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BRADFORD: Bradford Parliamentary Register 1881, BOWLING WARD1, surnames L-Z.


BOWLING WARD1, 1881, surnames L-Z.
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
12100 Lake SamuelRydal streetdwelling-house8, Rydal street
12101 Lake Walter JohnWilliam streetdwelling-house8, John William street
12102 Lake WilliamMark streetdwelling-house10, Mark street
12103 Lamb ThomasSt. Stephen's roaddwelling-house60, St. Stephen's road
12104 Lambert JamesOld lanedwelling-house324, Old lane
12105 Lancaster TomClough streetdwelling-house9, Clough street
12106 Latilla George NapoleonFaxfleet streetdwelling-house11, Faxfleet street
12107 Law ThomasBismarck streethouse & shop2, Bismarck street
12108 Lawson SquireBengal streetdwelling-house18, Bengal street
12109 Laycock JamesOld lanedwelling-house245, Old lane
12110 Laycock JonathanManchester roaddwelling-house723, Manchester road
12111 Laycock ListerOld lanehouse & shop94, Old lane
12112 Laycock Thomas ParkNew Cross streetdwelling-house152, New Cross street
12113 Laycock WilliamBoyton streetdwelling-house32, Boyton street
12114 Lazenby JohnSpring mill streetdwelling-house158, Spring mill street
12115 Leach AbrahamNewton streetdwelling-houseBroadbent street
successivedwelling-house71, Newton street
12116 Leach William ThomasBirch lanedwelling-house12, Birch lane
12117 Lee SmithParsonage roaddwelling-house21, Parsonage road
12118 Leeming EdwardSpring mill streetdwelling-house82, Tennant street
successivedwelling-house172, Spring mill street
12119 Lenahal LawrenceLowfield streetdwelling-house25, Lowfield street
12120 Lightowler Dan FletcherManchester roaddwelling-house901, Manchester road
12121 Lightowler MatthewManchester roaddwelling-house919, Manchester road
12122 Lightowler WilliamManchester roadhouse & shop931, Manchester road
12123 Linforth JohnBombay streetdwelling-house66, Bombay street
12124 Linley JamesManchester roaddwelling-house920, Manchester road
12125 Lister JoshuaRooley lanedwelling-house38, Rooley lane
12126 Lister SamuelBaird streetdwelling-houseBaird street
successivedwelling-houseSt. Stephen's road
successivedwelling-houseBaird street
successivedwelling-house115, Baird street
12127 Liversedge ThomasBengal streetdwelling-houseBengal street
successivedwelling-house14, Bengal street
12128 Lodge RobertManchester roaddwelling-house823, Manchester road
12129 Lofthouse WilliamOld lanedwelling-houseCotewall road
successivedwelling-house323, Old lane
12130 Lomax ThomasWootton streetdwelling-house69, Wootton street
12131 Lord SamuelGaythorne roaddwelling-house22, Gaythorne road
12132 Lottey ThomasMitchell streetdwelling-house3, Mitchell street
12133 Lovell JohnWootton streetdwelling-house29, Wootton street
12134 Loxam RichardBombay streetdwelling-house30, Bombay street
12135 Loxam WilliamParkside roaddwelling-house55, Bottomley street
successivedwelling-house20, Parkside road
12136 Loxley Joseph StansfieldRed Ginn inndwelling-house128, Old lane
12137 Lucas James HeyOld lanedwelling-house118, Old lane
12138 Lumb BernardTichborne roaddwelling-house7, Little Cross street
successivedwelling-house17, Tichborne road
12139 Lumb JamesCotewall roaddwelling-houseOld lane
successivedwelling-house16, Cotewall road
12140 Lumb JamesOld lanehouse & shop226, Old lane
12141 Lumb Jaram OadesRyan streetdwelling-house88, Ryan street
successivedwelling-house15, Park lane
successivedwelling-house58, Ryan street
12142 Lumb ShepherdTichborne roaddwelling-house9, Tichborne road
12143 Lund WilliamOld lanedwelling-house13, Old lane
12144 Lupton JohnNewby streetdwelling-house63, Newby street
12145 Luscombe WilliamOld lanedwelling-house355, Old lane
12146 Lynch JamesManchester roadhouse & shop969, Manchester road

BOWLING WARD1, 1881, surnames beginning with the letter M
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
12147 Machell GeorgeNewby streetdwelling-houseTennant street
successivedwelling-house26, Newby street
12148 Mackay ThomasWootton streetdwelling-house119, Wootton street
12149 Magson RichardRodney streetdwelling-house3, Rodney street
12150 Magson SolonBaird streetdwelling-house150, Baird street
12151 Maher DanielThornton squaredwelling-house11, Thornton square
12152 Maiden IsaiahBengal streetdwelling-houseTichborne road
successivedwelling-house34, Bengal street
12153 Mallinson MatthewBankfootdwelling-house13, Bankfoot
12154 Malloy PeterRipley streetdwelling-house45, Ripley street
12155 Mann JamesManchester roaddwelling-house884, Manchester road
12156 Mann JonasNewby streetdwelling-house73, Newby street
12157 Mapplebeck ArthurWootton streetdwelling-house49, Wootton street
12158 Marsden WilliamNew Cross streetdwelling-house98, New Cross street
12159 Marshall DanBengal streetdwelling-houseTennant street
successivedwelling-house45, Bengal street
12160 Marshall EdwinBirch lanedwelling-houseOld lane
successivedwelling-house18, Birch lane
12161 Marshall WilliamRyan streetdwelling-house73A, Tennant street
successivedwelling-house42, Ryan street
12162 Martin GeorgeNewby streetdwelling-house31, Calcutta street
successivedwelling-house125, Newby street
12163 Martin TomWickham's Arms inndwelling-house711, Manchester road
12164 Mattocks GeorgeCoates streetdwelling-houseCoates street
successivedwelling-house162, Coates street
12165 Maud EzraSt. Stephen's roaddwelling-house26, St. Stephen's road
12166 Maud Herbert MoodyBaird streetdwelling-house79, Baird street
12167 Maud JamesWootton streetdwelling-house39, Wootton street
12168 Maud Phillip HenryNew Cross streetdwelling-house63, New Cross street
12169 Maxwell WilliamRyan streetdwelling-house80, Ryan street
12170 May JohnCalcutta streetdwelling-house24, Calcutta street
12171 Mayo ThomasOld lanedwelling-house230A, Old lane
successivedwelling-house422, Old lane
12172 McCrea IsaacBismarck streetdwelling-house44, Bismarck street
12173 McDonald JohnEvens terracedwelling-house34, Evens terrace
12174 McDougall RobertWoodroyd roaddwelling-house45, Woodroyd road
12175 McEvoy DavidNewby streetdwelling-house31, Newby street
12176 McEvoy JohnRodney streetdwelling-house10, Rodney street
12177 McHale ThomasOaks folddwelling-houseBeatrice street
successivedwelling-house20, Oaks fold
12178 McKay GordonRipley streetdwelling-house47, Ripley street
12179 Medley JosephTichborne roaddwelling-houseTichborne road
successivedwelling-house38, Tichborne road
12180 Merrill GeorgeSt. Stephen's roaddwelling-house4, St. Stephen's road
12181 Metcalfe GeorgeRipley streetdwelling-house55, Ripley street
12182 Metcalfe George WatlingSpringmill streetdwelling-houseBaird street
successivedwelling-house108, Springmill street
12183 Metcalfe JamesGaythorne roaddwelling-house26, Gaythorne road
12184 Metcalfe JamesRydal streetdwelling-house42, Rydal street
12185 Metcalfe ThomasAbram streetdwelling-houseAbram street
successivedwelling-house7, Abram street
12186 Metcalfe WilliamRipley streetdwelling-house39, Ripley street
12187 Middlesborough JamesRipley streetdwelling-house33, Ripley street
12188 Middleton GeorgeBeatrice streetdwelling-house13, Beatrice street
12189 Middleton HenryNew Cross streetdwelling-house11, New Cross street
12190 Middleton RufusBeatrice streetdwelling-house3, Beatrice street
12191 Midgley ElijahClough streetdwelling-houseClough street
successivedwelling-houseNew Cross street
successivedwelling-house43, Clough street
12192 Midgley GeorgeCoates streetdwelling-house152, Coates street
12193 Midgley JohnWootton streetdwelling-house103, Wootton street
12194 Midgley SamuelClough streetdwelling-house11, Clough street
12195 Miles DavidCotewall roaddwelling-house32, Cotewall road
12196 Millen EdwardRound streetdwelling-house133, Round street
12197 Miller GeorgeWootton streetdwelling-house97, Wootton street
12198 Miller HughCotewall roaddwelling-houseRydal street
successivedwelling-house92, Cotewall road
12199 Mills RobertRydal streetdwelling-house37, Rydal street
12200 Milner JohnTennant streetdwelling-house107, Tennant street
12201 Milnes James AckroydEli streetdwelling-house1, Eli street
12202 Milnes ThomasWootton streetdwelling-house71, Newton street
successivedwelling-house101, Wootton street
12203 Milton JamesBirch lanedwelling-house11, Birch lane
12204 Mitchell DavidNewby streetdwelling-house1, Newby street
12205 Mitchell FrancisOld lanehouse & shop492, Old lane
12206 Mitchell FrancisRooley lanedwelling-house146, Rooley lane
12207 Mitchell FrankBismarck streetdwelling-house20, Bismarck street
12208 Mitchell HenryManchester roadhouse & shop910, Manchester road
12209 Mitchell Jacob HardyManchester roadhouse & shop784, Manchester road
12210 Mitchell JohnBeatrice streetdwelling-house23, Beatrice street
12211 Mitchell John HarperHorton villawarehouseSpring mill street
12212 Mitchell John WilliamOld lanedwelling-house135, Old lane
12213 Mitchell JosephManchester roaddwelling-house930, Manchester road
12214 Mitchell OliverOld lanedwelling-house169, Old lane
12215 Mitchell ReubenRooley lanehouse & land194, Rooley lane
12216 Mitchell ThomasManchester roaddwelling-house926A, Manchester road
12217 Mitchell ThomasOld lanedwelling-house161, Old lane
12218 Mitchell ThomasBengal streetdwelling-houseTennant street
successivedwelling-houseGlover street
successivedwelling-house7, Bengal street
12219 Mitchell William HenryOld lanedwelling-houseRyan street
successivedwelling-house359, Old lane
12220 Mitton JohnTichborne roaddwelling-house19, Tichborne road
12221 Moody CharlesClough streetdwelling-house31, Clough street
12222 Moody JohnBaird streetdwelling-houseHall lane
successivedwelling-house103, Baird street
12223 Moody WilliamLowfield streetdwelling-house17, Lowfield street
12224 Moore PeterGlover streetdwelling-house16, Glover street
12225 Moorhouse RobertRyan streetdwelling-house60, Ryan street
12226 Moran WilliamOld lanedwelling-house372A, Old lane
successivedwelling-house370, Old lane
12227 Moran WilliamChellow streetdwelling-house17, Chellow street
12228 Morrell JohnRound streetdwelling-house9, Round street
12229 Morrell WilliamOld lanehouse & shopOld lane
successivehouse & shop17, Old lane
12230 Morris SamuelRipley streetdwelling-house13, Ripley street
12231 Mort JosephBirch lanedwelling-house31, Birch lane
12232 Mortimer EmanuelOld lanedwelling-house307, Old lane
12233 Mortimer JohnRound streetdwelling-house137, Round street
12234 Mortimer JonasRound streetdwelling-house135, Round street
12235 Mortimer ShawRooley lanedwelling-house21, Little Cross street
successivedwelling-house5, Rooley lane
12236 Mortimer SquireLittle Cross streetdwelling-house15, Little Cross street
12237 Mortimer WilliamSt. Stephen's roaddwelling-house9, St. Stephen's road
12238 Mosley GeorgeCotewall roaddwelling-house116, Cotewall road
12239 Moulson ManassehWootton streetdwelling-house27, Wootton street
12240 Moulson WilliamHorton greenbrickworks & landBirch lane
12241 Moxon JohnBengal streetdwelling-house35, Bengal street
12242 Muff BentleyRooley lanedwelling-house4, Rooley lane
12243 Muff EnosEli streetdwelling-house7, Eli street
12244 Muff FrancisWootton streetdwelling-house79, Wootton street
12245 Muff FrankManchester roaddwelling-house656, Manchester road
12246 Muff JamesRooley lanedwelling-house10, Rooley lane
12247 Muff ListerBarley streetdwelling-house4, Barley street
12248 Muff SamuelRooley lanedwelling-house13, Rooley lane
12249 Muff TerryNew Cross streetdwelling-house37, New Cross street
12250 Muff WilliamBaird streetdwelling-house61, Baird street
12251 Mullard JosephBismarck streetdwelling-house25, Roundhill street
successivedwelling-houseGower street
successivedwelling-house22, Bismarck street
12252 Mulligan JamesBeatrice streetdwelling-house6, Beatrice street
12253 Murgatroyd BenjaminWood roydsoap worksWood royd
12254 Murgatroyd JeremiahWoodroyd roaddwelling-house37, Woodroyd road
12255 Myers BenjaminSmiddles lanedwelling-house15, Smiddles lane
12256 Myers JohnCalcutta streetdwelling-house1, Calcutta street
12257 Myers JohnOld lanedwelling-house177, Old lane
12258 Myers ThomasSurrey streetdwelling-house18, Tennant street
successivedwelling-house10, Surrey street

BOWLING WARD1, 1881, surnames beginning with the letter N
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
12259 Naylor CharlesCalcutta streetdwelling-house57, Calcutta street
successivedwelling-house58, Calcutta street
12260 Naylor HenryNewby streetdwelling-house13, Newby street
12261 Naylor JamesMalt streetdwelling-house9, Malt street
12262 Naylor JohnSpring mill streetdwelling-house190, Spring mill street
12263 Naylor ThomasTennant streetdwelling-house9, Tennant street
12264 Naylor ThomasManchester roaddwelling-house971, Manchester road
12265 Neil RufusBarley streetdwelling-house24, Barley street
successivedwelling-house22, Barley street
12266 Neil WilliamOld lanedwelling-house181, Old lane
12267 Nelson CharlesBengal streetdwelling-house78, Raymond street
successivedwelling-house11, Bengal street
12268 Nelson JosephLowfield streetdwelling-house47, Lowfield street
12269 Nettleton JosephGaythorne roaddwelling-house14, Gaythorne road
12270 Newbould NathanBengal streetdwelling-house10, Bengal street
12271 Newbould RobinsonWootton streetdwelling-house115, Wootton street
12272 Newell AbrahamManchester roadhouse & shop648, Manchester road
12273 Newell JamesSmiddles lanedwelling-house2, Smiddles lane
12274 Newell JohnOld lanedwelling-house510, Old lane
12275 Newell JohnBaird streetdwelling-house57, Baird street
12276 Newell JonathanManchester roadhouse & shop662, Manchester road
12277 Newell WilsonManchester roaddwelling-house652, Manchester road
12278 Newsome GeorgeRydal streetdwelling-house47, Rydal street
12279 Newsome JohnBaxendall streetdwelling-house7, Baxendall street
12280 Newton JohnRaymond streetdwelling-house24, Raymond street
12281 Nicholl Abraham MitchellParkside roaddwelling-house67, Parkside road
12282 Nicholl JamesCotewall roaddwelling-house97, Cotewall road
12283 Nicholl SamuelLowfield streetdwelling-house12, Lowfield street
12284 Nicholls EnochBismarck streetdwelling-house64, Bismarck street
12285 Nicholls JamesOld lanedwelling-house133, Old lane
successivedwelling-house147, Old lane
12286 Nicholls RichardParkside roaddwelling-house71, Parkside road
12287 Nicholson WilliamNewby streetdwelling-house148, Newby street
12288 Noble FrankOld lanedwelling-house480, Old lane
12289 Noble SamuelEvens terracedwelling-houseEvens terrace
successivedwelling-houseEvens terrace
successivedwelling-house24, Evens terrace
12290 Norris ThomasBaird streetdwelling-house23, Baird street
12291 North BenjaminCarrbottomhouse & land6, Carrbottom
12292 North BenjaminCarrbottomdwelling-house8, Carrbottom
12293 North DavidManchester roaddwelling-house517, Manchester road
successivedwelling-house511, Manchester road
12294 North JamesManchester road, Hortonshop145, Tennant street
12295 North JohnOld lanedwelling-house287, Old lane
12296 North OrlandoRooley lanedwelling-house6, Rooley lane
12297 North SharpBoyton streetdwelling-house16, Boyton street
12298 Northin BenjaminJoshua streetdwelling-house1, Joshua street
12299 Northin BenjaminOld lanedwelling-houseCollege road
successivedwelling-house44, Old lane
12300 Northin DavidBombay streetdwelling-house50, Bombay street
12301 Northin William HenryRipley streetdwelling-house19, Ripley street
12302 Northing EdwardBirch lanedwelling-house19, Bengal street
successivedwelling-house35, Birch lane
12303 Northing TimothyOaks folddwelling-house213, Old lane
successivedwelling-house18, Oaks fold
12304 Northing WilliamDraughton streetdwelling-house1, Draughton street
12305 Northrop WilliamEmsley streetdwelling-house5, Emsley street
12306 Norton EnochSmiddles lanedwelling-house39, Smiddles lane
12307 Norton RobertCoates streetdwelling-house142, Coates street

BOWLING WARD1, 1881, surnames beginning with the letter O
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
12308 Oakley JohnBombay streetdwelling-house46, Bombay street
12309 Oakley WilliamEvens terracedwelling-house36, Evens terrace
12310 Oddy Charles EdwinNew Cross streetdwelling-house162, New Cross street
12311 Ogden StephenSpring mill streetdwelling-house160, Spring mill street
12312 Ogden WilliamWootton streetdwelling-house3, Bengal street
successivedwelling-house1, Wootton street
12313 O'Gorman MichaelBaird streetdwelling-house59, Baird street
12314 Oldfield JamesBombay streetdwelling-house57, Bombay street
12315 Oldroyd GeorgeThornton squaredwelling-house17, Thornton square
12316 Owram GeorgeBirch lanedwelling-houseBirch lane
successivedwelling-house23, Birch lane
12317 Owrid ThomasTichborne roaddwelling-house26, Tichborne road

BOWLING WARD1, 1881, surnames beginning with the letter P
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
12318 Palliser John WilliamBengal streetdwelling-houseMaw street
successivedwelling-house42, Bengal street
12319 Palliser RichardBombay streetdwelling-house5, Bombay street
12320 Palmer ChinneryCotewall roaddwelling-house113, Cotewall road
12321 Pammington IsaacBombay streetdwelling-house35, Bombay street
12322 Parker GeorgeRipley streetdwelling-house23, Ripley street
12323 Parker RobertSurrey streetdwelling-houseNewby street
successivedwelling-house2, Surrey street
12324 Parkin JamesNew Cross streetdwelling-house23, New Cross street
12325 Parkinson JohnChellow streetdwelling-house15, Chellow street
12326 Parkinson JosephRipley streetdwelling-houseRipley street
successivedwelling-house63, Ripley street
12327 Parkinson JoshuaTunnel enddwelling-house170, New Cross street
12328 Parkinson RichardTennant streetdwelling-house117, Tennant street
12329 Parkinson WilliamNew Cross streetdwelling-house121, New Cross street
12330 Parratt HenryOld lanehouse & shop25, Old lane
12331 Parry DanielLowfield streetdwelling-house57, Lowfield street
12332 Parry IsaacCotewall roaddwelling-house88, Cotewall road
12333 Pashley CharlesNewton streetdwelling-house32, Newton street
12334 Pashley WalterNewton streetdwelling-house50, Rydal street
successivedwelling-house34, Newton street
12335 Pattinson ThompsonRyan streetdwelling-house72, Ryan street
12336 Pattison WilliamCalcutta streetdwelling-house36, Calcutta street
12337 Peacock JosephLittle Cross streetdwelling-house33, Little Cross street
12338 Pearce George RobertOld lanedwelling-house21, Old lane
12339 Pears CharlesWootton streetdwelling-house71, Wootton street
12340 Pearson Charles EdwardGaythorne roaddwelling-house24, Gaythorne road
12341 Pearson DanielManchester roaddwelling-house772, Manchester road
12342 Pearson IsaacFaxfleet streetdwelling-house4, Faxfleet street
12343 Pearson JesseWoodroyd roaddwelling-house71, Woodroyd road
12344 Pearson JohnBankfootdwelling-house5, Bankfoot
12345 Pearson MarsdenNewby streetdwelling-house45, Newby street
12346 Pearson Thomas HansonNew Cross streetdwelling-house117, New Cross street
12347 Pearson WilliamTennant streetdwelling-house32, Tennant street
12348 Pearson William HenryNew Cross streetdwelling-house111, New Cross street
12349 Pease SethSpring mill streetdwelling-house178, Spring mill street
12350 Peckover JamesMitchell streetdwelling-house7, Mitchell street
12351 Pedley WilliamBombay streetdwelling-house74, Bombay street
12352 Peel JamesWootton streetdwelling-house22, Wootton street
12353 Peel LeviBankfootdwelling-house1, Bankfoot
12354 Peel ThomasWootton streetdwelling-houseManchester road
successivedwelling-house127, Wootton street
12355 Peel WilliamLittle Cross streetdwelling-house9, Little Cross street
12356 Penny ThomasRipley streetdwelling-house59, Ripley street
12357 Perkins JohnLow welldwelling-house527, Manchester road
12358 Pexton JohnCalcutta streetdwelling-house8, Calcutta street
12359 Phelan JosephRaymond streetdwelling-house58, Bombay street
successivedwelling-house60, Raymond street
12360 Phillips WilliamManchester roaddwelling-house717, Manchester road
12361 Pick William HenryClough streetdwelling-house29, Clough street
12362 Pickard GeorgeBengal streetdwelling-house37, Bengal street
12363 Pickering Joseph AtackBengal streetdwelling-house25, Bengal street
12364 Pickering ThomasSt. Stephen's roaddwelling-house10, St. Stephen's road
12365 Pickering WilliamChellow streetdwelling-house23, Chellow street
12366 Pickles JoshuaWoodroyd roaddwelling-house509, Manchester road
successivehouse & shop3, Woodroyd road
12367 Pickles RobertOld lanedwelling-house164, Old lane
12368 Pinder JamesTennant streetdwelling-house135, Tennant street
successivedwelling-house99, Tennant street
12369 Pinder WilliamClough streetdwelling-house30, Long row
successivedwelling-house27, Clough street
12370 Platts JosephBengal streetdwelling-houseCotewall road
successivedwelling-house51, Bengal street
12371 Poignand HippolitusSt. Stephen's roaddwelling-house64, St. Stephen's road
12372 Pollard CaiaphasCoates streetdwelling-house126, Coates street
12373 Pollard James RichardFaxfleet streetdwelling-house12, Faxfleet street
12374 Pollard JohnTennant streetdwelling-house12, Tennant street
12375 Pollard SamuelTennant streetdwelling-house7, Tennant street
successivedwelling-houseTennant street
successivedwelling-house135, Tennant street
12376 Pollard ThomasParkside roaddwelling-house133, Parkside road
12377 Poole CharlesRooley lanedwelling-house36, Rooley lane
12378 Poole FrancisOld lanedwelling-house438, Old lane
12379 Poole HenryOld lanedwelling-house398, Old lane
12380 Popplestone Thomas JamesBengal streetdwelling-houseKaye street
successivedwelling-house24, Bengal street
12381 Popplewell JosephSt. Stephen's roaddwelling-house2, St. Stephen's road
12382 Pratt EzraWootton streetdwelling-houseCalcutta street
successivedwelling-house47, Wootton street
12383 Pratt ThomasCalcutta streetdwelling-house3, Calcutta street
12384 Prentiss ThomasNewby streetdwelling-house41, Newby street
12385 Priestley AlbertBirch lanedwelling-house21, Birch lane
12386 Priestley Benjamin DewhirstSt. Stephen's roaddwelling-house37, St. Stephen's road
12387 Priestley EdwardRound streetdwelling-houseRound street
successivedwelling-house31, Round street
12388 Priestley IsaacRound streetdwelling-house155, Round street
12389 Priestley JamesManchester roaddwelling-house674, Manchester road
12390 Priestley JohnOld lanedwelling-house143, Old lane
12391 Priestley JonathanBeatrice streetdwelling-house17, Beatrice street
12392 Priestley JosephOld lanedwelling-house155, Old lane
12393 Priestley MarkRooley lanedwelling-house20, Rooley lane
12394 Priestley ReubenSt. Stephen's roaddwelling-house77, St. Stephen's road
12395 Priestley SamuelWootton streetdwelling-house17, Wootton street
12396 Procter SamuelRound streetdwelling-house56, Bismarck street
successivedwelling-house20, Round street
12397 Pye George HenryCalcutta streetdwelling-houseTennant street
successivedwelling-house57, Calcutta street
12398 Pyrah EdwinTennant streethouse & shop33, Tennant street

BOWLING WARD1, 1881, surnames beginning with the letter Q
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
12399 Quick WilliamCotewall roaddwelling-house62, Cotewall road
12400 Quigley RichardNewby streetdwelling-house67, Newby street

BOWLING WARD1, 1881, surnames beginning with the letter R
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
12401 Radford ThomasWood roaddwelling-house11, Wood road
12402 Raistrick OliverSt. Stephen's roaddwelling-house18, St. Stephen's road
12403 Rampley GeorgeWootton streetdwelling-house28, Wootton street
12404 Ramsdale JoshuaMoulson streetdwelling-houseGaythorne road
successivedwelling-houseTichborne road
successivedwelling-house5, Moulson street
12405 Ramsden EdwinBarley streetdwelling-house15, Barley street
12406 Ramsden JohnMalt streetdwelling-house7, Malt street
successivedwelling-house11, Malt street
12407 Raper RichardBaird streetdwelling-house31, Baird street
12408 Ratcliffe HiramTennant streetdwelling-house112, Tennant street
12409 Raven JohnBaird streetdwelling-house51, Baird street
successivedwelling-house53, Baird street
12410 Rawnsley SamuelManchester roaddwelling-house529, Manchester road
12411 Rayner JamesSt. Stephen's roaddwelling-house73, Newton street
successivedwelling-house63, St. Stephen's road
12412 Rayner JosephBirch lanedwelling-houseClough street
successivedwelling-house21, Birch lane
12413 Rearden JohnOld lanehouse & shop175, Old lane
12414 Redman BenRaymond streetdwelling-houseRaymond street
successivedwelling-house18, Raymond street
12415 Redman HiramRaymond streetdwelling-house82, Raymond street
12416 Redman JohnParkside roaddwelling-house59, Parkside road
12417 Redman WilliamOld lanedwelling-houseCotewall road
successivedwelling-house163, Old lane
12418 Reynolds JohnSt. Stephen's roaddwelling-house29, St. Stephen's road
12419 Reynolds RobertThornton squaredwelling-house15, Thornton square
12420 Reynolds WilliamTennant streetdwelling-house11, Tennant street
12421 Rhodes CharlesOld lanedwelling-house427, Old lane
12422 Rhodes EbenezerMalt streetdwelling-house3, Malt street
12423 Rhodes GeorgeBengal streetdwelling-houseBengal street
successivedwelling-house21, Bengal street
12424 Rhodes SamCoates streetdwelling-house156, Coates street
12425 Richards EliasTennant streetdwelling-house44, Tennant street
12426 Richards GeorgeNew Cross streetdwelling-house17, New Cross street
12427 Richards JohnEmsley streetdwelling-house25, Emsley street
12428 Richards William AllchurchEmsley streethouse & shop28, Emsley street
12429 Richmond AlfredSpring mill streetdwelling-house182, Spring mill street
12430 Riddiough MatthewBombay streetdwelling-house68, Bombay street
12431 Riddiough OliverLowfield streetdwelling-house52, Lowfield street
12432 Riddiough RichardOld lanehouse & shop378, Old lane
12433 Ridgway AbrahamTichborne roaddwelling-house24, Tichborne road
12434 Rigg ThomasParsonage roaddwelling-house13, Parsonage road
12435 Riley JohnWoodroyd roaddwelling-house75, Woodroyd road
12436 Ripley FredLightcliffewarehouseSpring mill street
12437 Roberts JohnRound streetdwelling-house109, Round street
12438 Robertshaw EzekielNewby streetdwelling-house130, Newby street
12439 Robertshaw JohnOld lanedwelling-house56, Old lane
12440 Robertshaw WilliamManchester roadhouse & shop818, Manchester road
12441 Robinson AmosOld lanedwelling-house108, Old lane
12442 Robinson BenjaminSt. Stephen's roaddwelling-house7, St. Stephen's road
12443 Robinson BroughtonRydal streetdwelling-house49, Rydal street
12444 Robinson HenrySmiddles lanedwelling-houseSmiddles lane
12445 Robinson JohnOld lanedwelling-house290, Old lane
12446 Robinson John OwenOld lanedwelling-house331, Old lane
12447 Robinson JosephBirch lanedwelling-house1, Birch lane
12448 Robinson JosephTichborne roaddwelling-house21, Tennant street
successivedwelling-house13, Tichborne road
12449 Robinson LeonardManchester roadhouse & shop822, Manchester road
12450 Robinson RossEli streetdwelling-house3, Eli street
12451 Robinson ThomasNewby streetdwelling-house8, Newby street
12452 Robinson WilliamSmiddles lanedwelling-house27, Smiddles lane
12453 Rodgers JosephDraughton streetdwelling-house81, Rooley lane
successivedwelling-house9, Draughton street
12454 Rodgers MarkOld lanedwelling-house354, Old lane
12455 Rodgers PeterManchester roaddwelling-house907, Manchester road
12456 Rodgers WilliamChellow streetdwelling-house25, Chellow street
12457 Rogers HenryParkside roaddwelling-house83, Parkside road
12458 Rogers WalterWootton streetdwelling-house111, Wootton street
12459 Rothera SamOld lanedwelling-house292, Old lane
12460 Rotheray EphraimParsonage roaddwelling-house5, Parsonage road
successivedwelling-house29, Parsonage road
12461 Rotheray IsaacSmiddles lanedwelling-house13, Smiddles lane
12462 Rotheray JosephSmiddles lanedwelling-house36, Smiddles lane
12463 Rotheray SharpPark viewhouse & shop731, Manchester road
12464 Rotheray ThomasSmiddles lanedwelling-house24, Smiddles lane
12465 Rotheray WilliamSmiddles lanedwelling-house40, Smiddles lane
12466 Rourke JohnCalcutta streetdwelling-house26, Calcutta street
successivedwelling-house45, Calcutta street
12467 Rouse EdwinManchester roaddwelling-house802, Manchester road
12468 Rouse FrederickFaxfleet streetdwelling-houseFaxfleet street
successivedwelling-house27, Faxfleet street
12469 Rouse HenryRyan streetdwelling-house7, Ryan street
12470 Rouse JohnManchester roaddwelling-house794, Manchester road
12471 Rouse JosephManchester roadhouse & shop790, Manchester road
12472 Rouse JosephWood roaddwelling-house9, Wood road
12473 Rouse SharpManchester roaddwelling-house796, Manchester road
12474 Routledge JohnBombay streetdwelling-house64, Bombay street
12475 Roxburgh JohnWootton streetdwelling-house35, Wootton street
12476 Rumsey EdwardClough streetdwelling-house33, Clough street
12477 Rushforth HenryBengal streetdwelling-house57, Bengal street
12478 Rushforth JamesTennant streetdwelling-house74, Tennant street
12479 Rushworth BenjaminEmsley streetdwelling-house1, Ripley street
successivedwelling-house14, Emsley street
12480 Rushworth WilliamTennant streetdwelling-house1, Tennant street
12481 Russell George LloydRydal streetdwelling-houseHolme Top street
successivedwelling-house15, Rydal street
12482 Russell RichardLong rowdwelling-house28, Long row
12483 Russell ThomasOld lanedwelling-houseBirch lane
successivedwelling-house191, Old lane
12484 Ryall Joseph JohnWilliam streetdwelling-house2, John William street
12485 Ryan JohnBismarck streetdwelling-house18, Bismarck street

BOWLING WARD1, 1881, surnames beginning with the letter S
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
12486 Sagar John WilliamOld lanedwelling-house283, Old lane
12487 Sands ThomasCalcutta streetdwelling-houseLowfield street
successivedwelling-house42, Calcutta street
12488 Saunders JamesRooley lanedwelling-house217, Rooley lane
12489 Saunders ThomasMitchell streetdwelling-houseLizard street
successivedwelling-houseNewby street
successivedwelling-house12, Mitchell street
12490 Saunders WilliamManchester roaddwelling-house702, Manchester road
12491 Saville GeorgeSmiddles lanedwelling-house7, Smiddles lane
12492 Saville ThomasManchester roaddwelling-house917, Manchester road
12493 Saville WilliamBaird streetdwelling-housePicton street
successivedwelling-house85, Baird street
12494 Schofield JamesRound streetdwelling-house13, Round street
12495 Schofield JamesPark sidedwelling-house170, Birch lane
12496 Schofield JohnOld lanedwelling-house110, Old lane
12497 Schofield Julius CaesarTennant streetdwelling-house46, Tennant street
12498 Scholefield JohnDonisthorpe streetdwelling-house318, Old lane
successivedwelling-houseDonisthorpe street
12499 Scholey RichardBirch lanedwelling-house160, New Cross street
successivedwelling-house147, Birch lane
12500 Scott GeorgeNewby streetdwelling-house35, Newby street
12501 Scott HenrySmiddles lanedwelling-house8, Smiddles lane
12502 Scott JamesOld lanedwelling-house2, Tennant street
successivedwelling-house152, Old lane
12503 Scott JohnCotewall roaddwelling-houseSt. Stephen's road
successivedwelling-houseDickens street
successivedwelling-house25, Cotewall road
12504 Scott LukeTichborne roaddwelling-house6, Tichborne road
12505 Scrivener WilliamNewby streetdwelling-house2, Newby street
12506 Scruton WilliamClough streetdwelling-house35, Clough street
12507 Scully WalterBarley streetdwelling-houseRyan street
successivedwelling-house24, Barley street
12508 Seanor WilliamBismarck streetdwelling-houseBismarck street
successivedwelling-house53, Bismarck street
12509 Seed JamesOld lanedwelling-house500, Old lane
12510 Seed JonathanLittle Cross streetdwelling-house11, Little Cross street
12511 Sellers SimeonBengal streetdwelling-house17, Bengal street
12512 Servant WilliamSt. Stephen's roaddwelling-house8, St. Stephen's road
12513 Shackleton EdmundRound streetdwelling-house109, Wootton street
successivedwelling-houseNew Hey road
successivedwelling-house127, Round street
12514 Shackleton EllisOld lanehouse & shop367, Old lane
12515 Shackleton JamesOld lanedwelling-house512, Old lane
12516 Shackleton MatthewRound streetdwelling-house131, Round street
12517 Shackleton MilesEmsley streetdwelling-house27, Emsley street
12518 Sharp HenryRooley lanehouse & land87, Rooley lane
12519 Sharp IsaacCalcutta streetdwelling-house12, Calcutta street
12520 Sharp JamesTichborne roaddwelling-houseEvens terrace
successivedwelling-houseTichborne road
successivedwelling-house40, Tichborne road
12521 Sharp JeremiahCotewall roaddwelling-houseSloane street
successivehouse & shop125, Cotewall road
12522 Sharp ThomasOld lanedwelling-house508, Old lane
12523 Sharp WilliamOld lanehouse & shop444, Old lane
12524 Shaw DavidThornton squaredwelling-house7, Thornton square
12525 Shaw HenryOld lanedwelling-house346, Old lane
12526 Shaw JosephBombay streetdwelling-houseSt. Stephen's road
successivedwelling-houseRydal street
successivedwelling-house63, Bombay street
12527 Shaw PeterLoughrigg streetdwelling-houseOld lane
successivedwelling-house28, Loughrigg street
12528 Shaw SampsonFaxfleet streetdwelling-house9, Faxfleet street
12529 Shaw StephenOld lanedwelling-house102, Old lane
12530 Shee JohnRound streetdwelling-house35, Round street
12531 Shee TimothyRound streetdwelling-house41, Round street
12532 Shepherd AlfredManchester roaddwelling-houseCarr street
successivedwelling-house874, Manchester road
12533 Shepherd SamsonSmiddles lanedwelling-house32, Smiddles lane
12534 Shepherd William HenryHorton lanewarehouseSpring Mill street
12535 Shuttleworth EllisManchester roaddwelling-house951, Manchester road
12536 Shuttleworth HiramNew Cross streetdwelling-house31, New Cross street
12537 Shuttleworth IsaacBoyton streetdwelling-house70, Bramley street
successivedwelling-house18, Boyton street
12538 Shuttleworth JamesNew Cross streetdwelling-house21, New Cross street
successivedwelling-house5, New Cross street
12539 Siddall JohnBaird streetdwelling-houseBaird street
successivedwelling-house99, Baird street
12540 Simons EthelredTichborne roaddwelling-houseThomas street
successivedwelling-house52, Tichborne road
12541 Simpson JohnChellow streetdwelling-house11, Chellow street
12542 Size JohnUpper Castle streetdwelling-house8, Upper Castle street
12543 Slater WilliamBismarck streetdwelling-house75, Bismarck street
12544 Slingsby GeorgeCoates streetdwelling-house146, Coates street
12545 Slingsby JamesCoates streetdwelling-house148, Coates street
12546 Slingsby John HenryCoates streetdwelling-house120, Coates street
12547 Smith AlfredBismarck streetdwelling-house40, Bismarck street
12548 Smith AlfredRipley streetdwelling-house51, Ripley street
12549 Smith BaniRipley hoteldwelling-house73, Ripley street
12550 Smith BenjaminWoodroyd roaddwelling-houseRound street
successivedwelling-houseParkside road
successivedwelling-house49, Woodroyd road
12551 Smith CharlesTichborne roaddwelling-house21, Tichborne road
12552 Smith Charles RobertOld lanehouse & shop142, Old lane
12553 Smith GeorgeWoodroyd roaddwelling-house47, Woodroyd road
12554 Smith GeorgeBengal streetdwelling-house39, Bengal street
12555 Smith JamesBaird streetdwelling-house148, Baird street
12556 Smith JamesRyan streetdwelling-house62, Ryan street
12557 Smith JamesFaxfleet streetdwelling-house7, Faxfleet street
12558 Smith JamesWoodroyd roaddwelling-house31, Woodroyd road
12559 Smith JohnLowfield streetdwelling-house42, Lowfield street
12560 Smith JohnSt. Stephen's roaddwelling-house33, St. Stephen's road
12561 Smith JohnTennant streetdwelling-house136, Tennant street
12562 Smith John JamesLow welldwelling-house525, Manchester road
12563 Smith John JosephBombay streetdwelling-houseLizard street
successivedwelling-house15, Bombay street
12564 Smith JonasGaythorne roaddwelling-house103, Gaythorne road
12565 Smith JosephLoughrigg streetdwelling-houseOld lane
successivedwelling-house20, Loughrigg street
12566 Smith RichardParsonage roaddwelling-house3, Parsonage road
12567 Smith SamsonNew Cross streetdwelling-houseNew Cross street
12568 Smith SidneyRooley lanedwelling-house131, Rooley lane
12569 Smith ThomasOld lanedwelling-house454, Old lane
12570 Smith ThomasSpringmill streetdwelling-house186, Springmill street
12571 Smith WilliamRound streetdwelling-house19, Round street
successivedwelling-house39, Round street
12572 Smith WilliamRodney streetdwelling-house8, Rodney street
12573 Smith WilliamRydal streetdwelling-house44, Rydal street
12574 Smith WilliamLowfield streetdwelling-house658, Manchester road
successivedwelling-house63, Lowfield street
12575 Smith WilliamNewby streetdwelling-house24, Newby street
12576 Smithies FirthBombay streetdwelling-house29, Bombay street
12577 Smithson WilliamBengal streetdwelling-house63, Bengal street
12578 Snell JohnNewby streetdwelling-houseNewby street
successivedwelling-house122, Newby street
12579 Snowden AlfredOld lanedwelling-house486, Old lane
12580 Snowden JosephOld lanedwelling-house484, Old lane
12581 Snowden LancelotOld lanedwelling-house136, Old lane
12582 Solomon HenryNewby streetdwelling-houseNewby street
successivedwelling-houseOld lane
successivedwelling-house107, Newby street
12583 Southwell JosephNewton streetdwelling-house79, Newton street
12584 Sowerby BenjaminCotewall roaddwelling-house26, Cotewall road
12585 Spence WilliamNewby streetdwelling-houseLowfield street
successivedwelling-house11, Newby street
12586 Spencer CharlesGaythorne roaddwelling-house30, Gaythorne road
12587 Spencer DemasWootton streetdwelling-house24, Wootton street
12588 Spencer JamesSpringmill streetdwelling-houseCloudsdale street
successivedwelling-house102, Springmill street
12589 Spencer JohnOld lanedwelling-house191, Old lane
successivehouse & shop239, Old lane
12590 Spencer JosiahNew Cross streetdwelling-house63, Woodroyd road
successivedwelling-house95, New Cross street
12591 Spencer WilliamBarley streetdwelling-house51, Bismarck street
successivedwelling-house20, Barley street
12592 Spencer William ThomasNew Cross streetdwelling-house116, New Cross street
12593 Spurr CharlesRydal streetdwelling-house36, Rydal street
12594 Spurr RichardOld lanedwelling-house1, Wood road
successivedwelling-house35, Old lane
12595 Stainthorpe William BurnettField Lodgedwelling-houseManchester road
12596 Standeven ChristopherBismarck streetdwelling-house48, Bismarck street
12597 Standin RichardTennant streetdwelling-house93, Tennant street
12598 Stead AmosBarley streetdwelling-house12, Barley street
12599 Stead JamesBeatrice streetdwelling-house24, Beatrice street
12600 Steel ThomasBirch lanedwelling-house149, Birch lane
12601 Steel ThomasBaird streetdwelling-house67, Baird street
12602 Stephenson HenryNewby streetdwelling-houseVestry street
successivedwelling-house20, Newby street
12603 Stephenson JamesSt. Stephen's roaddwelling-house74, St. Stephen's road
12604 Stephenson JohnBismarck streetdwelling-house16, Bismarck street
12605 Stevens WilliamBirch lanedwelling-house137, Birch lane
12606 Stobart JohnDraughton streetdwelling-house892, Manchester road
successivedwelling-house8, Draughton street
12607 Stobart RichardCloudsdale streetdwelling-house3, Cloudsdale street
12608 Stockdale George GomersalRyan streetdwelling-house128, Osborne street
successivedwelling-house38, Ryan street
12609 Stockdale JoshuaRyan streetdwelling-house66, Ryan street
12610 Stocks James SutcliffeOld lanedwelling-house140, Old lane
12611 Stocks JohnRyan streetdwelling-house90, Ryan street
12612 Stocks PeterNewton streetdwelling-house45, Newton street
12613 Stocks ReubenCotewall roaddwelling-house124, Cotewall road
12614 Stolworthy Charles StoreyBengal streethouse & shop1, Bengal street
12615 Stone AlexanderNewby streetdwelling-houseCoates street
successivedwelling-house91, Newby street
12616 Stott IrvingWootton streetdwelling-house107, Wootton street
12617 Stott JohnWoodroyd roaddwelling-house5, Woodroyd road
12618 Stott MitchellOld lanebeerhouse7, Old lane
12619 Stout JosephBismarck streetdwelling-houseLowfield street
successivedwelling-house115, Bismarck street
12620 Stowell RobertEvens terracedwelling-house58, Evens terrace
12621 Strutt CharlesManchester roaddwelling-house700, Manchester road
12622 Studwell William RobertManchester roaddwelling-house719, Manchester road
12623 Sturgeon DavidOld lanedwelling-house9, Joshua street
successivedwelling-house58, Old lane
12624 Suddards EdwardFar Oakshouse & land155, Birch lane
12625 Suddards Francis SimpsonNew Cross streetdwelling-house156, New Cross street
12626 Suddards ThomasNew Cross streetdwelling-house166, New Cross street
12627 Suddick JohnGaythorne roaddwelling-house38, Gaythorne road
12628 Sugden GeorgeManor house, Cleckheatonmill & shedsUpper Castle street
12629 Sugden JohnBismarck streetdwelling-house101, Bismarck street
successivedwelling-house91, Bismarck street
12630 Sugden WilliamNewby streetdwelling-house150, Newby street
12631 Sugden WilliamManchester roaddwelling-houseManchester road
successivedwelling-house816, Manchester road
12632 Summersgill BenjaminBengal streetdwelling-house59, Bengal street
successivedwelling-house52, Bengal street
12633 Sunderland JohnBombay streetdwelling-house13, Bombay street
12634 Sunderland Richard FosterLong rowdwelling-house8, Long row
successivedwelling-house30, Long row
12635 Sunderland RobertRaymond streetdwelling-houseSloane street
successivedwelling-houseSloane street
successivedwelling-house80, Raymond street
12636 Sutcliffe HenryBowling Lodgedwelling-houseLodge lane
12637 Sutcliffe JamesBombay streetdwelling-house41, Bombay street
12638 Sutcliffe JohnOld lanedwelling-house147, Birch lane
successivedwelling-house213, Old lane
12639 Sutcliffe JosephNewby streetdwelling-house128, Newby street
12640 Sutcliffe ListerOld lanehouse & shop432, Old lane
12641 Sutcliffe William AlfredAbram streethouse & shop2, Abram street
12642 Sutcliffe WilsonBurnett fieldhouse & landManchester road
12643 Swaine AbrahamCalcutta streetdwelling-houseOliver street
successivedwelling-houseWoodroyd road
successivedwelling-house4, Calcutta street
12644 Swaine BenjaminTennant streetdwelling-house109, Tennant street
12645 Swaine JohnNew Cross streethouse & shop33, New Cross street
12646 Swaine LeviCarrbottom roaddwelling-houseCarrbottom road
12647 Swift JohnBaird streetdwelling-house189, Old lane
successivedwelling-house101, Baird street
12648 Sykes ArthurBismarck streetdwelling-house10, Bismarck street
12649 Sykes James WilliamBengal streetdwelling-house46, Bengal street
12650 Sykes SamuelOld lanedwelling-house100, Old lane
12651 Sykes WilliamBaird streetdwelling-house126, Baird street

BOWLING WARD1, 1881, surnames beginning with the letter T
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
12652 Tait WilliamSt. Stephen's roaddwelling-house83, St. Stephen's road
12653 Tansey MichaelBombay streetdwelling-house70, Bombay street
12654 Tate WilliamSt. Stephen's roaddwelling-houseSpringmill street
successivedwelling-house61, St. Stephen's road
12655 Taylor DavidOld lanehouse & shop376, Old lane
12656 Taylor DavidManchester roaddwelling-house924, Manchester road
12657 Taylor DavidTennant streetdwelling-house130, Tennant street
12658 Taylor EdwardTennant streetdwelling-house78, Tennant street
12659 Taylor George BrearleyCarrbottom roaddwelling-houseCarrbottom road
12660 Taylor George SmithParsonage roaddwelling-house25, Parsonage road
12661 Taylor HenryNew Cross streetdwelling-house154, New Cross street
12662 Taylor HenryManchester roaddwelling-house712, Manchester road
12663 Taylor JamesBirch lanedwelling-house61, Birch lane
12664 Taylor JohnTichborne roaddwelling-house23, Tichborne road
12665 Taylor JohnSpring mill streetdwelling-house170, Spring mill street
12666 Taylor JohnOaks folddwelling-houseOaks fold
12667 Taylor JosephRyan streetdwelling-house18, Ryan street
12668 Taylor WilliamWootton streetdwelling-houseParkside road
successivedwelling-house19, Wootton street
12669 Taylor WilliamOld lanedwelling-house165, Old lane
12670 Taylor William HenryParsonage roaddwelling-houseTichborne road
successivedwelling-house35, Parsonage road
12671 Taylor William HenryWoodroyd roaddwelling-houseWoodroyd road
successivedwelling-house59, Woodroyd road
12672 Tempest JohnRaymond streetdwelling-houseRaymond street
successivedwelling-house78, Raymond street
12673 Tempest WilliamNew Cross streetdwelling-house122, New Cross street
12674 Terry SamuelOld lanedwelling-house340, Old lane
12675 Tetley SamuelParsonage roaddwelling-house23, Parsonage road
12676 Tetley WalterNew Cross streetdwelling-house15, New Cross street
12677 Thatcher William HenryNew Cross streetdwelling-house25, New Cross street
12678 Thirkill CharlesSpringmill streetdwelling-houseSturges street
successivedwelling-house88, Springmill street
12679 Thirkill ThomasSt. Stephen's roaddwelling-house62, St. Stephen's road
12680 Thomas CharlesWootton streetdwelling-houseWootton street
successivedwelling-houseGlover street
successivedwelling-house16, Wootton street
12681 Thomas JamesOld lanehouse & shop19, Old lane
12682 Thomas MichaelMark streetdwelling-house6, Mark street
12683 Thomas RichardWootton streetdwelling-house6, Wootton street
12684 Thomas Samuel HolmesBaird streetdwelling-housePollard street
successivedwelling-house33, Baird street
12685 Thomas WilliamLowfield streetdwelling-house49, Lowfield street
12686 Thompson HenryManchester roaddwelling-house922, Manchester road
12687 Thompson IsaacRound streetdwelling-house139, Round street
12688 Thompson JamesSt. Stephen's roaddwelling-houseBoyton street
successivedwelling-house71, St. Stephen's road
12689 Thompson JohnRodney streetdwelling-house1, Rodney street
12690 Thompson John JohnWilliam streetdwelling-house16, John William street
12691 Thompson WilliamSt. Stephen's roaddwelling-house79, St. Stephen's road
12692 Thorley DavidParkside roaddwelling-houseBismarck street
successivedwelling-house119, Parkside road
12693 Thorne AlfredSt. Stephen's roaddwelling-house112, St. Stephen's road
12694 Thorne EliSt. Stephen's roaddwelling-house116, St. Stephen's road
12695 Thornes JohnRooley lanehouse & shop211, Rooley lane
12696 Thornton CharlesEvens terracebrickworksParkside road
12697 Thornton ColonelRooley lanedwelling-house83, Rooley lane
12698 Thornton DanielBaxendall streetdwelling-house5, Baxendall street
12699 Thornton DavidNew Cross streetdwelling-house104, New Cross street
12700 Thornton EzraNewby streetdwelling-house6, Newby street
12701 Thornton HenryThornton squaredwelling-house25, Thornton square
12702 Thornton James RichardMitchell streetdwelling-house10, Mitchell street
12703 Thornton JohnWoodroyd roaddwelling-house87, Woodroyd road
12704 Thornton JohnNewby streetdwelling-house61, Newby street
12705 Thornton JosephNewby streethouse & shop138, Old lane
successivedwelling-house10, Newby street
12706 Thornton JosephLowfield streetdwelling-house65, Lowfield street
12707 Thornton JosephOld lanedwelling-house365, Old lane
12708 Thornton MatthewOld lanedwelling-house280, Old lane
12709 Thornton SquireManchester roaddwelling-house936, Manchester road
12710 Thornton WilliamSmiddles lanedwelling-house19, Smiddles lane
12711 Thornton WilliamThornton squaredwelling-house27, Thornton square
12712 Thornton WilliamGrange farm, KeighleybrickworksParkside road
12713 Thornton William DanielBurnett fieldhouse & landManchester road
12714 Thorpe ThomasOld lanedwelling-house252, Old lane
12715 Throp CharlesManchester roadhouse & shop784, Manchester road
12716 Throp HenryManchester roaddwelling-house782, Manchester road
12717 Throp JohnRooley lanedwelling-house16, Rooley lane
12718 Throp JonasBismarck streetdwelling-house52, Bismarck street
12719 Tidswell AbrahamRound streetdwelling-house115, Round street
12720 Timmons ThomasRipley streetdwelling-house9, Ripley street
12721 Todd GeorgeRydal streetdwelling-house4, Rydal street
12722 Tolson HenryGiles street, Hortonweaving shedUpper Castle street
12723 Tomlinson JohnRound streetdwelling-house151, Round street
12724 Tomlinson WalterRound streetdwelling-houseBaird street
successivedwelling-house143, Round street
12725 Tommis CharlesNewton streethouse & shop36, Newton street
12726 Tordoff JosephSmiddles lanedwelling-house1, Smiddles lane
12727 Tordoff JosephRooley lanedwelling-house227, Rooley lane
12728 Tordoff SquireBankfootdwelling-house9, Bankfoot
12729 Tordoff UriahRooley lanedwelling-house231, Rooley lane
12730 Tottie SamuelNewby streetdwelling-house65, Newby street
12731 Towler JohnParkside roaddwelling-house87, Parkside road
12732 Townend BenjaminOld lanedwelling-houseRydal street
successivedwelling-house167, Old lane
12733 Townend GeorgeWoodroyd roaddwelling-house23, Woodroyd road
12734 Townsend George WilliamWoodroyd roaddwelling-house9, Woodroyd road
12735 Townsend RichardSt. Stephen's roaddwelling-house98, St. Stephen's road
12736 Trigg WilliamSt. Stephen's roaddwelling-houseGaythorne road
successivedwelling-house57, St. Stephen's road
12737 Trossell JohnBeatrice streetdwelling-house12, Beatrice street
12738 Turner CharlesTichborne roaddwelling-house18, Tichborne road
12739 Turner IsaacNew Cross streetdwelling-house108, New Cross street
12740 Turner Joseph GilbertManchester roaddwelling-house770, Manchester road
12741 Turner RichardClough streetdwelling-houseCotewall road
successivedwelling-house183, Old lane
successivedwelling-house19, Clough street
12742 Turner SamuelBirch lanedwelling-house153, Birch lane
12743 Turner WilliamNewby streetdwelling-house25, Tennant street
successivedwelling-houseBirch lane
successivedwelling-house25, Newby street
12744 Turnpenny AlfredRydal streetdwelling-house48, Rydal street
12745 Turpin NoahLowfield streetdwelling-houseRooley lane
successivedwelling-house23, Lowfield street
12746 Turpin RichardRyan streetdwelling-house30, Ryan street
12747 Twitchell JohnClough streetdwelling-house17, Clough street
12748 Tynan JohnOld lanedwelling-house14, Emsley street
successivedwelling-house289, Old lane
12749 Tynemouth George JohnWilliam streetdwelling-house14, John William street

BOWLING WARD1, 1881, surnames beginning with the letter U
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
12750 Unwin JosephNew Cross streetdwelling-house114, New Cross street
12751 Unwin WilliamNewby streetdwelling-houseBengal street
successivedwelling-house81, Newby street

BOWLING WARD1, 1881, surnames beginning with the letter V
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
12752 Varley JohnBombay streetdwelling-house52, Bombay street
12753 Varley StephenBombay streetdwelling-house39, Bombay street
successivedwelling-house31, Bombay street
12754 Varley ThomasWootton streetdwelling-houseBoyton street
successivedwelling-house53, Wootton street
12755 Varley WilliamBengal streetdwelling-house81, Baird street
successivedwelling-house60, Bengal street

BOWLING WARD1, 1881, surnames beginning with the letter W
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
12756 Waddington JohnTennant streetdwelling-house35, Tennant street
12757 Wade SamuelBaird streetdwelling-house18, Newby street
successivedwelling-house91, Baird street
12758 Wade WilliamWootton streetdwelling-house18, Wootton street
12759 Wadsworth PeterManchester roadhouse & shop704, Manchester road
12760 Wadsworth SquireRathmell streetdwelling-house4, Rathmell street
12761 Waggitt JohnCalcutta streetdwelling-houseCalcutta street
successivedwelling-house56, Calcutta street
12762 Wales ThomasRyan streetdwelling-house14, Ryan street
12763 Walker BenjaminWootton streethouse & shop42, Wootton street
12764 Walker Frederick WilliamLoughrigg streetdwelling-house156, New Cross street
successivedwelling-house16, Loughrigg street
12765 Walker JamesCotewall roaddwelling-house43, Cotewall road
12766 Walker James RobertRydal streetdwelling-house21, Rydal street
12767 Walker JosephOld lanedwelling-house419, Old lane
12768 Walker Joseph JohnBismarck streetdwelling-house59, Bismarck street
12769 Walker JoshuaTichborne roaddwelling-house271, Old lane
successivedwelling-houseNew Cross street
successivedwelling-house32, Tichborne road
12770 Walker RawdonDickens streetdwelling-house261, Old lane
successivedwelling-house4, Dickens street
12771 Walker RobinsonSpringmill streetdwelling-houseMill lane
successivedwelling-house94, Springmill street
12772 Walker RufusWoodroyd roaddwelling-house57, Woodroyd road
12773 Walker SampsonEli streetdwelling-house5, Eli street
12774 Walker SimeonManchester roaddwelling-house715, Manchester road
12775 Walker ThomasPark sidedwelling-house173, Birch lane
12776 Walker ThomasRaymond streetdwelling-house22, Raymond street
12777 Walker Thomas HenryRydal streetdwelling-house38, Rydal street
12778 Walker WilliamChellow streetdwelling-house27, Chellow street
12779 Walker William HenryBirch lanedwelling-house289, Old lane
successivedwelling-house45, Birch lane
12780 Waller JohnNew Cross streetdwelling-house148, New Cross street
12781 Walmsley WilliamWootton streetdwelling-house77, Wootton street
12782 Walsh JonathanTennant streetdwelling-house14, Tennant street
12783 Walsh JosephOld lanedwelling-house220, Old lane
12784 Walshaw HenryOld lanedwelling-house159, Old lane
12785 Walshaw OrlandoRaymond streetdwelling-house56, Raymond street
12786 Walton JohnWootton streetdwelling-house9, Wootton street
12787 Ward SampsonNew Cross streetdwelling-house17, Parsonage road
successivedwelling-house113, New Cross street
12788 Ward SamuelRound streetdwelling-house22, Round street
12789 Ward WilliamTichborne roaddwelling-house25, Tichborne road
12790 Ward WilliamManchester roaddwelling-house698, Manchester road
12791 Wardman IsaacRound streetdwelling-house147, Round street
12792 Wardman JohnRooley lanedwelling-house224, Rooley lane
12793 Wardman JohnBeatrice streetdwelling-house1, Beatrice street
12794 Wardman JonathanRooley lanedwelling-houseBeatrice street
successivedwelling-house232, Rooley lane
12795 Wardman MarkRooley lanedwelling-house234, Rooley lane
12796 Wardman RobertManchester roaddwelling-house953, Manchester road
12797 Wardman RobertNewby streetdwelling-house136, Newby street
12798 Waring JamesOld lanedwelling-house211, Old lane
12799 Waterhouse JosephManchester roaddwelling-house905, Manchester road
12800 Waters JamesRyan streetdwelling-house20, Ryan street
12801 Watson Fountain HudsonRyan streetdwelling-house3, Ryan street
12802 Watson JohnJoshua streetdwelling-house3, Joshua street
12803 Watson RalphSt. Stephen's roaddwelling-house23, St. Stephen's road
12804 Waud Benjamin SkeltonLightcliffewarehouseSpring Mill street
12805 Wear FrancisRyan streetdwelling-houseRyan street
successivedwelling-house46, Ryan street
12806 Weatherhead Thomas JohnWilliam streetdwelling-house1, John William street
12807 Weatherhead William ThomasRyan streetdwelling-house82, Ryan street
12808 Weatherill JamesWootton streetdwelling-house133, Wootton street
12809 Webb JosephBarley streetdwelling-house6, Barley street
12810 Webster JamesSt. Stephen's roaddwelling-house78, St. Stephen's road
12811 Webster LeviOld lanedwelling-house404, Old lane
12812 Webster WilliamBaird streetdwelling-houseBaird street
successivedwelling-house152, Baird street
12813 Wedgbury LeviRipley streetdwelling-house65, Ripley street
12814 Wells AaronOld lanebeerhouse228, Old lane
12815 Wells JohnSt. Stephen's roaddwelling-house11, St. Stephen's road
12816 West John BrooksbankParkside hoteldwelling-house91, Parkside road
12817 West JosephManchester roaddwelling-house783, Manchester road
12818 West RobertEmsley streetdwelling-house4, Emsley street
12819 Whalen WilliamTennant streetdwelling-house104, Tennant street
12820 Wharton ScottAshgrove, HortonwarehouseUpper Castle street
12821 Whelan GeorgeBirch lanedwelling-house16, Birch lane
12822 Whisker SamuelLowfield streetdwelling-house32, Lowfield street
12823 Whitaker John WilliamCoates streetdwelling-house70, Cotewall road
successivedwelling-house122, Coates street
12824 Whitaker WilliamRodney streetdwelling-house7, Rodney street
12825 White JosephBaird streetdwelling-house29, Baird street
12826 White RichardRipley streetdwelling-house67 Ripley street
12827 Whitehall ThomasWootton streetdwelling-house87, Wootton street
12828 Whitehead BennettEmsley streetdwelling-house127, Newby street
successivedwelling-house7, Emsley street
12829 Whitehead FrancisWest End terracedwelling-house42, Smiddles lane
12830 Whitehead GeorgeNew Cross streetdwelling-houseOsborne street
successivedwelling-house112, New Cross street
12831 Whitehead John William BensonRyan streetdwelling-house146, New Cross street
successivedwelling-house70, Ryan street
12832 Whiteley JamesNew Cross streetdwelling-house125, New Cross street
12833 Whiteley JobRydal streetdwelling-house27, Rydal street
12834 Whiteley JosephRydal streetdwelling-house62, Rydal street
12835 Whiteley WilliamTennant streetdwelling-house137, Tennant street
12836 Whiteley WilliamRydal streetdwelling-house61, Rydal street
12837 Whiteley WilliamOld lanedwelling-house321, Old lane
12838 Whitfield John CharlesManchester roaddwelling-house832, Manchester road
12839 Whithill CharlesBengal streetdwelling-house16, Bengal street
12840 Widdowes GeorgeGaythorne roadhouse & shop101, Gaythorne road
12841 Wignall TomBombay streetdwelling-housePark road
successivedwelling-house40, Bombay street
12842 Wilcock DewhirstSmiddles lanedwelling-house20, Smiddles lane
12843 Wild James WalkerManchester roaddwelling-house694, Manchester road
12844 Wild ThomasOaks folddwelling-house40, Raymond street
successivedwelling-house22, Oaks fold
12845 Wilkes ShadrachBaird streetdwelling-houseUpper Pollard street
successivedwelling-house114, Baird street
12846 Wilkinson AaronTennant streetdwelling-house4, Tennant street
12847 Wilkinson AbrahamRooley lanedwelling-house215, Rooley lane
12848 Wilkinson AllenManchester roaddwelling-house642, Manchester road
12849 Wilkinson BenjaminRydal streetdwelling-house13, Rydal street
12850 Wilkinson CharlesRooley folddwelling-house87A, Rooley lane
12851 Wilkinson EliTennant streetdwelling-house125, Tennant street
12852 Wilkinson FrankParsonage roaddwelling-houseBaird street
successivedwelling-house37, Parsonage road
12853 Wilkinson FredBirch lanedwelling-house135, Birch lane
12854 Wilkinson GeorgeOld lanedwelling-house122, Old lane
12855 Wilkinson HenryOld lanedwelling-house207, Old lane
12856 Wilkinson JacobOld lanedwelling-house276, Old lane
12857 Wilkinson JacobRyan streetdwelling-house52, Ryan street
12858 Wilkinson JamesOld lanedwelling-house448, Old lane
12859 Wilkinson JamesEli streetdwelling-house9, Eli street
successivedwelling-house13, Eli street
12860 Wilkinson JamesNewby streetdwelling-house21, Newby street
12861 Wilkinson JamesRound streetdwelling-house153, Round street
12862 Wilkinson JamesTennant streetdwelling-houseBaird street
successivedwelling-house119, Tennant street
12863 Wilkinson JamesNewby streetdwelling-house17, Newby street
12864 Wilkinson JamesParsonage roaddwelling-houseNew Cross street
successivedwelling-house33, Parsonage road
12865 Wilkinson JohnCoates streetdwelling-house166, Coates street
12866 Wilkinson JohnRound streetdwelling-houseUpper Castle street
successivedwelling-house149, Round street
12867 Wilkinson JohnRooley lanedwelling-house23, Rooley lane
12868 Wilkinson JohnOld lanedwelling-house329, Old lane
12869 Wilkinson JohnThornton squaredwelling-house23, Thornton square
12870 Wilkinson JonathanWoodroyd roaddwelling-house55, Woodroyd road
12871 Wilkinson JosephCotewall roaddwelling-house105, Cotewall road
12872 Wilkinson JosephLittle Cross streetdwelling-house29, Little Cross street
12873 Wilkinson JosephRooley lanedwelling-house19, Rooley lane
12874 Wilkinson JosephRydal streetdwelling-house23, Rydal street
12875 Wilkinson ListerGaythorne roaddwelling-house20, Birch lane
successivedwelling-house32, Gaythorne road
12876 Wilkinson NathanielCarr streetdwelling-house4, Carr street
12877 Wilkinson OrlandoNew Cross streetdwelling-house164, New Cross street
12878 Wilkinson RobertOld lanepart of millSpring mill street
successivedwelling-house303, Old lane
12879 Wilkinson WilliamRooley lanedwelling-house30, Rooley lane
12880 Wilkinson WilliamManchester roaddwelling-house688, Manchester road
12881 Wilkinson WilliamGaythorne roaddwelling-house44, Gaythorne road
12882 Wilkinson WilliamManchester roadhouse & shop706, Manchester road
12883 Wilkinson WilliamOld lanedwelling-house221, Old lane
12884 Wilkinson William HenryOld lanehouse & shop335, Old lane
12885 Wilkinson ZenoTennant streetdwelling-house134, Tennant street
12886 Williams JamesRipley streetdwelling-house27, Ripley street
12887 Williams WilliamBombay streetdwelling-house22, Bombay street
12888 Willis EdwinEmsley streetdwelling-house26, Emsley street
12889 Wilman AlexanderMalt streetdwelling-house5, Malt street
12890 Wilman CharlesSmiddles lanedwelling-house26, Smiddles lane
12891 Wilman FletcherOld lanedwelling-house171, Old lane
12892 Wilman JohnSmiddles lanedwelling-house21, Smiddles lane
12893 Wilman WilliamSmiddles lanedwelling-house23, Smiddles lane
12894 Wilman WilliamParkside roaddwelling-house135, Parkside road
12895 Wilson BenjaminPark sidedwelling-house148, Birch lane
12896 Wilson ChristopherManchester roaddwelling-house876, Manchester road
12897 Wilson EdwardBismarck streetdwelling-house32, Bismarck street
12898 Wilson GeorgeBirch lanedwelling-house47, Birch lane
12899 Wilson JamesTichborne roaddwelling-house12, Tichborne road
12900 Wilson JamesRipley streetdwelling-house25, Ripley street
12901 Wilson John DobsonBaird streetdwelling-houseBaird street
successivedwelling-house107, Baird street
12902 Wilson Joseph MusgraveCoates streetdwelling-house130, Coates street
12903 Wilson MarmadukeBirch lanedwelling-house39, Birch lane
12904 Wilson SamuelBismarck streetdwelling-house8, Bismarck street
12905 Wilson ThomasNew Cross streetdwelling-house3, New Cross street
12906 Wilson ThomasBeatrice streetdwelling-house18, Beatrice street
12907 Wilson ThomasBengal streetdwelling-house43, Bengal street
12908 Wilson WilliamLoughrigg streetdwelling-houseHall lane
successivedwelling-house24, Loughrigg street
12909 Wimpress GeorgeBeatrice streetdwelling-house4, Beatrice street
12910 Winter CharlesSt. Stephen's roaddwelling-house108, St. Stephen's road
12911 Wolstenholme ThomasChellow streetdwelling-house29, Chellow street
12912 Womersley AbrahamBirch lanedwelling-house145, Birch lane
12913 Womersley DanCotewall roaddwelling-house126, Cotewall road
12914 Womersley George AlbertOld lanehouse & shop96, Old lane
12915 Womersley John FrancisSt. Stephen's roaddwelling-house24, St. Stephen's road
12916 Womersley JosephSt. Stephen's roaddwelling-house28, St. Stephen's road
12917 Wood AmosRooley lanedwelling-house166, Rooley lane
12918 Wood BenjaminLow welldwelling-house519, Manchester road
12919 Wood DavidTunnel enddwelling-house172, New Cross street
12920 Wood DavidBombay streetdwelling-houseBombay street
successivedwelling-house9, Bombay street
12921 Wood David MarshallTennant streetdwelling-house95, Tennant street
12922 Wood EmanuelTichborne roaddwelling-house32, Bombay street
successivedwelling-houseBaird street
successivedwelling-house70, Tichborne road
12923 Wood GreenwoodBombay streetdwelling-houseBombay street
successivedwelling-house19, Bombay street
12924 Wood JamesCotewall roaddwelling-house76, Cotewall road
12925 Wood JohnCotewall roaddwelling-house34, Cotewall road
12926 Wood JohnSmiddles lanedwelling-house3, Smiddles lane
12927 Wood JohnLittle Cross streetdwelling-house19, Little Cross street
12928 Wood JohnManchester roaddwelling-house961, Manchester road
successivedwelling-house965, Manchester road
12929 Wood John ThomasBismarck streetdwelling-houseBismarck street
successivedwelling-house50, Bismarck street
12930 Wood JosephSunnybank roaddwelling-house934, Manchester road
successivedwelling-houseSunnybank road
12931 Wood JosephMalt streethouse & shop1, Malt street
12932 Wood MatthewMalt streetdwelling-house15, Malt street
12933 Wood OrlandoNewby streetdwelling-house111, Newby street
12934 Wood SamBaird streetdwelling-houseSaville street
successivedwelling-house136, Baird street
12935 Wood ThomasUpper Castle streethouse & shopBaird street
successivedwelling-houseUpper Castle street
12936 Wood WilliamBeatrice streetdwelling-houseBeatrice street
successivedwelling-house9, Beatrice street
12937 Wood WilliamNewby streetdwelling-house119, Newby street
successivedwelling-house103, Newby street
12938 Woodhead EdwinFaxfleet streetdwelling-house6, Faxfleet street
12939 Woodhead EdwinFaxfleet streetdwelling-house10, Faxfleet street
12940 Woodhead GeorgeOld lanedwelling-house106, Old lane
12941 Woodhead JohnOld lanedwelling-house474, Old lane
12942 Woodhead JohnSmiddles lanedwelling-house41, Smiddles lane
12943 Woodhead RaymondRaymond streetdwelling-house14, Raymond street
12944 Woodhead SamuelNewby streetdwelling-house95, Newby street
12945 Woodhead SamuelLowfield streetdwelling-house43, Lowfield street
12946 Woodhead UriahManchester roadhouse & land877, Manchester road
successivehouse & shop854, Manchester road
12947 Woodhead WilliamRaymond streetdwelling-house34, Raymond street
12948 Woodhead WilliamBengal streetdwelling-house29, Bengal street
12949 Woodhead William GreenwoodNewby streetdwelling-house113, Newby street
12950 Worby RobertNew Cross streetdwelling-houseBirch lane
successivedwelling-house150, New Cross street
12951 Worby WalterBarley streetdwelling-house18, Barley street
12952 Worfolk JamesNewby streetdwelling-houseRound street
successivedwelling-house18, Newby street
12953 Worfolk WilliamNewby streetdwelling-house176, Newby street
12954 Wormald HenryTennant streetdwelling-house91, Tennant street
12955 Worsnop AllenRooley lanedwelling-house12, Rooley lane
12956 Worsnop GeorgeParkside roaddwelling-house137, Parkside road
12957 Worsnop WilliamOld lanedwelling-house11, Old lane
12958 Wray RichardTennant streetdwelling-houseTennant street
successivedwelling-house120, Tennant street
12959 Wretham William JohnBaird streetdwelling-house130, Baird street
12960 Wright AlphonsoWoodroyd roaddwelling-house97, Woodroyd road
12961 Wright ArmitageClough streetdwelling-house47, Clough street
12962 Wright DavidSmiddles lanedwelling-house12, Smiddles lane
12963 Wright EdwinManchester roaddwelling-house571, Manchester road
12964 Wright GeorgeNew Cross streetdwelling-house144, New Cross street
12965 Wright JamesNew Cross streetdwelling-house128, New Cross street
12966 Wright JamesOld lanedwelling-house336, Old lane
12967 Wright JamesOld lanehouse & shop154, Old lane
12968 Wright JamesNew Cross streetdwelling-house127, New Cross street
12969 Wright JohnTichborne roaddwelling-house1, Tichborne road
12970 Wright JonathanOld lanedwelling-house394, Old lane
12971 Wright JosephOld lanedwelling-house325, Old lane
12972 Wright JosephOld lanehouse & shop223, Old lane
12973 Wright JosephOaks foldhouse & land19, Birch lane
12974 Wright RalphManchester roaddwelling-house666, Manchester road
12975 Wright SamuelBengal streetdwelling-house20, Bengal street
12976 Wright SquireOld lanedwelling-house168, Old lane
12977 Wright ThomasLoughrigg streetdwelling-houseTomlinson street
successivedwelling-house4, Loughrigg street
12978 Wright WilliamBarley streetdwelling-house13, Barley street
12979 Wright William HenryOld lanedwelling-house63, Baird street
successivedwelling-house400, Old lane
12980 Wroe JosephSmiddles lanedwelling-houseFaxfleet street
successivedwelling-house1A, Smiddles lane
12981 Wroe JosephParkside roaddwelling-house69, Parkside road
12982 Wroe RichardBirch lanedwelling-house38, Smiddles lane
successivedwelling-house53, Birch lane
12983 Wroe WilliamBirch lanedwelling-house24, Birch lane
12984 Wyatt WalterBengal streetdwelling-house40, Bengal street
12985 Wynn WilliamSt. Stephen's roaddwelling-house27, St. Stephen's road

BOWLING WARD1, 1881, surnames beginning with the letter Y
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
12986 Yewdall EzraNew Cross streetdwelling-house2, New Cross street
12987 Yewdall SamuelSunnybank roadhouse & shopManchester road

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