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BRADFORD: Bradford Parliamentary Register 1876, BOWLING WARD, surnames H-Q.


BOWLING WARD, 1876, surnames H-Q.
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1269 Hadfield JohnAddison streethouse34, Addison street
1270 Hagan JohnAddison streethouse7, Addison street
1271 Hagan PatrickCalcutta streethouse29, Calcutta street
1272 Haggas CorneliusFitzwilliam streethouse75, Fitzwilliam street
1273 Haigh AlfredBack lanehouse338, Back lane
1274 Haigh GeorgeWakefield roadhouse407, Wakefield road
1275 Haigh GeorgeWakefield roadbeerhouse371, Wakefield road
1276 Haigh HenryRooley lanehouse269, Rooley lane
1277 Haigh JohnSmiddles lanehouse4, Smiddles lane
1278 Haigh JohnFred's placehouse15, Fred's place
1279 Haigh JohnSturges streethouse10, Back Abram gate
successivehouse45, Sturges street
1280 Haigh RichardJoshua streethouse4, Joshua street
1281 Haigh WilliamRooley lanehouse521, Rooley lane
1282 Hainsworth DavidRooley lanehouse317, Rooley lane
1283 Hainsworth JohnAddison streethouse1, Addison street
1284 Hainsworth JosephLong streethouse7, Long street
1285 Hainsworth WilliamVestry streethouse19, Vestry street
1286 Haley AlfredHortonwarehouseSpring mill street
1287 Haley EdwardRooley lanehouse & shop473, Rooley lane
1288 Haley EdwinOld lanehouse504, Old lane
1289 Haley EzraRook lanehouse2, Rook lane
1290 Haley FrancisVere streethouse44, Vere street
1291 Haley JamesRooley lanehouse436, Rooley lane
1292 Haley JohnViolet courthouse13, Violet court
1293 Haley JonasWakefield roadhouse1012, Wakefield road
1294 Haley SamuelRooley lanehouse478, Rooley lane
1295 Haley SamuelUpper Sturges streethouse34, Upper Sturges street
1296 Haley TomWakefield roadhouse1022, Wakefield road
1297 Hall EdwardBengal streethouse12, Bengal street
1298 Hall EdwardRooley lanehouse138, Rooley lane
1299 Hall HenryTunnel endhouseNew Cross street
1300 Hall JamesCarrbottomhouse4, Carrbottom
1301 Hall JohnWakefield roadhouse216, Wakefield road
1302 Hall JohnViolet streethouse35, Violet street
1303 Hall JohnMoody streethouse108, Moody street
1304 Hall JohnTennant streethouse88, Tennant street
1305 Hall JosephCalcutta streethouse40, Calcutta street
1306 Hall KnowlesWheatley streethouse79, Wheatley street
1307 Hall MatthewKelvin courthouse4, Kelvin court
1308 Hall RalphManchester roadhouse694, Manchester road
1309 Hallam ChristopherNewby streethouse146, Newby street
1310 Halliday JamesVicar lanefoundryFitzwilliam street
1311 Halliday JosephHird streethouse9, Hird street
1312 Halliday ThomasCutler heightshouseBroad lane
1313 Halliwell JamesBismarck streethouse26, Bismarck street
1314 Halliwell WilliamSticker lanehouse120, Sticker lane
1315 Halmpshaw GeorgeTennant streethouse20, Tennant street
1316 Halpin RichardWakefield roadhouse102, Wakefield road
1317 Halstead IsaacSt. Andrew's placemillGordon street
1318 Halstead RobertNewby streethouse41, Newby street
1319 Hamer DanielRyan streethouse13, Ryan street
1320 Hamer JamesLavinia streethouse1, Lavinia street
1321 Hamilton JohnCaledonia streethouse94, Caledonia street
1322 Hammond JohnMill lanehouse99, Mill lane
1323 Hammond RobertRipley terracehouse33, Ripley terrace
1324 Hammond WilliamBirch lanehouse141, Birch lane
1325 Hampson CharlesBroomfield terracehouse2, Bolling street
1326 Hancock JohnOld lanehouse339, Old lane
1327 Hannam WilliamBankfoothouse9, Bankfoot
1328 Hansborough JamesGranby streethouse30, Granby street
1329 Hanson EnochMaw streethouse17, Maw street
1330 Hanson HenryRooley foldhouse & land85, Rooley fold
1331 Hanson InghamFitzwilliam streethouse105, Fitzwilliam street
1332 Hanson JohnUpper Croft placehouse3, Upper Croft place
1333 Hanson LukeOliver streethouse71, Oliver street
1334 Hanson RichardRooley lanehouse74, Rooley lane
1335 Hanson ThomasLow wellhouse511, Manchester road
1336 Hanson TimothyManchester roadhouse963, Manchester road
1337 Hardaker JamesSaville streethouse10, Saville street
1338 Hardaker MartinTennant streethouse117, Tennant street
1339 Hardaker WilliamCotewall roadhouse111, Cotewall road
1340 Harding WalterMuff streethouseMuff street
1341 Harding William HenriRutland streethouse16, Rutland street
1342 Hardy IsaacOld lanehouse135, Old lane
1343 Hardy SethCotewall roadhouse97, Cotewall road
1344 Hardy SquireVere streethouse32, Vere street
1345 Hargreaves JamesWootton streethouse33, Wootton street
1346 Hargreaves JohnBombay streethouse49, Bombay street
1347 Hargreaves JoshuaTennant streethouse127, Tennant street
1348 Hargreaves MatthewWakefield roadhouse426, Wakefield road
1349 Hargreaves WilliamLeicester streethouse337, Wakefield road
successivehouse6, Leicester street
1350 Hargreaves WilliamBolling streethouse146, Bolling street
1351 Hargreaves WilliamBombay streethouse21, Bombay street
1352 Harker RichardLow wellhouse515, Manchester road
1353 Harland IsaacBroom streethouse81, Broom street
1354 Harland ThomasGuy streethouse & shop9, Guy street
1355 Harling HenryWatercock streethouse3, Watercock street
1356 Harling LeonardSticker lanehouse39, Sticker lane
1357 Harling RalphParry lanehouse6, Parry lane
1358 Harper SamuelSloane streethouse28, Sloane street
1359 Harper ThomasLizard streethouse5, Lizard street
1360 Harriman WilliamHall lanehouse70, Hall lane
1361 Harris SamuelHardy streethouse41, Hardy street
1362 Harris WilliamBroom streethouse54, Broom street
1363 Harrison BenjaminBack lanehouse9, Carbon street
successivehouse348, Back lane
1364 Harrison EdwardProvidence placehouse9, Providence place
1365 Harrison HallidaySticker lanehouse410, Sticker lane
1366 Harrison HenryHall lanehouse56, Hall lane
1367 Harrison JohnSticker lanehouse106, Sticker lane
1368 Harrison JohnElsworth streethouse4, Elsworth street
1369 Harrison JohnManchester roadhouse & shop955, Manchester road
1370 Harrison JohnOld lanehouse114, Old lane
1371 Harrison JohnSaville streethouse53, Saville street
1372 Harrison JohnPollard streethouse3, Pollard street
1373 Harrison John FrederickOakroyd villaswarehouseUpper Castle street
1374 Harrison John WilliamCaledonia streethouse217, Caledonia street
1375 Harrison JosephOld lanehouse112, Old lane
1376 Harrison JosephLowfield streethouse61, Lowfield street
1377 Harrison ThomasViolet streethouse6, Kelvin court
successivehouse33, Violet street
1378 Harrison ThomasFitzwilliam streethouse87, Fitzwilliam street
1379 Harrison ThomasAmerica squarehouse1, America square
1380 Harrison WilkinsonWakefield roadhouse & shop1003, Wakefield road
1381 Harrison WilliamBirch lanehouse63, Birch lane
1382 Harrod John RobertSticker lanehouseMetcalfe street
successivehouse253, Sticker lane
1383 Hart JamesOliver streethouse34, Oliver street
1384 Hartley BenjaminUpper Sturges streethouse4A, Upper Pollard street
successivehouse16, Upper Sturges street
1385 Hartley CharlesWakefield roadhouse500, Wakefield road
1386 Hartley CharlesNewby streethouse134, Newby street
1387 Hartley DavidWakefield roadhouse534, Wakefield road
1388 Hartley DavidTennant streethouse70, Tennant street
1389 Hartley EvanClough streethouseBirch lane
successivehouse7, Clough street
1390 Hartley JamesNewby streethouse33, Newby street
1391 Hartley JamesWakefield roadhouse648, Wakefield road
1392 Hartley JamesSaville streethouse30, Saville street
1393 Hartley JamesWakefield roadhouse920, Wakefield road
1394 Hartley JohnFoundry lanehouse9A, Foundry lane
1395 Hartley JohnProvidence placehouse15, Providence place
1396 Hartley JosephPenn streethouse2, Penn street
1397 Hartley JosephUpper Sturges streethouse8, Upper Sturges street
1398 Hartley JosephAddison streethouse11, Addison street
1399 Hartley JosephSt. Stephen's roadhouse29, St. Stephen's road
1400 Hartley RobinsonWesleyan terracehouse3, Wesleyan terrace
1401 Hartley RobertSaville streethouse39, Saville street
1402 Hartley SamuelMoody streethouse134, Moody street
1403 Hartley Stephen WilliamHall lanehouse93, Hall lane
1404 Hartley ThomasBroomfield terracehouse62, Broomfield terrace
1405 Hartley ThomasDross streethouse14, Dross street
1406 Hartley ThomasPlantation placehouse6, Plantation place
1407 Hartley ThomasWakefield roadhouse393, Wakefield road
1408 Hartley WilliamLilac streethouse15, Lilac street
1409 Harwood JohnManchester roadhouse682, Manchester road
1410 Harwood RobertOld lanehouse264, Old lane
1411 Harwood WilliamManchester roadbeerhouse680, Manchester road
1412 Haste CharlesMoody streethouse122, Moody street
1413 Hattersley WilliamUpper Sturges streethouse15, Upper Sturges street
1414 Hattersley WilliamMill lanehouse155, Mill lane
1415 Haward JohnGranby streethouse115, Granby street
1416 Hawcridge ThomasWakefield roadhouseRooley lane
successivehouse561, Wakefield road
1417 Hawley GeorgeLittle Cross streethouse18, Little Cross street
1418 Hawley WilliamUpper Sturges streethouse28, Upper Sturges street
1419 Hay WilliamViolet streethouse7, Violet street
1420 Hayes DenisMarsden foldhouseMarsden fold
successivehouse13, Marsden fold
1421 Haywood WilliamLudlam streethouse32, Ludlam street
1422 Heald James RobertMill lanehouse185, Mill lane
1423 Healey HenryVere streethouse8, Vere street
1424 Healey JamesWootton streethouse57, Wootton street
1425 Heap WilliamUsher streethouse6, Usher street
1426 Heap WilliamAddison streethouse61, Addison street
1427 Heaps William HenryOld lanehouse281, Old lane
1428 Heath Rev. DavidSticker lanehouse257, Sticker lane
1429 Heathorne JohnNew rowhouse6, New row
1430 Heaton GeorgeVere streethouse36, Vere street
1431 Heaton HenryOld lanehouse301, Old lane
1432 Heaton PhilemonTichborne roadhouse20, Old lane
successivehouse13, Tichborne road
1433 Heaton ThomasRooley lanehouse343, Rooley lane
1434 Heaton ThomasOld lanehouse346, Old lane
1435 Helliwell CharlesEllen streethouse6, Ellen street
1436 Helliwell EdwardFitzwilliam streethouse61, Fitzwilliam street
1437 Helliwell IsaacEli streethouse11, Eli street
1438 Helliwell JamesOld lanehouse249, Old lane
1439 Helliwell JamesManchester roadhouse823, Manchester road
1440 Helliwell JohnProspect streethouse39, Prospect street
1441 Helliwell JohnFairfax streethouse56, Fairfax street
1442 Helliwell WilliamHall lanehouse150, Hall lane
1443 Hemingway AlfredSturges streethouse63, Sturges street
1444 Hemingway IsaacBolling streethouse17, Bolling street
1445 Henary ThomasGranby streethouse55A, Granby street
1446 Henry Patrick JohnParsonage roadhouse16, Parsonage road
1447 Henry ThomasMaw streethouse14, Maw street
1448 Heppleston AlfredCaledonia streethouse219, Caledonia street
1449 Hepworth HenryMuff streethouse6, Muff street
1450 Hepworth WilliamRooley lanehouse561A, Rooley lane
1451 Heron WilliamCarter streethouse9, Carter street
1452 Herr JosephWakefield roadhouse280, Wakefield road
successivehouse354, Wakefield road
1453 Heseltine JeffryKelvin streethouse2, Kelvin street
1454 Heseltine JohnWakefield roadhouse656, Wakefield road
1455 Heseltine ThomasWakefield roadhouse654, Wakefield road
1456 Hesling HenryRooley lanehouse341, Rooley lane
1457 Hesp HenryLowfield streethouse57, Lowfield street
1458 Hetherington JosephRooley lanehouse492, Rooley lane
1459 Hetherington RobertSturges streethouse23, Sturges street
successivehouse61, Sturges street
1460 Hewitt Richard De GarrsVere streethouse34, Vere street
1461 Hewitt WilliamSaville streethousePrince street
successivehouse19, Saville street
1462 Hey AbrahamOld lanehouse & shop148, Old lane
1463 Hey GeorgeNewby streethouse55, Newby street
1464 Hey WilliamMaw streethouse5, Maw street
1465 Hey WalterUpper Sturges streethouse2, Upper Sturges street
1466 Heyworth JamesBailey streethouse8, Bailey street
1467 Hick AlbertWakefield roadhouse & shop264, Wakefield road
1468 Hickey FrancisCaledonia streethouse169, Caledonia street
1469 Higginbottom JamesSaville streethouse20, Saville street
1470 Higgins EdwinSturges streethouse75, Sturges street
1471 Higgins JamesGuy streethouse27, Guy street
1472 Higgins MichaelGuy streethouse37, Guy street
1473 Highland WilliamSmiddles lanehouseSmiddles lane
successivehouse49, Smiddles lane
1474 Hill CharlesRipley terracehouse77, Ripley terrace
1475 Hill EdwardEmsley streethouse17, Emsley street
1476 Hill EmanuelDavy streethouse1, Davy street
1477 Hill HoraceSticker lanehouse248, Sticker lane
1478 Hill JohnNew Hey roadhouse85, Sturges street
successivehouse181, New Hey road
1479 Hill JohnThornton squarehouse5, Thornton square
1480 Hill MatthewFairfax streethouse91, Fairfax street
1481 Hill SamuelViolet streethouse7, Violet street
1482 Hill ThomasWakefield roadhouse & shop1004, Wakefield road
1483 Hill ThomasProspect streethouse94, Prospect street
1484 Hill WilliamCrab streethouse2, Crab street
1485 Hill William AtkinsonCalcutta streethouse49, Calcutta street
1486 Hillam CharlesNew Cross streethouseNew Cross street
successivehouse5, New Cross street
1487 Hillam IsaacWesleyan terracehouse11, Wesleyan terrace
1488 Hillam JamesWakefield roadhouse1016, Wakefield road
1489 Hillam JamesRipley terracehouse4, Prospect street
successivehouse23, Ripley terrace
1490 Hillam JosephWakefield roadhouse1014, Wakefield road
1491 Hillam SamuelSmiddles lanehouse35, Smiddles lane
1492 Hillam SquireNew Cross streethouse29, New Cross street
1493 Hillas BenjaminBierley lanewarehouseIndustry mill
1494 Hillas Isaac WilkinsonPlantation placehouse7, Plantation place
1495 Hillas JamesSticker lanehouse229, Sticker lane
1496 Hillas JamesSticker lanehouse245, Sticker lane
successivehouse239, Sticker lane
1497 Hillas JosephMarsden foldhouse8, Marsden fold
1498 Hillas JoshuaWalker courthouse13, Walker court
1499 Hillas MatthewTong streetwarehouseIndustry mill
1500 Hillas WilliamSticker lanehouse & shop163, Sticker lane
1501 Hinchliffe EdwinPollard streethouseWakefield road
successivehouse11, Pollard street
1502 Hinchliffe GeorgeWakefield roadhouse331, Wakefield road
1503 Hinchliffe JohnBirch lanehouse5, Birch lane
1504 Hinchliffe JohnBirch lanehouse15, Birch lane
1505 Hinchliffe JohnSticker lanehouse62, Sticker lane
1506 Hinchliffe JohnCarrbottomhouse8, Carrbottom
1507 Hinchliffe JosephEmsley streethouse20, Emsley street
1508 Hind WilliamSaville streethouse51, Saville street
1509 Hindle BenjaminWootton streethouse6, Wootton street
1510 Hindle JamesManchester roadhouse921, Manchester road
1511 Hindle JamesTennant streethouse89, Tennant street
1512 Hindle LeviUpper Pollard streethouse14A, Upper Pollard street
1513 Hird AbednegoWootton streethouse20, Wootton street
1514 Hird DavidPollard streethouse33, Pollard street
1515 Hird IsaacRound streethouse26, Wootton street
successivehouse29, Round street
1516 Hird JamesWakefield roadhouse96, Wakefield road
1517 Hird WilliamAddison streethouse78, Caledonia street
successivehouse43, Addison street
1518 Hird WilliamThornton squarehouse7, Thornton square
1519 Hirst AllenWootton streethouse53, Wootton street
1520 Hirst GeorgeLizard streethouse7, Lizard street
1521 Hirst HarrisonNewby streethouse14, Newby street
1522 Hirst HenryTennant streethouse9, Tennant street
1523 Hirst Henry DaltonBismarck streethouse24, Bismarck street
1524 Hirst JohnHall lanehouse99, Hall lane
1525 Hirst JosephFairfax streethouse49, Fairfax street
1526 Hitchen JohnWesleyan terracehouse9, Wesleyan terrace
1527 Hobson TimothyParkside roadhouse15, Parkside road
1528 Hodges WilliamEmsley streethouse11, Emsley street
1529 Hodgkinson AdamLancaster streethouse12, Lancaster street
1530 Hodgkinson JamesLord streethouse8, Lord street
1531 Hodgkinson JohnElsworth streethouse12, Elsworth street
1532 Hodgson AlexanderMitchell streethouse & shop1, Mitchell street
1533 Hodgson AlfredManchester roadhouse924, Manchester road
1534 Hodgson BenjaminOld lanehouse488, Old lane
1535 Hodgson BenjaminGalloway lanehouse825, Manchester road
1536 Hodgson ChristopherBankfoothouse7, Bankfoot
1537 Hodgson GeorgeHall lanehouse103, Hall lane
1538 Hodgson HenryManchester roadhouse & shop902, Manchester road
1539 Hodgson HenryKelvin streethouse9, Kelvin street
1540 Hodgson HenryBadger squarehouse26, Badger square
1541 Hodgson IsaacWidow rowhouse926, Manchester road
1542 Hodgson JamesTennant streethouse15, Tennant street
1543 Hodgson JamesManchester roadhouse937, Manchester road
successivehouseManchester road
1544 Hodgson JohnBailey streethouse4, Bailey street
1545 Hodgson John WilliamBankfoothouse11, Bankfoot
1546 Hodgson JosephTennant streethouse17, Tennant street
1547 Hodgson JoshuaLavinia streethouse11, Lavinia street
1548 Hodgson SethOld lanehouse313, Old lane
1549 Hodgson ThomasGibson foldhouse16, Gibson fold
1550 Hodgson WellsRooley lanehouse337, Rooley lane
1551 Hodgson WilliamWakefield roadhouseOliver street
successivehouse600, Wakefield road
1552 Hoey GeorgeRipley terracehouse11, Ripley terrace
1553 Hogarth ThomasVere streethouse18, Vere street
1554 Hogg JamesConway streethouse17, Conway street
1555 Holden AbrahamRaymond streethouse10, Raymond street
1556 Holden WilliamWootton streethouse113, Wootton street
1557 Holdsworth Daniel BollandHall lanebeerhouse72, Hall lane
1558 Holdsworth DemasRooley lanehouse527 Rooley lane
1559 Holdsworth EphraimOld lanehouse157, Old lane
1560 Holdsworth JacobRooley lanehouse & land140, Rooley lane
1561 Holdsworth JohnSticker lanehouse255, Sticker lane
1562 Holdsworth JohnRooley lanehouse511, Rooley lane
1563 Holdsworth JohnOliver streethouse33, Oliver street
1564 Holdsworth JosephWakefield roadhouse1020, Wakefield road
1565 Holdsworth JosephSticker lanehouse90, Sticker lane
1566 Holdsworth MosesRooley lanehouse283, Rooley lane
1567 Holdsworth Richard PeterOld lanehouse287, Old lane
1568 Holdsworth SamuelParry lanehouse23, Parry lane
1569 Holdsworth SamuelSticker lanehouse225, Sticker lane
1570 Holdsworth SethHarker streethouse20, Harker street
1571 Holdsworth SquireWykewarehouseEmsley street
1572 Holdsworth WilliamSaville streethouse15, Saville street
1573 Holdsworth WilliamRaymond streethouse8, Raymond street
1574 Holdsworth WilliamWootton streethouse99, Wootton street
1575 Holdsworth WilliamMoulson streethouse5, Moulson street
1576 Holdsworth WilliamLittle Cross streethouseLittle Cross street
successivehouse17, Little Cross street
1577 Holland HenryWakefield roadhouse, inn&c 88, Wakefield road
1578 Holliday ThomasCalcutta streethouse33, Calcutta street
1579 Hollywood Rev. JohnBankfoothouseSt. Matthew's Vicarage, Manchester road
1580 Holmes AbelRipley streethouse29, Ripley street
1581 Holmes AbrahamSticker lanehouse453, Sticker lane
1582 Holmes BenjaminSticker lanehouse41B, Sticker lane
1583 Holmes CharlesSticker lanehouse & land576, Sticker lane
1584 Holmes DanielRooley lanehouse & land301, Rooley lane
1585 Holmes DavidBradfordwarehouseUpper Castle street
1586 Holmes DavidOld lanehouse218, Old lane
1587 Holmes GeorgeRooley lanehouse267, Rooley lane
1588 Holmes HenryOld lanehouse153, Old lane
1589 Holmes HenryRooley lanehouse303, Rooley lane
1590 Holmes HenryBolling streethouse75, Bolling street
1591 Holmes JacobWakefield roadhouse994, Wakefield road
1592 Holmes JacobSloane streethouse15, Sloane street
1593 Holmes JacobUpper Sturges streethouse4, Upper Sturges street
1594 Holmes JamesAmerica squarehouseAmerica square
1595 Holmes JohnSturges streethouse91, Sturges street
1596 Holmes JosephWakefield roadhouse974, Wakefield road
1597 Holmes JosephFairfax streethouse26, Fairfax street
1598 Holmes JosephLowfield streethouse8, Lowfield street
successivehouse39, Lowfield street
1599 Holmes MatthewRipley streethouse35, Ripley street
1600 Holmes RichardVere streethouse28, Vere street
1601 Holmes RobertWootton streethouse121, Wootton street
1602 Holmes SamuelMunster streethouse13, Munster street
1603 Holmes SidneyWakefield roadhouse & shop1009, Wakefield road
1604 Holmes ThomasFoundry lanehouse5, Foundry lane
1605 Holmes ThomasWakefield roadhouse126, Wakefield road
1606 Holmes ThomasTennant streethouse99, Tennant street
1607 Holmes WilliamHird streethouse10, Hird street
1608 Holmes WilliamFawbert streethouse8, Fawbert street
1609 Holroyd AllanRodney streethouse5, Rodney street
1610 Holroyd EnochWheatley streethouse67, Wheatley street
1611 Holroyd George FrederickLavinia streethouse21, Lavinia street
1612 Holroyd HenryGibson foldhouse13, Gibson fold
1613 Holroyd WilliamNew Cross streethouse126, New Cross street
1614 Holroyd WilliamNew rowhouse12, New row
1615 Holt JohnNewby streethouse29, Newby street
1616 Holt RichardManninghamclubhouse491, Rooley lane
1617 Hood RobertManchester roadhouse696, Manchester road
1618 Hooton HenrySloane streethouse9, Sloane street
1619 Hooton JamesSloane streethouse43, Sloane street
1620 Hopkins CharlesBolling streethouse24, Bolling street
1621 Hopkins JosephManchester roadhouseManchester road
successivehouse747, Manchester road
1622 Hopkinson AmosWalker courthouseWalker court
1623 Hopkinson BenjaminOld lanehouse269, Old lane
1624 Hopkinson CharlesBengal streethouse62, Bengal street
1625 Hopkinson EdwinOld lanehouse110, Old lane
1626 Hopkinson IsaacWakefield roadhouse636, Wakefield road
1627 Hopkinson JohnOld lanehouse267, Old lane
1628 Hopkinson MatthewBack lanehouse318, Back lane
1629 Hopkinson RichardRaymond streethouse32, Raymond street
1630 Hopkinson SamuelBengal streethouse45, Bengal street
successivehouse50, Bengal street
1631 Hopkinson WilliamCarbon streethouse26, Providence place
successivehouse5, Carbon street
1632 Hopwood RobertWakefield roadhouse1034, Wakefield road
successivehouse & shop998, Wakefield road
1633 Hopwood WilliamCaledonia streethouse & shop211, Caledonia street
1634 Hornby HenryMuff streethouse13, Muff street
1635 Hornby JohnHarcourt streethouse10, Harcourt street
1636 Horner GeorgeEmsley streethouse7, Emsley street
1637 Horsfall JohnBerry streethouse1, Berry street
1638 Horsfall JonasGreaves streetwarehouseUpper Castle street
1639 Horsfall William HenryParkside roadhouse23, Parkside road
1640 Horsfield JohnHarcourt streethouse18, Harcourt street
1641 Horsfield WilliamSticker lanehouse & shop485, Sticker lane
1642 Horsman JohnRooley lanehouse & land161, Rooley lane
1643 Hosty TimothyViolet courthouse3, Violet court
1644 Hothersann JohnCaledonia streethouse66, Caledonia street
1645 Houson ChristopherGalloway lanehouseGalloway lane
1646 Houson ThomasGalloway farmhouse & landGalloway lane
1647 Houson WilliamGalloway lanehouseGalloway lane
1648 Howard GeorgeTennant streethouse115, Tennant street
1649 Howard JonathanUpper Addison streethouse5, Upper Addison street
1650 Howard RichardRipley streethouse61, Ripley street
1651 Howard WilliamManchester roadhouse & land821, Manchester road
1652 Howarth JohnBolling streethouse156, Bolling street
1653 Howley TimothyCaledonia streethouse & shop72, Caledonia street
1654 Hoyle ChampionPollard streethouse137, Pollard street
1655 Hoyle JamesNewby streethouse93, Newby street
1656 Hoyle JohnConway streethouse19, Conway street
1657 Hoyle JohnPollard streethouse30, Pollard street
1658 Hoyle JosephCarbon streethouse1, Dross street
successivehouse10, Carbon street
1659 Hudson AbrahamWakefield roadhouse278, Wakefield road
1660 Hudson EmanuelSlater's yardhouse15, Slater's yard
1661 Hudson HenryCrab streethouse6, Crab street
1662 Hudson HenrySticker lanehouse37, Sticker lane
1663 Hudson IsaacRutland streethouse10, Rutland street
1664 Hudson IsaacSloane streethouse & shop40, Sloane street
1665 Hudson JamesWakefield roadhouse1028, Wakefield road
1666 Hudson JamesMarshall rowhouse2, Marshall row
1667 Hudson JohnOld lanehouse238, Old lane
1668 Hudson JohnWakefield roadhouse405, Wakefield road
1669 Hudson JohnRutland streethouse14, Rutland street
1670 Hudson JohnBolling hotel, Hall lanehotelBolling hotel, 112, Hall lane
1671 Hudson JohnHall lanehouse215, Hall lane
1672 Hudson JohnMarshall rowhouse1, Marshall row
1673 Hudson JohnNewby streethouse180, Newby street
1674 Hudson JohnHall lanehouse152, Hall lane
1675 Hudson JosephWakefield roadhouse182, Wakefield road
1676 Hudson JosephMuff streethouse40, Muff street
1677 Hudson KendallLizard streethouse20, Lizard street
1678 Hudson SamuelJoshua streethouse12, Joshua street
1679 Hudson ThomasLavinia streethouseEllen street
successivehouse15, Lavinia street
1680 Hudson ThomasHartley streethouseWakefield road
successivehouse2, Hartley street
1681 Hudson WilliamOliver streethouseOliver street
successivehouse23, Oliver street
1682 Hudson WilliamHall lanehouse69, Hall lane
1683 Hudson WilliamOld lanehouse132, Old lane
1684 Hughes JamesRyan streethouse5, Ryan street
1685 Hughes WilliamNewby streethouse105, Newby street
1686 Humphreys GeorgeBolling streethouse166, Bolling street
1687 Hunt SamuelWakefield roadhouse721, Wakefield road
1688 Hunter ThomasBarley streethouse14, Barley street
1689 Hurdley JohnGranby streethouse72, Granby street
1690 Hustler MildredGas streethouse1, Gas street
1691 Hustler SamuelCaledonia streethouse70, Caledonia street
1692 Hustler WilliamWakefield roadhouse226, Wakefield road
1693 Hutchinson JohnNewby streethouse12, Newby street
1694 Hutton GeorgeSloane streethouse39, Sloane street
1695 Hyne Rev. Charles Wright NobleBierley Vicaragehouse & land374, Rooley lane

BOWLING WARD, 1876, surnames beginning with the letter I
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1696 Ibeson JohnUpper Sturges streethouse1, Upper Sturges street
1697 Ickeringill AlfredBack lanehouse124, Back lane
1698 Iddison ChristopherHirst streethouse3, Hirst street
1699 Ideson JamesTennant streethouse24, Tennant street
1700 Illingworth HenryLowfield streethouse36, Lowfield street
1701 Illingworth HiramHall lanehouse207, Hall lane
1702 Illingworth JeremiahOld lanehouse14, Bismarck street
successivehouse43, St. Stephen's road
successivehouse177, Old lane
1703 Illingworth JohnBack lanehouse252, Back lane
1704 Illingworth JosephNewby streethouse140, Newby street
1705 Illingworth LeviHill streethouse6, Hill street
1706 Illingworth LukeRooley lanehouse453, Rooley lane
1707 Illingworth ThomasCaledonia streethouse127, Caledonia street
successivehouse145, Caledonia street
1708 Imeson JoshuaProspect streethouse67, Prospect street
1709 Ingham JamesBroom streethouse56, Broom street
1710 Ingham JosephFitzwilliam streethouse91, Mill lane
successivehouse146, Fitzwilliam street
1711 Ingham JosephWakefield roadhouse428, Wakefield road
1712 Ingham LukeBombay streethouse51, Bombay street
1713 Ingham ThomasSloane streethouse53, Sloane street
1714 Ingham WilliamNew Cross streethouse11, New Cross street
1715 Ingle John EdwardParkside roadhouse21, Parkside road
1716 Ingleson WilliamWakefield roadhouse893, Wakefield road
1717 Ingram JohnSpink's Buildingshouse5, Spink's Buildings
1718 Ingram WilliamLong streethouse8, Long street

BOWLING WARD, 1876, surnames beginning with the letter J
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1719 Jackson AtkinsonSticker lanehouse238, Sticker lane
1720 Jackson BenjaminAddison streethouse57, Addison street
1721 Jackson FretwellBombay streethouse41, Bombay street
1722 Jackson JamesBaxandall streethouse65, Lowfield street
successivehouse1, Baxandall street
1723 Jackson John ArthurManchester roadclubhouse896, Manchester road
1724 Jackson John RobinsonOld lanehouse171, Old lane
1725 Jackson JosephBolling streethouse140, Bolling street
1726 Jackson MatthewWakefield roadhouse578, Wakefield road
1727 Jackson ReubenMarsh placehouse & shop690, Manchester road
1728 Jackson ThomasOld lanehouse190, Old lane
1729 Jackson WilliamProvidence placehouse21, Providence place
1730 Jackson WilliamWakefield roadbeerhouse549, Wakefield road
1731 Jackson William KingProvidence placehouse5, Providence place
1732 Jacques Peter JackRipley terracehouse51, Ripley terrace
1733 Jacques William HenryLowfield streethouse45, Lowfield street
1734 Jagger EdwardHird streethouse6, Hird street
1735 James AlfredFitzwilliam streethouse97, Fitzwilliam street
1736 James Rev. ThomasSt. Luke's Vicaragehouse7, Guy's cliffe
successivehouse191, Caledonia street
1737 Jarvis JamesTennant streethouse133, Tennant street
1738 Jarvis John JosephMill lanehouse121, Mill lane
1739 Jefferson LeonardAmerica squarehouse5, America square
1740 Jenkins ThomasSmiddles lanehouse6, Smiddles lane
1741 Jennings AckroydCalcutta streethouse27, Calcutta street
1742 Jennings SutcliffeCalcutta streethouse7, Calcutta street
1743 Jennings ThomasSticker lanehouse477, Sticker lane
1744 Jessop AbrahamMetcalfe streethouseLower lane
successivehouse13, Metcalfe street
1745 Jessop JohnOld lanehouse & shop42, Old lane
1746 Jessop TomFoundry lanehouse16, Foundry lane
1747 Jewitt JamesWakefield roadhouse & land650, Wakefield road
1748 Johnson CharlesManchester roadhouse686, Manchester road
1749 Johnson ChristopherSticker laneshop32, Sticker lane
1750 Johnson DavidGranby streethouse17, Granby street
1751 Johnson GeorgeSticker lanehouse91, Sticker lane
1752 Johnson GeorgeManchester roadhouse804, Manchester road
1753 Johnson JohnMill lanehouse169, Mill lane
1754 Johnson JohnFairfax streethouse9, Fairfax street
1755 Johnson WilliamFitzwilliam streethouse89, Fitzwilliam street
1756 Johnstone AnthonyHardy streethouse44, Hardy street
1757 Jolly MichaelLittle Cross streethouse168, Coates street
successivehouse13, Little Cross street
1758 Jones EdwardLower lanehouse30, Lower lane
1759 Jones JohnBolling streethouse132, Bolling street
1760 Jordan JamesGranby streethouse99, Granby street
1761 Jordan JamesSlater's yardhouse14, Slater's yard
1762 Jowett AbelHall lanehouse130, Hall lane
1763 Jowett AdamMill lanehouse115, Mill lane
1764 Jowett AquilaEmsley streethouse3, Emsley street
1765 Jowett ArthurBirch lanehouse13, Birch lane
1766 Jowett BenjaminKelvin courthouse10, Kelvin court
1767 Jowett Francis WilliamBombay streethouse27, Bombay street
1768 Jowett GideonWakefield roadhouse437, Wakefield road
1769 Jowett JohnOld lanehouse6, Abram street
successivehouse100, Old lane
1770 Jowett JosephBolling streethouse32, Bolling street
1771 Jowett JosephNewby streethouse174, Newby street
1772 Jowett MilesSticker lanehouse393, Sticker lane
1773 Jowett WilliamWakefield roadhouse94, Wakefield road
1774 Joy Matthew MarkVere streethouse48, Vere street
1775 Judge PatrickBolling streethouse12, Granby street
successivehouse83, Bolling street
1776 Junior JohnWadsworth streethouse22, Wadsworth street

BOWLING WARD, 1876, surnames beginning with the letter K
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1777 Kain JohnBolling streethouse28, Bolling street
1778 Kay ErnestTennant streethouse48, Tennant street
1779 Kay GeorgeHall lanehouse158, Hall lane
1780 Kay JamesBirch lanewarehouseWater lane
successivehouse100, Birch lane
1781 Kay ThomasWakefield roadhouse555, Wakefield road
1782 Kay ThomasBroom streethouse20, Broom street
1783 Kay William HenrySticker lanehouse211, Sticker lane
1784 Kearnes JamesCaledonia streethouse54, Bolling street
successivehouse175, Caledonia street
1785 Kearney ThomasSturges streethouse53, Sturges street
1786 Keegan JamesDross streethouse18, Dross street
1787 Keeling ThomasParkside roadhouseBismarck street
successivehouse37, Parkside road
1788 Keighley JonathanNew Cross streethouse15, New Cross street
1789 Kellett IsaacFairfax streethouse38, Fairfax street
1790 Kellett JohnRook lanehouse4, Rook lane
1791 Kellett JosephWakefield roadhouse & shop545, Wakefield road
1792 Kellett JosephFaxfleet streethouse512, Old lane
successivehouse2, Faxfleet street
1793 Kellett LeviWakefield roadhouse711, Wakefield road
1794 Kellett UriahManchester roadhouse935, Manchester road
1795 Kelly EdwardElsworth streethouse7, Elsworth street
1796 Kelly JoshuaRouse yardhouse3, Rouse fold
1797 Kelly MichaelGuy streethouse21, Guy street
1798 Kelly PatrickGranby streethouse45, Granby street
1799 Kelly ThomasSquare streethouse12, Square street
1800 Kelsey William JamesRipley terracehouse25, Ripley terrace
1801 Kennedy JohnElsworth streethouse11, Elsworth street
1802 Kenworthy ThomasRutland streethouse22, Rutland street
1803 Keogh DenisBroom streethouse53, Broom street
1804 Kerr JohnOld lanehouse247, Old lane
1805 Kershaw GeorgeOaks foldhouse & land21, Birch lane
1806 Kershaw IsaacManchester roadhouse762, Manchester road
successivehouse708, Manchester road
1807 Kershaw JohnSticker lanehouse53, Sticker lane
1808 Kershaw JohnOld lanehouse18, Tennant street
successivehouse312, Old lane
1809 Kershaw JosephFairfax streetshop76, Bolling street
successivehouse121, Fairfax street
1810 Kershaw JosephOld lanehouse343, Old lane
1811 Kershaw SquireSt. Stephen's SchoolhouseOld lane
1812 Key JosephAddi streethouse7, Addi street
1813 Key WilliamFairfax streethouse8, Fairfax street
1814 Kiddle Alfred ThomasRipley streethouse49, Ripley street
1815 Kiddle JamesWakefield roadhouse108, Wakefield road
1816 Kilcoyne JohnGuy streethouse39, Guy street
1817 King GeorgeEmsley streethouseNewby street
successivehouse15, Emsley street
1818 King ThomasAddison streethouse30, Addison street
1819 King WilliamHall lanehouse89, Hall lane
1820 Kinnerney JohnGranby streethouse127, Granby street
1821 Kinson WilliamSloane streethouse24, Sloane street
1822 Kipling LionelCroft nookhouse101, Lower lane
1823 Kirby HenryLower lanehouse15, Lower lane
successivehouse11, Lower lane
1824 Kirk JosephAddison streethouse9, Addison street
1825 Kirwan JohnSlater's yardhouse16, Slater's yard
1826 Kitchen JohnWakefield roadhouse78, Prospect street
successivehouse337, Wakefield road
1827 Kitchen JosephAddison streethouse35, Calcutta street
1828 Kitchingman ByronOld lanehouse138, Old lane
1829 Kitchingman JohnNew Cross streethouse7, New Cross street
1830 Kitchingman SamuelOld lanehouse334, Old lane
1831 Kitchingman SamuelOld lanehouse404, Old lane
1832 Kitchingman ThompsonHarker streethouse14, Harker street
1833 Kitchingman WalterPollard streethouse16, Pollard street
1834 Kitchingman WilliamNew rowhouse26, New row
1835 Kitson RileyWheatley streethouse3, Beatrice street
successivehouse & shop81, Wheatley street
1836 Knight WilliamOld lanehouse209, Old lane
1837 Knight WilliamNew rowhouse22, New row
1838 Knight WilliamClough streethouse13, St. Stephen's road
successivehouse41, Clough street
1839 Knowles AnthonyCroft nookhouse105, Lower lane
1840 Knowles Edwin FrankletonMaw streethouse15, Maw street
1841 Knowles GeorgeCotewall roadhouse125, Cotewall road
1842 Knowles HenryWakefield roadhouse & shop991, Wakefield road
1843 Knowles HenryLancaster streethouse13, Lancaster street
1844 Knowles JamesWakefield roadhouse430, Wakefield road
1845 Knowles JohnSticker lanehouse & land216, Sticker lane
1846 Knowles JohnBolling streethouse105, Bolling street
1847 Knowles JonathanBadger squarehouse44, Badger square
1848 Knowles MatthewNewby streethouse125, Newby street
1849 Knowles Simeon WrightHall lanehouse111, Hall lane
successivehouse105, Hall lane
1850 Knowles SmithCaledonia streethouse207, Caledonia street
1851 Knowles TimothyFairfax streethouse21, Fairfax street
1852 Knowles WilliamProspect streethouse17, Prospect street
1853 Knowles WilliamRooley lanehouse330, Rooley lane

BOWLING WARD, 1876, surnames beginning with the letter L
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1854 Lacey HenryBolling Hall farmhouseBolling Hall
1855 Lacey ThomasBinns streethouse2, Binns street
1856 Lake WilliamCotewall roadhouse50, Cotewall road
1857 Lamb BenjaminMill lanehouse177, Mill lane
1858 Lambert HenryBrougham streethouse9, Brougham street
1859 Lambert JamesOld lanehouse324, Old lane
1860 Lambert JohnHarcourt streethouse12, Harcourt street
1861 Lambert JosephLord streethouse1, Lord street
1862 Lambert JosephMuff streethouse14, Muff street
1863 Lambert Thomas WilsonUpper Addison streethouse14, Upper Addison street
1864 Lambert WilliamWakefield roadhouse & land630, Wakefield road
1865 Lancaster JohnHall lanehouse178, Hall lane
1866 Lancaster JohnMill lanehouse143, Mill lane
1867 Lancaster SethWakefield roadhouse48, Wakefield road
1868 Land RichardBack lanehouse & shop354, Back lane
1869 Land WilliamParkside roadhouseProspect street
successivehouse59, Parkside road
1870 Langley JosephRipley terracehouse17, Ripley terrace
1871 Lapage JosephOld lanehouse419, Old lane
1872 Latham RobertBolling streethouse103, Bolling street
1873 Law JamesCoates streethouse144, Coates street
1874 Law ThomasBismarck streethouse & shop2, Bismarck street
1875 Lawler PatrickSturges streethouse43, Sturges street
1876 Lawlor EdwardHirst streethouse5, Hirst street
1877 Lawton JonathanManchester roadhouse898, Manchester road
1878 Laycock GeorgePollard streethouse155, Pollard street
1879 Laycock JamesOld lanehouse245, Old lane
1880 Laycock JohnWakefield roadhouse200, Wakefield road
1881 Laycock JonathanManchester roadhouse715, Manchester road
1882 Laycock ListerOld lanehouse & shop94, Old lane
1883 Laycock MatthewWakefield roadhouse339, Wakefield road
1884 Laycock Thomas ParkParsonage roadhouseOliver street
successivehouse22, Parsonage road
1885 Laycock WilliamMill lanehouse163, Mill lane
successivehouse165, Mill lane
1886 Laycock WilliamPollard streethouse123, Pollard street
1887 Laycock WilliamWootton streethouse25, Wootton street
1888 Lea Henry JarvisWakefield roadhouse540, Wakefield road
1889 Leach JohnHall lanehouse50, Hall lane
1890 Leach JonathanRipley terracehouse21, Ripley terrace
1891 Leach William EllinsHall lanehouse & shop48, Hall lane
1892 Leach William HenryAtkinson foldhouse230, Old lane
1893 Leach William ThomasTennant streethouse281, Old lane
successivehouse11, Tennant street
1894 Ledder DanielLavinia streethouse6, Lavinia street
1895 Ledger CharlesWakefield roadhouse502, Wakefield road
1896 Ledger GeorgeLeicester streethouse3, Leicester street
1897 Ledger JohnWakefield roadhouse504, Wakefield road
1898 Lee AlexanderRipley streethouse65, Ripley street
1899 Lee JobRooley lanehouse401, Rooley lane
1900 Lee JosephMoulson streethouse3A, Moulson street
1901 Lee JosephBolling streethouse142, Bolling street
1902 Lee JosephRooley lanehouse415, Rooley lane
1903 Lee Richard RobinsonRooley lanebeerhouse417, Rooley lane
1904 Lee SmithVere streethouse20, Vere street
1905 Leedham WilliamBerry streethouse7, Berry street
1906 Leeming EdwardMoody streethouse57, Moody street
1907 Leggott WilliamMerton roadwarehouseUpper Castle street
1908 Lennie BennettSaville streethouse32, Saville street
1909 Lester JamesWakefield roadhouse186, Wakefield road
1910 Levers JohnBroom streethouse & shop59, Broom street
1911 Lewis JohnHall lanehouse235, Hall lane
1912 Lewis JosephRipley streethouse17, Ripley street
1913 Lightowler AlfredMarsden foldhouse4, Marsden fold
1914 Lightowler JonathanCotewall roadhouse70, Cotewall road
1915 Lightowler MatthewManchester roadhouse919, Manchester road
1916 Lightowler WilliamManchester roadhouse917, Manchester road
successivehouseManchester road
1917 Linley JamesManchester roadhouse920, Manchester road
1918 Linskey ThomasGranby streethouse63, Granby street
1919 Linton ThomasWalker courthouse14, Walker court
1920 Lister FrederickPlantation placehouse4, Plantation place
1921 Lister GeorgeWakefield roadhouse7, Church hill court
successivehouse366, Wakefield road
1922 Lister HenryWalker courthouse12, Walker court
1923 Lister JohnBillingsley terracehouse695, Billingsley terrace
1924 Lister JohnHortonmillHall lane
1925 Lister JosephMuff streethouse7, Muff street
1926 Lister ThomasFairfax streethouse65, Fairfax street
1927 Lister Thomas DysonHall lanehouse219, Hall lane
1928 Lister WilliamRooley lanehouse499, Rooley lane
1929 Lister WilliamWibseymillHall lane
1930 Littlewood FrancisRusholme streethouse10, Upper Barrack yard
successivehouse18, Rusholme street
1931 Liversedge ThomasCalcutta streethouse41, Calcutta street
1932 Lobley WilliamRooley lanehouse285, Rooley lane
1933 Lockwood ArthurVere streethouse46, Vere street
1934 Lockwood JohnMaw streethouse18, Maw street
1935 Lockwood SykesBolling streethouse164, Bolling street
1936 Lodge LeviBengal streethouse49, Bengal street
1937 Lodge SamuelWindrush househouse2, Hall lane
1938 Lofthouse JonathanHarker streethouse4, Harker street
1939 Lofthouse ThomasLudlam streethouse40, Hardy street
successivehouse2, Ludlam street
1940 Lofthouse WilliamFairfax streethouse5, Fairfax street
1941 Lomax CharlesWakefield roadhouse480, Wakefield road
1942 Lomax ThomasWootton streethouse69, Wootton street
1943 Long JohnLower lanehouse39, Lower lane
1944 Long JonathanParry lanehouse22, Parry lane
1945 Longbottom AndrewCarbon streethouse12, Carbon street
1946 Longbottom JamesSaville streethouse7, Saville street
1947 Longden RobertOld lanehouseManchester road
successivehouse502, Old lane
1948 Longthorn JohnBengal streethouse28, Bengal street
1949 Lord HenrySticker lanehouse407, Sticker lane
1950 Lord SamuelRound streethouse26, Round street
1951 Lord SmithRooley lanehouse443, Rooley lane
1952 Lord ThomasSaville streethouse28, Saville street
1953 Lottey ThomasMitchell streethouse62, Old lane
successivehouse3, Mitchell street
1954 Loughran MichaelFairfax streethouse119, Fairfax street
1955 Loveday WilliamWakefield roadhouse & shop771, Wakefield road
1956 Lovell JohnWootton streethouse29, Wootton street
1957 Lowndes SamuelFairfax streethouse46, Fairfax street
1958 Loxam JamesAddison streethouse36, Addison street
1959 Loxley GeorgeSticker lanehouse324, Sticker lane
1960 Loxley ThomasMill lanehouse161, Mill lane
1961 Lucas EdwardCarter streethouse25, Carter street
1962 Lucas FrankSticker lanehouse205, Sticker lane
1963 Lucas James HeyOld lanehouse118, Old lane
1964 Ludlam JamesSticker lanehouse342, Sticker lane
1965 Lumb BernardLittle Cross streethouse7, Little Cross street
1966 Lumb HenryLancaster streethouse17, Lancaster street
1967 Lumb JamesOld lanehouse & shop226, Old lane
1968 Lumb ShepherdTennant streethouseHolme top street
successivehouse7, Tennant street
1969 Lund IsaacWootton streethouse30, Wootton street
1970 Lund ThomasWakefield roadhouse360, Wakefield road
1971 Lupton JohnNewby streethouse26, Newby street

BOWLING WARD, 1876, surnames beginning with the letter M
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1972 Mabbott CharlesAddison streethouse20, Addison street
1973 Machell MatthewPollard streethouse57, Pollard street
1974 Mack FredRusholme streethouse2, Rusholme street
1975 Maddison WilliamMuff streethouseMuff street
1976 Magee PatrickBroom streethouse49, Broom street
1977 Magson RichardRodney streethouse3, Rodney street
1978 Mahoney ThomasViolet courthouse9, Violet court
1979 Mahor JohnLower lanehouse37, Lower lane
1980 Mahor ThomasPollard streethouse60, Pollard street
1981 Maiden IsaiahCotewall roadhouse54, Cotewall road
1982 Mair JohnSloane streethouse27, Sloane street
1983 Malloy PeterRipley streethouse45, Ripley street
1984 Malone MichaelPollard streethouse58, Pollard street
1985 Malone PatrickSlater's yardhouse29, Slater's yard
1986 Malton JoelWakefield roadhouse & shop351, Wakefield road
1987 Malton WilliamRutland streethouse3, Rutland street
1988 Mann EdmundRooley lanehouse232, Rooley lane
1989 Mann IsaacFairfax streethouse16, Fairfax street
1990 Mann JonasNewby streethouse73, Newby street
1991 Mann JosephRooley lanehouse236, Rooley lane
1992 Manning JamesCalcutta streethouse14, Calcutta street
1993 Mansfield ThomasSticker lanehouse157, Sticker lane
1994 Mapplebeck ArthurWootton streethouse49, Wootton street
1995 Marginson JohnSticker lanehouse88, Sticker lane
1996 Marriott FrederickLow hill placehouse6, Low hill place
1997 Marsden AbrahamSticker lanehouse332, Sticker lane
1998 Marsden AbrahamSticker lanehouse340, Sticker lane
1999 Marsden BenjaminSticker lanehouse107, Sticker lane
2000 Marsden EdmundHaigh streethouse12, Haigh street
2001 Marsden EdwardSticker lanehouse237, Sticker lane
2002 Marsden ElijahSalem terracehouse243, Sticker lane
2003 Marsden EnochCutler heights lanehouseCutler heights lane
2004 Marsden GeorgeSticker lanehouse336, Sticker lane
2005 Marsden HenrySticker lanehouse259, Sticker lane
2006 Marsden HezekiahWakefield roadhouse & shop887, Wakefield road
2007 Marsden IsaacSticker lanehouse328, Sticker lane
2008 Marsden JabezSticker lanehouse173, Sticker lane
2009 Marsden JamesAlma streethouseAlma street
2010 Marsden JamesHarker streethouse18, Harker street
2011 Marsden JohnBack lanehouse & shop246, Back lane
2012 Marsden JohnSticker lanehouse223, Sticker lane
2013 Marsden JosephSticker lanehouse215, Sticker lane
2014 Marsden JosiahSticker lanehouse & shop270, Sticker lane
2015 Marsden PeterSticker lanehouse & land329, Sticker lane
2016 Marsden PeterSt. John's terracehouse8, St. John's terrace
successivehouse7, St. John's terrace
2017 Marsden RichardSt. George's placehouse427, Wakefield road
successivehouse5, St. George's place
2018 Marsden SquireSticker lanehouse187, Sticker lane
2019 Marsden WilliamNew Cross streethouse11, Tennant street
successivehouse98, New Cross street
2020 Marsden WilliamWakefield roadhouse450, Wakefield road
2021 Marsh JohnRooley lanehouse557, Rooley lane
2022 Marshall DavidTennant streethouse95, Tennant street
2023 Marshall FrancisCotewall roadhouse361, Old lane
successivehouse123, Cotewall road
2024 Marshall WilliamTennant streethouse73, Tennant street
2025 Marsland JohnGranby streethouse3, Granby street
2026 Marsland JohnWootton streethouse8, Wootton street
2027 Martin DanielCaledonia streethouse123, Caledonia street
2028 Martin JohnSloane streethouse18, Sloane street
2029 Martin JosephBolling streethouse172, Bolling street
2030 Martin WilliamHall lanehouse52, Hall lane
2031 Marvell ThomasBailey streethouse10, Bailey street
2032 Mason ChristopherSquare streethouse1, Square street
2033 Mason JohnFairfax streethouse25, Fairfax street
2034 Mason JohnMaw streethouse11, Maw street
2035 Mason WilliamNew Cross streethouse128, New Cross street
2036 Massey TomFurnace inn streethouse24, Furnace inn street
2037 Mathers JohnBack lanehouse & shop176, Back lane
2038 Matthews EdwardLower lanehouse5, Metcalfe street
successivehouse23, Lower lane
2039 Matthews JosephMuff streethouse12, Muff street
2040 Matthews ThomasBack lanehouse114, Back lane
2041 Maud EzraNewby streethouse103, Newby street
2042 Maud IsaiahFitzwilliam streethouse109, Fitzwilliam street
2043 Maud JamesWootton streethouse39, Wootton street
2044 Maud MilesAddi streethouseAddi street
successivehouse14, Addi street
2045 Maud Philip HenryOld lanehouse363, Old lane
2046 Maud WilliamHall lanehouse & shop134, Hall lane
2047 Mawson JohnSticker lanehouse191, Sticker lane
2048 Maxwell WilliamBombay streethouse64, Bombay street
2049 Mayes WilliamMill lanebeerhouse101, Mill lane
2050 Mayo ThomasAtkinson foldhouse230A, Old lane
2051 McAra JohnWakefield roadhouse403, Wakefield road
2052 McCoy OwenSturges streethouse35, Sturges street
2053 McCreery JoshuaSaville streethouse61, Saville street
2054 McDermott OwenHirst streethouse21, Hirst street
2055 McDonald RichardBroom streethouse10, Broom street
2056 McDonough MichaelBack lanehouse170A, Back lane
2057 McEvoy DavidBengal streethouse61, Bengal street
2058 McEvoy JohnRodney streethouse10, Rodney street
2059 McGreerer ThomasBolling streethouse158, Bolling street
2060 McGhee WilliamNewby streethouse47, Newby street
2061 McHugh ThomasBroom streethouse71, Broom street
2062 McKay GordonRipley streethouse47, Ripley street
2063 McKenna CorneliusBolling streethouse25, Bolling street
2064 McKenna HughFitzwilliam streethouse113, Fitzwilliam street
2065 McKnight AlexanderBroom streethouse23, Broom street
2066 McKnight RobertBombay streethouse56, Bombay street
successivehouse60, Bombay street
2067 McMahon FrancisSlater's yardhouse26, Slater's yard
2068 McNamara PatrickOld lanehouseManchester road
successivehouse402, Old lane
2069 McNulty PeterFurnace inn streethouse8, Furnace inn street
2070 Measures JosephLower lanehouse13, Lizard street
successivehouse25, Lower lane
2071 Medd EdwinMaw streethouse6, Maw street
successivehouse4, Maw street
2072 Mellor EdwinNew Cross streethouse118, New Cross street
2073 Mellor John EastwoodNew Cross streethouse120, New Cross street
2074 Messenger JobWakefield roadhouse & shop1019, Wakefield road
2075 Metcalfe AlfredGas streethouse3, Gas street
2076 Metcalfe FrancisSloane streethouse30, Sloane street
2077 Metcalfe GeorgeRipley streethouse55, Ripley street
2078 Metcalfe George WatlingCalcutta streethouse24, Calcutta street
2079 Metcalfe IsaacBadger squarehouse34, Parry lane
2080 Metcalfe JamesLord streethouse10, Lord street
2081 Metcalfe JamesElsworth streethouse17, Elsworth street
2082 Metcalfe JohnWakefield roadhouse158, Wakefield road
successivehouse172, Wakefield road
2083 Metcalfe JohnWakefield roadhouse258, Wakefield road
2084 Metcalfe JohnViolet courthouse11, Violet court
2085 Metcalfe LeonardProspect streethouse102, Prospect street
2086 Metcalfe RalphLizard streethouse6, Lizard street
2087 Metcalfe ThomasBack lanehouse172, Back lane
2088 Metcalfe ThomasWadsworth streethouse18, Wadsworth street
2089 Metcalfe WilliamTennant streethouse6, Tennant street
2090 Meynell RobertProspect streethouse47, Prospect street
2091 Middleton GeorgeBeatrice streethouse13, Beatrice street
2092 Middleton JamesBismarck streethouseQuaker terrace
successivehouse52, Bismarck street
2093 Middleton JonathanSloane streethouse56, Sloane street
2094 Middleton WalterLancaster streethouse16, Lancaster street
2095 Midgley GeorgeHird streethouse8, Hird street
2096 Midgley HenrySticker lanehouse49, Sticker lane
2097 Midgley JamesWakefield roadhouse304, Wakefield road
2098 Midgley JohnWatercock streethouse1, Watercock street
2099 Midgley JohnWootton streethouse103, Wootton street
2100 Midgley JosephFoundry lanehouse8, Foundry lane
2101 Midgley John HenryNewby streethouse & shop59, Newby street
2102 Midgley Michael MortimerRooley cottagehouse354, Rooley lane
2103 Midgley ThomasViolet courthouse23, Violet court
2104 Midgley ThomasWesleyan terracehouse13, Wesleyan terrace
2105 Midgley WilliamGranby streethouse75, Granby street
2106 Miller JohnCaledonia streethouseCaledonia street
successivehouse113, Caledonia street
2107 Miller ThomasMoody streethouse82, Moody street
2108 Miller WilliamLizard streethouse8, Lizard street
2109 Milner AlfredHall lanehouse57, Hall lane
2110 Milner EdwardWadsworth streethouse11, Wadsworth street
2111 Milner ElijahWadsworth streethouse8, Wadsworth street
2112 Milner GeorgeFurnace inn streethouse32, Furnace inn street
2113 Milner JesseWakefield roadhouse498, Wakefield road
2114 Milner JosephWakefield roadhouse873, Wakefield road
2115 Milner RichardUpper Sturges streethouse31, Upper Sturges street
2116 Milner WilliamWakefield roadhouse908, Wakefield road
2117 Milnes FrancisMarsden foldhouse11, Marsden fold
2118 Milnes HenryGreenhough streethouse8, Greenhough street
2119 Milnes JamesSticker lanehouse48, Sticker lane
2120 Milnes James AckroydEli streethouse1, Eli street
2121 Milnes JonasWakefield roadbeerhouse421, Wakefield road
2122 Milnes ThomasWheatley streethouse71, Wheatley street
2123 Milnes Thomas TomlinsonHird streethouse14, Hird street
2124 Milton JamesBirch lanehouse506, Old lane
successivehouse11, Birch lane
2125 Mitchell AbrahamBowling Parkshouse & landBowling Parks
2126 Mitchell DavidNewby streethouse1, Newby street
2127 Mitchell FrancisOld lanehouse & shop492, Old lane
2128 Mitchell FrancisRooley lanehouse144, Rooley lane
2129 Mitchell GeorgeRooley lanehouse371A, Rooley lane
2130 Mitchell HenryManchester roadhouse & shop910, Manchester road
2131 Mitchell HenryQuill streethouse8, Quill street
2132 Mitchell JohnMaw streethouse9, Maw street
2133 Mitchell JohnWakefield roadhouseWakefield road
successivehouse472, Wakefield road
2134 Mitchell JohnMill lanehouse141, Mill lane
2135 Mitchell John HarperHortonwarehouseSpring Mill street
2136 Mitchell JosephBowling Parkshouse & landBowling Parks
2137 Mitchell JosephManchester roadhouse930, Manchester road
2138 Mitchell ReubenRooley lanehouse & land194, Rooley lane
2139 Mitchell SamuelSaville streethouse5, Saville street
2140 Mitchell SquireRooley lanehouse196, Rooley lane
2141 Mitchell ThomasManchester roadhouse926A, Manchester road
2142 Mitchell WilliamLittle Cross streethouse5, Little Cross street
2143 Mitchell WilliamSaville streethouse44, Saville street
2144 Mitchell WilliamHall lanehouse181, Mill lane
successivehouse59, Hall lane
2145 Mitchell WilliamManchester roadhouse713, Manchester road
2146 Mitchell William HenryMalt streethouse13, Malt street
2147 Moody JohnAddison streethouse65, Addison street
2148 Moody WilliamLowfield streethouse63, Lowfield street
2149 Moorby JohnLudlam streethouse12, Ludlam street
2150 Moorby JohnSmiddles lanehouse1A, Smiddles lane
2151 Moore JohnBinns streethouse8, Binns street
2152 Moore PeterMuff streethouse30, Muff street
2153 Moore ThomasOld lanehouse169, Old lane
2154 Moorhouse BenjaminPudseyhay shop42, Wakefield road
2155 Moorhouse JohnHird streethouse18, Hird street
2156 Moorhouse RobertAddison streethouse59, Addison street
2157 Moorhouse SamuelSalem terracehouse241, Sticker lane
2158 Moorhouse WilliamHall lanehouse & shop40, Hall lane
2159 Moorhouse WilliamSticker lanehouse139, Sticker lane
2160 Moran William JohnWilliam streethouse24, John William street
2161 Morgan AlfredWootton streethouse34, Wootton street
2162 Morgan GeorgeCaledonia streethouse125, Caledonia street
2163 Moriarty PatrickPollard streethouse62, Pollard street
2164 Moroney JohnMoody streethouse94, Moody street
2165 Morrell HenryBack lanehouse326, Back lane
successivehouse236, Back lane
2166 Morrell JamesViolet courthouse25, Violet court
2167 Morrell JohnWakefield roadhouse287, Wakefield road
2168 Morrell JosephHirst streethouse7, Hirst street
2169 Morrell SamuelMarshall rowhouse4, Marshall row
2170 Morris SamuelRipley streethouse13, Ripley street
2171 Morris ThomasBombay streethouse44, Bombay street
2172 Morrissey AndrewGranby streethouse123, Granby street
2173 Mort JosephNewby streethouse18, Newby street
2174 Mort ThomasOld lanehouse168, Old lane
2175 Morter JohnLord streethouse12, Wadsworth street
successivehouse3, Lord street
2176 Mortimer EmanuelOld lanehouse6, Little Cross street
successivehouse307, Old lane
2177 Mortimer JosephRooley lanehouse369, Rooley lane
2178 Mortimer ShawLittle Cross streethouse21, Little Cross street
2179 Mortimer SquireLittle Cross streethouse15, Little Cross street
2180 Mortimer ThomasRooley lanehouse494, Rooley lane
2181 Mortimer WilliamSticker lanehouse326, Sticker lane
2182 Morton JosephSloane streethouse64, Sloane street
2183 Mosley JohnLower lanehouse35, Lower lane
2184 Moss FrankFairfax streethouse3, Moody street
successivehouse30, Fairfax street
2185 Moss JohnMoody streethouse39, Moody street
2186 Moss John ChadwickCrowther streetshop46, Wakefield road
2187 Mostyn JohnMoody streethouse5, Moody street
2188 Moulson AllenCoates streethouse162, Coates street
2189 Moulson JohnHarker streethouse17, Lower lane
successivehouse8, Harker street
2190 Moulson WilliamHortonbrickworks & landBirch lane
2191 Moxon JohnBengal streethouse35, Bengal street
2192 Muff FrancisWootton streethouse79, Wootton street
2193 Muff FrankManchester roadhouse656, Manchester road
2194 Muff JamesRooley lanehouse158, Rooley lane
2195 Muff JamesRooley lanehouse10, Rooley lane
2196 Muff JamesBolling streethouse174, Bolling street
2197 Muff JamesDick lane, TongwarehouseDudley hill
2198 Muff JohnBeatrice streethouse14, Beatrice street
2199 Muff JohnWakefield roadhouse598, Wakefield road
successivehouse & shop559, Wakefield road
2200 Muff MarkFactory streethouseFactory street
2201 Muff SamuelRooley lanehouse13, Rooley lane
2202 Muff TerryNew Cross streethouse37, New Cross street
2203 Munday JamesWakefield roadhouse & shop995, Wakefield road
2204 Munday JohnWakefield roadhouse565, Wakefield road
2205 Munday WilliamWakefield roadhouse & shop997, Wakefield road
2206 Murgatroyd BenjaminWood roydhouse & landWood royd
2207 Murgatroyd JamesAlma streethouseAlma street
2208 Murgatroyd MatthewMaw streethouse21, Maw street
2209 Murgatroyd OliverWootton streethouse107, Wootton street
2210 Murgatroyd RobertProspect streethouse22, Prospect street
2211 Murgatroyd ThomasLizard streethouse4A, Lizard street
2212 Murgatroyd WilliamSloane streethouse42, Sloane street
2213 Murphy JamesGranby streethouse70, Granby street
2214 Murphy MichaelTennant streethouse82, Tennant street
2215 Myers BenjaminSmiddles lanehouse15, Smiddles lane
2216 Myers HenryProvidence placehouse19, Providence place
2217 Myers JamesWakefield roadhouse204, Wakefield road
2218 Myers JohnEmsley streethouse123, Newby street
successivehouse9, Emsley street
2219 Myers JohnBengal streethouse42, Bengal street
2220 Myers JohnTennant streethouse100, Tennant street
2221 Myers RobertFoundry lanehouse6, Foundry lane
2222 Myers SamuelLilac streethouse9, Lilac street
2223 Myers ThomasBolling streethouse152, Bolling street
2224 Myers WilliamHall lanehouse35, Hall lane
2225 Myson JohnWakefield roadhouse & shop174, Wakefield road

BOWLING WARD, 1876, surnames beginning with the letter N
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
2226 Nairey PatrickTennant streethouse94, Tennant street
2227 Naylor AbrahamMill lanehouse125, Mill lane
2228 Naylor HenryNewby streethouse13, Newby street
2229 Naylor JohnTennant streethouse116, Tennant street
2230 Naylor JohnSticker lanehouse117, Sticker lane
2231 Naylor JosephCaledonia streethouse74, Caledonia street
2232 Naylor LancelotWakefield roadhouse1018, Wakefield road
2233 Naylor Richard ArmitageBolling streethouse & shop72, Bolling street
2234 Naylor WilliamBolling streethouse102, Bolling street
2235 Neesom WilliamFairfax streethouse63, Fairfax street
2236 Neil PeterLudlam streethouse10, Ludlam street
2237 Neill WilliamOld lanehouse173, Old lane
2238 Nelson CharlesBroom streethouse28, Cartmell street
successivehouse3A, Broom street
2239 Nettleton AmosWakefield roadhouse608, Wakefield road
2240 Nettleton IsaacUpper Addison streethouse9, Upper Addison street
2241 Nettleton JohnSticker lanehouse395, Sticker lane
2242 Nettleton JosephNewby streethouse24, Newby street
2243 Nettleton JosephWakefield roadhouse594, Wakefield road
2244 Newbould FrederickRooley lanehouse271, Rooley lane
successivehouse369, Rooley lane
2245 Newbould NathanBengal streethouse10, Bengal street
2246 Newell AbrahamManchester roadhouse650, Manchester road
2247 Newell JamesSmiddles lanehouse2, Smiddles lane
2248 Newell JohnManchester roadhouse660, Manchester road
2249 Newell JonathanManchester roadhouse & shop662, Manchester road
2250 Newell WilliamCaledonia streethouse141, Caledonia street
2251 Newhouse Thomas EdmundNew Cross streethouseParsonage road
successivehouse127, New Cross street
2252 Newman RichardLowfield streethouse20, Lowfield street
2253 Newsome GeorgeTennant streethouse77, Tennant street
2254 Newsome WilliamStephen foldhouse2, Stephen fold
2255 Newsome WilliamHaigh streethouse10, Haigh street
2256 Newton CharlesOunsworth streethouseOunsworth street
2257 Newton GeorgeBolling streethouse89, Bolling street
2258 Newton JohnRaymond streethouseRaymond street
successivehouse24, Raymond street
2259 Newton JoshuaDavy streethouse3, Davy street
2260 Nicholl Abraham MitchellNew Cross streethouse110, New Cross street
2261 Nicholls AbrahamRook lanehouse11, Rook lane
2262 Nicholls EnochOld lanehouse370, Old lane
2263 Nicholls JamesEmsley streethouse1, Emsley street
2264 Nicholls RichardParsonage roadhouse12, Parsonage road
2265 Nicholls RichardSt. John's terracehouse674, Sticker lane
successivehouse8, St. John's terrace
2266 Nicholls ThomasAddison streethouse17, Addison street
2267 Nicholson Joseph HesserMoody streethouse78, Moody street
2268 Nicholson SamuelLowfield streethouse35, Lowfield street
2269 Nicholson StephenRooley lanehouse319, Rooley lane
2270 Nicholson WilliamNewby streethouse148, Newby street
2271 Noble FrankOld lanehouse480, Old lane
2272 Noble George HughMunster streethouse1, Munster street
2273 Noble ThomasLong streethouseLong street
successivehouse34, Long street
2274 Nolan JohnLong streethouse42, Long street
2275 Noon ThomasCotewall roadhouse34, Cotewall road
2276 Norman JohnSturges streethouse21, Sturges street
2277 Norman JohnOld lanehouseOld lane
successivehouse258, Old lane
2278 Norman WilliamSaville streethouse31, Saville street
2279 Normington Charles AndrewProspect streethouse104, Prospect street
2280 Normington DavidLower lanehouse4, Lower lane
2281 Normington JosephPollard streethouse147, Pollard street
2282 Normington JosephLeicester streethouse98, Croft street
successivehouse17, Leicester street
2283 Normington LeviRook lanehouse10, Rook lane
2284 Norris ThomasNewby streethouse63, Newby street
2285 North BenjaminCarrbottomhouse & land6, Carrbottom
2286 North BenjaminManchester roadhouse & shop945, Manchester road
2287 North DavidLizard streethouse4, Lizard street
2288 North DavidManchester roadhouse517, Manchester road
2289 North JamesHortonshop145, Tennant street
2290 North RichardHall lanehouse176, Hall lane
2291 North Richard HenryAddison streethouse24, Addison street
2292 North SharpSaville streethouse12, Saville street
2293 North WilliamTennant streethouse143, Tennant street
2294 Northin BenjaminJoshua streethouse1, Joshua street
2295 Northin DavidBombay streethouse50, Bombay street
2296 Northin JeremiahVere streethouse40, Vere street
2297 Northin SamuelLudlam streethouse16, Ludlam street
2298 Northing EdwardBengal streethouse19, Bengal street
2299 Northing TimothyOld lanehouse207, Old lane
2300 Northing WilliamManchester roadhouse875, Manchester road
2301 Nutter JamesWakefield roadhouse452, Wakefield road

BOWLING WARD, 1876, surnames beginning with the letter O
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
2302 Oakes LumbySticker lanehouse212, Sticker lane
2303 Oakley JohnBombay streethouse46, Bombay street
2304 Oates EdwardRooley lanehouse & shop454, Rooley lane
2305 Oates JohnCrab streethouse3, Crab street
2306 Oatey JamesUpper Pollard streethouse17, Upper Pollard street
2307 O'Brian PatrickWootton streethouse91, Wootton street
2308 O'Conner MichaelLancaster streethouse5, Lancaster street
2309 O'Conner ThomasFairfax streethouse57, Fairfax street
2310 Oddy AlfredPlantation placehouse8, Plantation place
2311 Oddy EdwardBack lanehouse126, Back lane
2312 Oddy JamesWakefield roadhouse170, Wakefield road
2313 Oddy JamesEmsley streethouse10, Emsley street
2314 Ogden WilliamBengal streethouse3, Bengal street
2315 Oldfield JosephDudley streethouse7, Dudley street
2316 Oldfield ThomasLower lanehouse1, Lower lane
2317 Oldfield WilliamWakefield roadhouse713, Wakefield road
2318 Oldham JamesAddison streethouse & shop42, Addison street
2319 Oldrid JohnBolling streethouse81, Bolling street
2320 Olive JosephSaville streethouse16, Saville street
2321 Omelia JamesLilac streethouse10, Lilac street
2322 O'Neil HenryWadsworth yardhouse7, Wadsworth yard
2323 O'Neil JamesBolling streethouse70, Bolling street
2324 Onion CharlesWakefield roadhouse27, Addi street
successivehouse926, Wakefield road
2325 Onion CharlesSticker lanehouse213, Sticker lane
2326 Onion JamesLower lanehouse14, Lower lane
2327 Onion WilliamGreenhough streethouse6, Greenhough street
2328 Orange WilliamDudley streethouse11, Dudley street
2329 Ormerod JohnLavinia streethouse19, Lavinia street
2330 Ormerod WilliamGranby streethouse103, Caledonia street
successivehouse12, Granby street
2331 Osborne JosephWheatley streethouse34, Wheatley street
2332 O'Shaughnessy NicholasCalcutta streethouse4, Calcutta street
2333 Oskell StephenTennant streethouse73, Tennant street
2334 Otley WilliamRipley streethouse25, Ripley street
2335 Ounsworth BenjaminSt. John's terracehouse5, St. John's terrace
2336 Ounsworth StephenWakefield roadhouse576, Wakefield road
successivehouse543, Wakefield road
2337 Overend GeorgeLizard streethouse15, Lizard street
2338 Overend NathanielMill lanehouse63, Fitzwilliam street
successivehouse109, Mill lane
2339 Owen JamesCaledonia streethouse155, Caledonia street
2340 Owens John FrancisMoody streethouse118, Moody street
2341 Owrid AbrahamRooley lanehouse367, Rooley lane
2342 Owrid ThomasBismarck streethouse12, Bismarck street

BOWLING WARD, 1876, surnames beginning with the letter P
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
2343 Padgett IsaacStephen foldhouse6, Stephen fold
2344 Padgett JohnMoody streethouse124, Moody street
2345 Padgett SquireWakefield roadhouse1002, Wakefield road
2346 Padgett WilliamSticker lanehouse43, Sticker lane
2347 Paley WilliamPollard streethouse56, Pollard street
2348 Palliser RichardBombay streethouse5, Bombay street
2349 Palmer JohnWakefield roadhouse150, Wakefield road
2350 Palmer JohnCotewall roadhouse12, Cotewall road
2351 Pammington IsaacBombay streethouse35, Bombay street
2352 Parker DavidBack lanehouse174, Back lane
2353 Parker HartleyHall lanehouse32, Hall lane
2354 Parker JohnWakefield roadhouse & shop275, Wakefield road
2355 Parker JohnWakefield roadhouse & shop56, Wakefield road
2356 Parker JosephCaledonia streethouse119, Caledonia street
2357 Parker MilesFawbert streethouse3, Fawbert street
2358 Parker RobertNewby streethouse178, Newby street
2359 Parker WilliamProvidence placehouse13, Providence place
2360 Parkin AndrewMaw streethouse31, Maw street
2361 Parkin GeorgeSturges streethouse24, Sturges street
2362 Parkin WilliamWakefield roadhouse347, Wakefield road
2363 Parkinson CharlesFoundry lanehouse13, Foundry lane
2364 Parkinson EdwardHall lanehouse126, Hall lane
2365 Parkinson FrancisKelvin streethouse3, Kelvin street
2366 Parkinson JohnLower Barrack yardhouse7, Lower Barrack yard
2367 Parkinson RichardMarsh placehouse702, Manchester road
2368 Parkinson ThomasHall lanehouse & landHall lane
2369 Parkinson WilliamNew Cross streethouse121, New Cross street
2370 Parratt BenjaminWakefield roadhouseWatercock street
successivehouse419, Wakefield road
2371 Parratt GeorgePollard streethouse131, Pollard street
2372 Parratt JohnMoody squarehouse64, Moody square
2373 Parratt ThomasRouse yardhouse17, Rouse yard
2374 Parratt WilliamBolling streethouse168, Bolling street
2375 Parry Sam Hit orMiss Inn, Sticker lanehouse518, Sticker lane
2376 Partridge WilliamLowfield streethouse22, Lowfield street
2377 Pashley CharlesWheatley streethouseCotewall road
successivehouse32, Wheatley street
2378 Pashley DanielSloane streethouse11, Sloane street
2379 Pashley ThomasLowfield streethouse12, Lowfield street
2380 Patrick GeorgeCaledonia streethouse76, Caledonia street
2381 Pattison BenjaminSticker lanehouse & shop358, Sticker lane
2382 Patton JohnRydal streethouse19, Rydal street
2383 Payne WilliamLong streethouse38, Long street
2384 Peacock GeorgeUpper Sturges streethouse30, Upper Sturges street
2385 Peacock JohnUpper Pollard streethouse14, Upper Pollard street
2386 Peacock JohnSaville streethouse49, Saville street
2387 Peacock JosephCotewall roadhouse14, Cotewall road
2388 Peacock JosephLittle Cross streethouse33, Little Cross street
2389 Pearce CharlesMill lanehouse32, Mill lane
2390 Pearce Francis HaroldBillingsley terracehouse10, Billingsley terrace
2391 Pearce JonathanHall lanehouse676, Sticker lane
successivehouse43, Hall lane
2392 Pearce WilliamFactory streethouseRooley lane
successivehouseFactory street
2393 Pears CharlesWootton streethouse71, Wootton street
2394 Pearson AlfredMoody streethouse146, Moody street
2395 Pearson Charles EdwardOld lanehouse143, Old lane
2396 Pearson DanielManchester roadhouse772, Manchester road
2397 Pearson GeorgeHall lanehouse223, Hall lane
2398 Pearson GodfreyFred's placehouse49, Fred's place
2399 Pearson IsaacVestry streethouse2, Vestry street
2400 Pearson JohnBankfoothouse1, Bankfoot
2401 Pearson JohnTennant streethouse29, Tennant street
2402 Pearson MarsdenBengal streethouseTennant street
successivehouse22, Bengal street
2403 Pearson SamuelCleckheatonbrickworksMill lane
2404 Pearson SolomonRook lanehouse20, Rook lane
2405 Pearson Thomas HansonNew Cross streethouse127, New Cross street
successivehouse117, New Cross street
2406 Pearson WilliamTennant streethouse32, Tennant street
2407 Pearson William HenryNew Cross streethouse111, New Cross street
2408 Peckover JamesMitchell streethouse7, Mitchell street
2409 Peel CharlesWakefield roadhouse & shop309, Wakefield road
2410 Peel Frederick GeorgeBolling streethouse27, Bolling street
2411 Peel JamesSticker lanehouse455, Sticker lane
2412 Peel JamesWootton streethouse22, Wootton street
2413 Peel JamesManchester roadhouse888, Manchester road
2414 Peel Robert P.Hall lanehouse & shop46, Hall lane
2415 Peel SamuelRooley lanehouse469, Rooley lane
2416 Peel ThomasTennant streethouse26, Tennant street
2417 Peel WilliamAddison streethouse8, Addison street
2418 Peel WilliamLittle Cross streethouse19, Little Cross street
successivehouse9, Little Cross street
2419 Peel William HenryTennant streethouse66, Tennant street
2420 Pelferman RichardSticker lanehouse264, Sticker lane
2421 Pell JohnBolling streethouse85, Bolling street
2422 Pellan JosephBombay streethouse58, Bombay street
2423 Pellitt JosephMill lanehouse28, Mill lane
2424 Pemberton WilliamWakefield roadhouse429, Wakefield road
2425 Penkethman WilliamBolling streethouse40, Bolling street
2426 Pennington SamuelCotewall roadhouse18, Addison street
successivehouse107, Cotewall road
2427 Penny ThomasRipley streethouse59, Ripley street
2428 Percival GeorgeSticker lanehouse201, Sticker lane
2429 Perkins JohnLow wellhouse527, Manchester road
2430 Petch RobertManchester roadhouse745, Manchester road
2431 Petty GeorgeWhitworth streethouse8 & 10, Whitworth street
2432 Petty HenryUsher streethouse31, Usher street
2433 Petty ThomasUsher streethouse12, Usher street
2434 Pexton JohnCalcutta streethouse8, Calcutta street
2435 Phillips JohnHall lanehouse80, Hall lane
2436 Phillips JohnLowhill placehouse2, Lowhill place
2437 Phillips SamuelBadger squarehouse38, Badger square
2438 Phillips ThomasRooley lanehouse389, Rooley lane
2439 Phillips WilliamRooley lanehouse381, Rooley lane
2440 Phillips WilliamManchester roadhouse717, Manchester road
2441 Philpot DavidSaville streethouse55, Saville street
2442 Philpot JamesFoundry lanehouse21, Foundry lane
2443 Philpot RobertUpper Addison streethouseUpper Addison street
2444 Pickard GeorgeBengal streethouse13, Chester street
successivehouse37, Bengal street
2445 Pickering Joseph AtackBengal streethouse25, Bengal street
2446 Pickles FouldsSticker lanehouse399, Sticker lane
2447 Pickles HenryRaymond streethouse40, Raymond street
2448 Pickles JonathanOliver streethouse99, Caledonia street
successivehouse37, Oliver street
2449 Pickles RobertOld lanehouse50, Old lane
2450 Pickles SamuelMaw streethouse1, Maw street
2451 Pickles ThomasThornton squarehouse783, Manchester road
successivehouse13, Thornton square
2452 Pickles ThomasMoody streethouse68, Hardy street
successivehouse9, Moody street
2453 Pickup DavidBolling streethouse87, Bolling street
2454 Pickup RichardOliver streethouse55, Oliver street
successivehouse53, Oliver street
2455 Piggin JosephWadsworth streethouse7, Wadsworth street
2456 Pilling HartleyHartley streethouseWakefield road
successivehouse8, Hartley street
2457 Pilling JohnHartley streethouse12, Hartley street
2458 Pinder JamesTennant streethouse135, Tennant street
2459 Pinder MichaelSturges streethouse33, Sturges street
2460 Pinder WilliamCalcutta streethouseBismarck street
successivehouse5, Calcutta street
2461 Pinder WilliamNew rowhouse8, New row
successivehouse30, New row
2462 Pitcher HenryProspect streethouse78, Prospect street
2463 Pitcher WalterPollard streethouse45, Pollard street
2464 Pitcher WilliamProspect streethouse80, Prospect street
2465 Pitcher WilliamProspect streethouse51, Prospect street
2466 Pitcher WilliamSturges streethouse46, Sturges street
2467 Pitts BenjaminSloane streethouse51, Fairfax street
successivehouse51, Sloane street
2468 Pitts EdwinWakefield roadhouse551, Wakefield road
2469 Pitts JamesBailey streethouse3, Bailey street
2470 Pitts James JohnWilliam streethouse28, John William street
2471 Pitts JohnWesleyan terracehouse15, Wesleyan terrace
2472 Pitts JosephRooley lanehouse525, Rooley lane
2473 Pitts JosephSticker lanehouse346, Sticker lane
2474 Pitts SamuelRook lanehouse18, Rook lane
2475 Pitts SamuelBack lanebeerhouse56, Back lane
2476 Pitts WilliamWakefield roadhouse & shop523, Wakefield road
2477 Plasting WilliamBolling streethouse97, Bolling street
2478 Platts ChristopherSt. George's placehouse7, St. George's place
2479 Platts JosephCotewall roadhouse28, Cotewall road
2480 Playdon AlfredWakefield roadhouse & shop577, Wakefield road
2481 Pleasents RobertWootton streethouse1, Wootton street
2482 Pleasents RobertRipley terracehouse47, Ripley terrace
2483 Poignand HippolitusSloane streethouse10, Sloane street
2484 Pollard BenjaminFoundry lanehouse14, Foundry lane
2485 Pollard CaiaphasHill streethouse4, Hill street
2486 Pollard GeorgeSaville streethouse & shop37, Saville street
2487 Pollard HenryWalton streethouse9, Walton street
2488 Pollard JohnTennant streethouse12, Tennant street
2489 Pollard RichardWakefield roadhouse132, Wakefield road
2490 Pollard WilliamOld lanehouse234, Old lane
2491 Poole CharlesRooley lanehouse36, Rooley lane
2492 Poole DavidOld lanehouse348, Old lane
2493 Poole FrancisOld lanehouse436, Old lane
2494 Poole HenryOld lanehouse398, Old lane
2495 Poole WilliamHall lanehouse79, Hall lane
2496 Pope JamesSlater's yardhouse18, Slater's yard
2497 Poppleston ThomasOld lanehouse284, Old lane
2498 Popplewell IsaacBailey streethouse14, Bailey street
2499 Porter EdwardBack lanehouse328, Back lane
2500 Potterton JohnLizard streethouse16, Lizard street
2501 Potts ThomasCotewall roadhouse20, Cotewall road
2502 Potts ThomasPollard streethouse74, Pollard street
2503 Poulter JamesSticker lanehouse105, Sticker lane
2504 Poulter JamesSticker lanehouse103, Sticker lane
2505 Poulter JohnBolling streethouse150, Bolling street
2506 Power JohnProspect streethouse109, Prospect street
2507 Pratt HenryFar oakshouse149, Birch lane
2508 Preece CharlesUsher streethouse14, Usher street
2509 Preece Walter WilliamWalton streethouse3, Walton street
2510 Prest JohnAddi streethouse23, Addi street
2511 Prest ReubenProspect streethouse5, Prospect street
2512 Prest WilliamWakefield roadhouse885, Wakefield road
2513 Preston WilliamRutland streethouse13, Rutland street
2514 Priestley CharlesMunster streethouse11, Munster street
2515 Priestley EdwardOld lanehouse270, Old lane
2516 Priestley IsaacWaterloo fieldhouseBowling dyeworks
2517 Priestley JamesRooley lanehouse & shop361, Rooley lane
2518 Priestley JohnRooley lanehouse355, Rooley lane
2519 Priestley JohnTennant streethouse16, Tennant street
2520 Priestley JonathanBeatrice streethouse17, Beatrice street
2521 Priestley JonathanFairfax streethouse103, Fairfax street
2522 Priestley JosephTennant streethouse13, Tennant street
2523 Priestley LukeBroomfield terracehouse68, Broomfield terrace
2524 Priestley MarkRooley lanehouse20, Rooley lane
2525 Priestley NoahJoshua streethouse5, Joshua street
2526 Priestley SamuelNew Cross streethouse146, New Cross street
2527 Priestley SamuelTennant streethouse64, Tennant street
2528 Priestley WilliamRooley lanehouse333, Rooley lane
2529 Priestley WilliamSt. Stephen's roadhouse33, St. Stephen's road
2530 Priestley WilliamRook lanehouse24, Rook lane
2531 Procter GeorgeNewby streethouse81, Newby street
2532 Procter JohnPollard streethouse135, Pollard street
2533 Procter SamsonSmiddles lanehouse32, Smiddles lane
2534 Procter SamuelRooley lanehouse674, Manchester road
successivehouse227, Rooley lane
2535 Procter ThomasLizard streethouse1, Lizard street
2536 Procter WilliamLeicester streethouse7, Leicester street
2537 Proud William HartleyWakefield roadhouse361, Wakefield road
2538 Punt WilliamWootton streethouse135, Wootton street
2539 Purcell JamesGranby streethouse62, Granby street
2540 Pyrah EdwinTennant streethouse & shop33, Tennant street

BOWLING WARD, 1876, surnames beginning with the letter Q
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
2541 Quinn HenryRouse yardhouse8, Rouse yard

Transcribed by Colin Hinson © 2014
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