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BRADFORD: Bradford Parliamentary Register 1874, SOUTH WARD, surnames H-Q.


SOUTH WARD, 1874, surnames H-Q.
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1264 Hagan PatrickRobinson streethouseYork street
successivehouse15, Robinson street
1265 Haggas JosephRobert streethouse50, Robert street
1266 Haggas LeviCartmell streethouseCartmell street
1267 Haigh AbrahamOastler terracehouse42, Oastler terrace
1268 Haigh BenjaminWarwick streethouse35, Warwick street
1269 Haigh EdwinCope streethouse13, Cope street
1270 Haigh GeorgeRoberts courthouse11, Roberts court
1271 Haigh George HattersleyAcorn streethouse21, Acorn street
1272 Haigh JosephDaniel streethouse & shop10, Daniel street
1273 Haigh RobertWarwick streethouse33, Warwick street
1274 Haigh UriahHortonwarehouse17, Union street
1275 Haigh William RolstonManninghamwarehouse40, Leeds road
1276 Hainsworth AlfredFieldhouse streethouse11, Fieldhouse street
1277 Hainsworth JohnBeck streethouse90, Beck street
1278 Hainsworth JohnLaisterdykehouse6, Laisterdyke
1279 Hainsworth JonasBuck streethouse18, Buck street
1280 Hainsworth WilliamCoach rowhouse66, Coach row
1281 Haldon WilliamMosscar streethouse12, Mosscar street
1282 Haldon JohnJackson streethouse8, Jackson street
1283 Haley CharlesEbenezer streethouse11, Ebenezer street
1284 Haley Charles RichardYork streethouse50, York street
1285 Haley EdwardLee rowhouse17, Lee row
1286 Haley JosephClark streethouse6, Clark street
1287 Haley SamuelUpper Bolton streetshopFoundry street
1288 Haley WilliamWalnut streethouse14, Walnut street
1289 Hall DanielBirkshall lanehouse17, Birkshall lane
1290 Hall HenryBritannia streethouse6, Britannia street
1291 Hall JohnBack lanehouse219, Back lane
1292 Hall JohnMount streethouse145, Mount street
1293 Hall John WalkerCroft streethouse147, Croft street
1294 Hall RobertFoundry streethouse2, Foundry street
1295 Hall SamuelHall streethouse53, Hall street
1296 Hall SamuelBridge streethouse93A, Bridge street
1297 Hall ThomasFrederick streethouse56, Frederick street
1298 Hall ThomasEdward streethouse1, Edward street
1299 Hall WilliamBattye streethouse73, Battye street
1300 Hall William ParrattOastler terracehouse50, Oastler terrace
1301 Hallas CharlesAdolphus streetshopAdolphus street
1302 Hallas EdwardAcre streethouse12, Acre street
1303 Hallas WilliamRifle courthouseJowett street
successivehouse17, Rifle court
1304 Halley BenjaminWalnut streethouse12, Walnut street
1305 Halliday JamesEbenezer streethouse2, Ebenezer street
1306 Halliday JohnSeymour streethouse40, Seymour street
1307 Halpin MichaelGeorge streethouse98, George street
1308 Halstead Robert PearsonDundas streethouse36, Dundas street
successivehouse40, Dundas street
1309 Hamilton HenryAcre streethouse63, Acre street
1310 Hammond IsaacMount streethouse354, Mount street
successivehouse255, Mount street
1311 Hammond JohnBack lanehouse275, Back lane
1312 Hammond JohnOrange streethouse42, Orange street
1313 Hammond JosephLeeds roadhouse849, Leeds road
1314 Hammond Robert RochesterRobinson streethouse27, Robinson street
1315 Hampson EdwardLeeds roadhouseBeck street
successivehouse1174, Leeds road
1316 Hanby WilliamCroft streethouse93, Croft street
1317 Hanlon MichaelSmithy rowhouse3, Smithy row
1318 Hanson HenryBridge streethouse91, Bridge street
1319 Hanson JosephChandos streethouse6, Chandos street
1320 Hardaker GeorgeBattye streethouse59, Battye street
1321 Hardcastle EdwinAdolphus streethouse95, Adolphus street
1322 Hardisty JohnMount streethouse107, Mount street
1323 Hare WilliamLaisterdykehouse17, Laisterdyke
1324 Hare WilliamBeck streethouse4, Beck street
1325 Hargreaves AlfredAeolus streethouse13, Aeolus street
1326 Hargreaves DanielMulgrave courthouse4, Mulgrave court
1327 Hargreaves GeorgeCampbell streethouse26, Campbell street
1328 Hargreaves HenryChandos streethouse34, Chandos street
1329 Hargreaves JamesCope streethouse14, Cope street
1330 Hargreaves JamesMount streethouse348, Mount street
1331 Hargreaves JohnRobert streethouse17, Robert street
1332 Hargreaves JohnDaniel streethouse8, Daniel street
1333 Hargreaves JohnBradford moorhouseBradford moor
1334 Hargreaves JohnPratt streethouse14, Pratt street
1335 Hargreaves JosephGamble streethouse30, Gamble street
1336 Hargreaves SamuelBuck streethouse4, Buck street
1337 Hargreaves SamuelPeace streethousePeace street
1338 Hargreaves JonahCoach rowhouse46, Coach row
1339 Hargreaves JosephSchool squarehouse17, School square
1340 Hargreaves ThompsonAmberley streethouse27, Amberley street
1341 Hargreaves WilliamChapman streethouse26, Chapman street
1342 Hargrove SamuelPeel streethouse24, Peel street
1343 Harker WilliamJoseph streethouse91, Joseph street
1344 Harland MichaelAcre streethouse27, Acre street
1345 Harling WilliamNewgate streethouse3, Lake row
successivehouse2, Newgate street
1346 Harper WilliamBack lanehouse403, Back lane
1347 Harris FrancisBirk streethouse113, Birk street
1348 Harrison AlfredBridge streethouse114, Bridge street
1349 Harrison AmosPit lanehouse5, Pit lane
1350 Harrison BenjaminBack laneshop473, Back lane
1351 Harrison ElijahBattye streethouse97, Battye street
1352 Harrison JamesBanner streethouse70, Banner street
1353 Harrison JasonRoyal streethouse5, Royal street
1354 Harrison JohnBack laneshop473, Back lane
1355 Harrison JohnBritannia streethouse8, Britannia street
1356 Harrison JosephMaud streethouse1, Maud street
1357 Harrison LukeMount streethouse294, Mount street
1358 Harrison Richard FrederickGladstone streethouse40, Gladstone street
1359 Harrison RobinsonBattye streethouse55, Maltby street
successivehouse30, Battye street
1360 Harrison SamuelLeeds roadhouse992, Leeds road
1361 Harrison SmithMulgrave streethouse22, Mulgrave street
1362 Harrison StephenSodom lanehouse17, Sodom lane
1363 Harrison TomPeel streethouse26, Peel street
1364 Harrison ThomasMalvern streethouse25, Malvern street
1365 Harrison WilliamEdward streethouse96, Edward street
1366 Harrison WilliamFrancis courthouse5, Francis court
1367 Harrison WilliamBattye streethouse55, Maltby street
successivehouse30, Battye street
1368 Harrison William HenryBrooklyn streethouse60, Brooklyn street
1369 Hart JohnHall streethouse15, Hall street
successivehouse32, Hall street
1370 Hart JohnMulgrave streethouse64, Mulgrave street
1371 Hartley AlfredBridge streethouse110, Bridge street
1372 Hartley GeorgeMyrtle streethouse87, Myrtle street
1373 Hartley GeorgeLaisterdykehouse46, Laisterdyke
1374 Hartley HenryNapier streethouseNapier street
1375 Hartley JamesWarwick streethouse44, Warwick street
1376 Hartley JohnBack lanehouse409, Back lane
1377 Hartley JohnBowlingwarehouseAdolphus street
1378 Hartley JonasRobert streethouse26, Robert street
1379 Hartley JosephRhodes terracehouse5, Rhodes terrace
1380 Hartley JosephLeeds roadhouse312, Leeds road
1381 Hartley ThomasCampbell streethouse30, Campbell street
1382 Hartley ThomasBowlingwarehouseAdolphus street
1383 Hartley ThomasVicar lanewarehouse9, Union street
1384 Hartley ThomasDiamond streethouse5, Diamond street
1385 Hartley WilliamWentworth streethouse29, Wentworth street
1386 Hartsick WilliamBendigo foldhouse6, Bendigo fold
1387 Harvey JamesLaurel streethouse96, Laurel street
1388 Harwood JohnCoach rowhouse3, Coach row
1389 Haslam DavidLower William courthouse9, Lower William court
1390 Haslam ThomasLeeds roadhouse278, Leeds road
1391 Haste JohnMount streethouseAeolus street
successivehouse391, Mount street
1392 Hattersley WilliamAcorn streethouse19, Acorn street
1393 Hawksby JohnLeeds roadhouse982, Leeds road
1394 Hawksby ThomasMount streethouse230, Mount street
1395 Hawksworth JosephAdolphus streethouse53, Adolphus street
1396 Hawksworth PeterTownhill streethouse12, Townhill street
1397 Hayes JamesMulgrave streethouseMulgrave street
1398 Hays JamesCampbell streethouse24, Campbell street
1399 Hays ThomasBendigo foldhouse22, Campbell street
successivehouse1, Bendigo fold
1400 Haxby HarryPeel streethouse28, Peel street
1401 Healey HenryBattye streethouse48A, Battye street
1402 Heaps JohnMount streethouseGreat Cross street
successivehouse77, Mount street
1403 Heath William135, Croft streethouse135, Croft street
1404 Heaton AbrahamRobert streethouse21, Robert street
1405 Heaton JamesNapier streethouse59, Napier street
1406 Heaton JosephBradford lanehouse4, Bradford lane
1407 Heaton NathanLeeds roadhouse464, Leeds road
1408 Hebblethwaite JosephLeeds roadhouse506, Leeds road
1409 Hedge RalphClark streethouse3, Clark street
1410 Heighway GeorgeLeeds roadhouse16, Heap street
successivehouse211, Leeds road
1411 Held WrightYork streethouse52, York street
1412 Hellewell JamesVicar laneshop5, Vicar lane
1413 Hellewell JohnEastbrook lanehouse13, Eastbrook lane
1414 Hellewell JohnBack Pratt streethouse50, Back Pratt street
1415 Hellewell JonathanEbenezer streethouse4, Ebenezer street
1416 Hellewell JosephBirksland streethouse27, Birksland street
1417 Hellewell RichardMount streethouse425, Mount street
1418 Hellewell SmithBack lanehouse9, Back lane
1419 Hellewell ThomasBedford streethouse94, Bedford street
1420 Hellewell WilliamLake streethouse14, Lake street
1421 Hellewell WilliamBack lanehouse273, Back lane
1422 Helliwell GeorgeBirk streethouse68, Birk street
1423 Helliwell JamesDiamond streethouse28, Diamond street
1424 Helliwell JosephLake rowhouse11, Lake row
1425 Hemmingway BenjaminWilliam squarehouse1, William square
1426 Hemmingway SamuelRaglan streethouse6, Hudson street
successivehouse34, Raglan street
1427 Hemsworth Edward ChristopherYork streethouse49, York street
1428 Henderson ArthurBirksland streethouse91, Birksland street
1429 Henderson JamesClayton placehouse40, Clayton place
1430 Henderson WilliamHortonwarehouseHall ings
1431 Hendrick CharlesMount streethouse233, Mount street
1432 Hennesey PatrickBarkerend foldhouse66, Barkerend fold
1433 Henry ThomasEdward streethouse84, Edward street
1434 Henrys EdwardMulgrave streethouse54, Mulgrave street
successivehouse56, Mulgrave street
1435 Hepworth John JamesRegent squarehouse11, Regent square
1436 Heron JamesBritannia streethouse18, Britannia street
1437 Heron JamesFrederick streethouse2, Frederick street
1438 Herson JohnBirksland streethouse97, Birksland street
1439 Hetherington Thomas SwaineCampbell streethouse12, Campbell street
1440 Hewitt JamesBolling streethouse9, Bolling street
1441 Hewitt MichaelCope streethouse10, Cope street
1442 Hewitt SamuelAmberley streethouse2, Malvern street
successivehouse19, Amberley street
1443 Hewitt ThomasSchool squarehouse24, School square
1444 Hey JamesTownhill streethouse23, Townhill street
1445 Hey JohnLeeds roadhouse & shop174, Leeds road
1446 Hey JohnGeorge streethouse & shop25, George street
1447 Hey John HolmesKershaw streethouse276, Leeds road
successivehouseKershaw street
1448 Heyworth JohnHortonwarehouseFiley street
1449 Hezmalhalch DavidWentworth streethouse11, Wentworth street
1450 Hicks JosephBelmont streetshop56, Leeds road
1451 Hicks JosephFernbank terraceshop1, Adolphus street
successiveshop117, Bridge street
1452 Higgings JamesRobinson streethouse13, Robinson street
1453 Higgings JamesClark streethouse4, Clark street
1454 Higgings MatthiasAnnison streethouse2, Annison street
1455 Higgins GeorgeJackson streethouse12, Jackson street
1456 Higgins RichardHortonwarehouse2, Union street
1457 Higgins WilliamBedford streethouse76, Bedford street
1458 Hiley AstonHortonwarehouse23, Bridge street
1459 Hiley JonathanEdward streetwarehouse2, Edward street
1460 Hill AbrahamAlmond streethouse37, Amberley street
successivehouse13, Almond street
1461 Hill AbrahamGay lanehouse53, Gay lane
1462 Hill AlfredAmberley streethouse35, Amberley street
1463 Hill DavidLeeds roadhouse1180, Leeds road
1464 Hill Frederick WilliamManninghamwarehouseGibson street
1465 Hill JohnBack lanehouse503, Back lane
1466 Hill JohnMount streethouse & shop246, Mount street
1467 Hill JohnCabinet streethouse25, Cabinet street
1468 Hill JohnMulgrave streethouse23, Mulgrave street
1469 Hill JosephLaisterdykehouse19, Laisterdyke
1470 Hill RichardBridge streethouse82, Bridge street
1471 Hill RobertFlorence streethouse7, Florence street
1472 Hill Samuel HartleyHall streethouse52, Hall street
1473 Hill ThomasEast streethouse35, East street
1474 Hill Thomas HenryBattye streethouse33, Battye street
1475 Hill WilliamLeeds roadhouse & shop332, Leeds road
1476 Hillam IsaacAdolphus streethouse101, Adolphus street
1477 Hillas AbrahamAeolus streethouse7, Aeolus street
1478 Hillas BenjaminFrancis courthouse7, Francis court
1479 Hillas SamuelConcordia streethouse3, Concordia street
1480 Hillas Thomas ThompsonBradford lanehouse2, Bradford lane
1481 Hillman JamesPeace streethouse53, Peace street
1482 Hilton BenMount streethouse28, Mount street
1483 Hinchcliffe GeorgeFrancis courthouse2, Francis court
1484 Hinchcliffe JohnLeeds roadhouse1314, Leeds road
1485 Hinchcliffe JosephLeeds roadhouse1290, Leeds road
1486 Hinchcliffe JosephClarkson streethouse25, Clarkson street
1487 Hinchey FrederickChandos streethouse62, Chandos street
1488 Hindle AbrahamBanner streethouse4, Banner street
1489 Hindle EdmundLeeds roadhouse840, Leeds road
1490 Hinton GeorgeBirksland streethouse24, Birksland street
1491 Hird GeorgeWilliam courthouse53, William court
1492 Hird HartleyDownham streethouse18, Downham street
1493 Hirst EdwardDaniel streethouse36, Daniel street
1494 Hirst FrederickBanner streethouse5, Banner street
1495 Hirst JohnAmberley streethouse39, Amberley street
1496 Hirst Thomas, seniorMount streethouse210, Mount street
1497 Hirst WilliamAeolus streethouse3, Aeolus street
1498 Hitches JamesTownhill streethouse33, Townhill street
1499 Hobbs Charles HenryHall streethouse66, Hall street
1500 Hodgkins HenryLeeds roadhouse1182, Leeds road
1501 Hodgson BenjaminScaley streethouse6, Scaley street
1502 Hodgson EdmundPearson streethouse31, Buck street
successivehousePearson street
1503 Hodgson HenryJoseph streethouse44, Joseph street
1504 Hodgson JabezMaltby streethouse52, Maltby street
1505 Hodgson James BonnellLeeds roadhouse1192, Leeds road
1506 Hodgson JohnRobert streethouse8, Robert street
1507 Hodgson JohnAnnison streethouse5, Annison street
1508 Hodgson JohnAdolphus streethouse57, Adolphus street
1509 Hodgson JohnLeeds roadhouse177, Leeds road
1510 Hodgson JosephChandos streethouse66, Chandos street
1511 Hodgson JosephLeach squarehouse1, Leach square
1512 Hodgson JosephQuill streethouse31, Quill street
1513 Hodgson ReubenAmberley streethouse38, Amberley street
1514 Hodgson SamuelCoach rowhouse32, Coach row
1515 Hodgson ThomasMyrtle streethouse23, Myrtle street
1516 Hodgson WilliamMarske streethouse4, Marske street
1517 Hodgson WilliamLeeds roadhouse & shop70, Leeds road
successiveshop72, Leeds road
1518 Hoey AndrewEbenezer streethouse18, Ebenezer street
1519 Hoffmann HenryWakefield roadhouse & shop67, Wakefield road
1520 Holbrey WilliamPeel streethouse16, Peel street
1521 Holdsworth AbrahamFarrar squarehouse29, Farrar square
1522 Holdsworth BenjaminBonwell's courthouse2, Bonwell's court
1523 Holdsworth DanielWakefield roadhouse & shop17, Wakefield road
1524 Holdsworth IsaacBowlingwarehouseBath street
1525 Holdsworth JacobBowlingwarehouseBath street
1526 Holdsworth JohnBritannia streethouse4, Britannia street
1527 Holdsworth JohnHalifaxwarehouse28, Bridge street
1528 Holdsworth JohnLeeds roadhouse179, Leeds road
1529 Holdsworth JohnHortonshops86, York street
1530 Holdsworth JohnNapier streethouse3, Napier street
1531 Holdsworth JohnHall streethouse33, Hall street
1532 Holdsworth PrinceBedford streethouse86, Bedford street
1533 Holdsworth RobertWilliam squarehouse14, William square
1534 Holdsworth SamuelAdolphus streethouse99, Adolphus street
1535 Holdsworth SamuelChandos streethouse54, Chandos street
1536 Holdsworth ThomasWentworth streethouse3, Wentworth street
1537 Holdsworth ThomasRhodes terraceshops86, York street
1538 Holdsworth TomHalifaxwarehouse28, Bridge street
1539 Holdsworth WilliamEast streethouse6, East street
1540 Holdsworth WilliamGarnett streethouse1, Annison street
successivehouse142, Garnett street
1541 Holdsworth WilliamBedford streethouse7, Bedford street
1542 Holdsworth William IrvingHalifaxwarehouse28, Bridge street
1543 Holgate EliClark courthouse16, Clark court
1544 Holgate GeorgeDundas streethouse62, Dundas street
successivehouse51, Dundas street
1545 Holgate JosephRobert courthouse9, Robert court
1546 Holland HenryLeeds roadhouse149, Leeds road
1547 Holliday JohnMyrtle streethouse114, Myrtle street
1548 Hollingdrake CharlesHudson streethouse4, Fieldhouse street
successivehouse1, Hudson street
1549 Hollingdrake ThomasJackson streethouse6, Jackson street
1550 Hollingdrake ThompsonCoach rowhouse60, Coach row
1551 Hollingdrake WilliamBirk streethouse60, Birk street
1552 Hollingworth JohnCabinet streethouse31, Cabinet street
1553 Hollingworth JosephCoach rowhouse68, Coach row
1554 Hollingworth SamuelLeeds roadhouse1058, Leeds road
1555 Holmes BarnardEastbrook lanehouse9, Eastbrook lane
1556 Holmes DavidNapier streethouse75, Napier street
1557 Holmes FrancisChapman streethouse18, Chapman street
1558 Holmes HenryHarley streethouse10, Harley street
1559 Holmes JohnLeeds roadhouse207, Leeds road
1560 Holmes JosephGreat Cross streethouse55, Great Cross street
1561 Holmes JosephLaurel streethouse52, Laurel street
successivehouse50, Laurel street
1562 Holmes JosephBack lanehouse389, Back lane
1563 Holmes JoshuaLeeds roadhouse1224, Leeds road
1564 Holmes MidgleyLeeds roadhouse & shop466, Leeds road
1565 Holmes SamuelBirkshall lanehouse30, Birkshall lane
1566 Holmes ThomasBedford streethouse11, Bedford street
1567 Holmes WilliamSchool squarehouse61, Edward street
successivehouse13, School square
1568 Holmes WilliamGarnett streethouse160, Garnett street
1569 Holmes WilliamHodgson squarehouse23, Lee row
successivehouse6, Hodgson square
1570 Holmes William, junr.Elmwood place, UndercliffewarehouseBath street
1571 Holmes William D.Frances streethouse10, Frances street
1572 Holroyd DavidCook streethouse10, Cook street
1573 Holroyd JamesBedford streethouse88, Bedford street
1574 Holroyd JohnYork streethouse70, York street
1575 Holroyd ThomasGamble streethouse20, Gamble street
1576 Holroyd WilliamDaniel streethouse21, Daniel street
1577 Holt AmosArdsleywarehouseAdolphus street
1578 Holt AmosMyrtle streethouse41, Myrtle street
1579 Holt BenjaminBanner streethouse24, Banner street
1580 Holt BryanDryden streethouse6, Dryden street
1581 Holt JohnHall streethouse31, Hall street
1582 Holt WilliamMulgrave streethouse7, Mulgrave street
1583 Holt WilliamBirksland streethouse22, Birksland street
1584 Holton RobertDiamond courthouse3, Diamond court
1585 Hood DavidManninghamwarehouse4, Drake street
1586 Hood SamuelTennyson placewarehouseFlorence street
1587 Hood ThomasMount streethouse163, Mount street
1588 Hooper ArthurHall streethouse36, Hall street
successivehouse47, Hall street
1589 Hope DavidEdward streethouse3, Edward street
1590 Hopkinson AbrahamOastler terracehouse18, Oastler terrace
1591 Hopkinson IsaiahBarkerend foldhouse44, Barkerend fold
1592 Hopkinson JamesLeeds roadhouse853, Leeds road
1593 Hopkinson John, junr.Leeds roadhouse1004, Leeds road
1594 Hopper ThomasMosscar streethouse36, Mosscar street
1595 Hopwood Henry SamuelBridge streethouse86, Bridge street
1596 Hopwood WilliamChandos streethouse96, Chandos street
1597 Horner WilliamWentworth streethouse8, Wentworth street
1598 Horsfall CharlesHeaton streethouse7, Heaton street
1599 Horsfall JohnBirksland streethouse8, Birksland street
1600 Horsfall JonasBeck streethouse60, Beck street
1601 Horsfall SamuelLee rowhouse25, Lee row
1602 Horsfall WilliamBack Coach rowhouse3, Back Coach row
1603 Horsfall WilliamHall streethouse34, Hall street
1604 Horsman GeorgeBridge streethouse & shop108, Bridge street
1605 Horsman WilliamBedford streethouse106, Bedford street
1606 Horton GeorgeLeeds roadhouse522, Leeds road
1607 Horton JamesGreat Cross streethouse71, Great Cross street
1608 Housley ThomasGamble streethouse6, Gamble street
1609 Howarth HenryBattye streethouse32, Dundas street
successivehouse55, Battye street
1610 Howarth JamesHudson streethouse16, Hudson street
1611 Howarth ThomasAmberley streethouse43, Amberley street
1612 Howarth WilliamLeeds roadhouse358, Leeds road
1613 Howcroft JohnMount streethouse338, Mount street
1614 Howcroft RobertHall streethouse44, Hall street
1615 Howe JohnPotter streethouse12, Potter street
1616 Howell HenryBack lanehouseCartmell street
successivehouse437, Back lane
1617 Howes Albert WilliamAlmond streethouse12, Almond street
1618 Howitt Thomas BellHortonwarehouse2, Union street
1619 Hoyle EdwardBradford moorhouse & shop15, Bradford moor
1620 Hoyle EliOastler terracehouse32, Oastler terrace
1621 Hoyle Matthew BenjaminWhitley streethouse118, Heap lane
successivehouse2, Whitley street
1622 Hoyle ZaccheusBattye streethouse81, Battye street
1623 Hubie JohnLaisterdykehouse58, Laisterdyke
1624 Hudson BenjaminEastbrook lanehouse45, Eastbrook lane
1625 Hudson DanielClarkson streethouse21, Clarkson street
1626 Hudson GeorgeBack lanehouse1, Back lane
1627 Hudson IsaacMalvern streethouse1, Malvern street
1628 Hudson JacobRobertshaw streethouse9, Robertshaw street
1629 Hudson JamesClarkson courthouse25, Clarkson court
1630 Hudson JamesClayton placehouse45, Clayton place
1631 Hudson JamesBradford moorhouse1, Hudson street
successivehouse10, Bradford moor
1632 Hudson JamesAcorn streethouse10, Acorn street
1633 Hudson JamesWalnut streethouse4, Walnut street
1634 Hudson JohnClarkson courthouse27, Clarkson court
1635 Hudson JohnBradford moorhouse9, Bradford moor
1636 Hudson JohnJoseph streethouse105, Joseph street
1637 Hudson JohnLee rowhouse24, Lee row
1638 Hudson JosephBanner streethouse23, Banner street
1639 Hudson JoshuaEdward streethouse32, Edward street
1640 Hudson PharaohLeeds roadhouse303, Leeds road
1641 Hudson RichardMount streethouse10, Lyndhurst street
successivehouse237, Mount street
1642 Hudson RichardMaltby streethouseParratt row
successivehouse16, Maltby street
1643 Hudson RobertRobert streethouse11, Robert street
1644 Hudson StephenRobert streethouse46, Robert street
1645 Hudson ThomasCroft streethouse97, Croft street
1646 Hudson ThomasClayton placehouse47, Clayton place
1647 Hudson ThomasFieldhouse squarehouse7, Fieldhouse square
1648 Hudson WilliamCroft streethouse92, Croft street
1649 Hudson WilliamPeel streethouse78, Peel street
1650 Hudson WilliamWentworth streethouse13, Wentworth street
1651 Hudson WilliamLeeds roadhouse & shop320, Leeds road
1652 Hudson WilliamMount streethouse221, Mount street
1653 Hudson WilliamMount streethouse181, Mount street
1654 Hughes MichaelBrooklyn streethouse44, Brooklyn street
1655 Hughes ThomasBack Royal streethouseBack Royal street
1656 Hughes ThomasWilliam courthouse34, Pratt street
successivehouse77, William court
1657 Hull WilliamEastbrook lanehouseFoundry street
successivehouse13, Eastbrook lane
1658 Humby JohnLeeds roadhouse92, Leeds road
1659 Hume JohnBeck streethouse88, Beck street
1660 Hunt George WilsonLyndhurst streethouse8, Lyndhurst street
1661 Hunt RobertLeeds roadhouseNapier street
successivehouse928, Leeds road
1662 Hunt WilliamEastbrook lanehouse7, Eastbrook lane
1663 Hunter ThomasManninghamwarehouseLeeds road
1664 Hunter Thomas, junr.HortonwarehouseLeeds road
1665 Hurn JamesCross Frederick streethouseCross Frederick street
1666 Hurrill WilliamAcre streethouse4, Acre street
1667 Hustler IsaacMarley streethouse14, Marley street
1668 Hustler ThomasMyrtle streethouse10, Myrtle street
1669 Hutchinson JohnBanner streethouse17, Banner street
1670 Hutchinson JohnGay lanehouseGay lane
1671 Hutchinson JohnMount streethouse406, Mount street
1672 Hutton John HenryClayton placehouse39, Clayton place
1673 Hutton ThomasBack lanehouse547, Back lane

SOUTH WARD, 1874, surnames beginning with the letter I
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1674 Ibbetson JohnCross Frederick streethouse7, Cross Frederick street
1675 Ibbotson WilliamLeeds roadhouse1050, Leeds road
1676 Illingworth AlfredBack lanehouse3, Back lane
1677 Illingworth AlfredParratt rowhouseKershaw street
successivehouseNapier street
successivehouse15, Parratt row
1678 Illingworth HenryFoundry streethouse3, Foundry street
1679 Illingworth JohnLee rowhouse15, Lee row
1680 Illingworth JoshuaLee rowhouse3, Lee row
1681 Illingworth RichardLake streethouse8, Lake street
1682 Illingworth RobertParratt rowhouse15, Parratt row
1683 Illingworth SamuelAeolus placehouse2, Aeolus place
1684 Illingworth WilliamLee rowhouse21, Lee row
1685 Illingworth WilliamRoberts courthouse35, Roberts court
1686 Imeson JohnChapman streethouse36, Chapman street
1687 Imeson JoshuaFrederick streethouse42, Frederick street
1688 Ince ThomasArlington streethouse6, Arlington street
1689 Ingham AlfredMyrtle streethouse97, Myrtle street
successivehouse104, Myrtle street
1690 Ingham BenjaminDrewton streetwarehouseAdolphus street
1691 Ingham HenryMyrtle streethouse61, Myrtle street
successivehouse44, Myrtle street
1692 Ingham JosephPeter's courthouse5, Peter's court
1693 Ingham JohnArlington streethouse8, Arlington street
1694 Ingham JohnBack laneshopBack lane
1695 Ingham JohnPratt streethouse66, Pratt street
1696 Ingham JohnJohnson streethouse2, Johnson street
1697 Ingham JohnMount streethouse206, Mount street
1698 Ingham SamuelChapman streethouse38, Chapman street
1699 Ingle BenjaminBoldshaywarehouseMulgrave street
1700 Ingle ThomasLee squarehouse15, Lee square
1701 Ingleson ChristopherRoyal streethouse10, Royal street
1702 Ingleson JonathanCope streethouse19, Cope street
1703 Ingleson WilliamJohnson streethouse10, Johnson street
1704 Ingleton ThomasSt. George's streethouse11, St. George's street
1705 Ingram JohnBanner streethouse21, Banner street
1706 Isles ThomasLee squarehouse5, Lee square

SOUTH WARD, 1874, surnames beginning with the letter J
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1707 Jackson GeorgeJoseph streethouse60, Joseph street
1708 Jackson GeorgeDiamond streethouse11, Diamond street
successivehouse9, Diamond street
1709 Jackson HenryJoseph streethouse103, Joseph street
1710 Jackson JamesRoberts courthouse1, Roberts court
1711 Jackson JamesGeorge streethouse27, George street
1712 Jackson JohnAlmond streethouse17, Almond street
successivehouse29, Almond street
1713 Jackson JohnHall streethouse48, Hall street
1714 Jackson JohnBack lanehouse417, Back lane
1715 Jackson JosephBedford streethouse37, Bedford street
1716 Jackson RalphQuill streethouse27, Quill street
1717 Jackson ThomasEbenezer streethouse15, Ebenezer street
1718 Jackson ThomasGreat Cross streethouse52, Great Cross street
1719 Jackson WilliamAeolus streethouse11, Aeolus street
1720 Jagger JamesHall streethouse29, Hall street
successivehouse15, Hall street
1721 Jagger SimrayLeeds roadhouse832, Leeds road
successivehouse610, Leeds road
1722 Jagger ThomasBeck streethouse76, Beck street
1723 James GeorgeAcre streethouse21, Acre street
1724 James WilliamBritannia streethouse20, Britannia street
1725 Jardeen Richard, junr.Bridge streethouse & shop84, Bridge street
1726 Jarvis ThomasMyrtle streethouse11, Myrtle street
1727 Jarvis WilliamLeach squarehouse10, Leach square
1728 Jeffrey WilliamGeorge streethouseSedgwick street
successivehouse17, George street
1729 Jennings CharlesLeeds roadshop172, Leeds road
1730 Jennings JamesMalvern streethouse17, Malvern street
1731 Jennings JohnLeeds roadhouse534, Leeds road
1732 Jennings JoshuaLeeds roadhouseLeeds road
1733 Jennings PatrickMyrtle streethouse32, Myrtle street
1734 Jennings RichardRoyal streethouse30, Frederick street
successivehouse16, Royal street
1735 Jennings WilliamSeymour streethouse6, Seymour street
1736 Jessop JosephMount streethouse415, Mount street
1737 Jewsbury RichardCook streethouse23, Cook street
1738 Jocelyn RichardLeeds roadhouse1262, Leeds road
1739 Johnson ChristopherRobertshaw streethouse15, Arcadia street
successivehouse13, Robertshaw street
1740 Johnson ClementEdward streethouse24, Edward street
1741 Johnson DanielAllan streethouse14, Allan street
1742 Johnson JamesBanner streethouse20, Banner street
1743 Johnson JohnGeorge streethouse & shop130, George street
1744 Johnson JohnLeeds roadhouse1292, Leeds road
1745 Johnson JosephWakefield roadhouse2, Wakefield road
1746 Johnson RobertPeace streethouse52, Peace street
1747 Johnson ThomasEastbrook lanehouse30, Eastbrook lane
1748 Johnson ThomasYork streethouse32, York street
1749 Johnson WilliamMount streethouse300, Mount street
1750 Johnstone ThomasLaisterdykehouse40, Laisterdyke
1751 Jolly JosiahCollier streethouse6, Collier street
1752 Jolly NathanYork streethouse4, York street
1753 Jones JohnFarrar squarehouse9, Farrar square
1754 Jones JohnBrooklyn streethouse22, Brooklyn street
1755 Jowett CharlesBattye streethouse69, Battye street
1756 Jowett DanielEssex streethouse14, Essex street
1757 Jowett EliLeeds roadhouse193, Leeds road
1758 Jowett JohnJackson courthouse11, Jackson court
1759 Jowett ThomasFlorence streethouse23, Florence street
1760 Joynes ThomasTownhill streethouse15, Townhill street
successivehouse11, Townhill street
1761 Judge PatrickThreadneedle streethouse3, Threadneedle street
1762 Judge WilliamLower William courthouse27, Lower William court

SOUTH WARD, 1874, surnames beginning with the letter K
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1763 Kane FrancisFrederick streethouse20, Frederick street
1764 Kay JamesHall streethouse50, Hall street
1765 Kay ReubenDiamond streethouse19, Diamond street
1766 Kay WilliamChesnut streethouseOrange street
successivehouse10, Chesnut street
1767 Kearney JamesPit lanehouse12, Pit lane
1768 Kearns WilliamShaw's courthouse2, Shaw's court
1769 Kearsley GeorgeChandos streethouse26, Chandos street
1770 Kearsley GeorgeAnnison streethouse8, Annison street
1771 Keen Henry LewisRobert streethouse12, Robert street
1772 Keenan MartinAcre streethouse39, Acre street
1773 Keighley IsaacMalvern streethouse23, Malvern street
1774 Keighley JamesWentworth streethouse27, Wentworth street
1775 Keighley* DavidWakefield roadhouse221, Wakefield road
1776 Kell RobertHeatonwarehouse46, Vicar lane
1777 Kellett JohnNewgate streethouse4, Newgate street
1778 Kellett MarkBedford streethouse60, Bedford street
1779 Kellett ThomasCabinet streethouse19, Cabinet street
1780 Kellsall WilliamHill sidewarehouse194, Leeds road
1781 Kelly George HeatonBeck streethouse80, Beck street
1782 Kelly JohnWarwick streethouse12, Warwick street
1783 Kelly MichaelAlmond streethouse22, Almond street
1784 Kelly MichaelWilliam courthouse15, William court
1785 Kelly WilliamBack Pratt streethouse16, Back Pratt street
1786 Kemp HenryCross Frederick streethouse6, Cross Frederick street
1787 Kendall JohnBirk streethouse44, Birk street
1788 Kennedy JamesEdward streethouse98, Edward street
1789 Kennelley WilliamGeorge streethouse71, George street
1790 Kenny EdwardBritannia yardhouse7, Britannia yard
1791 Kerney JamesLeeds roadhouse72, Leeds road
successivehouse340, Leeds road
1792 Kershaw AbrahamBack lanehouse21, Back lane
1793 Kershaw CharlesRobert streethouse1, Robert street
1794 Kershaw FrederickGarnett streethouse54, Garnett street
1795 Kershaw HenryLeeds roadwarehouseFlorence street
1796 Kershaw JosephLeeds roadhouse284, Leeds road
1797 Kershaw NathanMosscar streethouse18, Mosscar street
1798 Kershaw SamuelLeeds roadwarehouseFlorence street
1799 Kettle JosephMosscar streethouse26, Mosscar street
1800 Kilburn BenjaminCollier streethouse15, Collier street
1801 Kilburn Richard, seniorLee rowhouse22, Lee row
1802 Killerby JohnHammerton streethouseHammerton street
1803 Killerby JohnJackson streethouse14, Jackson street
1804 Killerby WilliamQuill streethouse15, Quill street
1805 King JohnBridge streethouse104, Bridge street
1806 King WilliamWilliam courthouse77, William court
successivehouse23, William court
1807 Kiplin PhilipMaud streethouse4, Maud street
1808 Kipling ThomasLeeds roadhouse & shop576, Leeds road
1809 Kirby JohnLee squarehouse17, Lee square
1810 Kirby JohnRifle courthouse10, Rifle court
1811 Kirby WilliamEbenezer streethouse10, Ebenezer street
1812 Kirk IsaacDundas streethouse17, Furnace inn street
successivehouse59, Dundas street
1813 Kirk Joseph MoxonHalifaxwarehouse8, Leeds road
1814 Kirk WilliamMount streethouse461, Mount street
successivehouse457, Mount street
1815 Kirkbride WilliamFrederick streethouse86, Frederick street
1816 Kirkham JohnLeeds roadhouse799, Leeds road
1817 Kirkman JohnDiamond streethouse & shop7, Diamond street
1818 Kirton WhartonClayton placehouse33, Clayton place
1819 Kitchen AnaniasClarkson streethouse27, Clarkson street
1820 Kitchen WilliamClarkson streethouse23, Clarkson street
1821 Kitchenman JohnBanner streethouse34, Banner street
1822 Kitson EdwardHall streethouse6, Hall street
1823 Kitson JeremiahOrange streethouse6, Orange street
1824 Kitson JohnBarkerendhouse202, Barkerend
1825 Kitson SamuelBirk streethouse17, Birk street
1826 Knight Charles FrederickLaurel streethouse64, Laurel street
1827 Knowles EdmundFieldhouse squarehouse6, Fieldhouse square
1828 Knowles GeorgeBedford streethouse79, Bedford street
1829 Knowles IsaacPeace streethouse49, Peace street
1830 Knowles JeffreyBirk streethouse7, Birk street
1831 Knowles JonathanManninghamwarehouse18, Leeds road
1832 Knowles JosephBirkshall lanehouse56, Birkshall lane
1833 Knowles JosephWarwick streethouse15, Warwick street
1834 Knowles SamuelBedford streethouse14, Bedford street
1835 Knowles SeptimusPearson streethouse90, Laurel street
successivehousePearson street
1836 Knowles ThomasOrange streethouseRoyal street
successivehouse23, Orange street
1837 Knowles ThomasMount streethouse456, Mount street
1838 Knowles WilliamKershaw streethouse5, Bradford lane
successivehouse24, Kershaw street
1839 Kyle MichaelDiamond streethouse6, Diamond street

SOUTH WARD, 1874, surnames beginning with the letter L
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1840 Lacey CharlesLyndhurst streethouse43, Lyndhurst street
1841 Lacey JamesThreadneedle streethouse13, Threadneedle street
1842 Lacey JohnLyndhurst streethouse45, Lyndhurst street
1843 Langley WilliamNapier streethouse7, Napier street
1844 Lamb MichaelRoyal streethouse7, Royal street
1845 Lamb SamuelWakefield roadhouse223, Wakefield road
1846 Lamb WilliamLeeds roadhouse540, Leeds road
1847 Lambert CharlesMount streethouse342, Mount street
1848 Lambert DavidGay lanehouse21, Gay lane
1849 Lambert EliLeeds roadhouse1048, Leeds road
1850 Lambert ThomasAcre streethouse11, Acre street
1851 Lambert William FosterBirkshall lanehouse1, Birkshall lane
1852 Lancaster JosephChandos streethouse76, Chandos street
1853 Lancaster William JohnMount streethouse248, Mount street
1854 Land RichardLeeds roadhouse338, Leeds road
1855 Land William RichardLeeds roadhouse & shop354, Leeds road
1856 Landragan PatrickGeorge streethouse48, George street
1857 Lane DanielCabbage streethouse5, Cabbage street
1858 Lane EdwardEdward streethouse100, Edward street
1859 Lane EdwinBritannia courthouse8, Britannia court
1860 Lane MichaelAcre streethouse17A, Acre street
1861 Langley GeorgeLeeds roadhouseLaurel street
successivehouse495, Leeds road
1862 Langley ThomasLaurel streethouse40, Laurel street
1863 Langton ThomasLeach squarehouse6, Leach square
1864 Larney IsaacYork streethouse66, York street
1865 Lavin ThomasEdward streethouse104, Edward street
1866 Law JamesBoltonwarehouse10, Leeds road
1867 Law JamesAdolphus streethouse9, Adolphus street
1868 Law JohnBattye streethouse35, Battye street
1869 Law SamuelClayton placehouse44, Clayton place
1870 Law William C.Amberley streethouse25, Amberley street
1871 Lawler PatrickEdward streethouse100, Edward street
1872 Lawson EdwinRaglan streethouseRaglan street
1873 Lawson JohnWarwick streethouse5, Warwick street
1874 Laycock AaronTownhill streethouse8, Townhill street
1875 Laycock AbrahamWakefield roadhouse73, Wakefield road
1876 Laycock AmosPenny streethouse3, Penny street
1877 Laycock BenjaminBarkerendhouseBarkerend
1878 Laycock JamesBirks hall lanehouse22, Birks hall lane
1879 Laycock James HenryHortonwarehouse63, Leeds road
successivewarehouse74, Leeds road
1880 Laycock JohnLeeds roadhouse830, Leeds road
1881 Laycock JohnUnion streethouse12, Union street
1882 Laycock JosephLeeds roadhouse167, Leeds road
1883 Laycock JosephBirk streethouse111, Birk street
1884 Laycock MatthewBowlingshop5, York street
1885 Laycock RichardWakefield roadhouse & shop14, Wakefield road
1886 Laycock RobertClayton placehouse28, Clayton place
1887 Laycock ThomasAnnison streethouse13, Annison street
1888 Laycock ThomasBarkerend roadhouse57, Barkerend road
successivehouse198, Barkerend road
1889 Laycock WilkinsonJoseph streethouse46, Mosscar street
successivehouse70, Joseph street
1890 Laycock WilliamBrooklyn streethouse74, Brooklyn street
1891 Leach GeorgeChapman streethouse227, Mount street
successivehouse4, Chapman street
1892 Leach GeorgeMount streethouse214, Mount street
1893 Leach JohnLeeds roadhouse1288, Leeds road
1894 Leach JohnBarkerend roadhouseGarnett street
successivehouseBarkerend road
1895 Leach JosephLeeds roadhouse1274, Leeds road
1896 Leach JosephBrooklyn streethouse16, Brooklyn street
1897 Leach RobertGeorge streethouse149, George street
1898 Leach WilliamHall streethouse70, Hall street
1899 Leader WalterGreat Cross streethouse42, Great Cross street
1900 Leah WilliamHudson streethouse15, Hudson street
1901 Leah William HenryFieldhouse streethouse7, Fieldhouse street
1902 Leathley SamuelBolling streethouse3, Bolling street
1903 Leathley WilliamOrchard streetshopFrederick street
1904 Lee AlfredLaisterdykehouse66, Laisterdyke
1905 Lee BenjaminRobert streethouse42, Robert street
1906 Lee GraingerBuck streethouse12, Buck street
successivehouse22, Buck street
1907 Lee GregoryBirks Hall lanehouse45, Birks Hall lane
1908 Lee JacksonMount streethouse & shop153, Mount street
1909 Lee JamesGarnett streethouse146, Garnett street
1910 Lee JamesSt. George's streethouse15, St. George's street
1911 Lee JosephCoach rowhouse72, Northgate
successivehouse2, Coach row
1912 Lee MitchellAdolphus streethouse87, Adolphus street
1913 Lee BenjaminBack coach rowhouse21, Back coach row
1914 Lee RichardWilliam courthouse13, William Court
1915 Lee RichardBuck streethouse12, Buck street
successivehouse22, Buck street
1916 Lee SamuelBedford streethouse12, Bedford street
1917 Lee WilliamMount streethouseMount street
1918 Lee WilliamCollier streethouse15, Collier street
successivehouse23, Collier street
1919 Lee WilliamLeeds roadhouse528, Leeds road
1920 Leech EdwinRoberts courthouse8, Roberts court
1921 Leek Rusha M.Carpenter streethouse32, Carpenter street
1922 Leigh James HenryBirk streethouse12, Birk street
1923 Lemon JamesCollier streethouse5, Collier street
1924 Leppingwell AlfredBirksland streethouse13, Birksland street
1925 Leppingwell John HenryBower greenhouse29, Bower green
1926 Lever FarrarBower greenhouse43, Bower green
1927 Lever GeorgeBower greenwarehouse6, Birksland street
1928 Lever GeorgeLeeds roadhouse499, Leeds road
1929 Lever ThomasBirk streethouse95, Birk street
1930 Lewis JohnCollier streethouse13, Collier street
successivehouse27, Collier street
1931 Lewty OliverFrederick streethouse37, Frederick street
1932 Lewty RobertFrederick streethouse45, Adolphus street
successivehouse39, Frederick street
1933 Lewty WilliamAdolphus streethouse81, Adolphus street
1934 Lightfoot ThomasLeeds roadhouse414, Leeds road
1935 Lightowler HenryGeorge streethouse24, George street
1936 Lightowler JamesYork streethouse87, York street
1937 Lightowler JonathanSt. George's streethouse13, St. George's street
1938 Lightowler WilliamMount streethouse302, Mount street
1939 Lisles JohnBack lanehouse293, Back lane
1940 Lindenberger ChristianBridge streethouse & shop74, Bridge street
1941 Ling ThomasSt. George's streethouse8, St. George's street
1942 Lister BenjaminBirk streethouse19, Birk street
1943 Lister EdwardBirkenshawwarehouse25, Union street
1944 Lister HenryBirkenshawwarehouse25, Union street
1945 Lister HenryMaltby streethouse21, Maltby street
1946 Lister IsaacBeck streethouse64, Beck street
1947 Lister JohnAmberley streethouse48, Amberley street
1948 Lister JohnAdolphus streethouse97, Adolphus street
1949 Lister JohnJohnson courthouse4, Johnson court
1950 Lister JohnBirkenshawwarehouse25, Union street
1951 Lister JonasMount streethouse10, Cabinet street
successivehouseMount street
1952 Lister Joseph DysonHortonwarehouse3, Bath street
1953 Lister Oliver BrookBirkenshawwarehouse25, Union street
1954 Lister SamuelGladstone streetshop23, Maud street
1955 Lister SamuelGeorge streethouse21, George street
1956 Lister SquireGeorge streethouse157, George street
1957 Lister Squire, junr.George streethouse152, George street
1958 Lister ThomasLeeds roadhouse134, Leeds road
1959 Lister ThomasBedford streethouse71, Bedford street
1960 Lister WilliamLeeds roadhouse914, Leeds road
1961 Lister WilliamMulgrave streethouse48, Mulgrave street
1962 Little HenryMyrtle streethouse88, Myrtle street
1963 Little WilliamCroft streethouse133, Croft street
1964 Littlewood John HenryMount streethouse316, Mount street
1965 Loasby ThomasTownhill streethouse51, Townhill street
1966 Lockett HenryRoberts courthouse2, Roberts court
1967 Lockwood GeorgeCroft streethouse91, Croft street
1968 Lockwood GeorgeTanhouse yardhouse7, Tanhouse yard
1969 Lockwood JamesHodgson squarehouse9, Hodgson square
1970 Lockwood JoshuaClarkson courthouse21, Clarkson street
1971 Lockwood WilliamHortonwarehouse41, Union street
1972 Lodge CharlesLaisterdykehouse9, Laisterdyke
1973 Loeffler PhilipHortonwarehouse6, Leeds road
1974 Long DavidMaltby streethouse32, Maltby street
1975 Long JamesFieldhouse rowhouse37, Maltby street
successivehouse5, Fieldhouse row
1976 Long JonathanEastbrook lanehouse41, Eastbrook lane
1977 Long MartinGeorge courthouse13, George court
1978 Long SethSeymour streethouse24, Seymour street
1979 Longbottom WilliamBirk streethouse109, Birk street
1980 Longfield JosephGladstone streethouse39, Gladstone street
1981 Longthorn WilliamCook streethouse28, Cook street
1982 Longthorne RichardCook streethouse9, Cook street
1983 Longthorne ThomasDiamond streethouse1, Diamond street
1984 Lonsdale EdwardPeel streethouse30, Peel street
1985 Lopeman JohnBack Mount streethouse142, Back Mount street
1986 Lord JohnEastbrook lanehouse16, Eastbrook lane
1987 Lord WilliamAnnison streethouse15, Annison street
1988 Lord WilliamJoseph streethouse & shop109, Joseph street
1989 Lount JamesGuy streethouse4, Guy street
1990 Lovett JonathanHall streethouse18, Hall street
1991 Lowery BenjaminMount streethouse421, Mount street
1992 Lowry JohnGarnett streethouse120, Garnett street
1993 Lowry JosephBeck streethouse82, Beck street
1994 Lucas John HillasDick streethouse10, Lake row
successivehouse16, Dick street
1995 Lucey JosephJoseph streethouse30, Bedford street
successivehouse99, Joseph street
1996 Lumb AbrahamRobinson streethouse6, Robinson street
1997 Lumb BenjaminBattye streethouse75, Battye street
1998 Lumb CorneliusLeeds roadhouse & shop458, Leeds road
1999 Lumb JohnFrancis streethouse12, Francis street
2000 Lumbley ThomasFurnace streethouse6, Harrison street
successivehouse5, Furnace street
2001 Lumby Charles HenryKershaw streethouseKershaw street
2002 Lumby IsaacBirksland streethouse12, George court
successivehouse63, Birksland street
2003 Lumby WilliamMount streethouse477, Mount street
2004 Lumley WilliamEssex streethouse24, Essex street
2005 Lund JosephLeeds roadhouse904, Leeds road
2006 Lund MatthewBarkerendhouse21, Upper Park street
successivehouse200, Barkerend
2007 Lund RichardLeeds roadhouse338, Leeds road
2008 Lupton JoshuaLeeds roadhouse1302, Leeds road
2009 Lupton SamuelLeeds roadhouse721, Leeds road
2010 Lupton WilliamLeeds roadhouse1270, Leeds road
2011 Luscombe WilliamMount streethouse165, Mount street
2012 Lynch JamesGibson streethouse79, Gibson street
2013 Lyons WilliamCroft streethouse113, Croft street
successivehouse115, Croft street

SOUTH WARD, 1874, surnames beginning with the letter M
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
2014 Mackenzie GeorgeLee rowhouse25A, Lee row
2015 Mackew CharlesVictoria streetshop28, Ebenezer street
2016 Madden MartinSt. George's streethouse6, St. George's street
2017 Magson JamesLake streethouse6, Lake street
2018 Magson SaulCoach rowhouse22, Coach row
2019 Mahon BernardYork streethouse39, York street
2020 Mahon PatrickRobinson streethouse5, Robinson street
2021 Mahoney JohnFrederick streethouse64, Frederick street
2022 Malkin GeorgeBedford streethouse43, Bedford street
2023 Mallinson HughBritannia streethouse40, Britannia street
2024 Mallinson JosephDaniel streethouse20, Daniel street
2025 Malone MichaelSeymour streethouse10, Seymour street
2026 Maloy ArthurEdward streethouse39, Edward street
2027 Manderil LukeEssex streethouse28, Essex street
2028 Mann ColburnLeeds roadhouse270, Leeds road
2029 Mann DavidBuck streethouse13, Buck street
2030 Mann HenryCartmell streethouseCartmell street
2031 Mann IsaacMulgrave streethouse84, Mulgrave street
2032 Mann JohnHolt streethouse5, Holt street
2033 Mann JonasBolton placehouse23, Bolton place
2034 Mann JoshuaBedford streethouse115, Bedford street
2035 Mann TimothyRobert streethouse54, Robert street
2036 Mann WilliamMyrtle streethouse55, Myrtle street
2037 Mann WilliamShaw's courthouse4, Shaw's court
2038 Manning JohnCook streethouse11, Cook street
2039 Manning MichaelMount streethouse211, Mount street
2040 Manning PatrickBack Ebenezer streethouse52, Back Ebenezer street
2041 Manton MichaelFrederick streethouse68, Frederick street
2042 Mapplebeck WilliamGarnett streethouse126, Garnett street
2043 March JosephFoundry streethouse5, Foundry street
2044 Marchant JohnHall streethouse63, Hall street
2045 Marchbank Charles WilliamDrake streethouseDrake street
2046 Marchbank RussellLeeds roadhouse548, Leeds road
2047 Margerison JamesAnnison streethouse19, Annison street
2048 Margerison JarvisBradford moorhouse & shop16, Bradford moor
2049 Margerison JohnMalvern streethouse32, Malvern street
2050 Margerison JohnBack Mount streethouse130, Back Mount street
2051 Margerison ThomasPenny streethouse11, Penny street
2052 Mariner JamesMulgrave streethouse19, Mulgrave street
2053 Marks BenjaminMount streethouse423, Mount street
successivehouseMount street
2054 Marks JohnMount streethouse419, Mount street
2055 Marney FentonPratt streethouse32, Pratt street
2056 Marsden BenjaminBirkshall lanehouse8, Birkshall lane
2057 Marsden DavidPenn streethouse5, Penn street
2058 Marsden FrancisBrooklyn streethouse54, Brooklyn street
2059 Marsden JohnSodom lanehouse7, Sodom lane
2060 Marsden JosiahBack lanehouse24, Back lane
2061 Marsden SquireCroft streethouse128, Croft street
2062 Marsden WilliamCorless rowhouse8, Corless row
2063 Marsdin JohnFrederick streethouse9, Cross Frederick street
successivehouse7, Frederick street
2064 Marsh CharlesRobert courthouse30, Robert court
2065 Marshall AndrewParratt rowhouse1, Parratt row
2066 Marshall BenjaminBradford moorhouse1, Bradford moor
2067 Marshall DavidBack lanehouse291, Back lane
2068 Marshall JohnCorless rowhouse2, Corless row
2069 Marshall JohnAcre streethouse20, Acre street
2070 Marshall JonathanGeorge streethouse & shop151, George street
2071 Marshall JosephLeeds roadhouse1268, Leeds road
2072 Marshall JosephBath streethouse12, Bath street
2073 Marshall JosephGamble streethouse24, Gamble street
2074 Marshall MatthewPeel streethouse34, Peel street
2075 Marshall MosesOrange streethouse16, Orange street
2076 Marshall SamuelCoach rowhouse52, Coach row
2077 Marshall WilliamMyrtle streethouse27, Myrtle street
2078 Marshall WilliamBirk streethouse50, Birk street
2079 Marshall WilliamVicar lanehouse22, Vicar lane
2080 Marshall WilliamEastbrook lanehouse5, Eastbrook lane
2081 Marsland ThomasLeeds roadhouse1012, Leeds road
2082 Martin JohnEastbrook lanehouse31, Eastbrook lane
2083 Martin JohnWentworth streethouse16, Wentworth street
2084 Martin Stephen JamesNewgate streethouse6, Newgate street
2085 Martin WilliamRobert streethouse5, Robert street
2086 Martin WilliamJoseph streethouse113, Joseph street
2087 Mason JamesBack lanehouse215, Back lane
2088 Mason JamesMulgrave streethouse38, Mulgrave street
2089 Mason JohnEbenezer streethouse25, Ebenezer street
2090 Mason ThomasBanner streethouse10, Peter's court
successivehouse36, Banner street
2091 Mason WilliamBack lanehouse233, Back lane
2092 Masterson JohnVicar lanehouse3, Vicar lane
2093 Matthewman JosephHortonwarehouse8, Leeds road
2094 Matthews RobertBuck streethouse6, Buck street
successivehouse8, Buck street
2095 Mathers WilliamMount streethouse385, Mount street
2096 Maud AbrahamAmberley streethouse7, Walnut street
successivehouse42, Amberley street
2097 Maud JohnNapier streethouse73, Napier street
2098 Maud TimothyAmberley streethouse4, Amberley street
2099 Mawby NathanielChandos streethouse114, Chandos street
2100 Mawer ThomasOtley roadhouse & shop39, George street
2101 Maynard WilliamShipleywarehouse10, Leeds road
2102 Mayne WilliamOrange streethouse10, Orange street
2103 McAnnally WilliamWilliam courthouse55, William court
2104 McBurnie DavidGreat Cross streethouse67, Great Cross street
2105 McCaffary JamesManninghamwarehouse27, Bridge street
2106 McCann JamesFarrar squarehouse4, Farrar square
2107 McCall PhilipYork streethouse43, York street
2108 McCarden DavidFrederick streethouse32D, Frederick street
2109 McCarthy PatrickAcre streethouse30, Acre street
2110 McConnell CharlesFurnace inn streethouse17, Furnace inn street
2111 McCormack JosephBedford streethouse84, Bedford street
2112 McCormack PatrickBattye streethouse93, Battye street
2113 McCraw JohnAlmond streethouse14, Almond street
2114 McCue JohnBirksland streethouse43, Birksland street
2115 McDonnell JamesBack Pratt streethouse58, Back Pratt street
2116 McDonnell JamesLeedswarehouse42, Bridge street
2117 McDunmough PatrickYork streethouse49A, York street
2118 McEntyre JohnLeeds roadhouse294, Leeds road
2119 McEvan BernardGeorge streethouse59, George street
2120 McGarth JamesGeorge courthouse21, George court
2121 McGough PeterAeolus placehouse20, Aeolus place
2122 McGraith EdwardGeorge streethouse97, George street
2123 McGuire WilliamChesnut streethouse5, Chesnut street
2124 McIntyre JohnBridge streethouse93, Bridge street
2125 McIver ThomasGreat Cross streethouse28, Great Cross street
2126 McKay AlexanderTennyson placewarehouse7, Union street
2127 McKay JamesWarwick streethouse24, Warwick street
2128 McKay WilliamAdolphus streethouse71, Adolphus street
2129 McKechnie NeilBirksland streethouse49, Birksland street
2130 McKelbie JohnBeck streethouse56, Beck street
2131 McKell GeorgePearson streethouseConcordia street
successivehouse28, Concordia street
successivehousePearson street
2132 McKenley JamesGeorge streethouse83, George street
2133 McKewin JohnBritannia streethouse14, Britannia street
2134 McLane JohnFrederick streethouse34, Frederick street
2135 McLaurin RobertMount streethouse265, Mount street
2136 McLeah JamesThreadneedle streethouse18, Threadneedle street
2137 McMahon JohnBeck streethouse14, Gibson street
successivehouse4, Beck street
2138 McMahon PatrickGeorge streethouse101, George street
2139 McMahon PatrickCoach rowhouse6, Johnson court
successivehouse5, Coach row
2140 McMann JohnPotter streethouse8, Potter street
2141 McMara JohnHall streethouse40, Hall street
2142 McTurk AlexanderManninghamwarehouseLeeds road
2143 McTurk JamesManninghamwarehouseLeeds road
2144 Meade JohnEast streethouse20, East street
2145 Meadowcroft WilliamChandos streethouse106, Chandos street
2146 Medley WilliamAcorn streethouse15, Acorn street
2147 Meeham JosephMulgrave streethouse44, Mulgrave street
2148 Meehan MichaelYork streethouse62, York street
2149 Megson SolomonNewgate streethouseBirkshall lane
successivehouse20, Newgate street
2150 Melbourne WilliamBirk streethouse25, Birk street
2151 Mellor Charles EdwardOastler terracehouseDundas street
successivehouse46, Oastler terrace
2152 Mellon JohnNewgate streethouse18, Newgate street
2153 Menzies JohnLeeds roadhouse524, Leeds road
2154 Metcalfe BenjaminMount streethouse110, Mount street
2155 Metcalfe ChristopherVicar lanehouse4, Vicar lane
2156 Metcalfe JamesLake streethouse10, Lake street
2157 Metcalfe JamesLeeds roadhouse860, Leeds road
2158 Metcalfe JamesMulgrave streethouse4, Mulgrave street
2159 Metcalfe JamesChandos streethouse48, Chandos street
2160 Metcalfe LeonardMount streethouse167, Mount street
2161 Metcalfe LeonardBack Coach rowhouse12, Back Coach row
2162 Metcalfe MichaelLeeds roadhouse1260, Leeds road
2163 Metcalfe ThomasLake streethouse12, Lake street
2164 Metcalfe ThomasKerr streethouseRobert street
successivehouse32, Kerr street
2165 Metcalfe TimothyDiamond streethouse10, Diamond street
2166 Middleton CharlesChandos streethouse10, Chandos street
2167 Middleton CharlesLaisterdykehouse12, Laisterdyke
2168 Middleton JamesBarkerendhouse174, Barkerend
2169 Middleton JohnLaisterdykehouse65, Laisterdyke
2170 Middleton JosephLeeds roadhouse & shop1194, Leeds road
2171 Middleton WilliamLaisterdykehouse18, Laisterdyke
2172 Midgley EdwardCabinet streethouse8, Cabinet street
2173 Midgley EmanuelBuck streethouse20, Buck street
2174 Midgley JosephBarkerendhouse178, Barkerend
2175 Midgley JosephDick streethouse5, Dick street
2176 Midgley RichardFrederick streethouse19, Frederick street
2177 Midgley RobertMalvern streethouse10, Malvern street
2178 Midgley ThomasGladstone streethouse34, Amberley street
successivehouse41, Gladstone street
2179 Midgley ThomasGeorge streethouse148, George street
2180 Midgley William EdwardLeeds roadhouse84, Leeds road
2181 Miles GeorgeAcre streethouse3, Acre street
2182 Milestone JamesHortonshop33, George street
2183 Miller AdamBack lanehouse411, Back lane
2184 Miller WilliamBower greenhouse9, Bower green
2185 Milligan HarrisonRawdonwarehouse12, Leeds road
2186 Milligan Henry HarrisonRawdonwarehouse12, Leeds road
2187 Milligan RobertManninghamwarehouseLeeds road
2188 Millmore WilliamSt. George's streethouse3, St. George's street
2189 Mills AbrahamJoseph streethouse66, Joseph street
2190 Mills WilliamMosscar streethouse9, Malvern street
successivehouse43, Mosscar street
2191 Milner GeorgeAcre streethouse49, Acre street
successivehouse22, Acre street
2192 Milner JamesDaniel streethouse42, Daniel street
2193 Milner JobSt. James's streethouse11, St. James's street
2194 Milner LongstaffRobert streethouse32, Robert street
2195 Milnes AlfredTennyson placeshopDownham street
2196 Milnes JamesGay lanehouse3, Gay lane
2197 Milnes JamesGarnett streethouse144, Garnett street
2198 Milnes Joseph TetleyBarkerendwarehouseBarkerend
2199 Milnes ReubenPratt streethouse55, Pratt street
2200 Milnes RichardRevell courthouse3, Revell court
2201 Milnes SamuelTennyson placeshopDownham street
2202 Milnes William HauptmanBoltonwarehouseBarkerend
2203 Minns RobertAmberley streethouse11, Amberley street
2204 Minto JohnChandos streethouse110, Chandos street
2205 Mitchell AbrahamMaltby streethouse17, Maltby street
2206 Mitchell FrancisMount streethouse217, Mount street
2207 Mitchell HenryManninghamwarehouse40, Leeds road
2208 Mitchell HenryEast streethouse11, East street
2209 Mitchell JamesLeeds roadhouse34, Oastler terrace
successivehouse1252, Leeds road
2210 Mitchell JamesBack lanehouse48, Back lane
2211 Mitchell JohnMount streethouse310, Mount street
2212 Mitchell JohnDryden streethouse10, Dryden street
2213 Mitchell JonasLeeds roadhouse500, Leeds road
2214 Mitchell JosephFieldhouse streethouse29, Fieldhouse street
2215 Mitchell JosephMalvern streethouse33, Malvern street
2216 Mitchell ReubenWilliam squarehouse4, William square
2217 Mitchell RichardFrederick streethouse14, Frederick street
2218 Mitchell SamuelEastbrook lanehouse20, Lower Ebenezer street
successivehouse42, Eastbrook lane
2219 Mitchell SquireGeorge streethouse8, George street
2220 Mitchell ThomasMirfieldwarehouseUnion street
2221 Moiet CharlesBeck streethouse68, Beck street
2222 Moody JohnLeeds roadhouse185, Leeds road
2223 Moore EphraimMount streethouse249, Mount street
2224 Moore GeorgeOastler terracehouseEast parade
successivehouse48, Oastler terrace
2225 Moore PatrickFarrar squarehouse24, Farrar square
2226 Moore WilliamLaurel streethouseLaurel street
successivehouse6, Laurel street
2227 Moorhouse JohnBowlingshop45, Bridge street
2228 Morgan JosephLeeds roadhouse116, Leeds road
2229 Morrell FrostCoach rowhouse1, Coach row
2230 Morrell JamesWilliam squarehouse8, William square
2231 Morrell JohnAmberley streethouse41, Amberley street
2232 Morrell NicholasBack Coach rowhouse18, Back Coach row
2233 Morrell RobertWestgateshop97, Bridge street
2234 Morrell Robert WilsonBoltonwarehouse9, Hall ings
2235 Morrett WilliamFrederick streethouse44, Frederick street
2236 Morris JohnWakefield roadhouse197, Wakefield road
2237 Morrison JohnGeorge streethouse91, George street
2238 Mortimer DanielAlmond streethouse8, Almond street
2239 Mortimer JohnLaisterdykehouse16, Laisterdyke
2240 Mortimer RichardLeeds roadhouse1210, Leeds road
2241 Mortimer Richard PolycarpGay lanehouse14, Gay lane
2242 Moseley GeorgeMaltby streethouse55, Maltby street
2243 Moseley HenryPearson streethouseMaltby street
successivehousePearson street
2244 Moss AbrahamArlington streethouse10, Arlington street
2245 Moss AlfredAlmond streethouse38, Almond street
2246 Moss JamesLaisterdykehouse2, Laisterdyke
2247 Moss JohnBanner streethouse68, Garnett street
successivehouseExeter street
successivehouse54, Banner street
2248 Moss RichardGeorge streethouse116, George street
2249 Moss SamuelLeeds roadhouse805, Leeds road
2250 Moss ThomasHudson streethouse12, Hudson street
2251 Moss WilliamLeeds roadhouse & shop122, Leeds road
2252 Mounsey JohnTanhouse yardhouse3, Tanhouse yard
2253 Mountain JosephBack lanehouse277, Back lane
2254 Mowthorp WilliamMount streethouse336, Mount street
2255 Moxon GeorgeMulgrave streethouse24, Mulgrave street
successivehouse27, Mulgrave street
2256 Moxon JohnBeck streethouse52, Beck street
2257 Mudd GeorgeBack Royal streethouse23, Collier street
successivehouse2, Back Royal street
2258 Mudd HenryEast streethouse53, Brooklyn street
successivehouse38, East street
2259 Muff GeorgeCroft streethouse87, Croft street
2260 Muff SamuelDiamond streethouse4, Diamond street
2261 Muff WilliamEdward streethouse30, Edward street
2262 Muldowny MichaelBack Coach rowhouse15, Back Coach row
2263 Mulligan EdwardBrooklyn streethouse16, Cope street
successivehouse52, Brooklyn street
2264 Mumby George HenryBack lanehouse505, Back lane
2265 Murgatroyd HenryHudson streethouse6, Hudson street
2266 Murgatroyd JamesCarnation streethouse10, Amberley street
successivehouse2, Carnation street
2267 Murgatroyd JobBarkerend foldhouse55, Barkerend fold
2268 Murgatroyd JohnEssex streethouse36, Essex street
2269 Murgatroyd JosephHudson streethouse5, Hudson street
2270 Murgatroyd LewisFieldhouse rowhouse7, Fieldhouse row
2271 Murgatroyd RichardLeeds roadhouse1212, Leeds road
2272 Murgatroyd SamuelScaley streethouse4, Scaley street
2273 Murgatroyd WilliamChapman streethouse2, Chapman street
2274 Murphy DanielBack Mount streethouse136, Back Mount street
2275 Murphy GeorgeGeorge streethousePoole Alley
successivehouse40, George street
2276 Murphy JosephGeorge streethouse24, Eastbrook lane
successivehouse69, George street
2277 Murphy PatrickBedford streethouse27, Bedford street
2278 Musgrave John, seniorDaniel streethouse23, Daniel street
2279 Musgrave JohnDaniel streethouse7, Daniel street
2280 Musgrave JosephDaniel streethouse48, Daniel street
2281 Myatt JamesBedford streethouse29, Bedford street
2282 Myers JohnLake rowhouse5, Lake row
2283 Myers JohnClarkson courthouse23, Clarkson court
2284 Myers MarkBarkerend foldhouse63, Barkerend fold
2285 Myers ThomasFieldhouse squarehouse2, Fieldhouse square
2286 Myhill GeorgeOrange streethouse38, Laurel street
successivehouse25, Orange street

SOUTH WARD, 1874, surnames beginning with the letter N
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
2287 Nathan LouisHortonwarehouseVicar lane
2288 Naylor EzraHall streethouse25, Hall street
2289 Naylor GeorgeAeolus streethouse1, Aeolus street
2290 Naylor HenryAlmond streethouse25, Almond street
2291 Naylor JabezLeeds roadhouse845, Leeds road
2292 Naylor JamesCroft streethouse95, Croft street
2293 Naylor JamesAlmond streethouse19, Almond street
2294 Naylor JamesLower Ernest streethouseLower Ernest street
2295 Naylor JamesGraham streethouseGraham street
2296 Naylor JohnSodom lanehouse13, Sodom lane
2297 Naylor JohnLee rowhouse & shop823, Leeds road
successivehouse7, Lee row
2298 Naylor JohnLeeds roadhouse296, Leeds road
2299 Naylor JohnBirk streethouse49, Birk street
2300 Naylor John FieldhouseBack lanehouse33, Back lane
2301 Naylor JosephCross Frederick streethouse20, Bedford street
successivehouse1, Cross Frederick street
2302 Naylor JosephBirk streethouse38, Birk street
2303 Naylor RichardChapman streethouse12, Chapman street
2304 Naylor WilliamCartmell streethouseCartmell street
2305 Naylor WilliamMount streethouse216, Mount street
2306 Neary AnthonyBritannia courthouse11, Britannia court
2307 Neary JamesGeorge courthouse122, George street
successivehouse12, George court
2308 Neile WilliamFieldhouse squarehouse3, Fieldhouse square
2309 Neill JobGay lanehouse41, Gay lane
2310 Nettleton FrancisBack lanehouse207, Back lane
2311 Newboult MichaelBack Mount streethouse96, Back Mount street
2312 Newby JosephBack lanehouse487, Back lane
2313 Newsham JosephGreat Cross streethouse16, Great Cross street
2314 Newsome HenryLeeds roadhouse370, Leeds road
successivehouse825, Leeds road
2315 Newsome IsraelPeter's courthouse21, Peter's court
2316 Newsome JobPeter's courthouse25, Peter's court
2317 Newsome WilliamBack lanehouse390, Back lane
2318 Newton GeorgeHall streethouse21, Hall street
2319 Newton JohnGarnett streethouse14, Garnett street
2320 Newton JohnBirk streethouse13, Birk street
2321 Newton JosephAllan streethouse4, Allan street
2322 Nicholl JohnScaley streethouse5, Scaley street
2323 Nicholls RichardLeeds roadhouse1042, Leeds road
2324 Nichols JoshuaLeeds roadhouse1040, Leeds road
2325 Nichols RichardLeeds roadhouse243, Leeds road
2326 Nichols WilliamFieldhouse rowhouse7, Fieldhouse row
2327 Nichols WilliamBirksland streethouse95, Birksland street
2328 Nicholson EdwardCroft streethouse122, Croft street
2329 Nicholson EllisonLeeds roadhouse856, Leeds road
2330 Nicholson Frederick WhitworthSouthey placeshop8, Mulgrave street
2331 Nicholson JohnPotter streethouse3, Potter street
2332 Nicholson NormanLeeds roadhouse370, Leeds road
2333 Nicholson ThomasWilliam squarehouse5A, William square
2334 Nicholson ThomasFlorence streethouse25, Florence street
2335 Nicholson WilliamJewell streethouse2, Jewell street
2336 Noble HenryBower greenhouse5, Bower green
2337 Noble JohnFoundry streethouse8, Foundry street
2338 Noble JohnAlmond streethouse & shop51, Bridge street
successivehouse37, Almond street
2339 Noble ThomasPotter streethouse14, Potter street
2340 Noble WilliamGladstone streethouse24, Gladstone street
2341 Noble William JonesBower greenhouse1, Bower green
2342 Noddle EdwardLeeds roadhouseLeeds road
2343 Noddle GeorgeMulgrave streethouse98, Mulgrave street
2344 Noddle JamesDiamond streethouse12, Diamond street
2345 Noddle ThomasLyndhurst streethouse35, Lyndhurst street
2346 Noddle ThomasBanner streethouse26, Banner street
2347 Noddle William HenryMarske streethouse1, Marske street
2348 Norham JosephPit lanehouse6, Pit lane
2349 Norman RichardAcre streethouse13, Acre street
2350 Normington IsaacQuill streethouse25, Quill street
successivehouse16, Quill street
2351 Normington JamesNapier streethouse13, Napier street
2352 Normington JamesGeorge streethouse109, George street
2353 Normington JohnDiamond streethouse2, Diamond street
2354 Normington JosephCroft streethouse123, Croft street
2355 Normington LukeRaglan streethouse5, Sodom lane
successivehouse2, Raglan street
2356 Normington MichaelMaltby streethouse46, Maltby street
2357 Normington SamuelYork streethouse18, York street
2358 Normington ThomasMosscar streethouse44, Mosscar street
2359 Normington WilliamWilliam courthouse25, William court
2360 Norris RichardChandos streethouse68, Chandos street
2361 Norris ThomasClarkson streethouse32, Clarkson street
2362 Norris ThomasDiamond courthouse25, George court
successivehouseDiamond court
2363 North HenryJohnson streethouse6, Johnson street
2364 North JohnBack Coach rowhouse19, Back Coach row
2365 North JohnCroft streethouse88, Croft street
2366 North JohnDaniel streethouse68, Daniel street
2367 Northend JosephDryden streethouse3, Dryden street
2368 Northrop ThomasChapman streethouse10, Chapman street
2369 Northrop WilliamBack lanehouse345, Back lane
2370 Norton JamesParratt rowhouse16, Parratt row
2371 Norton JohnParratt rowhouse4, Parratt row
2372 Norton JosephLeach squarehouse3, Leach square
2373 Nuttall JamesBarkerend foldhouseThe Mount
successivehouse54, Barkerend fold
2374 Nutter JohnBack lanehouse295, Back lane

SOUTH WARD, 1874, surnames beginning with the letter O
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
2375 O'Brian PatrickYork streethouse71, York street
2376 O'Brien ThomasGeorge streethouse28, George street
2377 O'Bryan JohnAcre streethouse33, Acre street
2378 Oddy EdwinAcorn streethouse7, Acorn street
2379 Oddy EmanuelPotter streethouse4, Potter street
2380 Oddy JamesClark streethouse8, Clark court
successivehouse13, Clark street
2381 Oddy JohnMulgrave streethouse & shop31, Mulgrave street
2382 Oddy John CharlesGirlingtonshop10, Maud street
2383 Oddy JonathanBanner streethouse30, Banner street
2384 Oddy JosephLeeds roadhouse189, Leeds road
2385 Oddy WilliamAnnison streethouse21, Annison street
2386 O'Donnell JohnCroft street courthouse1, Croft street court
2387 O'Hara JohnPratt streethouse38, Pratt street
2388 Oldfield DavidBridge streethouse105, Bridge street
2389 Oldfield JamesGeorge streethouse40, George street
2390 Oldfield JosephAcre streethouse5, Acre street
2391 Oldham JohnBower greenhouse7, Bower green
2392 Oliver RobertMulgrave streethouse5, Mulgrave street
2393 O'Leary CorneliusBirk streethouse34, Birk street
2394 O'Leary JohnLee rowhouse12, Lee row
2395 O'Neill BrianEastbrook lanehouse26, Eastbrook lane
2396 O'Neill James ReynoldsMount streethouse149, Mount street
successivehouse151, Mount street
2397 O'Neill TimothyCope streethouse20, Cope street
2398 Onions EdwardHarrison streethouse30, Harrison street
2399 Onions IsaacBirkshall lanehouse41, Birkshall lane
2400 Onions JohnChandos streethouse1, Chandos street
2401 Orton GeorgeBonwell's courthouse11, Bonwell's court
2402 Osborne JamesYork streethouse & shop9, York street
2403 Osborne ThomasYork streethouse14, York street
successivehouse26, York street
2404 Osliff JohnRoberts courthouse10, Roberts court
2405 Ostler ThomasMyrtle streethouse62, Myrtle street
2406 Outhwaite JamesBack lanehouse405, Back lane
2407 Oversby OliverMyrtle streethouse93, Myrtle street
2408 Oversley ThomasMount streethouse16, Birkshall lane
successivehouseMount street
2409 Owen RichardBritannia streethouse36, Britannia street
2410 Owen SamuelRobert courthouse15, Robert court
2411 Owlett JohnFrederick streethouse84, Frederick street
2412 Oxley JohnSeymour streethouse26, Seymour street

SOUTH WARD, 1874, surnames beginning with the letter P
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
2413 Padgett JohnBarkerend foldhouseHeap lane
2414 Padgett JohnBattye streethouse3, Battye street
2415 Padgett PriestleyCorless rowhouse4, Corless row
2416 Padgett ThomasBarkerendhouse40A, Barkerend
2417 Padgett WilliamMount streethouse326, Mount street
2418 Page JohnChapman streethouse20, Chapman street
2419 Page WilliamChapman streethouse16, Chapman street
2420 Palmer JohnMosscar streethouse38, Mosscar street
2421 Parish EdwardCarnation streethouse13, Carnation street
2422 Park EdwardPotter's yardhouse18, Potter's yard
2423 Parker AbrahamBack lanehouse391, Back lane
2424 Parker CharlesFrederick streethouse95, Wilfred street
successivehouse31, Frederick street
2425 Parker DavidTanhouse yardhouse7, Tanhouse yard
2426 Parker EdmundBeck streethouse78, Beck street
2427 Parker GeorgeHeaton streethouse3, Heaton street
2428 Parker JohnWakefield roadhouse109, Wakefield road
2429 Parker JosephMarley streethouse24, Marley street
2430 Parker MilesGeorge streethouse129, George street
2431 Parker SamuelLeeds roadhouse360, Leeds road
2432 Parker ThomasBarkerend foldhouse67, Barkerend fold
2433 Parker ThomasLake rowhouse4, Lake row
2434 Parker WilliamManninghamwarehouse29, Bridge street
2435 Parker WilliamBack lanehouse231, Back lane
2436 Parker WilliamBirk streethouse66, Birk street
2437 Parker WilliamLeeds roadhouse150, Leeds road
2438 Parkin ArthurBack lanehouse531, Back lane
2439 Parkinson BenjaminQuill streethouse9, Quill street
2440 Parkinson BirkettPeace streethouse19, Peace street
2441 Parkinson CharlesPenn streethouse3, Penn street
2442 Parkinson Charles EdwardHortonwarehouseChapel lane
2443 Parkinson JohnBridge streethouse & shop53, Bridge street
2444 Parkinson WilliamMount streethouse112, Mount street
2445 Parr DavidBedford streethouse89, Bedford street
2446 Parratt JohnLeeds roadhouse908, Leeds road
2447 Parratt UriahLeeds roadhouse & shop498, Leeds road
2448 Parry IsaacBedford streethouse118, Bedford street
2449 Parsons GeorgeTanhouse yardhouse8, Tanhouse yard
2450 Passavant PhillipNewlaywarehouse3, George street
2451 Patchett JamesBedford streethouse38, Bedford street
2452 Patchett JohnMount streethouse320, Mount street
2453 Patchett LeviBradford rowhouse1310, Bradford row
2454 Pattinson ThompsonAlmond streethouse11, Almond street
2455 Pattison JosephLyndhurst streethouse37, Lyndhurst street
2456 Pattison StephensonFarnley streethouse15, Farnley street
2457 Pattison WilliamLyndhurst streethouse4, Lyndhurst street
2458 Pattison WilliamWalnut streethouse23, Walnut street
2459 Pattison ZadocRobert courthouse54, Joseph street
successivehouse22, Robert court
2460 Payne Ambrose JohnLaurel streethouse58, Laurel street
2461 Pearce JohnMaud streethouse9, Maud street
successivehouse17, Maud street
2462 Pearce PeterPit lanehouse2, Pit lane
2463 Pearson JamesMosscar streethouse25, Mosscar street
2464 Pearson JohnDaniel streethouse30, Daniel street
2465 Pease JohnBarkerend foldhouse60, Barkerend fold
2466 Pease JosephBarkerend foldhouse60, Barkerend fold
2467 Pease RichardHortonmillCarroll street
2468 Peel HenryPotter streethouse18, Potter street
2469 Peel HiramLake rowhouse8, Lake row
2470 Peel RobertBedford streethouse22, Bedford street
2471 Peel SamuelEdderthorpe streetshopEdderthorpe street
2472 Peel SimeonWilliam courthouse17, William court
2473 Peel WilliamHortonwarehouse24, Bridge street
2474 Pemberton AmblerChesnut streethouse11, Chesnut street
2475 Penn JosephBirk streethouse20, Birk street
2476 Pepper JosephusThornburycountinghouse2, Hall ings
2477 Perkins GeorgeRoyal streethouse11, Royal street
2478 Petty JacobBirk streethouse37, Birk street
2479 Petty JosephDownham streetwarehouseMount street
2480 Petty JosephDownham streethouse2, Downham street
2481 Petty RobertDownham streethouse4, Downham street
2482 Pfeiffer FrederickWakefield roadhouse & shop13, Wakefield road
2483 Phelen AlexanderBirkshall lanehouse11, Birkshall lane
2484 Phezzy IsaacBedford streethouse104, Bedford street
2485 Phezzy WilliamBedford streethouse125, Bedford street
2486 Phillips JohnCarpenter streethouse7, Cabinet street
successivehouse26, Carpenter street
2487 Phillips WilliamTownhill streethouse10, Townhill street
2488 Philpot JohnBack lanehouse20, Back lane
2489 Philpot ThomasLake streethouse2, Lake street
2490 Pick WilliamChandos streethouse70, Chandos street
2491 Pickard CharlesAnnison streethouse18, Annison street
2492 Pickard JamesLeeds roadhouse & shop442, Leeds road
2493 Pickard JamesMaltby streethouse15, Maltby street
2494 Pickard JohnBack Coach rowhouse13, Back Coach row
2495 Pickard JohnCook streethouse21, Cook street
2496 Pickard JosephBattye streethouse65, Battye street
2497 Pickard ThomasAnnison streethouse14, Annison street
2498 Pickard WilliamGeorge streethouse133, George street
2499 Pickerdyke JohnBradford moorhouse18, Bradford moor
2500 Pickerdyke WilliamSchool squarehouse9, School square
2501 Pickering JamesMount streethouse1, Royal street
successivehouse227, Mount street
2502 Pickles AbramBendigo foldhouse11, Bendigo fold
2503 Pickles CorneliusMalvern streethouse28, Malvern street
2504 Pickles FouldsEssex streethouse42, Essex street
2505 Pickles JamesBack Royal streethouse3, Back Royal street
2506 Pickles JamesBirk streethouse53, Birk street
2507 Pickles JamesFrederick streethouse35, Frederick street
2508 Pickles JohnSchool squarehouse25, School square
2509 Pickles JohnCork streethouse3, Cork street
2510 Pickles JoshuaBower greenhouse23, Bower green
2511 Pickles JoshuaPeace streethouse7, Peace street
2512 Pickles MichaelLee squarehouse23, William court
successivehouse8, Lee square
2513 Pickles RichardAmberley streethouse14, Amberley street
2514 Pickup Oliver RichardBack lanehouse209, Back lane
2515 Pinders ThomasMulgrave streethouse3, Mulgrave street
2516 Pitts CluderayBower greenhouse19, Bower green
2517 Pitts James ThomasNewgate streethouse14, Newgate street
2518 Pitts JohnMaltby streethouse38, Maltby street
2519 Pitts JohnHall streethouse72, Hall street
2520 Pitts WilliamLeeds roadhouse1208, Leeds road
2521 Platts CharlesBack lanehouse307, Back lane
2522 Platts RichardAeolus streethouse17, Aeolus street
2523 Plough ThomasMaltby streethouseKerr street
successivehouse62, Maltby street
2524 Podmore SamuelArlington streethouse12, Arlington street
2525 Pointer MosesLake streethouse4, Lake street
2526 Pollard BenjaminWilliam courthouse81, William court
2527 Pollard GeorgeDiamond courthouse2, Diamond court
2528 Pollard JacobFrederick streethouse25, Frederick street
2529 Pollard JosephBack lanehouse501a, Back lane
2530 Pollard JoshuaWhitley streethouse5, Whitley street
2531 Pollard NathanBack lanehouse501, Back lane
2532 Pollard SamuelFrancis streethouse16, Francis street
2533 Pollard SquireBradford moorhouse7, Bradford moor
2534 Pollard William HenryLeeds roadhouse48, Exeter street
successivehouseLeeds road
2535 Poole JamesBirksland streethouse28, Birksland street
2536 Poole JamesFlorence streethouse29, Florence street
2537 Poole JohnFrederick streethouse41, Frederick street
2538 Poole WilliamPeace streethouse4, Potter street
successivehouse55, Peace street
2539 Pope JamesBack Royal streethouse4, Back Royal street
2540 Poppleston JohnWakefield roadhouse & shop47, Wakefield road
2541 Popplewell HenryBritannia streethouse30, Britannia street
2542 Popplewell JohnMount streetwarehouseConcordia street
2543 Porter GeorgeEbenezer streethouse22, Ebenezer street
2544 Portway GeorgeLightcliffewarehouseBirksland street
2545 Portway HerbertLightcliffewarehouseBirksland street
2546 Potter Brice M.ManninghamwarehouseDrake street
2547 Potts GeorgeLeeds roadhouse316, Leeds road
2548 Potts JohnBradford moorhouse19, Furnace inn street
successivehouseBradford moor
2549 Poulter ThomasEdward streethouse45, Edward street
2550 Poulton EdwardNewgate streethouse10, Newgate street
2551 Poulton JosephRobinson streethouse11, Robinson street
2552 Powell WilliamBirk streethouse30, Birk street
2553 Power JamesFoundry streethouse9, Foundry street
2554 Power StephenCollier streethouse35, Collier street
2555 Pratchett GeorgeQuill streethouse18, Quill street
2556 Pratt AlfredHeaton streethouse11, Heaton street
2557 Pratt JamesAmberley streethouse16, Amberley street
2558 Pratt JamesAtkinson streethouse5, Atkinson street
2559 Pratt RobertAmberley streethouse24, Amberley street
2560 Preece Walter WilliamCarpenter streethouse20, Carpenter street
2561 Preston JohnBridge streethouse & shop87, Bridge street
2562 Preston SamuelChandos streethouse98, Chandos street
2563 Price WilliamBack lanehouse401A, Back lane
2564 Priestley BriggsManninghamwarehouseLaisterdyke
2565 Priestley JamesLeeds roadhouse & shop504, Leeds road
2566 Priestley JohnClayton placehouse30, Clayton place
2567 Priestley JohnOld Mill foldhouse11, Old Mill fold
2568 Priestley JohnOastler terracehouse29, Napier street
successivehouse20, Oastler terrace
2569 Priestley SamuelKershaw streethouseKershaw street
2570 Priestley SamuelBattye streethouse1, Battye street
2571 Priestley Samuel A.Acre streethouse8, Acre street
2572 Priestley SquireMount streethouse360, Mount street
2573 Priestley ThomasAmberley streethouse6, Amberley street
2574 Priestley ThomasManninghamwarehouseLaisterdyke
2575 Prince CharlesMount streethouse205, Mount street
2576 Pringle JamesManninghamwarehouseFlorence street
2577 Proctor BenjaminMount streethouse134, Back Mount street
2578 Proctor JohnLeeds roadhouse434, Leeds road
2579 Proctor William BirkettBridge streethouse34, Bridge street
2580 Proud James AlfredGeorge streethouse15, George street
2581 Pryer WilliamAlmond streethouse28, Almond street
2582 Puddifin JamesFrancis streethouse9, Francis street
2583 Pullan JamesCroft streethouse96, Croft street
2584 Punt ThomasRoyal streethouse11, Royal street
2585 Pyrah JohnWhitley streethouse3, Whitley street
2586 Pyrah WilliamSchool squarehouse6, School square
2587 Pyrah WilliamWhitley streethouse1, Whitley street

SOUTH WARD, 1874, surnames beginning with the letter Q
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
2588 Quarmby JohnGladstone streethouse28, Gladstone street
2589 Quinlan JohnChandos streethouse21, Chandos street
2590 Quinn PatrickBedford streethouse123, Bedford street
2591 Quirk EdwardBedford streethouse57, Bedford street

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