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BRADFORD: Bradford Parliamentary Register 1875, SOUTH WARD, surnames R-Z.


SOUTH WARD, 1875, surnames R-Z.
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
2571 Raine SamuelWakefield roadhouse22, Wakefield road
2572 Raistrick CharlesWilliam courthouse27, William court
2573 Raistrick GeorgeLeeds roadhouse1204, Leeds road
2574 Raistrick IsaacRoberts courthouse16, Roberts court
2575 Raistrick JohnBedford streethouse87, Bedford street
2576 Raistrick SamuelChandos streethouseExeter street
successivehouse96, Chandos street
2577 Raistrick WilliamRoberts courthouse31, Roberts court
2578 Ramsbottom JohnWilliam squarehouse12, William square
2579 Ramsbottom Robert JamesGarnett streethouse8, Garnett street
2580 Ramsden DanielGarnett streethouse116, Garnett street
2581 Ramsden NathanHortonwarehouse5, Bolton place
2582 Rankan SamuelGay lanehouse12, Gay lane
2583 Ranson JosephParratt rowhouse14, Parratt row
2584 Raper JosephBeck streethouse12, Beck street
2585 Raper JosephDryden streethouse5, Dryden street
2586 Ratcliffe EdmundYork streethouse84, York street
2587 Ratcliffe HenryGarnett streethouse40, Garnett street
2588 Rawbotham JohnLeeds roadhouse118, Leeds road
2589 Rawling JamesCampbell streethouse20, Campbell street
2590 Rawling JohnFrederick streethouse52, Frederick street
2591 Rawling JosephBirk streethouse1, Birk street
2592 Rawnsley John, junr.ManninghamwarehouseBolton place
2593 Rawnsley JonathanRhodes terracehouse9, Rhodes terrace
2594 Rawson JamesLeeds roadhouse & shop844, Leeds road
2595 Rawson JohnMoorside lanewarehouseMoorside lane
2596 Rawson WilliamJohnson streethouse11, Johnson street
2597 Rawson WilliamMoorside lanewarehouseMoorside lane
2598 Rayan JosephChesnut streethouse3, Chesnut street
2599 Rayner GeorgeBirk streethouse10, Birk street
2600 Rayner RobertBanner streethouse27, Banner street
2601 Rearden DanielPotter streethouse10, Potter street
2602 Redfern WilliamBirk streethouse9, Birk street
2603 Redman JohnMosscar streethouse26, Roberts court
successivehouse20, Mosscar street
2604 Reeves WilliamAeolus placehouse10, Aeolus place
2605 Revell EmanuelWakefield roadhouse & shop11, Wakefield road
2606 Revell JamesLaisterdykehouse56, Laisterdyke
2607 Revell NathanRevell courthouse4, Revell court
2608 Reynolds BenjaminParratt rowhouse19, Parratt row
2609 Reynolds FrederickLeeds roadhouse & shop828, Leeds road
2610 Reynolds JohnLake streethouse22, Lake street
2611 Reynolds JosephFieldhousehouseFieldhouse, off Mount street
2612 Rhodes BenjaminCoach rowhouse54, Coach row
2613 Rhodes Edmund CoatesTennyson placeshopLower Ernest street
2614 Rhodes JamesConcordia streethouse2, Concordia street
2615 Rhodes James BaldwinManninghamwarehouse74, Leeds road
2616 Rhodes JohnHall streethouse31, Hall street
2617 Rhodes JohnMount streethouse435, Mount street
2618 Rhodes JohnWarwick streethouse15, Warwick street
2619 Rhodes JohnChandos streethouse30, Chandos street
2620 Rhodes JonasMount streethouse439, Mount street
2621 Rhodes JosephBridge streethouse & shop61, Bridge street
2622 Rhodes SamuelMount streethouse1, Collier street
successivehouse461, Mount street
2623 Rhodes TimothyWilliam squarehouse15, William square
2624 Rice JohnLyndhurst streethouse40, Lyndhurst street
2625 Rice RichardLeeds roadhouse898, Leeds road
2626 Richardson HenryGeorge streethouse & shop155, George street
2627 Richardson JamesMosscar streethouse39, Mosscar street
2628 Richardson JamesOrange streethouse35, Orange street
2629 Richardson WilliamMalvern streethouse16, Malvern street
2630 Richmond CharlesGeorge streethouse135, George street
2631 Riddiough EdmondsonLaurel streethouse82, Laurel street
2632 Riddiough JosephMount streethouse280, Mount street
2633 Ridehalgh JohnBeck streethouse86, Beck street
2634 Rider JohnMosscar streethouse14, Mosscar street
2635 Ridley JoshuaBirkshall lanehouse43, Birkshall lane
2636 Rigg WilliamEbenezer streethouse8, Ebenezer street
2637 Rigley EdwardBendigo foldhouse12, Bendigo fold
2638 Riles JamesMyrtle streethouse25, Myrtle street
2639 Riley GeorgeWakefield roadhouse & shop6, Wakefield road
2640 Riley HenryChandos streethouse11, Chandos street
2641 Riley JamesWakefield roadhouse215, Wakefield road
2642 Riley JamesAcorn streethouse8, Acorn street
2643 Riley JonasCartmell streethouse26, Cartmell street
2644 Riley JosephBirk streethouse73, Birk street
2645 Riley JoshuaDundas streethouse70, Dundas street
2646 Riley SamuelDaniel streethouse9, Daniel street
2647 Rimmington JamesBirkshall lanehouse2, Birkshall lane
2648 Ripley JamesBowlingshop54, Bridge street
2649 Ripley WilliamAcorn streethouse11, Acorn street
2650 Rishworth JohnLyndhurst streethouse14, Lyndhurst street
2651 Roach EdwardMyrtle streethouse24, Myrtle street
2652 Roberts AlfredLeeds roadhouse544, Leeds road
2653 Roberts AndrewFrancis streethouse7, Francis street
2654 Roberts GeorgeVictoria terracewarehouse3, Hall ings
2655 Roberts JohnPeace streethouse11, Peace street
2656 Roberts JosephBattye streethouse39, Battye street
2657 Roberts JosephClayton placehouse23, Clayton place
2658 Roberts Samuel FrederickBridge streethouse36, Bridge street
2659 Roberts William HenryMalvern streethouseLeeds road
successivehouse4, Malvern street
2660 Robertshaw AlfredManninghamwarehouse6, Leeds road
2661 Robertshaw EllisDick streethouse12, Dick street
2662 Robertshaw EmanuelCorless rowhouse7, Corless row
2663 Robertshaw JamesOastler terracehouse48, Oastler terrace
2664 Robertshaw JohnChapman streethouse22, Chapman street
2665 Robertshaw JonasRoberts courthouse28, Roberts court
2666 Robertshaw JosephGibson streethouse14, Gibson street
2667 Robertshaw WilliamBack Pratt streethouse70, Back Pratt street
2668 Robinson FrederickChapman streethouse32, Chapman street
2669 Robinson HenryMaltby streethouse56, Maltby street
2670 Robinson HenryEdward streethouse55, Edward street
2671 Robinson HezekiahLeeds roadhouse912, Leeds road
2672 Robinson IsraelYork streethouse47, York street
2673 Robinson IsraelKerr streethouse1, Kerr street
2674 Robinson JamesMount streethouse427, Mount street
2675 Robinson JohnGeorge streethouse30, George street
2676 Robinson JohnDundas streethouse63, Napier street
successivehouse64, Dundas street
2677 Robinson JohnBanner streethouseWestgate
successivehouse70, Banner street
2678 Robinson JohnCroft streethouse108, Croft street
2679 Robinson JohnBedford streethouse91, Bedford street
2680 Robinson JohnMyrtle streethouse57, Myrtle street
2681 Robinson JosephBuck streethouse1, Buck street
2682 Robinson MarkBack lanehouse6, Back lane
2683 Robinson RobertGay lanehouse6, Gay lane
2684 Robinson RobertQuill streethouse20, Quill street
2685 Robinson RobertBack Royal streethouse14, Back Royal street
2686 Robinson WilliamGarnett streethouse52, Garnett street
2687 Robinson WilliamEast streethouse50, East street
2688 Robotham CharlesVicar lanehouse24, Vicar lane
2689 Robottom JohnMulgrave streethouse10, Mulgrave street
2690 Robshaw BenjaminMarley streethouse13, Marley street
2691 Robshaw RobertAnnison streethouse10, Annison street
2692 Robson JamesOastler terracehouse30, Oastler terrace
2693 Rodger WilliamFieldhouse rowhouse2, Fieldhouse row
successivehouseFieldhouse row
2694 Rodham JohnSt. George's streethouse14, St. George's street
2695 Rodham ThomasBanner streethouse9, Banner street
2696 Rodley JohnAdolphus streethouse103, Adolphus street
2697 Rodley RichardOastler terracehouse36, Oastler terrace
2698 Rodley WilliamEast streethouse10, East street
2699 Rogers AlickPratt streethouseBack Pratt street
successivehouse35, Pratt street
2700 Rogers AnthonyShaw's yardhouse7, Shaw's yard
2701 Rogers DanielSt. George's streethouse2, St. George's yard
2702 Rogers DavidMosscar streethouseGarnett street
successivehouse19, Mosscar street
2703 Rogers WilliamMount streethouse226, Mount street
2704 Rogerson Michael, junr.North paradewarehouse42, Union street
2705 Romaine EzraClayton placehouse1, Pit lane
successivehouse19, Clayton place
2706 Rook GeorgeBanner streethouse8, Banner street
2707 Roost GeorgeTownhill streethouse15, Townhill street
2708 Roper AbrahamGladstone streethouse35, Gladstone street
2709 Roper IsaacLeeds roadshop4, Myrtle street
successivehouse926, Leeds road
2710 Roper JosephJohnson streethouse4, Johnson street
2711 Roper WilliamLaisterdykehouse7, Laisterdyke
2712 Rose CharlesBack lanehouse481, Back lane
2713 Rosetter WilliamMaltby streethouse23, Maltby street
successivehouse17, Maltby street
2714 Ross SamuelLeeds roadhouse512, Leeds road
2715 Ross ThomasFarrar squarehouse18, Farrar square
2716 Ross WilliamMaltby streethouse39, Maltby street
2717 Rothera JohnHall streethouse20, Hall street
2718 Rothera JosephSchool squarehouse9, Pratt street
successivehouse11, School square
2719 Rotheray CharlesOastler terracewarehouseMaud street
2720 Roundhill JohnBradford moorhouse3, Bradford moor
2721 Rourke AndrewFive streethouse1, Five street
2722 Rouse JohnHall streethouse28, Hall street
2723 Rowbotham JamesBridge streethouse & shop59, Bridge street
2724 Rowen JohnFarrar squarehouse3, Farrar square
2725 Rowley GeorgePeace streethousePeace street
successivehouse57, Peace street
2726 Rowley JamesLower Ebenezer streethouse35, Lower Ebenezer street
2727 Rowley StephenBrooklyn streethouse70, Brooklyn street
2728 Rowsby JohnMount streethouse454, Mount street
2729 Rudd JohnRoyal streethouse12, Royal street
2730 Rushforth EliMyrtle streethouse28, Laurel street
successivehouse42, Myrtle street
2731 Rushforth JamesBarkerend foldhouse42, Barkerend fold
2732 Rushforth WilliamFieldhouse squarehouse5, Fieldhouse square
2733 Rushton CrawshawBattye streethouse43, Battye street
2734 Rushton JohnEast streethouse69, East street
2735 Rushton JohnPeace streethouse3, Peace street
2736 Rushworth GeorgeClayton placehouse27, Clayton place
2737 Rushworth GeorgeBanner streethouse50, Banner street
2738 Rushworth JamesLaurel streethouse80A, Laurel street
2739, Rushworth JohnGarnett streethouse74, Garnett street
2740 Rushworth JohnWainwright courthouse18A, Foundry street
successivehouse6, Wainwright court
2741 Rushworth JosephPratt streethouse48, Pratt street
2742 Russell ClarkWalnut streethouse27, Walnut street
2743 Russell ThomasBarkerend roadhouse44, Barkerend road
2744 Ryan JeremiahHarrison streethouse8, Laurel street
successivehouse12, Harrison street
2745 Ryan JohnYork streethouse28, York street
2746 Ryan JohnFoundry streethouse13, Foundry street
2747 Ryan MichaelCroft streethouse139, Croft street
2748 Ryan WilliamLower Ebenezer courthouse27, Lower Ebenezer court
2749 Ryder HenryTennyson placeshop38, Vicar lane
2750 Ryder JamesBattye streethouse36, Battye street

SOUTH WARD, 1875, surnames beginning with the letter S
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
2751 Sagar JosephFrancis streethouse13, Francis street
2752 Sagar StephenRobinson streethouse4, Robinson street
2753 Sanderson JohnRobertshaw streethouseCartmell street
successivehouse14, Robertshaw street
2754 Sandon JamesMyrtle streethouseMyrtle street
successivehouse60, Myrtle street
2755 Sands ThomasGay lanehouseMyrtle street
successivehouse39, Gay lane
2756 Savage JohnTennyson placewarehouse8, Leeds road
2757 Savage TobiasMyrtle streethouse71, Myrtle street
2758 Savage WilliamBanner streethouse28, Banner street
2759 Saville WilliamLeeds roadhouse842, Leeds road
2760 Sawdon George EdwardHustler terracewarehouseBath street
2761 Sawer Matthew HenryTennyson placewarehouseCarroll street
2762 Sawyer GeorgeBack Pratt streethouse80, Back Pratt street
2763 Scaife JohnBack Mount streethouse98, Back Mount street
2764 Scanlon RobertChandos streethouse19, Chandos street
2765 Scarr ThomasGarnett streethouse114, Garnett street
2766 Schmidt WilliamManninghamwarehouse36, Union street
2767 Schofield GeorgeFieldhouse streethouse3, Fieldhouse street
2768 Schofield JohnAdolphus streethouse7, Adolphus street
2769 Schofield WilliamNapier streethouse69, Napier street
2770 Scholefield JamesLaisterdykehouse54, Laisterdyke
2771 Scholefield JohnDaniel streethouse46, Daniel street
2772 Schoon JohnBack lanehouse34, Back lane
2773 Scott EdwardCarpenter streethouse10, Carpenter street
2774 Scott HenryWentworth streethouse24, Wentworth street
2775 Scott Henry RobertGarnett streethouse68, Garnett street
2776 Scott John HenryBedford streethouse56, Bedford street
2777 Scott RichardBath streethouse4, Bath street
2778 Scott ThomasFrancis streethouse4, Francis street
2779 Scott WalterManninghamwarehouseHall ings
2780 Scully JohnMyrtle streethouse14, Myrtle street
2781 Scully ThomasAcre streethouse6, Acre street
2782 Scully Thomas HenryMalvern streethouse27, Malvern street
2783 Scurrah JosephLeeds roadhouse1026, Leeds road
2784 Seacroft WilliamEbenezer streethouse3, Ebenezer street
2785 Seddon WilliamLower Ebenezer courthouse33, Lower Ebenezer court
2786 Sedgwick GeorgeWilliam courthouse51, William court
2787 Sedgwick WilliamEdward streethouse44, Edward street
2788 Sellars EliGreencliffe villawarehouse61, York street
2789 Sellars JosephGeorge streethouse67, Eastbrook lane
successivehouse51, George street
2790 Senior EdwardLeeds roadhouse460, Leeds road
2791 Senior GreenwoodCroft streethouse126, Croft street
2792 Senior SamuelHarley streethouse6, Harley street
2793 Senior WilliamWalnut streethouse21, Walnut street
2794 Senton JohnAtkinson streethouse11, Atkinson street
2795 Settle JosephMyrtle streethouse33, Frederick street
successivehouse100, Myrtle street
2796 Sewell ThomasDundas streethouse75, Dundas street
2797 Seymour CalebPeace streethouse25, Peace street
2798 Seymour WilliamMyrtle streethouse6, Myrtle street
2799 Shackleton ArthurConcordia streethouse9, Concordia street
2800 Shackleton BenjaminBack Mount streethouse138, Back Mount street
2801 Shackleton CharlesRhodes terracehouse15, Rhodes terrace
2802 Shackleton ChristopherLeeds roadhouse984, Leeds road
2803 Shackleton EliBradford moorhouse26, Gladstone street
successivehouseBradford moor
2804 Shackleton GeorgeLeeds roadhouse1000, Leeds road
2805 Shackleton JohnWentworth streethouse23, Wentworth street
2806 Shackleton JosephAtkinson streethouse5, Atkinson street
2807 Shackleton MosesLeeds roadhouse5, Concordia street
successivehouse930, Leeds road
2808 Shackleton StephensonAmberley streetwarehouseConcordia street
2809 Shackleton ThomasFullerton streethouse11, Fullerton street
2810 Shackleton WilliamWentworth streethouse9, Wentworth street
2811 Shannon WilliamBedford streethouse65, Bedford street
2812 Sharrow GeorgeHortonwarehouse12, Leeds road
2813 Sharp AbrahamLyndhurst streethouse41, Lyndhurst street
2814 Sharp DanielQuill streethouse13, Quill street
2815 Sharp DanielCorless rowhouse10, Corless row
2816 Sharp DennisonFurnace streethouse12, Furnace street
2817 Sharp JacobWakefield roadhouse & shop5, Wakefield road
2818 Sharp JohnBirkshall lanehouse39A, Birkshall lane
2819 Sharp JohnClarke streethouse15, Clarke street
2820 Sharp JohnGeorge streethouse150, George street
2821 Sharp ObadiahBirkshall lanehouse39, Birkshall lane
2822 Sharp SamuelBack lanehouse & shop349, Back lane
2823 Sharp ThomasAnnison streethouse7, Annison street
2824 Sharp WilliamBirkshall lanehouse42, Birkshall lane
2825 Sharp WilliamBack lanehouse221, Back lane
2826 Sharp WilliamRichard streetshop176, Leeds road
2827 Sharp WilliamLeeds roadhouse1006, Leeds road
2828 Shaw AbsalomLeeds roadhouse836, Leeds road
2829 Shaw DavidBattye streethouse26, Kerr street
successivehouse6, Battye street
2830 Shaw ElijahBirkshall lanehouse31, Birkshall lane
2831 Shaw HenryDundas streethouse38, Dundas street
2832 Shaw IsraelHarrison streetshop38, Harrison street
2833 Shaw JamesMount streethouse268, Mount street
2834 Shaw JobMosscar streethouse16, Mosscar street
2835 Shaw JohnBedford streethouse120, Bedford street
2836 Shaw JohnBeck streethouse9, Walnut street
successivehouse78, Beck street
2837 Shaw RobertEdward streethouse23, Edward street
2838 Shaw WilliamWakefield roadhouse & shop63, Wakefield road
2839 Sheard JosephCroft streethouse141, Croft street
2840 Sheldon JohnUnion streethouse11, Union street
2841 Shepherd RichardBirkshall lanehouse32, Birkshall lane
2842 Sheriff AmbroseAlmond streethouse20, Almond street
2843 Shires DanielBack lanehouseBack lane
successivehouse215, Back lane
2844 Shires EmanuelFrancis streethouse11, Francis street
2845 Shoesmith GeorgeLeeds roadhouse21, East street
successivehouse418, Leeds road
2846 Shooter GeorgeBedford streethouse110, Bedford street
2847 Shooter JohnJewell streethouse5, Jewell street
2848 Shooter ThomasLake streethouse16, Lake street
2849 Shuttleworth GeorgeBridge streethouse & shop95, Bridge street
2850 Shuttleworth JosephCroft streethouse & shop64, Croft street
2851 Side AbrahamBirksland streethouse37, Birksland street
2852 Sigsworth John AnthonyLaurel streethouse64A, Laurel street
2853 Sills WilliamGeorge streethouse66, George street
successivehouse72, George street
successivehouse44, George street
2854 Silson BenjaminBack lanehouse38, Back lane
2855 Simmons JohnBedford streethouse21, Bedford street
2856 Simon GeorgeSpring gardenswarehouseVicar lane
2857 Simpkins WalterPratt streethouseHall street
successivehouse33, Pratt street
2858 Simpson AnthonyLeeds roadhouse674, Leeds road
2859 Simpson AtkinsonBattye streethouse101, Battye street
2860 Simpson CrabtreeAeolus streethouse10, Aeolus street
2861 Simpson EphraimMount streethouse328, Mount street
2862 Simpson JohnBack lanehouse501, Back lane
2863 Simpson JosephLeeds roadhouse1232, Leeds road
2864 Simpson RobinsonBack lanehouse285, Back lane
2865 Simpson SpencerRaglan streethouse36, Raglan street
2866 Simpson WilliamWarwick streethouse42, Warwick street
2867 Singleton BenjaminMosscar streethouse13, Ebenezer street
successivehouse49, Mosscar street
2868 Singleton GeorgePotter's yardhouse12, Potter's yard
2869 Singleton GeorgeNapier streethouse23, Napier street
2870 Skirrow JamesBirkshall lanehouse37, Birkshall lane
2871 Skirrow JobBritannia courthouse22, Britannia court
2872 Skirrow JohnChesnut streethouse9, Chesnut street
2873 Skitt CharlesMount streethouse245, Mount street
2874 Slade GeorgeChapman streethouse30, Chapman street
2875 Slater JamesLaurel streethouse26, Laurel street
2876 Smith AbsalomMount streethouse139, Mount street
2877 Smith AlbertEast paradehouse & shop25, George street
2878 Smith AlbertPeace streethouse53, Peace street
2879 Smith AlfredAtkinson streethouse13, Atkinson street
2880 Smith AlfredPratt streethouse57, Pratt street
2881 Smith AmbroseRoberts streethouse24, Roberts street
2882 Smith AsherHolt streethouse1, Holt street
2883 Smith ChristopherDiamond streethouse14, Diamond street
2884 Smith DanielYork streethouse13, York street
2885 Smith DavidBirksland streethouse36, Birksland street
2886 Smith DixonLaurel streethouse76, Laurel street
2887 Smith Edward AlbertGeorge streethouse45, George street
2888 Smith FrankMyrtle streethouseRoberts court
successivehouse55, Myrtle street
2889 Smith GeorgeCoach rowhouse72, Coach row
2890 Smith GeorgeBack lanehouse279, Back lane
2891 Smith HenryChandos streethouse3, Chandos street
2892 Smith HenryEast streethouse48, East street
2893 Smith HenryGarnett streethouse12, Garnett street
2894 Smith HenryAtkinson streethouse4, Atkinson street
2895 Smith HollingsDownham streethouse10, Downham street
2896 Smith Horace BrookBack Coach rowhouse3, Back Coach row
2897 Smith IsaacKerr streethouse12, Kerr street
2898 Smith JamesLeeds roadhouse94, Leeds road
2899 Smith JamesTownhill streethouse29, Townhill street
2900 Smith JamesBack Pratt streethouse22, Back Pratt street
2901 Smith JamesLeeds roadhouse572, Leeds road
2902 Smith JamesCampbell streethouse9, Campbell street
2903 Smith JamesBedford streethouse90, Bedford street
2904 Smith JoeKerr streethouse8, Kerr street
2905 Smith JohnWentworth streethouse19, Wentworth street
2906 Smith JohnAmberley streethouse9, Amberley street
2907 Smith JohnClayton placehouse34, Clayton place
2908 Smith JohnPratt streethouse53, Pratt street
successivehouse43, Pratt street
2909 Smith JohnMount streethouse385, Mount street
2910 Smith JohnBack lanehouse313, Back lane
2911 Smith JohnRhodes terracehouse3, Rhodes terrace
2912 Smith JohnBack Ebenezer streethouse26, Back Ebenezer street
2913 Smith JohnCook streethouse5, Cook street
2914 Smith JohnMoorfieldshouse10, Moorfields
2915 Smith JohnPit lanehouse1, Pit lane
2916 Smith John EdwardMaltby streethouseKerr street
successivehouse23, Maltby street
2917 Smith JosephClark courthouse10, Clark court
2918 Smith JosephMount streethouse447, Mount street
2919 Smith JosephBedford streethouse50, Bedford street
2920 Smith JosephLaurel streethouse54A, Laurel street
2921 Smith JosephQuill streethouse19, Quill street
2922 Smith JoshuaGreat Cross streethouse69, Great Cross street
2923 Smith LeemingLaurel streethouse12, Chesnut street
successivehouse58, Laurel street
2924 Smith MichaelDiamond streethouse8, Diamond street
2925 Smith MichaelCroft streethouse70, Croft street
2926 Smith OwenGeorge streethouse12, George street
2927 Smith PeterCabinet streethouse13, Cabinet street
2928 Smith ReubenNewgate streethouse22, Newgate street
2929 Smith RichardPotter streethouse20, Potter street
2930 Smith RobertWakefield roadhouse & shop9, Wakefield road
2931 Smith RobertCartmell streethouse14, Cartmell street
2932 Smith SamuelBedford streethouse41, Bedford street
2933 Smith SamuelHortonshopYork street
2934 Smith SimeonOld Mill foldhouse4, Old Mill fold
2935 Smith ThomasBridge streethouse103, Bridge street
2936 Smith ThomasRobinson streethouse9, Robinson street
2937 Smith ThomasWarwick streethouse11, Warwick street
2938 Smith ThomasGay lanehouse55, Gay lane
2939 Smith ThomasBedford streethouse96, Bedford street
2940 Smith ThomasAlmond streethouse15, Almond street
2941 Smith WilliamSodom lanehouse9, Sodom lane
2942 Smith WilliamMount streethouse284, Mount street
2943 Smith WilliamGladstone streethouse38, Gladstone street
2944 Smith WilliamBirksland streethouse19, Birksland street
2945 Smith WilliamEssex streethouse40, Essex street
2946 Smith WilliamRaglan streethouse26, Raglan street
2947 Smith WilliamBradford rowhouse1300, Bradford row
2948 Smithies JamesCork streethouse9, Cork street
2949 Smithies JosephBirksland streethouse77, Birksland street
2950 Smithies ThomasPenn streethouse1, Penn street
2951 Smithies ValentineDiamond streethouse3, Diamond street
2952 Smithies WilliamEdward streethouse28, Edward street
2953 Snaith GeorgeMount streethouse344, Mount street
2954 Snowden JonasBanner streethouse52, Banner street
2955 Snowden RobertEdward streethouse47, Edward street
2956 Snowden William HenryBanner streethouse32, Banner street
2957 Sowden JeffreyLyndhurst streethouse10, Lyndhurst street
2958 Sowden JosephFrancis streethouse8, Francis street
2959 Sowden JosephGay lanehouse29, Gay lane
2960 Sowden JosephChandos streethouse122, Chandos street
2961 Sowden MilesYork streethouse11, York street
2962 Sowden MilesMount streethouseMount street
2963 Sowden WilliamAllen streethouse16, Allen street
2964 Sowden WilsonBridge streethouse109, Bridge street
2965 Sowood HenryClarkson courthouse19, Clarkson court
2966 Speight GeorgeGarnett streethouse154, Garnett street
2967 Speight GregoryMount streethouse200, Mount street
2968 Speight RichardGrant streethouse3, Grant street
2969 Speight WilliamBedford streethouse28, Bedford street
2970 Spence ThomasCroft streethouse78, Croft street
2971 Spencer EphraimBack lanehouse477, Back lane
2972 Spencer GeorgeRobert courthouse19, Robert court
2973 Spencer GeorgeMalvern streethouse6, Malvern street
2974 Spencer JamesChandos streethouse74, Chandos street
2975 Spencer JosephMount streethouse102, Mount street
2976 Spencer MilesMount streethouse441, Mount street
2977 Spencer RichardMount streethouse324, Mount street
2978 Spencer StephenCook streethouse46, Cook street
2979 Spencer ThomasBradford moorhouse7, Cook street
successivehouse7, Bradford moor
2980 Spencer WilliamBridge streethouse92, Bridge street
2981 Spreckley JohnTownhill streethouse14, Townhill street
2982 Squires HenryBedford streethouse59, Bedford street
2983 Stafford WilliamAcre streethouse37, Acre street
2984 Stansfield EdwardBanner streethouse18, Banner street
2985 Stanton JohnShaw's yardhouse5, Shaw's yard
2986 Stapleton ThomasLeeds roadhouse314, Leeds road
2987 Stapleton ThomasPotter streethouse16, Potter street
2988 Stapleton WilliamMulgrave streethouse40, Mulgrave street
2989 Starr GeorgeGeorge courthouse4, George court
2990 Stead AbrahamMaltby streethouse41, Maltby street
2991 Stead CharlesGreat Cross streethouse26, Great Cross street
2992 Stead JamesLee rowhouse27, Lee row
2993 Stead JamesBattye streethouse51, Battye street
2994 Stead JohnBattye streethouse29, Battye street
2995 Stead JohnGarnett streethouse128, Garnett street
2996 Stead JosephLaisterdykehouse3, Laisterdyke
2997 Stead MatthewClarkson streethouse26, Clarkson street
2998 Stead RobertLeeds roadhouse976, Leeds road
2999 Stead WilliamHodgson squarehouse2, Hodgson square
3000 Steege FrederickBridge streethouse & shop67, Bridge street
3001 Steel BenjaminLeeds roadhouse & shop428, Leeds road
3002 Steel RichardVicar lanehouse14, Vicar lane
3003 Steele ThomasCaledonia streetwarehouseFarrar square
3004 Stell WilliamCroft streethouse7, Rhodes terrace
successivehouse134, Croft street
3005 Stephenson JamesTownhill streethouse23, Townhill street
3006 Stephenson JohnLeeds roadhouse1234, Leeds road
3007 Stephenson JohnHall streethouse16, Hall street
3008 Stephenson JosephFullerton streethouse31A, Fullerton street
3009 Stephenson LawBarkerend roadhouse204, Barkerend
3010 Stephenson ThomasBattye streethouse23, Battye street
3011 Stephenson WilliamChesnut streethouse15, Chesnut street
3012 Stephenson WilliamRevell courthouse5, Revell court
3013 Stevens WilliamThreadneedle streethouse20, Threadneedle street
3014 Stevens WilliamWilliam courthouse63, William court
3015 Stewart JohnsonCollier streethouse4, Collier street
3016 Stewart ThomasClayton placehouse50, Clayton place
3017 Stillwell WilliamShaw's courthouse7, Shaw's court
3018 Stirk ThomasAlmond streethouse4, Almond street
3019 St. John ReubenDiamond streethouse16, Diamond street
3020 St. John WilliamDiamond streethouse20, Diamond street
3021 Stockdale ThomasDundas streethouse67, Dundas street
3022 Stockdale WilliamDundas streethouse44, Dundas street
3023 Stocks RobertCope streethouse2, Cope street
3024 Stocks WilliamOrange streethouse14, Orange street
3025 Stoner JohnPeace streethouse17, Peace street
3026 Stoner WilliamWakefield roadhouse & shop247, Wakefield road
3027 Storey EdwinBattye streethouse25, Battye street
3028 Storey HenryMount streethouse181, Mount street
3029 Storey JamesBattye streethouse27, Battye street
3030 Storey JosephAcre streethouse25, Acre street
3031 Storey WilliamBattye streethouse21, Battye street
3032 Stott IsaacWhitley streethouseClayton street
successivehouse4, Whitley street
3033 Stott WilliamBuck streetwarehouseBuck street
3034 Stott WilliamBritannia courthouse20, Britannia court
3035 Stowe JohnPit lanehouse13, Pit lane
3036 Strother ThomasMount streethouse433, Mount street
3037 Strother WilliamYork streethouse64, York street
3038 Sturdy JamesMyrtle streethouse8, Myrtle street
3039 Stutts William HenryJohnson streethouse3, Johnson street
3040 Styan CharlesYork streethouse8, York street
3041 Sugden CharlesDownham streethouse26, Downham street
3042 Sugden GeorgeBack lanehouse16, Back lane
3043 Sugden IsaacBeck streethouse74, Beck street
3044 Sugden JohnBirksland streethouse23, Birksland street
3045 Sugden JosephGrant streethouse5, Grant street
3046 Sugden JosephJohnson courthouse3, Johnson court
3047 Sugden RichardBirksland streethouse57, Birksland street
3048 Sugden ThomasHall streethouse24, Birksland street
successivehouse43, Hall street
3049 Sugden WilliamGay lanehouse59, Gay lane
3050 Sugden WilliamMount streethouse370, Mount street
3051 Sugden WilliamFiley streethouse3, Filey street
3052 Summers JamesFarnley streethouse3, Farnley street
3053 Summersgill BenjaminEastbrook lanehouse2, Eastbrook lane
3054 Sunderland WilliamGeorge streethouseMount street
successivehouse97, George street
3055 Sunter CharlesBarkerend foldhouse48, Barkerend fold
3056 Sunter JohnSodom lanehouse12, Sodom lane
3057 Sunter JosephSodom lanehouse6, Sodom lane
successivehouse2, Sodom lane
3058 Surridge JohnGeorge streethouse146, George street
3059 Surridge ThomasAdolphus streethouse5, Adolphus street
3060 Swires HezekiahAeolus streethouse5, Aeolus street
3061 Sutcliffe AbrahamUpper Cabbage streethouse2, Upper Cabbage street
3062 Sutcliffe AlfredLaisterdykehouse72, Laisterdyke
3063 Sutcliffe AllenBirksland streethouse29, Birksland street
3064 Sutcliffe BenjaminLeeds roadhouse1030, Leeds road
3065 Sutcliffe GeorgeLyndhurst streethouse31, Lyndhurst street
3066 Sutcliffe HenryPeace streethouse27, Peace street
3067 Sutcliffe JamesMulgrave streethouse92, Mulgrave street
successivehouse96, Mulgrave street
3068 Sutcliffe JamesBridge streethouse52, Bridge street
3069 Sutcliffe James WilliamManninghamwarehouse12, Hall ings
3070 Sutcliffe JohnCook streethouse28, Cook street
3071 Sutcliffe JohnGeorge streethouse9, George street
3072 Sutcliffe JohnMount streethouseParratt row
successivehouse155, Mount street
3073 Sutcliffe JohnPenny streethouse4, Penny street
3074 Sutcliffe RobertMaltby streethouse35, Maltby street
3075 Sutcliffe SamuelPit lanehouse15, Pit lane
3076 Sutcliffe SquireLeeds roadhouse171, Leeds road
3077 Sutcliffe SydneyBirk streethouse48, Birk street
3078 Sutcliffe ThomasMosscar streethouse4, Mosscar street
3079 Sutcliffe ThomasLake rowhouse13, Lake row
3080 Sutcliffe ThomasMosscar streethouse42, Mosscar street
3081 Sutcliffe ThomasAeolus streethouse14, Aeolus street
3082 Sutcliffe ThomasLeeds roadhouse282, Leeds road
3083 Sutcliffe ThomasHortonwarehouse10, Drake street
3084 Sutcliffe WilliamLeeds roadhouse1036, Leeds road
3085 Swaine AlbertGrant streethouse9, Grant street
3086 Swaine HiramCross Frederick streethouse13, Cross Frederick street
3087 Swaine JohnLaisterdykehouse36, Laisterdyke
3088 Swaine LeviRevell courthouse2, Revell court
successivehouse1, Revell court
3089 Swaine ThomasPeace streethouse13, Peace street
3090 Swaine WilliamAeolus placehouse6, Aeolus place
3091 Swaine WilliamBrooklyn streethouse1, Brooklyn street
3092 Sweeney TerryHarrison streethouse4, Harrison street
3093 Swift WilliamEdward streethouse22, Edward street
3094 Swithenbank AnthonyMulgrave streethouse78, Mulgrave street
3095 Swithenbank JohnBirk streethouse3, Birk street
3096 Swithenbank WilliamMount streethouse235, Mount street
3097 Sykes AllenOrange streethouse27, Orange street
3098 Sykes GeorgeQuill streethouse11, Quill street
3099 Sykes JohnEdward streethouse60A, Edward street
3100 Sykes JosephBack lanehouse37, Back lane
3101 Sykes WilliamEdward streethouse21, Edward street
3102 Sykes William WadeHortonwarehouse42, Bridge street
3103 Synnett MichaelCabbage streethouse13, Cabbage street
3104 Synnett PatrickLower William courthouse5, Lower William court

SOUTH WARD, 1875, surnames beginning with the letter T
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
3105 Taaffe JohnChesnut streethouse5, Carnation street
successivehouse12, Chesnut street
3106 Talbot GrosvenorBingleywarehouseBridge street
3107 Talon JohnMyrtle streethouse24, Daniel street
successivehouse38, Myrtle street
3108 Tankard EdwinFarnley streethouse1, Farnley street
3109 Tankard JohnBack lanewarehouseLaisterdyke
3110 Tankard JosephBack lanehouse533, Back lane
3111 Tansey JohnMount streethouse261, Mount street
3112 Tansey ThomasMyrtle streethouse106, Myrtle street
3113 Tattersall AbrahamLee rowhouse26, Lee row
3114 Tattersall JamesMaltby streethouse28, Maltby street
3115 Tattersall ThomasCollier streethouse3, Collier street
3116 Tattersall ThomasBirksland streethouse10, Birksland street
3117 Tattersall William PrattAllertonwarehouseFlorence street
3118 Taylor Edwin MiltonYork streethouse74, York street
3119 Taylor GeorgePratt streethouse50, Pratt street
3120 Taylor GeorgePratt streethouse60, Pratt street
3121 Taylor GeorgeNorth paradewarehouseNorfolk street
3122 Taylor GeorgeDiamond streethouse17, Diamond street
3123 Taylor HenryWilliam courthouseWilliam court
successivehouse49, William court
3124 Taylor HenryCoach rowhouse58, Coach row
3125 Taylor HenryMount streethouse314, Mount street
3126 Taylor JamesJohnson streethouse7, Johnson street
3127 Taylor JohnMosscar streethouse41, Mosscar street
successivehouse35, Mosscar street
3128 Taylor JohnTownhill streethouse31, Townhill street
3129 Taylor JohnBath streethouse2, Bath street
3130 Taylor JohnMount streethouse908, Mount street
3131 Taylor JohnLeeds roadhouse797, Leeds road
3132 Taylor JosephBrooklyn streethouse108, Leeds road
successivehouse60, Brooklyn street
3133 Taylor LaycockGreat Cross streethouse51, Great Cross street
3134 Taylor MatthiasBedford streethouse104, Bedford street
3135 Taylor OwenFullerton streethouse13, Fullerton street
3136 Taylor RichardTennyson placewarehouse88, Leeds road
3137 Taylor RobertLyndhurst streethouse25, Lyndhurst street
3138 Taylor SamuelLee squarehouse6, Lee square
3139 Taylor ThomasDiamond streethouse35, Diamond street
3140 Taylor ThomasBack Pratt streethouse52, Back Pratt street
3141 Taylor WilliamJoseph streethouse81, Joseph street
3142 Taylor WilliamWentworth streethouse29, Wentworth street
3143 Taylor WilliamBirk streethouse11, Birk street
3144 Taylor William HenryEast streethouse49, East street
3145 Teal JohnAdolphus streethouse47, Adolphus street
3146 Team JohnRifle courthouse18, Rifle court
3147 Telford JosephWilliam courthouse15, William court
3148 Tempest JosephBack lanehouse & shop4, Back lane
3149 Tempest WilliamSeymour streethouse36, Seymour street
3150 Tennant JamesChandos streethouseChandos street
successivehouse38, Chandos street
3151 Tennett CharlesMilton streetshopTanhouse yard
3152 Terry GeorgeCook streethouse39, Cook street
3153 Terry JamesLaisterdykehouse44, Laisterdyke
3154 Terry JosephBack lanehouse421, Back lane
3155 Terry JosephFarnley streethouse11, Farnley street
3156 Tesseyman CharlesEbenezer streethouse5, Ebenezer street
3157 Tetley EdwardDudley hillwarehouse39, Union street
3158 Tetley SamuelWalnut streethouseStott hill
successivehouse1, Walnut street
3159 Tetley WilliamRhodes terracehouse1, Rhodes terrace
3160 Tetlow AlfredLeeds roadhouse & shop153, Leeds road
3161 Tetlow IsaacLeeds roadhouse1258, Leeds road
3162 Thacker HenryEssex streethouse30, Essex street
3163 Thewlis WalterDundas streethouse34, Dundas street
3164 Thomas GeorgeChandos streethouse44, Chandos street
3165 Thomas JamesMount streethouse464, Mount street
3166 Thomas JeremiahEbenezer streethouse27, Ebenezer street
3167 Thomas JohnOastler terracehouseNapier street
successivehouse24, Oastler terrace
3168 Thomas JosephPeace streethouse51, Peace street
3169 Thomas WilliamOld mill foldhouse7, Old mill fold
3170 Thomas WilliamGarnett streethouse50, Garnett street
3171 Thompson CharlesBack Pratt streethouse78, Back Pratt street
successivehouse76, Back Pratt street
3172 Thompson HenryGay lanehouse37, Gay lane
3173 Thompson HenryBower greenhouse33, Bower green
3174 Thompson JamesFrancis courthouse6, Francis court
3175 Thompson JamesWarwick streethouse27, Warwick street
3176 Thompson JohnBrooklyn streethouseBrooklyn street
3177 Thompson JohnLeeds roadhouse106, Leeds road
3178 Thompson JohnRobert courthouse15, Robert court
3179 Thompson JohnMosscar streethouse17, Mosscar street
3180 Thompson JosephFoundry streethouse15, Foundry street
3181 Thompson SamuelAeolus streethouse9, Aeolus street
3182 Thompson SamuelBack lanehouse287, Back lane
3183 Thompson SugdenGrant streethouse7, Grant street
3184 Thompson ThomasDundas streethouse58, Dundas street
3185 Thompson ThomasChandos streethouse50, Chandos street
3186 Thompson WilliamBedford streethouse25, Bedford street
3187 Thompson WilliamAdolphus streethouse93, Adolphus street
3188 Thompson WilliamQuill streethouse21, Quill street
3189 Thornton CharlesCroft streethouse98, Croft street
successivehouse123, Croft street
3190 Thornton EdwardCook streethouse1, Cook street
3191 Thornton HezekiahLeeds roadhouse & shop136, Leeds road
3192 Thornton JoelQuill streethouse25, Quill street
3193 Thoroughgood DanielDaniel streethouse26, Daniel street
3194 Thorp JamesHall streethouse79, Hall street
3195 Threapleton DavidHudson streethouse7, Hudson street
3196 Threapleton SamuelBattye streethouse53, Battye street
3197 Thresh AbrahamManninghamwarehouse48, Bridge street
3198 Thresh JohnLeeds roadhouse304, Leeds road
3199 Thresh ThomasBanner streethouse15, Banner street
3200 Thresh ThomasLeeds roadhouse298, Leeds road
3201 Thresh WilliamMount streethouse141, Mount street
3202 Thurston ThomasCroft streethouse114, Croft street
3203 Tidswell MarkNapier streethouse89, Napier street
3204 Tiffany JohnLee squarehouse2, Lee square
3205 Tillett GeorgePeter's courthouse17, Peter's court
3206 Tindall JohnBeck streethouse18, Beck street
3207 Todd AbrahamDiamond courthouse5, Diamond court
3208 Todd JohnBack Pratt streethouse14, Back Pratt street
3209 Tomkinson FrancisLee squarehouse13, Lee square
3210 Tomlinson GeorgeRobert's streethouse18, Robert's street
successivehouse50, Roberts street
3211 Tomlinson JamesMulgrave streethouse34, Mulgrave street
3212 Tomlinson JohnBradford moorhouse21, Bradford moor
3213 Tomlinson WilliamChesnut streethouse8, Chesnut street
3214 Topham ThomasinMaltby streethouse22, Maltby street
3215 Tordoff HenrySeymour streethouse4, Seymour street
3216 Torrance JohnLeeds roadhouse944, Leeds road
3217 Tottie WilliamChandos streethouse14, Chandos street
3218 Toulson WilliamCampbell streethouse10, Campbell street
3219 Towle ShawAdolphus streethouse37, Adolphus street
3220 Towler FrancisParratt rowhouse6, Parratt row
3221 Towler RobertNapier streethouse57, Napier street
3222 Townend BenjaminBirk streethouse18, Birk street
3223 Townend HenryAnnison streethouse22, Annison street
3224 Townend JamesLeeds roadhouse & shop322, Leeds road
3225 Townend MatthewAdolphus streethouse31, Adolphus street
3226 Townend LukeSt. George's streethouse10, St. George's street
3227 Townend SethMalvern streethouse24, Malvern street
3228 Townend WilliamSchool squarehouseSchool square
3229 Townsend RobertWakefield roadhouse & shop15, Wakefield road
3230 Townson SolomonWentworth streethouse7, Wentworth street
3231 Townson WilliamBirksland streethouse21, Birksland street
3232 Tracey PeterBack Mount streethouse128, Back Mount street
3233 Trent JohnBack Coach rowhouse16, Back Coach row
3234 Triffit RobertPeace streethouse9, Peace street
3235 Tudball ThomasFlorence streethouse21, Florence street
3236 Tuley WilliamLeeds roadhouse462, Leeds road
3237 Tunnelly ThomasFurnace streethouse4, Furnace street
3238 Turner AlfredBirk streethouse43, Birk street
3239 Turner CharlesCroft streethouse107, Croft street
3240 Turner CharlesChesnut streethouse926, Leeds road
successivehouse5, Chesnut street
3241 Turner DukeLaurel streethouse44, Laurel street
3242 Turner GeorgeAlmond streethouse30, Almond street
3243 Turner IsaacClarke streethouse1, Clarke street
3244 Turner JohnSouthey placewarehouseFiley street
3245 Turner JohnLeeds roadhouse578, Leeds road
3246 Turner John ThomasAdolphus streethouse117, Adolphus street
3247 Turner RobertAlmond streethouse21, Almond street
3248 Turner WilliamMyrtle streethouse66, Myrtle street
3249 Turner WilliamRobert streethouse30, Robert street
3250 Turner WilliamOld mill foldhouse6, Old mill fold
3251 Turnstall Robert HenryFlorence streethouse31, Florence street
3252 Turtle WilliamHall streethouse66, Hall street
3253 Turvey JosephAcre streethouse24, Acre street
3254 Twitchett GeorgeBack lanehouse439, Back lane
3255 Tyas JohnMount streethouse467, Mount street
3256 Tyas SamuelKimberley streethouseMyrtle street
successivehouse13, Kimberley street
3257 Tynan MartinPeter's courthouse13, Peter's court

SOUTH WARD, 1875, surnames beginning with the letter U
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
3258 Ulverstone JohnJewell streethouse8, Jewell street
3259 Underwood GeorgeMount streethouse381, Mount street
3260 Unwin WilliamUnion streethouseIvegate
successivehouse14, Union street
3261 Urry JamesChandos streethouse30, Orange street
successivehouse34, Chandos street
3262 Uttley WilliamFieldhouse streethouse27, Fieldhouse street

SOUTH WARD, 1875, surnames beginning with the letter V
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
3263 Varey George WilcockGarnett streethouse152, Garnett street
3264 Varey JosephRobinson streethouse17, Robinson street
3265 Varley AlfredMount streethouse383, Mount street
successivehouse438, Mount street
3266 Varley JamesMyrtle streethouse1, Rifle court
successivehouse95, Myrtle street
3267 Varley JamesBack lanehouse39, Back lane
3268 Varley ThomasHolt streethouse3, Holt street
3269 Verity JohnRoyal streethouse7, Royal street
3270 Virr WilliamCowper placeshop58, Leeds road
3271 Virr WilliamMount streethouseMount street
3272 Vollum William HenryBeck streethouse72, Beck street

SOUTH WARD, 1875, surnames beginning with the letter W
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
3273 Waddington JohnFullerton streethouse49, Mosscar street
successivehouse17, Fullerton street
3274 Waddington JonathanLyndhurst streethouse42, Lyndhurst street
3275 Waddington RichardClayton placehouseCrown street
successivehouse36, Clayton place
3276 Waddington WalterBirkshall lanehouse25, Birkshall lane
3277 Wade AaronWilsdenwarehouseGibson street
3278 Wade GeorgeAllen streethouse10, Allen street
3279 Wade John SmithLeeds roadhouse813, Leeds road
3280 Wade JosephEdward streethouse56, Edward street
3281 Wade Joshua WilsonFoundry streethouse6, Foundry street
3282 Wade RobertConcordia streethouse10, Concordia street
3283 Wade SamuelWakefield roadhouse225, Wakefield road
3284 Wadsworth WilliamBeck streethouse79, Birksland street
successivehouse70, Beck street
3285 Wagner EberhardtBack lanehouse1, Back lane
3286 Wagstaff EdwardLaurel streethouseGibson street
successivehouse74, Laurel street
3287 Wainwright John WilsonWainwright courthouse13, Wainwright court
successivehouse4, Wainwright court
3288 Wainwright SamuelAtkinson streethouse1, Atkinson street
3289 Wainwright StephenGeorge streethouse107, George street
3290 Wainwright WilliamNapier streethouse17, Napier street
3291 Waite AmosFrederick streethouse5, Frederick street
3292 Waite Joseph ListerBradford moorhouse11, Bradford moor
3293 Waite ThomasMaltby streethouse50, Maltby street
3294 Walker AlfredOld Mill foldhouse2, Old Mill fold
3295 Walker AlfredHall streethouse61, Hall street
3296 Walker CharlesEldon placewarehouseBridge street
3297 Walker DanielPawson streethouse1, Pawson street
3298 Walker DavidMount streethouse298, Mount street
successivehouse338, Mount street
3299 Walker JamesCarpenter streethouse14, Carpenter street
3300 Walker JohnBack lanehouse5, Back lane
3301 Walker JosephWakefield roadhouse & shop12, Wakefield road
3302 Walker JosephClayton placehouse42, Clayton place
3303 Walker MaudeMarley streethouse31, Marley street
3304 Walker NicholasWentworth streethouse5, Wentworth street
3305 Walker RobertDiamond streethouse1, Diamond street
3306 Walker SamuelGarnett streethouse56, Garnett street
3307 Walker SamuelBirksland streethouse53, Birksland street
3308 Walker TristramYork streethouse48, York street
3309 Walker WilliamLeeds roadhouse8, Amberley street
successivehouseLeeds road
3310 Walker William MichaelBarkerendhouse210, Barkerend
3311 Wallace Thomas WilliamBridge streethouse100, Bridge street
3312 Waller CharlesManninghamwarehouseLaisterdyke
3313 Waller JohnCope streethouse1, Cope street
3314 Waller Thomas WilliamManninghamwarehouseLaisterdyke
3315 Walling JohnLeeds roadhouse437, Leeds road
3316 Wallis JohnLower William courthouseWilliam court
successivehouse9, Lower William court
3317 Walmsley JamesPenny streethouse1, Penny street
3318 Walmsley RichardLeeds roadhouse832, Leeds road
3319 Walmsley WilliamGeorge streethouse114, George street
3320 Walsh JohnBirksland streethouse34, Birksland street
3321 Walsh JohnEastbrook lanehouse4, Eastbrook lane
3322 Walsh MichaelMount streethouse262, Mount street
3323 Walsh PatrickEastbrook lanehouse37, Eastbrook lane
3324 Walsh PatrickWentworth streethouse11, Wentworth street
3325 Walsworth ThomasMount streethouse257, Mount street
3326 Walters CharlesCollier streethouse41, Collier street
3327 Walton JamesAllan streethouse6, Allan street
3328 Walton JohnKerr streethouse6, Kerr street
3329 Walton RichardSutcliffe streethouse14, Sutcliffe street
3330 Walton WilliamBedford streethouse45, Bedford street
3331 Wane Henry RossSpringfield placewarehouse6, Drake street
3332 Warburton JosephDick streethouse7, Dick street
3333 Warburton JosephBack lanehouse423, Back lane
3334 Warburton William HenryBack lanehouse425, Back lane
3335 Ward AlickEdward streethouse43, Edward street
3336 Ward HirdCorless rowhouse5, Corless row
3337 Ward JohnPit lanehouse4, Pit lane
3338 Ward JohnCollier streethouse43, Collier street
3339 Ward WilliamMount streethouse372, Mount street
3340 Ward WilliamBrooklyn streethouse42, Brooklyn street
3341 Wardman BenjaminEgbert streethouse16A, Egbert street
3342 Wardman JonathanEgbert streethouse18, Egbert street
3343 Waring DentonAmberley streetwarehouse18, Gibson street
3344 Waring FergusGarnett streethouse130, Garnett street
3345 Waring FrancisLeeds roadhouse408, Leeds road
3346 Waring JeffreyCoach rowhouse74, Coach row
3347 Waring JohnPeel streethouse & shop20, Peel street
3348 Waring John, junr.East streethouse71, East street
3349 Waring JosephJohnson courthouse5, Johnson court
3350 Waterhouse CrossleyCarroll streethouse3, Carroll street
3351 Waterhouse GeorgeBirk streethouse55, Birk street
3352 Waterhouse JosephEdward streethouse12, Edward street
3353 Waters WilliamWentworth streethouse14, Wentworth street
3354 Watkins ThomasThreadneedle streethouse10, Threadneedle street
3355 Watmough CharlesGeorge streethouse20, George street
3356 Watmough SamuelHardenwarehouse15, Hall ings
3357 Watson CharlesMount streethouse169, Mount street
3358 Watson CharlesLeedswarehouseFiley street
3359 Watson FrederickKitchen squarehouse26, Kitchen square
3360 Watson GeorgeLeedswarehouseFiley street
3361 Watson HustlerBradford lanehouse6, Bradford lane
3362 Watson JohnMulgrave streethouse86, Mulgrave street
3363 Watson JohnBattye streethouse34, Battye street
3364 Watson JohnParratt rowhouse3, Parratt row
3365 Watson JohnSeymour streethouse32, Seymour street
3366 Watson John RhodesBack lanehouseWestgate
successivehouse525, Back lane
3367 Watson JonasIdlebuildings & landBarkerend fold
3368 Watson JosephLeedswarehouseFiley street
3369 Watson JosephEast streethouse8, East street
3370 Watson StephenChapman streethouse1, Chapman street
3371 Watson WilliamOrange streethouse8, Royal street
successivehouse26, Orange street
3372 Watson WilliamBirkshall lanehouse58, Birkshall lane
3373 Watson William HenryEdward streethouse11, Edward street
3374 Waud Frederick ArthurClaremontwarehousePortland street
3375 Waud George MotleyNorth paradewarehousePortland street
3376 Waud Horace ChristopherManninghamwarehousePortland street
3377 Waud Joseph EdwardRawdonwarehousePortland street
3378 Wear EdwardBedford streetshop18, Bedford street
3379 Weatherill JohnMalvern streethouse26, Malvern street
3380 Weatherill WilliamEdderthorpe streethouse1, Edderthorpe street
3381 Webster EliPotter streethouse22, Potter street
3382 Webster EliSt. George's streethouse17, St. George's street
3383 Webster JamesPeter's courthouse10, Peter's court
3384 Webster JosephSutcliffe streethouse15, Sutcliffe street
3385 Webster JosephPeace streethouse15, Peace street
3386 Webster OliverYork streethouse23, York street
3387 Webster RobertMount streethouse231, Mount street
3388 Webster RobertEssex streethouse8, Essex street
3389 Webster ThomasMulgrave streethouse100, Mulgrave street
3390 Webster ThomasCroft streethouse73, Croft street
3391 Webster ThomasYork streethouse81, York street
3392 Webster WalterOld mill foldhouse & shop1, Old mill fold
3393 Webster WilliamCarnation streethouse3, Carnation street
3394 Welch JohnMount streethouse118, Mount street
3395 Wellock ThomasMalvern streethouse20, Malvern street
3396 Wells AbrahamFurnace streethouse14, Furnace street
3397 Wells JamesRifle courthouse7, Rifle court
3398 Wells WilliamBendigo foldhouse5, Bendigo fold
3399 Welsh JamesEastbrook lanehouse35, Eastbrook lane
3400 Welsh MartinPratt streethouse11, Pratt street
successivehouse14, Pratt street
3401 Welsh ThomasBack Mount streethouse132, Back Mount street
3402 Welsh ThomasClark streethouse8, Clark street
3403 West AlfredRoyal streethouse15, Royal street
3404 West JohnEast streethouse55, East street
3405 West JosephArlington streethouse7, Arlington street
3406 West ThomasAcre streethouse7, Acre street
3407 Whalen JamesPratt streethouse29, Pratt street
3408 Wharton GeorgeBedford streethouse48, Bedford street
3409 Wharton JamesBack lanehouse & shop392, Back lane
3410 Wharton ThomasBarkerend foldhouse65, Barkerend fold
3411 Wheater GeorgeMaltby streethouse53, Maltby street
3412 Wheater JohnBarkerendhouseBarkerend
3413 Wheater JohnPit lanehouseBarkerend
successivehouse43, Pit lane
3414 Wheater RobinsonLeeds roadhouse & shop352, Leeds road
3415 Wheater SydneyMount streethouse236, Mount street
3416 Wheater WilliamYork streethouse12, York street
3417 Whedon JohnAeolus streethouse12, Aeolus street
3418 Wheelhouse JohnBower greenhouse36, Bower green
3419 Whilde JohnAmberley streethouse31, Amberley street
3420 Whitaker HenryDaniel streethouse15, Daniel street
3421 Whitaker JamesBattye streethouse91, Battye street
3422 Whitaker JamesJewell streethouse3, Jewell street
3423 Whitaker James, junr.Marley streethouse25, Marley street
3424 Whitaker JohnBarkerendhouse176, Barkerend
3425 Whitaker JonasBridge streethouse & shop70, Bridge street
3426 Whitaker JosephEastbrook lanehouse55, Eastbrook lane
3427 Whitaker LewisLeeds roadhouse1038, Leeds road
3428 Whitaker ThomasGladstone streethouse11, Gladstone street
3429 Whitaker WilliamLeeds roadhouse1278, Leeds road
3430 Whitaker WilliamAdolphus streethouse73, Adolphus street
3431 Whitaker WilliamBirk streethouse77, Birk street
3432 White DavidPeace streethouse35, Peace street
3433 White GeorgeHall streethouse65, Hall street
3434 White JamesBack Ebenezer streethouse19, Back Ebenezer street
3435 White JobManninghamwarehouse27, Bridge street
successivewarehouse13, Hall ings
3436 White JohnEast streethouse19, East street
3437 White JohnBritannia courthouse24, Britannia court
3438 White JohnChandos streethouse118, Chandos street
3439 White JohnBrooklyn streethouse56, Brooklyn street
3440 White RobertFrederick streethouse32, Frederick street
3441 Whitehead AlfredLeeds roadhouse838, Leeds road
3442 Whitehead BenjaminMulgrave streethouse74, Mulgrave street
3443 Whitehead GeorgeLyndhurst streethouse44, Lyndhurst street
3444 Whitehead HenryTownhill streethouse27, Townhill street
3445 Whitehead JamesBack Mount streethouse124, Back Mount street
3446 Whitehead SamuelBedford streethouse42, Bedford street
3447 Whitehead WilliamDaniel streethouse66, Daniel street
3448 Whitehouse JosephMount streethouse239, Mount street
3449 Whiteley WilliamRobert streethouse10, Robert street
3450 Whitelock JohnLeeds roadhouse510, Leeds road
3451 Whitesides ThomasPratt streethouse7, Myrtle street
successivehouse52, Pratt street
3452 Whitham RobertOrchard streetwarehouseFlorence street
3453 Whiting HewisonBirkshall lanehouse44, Birkshall lane
3454 Whitley JohnBirk streethouse40, Birk street
3455 Whitley JonasAllertonwarehouse31, Union street
3456 Whitley ThomasPenny streethouse15, Penny street
3457 Whittingham ThomasBedford streethouse53, Bedford street
3458 Whittle ThomasMulgrave courthouse14, Mulgrave court
3459 Whitworth JohnBritannia streethouse42, Britannia street
3460 Widdison WilliamSchool squarehouse3, School square
3461 Wiggins DanielMount streethouse4, Campbell street
successivehouse105, Mount street
3462 Wigglesworth RobertMount streethouse2, Mount street
3463 Wightman Charles JohnShipleyshop80, Garnett street
3464 Wilcock EdwardWalnut streethouse15, Walnut street
3465 Wilcock GeorgeFrancis streethouse14, Francis street
3466 Wilcock GeorgeEbenezer streethouse6, Ebenezer street
3467 Wild HenryBath streethouse10, Bath street
3468 Wild JohnYork streethouse22, York street
3469 Wilkes CharlesGarnett streethouse140, Garnett street
3470 Wilkinson AbrahamBirkshall lanehouse19, Birkshall lane
3471 Wilkinson AlfredManninghamwarehouse15, Union street
3472 Wilkinson BenjaminFurnace inn streethouse19, Furnace inn street
3473 Wilkinson BrookeGuy's cliffeshop112, Leeds road
3474 Wilkinson DavidCabinet streethouse35, Cabinet street
3475 Wilkinson IraWarwick streethouse36, Warwick street
3476 Wilkinson JamesMount streethouse225, Mount street
3477 Wilkinson JosephWakefield roadhouse39, Bedford street
successivehouse16, Wakefield road
3478 Wilkinson KelitaParratt rowhouse18, Parratt row
3479 Wilkinson RalphNewgate streethouse24, Newgate street
3480 Wilkinson RichardWakefield roadhouse259, Wakefield road
3481 Wilkinson WilliamBack lanehouse403, Back lane
3482 Wilkinson WilliamLeeds roadhouse1228, Leeds road
3483 Wilkinson WilliamPit lanehouse10, Pit lane
3484 Wilkinson WilliamWentworth streethouse37, Wentworth street
3485 Wilks JosephCoach rowhouse64, Coach row
3486 Williams EdwardCope streethouse3, Cope street
3487 Williams LeviFoundry streethouse8, Foundry street
3488 Williams PatrickMyrtle streethouse45, Myrtle street
3489 Williams RichardBack lanehouse397, Back lane
3490 Williams WilliamAlmond streethouse23, Almond street
3491 Williamson AmosLeeds roadhouse78, Leeds road
3492 Williamson RobertFrederick streethouse62, Frederick street
3493 Williamson WilliamFarrar squarehouse1, Farrar square
3494 Willington ThomasBedford streethouseBedford street
successivehouse61, Bedford street
3495 Wilmer WilliamMaltby streethouse60, Maltby street
3496 Wilmot AlfredAcorn streethouse4, Acorn street
3497 Wilson AbrahamCorless rowhouse9, Corless row
3498 Wilson BarkerBirk streethouse23, Birk street
3499 Wilson BenjaminDaniel streethouse44, Daniel street
3500 Wilson BenjaminAcorn streethouse13, Acorn street
3501 Wilson Charles WilliamAdolphus streethouse55, Adolphus street
3502 Wilson DavidFiley streethouse4, Filey street
3503 Wilson GeorgeAlmond streethouse33, Almond street
3504 Wilson GeorgeBath streethouse18, Bath street
3505 Wilson JamesLaurel streethouse90, Laurel street
3506 Wilson JamesHudson streethouse18, Hudson street
3507 Wilson JohnLeeds roadhouse801, Leeds road
3508 Wilson JohnTownhill streethouse1, Townhill street
3509 Wilson JosephPratt streethouse26, Pratt street
3510 Wilson JosephWalnut streethouse7, Walnut street
3511 Wilson JosephManninghamcountinghouse37, Bridge street
3512 Wilson JoshuaCroft street courthouse6, Croft street court
3513 Wilson RichardCross Frederick streethouse15, Cross Frederick street
3514 Wilson RichardLeeds roadhouse894, Leeds road
3515 Wilson ThomasRobert streethouse3, Robert street
3516 Wilson ThomasLake streethouse20, Lake street
3517 Wilson WilliamWilliam courthouse11, William court
3518 Windle HenryHall streethouse69, Hall street
3519 Window BenjaminMount streethouse450, Mount street
3520 Windridge WilliamRoberts streethouse14, Roberts street
3521 Windsor ThomasRaglan streethouse21, Raglan street
3522 Winpenny WalkerGarnett streethouse48, Garnett street
3523 Winterbottom HiramLeeds roadhouse526, Leeds road
3524 Winterbottom RobertDiamond courthouse3, Diamond court
3525 Wolfendale GeorgeLeeds roadhouse & shop80, Leeds road
3526 Womersley AlfredNapier streethouse91, Napier street
3527 Womersley JamesBack lanehouse14, Back lane
3528 Wood AbrahamBedford streethouse5, Bedford street
3529 Wood AbrahamLeeds roadhouse1202, Leeds road
3530 Wood Alfred WillisBradford lanehouse8, Bradford lane
3531 Wood BenjaminLyndhurst streethouse9, Lyndhurst street
3532 Wood CharlesLaisterdykehouse34, Laisterdyke
3533 Wood CharlesHall streethouse38, Hall street
3534 Wood DavidEast streethouse75, East street
3535 Wood EllisBack lanehouse283, Back lane
3536 Wood FrederickBolton placehouse11, Bolton place
3537 Wood GeorgeBrooklyn streethouse34, Brooklyn street
3538 Wood IsaacJoseph streethouse64, Joseph street
3539 Wood IsaacFrederick streethouse22, Frederick street
3540 Wood JacobBridge streethouse50, Bridge street
3541 Wood JamesLeach squarehouse7, Bradford lane
successivehouse10, Leach square
3542 Wood JohnLake rowhouse14, Lake row
3543 Wood JohnLaisterdykehouse14, Laisterdyke
3544 Wood JohnLaurel streethouse84, Laurel street
3545 Wood JohnLeeds roadhouse902, Leeds road
3546 Wood JohnLeeds roadhouse514, Leeds road
3547 Wood JohnMyrtle streethouse118, Myrtle street
3548 Wood John GeorgeLeeds roadhouse1020, Leeds road
3549 Wood John MarshallRobinson streethouse23, Robinson street
3550 Wood John RileyCabinet streethouse386, Back lane
successivehouse15, Cabinet street
3551 Wood JosephWakefield roadhouse4, Wakefield road
3552 Wood JosephDaniel streethouse38, Daniel street
3553 Wood JosephLeeds roadhouse1226, Leeds road
3554 Wood JoshuaHarrison streethouse28, Harrison street
3555 Wood RichardNapier streethouse63, Napier street
3556 Wood SamuelLeeds roadhouse1280, Leeds road
3557 Wood SamuelLeeds roadhouse994, Leeds road
3558 Wood ThomasFountain streetwarehouse4, Drake street
3559 Wood WilliamEgbert streethouse10, Egbert street
3560 Wood WilliamRoberts courthouse24, Roberts court
3561 Wood WilliamEast streethouse57, East street
3562 Wood William HenryHortonwarehouseBath street
3563 Wood William WillisLeeds roadwarehouseFlorence street
successivehouse649, Leeds road
3564 Woodcock CharlesDundas streethouse60, Dundas street
3565 Wooller JohnMaltby streethouse18, Maltby street
3566 Wooller JohnLaisterdykehouse75, Laisterdyke
3567 Wooller Joseph SwithenLaurel streethouse36, Laurel street
3568 Wooller WilliamAmberley streethouse46, Amberley street
3569 Wooller WilliamBritannia streethouse26, Britannia street
3570 Wormald JosephDiamond courthouse7, Diamond court
3571 Wormald JosephBridge streethouse & shop89, Bridge street
3572 Wormald ThomasBridge streethouse79, Bridge street
3573 Wormald WilliamEdward streethouse18, Edward street
3574 Wormall CharlesMosscar streethouse15, Mosscar street
3575 Worsnop John Mitchell DowlingLeeds roadhouse154, Leeds road
3576 Worthy EdwardBedford streethouse97, Bedford street
3577 Wrather JamesRaglan streethouse18, Raglan street
3578 Wrather ThomasFrederick streethouse24, Frederick street
3579 Wray FletcherEdward streethouse53, Edward street
3580 Wray JohnEast streethouse45, East street
3581 Wright CharlesAtkinson streethouse9, Atkinson street
3582 Wright GeorgeSchool squarehouse1, School square
3583 Wright JamesEastbrook lanehouse29, Eastbrook lane
3584 Wright JohnChesnut streethouse1, Chesnut street
3585 Wright JohnBedford streethouse19, Bedford street
3586 Wright JohnBirkshall lanehouse7, Birkshall lane
3587 Wright JohnBack lanehouse2, Back lane
3588 Wright JohnChesnut streethouse1, Chesnut street
3589 Wright JosephLaisterdykehouse78, Laisterdyke
3590 Wright JosephAnnison streethouse24, Annison street
3591 Wright JoshuaBolton placehouse21, Bolton place
3592 Wright MatthewHortonwarehouseCarroll street
3593 Wright RobertFlorence streethouse37, Florence street
3594 Wright ThomasWarwick streethouse14, Warwick street
successivehouse40, Warwick street
3595 Wright WilliamEdward streethouse10, Edward street
3596 Wright WilliamVicar lanehouse2, Vicar lane
3597 Wright William HenryBack Mount streethouseBack Mount street
3598 Wrightson GeorgeKitchen squarehouse28, Kitchen square
3599 Wrigley JohnBritannia courthouse23, Britannia court
3600 Wroe EliasMount streethouse204, Mount street
3601 Wroe JohnAdolphus streethouse41, Adolphus street
3602 Wyatt EdwardAiredale placeshop3, Wakefield road
3603 Wydel SamuelBedford streethouse74, Bedford street

SOUTH WARD, 1875, surnames beginning with the letter Y
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
3604 Yates JohnAdolphus streethouse75, Adolphus street
3605 Yates MatthewBridge streethouse93A, Bridge street
3606 Yates RobertManninghamwarehouseHall ings
3607 Yeadon WilliamFarrar squarehouse26, Farrar square
3608 Yeadon William CarrHarrison streethouse32, Harrison street
3609 Yealand GeorgeDaniel streethouse27, Daniel street
3610 York CharlesLeeds roadhouse978, Leeds road
3611 York GeorgeFurnace streethouse17, Furnace street
3612 Young GeorgeEssex streethouse20, Essex street
3613 Young JohnCoach rowhouse62, Coach row
3614 Young JohnMount streethouse159, Mount street
3615 Young JohnLeeds roadshop1312, Leeds road
3616 Young MartinBirkshall lanehouse381, Mount street
successivehouse52, Birkshall lane
3617 Young WilliamLeeds roadhouse2, Amberley street
successivehouseLeeds road

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