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BRADFORD: Bradford Parliamentary Register 1874, LITTLE HORTON WARD, surnames S-Z.


LITTLE HORTON WARD, 1874, surnames S-Z.
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
3614 Sagar EdwardTumbling hill streethouse92, Tumbling hill street
3615 Sagar JamesShearbridgehouse117, Shearbridge
3616 Sagar JamesCroft streethouse58, Croft street
3617 Sagar James KenionLower Bright streethouse53, Sterling street
successivehouse8, Lower Bright street
3618 Sagar JohnListerhills roadhouse & shop116, Listerhills road
3619 Sagar JohnWestbrook terracehouse8, Westbrook terrace
3620 Sagar RobertDuncan streethouse59, Duncan street
3621 Sagar William EdwardDarton streethouse26, Darton street
3622 Saltonstall GeorgeBroadbent streethouse13, Broadbent street
3623 Saltonstall JamesFitzgerald streethouse12, Fitzgerald street
successivehouse18, Fitzgerald street
3624 Saltonstall JosephCleveland streethouse & shop10, Cleveland street
3625 Saltonstall RichardGrafton streethouse50, Grafton street
3626 Saltonstall WilliamBerwick streethouse55, Berwick street
3627 Sampson PeterFitzgerald streethouse126, Fitzgerald street
3628 Sanderson ThomasBower streethouse20, Bower street
3629 Santon John RamshawHorton lanehouse & shop433, Horton lane
3630 Sargent JohnNaseby streethouse43, Naseby street
3631 Savage James LesiterListerhills roadhouse & shop140, Listerhills road
3632 Saville RichardNelson squarewarehouseNelson street
3633 Sawood SidneyOsborne streethouse54, Osborne street
3634 Sawyer AbrahamNaseby streethouse26, Naseby street
3635 Sayers ThomasPaisley streethouse84, Paisley street
3636 Scaife StephenTumbling hill streethouse81, Tumbling hill street
3637 Scaife WilliamBramley streethouse87, Bramley street
3638 Schaeppi John JamesLansdowne placehouse18, Lansdowne place
3639 Schofield AlfredHorton greenshop8, Manchester road
3640 Schofield EdmundLower Thomas streethouse6, Lower Thomas street
3641 Schofield EdwardClarence streethouse30, Clarence street
3642 Schofield EdwardMannville terracehouse10, Mannville terrace
3643 Schofield EdwinPaisley streethouse52, Paisley street
3644 Schofield EmanuelCollege roadhouse92, Paisley street
successivehouse51, Paisley street
successivehouse99, College road
3645 Schofield FrancisQuaker lanehouse12, Quaker lane
3646 Schofield HenryFitzgerald streethouse55, Fitzgerald street
3647 Schofield JohnCollege househouse85, Park road
3648 Schofield JohnSt. James's streethouse18, St. James's street
3649 Schofield JohnEarl streethouse121, Earl street
3650 Schofield JohnQuaker lanehouse13, Osborne street
successivehouse54, Quaker lane
3651 Schofield Jonathan SnowdenCrowther streethouse48, David street
successivehouse75, Crowther street
3652 Schofield JosephSterling streethouse56, Sterling street
3653 Schofield JosephBright streethouse35, Bright street
3654 Schofield SamuelMiall streethouse19, Miall street
3655 Schofield ThomasTudor streethouse75, Tudor street
3656 Schofield TomSt. James's streethouse16, St. James's street
3657 Schofield WilliamAycliffe lanehouse19, Aycliffe lane
successivehouse26, Aycliffe lane
3658 Scholefield JamesVilliers streethouse30, Villiers street
3659 Scholefield JohnSpring placehouse1, Spring place
3660 Schott GustavusManninghamwarehouseRichmond road
3661 Schussler GeorgeManchester roadhouse & shop256, Manchester road
3662 Schwalenberg GustavEmma gatehouse10, Emma gate
3663 Scott DanielBrownroyd foldhouse1, Brownroyd fold
3664 Scott HenryBrownroyd foldhouse7, Brownroyd fold
3665 Scott HenryNewell streethouse72, Newell street
3666 Scott JamesLumby streethouse43, Lumby street
3667 Scott JamesBrownroyd foldhouse3, Brownroyd fold
3668 Scott JesseAycliffe lanehouse13, Aycliffe lane
3669 Scott LukeDarton streethouse24, Darton street
3670 Scott NoahManchester roadhouse399, Manchester road
3671 Scott Samuel SugdenEast BierleywarehouseNelson court
3672 Scott WilliamFitzgerald streethouse17, Mary gate
successivehouse81, Fitzgerald street
3673 Scruton JohnManchester roadhouse & shop534, Manchester road
successivehouse & shop502, Manchester road
3674 Scruton WilliamGreaves streethouse20, Greaves street
3675 Scully DanielAdelaide streethouse10A, Adelaide street
3676 Seddon EzekielClayton lanehouse12, Clayton lane
3677 Sedgwick Richard MeritonBramley streethouse121, Bramley street
3678 Seed AlfredGrafton streethouse67, Grafton street
3679 Sellers GeorgeNaseby streethouse3, Naseby street
3680 Sellers GeorgeHope streethouse49, Hope street
3681 Sellers JamesLumby streethouse27, Lumby street
3682 Sellers JamesCroft streethouse46, Portland street
successivehouse40, Croft street
3683 Sellers JohnLegrams lanehouse1, Legrams lane
3684 Sellers MatthewFranklin streethouse11, Franklin street
3685 Sellers ThomasListerhills roadhouse48, Listerhills road
3686 Sellers WilliamKent streethouse15, Kent street
3687 Senior AmosPaisley streethouse2, Duncan street
successivehouse102, Paisley street
3688 Senior DavidVilliers streethouse3, Villiers street
3689 Senior GeorgeCromwell streethouse3, Cromwell street
3690 Senior Joseph NaylorBerwick streethouse50, Berwick street
3691 Senior ThomasAshgrovehouse45, Ashgrove
3692 Senior WilliamLower Thomas streethouse43, Sterling street
successivehouse27, Lower Thomas street
3693 Senton JosephNewell streethouse64, Newell street
3694 Settle FrederickGower streethouse39, Gower street
3695 Seymour JohnClifford streethouse98, Clifford street
3696 Shackleton ArthurSkinhouse streethouse72, Skinhouse street
3697 Shackleton EdwardHerbert streethouse8, Herbert street
3698 Shackleton EzraPark lanehouse70, Park lane
3699 Shackleton GeorgeBradfordshopClarence street
3700 Shackleton HenryLongside lanehouse40, Longside lane
3701 Shackleton JamesForster streethouse9, Forster street
3702 Shackleton JamesJacob streethouse80, Jacob street
3703 Shackleton JamesLower Bright streethouse3, Lower Bright street
3704 Shackleton James WilliamCastle streethouse4, Castle street
3705 Shackleton JohnEdinburgh streethouse58, Edinburgh street
3706 Shackleton JohnMorpeth streethouse52, Morpeth street
3707 Shackleton JohnEdinburgh streethouse56, Edinburgh street
3708 Shackleton JohnPortland streethouse13, Fitzgerald street
successivehouse74, Portland street
3709 Shackleton JosephManchester roadhouse51, Manchester road
3710 Shackleton ReubenBottomley streethouse1, Bottomley street
3711 Shackleton RichardHorton lanehouse34, Upper green
successivehouse645, Horton lane
3712 Shackleton RobertEdinburgh streethouse4, Edinburgh street
3713 Shackleton SamuelJacob streethouse100, Jacob street
3714 Shackleton ThomasWilliam streethouse18, William street
3715 Shackleton ThomasTudor streethouse37, Tudor street
3716 Shackleton ThomasManninghamshop107, Listerhills road
3717 Shackleton WilliamHolme top lanehouse25, Holme top lane
3718 Shaftoe SamuelDarton streethouse80, Ripley terrace
successivehouse88, Darton street
3719 Shalders Alfred OwenManninghamwarehouseNelson street
3720 Shalders ClementGreat Russell streethouse4, Great Russell street
3721 Shannon JohnPrince streethouse31, Prince street
3722 Sharman FrederickTomlinson streethouse1, Tomlinson street
3723 Sharman James MaudVilliers placehouse2, Villiers place
3724 Sharman Samuel RenatusMiall streethouse29, Miall street
3725 Sharow GeorgeHorton roadhouse92, Horton road
3726 Sharp CharlesBrownroyd foldhouse4, Brownroyd fold
3727 Sharp DanielBrownroyd foldhouse9, Brownroyd fold
3728 Sharp GeorgeNewell streethouse63, Newell street
3729 Sharp JamesPaisley streethouse9, Paisley street
3730 Sharp JamesTomlinson streethouse18, Tomlinson street
3731 Sharp JamesCobden streethouse46, Cobden street
3732 Sharp JeremiahPark lanehouse13, Park lane
3733 Sharp JohnChapel greenhouse38, Chapel green
3734 Sharp JohnMilton streethouse1, Milton street
3735 Sharp JosephSterling streethouse35, Marshall street
successivehouse50, Sterling street
3736 Sharp LeonardHolme top lanehouse257, Park lane
successivehouse59, Holme top lane
3737 Sharp MungoJesse streethouse16, Jesse street
3738 Sharp SamuelTurner streethouse25, Turner street
3739 Sharp SquireManchester roadhouse & shop163, Manchester road
3740 Sharp ThomasOsborne streethouse2, Osborne street
3741 Sharp TomCobden streethouse30, Cobden street
3742 Sharp WilliamSt. Andrew's placehouse23, St. Andrew's place
3743 Sharp WilliamBrownroyd foldhouse8, Brownroyd fold
3744 Sharp WilliamAshley streethouse74, Ashley street
3745 Sharpe William NaylorRupert streethouse18, Rupert street
3746 Sharples AlexanderLower Thomas streethouse14, Lower Thomas street
successivehouse17, Lower Thomas street
3747 Sharps ThomasHolme top streethouse53, Pakington street
successivehouse15, Holme top street
3748 Shaw CharlesFarside greenhouse25, Farside green
3749 Shaw HiramFitzgerald streethouse160, Fitzgerald street
3750 Shaw JamesGrafton streethouse141, Grafton street
3751 Shaw JobChapel greenhouse1, Chapel green
successivehouse3, Chapel green
3752 Shaw JoshuaListerhills roadhouse & shop156, Listerhills road
3753 Shaw MosesJonas gatehouse27, Jonas gate
3754 Shaw Seth HenryCastle streethouse2, Castle street
3755 Shaw ThomasHorton lanehouse655, Horton lane
3756 Shaw WilliamLady lanehouse17, Lady lane
3757 Shaw WilliamEdmund streethouse2, Edmund street
3758 Shaw WilliamCopley streethouse6, Copley street
3759 Shaw WilliamMill lanehouse8, Fitzgerald street
successivehouse19, Mill lane
3760 Sheard EllisSt. James's squarehouse15, St. James's square
3761 Sheard JohnEarl streethouse133, Earl street
3762 Sheekey HenryAdelaide streethouse77, Adelaide street
3763 Sheldon JamesHorton lanehouse10, Nurser lane
successivehouse528, Horton lane
3764 Shepherd AlexanderPreston streethouse33, Preston street
3765 Shepherd BowmanMarley cottagehouse90, Horton road
3766 Shepherd CharlesTumbling hill streethouse134, Tumbling hill street
3767 Shepherd EdmundMilton streethouse21, Milton street
3768 Shepherd EliVilliers streethouse29, Villiers street
3769 Shepherd George AlbertFitzgerald streethouse9, Fitzgerald street
3770 Shepherd George HollingsFitzgerald streethouse31, Fitzgerald street
3771 Shepherd IsaacCrowther streethouse77, Crowther street
3772 Shepherd JamesShearbridge roadhouse6, Shearbridge road
3773 Shepherd JohnQuaker lanehouse3, Quaker lane
3774 Shepherd JonathanSpicer streethouse7, Smith row
successivehouse22, Spicer street
3775 Shepherd JosephAycliffe lanehouse9, Aycliffe lane
3776 Shepherd MarkBroadbent streethouse37, Broadbent street
3777 Shepherd Richard StephensonEccleshillwarehouse87, Caledonia street
3778 Shepherd WilliamHorton lanehouse66, Horton lane
3779 Shepherd WilliamMoss streethouse3, Moss street
3780 Shepherd William HenryHorton lanehouse68, Horton lane
3781 Sheridan MartinAdelaide streethouse16, Adelaide street
3782 Sherwood Henry SamuelQuaker terracehouse16, Quaker terrace
3783 Shiel DenisClifford streethouse47, Clifford street
3784 Shields RobertHoward streetshop22, Horton lane
3785 Shoesmith DavidCuckoo nesthouse6, Cuckoo nest
3786 Shoesmith JosephPark lanehouse152, Park lane
3787 Shooter GeorgeCaledonia streethouse23, Caledonia street
3788 Shorrock JamesWoodhead roadhouse40, Woodhead road
3789 Shorrock JosephCastle rowhouse6, Castle row
3790 Shuttleworth IsaacBramley streethouse75, Bramley street
3791 Sichel VictorClaremonthouse2, Claremont
3792 Simmons MarkClifford streethouse15, Clifford street
3793 Simonett IsaacHorton greenhouse16, Horton green
3794 Simons EthelredThomas streethouse4, Thomas street
3795 Simpson JosephGreaves streethouse22, Greaves street
3796 Simpson JosephSummerseat placeshop240, Manchester road
3797 Simpson ThomasHolme top lanehouseHolme top lane
3798 Simpson ThomasMilne streethouse13, Milne street
3799 Simpson WilkinsonHorton lanehouse667A, Horton lane
3800 Simpson WilliamSterling streethouse75, Sterling street
3801 Simpson WilliamOsborne streethouse140, Osborne street
3802 Simpson WilliamSouthfield lanehouse29, Southfield lane
3803 Singleton HenryHorton greenhouseHorton green
3804 Singleton Ralph PopplewellGrove terracehouse19, Grove terrace
3805 Singleton RobertCopley streethouse5, Copley street
3806 Singleton WilliamVilliers streethouse57, Villiers street
3807 Size RichardGrafton streethouse107, Grafton street
3808 Size ThomasCrowther streethouse83, Crowther street
3809 Skelton DanielRupert streethouse28, Rupert street
3810 Skelton JohnBright streethouse58, Bright street
3811 Skelton Joseph HaydnManninghamshop161, Manchester road
3812 Skillings GeorgeHannah gatehouse26, Hannah gate
3813 Skipworth John KershawHutson streethouse58, Hutson street
3814 Skirrow JohnBramley streethouse13, Bramley street
3815 Skirrow MarshallNorton gatehouse15, Norton gate
3816 Slack JamesBramley streethouse119, Bramley street
3817 Sladden JohnMoss streethouse23, Moss street
3818 Slade JosephMiall streethouse24, Miall street
3819 Sladen WilliamCastle streethouse13, Castle street
3820 Slater CharlesBroadbent streethouse5, Broadbent street
3821 Slater HenryMiall streethouse4, Miall street
3822 Slater Raphael WatsonBottomley streethouse64, Bottomley street
3823 Slater ThomasEarl streethouse22, Earl street
3824 Slater WilliamBramley streethouse41, Bramley street
3825 Slingsby GeorgeMary gatehouse29, Mary gate
3826 Slingsby JamesPaisley streethouse37, Rupert street
successivehouse31, Paisley street
3827 Smales AllanHorton greenhouse8, Horton green
3828 Smart FrederickHoward streethouse1, Howard street
3829 Smith AaronHorton lanehouse381, Horton lane
3830 Smith AbrahamPreston streethouse102, Preston street
3831 Smith AbrahamTurner streethouse45, Turner street
3832 Smith Albert MarsdenPaisley streethouse96, Paisley street
3833 Smith BenjaminManninghamwarehousePreston street
3834 Smith BenjaminPreston streethouse46, Preston street
3835 Smith BenjaminLongside lanehouse & shop52, Longside lane
3836 Smith BenjaminFieldheadhouseFieldhead dyeworks
3837 Smith BenjaminShipleywarehouseKent street
3838 Smith CharlesBurrow streethouse11, Burrow street
3839 Smith CharlesOsborne streethouse30, Osborne street
3840 Smith CharlesEbor streethouse39, Ebor street
3841 Smith Charles TelfordFieldheadcountinghouseFieldhead dyeworks
3842 Smith EdwardMilton streethouse9, Milton street
3843 Smith EdwinKaye streethouse5, Kaye street
3844 Smith EdwinFitzgerald streethouse139, Fitzgerald street
3845 Smith EliListerhills roadhouse & shop124, Listerhills road
3846 Smith EliMilne streethouse11, Milne street
3847 Smith FrederickClarges streethouse16, Clarges street
3848 Smith GeorgeEdinburgh streethouse60, Edinburgh street
3849 Smith GeorgeBramley streethouse21, Bramley street
3850 Smith GeorgeHorton lanehouse671, Horton lane
3851 Smith George BelkMelbourne placehouse11, Melbourne place
3852 Smith HenryTumbling hill streethouse43, Tumbling hill street
3853 Smith HenryManninghamwarehousePreston street
3854 Smith HenryPark roadhouse9, Park road
3855 Smith HolmesWoodhead roadhouse60, Woodhead road
3856 Smith IsaacManninghamwarehousePreston street
3857 Smith JamesCross streethouse4, Cross street
3858 Smith JamesCobden streethouse23, Cobden street
3859 Smith JamesHorton lanehouse882, Horton lane
3860 Smith JamesBack Abram gatehouse22, Back Abram gate
3861 Smith JamesBramley streethouse48, Bottomley street
successivehouse257, Park lane
successivehouse48, Bramley street
3862 Smith JamesCharlotte streethouse13, Norton gate
successivehouse & shop1, Charlotte street
3863 Smith James, junr.Paisley streethouse50, Bottomley street
successivehouse78, Paisley street
3864 Smith James AlfredManchester roadhouse & shop227, Manchester road
3865 Smith JamesSt. Andrew's terracehouse34, St. Andrew's terrace
3866 Smith JohnForster streethouse10, Forster street
3867 Smith JohnKent streethouse7, Kent street
3868 Smith JohnFitzgerald streethouse29, Fitzgerald street
3869 Smith JohnBramley streethouse50, Bramley street
3870 Smith JohnFitzgerald streethouse71, Fitzgerald street
3871 Smith JohnVilliers streethouse36, Villiers street
3872 Smith JohnTudor streethouse62, Tudor street
3873 Smith JohnMilne streethouse9, Milne street
3874 Smith JohnCobden streethouse47, Cobden street
3875 Smith JohnSterling streethouse49, Sterling street
3876 Smith Johnback of Carlton placehouse8, back of Carlton place
3877 Smith JohnListerhills roadhouse76, Listerhills road
3878 Smith JohnLumby streethouse13, Lumby street
3879 Smith JohnRupert streetshopBottom of Croft street
3880 Smith JohnGreat Russell streethouse36, Great Russell street
3881 Smith JohnManchester roadhouse & shop4, Manchester road
3882 Smith JosephPaisley streethouse98, Paisley street
3883 Smith JosephGildersomeshopPreston street
3884 Smith JosephCrowther courthouse13, Crowther court
3885 Smith JosephRichmond roadhouse5, Blythe street
successivehouse47, Richmond road
3886 Smith JosephGrove terracehouse14, Southbrook terrace
successivehouse29, Grove terrace
3887 Smith JoshuaManchester roadhouse & shop368, Manchester road
3888 Smith Joshua MurgatroydMiall streethouse17, Miall street
3889 Smith MarkRupert streethouse4, Rupert street
3890 Smith MatthewMilton streethouse11, Milton street
3891 Smith MichaelShelfwarehouseHolme top mill
3892 Smith NicholasSt. James's streethouse10, St. James's street
3893 Smith ReubenChapel greenhouse42, Chapel green
3894 Smith RichardTomlinson streethouse43, Tomlinson street
3895 Smith RichardTudor streethouse10, Tudor street
3896 Smith RichardClifford streethouse27, Clifford street
3897 Smith RobertPark lanehouse277, Park lane
3898 Smith RobertBroadbent streethouse29, Broadbent street
3899 Smith RobertNorcroft browhouse74, Smith street
successivehouse28, Norcroft brow
3900 Smith SamuelHalifaxcountinghouseDewhirst's Buildings
3901 Smith SamuelGrafton streethouse63, Grafton street
3902 Smith SamuelCobden streethouse55, Cobden street
3903 Smith SamuelBower streethouse49, Bower street
3904 Smith Samuel MilneCalverleycountinghouseFieldhead dyeworks
3905 Smith SolomonEarl streethouse75, Earl street
3906 Smith ThomasTelford streethouse & shop1, Telford street
3907 Smith ThomasHolme top streethouse23, Holme top street
3908 Smith ThomasWoodhead roadhouse16, Woodhead road
3909 Smith ThomasHorton lanehouse151, Horton lane
3910 Smith ThomasManchester roadhouse295, Manchester road
3911 Smith ThomasSmith streethouse26, Smith street
3912 Smith ThomasVilliers streethouse49, Villiers street
3913 Smith ThomasTumbling hill streethouse100, Tumbling hill street
3914 Smith Thomas WorsnopBottomley streethouse56, Bottomley street
3915 Smith WalterSkinhouse streethouse69, Skinhouse street
3916 Smith WilliamAnn placehouse10, Ann place
3917 Smith WilliamManchester roadhouse & shop187, Manchester road
3918 Smith WilliamEarl streetshop124, Manchester road
3919 Smith WilliamEarl streetshop182, Manchester road
3920 Smith WilliamVilliers streethouse19, Villiers street
3921 Smith WilliamBroadbent streethouse34, Broadbent street
3922 Smith WilliamGrafton streethouse121, Grafton street
3923 Smith WilliamRoundhill streethouse5, Roundhill street
3924 Smith WilliamHorton lanehouse637, Horton lane
3925 Smith WilliamNaseby streethouse10, Naseby street
3926 Smith WilliamGreat Russell streethouse8, St. Andrew's villas
successivehouse22, Great Russell street
3927 Smith WrightHolme top lanehouse27, Holme top lane
3928 Smithies JohnTumbling hill streethouse44, Tumbling hill street
3929 Smithies JohnMilton streethouse14, Milton street
3930 Smyth LawrenceDuncan streethouse90, Duncan street
3931 Snowden George RussellEdmund streethouse23, Edmund street
3932 Snowden JosephHolme top lanehouse23, Holme top lane
3933 Somers ThomasHorton lanehouse812, Horton lane
3934 Somerset JohnMarshall streethouse58, Marshall street
3935 Sowden DavidAshgrovehouse51, Ashgrove
3936 Sowden IsaacEccleshillshop536, Horton lane
3937 Sowden JohnSt. James's squarehouse21, St. James's square
3938 Sowden JosephRichmond roadhouse61, Richmond road
3939 Sowden JosephRichmond roadhouse22, Ashgrove
successivehouse20, Richmond road
3940 Sowden MilesChesham streethouse21, Chesham street
3941 Sowden WilliamSterling streethouse12, Sterling street
3942 Sowden William RileyBright streethouse60, Bright street
3943 Sowood SidneyOsborne streethouse54, Osborne street
3944 Spafford JohnKent streethouse66, Kent street
3945 Speed JosephManchester roadhouse & shop211, Manchester road
3946 Speed WilliamCross streethouse8, Cross street
3947 Speight AlfredAlexandra streetwarehouseFawcett court
3948 Speight AmbroseShearbridge roadhouse20, Shearbridge road
3949 Speight JohnHorton lanehouse133, Horton lane
3950 Speight JonasRichmond roadhouse39, Richmond road
3951 Speight WilliamWoodhead roadhouse18, Woodhead road
3952 Spence ThomasClarence streethouse5, Clarence street
3953 Spence WilliamPakington streethouse63, Pakington street
3954 Spence William MorrittEdmund streethouse18, Edmund street
3955 Spencer ElliottNorton gatehouse22, Norton gate
3956 Spencer GeorgeElizabeth streetwarehouseClarence street
3957 Spencer GeorgeClayton lanehouse44, Clayton lane
3958 Spencer IsaacSterling streetshop170, Manchester road
3959 Spencer JamesSterling streetshop120, Manchester road
3960 Spencer JamesTumbling hill streethouse34, Tumbling hill street
3961 Spencer JohnBright streethouse12, Bright street
3962 Spencer JoshuaSterling streethouse69, Sterling street
3963 Spencer MarkManchester roadshop466, Manchester road
3964 Spencer ThomasBurrow streethouse3, Burrow street
3965 Spencer WilliamLumby streethouse45, Lumby street
3966 Spencer WilliamGrafton streethouse99, Grafton street
3967 Spink JohnManninghamshop13, Manchester road
3968 Spink JosephManninghamshop13, Manchester road
3969 Spink WilliamManninghamshop13, Manchester road
3970 Spurr DavidBramley streethouse29, Bramley street
3971 Spurr ThomasClayton lanehouse28, Clayton lane
3972 Squire JohnSt. Andrew's terracehouse32, St. Andrew's terrace
3973 Stables JohnCroft streethouse30, Croft street
3974 Stables WilliamAshley streethouse78, Ashley street
3975 Stamp JohnManchester roadhouse162A, Manchester road
3976 Stamp WilliamThomas streethouse2, Thomas street
3977 Stancliffe EdwardSterling streethouse66, Sterling street
3978 Stancliffe William HenryManchester roadhouse119, Manchester road
3979 Standing RobertPark lanehouse136, Park lane
3980 Standing WilliamClarence streethouse & shop10, Clarence street
3981 Stanhope Stanhope StottPark lanewarehouseTudor street
3982 Stanley EdwinOsborne streethouse158, Osborne street
3983 Stansfield FrederickManninghamwarehouseManchester road
3984 Stansfield JamesWestbrook streethouse4, Westbrook street
3985 Stansfield John SlaterManninghamwarehouseManchester road
3986 Stansfield WilliamNelson squarehouse57, Park road
successivehouse10, Nelson square
3987 Stansfield William HenryPaisley streethouse39, Paisley street
3988 Starkey FergusHorton lanehouse477, Horton lane
3989 Starkey JohnJacob streethouse68, Jacob street
3990 Starkey SamuelManchester roadhouse208, Manchester road
3991 Stead DavidElizabeth streetshop107, Manchester road
3992 Stead JohnClayton lanehouse25, Clayton lane
3993 Stead JohnAshgrovehouse44, Ashgrove
3994 Stead JonathanManchester roadhouse243, Manchester road
3995 Stead JosephBottomley streethouse47, Bottomley street
3996 Stead JosephCollege roadhouse59, College road
3997 Stead Joseph HitchenManchester roadhouse & shop26, Manchester road
3998 Stead Robert HenryFitzgerald streethouse39, Fitzgerald street
3999 Stead SamuelFitzgerald streethouse41, Fitzgerald street
4000 Stead SamuelBurrow streethouse4, Burrow street
4001 Stead WilliamFitzgerald streethouse33, Fitzgerald street
4002 Stead WilliamBright streethouse18, Bright street
4003 Steeg JohnManchester roadhouse & shop122, Manchester road
4004 Steel BenjaminHorton roadhouse144, Horton road
4005 Steel GeorgeEarl streethouse127, Earl street
4006 Steel JamesEbor streethouse35, Ebor street
4007 Steel JohnParkinson streethouse11, Nurser lane
successivehouse25, Parkinson street
4008 Stenchion JohnAdelaide streethouse12, Adelaide street
4009 Stephenson EdwardHorton roadhouse50, Horton road
4010 Stephenson George BalmeSt. Andrew's placehouse17, St. Andrew's place
4011 Stephenson JamesHolme top streethouse30, Gower street
successivehouse37, Holme top street
4012 Stephenson JamesManchester roadhouse446, Manchester road
successivehouse448, Manchester road
4013 Stephenson JohnSpring placehouse21, Spring place
4014 Stephenson JosephClayton lanehouse6, Clayton lane
4015 Stephenson JosephManchester roadhouse169, Manchester road
4016 Stephenson MosesListerhills roadhouse & shop152, Listerhills road
4017 Stephenson MosesPark lanehouse73, Park lane
4018 Stephenson Reuben CalvertAshgrovehouse4, Ashgrove
4019 Stephenson RichardSt. Andrew's terracehouse12, St. Andrew's terrace
4020 Stephenson ThomasIlkleywarehouseSmith street
4021 Stephenson WilliamChapel greenhouse46, Chapel green
4022 Stevenson AbrahamEarl streethouse74, Earl street
4023 Stevenson AllanElizabeth streethouse2, Elizabeth street
4024 Stewart AlexanderSouthbrook terracehouse51, Longside lane
successivehouse3, Southbrook terrace
4025 Stewart EdwardNewell streethouse53, Newell street
4026 Stewart ThomasTudor streethouse33, Tudor street
4027 Stillings GeorgeCollege roadhouse79, College road
4028 Stirk GeorgeBingleyshop152, Manchester road
4029 Stirk JamesSharpe streethouse & shop8, Sharpe street
4030 Stockdale EmanuelSouth streethouse3, Parkinson street
successivehouse23, South street
4031 Stockdale George GomersalOsborne streethouse36, Earl street
successivehouse130, Osborne street
4032 Stockdale JamesLincey fieldshouse11, Parkinson street
successivehouseLincey fields
4033 Stockdale JohnCharlotte streethouse5, Charlotte street
successivehouse3, Charlotte street
4034 Stockdale WilliamSterling streethouse10, Sterling street
4035 Stocks HenrySterling streethouse127, Sterling street
4036 Stocks JosephDarton streethouse & shopManchester road
successivehouse86, Darton street
4037 Stocks PeterNewell streethouse78, Newell street
4038 Stocks TimothyChapel greenhouse27, Chapel green
4039 Stoner DavidEarl streethouse20, Earl street
4040 Stoner JamesRupert streethouse34, Rupert street
4041 Stones WilliamManchester roadhouse & shop444, Manchester road
4042 Stoney GeorgeBower streethouse9, Bower street
4043 Storer JamesHoward streethouse24, Howard street
4044 Storey AbrahamLongside lanehouse & shop50, Longside lane
4045 Storey BenjaminGrafton streethouse7, Jesse street
successivehouse203, Manchester road
successivehouse27, Grafton street
4046 Storey JohnPrince streethouse2, Prince street
4047 Storey JohnAshley streethouse39, Ashley street
4048 Storey ThomasCobden streethouse58, Cobden street
4049 Stott DavidGrafton streethouse109, Grafton street
4050 Stott DavidCobden streethouse40, Cobden street
4051 Stott EdwardLumby streethouse19, Lumby street
4052 Stott EllisVilliers streethouse47, Villiers street
4053 Stott HenryJonas gatehouse3, Jonas gate
4054 Stott JamesJonas gatehouse30, Jonas gate
4055 Stott James WhiteleyCrowther streetshop1, Crowther street
4056 Stott JosephManchester roadhouse & shop362, Manchester road
4057 Stott PhilomelKaye streethouse10, Kaye street
4058 Stott ThomasHorton greenhouse5, Horton green
4059 Stowell ChristopherHutson streethouse8, Hutson street
4060 Stowell SamuelManchester roadhouse506, Manchester road
4061 Stringer JohnBroadbent streethouse24, Broadbent street
4062 Stringer JosephBack Abram gatehouse8, Back Abram gate
4063 Stringer Robert ThomasHarrington streethouse2, Harrington street
4064 Strong WilliamMilne streethouse7, Milne street
4065 Suddards EdwardBowlingwarehouse40, Bridge street
successivewarehouse16, Kent street
4066 Suddards EliBowlingwarehouse40, Bridge street
successivewarehouse16, Kent street
4067 Suddards Francis SimpsonBowlingwarehouse40, Bridge street
successivewarehouse16, Kent street
4068 Suddards SmithRichmond roadhouse & shop56, Richmond road
4069 Suddards ThomasBowlingwarehouse40, Bridge street
successivewarehouse16, Kent street
4070 Suffield Frederick WalterDavid streethouse65, Paisley street
successivehouse58, David street
4071 Sugden AlfredCollege roadhouse49, College road
4072 Sugden AmosHorton lanehouse679, Horton lane
successivehouse681, Horton lane
4073 Sugden BenjaminHorton lanehouse438, Horton lane
4074 Sugden DavidThornton lanehouse40, Thornton lane
4075 Sugden EdwardElizabeth streethouse51, Elizabeth street
4076 Sugden IsaacFitzgerald streethouse78, Fitzgerald street
4077 Sugden JohnSmith streethouse18, Smith street
4078 Sugden JohnHorton lanehouse657, Horton lane
4079 Sugden JohnFarside greenhouse11, Farside green
4080 Sugden JonasDorset streethouse17, Dorset street
4081 Sugden JosephDarton streethouse25, Darton street
4082 Sugden Joseph DawsonHoward streethouse3, Howard street
4083 Sugden JoshuaChapel greenhouse50, Chapel green
successivehouse4, Chapel green
4084 Sugden MichaelRichmond roadhouse159, Richmond road
4085 Sugden MosesBerwick streethouse91, Berwick street
4086 Sugden NathanielHorton lanehouse393, Horton lane
4087 Sugden OatesHorton greenhouse57, Horton green
4088 Sugden RobertElizabeth streetshop198, Manchester road
4089 Sugden RobertEdinburgh streethouse8, Edinburgh street
4090 Sugden ThomasPark roadhouse2B, Park road
4091 Sugden ThomasHorton lanehouse838, Horton lane
4092 Sugden WilliamMarshall streethouse27, Marshall street
4093 Sugden WilliamForster streethouse7, Forster street
4094 Sugden WilliamCollege roadhouse10, Adelaide street
successivehouse7, College road
4095 Summers HughAbram gatehouse8, Kent street
successivehouse19, Abram gate
4096 Summersgill JohnQuaker terracehouse68, Southfield lane
successivehouse23, Quaker terrace
4097 Summersgill NathanHorton lanehouse900, Horton lane
4098 Summersgill Nathan, junr.Southfield lanehouse872, Horton lane
successivehouse31, Southfield lane
4099 Summersgill RichardJacob streethouse38, Darton street
successivehouse62, Jacob street
4100 Summersgill WilliamSmith streethouse8, Chapel green
successivehouse22, Smith street
4101 Summersley WilliamCroft streethouse54, Croft street
4102 Sunderland AlfredCromwell streethouse11, Cromwell street
4103 Sunderland AlfredGrafton streethouse136, Grafton street
4104 Sunderland JohnManchester roadhouse144, Manchester road
4105 Sunderland JonasBelloe streethouse31, Belloe street
4106 Sunderland RichardSkinhouse streethouse33, Skinhouse street
4107 Sunderland SamuelTomlinson streethouse59, Tomlinson street
4108 Sunderland ThomasManchester roadhouse & shop234, Manchester road
4109 Sunderland WilsonChapel greenhouse41, Chapel green
4110 Sutcliffe AlfredSmith streethouse90, Smith street
4111 Sutcliffe AmosAycliffe roadhouse24, Aycliffe road
4112 Sutcliffe CalebNewell streethouse62, Newell street
4113 Sutcliffe CharlesHolme top streethouse39, Holme top street
4114 Sutcliffe Edward HarrisonHorton lanehouse335, Horton lane
4115 Sutcliffe EdwinTumbling hill streethouse129, Tumbling hill street
4116 Sutcliffe HenryJesse streethouse14, Jesse street
4117 Sutcliffe IsaacPark lanehouse259, Park lane
4118 Sutcliffe IsaacBramley streethouse65, Bramley street
4119 Sutcliffe JobBright streethouse5, Bishop Blaize square
successivehouse52, Bright street
4120 Sutcliffe JohnTumbling hill streethouse137, Tumbling hill street
4121 Sutcliffe JohnManninghamwarehouse42, Richmond road
4122 Sutcliffe JohnBroadbent streetshop4A, Norton gate
4123 Sutcliffe JohnHolme top streethouse49, Holme top street
successivehouse45, Holme top street
4124 Sutcliffe John, junr.Holme top streethouse47, Holme top street
4125 Sutcliffe RoyalBower streethouse45, Bower street
4126 Sutcliffe SimeonKent streethouse11, Kent street
4127 Sutcliffe StephenTelford streethouse18, Telford street
4128 Sutcliffe ThomasGreaves streethouse25, Greaves street
4129 Sutcliffe WilliamSouthfield lanehouse80, Southfield lane
4130 Sutcliffe WilliamRichmond roadhouse57, Richmond road
4131 Sutcliffe WilliamBottomley streethouse21, Bottomley street
4132 Sutcliffe WilliamHolme top streethouse6, Hutson street
successivehouse49, Holme top street
4133 Sutcliffe William RichardVilliers streethouse58, Villiers street
4134 Sutcliffe Wilson, junr.BowlingwarehouseFawcett court
4135 Sutherland JohnSterling streethouse133, Sterling street
4136 Swailes CharlesBower streethouse62, Bower street
successivehouse46, Bower street
4137 Swailes RichardTomlinson streethouse41, Marion street
successivehouse20, Tomlinson street
4138 Swailes StephenPakington streethouse51, Pakington street
4139 Swaine Absalom RawnsleyMannville terracehouse34, Mannville terrace
4140 Swaine BenjaminGrafton streethouse73, Grafton street
4141 Swaine Charles HenryTudor streethouse54, Tudor street
4142 Swaine EdwardLady lanehouse7, Lady lane
4143 Swaine GeorgeClarence streethouse9, Clarence street
4144 Swaine JamesCollege roadhouse & shop30, College road
4145 Swaine ReiMorpeth streethouse18, Melville street
successivehouse6, Morpeth street
4146 Swaine RichardPark lanehouse & shop54, Park lane
4147 Swaine ThomasBelloe streethouse5, South street
successivehouse24, Belloe street
successivehouse26, Belloe street
4148 Swaine WilliamAycliffe lanehouse17, Aycliffe lane
4149 Swan FrederickMorpeth streethouse12, Morpeth street
successivehouse28, Morpeth street
4150 Swanston JamesTurner streethouse33, Turner street
4151 Sweeney PatrickFitzgerald streethouse97, Fitzgerald street
4152 Swift GeorgeCobden streethouse6, Cobden street
4153 Swift SamuelMiall streethouse65, Preston street
successivehouse10, Miall street
4154 Swift ThomasVilliers streethouse56, Villiers street
4155 Swindlehurst JohnFitzgerald streethouse144, Fitzgerald street
4156 Swingler WilliamJesse streethouse44, Jesse street
4157 Swithenbank JamesBerwick streethouse95, Berwick street
4158 Swithenbank JohnPreston streethouse83, Preston street
4159 Swithenbank John CharlesHorton roadshop88, Preston street
4160 Swithenbank John WalkerMiall streethouse9, Miall street
4161 Sykes Henry EdwinHorton lanehouse80, Horton lane
4162 Sykes JohnTumbling hill streethouse132, Tumbling hill street
4163 Sykes JohnManninghamshopWestholme
4164 Sykes SamuelJacob streethouse17, Jacob street
4165 Sykes WilliamCastle rowhouse4, Castle row
4166 Sykes William HenryThornbury, Calverleywarehouse13, Fawcett row

LITTLE HORTON WARD, 1874, surnames beginning with the letter T
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
4167 Tallantire JosephHorton lanehouse & shop687, Horton lane
4168 Tankard JohnManchester roadhouse & shop296, Manchester road
4169 Tarbotton JamesHorton greenhouseHorton green
4170 Tarbotton ThomasLegrams lanehouse29, Legrams lane
4171 Tatlow RobertBerwick streethouse4A, Berwick street
4172 Tatlow WilliamTudor streethouse88, Tudor street
4173 Tattersall WilliamNeal streethouse15, Neal street
4174 Taylor AbrahamBramley streethouse57, Bramley street
4175 Taylor BenjaminManchester roadhouse & shop468, Manchester road
4176 Taylor EdwardRichmond roadhouse29, Richmond road
4177 Taylor EdwardBelloe streethouse160, Park lane
successivehouse24, Belloe street
4178 Taylor GeorgeJonas gatehouse29, Jonas gate
successivehouse39, Jonas gate
4179 Taylor GeorgeBroadbent streethouse26, Broadbent street
4180 Taylor GeorgeManchester roadhouse & shop299, Manchester road
4181 Taylor GeorgeFranklin streethouse17, Franklin street
4182 Taylor HenrySkinhouse streethouse42, Skinhouse street
4183 Taylor JamesHope streethouse & shop62, Hope street
4184 Taylor JamesPark roadhouse67, Park road
4185 Taylor JamesNeal streethouse26, Neal street
4186 Taylor JohnManninghamwarehouseHorton lane
4187 Taylor JohnRichmond roadhouse19, Richmond road
4188 Taylor JohnHolme top streethouse13, Holme top street
4189 Taylor JonasManchester roadhouse & shop242, Manchester road
4190 Taylor JosephBaildonwarehouse9, Fawcett row
4191 Taylor JosephRupert streethouse62, Rupert street
4192 Taylor JosephFarside greenhouse18, Farside green
4193 Taylor JosephMilne streethouse1, Milne street
4194 Taylor JosephPreston streethouse50, Preston street
4195 Taylor Joseph SwaineBrewery lanehouse3, Brewery lane
4196 Taylor Nathan WilsonWoodhead roadhouse24, Woodhead road
4197 Taylor ThomasCrampton streethouse32, Crampton street
4198 Taylor ThomasClose topwarehouseNelson street
4199 Taylor WalkerHolme top streethouse70, Holme top street
4200 Taylor WilliamHope streethouse & shop56, Hope street
4201 Taylor WilliamAdelaide streethouse60, Adelaide street
4202 Taylor WilliamDavid streethouse32, David street
4203 Taylor WilliamBower streethouse55, Bower street
4204 Taylor WilliamMannville terracehouse17, Mannville terrace
4205 Taylor WilliamParkinson streethouse21, Parkinson street
4206 Teale ReubenDorset streethouse13, Dorset street
4207 Teale William MarshallHorton lanehouse718, Horton lane
4208 Tempest BenjaminHorton lanehouse695, Horton lane
4209 Tempest CowgillCrowther streethouse68, Crowther street
4210 Tempest EdwinClifford streethouse16, Clifford street
4211 Tempest EdwinBower streethouse66, Bower street
4212 Tempest EphraimMilton streethouse39, Lidgate place
successivehouse19, Milton street
4213 Tempest JamesHorton lanehouse790, Horton lane
4214 Tempest JesseGreaves streethouse14, Greaves street
4215 Tempest JohnCollege roadhouse8, College road
4216 Tempest JohnWoodhead roadhouse44, Woodhead road
4217 Tempest JohnHorton greenhouse42, Horton green
4218 Tempest JohnOsborne streethouse464, Manchester road
successivehouse16, Osborne street
4219 Tempest JosephAycliffe lanehouse7, Aycliffe lane
4220 Tempest RobertNorton gatehouse11, Norton gate
4221 Tempest WilliamWoodhead roadhouse42, Woodhead road
4222 Tempest WilliamLaisteridge courthouse17, Laisteridge court
4223 Tennant JamesTop of Clifford streethouseTop of Clifford street
4224 Tennant RobinsonLegrams lanehouse25, Legrams lane
4225 Tennett CharlesNaseby streethouse13, Naseby street
4226 Tennett ThomasMilton streethouse & shop38, Milton street
4227 Terry CharlesRichmond roadhouse67, Richmond road
4228 Terry GeorgeForster streethouse1, Forster street
4229 Terry HenryTudor streethouse18, Tudor street
4230 Terry JoabManchester roadhouse322, Manchester road
4231 Terry JohnMary gatehouse21, Mary gate
4232 Terry WilliamManchester roadhouse562, Manchester road
4233 Tetley BenjaminThornton lanehouse9, Chapel green
successivehouse13, Thornton lane
4234 Tetley CharlesHorton roadhouse58, Horton road
4235 Tetley EdwardGrove terracehouse7, Grove terrace
4236 Tetley JohnEarl streethouse106, Earl street
4237 Tetley RichardWestbrook terracehouse9, Westbrook terrace
4238 Tetley William ArthurRichmond roadhouse65, Richmond road
4239 Thackwray EdwardLongside lanehouse103, Longside lane
4240 Thackwray EmanuelEarl streethouse40, Earl street
4241 Thackwray JamesHorton lanehouse43, Horton lane
4242 Thackwray JohnRupert streethouse16, Rupert street
4243 Theakston ReubenCross streethouse15, Cross street
4244 Thewlis EdwardBramley streethouse47, Bramley street
4245 Thirkhill HenryUpper Back William streethouse15, Upper Back William street
4246 Thistlethwaite JohnClifford streethouse40, Clifford street
4247 Tholey DavidNewell streethouse23, South street
successivehouse48, Newell street
4248 Thomas RobertDarton streethouse14, Darton street
4249 Thomas William JacobElizabeth streethouse40, Elizabeth street
4250 Thompson Charles HaleyManchester roadhouse & shop113, Manchester road
4251 Thompson JamesFitzgerald streethouse64, Fitzgerald street
4252 Thompson JamesLongside lanehouse38, Longside lane
4253 Thompson JamesMelbourne placehouse13, Melbourne place
4254 Thompson JamesManchester roadhouse & shop54, Manchester road
4255 Thompson James GraftonMarshall streethouse56, Marshall street
4256 Thompson JohnHolme top streethouse5, Holme top street
4257 Thompson JohnTumbling hill streethouse67, Tumbling hill street
4258 Thompson JohnPortland streethouse64, Portland street
4259 Thompson JohnLongside lanehouse58, Longside lane
4260 Thompson JohnAshgrovehouse15, Claremont
successivehouse67, Ashgrove
4261 Thompson JohnHorton greenhouse27, Horton green
successivehouse20, Horton green
4262 Thompson John HenryTurner streethouse44, Turner street
4263 Thompson Matthew WilliamGuiseleybrewhouseBrewery street
4264 Thompson RobertHorton lanehouse129, Horton lane
4265 Thompson ThomasEarl streethouse3, Earl street
4266 Thompson WilliamPaisley streethouse44, Paisley street
4267 Thompson WilliamNurser lanehouse17, Nurser lane
4268 Thornbeck ThomasHope streethouse47, Hope street
4269 Thorne EliDarton streethouse63, Darton street
4270 Thornton BenjaminHorton laneshopHorton lane
4271 Thornton EbenezerRichmond roadhouse12, Richmond road
4272 Thornton GeorgeAycliffe lanehouse10, Aycliffe lane
4273 Thornton HezekiahManchester roadhouse & shop244, Manchester road
4274 Thornton JamesTomlinson streethouse12, Abbey street
successivehouse13, Tomlinson street
4275 Thornton JohnBowlingshopHey street
4276 Thornton JohnMoss streethouse10, Moss street
4277 Thornton JohnSawrey placehouse7, Sawrey place
4278 Thornton JohnSouthfield lanehouse1, Southfield lane
4279 Thornton JonathanManchester roadhouse & shop183, Manchester road
4280 Thornton JosephCharlotte streethouse17, Charlotte street
4281 Thornton SimeonFranklin streethouse23, Franklin street
4282 Thornton ThomasTurner streethouse5, Turner street
4283 Thornton Thomas HenryListerhills roadhouse & shop160, Listerhills road
4284 Thornton William HenryAshley streethouse22, Ashley street
4285 Thorp HenryPreston streethouse7, Preston street
4286 Thorp JohnEmma gatehouse14, Emma gate
4287 Thorp Thomas SowarsbyJonas gatehouse44, Jonas gate
4288 Thorpe GeorgeKent streethouse & shop45, Kent street
4289 Thorpe GeorgeCopley streethouse15, Copley street
4290 Thorpe GeorgeMelbourne placehouse4, Melbourne place
4291 Thorpe JohnRichmond roadhouse52, Richmond road
4292 Thorpe JosephBower streethouse38, Bower street
4293 Thorpe JosephHoward streethouse13, Howard street
4294 Thorpe SquireCopley streethouse11, Copley street
successivehouse9, Copley street
4295 Thorpe WilliamMiall streethouse98, Legrams lane
successivehouse28, Miall street
4296 Thorpe WilliamBroadbent streethouse11, Broadbent street
4297 Thorpe William HenryHorton lanehouse886, Horton lane
4298 Threapleton DavidMoss streethouse27, Moss street
4299 Thresh JamesWindhill, Idleshop24, Manchester road
4300 Throp GeorgeClayton lanehouse52, Clayton lane
4301 Throp JonasClarence streethouse19, Clarence street
4302 Thwaite GeorgeLower Bramley streethouse2, Lower Bramley street
4303 Thwaites RobinsonHorton roadhouse48, Horton road
4304 Tidgwell ThomasHorton lanehouse840, Horton lane
successivehouse848, Horton lane
4305 Tildersley JosephCollege roadhouse25, College road
4306 Tiley PeterHorton lanehouse848, Horton lane
successivehouse854, Horton lane
4307 Tillotson AmosBramley streethouse141, Bramley street
successivehouse131, Bramley street
4308 Tillotson RobertDarton streethouse34, Darton street
4309 Tillotson William ShillingfordManninghamwarehouse36A, Richmond road
4310 Tindel JamesEbor streethouse53, Ebor street
4311 Tindle GeorgeLower grovehouse4, Lower grove
4312 Tiplady Joseph WalkerBright streethouse17, Bright street
4313 Todd HenryGrafton streethouse105, Grafton street
4314 Todd MatthewHorton roadhouse60, Horton road
4315 Todd SeptimusEbor streethouse29, Ebor street
4316 Toller ThomasOsborne streethouse7, Osborne street
4317 Tolson RichardWestbrook terracehouse2, Westbrook terrace
4318 Tomlinson AlfredHannah gatehouse46, Hannah gate
4319 Tomlinson JohnChesham streethouse19, Chesham street
4320 Tomlinson WilliamCaledonia streethouse16, Caledonia street
4321 Tommis FrancisAycliffe roadhouse34, Aycliffe road
4322 Toney BernardAdelaide streethouse20, Adelaide street
4323 Toothill William HenryWoodhead roadhouse54, Woodhead road
4324 Topham EphraimNaseby streethouse2, Naseby street
4325 Topham Henry SlaterVilliers streethouse28, Villiers street
4326 Topham ThomasLaisteridge lanehouse10, Laisteridge lane
4327 Topper JohnMoss streethouse29, Hall lane
successivehouse18, Moss street
4328 Tordoff EzraBrownroyd foldhouse2, Brownroyd fold
4329 Tordoff HardyManchester roadhouse153, Manchester road
4330 Tordoff JoshuaHorton lanehouse399, Horton lane
4331 Tordoff Joshua HansonManninghamwarehouseAdelaide street
4332 Tordoff SamuelHorton greenhouse33, Horton green
4333 Tordoff WilliamSt. James's streethouse3, St. James's street
4334 Torrance JamesManchester roadhouse & shop105, Manchester road
4335 Town IssacherJonas gatehouse32, Jonas gate
4336 Town JosephAshley streethouse34, Ashley street
4337 Townend EzraNaseby streethouse27, Naseby street
4338 Townend JamesDewhirst's Buildingshouse & shop5, Dewhirst's Buildings
4339 Townend JohnRoundhill streethouse55, Roundhill street
4340 Townend John WilliamManchester roadhouse & shop168, Manchester road
4341 Townend JosephButcher streethouse18, Garnett street
successivehouse2, Butcher street
4342 Townend RichardLower Back William streethouse1, Lower Back William street
4343 Townend RichardBeldon hillshop5, Dewhirst's Buildings
4344 Townend RobertCroft streethouse & shop7, Croft street
4345 Townend ThomasGrafton streethouse4, Adelaide street
successivehouse16, Grafton street
4346 Townsley JonathanChesham streethouse47, Chesham street
4347 Townsley ThomasTopham streethouse9, Topham street
4348 Townsley ThomasNaseby streethouse30, Naseby street
4349 Tozer HenryCastle streethouse3, Castle street
4350 Tracy PatrickAdelaide streethouse75, Adelaide street
4351 Tracy RichardAdelaide streethouse34, Adelaide street
4352 Trainor James CharlesEdmund streethouse3, Edmund street
4353 Tricket Thomas Chesterback of Richmond roadhouseback of Richmond road
4354 Trickey JohnDenton streethouse5, Denton street
4355 Troughton RichardCrowther streethouse8, Crowther court
4356 Trudinger AugustusAshgrovehouse21, Ashgrove
4357 Trueman JosephSterling streethouse24, Sterling street
4358 Tuke EdwardAshfieldhouse12, Ashfield
4359 Turkington George HenryPark lanehouse69, Bramley street
successivehouse143, Park lane
4360 Turner EdwinWoodhead roadhouse6, Woodhead road
4361 Turner GeorgeOsborne streethouse26, Osborne street
4362 Turner JamesLumby streethouse26, Lumby street
4363 Turner JamesBright streethouse63, Bright street
4364 Turner JohnKaye streethouse12, Kaye street
4365 Turner JohnSterling streethouse33, Sterling street
successivehouse43, Sterling street
4366 Turner JosephTelford streethouse16, Telford street
4367 Turner MatthewWickham streethouse5, Wickham street
4368 Turner RichardTomlinson streethouse38, Tomlinson street
4369 Turner RobertNewell streethouse1, Newell street
4370 Turner ThomasPark roadhouse53, Park road
4371 Turner Walter JamesCarlton placehouse1, Carlton place
4372 Turner WilliamBright streethouse32, Bright street
4373 Turner WilliamBerwick streethouse16, Berwick street
4374 Turner WilliamLegrams lanehouse31, Legrams lane
4375 Turner William WilsonTelford streethouse & shop14, Telford street
4376 Turnpenny SamuelClarence streethouse22, Clarence street
4377 Turnpenny WatsonManchester roadhouse & shop336, Manchester road
4378 Turton JohnGreat Russell streethouse6, Great Russell street
4379 Turton ThomasCobden streethouse12, Cobden street
4380 Turvey GeorgeBright streethouse54, Bright street
4381 Tweed JamesBradfordshop10, Manchester road
4382 Twibill JohnCollege roadhouse18, College road
4383 Tye FrankCaledonia streethouse13, Caledonia street
4384 Tyne JamesManchester roadhouse49, Manchester road
4385 Tyne WilliamVilliers streethouse13, Villiers street

LITTLE HORTON WARD, 1874, surnames beginning with the letter U
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
4386 Umpleby ThomasLumby streethouse37, Lumby street
4387 Underwood FrederickManchester roadhouse & shop366, Manchester road
4388 Underwood IsaacSouthbrook terracehouse7, Southbrook terrace
4389 Underwood JosephManchester roadhouse & shop140, Manchester road
4390 Underwood ThomasDewhirst's Buildingshouse & shop21, Dewhirst's Buildings
4391 Unna Charles FrederickAshgrovehouse15, Ashgrove
4392 Unwin JosephBradfordshop30, Abram gate
4393 Unwin JosephMary gatehouse35, Mary gate

LITTLE HORTON WARD, 1874, surnames beginning with the letter V
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
4394 Vance William NassauCaledonia streethouse36, Caledonia street
4395 Varey JohnEccleshillshopJesse street
4396 Varley AbrahamCroft streethouse5, Croft street
4397 Varley HenryGrafton streethouse104, Grafton street
4398 Varley JamesEdinburgh streethouse62, Edinburgh street
4399 Varley MarkTumbling hill streethouse42, Tumbling hill street
4400 Varley RichardHannah gatehouse34, Hannah gate
4401 Varley RichardMonk streethouse4, Monk street
4402 Varley ThomasManchester roadhouse & shop352, Manchester road
4403 Varley ThomasSterling streethouse123, Sterling street
4404 Varley WilliamAshley streethouse15, Ashley street
4405 Vaughan JamesBroadbent streethouse3, Broadbent street
4406 Verity AbrahamManchester roadhouse320, Manchester road
4407 Verity JohnManchester roadhouse & shop47, Manchester road
4408 Verity JosephHolme top lanehouse17, Holme top lane
4409 Verity JosephManchester roadhouse & shop544, Manchester road
4410 Verity RobertHolme top lanehouse49, Holme top lane
4411 Verity SamuelSmith streethouse28, Smith street
4412 Verity WilliamGower streethouse49, Gower street
4413 Vickerman JohnAshgrovehouse18, Ashgrove
4414 Virgo Charles GeorgeRupert streethouse12, Rupert street
4415 Virr JosephTumbling hill streethouse58, Tumbling hill street
4416 Virr JosephNorcroft browhouse26, Norcroft brow
4417 Virr WilliamLongside lanehouse & shop71, Longside lane
4418 Vitty GeorgeOsborne streethouse111, Osborne street
4419 Vitty ThomasMarshall streethouse34, Marshall street

LITTLE HORTON WARD, 1874, surnames beginning with the letter W
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
4420 Waddington AbrahamSmith rowhouse8, Smith row
4421 Waddington BenjaminTelford streethouse4, Telford street
4422 Waddington IsaacPreston streethouse104, Preston street
4423 Waddington JamesStowell mill streethouse9, Knight's fold
successivehouse3, Stowell mill street
4424 Waddington JohnPark lanehouse213, Park lane
4425 Waddington MartinShearbridgehouse113, Shearbridge
4426 Waddington RichardClaremont terracehouse16, Cambridge street
successivehouse5, Claremont terrace
4427 Waddington ThomasPaisley streethouse23, Paisley street
4428 Waddington WilliamEbor streethouse18, Ebor street
4429 Waddington WilliamSterling streethouse68, Sterling street
4430 Waddington WilliamNorth Bierleyshop14, Park road
4431 Waddington William HenryFitzgerald streethouse121, Fitzgerald street
4432 Wade AaronSpring placehouse8, Spring place
4433 Wade Frederick HenryGreat Russell streethouse38, Great Russell street
4434 Wade JamesCollege roadhouse & shop2, College road
4435 Wade JohnHigh streetwarehouse19, Fawcett row
4436 Wade JosephHorton lanehouse423, Horton lane
successivehouse415, Horton lane
4437 Wade Thomas WilliamCrowther streetshop116, Manchester road
4438 Wade WilliamElizabeth streethouse19, Elizabeth street
4439 Wadsworth AbrahamBerwick streethouse15, Berwick street
4440 Wadsworth CharlesManchester roadhouse319, Manchester road
4441 Wadsworth GeorgeMorpeth streethouse20, Morpeth street
4442 Wadsworth RichardShearbridge roadhouse26, Shearbridge road
4443 Wadsworth WilliamTumbling hill streethouse25, Tumbling hill street
4444 Wadsworth William HenryCrowther streethouse6, Thomas street
successivehouse93, Crowther street
4445 Wainhouse SamuelRichmond roadhouse23, Richmond road
4446 Wainwright JohnShearbridgehouse105, Shearbridge
4447 Wainwright SamuelFitzgerald streethouse110, Fitzgerald street
4448 Wainwright SamuelCaledonia streethouse2, Caledonia street
4449 Wainwright WilliamDorset streethouse78, Park road
successivehouse11, Dorset street
4450 Walbank JosephEarl streethouse33, Earl street
4451 Walker AbrahamClarence streethouse17, Clarence street
4452 Walker AlexanderPark roadhouse59, Park road
4453 Walker GeorgeListerhills roadhouse148, Listerhills road
4454 Walker HenryHorton lanehouse383, Horton lane
4455 Walker IsaacHolme top streethouse60A, Holme top street
4456 Walker JamesGrafton streethouse45, Grafton street
4457 Walker JamesPark roadhouse6, Park road
4458 Walker JamesTomlinson streethouse52, Tomlinson street
4459 Walker James GoodhallLongside lanehouse & shop65, Longside lane
4460 Walker James HenryLongside courthouse5, Longside court
4461 Walker JohnLansdowne placehouse4, Lansdowne place
4462 Walker JosephClarence streethouse4, Clarence street
4463 Walker JosephBerwick streethouse103, Berwick street
4464 Walker JosephPercy streethouse24, Percy street
4465 Walker JosephCopley streethouse13, Copley street
4466 Walker PeterHorton roadhouse11, Horton road
4467 Walker RichardOsborne streethouse109, Osborne street
4468 Walker Richard FelvusClaremont terracehouse9, Claremont terrace
4469 Walker Robert ThorntonEarl streethouse111, Earl street
4470 Walker RowlandListerhills roadhouse62, Listerhills road
4471 Walker RufusClarges streethouse2, Clarges street
4472 Walker Samuel GrantZetland placehouse8, Zetland place
4473 Walker Samuel PeterTurner streethouse27, Turner street
4474 Walker ThomasNaseby streethouse1, Naseby street
4475 Walker WilliamLumby streethouse9, Lumby street
4476 Walker WilliamSterling streethouse58, Sterling street
4477 Walkington JonathanManchester roadhouse & shop276, Manchester road
4478 Walkington WilliamBradfordwarehouseMill lane
4479 Wall ErnestClaremonthouse19, Claremont
4480 Wallace ElijahEarl streethouse78, Earl street
4481 Wallace JohnRoundhill streethouse65, Roundhill street
4482 Wallace JohnGreaves streethouse5, Greaves street
4483 Wallace PaulPreston streethouse44, Preston street
4484 Wallace WilliamHolme top lanehouse10, Holme top lane
4485 Wallace WilliamRoundhill streethouse59, Roundhill street
4486 Wallwork JamesSt. James's squarehouse5, St. James's square
4487 Walmsley IsaacBerwick streethouse14, College road
successivehouse107, Berwick street
4488 Walmsley SamuelGrafton streethouse85, Grafton street
4489 Walmsley Samuel BairstowClaremonthouse14, Claremont
4490 Walmsley ThomasClarence streethouse20, Clarence street
4491 Walsh PatrickClifford streethouse29, Clifford street
4492 Walsh ThomasAbram gatehouse35, Abram gate
4493 Walsh TimothyPreston streethouse125, Tumbling hill street
successivehouse62, Preston street
4494 Walsh WilliamNorcroft browhouse16, Norcroft brow
4495 Walters JosephRupert streethouse15, Cleveland street
successivehouse35, Rupert street
4496 Walters WilliamManchester roadhouse275, Manchester road
4497 Walton AsherHolme top streethouse48, Holme top street
4498 Walton ElijahOsborne streethouse29, Osborne street
4499 Walton George JamesEbor streethouse16, Ebor street
4500 Walton HenryPaisley streethouse18, Paisley street
4501 Walton JamesCrowther streethouse49, Crowther street
4502 Walton JamesHorton laneshop33, Horton lane
4503 Walton JeremiahNaseby streethouse15, Naseby street
4504 Walton JohnSt. Andrew's terracehouse42, St. Andrew's terrace
4505 Walton JohnGreaves streethouse2, Greaves street
4506 Walton JohnFarsleywarehouseFawcett court
4507 Walton JosephFarsleywarehouseFawcett court
4508 Walton NathanielSmith streethouse72, Smith street
4509 Walton RobertManchester roadhouse & shop332, Manchester road
4510 Walton Robert SimpkinSt. John's streethouse3, St. John's street
4511 Walton WilliamDarton streethouse22, Darton street
4512 Walworth JamesPreston streethouse57, Preston street
4513 Warbrick ThomasHorton lanehouse689, Horton lane
4514 Warburton JosephSmith streethouse & shop56, Smith street
4515 Warburton WilliamTumbling hill streethouse93, Tumbling hill street
4516 Ward AlfredWestbrook placehouseWestbrook place
4517 Ward HenrySawrey placehouse10, Sawrey place
4518 Ward IrvingListerhills roadhouse56, Listerhills road
4519 Ward JamesTomlinson streethouse46, Tomlinson street
4520 Ward JamesQuaker lanehouse52, Quaker lane
4521 Ward JohnDuncan streethouse93, Duncan street
4522 Ward JohnHoward streethouse31, Howard street
4523 Ward JohnHannah gatehouse16, Hannah gate
4524 Ward John AlfredWheatley streethouse11, Wheatley street
4525 Ward JosiahTumbling hill streethouse139, Tumbling hill street
4526 Ward MauriceAdelaide streethouse18, Adelaide street
4527 Ward MichaelMilton streethouse36, Milton street
4528 Ward PriestleyHorton lanehouse844, Horton lane
4529 Ward SamsonHorton lanehouse685, Horton lane
4530 Ward SamuelEdmund streethouse24, Edmund street
4531 Ward ThomasClaremont terracehouse1, Claremont terrace
4532 Ward UriahPreston streethouse63, Preston street
4533 Wardby JosephBottomley streethouse70, Bottomley street
4534 Wardle AlfredCobden streethouse25, Cobden street
4535 Wardle CharlesChapel greenhouse13, Chapel green
4536 Wardle William ChapmanTurner streethouse49, Turner street
4537 Wardman EliJacob streethouse39, Jacob street
4538 Wardman HenryMarshall streethouse45, Marshall street
4539 Wardman JosephHorton lanehouse754, Horton lane
4540 Wardman JosephSouthfield lanehouse4, Southfield lane
4541 Wardman JosephHillam streethouse4, Hillam street
4542 Wardman LeviOsborne streethouse19, Osborne street
4543 Wardman RichardSouthfield lanehouse & shop33, Southfield lane
4544 Waring AbrahamPark roadhouse8, Park road
4545 Waring JosephManchester roadhouse & shop59, Manchester road
4546 Warner HenryQuaker lanehouse1, South street
successivehouse9, Quaker lane
4547 Waterworth JosephMiall streethouse25, Miall street
4548 Watkins ThomasTrinity terracehouse5, Trinity terrace
4549 Watkins WilliamElizabeth streethouse14, Elizabeth street
4550 Watmough JohnAshgrovehouse47, Ashgrove
4551 Watmough SamuelSouthfield lanehouse & shop139, Southfield lane
4552 Watson CharlesFitzgerald streethouse130, Fitzgerald street
4553 Watson EphraimRoyd streethouse19, Royd street
4554 Watson George HenryShipleywarehouseFawcett court
4555 Watson JacobDenton streethouse3, Denton street
4556 Watson JamesCrampton streethouse13, Crampton street
4557 Watson JohnBelloe streethouse9, Belloe street
4558 Watson JohnHerbert streethouse16, Herbert street
4559 Watson JohnSt. James's streethouse6A, St. James's street
successivehouse10A, St. James's street
4560 Watson JohnBramley streethouse55, Bramley street
4561 Watson JohnManchester roadhouse142, Manchester road
4562 Watson JosephFranklin streethouse13, Franklin street
4563 Watson SimeonEarl streethouse76, Earl street
4564 Watson ThomasChesham streethouse69, Preston street
successivehouse16, Chesham street
4565 Watson WilliamJacob streethouse3, Jacob street
4566 Watson WilliamTrinity terracehouse1, Trinity terrace
4567 Waud Frederick ArthurClaremontwarehousePortland street
4568 Waud George MotleyBradfordwarehousePortland street
4569 Waud Joseph EdwardRawdonwarehousePortland street
4570 Waud WilliamHorton lanehouse62, Horton lane
4571 Waugh John ThompsonRichmond roadhouse62, Richmond road
4572 Waugh ReubenAshgrovehouse41, Ashgrove
4573 Waugh Thomas HudsonRichmond roadhouse64, Richmond road
4574 Waygood WilliamDarton streethouse20, Darton street
successivehouse9, Darton street
4575 Weatherhead William ThomasSt. James's streethouse14, St. James's street
4576 Webster AlfredNelson squarehouse3, Nelson square
4577 Webster ElijahMilton streethouse7, Milton street
4578 Webster JamesBowling Old lanehouse2, Bowling Old lane
4579 Webster JosephHorton househouseHorton lane
4580 Webster Joseph DawsonSt. John's streethouse7, St. John's street
4581 Webster RobertHoward streetwarehouseChapel lane
4582 Webster SamuelAshfieldhouse7, Ashfield
4583 Webster WilliamPark roadhouse89, Fitzgerald street
successivehouse124, Bramley street
successivehouse46, Park road
4584 Wechmar William MoritzClaremonthouse13, Claremont
4585 Wegener GustavHoward streethouse23, Howard street
4586 Wellock BenjaminBerwick streethouse26, Berwick street
4587 Wells IsaacRoundhill streethouse61, Roundhill street
4588 Wells JacobBramley streethouse23, Bramley street
4589 Welsh MichaelClifford streethouse112, Clifford street
successivehouse122, Clifford street
4590 Wentworth GeorgeJonas gatehouse17, Jonas gate
4591 West EdwardManninghamwarehouseManchester road
4592 West JohnCrampton streethouse14, Crampton street
4593 West John BrooksbankEarl streethouse131, Earl street
4594 West JosephZetland placehouse7, Zetland place
4595 West RobertCaledonia streethouse97, Caledonia street
4596 West ThomasJohn gatehouse2, John gate
4597 West WilliamHorton lanehouse & shop15, Horton lane
4598 Western JosephCleveland streethouse31, Cleveland street
4599 Westman WilliamDuncan streethouse37, Duncan street
4600 Wetherill Thomas BinnsShipleyhouse6, St. James's square
successivecountinghouseDewhirst's Buildings
4601 Whalen DanielCaledonia streethouse28, Caledonia street
4602 Whalen KearneDuncan streethouse82, Duncan street
4603 Whalen PatrickAdelaide streethouse26, Adelaide street
4604 Whalley JosephLegrams lanehouse7, Legrams lane
4605 Whalley WilliamHorton lanehouse77, Horton lane
4606 Wharf ThomasBower streethouse59, Bower street
successivehouse70, Bower street
4607 Wharton ScottAshgrovehouse28, Ashgrove
4608 Wheatcroft JamesMoss streethouse25, Moss street
4609 Wheater EzekielPark roadhouse & shop50, Park road
4610 Wheater WilliamHorton lanehouse162, Park lane
successivehouse395, Horton lane
4611 Wheatley WilliamTurner streethouse32, Turner street
4612 Whelan AndrewAdelaide streethouse85, Adelaide street
4613 Whipp ThomasHoward streethouse22, Howard street
4614 Whitaker AlfredGrafton streethouse42, Grafton street
4615 Whitaker EdwardCollege roadhouse76, Darton street
successivehouse43, College road
4616 Whitaker EdwinTelford streethouse22, Telford street
4617 Whitaker GeorgeMoss streethouse15, Moss street
4618 Whitaker GeorgeBower streethouse39, Bower street
4619 Whitaker HiramHorton lanehouse689A, Horton lane
4620 Whitaker JamesJesse streethouse21, Jesse street
4621 Whitaker JamesGrafton streethouse59, Grafton street
4622 Whitaker JohnJonas gatehouse7, Jonas gate
4623 Whitaker JohnKaye streethouse11, Kaye street
4624 Whitaker JohnFitzgerald streethouse37, Fitzgerald street
4625 Whitaker JohnOsborne streethouse112, Osborne street
4626 Whitaker John WesleySterling streethouse20, Sterling street
4627 Whitaker KayeJacob streethouse29, Jacob street
4628 Whitaker RichardTomlinson streethouse8, Tomlinson street
4629 Whitaker SimeonPreston streethouse106, Preston street
4630 Whitaker ThomasManchester roadhouse397, Manchester road
4631 Whitaker WelburyTomlinson streethouse44, Listerhills road
successivehouse29, Tomlinson street
4632 Whitaker William HenryHope streethouse7, College road
successivehouse27, Hope street
4633 White AlexanderGrafton streethouse14, Grafton street
4634 White CalebHorton lanehouse49, Horton lane
4635 White Charles RhodesSt. Andrew's terracehouse36, St. Andrew's terrace
4636 White EzraSt. Andrew's placehouse6, St. Andrew's place
4637 White HenryTomlinson streethouse22, Tomlinson street
4638 White James SamuelVilliers streethouse9, Turner street
successivehouse55, Villiers street
4639 White JohnTumbling hill streethouse104, Tumbling hill street
4640 White JohnPreston streethouse & shop52, Preston street
4641 White Jonas PearsonEdinburgh streethouse7, Woodville terrace
successivehouse12, Edinburgh street
4642 White JosephFitzgerald streethouse78, Sterling street
successivehouse113, Fitzgerald street
4643 White JosephQuaker lanehouse2, Quaker lane
4644 White LutherAllertonwarehouseFawcett court
4645 White WilliamCharlotte streethouse12, Charlotte street
4646 White WilliamClifford streethouse27, Duncan street
successivehouse21, Clifford street
4647 Whitehead EdwardListerhills roadhouse72, Listerhills road
4648 Whitehead EdwardHorton lanehouse653, Horton lane
4649 Whitehead GeorgeTumbling hill streethouse9, Tumbling hill street
4650 Whitehead JamesCrowther streethouse85, Crowther street
4651 Whitehead JamesTudor streethouse50, Tudor street
4652 Whitehead JohnBright streethouse & shop1, Bright street
4653 Whitehead JohnNaseby streethouse20, Smith street
successivehouse7, Naseby street
4654 Whitehead John NeesomeTurner streethouse55, Turner street
4655 Whitehead John RobinsonRupert streethouse90, Rupert street
4656 Whitehead JonathanHorton greenhouse49, Horton green
4657 Whitehead OliverHorton greenwarehouseWestholme
4658 Whitehead RichardManchester roadhouse & shop328, Manchester road
4659 Whitehead RobertFitzgerald streethouse86, Fitzgerald street
4660 Whitehead WilliamAshfieldhouse18, Ashfield
4661 Whitehead WilliamFranklin streethouse16, Franklin street
4662 Whiteley SimeonLansdowne placehouse12, Lansdowne place
4663 Whiteley ThomasParkinson streethouse23, Parkinson street
4664 Whiteley Thomas LawrencePark lanehouse285, Park lane
4665 Whiteley WilliamDenton courthouse14, Denton court
4666 Whitelock GeorgeAshley streethouse40, Ashley street
4667 Whitelock HenryAshley streethouse43, Ashley street
4668 Whitelock WilliamAshley streethouse76, Ashley street
4669 Whiteoak GreenwoodBramley streethouseVine street
successivehouse120, Bramley street
4670 Whitham CalebPortland streethouse76, Portland street
4671 Whitham JohnRichmond roadhouse31, Richmond road
4672 Whitley BenjaminBack Abram gatehouse20, Back Abram gate
4673 Whitley BrookHorton laneshop160, Manchester road
4674 Whitley James BriggsManninghamwarehouseFawcett court
4675 Whitley JohnLongside lanehouse & shop47, Longside lane
4676 Whitley John BarberLongside lanehouse & shop37, Longside lane
4677 Whitley JonasAllertonwarehouseChapel lane
successivewarehouseNelson street
4678 Whitley WilliamPaisley streethouse28, Paisley street
4679 Whitney AlfredEbor streethouse52, Ebor street
4680 Whitney HenryRupert streetshop20, Manchester road
4681 Whitney WilliamTudor streethouse106, Paisley street
successivehouse17, Tudor street
4682 Whittingham GeorgeMarshall streethouse28, Marshall street
4683 Whittingham JosephManninghamwarehouseChapel lane
4684 Whitworth JohnListerhills roadhouse & shop142, Listerhills road
4685 Widdop AndrewHorton lanehouse & shop20, Horton lane
4686 Widdop CharlesShearbridge roadhouse22, Shearbridge road
4687 Widdop JohnMorpeth courthouse2, Morpeth court
4688 Widdop WilliamEdinburgh streethouse24, Edinburgh street
4689 Widdop WilliamCastle rowhouse7, Castle row
4690 Widdowfield RalphAshley streethouse53, Ashley street
4691 Widdows FrankSt. James's streethouse80, Crowther street
successivehouse6, St. James's street
4692 Wigglesworth AbrahamBradfordshop69, Listerhills road
4693 Wigglesworth JohnEdinburgh streethouse44, Edinburgh street
4694 Wigglesworth JosephBlythe streethouse1, Blythe street
4695 Wigglesworth ThomasTumbling hill streethouse127, Tumbling hill street
4696 Wignall GeorgeGrafton streethouse7, Grafton street
4697 Wilby HenryJonas gatehouse11, Jonas gate
4698 Wilcock JohnRussell streethouse5, Russell street
4699 Wilcock JohnHorton lanehouse28, Horton lane
4700 Wilcock JohnEbor streethouse41, Kent street
successivehouse32A, Ebor street
4701 Wilcock ThomasGrafton streethouse75, Grafton street
4702 Wilcock ThomasSt. John's streethouse14, St. John's street
4703 Wild Georgic DrakeSt. Andrew's villashouse35, St. Andrew's villas
4704 Wild John Watson NaylorDewhirst's Buildingshouse & shop8, Dewhirst's Buildings
4705 Wildman EdwardMaltkiln foldhouse2, Maltkiln fold
4706 Wiles WilliamClifford streethouse96, Clifford street
4707 Wilkinson AlbertJacob streethouse66, Jacob street
4708 Wilkinson AmosDarton streethouse29, Darton street
4709 Wilkinson BenjaminMontague streethouse117, Park street
successivehouse36, Montague street
4710 Wilkinson BenjaminCollege roadhouse6, College road
4711 Wilkinson CharlesCrowther streethouse37, Crowther street
4712 Wilkinson CharlesLower Bramley streethouse32, Marshall street
successivehouse4, Lower Bramley street
4713 Wilkinson ChristopherUpper Back William streetshop23, Horton road
4714 Wilkinson CroftWestbrook placehouseWestbrook place
4715 Wilkinson EdwardCrowther streethouse5, Crowther street
4716 Wilkinson JamesSterling streethouse88, Sterling street
4717 Wilkinson JamesSterling streethouse84, Sterling street
4718 Wilkinson JohnCroft streethouse67, Croft street
4719 Wilkinson JohnManchester roadhouse358, Manchester road
4720 Wilkinson JohnTomlinson streethouse44, Tomlinson street
4721 Wilkinson JohnBarton streethouse8, Parkinson street
successivehouse26, Barton street
4722 Wilkinson JohnQuaker terracehouse98, Southfield lane
successivehouse9, Quaker terrace
4723 Wilkinson JohnMarshall streethouse18, Marshall street
4724 Wilkinson JosephSouth streethouse8, Southfield lane
successivehouse4, South street
4725 Wilkinson JosephEarl streethouse129, Earl street
4726 Wilkinson MatthewBerwick streethouse54, Berwick street
4727 Wilkinson RichardHorton lanehouse2, Smith row
successivehouse679, Horton lane
4728 Wilkinson RobertWoodville terracehouse23, Greaves street
successivehouse12, Woodville terrace
4729 Wilkinson RobertTomlinson streethouse36, Tomlinson street
4730 Wilkinson SamuelCroft streethouse51, Croft street
successivehouse59, Croft street
successivehouse57, Croft street
4731 Wilkinson SamuelCrowther streethouse66, Grafton street
successivehouse79, Crowther street
4732 Wilkinson ThomasHolme top lanehouse31, Holme top lane
4733 Wilkinson ThomasTudor streethouse21, Tudor street
4734 Wilkinson ThomasBerwick streethouse109, Berwick street
4735 Wilkinson ThomasPaisley streethouse56, Paisley street
4736 Wilkinson TimothySpring placehouse17, Spring place
4737 Wilkinson WilliamFinchley streethouse86, Darton street
successivehouse1, Darton street
successivehouseFinchley street
4738 Wilkinson WilliamNewell streethouse377, Manchester road
successivehouse4, Newell street
4739 Wilkinson WilliamSterling streethouse28, Sterling street
4740 Wilkinson WilliamOsborne streethouse118A, Osborne street
4741 Wilkinson WilliamBelloe streethouse45, Newell street
successivehouse30, Belloe street
4742 Wilkinson ZechariahGreaves streethouse & shop645, Horton lane
successivehouse23, Greaves street
4743 Wilks JosephManchester roadhouse & shop129, Manchester road
4744 Willey FrancisClaremonthouse8, Claremont
4745 Willey John HenryBradfordwarehouseRichmond road
4746 Willey JosephOsborne streethouse159, Osborne street
4747 Willey ThomasBerwick streethouse62, Duncan street
successivehouse47, Berwick street
4748 Willey Thomas, jun.Berwick streethouse38, Duncan street
successivehouse30, Fitzgerald street
successivehouse43, Berwick street
4749 Willey WilliamDuncan streethouse51, Berwick street
successivehouse38, Duncan street
4750 Williams Horace FullerAshgrovehouse32, Ashgrove
4751 Williams JamesElizabeth streethouse39, Elizabeth street
4752 Williams ThomasElizabeth streethouse3, Elizabeth street
4753 Williams Thomas HenryPark lanehouse45, Bottomley street
successivehouse46, Park lane
4754 Williams WilliamDuncan streethouse19, Caledonia street
successivehouse42, Duncan street
4755 Williamson WilliamCaledonia streethouse21, Caledonia street
4756 Williamson WilliamChester streethouse10, Chester street
4757 Willis Charles JohnSpring placehouse15, Spring place
4758 Willis JohnEdmund streethouse4, Edmund street
4759 Willis ThomasBower streethouse46, Bower street
4760 Wills JohnMoss streethouse12, Moss street
4761 Willstrop ThomasManchester roadhouse & shop229, Manchester road
4762 Wilman AlfredBottomley streethouse66, Bottomley street
4763 Wilman JohnHorton lanehouse724, Horton lane
4764 Wilman JohnWibseyworkshop249, Manchester road
4765 Wilman JohnNaseby streethouse18, Naseby street
4766 Wilman JohnMorpeth streethouse60, Morpeth street
4767 Wilman WilfredGrafton streethouse38, Grafton street
4768 Wilman WilliamHorton lanehouse708, Horton lane
4769 Wilson Daniel TeasdaleGreat Russell streethouse54, Great Russell street
4770 Wilson DavidDorset streethouse3, Dorset street
4771 Wilson EphraimVilliers streethouse45, Villiers street
4772 Wilson GeorgePaisley streethouse120, Paisley street
4773 Wilson GeorgeBurrow streethouse9, Burrow street
4774 Wilson HenryBramley streethouse15, Bramley street
4775 Wilson HudsonBowlingwarehouse25, Kent street
4776 Wilson JamesAshley streethouse21, Ashley street
4777 Wilson JamesHerbert streethouse10, Herbert street
4778 Wilson JamesHorton greenhouse52, Horton green
4779 Wilson James HenryBramley streethouse1, Charlotte street
successivehouse79, Bramley street
4780 Wilson James StevenManninghamwarehouseHorton road
4781 Wilson JohnBramley streethouse8, Bramley street
4782 Wilson JohnFitzgerald streethouse145, Fitzgerald street
4783 Wilson JohnTomlinson streethouse2, Tomlinson street
4784 Wilson JohnHorton roadwarehouse6, Hope street
4785 Wilson JohnTumbling hill streethouse23, Tumbling hill street
4786 Wilson John HenryEarl streetshopHorton lane
4787 Wilson JonathanEarl streethouse53, Earl street
4788 Wilson JosephTopham streethouse7, Topham street
4789 Wilson RichardVilliers streethouse6, Villiers street
4790 Wilson RichardGrafton streethouse3, Grafton street
4791 Wilson RobertHannah gatehouse24, Hannah gate
4792 Wilson SamuelManchester roadhouse187A, Manchester road
4793 Wilson SamuelAycliffe lanehouse18, Aycliffe lane
4794 Wilson SamuelQuaker terracehouse5, Quaker terrace
4795 Wilson ThomasEbor streethouse10, Ebor street
4796 Wilson ThomasHolme top streethouse22, Holme top street
4797 Wilson WilliamHolme top streethouse12, Holme top street
4798 Wilson WilliamHorton lanehouse868, Horton lane
successivehouse423, Horton lane
4799 Windle WilliamNorcroft browhouse60, Tumbling hill street
successivehouse30, Norcroft brow
4800 Winn JohnLady lanehouse27, Lady lane
4801 Winser Thomas HolmanSt. Andrew's placehouse2, St. Andrew's place
4802 Winter JohnNewell streethouse19, Newell street
4803 Wintersgill WilliamTurner streethouse54, Turner street
4804 Wiseman JamesPaisley streethouse & shop45A, Paisley street
4805 Wiseman ThomasCobden streethouse8, Cobden street
4806 Wolfenden JohnHutson streethouse62, Hutson street
4807 Wolstenholme JamesEarl streethouse27, Earl street
4808 Womack EdwardBack Jonas gatehouse14, Back Jonas gate
4809 Wombwell GeorgePortland streethouse66, Portland street
4810 Womersley CharlesHorton lanehouse & shop65, Horton lane
4811 Womersley JabezBelloe streethouse21, Belloe street
4812 Womersley SamuelManchester roadhouse & shop127, Manchester road
4813 Wood AbrahamHoward streethouse7, Neal street
successivehouse21, Howard street
4814 Wood AnthonyEbor streethouse41, Ebor street
4815 Wood BenjaminSt. James's streethouse20, St. James's street
4816 Wood BenjaminShipleywarehouseFawcett court
4817 Wood BenjaminSkinhouse streethouseJesse street
successivehouse57, Skinhouse street
4818 Wood CharlesAycliffe lanehouse4, Aycliffe lane
4819 Wood Charles AlbertSterling streethouse17, High street
successivehouse66, Sterling street
4820 Wood DavidBradfordwarehouseFawcett row
4821 Wood GentParkinson streethouse5, Parkinson street
4822 Wood GeorgeAshley streethouse49, Ashley street
4823 Wood GeorgeHolme top streetwarehouseHope street
4824 Wood HenryQuaker terracehouse26, Quaker lane
successivehouse20, Quaker terrace
4825 Wood HenryPrince streethouse27, Prince street
4826 Wood HezekiahPark lanehouse283, Park lane
4827 Wood JamesAshfieldhouse22, Ashfield
4828 Wood JamesSterling streethouse47, Sterling street
4829 Wood JamesChapel greenhouse3, Chapel green
successivehouse7, Chapel green
4830 Wood JeremiahBramley streethouse5, Bramley street
4831 Wood JohnFarside greenhouse & shop1, Farside green
4832 Wood JohnHorton lanehouse462, Horton lane
4833 Wood JonasManninghamshopHorton lane
4834 Wood JosephSpring placehouse14, Spring place
4835 Wood JosephEarl streetwarehouseHope street
4836 Wood JosephHorton lanehouse816, Horton lane
successivehouse868, Horton lane
4837 Wood JosephKent streethouse4, Kent street
4838 Wood JosephSouth streethouse7, South street
4839 Wood JosephTurner streethouse37, Turner street
4840 Wood JosephAshgrovehouse19, Ashgrove
4841 Wood JosephBright streethouse29, Bright street
4842 Wood JoshuaFranklin streethouse4, Franklin street
4843 Wood Joshua MarshallCroft streethouse39, Croft street
4844 Wood MatthewGate streethouse45, Clifford street
successivehouse6, Gate street
4845 Wood RichardNorton gatehouse19, Norton gate
4846 Wood SamuelGrafton streethouse22, College road
successivehouse47, Grafton street
4847 Wood SamuelJacob streethouse15, Jacob street
4848 Wood ThomasGrafton streethouse31, Grafton street
4849 Wood ThomasHigh streetwarehouse5, Fawcett row
4850 Wood Thomas JowettGrove terracehouse25, Grove terrace
4851 Wood TimothyQuaker lanehouse13, Quaker lane
4852 Wood WilliamPark lanehouse64, Park lane
4853 Wood WilliamManchester roadhouse & shop204, Manchester road
4854 Wood WilliamGreaves streethouse8, Greaves street
4855 Wood WilliamHorton lanehouse913, Horton lane
4856 Wood WilliamBower streethouse15, Bower street
4857 Wood WilliamNaseby streethouse29, Naseby street
4858 Wood WilliamFinchley streethouse11, Emma gate
successivehouse43, Finchley street
4859 Wood William ThomasGreat Russell streethouse30, Great Russell street
4860 Woodcock EdwardPark roadhouse & shop80, Park road
4861 Woodhall JosephClarence placehouse3, Clarence place
4862 Woodhead HenrySterling streethouse105, Sterling street
4863 Woodhead JamesMary gatehouse22, Mary gate
4864 Woodhead JamesHope streethouse41, Hope street
4865 Woodhead JamesBramley streethouse62, Bramley street
4866 Woodhead JesseClarges streethouse18, Clarges street
4867 Woodhead Jesse FrederickSouthfield lanehouse & shop5, Southfield lane
4868 Woodhead JohnJacob streethouse23, Jacob street
4869 Woodhead JohnHorton lanehouse426, Horton lane
4870 Woodhead JonasClaremont terracehouse2, Claremont terrace
4871 Woodhead JosephFitzgerald streethouse25, Fitzgerald street
4872 Woodhead ThomasOsborne streethouse5, Osborne street
4873 Woodhead WilliamOsborne streethouse124, Osborne street
4874 Woodhead WilliamRoundhill streethouse57, Roundhill street
4875 Woodhead WilliamQuaker lanehouse1, Quaker lane
4876 Woodhead William RichardsonJacob streethouse19, Jacob street
4877 Woodhouse JamesListerhills roadhouse60, Listerhills road
4878 Woodhouse JohnAshgrovehouse8, Ashgrove
4879 Woodhouse LawZetland placehouse2, Zetland place
4880 Woodhouse WalterSterling streethouse153, Sterling street
4881 Woodlock WilliamClayton lanehouse45, Clayton lane
4882 Woodruff GeorgeSkinhouse streethouse52, Skinhouse street
4883 Wooler EphraimCrowther courthouse2, Crowther court
4884 Woolham Matthew HenryTomlinson streethouse10, Tomlinson street
4885 Wooller JohnCrowther courthouse7, Crowther court
4886 Worsley JosephSterling streethouse9, Sterling street
4887 Worsnop AbrahamFitzgerald streethouse28, Fitzgerald street
4888 Worsnop CharlesChesham streethouse34, Chesham street
4889 Worsnop GeorgeManninghamhouse50, Darton street
successivebuildingLegrams Mill lane
4890 Worsnop IsaacFitzgerald streethouse40, Fitzgerald street
4891 Worsnop JabezOsborne streethouse35, Osborne street
4892 Worsnop JohnWoodhead roadhouse46, Woodhead road
4893 Worsnop JosephJacob streethouse35, Holme top street
successivehouse78, Jacob street
4894 Worsnop Joseph BensonPark lanehouse45, Park lane
4895 Worsnop LeviPark lanehouse47, Park lane
4896 Worsnop SimeonAbram gatehouse44, Abram gate
4897 Worsnop ThomasAbram gatehouse45, Abram gate
4898 Worsnop ThomasGreaves streethouse17, Greaves street
4899 Wraith JarvisRupert streethouse30, Rupert street
4900 Wraith JohnFitzgerald streethouse35, Fitzgerald street
4901 Wray RichardHorton lanehouse495, Horton lane
4902 Wray WilliamEarl streethouse67, Earl street
4903 Wren Alfred EdwinSt. Andrew's villashouse39, St. Andrew's villas
4904 Wright AndrewBradfordshop247A, Manchester road
4905 Wright BenjaminGreaves streethouse40, Greaves street
4906 Wright DavidThornton lanehouseThornton lane
4907 Wright EdwinHolme top streethouse26, Holme top street
4908 Wright EdwinSt. Andrew's placewarehouseLongside lane
4909 Wright George AndersonHorton lanehouse161, Horton lane
4910 Wright JamesHannah gatehouse41, Hannah gate
4911 Wright JohnHorton greenhouse46, Horton green
4912 Wright JohnBack Jonas gatehouse20, Back Jonas gate
4913 Wright JosephPortland streethouse62, Portland street
successivehouse55, Portland street
4914 Wright JosephKent streethouse & shop55, Kent street
4915 Wright JosephOsborne streethouse21, Osborne street
4916 Wright MatthewThornton lanehouse31, Thornton lane
4917 Wright OliverLongside courthouse8, Turner place
successivehouse3, Longside court
4918 Wright RichardPark lanehouse211, Park lane
4919 Wright SamuelHolme top streethouse55, Portland street
successivehouse35, Holme top street
4920 Wright ThomasTomlinson streethouse37, Tomlinson street
4921 Wright ThomasSterling streethouse114, Sterling street
4922 Wright ThomasSterling streethouse119, Sterling street
4923 Wright WilliamAlbert placehouse4, Albert place
4924 Wright WilliamSt. Andrew's placehouse12, St. Andrew's place
4925 Wright WilliamChesham streethouse9, Wickham street
successivehouse28, Chesham street
4926 Wright William RobertNewell streethouse71, Bramley street
successivehouse31, Newell street
4927 Wrightson JohnTomlinson streethouse26, Tomlinson street
4928 Wroe AlbertMilton streethouse4, Milton street
4929 Wroe HenryMilton streethouse33, Milton street
4930 Wyrill JosephGrafton streethouse147, Grafton street

LITTLE HORTON WARD, 1874, surnames beginning with the letter Y
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
4931 Yates Henry WilliamChesham streethouse11, Chesham street
4932 Yates JohnChesham streethouse51, Chesham street
4933 Yates John HammondPark lanehouse68, Park lane
4934 Yates WilliamBack Jonas gatehouse6, Back Jonas gate
4935 Yates William HammondPark lanehouse253, Park lane
4936 Yeadon WilliamManninghamwarehouseFawcett row
4937 Young GeorgePark roadhouse27, Osborne street
successivehouse11, Osborne street
successivehouse48, Park road
4938 Young GeorgeBack Caledonia streethouse17, Back Caledonia street

Transcribed by Colin Hinson © 2014
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