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BRADFORD: Bradford Parliamentary Register 1873, GREAT HORTON WARD, surnames S-Z.


GREAT HORTON WARD, 1873, surnames S-Z.
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1199 Salisbury JohnSummerhill streethouse12, Summerhill street
1200 Sanders EdwinLegrams lanehouse6, Legrams lane
1201 Sanderson GeorgeLidget streethouseLidget street
1202 Sanderson JamesPerseverance lanehouse39, Perseverance lane
1203 Sanderson WilliamHorton roadhouse185, Horton road
1204 Saville HenryAlexandra villashouse7, Alexandra villas
1205 Schaub WilliamLegrams lanehouse92, Legrams lane
1206 Schofield HenryHorton roadhouse187, Horton road
1207 Schofield JoshuaPleasant streethouse24, Pleasant street
1208 Schofield WilliamHorton roadhouse233, Horton road
1209 Schofield William HenrySouthfield lanehouse273, Southfield lane
successivehouse277, Southfield lane
1210 Scott JamesCross lanehouse56, Cross lane
1211 Scott JohnBlacksmith foldhouse14, Blacksmith fold
1212 Scott JosephSouthfield lanehouse & shop278, Southfield lane
1213 Scott WilliamPrinceville streethouse8, Fenton street
successivehouse51, Princeville street
1214 Seaton JamesNecropolis roadhouse36, Necropolis road
1215 Shackleton AlfredWard streethouse3, Collins street
successivehouse34, Ward street
1216 Shackleton CharlesDracup roadhouse52, Dracup road
1217 Shackleton CharlesWestcroft foldhouse128, High street
successivehouse12, Westcroft fold
1218 Shackleton EdmundOld roadhouse150, Old road
1219 Shackleton FrederickClub streethouse4, Club street
1220 Shackleton FrederickHigh streethouse130, High street
1221 Shackleton JohnBeldon roadhouse11, Cragg lane
successivehouseBeldon road
1222 Shackleton JohnPickles hillhouse10, Pickles hill
1223 Shackleton JohnPrinceville streethouse5, Princeville street
1224 Shackleton RichardUpper greenhouse34, Upper green
1225 Shackleton RobertDirk hillhouseDirk hill
1226 Shackleton SidneyOld roadhouse172, Old road
1227 Shackleton SolomonWestcroft foldhouse8, Westcroft fold
1228 Shackleton ThomasHart streethouse8, Hart street
1229 Shackleton WilliamOld roadhouse120, Old road
1230 Shapcott Henry WilliamJer lanehouse22, Frank street
successivehouse4, Jer lane
1231 Shapcott WilliamUnion roadhouse9, Union road
1232 Sharp CrispinDirk hill streethouse5, Vine street
successivehouseDirk hill street
1233 Sharp EdwinHigh streethouse200, High street
1234 Sharp HenryCambridge streethouse21, Cambridge street
1235 Sharp HenrySellars foldhouse199, High street
successivehouse36, Sellars fold
1236 Sharp HiramFalcon streethouse6, Falcon street
1237 Sharp IsaacHorton roadhouse & shop348, Horton road
1238 Sharp JamesOld roadhouse162, Old road
1239 Sharp JoeCollins streethouse1, Collins street
1240 Sharp JohnCragg lanehouse7, Cragg lane
1241 Sharp JohnMiry pondhouse15, Miry pond
1242 Sharp JohnSummerhill streethouse15, Summerhill street
1243 Sharp JosephBeldon hillhouse20, Beldon hill
1244 Sharp JosephLegrams lanehouse187, Legrams lane
1245 Sharp MarkHart streethouse18, Hart street
1246 Sharp SamuelSouthfield lanehouse & shop292, Southfield lane
1247 Sharp SethGreenfield lanehouse23, Greenfield lane
1248 Sharp SidneyLivingstone streethouse52, Livingstone street
1249 Sharp ThomasCross lanehouse75, Cross lane
1250 Sharp UriahLime streethouse40, Livingstone street
successivehouseLime street
1251 Sharp WilliamArctic paradehouse30, Arctic parade
1252 Sharp WilliamCragg terracehouse10, Cragg terrace
1253 Shaw CharlesParadise greenhouse10, Paradise green
1254 Shaw WilliamBlacksmith foldhouse6, Blacksmith fold
1255 Shepherd AaronBrunel househouseBrunel house, High street
1256 Shepherd AlfredHigh streethouse237, High street
1257 Shepherd JamesSouthfield lanehouse309, Southfield lane
1258 Shepherd JohnFalcon streethouse4, Falcon street
1259 Shepherd JosephCollins streethouse6, Upper green
successivehouseCollins street
1260 Shepherd JosephLivingstone streethouse26, Beckside road
successivehouse40, Livingstone street
1261 Shepherd SamsonPickles hillhouse15, Pickles hill
1262 Shepherd SamuelPickles hillhouse16, Pickles hill
1263 Shepherd ThomasCross lanehouse74, Cross lane
1264 Shepherd WilliamHigh streethouse9, High street
1265 Shepherd WilliamEwart streethouse86, Ewart street
1266 Silverthorn JosephLivingstone streethouse19, Livingstone street
1267 Simister AlfredHigh streethouse59A, High street
1268 Simpson JosephSummerseat placehouse2, Summerseat place
1269 Smiddy George ElliotPrimrose hillhouse5, Primrose hill
1270 Smith AdamCross lanehouse60, Cross lane
1271 Smith BannisterFrank streethouse38, Frank street
1272 Smith CharlesLower LidgethouseLower Lidget
1273 Smith CowlingDirk hill lanehouse7, Dirk hill lane
1274 Smith DavidLegrams Mill lanehouse3, Legrams Mill lane
1275 Smith EnochPickles lanehouse13, Pickles lane
1276 Smith EphraimLow greenhouse2, Low green
1277 Smith FrancisPleasant streethouse34, Hill end
successivehouse7, Pleasant street
1278 Smith HartleyNew roadhouse147, New road
1279 Smith Henry PrincePrinceville streethouse7, Princeville street
1280 Smith HerodOld roadhouse10, Old road
1281 Smith IsaacClub streethouse17, Club street
1282 Smith JamesCross lanehouse42, Cross lane
1283 Smith JamesTown endhouse17, Town end
1284 Smith JohnClub streethouse1, Club street
1285 Smith JohnTown endhouse75, Town end
1286 Smith JohnBramley rowhouse21, Bramley row
1287 Smith JohnCambridge streethouse28, Cambridge street
1288 Smith JohnArctic paradehouse11, Arctic parade
successivehouse7, Arctic parade
1289 Smith LawrenceDog lanehouse10, Bartle square
successivehouseDog lane
1290 Smith LawrencePrinceville streethouse1, Princeville street
1291 Smith MarkOld roadhouse94, Old road
1292 Smith MichaelPleasant streethouse6, Pleasant street
1293 Smith MichaelOld roadhouse85, Old road
1294 Smith MilesOld roadhouse148, Old road
1295 Smith RichardSmith roadhouse203, Smith road
1296 Smith RichardSmith roadhouse201, Smith road
1297 Smith RobertPrinceville streethouse & shop42, Princeville street
1298 Smith RobertBirks foldhouseBirks fold
1299 Smith SamuelPrinceville streethouse61, Princeville street
1300 Smith SamuelPeel rowhouse10, Peel row
1301 Smith SimeonArctic paradehouse & shop31, Arctic parade
1302 Smith ThomasBeckside roadhouse40, Beckside road
1303 Smith ThomasHigh streethouse & shop48, High street
1304 Smith WilliamHigh streethouse319, High street
1305 Smith WilliamCrabtree streethouse23, High street
successivehouse1, Crabtree street
1306 Smithies JamesHorton roadhouse38, Sellars fold
successivehouseHorton road
1307 Smithies JoshuaPleasant streethouse48, Pleasant street
1308 Smithies SamuelUnion roadhouse1, Union road
1309 Smithies SamuelHigh streethouse94, High street
1310 Smithies WilliamEbenezer placehouse7, Ebenezer place
1311 Snow Francis EdwinRand streethouse7, Rand street
1312 Snowden HenryBank Top househouse76, High street
successivehouseBank top
1313 Sowden IsaacTown endhouse45, Town end
1314 Sowden JacobLidget streethouse7, Lidget street
1315 Sowden JosephWatmough streethouse46, Watmough street
1316 Sowden ThomasPickles hillhouse12, Pickles hill
1317 Speight AlfredAlexandra streethouse6, Alexandra street
1318 Spencer IsaacCambridge streethouse247, High street
successivehouse26, Cambridge street
1319 Spencer WilliamSouthfield lanehouse182, Southfield lane
1320 Stainthorpe LightowlerSouthfield lanehouse252, Southfield lane
1321 Stanhope JohnCross lanehouse18, Cross lane
1322 Stansfield JohnSummerseat placehouse9, Summerseat place
1323 Stansfield WilliamLegrams lanehouse2, Fenton street
successivehouse116, Legrams lane
1324 Stead GregoryJer lanehouse6, Jer lane
1325 Stead HeberFrank streethouse41, Frank street
1326 Stead HenryHollingwood lanehouse280, Hollingwood lane
1327 Stead JamesBank tophouse225, Bank top
1328 Stead JonasCross lanehouse46, Cross lane
successivehouse47, Cross lane
1329 Stead JonathanPickles lanehouse15, Pickles lane
1330 Stead JosephBank tophouse223, Bank top
1331 Stead Joseph, junr.Bank tophouse219, Bank top
1332 Stead MilesOld roadhouse170, Old road
1333 Stead RobertHorton roadhouse339, Horton road
1334 Stead StephenLivingstone streethouse3, Bramley row
successivehouse28, Southfield lane
successivehouse7, Livingstone street
1335 Stead WilliamArctic paradehouse9, Arctic parade
1336 Stell William SmithDirk hill streethouse1, Vine street
successivehouseDirk hill street
1337 Stelling ThomasCambridge streethouse12, Cambridge street
1338 Stephenson CowlingHorton roadhouseBack of 328, Horton road
1339 Stephenson RichardSt. Andrew's terracewarehouseCross lane
1340 Stevenson JohnAycliffe hillhouse36, Aycliffe hill
successivehouse15, Aycliffe hill
1341 Stewart John LawrenceRand streethouse8, Edinburgh street
successivehouse19, Rand street
1342 Stockdale SamuelHigh streethouse203, High street
1343 Stockdale SmithCross lanehouse12, Cross lane
1344 Stockdale ThomasNecropolis roadhouse26, Necropolis road
1345 Stoddart JamesArctic paradehouse & shop21, Arctic parade
1346 Stokes GeorgeLivingstone streethouse6, Arctic parade
successivehouse14, Livingstone street
1347 Stradling WilliamFrank streethouse16, Frank street
1348 Suddards EliHigh streethouse12, High street
1349 Suddards JohnCambridge streethouse14, Cambridge street
1350 Sugden EdwardWestcroft foldhouse9, Westcroft fold
1351 Sugden HenrySellars foldhouse12, Sellars fold
1352 Sugden JamesCross lanehouse83, Cross lane
1353 Sugden JosephTurner placehouse26, Turner place
1354 Sugden SamuelSouthfield lanehouse247, Southfield lane
1355 Sugden WilliamUnion roadhouse5, Union road
1356 Summersgill ThomasOld roadhouse156, Old road
1357 Summersgill WilliamOld roadhouse202, Old road
1358 Sunderland DavidSouthfield lanehouse218, Southfield lane
successivehouse248, Southfield lane
1359 Sunderland IsaacTodd terracehouseCross lane
successivehouseTodd terrace
1360 Sunderland JamesArctic paradehouse14, Arctic parade
1361 Sunderland JohnEbenezer placehouse1, Ebenezer place
1362 Sunderland JohnHorton roadhouse177, Horton road
1363 Sunderland RobertEbenezer placehouse5, Ebenezer place
1364 Sunderland SamuelEbenezer placehouse8, Ebenezer place
1365 Sunderland ThomasSmith roadhouse209, Smith road
1366 Sunderland WilliamHigh streethouse15, High street
1367 Sutcliffe CharlesSouthfield lanehouse134, Southfield lane
1368 Sutcliffe CharlesLidget streethouse17, Lidget street
1369 Sutcliffe CharlesEwart streethouse79, Ewart street
1370 Sutcliffe EnochPerseverance lanehouse2, Perseverance lane
1371 Sutcliffe EzraSouthfield lanehouse166, Southfield lane
1372 Sutcliffe GeorgeSmithies streethouse4, Smithies street
1373 Sutcliffe JamesCemetery roadhouse257, Cemetery road
1374 Sutcliffe JohnLidgate placehouse21, Lidgate place
1375 Sutcliffe JohnSouthfield lanehouse303, Southfield lane
1376 Sutcliffe JohnHollingwood lanehouse276, Hollingwood lane
1377 Sutcliffe JosephSouthfield lanehouse164, Southfield lane
1378 Sutcliffe ThomasSouthfield lanehouse145, Southfield lane
1379 Sutcliffe WilliamPrinceville streethouse12, Lawrence street
successivehouse59, Princeville street
1380 Swaine EnochHigh streethouse96, High street
1381 Swaine JamesNew roadhouse12, New road
1382 Swaine JohnCambridge streethouse37, Cambridge street
1383 Swaine John WilliamFrank streethouse34, Frank street
1384 Swaine JosephCambridge streethouse42, Cambridge street
1385 Swaine SamuelLidget streethouse2, Lidget street
1386 Swaine SidneyHorton roadhouse234, Horton road
1387 Swaine WardHorton roadhouse220, Horton road
1388 Swaine WilliamHigh streethouse & shop70, New road
successivehouse384, High street
1389 Swithenbank JohnHorton roadhouse & shop153, Manchester road
successivehouse & shop352, Horton road
1390 Sykes GeorgeSouthfield lanehouse & shop288, Southfield lane
1391 Symons NathanVine streethouse20, Vine street
successivehouse5, Vine street

GREAT HORTON WARD, 1873, surnames beginning with the letter T
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1392 Tanfield Rev. RichardHorton roadhouse261, Horton road
1393 Tankard EdwardWatmough streethouse56, Watmough street
1394 Tankard MilesBank tophouse & shop193, Bank top
1395 Tankard WilliamMiry pondhouse16, Miry pond
1396 Tate JamesFenton streethouse13, Fenton street
1397 Tatham George LofthouseHigh streethouse & shop129, High street
1398 Taylor GeorgeSmith roadhouse7, Paternoster lane
successivehouse191, Smith road
1399 Taylor JohnCemetery roadhouse276, Cemetery road
1400 Taylor JohnTanner hillhouseTanner hill
1401 Taylor ThomasClose tophouse45, Lidget street
1402 Taylor WilliamBeckside roadhouse22, Beckside road
1403 Teece ThomasUnion roadhouse15, Union road
1404 Tempest CharlesSchool alleyhouse1, School alley
1405 Tempest DurocCollins streethouse5, Collins street
1406 Tempest EdmundSmithies streethouse6, Smithies street
1407 Tempest JoshuaSouthfield lanehouse159, Southfield lane
1408 Tempest RandolphTurner placehouse12, Crossley street
successivehouseTurner place
1409 Terry Henry Bracken HallLodgehouseHollingwood lane
1410 Tetley JohnSouthfield lanehouse144, Southfield lane
1411 Tetley JosephFenton streethouse22, Fenton street
1412 Tetley SamuelSouthfield lanehouse241, Southfield lane
1413 Tholey RobertHigh streethouse2, High street
1414 Tholey ThomasLow greenhouse35, Low green
1415 Tholey ThomasHorton roadhouse330, Horton road
1416 Thomas AbrahamCross lanehouse95, Cross lane
1417 Thomas WilliamLow greenhouse12, Perseverance lane
successivehouse29, Low green
1418 Thompson DarnboroughWard streethouse18, Ward street
1419 Thompson NathanWard streethouse16, Ward street
1420 Thorley JosephFrank streethouse13, Frank street
1421 Thornton JamesSouthfield lanehouse214, Southfield lane
1422 Thornton JohnBeckside roadhouse56, Beckside road
1423 Thornton JosephLivingstone streethouse35, Livingstone street
successivehouse13, Livingstone street
1424 Thornton MarkLivingstone streethouse51, Livingstone street
1425 Thornton SamuelFrank streethouse9, Frank street
1426 Thornton SamuelSouthfield lanehouse224, Southfield lane
1427 Thornton ThomasCambridge streethouse27, Cambridge street
1428 Thornton WaltonPleasant streethouse11, Pleasant street
1429 Thorp CharlesSouthfield lanehouse219, Southfield lane
1430 Thorp SolonPaternoster lanehouse2, Paternoster lane
1431 Thorp WilliamLegrams lanehouse98, Legrams lane
1432 Throp JosephSouthfield lanehouse323, Southfield lane
1433 Throp NathanielSouthfield lanehouse321, Southfield lane
1434 Thwaites Thomas BlaidesSouthfield lanehouse258, Southfield lane
1435 Tiffney GeorgePeel rowhouse2, Peel row
1436 Tiplady EdmundBeckside roadhouse38, Beckside road
1437 Tiplady WilliamCemetery roadhouse19, Cemetery road
1438 Todd RobertLegrams lanehouse94, Legrams lane
1439 Tomlinson JohnOld roadhouse4, Old road
1440 Tomlinson JosephHigh streethouse345, High street
successivehouse327, High street
1441 Tomlinson WilliamHigh streethouse343, High street
1442 Tommis AmosSouthfield lanehouse168, Southfield lane
1443 Tommis HenrySouthfield lanehouse186, Southfield lane
1444 Toothill JosephFalcon streethouse3, Falcon street
1445 Topham AaronWatmough streethouse52, Watmough street
1446 Topham AlfredLow greenhouse8, Low green
1447 Topham JamesHigh streethouse & shop79, High street
1448 Topham JohnCliffe lanehouse4, Cliffe lane
1449 Topham JohnTown endhouse32, Livingstone street
successivehouse51, Town end
1450 Topham JosephHigh streethouse315, High street
1451 Topham NathanielLidget streethouse23, Lidget street
1452 Tordoff JosephBeldon hillhouse4, Beldon hill
1453 Towers JohnBank bottomhouse8A, Bank bottom
1454 Town JosephPrinceville streethouse21, Princeville street
1455 Townend HartwellBeldon hillhouse26, Beldon hill
1456 Townend RobertWestcroft foldhouse6, Westcroft fold
1457 Townend SimeonSpringfieldhouseSpringfield
1458 Townson Alfred MellorSouthfield lanehouse216, Southfield lane
1459 Turner GeorgeHorton grangehouseHorton grange
1460 Turner JamesHorton roadhouse246, Horton road
1461 Turner JohnCrossley streethouse14, Crossley street
1462 Turner JosephTurner placehouse28, Union road
successivehouse12, Turner place
1463 Turner SidneyPrimrose hillhouse4, Primrose hill
1464 Turnpenny JohnLegrams lanehouse100, Legrams lane

GREAT HORTON WARD, 1873, surnames beginning with the letter U
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1465 Unwin DavidDirk hill streethouse64, Portland street
successivehouse130, Bramley street
successivehouseDirk hill street
1466 Uttley CharlesFenton streethouse10, Fenton street
successivehouse9, Fenton street
1467 Uttley JohnKnight's foldhouse7, Knight's fold
1468 Uttley RobertFenton streethouse28, Fenton street

GREAT HORTON WARD, 1873, surnames beginning with the letter V
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1469 Verity BenjaminHigh streethouse6, High street
1470 Verity SamuelBlacksmith foldhouse11, Blacksmith fold
1471 Verity ThomasTurner placehouse14, Turner place

GREAT HORTON WARD, 1873, surnames beginning with the letter W
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1472 Waddington JamesKnight's foldhouse9, Knight's fold
1473 Waddington JoeHorton roadhouse & shop338, Horton road
1474 Waddington RichardCambridge streethouse16, Cambridge street
1475 Waddington ThomasLegrams lanehouse4, Legrams lane
1476 Waddington ThomasWatmough streethouse38, Watmough street
1477 Wade EnochUpper greenhouse25, Upper green
successivehouse7, Upper green
1478 Wade JohnHigh streethouse216, High street
1479 Wade JohnSmithies streethouse15, Smithies street
1480 Wade JohnLivingstone streethouse45, Livingstone street
1481 Wade JosephBlacksmith foldhouse3, Blacksmith fold
1482 Wade JoshuaKnight's foldhouse2, Knight's fold
1483 Wade SilvanusLegrams Mill lanehouse8, Legrams Mill lane
1484 Wadsworth IllingworthDaisy streethouse47, Cross lane
successivehouseDaisy street
1485 Wadsworth WilliamCross lanehouse21, Cross lane
1486 Wain WilliamClub streethouse6, Club street
1487 Waite NathanielUnion roadhouse36, Union road
1488 Walker Gregory CoatesPleasant streethouse8, Pleasant street
1489 Walker JohnHigh streethouse & shop40, High street
1490 Wallace GeorgeCemetery roadhouse245, Cemetery road
1491 Wallace John BeckwithOld roadhouse204, Old road
1492 Walmsley JamesCambridge streethouse23, Cambridge street
1493 Walton HenryRand streethouse & shop1, Rand street
1494 Walton JohnClub streethouse & shop18, Club street
1495 Ward HoratioHorton roadhouse179, Horton road
1496 Ward JamesCambridge streethouse40, Cambridge street
1497 Ward JohnUpper greenhouse37, Upper green
1498 Ward JohnHunt yardhouse5, Hunt yard
1499 Ward RobertRand streethouse20, Rand street
1500 Ward ThomasPerseverance lanehouse43, Perseverance lane
1501 Ward WalterHorton roadhouse235, Horton road
1502 Ward WilliamHigh streethouse151, High street
1503 Ward WilliamPickles lanehouse21, Pickles lane
1504 Wardle JosephHigh streethouse & shop99, High street
1505 Wardle WilliamBeckside roadhouse66, Beckside road
1506 Wardman JeremiahSouthfield lanehouse181, Southfield lane
1507 Wardman JohnHigh streethouse171, High street
1508 Wardman WilliamNew roadhouse77, New road
1509 Wardman WilliamFrank streethouse9, Smithies street
successivehouse22, Frank street
1510 Warner WilliamHart streethouse11, Derby street
successivehouse15, Hart street
1511 Waterhouse JasperHigh streethouse83, High street
1512 Waterton ThomasTurner placehouse16, Turner place
1513 Watmough AbrahamUpper greenhouse15, Upper green
1514 Watmough EdmundKnight's foldhouse10, Knight's fold
1515 Watmough EnochGreenfield lanehouse21, Greenfield lane
1516 Watmough EphraimWard streethouse103, High street
successivehouse24, Ward street
1517 Watmough EzraHunt yardhouse12, Hunt yard
1518 Watmough LeviWard streethouse30, Ward street
1519 Watson DavidVine streethouse6, Vine street
1520 Watson GeorgeEtna streethouse2, Etna street
1521 Watson HenryVine streethouse18, Vine street
1522 Watson JohnFenton streethouse33, Fenton street
1523 Watson JoshuaEtna streethouse4, Etna street
1524 Watson ThomasLow greenhouse2, Barton street
successivehouse28, Low green
1525 Watson William MolesworthHorton roadhouse & shop350, Horton road
1526 Weatherhead PeterHollingwood lanehouse378, Hollingwood lane
1527 Webb Rev. George MowerHorton roadhouse267, Horton road
1528 Webster AlbertRand streethouse12, Rand street
1529 Webster JesseLivingstone streethouse29, Low green
successivehouse9, Livingstone street
1530 Webster JosiahRamsden courthouse3, Ramsden court
1531 Webster RichardPickles hillhouse11, Pickles hill
1532 Webster WilliamHigh streethouse35, High street
1533 Webster William, junr.Collins streethouse7, Collins street
1534 Wells WilliamHigh streethouse5, High street
1535 Whaley JohnFrank streethouse26, Frank street
1536 Wheeler WilliamAlexandra streethouse3, Alexandra street
1537 Whitaker EphraimLegrams lanehouse96, Legrams lane
1538 Whitaker JamesHigh streethouse7, Arctic parade
successivehouse & shop40, High street
1539 Whitaker John BoothArctic paradehouse13, Arctic parade
1540 Whitaker JosephHigh streethouse102, High street
1541 Whitaker SamuelShipleywarehouseCannon mill
1542 Whitaker Henry HartleyTurner placehouse4, Turner place
1543 White EdwinPrinceville streethouse43, Princeville street
1544 White HezekiahFalcon streethouse1, Falcon street
1545 White JarvisSmith roadhouse195, Smith road
1546 White ThomasPrinceville streethouse25, Princeville street
1547 White ThomasNew roadhouse95, New road
1548 White WilkinsonFenton streethouse28, Tumbling hill street
successivehouse31, Fenton street
1549 Whitehead CoultasDirk hill lanehouse33, Skinhouse street
successivehouse1, Dirk hill lane
1550 Whitehead JohnSnaphouseSnap
1551 Whitehead WilliamLidget streethouse13, Lidget street
1552 Whitehouse RobertTanner beckhouseTanner beck
1553 Whiteley EliLegrams lanehouse179, Legrams lane
1554 Whiteley JosephLegrams lanehouse77, Legrams lane
1555 Whiteley JosephHorton roadhouse218, Horton road
1556 Whiteley RichardLow greenhouse11, Low green
1557 Whiteoak HenryTurner placehouse18, Turner place
1558 Whitley William OldfieldSummerseat placehouse3, Summerseat place
1559 Widdows George DavisonFrank streethouse24, Frank street
1560 Whitwham WilliamTurner placehouse22, Horton road
successivehouseTurner place
1561 Wilcock JosephPeel rowhouse6, Peel row
1562 Wilcock JosephAnne streethouse7, Anne street
1563 Wild GeorgePrinceville streethouse39, Princeville street
1564 Wild IsraelLime streethouse41, Town end
successivehouseLime street
1565 Wilkinson AlfredWatmough streethouse42, Watmough street
1566 Wilkinson BenjaminBeldon hillhouse18, Beldon hill
1567 Wilkinson EliCross lanehouse5, Cross lane
1568 Wilkinson EphraimPleasant streethouse34, Pleasant street
1569 Wilkinson GeorgePrinceville streethouse55, Princeville street
successivehouse65, Princeville street
1570 Wilkinson George CarverLegrams lanehouse84, Legrams lane
1571 Wilkinson HenryBeldon hillhouse10, Beldon hill
1572 Wilkinson JamesLivingstone streethouse29, Livingstone street
1573 Wilkinson JamesBeldon hillhouse16, Beldon hill
1574 Wilkinson JohnBeldon hillhouse8, Beldon hill
1575 Wilkinson JonathanLidget streethouse6, Lidget street
1576 Wilkinson JoshuaBeldon hillhouse12, Beldon hill
1577 Wilkinson MartinEtna streethouse8, Etna street
1578 Wilkinson ThomasCross lanehouse76, Cross lane
1579 Wilkinson WilliamLidgate placehouse63, Lidgate place
1580 Wilkinson WilliamEtna streethouse26, Etna street
1581 Wilkinson WilliamWard streethouse26, Ward street
1582 Wilks MatthewCragg lanehouse5, Cragg lane
1583 Williams Robert SnellPrimrose hillhouse3, Primrose hill
1584 Williamson CharlesEtna streethouse16, Etna street
1585 Wilmot John FrazerAlexandra villashouse1, Alexandra villas
1586 Wilson BenjaminHigh streethouse & shop192, High street
1587 Wilson Cephas JowettHorton roadhouse265, Horton road
1588 Wilson CharlesHorton roadhouse254, Horton road
1589 Wilson IsaacCrossley streethouse24, Crossley street
1590 Wilson JamesEbenezer placehouse2, Ebenezer place
1591 Wilson JamesAycliffe hillhouse19, Aycliffe hill
1592 Wilson JohnHorton roadhouse1, Noble street
successivehouse263, Horton road
1593 Wilson JohnEbenezer placehouse4, Ebenezer place
1594 Wilson JohnSummerseat placehouse8, Summerseat place
1595 Wilson JosephHorton roadhouse259, Horton road
1596 Wilson JosephAycliffe hillhouse21, Aycliffe hill
1597 Wilson SamsonAycliffe hillhouse44, Aycliffe hill
1598 Wilson SamuelHigh streethouse18, Miall street
successivehouse & shop58, High street
1599 Wilson WilliamAycliffe hillhouse8, Aycliffe hill
1600 Winterburn BenjaminSuddards foldhouse17, Suddards fold
1601 Withers ThomasCemetery roadhouse7, Cemetery road
1602 Wood AbrahamBramley rowhouse19, Bramley row
1603 Wood DavidSouthfield lanehouse315, Southfield lane
1604 Wood HenryLidget streethouse3, Lidget street
1605 Wood JamesHigh streethouse & shop105, High street
1606 Wood JohnAycliffe hillhouse49, Aycliffe hill
1607 Wood JohnLow greenhouse33, Low green
1608 Wood JohnHart streethouse9, Hart street
1609 Wood JohnNew roadhouse11, Bramley row
successivehouse75, New road
1610 Wood JosephAycliffe hillhouse38, Aycliffe hill
1611 Wood Matthew HenryEwart streethouse36, Hill end
successivehouse74, Ewart street
1612 Wood SamuelLidgate placehouse49, Lidgate place
1613 Wood ThomasHigh streethouse113, High street
1614 Wood ThomasLidgate placehouseLidgate place
1615 Wood ThomasPaternoster lanehouse18, Livingstone street
successivehouse7, Paternoster lane
1616 Wood TimothyBramley rowhouse17, Bramley row
1617 Wood WilliamLivingstone streethouse36, Livingstone street
1618 Woodcock JohnDerby streethouse3, Derby street
1619 Woodcock JosephTown endhouse10, Lime street
successivehouse71, Town end
1620 Woodhead EdwinRamsden courthouse2, Ramsden court
1621 Woodhead GeorgeBeldon hillhouse15, Beldon hill
1622 Woodhead JohnSouthfield lanehouse274, Southfield lane
1623 Woodhead RobertAycliffe hillhouse34, Aycliffe hill
1624 Woodhead WilliamCragg lanehouse10, Sellars fold
successivehouse2, Cragg lane
1625 Woods RobertArctic paradehouse23, Arctic parade
1626 Wooler JohnLivingstone streethouse43, Town end
successivehouse38, Livingstone street
1627 Wooler JosephArctic paradehouse & shop8, Arctic parade
1628 Wormald AbrahamHigh streethouse & shop64, High street
1629 Worsnop JohnCambridge streethouse3, Cambridge street
1630 Worsnop ReubenSellars foldhouse207, Smith road
successivehouse16, Sellars fold
1631 Worsnop SamuelAycliffe hillhouse28, Aycliffe hill
1632 Worth CharlesHigh streethouse380, High street
1633 Worth JamesAnne streethouse25, Anne street
1634 Wright JamesLime streethouse24, Union road
successivehouseLime street
1635 Wright OliverTurner placehouse8, Turner place
1636 Wright RogerTurner placehouse2, Primrose hill
successivehouseTurner place
1637 Wright ZaccheusAycliffe hillhouse32, Aycliffe hill

GREAT HORTON WARD, 1873, surnames beginning with the letter Y
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1638 Yates HenryBeckside roadhouse15, Beckside road
1639 Yates JudeHorton roadhouse207, Horton road

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