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BRADFORD: Bradford Parliamentary Register 1875, EAST WARD, surnames R-Z.


EAST WARD, 1875, surnames R-Z.
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
2808 Raddan WilliamDe Grey streethouse113, De Grey street
2809 Rafter JosephWellington streethouseWellington street
successivehouse34, Wellington street
2810 Raistrick GeorgeMulberry streethouseFilbert street
successivehouse52, Mulberry street
2811 Raistrick HenryHaigh rowhouse9, Haigh row
2812 Raistrick JoshuaFilbert streethouse12, Filbert street
2813 Raistrick SamuelExeter streethouse67, Exeter street
2814 Raistrick TaylorWapping roadhouse161, Wapping road
2815 Raistrick ThomasWapping roadhouseBolton road
successivehouse48, Wapping road
2816 Ralston JohnManninghamwarehouse5, Charles street
2817 Rams bottom ThomasStott hillhouse39, Stott hill
2818 Ramsden Abraham WalmsleyHardenwarehouse22, Charles street
2819 Ramsden GeorgePeckover streethouse42, Peckover street
2820 Ramsden JamesHortonwarehouse35, Brook street
2821 Ramsden JohnHortonwarehouse3, Bentley street
2822 Ramsden LeviCordingley streethouse173, Otley road
successivehouse34, Cordingley street
2823 Ramsden Thomas HirstButler streethouse16, Butler street
2824 Ramsden WilliamHortonwarehouse3, Bentley street
2825 Raper JosephThe Mounthouse18, The Mount
2826 Ratcliffe GeorgeJoseph streethouse10, Joseph street
2827 Ratcliffe RichardBeech grovehouse17, Beech grove
2828 Ratcliffe RobertCraven streethouse32, Craven street
2829 Raw FrancisPhiladelphia streethouse12, Philadelphia street
2830 Rawcliffe GeorgeMount pleasanthouse2, Mount pleasant
2831 Rawlings JamesHustler streethouse47, Hustler street
2832 Rawnsley Alfred JamesMulberry streetshop18, Bolton road
2833 Rawnsley BenjaminWardle streethouse3, Wardle street
2834 Rawnsley CharlesBarkerend roadhouse139, Barkerend road
2835 Rawnsley EdwardHortonwarehouse38, Brook street
2836 Rawnsley HenryPark streethouse31, Park street
2837 Rawnsley JosephHeap lanehouse128, Heap lane
2838 Rawson JohnUndercliffe lanehouseUndercliffe lane
2839 Rawstone Joseph TweedaleBolton roadshopBolton road
2840 Rawstron RatcliffeOtley roadhouse92, Otley road
2841 Read John BrayshawJane streethouse8, Jane street
2842 Rearden JohnRanter courthouse2, Ranter court
2843 Redhead JohnBarkerend roadhouse122, Barkerend road
2844 Redman JamesMulberry streethouse48, Mulberry street
2845 Redman JamesHortonwarehouseHardcastle lane
2846 Rees WilliamWright streethouse2, Wright street
2847 Reeves HenryExeter streethouse108, Exeter street
2848 Reeves RichardVictoria terracehouse208, Victoria terrace
2849 Reffitt JamesLeedswarehouse6, Bentley street
2850 Reffitt JohnManninghamwarehouse10, Well street
2851 Reid DavidManninghamwarehouse25, Charles street
2852 Render SamuelManninghamwarehouse1, Bentley street
2853 Rennotson JohnWapping roadhouse233, Wapping road
2854 Renton ThomasManninghamwarehouse28, Bolton road
2855 Renton ThomasWestfield terracehouse10, Westfield terrace
2856 Revell RichardDudley hillwarehouse6, Charles street
2857 Reynolds John WarwickFilbert streethouse26, Filbert street
2858 Reynolds WilliamHortonwarehouse24, Charles street
2859 Reynolds WilliamJermyn streethouse7, Pine street
successivehouse6, Jermyn street
2860 Rhodes AlbertBolton roadhouse114, Bolton road
2861 Rhodes Edmund CoatesTennyson placehouse58, Tennyson place
2862 Rhodes EdwardHortonwarehouse2, Currer street
2863 Rhodes FrancisCordingley streethouse46, Cordingley street
2864 Rhodes JamesHoughton placewarehouse9, Church bank
2865 Rhodes JamesBarkerend roadhouse49, Barkerend road
2866 Rhodes JamesMulberry streethouse10, Mulberry street
2867 Rhodes JohnNorthampton streethouse14, Northampton street
2868 Rhodes JohnGaunt streethouse13, Gaunt street
2869 Rhodes JohnGarnett streethouse3, Yeadon street
successivehouse81, Garnett street
2870 Rhodes JosephJohnson foldhouse6, Johnson fold
2871 Rhodes JosephSt. Augustine's terracehouse5, St. Augustine's terrace
2872 Rhodes JoshuaStott hillhouse45, Stott hill
2873 Rhodes JoshuaCordingley streethouse53, Cordingley street
2874 Rhodes MarshallNorth winghouse113, North wing
2875 Rhodes MatOtley roadhouse109, Otley road
2876 Rhodes RichardMildred streetshop5, Booth street
2877 Rhodes WalshawNorth winghouse94, North wing
2878 Rhodes WatsonJane streethouse6, Jane street
2879 Rhodes WilliamKing Charles squarehouse64, Wellington street
successivehouse12, King Charles square
2880 Rhodes WilliamGarnett streethouse121, Garnett street
2881 Rhodes WilsonNorthampton streethouse11, Northampton street
2882 Rich CharlesUpper Bolton streethouse35, Upper Bolton street
2883 Richardson JohnPark streethouse35, Park street
2884 Richardson ThomasStott hillhouse23, Stott hill
2885 Rickey JamesExeter streethouse163, Exeter street
2886 Riddiough DanielGreencliffe villahouse2, Greencliffe villa
2887 Rider JohnOtley roadhouse177, Otley road
2888 Rigg JosephHortonwarehouse35, Swaine street
2889 Rigg ThomasDrighlingtonwarehouse35, Brook street
2890 Rigg WilliamHortonwarehouse35, Swaine street
2891 Riley DennisRichmond streethouse6, Richmond street
2892 Riley HartleyBarkerend roadshop71, Barkerend road
2893 Riley JosephCleckheatonwarehouse47, Leeds road
2894 Riley JosephExeter streethouse112, Exeter street
2895 Riley ThomasManninghamwarehouse32, Charles street
2896 Riley ThomasNorth winghouse89A, North wing
2897 Riley WilliamHortonwarehouse5, Charles street
2898 Ripley DanVictoria streetwarehouse37, Brook street
2899 Ripley FredAcacia, RawdonwarehouseExchange
successivewarehouse10, Brook street
2900 Ripley Henry William, M.P.Acacia, Rawdonwarehouse2, Swaine street
2901 Ripley WilliamColeridge placeshop9, North street
2902 Ripley WilliamJoseph streethouse2, Joseph street
2903 Riste JosephEast paradehouse148, East parade
2904 Roach ThomasBarker courthouse3, Barker court
2905 Roane RobertStanacre placehouse16, Stanacre place
2906 Roberts GeorgeVictoria terracehouse16, Victoria terrace
2907 Roberts HenryGomersalwarehouse33, Charles street
2908 Roberts JohnBeech grovehouse29, Beech grove
2909 Roberts John ArthurManninghamwarehouse11, Mildred court
2910 Robertshaw BenjaminHustler streethouse8, Hustler street
2911 Robertshaw BradleyWapping roadhouse117, Wapping road
2912 Robertshaw CalvinAllertonwarehouse50, Brook street
2913 Robertshaw EmanuelExeter streethouse140, Exeter street
2914 Robertshaw Fergus ThomasWestfield terracehouse8, Westfield terrace
2915 Robertshaw IllingworthAllertonwarehouse50, Brook street
2916 Robertshaw IsaacPark streethouse30, Park street
2917 Robertshaw IsaacAllertonwarehouse9, Brook street
2918 Robertshaw JohnPark gatehouseMosscar street
successivehouse22, Park gate
2919 Robertshaw LutherAllertonwarehouse50, Brook street
2920 Robertshaw ThomasAllertonwarehouse50, Brook street
2921 Robertshaw WalterAllertonwarehouse50, Brook street
2922 Robinson Arthur WhitworthHortoncountinghouse9, Market street
2923 Robinson BartrumFilbert streethouse18, Filbert street
2924 Robinson CharlesLoom streethouse13, Loom street
2925 Robinson DanielColeridge placehouse28, Coleridge place
2926 Robinson EdwardMildred streethouse66, Mildred street
2927 Robinson GeorgeLeeds roadhouse67, Leeds road
2928 Robinson HenryDe Grey streethouse33, De Grey street
2929 Robinson Hugh ChesterWapping roadhouse59, Wapping road
2930 Robinson IrvingSun streethouse5, Sun street
2931 Robinson JamesThomas foldhouse2, Thomas fold
2932 Robinson JamesDe Grey streethouse6, De Grey street
2933 Robinson JamesNorth winghouse26, North wing
2934 Robinson JohnHortonwarehouse6, Booth street
2935 Robinson JohnDudley hill roadhouse51, Dudley Hill road
2936 Robinson JohnWild Boar streethouse28, Wild Boar street
2937 Robinson JosephChapel streethouseMount street
successivehouse22, Chapel street
2938 Robinson JosephPeckover streethouse4, Peckover street
2939 Robinson MarkRipon streethouse50, Mildred street
successivehouse41, Ripon street
2940 Robinson NathanOtley roadhouse3, Northampton street
successivehouse186, Otley road
2941 Robinson SamuelGirlingtoncountinghouse5, Charles street
2942 Robinson ThomasRipon streethouse114, Ripon street
2943 Robinson ThomasFilbert streethouse10, Vine street
successivehouse39, Filbert street
2944 Robinson ThomasRipon streethouse124, Ripon street
2945 Robinson WilliamCaptain streethouse10, Captain street
2946 Robinson WilliamCross Sun streethouse62, Cross Sun street
2947 Robinson WilliamExeter streethouse17, Exeter street
2948 Robinson WilsonFilbert streethouse25, Filbert street
2949 Rochell JamesWellesley streethouse23, Hillside villas
successivehouse10, Wellesley street
2950 Rochford ThomasCross Sun streethouse57, Cross Sun street
2951 Rodgers EnochOrchard streethouse43, Orchard street
2952 Rodison GeorgeHillside villashouseHillside villas
2953 Roe JamesTemperance streethouse19, Temperance street
2954 Roe John ClarkeCordingley streethouse54, Cordingley street
2955 Roe NathanRipon streethouse29, Exeter street
successivehouse35, Ripon street
2956 Roe William CroftWright streethouse15, Wright street
2957 Roebuck RobertSouthampton streethouse43, Southampton street
2958 Rogerson WilliamHeap streethouse53, Heap street
2959 Romaine EdwinBarkerend roadhouse61, Exeter street
successivehouse146, Barkerend road
2960 Rooks BenjaminWellesley courthouse1, Wellesley court
2961 Rooks GeorgeTennyson placehouse51, Tennyson place
2962 Rooks JamesCowper placehouse12, Cowper place
2963 Rooney CharlesWapping roadhouse22, Wapping road
2964 Roper EzekielMab streethouse13, Mab street
2965 Roper JosephBolton roadhouse84, Bolton road
2966 Rose ThomasWilfred streethouse60, Wilfred street
2967 Rothenstein MoritzManninghamwarehouse16, Church bank
2968 Rothera JamesFilbert streethouse49, Filbert street
2969 Rotheray BenjaminKing Charles streethouse7, King Charles street
2970 Rouse RobertWapping roadhouse227, Wapping road
2971 Rowe PhilipButler streethouse76, Butler street
2972 Rowe WilliamBarkerend roadhouse92, Barkerend road
2973 Rowell GeorgeFilbert streethouse30, Filbert street
2974 Rowland GeorgeLofthouse streethouse6, Lofthouse street
2975 Rowlands WilliamSouthampton streethouse26, Southampton street
2976 Rowney PatrickCarver courthouse5, Carver court
2977 Rowsthorne ThomasPaper hall squarehouse7, Paper hall square
2978 Rowston HenryOtley roadhouse & shop7, Otley road
2979 Royston DavidFarmer streethouse6, Farmer street
2980 Rudd GeorgeWestfield crescenthouse15, Westfield crescent
2981 Rudd JeremiahHortonwarehouse3, Mildred court
2982 Rudd RobertUndercliffe Old roadhouse5, Undercliffe Old road
2983 Rumball EdwardWapping roadhouse106, Wapping road
2984 Rushforth AbrahamSydenham placehouseSydenham place
2985 Rushforth SamuelBingleywarehouse20, Charles street
2986 Rushforth ThomasNorthbrook streethouse6, Northbrook street
2987 Rushton JosephBarkerend roadhouse121, Barkerend road
2988 Rushworth FrancisRichmond streethouse18, Richmond street
2989 Rushworth SamuelSpinkwell terracehouse260, Spinkwell terrace
2990 Russam JamesPark gatehouse40, Park gate
2991 Russam JohnTennyson placehouse12B, Tennyson place
2992 Russell AlexanderRipon streethouse112, Ripon street
2993 Russell AlfredCavalier courthouse8, Cavalier court
2994 Russell AlfredUpper Bolton streethouse17, Upper Bolton street
2995 Russell AndrewOtley roadwarehouse14, Mildred court
2996 Russell Rev. AndrewUndercliffe roadhouse215, Undercliffe road
2997 Russell EphraimWilfred streethouse10, Wilfred street
2998 Russell EzraNorth winghouse135, North wing
2999 Russell JohnAlbert squarehouse4, Albert square
3000 Russell JohnHortonwarehouseLeeds road
successivewarehouseVicar lane
3001 Russell JohnNorth winghouse41, North wing
3002 Russell WilliamWapping roadhouseWapping road
successivehouse61, Wapping road
3003 Russell WilliamMildred streethouse140, Mildred street
3004 Rycroft JamesGirlingtonwarehouse30, Charles street
3005 Rycroft JoshuaWilfred streethouse13, Airedale square
successivehouse40, Wilfred street
3006 Rycroft WilliamLoom streethouse5, Wapping street
successivehouse7, Loom street
3007 Ryder HenryBunker's hillhouse26, Bunker's hill
3008 Ryder JohnUndercliffe lanehouse11, Undercliffe lane
3009 Ryder PatrickWellington streethouse8, Wellesley street
successivehouse69, Wellington street

EAST WARD, 1875, surnames beginning with the letter S
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
3010 Saddler CharlesWapping roadhouse5, Wapping road
3011 Sagar JosephCowper placehouse28, Cowper place
3012 Sagar ReubenWapping roadhouse57, Wapping road
3013 Salmon JohnPine streethouse19, Pine street
3014 Salmon WilliamNorth winghouse133, North wing
3015 Salmond DavidBingleywarehouse5, Charles street
3016 Salt EdwardBaildonwarehouse36, Well street
3017 Salt GeorgeSaltairewarehouse36, Well street
3018 Salt Sir Titus, Bart.Lightcliffewarehouse36, Well street
3019 Salt Titus, junr.Baildonwarehouse36, Well street
3020 Salter RobertTennyson placehouse131, Otley road
successivehouse73, Tennyson place
3021 Sand WilliamWellington streethouse74, Wellington street
3022 Sandal EdwardCordingley streethouse39, Cordingley street
3023 Sanderson JabezGarnett streethouse79, Garnett street
3024 Sanderson James ErskineManninghamwarehouse35, Swaine street
3025 Sanderson JosephGarnett squarehouse11, Garnett square
3026 Sansom JohnDe Grey streethouse34, De Grey street
successivehouse4, De Grey street
3027 Sarge ThomasOtley roadhouse112, Otley road
3028 Sargent GeorgeLow moorwarehouse8, Swaine street
3029 Savage JamesOtley roadhouse206, Otley road
3030 Saville JasonCity roadshopHarris street
3031 Saville SamuelCity roadshopHarris street
3032 Saville William HenryChaucer placehouse16, Chaucer place
3033 Sawer JohnHortonwarehouse65, Brook street
3034 Sawer Matthew HenryTennyson placewarehouse19, Booth street
3035 Sawer RileyTennyson placewarehouse65, Brook street
3036 Saxton ThomasRipon streethouse164, Mildred street
successivehouse3, Ripon street
3037 Scaife RichardBarkerend roadhouse107, Barkerend road
3038 Scanlin JohnRichmond streethouse10, Richmond street
3039 Scarborough GeorgeHalifaxwarehouse10, Booth street
3040 Scarborough JohnHalifaxwarehouse10, Booth street
3041 Scarborough JosephHalifaxwarehouse10, Booth street
3042 Scarborough StephenHalifaxwarehouse10, Booth street
3043 Scarborough Thomas SmithHalifaxwarehouse10, Booth street
3044 Scarbro JohnKing Charles streethouse24, King Charles street
3045 Scarf BenjaminManninghamwarehouse39, Peel place
3046 Scarr GeorgeEast paradehouseEast parade
3047 Scatterwood JosephHeap streethouse45, Heap street
3048 Schaeppi John JamesHortonwarehouse9, Peckover street
3049 Scharr JonathanCowper placehouse34, Cowper place
3050 Schaub WilliamHortonwarehouse1, Burnett street
3051 Schlesinger AndrewManninghamwarehouse27, Peckover street
3052 Schofield CharlesOtley roadhouse138, Otley road
3053 Schofield EdwardHortonwarehouse12, Booth street
3054 Schofield GeorgeExeter streethouse188, Exeter street
3055 Schofield JosephBowlingwarehouse31, Joseph street
3056 Schofield WilliamCowper placehouse1, Cowper place
3057 Scholefield JohnHortonwarehouse31, Booth street
3058 Scholefield WilliamButler streethouse13, Butler street
3059 Scholey Frank WilsonSydenham placehouse55, Sydenham place
3060 Schollack Thomas FisonGarnett streethouse25, Garnett street
3061 Schutt SampsonKing Charles courthouse3, Carver court
successivehouse11, King Charles court
3062 Scorah John BiltonHortonshop33, Market street
3063 Scott BenjaminHustler streethouse51, Hustler street
3064 Scott GeorgeWilfred streethouse55, Wilfred street
3065 Scott HenryRanter streethouse14, Ranter street
3066 Scott JohnTennyson placehouse55, Tennyson place
3067 Scott JohnFilbert streethouse42, Filbert street
3068 Scott JohnPine streethouse31, Pine street
3069 Scott SilasShipleywarehouse5, Collier gate
3070 Scott WalterPark streethouse61, Park street
3071 Scott WilliamVictoria terracehouseDe Grey street
successivehouse178, Victoria terrace
3072 Scruton JamesFilbert streethouse45, Filbert street
3073 Scruton John HawksworthExeter streethouse57, Mulberry street
successivehouse196, Exeter street
3074 Scully BernardTemperance streethouse4, Temperance street
3075 Scully HenryWellington streethouse4, Wellington street
3076 Seavers WilliamTennyson placehouse33, Tennyson place
3077 Seddon JohnBack foldhouse8, Back fold
3078 Sedgwick EdwardPark streethouse26, Park street
3079 Sellars BenjaminWellesley courthouse6, Wellesley court
3080 Sellars EliGreencliffe villashouse4, Greencliffe villas
3081 Sellars JohnWinter rowhouse6, Winter row
3082 Sellars JonasPine streethouse18, Pine street
3083 Seman CharlesBolton roadhouse64, Bolton road
3084 Semon CharlesChurch bankwarehouse22, Church bank
3085 Semon WilliamCordingley streethouse61, Cordingley street
3086 Senior GeorgeCordingley streethouse26, Cordingley street
3087 Sergison JoshuaRipon streethouse102, Ripon street
3088 Sewell AugustGreen streethouse2, Green street
3089 Sewell ChristopherExeter streethouse142, Exeter street
3090 Sewell William A.Pollard lanehouse7, Pollard lane
3091 Seymour EdwardCross Sun streethouse22, Cross Sun street
3092 Shackleton EliCavalier streethouse6, Cavalier street
3093 Shackleton HenryLofthouse streethouse2, Lofthouse street
3094 Shackleton JohnMulberry streethouse44, Mulberry street
3095 Shackleton JosephGeldar yardhouse6, Geldar yard
3096 Shackleton JosephUndercliffe roadhouse477, Undercliffe road
3097 Shackleton RobertOtley roadhouse54, Otley road
3098 Shackleton SamuelVictoria terracehouse210, Victoria terrace
3099 Shackleton SamuelHillside villashouse15, Hillside villas
3100 Shackleton StephenAmberley streetwarehouse37, Brook street
3101 Shannon JamesSouthampton streethouse32, Southampton street
3102 Sharp AlfredBingleywarehouse40, Booth street
3103 Sharp DanielPickle bridgewarehouse38, Brook street
3104 Sharp EdwardBingleywarehouse40, Booth street
3105 Sharp GeorgeAiredale squarehouse4, Airedale square
3106 Sharp GeorgeAlbert streethouse6, Albert street
3107 Sharp JamesPickle bridgewarehouse39, Brook street
3108 Sharp JamesManninghamwarehouse40, Booth street
3109 Sharp JoeOtley roadhouse145, Otley road
3110 Sharp JohnBingleywarehouse40, Booth street
3111 Sharp JohnPickle bridgewarehouse39, Brook street
3112 Sharp JohnJoseph streethouse19, Joseph street
3113 Sharp John BuckleyHortonwarehouse29, Well street
3114 Sharp MosesBowlingwarehouse6, Swaine street
3115 Sharp SamuelExeter streethouse129, Exeter street
3116 Sharp WilliamBingleywarehouse40, Booth street
3117 Sharp WilliamRichard streethouse7, Richard street
3118 Sharper WilliamHeap streethouse144, Barkerend road
successivehouse44, Heap street
3119 Shaw AlfredMildred streethouse74, Mildred street
3120 Shaw EnochHillside villashouse32, Hillside villas
3121 Shaw FrederickTennyson placehouse97, Tennyson place
3122 Shaw JamesShipleywarehouse19, Charles street
3123 Shaw JamesMount streethouseMount street
successiveshop145, Leeds road
3124 Shaw JohnVictoria terracehouse18, Victoria terrace
3125 Shaw SquireKing Charles streethouse60, King Charles street
3126 Shea JamesCross Sun streethouse21, Cross Sun street
3127 Shearer WilliamExeter streethouse132, Exeter street
3128 Shelly JamesPaper hall courthouse12, Paper Hall court
3129 Shepherd AaronHortonwarehouse35, Brook street
3130 Shepherd BowmanHortonwarehouse31, Booth street
3131 Shepherd DavisOtley roadhouse91, Otley road
3132 Shepherd ThomasColeridge placewarehouse31, Booth street
3133 Shepherd WilliamLofthouse streethouse17, Lofthouse street
3134 Shepherd WilliamHortonwarehouse31, Booth street
3135 Shepherd William HenryHortonwarehouse31, Booth street
3136 Sherwood ThomasLeeds roadhouse135, Leeds road
3137 Shields ThomasHortonwarehouse47, Leeds road
3138 Shillum CharlesBunker's hillhouseBunker's hill
3139 Shoesmith JohnExeter streethouse200, Exeter street
3140 Shulver JohnDe Grey streethouse46, De Grey street
3141 Shutt HarryGolden Cock yardhouse9, Golden Cock yard
3142 Shuttleworth JohnSydenham placehouse53, Sydenham place
3143 Sichel Sylvester EmilHortonwarehouse57, Leeds road
3144 Siddall JohnBarkerend roadhouse124, Barkerend road
3145 Sidebottom CharlesSun streethouse22, Sun street
3146 Sill GeorgeRipon streethouse31, Ripon street
3147 Simmonette William EdwardPollard lanehousePollard lane
3148 Simon JohnDe Grey streethouse83, De Grey street
3149 Simons PatrickSun streethouse10, Sun street
3150 Simpson FrancisDe Grey streethouse105, De Grey street
3151 Simpson FrederickCowper placehouse10, Cowper place
3152 Simpson HenryMulberry streethouse54, Mulberry street
3153 Simpson HenryStanacre placehouse38, Stanacre place
3154 Simpson JohnMab courthouse9, Mab court
3155 Simpson JohnCowper placehouse135A, Barkerend road
successivehouse11, Cowper place
3156 Simpson JohnStott hillhouse11, Stott hill
3157 Simpson JosephWestfield terracehouse2, Westfield terrace
3158 Simpson RandolphGarnett streethouse133, Garnett street
3159 Simpson ThomasUpper Park streethouse7, Upper Park street
3160 Simpson ThomasBolton roadhouse172, Bolton road
3161 Simpson Rev. Thomas J.Jermyn streethouseJermyn street
3162 Simpson WilliamDrewton streetshopMarket street
3163 Simpson WilliamNorth winghouse92, North wing
3164 Singleton JohnHustler streethouse112, Orchard street
successivehouse39, Hustler street
3165 Singleton JohnButler streetwarehouse44, Brook street
3166 Singleton WilliamOrchard streethouse98, Orchard street
3167 Skeels JosephGeldar yardhouse2, Geldar yard
3168 Skelton WilliamHallfield roadshop57, Market street
3169 Skelton WilliamWapping Cross streethouse17, Wapping Cross street
3170 Skillings WilliamOtley roadhouse142, Otley road
3171 Skirrow GeorgeWinter rowhouse2, Winter row
3172 Skirrow JosephWinter rowhouse5, Winter row
3173 Skirrow WilliamWellington streethouse24, Wellington street
3174 Slater CharlesOtley roadhouse66, Otley road
3175 Slater CharlesMulberry streethouse1, Carver court
successivehouse29, Mulberry street
3176 Slater JohnNorthbrook streethouse4, Northbrook street
3177 Slater JohnFarmer streethouseFarmer street
3178 Slater William HenryHortonwarehouse7, Charles street
3179 Slee AlfredTennyson placehouse42, Tennyson place
3180 Slinger JosephPollard lanehousePollard lane
3181 Slinger WilliamSydenham placehouse10, Sydenham place
3182 Slingsby JohnWilfred streethouse97, Wilfred street
3183 Slingsby UriahSydney streethouse5, Sydney street
3184 Slipper RobertNorth streethouse4, North street
3185 Sloane JamesHeap streethouse49, Heap street
3186 Smaller CharlesKing Charles streethouse19, King Charles street
3187 Smith AlfredPark streethouse54, Park street
3188 Smith AlfredPark streethouse46, Park street
3189 Smith AmbroseLoom streethouse43, Loom street
3190 Smith CharlesCraven streethouse33, Craven street
3191 Smith CharlesKing Charles streethouse40, King Charles street
3192 Smith CharlesCambridge placehouse4, Cambridge place
successivehouse5, Cambridge place
3193 Smith CharlesPudseywarehouse25, Charles street
successivewarehouse25, Swaine street
3194 Smith Charles EdmundUpper Bolton streethouse13, Upper Bolton street
3195 Smith ClaphamPark streethouse29, Park street
3196 Smith CockroftTennyson placehouse25A, Tennyson place
3197 Smith DawsonOtley roadhouse & shop85, Otley road
3198 Smith EdwardTongwarehouse35, Brook street
3199 Smith EnochBolton roadhouse122, Bolton road
3200 Smith EphraimWapping streethouse42, North wing
successivehouse34, Wapping street
3201 Smith EphraimThornton's Buildingshouse4, Thornton's Buildings
3202 Smith FrankWapping roadhouse111, Wapping road
3203 Smith FrederickOtley roadhouse38, Otley road
3204 Smith GeorgeHeap courthouse14, Heap court
3205 Smith GeorgeCaptain streethouse79, Captain street
3206 Smith GeorgeKeighleycountinghouse9, Market street
3207 Smith George PriestleyBarkerend roadhouse47, Barkerend road
3208 Smith George WilliamUpper Bolton streethouse1, Upper Bolton street
3209 Smith Henry BarrensBarkerend roadhouse47, Barkerend road
3210 Smith IsaacRanter streethouseKerr street
successivehouse10, Ranter street
3211 Smith JamesNorth winghouse21, North wing
3212 Smith JamesRipon streethouse1, Ripon street
3213 Smith JamesRipon streethouse230, Ripon street
3214 Smith JamesJermyn street placehouse5, Jermyn street place
3215 Smith JamesSchool courthouse2, School court
3216 Smith JamesArthur streethouse12, Arthur street
3217 Smith James ThomasUpper Park streethouse25, Upper Park street
3218 Smith JohnArthur streethouse18, Arthur street
3219 Smith JohnExeter streethouse95, Exeter street
3220 Smith JohnKing Charles streethouse15, King Charles street
3221 Smith JohnUndercliffe lanehouse3, Undercliffe lane
3222 Smith JohnSmithson placehouse6, Smithson place
3223 Smith JohnHortonwarehouse65, Brook street
3224 Smith JohnSt. Augustine's terracehouse15, St. Augustine's terrace
3225 Smith JohnOtley roadhouse13, Otley road
3226 Smith JohnNorth winghouse7, North wing
3227 Smith John, junr.Rawdonwarehouse32, Brook street
3228 Smith John HodgsonHortonwarehouse24, Charles street
3229 Smith John WilliamWilfred streethouse85, Wilfred street
3230 Smith John WilsonShipleywarehouse7, Booth street
3231 Smith JosephChapel streethouse11, Chapel street
3232 Smith JosephJermyn streethouse12A, Jermyn street
3233 Smith JosephRipon streethouse17, Ripon street
3234 Smith JosephHortonwarehouse35, Brook street
3235 Smith JoshuaButler streethouse70, Butler street
3236 Smith LawrenceWilfred streethouse41, Wilfred street
3237 Smith LawsonWapping roadhouse119, Wapping road
3238 Smith MarkWardle streethouse1, Wardle street
3239 Smith NathanWapping streethouse9, Wapping street
3240 Smith NathanielLofthouse streethouse44, Lofthouse street
3241 Smith RobertTennyson placehouse96, Mildred street
successivehouse11, Tennyson place
3242 Smith RobertBolton roadhouseBolton road
3243 Smith SamuelMildred streethouse118, Mildred street
3244 Smith SamuelSt. Augustine's terracehouse3, St. Augustine's terrace
3245 Smith Samuel LeemingEccleshillwarehouse15, Charles street
3246 Smith Samuel MilneCalverleywarehouse9, Charles street
3247 Smith SethHortonwarehouse4, Broadstones
3248 Smith StephenRipon streethouse218, Ripon street
3249 Smith TelfordHortonwarehouse9, Charles street
3250 Smith ThomasWilfred streethouse29, Wilfred street
3251 Smith ThomasOtley roadhouse69, Otley road
3252 Smith ThomasIrving streethouse20, Irving street
3253 Smith ThomasPaper Hall courthouse9, Paper Hall court
3254 Smith ThomasOtley roadhouse33, Otley road
3255 Smith ThomasHillside villashouse12, Hillside villas
3256 Smith WilliamBelmont streethouse6, Belmont street
3257 Smith WilliamHortonwarehouse20, Charles street
3258 Smith WilliamPine streethouse14, Pine street
3259 Smith WilliamMason courthouse1, Mason court
3260 Smith WilliamMildred streethouse92, Mildred street
3261 Smith WilliamTemperance streethouse28, Temperance street
3262 Smith William BarrettExeter streethouse199, Exeter street
3263 Smith William HarveyEccleshillwarehouse15, Charles street
3264 Smithies GeorgeCraven streethouse31, Craven street
3265 Smithies JamesMildred streethouse46, Mildred street
3266 Smithies WilliamBack Spinkwell terracehouse3, Back Spinkwell terrace
3267 Smithson JosephHalifaxwarehouse3, Brook street
3268 Smithson JoshuaLightcliffewarehouse3, Brook street
3269 Snowden HenryHortonwarehouse20, Hall ings
3270 Solomon DavidButler streethouse100, Butler street
3271 Soppit GeorgeTennyson placeshop69, North wing
3272 Southern JamesNorthbrook streethouse37, Northbrook street
3273 Southworth JamesSouthey placewarehouse16, Swaine street
3274 Sowden CharlesHeatonwarehouse31, Charles street
3275 Sowden CharlesWilsdenwarehouse34, Booth street
3276 Sowden IsaacHortonwarehouse11, Mills passage
3277 Sowden JamesHeap lanehouse7, Heap lane
3278 Sowden JobBaker streethouse2, Baker street
3279 Sowden JohnHortonwarehouse44, Well street
3280 Sowden JonasWapping streethouse38, Wapping street
3281 Sowden RichardOxford placehouse4, Oxford place
3282 Sowden SamuelBarkerend roadwarehouse55, Brook street
3283 Sowden SamuelPark streethouse9, Park street
3284 Sowden SamuelPark crescenthouse7, Park crescent
3285 Spark RobertOrchard streethouse9, Orchard street
3286 Speed John IrelandVictoria terracehouse8, Victoria terrace
3287 Speight HandelMulberry streethouse53, Mulberry street
3288 Speight JohnManninghamwarehouse22, Charles street
3289 Speight JosephCordingley streethouse12, Cordingley street
3290 Speight RobertColeridge placehouse5, Coleridge place
3291 Speight ThomasHillside villashouse34, Hillside villas
3292 Speight ThomasHillside villashouse35A, Hillside villas
3293 Spence GeorgeOtley roadhouse40, Otley road
3294 Spence JosephHillside villashouse11, Hillside villas
3295 Spence JosephNewlaywarehouse25, Charles street
3296 Spence ThomasHeap streethouse58, Heap street
3297 Spenceley FrederickPeckover streetcountinghouse1, Booth street
3298 Spencer AbelNorthampton streethouse12, Northampton street
3299 Spencer AbrahamCaptain streethouse30, Captain street
3300 Spencer CharlesSouthampton streethouse31, Southampton street
3301 Spencer GeorgeUpper Park streethouse24, Upper Park street
3302 Spencer Henry HughCaptain streethouse68, Captain street
3303 Spencer JamesCarver courthouse9, Wapping road
successivehouse3, Carver court
3304 Spencer James HenryMason courthouse10, Mason court
3305 Spencer JohnSun streethouse8, Sun street
3306 Spencer JohnMulberry streethouse43, Wilfred street
successivehouse43, Mulberry street
3307 Spencer JohnKing Charles streethouse122, Heap lane
successivehouse38, King Charles street
3308 Spencer JohnJane streethouse10, Jane street
3309 Spencer JosephSun streethouse1, Sun street
3310 Spencer JosephUndercliffe roadhouse431, Undercliffe road
3311 Spencer SamuelOtley roadhouse140, Otley road
3312 Spencer SamuelNorth winghouse19, North wing
3313 Spink CharlesEast paradehouse10, East parade
3314 Spoerry GeorgeShipleywarehouse23, Bentley street
3315 Spreckley William JonesWestfield terracehouse9, Westfield terrace
3316 Stallmaier FrancisGuy's cliffehouse2, Guy's cliffe
3317 Stamp Thomas WilliamDe Grey streetshopEast parade
3318 Standeven ThomasHeap lanehouse5, Heap lane
3319 Standhaven JohnOtley roadhouse120, Otley road
3320 Standring ThomasManninghamwarehouse12, Brook street
successivewarehouse6, Ship alley
3321 Stanley Samuel HaighLeeds roadshop77, Leeds road
3322 Stansfield GeorgeGarnett squarehouseBarkerend fold
successivehouse3, Garnett square
3323 Stansfield JamesCordingley streethouse45, Cordingley street
3324 Stansfield JosephGeldar yardhouse10, Geldar yard
3325 Stansfield RobertWilfred streethouse15, Wilfred street
3326 Stansfield SamuelOtley roadhouse88, Otley road
3327 Stansfield Thomas WoolrichiLeedswarehouseEast parade
3328 Starling JohnVictoria terracehouse220, Victoria terrace
3329 Stead AbrahamBeech grovehouse5A, Beech grove
3330 Stead AbrahamPark streethouse40, Park street
3331 Stead BenjaminNorthampton streethouse7, Northampton street
3332 Stead CharlesBaildonwarehouse36, Well street
3333 Stead GeorgeWapping roadhouse233, Wapping road
3334 Stead JohnCaptain streethouse22, Captain street
3335 Stead JosephRipon streethouse196, Ripon street
3336 Stead RobertWellington streethouse68, Wellington street
3337 Stead ThomasWilfred streethouse65, Wilfred street
3338 Stead ThomasWellington streethouse26, Wellington street
3339 Stead WilliamBaildonwarehouse36, Well street
3340 Stead WilliamOrchard streethouse44, Orchard street
3341 Stead William A.Park crescenthouse38, Park crescent
3342 Steel JohnOrchard streethouse106, Orchard street
3343 Steel JohnCraven streethouse17, Craven street
3344 Steel ThomasCordingley streethouse14, Cordingley street
3345 Steinthal Charles GustaveManninghamwarehouse1, Currer street
3346 Steinthal Gustavus AdolphusHallfield roadwarehouse53, Leeds road
3347 Stell ListerSouthey placehouse24, Southey place
3348 Stephenson JamesGarnett streethouse15, Park street
successivehouse171, Garnett street
3349 Stephenson James WalkerCraven streethouse2, Craven street
3350 Stephenson JohnThe Mounthouse6, The Mount
3351 Stephenson JosephExeter streethouse91, Exeter street
3352 Stephenson RichardWardle streethouse4, Wardle street
3353 Stephenson RichardHortonwarehouse21, Swaine street
3354 Stephenson ThomasBarkerend roadhouse157, Barkerend road
3355 Stewart AlfredSpinkwell terracehouse248, Spinkwell terrace
3356 Stewart Charles MartinNorth winghouse25, North wing
3357 Stewart JohnJury streethouse11, Jury street
3358 Stewart JosephPark crescenthouse32, Park crescent
3359 Stirk AdamTemperance streethouse38, Temperance street
3360 Stonehouse John HenryFilbert streethouse6, Filbert street
3361 Stones PhilipBolton roadhouse48, Bolton road
3362 Storey George WalterExeter streethouse26, Exeter street
3363 Storey HenryCordingley streethouse55, Cordingley street
3364 Storey JohnPark gatehouse55, Park gate
3365 Storey SamuelManninghamwarehouse29, Bentley street
3366 Storey ThomasJermyn streethouseUpper Park street
successivehouse13, Jermyn street
3367 Stott JeremiahGeldar yardhouse5, Geldar yard
3368 Stott JosephJury streethouse4, Jury street
3369 Stott ThomasRipon streethouse56, Ripon street
3370 Stow JosephOtley roadhouse137, Otley road
3371 Stowe JohnMildred streethouse36, Filbert street
successivehouse142, Mildred street
3372 Stoyles ThomasPark gatehouse47, Park gate
3373 Strattan JohnBolton roadwarehouseRichmond street
3374 Stratton RobertHeap lanehouse98, Heap lane
3375 Stroder ChristopherNorth street courthouse9, North street court
3376 Stubbs DavidHaigh rowhouse7, Haigh row
3377 Sturdy WilliamJermyn streethouse60, Jermyn street
3378 Sugden Arthur WesleyExeter streethouse48, Exeter street
3379 Sugden GeorgeCleckheatonwarehouse30, Booth street
3380 Sugden JohnPark streetshop143, Barkerend road
3381 Sugden JohnCraven streethouse20, Craven street
3382 Sugden JohnWilfred streethouse135, Wilfred street
3383 Sugden John ThomasSouthampton streethouse14, Southampton street
3384 Sugden MichaelGarnett streethouse159, Richmond road
successivehouse111, Garnett street
3385 Sugden ThomasPaper Hall streethouse10, Paper Hall street
3386 Sugden WilliamMulberry streethouse5, Mulberry street
3387 Sugden William BartonBolton streethouse5, Bolton street
3388 Sugden WilsonGarnett streethouse119, Garnett street
3389 Sullivan ThomasLeeds roadhouse93, Leeds road
3390 Sunderland BenjaminJury streethouse1, Jury street
3391 Sunderland GeorgePark streethouse45, Park street
3392 Sunderland IsaacBolton streethouse20, Bolton street
3393 Sunderland JosephMildred streethouse37, Mildred street
3394 Sunderland JosephWright streethouse21, Wright street
3395 Sunderland JosephExeter streethouse3, Exeter street
3396 Sunderland JosephSydney streethouse23, Sydney street
3397 Sunter JohnWapping roadhouse265, Wapping road
3398 Sunter RichardNorth winghouse119, North wing
3399 Sunter WilliamBeech grovehouse31, Beech grove
3400 Sussman AlfredRawdonwarehouse17, Leeds road
3401 Sutcliffe BenjaminRipon streethouse48, Ripon street
3402 Sutcliffe EdwardWright streethouse23, Wright street
3403 Sutcliffe HenryUndercliffecountinghouse41, Market street
3404 Sutcliffe JohnTemperance streethouse35, Temperance street
3405 Sutcliffe JohnMab streethouse18, Mab street
3406 Sutcliffe JohnWilsdenwarehouse33, Brook street
3407 Sutcliffe JohnPhiladelphia streethouse13, Philadelphia street
3408 Sutcliffe Joseph AlfredMulberry streethouse8, Mulberry street
3409 Sutcliffe JoshuaUndercliffe lanehouse5, Undercliffe lane
3410 Sutcliffe NathanielBowlingshop138, Harris street
3411 Sutcliffe Richard HenryPeckover streethouse12, Peckover street
3412 Sutcliffe RobertIdlewarehouse17, Brook street
3413 Sutcliffe WilliamJermyn streethouse1, Jermyn street
3414 Suthers HenryBolton roadhouse146, Bolton road
3415 Swaine IshmaelSydenham placehouse18, Sydenham place
3416 Swaine JohnColeridge placehouse27, Coleridge place
3417 Swaine JohnBolton roadhouse & shop158, Bolton road
3418 Swaine JonathanGirlingtonwarehouse2, Brook street
3419 Sweatman ArthurPark streethouse22, Park street
3420 Sweatman GeorgeNorth winghouse98, North wing
3421 Swift AlfredRipon streethouse75, Wootton street
successivehouse128, Ripon street
3422 Swift HoratioRipon streethouse136, Ripon street
3423 Swift JohnUpper Bolton streethouse3, Upper Bolton street
3424 Swift JohnBolton roadhouse92, Bolton road
3425 Swift John JamesPollard lanehouse27, Pollard lane
3426 Swindell JohnStott hillhouse44, Stott hill
3427 Swithenbank EdwardRipon streethouse154, Ripon street
3428 Swithenbank George HenryHustler terracehouse107, Hustler terrace
3429 Sykes AbrahamDe Grey streethouse99, De Grey street
3430 Sykes BincliffeMab streethouse4, Mab street
3431 Sykes JoshuaBack Victoria terracehouse6, Back Victoria terrace

EAST WARD, 1875, surnames beginning with the letter T
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
3432 Tabor SamuelTimber streethouse5, Timber street
3433 Tankard James MarslandBowlingwarehouse24, Charles street
3434 Tasker EdwardTennyson placehouse32B, Tennyson place
3435 Tate BenjaminAiredale squarehouse58, King Charles street
successivehouse12, Airedale square
3436 Tate Fred MidwoodRipon streethouse176, Ripon street
3437 Tate JamesMildred streethouse156, Mildred street
3438 Tate JohnWapping roadhouse201, Wapping road
3439 Tate ThomasThornburywarehouse23, Bentley street
3440 Tattersall EdwardRipon streethouse180, Ripon street
3441 Tattersall George PrattDe Grey streethouse32, De Grey street
3442 Tattersall WilliamGreen streethouse4, Green street
3443 Taylor AbrahamMulberry streethouse36, Mulberry street
3444 Taylor Charles FrederickShipleywarehouse27, Swaine street
3445 Taylor GeorgeBarkerend roadhouse98, Barkerend road
3446 Taylor GeorgeHeap lanehouse70, Heap lane
3447 Taylor GeorgeStott hillshop34, Otley road
3448 Taylor JamesButler streethouse57, Butler street
3449 Taylor JobWilfred streethouse28, Wilfred street
3450 Taylor JohnClub houseshouse38, Club houses
3451 Taylor JohnExeter streethouse92, Exeter street
3452 Taylor JohnGarnett squarehouse6, Garnett square
3453 Taylor JohnDe Grey streethouse95, De Grey street
3454 Taylor JohnHillside villashouse9, Hillside villas
3455 Taylor JohnHortonshopLeeds road
3456 Taylor JohnGarnett streethouse179, Garnett street
3457 Taylor JohnSowden's Buildingshouse9, Sowden's Buildings
3458 Taylor JosephGarnett streethouse21, Garnett street
3459 Taylor JosephSun streethouse12, Sun street
3460 Taylor RichardTennyson placehouse74, Tennyson place
3461 Taylor RichardWilfred streethouse46, Wilfred street
3462 Taylor ThomasUndercliffe roadhouse453, Undercliffe road
3463 Taylor UriahHeap lanehouse82, Heap lane
3464 Teale EmanuelWapping streethouse17, Wapping street
3465 Teale GeorgeOtley roadhouse91, Otley road
3466 Teale WilliamBolton streethouse8, Bolton street
3467 Teanby JohnExeter streethouse123, Exeter street
3468 Teasdale James HodgsonPollard lanehouse21, Pollard lane
3469 Tempest IsaacHortonwarehouseBrook street
3470 Terry BenjaminIdlecountinghouse9, Market street
3471 Terry CharlesHarris streethouse128, Harris street
3472 Terry John NettletonBarkerend roadhouse1, Barkerend road
3473 Terry WilliamWapping roadhouse281, Wapping road
3474 Tetley HenryBradford moorhouse29, Bradford moor
3475 Tetley JosephJermyn streethouse19, Jermyn street
3476 Tetley MarkLofthouse streethouse20, Lofthouse street
3477 Tetley Moses BottomleyHortonwarehouseBrook street
successivewarehouse22, Charles street
3478 Tetley SamuelManninghamwarehouse33, Peel place
3479 Tetley SamuelLofthouse streethouse34, Lofthouse street
3480 Thackeray WilliamPriestley streethouse18, Carver court
successivehouse21, Priestley street
3481 Thackray WilliamManninghamwarehouse3, Swaine street
3482 Thomas Ezra JohnSouthampton streethouse49, Southampton street
3483 Thomas WilliamWellington streethouse60, Wellington street
3484 Thompson GeorgeNorth streethouse15, North street
3485 Thompson GeorgeOtley roadhouse55, Otley road
3486 Thompson JohnExeter streethouse118, Exeter street
3487 Thompson JohnJermyn street placehouse6, Jermyn street place
3488 Thompson John ChavinGarnett streethouse117, Garnett street
3489 Thompson JosephCordingley streethouse21, Cordingley street
3490 Thompson MarkWapping roadhouseWapping road
3491 Thompson RobertHortonwarehouse26, Well street
3492 Thompson SamuelOtley roadhouse124, Otley road
3493 Thompson Thomas RobsonSouthey placeshop34, Church bank
3494 Thornes JosephLeeds roadhouse67, Leeds road
3495 Thornton AbnerEccleshillwarehouse1, East parade
3496 Thornton CharlesThornton's Buildingshouse1, Thornton's Buildings
3497 Thornton DavidWilfred streethouse70, Wilfred street
3498 Thornton EzraEccleshillwarehouse1, East parade
3499 Thornton IsaacGreen terracehouse5, Green terrace
3500 Thornton IsaacBaker streethouse8, Baker street
3501 Thornton IsraelGuy's cliffeshopEast parade
3502 Thornton JohnCraven streethouse14, Craven street
3503 Thornton JohnOtley roadshopEast parade
3504 Thornton JohnThornton's Buildingshouse5, Thornton's Buildings
3505 Thornton John VarleyHipperholmewarehouse71, Heap street
3506 Thornton JosephWoodbine streethouse6, Woodbine street
3507 Thornton Joseph WilsonCottingleywarehouse16, Booth street
3508 Thornton MartinUpper Park streethouse16, Upper Park street
3509 Thornton ThomasCottingleywarehouse16, Booth street
3510 Thornton ThomasAiredale placehouse9, Airedale place
3511 Thornton WilliamBack Victoria terracehouse14, Back Victoria terrace
3512 Thorp CharlesSt. Augustine's terracehouse14, St. Augustine's terrace
3513 Thorp EliSydney streethouse1, Sydney street
3514 Thorp IsaacHillside villashouse45, Hillside villas
3515 Thorp IsaacStanacre placehouse20, Stanacre place
3516 Thorp JamesRipon streethouse84, Ripon street
3517 Thorpe JohnCraven streethouse19, Wapping Cross street
successivehouse19, Craven street
3518 Thorpe WilliamWilfred streethouse79, Wilfred street
3519 Thurlow WilliamMildred streethouse104, Mildred street
3520 Tidd GeorgeWilfred streethouse47, Wilfred street
3521 Tidswell AbrahamExeter streethouse82, Exeter street
3522 Tilley JamesManninghamwarehouse6, Booth street
3523 Tillotson JohnWilfred streethouse42, Captain street
successivehouse14, Wilfred street
3524 Tims CharlesFilbert streethouse79, Filbert street
3525 Tinker JohnOrchard streethouse79, Orchard street
3526 Tinsley RobertKing Charles squarehouse6, King Charles square
successivehouse7, King Charles square
3527 Todd JamesKimber streethouse1, Kimber street
3528 Todd JohnCowper placehouse20, Cowper place
3529 Todd John ThomasMildred streethouse94, Mildred street
3530 Tolland JohnCordingley streethouse59, Cordingley street
3531 Tolman FrancisHarris streethouse116, Harris street
3532 Tomlinson JohnJoseph streethouse4, Joseph street
3533 Tomlinson JohnWapping roadhouse34, Wild Boar street
successivehouse153, Wapping road
3534 Topham WilliamCross Sun streethouse39, Cross Sun street
3535 Tordoff WilliamEast paradehouse12, East parade
3536 Totty WilliamBolton roadhouse126, Bolton road
3537 Town Robert SamuelSouthey placehouse21, Southey place
3538 Townend AlfredJermyn streethouse72, Jermyn street
3539 Townend EdwardCullingworthwarehouse28, Brook street
3540 Townend GeorgeThorntonwarehouse17, Swaine street
3541 Townend Joseph WrigleyCullingworthwarehouse28, Brook street
3542 Townend RobertButler streethouse96, Butler street
3543 Townend SimeonHortonwarehouse7, Charles street
3544 Townend ThomasUndercliffe roadhouse501, Undercliffe road
3545 Townend WilliamDe Grey streethouse51, De Grey street
3546 Townend WilliamExeter streethouse13, Exeter street
3547 Townend WilliamRipon streethouse188, Ripon street
3548 Townson MichaelNorth winghouse141, North wing
3549 Townson ThomasDe Grey streethouse20, De Grey street
3550 Townson WilliamJermyn streethouse16, Jermyn street
3551 Tracey DanielWilfred streethouse69, Wilfred street
3552 Trelford WilliamWellington streethouse78, Wellington street
3553 Trenholme ThomasButler streethouse62, Butler street
successivehouse63, Butler street
3554 Trout RidgellHanover squarewarehouse16, Booth street
3555 Troy FentonLingard streethouse7, Lingard street
3556 Turley EdwardBarkerend roadhouse20, Barkerend road
3557 Turley JamesTennyson placehouse25A, Tennyson place
3558 Turner BenjaminBarkerend roadhouse163, Barkerend road
3559 Turner CharlesIdlewarehouse10, Chapel street
3560 Turner EdwinPine streethouse9, Pine street
successivehouse15, Pine street
3561 Turner GeorgeAlbert streethouse10, Albert street
3562 Turner GeorgeHortonwarehouse31, Booth street
3563 Turner JohnDenholmewarehouse4, Charles street
3564 Turner JohnLightcliffewarehouse44, Brook street
3565 Turner JohnBolton roadhouse86, Bolton road
3566 Turner JohnHillside villashouse1, Southey place
successivehouse3, Hillside villas
3567 Turner ThomasBack Victoria terracehouse9, Back Victoria terrace
3568 Turner WilliamWilfred streethouse18, Wilfred street
3569 Turner WilliamNorthfield placewarehouse65, Brook street
3570 Turner William HenryHeap streethouse8, Heap street
3571 Turnstill JohnGeldar yardhouse4, Geldar yard
3572 Tylor LouisShipleywarehouse27, Charles street
3573 Tyne StephenTennyson placehouse77, Tennyson place
3574 Tyson GeorgeBolton streethouse4, Bolton street
3575 Tyson JohnOrchard streethouse28, Orchard street

EAST WARD, 1875, surnames beginning with the letter U
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
3576 Ullathorne SamuelBarkerend roadhouse51, Barkerend road
3577 Underwood IsaacHortonshop73, Market street
3578 Usher ThomasWapping streethouse40, Wapping street
3579 Uttley ThomasRipon streethouse5, Ripon street

EAST WARD, 1875, surnames beginning with the letter V
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
3580 Varley RobertSmithson placehouse5, Smithson place
3581 Vickerman HenryRipon streethouse166, Ripon street
3582 Vickerman JohnRipon streethouse172, Ripon street
3583 Virr JohnCowper placewarehouse74, Vicar lane
3584 Virr Samuel HarrisonColeridge placehouse20, Coleridge place
3585 Virr WilliamSouthey placehouse7, Southey place
3586 Vollum JohnMount pleasanthouse3, Mount pleasant

EAST WARD, 1875, surnames beginning with the letter W
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
3587 Waddington BenjaminHarris streethouse156, Harris street
3588 Waddington ColonelLeeds roadshop156, Barkerend road
3589 Waddington JamesRipon streethouse100, Ripon street
3590 Waddington JohnJermyn streethouse5, Jermyn street
3591 Waddington JohnManninghamwarehouse6, Booth street
3592 Waddington JohnKeighleywarehouseHardcastle lane
3593 Waddington JoshuaManninghamwarehouse2, Brook street
3594 Waddington RichardHortonwarehouse1, Swaine street
3595 Waddington WilliamHillside villashouseBroad street
successivehouse16, Hill side villas
3596 Waddington WilliamTennyson placehouse10, Tennyson place
3597 Wade AaronHortonwarehouse29, Hall ings
3598 Wade Edward HirstNorth paradewarehouse43, Brook street
3599 Wade WalterButler streetshop9, Well street
3600 Wadsworth Matthew HenryHillside villashouse22, Hillside villas
3601 Wadsworth ThomasColeridge placehouse12, Coleridge place
3602 Wagner HenryOtley roadhouse152, Otley road
3603 Wainhouse SamuelHortonwarehouse23, Charles street
3604 Wainwright BenjaminTennyson placehouse80, Tennyson place
successivehouse99, Tennyson place
3605 Wainwright WilliamRipon streethouse2, Jermyn street
successivehouse240, Ripon street
3606 Waite EdwinExeter streethouse34, Exeter street
3607 Waite JohnHeap streethouse33, Heap street
3608 Waite LukeMildred streethouse60, Mildred street
3609 Waite ThomasCobourg streethouse7, Cobourg street
3610 Wales JamesManninghamwarehouseLeeds road
successivewarehouseVicar lane
3611 Walford JamesSouthey placehouse23, Southey place
3612 Walker BenjaminGuy's cliffehouse8, Guy's cliffe
3613 Walker CharlesEldon placewarehouse35, Brook street
3614 Walker CharlesFilbert streethouse11, Filbert street
3615 Walker Charles CollinsExeter streethouse9, Exeter street
3616 Walker Edward SamuelHortonwarehouseCharles street
3617 Walker GeorgeWilfred streethouse89, Wilfred street
3618 Walker IsaacButler streethouse120, Butler street
3619 Walker JamesHallfield roadwarehouse51, Brook street
3620 Walker JamesWilfred streethouse89, Wilfred street
3621 Walker James RobertColeridge placehouse26, Coleridge place
3622 Walker JohnBolton roadhouse2, Bolton road
3623 Walker JohnCordingley streethouse2, Cordingley street
3624 Walker John SugdenJermyn streethouse44, Jermyn street
3625 Walker John WilliamHeap lanehouse92, Heap lane
3626 Walker JoshuaShaw streethouseSydney street
successivehouse1, Shaw street
3627 Walker SamuelWild Boar streethouse40, Wild Boar street
3628 Walker WilliamCarver courthouse12, Carver court
3629 Walker WilliamTimber courthouse5, Timber court
3630 Walker WilliamGarnett streetwarehouse110, Harris street
3631 Walker WilliamHillside villashouse10, Hillside villas
3632 Walker WilliamCowper placehouse24, Cowper place
3633 Walker WilliamExeter streethouse78, Exeter street
3634 Walker WilliamNorth streethouse16, North street
3635 Walker WilliamRichmond streethouseRichmond street
successivehouse13, Richmond street
3636 Wall ThomasBowlingwarehouse4, Ship alley
3637 Wallace FredericManninghamwarehouse38, Chapel street
3638 Wallace MatthewMildred streethouse42, Mildred street
3639 Wallace Richard MatthewOrchard streethouse96, Orchard street
3640 Wallace WilliamHeap streethouse16, Heap street
3641 Waller GeorgeRichmond streethouse11, Richmond street
3642 Waller JohnMulberry streethouse46, Mulberry street
3643 Waller WilliamVictoria terracehouse204, Victoria terrace
3644 Wallis JohnTennyson placehouse63, Tennyson place
3645 Walmsley WilliamMulberry streethouse4, Mulberry street
3646 Walsh CharlesMildred streethouse158, Mildred street
3647 Walsh JohnDe Grey streethouse55, De Grey street
3648 Walsh SelbyHalifaxwarehouse16, Booth street
3649 Walsh WilliamRipon streethouse27, Ripon street
3650 Walton GeorgeSkiptonwarehouse36, Hall ings
3651 Walton Jeremiah, junr.Silsdenwarehouse4, Brook street
3652 Walton JohnAiredale squarehouse8, Airedale square
3653 Walton JohnJoseph streethouse21, Joseph street
3654 Walton ThomasPark streethouse12, Park street
3655 Walton ThomasHarris streethouse22, Harris street
3656 Walton WilliamHarris streethouse144, Harris street
successivehouse128, Harris street
3657 Warburton GeorgeSharow streethouse5, Sharow street
3658 Ward ChristopherHalifaxwarehouse32, Charles street
3659 Ward JohnHaigh rowhouse11, Haigh row
3660 Ward John WhiteleyHalifaxwarehouse32, Charles street
3661 Ward JosephDe Grey streethouse77, De Grey street
3662 Ward JosephPaper hall streethouse6, Paper hall street
3663 Ward RichardBolton streethouse13, Bolton street
3664 Ward WalterOrchard streethouse26, Orchard street
3665 Wardman PaulBeldon placehouse4, Beldon place
3666 Waring GeorgeOtley roadhouse & shop89, Otley road
3667 Waring JamesHeap streethouse36, Heap street
3668 Waring WilliamRipon streethouse104, Ripon street
3669 Warnes AlfredWellington streethouse3, Wellington street
3670 Warnington Robert FosterHustler streethouse53, Hustler street
3671 Waterhouse GeorgeGarnett squarehouse12, Garnett square
3672 Waterhouse JamesRichard streethouse8, Richard street
3673 Waterhouse JohnHeap streethouse60, Heap street
3674 Waterhouse JonasThorntonwarehouse33, Booth street
3675 Waterhouse SamuelOrchard streethouse30, Orchard street
3676 Waterhouse ThomasOtley roadhouse & shop147, Otley road
3677 Waterhouse ThomasSouthey placehouse20, Southey place
3678 Waterson James BrownManninghamwarehouse27, Leeds road
3679 Waterworth JosephUpper Park streethouse29, Upper Park street
3680 Waterworth ThomasCowper placehouseWestfield terrace
successivehouse22, Cowper place
3681 Watkins JohnHortonwarehouse21, Charles street
3682 Watkins ThomasHortonwarehouse21, Charles street
3683 Watkins WilliamBridge streetwarehouse21, Charles street
3684 Watkinson WilliamOrchard streethouse46, Orchard street
3685 Watmuff JosephWilfred streethouse71, Wilfred street
3686 Watson JohnDarfield streetshop2, Well street
3687 Watson PeterShipleyshop2, Well street
3688 Watson RichardGaunt streethouse11, Butler street
successivehouse5, Gaunt street
3689 Watson Richard LordIdlewarehouse27, Booth street
3690 Watson WilliamHortonshop2, Well street
3691 Watson William HenryHortonwarehouse30, Charles street
3692 Watts GeorgeSouthey placehouse27, Southey place
3693 Waud Benjamin SkeltonLightcliffewarehouse3, Brook street
3694 Waugh HenryUpper Bolton streethouse25, Upper Bolton street
3695 Weatherhead JamesNathan streethouse13, Nathan street
3696 Weatherhead ThomasHeap streethouse37, Heap street
3697 Weatherill WilliamLofthouse streethouse30, Lofthouse street
3698 Weaver Thomas WilliamRipon streethouse12, Ripon street
3699 Webb JosephJane courthouse9, Jane court
3700 Webster EdwardSydenham placehouse40, Sydenham place
3701 Webster GeorgeHeap lanehouse124, Heap lane
3702 Webster JamesSpinkwell terracehouse69, Filbert street
successivehouse232, Spinkwell terrace
3703 Webster JohnPark streethouse36, Park street
3704 Webster JohnHustler streethouse63, Hustler street
3705 Webster SamuelHortonwarehouse59, Brook street
3706 Wechmar William MorritzHortonwarehouse27, Peckover street
3707 Welch JohnWild Boar streethouse14, Wild Boar street
3708 Welch JohnSharow streethouse14, Wilfred street
successivehouse13, Sharow street
3709 Welch RichardKing Charles streethouse62, King Charles street
3710 Welfare ThomasNorthbrook streethouse18, Northbrook street
3711 Wellock JeffreyUndercliffe roadhouse465, Undercliffe road
3712 Wellock JohnHeap lanehouse1, Heap lane
3713 Wellock RichardBarkerend roadhouse23, Barkerend road
3714 Wells JohnMulberry streethouse12, Mulberry street
3715 West JamesUndercliffe roadhouse6, Undercliffe road
3716 West James, junr.Undercliffe Old roadhouse2, Undercliffe Old road
3717 West WilliamUndercliffe roadhouse340, Undercliffe road
3718 Western JosephMildred streethouse168, Mildred street
3719 Western WilliamDe Grey streethouse19, De Grey street
3720 Whalen PatrickLoom streethouse33, Loom street
3721 Whalen ThomasLoom streethouse2, Loom street
3722 Whalley JamesGuy's cliffehouse9, Guy's cliffe
3723 Whalley RalphBack foldhouse4, Back fold
3724 Whalley StephenTennyson placehouse115, Tennyson place
3725 Wheater HammondGirlingtonwarehouse46, Well street
3726 Wheater HenrySpinkwell terracehouse252, Spinkwell terrace
3727 Wheater ReubenBarkerend roadhouse19, Heap street
successivehouse166, Barkerend road
3728 Wheater WilliamGirlingtonwarehouse46, Well street
3729 Wheatley JohnExeter streethouse135, Exeter street
3730 Wheeler AaronWilfred streethouse88, Wilfred street
3731 Wheelhouse JamesOrchard streethouse71, Orchard street
3732 Wheelwright Thomas WhitfieldShipleywarehouse36, Hall ings
3733 Whelan DanielRipon streethouse94, Ripon street
3734 Whipp ThomasHortonshop35, Market street
3735 Whitaker CharlesManninghamwarehouse65, Brook street
3736 Whitaker EdwardGarnett squarehouse1, Garnett square
3737 Whitaker HenryLightcliffewarehouse65, Brook street
3738 Whitaker JamesColeridge placewarehouse31, Charles street
3739 Whitaker JohnPark streethouse10, Park street
3740 Whitaker JohnSt. Augustine's terracehouse6, St. Augustine's terrace
3741 Whitaker John LongbottomTennyson placehouse47, Tennyson place
3742 Whitaker MarshallJermyn streethouse85, Jermyn street
3743 Whitaker RobertWestgrove streetcountinghouse11, Leeds road
3744 Whitaker WilliamGarnett streethouse65, Garnett street
3745 Whitaker WilliamShaw streethouse8, Shaw street
3746 Whitaker WilliamUpper Park streethouse5, Upper Park street
3747 White AbrahamChapel streethouse26, Chapel street
3748 White CalebHortonshop39, Market street
3749 White GeorgeAllertonwarehouse1, Brook street
3750 White GeorgeHeap lanehouse76, Heap lane
3751 White GreenwoodAllertonwarehouse1, Brook street
3752 White JamesWapping streethouse10, Wapping street
3753 White JohnBingleywarehouse49, Well street
3754 White SamuelPriestley streethouse14, Priestley street
3755 White SpinkSouthampton streethouse7, Southampton street
3756 White StephenIrving streethouse134, Bolton road
successivehouse47, Irving street
3757 White ThomasOrchard streethouse74, Orchard street
3758 White WilliamIrving streethouse25, Irving street
3759 White WilliamArthur streethouse11, Arthur street
3760 Whitehead ArthurUndercliffe roadhouseUndercliffe road
3761 Whitehead HustlerShipleywarehouse5, Mildred court
3762 Whitehead JamesHeap streethouse21, Heap street
3763 Whitehead JohnKing Charles squarehouse14, King Charles square
3764 Whitehead JosephOtley roadhouse74, Otley road
3765 Whitehead Thomas RochesterBurleycountinghouse36, Hall ings
3766 Whitehead WilliamNorth streethouse10, North street
3767 Whitehead WilliamPark streethouse16, Park street
3768 Whitehill WilliamSunnybankhouse21, Sunnybank
3769 Whitehouse George HendersonGuy's cliffeshop84, Barkerend road
3770 Whiteley GeorgeColeridge placehouse22, Lofthouse street
successivehouse18, Coleridge place
3771 Whiteley ThomasRipon streethouse16, Orchard street
successivehouse198, Ripon street
3772 Whiteman CharlesThornton's Buildingshouse2, Thornton's Buildings
3773 Whiteman JohnThornton's Buildingshouse7, Thornton's Buildings
3774 Whiteoak ThomasCobourg streethouse11, Cobourg street
3775 Whitfield JohnTemperance streethouse43, Temperance street
3776 Whitfield ThomasBolton roadhouse156, Bolton road
3777 Whitham JamesLingard streethouse24, Lingard street
3778 Whitham JohnRipon streethouse20, Ripon street
3779 Whitham RobertOrchard streetwarehouse36, Brook street
3780 Whitham WilliamHillside villashouse30, Hillside villas
3781 Whiting JohnDe Grey streethouse48, De Grey street
successivehouse73, De Grey street
3782 Whitley BenjaminOrchard streethouse102, Orchard street
3783 Whitley FrederickHortonwarehouse3, Booth street
3784 Whitley JosephLofthouse streethouse4, Lofthouse street
3785 Whitley JosephMulberry streethouse13, Mulberry street
3786 Whitley SamuelButler streethouse80, Butler street
3787 Whittingham GeorgeNorth winghouse138, North wing
3788 Whittingham ThomasBingleywarehouse6, Booth street
3789 Whitworth JohnPollard lanehouse15, Pollard lane
3790 Whitworth JohnTennyson placehouse67, Tennyson place
3791 Whydale Jonathan DentRipon streethouse33, Ripon street
3792 Wick JamesDe Grey streethouse31, De Grey street
3793 Widdas Cornelius GeorgeClub houseshouse10, Club houses
3794 Widdas ThomasUndercliffe roadhouse479, Undercliffe road
3795 Widdop EdwardOtley roadhouse115, Otley road
3796 Widdop JohnBarkerend roadhouse96, Barkerend road
3797 Widdop JohnWellington streethouse63, Wellington street
3798 Widdop SamuelBarkerend roadhouse25, Barkerend road
3799 Widdop SamuelPark gatehouse51, Park gate
3800 Widdop WilliamOtley roadhouse117, Otley road
3801 Widnall JohnHarris streethouse14, Harris street
3802 Wigan ErnestHarris streethouse8, Harris street
3803 Wigglesworth GeorgeStanacre placehouse31, Stanacre place
3804 Wigglesworth JosephExeter streethouse195, Exeter street
3805 Wightman Charles JohnShipleywarehouse72, Harris street
3806 Wignall SamuelButler streethouse18, Butler street
3807 Wignall WilliamButler streethouse14, Butler street
3808 Wigney JohnOtley roadhouse133, Otley road
3809 Wilby GeorgeHarris streethouse118, Harris street
3810 Wilcock EdwardPark gatehouse31, Park gate
3811 Wilcock JohnHortonwarehouse26, Booth street
3812 Wilcock John, junr.Hortonwarehouse9, Booth street
3813 Wilcock John WoodIdlewarehouse26, Booth street
3814 Wilcock ThomasSharow streethouse83, Lidgate place
successivehouse43, Sharow street
3815 Wilcock WilliamShipleycountinghouse9, Leeds road
3816 Wild Charles HenryTennyson placehouse90, Tennyson place
3817 Wild SamuelSt. Augustine's terracehouse9, St. Augustine's terrace
3818 Wild WilliamVictoria terracehouse180, Victoria terrace
3819 Wildman JamesBingleywarehouse24, Hall ings
3820 Wildman StephenBingleywarehouse24, Hall ings
3821 Wildshott SamuelExeter streethouse159, Exeter street
3822 Wilkinson AlfredBolton roadhouse168, Bolton road
3823 Wilkinson BrookeGuy's cliffehouse13, Guy's cliffe
3824 Wilkinson CharlesAnne gatehouse3, Anne gate
3825 Wilkinson CharlesUndercliffe Old roadland & buildingsUndercliffe Old road
3826 Wilkinson DavidRipon streethouse132, North wing
successivehouse250, Ripon street
3827 Wilkinson Edward PressManninghamwarehouse33, Swaine street
3828 Wilkinson EzraOrchard streethouse92, Orchard street
3829 Wilkinson HenryAlbert placewarehouse31, Swaine street
3830 Wilkinson HiramWinter rowhouse1, Winter row
3831 Wilkinson JamesWilfred streethouse99, Wilfred street
successivehouse95, Wilfred street
3832 Wilkinson JohnExeter streethouse197, Exeter street
3833 Wilkinson JohnBarkerend roadhouse37, Barkerend road
3834 Wilkinson JohnRipon streethouse34, East street
successivehouse168, Ripon street
3835 Wilkinson JohnStanacre placehouse18, Stanacre place
3836 Wilkinson JonathanClub houseshouse18, Stanacre place
successivehouse24, Club houses
3837 Wilkinson JosephOtley roadhouse146, Otley road
3838 Wilkinson JosephNorth winghouse145, North wing
3839 Wilkinson RobertHortonwarehouse35, Brook street
successivewarehouse26, Brook street
3840 Wilkinson SamAlbert placewarehouse31, Swaine street
3841 Wilkinson TennantTennyson placehouse113, Tennyson place
3842 Wilkinson ThomasOtley roadhouse11, Otley road
3843 Wilkinson ThomasOrchard streethouse58, Orchard street
3844 Wilkinson ThomasStott hill placehouse11, Stott hill place
3845 Wilkinson WilliamChurch hillhouse25, Church hill
3846 Wilkinson WilliamFilbert streethouse10, Filbert street
3847 Wilkinson WilliamCavalier streethouse25, Cavalier street
3848 Wilkinson WilliamRichmond streethouse16, Richmond street
3849 Wilkinson WilliamCross Sun streethouse29, Cross Sun street
3850 Wilks JohnSydenham placehouse52, Butler street
successivehouse44, Sydenham place
3851 Wilks ThomasBradford moorhouse28, Bradford moor
3852 Wilks ThomasJermyn streethouse15, Paper Hall court
successivehouse73, Jermyn street
3853 Willey John WilliamJermyn street placeshop17, Barkerend road
3854 Williams JamesCross Sun streethouse17, Cross Sun street
3855 Williams John LambertThornburywarehouse32, Charles street
3856 Williams RichardWellington streethouse33, Wellington street
3857 Williamson CharlesWestfield crescenthouse8, Westfield crescent
3858 Williamson FrancisKeighleywarehouse1A, Bentley street
3859 Williamson JohnKeighleywarehouseBentley street
3860 Williamson William BlakeChaucer placewarehouse10, Chapel street
3861 Willoughby ThomasUndercliffe roadhouse326, Undercliffe road
3862 Wills GeorgePaper Hall courthouse6, Paper Hall court
3863 Wilshaw WilliamSharow streethouse10B, Tennyson place
successivehouse25, Sharow street
3864 Wilson DavidWellington streethouse29, Wellington street
3865 Wilson EdwardOrchard streethouse76, Orchard street
3866 Wilson GeorgeTennyson placehouse57, Tennyson place
3867 Wilson GeorgeHortonshop69, Market street
3868 Wilson HenrySydney streethouse3, Sydney street
3869 Wilson HenryHallfield roadwarehouseChurch bank
3870 Wilson HiramOtley roadhouse213, Otley road
3871 Wilson JamesCordingley streethouse13, Cordingley street
3872 Wilson JamesClaytonwarehouse26, Booth street
3873 Wilson JamesWellington streethouse73, Wellington street
3874 Wilson James StephenManninghamwarehouse24, Charles street
3875 Wilson JeremiahOrchard streethouse88, Orchard street
3876 Wilson JohnPark streethouse50, Park street
3877 Wilson JohnSydenham placehouseWilfred street
successivehouse8, Sydenham place
3878 Wilson JohnBarkerend roadhouse78, Barkerend road
3879 Wilson JohnSouthampton streethouse5, Southampton street
3880 Wilson JosephOtley roadhouse37, Otley road
3881 Wilson JosephPark crescenthouse1A, Park crescent
3882 Wilson JosephLofthouse streethouse38, Lofthouse street
3883 Wilson JosephJermyn streethouse13, Jermyn street
3884 Wilson JoshuaHeath roadhouse13, Heath road
3885 Wilson RichardGuy's cliffehouse3, Guy's cliffe
3886 Wilson SamuelWapping roadhouse129, Wapping road
3887 Wilson ThomasJermyn streethouse55, Barkerend road
successivehouse80, Jermyn street
3888 Wilson ThomasExeter streethouse44, Exeter street
3889 Wilson TimothyPark streethouse24, Park street
3890 Wilson WilliamHeap streethouse22, Heap street
3891 Wilson WilliamHeap streethouseBath street
successivehouse55, Heap street
3892 Wilson WilliamPark streethouse41, Park street
3893 Wilson WilliamNorth Bierleywarehouse13, Swaine street
3894 Winkleman PeterGomersalwarehouse3, Burnett street
3895 Winterbottom John ThomasCavalier streethouse2, Cavalier street
3896 Wintersgill JohnBarkerend roadhouse111, Barkerend road
3897 Wintersgill MatthewFountain streetwarehouse44, Brook street
3898 Witard GeorgeBarkerend roadhouse170, Barkerend road
3899 Womersley RichardSt. Augustine's terracewarehouse11, Brook street
3900 Wood AbrahamSchool streetwarehouseHarris street
3901 Wood BenjaminShipleywarehouse5, Mildred court
3902 Wood BenjaminManninghamwarehouse21, Swaine street
3903 Wood CharlesMab streethouse11, Mab street
3904 Wood CharlesExeter streethouse166, Exeter street
3905 Wood CharlesHarris streethouse124, Harris street
3906 Wood CharlesBarkerend roadhouse32, Barkerend road
3907 Wood CharlesRipon streethouse158, Ripon street
3908 Wood GeorgeTennyson placehouse20, Tennyson place
3909 Wood GeorgeWapping streethouse19A, Wapping street
3910 Wood Henry WilsonHeap streethouse56, Heap street
3911 Wood JacobCraven streethouse15, Craven street
3912 Wood JamesAllertonwarehouse24, Brook street
3913 Wood JamesBingleywarehouse29A, Hall ings
3914 Wood JamesWilfred streethouse101, Wilfred street
3915 Wood JeremiahBolton roadbuildings & landBolton road
3916 Wood JesseAllertonwarehouse24, Brook street
3917 Wood JohnBarker courthouse5, Barker court
3918 Wood JohnUndercliffe roadhouse497, Undercliffe road
3919 Wood JohnShipleywarehouse5, Mildred court
3920 Wood JosephAllertonwarehouse6, Bolton road
3921 Wood JosephHortonwarehouse10, Swaine street
3922 Wood RichardOrchard streethouse17, Orchard street
3923 Wood RobertWright streethouse20, Wright street
3924 Wood RobertHarris streethouse146, Harris street
3925 Wood RobertSydney streethouse21, Sydney street
3926 Wood ThomasManninghamland & buildingsBolton road
3927 Wood ThomasArthur streethouse24, Arthur street
3928 Wood ThomasOrchard streethouse55, Orchard street
3929 Wood ThomasCarver courthouse13, Carver court
3930 Wood ThorntonHallfield placewarehouse2, Hardcastle lane
3931 Wood WilliamCarver courthouse17, Carver court
3932 Wood WilliamBack Spinkwell terracehouse17, Back Spinkwell terrace
3933 Wood William HenryPark crescentwarehouse33, Charles street
3934 Wood William HenryHortonwarehouseCharles street
3935 Wood William NicholsonHustler streethouse71, Hustler street
3936 Wood William WillisBradford lanewarehouseSwaine street
3937 Woodcock CharlesHanover squarecountinghouse65, Market street
3938 Woodhead CharlesBunker's hillhouse177, Bunker's hill
3939 Woodhead JamesFilbert streethouseFilbert street
3940 Woodhead JosephExeter streethouse38, Exeter street
3941 Woodhead WilliamBowlingwarehouse37, Brook street
3942 Woodhouse JohnHortonwarehouse35, Charles street
3943 Woolham HenryVictoria terracehouse206, Victoria terrace
3944 Wooller AbrahamButler streethouse8, Butler street
3945 Wormald AdamMildred streethouse56, Mildred street
3946 Wrather FirthKing Charles courthouse9, King Charles court
3947 Wray FletcherOtley roadhouse214, Otley road
3948 Wray IsaacOtley roadhouse220, Otley road
3949 Wrigglesworth GeorgeStanacre placehouse31, Stanacre place
3950 Wrigglesworth JosephBarkerend roadhouse151, Barkerend road
successivehouse164, Barkerend road
3951 Wright GeorgeWellington streethouse28, Wellington street
3952 Wright JohnTemperance streethouse32, Temperance street
3953 Wright JonathanPark crescenthouseBradford moor
successivehouse36, Park crescent
3954 Wright JosephWoodbine streethouse4, Woodbine street
3955 Wright JosephSouthampton streethouse22, Southampton street
3956 Wright MatthewHortonwarehouse7, Brook street
3957 Wright WilliamWoodbine streethouse2, Woodbine street
3958 Wrighton EdwardLofthouse streethouse42, Lofthouse street
3959 Wrightson JosephKing Charles streethouse5, Paper hall square
successivehouse9, King Charles street
3960 Wurtzburg Charles EdwardHeadingleywarehouse40, Hall ings
3961 Wurtzburg EdwardLeedswarehouse40, Hall ings
3962 Wynn WilliamRipon streethouse144, Ripon street

EAST WARD, 1875, surnames beginning with the letter Y
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
3963 Yates WilliamMulberry streethouse33, Mulberry street
3964 Yeadon JamesNorth winghouse118, North wing
3965 Yeadon RalphKing Charles streethouse18, King Charles street
3966 Yewdall IsaacExeter streethouse31, Exeter street
3967 Yewdall JosephBarkerend roadhouse10, Barkerend road
3968 Young HenryMildred streethouse108, Mildred street

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