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BRADFORD: Bradford Parliamentary Register 1876, EAST WARD, surnames H-Q.


EAST WARD, 1876, surnames H-Q.
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1425 Hacker JohnPaper hall squarehouseDe Grey street
successivehouse2, Paper hall square
1426 Hacker JosephDe Grey streethouse53, De Grey street
1427 Haddington EdwardCordingley streethouse24, Cordingley street
1428 Haggard JosephShaw streethouse6, Shaw street
1429 Haggas JohnKeighleywarehouse24, Charles street
1430 Haggas JohnKeighleywarehouse20, Hall ings
1431 Haggas JosephScott streethouse15, Scott street
1432 Haggas WilliamKeighleywarehouse24, Charles street
1433 Haggas WilliamKeighleywarehouse20, Hall ings
1434 Hahlo CharlesManninghamwarehouse140, Harris street
1435 Haigh BenjaminWilfred streethouse91, Wilfred street
1436 Haigh GeorgeOtley roadhouse22, Otley road
1437 Haigh HenryScott streetcountinghouse1, Booth street
1438 Haigh JosephMildred streethouse41, Mildred street
1439 Haigh WilliamFarmer streethouse8, Farmer street
1440 Hainsworth HenrySpinkwell terracehouse235, Bolton road
successivehouse230, Spinkwell terrace
1441 Hainsworth JosephGarnett squarehouse5, Garnett square
1442 Hainsworth RobinsonClub houseshouse12, Club houses
1443 Hainsworth SamuelTemperance streethouse36, Temperance street
1444 Haldon EdwardGarnett streethouse201, Garnett street
1445 Haley AlfredHortonwarehouse10, Brook street
1446 Haley MartinWapping streethouse40, Wapping road
successivehouse14, Wapping street
1447 Haley SamuelWellington streethouse32, Wellington street
1448 Haley WilliamBolton roadhouse30, Bolton road
1449 Haley WilliamRipon streethouse64, Ripon street
1450 Hall HenryDelver foldhouse4, Delver fold
1451 Hall JabezTennyson placehouse16, Tennyson place
1452 Hall JamesLoom streethouse9, Loom street
1453 Hall JamesMildred streethouse59, Mildred street
1454 Hall James CrebbinTennyson placehouse35, Tennyson place
1455 Hall JohnBarkerend roadhouse147, Barkerend road
1456 Hall JohnNorthampton streethouse10, Northampton street
1457 Hall JohnManninghamwarehouse47, Brook street
1458 Hall JosephManninghamwarehouse19, Booth street
1459 Hall JosephSowden's Buildingshouse13, Sowden's Buildings
1460 Hall Joseph WilliamMildred streethouse112, Mildred street
1461 Hall WilliamThornton's Buildingshouse6, Thornton's Buildings
1462 Hall WilliamSunnyside lanehouse165, Sunnyside lane
1463 Hall WillisJermyn streethouse79, Jermyn street
1464 Hallas DavidGarnett streethouse11, Garnett street
1465 Halliday BoothOrchard streetshop95, Otley road
successiveshopCavalier street
1466 Hallpike JosephExeter streethouse161, Exeter street
1467 Halstead Henry RichardEccleshillwarehouseWell street
1468 Halstead WilliamManninghamwarehouse5A, Bolton road
1469 Hamilton WilliamLingard streethouse43, Lingard street
1470 Hammond AlfredSowden's Buildingshouse16, Sowden's Buildings
1471 Hammond Edwin HenryNorth winghouse129, North wing
1472 Hammond RobertTennyson placehouse30B, Tennyson place
1473 Hammond SamuelPark gatehouse20, Park gate
1474 Hammond SyerGarnett squarehouse16, Garnett square
1475 Hancock MetcalfeRichmond streethouse19, Richmond street
1476 Hancock MilnerExeter streethouse23A, Tennyson place
successivehouse32, Exeter street
1477 Hancock WilliamMildred streethouseMount street
successivehouse108, Mildred street
1478 Handby JohnLeeds roadhouse67A, Leeds road
1479 Handley CorneliusStott hill placehouse5, Stott hill place
1480 Handley GeorgeHeap streethouse17, Heap street
1481 Hankin JosephDe Grey streethouse24, De Grey street
1482 Hanley ThomasMount pleasanthouse5, Mount pleasant
1483 Hannan JosephWellington streethouse22, Wellington street
1484 Hannan MichaelKing Charles courthouse20, King Charles court
1485 Hanson DavidHeap streethouse19, Heap street
1486 Hanson EdwinBarkerend roadhouse18, Barkerend road
1487 Hanson GeorgeOrchard streethouse73, Orchard street
1488 Hanson GeorgeUndercliffe Old roadhouse11, Undercliffe Old road
1489 Hanson JonathanNorth street courthouse4, North street court
1490 Hanson JosephHaigh rowhouse82, Exeter street
successivehouse9, Haigh row
1491 Hanson ThomasNorth street courthouse1, North street court
1492 Hanson ThomasOrchard streethouse50, Orchard street
1493 Hard JosephJury streethouse17, Jury street
1494 Hardacre JamesFernbank terracehouse1, Fernbank terrace
1495 Hardaker CharlesMason courthouse12, Mason court
1496 Hardaker MartinCaptain streethouse4, Captain street
1497 Hardcastle JosephHaigh rowhouse & shop1, Haigh row
1498 Hardcastle ThomasPine streethouse12, Pine street
1499 Hardcastle WilliamMildred streethouse48, Mildred street
1500 Harding JohnCavalier streethouse31, Cavalier street
1501 Hardisty JohnMildred streethouse114, Mildred street
1502 Hardisty ThomasExeter streethouse76, Exeter street
1503 Hardisty WilliamKing Charles squarehouse5, King Charles square
1504 Hardman ThomasRipon streethouse238, Ripon street
1505 Hardwick Benjamin FirthBrearton streetwarehouse27, Charles street
1506 Hardy JohnChaucer placehouse7, Chaucer place
1507 Hargreaves EdwinStanacre placehouse10, Stanacre place
1508 Hargreaves FrancisWright streethouse6, Wright street
1509 Hargreaves GeorgeShipleywarehouse21, Booth street
successivewarehouseHargreaves buildings, Swaine street
1510 Hargreaves George, junr.Shipleywarehouse21, Booth street
successivewarehouseHargreaves buildings, Swaine street
1511 Hargreaves JohnBelmont streethouse1, Belmont street
1512 Hargreaves JohnOtley roadhouse58, Otley road
1513 Hargreaves JoshuaButler streethouse116, Butler street
successivehouse82, Butler street
1514 Hargreaves WilliamGreen streethouse4, Green street
1515 Hargreaves William HenryBarkerend roadhouse2, Barkerend road
1516 Harker AnthonyGarnett streethouse113, Garnett street
1517 Harker JamesOtley roadhouse11, Guy's cliffe
successivehouse174, Otley road
1518 Harker RobertUpper Park streethouse20, Upper Park street
1519 Harker Samuel BoverHeap lanehouse100, Heap lane
1520 Harker WilliamWilfred streethouse110, Wilfred street
1521 Harkis WilliamExeter streethouse174, Exeter street
1522 Harland JohnExeter streethouse119, Exeter street
1523 Harland ThomasHortonshopCurrer street
successiveshopBurnett street
1524 Harling JamesWestfield crescentshop10, Bolton road
1525 Harmer HenryFearnley streethouse104, Exeter street
successivehouse5, Fearnley street
1526 Harper JohnNorthbrook courthouse11, Lingard street
successivehouse7, Northbrook court
1527 Harris EvanWapping roadhouse209, Wapping road
1528 Harris JohnFulneckwarehouse24, Charles street
1529 Harris WilliamPaper Hall courthouse14, Paper Hall court
1530 Harris WilliamFulneckwarehouse24, Charles street
1531 Harris WilliamNathan streethouse11, Nathan street
1532 Harrison AlfredExeter streethouse79, Exeter street
1533 Harrison EdwinStott hillhouse22, Stott hill
1534 Harrison GeorgeKing Charles streethouse6, King Charles street
1535 Harrison HenryHortonwarehouse7, Charles street
1536 Harrison JamesLofthouse streethouse43, Lofthouse street
1537 Harrison JohnButler streethouse71, Butler street
1538 Harrison JohnBowlingwarehouseHardcastle lane
1539 Harrison JohnOtley roadhouse & shop15, Otley road
1540 Harrison JosephWilfred streethouse118, Wilfred street
1541 Harrison ThomasJoseph streethouse22, Joseph street
1542 Harrison ThomasOtley roadhouse149, Otley road
1543 Harrison WilliamHeap lanehouse94, Heap lane
1544 Harrison WilliamCordingley streethouse8, Cordingley street
1545 Harrison WilliamOtley roadshop60, Otley road
1546 Harrison WilliamFrystone placehouseFrystone place
successivehouse5, Frystone place
1547 Harrison WilliamChaucer placehouse9, Chaucer place
1548 Harrison WilliamSunnybank terracehouse25, Sunnybank terrace
1549 Harrison WilliamJane courthouse3, Jane court
1550 Harrison WilliamRipon streethouse210, Ripon street
1551 Harrowby AlfredColeridge placehouse8, Coleridge place
1552 Hartley JamesHarris streethouse12, Harris street
1553 Hartley JamesStott hillhouse35, Stott hill
1554 Hartley JohnSouthampton streethouse47, Southampton street
1555 Hartley JohnCambridge placehouse7, Cambridge place
1556 Hartley JosephOtley roadhouse8, Otley road
1557 Hartley JosephSouthampton streethouse37, Southampton street
1558 Hartley JosephWestgrove streetwarehouseWell street
successivewarehouse43, Leeds road
1559 Hartley JoshuaNorthbrook courthouse5, Northbrook court
1560 Hartley SamuelMildred streethouse148, Mildred street
1561 Hartley SamuelGreen foldhouse1, Green fold
1562 Hartley WilliamUpper Park streethouse8, Upper Park street
1563 Hartley WilliamExeter streethouse220, Exeter street
1564 Hartley WilliamNorth winghouse28, North wing
1565 Hartman FrederickOrchard streethouse14, Orchard street
1566 Hartop JamesTennyson placehouse111, Tennyson place
1567 Harvey PeterWapping roadhouse26, Palladio's Buildings
successivehouse23, Wapping road
1568 Harwood FrederickTennyson placehouse53, Tennyson place
1569 Harwood FrederickRichard streethouse20, Richard street
1570 Harwood JohnExeter streethouse52, Exeter street
1571 Haste SamuelNorth streethouse26, North street
1572 Haswell DavidJoseph streethouse11, Joseph street
1573 Hattersley Edward GreavesKeighleywarehouse6, Booth street
1574 Hattersley GeorgeKeighleywarehouse6, Booth street
1575 Hattersley JosephButler streethouse56, Butler street
1576 Hattersley Richard LongdenKeighleywarehouse6, Booth street
1577 Hattersley Samuel ArthurWright streethouse4, Wright street
1578 Hattersley WilliamExeter streethouse222, Exeter street
1579 Hatton DanielUndercliffe streethouse34, Stanacre place
successivehouse51, Wordsworth street
successivehouse43, Undercliffe street
1580 Hatton ReubenWilfred streethouse61, Wilfred street
1581 Hatton William HenryColeridge placehouse6, Coleridge place
1582 Havers Robert NuddsManninghamwarehouse7, Swaine street
1583 Hawksworth ThomasRipon streethouse21, Ripon street
1584 Hawthorne AlfredWapping roadhouse165, Wapping road
1585 Hayate Thomas JosephPaper Hall streethouse14, Paper Hall street
1586 Haynes JamesRipon streetshopStanacre place
1587 Head ChapmanRipon streethouse122, Ripon street
1588 Head EdwardDe Grey streethouse9, De Grey street
1589 Healey AlfredUpper Park streethouse21, Upper Park street
1590 Heap John SwaineColeridge placehouse32, Stanacre place
successivehouse27, Coleridge place
1591 Heap WilliamBolton roadhouse152, Bolton road
1592 Heaps AndrewSouthey placehouse22, Exeter street
successivehouse10B, Southey place
1593 Heaps Ralph LinceyCedar streethouse & shopCedar street
1594 Heaton EdmundMildred streethouse146, Mildred street
1595 Hebbetts DanielWapping roadhouse2, Wapping road
1596 Hebblethwaite JohnBarkerend roadhouse38, Barkerend road
1597 Heighway GeorgeHeap streethouse211, Leeds road
successivehouse32, Heap street
1598 Heilbut EdwardHallfield roadwarehouse49, Hall ings
1599 Hellewell GeorgeFilbert streethouse11, Filbert street
1600 Hellewell RobertMab streethouse6, Mab street
1601 Helliwell GeorgePaper hall streethouse7, Paper hall street
1602 Helliwell JosephWestfield terracehouse5, Westfield terrace
1603 Hemmingway IsaacUndercliffe streethouse2, De Grey street
successivehouse122, Undercliffe street
1604 Hemmingway WomersleyOtley roadhouse29, Otley road
1605 Hemsworth Edward ChristopherTennyson placehouseYork street
successivehouse135, Tennyson place
1606 Henderson AndrewBarkerend roadhouse66, Barkerend road
1607 Henderson JohnHortonwarehouse6, Swaine street
1608 Henry MichaelCross Sun streethouse24, Cross Sun street
1609 Henson EdwardHeap lanehouse91, Wapping road
successivehouse23, Heap lane
1610 Henson GeorgeBack Victoria terracehouse11, Back Victoria terrace
successivehouse135, Tennyson place
1611 Hepper GeorgeWortleywarehouse44, Well street
1612 Herfield JosephPark streethouse11, Park street
1613 Heron Alexander WallaceWestfield terracehouse16, Westfield terrace
successivehouse8, Westfield terrace
1614 Herrick WilliamPark crescenthouse35, Park crescent
1615 Heselton John AllisonManninghamcountinghouse9, Market street
1616 Hesling JohnOtley roadhouse & shop14, North street
1617 Heslop RichardHaigh rowhouse5, Haigh row
1618 Hesp RobertMildred streethouse160, Mildred street
1619 Hesp WilliamCordingley streethouse6, Cordingley street
1620 Hessay ThomasStott hillhouse24, Stott hill
1621 Hesse WilliamHarris streethouse32, Harris street
1622 Hetherington JosephOrchard streethouse5, Orchard street
1623 Hewitt CharlesCordingley streethouse18, Cordingley street
1624 Hewitt Edward SmithLofthouse streethouseTennyson place
successivehouse12, Lofthouse street
1625 Hewitt SamuelBroad streetshop90, Harris street
1626 Hey AlfredHustler streethouse73, Hustler street
1627 Hey JohnEast paradehouse18, East parade
1628 Hey JonasManninghamwarehouseBooth street
successivewarehouse37, Swaine street
1629 Hey JosephMulberry streethouse16, Mulberry street
1630 Hey RobertBolton roadhouse164, Bolton road
1631 Hey Walter EdwardRipon streethouse186, Ripon street
1632 Hey WilliamPark streethouse55, Park street
1633 Hey WilliamBarkerend roadhouse100, Barkerend road
1634 Heyn Diedritch JuliusNorth paradewarehouse9, Burnett street
1635 Heydemann Nicholas HermannManninghamwarehouse6, Currer street
1636 Heywood HenryMildred streethouse39, Mildred street
1637 Heyworth CrossleyChapel streethouseChain street
successivehouse8, Chapel street
1638 Heyworth JohnRipon streethouse138, Ripon street
1639 Hick HezekiahPollard lanehouse19, Pollard lane
1640 Hick JosephWestfield crescenthouse3, Fernbank terrace
successivehouse8, Westfield crescent
1641 Higginbotham DavidWestfield terracehouse23, Westfield terrace
1642 Higgins EdwinGarnett streethouseScott street
successivehouse167, Garnett street
1643 Higgins HenryJermyn streethouse87, Jermyn street
1644 Higgins JamesCraven streethouse36, Craven street
1645 Hill FrankBolton roadhouse160, Bolton road
1646 Hill Frederick WilliamManninghamwarehouse30, Charles street
1647 Hill GeorgeBolton roadhouse124, Bolton road
1648 Hill GeorgeExeter streethouse35, Exeter street
1649 Hill JamesNorthbrook streethouseNorthbrook street
successivehouse1, Northbrook street
1650 Hill JohnManninghamwarehouse55, Brook street
1651 Hill JohnDe Grey streethouse49, De Grey street
1652 Hill John WadeUndercliffe streethouse14, Fairfax street
successivehouse132, Undercliffe street
1653 Hill JonathanSouthampton streethouse9, Southampton street
1654 Hill RowlandUndercliffewarehouse9, Brook street
1655 Hill TateExeter streethouse33, Exeter street
1656 Hill ThomasManor streetshop15, Stott hill
1657 Hill WilliamRanter courthouse3, Ranter court
1658 Hillary John WilliamRanter courthouse8, Ranter court
1659 Hillas BenjaminNorth Bierleywarehouse10, Mills passage
successivewarehouse6, Mills passage
1660 Hinchcliffe BenjaminUndercliffe streethouseHinchcliffe street
successivehouse & shop112, Undercliffe street
1661 Hinchliffe DanielHeap lanehouse37, Heap lane
1662 Hinchliffe John William CarterKershaw streetshop50, Harris street
successiveshop110, Harris street
1663 Hind RichardExeter streethouseOsborne street
successivehouse117, Exeter street
1664 Hinings FrederickBramleywarehouse57, Well street
1665 Hinings George WilliamBramleywarehouse57, Well street
1666 Hinings John BonnellBramleywarehouse57, Well street
1667 Hinings William RobertBaker streethouseBaker street
1668 Hinton CharlesDe Grey streethouse130, Exeter street
successivehouse81, De Grey street
1669 Hinton IsaacRipon streethouse200, Ripon street
1670 Hinton JamesWilfred streethouse108, Otley road
successivehouse89, Wilfred street
1671 Hinton WilliamGarnett streethouse149, Garnett street
1672 Hird BenjaminHustler streethouse69, Hustler street
1673 Hird BenjaminSpinkwell terracehouse276, Spinkwell terrace
1674 Hird FletcherHeap streethouse69, Heap street
1675 Hird GeorgeBeech grovehouseSydenham place
successivehouse6, Beech grove
1676 Hird ThomasMildred streethouse55, Mildred street
1677 Hird WalterMulberry streethouse50, Mulberry street
1678 Hird WilliamMildred streethouse19, Mildred street
1679 Hird William GreenwoodCordingley streethouse40, Cordingley street
1680 Hirsch LeopoldManninghamwarehouse18, Well street
1681 Hirst AbrahamWilfred streethouse33, Wilfred street
1682 Hirst BenjaminWilfred streethouse23, North street
successivehouse65, Wilfred street
1683 Hirst JamesOtley roadhouse47, Otley road
1684 Hirst JosiahOtley roadhouse41, Otley road
1685 Hitchen DavidHalifaxwarehouse6, Swaine street
1686 Hitchen SamuelHalifaxwarehouse6, Swaine street
1687 Hobbins MichaelNorth courthouse1, North court
1688 Hobson EphraimNorth winghouse139, North wing
1689 Hobson HenryLofthouse streethouse52, Lofthouse street
1690 Hodgkinson RobertSun streethouseExeter street
successivehousePhiladelphia street
successivehouse40, Sun street
1691 Hodgson EdmundWordsworth streethouse11, Wordsworth street
1692 Hodgson EmanuelUndercliffe streethouse7, Butler street
successivehouse & shop140, Undercliffe street
1693 Hodgson GeorgeOtley roadhouse154, Otley road
1694 Hodgson JamesRanter streethouse8, Ranter street
1695 Hodgson JamesDe Grey streethouse97, De Grey street
1696 Hodgson JohnFilbert streethouse8, Filbert street
1697 Hodgson JohnBowlingwarehouse38, Brook street
1698 Hodgson JohnHortonwarehouse7, Charles street
1699 Hodgson JohnButler streethouse47, Butler street
1700 Hodgson JohnButler streethouse72, Butler street
1701 Hodgson SamuelGarnett streethouse29, Garnett street
1702 Hodgson Thomas PrestCowper placehouse22, Cowper place
1703 Hodgson WilliamBarkerend roadhouse149, Barkerend road
1704 Hodgson WilliamUpper Bolton streethouse29, Upper Bolton street
1705 Hodgson WilliamGreen streethouse10, Green street
1706 Hodgson WilliamHortonwarehouse7, Charles street
1707 Hoffman AchiorManninghamwarehouse8, Burnett street
1708 Hogan JohnBolton roadhouse98, Bolton road
1709 Hogarth DanielKirkgatewarehouse12, Swaine street
1710 Holden AngusManninghamwarehouse27, Charles street
1711 Holden EdwardBaildonwarehouse27, Charles street
1712 Holdroyd JohnLofthouse streethouse5, Lofthouse street
1713 Holdsworth JacobCowper placehouse19, Cowper place
1714 Holdsworth JamesFilbert streethouse69, Filbert street
1715 Holdsworth JamesLofthouse streethouseFullerton street
successivehouseTennyson place
successivehouse31, Lofthouse street
1716 Holdsworth JohnSouthampton streethouse41, Southampton street
1717 Holdsworth JohnPark crescentwarehouseGeorge yard
1718 Holdsworth JohnHalifaxwarehouse39, Brook street
successivewarehouse9, Charles street
1719 Holdsworth John ThomasHalifaxwarehouse39, Brook street
successivewarehouse9, Charles street
1720 Holdsworth JosephBarkerend roadhouse40, Barkerend road
1721 Holdsworth SamuelOrchard streethouse108, Orchard street
1722 Holdsworth SamuelBaker streethouse6, Baker street
1723 Holdsworth SamuelThe MounthouseAdolphus street
successivehouse10, The Mount
1724 Holdsworth ThomasWordsworth streethouse23, Wordsworth street
1725 Holdsworth WilliamLoom streethouseLoom street
1726 Holdsworth WilliamGreencliffe streethouseBedford street
successivehouse23, Green cliffe street
1727 Holdsworth William IrvingHalifaxwarehouse39, Brook street
successivewarehouse9, Charles street
1728 Holgate JohnMildred streethouse2, Paper hall square
successivehouse176, Mildred street
1729 Holgate JohnOrchard streethouse6, Harris street
successivehouse16, Orchard street
1730 Holgate ThomasOtley roadhouse2, Filbert street
successivehouse133, Otley road
1731 Holker SamuelNorth winghouse47, North wing
1732 Holland Abraham JosephRipon streethouse39, Ripon street
1733 Holliday WilliamSydenham placehouse14, Sydenham place
1734 Hollings Edwin HodgsonCowper placehouse48, Cowper place
1735 Hollings JosephSpinkwell terracehouse274, Spinkwell terrace
1736 Hollings PeterLoom streethouse33, Loom street
1737 Holme CharlesHortonwarehouse37 Booth street
1738 Holme George WilliamThe Mounthouse14, The Mount
1739 Holmes AbrahamManninghamwarehouse20, Booth street
1740 Holmes BenjaminManninghamwarehouse20, Booth street
1741 Holmes DavidHustler terracehouse105, Hustler terrace
1742 Holmes DavidWilfred streethouse76, Wilfred street
1743 Holmes HenrySouthampton streethouse10, Southampton street
1744 Holmes IsaacFilbert streethouse41, Filbert street
1745 Holmes JamesJermyn streethouse21, Jermyn street
1746 Holmes JamesExeter streethouse16, King Charles street
successivehouse177, Exeter street
1747 Holmes JohnCowper placehouseLeeds road
successivehouse28, Cowper place
1748 Holmes JohnAllertonwarehouse9, Brook street
1749 Holmes John HenryBradford moorhouse25, Bradford moor
1750 Holmes LemmingwellWright streethouse17, Wright street
1751 Holmes Thomas RookRobert's placewarehouse43, Leeds road
1752 Holmes WilliamBolton roadhouse44, Bolton road
1753 Holmes WilliamManninghamwarehouse20, Booth street
1754 Holmes William WainmanBaildonwarehouse29, Booth street
1755 Holroyd HiramWilfred streethouse53, Wilfred street
1756 Holroyd JamesUpper Park streethouse31, Upper Park street
1757 Holroyd ThomasOtley roadhouse & shop45, Otley road
1758 Holroyd ThomasWestfield terracehouse1, Westfield terrace
1759 Holroyd WilliamHortonwarehouse10, Swaine street
1760 Holroyd WilliamHeap lanehouse81, Heap lane
1761 Holt AmosBarkerend roadhouse27, Barkerend road
1762 Holt AmosEast Ardsleywarehouse35, Brook street
successivewarehouseHargreave's Buildings, Colliergate
1763 Holt EdmundWestfield terracehouse22, Westfield terrace
1764 Holt JohnWilfred streethouse57, Wilfred street
1765 Holt PeterHillside villashouseBedford street
successivehouse9, Hillside villas
1766 Holt WilliamNorth winghouse59, North wing
1767 Homan GilsonSpringfield placewarehouse62, Vicar lane
1768 Honan ThomasRipon streethouse86, Ripon street
1769 Hood BenjaminPollard lanehouse23, Pollard lane
1770 Hooley JohnOtley roadhouse192, Otley road
1771 Hooley WilliamExeter streethouse19, Exeter street
1772 Hooper Alfred BrayHeath roadhouse7, Heath road
1773 Hooper Alfred GoultonUndercliffe streethouse20, Clarendon street, Manningham
successivehouse55, Undercliffe street
1774 Hopkins DanielHortonwarehouse65, Brook street
1775 Hopkinson FrankGaunt streethouse11, Gaunt street
1776 Hopkinson HenryTennyson placehouse48, Tennyson place
1777 Hopkinson WilliamWapping roadhouse13, Wapping road
1778 Hopper ThomasGreen streethouse3, Green street
1779 Horn DavidOrchard streethouse48, Orchard street
1780 Horn FrederickMildred streethouse68, Mildred street
1781 Horn GeorgeExeter streethouse155, Exeter street
1782 Horn JobGreen foldhouse3, Green fold
1783 Horn JosephDe Grey streethouse16, De Grey street
1784 Horn ThomasThomas foldhouse4, Thomas fold
1785 Horne WilliamDe Grey streethouse75, De Grey street
1786 Horner BarnabasOrchard streethouse37, Orchard street
1787 Horsfall JohnLofthouse streethouse7, Lofthouse street
1788 Horsfall William ChristianManninghamwarehouse17, Booth street
1789 Horsfield SquireBarkerend roadhouse148, Barkerend road
1790 Houseman WalterWapping roadhouse4, Back Spinkwell terrace
successivehouse112, Wapping road
1791 Howard JohnNorth winghouse53, North wing
1792 Howard ThomasFilbert streethouse60, Filbert street
1793 Howarth HenryHeap streethouse31, Heap street
1794 Howarth ThomasExeter streethouse3, Butler street
successivehouse34, Exeter street
1795 Howarth WilliamWapping roadhouse273, Wapping road
1796 Howcroft BenjaminDe Grey streethouse61, De Grey street
1797 Howgate John WilliamExeter streethouse192, Exeter street
1798 Howley JamesWapping streethouse11, Wapping street
1799 Howson GeorgeButler streethouse60, Butler street
1800 Hoyle JohnHalifaxwarehouse30, Charles street
1801 Hoyle MatthewExeter streethouse30, Stanacre place
successivehouse136, Exeter street
1802 Huddlestone JohnExeter streethouse158, Exeter street
1803 Hudson BenjaminJoseph streethouse9, Joseph street
1804 Hudson BenjaminUpper Bolton streethouse11, Upper Bolton street
1805 Hudson CharlesPeckover streethouse13, Peckover street
1806 Hudson CharlesWapping roadhouse12, Wapping road
1807 Hudson DavidJoseph streethouse3, Joseph street
1808 Hudson JamesHeap streethouse59, Heap street
1809 Hudson JamesPine streethouse27, Pine street
1810 Hudson JohnFilbert streethouse9, Filbert street
1811 Hudson JohnGarnett streethouse75, Garnett street
1812 Hudson JosephGreencliffe villahouse5, Greencliffe villa
1813 Hudson JosephHillside villashouse24, Hillside villas
1814 Hudson JosephWordsworth streethouseBanner street
successivehouse47, Wordsworth street
1815 Hudson RobertExeter streethouse141, Exeter street
1816 Hudson ThomasPaper Hall courthouse1 Paper hall court
1817 Hudson ThomasOtley roadhouse126, Otley road
1818 Hudson WilliamTennyson placehouse7, Fernbank terrace
successivehouse64, Tennyson place
1819 Hudson WilliamBingleywarehouse20, Charles street
1820 Hughes AlexanderTennyson placehouse17, Tennyson place
1821 Hughes MatthewWapping roadhouse145, Wapping road
1822 Hughes WilliamScott streethouse13, Wellington street
successivehouse18, Scott street
1823 Hull SamuelOtley roadhouseOtley road
1824 Hullah GeorgeDe Grey streethouse27, De Grey street
1825 Hullah GeorgeVictoria terracehouse194, Victoria terrace
1826 Hullah JohnOtley roadhouse186, Otley road
1827 Humphries John ColeHortonwarehouse18, Chapel street
successivewarehouseChapel street
1828 Hunt HenryStott hillhouse6, Stott hill
1829 Hunt JamesCraven streethouse9, Craven street
1830 Hunt JohnWapping roadhouse19, Wapping road
1831 Hunt JonathanWright streethouse8, Wright street
1832 Hunt JosephNorth winghouse149, North wing
1833 Hunter AlexanderManninghamwarehouse43, Peel place
successivewarehouseHargreaves buildings, Collier gate
1834 Hunter Thomas WilliamWilfred streethouse73, Wilfred street
1835 Hurrall ArthurWilfred streethouse100, Wilfred street
1836 Hurst WilliamClub houseshouse44, Club houses
1837 Hurworth WilliamMildred streethouse138, Mildred street
1838 Hustler FrankButler streethouse94, Butler street
1839 Hustler JosephCordingley streethouse11, Cordingley street
1840 Hustler JoshuaBowlingwarehouse7, Hardcastle lane
1841 Hustler TetleyLofthouse streethouse212, Exeter street
successivehouse23, Lofthouse street
1842 Hutchings JosephWilfred streethouse19, Wilfred street
1843 Hutchinson RichardStott hillhouse16, Stott hill
1844 Hutchinson ThomasGarnett streethouse107, Garnett street
1845 Hutchinson TobiasBunker's hillhouse76, Ripon street
successivehouse44, Bunker's hill
1846 Hutley ThomasRipon streethouse76, Ripon street
1847 Hutton Frederick DouglasApperley bridgecountinghouse51, Market street

EAST WARD, 1876, surnames beginning with the letter I
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1848 Ibbetson JohnMulberry streethouse49, Mulberry street
1849 Ibbetson WilliamHeap courthouse4, Heap court
1850 Ickringill HenryGaunt streethouse7, Gaunt street
1851 Ickringill IraBingleywarehouseOld Market
successivewarehouse21, Market street
1852 Idle MichaelWilfred streethouse56, Wilfred street
1853 Illingworth AlfredManninghamwarehouse41, Brook street
1854 Illingworth BoothPark gatehouse42, Park gate
1855 Illingworth EliFilbert streethouse53, Filbert street
1856 Illingworth HenryManninghamwarehouse41, Brook street
1857 Illingworth JamesBradford moorbuildings & landOtley road
1858 Illingworth JohnWordsworth streethouse1, Wordsworth street
1859 Illingworth JonathanCross Wellington streethouse9, Cross Wellington street
1860 Illingworth RobertManninghamwarehouse34, Well street
1861 Illingworth ThomasWellington streethouse40, Wellington street
1862 Illingworth ThomasOtley roadhouse171, Otley road
1863 Illingworth WalterManninghamwarehouse34, Well street
1864 Ingall ArthurMulberry streethouse28, Mulberry street
1865 Inger WilliamExeter streethouse207, Exeter street
1866 Ingham BenBoltonwarehouse9, Booth street
1867 Ingham BenjaminEast paradehouse154, East parade
1868 Ingham EdwardHalifaxwarehouseBentley street
successivewarehouseGeorge yard
1869 Ingham JohnUndercliffe lanehouse12, Westfield crescent
successivehouse5, Undercliffe lane
successivehouse3, Undercliffe lane
1870 Ingham John HenryHortonwarehouse9, Booth street
1871 Ingham JonathanWapping roadhouse25 1, Wapping road
1872 Ingham OatesManninghamwarehouse9, Booth street
1873 Ingle BenjaminBunker's hillhouseBunker's hill
1874 Ingle JohnThornton roadwarehouse9, Charles street
1875 Ingle WilliamPhiladelphia streethouse8A, Philadelphia street
1876 Inman GeorgeOtley roadhouse100, Otley road
1877 Inman HenryBarkerend roadhouse3, Barkerend road
1878 Inman MatthewHeap lanehouse42, Heap lane
1879 Iredale WilliamFearnley streethouse8, Fearnley street
1880 Ireland StephenHeap laneshopBurnett street
1881 Irlam James ThomasPeckover streethouse38, Peckover street
1882 Irving FrederickButler streethouse15, Heap street
successivehouse61, Butler street
1883 Irving JohnGarnett streethouse143, Garnett street
1884 Irving RichardPhiladelphia streethouse4, Philadelphia street
1885 Irving ThomasNorthbrook streethouse12, Northbrook street
1886 Irving WilliamOtley roadhouse20, Otley road
1887 Isitt George HannibalManninghamshop29, Market street
1888 Isles ThomasRipon streethouse190, Ripon street
1889 Ives FrederickShipleyshopBolton road
1890 Ives GeorgePine streethouse29, Pine street
1891 Ives JohnShipleyshopBolton road

EAST WARD, 1876, surnames beginning with the letter J
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1892 Jackson AbrahamPark streethouse5, Park street
1893 Jackson CharlesJoseph streethouse15, Joseph street
1894 Jackson EdwinMulberry streethouse9, Mulberry street
1895 Jackson Edwin BrownExeter streethouse201, Exeter street
1896 Jackson GeorgeGolden Cock yardhouse1, Golden Cock yard
1897 Jackson HardistyBack foldhouse7, Back fold
1898 Jackson HenryNorthbrook streethouse31, Northbrook street
1899 Jackson JamesMab courthouse4, Mab court
1900 Jackson JamesStott hill placehouse1, Robert court
successivehouse15, Stott hill place
1901 Jackson JohnHillside villashouse36, Hillside villas
1902 Jackson JohnExeter streethouse6, Golden Cock yard
successivehouse260, Exeter street
1903 Jackson John ArthurBowlingwarehouse25, Market street
1904 Jackson Joseph JohnsonOtley roadshopExchange passage
1905 Jackson ReubenBowlingwarehouse25, Market street
1906 Jackson RobertMulberry streethouse53, Mulberry street
1907 Jackson WilliamOrchard streethouse52, Orchard street
1908 Jackson WilliamKing Charles streethouse46, King Charles street
1909 Jackson WilliamWapping roadhouse141, Wapping road
1910 Jackson WilliamSt. Augustine's terracecountinghouseWapping road
1911 Jackson William HenryHillside villashouse12, Wilfred street
successivehouse14, Ripon street
successivehouse21, Hillside villas
1912 Jackson WilliamsonBarkerend roadhouse & shop43, Barkerend road
1913 Jacques TristramButler streethouse90, Butler street
1914 Jaggar JonasExeter streethouse60, Exeter street
1915 Jagger JowettOtley roadhouse137, Exeter street
successivehouse38, Otley road
1916 Jagger WilliamStanacre placehouse8, Stanacre place
1917 James HenryMulberry streethouse41, Mulberry street
1918 Jacques Philemon PembertonTennyson placehouse70, Tennyson place
1919 Jardeen WilliamStanacre placehouse15, Stanacre place
1920 Jarratt AlfredPark gatehouse61, Park gate
1921 Jarvis ThirlbyHustler streethouse198, Exeter street
successivehouse75, Hustler street
1922 Jeffree Henry EdwardHallfield roadwarehouse4, Brook street
1923 Jeffreys AlfredWellington streethouse59, Wellington street
1924 Jeffs RichardHeap streethouse6, Heap street
1925 Jennings CalebUpper Bolton streethouse19, Upper Bolton street
1926 Jennings HenryRipon streethouse90, Ripon street
1927 Jennings JoshuaButler streethouse68, Butler street
1928 Jennings SamuelOrchard streethouse40, Orchard street
1929 Jennings ThomasFilbert streethouse65, De Grey street
successivehouse71, Filbert street
1930 Jennings ThomasNorth courthouse6, North court
1931 Jennings WilliamSpinkwell terracehouse268, Spinkwell terrace
1932 Johnson CharlesUndercliffe streethouse183, Exeter street
successivehouse28, Undercliffe street
1933 Johnson JamesGarnett streethouse85, Garnett street
1934 Johnson JamesExeter streethouse41, Exeter street
1935 Johnson JohnWellington streethouse58, Wellington street
1936 Johnson JohnGreen streethouse6, Green street
1937 Johnson JohnButler streethouse45, Butler street
1938 Johnson JosephBarkerend roadhouse7, Barkerend road
1939 Johnson RichardBaker streethouse2, Baker street
1940 Johnson SamuelExeter streethouse90, Exeter street
1941 Johnson SidneyBarker courthouse2, Barker court
1942 Johnson ThomasPine streethouse11, Pine street
1943 Johnson ThomasOtley roadhouse312, Otley road
1944 Johnson WilliamSowden's Buildingshouse7, Sowden's Buildings
1945 Johnston WilliamMount pleasanthouse4, Cowper place
successivehouse8, Mount pleasant
1946 Johnston WilliamExeter streethouse187, Exeter street
successivehouse181 Exeter street
1947 Jolly JamesButler streethouse19, Butler street
1948 Jones Charles HenryButler streethouse55, Jermyn street
successivehouse71A, Butler street
1949 Jones EdwardPark streethouse38, Park street
1950 Jones George AndrewPudseywarehouse20, Brook street
1951 Jones HughWapping roadhouse122, Wapping road
1952 Jones JohnExeter streethouse12, Exeter street
1953 Jones JohnCowper placehouse17, Cowper place
1954 Jones JohnCambridge placehouse6, Cambridge place
1955 Jones JohnKing Charles courthouse1, King Charles court
1956 Jones JosephPark streethouse34, Park street
1957 Jones RichardPark streethouse47, Park street
1958 Jones Samuel PearsonBolton streethouse11, Bolton street
1959 Joughin ThomasHustler streethouse79, Hustler street
1960 Jowett AlfredIdle roadhouse2, Idle road
1961 Jowett BenjaminExeter streethouse30, Exeter street
1962 Jowett EphraimPine streethouse39, Pine street
1963 Jowett JamesCordingley streethouse55, Cordingley street
1964 Jowett JohnCaptain streethouse38, Captain street
1965 Jowett JohnStott hillhouse31, Stott hill
1966 Jowett JohnOtley roadhouse481, Otley road
1967 Jowett JohnHeap lanehouse21, Heap lane
1968 Jowett John Hodgson AtkinsonBoltonwarehouse27, Swaine street
1969 Jowett John MarshallBunker's hillhouse189, Bunker's hill
1970 Jowett JosephThornburywarehouse5, Charles street
1971 Jowett JosephWapping roadhouse127, Wapping road
1972 Jowett ThomasPark gatehouse41, Park gate
1973 Jowett William HenryWright streethouse5, Wright street
1974 Jubb ThomasRichard streethouse24, Richard street
1975 Judson JamesHillside villashouseUpper Park street
successivehouseWright street
successivehouse23, Hillside villas
1976 Judson LeviScott streethouse1, Scott street
successivehouse4, Scott street

EAST WARD, 1876, surnames beginning with the letter K
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1977 Kanelly JamesCross Sun streethouse55, Cross Sun street
1978 Karle FrederickLingard streetshop111, Bolton road
1979 Kay CharlesExeter streethouse116, Exeter street
successivehouse228, Exeter street
1980 Kay JobUpper Park streethouse10, Upper Park street
1981 Kean JamesScott streethouseExeter street
successivehouseBanner street
successivehouse32, Scott street
1982 Keeble JamesRipon streethouse46, Ripon street
1983 Keeler JohnKing Charles streethouse23, King Charles street
1984 Keeler JosephPaper hall squarehouse4, Paper hall square
1985 Keenan JohnRipon streethouse110, Ripon street
1986 Keenan JohnBramleywarehouse67, Brook street
1987 Keighley AbrahamHillside villashouse14, Hillside villas
1988 Keighley FountainPark gatehouse59, Park gate
1989 Keighley GilbertEast Mortonwarehouse55, Brook street
1990 Keighley JohnManninghamshopAlbion court
successiveshop113, Leeds road
1991 Keighley JohnFilbert streethouseExeter street
successivehouse27, Filbert street
1992 Keighley WilliamGreen terracehouse3, Green terrace
1993 Keighley WilliamUndercliffe streethouseTennyson place
successivehouse114, Undercliffe street
1994 Kellaher DanielTemperance streethouseIrving street
successivehouse28, Temperance street
1995 Kellett William ThomasOrchard streethouse94, Orchard street
1996 Kelly AnthonyJermyn streethouse56, Jermyn street
1997 Kelly DanielRipon streethouse37, Ripon street
1998 Kelly GeorgeCordingley streethouse1, Cordingley street
1999 Kelly JamesLeeds roadhouse89, Leeds road
2000 Kelly PatrickJohnson foldhouse4, Johnson fold
2001 Kelly PearsonRipon streethouse156, Ripon street
2002 Kelly ThomasOtley roadhouse165, Otley road
2003 Kelly ThomasRichmond streethouseIrving street
successivehouse1, Richmond street
2004 Kelly TomClub houseshouseSunnyside lane
successivehouseThomas fold
successivehouse5, Club houses
2005 Kelly WilliamTemperance streethouse26, Temperance street
2006 Kelly WilliamClub houseshouse7, Club houses
2007 Kelsall WilliamSydenham placehouse104A, Sydenham place
2008 Kendall HenryHeap lanehouse9, Heap lane
2009 Kendall JohnCobourg streethouse12, Cobourg street
2010 Kendall JohnOtley roadhouse44, Otley road
2011 Kenefick JohnExeter streethouse67, Wellington street
successivehouse191, Exeter street
2012 Kenefick PatrickWellesley courthouse2, Wellesley court
2013 Kennedy DanielCross Sun streethouse59, Cross Sun street
2014 Kennedy JamesCambridge placehouse2, Cambridge place
2015 Kennedy TimothyIrving streethouse45, Irving street
2016 Kenningham JohnWapping roadhouse131, Wapping road
2017 Kennish Louis HenryPark crescenthouse42, Park crescent
2018 Kenny PatrickLingard streethouse20, Lingard street
2019 Kenny PeterCross Sun streethouse60, Cross Sun street
2020 Keogh MartinTemperance streethouse1, Temperance street
2021 Kerney JamesWapping streethouse12, Wapping street
2022 Kerry GeorgeFilbert streethouse26, Filbert street
successivehouse16, Filbert street
2023 Kershaw HenryBower greenwarehouse6, Swaine street
2024 Kershaw JoeMulberry streethouse34, Mulberry street
2025 Kershaw JohnExeter streethouse67, Exeter street
2026 Kershaw JosephBolton streethouse3, Bolton street
2027 Kershaw NathanielAiredale squarehouse6, Airedale square
2028 Kershaw SamuelBower greenwarehouse6, Swaine street
2029 Kershaw ThomasMildred streethouse108, Wapping road
successivehouse106, Mildred street
2030 Kewley JamesPark streethouse25, Park street
successivehouse23, Park street
2031 Kidney RichardGreencliffe villashouse3, Greencliffe villas
2032 Kilburn DavidTemperance streethouse2, Temperance street
2033 Kilfoyle JamesCross Sun streethouse49, Cross Sun street
2034 Killerby John WrightTennyson placehouseBedford street
successivehouse33A, Tennyson place
2035 Kilner GeorgeMildred streethouse122, Mildred street
2036 Kimber RichardButler streethouse108, Butler street
2037 King FrederickButler streethouse75, Butler street
2038 King JamesCaptain streethouse44, Craven street
successivehouse83, Captain street
2039 King JohnJermyn streethouse10, Jermyn street
2040 King JohnBarkerend roadhouse & shop45, Barkerend road
2041 King JohnNorth winghouseBridge street
successivehouse69, North wing
2042 King Joseph FarrarHanover squarewarehouse44, Well street
2043 King MarkExeter streethouse85, Exeter street
2044 King TitusStanacre placehouse50, Stanacre place
successivehouse43, Stanacre place
2045 King William HenryCordingley streethouse53, Cordingley street
2046 Kingdon JohnWestfield terracehouse19, Westfield terrace
successivehouse11, Westfield terrace
2047 Kirby Haywood BoltonBolton roadhouse66, Bolton road
2048 Kirk William ListerDe Grey streethouse15, De Grey street
2049 Kirk William TealeTennyson placehouse39, Tennyson place
2050 Kirkman WilliamOrchard streethouse54, Orchard street
2051 Kirton JohnStott hill placehouse29, Stott hill place
successivehouse13, Stott hill place
2052 Kitcheman EdwardHortonwarehouse20, Bentley street
2053 Kitchen EdwardJoseph streethouse13, Joseph street
2054 Kitchen JamesGreen terracehouse1, Green terrace
2055 Kitchen JamesBarkerend roadhouse86, Barkerend road
2056 Kitson Charles ArthurCordingley streethouse60, Cordingley street
2057 Kitson JohnEssex streetshop138, Harris street
2058 Kitson JosephOtley roadhouse156, Otley road
2059 Kitson WilliamTennyson placehouse44, Tennyson place
2060 Klepper John BaptistFernbank roadhouse5, Fernbank road
2061 Knapton Charles DemainStanacre placehouse33, Stanacre place
2062 Knapton HenryMab streethouse3, Mab street
2063 Kneeshaw IsaacLofthouse streethouse16, Lofthouse street
2064 Knight CalvinAllertonwarehouse6, Brook street
2065 Knight GeorgeBolton roadhouse72, Bolton road
2066 Knight JohnKing Charles streethouse44, King Charles street
2067 Knight John PikeBingleywarehouse3, Mildred court
2068 Knight WilliamHillside villashouse29, Hillside villas
2069 Knowles GeorgeShipleycountinghouse9, Leeds road
2070 Knowles JohnExeter streethouse15, Exeter street
2071 Knowles JohnUndercliffe streethouse40, De Grey street
successivehouse22, Undercliffe street
2072 Knowles MilesTennyson placehouse93, Tennyson place
2073 Knowles ReubenAllertonwarehouse1, Brook street
2074 Knowles SamuelOtley roadhouse190, Otley road
2075 Korner WilliamBarkerend roadhouse & shop80, Barkerend road
2076 Kutter WilliamManninghamwarehouse2, Burnett street
2077 Kybert ThomasMason courthouse4, Mason court

EAST WARD, 1876, surnames beginning with the letter L
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
2078 Lahey PatrickNorthbrook streethouse29, Northbrook street
2079 Laid JohnCavalier streethouse20, Cavalier street
2080 Lake ThomasTennyson placehouse28B, Tennyson place
2081 Lamb BenjaminWilfred streethouse75, Wilfred street
2082 Lamb JohnColeridge placehouse1, Coleridge place
2083 Lambert DavidGarnett streethouse165, Garnett street
2084 Lambert GeorgeWapping roadhouseBolton road
successivehouse59, Wapping road
2085 Lambert HenryPhiladelphia streethouse11, Philadelphia street
2086 Lambert JohnGarnett streethouse1, Garnett street
2087 Lambert William EdwinSouthampton streethouse33, Southampton street
2088 Lancaster HenryRanter streethouse4, Ranter street
2089 Lancaster RobertShakespeare streethouse50, De Grey street
successivehouse50, Shakespeare street
2090 Lancaster SamuelStott hillhouse41, Stott hill
2091 Lancaster ThomasBolton roadhouse166, Bolton road
2092 Lancaster WilliamExeter streethouse84, Exeter street
2093 Land OliverBarkerend roadhouse21, Barkerend road
successivehouse & shop59½, Barkerend road
2094 Land William RichardBarkerend roadshopLeeds road
successivehouse & shop21, Barkerend road
2095 Langholm JohnRipon streethouse88, Ripon street
2096 Lapish JosephWhite Abbeyshop70, Harris street
2097 Lapish WilliamExeter streetshop70, Harris street
2098 Larkin JohnExeter streethouse157, Exeter street
2099 Larkin MichaelRanter courthouse40, Wapping road
successivehouse7, Ranter court
2100 Lassen AlbertManninghamwarehouse45, Well street
2101 Lassen Edward SamuelManninghamwarehouse45, Well street
2102 Latham ThomasWapping roadhouse65, Wapping road
2103 Laverack RichardDe Grey streethouse89, De Grey street
2104 Law Duncan GeorgeManninghamwarehouseVicar lane
2105 Law JamesBoltonwarehouseVicar lane
2106 Law JamesHeap streethouse28, Heap street
2107 Lawler JamesIrving streethouse18, Irving street
2108 Lawler WilliamGolden Cock yardhouse7, Golden Cock yard
successivehouse6, Golden Cock yard
2109 Lawley TimothyCaptain streethouse32, Captain street
2110 Lawrie ThomasSun streethouse18, Sun street
2111 Lawson EdwardCavalier streethouse27, Cavalier street
2112 Laycock AaronUndercliffe streethouseTownhill street
successivehouse134, Undercliffe street
2113 Laycock AlfredWright streethouse10, Wright street
2114 Laycock BenjaminScott streethouse196, Barkerend road
successivehouse30, Scott street
2115 Laycock DavidWright streethouse25, Wright street
2116 Laycock Henry RaynorPudseywarehouse48, Harris street
2117 Laycock JohnBarkerend roadhouse117, Barkerend road
2118 Laycock JohnBradford moorhouse27 Bradford moor
2119 Laycock JosephStanacre placewarehouse22, Charles street
2120 Laycock RichardOtley roadhouse102A, Otley road
2121 Laycock SimeonEast paradehouse140, East parade
2122 Laycock SimeonNorth winghouse132, North wing
successivehouse130, North wing
2123 Laycock WilkinsonExeter streethouse148, Exeter street
2124 Laycock WilliamButler streethouseOrchard street
successivehouse116, Butler street
2125 Lazenby JohnHustler streethouse43, Hustler street
2126 Lea HenryTennyson placehouse45, Tennyson place
2127 Lea JamesPark streethouse18, Park street
2128 Lea SamBowlingwarehouseBrook street
successivewarehouseSwaine street
successivewarehouseHargreaves buildings, Swaine street
2129 Leach CharlesThornton roadwarehouse9, Charles street
2130 Leach George EdwardHortonwarehouse9, Charles street
2131 Leach JohnWapping roadhouse87, Wapping road
2132 Leach JohnManninghamwarehouse8, Brook street
2133 Leach RobertGarnett streethouse203, Garnett street
2134 Leach RobinsonGaunt streethouse10, Gaunt street
2135 Leach WilliamPollard lanehouse17, Pollard lane
2136 Leadbeater JosephCaptain streethouse2, Captain street
2137 Leah EdmundExeter streethouse39, Exeter street
2138 Leah ThomasExeter streethouse43, Exeter street
2139 Leathley WilliamOrchard streethouse22, Orchard street
2140 Ledley LawrenceSouthey placehouse11, Southey place
2141 Lee AlfredCambridge placehouse4, Cambridge place
2142 Lee AllenSunnyside lanehouseSunnyside lane
2143 Lee CharlesMab courthouse2, Mab court
2144 Lee Henry PowellFearnley streethouse13, Fearnley street
2145 Lee JamesBarkerend roadhouse120, Barkerend road
2146 Lee JohnOrchard streethouse35, Orchard street
2147 Lee JosephWilfred streethouse20, Wilfred street
2148 Lee ThomasWestfield crescenthouse & shop164, Otley road
2149 Lee ThomasHeap streethouse46, Heap street
2150 Lee WilliamMildred streethouse170, Mildred street
2151 Leechman WilliamUndercliffe streethouse42, Cordingley street
successivehouse26, Undercliffe street
2152 Lees JamesThornton's Buildingshouse9, Thornton's Buildings
2153 Lees ThomasRipon streethouse226, Ripon street
2154 Lefevre GeorgeMulberry streethouse39, Mulberry street
2155 Leggott HenryHortonshop77, Market street
2156 Lenard MartinWild Boar streethouse23, Cross Sun street
successivehouse28, Wild Boar street
2157 Leng JosephFilbert streethouse43, Filbert street
2158 Lennard ChristopherWellington streethouse39, Wellington street
2159 Leppingwell WilliamLeeds roadhouse & shop143, Leeds road
2160 Levy IsaacWapping roadhouse199, Wapping road
2161 Lewis LeopoldManninghamwarehouse9, Currer street
2162 Lewis PatrickIrving streethouse10, Irving street
2163 Liebreich Charles EdwardManninghamwarehouse140, Harris street
2164 Light JohnOtley roadhouse135, Otley road
successivehouse139, Otley road
2165 Lightbody SamuelCross Wellington streethouse2, Cross Wellington street
2166 Lightfoot FrederickRichmond streethouse2, Richmond street
successivehouse5, Richmond street
2167 Lightfoot George PeelExeter streethouse102, Exeter street
2168 Lightfoot JamesSowden's Buildingshouse3, Sowden's Buildings
2169 Ligo SamuelOrchard streethouse72, Orchard street
2170 Lippy DennisIrving streethouse30, Irving street
2171 Lister JohnFilbert streethouse83, Filbert street
2172 Lister John HenryBarkerend roadhouse124A, Barkerend road
2173 Lister JosephBradford moorhouse26, Bradford moor
2174 Lister JosephFernbank terracehouseColeridge place
successivehouseScott street
successivehouse5, Fernbank terrace
2175 Lister JosephNorth winghouse127, North wing
2176 Lister Joseph WardTennyson placehouse34, Tennyson place
2177 Lister SamuelWilfred streethouse37, Wilfred street
2178 Lister Samuel CunliffeManninghamwarehouse35, Brook street
successivewarehouseHall ings
2179 Lister SmithButler streethouse86, Butler street
2180 Lister ThomasRipon streethouseLeeds road
successivehouse272, Ripon street
2181 Lister WilliamHolmes streetcountinghouse51, Market street
2182 Little James SunderlandGeldar yardhouse11, Geldar yard
2183 Little ThomasDudley hill roadhouse50, Dudley hill road
2184 Liversedge AlfredMildred streethouse25, Mildred street
2185 Liversedge SamuelVictoria parkwarehouse23, Hall ings
2186 Livesey WilliamRipon streethouse82, Ripon street
2187 Lloyd SamuelNorthbrook streethouse13, Northbrook street
2188 Lobley SamuelWordsworth streethouseWalnut street
successivehouse55, Wordsworth street
2189 Lobley WilliamSouthampton streethouse13, Southampton street
2190 Lockwood EdwardNorth winghouse48, North wing
2191 Lockwood JohnNorth winghouse142, North wing
2192 Lockwood JosephNorth streethouse8, North street
2193 Lodge LeviMildred streethouse130, Mildred street
2194 Lodge WalterBradford moorhouse30, Bradford moor
2195 Lofthouse AbrahamMildred streetshop95, Otley road
2196 Lofthouse GeorgeLofthouse streethouse18, Lofthouse street
2197 Lofthouse IsaacBeldon placehouse4, Beldon place
2198 Lofthouse JohnOtley roadhouse451, Otley road
2199 Lofthouse JosephOtley roadhouse449, Otley road
2200 Lofthouse SteadOtley roadhouse334, Otley road
2201 Lofthouse WilliamOtley roadhouse348, Otley road
2202 Logg John EdwinOtley roadhouse30, Otley road
successiveshop23, Otley road
2203 Long BenjaminHeap lanehouse14, Ripon street
successivehouse35, Heap lane
2204 Long EmanuelLofthouse streethouse1, Lofthouse street
2205 Long HenryJermyn streethouse12, Jermyn street
2206 Long JohnGaunt streethouse8, Gaunt street
2207 Long JohnStanacre placehouse42, Stanacre place
2208 Long WalterWapping roadhouse112, Wapping road
2209 Long WilliamOxford placehouse25, Cross Sun street
successivehouseOxford place
2210 Longbottom ChristopherManninghamcountinghouse1, Booth street
2211 Longbottom JosephGarnett squarehouseGarnett square
2212 Longfellow AbrahamRipon streethouse22, Ripon street
2213 Longley James ClarkUndercliffe streethouse12, Undercliffe street
2214 Longthorne ThomasWilfred streethouse31, Wilfred street
2215 Lonsdale ThomasHortonwarehouse10, Swaine street
2216 Lord JamesHalifaxwarehouse12, Mills passage
successivewarehouse1, Mills passage
2217 Lord JosephBarkerend roadhouse53, Barkerend road
2218 Lottie JonasVictoria terracehouse19, Back Victoria terrace
successivehouse220, Victoria terrace
2219 Lottie WilliamBack Victoria terracehouse17, Back Victoria terrace
2220 Lougee Noah SmithRawdonwarehouse39, Leeds road
successivewarehouse21, Leeds road
2221 Loughlan BernardWapping roadhouse237, Wapping road
2222 Lowcock JohnNorth winghouse87, North wing
2223 Lowe EdwardDudley Hill roadhouse57, Dudley Hill road
2224 Luccock RichardButler streethouse65, Butler street
2225 Ludlam EdwinMildred streethouse23, Mildred street
2226 Ludlam ThomasFernbank roadhouse3, Fernbank road
2227 Lumb JamesRichmond streethouse4, Richmond street
2228 Lumb SamuelOrchard streethouse21, Orchard street
2229 Lumby JamesHortonwarehouse19, Booth street
2230 Lund Alfred LeathamOtley roadhouse21, Otley road
2231 Lund JohnWellington streethouse76, Wellington street
2232 Lund JosephBolton roadhouse & shop22, Bolton road
2233 Lund Joseph RobinsonBarkerend roadshop81, Barkerend road
2234 Lund PriestleyManninghamwarehouseBolton road
successivewarehouse31, Well street
2235 Lund ThomasButler streethouse74, Butler street
2236 Lund WilkinsonLapage streetwarehouse15, Swaine street
2237 Lupton JohnCowper placehouse50, Cowper place
2238 Luty MatthewNorth winghouse24, North wing
2239 Luty WilliamPark gatehouse73, Park gate
2240 Lycett MartinHeap streethouse30, Wapping road
successivehouse10, Heap street
2241 Lyons JohnTemperance streethouse17, Temperance street
2242 Lyons ThomasHeap streethouse23, Heap street
2243 Lyons TimothyBolton roadhouse40, Bolton road

EAST WARD, 1876, surnames beginning with the letter M
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
2244 Maclean Lachlan MartinManninghamwarehouse39, Brook street
successivewarehouseHargreave's Buildings, Swaine street
2245 Madden MichaelWellington streethouse35, Wellington street
2246 Madden William ThomasExeter streethouse40, Exeter street
2247 Maguire MichaelRanter streethouse3, Ranter street
2248 Maher MartinIrving streethouse35, Irving street
2249 Maher ThomasKing Charles streethouse26, King Charles street
2250 Mahoney FentonVictoria terracehouse190, Victoria terrace
2251 Major AlbertSun streethouse34, Sun street
successivehouse42, Sun street
2252 Making CharlesOtley roadhouseOtley road
2253 Maley EdwardNorth courthouse2, North court
2254 Mallett Charles JamesShipleyshop6, Well street
2255 Mallett Edward CookeShipleyshop6, Well street
2256 Mallinson JosephFilbert streetshop105, Otley road
2257 Mallinson ThomasWilfred streethouse44, Wilfred street
2258 Maltby Thomas HenryShakespeare streethouseCoach row
successivehouse19, Shakespeare street
2259 Mangel JohnOtley roadhouse352, Otley road
2260 Manley Patrick JamesJermyn streethouse58, Jermyn street
2261 Mann HenryWilfred streethouse90, Wilfred street
2262 Mann PeckoverSouthampton streethouse14, Southampton street
successivehouse19, Southampton street
2263 Mann ThomasHeap courthouse2, Heap court
2264 Manning MichaelHeap streethouse40, Heap street
successivehouse54, Heap street
2265 Manogue CanaanWinter rowhouse4, Winter row
2266 Manogue JohnWinter rowhouse8, Winter row
2267 Mansfield JohnBarkerend roadshop74, Barkerend road
2268 Mansfield JosephTennyson placehouse43, Tennyson place
2269 Mansley CharlesLofthouse streethouse27, Lofthouse street
2270 Mansley StephenBunker's hillhouseBunker's hill
2271 Manton MichaelRichmond streethouseFrederick street
successivehouse15, Richmond street
2272 Mapletoft JosephSowden buildingshouse12, Sowden buildings
2273 March Frederick KimbellTennyson placehouse15, Tennyson place
2274 Margerison ListerHortonwarehouse47, Brook street
2275 Margerison SamuelManninghamwarehouse47, Brook street
2276 Margerison SamuelHodgson lanewarehouse47, Brook street
2277 Margerison Samuel FearnleyOrchard streethouse57, Barkerend road
successivehouse134, Exeter street
successivehouse83, Orchard street
2278 Margerison ThomasBarkerend roadhouse29, Barkerend road
2279 Markam ThomasWapping roadhouseWapping road
successivehouse42, Wapping road
2280 Marrian FrancisDe Grey streethouse113, De Grey street
2281 Marriott WilliamPark crescenthouse5, Park crescent
2282 Marsden Charles EdwardManninghamcountinghouse9, Market street
2283 Marsden James AlfredDrewton streetcountinghouse9, Market street
2284 Marsdin ArthurManninghamwarehouse38, Chapel street
2285 Marsh JosephOrchard streethouse70, Orchard street
2286 Marsh WilliamLoom streethouse19, Loom street
2287 Marshall AlfredBarkerend roadhouse12, Barkerend road
2288 Marshall BenjaminWapping roadhouse139, Wapping road
2289 Marshall EdmondsonBarker courthouse1, Barker court
2290 Marshall JamesCaptain streethouse18, Captain street
2291 Marshall JohnNorth winghouse11, North wing
2292 Marshall JosephHarris streethouse124, Harris street
2293 Marshall Joseph RobertPark gatehouse5, Park gate
2294 Marshall JoshuaMulberry streethouse42, Mulberry street
2295 Marshall SamuelBolton roadhouse58, Bolton road
2296 Marshall SimeonExeter streethouse50, Exeter street
2297 Marshall WilliamPark gatehouse7, Park gate
2298 Marshall WilliamWapping roadhouse221, Wapping road
2299 Marshall WilliamWild Boar streethouse20, Wild Boar street
2300 Marshall William HenryHortonwarehouse57A, Well street
2301 Marten William HaighManninghamwarehouseCheapside
successivewarehouse25, Market street
2302 Martin CharlesLofthouse streethouse25, Lofthouse street
2303 Martin JohnOrchard streethouse18, Orchard street
2304 Martin WilliamWellington streethouse80, Wellington street
2305 Mason ChristopherExeter streethouse21, Exeter street
2306 Mason HenryBingleywarehouse53, Brook street
2307 Massey Thomas DitchfieldCordingley streethouse49, Cordingley street
2308 Mathers EdwardKing Charles courthouse10, King Charles court
2309 Mathers JamesWellington streethouse36, Wellington street
2310 Mathers ThomasSmithson placehouse9, Smithson place
2311 Matthewman CharlesHeatonwarehouse15, Swaine street
2312 Matthewman JosephHillside villashouse31, Hillside villas
2313 Matthewman TomOrchard streethouse83, Orchard street
2314 Matthews AlexanderRipon streethouse116, Ripon street
2315 Matthews JosephStanacre placehouse32, Stanacre place
2316 Matthews ThomasMab courthouse23, Mulberry street
successivehouseCavalier court
successivehouse6A, Mab court
2317 Maud GeorgeBarkerend roadhouse159, Barkerend road
2318 Maud GeorgeDe Grey streethouse18, De Grey street
2319 Maud George KaySt. Augustine's terracehouse10, St. Augustine's terrace
2320 Maude FrederickMason courthouse11, Mason court
2321 Maude Thomas, junr.Tongwarehouse4, George buildings
2322 Mawer ThomasOtley roadhouse80, Otley road
2323 Mawson HornerMount pleasanthouse & shop1, Mount pleasant
2324 Mawson JamesOtley roadhouse94, Otley road
2325 Mawson JosephButler streethouse104, Butler street
2326 Mawson WilliamLofthouse streethouse39, Lofthouse street
2327 Maynard WilliamBaildonwarehouseVicar lane
2328 Mays JohnPark streethouse1, Park street
2329 Mazurkiewiez AnthonyUndercliffe streethouse20, Victoria terrace
successivehouseUndercliffe street
successivehouse42, Undercliffe street
2330 McBurney SnowdenUpper Park streethouse14, Upper Park street
2331 McBurnie JohnRipon streethouse214, Ripon street
2332 McCormack BenjaminCavalier streethouse3, Cavalier street
2333 McCormack HughHanover squarewarehouse7, Mildred court
2334 McCormick FrancisWilfred streethouseAlbert street
successivehouse82, Wilfred street
2335 McCormick JamesWild Boar streethouse32, Wild Boar street
2336 McCowrey CharlesJermyn streethouse26, Jermyn street
2337 McCoy HenryPine streethouse18, Cavalier street
successivehousePine street
2338 McCracken John F.Otley roadhouse139, Otley road
2339 McCrea Henry CharlesHalifaxwarehouse37, Swaine street
successivewarehouseHargreave's Buildings, Swaine street
2340 McCrea JohnHalifaxwarehouse16, Booth street
2341 McDarby PatrickIrving streethouse11, Irving street
2342 McDermot AndrewWellington streethouse55, Wellington street
2343 McDonald JamesCross Sun streethouse45, Cross Sun street
2344 McDonald JohnWellington streethouse41, Wellington street
2345 McDonald JohnOrchard streethouse33, Orchard street
2346 McDonald ThomasOrchard streethouse41, Orchard street
2347 McDonner JohnWild Boar streethouse24, Wild Boar street
2348 McEntyre BernardSydney streethouse17, Sydney street
2349 McEntyre PatrickArthur streethouse17, Arthur street
2350 McEvoy MurtovaghNorthbrook streethouse35, Northbrook street
2351 McEvoy PatrickIrving streethouse16, Irving street
2352 McGhey KennedyWilfred streethouse92, Ripon street
successivehouseBeech grove
successivehouse103, Wilfred street
2353 McGuffie WilliamHortonwarehouse10, Brook street
2354 McKay AlexanderChaucer placehouse17, Chaucer place
2355 McKay GeorgeBunker's hillhouse48, Bunker's hill
2356 McKean AndrewManninghamwarehouse33, Peel street
2357 McKell WilliamGarnett streethouse175, Garnett street
2358 McKennedy JohnJermyn streethouse52, Jermyn street
2359 McKlive JohnNorthbrook streethouse14, Northbrook street
2360 McLachlan ColinVictoria terracehouse21, Back Victoria terrace
successivehouse218, Victoria terrace
2361 McLaren John MalcolmManninghamwarehouse28, Swaine street
2362 McLoughlan PatrickPriestley streethouse10, Palladio's Buildings
successivehouse7, Priestley street
2363 McMahon EdwardBolton roadhouse68, Bolton road
2364 McMahon JamesWapping roadhouse104, Wapping road
2365 McNulty PatrickCross Wellington streethouse42, Sun street
successivehouse14, Cross Wellington street
2366 McQuaid JohnCordingley streethouseJowett street
successivehouse42, Cordingley street
2367 McWeeny JohnNorth winghouse27, North wing
successivehouse55, North wing
2368 Medley JohnHinchcliffe streethouse34, Bolton road
2369 Medley ThomasStott hillhouse40, Stott hill
2370 Megevand FrancisHortonwarehousePeckover street
2371 Melody JohnMulberry streethouse40, Mulberry street
2372 Melvin JamesRanter courthouse6, Ranter court
2373 Mercer FrederickHeap streethouse30, Barkerend road
successivehouse62, Heap street
2374 Merrall GeorgeHaworthwarehouse23, George buildings
2375 Merrall HartleyHaworthwarehouse51, Brook street
successivewarehouse6, Booth street
2376 Merrall MichaelHaworthwarehouse23, George buildings
2377 Metcalfe JamesMildred streethouse152, Mildred street
2378 Metcalfe JohnExeter streethouse6, Park street
successivehouse266, Exeter street
2379 Metcalfe JohnExeter streethouse120, Exeter street
2380 Metcalfe JohnNorth winghouse65A, North wing
2381 Metham ArthurMildred streethouse110, Orchard street
successivehouse21, Mildred street
2382 Middlebrook Albert HoldsworthOtley roadhouse217, Otley road
2383 Middlebrook BenjaminUpper Park streethouse12, Upper Park street
2384 Middlebrook ChristopherPark gatehouse63, Park gate
2385 Middleton JamesMulberry streethouse6, Mulberry street
2386 Middleton JamesWilfred streethouse51, Wilfred street
2387 Middleton JamesWordsworth streethouseWordsworth street
successivehouse3, Wordsworth street
2388 Middleton JohnRipon streethouse104, Ripon street
2389 Middleton WilliamManninghamwarehouse7, Swaine street
2390 Midgley AlfredAlbert placewarehouse23, Leeds road
2391 Midgley JamesOtley roadhouse17, Otley road
2392 Midgley JohnWestfield terracehouse20, Westfield terrace
2393 Midgley JohnPudseywarehouse6, Mills passage
successivewarehouse8, Mills passage
2394 Midgley John ThomasAiredale squarehouse15, Airedale square
2395 Midgley SamuelAiredale squarehouse7, Airedale square
2396 Midgley WilliamBarkerend roadhouse169, Barkerend road
2397 Miller ArthurUpper Park streethouse11, Upper Park street
2398 Miller Charles HenryManninghamwarehouse10, Bentley street
2399 Miller CorteLingard streethouse47, Lingard street
2400 Miller HenryStott hill placehouse15, Stott hill place
successivehouse29, Stott hill place
2401 Miller ThomasFrystone placehousePit lane
successivehouse13, Frystone place
2402 Miller WilliamWapping roadhouse253, Wapping road
2403 Miller William SampsonCordingley streethouse5, Cordingley street
2404 Milligan WalterManninghamwarehouse40, Brook street
2405 Millington JesseFernbank roadhouse31, Pollard lane
successivehouse15, Fernbank road
2406 Mills CharlesMarket streetshop45, Market street
2407 Mills EdwardNorth winghouse46, North wing
2408 Mills FrancisOrchard streethouse25, Orchard street
2409 Mills JamesHaigh rowhouse2, Baker street
successivehouse14, Haigh row
2410 Mills JamesClub houseshouse30, Club houses
2411 Mills James WilliamMenstonwarehouse28, Hall ings
2412 Mills MosesWellington streethouse23, Wellington street
2413 Mills PeterTemperance streethouse17, Palladio's Buildings
successivehouse21, Temperance street
2414 Mills WilliamCliff lanehouse1, Cliff lane
2415 Milner JamesWellington streethouse216, Ripon street
successivehouse73, Wellington street
2416 Milner JohnOtley roadhouse148, Otley road
2417 Milner JohnVictoria terracehouse200, Victoria terrace
2418 Milner JosephExeter streethouse131, Exeter street
successivehouse122, Exeter street
2419 Milner SmithSydenham placehouse44, Sydenham place
2420 Milner WilliamOtley roadhouse49, Otley road
2421 Milner WilliamIdle roadhouseIdle road
2422 Milnes AlfredTennyson placewarehouse57, Leeds road
2423 Milnes EdwardHortonwarehouse49, Leeds road
2424 Milnes JohnHeap streethouse43, Heap street
2425 Milnes Joseph TetleyBarkerend roadwarehouseBunker's hill
2426 Milnes SamuelTennyson placewarehouse55, Leeds road
2427 Milnes WilliamBoltonwarehouseBunker's hill
2428 Milnes William HauptmanBoltonwarehouseBunker's hill
2429 Milthorp Charles HenryManninghamwarehouse20, Swaine street
2430 Miniken ChristopherCordingley streethouse30, Cordingley street
2431 Mirfield MatthewTongwarehouse38, Brook street
2432 Mitchell DominicIrving streethouse13, Irving street
2433 Mitchell HenryHortonwarehouse4, Brook street
2434 Mitchell HenryCordingley streethouseWilfred street
successivehouse35, Cordingley street
2435 Mitchell JamesClub houseshouse2, Club houses
2436 Mitchell JohnExeter streethouse121, Exeter street
2437 Mitchell JohnWilfred streethouse23, Wilfred street
2438 Mitchell JohnPark streethouse7, Park street
2439 Mitchell John HarperHortonwarehouse31, Booth street
2440 Mitchell ReubenGeldar yardhouse1, Geldar yard
2441 Mitchell SamuelJane streethouse4, Jane street
2442 Mitchell ThomasPark streethouse19, Park street
2443 Mitchell WilliamLoom streethouse17, Loom street
2444 Mitchell WilliamHustler streetwarehouse4, Chapel street
2445 Mold WilliamDe Grey streethouse30, De Grey street
2446 Mollin JamesManninghamwarehouse12, Bentley street
2447 Monckman Joseph WoodheadManor rowcountinghouse19, Charles street
2448 Moody JohnRichmond streethouse9, Richmond street
2449 Moody NathanielEast paradehouseNewlands place
successivehouse16, East parade
2450 Moody WilliamOrchard streethouse27, Orchard street
2451 Mooney AndrewWapping streethouse36, Wapping road
successivehouse28, Wapping street
2452 Mooney FrancisNorthbrook streethouse11, Palladio's Buildings
successivehouse7, Northbrook street
2453 Mooney JohnKing Charles courthouse6, King Charles court
2454 Moore BenjaminLofthouse streethouse41, Lofthouse street
2455 Moore CharlesMulberry streethouse39, Stanacre place
successivehouse23, Mulberry street
2456 Moore DavidCordingley streethouse10, Cordingley street
2457 Moore George PorteusWestfield terracehouse3, Westfield terrace
2458 Moore IsaacRichmond streethouse14, Richmond street
2459 Moore JamesWapping roadhouse275, Wapping road
2460 Moore Robert GeorgeMildred streethouse144, Mildred street
2461 Moore ThomasFrizinghallwarehouseBrook street
successivewarehouse35, Booth street
2462 Moore ThomasSun streethouse38, Sun street
2463 Moore WilliamTimber streethouse4, Timber street
2464 Moore WilliamNorth winghouse1, Nathan street
successivehouse143, North wing
2465 Moore WilliamOrchard streethouse29, Orchard street
2466 Moorhouse EdwardTemperance streethouse37, Temperance street
2467 Moorhouse James EllisonDarfield streetwarehouse34, Brook street
2468 Moorhouse JohnStott hillhouse43, Stott hill
2469 Moorhouse ThomasOrchard streethouse112, Orchard street
2470 Moran MichaelIrving streethouse24, Temperance street
successivehouse21, Irving street
2471 Morgan JohnOtley roadhouse346, Otley road
2472 Morgan WilliamOtley roadhouse172, Otley road
2473 Morley John LimberOtley roadhouse3, Otley road
2474 Morley ThomasAiredale squarehouse1, Airedale square
2475 Morley WalterExeter streethouse179, Exeter street
2476 Morley WilliamWapping roadhouse203, Wapping road
2477 Morrell JohnHarris streethouse180, Harris street
2478 Morrell JosephDe Grey streethouse101, De Grey street
2479 Morrell JosephCavalier streethouse17, Cavalier street
2480 Morrell RobertDe Grey streethouse23, De Grey street
2481 Morrell WilliamNorth streethouse96, North wing
successivehouse19, North street
2482 Morrell WilliamCavalier streethouse33, Cavalier street
2483 Morris JohnNorthbrook streethouse23, Palladio's Buildings
successivehouse9, Northbrook street
2484 Mortimer FredGomersalwarehouseGeorge yard
2485 Mortimer JonasPine streethouse10, Pine street
2486 Mortimer Richard PolycarpGay lanewarehouse26, Church bank
2487 Mortimer ThomasGomersalwarehouseGeorge yard
2488 Mortimer WilliamHortonwarehouse46, Brook street
2489 Morton Edward JohnHipperholmewarehouse54, Brook street
2490 Moser JacobManninghamwarehouse39, Swaine street
2491 Moss James HenryPark gatehouse57, Park gate
2492 Moss JohnBarkerend roadhouse31, Barkerend road
2493 Moss RichardGreen streethouse4, Harris street
successivehouse6A, Green street
2494 Moss ThomasPark gatehouse14, Park gate
2495 Mossman WilliamCalverleywarehouseWell street
successivewarehouseWapping road
2496 Motler Rev. John CanonJermyn streethouseJermyn street
2497 Motler MichaelTennyson placehouse62, Tennyson place
2498 Moulding BenjaminHillside villashouseHillside villas
2499 Mountain GeorgeHustler streethouse1, Hustler street
2500 Moysey RobertHillside villashouse16, Orchard street
successivehouse2, Hillside villas
2501 Muff AlfredRipon streethouse264, Ripon street
2502 Muff EnosSharow streethouse17, Little Cross street
successivehouse7, Sharow street
2503 Muff JohnWapping roadhouseBolton road
successivehouse245, Wapping road
2504 Muff SamuelNathan streethouse266, Ripon street
successivehouse1, Nathan street
2505 Muff WilliamOtley roadhouse228, Otley road
2506 Mullen MichaelTennyson placehouse78, Tennyson place
2507 Mullen WilliamTennyson placehouse13, Tennyson place
2508 Muller GeorgeManninghamwarehouse9, Bentley street
2509 Mungovin MichaelPine streethouse13, Pine street
2510 Murgatroyd James JowettGarnett streethouse151, Garnett street
2511 Murgatroyd JohnMidgleywarehouse61, Brook street
2512 Murgatroyd JohnSydney streethouse16, Back Spinkwell terrace
successivehouse5, Sydney street
2513 Murgatroyd JosephFilbert streethouse7, Filbert street
2514 Murgatroyd JosephExeter streethouse69, Exeter street
2515 Murgatroyd Joseph JohnsonFold househouse4A, Johnson fold
2516 Murgatroyd Thomas ListerLofthouse streethouse29, Lofthouse street
2517 Murgatroyd WilliamBolton roadhouse118, Bolton road
2518 Murgatroyd WilliamBolton streethouse9, Bolton street
2519 Murphy BenjaminHarris streethouse136, Harris street
2520 Murphy DanielRipon streethouse18, Ripon street
2521 Murphy PeterWapping Cross streethouse6, Wapping Cross street
2522 Murray CharlesWapping roadhouse28, Wapping road
2523 Murray GeorgeTennyson placehouse35, Filbert street
successivehouse31A, Tennyson place
2524 Murray JohnSpring gardensshop13, Market street
2525 Murray Joseph PatrickAnne gatehouseInfirmary street
successivehouseAnne gate
2526 Murray OwenIrving streethouse7, Irving street
2527 Murray WilliamNorthbrook streethouse22, Northbrook street
2528 Musham GeorgeWapping Cross streethouse7, Wapping Cross street
2529 Myers FrederickManninghamwarehouse23, Bentley street
2530 Myers GeorgeClub houseshouse34, Club houses
2531 Myers HenryHortonshop43, Market street
2532 Myers JesseRichmond streethouse37, Irving street
successivehouse3, Richmond street
2533 Myers JohnLow moorwarehouse15, Brook street
2534 Myers JohnFilbert streethouse55, Filbert street
2535 Myers JohnOtley roadhouse4, Otley road
2536 Myers JosephManninghamwarehouse19, Booth street
2537 Myers OliverStanacre placehouse11, Stanacre place
2538 Myers SamuelRipon streethouse140, Ripon street
2539 Myers Samuel PeelHortonwarehouse34, Booth street
2540 Myers WilliamMulberry streethouse1, Mulberry street
2541 Myett JamesWilfred streethouse29, Bedford street
successivehouse12, Wilfred street

EAST WARD, 1876, surnames beginning with the letter N
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
2542 Nathan EmileManninghamwarehouse41, Well street
2543 Nathan LudwigManninghamwarehouse41, Well street
2544 Naylor IsaacHortonwarehouse20, Charles street
2545 Naylor William HenryRipon streethouse62, Ripon street
2546 Neale Francis WilliamNewlands placehouseDarley street
successivehouse7, Newlands place
2547 Neill JamesTemperance streethouse39, Temperance street
2548 Nelson JamesTennyson placehouse83, Tennyson place
2549 Nelson JohnTennyson placehouse31, Tennyson place
2550 Netherwood HenryAiredale placehouse6, Airedale place
2551 Nettleton JosephHustler streethouse49, Hustler street
2552 Newall JamesLofthouse streethouse11, Lofthouse street
2553 Newby GeorgeCraven streethouse50, Craven street
2554 Newby JamesJoseph streethouse20, Joseph street
2555 Newby Samuel DrewellManninghamwarehouse20, Well street
2556 Newcombe William BaileyIrving streethouse32, Irving street
2557 Newell AlfredWapping roadhouse115, Wapping road
2558 Newell JohnBroadstonesshop101, Leeds road
2559 Newham WilliamCordingley streethouse3, Cordingley street
2560 Newlands JohnDe Grey streethouse61, Mildred street
successivehouse13, De Grey street
2561 Newsholme DavidExeter streethouse224, Exeter street
2562 Newsome DavidHeap lanehouse25, Heap lane
2563 Newsome JohnWilfred streethouse102, Wilfred street
2564 Newton JosephUndercliffe streetshop61, Otley road
2565 Newton JosephCross Wellington streethouse12, Cross Wellington street
2566 Newton SquireWapping roadhouse121, Wapping road
2567 Nicholls IsaacDe Grey streethouse41, De Grey street
2568 Nicholls RobertOtley roadhouse121, Otley road
2569 Nicholls ThomasExeter streethouse27, Exeter street
successivehouse29, Exeter street
2570 Nicholls WilliamRipon streethouse245, Wapping road
successivehouse208, Ripon street
2571 Nicholson AlfredManninghamshop59, Well street
2572 Nicholson ChristopherGreencliffe villahouse1, Greencliffe villa
2573 Nicholson EdwardIrving streethouse17, Irving street
2574 Nicholson Frederick WhitworthSouthey placehouse25, Southey place
2575 Nicholson GeorgeEast paradehouse5, East parade
2576 Nicholson GeorgeMildred streethouse & shop17, Mildred street
2577 Nicholson JamesLofthouse streethouse40, Lofthouse street
2578 Nicholson JamesFilbert streethouse126, Mildred street
successivehouseOtley road
successivehouse81, Filbert street
2579 Nicholson JohnLofthouse streethouse46, Lofthouse street
2580 Nicholson JohnManninghamshop59, Well street
2581 Nicholson JohnChurch hillhouse24, Church hill
2582 Nicholson JohnKing Charles courthouse18, King Charles court
2583 Nicholson John HenryExeter streethouse184, Exeter street
2584 Nicholson OliverAiredale placehouse3, Airedale place
2585 Nicholson RichardCross Wellington streethouse & shop8, Cross Wellington street
2586 Nicholson RichardPark gatehouse67, Park gate
2587 Nicholson RobertBarkerend roadhouse91, Barkerend road
2588 Nicoll AbrahamHalifaxwarehouse43, Leeds road
2589 Noble ThomasButler streethouse82, Butler street
2590 Noddle ThomasTemperance streethouse9, Temperance street
2591 Nolan PatrickCross Sun streethouse57, Cross Sun street
2592 Norbury JosephKing Charles streethouse22, King Charles street
2593 Norman GeorgeCordingley streethouse29, Cordingley street
2594 Norman RichardGarnett streethouse13, Garnett street
2595 Normington JoshuaTennyson placehouse54, Tennyson place
2596 Normington ThomasWilfred streethouse30, Wilfred street
2597 Normington ThomasMulberry streethouse20, Mulberry street
2598 North AtkinsonRipon streethouse174, Ripon street
2599 North HenryGirlingtonwarehouse38, Booth street
2600 North WilliamBoltonbuildings & landBolton road
2601 North William HenryGirlingtonwarehouse38, Booth street
2602 Nowlan JamesWapping roadhouse34, Wild Boar street
successivehouse151, Wapping road
2603 Nowlan JohnArthur streethouse15, Arthur street
2604 Nowlan MichaelCraven streethouse23, Craven street
2605 Nowling WilliamRanter courthouse11, Ranter court
2606 Nudds JohnExeter streethouse145, Exeter street
2607 Nugent JoshuaMulberry streethouse17, Mulberry street
2608 Nuttall AlfredButler streethouse62, Butler street
2609 Nuttall DavidNorth winghouse43, North wing
successivehouseNorth wing
2610 Nuttall JohnOtley roadhouse67, Otley road
2611 Nuttall JosephNorth winghouse37, North wing
2612 Nuttall RatcliffeHustler terracehouse99, Hustler terrace
2613 Nuttall ThomasWest viewhouse7, West view
2614 Nuttall WilliamHustler streethouse5, Hustler street
2615 Nutter DavidOtley roadhouse123, Otley road
2616 Nutter JohnCordingley streethouse36, Cordingley street
2617 Nutter JohnNorth winghouse140, North wing

EAST WARD, 1876, surnames beginning with the letter O
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
2618 Oakes JohnHalifaxwarehouse19, Booth street
2619 Oates JohnJermyn streethouse15, Jermyn street
2620 Oates ThomasBack Victoria terracehouse10, Back Victoria terrace
2621 O'Brian ThomasCarver courthouse1, Carver court
2622 O'Brien JohnPriestley streethouse11, Priestley street
2623 Oddy FredRanter streethouse10, Ranter street
2624 Oddy JamesTongwarehouse48, Brook street
successivewarehouse28, Booth street
2625 Oddy John CharlesManninghamwarehouseCharles street
successivewarehouse16, Church bank
2626 Oddy SimeonButler streethouse112, Butler street
2627 Oddy ThomasTongwarehouse48, Brook street
2628 Oddy WilliamBirkenshawwarehouse48, Brook street
2629 Oddy WilliamTennyson placehouse12, Park gate
successivehouse10B, Tennyson place
2630 O'Donnell JohnPine streethouse6, Pine street
2631 Ogden TomDe Grey streethouse11, De Grey street
2632 Ogden WilliamOtley roadhouse356, Otley road
2633 O'Keef JohnExeter streethouse169, Exeter street
2634 Oldfield JohnHortonwarehouse19, Bentley street
2635 Olive WilliamPark gatehouse71, Orchard street
successivehouse11, Park gate
2636 O'Mala AntonWellington streethouse53, Wellington street
2637 Oman JamesCraven streethouse16, Craven street
2638 O'Neil JohnSun streethouse6, Sun street
2639 Onions George FrederickUndercliffe streethouse45, Undercliffe street
successivehouseUndercliffe street
2640 Orme Alfred EdwinBolton streethouse127, Barkerend road
successivehouse5, Bolton street
2641 Otterson John JamesHarris streethouse64, Edward street
successivehouse144, Harris street
2642 Overend JamesWapping roadhouse267, Wapping road
2643 Overend JohnVictoria terracehouse224, Victoria terrace
2644 Overend JohnWapping roadhouse135, Wapping road
2645 Overend ThomasOtley roadhouse461, Otley road
2646 Overend WilliamSowden's Buildingshouse22, Sowden's Buildings
2647 Oxley RichardOrchard streethouse104, Orchard street

EAST WARD, 1876, surnames beginning with the letter P
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
2648 Packet HenryPollard lanehouse29, Pollard lane
2649 Padgett HenryKing Charles courthouse12, King Charles court
2650 Padgett JamesSowden's Buildingshouse17, Sowden's Buildings
2651 Padgett JohnSun streethouse26, Sun street
2652 Padgett JohnButler streethouse7, Butler street
2653 Page Charles H.Park gatehouse29, Park gate
2654 Page JohnPaper hall courthouse2, Paper hall court
2655 Page ThomasNorth winghouse50, North wing
2656 Palfrayman GeorgeJoseph streethouse25, Joseph street
2657 Palfreyman JohnCliffe lanehouse2, Cliffe lane
2658 Palliser JamesExeter streethouse1, Exeter street
2659 Palmer Thomas WhitfieldBunker's hillhouseCowper place
successivehouse50, Bunker's hill
2660 Parke GeorgeMulberry streethouse35, Mulberry street
2661 Parker AlbertOrchard streethouseSmithson place
successivehouse3, Orchard street
2662 Parker BenjaminDe Grey streethouse91, De Grey street
2663 Parker DavidBack Victoria terracehouseTanhouse yard
successivehouse18, Back Victoria terrace
2664 Parker IsaacWilfred streethouse43, Wilfred street
2665 Parker JohnBolton roadhouse140, Bolton road
successivehouse142, Bolton road
2666 Parker WilliamBarkerend roadhouse82, Barkerend road
2667 Parkin HenryOtley roadhouse455, Otley road
2668 Parkin Rev. ThomasJermyn streethouseJermyn street
2669 Parkinson JamesExeter streethouse165, Exeter street
2670 Parkinson JohnClub houseshouse14, Club houses
2671 Parkinson JohnSun streethouse20, Sun street
2672 Parkinson RobertOtley roadhouse166, Otley road
successivehouse131, Otley road
2673 Parkinson Thomas ThorntonBolton roadhouse78, Bolton road
2674 Parkinson WilliamHarris streethouse21, Harris street
2675 Parkinson William junr.North winghouse & shop3, North wing
2676 Parks ThomasExeter streethouse216, Exeter street
successivehouse240, Exeter street
2677 Parlour JohnScott streethouse12, Orchard street
successivehouse11, Scott street
2678 Parratt Arthur EdwardPollard lanewarehouse21, Swaine street
2679 Parratt WilliamSchool courthouse3, School court
2680 Parrott ThomasBarkerend roadhouse160, Barkerend road
2681 Parry RobertOrchard streethouse75, Orchard street
2682 Parsons GeorgeHortonshopLeeds road
2683 Passivant August FerdinandManninghamwarehouse40, Chapel street
2684 Patchelor WilliamWordsworth streethouseHeap street
successivehouse45, Wordsworth street
2685 Patchett AbrahamWapping roadhouse137, Wapping road
2686 Patchett FredBack Spinkwell terracehouse13, Back Spinkwell terrace
2687 Patchett HenryHustler streethouse2, Hustler street
2688 Patchett IsaacWapping roadhouse143, Wapping road
2689 Patchett JosephFilbert streethouse20, Filbert street
2690 Patchett JoshuaOtley roadhouse42, Otley road
2691 Patchett ThomasHeap streethouse42, Heap street
2692 Patefield SamuelClub houseshouse42, Club houses
2693 Paton GeorgeCross Sun streethouse12, Cross Sun street
successivehouse14, Cross Sun street
2694 Paul Charles JohnUpper Park streethouse28, Upper Park street
2695 Pawson RichardSouthey placehouse10, Southey place
2696 Payne ThomasFernbank roadhouse11, Fernbank road
2697 Payton MatthewCross Wellington streethouse11, Cross Wellington street
2698 Peacock AlfredPine streethouse8, Pine street
2699 Peacock WilliamDe Grey streethouse79, De Grey street
2700 Pearce George ClarkHarris streetshopEast parade
2701 Pearson Alfred MajorHill side villashouse25, Hill side villas
successivehouse39, Hillside villas
2702 Pearson Charles WilliamDe Grey streethouse122, Exeter street
successivehouse5, De Grey street
2703 Pearson GeorgeBarkerend roadhouse62, Barkerend road
successivehouse87, Barkerend road
2704 Pearson John BulmerSouthey placehouse17, Southey place
2705 Pearson SamuelHarris streethouse126, Harris street
2706 Pearson SquireLoom streethouse11, Loom street
2707 Pearson ThomasWilfred streethouse36, Wilfred street
2708 Pearson WilliamWilfred streethouse26, Wilfred street
2709 Peckover JamesKing Charles streethouse56, King Charles street
2710 Peel AlfredUndercliffebuildings & landHeap street
2711 Peel George FrederickHortonwarehouse17, Swaine street
2712 Peel JohnUpper Park streethouse23, Upper Park street
2713 Peel JohnBarkerend roadhouse68, Barkerend road
2714 Peel Joseph HodgsonHeap lanehouse102, Heap lane
2715 Peel RichardNorthampton streethouse8, Northampton street
2716 Peel RobertTennyson placehouse90, Orchard street
successivehouse157, Tennyson place
2717 Peel RobertLofthouse streethouse19, Lofthouse street
2718 Peel TheophilusHortonwarehouse17, Swaine street
2719 Pell ThomasNorth winghouse40, North wing
2720 Pennington JohnMildred streethouse43, Mildred street
2721 Penny MilesBarkerend roadhouse126, Barkerend road
2722 Peppett RichardWellington streethouse50, Wellington street
2723 Peppitt JeremiahWellington streethouse70, Wellington street
2724 Percival JamesVictoria terracehouse182, Victoria terrace
2725 Perkins JohnExeter streethouse25, Exeter street
2726 Perkins Richard CharlesManninghamwarehouse53, Well street
2727 Peterson Edward PearsonRawdoncountinghouse5, Charles street
2728 Petrocochino ThemistoclesManninghamwarehouse53, Well street
2729 Petty JohnJackson streetwarehouse65, Brook street
2730 Petty JosephDownham streetwarehouse65, Brook street
2731 Petty Joseph EllisWild Boar streethouse1, Wild Boar street
successiveshop168, Bolton road
2732 Petty RobertDownham streetwarehouse65, Brook street
2733 Petty WilliamVictoria terracehouse192, Victoria terrace
2734 Philip JamesBelmont streethouse118A, Belmont street
2735 Phillips GeorgeNorthampton streethouse17, Northampton street
2736 Phillips HiramUpper Park streethouse18, Upper Park street
2737 Phillips IsaacTennyson placewarehouse43, Leeds road
2738 Phillips RobertRipon streethouse234, Ripon street
2739 Pick DanielUndercliffe streethouseUndercliffe street
2740 Pickard AbrahamShaw streethouse2, Shaw street
2741 Pickard BenjaminWapping roadhouse213, Wapping road
2742 Pickard EnochLingard streethouse22, Lingard street
2743 Pickard George BrownWilfred streethouse145, Horton lane, Horton
successivehouse94, Wilfred street
2744 Pickard James GreenBarkerend roadhouse & shop63, Barkerend road
2745 Pickard PaulPeckover streethouse8, Peckover street
2746 Pickard RichardHeap lanehouse36, Exeter street
successivehouse52, Heap lane
2747 Pickard SamuelHeap courthouse8, Heap court
2748 Pickard WilliamPeckover streethouse10, Peckover street
2749 Pickering JosephRipon streethouse202, Ripon street
2750 Pickering Samuel JosephTennyson placehouse17A, Tennyson place
successivehouse19, Tennyson place
2751 Pickersgill GeorgeSt. Augustine's terracehouse118, Ripon street
successivehouse7, St. Augustine's terrace
2752 Pickersgill JamesShakespeare streethouse57, Heap street
successivehouse38, Shakespeare street
2753 Pickles GeorgeManninghamwarehouse3, Mildred court
2754 Pickles HallNorth winghouse83, North wing
2755 Pickles JohnManninghamwarehouse46, Well street
2756 Pickles JohnNorthowramwarehouse21, Well street
2757 Pickles JohnUpper Park streethouse13, Upper Park street
2758 Pickles John BoothCleckheatonwarehouse3, Mildred court
2759 Pickles JonathanKing Charles streethouse52, King Charles street
2760 Pickles JosephPickle bridgewarehouse21, Well street
2761 Pickles JosephCavalier streethouse21, Cavalier street
2762 Pickles JosephWapping roadhouse45, Wapping road
2763 Pickles JosephGuiseleywarehouse23, Charles street
2764 Pickles OliverCavalier streethouse11, Cavalier street
2765 Pickles ThomasCavalier streethouse22, Wapping street
successivehouse15, Cavalier street
2766 Pickles ThomasCowper placehouse24, Cowper place
2767 Pickles WilliamHill side villashouse25F, Hill side villas
2768 Pickles WilliamWapping roadhouse43, Wapping road
2769 Pickles WilliamWatson foldhouse6, Watson fold
2770 Pilkington JamesMount pleasantwarehouse30, Charles street
2771 Pilling MosesHortonwarehouse23, George yard
2772 Pipe JamesHeap streethouse18, Heap street
2773 Pitchers JohnExeter streethouse202, Exeter street
2774 Pitts CluderayBower greenshopHarris street
2775 Platt James HenrySouthampton streethouse34, Southampton street
2776 Platt ThomasChapel streethouse14, Chapel street
2777 Platts MatthewBingleywarehouse35, Brook street
successivewarehouse10, Brook street
2778 Plowman George WillisDe Grey streethouse29, De Grey street
2779 Pogson JamesAlbert squarehouse6, Albert square
2780 Pollard AdamHipperholmewarehouse37A, Swaine street
2781 Pollard GeorgeFilbert streethouse61, Filbert street
2782 Pollard HenryHortonwarehouse27, Bentley street
2783 Pollard JamesBarkerendwarehouse3, Mildred court
2784 Pollard JoshuaHortonwarehouse27, Bentley street
2785 Pollard SamuelManninghamwarehouse27, Bentley street
2786 Pollard Samuel junr.Hillside villaswarehouse94, Harris street
2787 Pollard ThomasSowden's Buildingshouse6, Sowden's Buildings
2788 Pollard ThomasWordsworth streethouseWordsworth street
successivehouse9, Wordsworth street
2789 Pollard WilliamScarr hillhouseScarr hill
2790 Pollard WilliamManninghamwarehouse45, Brook street
2791 Pollitt ThomasVictoria terracehouse216, Victoria terrace
2792 Poppleston WilliamOrchard streethouse49, Orchard street
2793 Popplewell JohnCowper placewarehouse5, Bolton road
2794 Popplewell John BenjaminManninghamshop11, Market street
2795 Porritt JohnNorth winghouse124, North wing
2796 Porritt JonathanManninghamwarehouse63, Brook street
2797 Porritt WilliamTennyson placehouse84, Tennyson place
2798 Porritt William CharlesworthWestfield terracehouse12, Westfield terrace
2799 Portway GeorgeLightcliffewarehouse25, Swaine street
2800 Portway HerbertLightcliffewarehouse25, Swaine street
2801 Potter William BotterilFernbank terracehouse7, Fernbank terrace
2802 Potts JohnJermyn streethouse34, Jermyn street
2803 Potts JosephSmithson placehouse8, Smithson place
2804 Poulter ThomasKing Charles streethouse4, King Charles street
2805 Poulter ThomasGarnett streethouse15, Garnett street
2806 Pound DanielPaper hall courthouse24, Paper hall court
2807 Pountney DavidGarnett squarehouseNorth wing
successivehouse11, Garnett square
2808 Powell JohnThe Mounthouse16, The Mount
2809 Powell ThomasCordingley streethouse34, Cordingley street
2810 Powell WilliamExeter streethouse8, Wapping road
successivehouse89, Exeter street
2811 Pratt JamesSouthampton streethouse25, Southampton street
2812 Pratt John WilliamHarris streethouse122, Harris street
2813 Pratt JosephHustler streethouse57, Hustler street
2814 Pratt MatthewSharow streethouse3, Sharow street
2815 Pratt RobertChaucer placehouse18, Chaucer place
2816 Pratt WilliamFilbert streethouse29, Filbert street
2817 Pratt WilliamWild Boar streethouseMonk street
successivehouse41, Wild Boar street
2818 Precious JohnMab streethouse14, Mab street
2819 Preston AlexanderCavalier courthouse3, Cavalier court
2820 Preston GeorgeWordsworth streethouse19, Wordsworth street
2821 Preston HenryWright streethouse1, Wright street
2822 Preston JohnScott streethouse46, Exeter street
successivehouse8, Scott street
2823 Preston ThomasRipon streethouse4, Filbert street
successivehouse4, Ripon street
2824 Preston ThomasHeap streethouse51, Heap street
successivehouse57, Heap street
2825 Preston WilliamMildred streethouse82, Mildred street
2826 Price EdwardWellington streethouse96, Thornton road
successivehouse3, Wellington street
2827 Priestley BriggsRawdonwarehouse21, Swaine street
2828 Priestley CharlesRawdonwarehouse21, Swaine street
2829 Priestley EdwardLingard streethouse26, Lingard street
2830 Priestley EdwardLoom streethouse1, Loom street
2831 Priestley FrankPark gatehouse85, Newby street, Bowling
successivehouse15, Park gate
2832 Priestley GeorgeHortonwarehouse13A, Brook street
2833 Priestley JohnAllertonwarehouse1, Brook street
2834 Priestley JosephLoom streethouse41, Loom street
2835 Priestley JosephPhiladelphia streethouseNorth wing
successivehouse8, Philadelphia street
2836 Priestley SamuelTennyson placehouse82, Tennyson place
2837 Priestley ThomasUndercliffewarehouse21, Swaine street
2838 Priestley William HenryRipon streethouse178, Ripon street
2839 Priestman AlfredManninghamwarehouse9, Charles street
2840 Priestman Henry BradyManninghamwarehouse9, Charles street
2841 Priestman JohnManninghamwarehouse9, Charles street
2842 Prime WilliamWapping roadhouse223, Wapping road
2843 Prince Albert WrightWilfred streethouse52, Wilfred street
2844 Prince CharlesworthTennyson placehouse68, Tennyson place
2845 Pringle JamesManninghamwarehouse36, Brook street
2846 Proctor AlfredHillside villasshop51, Otley road
2847 Proctor JamesLofthouse streethouse22, Lofthouse street
2848 Proctor JohnHillside villasshop51, Otley road
2849 Proctor JohnEccleshillwarehouse41, Leeds road
2850 Proctor JosephDudley hill roadhouse40, Dudley hill road
2851 Proctor JosephWapping roadhouse69, Wapping road
2852 Proctor JosephHillside villashouse11, College road, Horton
successivehouse37, Hillside villas
2853 Proud WilliamPark streethouse33, Park street
2854 Puissant Rev. AloysiusJermyn streethouseJermyn street
2855 Pullan Frederick AireyPark crescenthouse33, Park crescent
2856 Pullan JohnBarkerend roadhouse178, Barkerend road
2857 Pullinger GeorgeExeter streethouse210, Exeter street
2858 Purcell HenryNorth winghouse10, North wing
2859 Purcell James VerdonLofthouse streethouse9, Lofthouse street
2860 Purdy ThomasOtley roadhouse495, Otley road
2861 Pyrah WilliamWapping roadhouse279, Wapping road

EAST WARD, 1876, surnames beginning with the letter Q
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
2862 Quinn JohnIrving streethouse22, Irving street
2863 Quinn MilesTemperance streethouse3, Temperance street
2864 Quinn TerenceRipon streethouse24, Ripon street
2865 Quinsey JosephKing Charles streethouse36, King Charles street

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