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BRADFORD: Bradford Parliamentary Register 1876, NORTH WARD, surnames S-Z.


NORTH WARD, 1876, surnames S-Z.
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
706 Sachs AlbertHortonshop151D Westgate
successiveshop20A, North parade
707 Sachs Henry WilliamHortonwarehouse1, Palmerston buildings
708 Schlesinger EmilNorth paradehouse86, North parade
709 Schutt Hermann PeterManninghamwarehouse5, Palmerston buildings
710 Scott GeorgeBolton roadhouse757, Bolton road
711 Scott Samuel SugdenSpring gardenshouse48, Spring gardens
712 Scott SpencerTrafalgar streethouse33, Trafalgar street
713 Scully PeterSpinkwell dyehousehouse1, Spinkwell dyehouse
714 Scurrah GeorgeCannon streethouse6, Cannon street
715 Seed HenryNorth paradewarehouse42, Cheapside
716 Senior RichardBroad streethouse22, Broad street
717 Servant WilliamHallfield placehouse9, Hallfield place
718 Seton Charles ComptonRawdonwarehouseCanal road
719 Shackleton JohnSpinkwell dyehousewarehouseSpinkwell dyehouse
720 Shackleton JonathanRailroad streethouse12, Railroad street
721 Sharp CharlesVine streethouse1, Vine street
722 Sharp FrederickClarenton lanehouse6, Clarenton lane
723 Sharp JamesLeeming streethouseMaltby street
successivehouse7, Leeming street
724 Sharp John BuckleyHortonwarehouseWell street
successiveshop34, North parade
725 Sharp JuliusMonk streethouse30, Monk street
726 Sharp WilliamMonk streethouse28, Monk street
727 Sharpe William NaylorHortonshop6, Piccadilly
728 Shaw HenryMonk streethouse14, Monk street
729 Shaw PhillipBolton roadhouse337, Bolton road
730 Shelly TimothyLeeming streethouse3, Leeming street
731 Shepherd JosephTrafalgar streethouse36, Trafalgar street
successivehouse28, Trafalgar street
732 Siddall JohnBolton roadhouseBarkerend fold
successivehouse239, Bolton road
733 Sidgworth John AnthonyDixon streethouseLaurel street
successivehouse9, Dixon street
734 Sigsworth FrederickDixon streethouse17, Dixon street
735 Siltzer John LudwigCanal roadwarehouseCanal road
736 Simms WilliamStaple streethouse47, Staple street
737 Simon GeorgeSpring gardenshouse10, Spring gardens
738 Simpson JeremiahGreengrove terracehouse2, Greengrove terrace
739 Simpson JohnStone streethouse & shop7, Stone street
740 Simpson John SingletonSalem streethouse14, Salem street
741 Simpson JosephMonk streethouse40, Monk street
742 Simpson WilliamNorth paradeshop76, North parade
743 Simpson WilliamSpring gardenshouse51, Spring gardens
744 Singleton Joseph RobertManninghamwarehouseSingleton street
745 Singleton ThomasHortonwarehouse7, Lister street
746 Smart FredHortonshop16, Kirkgate
747 Smith CharlesNortholme streethouse2, Northolme street
748 Smith CharlesBroad streethouse1, Broad street
749 Smith ElijahTrafalgar placehouse11, Trafalgar place
successivehouse4, Trafalgar place
750 Smith HenryBolton roadhouse459, Bolton road
751 Smith JamesVine streethouse271, Bolton road
successivehouse7, Vine street
752 Smith JohnSalisbury streethouse11, Salisbury street
753 Smith JohnWharfe streethouse49, Wharfe street
754 Smith JosephSalisbury streethouse12, Monk street
successivehouse32, Salisbury street
755 Smith JosephNorth paradewarehouse20, Piccadilly
756 Smith JosephManninghamcountinghouse10, Bermondsey
757 Smith JosephBolton roadhouse389A, Bolton road
758 Smith SamuelBolton roadhouse137, Bolton road
759 Smith SamuelLightcliffewarehouse5, Cheapside
760 Smith SolomonSalisbury streethouse13, Salisbury street
761 Smith ThomasBolton roadhouse173, Bolton road
762 Smith WatsonCannon streethouse15, Cannon street
763 Smith WilliamSalisbury streethouse15, Salisbury street
764 Soppitt GeorgeFrizinghallshop23, Broadstones
765 Speight RobertNorth paradehouse & shop52, North parade
766 Spencer ThomasBoltonwarehouse16, Piccadilly
767 Stafford WilliamMiddle streethouse5, Middle street
768 Stake FrancisManninghamshop38, North parade
769 Stead JohnAlbert placeshop40, Cheapside
770 Steel JohnBroad streetwarehouseBermondsey
771 Steel RobertBolton roadhouseBolton road
successivehouse10, Greengrove terrace
successivehouse231, Bolton road
772 Steinthal Gustave AdolphusManninghamshopBroad street
773 Stephenson HenryBuckingham streethouse20, Buckingham street
774 Stephenson JosephDixon streethouse12, Dixon street
775 Stirk JosephSalisbury streethouse1, Salisbury street
776 Stockdale JosephDixon streethouse20, Dixon street
777 Stocks HenrySpring gardenshouseHeath road
successivehouse23, Spring gardens
778 Storey ThomasBolton roadhouse89, Bolton road
779 Stott JohnLister streethouse2, Lister street
780 Stowe RobertTrafalgar streethouse21, Broad street
successivehouse32, Trafalgar street
781 Stratton JohnBolton roadhouse275, Bolton road
782 Sugden JohnBroad streethouse2, Broad street
783 Summers JamesMonk streethouse51, Dixon street
successivehouse8, Monk street
784 Sunderland EdwardBatleywarehouse15, Cheapside
785 Surman JohnSalem streethouse60, Salem street
786 Sutcliffe CharlesDixon streethouse53, Dixon street
787 Sutcliffe JohnVine streethouse7, Vine street
788 Sutcliffe JohnOxenhopewarehouse13, Cheapside
789 Sykes JohnBolton roadhouse203, Bolton road
790 Sykes RichardSpinkwell dyehousehouse6, Spinkwell dyehouse

NORTH WARD, 1876, surnames beginning with the letter T
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
791 Tacey William GreenNorth paradehouse18, North parade
792 Tate JohnHanover squareshop20, Darley street
793 Taylor BenjaminStone streethouse14, Stone street
794 Taylor Christian HenryManor rowhouse18, Manor row
795 Taylor EliasSnowden streethouseSnowden street
796 Taylor GeorgeManninghamshop10, Salem street
797 Taylor James SomervilleRawdonwarehouse37, Bermondsey
798 Taylor JohnMiddle streethouse11, Middle street
799 Taylor JohnBingleycountinghouse5, Piccadilly
800 Taylor JohnBolton roadhouse427, Bolton road
801 Taylor JohnCannon streethouse4, Cannon street
802 Taylor John EllisNorthbrook placehouse2, Northbrook place
803 Taylor JoshuaVine streethouse25, Vine street
804 Taylor ThomasBolton roadhouse521, Bolton road
805 Taylor ThomasTrafalgar streethouse68, Trafalgar street
806 Teasdale WilliamBuckingham streethouse22, Buckingham street
807 Telfer JohnSalem streethouse34, Salem street
808 Terry John WrightHanover squarewarehouse16, Piccadilly
809 Thackray HenryWool streethouse33, Wool street
successivehouse46, Cheapside
810 Thackray MajorTrafalgar placehouse3, Trafalgar place
811 Theaker WilliamCannon streethouse5, Cannon street
812 Thistlewaite WilliamManninghamwarehouse38, Cheapside
813 Thompson JamesHortonwarehouse1, Duke street
814 Thompson JamesBolton roadhouse4,51, Bolton road
815 Thompson JosephBolton roadhouse465, Bolton road
816 Thompson ThomasBolton roadhouse193, Bolton road
817 Thornton FrancisBolton roadhouseHeap street
successivehouse213, Bolton road
818 Thornton HenryIlkleyoffice16, Kirkgate
819 Thornton Peter PhillipCannon streetshop16, Trafalgar street
820 Thorpe JohnHortonshop2, Kirkgate
821 Thorpe WilliamHortonshop2, Kirkgate
822 Thresh BenjaminNesfield streethouseNesfield street
823 Tidswell JamesManninghamwarehouse12, Dale street
824 Tillotson William SillingfordManninghamwarehouse6, Cross School street
825 Timperley JoeBrearton streethouse15, Brearton street
826 Titterington WilliamBolton roadhouse743, Bolton road
827 Topham JohnBroad streethouse14, Broad street
828 Totty WilliamBolton roadhouse100, Bolton road
829 Town JosephHortonwarehouse5, Cheapside
830 Townend JohnMonk streethouse19, Monk street
831 Townend William HenryHeatonwarehouseCheapside
832 Trotter AlfredBolton roadhouse93, Bolton road
833 Tuke EdwardFrizinghallshopSalem street
834 Turner JohnDixon streethouse71, Dixon street
successivehouse69, Dixon street
835 Turner JonasBolton roadhouseBolton road
836 Turner WilliamBolton roadhouse389B, Bolton road
837 Tweed JamesBolton roadhouseJames street
successivehouse505, Bolton road
838 Tyson Thomas CooperTrafalgar placeshop16, Trafalgar street

NORTH WARD, 1876, surnames beginning with the letter U
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
839 Unwin John DenbySalisbury streethouse9, Salisbury street

NORTH WARD, 1876, surnames beginning with the letter V
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
840 Viccars Samuel JosephManninghamwarehouse10, Piccadilly

NORTH WARD, 1876, surnames beginning with the letter W
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
841 Wade Edward HirstNorth paradewarehouseMill street
842 Wade John HenryManninghamcountinghouse8, Piccadilly
843 Wade JosephHeatonwarehouseMill street
844 Waite John HudsonSalem streethouse16, Salem street
845 Waite JonathanHallfield placehouse7, Hallfield place
846 Walker GeorgeBingleyshop8, Darley street
847 Walker ThomasTrafalgar streethouse54, Trafalgar street
848 Walker ThomasHallfield placehouse6, Hallfield place
849 Walker ThomasHallfield streethouse3, Hallfield street
850 Waller CharlesManninghamwarehouse71, Trafalgar street
851 Waller Thomas WilliamManninghamwarehouse71, Trafalgar street
852 Walshaw JohnBeanland squarehouse29, Beanland square
853 Walton ThomasNorth paradehouse88, North parade
854 Ward SimeonAlbert placehouse7, Albert place
855 Ward William MannIlkleycountinghouse16, Kirkgate
856 Wardman JohnBolton roadhouse753, Bolton road
857 Wardman JosephBolton roadhouse1, Clarenton lane
successivehouse759, Bolton road
858 Wardman WilliamEllis streethouse8, Ellis street
859 Watmough SamuelEllis streethouse & shop1, Ellis street
860 Watson JamesBolton roadhouse937, Bolton road
861 Watson JohnDarfield streetcountinghouseBermondsey
successivewarehouseCanal road
862 Watson MatthewNorth paradehouse92, North parade
863 Watson PeterUndercliffewarehouseBermondsey
successivewarehouseCanal road
864 Watson WilliamHortonwarehouseBermondsey
successivewarehouseCanal road
865 Waud George MotleyNorth paradehouse42, North parade
866 Waud ThomasLister streethouse10, Lister street
867 Waugh BenjaminAlbert streethouseStaple street
successivehouse9, Albert street
868 Waugh ThomasCannon streethouse11, Cannon street
869 Weatherill JamesBolton roadhouse751, Bolton road
870 Webb AlfredMiddle streethouseOtley road
successivehouse3, Middle street
871 Wellock GeorgeBeanland squarehouse7, Beanland square
872 Welsh AndrewStaple streethouse49, Staple street
873 Wens Gustavus AdolphusDrewton streetwarehouse7, Manor row
874 Whaley TimothyClaytonwarehouse57, Bermondsey
875 Whalley OverendClaytonwarehouse22, Piccadilly
successivewarehouse17, Piccadilly
876 Whipp ThomasBroadstonesshopMarket street
successiveshop15, Broadstones
877 Whitaker JohnBolton roadhouse139, Bolton road
878 Whitaker JohnCanal roadhouse51, Canal road
879 Whitaker JosephWharfe streethouse37, Wharfe street
880 Whitaker SimeonHortonwarehouse1, Bermondsey
881 Whitaker WilliamTrafalgar streethouse39, Trafalgar street
882 White WilliamCliffe Wood streethouse11, Vine street
successivehouse2, Cliffe Wood street
883 White WilsonSchool streethouse20, School street
884 Whitefield JohnWhite Abbeywarehouse30, Kirkgate
885 Whiteley WilliamBolton roadhouse273, Bolton road
886 Whitley FrederickLeeds roadwarehouse17, Cheapside
887 Whitley WilliamManninghamwarehouse17, Cheapside
888 Wild JosephMonk streethouse9, Monk street
889 Wilkinson AlfredManninghamwarehouse15, Union street
successivewarehouse3, New Commercial street
890 Wilkinson SamuelAlbert placehouse3, Albert place
891 Willey CharlesEldon terracewarehouse31, Cheapside
892 Willey FrancisManninghamwarehouse56, Cheapside
893 Willey John HenryHanover squarewarehouse25, Cheapside
894 Willoughby JosephBolton roadhouse251, Bolton road
895 Wilson George WilliamManninghamwarehouse38, Piccadilly
896 Wilson HenryBolton roadhouse911, Bolton road
897 Wilson HenryBolton roadhouse491A, Bolton road
898 Wilson HenryManninghamshop1, Broadstones
successiveshopNew Kirkgate
899 Wilson John TurnerBroad streethouse9, Broad street
900 Wilson SamuelBolton roadhouse373, Bolton road
901 Wilson ThomasBolton roadhouse925, Bolton road
902 Winfield MatthewTrafalgar streethouse80, Trafalgar street
903 Wolstenholme John ProcterManninghammill13, Wharfe street
904 Wood IsaacBolton roadhouse449, Bolton road
905 Wood JeremiahBolton roadhouse571, Bolton road
906 Wood ThomasTurner rowhouse6, Turner row
907 Wood ThomasMonk streethouseArthur street
successivehouse12, Monk street
908 Wood ThorntonHallfield placehouse2, Hallfield place
909 Wood WilliamTrafalgar placehouse5, Trafalgar place
910 Woodhead JohnNorth paradehouseOrchard street
successiveshop80, North parade
911 Woodhead WilliamSalem streethouse15, Salem street
912 Woods ArthurBolton roadhouse909, Bolton road
913 Woodyard WilliamKeighleywarehouse30, Kirkgate
914 Woolham WilliamMargerison streethouse5, Margerison street
915 Worman Thomas GreenGrove terracehouse4, Green Grove terrace
916 Worsley ThomasTrafalgar streethouseVictoria street
successivehouse35, Trafalgar street

NORTH WARD, 1876, surnames beginning with the letter Y
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
917 Young George TuteHeadingleywarehouse12, Piccadilly

Transcribed by Colin Hinson © 2014
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