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BRADFORD: Bradford Parliamentary Register 1881, EAST WARD1.


EAST WARD1, 1881.
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1 Ackroyd BriggsGarnett streetdwelling-house187, Garnett street
2 Ackroyd George, junr.Manninghamwarehouse25, Charles street
3 Ackroyd James EdmondsonTennyson placewarehouse49, Leeds road
4 Ackroyd JohnShipleywarehouse19, Charles street
5 Ackroyd JohnPark gatedwelling-house32, Park gate
6 Ackroyd John HarrisManninghamwarehouse25, Charles street
7 Ackroyd JonathanShipleywarehouseSwan arcade
8 Ackroyd LeviManninghamwarehouse49, Brook street
9 Ackroyd ParkinsonShipleywarehouse19, Charles street
10 Ackroyd SamuelHortonwarehouse31, Booth street
11 Ackroyd WilliamManninghamwarehouse19, Charles street
12 Ackroyd WilliamBirkenshawwarehouse18, Charles street
13 Adamson Edward HenryManninghamcountinghouse65, Market street
14 Ahrons LeopoldManninghamwarehouse8, Union street
successivewarehouse30, Chapel street
15 Akam JohnHarris streetshop52, Harris street
16 Akam ThomasManninghamwarehouse21, Swaine street
successivewarehouse16, Booth street
17 Aked George HenryMortonwarehouse32, Swan arcade
successivewarehouse43, Peel place
18 Aked JosiahHalifaxwarehouse42, Hall ings
19 Aked RobertShipleywarehouse11, Bentley street
20 Akroyd EdwardHalifaxwarehouse25, Booth street
21 Albrecht Adolph William EdwardManninghamwarehouse55, Well street
22 Albrecht Martin Henry EdmundHortonwarehouse55, Well street
23 Albrecht Seigfried Herbert CaesarManninghamwarehouse20, Charles street
24 Albrecht Walter Augustus AdolphHorsforthwarehouse55, Well street
25 Alexander GilbertGarnett streetdwelling-house119, Garnett street
26 Allan ChristopherHeap streetdwelling-house39, Heap street
27 Allan HenryHeap streetdwelling-house19, Heap street
28 Ambler JamesHortonwarehouse10, Swaine street
29 Ambler JohnManninghamwarehouse17, Swaine street
30 Ambler ThomasManninghamwarehouse11, Swaine street
31 Anderson ChristopherLeedswarehouse6, Booth street
32 Anderson JohnCleckheatonwarehouse20, Charles street
33 Anderson ThomasCleckheatonwarehouse20, Charles street
34 Appleton WilliamRobert's placeshop31, Swan arcade
successiveshop27, Market street
35 Armitage John RamsdenHeatonwarehouse20, Swaine street
36 Armitage Joseph NewtonShakespeare streetwarehouse65, Brook street
37 Ashton GeorgeScoresby streetdwelling-house2, Scoresby street
38 Aspinall AquilaHorsforthwarehouse44, Well street
39 Aspinall WilliamHortoncountinghouse63, Leeds road
40 Asquith JamesHortonwarehouse1, Bentley street
41 Astin GreenwoodManninghamwarehouseHind street
successivewarehouse34, Hall ings
42 Atkinson JonasMortonwarehouse41, Well street
43 Averdieck HermannRawdonwarehouse64, Vicar lane
44 Aykroyd AlfredManninghamwarehouse43, Peel place
45 Aykroyd William EdwardManninghamwarehouse43, Peel place

EAST WARD1, 1881, surnames beginning with the letter B
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
46 Bailey Samuel OldfieldManninghamwarehouse5, Leeds road
47 Baines ThomasCottingleywarehouse16, Booth street
48 Bairstow StephenGarnett streetdwelling-house3, Frystone place
successivedwelling-house179, Garnett street
49 Balme HenryGarnett streetdwelling-house161, Garnett street
50 Balmforth GeorgePark gatedwelling-house33, Park gate
51 Bancroft JonasOxenhopewarehouse3, Mildred court
52 Bankart Charles JamesHeatonwarehouse25, Swaine street
53 Bankart GeorgeManninghamwarehouse3, Swaine street
54 Bankart John HorsfallBoltonwarehouse51, Hall ings
successivewarehouse20, Church bank
55 Barker Albert NewallThornburywarehouse65, Brook street
56 Barker HenryJoseph streetdwelling-house1, Joseph street
57 Barnes JoshuaJoseph streetdwelling-house10, Joseph street
58 Barrett James HenryHeap streetdwelling-house55, Heap street
59 Barsdorf SolomonManninghamwarehouse41, Brook street
60 Bartle JesseHortonshop71, Market street
61 Bastow HenryHortonwarehouse27, Charles street
62 Bateman DanielWibseywarehouse49, Swan arcade
63 Bateman George HenryWibseywarehouse49, Swan arcade
64 Beadle John WaitsBarkerend roaddwelling-house110, Barkerend road
65 Beanland AlfredManninghamwarehouse44, Well street
66 Beanland JohnHortonshop15, Harris street
67 Beanland WilliamHortonshop15, Harris street
68 Beanland William CudworthHortonwarehouse20, Charles street
69 Beecroft JohnWoodvillewarehouse72, Harris street
70 Beever JohnLeeds roaddwelling-house139, Leeds road
71 Behrens CharlesNorth paradewarehouse1, Colliergate
72 Behrens FrederickNorth paradewarehouse1, Colliergate
73 Behrens JacobNorth paradewarehouse1, Colliergate
74 Bell CharlesRichard streetdwelling-house13, Richard street
75 Bell EdmundHortonwarehouse5, Swaine street
76 Bell WilliamHarris streetdwelling-house114, Harris street
77 Benn JosephClaytonwarehouse34, Hall ings
successivewarehouse53, Swan Arcade
78 Bentley JohnHortonwarehouse25a, Charles street
79 Bentley ThomasHeap streetdwelling-house50, Heap street
80 Berry John WaltonHallfield roadcountinghouse5, Charles street
81 Bescky GustaveManninghamwarehouse9, Currer street
82 Best WilliamSalem streetwarehouse33, Charles street
83 Bilbrough William HudsonHorsforthwarehouseGeorge yard
84 Bilton ThomasPark gatedwelling-house75, Park gate
85 Bingham James PennyIdlewarehouse43A, Swaine street
86 Binns CharlesHortonwarehouse16, Chapel street
87 Binns RhodesPark gatedwelling-house28, Park gate
88 Birkinshaw John RichardManninghamwarehouse88, Leeds road
successivewarehouse37, Swaine street
89 Bishop WilliamPark gatedwelling-house59, Park gate
90 Blackburn IshmaelGarnett streetdwelling-house87, Garnett street
91 Blackburn JohnJoseph streetdwelling-house27, Joseph street
92 Blair Hugh RamseyManninghamwarehouse39, Leeds road
93 Blakey JamesNorth paradeshop28, Church bank
94 Boardman HenryManninghamwarehouse23, Bentley street
95 Bollans ThomasChurch bankshop78, Vicar lane
96 Booth DennisGarnett streetdwelling-house83, Garnett street
97 Booth JamesOvendenwarehouse3, Booth street
98 Booth James CluderayHortonwarehouse47, Leeds road
99 Booth John LuptonOvendenwarehouse3, Booth street
100 Booth Joseph JohnManninghamwarehouse26, Booth street
101 Boothroyd JosephHortonwarehouse49, Leeds road
102 Botterill JohnEccleshillwarehouse25A, Charles street
103 Bottomley EdwinHortonwarehouse22, Charles street
104 Bottomley EliHortonwarehouse7, Charles street
105 Bottomley JamesNorth Bierleywarehouse22, Swaine street
106 Bottomley James MortimerNorth Bierleywarehouse22, Swaine street
107 Bottomley John WilliamHortonwarehouse7, Charles street
108 Bottomley JosephManninghamwarehouse22, Swaine street
109 Bottomley MosesRawdonwarehouse34, Brook street
110 Bottomley SamuelShelfwarehouse34, Brook street
111 Bottomley Thomas, junr.Lightcliffewarehouse22, Swaine street
112 Bower John WilliamMenstoncountinghouse41, Well street
113 Bower Joshua ScottMenstoncountinghouse41, Well street
114 Boyd SamuelChurch bankdwelling-house32, Church bank
115 Bracewell RichardHarris streetdwelling-house176, Harris street
116 Bracewell WilliamBarkerend roaddwelling-houseBrooklyn street
successivedwelling-house158, Barkerend road
successivedwelling-house144, Barkerend road
117 Bradshaw FrederickBarkerend roaddwelling-house14, Free street
successivedwelling-house94, Barkerend road
118 Brailsford Alfred WaltonManninghamwarehouse41, Well street
119 Branson ThomasHarris streetdwelling-house2, Harris street
120 Brayshaw CharlesDarfield streetwarehouse1, Booth street
121 Brayshaw JamesLumb lanewarehouse1, Booth street
122 Breaks SamLow Moorwarehouse39, Swaine street
123 Brearley WalterBowlingwarehouse12, Swaine street
124 Bridges Thomas CharlesPark gateshop72, Barkerend road
125 Brigg Benjamin SeptimusKeighleywarehouse41, Swaine street
126 Brigg JohnKeighleywarehouse41, Swaine street
127 Brigg JoshuaManninghamwarehouse6, Bentley street
128 Brigg WilliamKeighleywarehouse49, Well street
129 Briggs AsaClaytonwarehouse34, Hall Ings
successivewarehouse53, Swan arcade
130 Briggs JonasWykewarehouse30, Booth street
131 Briggs WilliamPudseyshopWoodbine street
132 Brindisi JacquesManninghamwarehouse19, Bolton road
successivewarehouse43, Leeds road
133 Britton ThomasHeap streetdwelling-house65, Heap street
134 Broadbent JohnManninghamwarehouse2, Currer street
135 Broadbent John JohnsonHortonwarehouse25, Hall ings
136 Brook Alfred ThomasBentley streetdwelling-house33, Bentley street
137 Brook CyrusHalifaxwarehouse38, Brook street
138 Brook JohnHortonshop16, Green street
139 Brook RichardHeatonwarehouse59a, Well street
140 Brook WilliamJoseph streetdwelling-house23, Joseph street
141 Brooke LewisJoseph streetdwelling-house19, Exeter street
successivedwelling-house7, Mulberry street
successivedwelling-house3, Joseph street
142 Brooke WilliamJoseph streetdwelling-house5, Garnett street
successivedwelling-house11, Joseph street
143 Brooksbank Matthew FosterJoseph streetdwelling-house22, Joseph street
144 Brooksbank WilliamJoseph streetdwelling-house38, Joseph street
145 Broomhead Alfred WalterIdlewarehouse8, Leeds road
successivewarehouse33, Charles street
146 Broughton BenjaminManninghamwarehouse21, Leeds road
147 Brown Dougald McLaurinLightcliffewarehouse21, Peel place
148 Brown RichardHeap streetdwelling-house17, Heap street
149 Brown UptonGarnett streetdwelling-house89, Garnett street
150 Brown WilliamHeadingleywarehouseEast parade
151 Buckle RichardHortonwarehouse31, Charles street
152 Buckley HenryMarket streetdwelling-house11, Market street
153 Burn Adam ThompsonHarris streetdwelling-house16, Harris street
154 Burrows WilliamHortonshop14, Charles street
successiveshop11, Leeds road
155 Butler AlfredBingleywarehouse57, Brook street
156 Butler HenryBingleywarehouse57, Brook street
157 Butterfield ThomasHeap streetdwelling-house4, Heap street
158 Butterworth HoratioManninghamwarehouse8, Booth street

EAST WARD1, 1881, surnames beginning with the letter C
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
159 Calman CharlesManninghamwarehouse49, Hall ings
160 Calvert JosephShipleywarehouse44, Well street
161 Campbell JohnEldon placecountinghouse8, Albany buildings
162 Carter JamesEccleshillwarehouse33, Swaine street
163 Carter William ProcterHortonwarehouse26, Brook street
164 Cass JohnDudley hillwarehouse27, Charles street
165 Cautley HenryBramleywarehouse1B, Bentley street
166 Cawthra JosephManninghamwarehouse43, Peel place
167 Chapman HenryHeap streetdwelling-houseAlmond street
successivedwelling-house16, Heap street
168 Chesney Peter KerrHallfield roadcountinghouse1, Leeds road
169 Clapham ElijahWilsdenwarehouse17, Swan arcade
170 Clapham EmanuelGarnett streetdwelling-house79, Garnett street
171 Clapham John ArthurManninghamcountinghouseBank street
successivecountinghouse73, Market street
172 Clayton ArthurManninghamwarehouse42, Well street
173 Clayton HenryColeridge placewarehouseCater street
174 Clayton HowgillBarkerend roaddwelling-house37, Park gate
successivedwelling-house4, Barkerend road
175 Clayton JohnPeckover streetdwelling-house5, Peckover street
176 Clayton JohnGarnett streetdwelling-house159, Garnett street
177 Clayton Thomas HowgillBarkerend roaddwelling-house6, Barkerend road
178 Cliffe JohnGarnett streetdwelling-house63, Garnett street
179 Clinch HenryHeap streetdwelling-house26, Heap street
180 Clough John, junr.Keighleywarehouse79, Swan arcade
181 Clough RobertKeighleywarehouse79, Swan arcade
182 Clough SamuelHarris streetdwelling-house148, Harris street
183 Clough WilliamKeighleywarehouse79, Swan arcade
184 Clough William HenryManninghamshop8, Well street
185 Coates William CharlesMorleywarehouse36, Brook street
186 Cockerham EdwardBingleywarehouse32, Charles street
187 Cockerham HenryHortonwarehouse32, Charles street
188 Cockerham John WilliamBingleywarehouse32, Charles street
189 Cockroft ThomasAllertonwarehouse35B, Charles street
190 Cockshott EdmundShipleywarehouse5, Mildred court
191 Cockshott RichardTennyson placewarehouse1, Back Chapel street
192 Colefax Joseph SamuelHortoncountinghouse53, Market street
193 Collinson JamesThornburywarehouse20, Bentley street
194 Collinson JamesWoodbine streetdwelling-house4, Woodbine street
195 Collinson ThomasBarkerend roaddwelling-house142, Barkerend road
196 Connell ThomasBoltonwarehouse25, Swaine street
197 Constantine PicklesBaildonwarehouse18, Swaine street
198 Cooke JamesManninghamcountinghouse15, Albany buildings
199 Cooke John TurnerManninghamwarehouse37, Leeds road
200 Cooper JohnPudseywarehouse2, Brook street
201 Cooper ThomasPudseywarehouse2, Brook street
202 Copperthwaite JamesTyersallwarehouse8, Brown street
203 Cordingley William RhodesBelmont streetdwelling-house124A, Belmont street
204 Coulter RobertPark gatedwelling-house31, Park gate
205 Cousen JamesBarkerend roaddwelling-houseHeap lane
successivedwelling-house166, Barkerend road
206 Cowgill JosephBoltoncountinghouse8, Albany buildings
successivecountinghouse20, Albany buildings
207 Cowling HenryPeckover streetdwelling-house15, Peckover street
208 Cowling ThomasHortonwarehouse6, Swaine street
209 Crabtree BenjaminShipleywarehouse38, Hall ings
210 Craig ThomasManninghamwarehouse35, Swan arcade
211 Craven DavidThorntonwarehouse30, Charles street
212 Craven Franklin HowardPudseywarehouse30, Charles street
213 Craven JohnHarris streetdwelling-house164, Harris street
214 Craven JosephThorntonwarehouse14, Swaine street
215 Craven JosephThorntonwarehouse30, Charles street
216 Craven Joseph HenryKeighleywarehouse23, Booth street
217 Craven PhinehasPudseywarehouse30, Charles street
218 Craven ThomasKeighleywarehouse23, Booth street
219 Craven ThomasAllertonwarehouse35B, Charles street
220 Cresswell David GordonHortonshopWoodbine street
221 Crossland Richard PaulSouthey placeshop60, Barkerend road
222 Crossley WilliamBarkerend roaddwelling-house136, Barkerend road
223 Crowe DanHeap streetdwelling-house24, Heap street
224 Crowther ThomasLeeds roaddwelling-house81, Leeds road
225 Cullen JonathanManninghamwarehouse49, Peel place
226 Cunningham William CormackBarkerend roaddwelling-house160, Barkerend road
227 Curran Charles WilliamWestfield crescentshop69, Leeds road
228 Currer JohnPark gatedwelling-house3, Park gate
229 Curtis ThomasJoseph streethouse17, Joseph street

EAST WARD1, 1881, surnames beginning with the letter D
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
230 D'Andria Joseph NicolasManninghamwarehouse38, Well street
231 Danes AlfredGarnett streetdwelling-house163, Garnett street
232 Davy ThomasSpring gardenswarehouse34A, Brook street
233 Dawson George FrederickHorsforthwarehouse12, Booth street
234 Dawson MarkNewlaywarehouse12, Booth street
235 Dawson Mark, junr.Hortonwarehouse12, Booth street
236 Dehn FrederickManninghamwarehouse4, Brook street
237 Delius Julius Frederick WilliamHortonwarehouse29, Peckover street
238 Delius TheodoreEldon placewarehouse29, Peckover street
239 Denby AlexanderGarnett streetdwelling-house151, Garnett street
240 Denby CharlesShipleywarehouse15, Leeds road
241 Denby GeorgeShipleywarehouse19, Booth street
242 Denby JohnShipleywarehouse15, Leeds road
243 Denby JosephShipleywarehouse15, Leeds road
244 Denby ThomasWindhillwarehouse19, Booth street
245 Denby William HodgsonBaildonwarehouse15, Leeds road
246 Denham WilliamHortonwarehouse6, Booth street
247 Dennison WilliamHarris streetdwelling-house178, Harris street
248 Dewhirst HerbertRawdonwarehouse29, Hall ings
249 Dewhirst ThomasHortonwarehouse18, Hall ings
250 Dewhirst WilliamRawdonwarehouse29, Hall ings
251 Dewhirst William AlfredYeadonwarehouse29, Hall ings
252 Dibbin Edward BlakePark gatedwelling-house8, Peckover street
successivedwelling-house5, Park gate
253 Dickinson WilliamScott streetshopGarnett street
254 Dobson AlfredLeeds roaddwelling-house95, Leeds road
255 Dobson HenryEast paradedwelling-housenear 131, East parade
256 Dobson WilliamChapel streetdwelling-house7, Chapel street
257 Dodgson Charles FrederickRipon streetshop58, Barkerend road
258 Dove Charles ParkerHortonwarehouse49, Well street
259 Dove Edward ParkerCalverleycountinghouse3, Leeds road
260 Dowling WilliamBowlingwarehouse22, Swaine street
261 Downing WilliamColeridge placeshop1, East parade
262 Downs George AlfredManninghamwarehouse21, Charles street
263 Drake EzraJoseph streetdwelling-house33, Joseph street
264 Drake William HenryHeap streetdwelling-house36, Heap street
265 Driver JonasMortonwarehouse26, Brook street
successivewarehouse7, Charles street
266 Drummond JamesManninghamwarehouse11, Booth street
267 Drummond James, junr.Manninghamwarehouse11, Booth street
268 Drummond JohnManninghamwarehouse11, Booth street
269 Duncan JohnOtleywarehouse40, Hall ings
270 Duncan ThomasOtleywarehouse40, Hall ings
271 Duncan Thomas ArthurOtleywarehouse40, Hall ings
272 Dunlop Charles WalterBingleywarehouse46, Peckover street
273 Dunlop WalterHarden grangewarehouse46, Peckover street
274 Dunn PatrickBarkerend roaddwelling-house106, Barkerend road
275 Dyson GeorgeHortonshop27, Market street
successiveshop207, Swan arcade
276 Dyson JohnHortonwarehouse9, Leeds road

EAST WARD1, 1881, surnames beginning with the letter E
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
277 Edelstein VictorManninghamwarehouse62, Vicar lane
278 Edmonds ThomasSpring gardenswarehouse16, Swaine street
279 Edmondson JosephHalifaxwarehouse3, Brook street
280 Eeles Edwin GeorgeManninghamshop25, Market street
281 Elgey George AllisonManninghamwarehouse1, Ship alley
282 Elgey HenryManninghamwarehouse10, Leeds road
successivewarehouse35, Booth street
283 Ellershaw ThomasBowlingwarehouseColliergate
284 Ellet WilliamManninghamwarehouse22, Well street
successivewarehouse37, Swaine street
285 Ellis GeorgeBingleywarehouse10, Well street
286 Ellis Sidney AquilaDudley hillwarehouse41, Well street
successivewarehouse6, Booth street
287 Ellis William LeonardDudley hillwarehouse41, Well street
successivewarehouse6, Booth street
288 Ellison AlfredTrafalgar streetshop12, Well street
289 Ellison GrimshawManninghamwarehouse37, Swaine street
290 Ellison WilliamManninghamwarehouse37, Swaine street
291 Emsley JamesHortonwarehouse19, Charles street
292 Emsley JohnHortonwarehouse11, Brook street
293 England DavidBingleywarehouse19, Booth street
294 Erckmann WilliamHortonwarehouse1, Cater street
295 Evans RobertPark gatedwelling-house69, Park gate

EAST WARD1, 1881, surnames beginning with the letter F
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
296 Fairbank EdwardTennyson placeshopHeap street
297 Fairbank WilliamAllertonwarehouse9, Brook street
298 Farrer DavidHortonshop29, Market street
299 Fawcett JamesHeap streetdwelling-house27, Heap street
300 Fawcett JoshuaGarnett streetdwelling-house171, Garnett street
301 Fawthorp HenryBarkerend roaddwelling-house14, Cawood place
successivedwelling-house134, Barkerend road
successivedwelling-house130, Barkerend road
302 Fearnley JosephUndercliffeshop69, Leeds road
303 Fearnsides HoratioWibseywarehouse41, Well street
304 Fearnsides WilliamHarris streetdwelling-house18, Harris street
305 Fecht Richard Edward AlbrechtManninghamwarehouse55, Well street
306 Ferguson HenryBarkerend roaddwelling-house96, Barkerend road
307 Ferrand EdwardManninghamwarehouse42, Well street
308 Field George HenryManninghamcountinghouse51, Market street
309 Field JohnWibseywarehouse41, Well street
310 Fieldhouse JohnBarkerend roaddwelling-house62, Barkerend road
311 Firth GeorgeHortonwarehouse21, Leeds road
312 Firth HenryBaildonwarehouse20, Brook street
313 Firth JamesHortonwarehouse8, Exchange passage
314 Firth James EdmondsonHarris streetdwelling-house70, Beck street
successivedwelling-house134, Harris street
315 Firth JosephHarris streetdwelling-house12, Harris street
316 Firth WilliamHortonwarehouse21, Leeds road
317 Fisher SamuelHeap streetdwelling-house35, Heap street
318 Fison WilliamBurleywarehouse31, Hall ings
319 Flaxington Benjamin WalkerBarkerend roaddwelling-house44, Barkerend road
320 Fletcher John WilliamBarkerend roaddwelling-house18, Barkerend road
321 Foley JohnHeap streetdwelling-house23, Heap street
322 Forster Edward Penrose ArnoldBurleywarehouse31, Hall ings
323 Forster Rt Hon William Edward, M.P.Burleywarehouse31, Hall ings
324 Fort RobertManninghamwarehouse35, Charles street
325 Foster Abraham BriggsNorthowramwarehouse30, Well street
326 Foster George WilliamManninghamwarehouse7, Booth street
327 Foster Henry EdwardThorntonwarehouse31, Well street
successivewarehouse14, Swaine street
328 Foster John, junr.Claytonwarehouse30, Well street
329 Foster John CharlesHipperholmewarehouse27, Bentley street
330 Foster JonasManninghamwarehouse7, Booth street
331 Foster JosephManninghamwarehouse32, Well street
332 Foster TimotheusFarsleywarehouse45, Leeds road
333 Foster WilliamClaytonwarehouse30, Well street
334 Fox David WrightHipperholmewarehouse21, Charles street
335 Fox PeterHortonwarehouse10, Leeds road
successivewarehouse81, Swan arcade
336 France CharlesHorsforthcountinghouse210, Swan arcade
successivecountinghouse211, Swan arcade
337 Fraser Frederick OctaviusManninghamwarehouse37, Leeds road
338 Fraser John WilliamsonShipleywarehouse41, Well street
339 Fraser RobertHorsforthwarehouse37, Leeds road
340 Frerichs AndrewHortonwarehouse17, Peckover street
341 Fugill JosephHortoncountinghouse3, Leeds road

EAST WARD1, 1881, surnames beginning with the letter G
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
342 Garbutt JohnFrizinghallcountinghouse7, Charles street
343 Gallie Rev. AlfredEast paradedwelling-house (joint)East parade
344 Gannon ThomasChapel streetdwelling-house28, Chapel street
345 Gardiner Alfred LotManninghamwarehouse28, Swaine street
346 Gardiner RobertManninghamwarehouseShip alley
347 Garnett JohnRichard streetdwelling-house57, Barkerend fold
successivedwelling-houseRichard street
348 Garnett ThomasBingleywarehouse27, Leeds road
349 Gascoigne WilliamGarnett streetdwelling-house133, Garnett street
350 Gaunt IsaacFarsleywarehouse38, Brook street
351 Geach Robert GishardRawdonwarehouse7, Swaine street
successivewarehouse41, Well street
352 Gell AlfredBarkerend roadhouse28, Barkerend road
353 Gibson John AtleyGarnett streethouse73, Garnett street
354 Gibson WilliamHortonwarehouse23, Bentley street
355 Gilyard EdmundBarkerend roaddwelling-house76, Barkerend road
356 Glyde Lavington TaylorShipleywarehouse29A, Hall ings
357 Goddard MiltonManninghamwarehouse16, Booth street
358 Goddard RichardManninghamwarehouse16, Booth street
359 Goddard Richard WoodfordManninghamwarehouse16, Booth street
360 Godwin John ArthurRawdonwarehouse37, Peel place
361 Godwin John VenimoreRawdonwarehouse37, Peel place
362 Goldschmidt EmileManninghamwarehouse49, Well street
363 Goldschmidt HenryApperley Bridgewarehouse49, Well street
364 Gott HenryPudseycountinghouse32, Charles street
365 Gourlay James DoigManninghamwarehouse47, Leeds road
366 Gourlay John McMillanHortonwarehouse47, Leeds road
367 Graham JamesManninghamwarehouse7, Mildred court
368 Graham WilliamPark gatedwelling-house30, Park gate
369 Grandage AbrahamEccleshillwarehouse18, Bentley street
370 Grandage WilliamApperley Bridgewarehouse18, Bentley street
371 Graves JosephHarris streetdwelling-house314, Leeds road
successivedwelling-house142, Harris street
372 Greaves EdwardManninghamcountinghouse3, Charles street
373 Greaves JohnWoodbine streetdwelling-house2, Woodbine street
374 Greaves John WesleyHortonwarehouse8, Currer street
375 Green Joseph William KnowlesManninghamcountinghouse7, Leeds road
376 Greenwood HenryChapel streetdwelling-house24, Chapel street
377 Greenwood WilliamHaworthwarehouse38, Brook street
378 Greenwood William WatsonHortonwarehouse24, Charles street
379 Gregory EdwardManninghamwarehouse18, Chapel street
380 Gregory EdwardChapel streetdwelling-house20, Chapel street
successivedwelling-house36, Chapel street
381 Groves JohnBaildonwarehouse55, Leeds road

EAST WARD1, 1881, surnames beginning with the letter H
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
382 Haggas James EllisonKeighleywarehouse20, Hall ings
383 Haggas JohnKeighleywarehouse24, Charles street
384 Haggas JohnKeighleywarehouse20, Hall ings
385 Haggas WilliamKeighleywarehouse24, Charles street
386 Haggas WilliamKeighleywarehouse20, Hall ings
387 Hahlo CharlesManninghamwarehouse110, Harris street
388 Hainsworth Nathan SmithHarris streetdwelling-house52, Frederick street
successivedwelling-house124, Harris street
389 Haley AlfredHortonwarehouse10, Brook street
390 Halstead BarkerStanacre squaredwelling-houseHustler street
successivedwelling-houseStanacre square
successivewarehouse26, Brook street
391 Halstead Henry RichardEccleshillwarehouse10, Well street
392 Halstead WilliamManninghamwarehouse20, Swan arcade
393 Handley GeorgeHeap streetdwelling-house21, Heap street
394 Hardaker Gervis JonasLeeds roadshop65, Leeds road
395 Hardwick Benjamin FirthBrearton streetwarehouse27, Charles street
396 Hargreaves GeorgeShipleywarehouse26, Swaine street
397 Hargreaves George, junr.Shipleywarehouse26, Swaine street
398 Hargreaves William HenryBarkerend roaddwelling-house2, Barkerend road
399 Harker AnthonyGarnett streetdwelling-house113, Garnett street
400 Harris JohnBarkerend roaddwelling-house100, Barkerend road
401 Harrison CharlesJoseph streetdwelling-house14, Joseph street
successivedwelling-house32, Joseph street
402 Harrison JamesGarnett streetdwelling-house149, Leeds road
successivedwelling-house23, Garnett street
403 Hartley JosephWestgrove streetwarehouse43, Leeds road
404 Hastings CharlesRawdonwarehouse11, Swaine street
405 Hattersley Edward GreavesKeighleywarehouse6, Booth street
406 Hattersley GeorgeKeighleywarehouse6, Booth street
407 Hattersley Richard LongdenKeighleywarehouse6, Booth street
408 Hattersley William HenryManninghamwarehouse34A, Brook street
409 Havers Robert NuddsManninghamwarehouse7, Swaine street
successivewarehouse41, Well street
410 Hebblethwaite JohnBarkerend roaddwelling-house40, Barkerend road
411 Heilborn FerdinandManninghamwarehouseEast parade
412 Heilbut EdwardManninghamwarehouse49, Hall ings
413 Hellewell EzraWibseywarehouse13, Brook street
414 Hellewell James OatesShipleywarehouse6, Chapel lane
successivewarehouse9, Leeds road
415 Henderson AndrewBarkerend roaddwelling-house66, Barkerend road
416 Henderson WilliamFrizinghallwarehouse23, Leeds road
417 Hepper GeorgeWortleywarehouse44, Well street
418 Heselton John AllisonManninghamcountinghouse9, Market street
419 Hesse WilliamHarris streetdwelling-house32, Harris street
420 Hetherington JosephPark gatedwelling-house38, Park gate
421 Hewitt SamuelBroad streetshop90, Harris street
422 Hey JohnEast paradedwelling-house18, East parade
423 Hey JonasManninghamwarehouse37, Swaine street
424 Heydemann Nicholas HermannManninghamwarehouse6, Currer street
425 Higgins EdwinGarnett streetdwelling-house167, Garnett street
426 Highley AlfredChapel streetdwelling-house20A, Chapel street
427 Hill Frederick WilliamManninghamwarehouse30, Charles street
428 Hill JohnManninghamwarehouse47, Brook street
429 Hill JoshuaPeckover streetdwelling-house13, Peckover street
430 Hill Thomas RawsonHortonwarehouse47, Brook street
431 Hillas BenjaminNorth Bierleywarehouse6, Mills passage
432 Hinchcliffe John William CarterKershaw streetshop110, Harris street
433 Hinings FrederickBramleywarehouse57, Well street
434 Hinings George WilliamBramleywarehouse57, Well street
435 Hinings John BonnellBramleywarehouse57, Well street
436 Hinton WilliamGarnett streetdwelling-house149, Garnett street
437 Hirsch LeopoldManninghamwarehouse18, Well street
438 Hitchen DavidHalifaxwarehouse6, Swaine street
439 Hitchen SamuelHalifaxwarehouse6, Swaine street
440 Hodgson George WilliamEast paradedwelling-house16, East parade
441 Hodgson JohnHortonwarehouse7, Charles street
442 Hodgson SamuelGarnett streetdwelling-house29, Garnett street
443 Hodgson WilliamGreen streetdwelling-house10, Green street
444 Hodson JamesManninghamwarehouse32, Hall ings
445 Hoffmann AchiorManninghamwarehouse8, Burnett street
446 Hoffmann Gustavus Julius JamesManninghamwarehouse8, Burnett street
447 Holbrey JosephGarnett streetdwelling-house137, Garnett street
448 Holden AngusManninghamwarehouse35, Swan arcade
449 Holden EdwardBaildonwarehouse35, Swan arcade
450 Holden IsaacOakworthwarehouse35, Swan arcade
451 Holdsworth JohnManninghamwarehouseGeorge yard
452 Holdsworth John ThomasHalifaxwarehouse9, Charles street
453 Holdsworth JosephBarkerend roaddwelling-house42, Barkerend road
454 Holdsworth William IrvingHalifaxwarehouse9, Charles street
455 Holmes BenjaminManninghamwarehouse20, Booth street
456 Holmes GeorgeManninghamwarehouse38, Booth street
457 Holmes JohnAllertonwarehouse9, Brook street
458 Holmes JosephFrizinghallwarehouse20, Booth street
459 Holmes Thomas RookRobert's placewarehouse43, Leeds road
460 Holmes WalkerAllertonwarehouse24, Brook street
461 Holmes William WainmanBaildonwarehouse27, Booth street
462 Holroyd George FrederickBowlingwarehouse20, Charles street
463 Holroyd WilliamBowlingwarehouse20, Charles street
464 Holt EmanuelBarkerend roaddwelling-house32, Barkerend road
successiveshop101, Leeds road
465 Hopkins DanielHortonwarehouse65, Brook street
466 Hopkinson WilliamBarkerend roaddwelling-house170, Barkerend road
467 Horne WilliamThornburywarehouse15, Booth street
468 Horsfall William ChristianManninghamwarehouse17, Booth street
469 Horsfield JosephBarkerend roaddwelling-house146, Barkerend road
470 Horsley IsaacPark gatedwelling-house18, Park gate
471 Horsman SimonManninghamshop27, Swan arcade
472 Hoyle JohnHalifaxwarehouse30, Charles street
473 Hudson BenjaminJoseph streetdwelling-house9, Joseph street
474 Hudson JohnGarnett streetdwelling-house75, Garnett street
475 Hunter AlexanderManninghamwarehouseCollier gate
476 Hussey George NewellGarnett streetdwelling-house165, Garnett street
477 Hustler ThomasLeeds roaddwelling-house85, Leeds road
478 Hutchinson ThomasGarnett streetdwelling-house107, Garnett street

EAST WARD1, 1881, surnames beginning with the letter I
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
479 Ibbetson ThomasHortonwarehouse47, Hall ings
480 Ibbetson William HenryHortonwarehouse47, Hall ings
481 Illingworth Alfred, M.P.Manninghamwarehouse40, Swan arcade
482 Illingworth HenryManninghamwarehouse40, Swan arcade
483 Illingworth RobertManninghamwarehouse34, Well street
484 Illingworth WalterManninghamwarehouse34, Well street
485 Ingham BenBoltonwarehouse9, Booth street
486 Ingham EdwardHalifaxwarehouseGeorge yard
487 Ingham John HenryHortonwarehouse9, Booth street
488 Ingham OatesManninghamwarehouse9, Booth street
489 Ingle JohnThornton roadwarehouse9, Charles street
490 Ingleby JohnManninghamwarehouse23, Bentley street
491 Inglis RichardGarnett streetdwelling-house25, Garnett street
492 Irlam James ThomasPeckover streetdwelling-house38, Peckover street

EAST WARD1, 1881, surnames beginning with the letter J
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
493 Jackson Joseph JohnsonOtley roadshop6, Exchange passage
494 Jacobs AdolphManninghamwarehouse2, Currer street
495 Jacques JosephHortonwarehouse30, Charles street
496 Jarratt AlfredPark gatedwelling-house61, Park gate
497 Jeffree Henry EdwardHallfield roadwarehouse4, Brook street
498 Johnson JohnGreen streetdwelling-house6, Green street
499 Johnson WilliamHortonwarehouse52, Harris street
500 Jones George AndrewPudseywarehouse20, Brook street
501 Jowett John Hodgson AtkinsonBoltonwarehouse27, Swaine street
502 Jowett JosephThornburywarehouse51, Brook street
successivewarehouse26, Swaine street
503 Jubb ThomasPark gatedwelling-house24, Richard street
successivedwelling-house9, Park gate

EAST WARD1, 1881, surnames beginning with the letter K
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
504 Keenan JohnBramleywarehouse67, Brook street
505 Keighley GilbertEast Mortonwarehouse55, Brook street
506 Kelley GeorgeHarris streetdwelling-house36, Harris street
507 Kelly JamesLeeds roaddwelling-house89, Leeds road
508 Kenyon GeorgeFrizinghallcountinghouse6, Swaine street
509 Kershaw HenryBower greenwarehouse6, Swaine street
510 Kershaw SamuelBower greenwarehouse6, Swaine street
511 Kippax RobertGreencliffe villasshop21, Swan arcade
512 Kirk ThomasChapel streetdwelling-house9, Chapel street
513 Knight DanielAllertonwarehouse24, Brook street
514 Knight John PikeBingleywarehouse8, Leeds road
successivewarehouse8, Mildred court
515 Knowles GeorgeShipleycountinghouse9, Leeds road
516 Knowles ReubenAllertonwarehouse1, Brook street
517 Korner WilliamBarkerend roaddwelling-house80, Barkerend road

EAST WARD1, 1881, surnames beginning with the letter L
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
518 Lapage JohnEccleshillwarehouse42, Well street
519 Lassen AlbertManninghamwarehouse45, Well street
520 Lassen Edward SamuelManninghamwarehouse45, Well street
521 Latimer ThomasPudseycountinghouse32, Charles street
522 Law Duncan GeorgeManninghamwarehouseVicar lane
523 Law JamesBoltonwarehouseVicar lane
524 Laycock AlfredGarnett streetdwelling-house185, Garnett street
525 Laycock Henry RaynorHarris streetwarehouse48, Harris street
526 Laycock JosephFernbank roadwarehouse22, Charles street
527 Leach CharlesThornton roadwarehouse9, Charles street
528 Leach George EdwardHortonwarehouse9, Charles street
529 Leach WilliamManninghamcountinghouse18, Albany buildings
530 Le Barte EdwardGarnett streetdwelling-house123, Garnett street
531 Lee JamesBarkerend roaddwelling-house120, Barkerend road
532 Lee JosiahEast paradedwelling-houseTennyson place
successivedwelling-house154, East parade
533 Leggott HenryHortonshop77, Market street
534 Leppingwell WilliamLeeds roaddwelling-house143, Leeds road
535 Leppoc OscarManninghamwarehouse66, Vicar lane
536 Lewis LeopoldManninghamwarehouse9, Currer street
537 Liddlall RobertHarris streetdwelling-house144, Harris street
538 Liebreich Charles EdwardManninghamwarehouse110, Harris street
539 Lister GeorgeKeighleywarehouse2, Brook street
540 Lister Samuel CunliffeManninghamwarehouse16, Hall ings
541 Lister WilliamManninghamcountinghouse51, Market street
542 Liversedge SamuelShipleywarehouse23, Hall ings
543 Lochore JohnManninghamwarehouseHargreaves buildings, Swaine street
544 Longbottom ChristopherManninghamcountinghouse1, Booth street
545 Lonsdale ThomasHortonwarehouse10, Swaine street
546 Lord JamesHalifaxwarehouse41, Well street
547 Lougee SamuelApperley Bridgewarehouse39, Leeds road
548 Lumby JamesHortonwarehouse37, Swaine street
549 Lumley WilliamSt. Augustine's terracewarehouse43, Leeds road
successivewarehouse44, Well street
550 Lund GeorgeManninghamwarehouse42, Well street
551 Lund JohnShipleywarehouse30, Charles street
552 Lund ThomasHortoncountinghouse51, Market street
553 Lunn George WilliamWestgrove streetshop194, Harris street
554 Lupton George WilliamBaildoncountinghouse64, Swan arcade
successivecountinghouse63, Swan arcade
555 Luty WilliamPark gatedwelling-house73, Park gate

EAST WARD1, 1881, surnames beginning with the letter M
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
556 Mackay EdwardWell streetshop4, Well street
557 Maddison ThomasBarkerend roaddwelling-house116A, Belmont street
successivedwelling-house104, Barkerend road
558 Maddocks JohnManninghamwarehouse26, Booth street
559 Mallett Charles JamesShipleyshop6, Well street
560 Mallett Edward CookeShipleyshop6, Well street
561 Mansfield JohnBarkerend roaddwelling-house74, Barkerend road
562 Marsden Charles EdwardManninghamcountinghouse9, Market street
563 Marsden HenryBowlingcountinghouse105, Swan arcade
564 Marsdin ArthurManninghamwarehouse38, Chapel street
565 Marshall WilliamPark gatedwelling-house7, Park gate
566 Marshall William HenryHortonwarehouse26, Brook street
successivewarehouse22, Brook street
567 Marsland SamuelManninghamwarehouse1, Cater street
568 Mason HenryBingleywarehouse53, Brook street
569 Matthewman CharlesHeatonwarehouse15, Swaine street
570 Maude Thomas, junr.Tongwarehouse4, George buildings
571 Maynard WilliamBaildonwarehouseVicar lane
572 Mayo JohnHeap streetdwelling-house29, Heap street
successivedwelling-house15, Heap street
573 McCormack HughHanover squarewarehouse7, Mildred court
574 McCrea Henry CharlesHalifaxwarehouseHargreaves buildings, Swaine street
575 McKell WilliamGarnett streetdwelling-house175, Garnett street
576 McLaren John MalcolmManninghamwarehouse28, Swaine street
577 McMillan RobertHortoncountinghouseBank street
successivecountinghouse209, Swan arcade
578 McNulty JamesLeeds roaddwelling-house67, Leeds road
579 Mellor DavidGreen streetdwelling-house8, Green street
580 Merrall Edwin RobinsonHaworthcounting-house (joint)George hotel yard
581 Merrall GeorgeHaworthwarehouse23, George buildings
582 Merrall George HartleyHaworthwarehouse87, Swan arcade
583 Merrall MichaelHaworthwarehouse23, George buildings
584 Middlebrook ChristopherPark gatedwelling-house63, Park gate
585 Midgley AlfredAlbert placewarehouse23, Leeds road
586 Midgley John SamuelPark gatedwelling-house26, Park gate
587 Miller JohnJoseph streetdwelling-house25, Joseph street
successivedwelling-house19, Joseph street
588 Milligan Frederick BainesManninghamwarehouse38, Brook street
589 Milligan WalterManninghamwarehouse38, Brook street
590 Mills CharlesHortonshop45, Market street
591 Mills James WilliamMenstonwarehouse28, Hall ings
592 Milnes AlfredTennyson placewarehouse57, Leeds road
593 Milnes EdwardHortonwarehouse49, Leeds road
594 Milnes EliManninghamcountinghouse210, Swan arcade
successivecountinghouse211, Swan arcade
595 Milnes IsaacHeap streetdwelling-house31, Heap street
596 Milnes SamuelTennyson placewarehouse57, Leeds road
597 Mitchell JohnGarnett streetdwelling-house145, Garnett street
598 Mitchell John HarperHortonwarehouse31, Booth street
599 Mollin Frederick EdwardManninghamwarehouseBrook street
600 Mollin JamesManninghamwarehouseBrook street
601 Monckman Joseph WoodheadManor rowcountinghouse19, Charles street
602 Moncrieff JamesBoltoncountinghouse7, Charles street
603 Moore ThomasFrizinghallwarehouse55, Brook street
604 Morrell JohnHarris streetdwelling-house180, Harris street
605 Morris ArthurShipleycountinghouse62, Swan arcade
606 Morris JosephManninghamwarehouse30, Charles street
607 Mortimer FrederickGomersalwarehouseGeorge yard
608 Mortimer JamesNorth Bierleywarehouse22, Swaine street
609 Mortimer Richard PolycarpGay lanewarehouse26, Church bank
610 Mortimer WilliamHortonwarehouse46, Brook street
611 Morton Edward JohnHipperholmewarehouse54, Brook street
612 Moser JacobManninghamwarehouse62, Vicar lane
613 Moss James HenryPark gatedwelling-house57, Park gate
614 Moss ThomasPark gatedwelling-house14, Park gate
615 Motler Rev. John CanonEast paradedwelling-house (joint)East parade
616 Mulcahy Rev. MichaelEast paradedwelling-house (joint)East parade
617 Mulcahy Rev. PatrickEast paradedwelling-house (joint)East parade
618 Muller GeorgeManninghamwarehouse5, Colliergate
619 Murgatroyd James JowettGarnett streetdwelling-house157, Garnett street
620 Murgatroyd JohnMidgleywarehouse61, Brook street
621 Murphy BenjaminHarris streetdwelling-house136, Harris street
622 Myers FrederickManninghamwarehouse23, Bentley street
623 Myers GeorgeJoseph streetdwelling-house14, Richard street
successivedwelling-house25, Joseph street
624 Myers JohnLow moorwarehouse13a, Brook street
625 Myers Samuel PeelManninghamwarehouse36, Booth street

EAST WARD1, 1881, surnames beginning with the letter N
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
626 Nalty MichaelHeap streetdwelling-house42, Heap street
successivedwelling-house12, Heap street
627 Nathan EmileManninghamwarehouse41, Well street
628 Nathan LudwigManninghamwarehouse41, Well street
629 Naylor IsaacHortonwarehouse20, Charles street
630 Newby JamesJoseph streetdwelling-house20, Joseph street
631 Newby Samuel DrewellManninghamwarehouse20, Well street
632 Newsome HenryBelmont streetdwelling-houseBelmont street
633 Newton ReubenEccleshillshop51, Market street
634 Nicholl AbrahamHalifaxwarehouse4, Chapel street
635 Nicholson AlfredManninghamshop59, Well street
636 Nicholson JohnManninghamshop59, Well street
637 Nicholson John, junr.Manninghamshop59, Well street
638 Nicholson RichardPark gatedwelling-house67, Park gate
639 Nicholson Thomas HenryManninghamwarehouse22, Swaine street
640 Norman RichardGarnett streetdwelling-house13, Garnett street
641 Northend JesseAllertonwarehouse49, Peel place
642 Northrop AlfredThorntonwarehouse55, Leeds road
643 Northrop JonathanThorntonwarehouse55, Leeds road
644 Nuttall ArthurUndercliffewarehouse16, Booth street
645 Nuttall WilliamHortonwarehouse30, Charles street

EAST WARD1, 1881, surnames beginning with the letter O
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
646 Oakes JohnHalifaxwarehouse21, Booth street
647 Oddy JamesTongwarehouse28, Booth street
648 Oddy John CharlesManninghamwarehouse41, Well street
649 Oddy John GeorgeBirkenshawwarehouse28, Booth street
650 Oddy Joseph HargreavesLiversedgewarehouse48, Brook street
successivewarehouseBrown street
651 Oddy ThomasTongwarehouse48, Brook street
652 Oddy WilliamBirkenshawwarehouse48, Brook street
653 Oddy WilliamManor rowshop55, Market street
654 Ogden JosephPudseywarehouse32, Charles street
655 Oldfield JohnMenstonwarehouse19, Bentley street
656 Oldroyd CharlesPark gatedwelling-house172, Exeter street
successivedwelling-house17, Park gate

EAST WARD1, 1881, surnames beginning with the letter P
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
657 Page Charles HenryPark gatedwelling-house29, Park gate
658 Parker George ListerHipperholmewarehouse4, Brook street
659 Parker JosephGarnett streetdwelling-house173, Garnett street
660 Parker WilliamBarkerend roaddwelling-house82, Barkerend road
661 Parkinson Edward ChandlerManninghamcountinghouse65, Market street
662 Parkinson JosephHarris streetshop19, Harris street
663 Parkinson WilliamHarris streetshop19, Harris street
664 Parratt Arthur EdwardPollard lanewarehouse21, Swaine street
successivewarehouse27, Charles street
665 Parsons GeorgeHortonshop83, Leeds road
666 Passivant August FerdinandManninghamwarehouse40, Chapel street
667 Patchett AlfredHalifaxwarehouse8, Brook street
668 Pavey JohnBarkerend roaddwelling-house45, Eastbrook lane
successivedwelling-house150, Barkerend road
669 Pearce George ClarkButler streetshopBurnett street
670 Peel JohnBarkerend roaddwelling-house68, Barkerend road
671 Peel TheophilusHortonwarehouse17, Swaine street
672 Penny MilesBarkerend roaddwelling-house126, Barkerend road
673 Perkins Richard CharlesManninghamwarehouse53, Well street
674 Peterson Edward PearsonRawdoncountinghouse5, Charles street
675 Petrocochino ThemistoclesManninghamwarehouse53, Well street
676 Petty JohnCawood placewarehouse65, Brook street
677 Petty JosephTyersallwarehouse65, Brook street
678 Petty RobertDownham streetwarehouse65, Brook street
679 Petty TitusPark gatedwelling-house12, Park gate
680 Phillip JamesBelmont streetdwelling-house118a, Belmont street
681 Phillips IsaacFernbank roadwarehouse45, Leeds road
682 Pickard ThomasApperley Bridgewarehouse24, Swaine street
683 Pickard WilliamPeckover streetdwelling-house10, Peckover street
684 Pickles JohnManninghamwarehouse46, Well street
685 Pilling EphraimHarris streetdwelling-house146, Harris street
686 Pipe JamesHeap streetdwelling-house18, Heap street
687 Pitts CluderayBower greenshop110, Harris street
688 Platt ThomasChapel streetdwelling-house14, Chapel street
689 Platts MatthewBingleywarehouse49, Brook street
690 Pollard AdamManninghamwarehouse42, Well street
691 Pollard HenryFrizinghallwarehouse27, Bentley street
692 Pollard JoshuaFrizinghallwarehouse23, Bentley street
successivewarehouse43, Peel place
693 Pollard TomSaltairecountinghouse31, Albany buildings
694 Poole SylvesterPark gatedwelling-house13, Park gate
successivedwelling-house27, Park gate
695 Popplewell John BenjaminManninghamshop11, Market street
696 Porritt JonathanManninghamwarehouse63, Brook street
697 Porritt ThomasEast paradedwelling-house6, East parade
698 Potter Bryce McMurdochManninghamwarehouse28, Swaine street
699 Potter William HenryManninghamwarehouse41, Well street
700 Pratt JosephPollard lanedwelling-house27, Pollard lane
successivewarehouse4, Brook street
701 Preston ThomasHeap streetdwelling-house57, Heap street
702 Preston WilliamBarkerend roaddwelling-house148a, Barkerend road
703 Priestley BriggsCalverleywarehouse21, Swaine street
704 Priestley CharlesIdlewarehouse21, Swaine street
705 Priestley FrankPark gatedwelling-house9, Park gate
successivedwelling-house39, Park gate
706 Priestley GeorgeHortonwarehouse13, Brook street
707 Priestley Richard HenryHortonwarehouse36, Brook street
708 Priestley ThomasHortonwarehouse27, Charles street
709 Priestman AlfredManninghamwarehouse9, Charles street
successivewarehouse48, Swan arcade
710 Priestman ArthurManninghamwarehouse9, Charles street
successivewarehouse48, Swan arcade
711 Priestman Henry BradyManninghamwarehouse9, Charles street
successivewarehouse48, Swan arcade
712 Priestman JohnManninghamwarehouse9, Charles street
successivewarehouse48, Swan arcade
713 Proctor JohnEccleshillwarehouse41, Leeds road
714 Pullan CharlesHortonwarehouse20, Charles street
715 Pyrah DavidGarnett streetdwelling-house3, Whitley street
successivedwelling-house183, Garnett street

EAST WARD1, 1881, surnames beginning with the letter R
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
716 Ramsden Abraham WalmsleyBingleywarehouse24, Swaine street
717 Ramsden JohnHortonwarehouse3, Bentley street
718 Ramsden JohnHortonwarehouse15, Swan arcade
719 Ramsden MitchellRawdonshopnear 189, Garnett street
720 Ramsden WilliamHortonwarehouse3, Bentley street
721 Rawnsley SamuelHortonwarehouseColliergate
722 Reaney RichardManninghamshop29, Kirkgate
successiveshop49, Market street
723 Redman JohnJoseph streetdwelling-house20, Mosscar street
successivedwelling-house25, Joseph street
724 Redman John RamsdenHaworthwarehousePiccadilly
successivewarehouse13, Swan arcade
725 Redman PercyHaworthwarehousePiccadilly
successivewarehouse13, Swan arcade
726 Reffitt JamesLeedswarehouse12, Bentley street
727 Reid DavidManninghamwarehouse25, Charles street
728 Rendell Arthur PaigeEldon placewarehouse39, Swaine street
729 Rendell RobertEldon placewarehouse19, Charles street
730 Render SamuelManninghamwarehouse1, Bentley street
731 Renton ThomasPark gatedwelling-house42, Park gate
732 Renwick WalterChandos streetcountinghouse1, East parade
733 Revell RichardDudley hillwarehouse22, Charles street
734 Reynolds WilliamHortonwarehouse24, Charles street
735 Rhodes Charles HodgsonSt. Augustine's terracecountinghouse206, Swan arcade
736 Rhodes JohnGarnett streetdwelling-house81, Garnett street
737 Rhodes RichardMildred streetshop5, Booth street
738 Rhodes Robert NewtonHortoncountinghouse220, Swan arcade
739 Rhodes RushforthManninghamwarehouseGeorge yard
740 Rhodes TimothyManninghamwarehouseShip alley
741 Rhodes WilliamGarnett streetdwelling-house121, Garnett street
742 Richardson AlfredLeeds roaddwelling-house93, Leeds road
743 Richardson RobertManninghamcountinghouse62, Swan arcade
744 Rigg JosephHortonwarehouse30, Swaine street
745 Rigg WilliamHortonwarehouseHargreaves buildings, Swaine street
746 Riley DavidHortonwarehouse85, Swan arcade
747 Riley ThomasManninghamwarehouse32, Charles street
748 Riley WilliamHortonwarehouse85, Swan arcade
749 Riley William HenryShipleycountinghouse91, Swan arcade
750 Ripley FredLightcliffewarehouse10, Brook street
751 Ripley HenryRawdonwarehouse2, Swaine street
752 Ripley Sir Henry William, Bart.Acacia, Rawdonwarehouse2, Swaine street
753 Roberts GeorgeUndercliffe streetwarehouse41, Well street
754 Roberts John ArthurManninghamwarehouse11, Mildred court
755 Robertshaw CalvinAllertonwarehouse50, Brook street
756 Robertshaw JobHortonwarehouse24, Charles street
757 Robertshaw LutherAllertonwarehouse50, Brook street
758 Robertshaw ThomasAllertonwarehouse50, Brook street
759 Robertshaw WalterAllertonwarehouse50, Brook street
760 Robinson AmosBowlingwarehouse10, Swaine street
761 Robinson Arthur WhitworthHortoncountinghouse9, Market street
762 Robinson SamuelHeatoncountinghouse5, Charles street
763 Robinson WilliamGreen streetdwelling-houseGreen street
764 Rogerson WilliamHeap streetdwelling-house53, Heap street
765 Rothenstein MoritzManninghamwarehouse19, Peckover street
766 Rothorne ThomasHeap streetdwelling-house69, Heap street
767 Rudd JeremiahHortonwarehouse3, Mildred court
768 Rumble GeorgeBelmont streetdwelling-house122A, Belmont street
769 Rushforth SamuelBingleywarehouse20, Charles street
770 Russam JamesPark gatedwelling-house40, Park gate
771 Russell JohnHortonwarehouseVicar lane
772 Rycroft JamesManninghamwarehouse41, Well street
773 Ryder JohnGarnett streetdwelling-house155, Garnett street

EAST WARD1, 1881, surnames beginning with the letter S
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
774 Sallitt William JosephEsholtwarehouse23, Charles street
775 Salmond DavidBingleywarehouse5, Charles street
776 Salt EdwardBaildonwarehouse36, Well street
777 Salt GeorgeSaltairewarehouse36, Well street
778 Salt TitusBingleywarehouse36, Well street
779 Sandford GeorgeGarnett streetdwelling-house109, Garnett street
successivedwelling-house111, Garnett street
780 Sargent George HenryLow moorwarehouse21, Swaine street
781 Saville JasonCity roadshopHarris street
782 Sawdon George EdwardHustler terracewarehouse45, Peel place
783 Sawer JohnNorth paradewarehouse31, Swaine street
784 Sawer Matthew HenryFernbank terracewarehouse19, Booth street
successivewarehouse37, Swaine street
785 Scales Walter HenryManninghamwarehouse19, Peckover street
786 Scarborough GeorgeHalifaxwarehouse10, Booth street
787 Scarborough JohnHalifaxwarehouse10, Booth street
788 Scarborough JosephHalifaxwarehouse10, Booth street
789 Scarborough Thomas SmithHalifaxwarehouse10, Booth street
790 Scarf BenjaminManninghamwarehouse33, Peel place
791 Scharff AdolphusShipleywarehouse2, Hick street
792 Scharff EdwardManninghamwarehouse2, Hick street
793 Schaub WilliamManninghamwarehouse1, Burnett street
794 Schlesinger AndrewManninghamwarehouse27, Peckover street
795 Schofield EdwardHortonwarehouse12, Booth street
796 Scholefield JohnHortonwarehouse31, Booth street
797 Scott MatthewEast paradedwelling-house5, East parade
798 Scott SilasShipleywarehouse5, Collier gate
799 Scott ThomasEccleshillwarehouse26, Swaine street
800 Scott WalterShipleywarehouse5, Collier gate
801 Sealey GeorgeManninghamshop25, Swan arcade
802 Senior WilliamHarris streetdwelling-house22, Robertshaw street
successivedwelling-house20, Harris street
803 Sewell AugustusGreen streetdwelling-house2, Green street
804 Shackleton WilliamMortonwarehouse10, Brook street
805 Sharp AlfredBingleywarehouse40, Booth street
806 Sharp DanielPickle bridgewarehouse38, Brook street
807 Sharp EdwardBingleywarehouse40, Booth street
808 Sharp GeorgeHeap streetdwelling-house45, Heap street
809 Sharp JamesManninghamwarehouse40, Booth street
810 Sharp JohnBingleywarehouse40, Booth street
811 Sharp JohnPickle bridgewarehouse38, Brook street
812 Sharp JohnPickle bridgewarehouse39, Brook street
813 Sharp Milton SheridanHeckmondwikewarehouse40, Brook street
814 Sharp MosesBowlingwarehouse6, Swaine street
815 Sharp WilliamBingleywarehouse40, Booth street
816 Sharp WilliamManninghamwarehouse38, Brook street
817 Sharpe WilliamRichard streetdwelling-house7, Richard street
818 Sharper WilliamHeap streetdwelling-house44, Heap street
successivedwelling-house22, Heap street
819 Shaw JamesShipleywarehouse19, Charles street
820 Shaw JoshuaBarkerend roaddwelling-house150, Tennyson place
successivedwelling-house158, Barkerend road
821 Shepherd AaronHortonwarehouse1, Swaine street
822 Shepherd Henry WhalleyManninghamwarehouse23, Bentley street
823 Shepherd WilliamHortonwarehouse31, Booth street
824 Shepherd William HenryHortonwarehouse31, Booth street
825 Sheriffe JohnBarkerend roaddwelling-house52, Barkerend road
826 Shields ThomasManninghamcountinghouse53, Market street
827 Sichel Sylvester EmilManninghamwarehouse55, Leeds road
828 Sichel Victor SylvesterHortonwarehouse14, Swaine street
829 Sim William Henry CraigManninghamwarehouse19, Charles street
830 Simpson CharlesHarris streetdwelling-house34, Harris street
831 Simpson WilliamSpring gardensshop13, Market street
832 Singleton ArthurHortoncountinghouse1, Booth street
833 Singleton JohnHustler streetwarehouse44, Brook street
834 Sington AdolphusManninghamwarehouse35, Swaine street
835 Sinnett JamesHarris streetdwelling-house14, Park street
successivedwelling-house116, Harris street
836 Skelton WilliamHallfield roadshop57, Market street
837 Skevington Thomas WilliamThornburywarehouse5, Charles street
838 Smith CharlesHarris streetdwelling-house30, Harris street
839 Smith EdwardHortonwarehouse33, Charles street
840 Smith Frederick WilliamHalifaxwarehouse32, Brook street
841 Smith GeorgeKeighleycountinghouse9, Market street
842 Smith HarryHalifaxwarehouse32, Brook street
843 Smith HolmesMortonwarehouse10, Brook street
844 Smith John HodgsonTongwarehouse24, Charles street
845 Smith JosephChapel streetdwelling-house11, Chapel street
846 Smith JosephHortonwarehouse33, Charles street
847 Smith RichardManninghamwarehouse9, Charles street
848 Smith SamuelHalifaxwarehouse63, Leeds road
849 Smith Samuel LeemingEccleshillwarehouse17, Charles street
850 Smith Samuel MilneCalverleywarehouse9, Charles street
851 Smith TelfordHortonwarehouse9, Charles street
852 Smith ThomasHortonwarehouse1, Cater street
853 Smith WilliamHortonwarehouse20, Charles street
854 Smith WilliamPeckover streetdwelling-houseChatham street
successivedwelling-houseCordingley street
successivedwelling-house8, Peckover street
855 Smith William HarveyEccleshillwarehouse17, Charles street
856 Smithson JosephHalifaxwarehouse3, Brook street
857 Smithson JoshuaHalifaxwarehouse3, Brook street
858 Smyth William St. JohnRoyds hall, Low moorwarehouse24, Swaine street
859 Snowden ArthurCleckheatonwarehouse10, Swaine street
860 Sowden IsaacTennyson placewarehouse19, Charles street
861 Sowden RhodesBrighousewarehouseHargreaves buildings, Swaine street
862 Sparrow RichardPark gatedwelling-house49, Park gate
863 Speak JohnQueensburywarehouseGeorge yard
864 Speak PaulQueensburywarehouseGeorge yard
865 Spence JosephNewlaywarehouse25, Charles street
866 Spenceley FrederickPeckover streetcountinghouse1, Booth street
867 Spencer William ThomasBowlingshopEast parade
868 Spoerry GeorgeBaildonwarehouse23, Bentley street
869 Standring Fred HartleyFrizinghallwarehouseSwaine street
successivewarehouse17, Swaine street
870 Standring ThomasFrizinghallwarehouse21, Swaine street
successivewarehouse17, Swaine street
871 Stanley Samuel HaighShipleyshop77, Leeds road
872 Stansfeld Thomas WoolrichiLeedswarehouseEast parade
873 Stead CharlesBaildonwarehouse36, Well street
874 Stead John MurgatroydGarnett streetdwelling-house128, Garnett street
successivedwelling-house135, Garnett street
875 Stead WilliamBaildonwarehouse36, Well street
876 Steinthal Charles GustaveManninghamwarehouse5, Currer street
877 Steinthal Francis FrederickManninghamwarehouse5, Currer street
878 Steinthal Gustavus AdolphusHallfield roadwarehouse53, Leeds road
879 Storer JamesCalverleywarehouse32, Charles street
880 Storey JohnPark gatedwelling-house55, Park gate
881 Stoyles WilliamPark gatedwelling-house15, Park gate
882 Sugden GeorgeCleckheatonwarehouse30, Booth street
883 Sugden JonasWilsdenwarehouse25a, Charles street
884 Sunderland JosephColeridge placewarehouse5, Charles street
885 Sussman AlfredManninghamwarehouse17, Leeds road
886 Sutcliffe HenryBowlingwarehouse2, Swaine street
887 Sutcliffe JohnFernbank roadwarehouse19, Charles street
888 Sutcliffe Richard HenryPeckover streetdwelling-house3, Peckover street
889 Sutcliffe RobertIdlewarehouse17, Brook street
890 Sutcliffe WilsonBowlingwarehouse2, Swaine street
891 Swaine EdwinWibseywarehouse27, Charles street
892 Swaine JonathanManninghamwarehouse2, Brook street
893 Sykes Henry HowarthHortonshop23, Swan arcade

EAST WARD1, 1881, surnames beginning with the letter T
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
894 Tankard James MarslandBowlingwarehouse41, Swan arcade
895 Tattersall WilliamEast paradedwelling-house14, East parade
896 Taylor Charles FrederickBaildonwarehouse27, Swaine street
897 Taylor JamesBarkerend roaddwelling-house98, Barkerend road
898 Taylor JamesJoseph streetdwelling-house15, Joseph street
899 Taylor JohnHortonshop83, Leeds road
900 Taylor John EdwardAllertonwarehouse49, Peel place
901 Taylor JosephGarnett streetdwelling-house21, Garnett street
902 Taylor JosephHalifaxwarehouse16, Booth street
903 Tempest IsaacHortonwarehouse65, Brook street
904 Terry BenjaminIdlecountinghouse9, Market street
905 Terry CharlesHarris streetdwelling-house130, Harris street
906 Terry William RichardHarris streetdwelling-house122, Harris street
907 Tetley JohnManninghamwarehouse6, Swaine street
908 Thackray WilliamManninghamwarehouse3, Swaine street
909 Thomas WilliamChapel streetdwelling-house49, Park street
successivedwelling-house20, Chapel street
910 Thompson ElliottManninghamcountinghouse5, Charles street
911 Thompson JohnMildred streetdwelling-house122, Mildred street
successiveshop113, Leeds road
912 Thompson JohnRichard streetwarehouseRichard street
913 Thompson RobertHortonwarehouse26, Well street
914 Thompson Thomas RobsonPeckover streetshop34, Church bank
915 Thornton AbnerEccleshillcountinghouse1, East parade
916 Thornton EdwardGuy's cliffeofficeBurnett street
917 Thornton Ezra AlbertEccleshillcountinghouse1, East parade
918 Thornton IsraelGuy's cliffeshopBurnett street
919 Thornton JohnGuy's cliffeofficeBurnett street
920 Thornton John VarleyHipperholmewarehouseScoresby street
921 Thornton JosephWoodbine streetdwelling-house6, Woodbine street
922 Thornton Joseph WilsonCottingleywarehouse16, Booth street
923 Thornton ThomasCottingleywarehouse16, Booth street
924 Tilley JamesManninghamwarehouse6, Booth street
925 Tolson HenryHortonwarehouse67, Swan arcade
926 Tomlinson JohnMortonwarehouse10, Brook street
927 Topham Richard WarwickManninghamcountinghouse21, Albany buildings
928 Townend EdwardCullingworthwarehouse28, Brook street
929 Townend GeorgeThorntonwarehouse17, Swaine street
930 Townend Joseph WrigleyCullingworthwarehouse28, Brook street
931 Townend MatthewHarris streetshop152, Harris street
932 Townsley JonathanHortonwarehouse10, Brook street
933 Trees WilliamBaildonwarehouse42, Brook street
934 Trout CharlesHeap streetdwelling-house6, Heap street
935 Trout RidgellHanover squarewarehouse16, Booth street
936 Trudinger AugustusMenstonwarehouseSwaine street
937 Tunnicliffe WilliamPudseycountinghouseBank street
successivecountinghouse73, Market street
938 Turley EdwardBarkerend roaddwelling-house20, Barkerend road
939 Turner CharlesIdlewarehouseCollier gate
940 Turner GeorgeHortonwarehouse31, Booth street
941 Turner JohnLightcliffewarehouse44, Brook street
942 Turner WilliamManninghamwarehouse65, Brook street
943 Turton JohnPudseywarehouse30, Charles street
944 Turton John CheeseboroughManninghamwarehouse37, Swaine street
945 Turton WilliamManninghamwarehouse22, Charles street

EAST WARD1, 1881, surnames beginning with the letter U
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
946 Underwood IsaacHortonshop61A, Market street
947 Utley JosephLeeds roaddwelling-house73, Leeds road

EAST WARD1, 1881, surnames beginning with the letter V
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
948 Vickerman JohnHortonwarehouse5, Brook street
949 Virr JohnCowper placewarehouse74, Vicar lane
950 Vollum William HenryPark gatedwelling-house16, Park gate

EAST WARD1, 1881, surnames beginning with the letter W
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
951 Waddington RichardHortonwarehouse21, Booth street
952 Wade AaronHortonwarehouse29, Hall ings
953 Wade DavidWilsdenwarehouse34, Booth street
954 Wade WilliamBowlingwarehouse34, Booth street
955 Wainhouse SamuelHortonwarehouse23, Charles street
956 Wainwright John WilsonPeckover streetdwelling-house12, Peckover street
successivedwelling-house4, Peckover street
957 Wales JamesManninghamwarehouseVicar lane
958 Walker JamesHallfield roadwarehouse51, Brook street
959 Walker LouisTennyson placewarehouse57a, Well street
960 Walker ThomasBaildonwarehouse10, Bentley street
961 Walker WilliamBunker's hillwarehouse106, Harris street
962 Walker WilliamManninghamwarehouseHargreaves buildings, Swaine street
963 Wall ThomasIdlewarehouse4, Ship alley
964 Wallace AlfredClaytonwarehouse34, Hall ings
successivewarehouse53, Swan arcade
965 Wallace FredericManninghamwarehouse38, Chapel street
966 Wallace WilliamHalifaxwarehouse41, Well street
967 Wallis George SamuelLiversedgewarehouseBrook street
successivewarehouse26, Brook street
968 Walmsley JohnEast paradeshop139, East parade
969 Walsh JamesPeel squareshop19, Bridge street
970 Walsh SelbyHalifaxwarehouse16, Booth street
971 Walton GeorgeSkiptonwarehouse36, Hall ings
972 Walton JohnJoseph streetdwelling-house21, Joseph street
973 Walton ThomasHarris streetdwelling-house22, Harris street
974 Walton WilliamGarnett streetdwelling-house128, Harris street
successivedwelling-house71, Garnett street
975 Waring JamesBarkerend roaddwelling-house90, Barkerend road
976 Waring WilliamBarkerend roaddwelling-house64, Barkerend road
977 Waterhouse JamesRichard streetdwelling-house8, Richard street
978 Waterhouse JonasHortonwarehouse12, Swan arcade
979 Watkins JohnHortonwarehouse21, Charles street
980 Watkins ThomasHortonwarehouse21, Charles street
981 Watkins WilliamHortonwarehouse21, Charles street
982 Watson JohnManninghamshop2, Well street
983 Watson PeterShipleyshop2, Well street
984 Watson RichardPark gatedwelling-house65, Park gate
985 Watson Richard LawHortonwarehouse27, Booth street
986 Watson WilliamHortonshop2, Well street
987 Watson WilliamCowlingwarehouse10, Bentley street
988 Watson WilliamLeeds roaddwelling-house141, Leeds road
989 Waud Benjamin SkeltonLightcliffewarehouse22, Charles street
990 Waugh ReubenHortonwarehouse79, Leeds road
991 Weatherhead CharlesBingleywarehouse37, Swaine street
992 Webster SamuelHortonwarehouse59, Brook street
993 Webster WilliamBradford moorwarehouse3, Mildred court
994 Wechmar William MoritzHortonwarehouse27, Peckover street
995 Wharton JosephTennyson placewarehouse5, Mildred court
996 Wheater HammondManninghamwarehouse46, Well street
997 Wheater WilliamManninghamwarehouse46, Well street
998 Wheelwright Thomas WhitfieldShipleywarehouse36, Hall ings
999 Whitaker DavidNewlaywarehouse41, Well street
1000 Whitaker FrancisBowlingwarehouseShip alley
1001 Whitaker HenryLightcliffewarehouse65, Brook street
1002 Whitaker JeremiahNewlaywarehouse41, Well street
1003 Whitaker JonasBarkerend roaddwelling-house20, Cavalier street
successivedwelling-house148, Barkerend road
1004 Whitaker WilliamGarnett streetdwelling-house65, Garnett street
1005 White AbrahamChapel streetdwelling-house26, Chapel street
1006 White GreenwoodAllertonwarehouse1, Brook street
1007 White JohnBingleywarehouse49, Well street
1008 White Jonas PearsonManninghamwarehouse13, George yard
1009 White RawnsleyHortonwarehouse34, Booth street
1010 Whitehead HustlerFrizinghallwarehouse37, Charles street
1011 Whitehead JohnPark gatedwelling-house4, Cross School street
successivedwelling-house43, Park gate
1012 Whitehead RobinsonManninghamwarehouse44, Well street
1013 Whitehead Thomas RochesterManninghamcountinghouse36, Hall ings
1014 Whiteley CharlesManninghamwarehouse30, Booth street
1015 Whittingham ThomasBingleywarehouse6, Booth street
1016 Widdop EdwinPark gatedwelling-house41, Park gate
1017 Widdop SamuelPark gatedwelling-house51, Park gate
1018 Wigan ErnestHarris streetdwelling-house8, Harris street
1019 Wightman Charles JohnApperley Bridgewarehouse72, Harris street
1020 Wilby GeorgeHarris streetdwelling-house118, Harris street
successivedwelling-house128, Harris street
1021 Wilcock JohnHortonwarehouse49, Hall ings
1022 Wilcock John, junr.Hortonwarehouse30, Chapel street
1023 Wilcock John WoodIdlewarehouse49, Hall ings
1024 Wilcock WilliamShipleycountinghouse9, Leeds road
1025 Wild JohnJoseph streetdwelling-house4, Joseph street
successivedwelling-house2, Joseph street
1026 Wildman ArthurBingleywarehouse8, Bentley street
1027 Wildman StephenBingleywarehouse8, Bentley street
1028 Wildman Stephen WrathmellBingleywarehouse8, Bentley street
1029 Wilkinson AlfredExeter streetshop50, Harris street
1030 Wilkinson ArmitageHalifaxwarehouse41, Well street
1031 Wilkinson FrankManninghamwarehouse43, Leeds road
1032 Wilkinson HenryShipleycountinghouse6, Albany buildings
1033 Wilkinson JamesBeech grovewarehouse3, Bolton road
successivewarehouse14, Booth street
1034 Wilkinson John WilliamHortonwarehouse26, Brook street
1035 Wilkinson JonasClaytonwarehouse18, Swaine street
1036 Wilkinson KelitaJohnson streetdwelling-house12, Parratt row
successiveshop131, East parade
1037 Wilkinson RobertHortonwarehouse26, Brook street
1038 Wilkinson ThomasManninghamwarehouse41, Well street
1039 Willey FrancisManninghamwarehouse10, Albany buildings
1040 Willey Richard ClarendonManninghamwarehouse10, Albany buildings
1041 Williams Edward GordonBurleywarehouse32, Hall ings
1042 Williams JamesThornburywarehouse30, Charles street
1043 Williams John LambertThornburywarehouse32, Charles street
1044 Williamson FrancisKeighleywarehouse1A, Bentley street
successivewarehouse22, Hall Ings
1045 Williamson William BlakeGuy's cliffewarehouse10, Chapel street
1046 Wilman ErClaytonwarehouse16, Booth street
1047 Wilson AlexanderBarkerend roaddwelling-house78, Barkerend road
1048 Wilson GeorgeTennyson placeshop69, Market street
1049 Wilson George WilliamManninghamwarehouse2, Mildred court
successivewarehouse49, Brook street
1050 Wilson JamesClaytonwarehouse26, Booth street
1051 Wilson James StephenManninghamwarehouse24, Charles street
1052 Wilson SamuelGarnett streetdwelling-house141, Garnett street
1053 Wingate Charles EdwardHanover squarewarehouse34A, Brook street
1054 Witard GeorgeGarnett streetshopnear 170, Barkerend road
1055 Womersley RichardSt. Augustine's terracewarehouse24, Swaine street
1056 Wood AbrahamHortonwarehouse92, Harris street
1057 Wood BenjaminShipleywarehouse5, Mildred court
1058 Wood BenjaminManninghamwarehouse21, Swaine street
1059 Wood Henry WilsonHeap streetdwelling-house58, Heap street
1060 Wood JamesAllertonwarehouse24, Brook street
1061 Wood JamesBingleywarehouse51, Swan arcade
1062 Wood JesseAllertonwarehouse24, Brook street
1063 Wood JohnShipleywarehouse5, Mildred court
1064 Wood JosephManninghamwarehouse6, Swaine street
1065 Wood RobertBarkerend roaddwelling-house9, Frystone place
successivedwelling-house114, Barkerend road
1066 Wood ThomasManninghamwarehouse28, Swaine street
1067 Wood William WilsonHarris streethouse14, Harris street
1068 Woodcock Charles VareyHanover squarecountinghouse7, Albany buildings
1069 Woodhead WilliamGomersalwarehouse19, George yard
1070 Woodhouse JohnHortonwarehouse35, Charles street
1071 Worth JamesGarnett streetdwelling-house15, Gladstone street
successivedwelling-house11, Garnett street
1072 Wrigglesworth JosephBarkerend roaddwelling-house164, Barkerend road
1073 Wurtzburg Charles EdwardHeadingleywarehouse40, Hall ings
successivewarehouse37, Swaine street

EAST WARD1, 1881, surnames beginning with the letter Y
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
1074 Yates Mortimer BroadleyLeedswarehouse32, Well street
1075 Yates Thomas DixonLeedswarehouse32, Well street
1076 Young HenryHeap streetdwelling-house33, Heap street

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