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BRADFORD: Bradford Parliamentary Register 1881, BOWLING WARD1, surnames A-K.


BOWLING WARD1, 1881, surnames A-K.
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
11280 Abbey EdwinEmsley streetdwelling-house18, Emsley street
11281 Ackroyd BastowManchester roaddwelling-house886, Manchester road
11282 Ackroyd FrederickEmsley streetdwelling-house19, Emsley street
11283 Ackroyd JamesSt. Stephen's roaddwelling-house257, Old lane
successivedwelling-house86, St. Stephen's road
11284 Ackroyd SamuelGreaves street, HortonsandworksManchester road
11285 Ackroyd WilliamSt. Stephen's roaddwelling-house114, St. Stephen's road
11286 Adamson RobertBengal streetdwelling-house20, Bengal street
11287 Agers WilliamCotewall roaddwelling-house103, Cotewall road
11288 Akeroyd JosephParkside roadhouse & landParkside road
11289 Albrecht Siegfried Herbert CaesarManninghamwarehouseParkside road
11290 Alderson ChristopherSt. Stephen's roaddwelling-house118, St. Stephen's road
11291 Alderson SquireManchester roaddwelling-house725, Manchester road
11292 Alderson WilliamCloudsdale streetdwelling-house1, Cloudsdale street
11293 Allen SamuelTichborne roaddwelling-houseEven's terrace
successivedwelling-house46, Tichborne road
11294 Allum JamesWootton streetdwelling-house14, Wootton street
11295 Ambler JohnLittle Cross streetdwelling-house3, Little Cross street
11296 Ambler LeviParkside roaddwelling-houseParkside road
11297 Ambler WilliamCotewall roaddwelling-house117, Cotewall road
11298 Anderson CharlesRydal streetdwelling-house33, Rydal street
11299, Anderson WilliamBombay streetdwelling-house24, Bombay street
11300 Antcliffe GeorgeBirch lanedwelling-house61, Birch lane
11301 Antcliffe JosephNewby streetdwelling-house79, Newby street
11302 Antcliffe WalterWootton streetdwelling-house75, Wootton street
11303 Appleby JosephCotewall roaddwelling-house68, Cotewall road
11304 Appleyard WilliamHortonshop173, Old lane
11305 Armitage BenjaminSmiddles lanedwelling-house16, Smiddles lane
11306 Armitage GeorgeWootton streetdwelling-house26, Wootton street
11307 Armitage WalterSt. Stephen's roaddwelling-house81, St. Stephen's road
11308 Armstrong JohnOld lanedwelling-house162, Old lane
11309 Armstrong JosephFaxfleet streetbeerhouse1, Faxfleet street
11310 Ashton AmosRyan streetdwelling-house11, Ryan street
11311 Ashton EliNewton streetdwelling-house57, Newton street
11312 Ashton GeorgeLowfield streetdwelling-house152, Rooley lane
successivedwelling-house21, Lowfield street
11313 Asquith Alfred MitchellNorwood streetdwelling-house7, Norwood street
11314 Asquith SamuelCarrbottom roaddwelling-house4, Carrbottom road
11315 Atkinson ArthurEvens terracedwelling-house44, Evens terrace
11316 Atkinson DavidNew Cross streetdwelling-houseOld lane
successivedwelling-house21, New Cross street
11317 Atkinson GeorgeParkside roaddwelling-house131, Parkside road
11318 Atkinson GeorgeNew Cross streetdwelling-house158, New Cross street
11319 Atkinson HenrySt. Stephen's roaddwelling-houseEllen street
successivedwelling-house47, St. Stephen's road
11320 Atkinson JamesTennant streetdwelling-house5, Tennant street
11321 Atkinson JohnOld lanedwelling-house352, Old lane
11322 Atkinson OliverLittle Cross streetdwelling-house17, Little Cross street
11323 Atkinson ThomasTichborne roaddwelling-house5, Tichborne road
11324 Atkinson ThomasLittle Cross streetdwelling-houseBowling Old lane
successivedwelling-houseBismarck street
successivedwelling-house7, Little Cross street
11325 Atkinson ThomasBismarck streetdwelling-house73, Bismarck street
11326 Ayers JohnBeatrice streetdwelling-house19, Beatrice street

BOWLING WARD1, 1881, surnames beginning with the letter B
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
11327 Backhouse James DonaldsonBismarck streetdwelling-house6, Bismarck street
11328 Bailey JohnBirch lanedwelling-house131, Birch lane
11329 Bailey JohnNewby streetdwelling-house158, Newby street
11330 Baines CharlesSt. Stephen's roaddwelling-house82, St. Stephen's road
11331 Bairstow AlfredCotewall roaddwelling-house10, Cotewall road
11332 Bairstow JohnWootton streetdwelling-house131, Wootton street
11333 Bairstow JosephCarr streetdwelling-house10, Carr street
11334 Bairstow PeterRyan streetdwelling-house1, Ryan street
11335 Bairstow ThomasOld lanedwelling-house100, Tichborne road
successivedwelling-house341, Old lane
11336 Bairstow WilliamOld lanedwelling-houseBirch lane
successivedwelling-house345, Old lane
11337 Baker CharlesWootton streetdwelling-house20, Wootton street
11338 Baker JosephCotewall roaddwelling-house8, Cotewall road
11339 Baldwin BenjaminWoodroyd roaddwelling-house73, Woodroyd road
successivedwelling-house53, Woodroyd road
11340 Balme GeorgeOld lanedwelling-house342, Old lane
11341 Banks JosephBombay streethouse & shop1, Bombay street
11342 Barker EzraOld lanedwelling-house185, Old lane
successivedwelling-house187, Old lane
11343 Barker GeorgeSt. Stephen's roaddwelling-house17, St. Stephen's road
11344 Barker JamesBismarck streetdwelling-house121, Bismarck street
11345 Barker JohnRooley lanedwelling-house223, Rooley lane
11346 Barker JohnPark viewdwelling-house737, Manchester road
11347 Barker ListerSmiddles lanedwelling-house34, Smiddles lane
11348 Barraclough CharlesMoulson streetdwelling-house9, Moulson street
11349 Barraclough JosephParkside roadhouse & shop121, Parkside road
11350 Barraclough ThomasLong rowdwelling-house26, Long row
11351 Barraclough WilliamBirch lanedwelling-house6, Birch lane
11352 Barraclough WilliamTichborne roaddwelling-houseConway street
successivedwelling-houseRound street
successivedwelling-house36, Tichborne road
11353 Barrett WilliamSt. Stephen's roaddwelling-house13, St. Stephen's road
11354 Barron RobertOld lanedwelling-house265, Old lane
11355 Barrow JohnTennant streetdwelling-house27, Tennant street
11356 Barry ThomasGlover streetdwelling-house28, Tennant street
successivedwelling-house2, Glover street
11357 Bastow AbrahamRooley lanedwelling-house7, Rooley lane
11358 Bastow CharlesRyan streetdwelling-houseRooley lane
successivedwelling-house24, Ryan street
11359 Bastow JamesManchester roaddwelling-house826, Manchester road
11360 Bastow JohnRound streetdwelling-house47, Round street
11361 Bateman AbrahamManchester roaddwelling-house965, Manchester road
successivedwelling-house879, Manchester road
11362 Bateman SamuelSurrey streetdwelling-house152, Newby street
successivedwelling-house4, Surrey street
11363 Bateman SamuelOld lanedwelling-houseNewby street
successivedwelling-house328, Old lane
11364 Bateman ThomasWest End terracedwelling-house46, Smiddles lane
11365 Batley JamesBombay streetdwelling-house17, Bombay street
11366 Batton JohnLittle Cross streethouse & shop35, Little Cross street
11367 Battye GeorgeOld lanedwelling-house240, Old lane
11368 Battye GeorgeNew Cross streetdwelling-house107, New Cross street
11369 Baxandall AbrahamOld lanedwelling-house241, Old lane
11370 Baxandall JohnGaythorne roaddwelling-house113, Gaythorne road
11371 Baxandall WilliamNew Cross streetdwelling-house123, New Cross street
11372 Baxter ThomasBeatrice streetdwelling-house5, Beatrice street
11373 Beanland William CudworthHolly villa, HortonwarehouseParkside road
11374 Beasley GeorgeManchester roaddwelling-house654, Manchester road
11375 Beecroft JohnBarley streetdwelling-house11, Barley street
11376 Beesley JohnEmsley streetdwelling-house10, Emsley street
11377 Beeton MatthewLong rowdwelling-houseMoody street
successivedwelling-house16, Long row
11378 Belfield CharlesBeatrice streetdwelling-house10, Beatrice street
11379 Bell DavidRydal streetdwelling-house426, Old lane
successivedwelling-house31, Rydal street
11380 Bell EdwardBaird streetdwelling-house140, Baird street
11381 Bellerby HenryBismarck streetdwelling-house89, Bismarck street
11382 Benn SamuelChellow streetdwelling-house13, Chellow street
11383 Bennett JacobRound streetdwelling-house15, Round street
11384 Bennett JohnWootton streetdwelling-house63, Wootton street
11385 Bennett SampsonGaythorne roaddwelling-house111, Gaythorne road
11386 Bennett WilliamTennant streetdwelling-house34, Tennant street
11387 Bennett WilsonOld lanedwelling-house472, Old lane
11388 Benson John WilliamBengal streetdwelling-houseTichborne road
successivedwelling-house48, Bengal street
11389 Benson JosephTennant streetdwelling-house62, Tennant street
11390 Bentley AlfredRyan streetdwelling-house56, Ryan street
11391 Bentley JamesBirch lanedwelling-house57, Birch lane
11392 Bentley JoeRyan streetdwelling-house15, Ryan street
11393 Berry William MillsLow welldwelling-house531, Manchester road
11394 Berryman William JohnTennant streetdwelling-house38, Tennant street
11395 Best HornbyTennant streetdwelling-house72, Tennant street
11396 Betts AbrahamTennant streetdwelling-house116, Tennant street
11397 Betts AlfredTennant streetdwelling-house141, Tennant street
11398 Binns John ThomasBengal streetdwelling-house28, Bengal street
11399 Binns WilliamRooley lanedwelling-house24, Rooley lane
11400 Birkbeck JohnRyan streethouse & shop70A, Ryan street
11401 Birkby JonathanTennant streetdwelling-house124, Tennant street
11402 Birkby JosephNewton streetdwelling-house63, Newton street
11403 Birkby SamuelParkside roaddwelling-houseEvens terrace
successivedwelling-house127, Parkside road
11404 Bissell JohnTennant streetdwelling-house122, Tennant street
11405 Black WilliamBaird streetdwelling-house69, Baird street
11406 Blackmore JohnTennant streetdwelling-house100, Tennant street
11407 Blake WilliamCalcutta streetdwelling-house52, Calcutta street
11408 Blakey JobsonOld lanedwelling-house139, Old lane
11409 Blanchfield EdwardLowfield streetdwelling-house9, Parkside road
successivedwelling-house30, Lowfield street
11410 Bland SolomonNewby streetdwelling-house182, Newby street
11411 Bleasedale RobertMitchell streetdwelling-house17, Mitchell street
11412 Blinkhorn CharlesCotewall roaddwelling-house109, Cotewall road
11413 Boardell AbrahamOld lanedwelling-house311, Old lane
11414 Bolton JohnBirch lanedwelling-housePrinceville street
successivedwelling-house139, Birch lane
11415 Bolton SamuelTichborne roaddwelling-house20, Tichborne road
11416 Bolton ThurlstonRooley lanedwelling-house77, Rooley lane
11417 Bond Richard JohnManchester roaddwelling-house22, Birch lane
successivedwelling-house873, Manchester road
11418 Bonnington RobertTichborne roaddwelling-house94, Tichborne road
11419 Booth CyrusNew Cross streetdwelling-house7, Parsonage road
successivedwelling-house14, New Cross street
11420 Booth GeorgeRipley streetdwelling-house11, Ripley street
11421 Booth HenryNorwood streetdwelling-house1, Norwood street
11422 Booth IsaacTennant streetdwelling-house108, Tennant street
11423 Booth JosephOld lanedwelling-house353, Old lane
11424 Booth MarkWest End terracedwelling-house44, Smiddles lane
11425 Boothway ArthurBombay streetdwelling-house27, Bombay street
11426 Boswell JosephBombay streetdwelling-house67, Bombay street
11427 Bottomley AsquithEmsley streetdwelling-house13, Emsley street
11428 Bottomley JeremiahOld lanedwelling-house209, Old lane
11429 Bottomley JohnRound streetdwelling-houseCotewall road
successivedwelling-house25, Round street
11430 Bottomley JosephOld lanedwelling-house131, Old lane
11431 Bottomley SamuelRooley lanedwelling-house26, Rooley lane
11432 Bowen MatthewRodney streetdwelling-house9, Rodney street
11433 Bower EdwardWootton streethouse & shop2, Wootton street
11434 Bower HenryClough streetdwelling-house25, Clough street
11435 Bowes WilliamRyan streetdwelling-house98, Ryan street
11436 Bowker BurrowsClough streetdwelling-house21, Clough street
11437 Bowman WilliamOld lanehouse & shop52, Old lane
11438 Boyes CharlesBismarck streetdwelling-house3, Bismarck street
11439 Boyes EdwardTichborne roaddwelling-houseTichborne road
successivedwelling-house34, Tichborne road
11440 Boyle IsraelTichborne roaddwelling-house22, Tichborne road
11441 Bradbury JosephRyan streetdwelling-house158, Coates street
successivedwelling-house92, Ryan street
11442 Bradley AlfredOld lanedwelling-house48, Old lane
11443 Bradley JohnBarley streetdwelling-house8, Barley street
11444 Bradley MajorCalcutta streetdwelling-house10, Calcutta street
11445 Bragginton CharlesNewby streetdwelling-house117, Newby street
11446 Brayshaw DanielMitchell streetdwelling-house6, Mitchell street
11447 Brayshaw DanielManchester roaddwelling-house836, Manchester road
11448 Brayshaw EdwinLow Moorstables & coach-houseManchester road
11449 Brayshaw MarkLittle Cross streetdwelling-house1, Little Cross street
11450 Brayshaw SimeonBombay streetdwelling-house43, Bombay street
11451 Brayshaw ThomasNorwood streetdwelling-house5, Norwood street
11452 Breaks IsaacSmiddles lanedwelling-house31, Smiddles lane
11453 Breaks RichardNewton streetdwelling-house7,5, Newton street
11454 Breaks SquireCalcutta streetdwelling-house59, Calcutta street
11455 Brearley EdwardLittle Cross streetdwelling-house31, Little Cross street
11456 Brearley JohnSpringmill streetdwelling-house43, Baird street
successivedwelling-house162, Springmill street
11457 Brentnall ThomasRodney streetdwelling-house13, Rodney street
11458 Brentnall WilliamNewby streetdwelling-house154, Newby street
11459 Bretherick PaulManchester roaddwelling-house828, Manchester road
11460 Brewer David JonesRound streetdwelling-house117, Round street
11461 Bridgeman WilliamWootton streetdwelling-houseCoates street
successivedwelling-houseParkside road
successivedwelling-house109, Wootton street
11462 Briggs CharlesSmiddles lanedwelling-house11, Smiddles lane
11463 Briggs Daniel BatemanMannville terrace, HortonwarehouseUpper Castle street
11464 Briggs George HenryRooley lanedwelling-house219, Rooley lane
11465 Briggs JonasWykewarehouseUpper Castle street
11466 Briggs ShepherdLittle Cross streetdwelling-house23, Little Cross street
11467 Broadbent CharlesLong rowdwelling-house18, Long row
11468 Broadbent John HenryGaythorne roaddwelling-house107, Gaythorne road
11469 Broadbent John RobertBombay streetdwelling-house28, Bombay street
11470 Broadley AllenCotewall roaddwelling-house120, Cotewall road
11471 Broadley IsaacOld lanedwelling-house10, Barley street
successivedwelling-house446, Old lane
11472 Broadley NicholasOld lanedwelling-house496, Old lane
11473 Brook BenjaminOld lanehouse & shop98, Old lane
11474 Brook HerbertBengal streetdwelling-house26, Bengal street
11475 Brook JonathanBankfootdwelling-house15, Bankfoot
11476 Brook RobertManchester roaddwelling-house830, Manchester road
11477 Brotherton SethNewby streetdwelling-house69, Newby street
11478 Brown EdwinRipley streetdwelling-house69, Ripley street
11479 Brown JamesOld lanedwelling-house430, Old lane
11480 Brown JohnLowfield streetdwelling-house51, Lowfield street
11481 Brown JosephWootton streetdwelling-house5, Wootton street
11482 Bruce AbrahamSpring mill streetdwelling-house166, Spring mill street
11483 Buckle WilliamBombay streetdwelling-house38, Bombay street
11484 Buckley RobertCalcutta streetdwelling-house32, Calcutta street
11485 Budd CharlesSmiddles lanedwelling-houseLowfield street
successivedwelling-house41A, Smiddles lane
11486 Budd William HenryLowfield streetdwelling-houseLowfield street
successivedwelling-house33, Lowfield street
11487 Bulger MichaelTichborne roaddwelling-house28, Tichborne road
11488 Bulmer WilliamBombay streetdwelling-house49, Bombay street
11489 Bunney WalterWoodroyd roaddwelling-house91, Woodroyd road
11490 Burbidge WilliamWootton streetdwelling-houseRydal street
successivedwelling-house135, Wootton street
11491 Burchell ThomasNewby streetdwelling-houseTennant street
successivedwelling-house119, Newby street
11492 Burnett AlfredManchester roaddwelling-house923, Manchester road
11493 Burnett HenryRooley lanedwelling-house17, Rooley lane
11494 Burnett SamuelBankfootdwelling-house10, Rathmell street
successivedwelling-house17, Bankfoot
11495 Burns JohnBombay streetdwelling-house47, Bombay street
11496 Burton SmithRydal streetdwelling-house19, Rydal street
11497 Busfield WilliamRyan streetdwelling-house50, Ryan street
11498 Busfield WilliamOld lanedwelling-house217, Old lane
11499 Bushell HenryManchester roaddwelling-house755, Manchester road
11500 Bushell William ThomasManchester roaddwelling-house759, Manchester road
11501 Busley WilliamLowfield streetdwelling-house8, Lowfield street
11502 Butler GeorgeRydal streetdwelling-house57, Rydal street
11503 Butler RichardRaymond streetdwelling-houseRaymond street
successivedwelling-house72, Raymond street
11504 Butterfield EllisCotewall roaddwelling-house108, Cotewall road
11505 Butterworth JosephCarrbottomdwelling-house9, Carrbottom

BOWLING WARD1, 1881, surnames beginning with the letter C
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
11506 Cairns JohnRydal streetdwelling-house29, Rydal street
11507 Calvert GeorgeThornton squaredwelling-house13, Thornton square
11508 Cameron WilliamManchester roaddwelling-house503, Manchester road
11509 Camm MauriceBarley streetdwelling-house9, Barley street
11510 Campbell JohnEldon placedwelling-houseUpper Castle street
11511 Can GeorgeOld lanedwelling-house192, Old lane
11512 Cann MosesRound streetdwelling-house33, Round street
11513 Carr EdwinParsonage roaddwelling-house15, Parsonage road
11514 Carr Frederick WilliamRydal streetdwelling-houseOld lane
successivedwelling-houseRound street
successivedwelling-house66, Rydal street
11515 Carter EliNewby streetdwelling-house71, Newby street
11516 Carter James EmmettTennant streetdwelling-house87, Tennant street
11517 Carter Samuel MitchellNew Cross streetdwelling-house6, New Cross street
11518 Cartledge SamuelCalcutta streetdwelling-house54, Calcutta street
11519 Casey BenjaminOld lanedwelling-house215, Old lane
11520 Casey JamesSpringmill streetdwelling-houseRaymond street
successivedwelling-house76, Springmill street
11521 Cawthra RichardCoates streetdwelling-house174, Coates street
11522 Cawthron EzraLittle Cross streetdwelling-house12, Little Cross street
11523 Chapman OctaviusTichborne roaddwelling-house4, Cotewall road
successivedwelling-houseEmsley street
successivedwelling-house96, Tichborne road
11524 Charlwood ThomasNewby streetdwelling-house53, Newby street
11525 Charnley John de WickcliffeTennant streetdwelling-house12, Cotewall road
successivedwelling-house48, Tennant street
11526 Chatburn WilliamOld lanehouse & shop297, Old lane
11527 Chew JoshuaFaxfleet streetdwelling-houseTichborne road
successivedwelling-house2, Faxfleet street
11528 Child JohnManchester roaddwelling-house721, Manchester road
11529 Clapham ThomasRydal streetdwelling-house16, Rydal street
11530 Clark EmanuelOld lanedwelling-house450, Old lane
11531 Clark HenryRooley lanedwelling-house34, Rooley lane
11532 Clark JamesRooley lanedwelling-house14, Rooley lane
11533 Clark RichardRooley lanedwelling-house3, Rooley lane
11534 Clark WilliamOld lanedwelling-house425, Old lane
11535 Clarke Rev. JohnSt. Stephen's Vicaragedwelling-house104, Birch lane
11536 Clarkson JosephSurrey streetdwelling-houseTennant street
successivedwelling-houseGlover street
successivedwelling-house16, Surrey street
11537 Clayton GeorgeElizabeth street, Hortonworsted millParkside road
11538 Clayton JamesSt. Stephen's roaddwelling-house96, St. Stephen's road
11539 Clayton JohnBombay streetdwelling-house3, Bombay street
11540 Clayton LlewellynBengal streetdwelling-house41, Bengal street
11541 Clegg JohnNewby streetdwelling-house37, Newby street
11542 Cliff HarryWoodroyd roaddwelling-house89, Woodroyd road
11543 Clifford ElijahOld lanedwelling-house303, Old lane
successivedwelling-house31, Old lane
11544 Clifford JamesLoughrigg streetdwelling-houseClough street
successivedwelling-house18, Loughrigg street
11545 Clifford JosephCotewall roaddwelling-house99, Cotewall road
11546 Clinton HenryCalcutta streetdwelling-house18, Calcutta street
11547 Clough AlfredRaymond streetdwelling-house16, Raymond street
11548 Clough FrederickOaks folddwelling-house16, Birch lane
11549 Clough HiramGaythorne roaddwelling-house105, Gaythorne road
11550 Clough James WilliamRyan streetdwelling-house54, Ryan street
11551 Clough John HenryManchester roaddwelling-houseOld lane
successivedwelling-house658, Manchester road
11552 Clough JonathanManchester roaddwelling-house650, Manchester road
11553 Clough JosephManchester roadhouse & shop928, Manchester road
11554 Clough SamuelTichborne roaddwelling-house108, Tichborne road
11555 Cockcroft JohnRed Lion inndwelling-house943, Manchester road
11556 Cockcroft JonasDraughton streetdwelling-houseManchester road
successivedwelling-house6, Draughton street
11557 Cockcroft JosephManchester roaddwelling-house898, Manchester road
11558 Cockin JamesManchester roaddwelling-house749, Manchester road
11559 Coggan RichardRyan streetdwelling-house10, Ryan street
successivedwelling-house12, Ryan street
11560 Cole JabezOrmecliffe view, MenstonstablesClough street
11561 Colley GeorgeJoshua streetdwelling-houseOld lane
successivedwelling-house14, Joshua street
11562 Connell JamesRyan streetdwelling-house25, Ryan street
11563 Connell MichaelLowfield streethouse & shop26, Lowfield street
11564 Conquest GeorgeOld lanedwelling-houseTichborne road
successivedwelling-house313, Old lane
11565 Conway ThomasTennant streetdwelling-house88, Tennant street
11566 Cook HenryLittle Cross streetdwelling-house14, Little Cross street
11567 Cooke JohnCoates streetdwelling-house160, Coates street
11568 Cookland CorneliusWoodroyd roaddwelling-house11, Woodroyd road
11569 Coombes WilliamBismarck streetdwelling-house79, Bismarck street
11570 Cooney JamesBengal streetdwelling-house56, Bengal street
11571 Cooper Charles HenryTichborne roaddwelling-house7, Tichborne road
11572 Cooper JohnSt. Stephen's roaddwelling-house84, St. Stephen's road
successivedwelling-house68, St. Stephen's road
11573 Cooper RichardTichborne roaddwelling-house11, Tichborne road
11574 Coram AlfredCotewall roadhouse & shop86, Cotewall road
11575 Coram JamesRound streethouse & shop32, Round street
11576 Coram WilliamRydal streetdwelling-house10, Rydal street
11577 Coram WilliamRydal streetdwelling-house59, Rydal street
11578 Cordingley JamesBaird streetdwelling-house138, Baird street
11579 Cotter JamesSurrey streetdwelling-house28, Bismarck street
successivedwelling-houseGlover street
successivedwelling-house22, Surrey street
11580 Cotterill WilliamBaird streetdwelling-house49, Baird street
11581 Coultas ThomasOld lanedwelling-house320, Old lane
11582 Coulton JonasRound streetdwelling-house141, Round street
11583 Court William HenryParkside roaddwelling-houseCaledonia street
successivedwelling-house41, Parkside road
11584 Cowling OliverPrince of Wales inndwelling-house244, Old lane
11585 Crabtree CharlesParkside roaddwelling-house55, Parkside road
11586 Crabtree CharlesCarrbottomdwelling-house11, Carrbottom
11587 Crabtree JosephParkside roaddwelling-house53, Parkside road
11588 Crabtree SamsonRyan streetdwelling-house15, Parkside road
successivedwelling-house6, Ryan street
11589 Craven AlbertRydal streetdwelling-house43, Rydal street
11590 Craven JohnManchester roaddwelling-house798, Manchester road
11591 Craven JosiahManchester roaddwelling-house780, Manchester road
11592 Craven ThomasClough streetdwelling-house5, Clough street
11593 Croft JohnWootton streetdwelling-house95, Wootton street
11594 Crossland JosephOld lanedwelling-house498, Old lane
11595 Crossley HenryRyan streetdwelling-house9, Ryan street
11596 Crossley JohnLowfield streetdwelling-houseWakefield road
successivedwelling-house46, Lowfield street
11597 Crossley JohnOld lanedwelling-house242, Old lane
11598 Crossley KenionRathmell streetdwelling-house21, Chellow street
successivedwelling-house10, Rathmell street
11599 Crowther AlbertNewby streetdwelling-house4, Newby street
11600 Crowther Alfred GeorgeWood roaddwelling-houseRipley street
successivedwelling-house1, Wood road
11601 Crowther Isaac NormingtonTennant streetdwelling-house66, Tennant street
11602 Crowther JohnBengal streetdwelling-house15, Bengal street
11603 Cryer RichardLong rowdwelling-house20, Long row
11604 Culpan JohnMitchell streetdwelling-house5, Mitchell street
11605 Culpan WilliamMitchell streetdwelling-house14, Mitchell street
11606 Cure JohnOld lanedwelling-house305, Old lane
11607 Cure William HenryWood roaddwelling-house7, Wood road
11608 Curwin WilliamWootton streetdwelling-house32, Wootton street
11609 Cutler ThomasBismarck streetdwelling-house34, Bismarck street

BOWLING WARD1, 1881, surnames beginning with the letter D
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
11610 Dalgleish JohnWootton streetdwelling-house105, Wootton street
11611 Darvill JamesBismarck streetdwelling-house58, Bismarck street
11612 Darvill William JohnBarley streetdwelling-houseRyan street
successivedwelling-house1, Barley street
11613 Davis DysonManchester roaddwelling-house505, Manchester road
11614 Davis JohnRyan streetdwelling-house23, Ryan street
11615 Davy DennisOld lanedwelling-house157, Old lane
11616 Davy ThomasOld lanedwelling-house243, Old lane
11617 Dawson George FrederickNewlaywarehouseSpring mill street
11618 Dawson JamesClough streetdwelling-house37, Clough street
11619 Dawson JohnWootton streetdwelling-house41, Wootton street
11620 Dawson WilliamTennant streetdwelling-houseTennant street
successivedwelling-house24, Tennant street
11621 Dawson WilliamCalcutta streetdwelling-house50, Calcutta street
11622 Day CharlesGlover streetdwelling-houseProspect street
successivedwelling-house18, Glover street
11623 Dean JohnCalcutta streetdwelling-houseCotewall road
successivedwelling-house40, Calcutta street
11624 Dean JohnRathmell streetdwelling-house8, Rathmell street
11625 Dean WalterWootton streetdwelling-house3, Wootton street
11626 Dean WilliamManchester roaddwelling-house916, Manchester road
11627 De Courcey HenryBaird streetdwelling-houseCotewall road
successivedwelling-houseEmsley street
successivedwelling-house75, Baird street
11628 Deighton AbrahamNew Cross streetdwelling-house39, New Cross street
11629 Deighton IsaacOld lanedwelling-house462, Old lane
11630 Deighton JosephWoodroyd roaddwelling-houseGaythorne road
successivedwelling-house73, Woodroyd road
11631 Delaney JohnCalcutta streetdwelling-house38, Calcutta street
11632 Demaine SwireTennant streetdwelling-house97, Tennant street
11633 Denby AbramBaird streetdwelling-houseNew Cross street
successivedwelling-house110, Baird street
11634 Denning AlbertBombay streetdwelling-house55, Bombay street
successivedwelling-house20, Bombay street
11635 Denning ArthurNewby streetdwelling-houseNewby street
successivedwelling-house142, Newby street
11636 Denning FrederickTichborne roaddwelling-house90, Tichborne road
11637 Denning JohnThornton squaredwelling-house21, Thornton square
11638 Denning PhilipTennant streetdwelling-house81, Tennant street
11639 Denning StephenSmiddles lanedwelling-house29, Smiddles lane
11640 Dennison WilliamManchester roaddwelling-house810, Manchester road
11641 Dent RobinsonBeatrice streethouse & shop2, Beatrice street
11642 Dent ThomasJoshua streetdwelling-house6, Joshua street
11643 Denton IsaacSt. Stephen's roaddwelling-house80, St. Stephen's road
11644 Denton SmithManchester roaddwelling-houseRooley lane
successivedwelling-house934, Manchester road
11645 Dewhirst William IsaacNew Cross streetdwelling-houseNew Cross street
11646 Dewis IsaiahRydal streetdwelling-house46, Rydal street
11647 Dickinson JamesBaird streetdwelling-house37, Baird street
11648 Dickinson Thomas EnochTennant streetdwelling-house37, Tennant street
11649 Dickinson WilliamWootton streetdwelling-house30, Wootton street
11650 Dickinson WilliamBaird streetdwelling-house47, Baird street
11651 Dix SamuelCalcutta streetdwelling-house20, Calcutta street
11652 Dix SamuelMitchell streetdwelling-house8, Mitchell street
11653 Dixon EdwardRound streetdwelling-house23, Round street
11654 Dixon JamesLowfield streetdwelling-house11, Lowfield street
11655 Dixon RobertTennant streetdwelling-house79, Tennant street
11656 Dixon William CrowtherTichborne roaddwelling-house11, Wootton street
successivedwelling-house15, Tichborne road
11657 Dobson JonasEmsley streetdwelling-house15, Emsley street
11658 Dodsworth ThomasNewby streetdwelling-house89, Newby street
successivedwelling-house87, Newby street
11659 Dossett JohnBombay streetdwelling-house54, Bombay street
11660 Dover JosephOld lanedwelling-house50, Old lane
11661 Dowling MalachiBombay streetdwelling-house44, Bombay street
11662 Downing LionelTennant streetdwelling-houseTennant street
successivedwelling-house126, Tennant street
11663 Dracup WilliamGaythorne roaddwelling-house109, Gaythorne road
11664 Drake JosephRydal streetdwelling-house56, Rydal street
11665 Drake WilliamBombay streetdwelling-house69, Bombay street
11666 Draper GeorgeWootton streetdwelling-house43, Wootton street
11667 Drury George JohnWilliam streetdwelling-house6, John William street
11668 Duce David JohnWilliam streetdwelling-house3, John William street
11669 Duffield John BibbyManchester roaddwelling-house733, Manchester road
11670 Dufton WilliamBaird streetdwelling-house122, Baird street
11671 Dunhill WilliamTennant streetdwelling-house40, Tennant street
11672 Dunn JamesTennant streetdwelling-house36, Tennant street
11673 Dunn James AlbertTichborne roaddwelling-house98, Tichborne road
11674 Dunn JohnLowfield streetdwelling-house50, Lowfield street
11675 Dunn JohnCotewall roaddwelling-houseNewell street
successivedwelling-house101, Cotewall road
11676 Duty BirkettTennant streethouse & shop75, Tennant street
11677 Dyson Frederick CharlesNew Cross streetdwelling-house120, Tennant street
successivedwelling-house91, New Cross street
11678 Dyson JohnRipley streetdwelling-house15, Ripley street
11679 Dyson WilliamTennant streetdwelling-houseAbram street
successivedwelling-house121, Tennant street

BOWLING WARD1, 1881, surnames beginning with the letter E
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
11680 Eames Cornelius RamsayRipley streetdwelling-house41, Ripley street
11681 Earnshaw JamesBarley streetdwelling-house1, Barley street
11682 Earnshaw WilliamEmsley streetdwelling-house16, Emsley street
11683 East John ChapmanLittle Cross streetdwelling-house27, Little Cross street
11684 Eccles WilliamRound streetdwelling-house14, Round street
11685 Edmondson GeorgeParsonage roaddwelling-house109, New Cross street
successivedwelling-house49, Parsonage road
11686 Edmondson RichardRound streetdwelling-houseBaird street
successivedwelling-houseRound street
successivedwelling-house143, Round street
11687 Egan PatrickBaird streetdwelling-house70, St. Stephen's road
successivedwelling-house112, Baird street
11688 Ellershaw ThomasNew Cross streetdwelling-house142, New Cross street
11689 Ellis Edwin TheodoreNewton streetdwelling-house77, Newton street
11690 Ellis SquireTichborne roaddwelling-house1, Emsley street
successivedwelling-house78, Tichborne road
11691 Ellison IsaacCalcutta streetdwelling-house15, Calcutta street
11692 Elstone ThomasBengal streetdwelling-house36, Bengal street
11693 Emmett JamesNewby streetdwelling-house115, Newby street
11694 Emmett JamesBengal streetdwelling-house27, Bengal street
11695 England JohnMalt streetdwelling-house874, Manchester road
successivedwelling-house7, Malt street
11696 Evans ThomasRyan streetdwelling-house5, Ryan street
11697 Eveleigh ThomasCotewall roaddwelling-house78, Cotewall road
11698 Eyles ThomasTichborne roaddwelling-house3, Tichborne road
11699 Eyres WilliamOld lanedwelling-house295, Old lane

BOWLING WARD1, 1881, surnames beginning with the letter F
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
11700 Farnish AlfredEmsley streetdwelling-house11, Emsley street
11701 Farrar EnochRound streetdwelling-house55, Round street
11702 Farrar FredGaythorne roaddwelling-house40, Gaythorne road
11703 Farrar HenryRound streetdwelling-house24, Round street
11704 Farrar RobertManchester roaddwelling-house7, Parkside road
successivedwelling-house682, Manchester road
11705 Farrar ThomasOld lanedwelling-houseSpring mill street
successivedwelling-house166, Old lane
11706 Fawcett JamesLittle Cross streetdwelling-houseNew Cross street
successivedwelling-house4, Little Cross street
11707 Fawcett JohnManchester roaddwelling-houseOld lane
successivedwelling-house644, Manchester road
11708 Fawthrop EphraimRyan streetdwelling-house51, Newton street
successivedwelling-house32, Ryan street
11709 Fawthrop HenryNewby streetdwelling-house36, Newby street
11710 Fawthrop JohnOld lanedwelling-house412, Old lane
11711 Fawthrop JohnOld lanedwelling-house145, Old lane
11712 Fawthrop JosephOld lanedwelling-house141, Old lane
11713 Fawthrop JosephRound streetdwelling-house59, Round street
11714 Fearnley Benjamin KeighleyNewton streetdwelling-house65, Newton street
11715 Fearnsides DavidBismarck streetdwelling-house66, Bismarck street
11716 Feather JohnParkside roaddwelling-houseSmiddles lane
successivedwelling-house73, Parkside road
11717 Fell TimothyOld lanehouse & shop197, Old lane
11718 Fenn JohnEmsley streetdwelling-house24, Emsley street
11719 Fethney PeterClough streetdwelling-house1, Clough street
11720 Fieldhouse GeorgeRooley lanedwelling-house221, Rooley lane
11721 Fieldhouse HenryGalloway lanedwelling-houseGalloway lane
11722 Fieldhouse WaltonEvens terracedwelling-house50, Evens terrace
11723 Fieldhouse WilliamSmiddles lanedwelling-houseRooley lane
successivedwelling-house38, Smiddles lane
11724 Finchan Arthur JohnWilliam streetdwelling-house12, John William street
11725 Firth AlbertTennant streetdwelling-house113, Tennant street
11726 Firth JobCalcutta streetdwelling-house21, Calcutta street
11727 Firth JohnRydal streetdwelling-houseCoates street
successivedwelling-house67, Rydal street
11728 Firth John HenryManchester roaddwelling-house801, Manchester road
11729 Firth JosephBaxendall streetdwelling-house3, Baxendall street
11730 Firth LeviNewton streetdwelling-house69, Newton street
11731 Firth StanleyManchester roaddwelling-house713, Manchester road
11732 Firth WilliamEven's terracedwelling-house8, Even's terrace
11733 Firth WilliamBaird streetdwelling-house144, Baird street
11734 Fitzpatrick JohnOld lanedwelling-house442, Old lane
11735 Fitzpatrick ThomasTennant streetdwelling-houseAbram street
successivedwelling-house110, Tennant street
11736 Flather JohnOld lanedwelling-house16, Thomas street
successivedwelling-houseBaird street
successivedwelling-house254, Old lane
11737 Fletcher GeorgeRyan streetdwelling-house21, Ryan street
11738 Fletcher JohnOld lanedwelling-house476, Old lane
11739 Fletcher WilliamTennant streethouse & shop142, Tennant street
11740 Flynn PatrickTennant streetdwelling-house110, Tennant street
successivedwelling-house101, Tennant street
11741 Ford Malachi HenrySt. Stephen's roaddwelling-house124, St. Stephen's road
11742 Forrest JosephBismarck streetdwelling-house111, Bismarck street
11743 Forrest ThomasRooley lanedwelling-housePollard street
successivedwelling-house225, Rooley lane
11744 Forsyth JamesMark streetdwelling-houseHall lane
successivedwelling-house14, Mark street
11745 Fortune JowettGaythorne roaddwelling-house42, Gaythorne road
11746 Fortune SunderlandNewby streetdwelling-houseEmsley street
successivedwelling-house77, Newby street
11747 Foster AbrahamWootton streetdwelling-house34, Wootton street
11748 Foster BaylisBengal streetdwelling-house9, Bengal street
successivedwelling-house12, Bengal street
11749 Foster GeorgeGaythorne roaddwelling-houseRound street
successivedwelling-house20, Gaythorne road
11750 Fouracre JamesCotewall roaddwelling-house48, Cotewall road
11751 Fowler CharlesNewby streethouse & shop38, Newby street
11752 Fowler GeorgeCoates streetdwelling-house164, Coates street
11753 Fowler HenryCotewall roaddwelling-houseUpper Sturges street
successivedwelling-house66, Cotewall road
11754 Fox JamesDraughton streetdwelling-house3, Draughton street
11755 Fox ReubenManchester roaddwelling-house918, Manchester road
11756 Friend JohnCoates streetdwelling-house144, Coates street
11757 Frost David JohnWilliam streetdwelling-houseNewby street
successivedwelling-house10, John William street
11758 Frost EdwardWootton streetdwelling-house37, Wootton street
11759 Fryer JosephOld lanedwelling-house219, Old lane

BOWLING WARD1, 1881, surnames beginning with the letter G
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
11760 Gallimore ThomasRound streetdwelling-houseRound street
successivedwelling-house123, Round street
11761 Galloway Frederick CooperOld lanedwelling-house120, Old lane
11762 Galloway HenryOld lanedwelling-house386, Old lane
11763 Galloway JesseOld lanedwelling-house124, Old lane
11764 Galloway JohnOld lanedwelling-house388, Old lane
11765 Gambling WilliamBombay streetdwelling-house45, Bombay street
11766 Gardiner WilliamAbram streetdwelling-house54, Tennant street
successivedwelling-house10, Abram street
11767 Gargan JohnEven's terracedwelling-house42, Even's terrace
11768 Garnett AnthonyLittle Cross streetdwelling-house25, Little Cross street
11769 Garnett JohnJoshua streetdwelling-house60, Old lane
successivedwelling-house4, Joshua street
11770 Gascoigne HenryNewby streetdwelling-houseCloudsdale street
successivedwelling-house152, Newby street
11771 Gee RobertNewby streetdwelling-houseRound street
successivedwelling-houseOld lane
successivedwelling-house49, Newby street
11772 Gevaux John WilliamLowfield streetdwelling-houseLowfield street
successivedwelling-house35, Lowfield street
11773 Gibson JamesRydal streetdwelling-house63, Rydal street
11774 Gilbert JamesLong rowdwelling-house4, Long row
11775 Gill GeorgeSt. Stephen's roaddwelling-house100, St. Stephen's road
11776 Gill HarryCalcutta streetdwelling-house28, Calcutta street
11777 Gill JamesAbram streetdwelling-house9, Abram street
11778 Gill JohnCoates streetdwelling-house138, Coates street
11779 Gill JohnTennant streetdwelling-houseMitchell street
successivedwelling-houseGlover street
successivedwelling-houseBengal street
successivedwelling-house2, Tennant street
11780 Gill RogerTennant streetdwelling-house140, Tennant street
11781 Gill WilliamTichborne roaddwelling-house30, Tichborne road
11782 Gledhill ThomasSmiddles lanedwelling-house28, Smiddles lane
11783 Glenton JosiahCotewall roaddwelling-house6, Cotewall road
successivedwelling-house2, Cotewall road
11784 Goddard FergusonBaird streetdwelling-house132, Baird street
11785 Good JamesBaird streetdwelling-houseWoodroyd road
successivedwelling-house71, Baird street
11786 Goodbody BernardBengal streetdwelling-house54, Bengal street
11787 Goodchild JacksonWoodroyd roaddwelling-house39, Woodroyd road
11788 Goodyear EphraimTennant streetdwelling-house10, Tennant street
11789 Goodyear SethTennant streetdwelling-house3, Tennant street
successivedwelling-house8, Tennant street
11790 Gornall EliOld lanedwelling-house470, Old lane
11791 Gough FrankRydal streetdwelling-house53, Rydal street
11792 Gough MarkTichborne roaddwelling-houseTichborne road
successivedwelling-house82, Tichborne road
11793 Gouldsborough ThomasWootton streetdwelling-houseWootton street
successivedwelling-house11, Wootton street
11794 Grace JohnBengal streetdwelling-house31, Bengal street
11795 Graham GeorgeBombay streetdwelling-house62, Bombay street
successivedwelling-house56, Bombay street
11796 Grainger JohnParkside roaddwelling-houseBirch lane
successivedwelling-house85, Parkside road
11797 Gray FieldhouseOld lanedwelling-house460, Old lane
11798 Gray JamesOld lanedwelling-house23, Tennant street
successivedwelling-house85, Baird street
successivedwelling-house104, Old lane
11799 Gray WilliamManchester roadhouse & shop894, Manchester road
11800 Greaves EdwardSmiddles lanedwelling-house5, Smiddles lane
11801 Greedy AlfredTichborne roaddwelling-houseSt. Stephen's road
successivedwelling-house10, Tichborne road
11802 Green JamesRooley lanedwelling-house133, Rooley lane
11803 Green JohnCotewall roaddwelling-house114, Cotewall road
11804 Greenfield George JamesOld lanedwelling-houseCoates street
successivedwelling-house261, Old lane
11805 Greenhough RobertGalloway lanedwelling-houseGalloway lane
11806 Greenman ThomasNewby streetdwelling-house75, Newby street
11807 Greenwood AbrahamOld lanedwelling-house279, Old lane
11808 Greenwood Frederick AlexanderOswald housedwelling-houseOswald house, Bankfoot
11809 Greenwood JohnBirch lanedwelling-house143, Birch lane
11810 Greenwood JohnRooley lanedwelling-houseManchester road
successivedwelling-house77, Rooley lane
11811 Greenwood JosephSurrey streetdwelling-house149, Old lane
successivedwelling-house12, Surrey street
11812 Greenwood William HorsfallMannville terrace, HortonwarehouseUpper Castle street
11813 Gregg WilliamWoodroyddwelling-houseWoodroyd
11814 Griffiths ThomasCotewall roaddwelling-house74, Cotewall road
11815 Grimley RobertNewby streetdwelling-houseNewby street
successivedwelling-house97, Newby street
11816 Grint JohnLowfield streetdwelling-house20, Lowfield street
11817 Groce WilliamCotewall roaddwelling-house24, Cotewall road
11818 Groves GeorgeRydal streetdwelling-house40, Rydal street
11819 Groves HenryRaymond streetdwelling-house32, Raymond street
11820 Groves JosephNewby streetdwelling-house160, Newby street
11821 Groves WilliamCalcutta streetdwelling-house48, Calcutta street
11822 Gunton PearsonLittle Cross streetdwelling-house8, Little Cross street

BOWLING WARD1, 1881, surnames beginning with the letter H
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
11823 Haining WilliamRydal streetdwelling-house6, Rydal street
11824 Hainsworth JamesManchester roadhouse & shop866, Manchester road
11825 Hainsworth JohnBaird streetdwelling-houseCaledonia street
successivedwelling-house113, Baird street
11826 Haley AlfredAshfield, HortonwarehouseSpring Mill street
11827 Haley EdwinOld lanedwelling-house504, Old lane
11828 Hall AbrahamBismarck streetdwelling-house60, Bismarck street
11829 Hall EdwardSt. Stephen's roaddwelling-house34, Gaythorne road
successivedwelling-house69, St. Stephen's road
11830 Hall ElijahTennant streetdwelling-house56, Tennant street
11831 Hall GeorgeRaymond streetdwelling-house6, Raymond street
11832 Hall JohnNewby streetdwelling-house140, Newby street
11833 Hall JosephCalcutta streetdwelling-house40, Calcutta street
successivedwelling-house60, Calcutta street
11834 Hallam ChristopherNewby streetdwelling-house146, Newby street
11835 Halliday ThomasCalcutta streetdwelling-house33, Calcutta street
11836 Halmpshaw GeorgeTennant streetdwelling-house20, Tennant street
11837 Hamer DanielRyan streetdwelling-house13, Ryan street
11838 Hammond ThomasRydal streetdwelling-house65, Rydal street
11839 Hammond WilliamWoodroyd roaddwelling-house93, Woodroyd road
11840 Hancock JohnOld lanedwelling-house339, Old lane
11841 Handby ThomasOld lanedwelling-houseOld lane
successivedwelling-house464, Old lane
11842 Handley HenryOld lanedwelling-house348, Old lane
11843 Hanley JohnLowfield streetdwelling-houseWootton street
successivedwelling-house34, Lowfield street
11844 Hannam GeorgeBankfootdwelling-house11, Bankfoot
11845 Hannam WilliamManchester roadhouse & shopManchester road
successivedwelling-houseNew Cross street
successivedwelling-house925, Manchester road
11846 Hanson EnochLittle Cross streetdwelling-house13, Little Cross street
11847 Hanson HenryRooley foldhouse & land85, Rooley lane
11848 Hanson HenryRooley lanehouse & land40, Rooley lane
11849 Hanson JacobNew Cross streetdwelling-house13, New Cross street
11850 Hanson John FrederickBirch lanedwelling-houseBirch lane
successivedwelling-house25, Birch lane
11851 Hanson RichardRooley lanedwelling-house74, Rooley lane
11852 Hanson ThomasBengal streetdwelling-house58, Bengal street
successivedwelling-houseProvidence place
successivedwelling-house23, Bengal street
11853 Hardaker JosephTennant streetdwelling-house105, Tennant street
11854 Hardisty JosephBirch lanedwelling-house142, Birch lane
11855 Hardy IsaacOld lanedwelling-houseTennant street
successivedwelling-house137, Old lane
11856 Hardy SethSpringmill streetdwelling-house58, Rydal street
successivedwelling-house100, Springmill street
11857 Hardy WalterWootton streetdwelling-houseGaythorne road
successivedwelling-house91, Baird street
successivedwelling-house13, Wootton street
11858 Hargreaves JamesWootton streetdwelling-house33, Wootton street
11859 Hargreaves RobertLoughrigg streetdwelling-houseParkside road
successivedwelling-house6, Loughrigg street
11860 Hargreaves WilliamBombay streetdwelling-house21, Bombay street
11861 Harker RichardLow welldwelling-house515, Manchester road
11862 Harris ThomasOld lanedwelling-house357, Old lane
11863 Harrison AlfredWootton streetdwelling-house8, Wootton street
11864 Harrison AmosOld lanedwelling-house218, Old lane
11865 Harrison GeorgeWootton streetdwelling-house4, Wootton street
11866 Harrison HenryRyan streetdwelling-houseHolme Top street
successivedwelling-house36, Ryan street
11867 Harrison JohnOld lanedwelling-house114, Old lane
11868 Harrison John FrederickRawdon hall, RawdonwarehouseUpper Castle street
11869 Harrison JosephOld lanedwelling-house112, Old lane
11870 Harrison JosephLowfield streetdwelling-house61, Lowfield street
11871 Harrison SamuelEvens terracedwelling-houseBismarck street
successivedwelling-house66, Evens terrace
11872 Harrison SharpParkside roaddwelling-house61, Parkside road
11873 Harrison ThomasSt. Stephen's roaddwelling-house75, St. Stephen's road
11874 Harrison WilliamBirch lanedwelling-house63, Birch lane
11875 Harrison WilliamCotewall roaddwelling-house90, Cotewall road
11876 Hartley CharlesNewby streetdwelling-house134, Newby street
11877 Hartley JamesNewby streetdwelling-house33, Newby street
11878 Hartley JesseTennant streetdwelling-house98, Tennant street
11879 Hartley John HodgsonWoodroyd roadhouse & shop77, Woodroyd road
11880 Hartley JosephWootton streetdwelling-houseOld lane
successivedwelling-house25, Wootton street
11881 Hartley JosephBaird streetdwelling-houseSaville street
successivedwelling-house142, Baird street
11882 Hartley WilliamSt. Stephen's roaddwelling-house21, St. Stephen's road
11883 Harwood RobertRound streetdwelling-house37, Round street
11884 Hawley GeorgeLittle Cross streetdwelling-house18, Little Cross street
11885 Haywood WilliamLudlam streetdwelling-house32, Ludlam street
11886 Healey AlfredBengal streetdwelling-house49, Bengal street
11887 Healey JamesWootton streetdwelling-house57, Wootton street
11888 Heathorne JohnLong rowdwelling-house6, Long row
11889 Heaton HenryOld lanehouse & shop299, Old lane
successivedwelling-house301, Old lane
11890 Heaton ThomasRyan streetdwelling-house28, Ryan street
11891 Helliwell IsaacEli streetdwelling-house11, Eli street
11892 Helliwell JamesOld lanedwelling-house245A, Old lane
11893 Helliwell JamesSmiddles lanedwelling-house10, Smiddles lane
11894 Henderson RobertOld lanedwelling-house490, Old lane
11895 Henry Patrick JohnGaythorne roaddwelling-house115, Gaythorne road
11896 Hepworth ElijahClough streetdwelling-house7, Clough street
11897 Herriott JohnRaymond streetdwelling-house31, Bombay street
successivedwelling-house28, Raymond street
11898 Heseltine LeonardEvens terracedwelling-houseEli street
successivedwelling-house26, Evens terrace
11899 Heslewood JohnSt. Stephen's roaddwelling-houseNewby street
successivedwelling-house92, St. Stephen's road
11900 Hesling MichaelPark sidedwelling-house152, Birch lane
11901 Hession JohnLowfield streetdwelling-houseRaymond street
successivedwelling-houseRyan street
successivedwelling-houseLowfield street
successivedwelling-house31, Lowfield street
11902 Hey AbrahamOld lanehouse & shop148, Old lane
11903 Hey GeorgeNewby streethouse & shop55, Newby street
11904 Hey Walter HaroldSt. Stephen's roaddwelling-house106, St. Stephen's road
11905 Hicks WilliamRound streetdwelling-house111, Round street
11906 Hill EdwardSpringmill streetdwelling-house17, Emsley street
successivedwelling-house104, Springmill street
11907 Hill JamesCotewall roaddwelling-house52, Cotewall road
successivedwelling-house50, Cotewall road
11908 Hill JohnThornton squaredwelling-house9, Thornton square
11909 Hill ThomasBismarck streetdwelling-houseCrow Tree lane
successivedwelling-house12, Bismarck street
11910 Hillam CharlesCoates streetdwelling-house5, New Cross street
successivedwelling-houseSpringmill street
successivedwelling-house180, Coates street
11911 Hillam CharlesSmiddles lanedwelling-house37, Smiddles lane
11912 Hillam JamesNew Cross streetdwelling-houseRipley terrace
successivedwelling-house115, New Cross street
11913 Hillam JohnTichborne roaddwelling-house72, Tichborne road
11914 Hillam Joseph HenryLittle Cross streetdwelling-house6, Little Cross street
11915 Hillam SamuelSmiddles lanedwelling-houseManchester road
successivedwelling-house35, Smiddles lane
11916 Hillam SquireNew Cross streetdwelling-house29, New Cross street
11917 Hinchliffe JohnWood roaddwelling-houseBirch lane
successivedwelling-house13, Wood road
11918 Hinchliffe JohnBirch lanedwelling-house15, Birch lane
11919 Hinchliffe JohnManchester roaddwelling-house888, Manchester road
11920 Hinchliffe JosephSpring mill streetdwelling-house180, Spring mill street
11921 Hinchliffe LewisWootton streetdwelling-houseSaville street
successivedwelling-house129, Wootton street
11922 Hind JobBengal streetdwelling-houseRyan street
successivehouse & shop64, Bengal street
11923 Hindle JamesManchester roaddwelling-house921, Manchester road
11924 Hindle JamesTennant streetdwelling-house89, Tennant street
11925 Hindle William HenrySmiddles lanedwelling-house47, Smiddles lane
11926 Hipwell William JamesOld lanedwelling-house466, Old lane
11927 Hird AbednegoRound streetdwelling-house21, Round street
11928 Hird IsaacRound streetdwelling-house29, Round street
11929 Hird WilliamParkside roaddwelling-house57, Parkside road
11930 Hirst HarrisonNewby streetdwelling-house14, Newby street
11931 Hirst Henry DaltonRaymond streetdwelling-houseRaymond street
successivedwelling-house84, Raymond street
11932 Hirst JamesCarr streetdwelling-house6, Carr street
11933 Hirst SamuelManchester roadhouse & shop820, Manchester road
11934 Hirst ThomasOld lanedwelling-house502, Old lane
11935 Hitchen WilliamCalcutta streetdwelling-house47, Newby street
successivedwelling-house47, Calcutta street
11936 Hitchin JohnSt. Stephen's roaddwelling-house39, St. Stephen's road
11937 Hobson GeorgeRydal streetdwelling-house51, Rydal street
11938 Hobson TimothyParkside roaddwelling-house13, Parkside road
11939 Hodgson AlexanderMitchell streethouse & shop1, Mitchell street
11940 Hodgson AlfredOld lanedwelling-house482, Old lane
11941 Hodgson BenjaminOld lanedwelling-house488, Old lane
11942 Hodgson ChristopherBankfootdwelling-house7, Bankfoot
11943 Hodgson HenryManchester roaddwelling-house902, Manchester road
11944 Hodgson HenryWhite lane, Wibseyhouse & clubroomCarrbottom road
11945 Hodgson JamesDraughton streetdwelling-houseManchester road
successivedwelling-house11, Draughton street
11946 Hodgson JamesTennant streetdwelling-house15, Tennant street
11947 Hodgson JosephFaxfleet streetdwelling-house5, Faxfleet street
successivedwelling-house3, Faxfleet street
11948 Hodgson SethOld lanedwelling-house313, Old lane
successivedwelling-house368, Old lane
11949 Holden JonasManchester roaddwelling-house906, Manchester road
11950 Holden WilliamManchester roaddwelling-house672, Manchester road
11951 Holding AbrahamParkside roaddwelling-house30, Raymond street
successivedwelling-house113, Parkside road
successivedwelling-house107, Parkside road
11952 Holdsworth EdwardRaymond streetdwelling-house8, Raymond street
11953 Holdsworth EphraimLowfield streetdwelling-house36, Lowfield street
11954 Holdsworth JacobRooley lanehouse & land140, Rooley lane
11955 Holdsworth WilliamWoodroyd roaddwelling-house95, Woodroyd road
11956 Hollings CharlesSmiddles lanedwelling-houseBarley street
successivedwelling-house25, Smiddles lane
11957 Hollings JamesOld lanedwelling-house293, Old lane
11958 Hollings JohnOld lanedwelling-house291, Old lane
11959 Hollywood Rev. JohnSt. Matthew's Vicaragedwelling-houseCarrbottom road
11960 Holmes AbelRipley streetdwelling-house29, Ripley street
11961 Holmes AmosOld lanehouse & shop15, Old lane
11962 Holmes DavidRyan streetdwelling-house16, Ryan street
11963 Holmes EdwardBoyton streetdwelling-house269, Park lane
successivedwelling-house30, Boyton street
11964 Holmes Edward AckroydPark sidedwelling-house150, Birch lane
11965 Holmes HenryOld lanedwelling-house153, Old lane
11966 Holmes JamesNewby streetdwelling-house170, Newby street
11967 Holmes Jonas TurnerBoyton streetdwelling-house83, Park lane
successivedwelling-house20, Boyton street
11968 Holmes JosephParkside roadhouse & shop51, Parkside road
11969 Holmes MatthewRipley streetdwelling-house35, Ripley street
11970 Holmes RobertWootton streetdwelling-house121, Wootton street
successivedwelling-house125, Wootton street
11971 Holmes ThomasBengal streetdwelling-houseWootton street
successivedwelling-house58, Bengal street
11972 Holmes WilliamSt. Stephen's roaddwelling-house102, St. Stephen's road
11973 Holroyd AllanRodney streetdwelling-house5, Rodney street
11974 Holroyd EnochNewton streetdwelling-house67, Newton street
11975 Holroyd George FrederickNew Cross streetdwelling-house119, New Cross street
11976 Holroyd HerbertOld lanedwelling-houseTichborne road
successivedwelling-house249, Old lane
11977 Holroyd JamesEvens terracedwelling-house68, Evens terrace
11978 Holroyd JohnBarley streetdwelling-house16, Barley street
11979 Holroyd MosesParkside roaddwelling-house63, Parkside road
11980 Holroyd StephenSt. Stephen's roaddwelling-house88, St. Stephen's road
11981 Holroyd WilliamNew Cross streetdwelling-house126, New Cross street
11982 Holroyd WilliamLong rowdwelling-house12, Long row
11983 Holt JohnNewby streetdwelling-house29, Newby street
11984 Holt JohnRaymond streetdwelling-house54, Raymond street
11985 Hopkinson CharlesBaird streetdwelling-house146, Baird street
11986 Hopkinson CharlesBengal streetdwelling-house62, Bengal street
11987 Hopkinson EdwinBoyton streetdwelling-house34, Boyton street
11988 Hopkinson JohnParsonage roaddwelling-house25, Woodroyd road
successivedwelling-house47, Parsonage road
11989 Hopkinson RichardEli streetdwelling-house15, Eli street
11990 Horrocks William HenryCoates streetdwelling-house154, Coates street
11991 Horsfall JamesCalcutta streetdwelling-house30, Calcutta street
11992 Horsfall JohnOld lanedwelling-house245B, Old lane
11993 Horsfall JohnTennant streetdwelling-houseBramley street
successivedwelling-house94, Tennant street
11994 Horsfall JonasHorton lanewarehouseUpper Castle street
11995 Horsfall William HenryBismarck streetdwelling-house77, Bismarck street
11996 Horsfield NathanRydal streetdwelling-house52, Rydal street
11997 Horsman JamesRooley lanedwelling-houseWoodroyd road
successivedwelling-house144, Rooley lane
11998 Horsman JohnRooley lanehouse & land161, Rooley lane
11999 Houson ChristopherGalloway lanedwelling-houseGalloway lane
12000 Houson ThomasGalloway farmhouse & landGalloway lane
12001 Houson WilliamGalloway lanedwelling-houseGalloway lane
12002 Howard EdwardMoulson streetdwelling-house3, Moulson street
12003 Howard George RobertTichborne roaddwelling-house10, Tichborne road
successivedwelling-house4, Tichborne road
12004 Howard JamesBaird streetdwelling-houseNewby street
successivedwelling-house116, Baird street
12005 Howard RichardRipley streetdwelling-house61, Ripley street
12006 Howard WilliamManchester roadhouse & land821, Manchester road
12007 Hudson JohnOld lanedwelling-house238, Old lane
12008 Hudson JosephBengal streetdwelling-house22, Bengal street
12009 Hudson WilliamOld lanedwelling-house132, Old lane
12010 Hughes EdwardNewby streetdwelling-house103, Newby street
12011 Hughes WilliamSpringmill streetdwelling-houseNewby street
successivedwelling-house171, Springmill street
12012 Humphreys GeorgeCalcutta streetdwelling-house23, Calcutta street
12013 Humphreys RichardNewton streetdwelling-houseSt. Stephen's road
successivedwelling-house59, Newton street
12014 Hunt BenjaminCotewall roaddwelling-house122, Cotewall road
successivedwelling-house110, Cotewall road
12015 Hustler ThomasOld lanedwelling-house351, Old lane
12016 Hutchinson JohnNewby streetdwelling-house12, Newby street
12017 Hutchinson RobertWootton streetdwelling-house52, Wootton street
12018 Hutton TomOld lanedwelling-houseManchester road
successivedwelling-houseManchester road
successivedwelling-house506, Old lane
12019 Hyde SamuelRound streetdwelling-house28, Round street

BOWLING WARD1, 1881, surnames beginning with the letter I
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
12020 Ibeson Joseph MasonBirch lanedwelling-house81, Birch lane
12021 Ideson JamesOld lanedwelling-house267, Old lane
12022 Illingworth CainBoyton streetdwelling-house14, Boyton street
12023 Illingworth JamesThornton squaredwelling-house19, Thornton square
12024 Illingworth JosephBaird streetdwelling-house124, Baird street
12025 Illingworth ThomasOld lanedwelling-house456, Old lane
12026 Illingworth ThomasRaymond streetdwelling-house68, Raymond street
12027 Illingworth ThomasSmiddles lanedwelling-house45, Smiddles lane
12028 Ingham BenjaminBaird streetdwelling-house73, Baird street
12029 Ingham JosephGaythorne roaddwelling-houseRaymond street
successivedwelling-house20, Gaythorne road
12030 Ingham LukeBombay streetdwelling-house51, Bombay street
12031 Ingham WilliamRound streetdwelling-house18, Round street
12032 Iredale JohnEmsley streetdwelling-house29, Emsley street
12033 Isaacs JosephManchester roaddwelling-house767, Manchester road

BOWLING WARD1, 1881, surnames beginning with the letter J
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
12034 Jackson FretwellBombay streetdwelling-house11, Bombay street
12035 Jackson JamesBaxendall streetdwelling-house1, Baxendall street
12036 Jackson JamesOld lanedwelling-house322 Old lane
12037 Jackson JamesTichborne roaddwelling-house74, Tichborne road
12038 Jackson John RobinsonOld lanedwelling-house179, Old lane
successivedwelling-house37, Old lane
12039 Jackson ReubenMarsh placehouse & shop690, Manchester road
12040 Jackson ReubenBarley streetdwelling-house1, Barley street
successivedwelling-house10, Barley street
12041 Jackson RobertMark streetdwelling-house45, Calcutta street
successivedwelling-house12, Mark street
12042 Jackson RobertTennant streetdwelling-house103, Tennant street
12043 Jackson ThomasOld lanedwelling-house194, Old lane
12044 Jackson WilliamsonBradfordshop150, Springmill street
12045 Jacques William HenryLowfield streetdwelling-house45, Lowfield street
12046 Jagger AlfredBoyton streetdwelling-house26, Boyton street
12047 Jarvis JamesTennant streetdwelling-house128, Tennant street
12048 Jenkins ThomasOld lanedwelling-house423, Old lane
12049 Jennings AckroydCalcutta streetdwelling-house27, Calcutta street
12050 Jennings SutcliffeSpringmill streetdwelling-house5, Calcutta street
successivedwelling-house86, Springmill street
12051 Jennison WilliamCoates streetdwelling-house150, Coates street
12052 Jessop JohnOld lanehouse & shop42, Old lane
12053 Jessop TomGaythorne roaddwelling-house16, Gaythorne road
12054 Johnson CharlesManchester roaddwelling-house686, Manchester road
12055 Johnson GeorgeManchester roaddwelling-house808, Manchester road
12056 Johnson JohnBismarck streetdwelling-house4, Bismarck street
12057 Johnson StephenCotewall roaddwelling-house72, Cotewall road
12058 Jolly MichaelWootton streetdwelling-house57, Wootton street
12059 Jopling John EmmettWootton streetdwelling-house137, Wootton street
12060 Jowett AquillaSt. Stephen's roaddwelling-house3, Emsley street
successivedwelling-house55, St. Stephen's road
12061 Jowett George HelliwellBombay streethouse & shop76, Bombay street
12062 Jowett JosephSurrey streetdwelling-house174, Newby street
successivedwelling-house6, Surrey street
12063 Jukes DavidWoodroyd roaddwelling-house65, Woodroyd road

BOWLING WARD1, 1881, surnames beginning with the letter K
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
12064 Kay HenryNew Cross streetdwelling-house124, New Cross street
12065 Kay JamesBirch lanedwelling-house100, Birch lane
12066 Keegan EdwardCalcutta streetdwelling-house14, Calcutta street
12067 Keegan MichaelRydal streetdwelling-house54, Rydal street
12068 Keighley JonathanWoodroyd roaddwelling-house33, Woodroyd road
12069 Keighley JosephBeatrice streetdwelling-house26 Beatrice street
12070 Kellett JosephManchester roadhouse & shop786, Manchester road
12071 Kemp BenjaminEmsley streetdwelling-house9, Emsley street
12072 Kershaw IsaacManchester roaddwelling-house708, Manchester road
12073 Kershaw JamesOld lanedwelling-house285, Old lane
12074 Kershaw JohnBirch lanedwelling-house13, Birch lane
12075 Kershaw JohnRound streetdwelling-houseOld lane
successivedwelling-house129, Round street
12076 Kershaw JohnOld lanedwelling-house312, Old lane
12077 Kershaw JosephOld lanedwelling-house343, Old lane
12078 Kershaw SquireSt. Stephen's Schooldwelling-houseOld lane
12079 Kettlewood JohnNew Cross streetdwelling-house110, New Cross street
12080 Kiddie Alfred ThomasSpring mill streetdwelling-house156, Spring mill street
12081 Kiddie HenryCotewall roaddwelling-houseCloudsdale street
successivedwelling-house4, Cotewall road
12082 King GeorgeMoulson streetdwelling-house7, Moulson street
12083 Kitchen JosephGlover streetdwelling-houseLeicester street
successivedwelling-house20, Glover street
12084 Kitchingman ByronBirch lanedwelling-house43, Birch lane
12085 Kitchingman JohnManchester roaddwelling-house800, Manchester road
12086 Kitchingman SamuelOld lanedwelling-house334, Old lane
12087 Kitchingman SamuelOld lanedwelling-houseOld lane
successivedwelling-house251, Old lane
12088 Kitchingman WilliamRound streetdwelling-house51, Round street
12089 Kitchingman WilliamRaymond streetdwelling-house4, Raymond street
12090 Kitson AmosSt. Stephen's roaddwelling-houseCotewall road
successivedwelling-house90, St. Stephen's road
12091 Kitson JohnSt. Stephen's roaddwelling-house12, St. Stephen's road
12092 Kitson RileyLoughrigg streetdwelling-houseOld lane
successivedwelling-house2, Loughrigg street
12093 Knapton HenryRound streetdwelling-house43, Round street
12094 Knight WilliamRyan streetdwelling-house68, Ryan street
12095 Knowles IsaacClough streetdwelling-house23, Clough street
12096 Knowles JohnBoyton streetdwelling-house28, Boyton street
12097 Knowles JosephSt. Stephen's roaddwelling-house122, St. Stephen's road
12098 Knowles MatthewBengal streetdwelling-house50, Bengal street
12099 Knowles WilliamClough streetdwelling-house41, Clough street

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