 Isles RobertOld roadhouse144, Old road

GREAT HORTON WARD, 1873, surnames beginning with the letter J
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
773 Jackson EnochHigh streethouse & shop57, High street
774 Jackson IsraelLivingstone streethouse6, Livingstone street
775 Jackson JamesTown endhouse23, Town end
776 Jackson JohnOld roadhouse128, Old road
777 Jackson JohnHigh streethouse4, Vine street
successivehouse145, High street
778 Jackson SamsonTown endhouse11, Town end
779 Jackson ThomasSummerhill streethouse13, Summerhill street
780 Jagger BethelSmithies streethouse3, Smithies street
781 Jagger JamesBack of Ebenezer placehouseBack of Ebenezer place
782 Jagger LeonardPickles hillhouse4, Pickles hill
783 Jarvis SamuelAlexandra streethouse4, Alexandra street
784 Jennings BenjaminDirk hill lanehouse3, Dirk hill lane
785 Jennings JamesCross lanehouse8, Cross lane
786 Jennings JohnHigh streethouse7, High street
787 Jennings John FawcettSouthfield lanehouse265, Southfield lane
successivehouse305, Southfield lane
788 Jennings JonathanRand streetwarehouseShearbridge
789 Jennings JosephEtna streethouse24, Etna street
790 Jennings Joshua BinnsFenton streethouse24, Fenton street
791 Jennings MortimerTurner placehouse11, Dirk hill lane
successivehouseTurner place
792 Jennings WilliamManninghamwarehouseShearbridge
793 Jessop ThomasHorton roadhouse247, Horton road
794 Jepson JamesDirk hill lanehouse13, Dirk hill lane
795 Johnson JamesLivingstone streethouse31, Livingstone street
796 Johnson ThomasHigh streethouse53, Ashgrove
successivehouse150, High street
797 Johnson WilliamSmithies streethouse13, Smithies street
798 Johnson WilliamSellars foldhouse14, Sellars fold
799 Jolley JohnBradfordshop344, Horton road
800 Jordan RichardLawrence streethouse36, Lawrence street
successivehouseLawrence street
801 Jowett AmosSouthfield lanehouse147, Southfield lane
802 Jowett EdmundHollingwood lanehouse360, Hollingwood lane
803 Jowett EnochSouthfield lanehouse196, Southfield lane
804 Jowett GeorgeOld roadhouse125, Old road
805 Jowett George, junr.Beacon street, Old roadhouse131, Beacon street, Old road
806 Jowett HenryPleasant streethouse16, Pleasant street
807 Jowett HenryHorton roadhouse181, Horton road
808 Jowett JamesLidgate placehouse20, Union road
successivehouseLidgate place
809 Jowett JobParadise greenhouse15, Paradise green
810 Jowett JohnWatmough streethouse80, Watmough street
811 Jowett JohnHigh streethouse81, High street
812 Jowett JohnHigh streethouse & shop386, High street
813 Jowett JonasCross lanehouse24, Cross lane
814 Jowett JonasBecksidehouseBeckside
815 Jowett JosephBeldon hillhouse29, Beldon hill
816 Jowett JoshuaSouthfield lanehouse319, Southfield lane
817 Jowett LukeUnion roadhouse4, Union road
818 Jowett LukeBeacon street, Old roadhouse135, Beacon street, Old road
819 Jowett MatthewFrank streethouse39, Frank street
820 Jowett MilesBank bottomhouse2, Bank bottom
821 Jowett MosesFenton streethouse8, Cragg lane
successivehouse1, Fenton street
822 Jowett Nathan AtkinsonManninghambuildingsLegrams lane
823 Jowett PeterHorton roadhouse158, Southfield lane
successivehouse212, Horton road
824 Jowett RichardHigh streethouse341, High street
825 Jowett SharpHigh streethouse2, Sellars fold
successivehouse382, High street
826 Jowett ThomasHollingwood lanehouse394, Hollingwood lane
827 Jowett WilliamSouthfield lanehouse291, Southfield lane
828 Jowett WilliamAycliffe hillhouse24, Aycliffe hill

GREAT HORTON WARD, 1873, surnames beginning with the letter K
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
829 Kaye JamesLime streethouse22, Livingstone street
successivehouseLime street
830 Kaye WilliamPerseverance lanehouse41, Darton street
successivehouse42, Perseverance lane
831 Keighley WilliamHill endhouse40, Southfield lane
successivehouse36, Hill end
832 Keighley WilliamAnne streethouse9, Anne street
833 Kellett AbrahamParadise greenhouse9, Paradise green
834 Kellett JamesToby lanehouse55, Toby lane
835 Kellett JohnUpper greenhouse & shop10, Upper green
836 Kendal GeorgeBirkshouseBirks
837 Kendal WilliamAnne streethouse3, Anne street
838 Kershaw AbrahamHigh streethouse339, High street
839 Kershaw GreenwoodHollingwood lanehouse174, Hollingwood lane
840 Kershaw JamesUnion roadhouse30, Union road
841 Kershaw JosephLidgate placehouse25, Lidgate place
842 Kershaw SamuelSummerhill streethouse10, Summerhill street
843 Kershaw WilliamHigh streethouse124, High street
844 Kingdon FrancisWatmough streethouse72, Watmough street
845 Kingdon JohnSmithies streethouse17, Smithies street
846 Kingdon JosephCambridge streethouse22, Cambridge street
847 Kitchen SamJer lanehouse2, Jer lane
848 Knapton EllisBramley rowhouse15, Bramley row
849 Knapton GeorgeHorton roadhouse214, Horton road
850 Knapton ThomasLidgate placehouse53, Lidgate place
851 Knight JohnCross lanehouse97, Cross lane
852 Knowles Edward HarrisonWatmough streethouse241, Horton road
successivehouse44, Watmough street
853 Knowles JamesBakes streethouse9, Bakes street
854 Knowles JohnSouthfield lanehouse286A, Southfield lane
855 Knowles JosephPeel rowhouse9, Peel row
856 Knowles RichardSummerseat placehouse75, Park road
successivehouse14, Summerseat place
857 Knowles ThomasBakes streethouse8, Bakes street
858 Knowles ThomasEwart streethouse80, Ewart street

GREAT HORTON WARD, 1873, surnames beginning with the letter L
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
859 Lamb JonasHorton roadhouse328, Horton road
860 Lamb RobertHollingwood lanehouse404, Hollingwood lane
861 Lancaster WilliamWestcroft foldhouse7, Westcroft fold
862 Langdale ThomasAlexandra streethouse18, Alexandra street
863 Lawson JohnClub streethouse12, Club street
864 Lawson ThomasClub streethouse15, Club street
865 Lawton LibniHorton roadhouse221, Horton road
866 Lawton LukeSellars foldhouse32, Sellars fold
867 Laycock JamesBeckside roadhouse50, Beckside road
868 Laycock JamesBrow hillhouse9, Brow hill
869 Laycock James HenryPrinceville streethouse11, Princeville street
870 Laycock WilliamTurner placehouse40, Hannah gate
successivehouseTurner place
871 Leach BenjaminFenton streethouse18, Fenton street
872 Leach GeorgeBeckside roadhouse5, Beckside road
873 Leach HenryCemetery roadhouse243, Cemetery road
874 Leach JohnCemetery roadhouse274, Cemetery road
875 Leach JonasUnion roadhouse18, Union road
876 Leach JosephParadise greenhouse6, Paradise green
877 Lee AllanHigh streethouse267, Southfield lane
successivehouse175, High street
878 Lee MilesSouthfield lanehouse243, Southfield lane
879 Lee Obadiah CummingsVine streethouse16, Vine street
880 Lee ThomasHollingwood lanehouse6, Cliffe lane
successivehouse314, Hollingwood lane
881 Leeming EdwinEtna streethouse28, Etna street
882 Lees DavidLidgate placehouse18, Lidgate place
883 Lightowler DavidSouthfield lanehouse190, Southfield lane
884 Lightowler John WilkinsonCragg terracehouse16, Cragg terrace
885 Lindon Jacob DanielFenton streethouse3, Fenton street
886 Linsey JamesHigh streethouse245, High street
887 Lister BenjaminHigh streethouse & shop159, High street
888 Lister CunliffeFenton streethouse17, Fenton street
889 Lister HezekiahHigh streethouse & shop67, High street
890 Lister JamesLime streethouse4, Lime street
891 Lister JohnNew roadhouse89, New road
892 Lister SimeonHigh streethouse & shop70, High street
893 Lister WardHollingwood lanehouse390, Hollingwood lane
894 Lister WilliamBrow hillhouse6, Brow hill
895 Liversidge AckroydHigh streetbuildingsCross lane
896 Lockwood Rev. John PriorHigh streethousePleasant street
successivehouse76, High street
897 Lofthouse CharlesHigh streethouse39, High street
898 Lofthouse GeorgeBeldon roadhouse249, High street
successivehouseBeldon road
899 Lofthouse ThomasCross lanehouse80, Cross lane
900 Lofthouse WilliamHigh streethouse & shop46, High street
901 Long ChristopherTurner placehouse20, Turner place
902 Long ChristopherOld roadhouse89, Old road
903 Long RichardUpper greenhouse48, Upper green
904 Lord EdmundCambridge streethouse41, Cambridge street
905 Lord EnochHigh streethouse197, High street
906 Lord RobertCambridge streethouse43, Cambridge street
907 Lord ThomasBradfordwarehouseBank top
908 Lumb CharlesCross lanehouse55, Cross lane
909 Lumb JohnFenton streethouse11, Fenton street
910 Lumby RichardBecksidehouseBeckside

GREAT HORTON WARD, 1873, surnames beginning with the letter M
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
911 Mann WilliamLegrams lanehouse39, Marion street
successivehouse79, Legrams lane
912 Marr EdwardPickles hillhouse2, Pickles hill
913 Marren AndrewLivingstone streethouse54, Livingstone street
914 Marshall JoshuaVine streethouse17, Vine street
915 Martin William JamesCambridge streethouse44, Cambridge street
916 Mason Christopher BottomleyUnder chapel, Town endhouseUnder chapel, Town end
917 Mason GeorgeClaytonwarehouseBank top
918 Mason John BottomleySouthfield lanehouse149, Southfield lane
919 Mason John RiddioughSouthfield lanehouse146, Southfield lane
920 McGeever PatrickCross lanehouse79, Cross lane
921 Mercer SamuelBecksidehouseBeckside
922 Mercer ThomasNew roadhouse109, New road
923 Merrill ThomasPerseverance lanehouse1, Perseverance lane
924 Metcalfe Anthony AkedHigh streethouse & shop147, High street
925 Metcalfe FrankClub streethouse16, Club street
926 Metcalfe JohnLegrams Mill lanehouse6, Legrams Mill lane
927 Metcalfe ThomasSmithies streethouse116, Hollingwood lane
successivehouse9, Smithies street
928 Metcalfe ThomasSmith roadhouse189, Smith road
929 Midgley JamesHigh streethouse & shop48, Beckside road
successivehouse & shopHigh street
930 Midgley JohnFrank streethouse35, Frank street
931 Midgley JohnCrossley streethouse15, Cross lane
successivehouse36, Crossley street
932 Midgley JoshuaCross lanehouse14, Hart street
successivehouse15, Cross lane
933 Midgley SamuelWatmough streethouse60, Watmough street
934 Mills JohnUnion roadhouse13, Union road
935 Milner GeorgeHigh streethouse & shop115, High street
936 Milner JohnOld Corn Mill, BecksidehouseOld Corn Mill, Beckside
937 Milner JohnLidget streethouse4, Lidget street
938 Milner Joseph, junr.Dirk hill streethouse82, Richmond road
successivehouse5, Lower Cobden street
successivehouseDirk hill street
939 Milner RufusHigh streethouse79, Town end
successivehouse90, High street
940 Milnes AlfredBeckside roadhouse53, Beckside road
941 Milnes JonasCross lanehouse71, Cross lane
942 Mitchell ArthurWatmough streethouse72, Watmough street
943 Mitchell EphraimLivingstone streethouse12, Livingstone street
944 Mitchell FrancisSouthfield lanehouse177, Southfield lane
945 Mitchell HiramPleasant streethouse14, Suddards fold
successivehouse32, Pleasant street
946 Mitchell JamesTurner placehouse36, Turner place
947 Mitchell JohnVine streethouse9, Vine street
948 Mitchell JohnWatmough streethouse62, Watmough street
949 Mitchell JosephSuddards foldhouse16, Suddards fold
950 Mitchell RobertPrinceville streethouse9, Princeville street
951 Mitchell ThomasLidgate placehouse37, Lidgate place
952 Mitchell ThomasWatmough streethouse66, Watmough street
953 Mitchell WalterCross lanehouse20, Cross lane
954 Mitton DanielKnight's foldhouse14, Knight's fold
955 Mitton William GreenwoodSouthfield laneshop153, High street
successivehouseLime street
successivehouse263, Southfield lane
956 Moore JamesCragg terracehouse14, Cragg terrace
957 Moore JohnFalcon streethouse41, Rupert street
successivehouse12, Falcon street
958 Moore JosephPleasant streethouse5, Pleasant street
959 Moore JosephWatmough streethouse58, Watmough street
960 Moore ThomasBartle squarehouse64, Watmough street
successivehouse5, Bartle square
961 Moore WilliamLow greenhouse32, Low green
962 Moore WilliamTanner hillhouseTanner hill
963 Moorfoot JohnDirk hill gardenshouseDirk hill
964 Moorhouse Alfred BakesHigh streethouseHigh street
965 Moorhouse John BattCambridge streethouse18, Cambridge street
966 Moorhouse JosephCambridge streethouse34, Cambridge street
967 Moorhouse ThomasPrinceville streethouse53, Princeville street
968 Morgan HenryLegrams lanehouse177, Legrams lane
969 Morley JamesWard streethouse36, Ward street
970 Morley Joe AllenLivingstone streethouse41, Livingstone street
971 Morley John HumphreyLime streethouse14, Lime street
972 Morley SethLivingstone streethouse49, Livingstone street
973 Morris ThomasHigh streethouse323, High street
successivehouse189, High street
successivehouse249, High street
974 Mortimer AbrahamHorton roadhouse238, Horton road
975 Mortimer DanPrinceville streethouse19, Princeville street
976 Mortimer DavidNoble streethouse7, Noble street
977 Mortimer DavidParadisehouseParadise
978 Mortimer GeorgeHollingwood lanehouse270, Hollingwood lane
979 Mortimer JamesFrank streethouse37, Frank street
980 Mortimer JohnSummerhill streethouse21, Summerhill street
981 Mortimer JosephFrank streethouse31, Frank street
982 Mortimer MartinAycliffe hillhouse20, Aycliffe hill
983 Mortimer RichardLivingstone streethouse50, Livingstone street
984 Moulden JamesHorton roadhouse312, Horton road
985 Moulson WebsterHorton roadhouse258,Horton road
986 Muirhead WalterUpper greenhouse1, Upper green
987 Murgatroyd DavidHigh streethouse337, High street
988 Murgatroyd HenryDirk hill streethouse193, High street
successivehouseDirk hill street
989 Murgatroyd JamesHigh streethouse313, High street
990 Murgatroyd MichaelLidgate placehouse16, Lidgate place
991 Murgatroyd SamuelCross lanehouse36, Cross lane
992 Murgatroyd SamuelTurner placehouse & shop2, Turner place
993 Murgatroyd WilliamBank tophouse197, Bank top
994 Musson IsaacPrinceville streethouse47, Princeville street
995 Myers EdmundPrinceville streethouse27, Princeville street
996 Myers EdwardCross lanehouse30, Cross lane
997 Myers JohnLegrams lanehouse132, Legrams lane
998 Myers SamuelSouthfield lanehouse269, Southfield lane

GREAT HORTON WARD, 1873, surnames beginning with the letter N
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
999 Naylor CharlesHollingwood lanehouse170, Hollingwood lane
1000 Naylor ThomasBeckside roadhouse32, Beckside road
1001 Neill RobertLidgate placehouse17, Lidgate place
1002 Newbald JohnClub streethouse13, Club street
1003 Newton JosephBeckside roadhouse4, Beckside road
1004 Nicholls WilliamAlexandra villashouse5, Alexandra villas
1005 Nicholls WilliamSouthfield lanehouse152, Southfield lane
1006 Nicholson JohnKnight's foldhouse13, Knight's fold
1007 Noble EdwinSmith roadhouse187, Smith road
1008 Noble George CardwellSouthfield lanehouse & shop185, Southfield lane
1009 Noble JosephLime streethouse17, High street
successivehouseLime street
1010 Norfolk JohnAycliffe hillhouse50, Aycliffe hill
1011 Normington John BrookArctic paradehouseArctic parade
1012 Norrie JohnLawrence streethouse28, Lawrence street
1013 Northrop JosephBeckside roadhouse80, Beckside road
1014 Northrop Stephen HaleyCambridge streethouse4, Cambridge street
1015 Northrop WilliamPasture lane endhouse17, Pasture lane end
1016 Norton BenjaminHigh streethouse149, High street
1017 Nutt HenryHorton roadhouse & shop336, Horton road
1018 Nuttall JohnLegrams lanehouse222, Legrams lane
1019 Nuttall JohnSmith roadhouse33, Livingstone street
successivehouse215, Smith road
1020 Nuttall MarkAnne streethouse21, Anne street

GREAT HORTON WARD, 1873, surnames beginning with the letter O
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1021 Oates IsraelHigh streethouse44, Watmough street
successivehouse & shopHigh street
1022 Oates JohnAycliffe hillhouse35, Aycliffe hill
1023 Oates SamuelCambridge streethouse & shop2, Cambridge street
1024 Oddy BenjaminCambridge streethouse34, Crowther street
successivehouse38, Cambridge street
1025 Ogle AtkinCross lanehouse16, Cross lane
1026 Orange JohnUnion roadhouse6, Union road
1027 Orme William HenryCollins streethouse15, Collins street
1028 Ormondroyd CharlesBrow hillhouse5, Brow hill
1029 Ormondroyd HenryAycliffe hillhouse5, Aycliffe hill
1030 Ormondroyd JohnLow greenhouse9, Low green
1031 Ormondroyd JonathanHorton roadhouse240, Horton road
1032 Ormondroyd JoshuaSouthfield lanehouse242, Southfield lane
1033 Ormondroyd WilliamBank tophouse213, Bank top
1034 Ormondroyd WilliamLivingstone streethouse61, Livingstone street
1035 Overend StephenCragg lanehouse175, High street
successivehouse8, Cragg lane
1036 Overend SutcliffeBlacksmith foldhouse8, Blacksmith fold

GREAT HORTON WARD, 1873, surnames beginning with the letter P
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1037 Pagett ThomasLidgate placehouse71, Lidgate place
1038 Parker GeorgeUnder the hillhouseHill end
successivehouseUnder the hill
1039 Parker HoldsworthBeacon street, Old roadhouse133, Beacon street, Old road
1040 Parker JamesPickles lanehouse19, Pickles lane
1041 Parker JohnPleasant streethouse10, Pleasant street
1042 Parker JosephEbenezer placehouse6, Ebenezer place
1043 Parker JosephUpper greenhouse132, Old road
successivehouse46, Upper green
1044 Parker MartinHigh streethouse18, High street
1045 Parker ThomasOld roadhouse176, Old road
1046 Parker WilliamSouthfield lanehouse282, Southfield lane
1047 Parker WilliamAycliffe hillhouse29, Aycliffe hill
1048 Parratt Arthur EdwardRand streetwarehouseCross lane
1049 Parrington JohnRamsden courthouse9, Ramsden court
1050 Parrott ThomasHigh streethouse69, High street
1051 Patchett BenjaminParadise greenhouse2, Paradise green
1052 Patchett JohnLidget streethouse21, Lidget street
1053 Pearson AbrahamCemetery roadhouse17, Cemetery road
1054 Pearson CharlesSmithies streethouse1, Smithies street
1055 Pearson JamesSam's MillhouseSam's mill
1056 Pearson JamesHigh streethouse111, High street
1057 Pearson James, junr.BirkshouseBirks
1058 Pearson JohnUpper greenhouse320, Hollingwood lane
successivehouse17, Upper green
1059 Peel FrancisFalcon streethouse9, Falcon street
1060 Peel SamuelHigh streethouse43, High street
1061 Peel WilliamPeel rowhouse4, Peel row
1062 Petty ChristopherEwart streethouse85, Ewart street
1063 Peverill Charles WilliamLime streethouse8, Lime street
1064 Phelps EdwardLawrence streethouse16, Lawrence street
1065 Philips RobertHorton roadhouse8, Alexandra street
successivehouse171, Horton road
1066 Pickard JosephLow greenhouse212, Southfield lane
successivehouse7, Low green
1067 Pickles AlfredLow greenhouse31, Low green
1068 Pickles EdwinHigh streethouse155, High street
1069 Pickles JonasParadise greenhouse7, Paradise green
1070 Pickles JosephHorton roadhouse239, Horton road
1071 Pickles JosephHigh streethouse14, Livingstone street
successivehouse156, High street
1072 Pickles RobertHunt yardhouse7, Hunt yard
1073 Pickles WilliamGreenfield lanehouse28, Greenfield lane
1074 Pinder WilliamHart streethouse6, Hart street
1075 Pollard DanielSmithies streethouse7, Smithies street
1076 Pollard JosephWard streethouse38, Ward street
1077 Pollard JohnRand streethouse20, Grove terrace
successivehouse2, Rand street
1078 Pollard RobertKnight's foldhouse3, Knight's fold
1079 Pollard WilliamHigh streethouse89, High street
1080 Popplewell FrancisLegrams lanehouse8, Legrams lane
1081 Popplewell MartinBeckside roadhouseBeckside road
1082 Pratt JosephLidgate placehouse33, Lidgate place
1083 Price HenryNecropolis roadhouse71, Necropolis road
1084 Priestley ArchilausBeldon hillhouse31, Beldon hill
1085 Priestley BenjaminBeldon hillhouse7, Beldon hill
1086 Priestley BriggsManninghamwarehouseShearbridge
1087 Priestley EdwinBeldon hillhouse24, Beldon hill
1088 Priestley GeorgeOld roadhouse98, Old road
1089 Priestley GeorgeHollingwood lanehouse358, Hollingwood lane
1090 Priestley HenryDog lanehouse7, Upper green
successivehouse2, Dog lane
1091 Priestley HenryLawrence streethouse6, Lawrence street
1092 Priestley JacobHigh streethouse37, High street
1093 Priestley JamesPickles hillhouse23, Pickles hill
1094 Priestley JamesNecropolis roadhouse282, Cemetery road
successivehouse2, Necropolis road
1095 Priestley JeremiahCemetery roadhouse270, Cemetery road
1096 Priestley JoeTown endhouse21, Town end
1097 Priestley JohnCemetery roadhouse259, Cemetery road
1098 Priestley JohnHigh streethouse & shop235, High street
1099 Priestley JohnKingswood placehouse47, High street
successivehouseKingswood place
1100 Priestley JonathanRamsden courthouse4, Ramsden court
1101 Priestley JosiahBeldon hillhouse3, Beldon hill
1102 Priestley MalamBeldon hillhouse9, Beldon hill
1103 Priestley MosesPickles hillhouse19, Pickles hill
1104 Priestley PaulHigh streethouse71, Town end
successivehouse47, High street
1105 Priestley SidneyHigh streethouse68, Watmough street
successivehouse103, High street
1106 Priestley StephenBeldon hillhouse19, Beldon hill
1107 Priestley ThomasHollingwood lanehouse324, Hollingwood lane
1108 Priestley ThomasEccleshillwarehouseShearbridge
1109 Priestley TimothyEwart streethouse98, Ewart street
1110 Priestley WilliamSellars foldhouse4, Sellars fold
1111 Procter CharlesSchool alleyhouse6, School alley
1112 Procter JohnSouthfield lanehouse232, Southfield lane
1113 Procter WilliamPerseverance lanehouse & shop45, Perseverance lane

GREAT HORTON WARD, 1873, surnames beginning with the letter R
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1114 Raistrick John EdwardTodd terracehouse14, Falcon street
successivehouseTodd terrace
1115 Ramsden HenrySouthfield lanehouse276, Southfield lane
1116 Ramsden James WilliamHorton roadhouse231, Horton road
1117 Ramsden JohnHorton roadhouse228, Horton road
1118 Ramsden JohnCragg lanehouse4, Cragg lane
1119 Ramsden NathanRamsden courthouse8, Ramsden court
1120 Ramsden WilliamBracken hallhouseHollingwood lane
1121 Rawnsley EdmundCragg lanehouse14, Cragg lane
1122 Rawnsley EdwardDirk hill streethouse3, Noble street
successivehouseDirk hill street
1123 Rawnsley EdwardLidget streethouse24, Lidget street
1124 Rawnsley EdwardCambridge streethouse10, Cambridge street
1125 Rawnsley IsaacBeckside roadhouse74, Beckside road
1126 Rawnsley JohnLegrams lanehouse112, Legrams lane
1127 Rawnsley PeterBeckside roadhouse72, Beckside road
1128 Rawnsley RobertCross lanehouse37, Cross lane
1129 Rawnsley SamuelLidget streethouse5, Lidget street
1130 Reid RobertHorton roadhouse205, Horton road
1131 Rennard AbrahamSellars foldhouse48, Sellars fold
1132 Rennard JohnPeel rowhouse8, Peel row
1133 Rhodes BenjaminLime streethouse59, Princeville street
successivehouse18, Lime street
1134 Rhodes DawsonCragg terracehouse22, Cragg terrace
1135 Rhodes EdwardLegrams lanehouse12, Legrams lane
1136 Rhodes EnochBeckside roadhouse30, Beckside road
1137 Rhodes FrancisHigh streethouse82, High street
successivehouse1, High street
1138 Rhodes JamesPleasant streethouse1, Pleasant street
1139 Rhodes JohnBeckside roadhouse12, Beckside road
1140 Rhodes JosephLegrams lanehouse2, Legrams lane
1141 Rhodes JosephCrossley streethouse42, Crossley street
1142 Rhodes JosephPleasant streethouse28, Pleasant street
1143 Rhodes MatthewUpper greenhouse12, Upper green
1144 Rhodes MatthewHigh streethouse295, High street
1145 Rhodes RufusHigh streethouse349, High street
1146 Richardson ThomasNecropolis roadhouseNecropolis road
1147 Richmond JohnBecksidehouseBeckside
1148 Riley GeorgeBeacon lanehouse3, Beacon lane
1149 Riley JamesHorton roadhouse & shop215, Horton road
1150 Riley JohnDracup roadhouse53, Dracup road
1151 Riley ReiUpper greenhouse33, Upper green
1152 Riley SamuelOld roadhouse146, Old road
1153 Riley WilliamBeacon lanehouse2, Beacon lane
1154 Roberts JohnHunt yardhouse13, Hunt yard
1155 Roberts JosephSellars foldhouse36, Sellars fold
successivehouse38, Sellars fold
1156 Roberts Samuel FrederickGrove terracewarehouseHigh street
1157 Roberts WilliamEwart streethouse100, Ewart street
1158 Roberts William HenryLegrams lanehouse82, Legrams lane
1159 Robertshaw ErrNew roadhouse105, New road
1160 Robertshaw JamesHorton roadhouse & shop340, Horton road
1161 Robertshaw JamesSouthfield lanehouse261, Southfield lane
1162 Robertshaw JobLegrams lanehouse192, Legrams lane
1163 Robertshaw JoshuaHigh streethouse & shop160, High street
1164 Robertshaw PaulLegrams lanebuildingsLegrams lane
1165 Robertshaw ThomasCemetery roadhouse9, Cemetery road
1166 Robertshaw WilliamLegrams lanehouse220, Legrams lane
1167 Robertshaw WilliamEwart streethouse77, Ewart street
1168 Robinson AnthonySouthfield lanehouse & shop271, Southfield lane
1169 Robinson DavidParadise greenhouse8, Paradise green
1170 Robinson GeorgeBeacon lanehouse5, Beacon lane
1171 Robinson HerbertSouthfield lanehouse226, Southfield lane
1172 Robinson JamesNew roadhouse101, New road
1173 Robinson JamesSouthfield lanehouse160, Southfield lane
1174 Robinson JamesPrinceville streethouse15, Princeville street
1175 Robinson JohnPickles hillhouse7, Pickles hill
1176 Robinson JohnTanner hillhouseTanner hill
1177 Robinson JohnHollingwood lanehouse14, Hollingwood lane
1178 Robinson JohnJer lanehouse1, Jer lane
1179 Robinson JohnLivingstone streethouse21, Livingstone street
1180 Robinson JosephSchool alleyhouse4, School alley
1181 Robinson SimeonNew roadhouse99, New road
1182 Robinson ThomasVine streethouse3, Vine street
1183 Robinson ThomasClub streethouse11, Club street
1184 Roper TimothyBeckside roadhouse28, Beckside road
1185 Rothera JohnSmithies streethouse10, Smithies street
1186 Rothera JosephHollingwood lanehouse16, Hollingwood lane
1187 Rothera JubalCambridge streethouse31, Cambridge street
1188 Rothera PeterCemetery roadhouse278, Cemetery road
1189 Rothera PeterBeckside roadhouse39, Livingstone street
successivehouse36, Beckside road
1190 Rothera WalterLivingstone streethouse10, Livingstone street
1191 Rothera WilliamCambridge streethouse13, Cambridge street
1192 Rowland HenryHart streethouse17, Hart street
1193 Rowling JosephBeckside roadhouse8, Beckside road
1194 Rudd JonasHigh streethouse & shop100, High street
1195 Rushworth JosephSouthfield lanehouse173, Southfield lane
1196 Rushworth JosephBartle squarehouse9, Bartle square
successivehouse10, Bartle square
1197 Rushworth ThomasGreenfield lanehouse61, Upper green
successivehouse38, Livingstone street
successivehouse24, Greenfield lane
1198 Ryder William EdmundCross lanehouse59, Cross lane

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