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BRADFORD: Bradford Parliamentary Register 1875, NORTH WARD, surnames H-R.


NORTH WARD, 1875, surnames H-R.
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
335 Hackin ThomasBeanland squarehouse11, Beanland square
336 Haigh SamuelProspect terracehouse2, Prospect terrace
337 Haigh ThomasManor rowhouse20, Manor row
338 Hainstock ThomasBroad streethouseBroad street
339 Hainsworth HenryBolton roadhouse235, Bolton road
340 Hainsworth JamesBolton roadhouse371, Bolton road
341 Hainsworth JohnDixon streethouseDixon street
successivehouseDixon street
342 Hainsworth John WilmanBolton roadhouse967, Bolton road
343 Haley EdwinProspect terracehouse1, Prospect terrace
344 Haley JamesSalisbury streethouse10, Salisbury street
345 Haley JosephBolton roadhouse433, Bolton road
346 Hall JohnManor streethouse21, Manor street
347 Hall JohnManor streethouse19, Manor street
348 Hall JohnWool streethouseWapping road
successivehouseAlbert street
successivehouse25, Wool street
349 Hall John, seniorBolton roadhouse225, Bolton road
350 Hall John, junr.Bolton roadhouse229, Bolton road
351 Halliday JamesCannon streethouse20, Cannon street
352 Halliday JosephDuke streethouseWorthington street
successivehouseDuke street
353 Halliday NathanNorthbrook placehouseSun street
successivehouse3, Northbrook place
354 Hanby Charles EdwardMonk streethouse8, Monk street
355 Hanlon PatrickEllis streethouse6, Albert street
successivehouse3, Ellis street
356 Hansell Alfred FitzherbertManor rowhouse39, Manor row
357 Hardisty CharlesBolton roadhouse957, Bolton road
358 Hardwick BenjaminCarnarvon streethouse3, Carnarvon street
359 Hardwick ThomasWortleyshop12, Piccadilly
360 Hardwick WinterHeadingleyshop12, Piccadilly
361 Hargreaves CharlesClarenton lanehouse26, Clarenton lane
362 Hargreaves JohnVictoria streetshopCanal road
363 Hargreaves RobertBolton roadhouse167, Bolton road
364 Hargreaves RobertBolton roadhouse163, Bolton road
365 Harland EdwardManor rowhouse16, Manor row
366 Harrison GeorgeEldon placeshop8-10, Cheapside
367 Harrison GeorgeBolton roadhouse411, Bolton road
368 Harrison JamesBolton roadhouse395, Bolton road
369 Harrison JohnSalem streethouse6A, Salem street
370 Harrison JosephBolton roadhouse365, Bolton road
371 Harrison PeterHortonwarehouse18, Bermondsey
372 Harrison RichardManninghamwarehouse18, Bermondsey
373 Harrison SamuelRegent placehouse1, Regent place
374 Harrison Samuel, jun.Earl streetwarehouse7, Lister street
375 Hartley SamuelManor rowhouse14, Manor row
376 Hartley SamuelBolton roadhouse299, Bolton road
377 Hartman FrederickBroadstoneshouse11, Broadstones
378 Haste ThomasSchool streethouse31, School street
379 Hawkins JohnProspect terracehouse3, Prospect terrace
380 Hebden Thomas HoadleyKirkgatehouse6, Kirkgate
381 Heilborn FerdinandManninghamwarehouse20, Bermondsey
382 Hellam WilliamBolton roadhouse161, Bolton road
383 Hemingway SamuelTrafalgar streetwarehouse10, Trafalgar street
384 Hepplestone CharlesBolton roadhouse389, Bolton road
385 Heron JamesTrafalgar placehouse7, Trafalgar place
386 Heron PeterSalem streethouse31, Salem street
387 Hewitt Samuel, seniorBroad streethouse27, Broad street
388 Hewitt Samuel, junr.Broad streethouse25, Broad street
389 Heywood ThomasBolton roadhouse301, Bolton road
390 Hick GeorgeManninghamshop3, Broadstones
391 Hick JosephManninghamshop3, Broadstones
392 Hill JohnHallfield placehouse8, Hallfield place
393 Hill RichardBridge streethouseBridge street
successiveshop21, Broadstones
394 Hill ThomasManor streethouse6, Manor street
395 Hillman JohnSalem streethouse29, Salem street
396 Hinchliffe WilliamSpring gardenshouse12, Spring gardens
397 Hird ThomasSalisbury streethouse1, Cliffe Wood view
successivehouseSalisbury street
398 Hoard John HenryTrafalgar streethouse17, Trafalgar street
399 Hoare JohnNorthbrook placehouse23, Northbrook place
400 Hodge SamuelSalem streethouse46, Salem street
401 Hodgson AlfredBolton roadhouse95, Bolton road
402 Hogan PatrickMargerison streethouse8, Margerison street
403 Holdsworth AbrahamCannon streethouse8, Cannon street
404 Holdsworth JohnWharfe streethouse12, Wharfe street
405 Holgate CharlesAlbert placehouse10, Albert place
406 Holgate CharlesBolton roadhouse955, Bolton road
407 Holland CharlesTrafalgar streethouse86, Trafalgar street
408 Hollings JohnBolton roadhouse455, Bolton road
409 Holmes JohnBoltonshop26, Darley street
410 Holmes John AlbertVictoria streetwarehousePalmerston buildings
411 Holmes WilliamSalisbury streethouse20, Salisbury street
412 Holt RichardManninghamwarehouse2, Duke street
413 Hopkinson JosephRailroad streethouse9, Railroad street
414 Hopkinson SamuelHortonwarehousePiccadilly
415 Hopkinson WoodNorthbrook placehouse25, Northbrook place
416 Horton JoshuaAlbert placehouse4, Albert place
417 Howarth HenryBolton roadhouse511, Bolton road
418 Howley JohnBolton roadhouse245, Bolton road
419 Howley ThomasBolton roadhouse259, Bolton road
420 Hubbard JamesPeel squarewarehouse32, Piccadilly
421 Hubbard JosephPeel squarewarehouse32, Piccadilly
422 Hudson PadgettMonk streethouse17, Monk street
423 Hughes EdwardTrafalgar streetshopNorth parade
424 Hugill HenrySalem streethouseLeeds road
successivehouse48, Salem street
425 Hunter WilliamThornton roadwarehouse39, Bermondsey
426 Hutchinson JamesBolton roadhouse437, Bolton road
427 Hutchinson James GwynneHortoncountinghouse6, Piccadilly
428 Hutchinson JoshuaBolton roadhouse431, Bolton road
429 Hutton RichardHortonshop22, Kirkgate

NORTH WARD, 1875, surnames beginning with the letter I
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
430 Ibbins WilliamMonk streethouse26, Monk street
431 Illingworth Charles EdwardManninghamwarehouseBermondsey
432 Illingworth Joe SucksmithManninghamshop72, North parade
433 Ingham BenBoltonwarehouseNortholme street
434 Ingham JamesSpringfield placehouse13, Springfield place
435 Ingham John EdwardBoltonwarehouseNortholme street
436 Ingham OatesManninghamwarehouseNortholme street
437 Ingle EdwardSchool streethouse12, School street
438 Ingle JamesBolton roadhouse9, Wharfe street
successivehouse117, Bolton road

NORTH WARD, 1875, surnames beginning with the letter J
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
439 Jackson JamesBuckingham streethouse4, Buckingham street
440 Jackson SamuelShipleycountinghouse2, Kirkgate
441 Jackson SmithBolton roadhouse963, Bolton road
442 Jacobs AdolpheHortonwarehouse13, Piccadilly
443 Jacques GeorgeKeighleywarehouse17, Piccadilly
444 Jagger JonasBolton roadhouse489, Bolton road
445 James EdwardSalem streethouse52, Salem street
446 Jarrett WilliamProspect terracehouse6, Prospect terrace
447 Jarvis JamesCross School streethouse4, Cross School street
448 Jeffery John RustManninghamcountinghouse5, Piccadilly
449 Jennings CarrollDixon streethouse18, Dixon street
450 Jennings EdwardCannon streethouse28, Cannon street
451 Johnson Charles SmytheNorth Bierleywarehouse18, Kirkgate
452 Johnson Fletcher AtkinsonDarley streetshopKirkgate
successiveshop30, Darley street
453 Johnson GeorgeDarfield streetshopStone street
454 Johnson RobertHoughtonwarehouse21, Cheapside
455 Johnson SamuelBolton roadhouse927, Bolton road
456 Johnson ThomasDarfield streetshop24, Stone street
457 Johnston RobertSalem streethouse38, Salem street
458 Jolly DavidBrearton streetlandGrammar School street
459 Jordan JohnClarenton lanehouse16, Clarenton lane
460 Jowett John MarshallBunker's hillwarehouse16, School street
461 Jowett WilliamBoltonhouse497, Bolton road

NORTH WARD, 1875, surnames beginning with the letter K
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
462 Kay JohnHoldsworth streethouse2, Holdsworth street
463 Kay SampsonTrafalgar streethouse90, Trafalgar street
464 Keeling Rev. William HaltonNorth paradehouseNorth parade
465 Keighley JamesAlbert streethouse17, Albert street
466 Kelly JohnVine streethouse5, Vine street
467 Kemp Alfred BlytheManninghamcountinghouseCheapside
468 Kenningham HenryLionel streethouseLionel street
469 Kershaw JoshuaBolton roadhouseBolton road
successivehouse375, Bolton road
470 Key HughClarenton lanehouse32, Clarenton lane
471 Killighan JosephCannon streethouse18, Cannon street
472 Kincaird WilliamMonk streethouse16, Monk street
473 King JohnManninghamwarehouse7, Duke street
474 King SamuelHallfield streethouse6, Hallfield street
475 King WilliamSchool streethouse4, School street
476 Kitcheman EdwardMiddle streethouse1, Middle street
477 Kitson GeorgeSalisbury streethouse7, Salisbury street
478 Kitson JohnSpring gardenshouse29, Spring gardens
479 Knapton IsaacBolton roadhouse265, Bolton road
480 Knight JohnPeel squarewarehouse10, Dale street
481 Knight Joseph HenryPeel squarewarehouse10, Dale street
482 Knowles GeorgeDuke streethouse7, Duke street
483 Knowles JamesTurner rowhouse2, Turner row
484 Knowles JonasLeeming streethouse5, Leeming street
485 Knowles RichardHortonwarehouseLister street

NORTH WARD, 1875, surnames beginning with the letter L
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
486 Lacy JohnBolton roadhouse959, Bolton road
487 Lambert GeorgeBolton roadhouse213, Bolton road
488 Lambert SamuelBolton roadhouse221, Bolton road
489 Lanagan JamesMill streethouse3, Mill street
490 Lancaster GeorgeManninghamwarehouseCheapside
491 Lancaster IsaacManninghamwarehouseCheapside
492 Lancaster RobertSpring gardensshop22, North parade
493 Lancaster WilliamHipperholmecountinghouse2, Manor row
494 Leach Edwin ThomasManninghamshop12, Darley street
495 Leach JohnManninghamshop54, North parade
496 Leach JosephHallfield placehouse12, Hallfield place
497 Leather George HenryBingleywarehouse83, Dixon street
498 Leather SamuelManninghamwarehouse83, Dixon street
499 Lee AlfredNorth paradehouse40, North parade
500 Lee JohnBramleywarehouse4, Dale street
501 Leeming JohnManninghamwarehouseValley road
502 Leeming SamuelBolton roadhouse377, Bolton road
503 Levitt FrederickBroad streethouse18, Broad street
504 Lewis GeorgeSpring gardenscountinghouse30, Darley street
505 Lightfoot JosephBuckingham streethouse14, Buckingham street
506 Lightfoot WilliamSalisbury streethouse17, Salisbury street
507 Linforth HenryHallfield placehouse1, Hallfield place
508 Lister EdwardBolton roadhouse223, Bolton road
509 Little DavidManninghamcountinghouse5, Piccadilly
510 Littlewood CharlesSpring gardenshouse14, Spring gardens
511 Long GeorgeManor streethouse13, Manor street
512 Long HenryTrafalgar streethouse38, Trafalgar street
513 Long ThomasClarenton lanehouse24, Clarenton lane
514 Longbottom ThomasSpring gardenshouse25, Spring gardens
515 Longbottom William AllisonCannon streethouse41, Cannon street
516 Longley WilliamManninghamcountinghouse2, Kirkgate
517 Longthorne PeterBolton roadhouse91, Bolton road
successivehouse101, Bolton road
518 Lotty AllenMonk streethouseMonk street
successivehouse18, Monk street
519 Lumley JamesDudley hillcountinghouse16, Kirkgate
520 Lund ChristopherSchool streethouse30, School street
521 Lupton George WilliamManor streetwarehouse36A, Cheapside

NORTH WARD, 1875, surnames beginning with the letter M
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
522 Mahoney WilliamCannon streethouse45, Cannon street
successivehouse46, Cannon street
523 Manley HenryNorth paradehouse40, North parade
524 Mansfield FrederickNorthbrook placehouse13, Northbrook place
525 Marshall EdwinBolton roadhouse157, Bolton road
526 Marshall HenryLeeming streethouse5A, Wapping Cross street
successivehouse1, Leeming street
527 Marshall JosephSalisbury streethouseBolton road
successivehouse12, Salisbury street
528 Marshall JosephBuckingham streethouse6, Buckingham street
529 Marshall ThomasHortonshop4, Kirkgate
530 Marten William HaighManninghamwarehouse36, Cheapside
531 Mason EdwardDarfield streetshopGrammar School street
532 Mason WilliamBolton roadhouse351, Bolton road
533 Mason William HenryBolton roadhouse361, Bolton road
534 Matthews Alfred MarstenManninghamhouse12, North parade
535 Maud JosephDarley streethouse40, Barley street
536 May ThomasSalem streethouse50, Salem street
537 Maynard ThomasBolton roadhouse417, Bolton road
538 McFarlane GeorgeBroad streethouse16A, Broad street
539 McIlwrieth JohnSalisbury streethouse3, Salisbury street
540 Meade CharlesVine streethouse13, Vine street
541 Meade Richard HenryManor rowhouse8, Manor row
542 Medhurst JohnWharfe streethouse29, Wharfe street
543 Medley JohnSpinkwell dyehousehouse2, Spinkwell dyehouse
544 Meirs RobertStone streethouse8, Stone street
545 Metcalfe JamesBaildonwarehouse8, Duke street
546 Metcalfe JohnBaildonwarehouse6, Duke street
547 Metcalfe WilliamBaildonwarehouse8, Duke street
548 Middermore WilliamBolton roadhouseBolton road
successivehouse939, Bolton road
549 Miller GeorgeTrafalgar streethouse40A, Trafalgar street
550 Milner JamesKirkgatehouse28, Kirkgate
551 Milner JohnMargerison streethouse3, Margerison street
552 Milner ThomasSpringfield placehouse41, Salem street
successivehouse23, Springfield place
553 Milnes EliManninghamcountinghouse8, Cheapside
554 Milnes Joseph TetleyBarkerend roadwarehouse3, Palmerston buildings
555 Milnes William HauptmanBoltonwarehouseCheapside
556 Minnikin RobertBolton roadhouse830, Bolton road
557 Mirfield DanielWestgate hill, Tongwarehouse4, Dale street
558 Mirfield EmanuelWestgate hill, Tongwarehouse4, Dale street
559 Misdale WilliamDarley streethouse44, Darley street
560 Mitchell AlfredBolton roadhouse913, Bolton road
561 Moeller John William ConstantineHipperholmewarehouseCanal road
562 Moorhouse John WilliamKeighleywarehouseBermondsey
563 Moorhouse John William MidgleyKeighleywarehouseBermondsey
564 Moorhouse JosephBolton roadhouse917, Bolton road
565 Morgan WilliamOtley roadshopDale street
566 Mortimer WilliamDixon streethouse11, Dixon street
567 Mowbray GeorgeStone streethouse11, Stone street
568 Muff JohnBolton roadhouse211, Bolton road
569 Murgatroyd JosephDirk hill, Idlewarehouse12, Dale street
570 Murray JohnSpring gardenshouse17, Spring gardens
571 Musgrave Peter WilliamHallfield roadwarehouse37, Bermondsey

NORTH WARD, 1875, surnames beginning with the letter N
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
572 Neill Francis WilliamDarley streetshop14, Darley street
573 Neill WilliamBolton roadhouse475, Bolton road
574 Nelson ThomasBuckingham streethouse10, Buckingham street
575 Newbould Walter MatthewHallfield streethouse4, Stone street
successivehouse14, Hallfield street
576 Newby DavidTrafalgar streethouse64, Trafalgar street
577 Newby JohnKirkgatehouse12, Kirkgate
578 Newell JohnBroadstoneshouse13, Broadstones
579 Newton ReubenHortonshop16, Darley street
580 Nicholson AlfredBolton roadhouse457, Bolton road
581 Nicholson PrinceBolton roadhouse403, Bolton road
582 Nicholson ThomasAlbert placehouse12, Albert place
583 Nixon JohnMill streethouse7, Mill street
584 North SchofieldBolton roadhouse335,Bolton road
585 Northend Henry EthelredCliffe Wood viewhouse3, Cliffe Wood view

NORTH WARD, 1875, surnames beginning with the letter O
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
586 Oates GeorgeDewsburywarehouseMill street
587 Oates OliverBolton roadhouse297, Bolton road
588 Oates WilliamTurner rowhouse5, Turner row
589 O'Brian JohnCannon streethouse26, Cannon street
590 O'Connor MichaelWool streethouse27, Wool street
591 Oddy SamManor rowhouse6, Manor row
592 Ogden AlfredHortonwarehouse11, Palmerston buildings
593 O'Hara ThomasMargerison streethouse11, Margerison street
594 Oliver Henry H.Stone streethouse9, Stone street
595 Orton GeorgeWool streethouse23, Wool street
596 Osborne George SangsterManninghamwarehouse24, Bermondsey
597 Ostcliffe JohnKirkgatehouse8, Kirkgate

NORTH WARD, 1875, surnames beginning with the letter P
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
598 Parker WilliamBolton roadhouse130, Bolton road
successivehouse941, Bolton road
599 Parkinson ChristopherMargerison streethouse13, Margerison street
600 Parkinson WilliamManor rowhouse4, Manor row
601 Parratt SamuelCannon streethouse3, Cannon street
602 Parrington WilliamBolton roadhouse283, Bolton road
603 Patefield BenjaminBolton roadhouse389C, Bolton road
604 Patefield WilliamBolton roadhouse515, Bolton road
605 Pearson BarnardWool streethouse34, Wool street
606 Pearson Edward ClarksonHanover squareshop10, Kirkgate
607 Pennington GeorgeManninghamwarehouse45, Lister street
608 Petty BenjaminManninghamwarehouseBermondsey
609 Phezzy IsaacBolton roadhouse104, Bedford street
successivehouse415, Bolton road
610 Philipp AdolphusMill streetwarehouseVicar lane
successivewarehouseMill street
611 Philipp JacobMill streetwarehouseVicar lane
successivewarehouseMill street
612 Phillips JohnWharfe streethouse27, Wharfe street
613 Pickard WilliamHortonwarehouse19, Piccadilly
614 Pickles James EdwardBolton roadhouse923, Bolton road
615 Pilling WilliamBolton roadhouse387A, Bolton road
616 Pollard JohnHallfield roadshop22, Darley street
617 Poole JohnSpring gardenshouse28, Spring gardens
successivehouse50, Spring gardens
618 Poole MatthewLister streethouse12, Lister street
619 Poole ThomasClarenton lanehouse18, Clarenton lane
620 Popplewell HenryBolton roadhouse899, Bolton road
621 Popplewell WilliamCanal roadhouse12, Canal road
622 Potter WilliamSalem streethouse74, Salem street
623 Pratt WilliamMonk streethouse36, Monk street
624 Preller EmiliusManninghamwarehouse17, Piccadilly
625 Preston JohnBridge streetshopBroadstones
626 Priestley DanielWharfe streethouse17, Wharfe street
627 Priestley JohnManninghamshop14, Cheapside
628 Priestley JohnAlbert placehouse6, Albert place
629 Priestley SamuelNorthbrook placehouse19, Northbrook place
630 Pullan ThomasNortholme streethouse4, Northolme street
631 Punt JosephCarnarvon streethouse7, Carnarvon street
632 Punt WilliamBolton roadhouse441, Bolton road
633 Pyburn RalphBolton roadhouse397, Bolton road

NORTH WARD, 1875, surnames beginning with the letter Q
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
634 Quigley AndrewRailroad streethouse2, Railroad street

NORTH WARD, 1875, surnames beginning with the letter R
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
635 Raistrick CharlesBolton roadhouse491, Bolton road
636 Raistrick CharlesSalisbury streethouse24, Salisbury street
637 Raistrick GeorgeTrafalgar streethouse35, Trafalgar street
638 Raistrick ThomasBolton roadhouse419, Bolton road
639 Raistrick WilliamBolton roadhouse363, Bolton road
640 Ratcliffe Henry ButlerNorth paradehouse & shop66, North parade
641 Ratcliffe JohnSpring gardenshouse1, Spring gardens
642 Ratcliffe JosephBolton roadhouse919, Bolton road
643 Raw JamesBolton roadhouse103, Bolton road
644 Rawson JamesBroadstoneshouse9, Broadstones
645 Redman JohnHaworthwarehouseDuke street
646 Ree IsidorApperley bridgewarehouseCheapside
647 Reed ThomasWool streethouseWarwick street
successivehouse28, Wool street
648 Rhodes HenryHipperholmeshopUnion passage
successiveshop52, Cheapside
649 Rhodes JamesManninghamcountinghouseDuke street
650 Rhodes JamesIlkleyshopDarley street
651 Rhodes JeremiahManninghamshop4, Darley street
652 Rhodes John FearnleyManninghamshop14, Kirkgate
653 Rhodes WilliamRegent placehouse8, Regent place
654 Rice CharlesDrewton streetwarehouseNorth parade
655 Richards Rev. JohnSpringfield placehouse29, Springfield place
656 Richardson GeorgeBolton roadhouse165, Bolton road
657 Richardson RichardSpringfield placehouse15, Springfield place
658 Richmond WilliamBolton roadhouse305, Bolton road
659 Rimes Richard HenryPark placeshop32, Darley street
660 Roberts JamesLeeds roadwarehouseCheapside
661 Robertshaw ThomasSpring gardenshouse16, Spring gardens
successivehouse17, Spring gardens
662 Robertshaw ThomasNorthbrook placehouse31, Northbrook place
663 Robertshaw WilliamNorthbrook placehouse35, Northbrook place
664 Robinson JamesManor streethouse3, Manor street
665 Robinson James WilliamTrafalgar streethouse46, Trafalgar street
666 Robinson JosephCannon streethouse35, Cannon street
667 Robinson RichardTrafalgar streethouse9A, Trafalgar street
668 Robson TimothyFountain streetwarehouse9, Lister street
669 Rogerson MichaelNorth paradeshop2, Darley street
670 Ronson AnthonyStone streethouse25, Stone street
671 Rookes GeorgeBolton roadshop7, Broadstones
672 Rooney CharlesCannon streethouse19, Cannon street
673 Roper JamesBolton roadhouse & shopWestgate
successivehouse & shop121, Bolton road
674 Ross JamesMonk streethouse20, Monk street
675 Ross JohnMiddle streethouse10, Middle street
676 Ross Joshua RobinsonTrafalgar streethouse45, Trafalgar street
677 Rothschild GustaveCanal roadwarehouseCanal road
678 Rouse FrankBurleywarehouse26, Northolme street
679 Rouse John FrederickBurleywarehouse26, Northolme street
680 Rouse WilliamBurleywarehouse26, Northolme street
681 Rowan HughMargerison streethouse17, Margerison street
682 Rundell ThomasTrafalgar streethouse21, Trafalgar street
683 Rushforth JasperManninghamshopHallfield street
684 Rushton ChristopherCarnarvon streethouse5, Carnarvon street
685 Rushton ThomasCarnarvon streethouse1, Carnarvon street
686 Russell AlbertSalem streethouse56, Salem street
687 Russell HenryJohn streetshop40, Trafalgar street
688 Rutherfield ThomasBolton roadhouse457, Bolton road
689 Ryan JeremiahSpinkwell dyehousehouse25, Balme street
successivehouse3, Spinkwell dyehouse
690 Rycroft JohnManninghamwarehouse14, Lister street
691 Rycroft Joshua BaywaterManninghamwarehouse14, Lister street

Transcribed by Colin Hinson © 2014
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