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BRADFORD: Bradford Parliamentary Register 1881, LITTLE HORTON WARD1.


Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
17425 Abbs John HenryGreat Russell streetdwelling-house12, Great Russell street
successivedwelling-house10, Great Russell street
17426 Ackernley RichardSt. Andrew's placedwelling-house12, St. Andrew's place
17427 Adams JasonWestbrook terracedwelling-house8, Westbrook terrace
17428 Adams SamuelNaseby streetdwelling-house29, Naseby street
17429 Affleck RobertCromwell streetdwelling-house9, Cromwell street
17430 Ainley JohnBright streetdwelling-house16, Legrams lane
successivedwelling-house27, Bright street
17431 Akam James IngleThorpe streetdwelling-house59, Thorpe street
17432 Allan BenjaminTopham streetdwelling-house13, Topham street
17433 Allan CharlesSt. Andrew's terracedwelling-house30, St. Andrew's terrace
17434 Allan JosephNorcroft browdwelling-house5, Norcroft brow
17435 Allan Joseph HenrySt. Andrew's terracedwelling-house40, St. Andrew's terrace
17436 Allan ThomasNorcroft browdwelling-house7, Norcroft brow
17437 Allott DennisTumbling hill streetdwelling-house107, Tumbling hill street
17438 Ambler JohnManninghamwarehouse23, Longside lane
17439 Ambler ThomasManninghamwarehouse23, Longside lane
17440 Andrews Egbert JosiahLegrams terracehouse & shop35, Legrams terrace
17441 Andrews JamesTelford streetdwelling-house23, Telford street
17442 Appleyard JamesVilliers streetdwelling-house50, Villiers street
17443 Appleyard JosephTurner streetdwelling-house42, Turner street
17444 Appleyard SamuelThorpe streetdwelling-house61, Thorpe street
17445 Armitage JohnThorpe streetdwelling-house96, Thorpe street
17446 Armitage John RamsdenHeatonwarehouse193, Thornton road
17447 Armitage JosephMorpeth streetdwelling-house57, Morpeth street
17448 Arnett JohnCobden streetdwelling-house25, Cobden street
17449 Arnold George RichardTumbling hill streetwarehouse44, Richmond road
17450 Arnold JohnRichmond roadwarehouse44, Richmond road
17451 Arnold WilliamSt. Andrew's terracewarehouse44, Richmond road
17452 Ashworth JamesTomlinson streetdwelling-house12, Tomlinson street
17453 Aspin William LakeNelson squaredwelling-house5, Nelson square
17454 Aspin WilsonNelson squaredwelling-house9, Nelson square
17455 Asquith Arthur GrantShearbridge roaddwelling-house13, Shearbridge road
17456 Astbury CorneliusPreston streetdwelling-house35, Preston street
17457 Astin WilliamLeatham streetdwelling-house31, Leatham street
17458 Atkinson GeorgePreston streetdwelling-houseWynne street
successivedwelling-house33, Preston street
17459 Atkinson JosephLegrams lanedwelling-house8, Legrams lane
17460 Atkinson WilliamSt. Andrew's terracedwelling-house10, St. Andrew's terrace
17461 Ault JosephGreat Russell streetdwelling-house12, Forster street
successivedwelling-house19, Great Russell street
17462 Austick ThomasLegrams lanedwelling-house11, Legrams lane
17463 Auty Samuel AlbertRichmond roaddwelling-house25, Richmond road
17464 Avery PeterTumbling hill streetdwelling-house17, Tumbling hill street
17465 Ayre JohnTelford streetdwelling-house5, Telford street

LITTLE HORTON WARD1, 1881, surnames beginning with the letter B
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
17466 Bage EdwinNaseby streetdwelling-house5, Naseby street
17467 Bailey GeorgeMorpeth streetdwelling-house7, Morpeth street
17468 Bailey JamesLegrams streethouse & shop2, Legrams street
17469 Bailey RobertTumbling hill streetdwelling-house157, Tumbling hill street
17470 Bailey ThomasLegrams streetdwelling-house7, Legrams street
17471 Bairstow JacobMilne streetdwelling-house18, Shearbridge road
successivedwelling-house17, Milne street
17472 Bairstow SamuelPrinceville streetshop93, Listerhills road
17473 Baker GeorgeGreat Horton roadhouse & shop34, Great Horton road
17474 Bakes JoshuaForster streetdwelling-house3, Forster street
17475 Bakes MartinCobden streetdwelling-house24, Cobden street
17476 Bakes ThomasCobden streetdwelling-house45, Cobden street
17477 Baldwin BenjaminHarrington streetdwelling-house1, Harrington street
17478 Baldwin JohnLegrams streetdwelling-house35, Legrams street
17479 Baldwin JoshuaThorpe streetdwelling-house49, Thorpe street
17480 Baldwin ThomasNorcroft browdwelling-house18, Norcroft brow
17481 Ball HenryNaseby streetdwelling-house17, Naseby street
17482 Ball OrlandoThorpe streetdwelling-house75, Thorpe street
17483 Balmford DavidSt. Andrew's placedwelling-house20, St. Andrew's place
17484 Bamford JohnLeatham streetdwelling-house1, Leatham street
17485 Banks ChristopherChesham streetdwelling-house30, Chesham street
17486 Banks HenryThorpe streetdwelling-houseWaterside
successivedwelling-house47, Thorpe street
17487 Bannister EdwardLegrams lanewarehouse8, Tumbling hill street
17488 Bannister John ThomasCavendish streetdwelling-house4, Cavendish street
17489 Bannister William HenryMorpeth streetdwelling-houseManchester road
successivedwelling-house65, Morpeth street
17490 Barker DavidTelford streetdwelling-house6, Telford street
17491 Barker EdwardNorcroft browdwelling-house21, Norcroft brow
17492 Barker EdwardMiall streetdwelling-house60, Richmond road
successivedwelling-house14, Miall street
17493 Barker HumphreyShipleyshopNorcroft street
17494 Barker JamesGreat Russell streetdwelling-house55, Cobden street
successivedwelling-house12, Great Russell street
17495 Barker JobTumbling hill streetdwelling-house50, Tumbling hill street
17496 Barker John WilliamNaseby streetdwelling-house24, Naseby street
17497 Barker ThomasRichmond roadshopNorcroft street
17498 Barker ThomasRichmond roaddwelling-houseWestgrove street
successivedwelling-house27, Richmond road
17499 Barraclough GeorgeGarden rowdwelling-house2, Garden row
17500 Barraclough JohnShearbridge roaddwelling-house35, Shearbridge road
17501 Barraclough WilliamLegrams terracedwelling-house17, Legrams terrace
17502 Barrow JohnMiall streetdwelling-house11, Miall street
17503 Barstow JohnTurner streetdwelling-house32, Turner street
17504 Bartle JesseChesham streetdwelling-house9, Chesham street
17505 Barton WilliamGarden rowdwelling-house4, Garden row
17506 Bastow JonathanTurner streetdwelling-house4, Turner street
17507 Bastow SamuelBright streetdwelling-house31, Bright street
17508 Bastow StephenTopham streetdwelling-house11, Topham street
17509 Bateman BenjaminThorpe streetdwelling-house13, Gale street
successivedwelling-house84, Thorpe street
17510 Bateman JosephHarrington streetdwelling-house15, Harrington street
17511 Bateman RobinsonForster placedwelling-house3, Forster place
17512 Batty WilliamLeatham streetdwelling-house11, Leatham street
17513 Beanland Charles JamesSt. Andrew's placedwelling-house28, St. Andrew's place
17514 Beanland JarvisTumbling hill streetdwelling-house117, Tumbling hill street
17515 Bedford JohnSt. Andrew's placedwelling-house7, St. Andrew's place
17516 Beesley RobertNaseby streetdwelling-house19, Morpeth street
successivedwelling-house27, Naseby street
17517 Beetham BenjaminCobden streetdwelling-house21, Cobden street
17518 Bell CharlesMorpeth streetdwelling-house33, Morpeth street
17519 Bell ThomasCobden streetdwelling-house50, Cobden street
17520 Bell ThomasMilton streetdwelling-house41, Morpeth street
successivedwelling-house51, Tomlinson street
successivedwelling-house24, Milton street
17521 Benn WilliamVilliers streetdwelling-house20, Villiers street
17522 Bentley ArthurMilton streetdwelling-house33, Milton street
17523 Bentley JamesBright streetdwelling-house54, Bright street
17524 Bentley JohnLady lanehouse & shop15, Lady lane
17525 Bentley WebsterRichmond roaddwelling-house51, Richmond road
17526 Bentley William EdmondsonMilton streetdwelling-house26, Milton street
17527 Bergan FredForster streetdwelling-house7, Spring place
successivedwelling-house8, Forster street
17528 Berry William BroadbentBright streetdwelling-house33, Bright street
17529 Best GeorgeTomlinson streetdwelling-house26, Tomlinson street
17530 Best IsaacCobden streetdwelling-house131, College road
successivedwelling-house31, Cobden street
17531 Best JosephMarion streetdwelling-house51, Marion street
17532 Best JosephTomlinson streetdwelling-house24, Tomlinson street
17533 Best PeterMilton streetdwelling-house2, Milton street
17534 Billing WilliamEdinburgh streetdwelling-house62, Edinburgh street
17535 Binns Alfred NewellGreat Russell streetshop65, Listerhills road
17536 Binns JohnCobden streetdwelling-houseDyson street
successivedwelling-house47, Cobden street
17537 Birkbeck WilliamFieldhead streetdwelling-house16, Fieldhead street
17538 Birkby JamesLongside lanehouse & shop45, Longside lane
17539 Birkin ThomasLeatham streetdwelling-house6, Leatham street
17540 Birkinshaw ThomasShearbridge roaddwelling-house8, Shearbridge road
17541 Birtles JoshuaTomlinson streetdwelling-house36, Tomlinson street
17542 Blagbrough JonasListerhills roadhouse & shop75, Listerhills road
17543 Blakey GeorgeMiall streetdwelling-house23, Miall street
17544 Blakey JosephPreston streetdwelling-house63, Preston street
17545 Blamires GeorgeNaseby streetdwelling-house43, Naseby street
successivedwelling-house47, Naseby street
17546 Blamires JobMorpeth streetdwelling-house24, Morpeth street
17547 Blamires JohnBright streetdwelling-house36, Bright street
17548 Bland BenjaminEdinburgh streetdwelling-house41, Edinburgh street
17549 Bland JamesVilliers streetdwelling-house7, Blythe street
successivedwelling-house34, Villiers street
successivedwelling-house58, Villiers street
17550 Bland JosephCobden streetdwelling-house27, Cobden street
17551 Blenkiron Thomas HirdRichmond roaddwelling-house7, Richmond road
17552 Bolton GeorgeThorpe streetdwelling-house16, Thorpe street
17553 Bolton JonathanFieldhead streetdwelling-house9, Fieldhead street
17554 Booth JohnBrewery lanedwelling-house25, Brewery lane
17555 Booth JohnTurner streetdwelling-house22, Turner street
17556 Booth PhineasChesham streetdwelling-house23, Chesham street
17557 Boothman JohnCobden streetdwelling-house16, Cobden street
17558 Boothroyd FredNaseby streetdwelling-house14, Naseby street
17559 Bootland WilliamChesham streetdwelling-house26, Chesham street
17560 Bottomley BenjaminThorpe streetdwelling-house42, Thorpe street
17561 Bottomley JohnMarion streetdwelling-house59, Marion street
17562 Bottomley RichardTumbling hill streetdwelling-house41, Tumbling hill street
17563 Bottomley SamuelChesham streetdwelling-house36, Chesham street
17564 Bottomley William HenryLegrams terracedwelling-house27, Legrams terrace
17565 Bower EdwinListerhills roadhouse & shop144, Listerhills road
17566 Bower SamuelMannville terraceshop24, Quebec terrace
17567 Bower SamuelMilton streetdwelling-house79, Preston street
successivedwelling-house19, Milton street
17568 Boyes WilliamNaseby streetdwelling-house36, Naseby street
17569 Boykett Rev. FrankSt. Andrew's villasdwelling-house16, St. Andrew's villas
17570 Bradley EdwardFieldhead streetdwelling-house34, Archibald street
successivedwelling-house30, Fieldhead street
17571 Bradley JohnLongside lanedwelling-house51, Longside lane
17572 Bradley RogerLegrams terracedwelling-house34, Legrams terrace
17573 Braithwaite JamesRandall well streetdwelling-house4, Randall well street
17574 Bramma AlfredTumbling hill streetdwelling-house151, Tumbling hill street
17575 Bramma JosephTumbling hill streetdwelling-house161, Tumbling hill street
17576 Bramma SamuelTumbling hill streetdwelling-house153, Tumbling hill street
17577 Breakes KesterMorpeth streetdwelling-house22, Morpeth street
17578 Brear WilliamMilton streetdwelling-house32, Milton street
successivedwelling-house20, Milton street
17579 Breuninger WilliamListerhills roadhouse & shop150, Listerhills road
17580 Bridge GeorgeCavendish streetdwelling-house11, Cavendish street
17581 Briggs BentleyChesham streetdwelling-house12, Southbrook terrace
successivedwelling-house34, Chesham street
17582 Briggs John EdwinMonk streetdwelling-house2, Monk street
17583 Briggs RobertCobden streetdwelling-house36, Cobden street
17584 Briggs WilliamEdinburgh streetdwelling-house32, Edinburgh street
17585 Briggs WilliamBright streetdwelling-houseHillside villas
successivedwelling-house23, Bright street
17586 Briggs William AlbertTomlinson streetdwelling-house9, Tomlinson street
17587 Brigham JohnNaseby streetdwelling-house22, Naseby street
17588 Brock GeorgeTurner streetdwelling-house25, Turner street
17589 Brock JohnLongside lanedwelling-house28, Longside lane
17590 Brogden WilliamLegrams lanedwelling-house2, Legrams lane
17591 Bromham WilliamThorpe streetdwelling-house73, Thorpe street
17592 Brook JamesMilton streetdwelling-house7, Milton street
17593 Brook JonasShearbridge roaddwelling-house2, Shearbridge road
17594 Brook ThomasTurner streetdwelling-house18, Turner street
17595 Brook ThomasNorcroft browdwelling-house19, Norcroft brow
17596 Brookes JamesEdinburgh streetdwelling-house3, Edinburgh street
17597 Broscomb JamesMorpeth streetdwelling-house61, Morpeth street
17598 Brown JohnNelson squaredwelling-house12, Nelson square
17599 Brown LongfieldCarlton placedwelling-house6, Carlton place
17600 Brown RichardPreston streetdwelling-house3, Preston street
17601 Brown WhitakerSmith streetdwelling-house76, Smith street
17602 Buckle RichardBright streetdwelling-house42, Bright street
17603 Bullock HenryMilne streetdwelling-house27, Milne street
17604 Bullock WatsonLegrams terracedwelling-house9, Legrams terrace
17605 Bullough GeorgeMorpeth streetdwelling-house21, Morpeth street
17606 Bunting Arthur CharlesSt. Andrew's placedwelling-house33, St. Andrew's place
17607 Burgess SamuelArchibald streetdwelling-house6, Archibald street
17608 Burnett ThomasBright streetdwelling-house57, Bright street
17609 Burrow GeorgeMilton streetdwelling-house35, Milton street
17610 Bush EdwardLegrams lanedwelling-house29, Milton street
successivedwelling-house25, Legrams lane
17611 Butler AlbertCavendish streetdwelling-house2, Cavendish street
17612 Butler EdwardMilne streetdwelling-house3, Milne street
17613 Butler HarryCobden streetshop97, Listerhills road
17614 Butler HenryLady lanedwelling-house23, Lady lane
17615 Butler JamesLady laneshop117, Listerhills road
17616 Butson ThomasThorpe streetdwelling-house6, Thorpe street
17617 Butterfield Andrew RennardSt. Andrew's placedwelling-house35, St. Andrew's place
17618 Butterfield GeorgeChesham streetdwelling-house10, Chesham street
17619 Butterfield JohnRichmond roaddwelling-house74, Richmond road
17620 Butterfield ThomasLower Cobden streetdwelling-house7, Lower Cobden street
17621 Butterfield WilliamLongside lanehouse & shop39, Longside lane
17622 Butterworth EmanuelChesham streetdwelling-house39, Chesham street
17623 Buxton HenryWoodhead roaddwelling-house52, Woodhead road
17624 Byles WilliamAshfielddwelling-house13, Ashfield

LITTLE HORTON WARD1, 1881, surnames beginning with the letter C
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
17625 Calvert AaronPreston streetdwelling-house73, Preston street
17626 Calvert GeorgeVilliers streetdwelling-house18, Villiers street
17627 Calvert JosephLeatham streetdwelling-house4, Leatham street
17628 Calvert ThomasBright streetdwelling-house53, Bright street
17629 Cammiss WilliamBright streetdwelling-house5, Bright street
17630 Campbell WilliamTumbling hill streetdwelling-house91, Tumbling hill street
17631 Capstick JoshuaSmith streetdwelling-house20, Smith street
successivedwelling-house24, Smith street
17632 Capstick RobertSmith streetdwelling-house18, Smith street
17633 Carlton CharlesVilliers streetdwelling-house25, Villiers street
17634 Carlton WilliamVilliers streetdwelling-house28, Villiers street
17635 Carter JamesMiall streetdwelling-house36, Great Russell street
successivedwelling-house30, Miall street
17636 Carter JosephLegrams lanedwelling-house19, Legrams lane
17637 Carter Joseph ShepherdGreat Horton roaddwelling-house38, Great Horton road
17638 Carter WilliamSt. Andrew's terracedwelling-house18, St. Andrew's terrace
17639 Casson PriestleyGreat Horton roaddwelling-house92, Great Horton road
17640 Cathrall EdwinGreat Russell streetdwelling-house11, Great Russell street
17641 Catlow ZachariahForster streetdwelling-house9, Forster street
17642 Catton Joseph MiddletonCuckoo nestdwelling-house1, Cuckoo nest
17643 Cawood JoshuaGreat Russell streetdwelling-house11, Cromwell street
successivedwelling-house36, Great Russell street
17644 Chapman JohnMilton streetdwelling-house16, Harrington street
successivedwelling-house15, Milton street
17645 Charlton ThomasChesham streetdwelling-house33, Chesham street
17646 Charnley JamesThorpe streetdwelling-house40, Thorpe street
17647 Charnock ThomasTurner streetdwelling-house45, Turner street
17648 Chatburn SamuelMilton streetdwelling-house5, Milton street
17649 Cheetham HenryGreat Horton roaddwelling-house11, Rand street
successivedwelling-house16, Great Horton road
17650 Cheetham ThomasMorpeth streetdwelling-house47, Morpeth street
17651 Clapham AlbertMarion streetdwelling-house65, Marion street
17652 Clapham James ArthurFieldhead streetdwelling-house17, Fieldhead street
17653 Clark AlbertChesham streetdwelling-house5, Chesham street
17654 Clark BenjaminChesham streetdwelling-house7, Chesham street
17655 Clark John BenjaminChesham streetdwelling-house14, Chesham street
17656 Clark ThomasTumbling hill streetdwelling-house77, Tumbling hill street
successivedwelling-house105, Tumbling hill street
17657 Clark WilliamLegrams streetdwelling-house29, Legrams street
17658 Clarkson EdwardRichmond roaddwelling-houseAlbert place
successivedwelling-house16, Richmond road
17659 Clarkson JosephGreat Russell streetdwelling-house32, Great Russell street
17660 Clay ThomasHarrington streetdwelling-house2, Harrington street
successivedwelling-house17, Harrington street
17661 Clayton GeorgeMarion streetdwelling-house41, Marion street
17662 Clayton JohnWoodhead roaddwelling-house56, Woodhead road
17663 Clegg CharlesNorcroft browdwelling-house3, Norcroft brow
17664 Clegg CharlesBright streetshop71, Listerhills road
17665 Clegg JamesTomlinson streetdwelling-house57 Tomlinson street
17666 Clegg WilliamGreat Russell streetdwelling-house21, Great Russell street
17667 Cliff FrancisCobden streetdwelling-house5, Cobden street
17668 Clough Arthur SpenceThorpe streetdwelling-house65, Thorpe street
17669 Clough Jabez JacksonForster streetdwelling-house6, Forster street
17670 Clough JosephTumbling hill streetdwelling-house116, Tumbling hill street
17671 Clough Joseph HenryGreat Horton roaddwelling-house80, Great Horton road
17672 Clough SimeonPreston streetdwelling-house43, Preston street
17673 Clough WilliamRichmond roaddwelling-house53, Richmond road
17674 Coast WilliamBright streetdwelling-house32, Bright street
17675 Cockcroft EdwardCobden streetdwelling-house6, Naseby street
successivedwelling-house55, Cobden street
17676 Cockcroft HenryTomlinson streetdwelling-house30, Tomlinson street
17677 Cocker FredRichmond roaddwelling-houseWestgate
successivedwelling-house31, Richmond road
17678 Cockroft EzraTumbling hill streetdwelling-house49, Tumbling hill street
17679 Cockroft RichardRichmond roaddwelling-house17, Richmond road
17680 Coldwell CharlesFieldhead streetdwelling-house11, Fieldhead street
17681 Collins HenryLongside lanedwelling-house5, Sterling street
successivedwelling-house42, Longside lane
17682 Collinson ThomasLegrams terracedwelling-house21, Legrams terrace
17683 Connor SamuelMilne streetdwelling-house25, Milne street
17684 Coogan HughTomlinson streetdwelling-house52, Tomlinson street
17685 Cooper AndrewTomlinson streetdwelling-house5, Tomlinson street
17686 Cooper John RobertNaseby streetdwelling-house48, Turner street
successivedwelling-house41, Naseby street
17687 Cooper WilliamTurner streetdwelling-house22, Smith street
successivedwelling-house11, Turner street
17688 Cope CharlesWoodhead roaddwelling-house20, Woodhead road
17689 Copley JamesTumbling hill streetdwelling-house66, Tumbling hill street
17690 Copley JohnVilliers streetdwelling-house27, Villiers street
17691 Copperthwaite JamesPreston streethouse & shop47, Preston street
17692 Cordingley AbrahamMorpeth streetdwelling-house29, Morpeth street
17693 Coulson ThomasCobden streetdwelling-house58, Cobden street
17694 Cowgill JohnBright streetdwelling-house21, Bright street
17695 Cowgill JohnThorpe streetdwelling-house81, Thorpe street
17696 Crabtree AlexanderLongside lanedwelling-house77, Longside lane
17697 Crabtree JosephBright streetdwelling-house55, Bright street
17698 Crabtree RobertMelville streethouse & shop34, Melville street
17699 Craig RowlandMiall streetdwelling-house5, Miall street
17700 Craig Rowland, junr.Fieldhead streetdwelling-house18, Fieldhead street
17701 Craighill CalebWestbrook streetdwelling-house19, Westbrook street
17702 Craven JohnMarion streetdwelling-house47, Marion street
17703 Craven ThomasButcher streetdwelling-house7, Butcher street
17704 Craven ThomasMorpeth courtdwelling-house1, Morpeth court
17705 Craven WilliamChesham streetdwelling-house18, Chesham street
17706 Cromwell Oliver JarvisVilliers streetdwelling-house53, Villiers street
17707 Crook WilliamPreston streetdwelling-house1, Preston street
17708 Crossley Henry WilliamGreat Horton roaddwelling-house82, Great Horton road
17709 Crossley WesleyLongside lanehouse & shop59, Longside lane
17710 Crossley WilliamNaseby streetdwelling-house64, Listerhills road
successivedwelling-house41, Naseby street
17711 Crow GeorgeGreat Russell streetdwelling-house20, Great Russell street
17712 Crow Henry CharlesListerhills roaddwelling-house10, Great Russell street
successivehouse & shop142, Listerhills road
17713 Crowther James HenryLeatham streetdwelling-house20, Leatham street
17714 Crowther JonathanTomlinson streetdwelling-house18, Tomlinson street
17715 Crowther ThomasWestbrook terracedwelling-house37, Richmond road
successivedwelling-house9, Westbrook terrace
17716 Crowther WilliamShearbridge roaddwelling-house30, Turner street
successivedwelling-house18, Shearbridge road
17717 Cullingford HenryLegrams streetdwelling-house22, Harrington street
successivedwelling-house15, Legrams street
17718 Cure WilliamMorpeth streetdwelling-house20, Morpeth street
17719 Cushin GeorgeBlythe streetdwelling-house21, Fieldhead street
successivedwelling-house21, Telford street
successivedwelling-house13, Blythe street

LITTLE HORTON WARD1, 1881, surnames beginning with the letter D
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
17720 Dakins JamesMorpeth streetdwelling-house43, Morpeth street
17721 Dale BryanMorpeth streetdwelling-house24, Legrams street
successivedwelling-house53, Legrams street
successivedwelling-house16, Morpeth street
17722 Daniel JohnRichmond roaddwelling-house30, Tumbling hill street
successivedwelling-house59, Richmond road
17723 Davies William EnochRichmond roaddwelling-house72, Richmond road
17724 Davy DavidNaseby streetdwelling-house21, Naseby street
17725 Dawson EdwardNorcroft browdwelling-house28, Norcroft brow
17726 Dawson EdwinBright streetdwelling-house34, Bright street
17727 Dawtrey IsaacMorpeth streetdwelling-house10, Morpeth street
17728 Dean JosephThorpe streetdwelling-house54 Thorpe street
17729 Deighton ShawListerhills roaddwelling-house138, Listerhills road
17730 Dennis John WilliamSt. Andrew's terraceshopHey street
17731 Dennison ThompsonCobden streetdwelling-house19, Tomlinson street
successivedwelling-house28, Cobden street
17732 Dent MatthewFieldhead streethouse & shop2, Fieldhead street
17733 Dewhirst CharlesSmith streetdwelling-house88, Smith street
17734 Dewhirst JosephLegrams lanedwelling-house13, Legrams lane
17735 Dewhirst ThomasNaseby streetdwelling-house34, Naseby street
17736 Dewhirst WilliamSmith streetdwelling-house86, Smith street
17737 Dickinson HenryWestbrook streethouse & shop2, Westbrook street
17738 Dickinson WilliamThorpe streetdwelling-house52, Thorpe street
17739 Didcock RichardLongside lanehouse & shop75, Longside lane
17740 Dilworth JeremiahBlythe streetdwelling-house9, Blythe street
17741 Dinsdale GeorgeLegrams lanedwelling-house10, Legrams lane
17742 Dobson JamesLady lanedwelling-house18, Edinburgh street
successivedwelling-house27, Lady lane
successivedwelling-house25, Lady lane
17743 Dodson ThomasWoodhead roaddwelling-house40, Woodhead road
17744 Douglas JamesChesham grovedwelling-house4, Chesham grove
17745 Dracup PaulMiall streetshop32, Richmond road
17746 Drake IsaacLegrams streetdwelling-house36, Legrams street
17747 Drake JamesShearbridge roadhouse & shop91, Shearbridge road
17748 Drake JohnCromwell streetdwelling-house2, Cromwell street
17749 Drake John TurnerWoodhead roaddwelling-house46, Woodhead road
17750 Drake JosephWest LodgewarehouseShearbridge road
17751 Drake NathanWest LodgewarehouseShearbridge road
17752 Drake ThomasWoodhead roaddwelling-house30, Woodhead road
17753 Driver John WilliamTumbling hill streetdwelling-house51, Tumbling hill street
successivedwelling-house53, Tumbling hill street
17754 Driver WardLady lanedwelling-house7, Lady lane
17755 Driver WilliamEdinburgh streetdwelling-house39, Edinburgh street
17756 Dufton JohnFieldhead streetdwelling-house6, Fieldhead street
successivedwelling-house26, Fieldhead street
17757 Dunn AlexanderPreston streetdwelling-house5, Preston street
17758 Dunn EdwardMelville streetdwelling-house12, Melville street
17759 Dunn JabezThorpe streetdwelling-house14, Thorpe street
17760 Dunn ThomasCavendish streetdwelling-house13, Cavendish street
17761 Dunphy ThomasWoodhead roaddwelling-house8, Woodhead road
17762 Durdy GeorgeMarion streetdwelling-house33, Marion street
17763 Durdy WilliamLegrams terracedwelling-house3, Legrams terrace
17764 Duxbury JohnChesham streetdwelling-house38, Chesham street
17765 Dyson GeorgeWestbrook placedwelling-house7, Westbrook place
17766 Dyson JohnTumbling hill streetdwelling-house65, Tumbling hill street
17767 Dyson WilliamTumbling hill streetdwelling-house94, Tumbling hill street

LITTLE HORTON WARD1, 1881, surnames beginning with the letter E
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
17768 Easby Frederick WilliamMarion streetdwelling-house3, Milton street
successivedwelling-house61, Marion street
17769 Easton RobertVilliers streetdwelling-house21, Villiers street
17770 Eastwood GeorgeTumbling hill streetdwelling-house55, Tumbling hill street
successivedwelling-house47, Tumbling hill street
17771 Eastwood WilliamNaseby streetdwelling-house20, Naseby street
17772 Eastwood William EdwardThorpe streethouse & shop100, Thorpe street
17773 Eddy WilliamGreat Horton roaddwelling-house29, Croft street
successivedwelling-house109B, Manchester road
successivedwelling-house20, Great Horton road
17774 Edge WalterGreat Horton roadhouse & shop50, Great Horton road
17775 Edgeworth WilliamLegrams terracedwelling-house29, Legrams terrace
17776 Edmondson ChristopherBright streethouse & shop2, Bright street
17777 Edmondson JohnTurner streetdwelling-house28, Turner street
17778 Elliott EdwinPreston streethouse & shop92, Preston street
17779 Elliott GeorgeLegrams terracedwelling-house10, Legrams terrace
17780 Ellis GeorgeWoodhead roaddwelling-house42, Woodhead road
17781 Ellis JamesLegrams lanedwelling-house9, Legrams lane
17782 Ellis ThomasRichmond roaddwelling-house78, Richmond road
17783 Emmett JohnTumbling hill streetdwelling-house155, Tumbling hill street
17784 Emsley FrederickWoodhead roaddwelling-house44, Woodhead road
17785 Emsley TomCambridge streetshop90, Preston street
17786 England StephenWestbrook terraceshopBlythe street
17787 Espiner FrancisPreston streetdwelling-house48, Preston street

LITTLE HORTON WARD1, 1881, surnames beginning with the letter F
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
17788 Fairbrother GeorgeVilliers streetdwelling-house17, Villiers street
17789 Fallen WilliamTomlinson streetdwelling-house14, Duncan street
successivedwelling-house47, Tomlinson street
17790 Farnell GeorgeEdinburgh streetdwelling-house23, Edinburgh street
17791 Farnell George, junr.Archibald streetdwelling-house18, Archibald street
17792 Farnell WilliamTumbling hill streetdwelling-house52, Tumbling hill street
successivedwelling-house46, Tumbling hill street
17793 Farrar WilliamMorpeth streetdwelling-house27, Morpeth street
17794 Farrington JohnBright streetdwelling-house56, Bright street
17795 Fawcett AlfredCromwell streetdwelling-house4, Cromwell street
17796 Fawcett George WilliamCobden streetdwelling-house22 Cobden street
17797 Fawcett James WillanTumbling hill streetdwelling-house124, Tumbling hill street
17798 Fawcett JoshuaThorpe streetdwelling-house2, Thorpe street
17799 Fawcett RobertCromwell streetdwelling-house10, Copthorne view
successivedwelling-house5, Cromwell street
17800 Fawthorpe EdwardCobden streetdwelling-house40, Cobden street
17801 Fearnley WilliamListerhills roaddwelling-house60 Listerhills road
17802 Fearnsides JamesRichmond roaddwelling-house135, Little Horton lane
successivedwelling-house37, Richmond road
17803 Feather BenjaminTumbling hill streetdwelling-house121, Tumbling hill street
17804 Feather JohnWoodhead roaddwelling-house2, Woodhead road
17805 Feather SmithWestbrook Cottagesdwelling-house59, Westbrook Cottages
17806 Ferrand WilliamManninghamwarehouseRichmond road
17807 Fielden John WilliamLady lanedwelling-house21, Lady lane
17808 Fieldhouse AlfredBeacon streetwarehouseMarion street
17809 Fieldhouse GeorgeTurner streetdwelling-houseBack Washington street
successivedwelling-house20, Turner street
17810 Fielding EliBright streetdwelling-house3, Bright street
17811 Fielding JamesTumbling hill streetdwelling-house37, Tumbling hill street
17812 Firth AbrahamArchibald streetdwelling-house12, Archibald street
17813 Firth Charles WadeAshfielddwelling-house8, Ashfield
17814 Firth GeorgeMilton streetdwelling-house12, Milton street
17815 Firth GeorgeAshfielddwelling-house1, Ashfield
17816 Firth HenryEdinburgh streetdwelling-house24, Edinburgh street
17817 Firth JonasCromwell streetdwelling-house10, Cromwell street
17818 Firth WilliamMorpeth streetdwelling-house76, Listerhills road
successivedwelling-house3, Morpeth street
17819 Fisher JamesNaseby streetdwelling-house31, Naseby street
17820 Flather AbrahamManninghamshop71, Richmond road
17821 Flegg JamesTomlinson streetdwelling-house16, Archibald street
successivedwelling-house1, Monk street
successivedwelling-house11, Tomlinson street
17822 Fleming JosephLeatham streetdwelling-house3, Leatham street
17823 Flew JohnPreston streetdwelling-house98, Preston street
17824 Forrest JohnShearbridge roaddwelling-house10, Shearbridge road
17825 Forryan RichardSt. Andrew's placedwelling-house2, St. Andrew's place
17826 Fortune WilsonMorpeth streetdwelling-house15, Morpeth street
17827 Foster BenjaminMiall streetdwelling-house13, Miall street
17828 Foster CharlesRichmond roaddwelling-house61, Richmond road
17829 Foster EdmundEdinburgh streetdwelling-house5, Edinburgh street
17830 Foster JonasChesham streetdwelling-house40, Chesham street
17831 Foster JosephMorpeth streetdwelling-house13, Morpeth street
17832 Foster TomMilton streetdwelling-house22, Milton street
17833 Foster William HenryCobden streetdwelling-house15, Cobden street
17834 Fowler EdwardAshfielddwelling-house15, Ashfield
17835 Fox HenryTumbling hill streetdwelling-house109, Tumbling hill street
17836 Fox WilliamLongside lanehouse & shop76, Longside lane
17837 Frankland GeorgeTomlinson streetdwelling-house49, Tomlinson street

LITTLE HORTON WARD1, 1881, surnames beginning with the letter G
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
17838 Gale Rev. KnightShearbridge roaddwelling-house1, Shearbridge road
17839 Garnett WilliamLongside lanehouse & shop43, Longside lane
17840 Gath JosephLongside lanedwelling-house46, Longside lane
17841 Gaukroger SamuelCobden streethouse & shop2, Cobden street
17842 Gaul CharlesLongside lanedwelling-house30, Longside lane
17843 Gaunt JoshuaTumbling hill streetdwelling-house32, Tumbling hill street
17844 George FrederickTopham streetdwelling-house9, Topham street
17845 George Thomas WoolleyLongside lanehouse & shop67, Longside lane
17846 Gill HarryChesham streetdwelling-house43, Chesham street
17847 Gill JohnMilne streetdwelling-house7, Milne street
17848 Gill ThomasPreston streetdwelling-house71, Preston street
17849 Gillson JohnSmith streetdwelling-house74, Smith street
17850 Gillson WilliamSmith streethouse & shop64, Smith street
17851 Gledhill Frederick CharlesForster placedwelling-house11, Forster place
17852 Glenton JohnLegrams streetdwelling-house50, Archibald street
successivedwelling-house5, Legrams street
17853 Goldsbrough JosephMilton streetdwelling-house14, Milton street
17854 Goodby HenryShipleyoffice37, Listerhills road
17855 Goring William BlytheVilliers streetdwelling-house56, Villiers street
17856 Gornall RobertTumbling hill streetdwelling-house137, Tumbling hill street
17857 Gott JohnLower Cobden streetdwelling-house3, Lower Cobden street
17858 Gott SamuelChesham streetdwelling-house32, Chesham street
17859 Gott WilliamSt. Andrew's terracedwelling-house46, St. Andrew's terrace
17860 Gouldsbrough JohnTumbling hill streetdwelling-house44, Tumbling hill street
17861 Gourlay John McMillanSt. Andrew's placedwelling-house21, St. Andrew's place
17862 Goyder DavidGreat Horton roaddwelling-house88, Great Horton road
17863 Grayson ThomasTumbling hill streetdwelling-house71, Tumbling hill street
17864 Greenwood Alfred RichardThorpe streetdwelling-house76, Thorpe street
17865 Greenwood JohnSt. Andrew's terracedwelling-house4, St. Andrew's terrace
17866 Greenwood JohnTomlinson streetdwelling-house48, Tomlinson street
17867 Greenwood JohnTumbling hill streetdwelling-house45, Tumbling hill street
17868 Greenwood RowlandTumbling hill streetdwelling-house69, Tumbling hill street
17869 Greenwood ThomasBlythe streetdwelling-house5, Blythe street
17870 Greenwood WalterTomlinson streetdwelling-house50, Tomlinson street
successivedwelling-house25, Tomlinson street
17871 Griffiths Charles FrederickThorpe placedwelling-house17, Thorpe place
17872 Grime ThomasSt. Andrew's villasdwelling-house9, St. Andrew's villas
17873 Groves JosephTomlinson streetdwelling-house16, Tomlinson street

LITTLE HORTON WARD1, 1881, surnames beginning with the letter H
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
17874 Haddock Arthur OliverGreat Russell streetdwelling-house65, Preston street
successivedwelling-house41, Great Russell street
17875 Haigh JohnPreston streetshop146, Listerhills road
17876 Haigh JosephCavendish streetdwelling-house9, Cavendish street
17877 Haigh ThomasLower Bright streetdwelling-house6, Lower Bright street
17878 Haigh ThomasCobden streethouse & shop1, Cobden street
17879 Hainsworth JosephRichmond roaddwelling-house62, Richmond road
17880 Hainsworth JosephTumbling hill streetdwelling-house108, Tumbling hill street
17881 Hainsworth SamuelVilliers streetdwelling-house60, Villiers street
17882 Hainsworth ThomasBright streetdwelling-house19, Bright street
17883 Haley AlfredAshfielddwelling-house6, Ashfield
17884 Haley EmanuelLeatham streetdwelling-house52, Bright street
successivedwelling-house29, Leatham street
17885 Haley EnochLeatham streetdwelling-house14, Leatham street
successivedwelling-house5, Leatham street
17886 Haley Rev. JosephShearbridge roaddwelling-house15, Shearbridge road
17887 Hall IsraelSt. Andrew's terracedwelling-house26, St. Andrew's terrace
17888 Hall JohnTurner streetdwelling-house8, Turner street
17889 Halstead IsaacSt. Andrew's placedwelling-house22, St. Andrew's place
17890 Halstead JosephLongside lanedwelling-house56, Longside lane
17891 Hampshire JohnBright streetdwelling-house16, Bright street
17892 Hancock JohnLegrams terracedwelling-house18, Legrams terrace
17893 Hanson BriggsArchibald streetdwelling-house48, Archibald street
17894 Hanson George RobertMiall streetdwelling-house12, Miall street
17895 Hanson JamesLegrams terracedwelling-house33, Legrams terrace
17896 Hanson ThomasMonk streetwarehouse10, Longside lane
17897 Hanson William JamesLegrams lanedwelling-house15, Legrams lane
17898 Hardaker BenjaminTomlinson streetdwelling-house14, Tomlinson street
17899 Hardaker JamesVilliers streetdwelling-house61, Villiers street
17900 Hardaker JohnMiall streetdwelling-house20, Thorpe street
successivedwelling-house20, Miall street
17901 Hardaker JosephWoodhead roaddwelling-house22, Woodhead road
17902 Hardaker MarkSt. Andrew's placedwelling-house26, St. Andrew's place
17903 Hardaker WilliamRichmond roaddwelling-house84, Richmond road
17904 Hardaker William JenningsVilliers streetdwelling-house43, Villiers street
17905 Hardcastle Joseph HenryListerhills roaddwelling-house54, Listerhills road
17906 Hardy BenjaminLady lanedwelling-house11, Lady lane
17907 Hardy George SamsonPreston streetdwelling-house9, Fenton street
successivedwelling-house50, Preston street
17908 Hardy JosephTumbling hill streetdwelling-houseback of 118, Tumbling hill street
17909 Hargreaves HartleyCuckoo nestdwelling-house5, Cuckoo nest
17910 Hargreaves IngramTumbling hill streetdwelling-house85, Tumbling hill street
17911 Hargreaves Joseph WilmanCuckoo nestdwelling-house4, Cuckoo nest
17912 Harker JohnTurner streetdwelling-house7, Turner street
17913 Harling JamesTumbling hill streetdwelling-house23, Tumbling hill street
17914 Harrison Johnback of Carlton placedwelling-house10, back of Carlton place
17915 Hartley AmosMiall streetdwelling-house17, Miall street
17916 Hartley ArthurChesham streetdwelling-house25, Chesham street
17917 Hartley GreenwoodWoodhead roaddwelling-house54, Woodhead road
17918 Hartley HenryLegrams lanehouse & shop18, Legrams lane
17919 Hartley JamesIreton streetwarehouse47, Listerhills road
17920 Hartley JamesBright streetdwelling-house17, Bright street
17921 Hartley JohnTelford streetdwelling-house14, Telford street
17922 Hartley JonathanHarrington streetdwelling-house11, Harrington street
17923 Hartley JosephLongside lanehouse & shop49, Longside lane
17924 Hartley JosephTomlinson streetdwelling-house17, Tomlinson street
17925 Hartley JosephEdinburgh streetdwelling-house79, Kingswood street
successivedwelling-house9, Edinburgh street
17926 Hartley SamuelWestbrook streetdwelling-house9, Westbrook street
17927 Hartley ThomasTumbling hill streetdwelling-house40, Tumbling hill street
17928 Hartley ThomasCobden streetdwelling-house9, Cobden street
17929 Hartley ThomasThorpe streetdwelling-house49, Naseby street
successivedwelling-house57, Thorpe street
17930 Hartley WilliamShearbridge roadhouse & shop14, Shearbridge road
17931 Harvey JohnListerhills roaddwelling-house44, Ashley street
successivedwelling-house68, Listerhills road
17932 Haste ThomasTumbling hill streetdwelling-house19, Tumbling hill street
17933 Havelock WilliamTumbling hill streetdwelling-house102, Tumbling hill street
17934 Hebblethwaite Joseph HenryTumbling hill streetdwelling-house97, Tumbling hill street
17935 Hellewell HenryRichmond roaddwelling-house113, Tumbling hill street
successivedwelling-house21, Richmond road
17936 Hemmens ThomasTumbling hill streetdwelling-house78, Tumbling hill street
17937 Henderson JohnRichmond roaddwelling-house33, Richmond road
17938 Henegin MichaelGreat Russell streetdwelling-house18, Great Russell street
17939 Hepper Thomas EdwardChesham streetdwelling-house28, Chesham street
17940 Hepworth GeorgeRichmond roaddwelling-house13, Richmond road
17941 Hewitt ThomasFieldhead streetdwelling-house12, Fieldhead street
17942 Hewitt WilliamThorpe streetdwelling-house92, Thorpe street
17943 Hey GeorgeChesham streetdwelling-house22, Chesham street
17944 Hibbert HenryListerhills roaddwelling-house58, Listerhills road
successivedwelling-house70, Listerhills road
17945 Hibbert JosephSt. Andrew's terracedwelling-house44, St. Andrew's terrace
17946 Hibbert ThomasThorpe streetdwelling-house48, Thorpe street
17947 Hick ThomasSt. Andrew's placedwelling-house15, St. Andrew's place
17948 Higson JamesPreston streetdwelling-house26, Fenton street
successivedwelling-house46, Preston street
17949 Hill AlfredMorpeth courtdwelling-house11, Morpeth court
17950 Hill GeorgeLeatham streetdwelling-house9, Leatham street
17951 Hill JohnManninghamwarehouse157A, Richmond road
successivewarehouse157, Richmond road
17952 Hill RobertGreat Horton roadhouse & shop14, Great Horton road
17953 Hill Thomas RawsonMerton roadwarehouse157A, Richmond road
successivewarehouse157, Richmond road
17954 Hillas JosephThorpe streetdwelling-house62, Thorpe street
17955 Hillery ArthurTomlinson streetdwelling-house28, Tomlinson street
17956 Hillery ReubenTurner streetdwelling-house38, Turner street
17957 Hinchliffe GeorgeTumbling hill streetdwelling-house145, Tumbling hill street
17958 Hind JosephCavendish streetdwelling-house1, Cavendish street
17959 Hindle DavidArchibald streetdwelling-house20, Archibald street
17960 Hinings FrederickRichmond roaddwelling-house4, Richmond road
17961 Hirst JosephBright streetdwelling-house62, Bright street
17962 Hodgson GeorgeLegrams laneshopListerhills road
17963 Hodgson IsaacPreston streetdwelling-house77, Preston street
17964 Hodgson JohnLegrams lanedwelling-house19, Milton street
successivedwelling-house16, Legrams lane
17965 Hodgson JohnLower Bright streetdwelling-house4, Lower Bright street
17966 Hodgson JonasNaseby streetdwelling-house8, Naseby street
17967 Hodgson JonathanTumbling hill streetdwelling-house37, Tumbling hill street
17968 Hodgson JosephPreston streetdwelling-house69, Preston street
17969 Hodgson SamuelLegrams lanedwelling-house12, Legrams lane
17970 Hodgson SamuelVilliers streetdwelling-house46, Villiers street
17971 Hodgson WilliamTumbling hill streetdwelling-house28, Tumbling hill street
17972 Hodgson WilliamCobden streetdwelling-house41, Cobden street
17973 Holbrook RichardBright streetdwelling-house60, Bright street
17974 Holdforth JosephPreston streethouse & shop59, Preston street
17975 Holdsworth AlfredBright streetdwelling-house6, Summerhill street
successivedwelling-house47, Bright street
17976 Holdsworth HansonVilliers streetdwelling-house55, Villiers street
17977 Holdsworth JonathanRichmond roaddwelling-house6, Monk street
successivedwelling-house64, Richmond road
17978 Holdsworth PhinehasArchibald streetdwelling-house45, Archibald street
17979 Holdsworth RichardThorpe streetdwelling-house41, Thorpe street
17980 Holdsworth SamuelPreston streetdwelling-house23, Preston street
17981 Holdsworth StephenTumbling hill streetdwelling-house47, Tumbling hill street
successivedwelling-house55, Tumbling hill street
17982 Holgate Richard DobsonSt. Andrew's terracedwelling-house27, Lady lane
successivedwelling-house14, St. Andrew's terrace
17983 Hollas William BoothLegrams terracedwelling-house36, Legrams terrace
17984 Hollinrake GreenwoodVilliers streetdwelling-house48, Villiers street
17985 Hollinrake Thomas GreenwoodDirk hill streetshop3, Lady lane
17986 Holmes DavidSt. Andrew's villasdwelling-house48, Edinburgh street
successivedwelling-house33, St. Andrew's villas
17987 Holmes JohnTumbling hill streetdwelling-house123, Tumbling hill street
17988 Holmes John AlbertWestbrook placedwelling-house5, Westbrook place
17989 Holmes JosephCobden streetdwelling-house13, Cobden street
17990 Holroyd BenjaminWestbrook Cottagesdwelling-house57, Westbrook Cottages
17991 Holroyd BenjaminCobden streetdwelling-house7, Cobden street
17992 Holroyd WilliamLegrams streetdwelling-house28, Legrams terrace
successivedwelling-house45, Legrams street
17993 Holt JamesSt. Andrew's placedwelling-house31, St. Andrew's place
17994 Holt Lodge CalvertArchibald streetdwelling-house38, Archibald street
17995 Holt ThomasForster streetdwelling-house4, Forster street
17996 Holtzman Charles Louis ThesidoreWestbrook placedwelling-house3, Westbrook place
17997 Hood HenryTumbling hill streetdwelling-house101, Tumbling hill street
17998 Hope RobertLegrams terracedwelling-house6, Legrams terrace
17999 Hopkin DanielSt. Andrew's placewarehouseWest Holme
18000 Hopkins ThomasMilne streetdwelling-house9, Milne street
18001 Hopkinson FrankRichmond roaddwelling-houseGaunt street
successivedwelling-house60, Richmond road
18002 Hopkinson JamesPreston streethouse & shop49, Preston street
18003 Hopkinson ThomasGreat Horton roaddwelling-house4, Grove terrace
successivedwelling-house64, Great Horton road
18004 Horn Jonathan FosterLower Cobden streetdwelling-house9, Lower Cobden street
18005 Hornby JohnBright streetdwelling-house30, Bright street
18006 Horner GeorgeTurner streetdwelling-house33, Turner street
18007 Horsfall EdwardLady lanedwelling-house29, Lady lane
18008 Horsfall JohnLady lanedwelling-house17, Lady lane
18009 Horsfall JosephMilne streetdwelling-house19, Milne street
18010 Horsfall William ChristianManninghamwarehouseBeehive mills
18011 Horsfield SamuelPreston streetdwelling-house22, Fenton street
successivedwelling-house44, Preston street
18012 Horsfield WilliamTomlinson streetdwelling-house39, Tomlinson street
18013 Howker JohnSt. Andrew's placedwelling-house5, St. Andrew's place
18014 Hudson BenjaminNaseby streetdwelling-house1, Naseby street
18015 Hudson EdwardCobden streetdwelling-house30, Cobden street
18016 Hudson GeorgeCromwell streetdwelling-house41, Great Russell street
successivedwelling-house11, Cromwell street
18017 Hudson JamesGreat Russell streetdwelling-house33, Great Russell street
18018 Hudson JosephNorcroft browdwelling-house16, Norcroft brow
18019 Hudson WilliamLongside lanedwelling-house44, Longside lane
18020 Hudson WilliamNaseby streetdwelling-house4, Naseby street
18021 Hudson WilliamNaseby streetshop101, Listerhills road
18022 Hugill Thomas HenryHarrington streetdwelling-house7, Harrington street
18023 Hunter AlfredNelson squareshop113, Listerhills road
18024 Hutchinson EdwinMiall streetdwelling-house3, Lower Bright street
successivedwelling-house8, Miall street
18025 Hutton JamesMiall streetdwelling-house47, Ebor street
successivedwelling-house29, Miall street

LITTLE HORTON WARD1, 1881, surnames beginning with the letter I
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
18026 Illingworth AbnerTurner streetdwelling-house13, Turner street
18027 Illingworth HeberRichmond roaddwelling-house22, Richmond road
18028 Illingworth JamesGarden rowdwelling-house3, Garden row
18029 Illingworth JosephGreat Russell streetdwelling-house54, Great Russell street
18030 Illingworth SebaChesham streetdwelling-house35, Richmond road
successivedwelling-house45, Chesham street
18031 Illingworth ThomasTumbling hill streetdwelling-house11, Edinburgh street
successivedwelling-house132, Tumbling hill street
18032 Illingworth WilliamCobden streetdwelling-house38, Cobden street
18033 Illingworth WilliamChesham streetdwelling-house19, Chesham street
18034 Ingham DavidSmith streetdwelling-house5, Smith street
18035 Ingham EsauNorcroft browdwelling-house20, Norcroft brow
18036 Ingham JamesSmith streethouse & shop1, Smith street
18037 Ingham JohnMiall streetdwelling-house6, Miall street
18038 Ingham William SquireCromwell streetdwelling-house6, Cromwell street
18039 Ingleby ThomasButcher streetdwelling-house2A, Butcher street
18040 Inglehearn GeorgeTumbling hill streetdwelling-house57, Tumbling hill street
18041 Ingleson GeorgeTumbling hill streetdwelling-house143, Tumbling hill street
18042 Ireland AnthonyFieldhead streetdwelling-house4, Fieldhead street

LITTLE HORTON WARD1, 1881, surnames beginning with the letter J
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
18043 Jackson SamsonSt. Andrew's terraceshop63, Listerhills road
18044 Jackson ThomasLegrams streetdwelling-house23, Legrams street
18045 Jagger WalterLegrams streetdwelling-house19, Legrams street
18046 Japing John Charles JustusCarlton placedwelling-house3, Carlton place
18047 Jeffrey NathanMorpeth streetdwelling-house59, Morpeth street
18048 Jenkinson Joseph AndertonVilliers streetdwelling-house41, Villiers street
18049 Jenkinson SamuelFieldhead streetdwelling-house14, Fieldhead street
18050 Jennings Charles NicholsonManninghamwarehouse48, Richmond road
18051 Jennings JonasLongside lanedwelling-house107, Longside lane
18052 Jennings TimothyButcher streetdwelling-house10, Butcher street
18053 Jennings WilliamManninghamwarehouse48, Richmond road
18054 Jennings WoollerRand streetwarehouse69, Richmond road
18055 Jessop JamesWoodhead roaddwelling-house12, Woodhead road
18056 Johnson CharlesWestbrook terracedwelling-house1, Westbrook terrace
18057 Johnson JamesThorpe streetdwelling-house56, Thorpe street
18058 Johnson JohnRichmond roaddwelling-house8, Richmond road
18059 Johnson Richard FrankGreat Russell streetdwelling-house6, Great Russell street
18060 Johnson SamuelGreat Horton roaddwelling-house94, Great Horton road
18061 Johnston JamesMilton streetdwelling-house23, Milton street
18062 Johnston JohnListerhills roaddwelling-house132, Listerhills road
18063 Jowett AbelGarden rowdwelling-house1, Garden row
18064 Jowett CravenLegrams lanedwelling-house1, Legrams lane
18065 Jowett JonasSt. Andrew's placedwelling-house4, St. Andrew's place
18066 Jowett NathanChesham streetdwelling-house15, Chesham street
18067 Jowett WilliamGreat Russell streetwarehouseMarion street
18068 Jowett William HenryLegrams streetdwelling-house6, Legrams street

LITTLE HORTON WARD1, 1881, surnames beginning with the letter K
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
18069 Kaye WilliamChesham streetdwelling-house20, Chesham street
18070 Keighley BarrittTurner streetdwelling-house3, Turner street
18071 Keighley IsraelEdinburgh streetdwelling-house4, Edinburgh street
18072 Keighley JamesGarden rowdwelling-house18, Tumbling hill street
successivedwelling-house5, Garden row
18073 Kellett RobertLegrams streetdwelling-house18, Legrams street
18074 Kendall RichardChesham streetdwelling-house35, Chesham street
18075 Kennedy RichardSt. Andrew's terracedwelling-house2, St. Andrew's terrace
18076 Kerr ThomasMorpeth courtdwelling-house3, Morpeth court
18077 Kershaw CyrusBright streetdwelling-house37, Bright street
18078 Kershaw HenryNaseby streetdwelling-house27, Tomlinson street
successivedwelling-house51, Naseby street
18079 Kershaw JamesTomlinson streetdwelling-house46, Tomlinson street
18080 Kilburn GeorgeTumbling hill streetdwelling-house70, Tumbling hill street
18081 Kilner JamesPreston streetdwelling-house39, Preston street
18082 Kilner WilliamSt. Andrew's placedwelling-house29, St. Andrew's place
18083 Kilshaw ThomasMilne streetdwelling-house5, Milne street
18084 Kinder CharlesEdinburgh streetdwelling-house6, Edinburgh street
18085 Kinder RobertMiall streetdwelling-house16A, Miall street
successivedwelling-house2B, Miall street
18086 King PeterBright streetdwelling-house38, Bright street
18087 King SamuelVilliers streetdwelling-house10, Villiers street
18088 King WilliamBright streetdwelling-house50, Bright street
18089 Kingdon ThomasThorpe streetdwelling-house45, Thorpe street
18090 Kirby HenryTumbling hill streetdwelling-house10, Norcroft brow
successivedwelling-house82, Tumbling hill street
18091 Kitchenman SquireMorpeth streetdwelling-house26, Morpeth street
18092 Kitson TimothyLongside courtdwelling-house7, Longside court
18093 Knapton AbnerListerhills roadhouse & shop174, Listerhills road
18094 Knapton BrooksbankVilliers streetdwelling-house33, Villiers street
18095 Knapton EdwinLegrams terracedwelling-house32, Legrams terrace
18096 Knipe ZechariahWoodhead roaddwelling-house18, Woodhead road
18097 Knowles JohnTurner streetdwelling-houseThorpe street
successivedwelling-house4, Turner street
18098 Kucher RudolphTumbling hill streetdwelling-house63, Tumbling hill street

LITTLE HORTON WARD1, 1881, surnames beginning with the letter L
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
18099 Lambert CharlesCromwell streetdwelling-house1, Cromwell street
18100 Lambert James OgdenNorcroft browdwelling-house25, Norcroft brow
18101 Lambert MichaelCobden streetdwelling-house61, Cobden street
18102 Lancaster James AlfredChesham streetdwelling-house44, Chesham street
18103 Lancaster LancasterLower Cobden streetdwelling-house5, Lower Cobden street
18104 Lassy JohnMilton streetdwelling-house11, Milton street
18105 Lassy JosephTumbling hill streetdwelling-house159, Tumbling hill street
18106 Lawson Edwin WilsonLegrams terracedwelling-house45, Legrams street
successivedwelling-house15, Legrams terrace
18107 Laycock JohnManninghamwarehouseHey street
successivewarehouse157A, Richmond road
18108 Laycock JohnWestbrook terracedwelling-house13, Westbrook terrace
18109 Laycock WilliamLegrams streetdwelling-house34, Legrams street
18110 Leach BenjaminThorpe streetdwelling-house8, Thorpe street
18111 Leach George EdwardSt. Andrew's placedwelling-house30, St. Andrew's place
18112 Leach HenryLongside laneshop103, Listerhills road
18113 Leach JosephSt. Andrew's placedwelling-house19, St. Andrew's place
18114 Leach JosiahListerhills roadhouse & shop154, Listerhills road
18115 Leach RobertSt. Andrew's placedwelling-house27, St. Andrew's place
18116 Leach ThomasCavendish streetdwelling-house7, Cavendish street
18117 Lee CharlesTomlinson streetdwelling-house55, Tomlinson street
18118 Lee William HenryListerhills roadhouse & shop166, Listerhills road
18119 Leedale JohnTomlinson streetdwelling-house14A, Miall street
successivedwelling-house37, Tomlinson street
18120 Lewis Rev. Henry JosiahWestbrook placedwelling-house4, Westbrook place
18121 Liles TimothySmith streetdwelling-house70, Smith street
18122 Lines JabezHarrington streetdwelling-houseGeorge street
successivedwelling-houseBack Victoria terrace
successivedwelling-house22, Harrington street
18123 Lister JamesTumbling hill streetdwelling-house134, Tumbling hill street
18124 Lister JosephLeatham streetdwelling-house23, Leatham street
18125 Lister WilliamMiall streetdwelling-house26, Bright street
successivedwelling-house2, Miall street
18126 Long HamletMilne streetdwelling-house23, Milne street
18127 Longbottom JosephLegrams terracedwelling-house4, Legrams terrace
18128 Longbottom JosephListerhills roadhouse & shop158, Listerhills road
18129 Longstaff RobertTurner streetdwelling-house34, Turner street
18130 Lotty WilliamTomlinson streetdwelling-house38, Tomlinson street
successivedwelling-house2, Tomlinson street
18131 Lumb GeorgeTumbling hill streetdwelling-house130, Tumbling hill street
successivedwelling-house96, Tumbling hill street
18132 Lumb JohnCobden streetdwelling-house11, Naseby street
successivedwelling-house56, Cobden street
18133 Lund ThomasVilliers streethouse & shop1, Villiers street
18134 Lyall ThomasVilliers streetdwelling-house35, Villiers street
18135 Lynam JohnFieldhead streetdwelling-house5, Fieldhead street

LITTLE HORTON WARD1, 1881, surnames beginning with the letter M
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
18136 Mackay EdwardChesham streetdwelling-house17, Chesham street
18137 Mackintosh Robert HarryRandall well streetdwelling-house2, Randall well street
18138 Mann WilliamGreat Russell streetdwelling-house35, Great Russell street
18139 Marshall AbrahamVilliers streetdwelling-house57, Villiers street
18140 Marshall Albert GeorgeManninghamwarehouseWest Holme
18141 Marshall JohnNaseby streetdwelling-house51, Naseby street
successivedwelling-house30, Naseby street
18142 Marshall TaylorVilliers streetdwelling-house40, Villiers street
18143 Marshall Thomas HarrisonShearbridge roaddwelling-house16, St. Andrew's place
successivedwelling-house17, Shearbridge road
18144 Marshall WilliamLongside lanedwelling-house11, Forster street
successivedwelling-house58, Longside lane
18145 Marshall WilliamTumbling hill streetdwelling-house33, Tumbling hill street
18146 Marshall WilliamLegrams terracedwelling-house21, Legrams street
successivedwelling-house1, Legrams terrace
18147 Marshall William HenryHarrington streetdwelling-houseChandos street
successivedwelling-house5, Harrington street
18148 Marvell JamesArchibald streetdwelling-house44, Preston street
successivedwelling-house34, Archibald street
18149 Mason WilliamSt. Andrew's placedwelling-house9, St. Andrew's place
18150 Mathers BerryFieldhead streetdwelling-house32, Fieldhead street
18151 Maud JohnTumbling hill streetdwelling-house68, Tumbling hill street
18152 McLandsborough ThomasEdinburgh streetdwelling-house26, Edinburgh street
18153 Mercer JamesCobden streetdwelling-house12, Cobden street
18154 Messer AlfredLeatham streetdwelling-house7, Leatham street
successivedwelling-house16, Leatham street
18155 Metcalfe AlfredCromwell streetdwelling-house12, Cromwell street
18156 Metcalfe JohnSt. Andrew's placedwelling-house10, St. Andrew's place
18157 Metcalfe WilliamGreat Russell streetdwelling-house8, Great Russell street
18158 Middlebrook Alfred HoldsworthRichmond roaddwelling-house20, Grove terrace
successivedwelling-house11, Richmond road
18159 Midgley AmosMilton streetdwelling-house28, Milton street
18160 Midgley JacobMelville streetdwelling-house6, Melville street
18161 Midgley JamesTelford streetdwelling-house4, Telford street
18162 Midgley JamesLady lanedwelling-house19, Lady lane
18163 Midgley JosephLegrams lanedwelling-house6, Legrams lane
18164 Mills CharlesRichmond roaddwelling-house6, Richmond road
18165 Milner BenjaminLegrams terracedwelling-house22, Legrams terrace
18166 Milner EdwardLegrams streetdwelling-house43, Legrams street
18167 Milner JosephLongside laneshop54, Longside lane
18168 Milner Joseph, junr.Longside lanehouse & shop34, Longside lane
18169 Milnes EdwardAshfielddwelling-house8, Ann place
successivedwelling-house14, Ashfield
18170 Milnes JohnSt. Andrew's terracedwelling-house22, St. Andrew's terrace
18171 Mitchell AlbertNorcroft browdwelling-house6, Norcroft brow
18172 Mitchell AlfredListerhills roaddwelling-house78, Listerhills road
18173 Mitchell DavidLegrams terracedwelling-house14, Legrams terrace
18174 Mitchell EdwardChesham streetdwelling-house27, Chesham street
18175 Mitchell EnochTumbling hill streetdwelling-house54, Tumbling hill street
18176 Mitchell FrankTurner streetdwelling-house27, Turner street
18177 Mitchell HenryVilliers streetdwelling-house5, Villiers street
18178 Mitchell IssacherBright streetdwelling-house49, Bright street
18179 Mitchell JamesThorpe streetdwelling-house32, Thorpe street
18180 Mitchell Joseph WilliamLegrams streetdwelling-house17, Legrams street
18181 Mitchell ThomasWoodhead roaddwelling-house146, Willowfield street
successivedwelling-house28, Woodhead road
18182 Mitchell Thomasback of Carlton placedwelling-house8, back of Carlton place
18183 Mitchell WilliamTumbling hill streetdwelling-house106, Tumbling hill street
18184 Mitchell WilliamThorpe streetdwelling-house64, Thorpe street
18185 Monies JamesAshfielddwelling-house10, Ashfield
18186 Moore JamesAshfielddwelling-house9, Ashfield
18187 Moore WilliamTurner streetdwelling-house4F, Turner street
18188 Moorhouse BenjaminTumbling hill streetdwelling-house20, Tumbling hill street
18189 Moorhouse HenryBright streetdwelling-house8, Bright street
18190 Moorhouse JohnRichmond roaddwelling-house155, Richmond road
18191 Moorhouse RobertBright streetdwelling-house4, Bright street
18192 Moorhouse ThomasBright streetdwelling-house9, Bright street
18193 Morrell ThomasHarrington streetdwelling-house4, Harrington street
18194 Morton EdwardCobden streetdwelling-house43, Cobden street
18195 Moss Charlesback of Ashfielddwelling-houseback of Ashfield
18196 Moulden William HenryTomlinson streetdwelling-house23, Tomlinson street
18197 Moulson AbrahamVilliers streetdwelling-house23, Villiers street
18198 Moulson DavidSt. Andrew's placedwelling-house18, St. Andrew's place
18199 Moulson SquireTurner streetdwelling-house14, Turner street
18200 Mullen CharlesLegrams streetdwelling-house1, Legrams street
18201 Mumby EdwardTelford streetdwelling-house19, Telford street
18202 Murgatroyd SamuelSt. Andrew's terracedwelling-house8, St. Andrew's terrace
18203 Murgatroyd ThomasCopthorne roadshopShearbridge road
18204 Musson Isaac FreemanPrinceville streetshop162, Listerhills road
18205 Myers BenjaminPreston streetdwelling-house29, Preston street
18206 Myers EzraTurner streetdwelling-house53, Turner street

LITTLE HORTON WARD1, 1881, surnames beginning with the letter N
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
18207 Naylor AlfredGreat Russell streetdwelling-house12, Telford street
successivedwelling-house25, Great Russell street
18208 Naylor Benjamin LedgerListerhills roaddwelling-house134, Listerhills road
18209 Naylor JohnMorpeth streetdwelling-house23, Morpeth street
18210 Naylor JohnHalifaxshopHey street
18211 Naylor ThomasListerhills roadhouse & shop128, Listerhills road
18212 Naylor Thomas WilliamTumbling hill streetdwelling-house36, Tumbling hill street
18213 Naylor UriahLegrams lanedwelling-house27, Legrams lane
18214 Neesam JamesTumbling hill streetdwelling-house149, Tumbling hill street
18215 Nelson EdwardSmith streetdwelling-house11, Smith street
18216 Nelson ThomasGreat Horton roaddwelling-house32, Great Horton road
18217 Nettleton WilliamClaytonshop148, Listerhills road
18218 Newbould Thomas AlexanderLongside lanehouse & shop69, Longside lane
18219 Newell WilliamEdinburgh streetdwelling-house30, Edinburgh street
18220 Newton OliverForster streetdwelling-house5, Forster street
18221 Nicholl Tom RobertTurner streetdwelling-house21, Holme top street
successivedwelling-house19, Turner street
18222 Nicholls JohnPreston streetdwelling-house41, Preston street
18223 Nicholls JosephGreat Russell streetdwelling-house31, Great Russell street
18224 Nicholson GeorgeLower Bright streetdwelling-house2, Lower Bright street
18225 Noble ThomasPreston streetdwelling-house83, Preston street
18226 North BenjaminThorpe streetdwelling-house77, Thorpe street
18227 North JohnChesham streetdwelling-house50, Chesham street
18228 North WilliamTelford streetdwelling-house13, Telford street
18229 Northend RileyVilliers streetdwelling-house36, Villiers street
18230 Northrop EdwinArchibald streetdwelling-house14, Archibald street
18231 Northrop JonathanWestbrook Cottagesdwelling-house53, Westbrook Cottages
18232 Northrop SamuelButcher streetdwelling-house8, Butcher street
18233 Nutt JohnLegrams lanedwelling-house47, Legrams street
successivedwelling-house4, Legrams lane
18234 Nuttall JosephSt. Andrew's placedwelling-house25, St. Andrew's place
18235 Nuttall WilliamSt. Andrew's terracedwelling-house6, St. Andrew's terrace
18236 Nutter SamuelChesham streetdwelling-house34, Chesham street
successivedwelling-house13, Chesham street

LITTLE HORTON WARD1, 1881, surnames beginning with the letter O
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
18237 Oates SamuelSt. Andrew's villasdwelling-house37, St. Andrew's villas
18238 Officer WilliamGreat Russell streetdwelling-house16, Great Russell street
18239 Oldfield SamuelLongside lanedwelling-house109, Tumbling hill street
successivedwelling-house6, Tomlinson street
successivedwelling-house20, Longside lane
18240 Oliver HenryBrewery streetdwelling-house31, Brewery street
18241 Ormsby RobertThorpe streetdwelling-house78, Thorpe street
18242 Orton George RichardEdinburgh streetdwelling-house27, Edinburgh street
18243 Osborn HenryEdinburgh streetdwelling-house36, Edinburgh street
18244 Overen JosephWoodhead roaddwelling-house26, Woodhead road

LITTLE HORTON WARD1, 1881, surnames beginning with the letter P
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
18245 Parker JohnThorpe streetdwelling-house55, Thorpe street
18246 Parker WilliamSmith streetdwelling-house13, Smith street
18247 Parker WilliamThorpe streetdwelling-house22, Thorpe street
18248 Parkinson JohnSmith streetdwelling-house7, Smith street
18249 Parkinson ThomasRichmond roaddwelling-house41, Richmond road
18250 Parkinson WilliamSt. Andrew's terracedwelling-house32, St. Andrew's terrace
18251 Pattison Charles AllottMorpeth streetdwelling-house49, Morpeth street
18252 Pattison EdwardVilliers streetdwelling-house51, Villiers street
18253 Pattison JohnGreat Russell streetdwelling-house52, Great Russell street
18254 Peacock ThomasMiall streetdwelling-house21, Miall street
18255 Peacock William BondThorpe streetdwelling-house34, Thorpe street
18256 Pearson BenjaminTumbling hill streetdwelling-house8, Westbrook street
successivedwelling-house111, Tumbling hill street
successivedwelling-house113, Tumbling hill street
18257 Pearson ThomasButcher streetdwelling-house5, Butcher street
18258 Peel FrancisTurner streetdwelling-house17, Turner street
successivedwelling-house30, Turner street
18259 Peel JohnSt. Andrew's placedwelling-house24, St. Andrew's place
18260 Peel ThomasShearbridge roaddwelling-house9, Shearbridge road
18261 Peel ThomasCobden streetdwelling-house20, Cobden street
18262 Peel Thomas TownsleySt. Andrew's placewarehouse12, Longside lane
18263 Peel WilliamGreat Horton roaddwelling-house62, Great Horton road
18264 Peel WilliamTumbling hill streetdwelling-house147 Tumbling hill street
18265 Pendlebury JohnEdinburgh streetdwelling-house12, Edinburgh street
successivedwelling-house14, Edinburgh street
18266 Perigo Joseph SpencerLegrams streetdwelling-house3, Legrams street
18267 Perry ThomasMiall streetdwelling-house27, Miall street
18268 Phillips JabezMiall streetdwelling-house19, Miall street
18269 Pickard SamLegrams streetdwelling-house49, Legrams street
18270 Pickles JonasCobden streetdwelling-house44, Cobden street
18271 Pickles WilliamMiall streetdwelling-house7, Miall street
18272 Pilling AlfredFieldhead streetdwelling-house34, Fieldhead street
18273 Platts Joseph SmithPreston streetdwelling-house61, Preston street
18274 Pollard AdamHipperholmewarehouseRichmond road
18275 Pollard Edwin CurrieVilliers streetdwelling-house39, Villiers street
18276 Pollard SamuelFieldhead streetdwelling-house24, Fieldhead street
18277 Poole JamesThorpe streetdwelling-house67, Thorpe street
18278 Poole RichardGreat Horton roaddwelling-house78, Great Horton road
18279 Pope JohnNaseby streetdwelling-house82, Paisley street
successivedwelling-house11, Naseby street
18280 Posselt ErnestAshfielddwelling-house11, Ashfield
18281 Poulter John WilliamGreat Russell streetdwelling-house11, Legrams street
successivedwelling-house26, Great Russell street
18282 Powell BenjaminSt. Andrew's villashouse & shop1, St. Andrew's villas
18283 Powell LindleyPreston streetdwelling-house10, Turner street
successivedwelling-house65, Preston street
18284 Powell WalterLegrams streetdwelling-house14, Legrams street
successivedwelling-house20, Legrams street
18285 Pratt FrederickLeatham streetdwelling-house15, Tomlinson street
successivedwelling-house8, Leatham street
18286 Prest JohnListerhills roadhouse & shop120, Listerhills road
18287 Preston ThomasMilne streetdwelling-house15, Milne street
18288 Priestley BenjaminThorpe streetdwelling-house12, Thorpe street
18289 Priestley DavidTumbling hill streetdwelling-house48, Tumbling hill street
18290 Priestley JosephCavendish streetdwelling-house10, Cavendish street
18291 Priestley Thomas WilliamLegrams streetdwelling-house25, Legrams lane
successivedwelling-house11, Legrams street
18292 Priestley WilliamMilton streetdwelling-house17, Milton street
18293 Priestman EdwardManninghamwarehouse229, Thornton road
18294 Priestman FrederickManninghamwarehouse229, Thornton road
18295 Pritchard ShemBright streetdwelling-house45, Bright street
18296 Procter EdwardListerhills roadhouse & shop126, Listerhills road
18297 Procter William BirkettGreat Horton roaddwelling-house58, Great Horton road
18298 Prowse RichardListerhills roaddwelling-house72, Listerhills road
18299 Pullan AlbertTurner streetdwelling-house24, Turner street

LITTLE HORTON WARD1, 1881, surnames beginning with the letter R
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
18300 Radford GeorgeLegrams terracedwelling-house28, Cobden street
successivedwelling-house80, Legrams terrace
18301 Radford JohnEarl streetshop22, Listerhills road
18302 Radford WilliamCobden streetdwelling-house4, Cobden street
18303 Raistrick WilliamThorpe streetdwelling-house43, Thorpe street
18304 Ramsbotham Robert JamesButcher streetdwelling-house2A, Butcher street
18305 Ramsden JonasTurner streetdwelling-house6, Turner street
18306 Rawlings DavidThorpe streetdwelling-house33, Thorpe street
18307 Rawnsley JohnCobden streetdwelling-house34, Cobden street
18308 Rawson JosephWestbrook placedwelling-house1, Westbrook place
18309 Rayner JamesSmith streetdwelling-house78, Smith street
18310 Reddish John RobertVilliers streetdwelling-house54, Villiers street
18311 Redshaw DixonMorpeth streetdwelling-house8, Morpeth street
18312 Reece Henry WilliamCuckoo nestdwelling-house3, Cuckoo nest
18313 Renwick JohnTelford streetdwelling-house17, Telford street
18314 Rhodes AlfredRichmond roaddwelling-house67, Richmond road
18315 Rhodes CharlesShearbridge roaddwelling-house20, Shearbridge road
18316 Richardson JamesLongside lanedwelling-house36, Longside lane
18317 Ridsdale Thomas HopperChesham streetdwelling-house9A, Chesham street
18318 Riley DavidSt. Andrew's placedwelling-house39, St. Andrew's place
18319 Riley WilliamSt. Andrew's placedwelling-house41, St. Andrew's place
18320 Rishworth Jeremiah PhillipsRichmond roaddwelling-house14, Richmond road
18321 Roberts Edward WallaceSt. Andrew's villasdwelling-house12, St. Andrew's villas
18322 Roberts HenryBright streetdwelling-house28, Legrams street
successivedwelling-house7, Bright street
18323 Roberts ThomasEdinburgh streetdwelling-house4, Legrams street
successivedwelling-house37, Edinburgh street
18324 Roberts Rev. ThomasSt. Andrew's placedwelling-house11, St. Andrew's place
18325 Roberts William HenryPreston streetdwelling-house55, Preston street
18326 Robertshaw CharlesLongside lanehouse & shop63, Longside lane
18327 Robertshaw John BeanlandLegrams terracedwelling-house13, Legrams terrace
18328 Robinson ButterfieldPreston streetdwelling-house27, Preston street
18329 Robinson Charles WilliamEdinburgh streetdwelling-house58, Edinburgh street
18330 Robinson JamesFieldhead streetdwelling-house16, Turner street
successivedwelling-house22, Fieldhead street
18331 Robinson JohnFieldhead streetdwelling-house8, Fieldhead street
18332 Robinson JohnWoodhead roaddwelling-house7, Edinburgh street
successivedwelling-house38, Woodhead road
18333 Robinson RichardFieldhead streetdwelling-house13, Fieldhead street
18334 Robinson SamThorpe streetdwelling-houseKensington street
successivedwelling-house93, Thorpe street
18335 Robinson ThomasArchibald streetdwelling-house40, Archibald street
18336 Robson JosephLeatham streetdwelling-house26, Great Horton road
successivedwelling-house2, Leatham street
18337 Robson WilliamGreat Horton roadhouse & shop30, Great Horton road
18338 Roebuck CharlesThorpe streetdwelling-house50, Thorpe street
18339 Roebuck UriahBeehive mill yarddwelling-houseBeehive mill yard
18340 Rollett GeorgeBrewery streetdwelling-house29, Brewery street
18341 Rotheray DanielBright streetdwelling-house12, Bright street
18342 Rowe Rev. George StringerGreat Horton roaddwelling-house42, Great Horton road
18343 Rowley AlbertTomlinson streetdwelling-house48, Lawrence street
successivedwelling-house41, Tomlinson street
18344 Rowling CharlesLegrams streetdwelling-house41, Legrams street
18345 Rushworth George EvisonForster streetdwelling-house12, Forster street
18346 Russell FrankThorpe streetdwelling-house68, Thorpe street
18347 Ryan Vincent William Rt. Rev. BishopGreat Horton roaddwelling-house86, Great Horton road
18348 Rycroft JosephWestbrook terracedwelling-house7, Westbrook terrace
18349 Rycroft ThomasShearbridge roaddwelling-house19, Great Russell street
successivedwelling-house6, Shearbridge road
18350 Ryder SamuelTumbling hill streetdwelling-house56, Tumbling hill street

LITTLE HORTON WARD1, 1881, surnames beginning with the letter S
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
18351 Sagar James KenionLower Bright streetdwelling-house8, Lower Bright street
18352 Sagar JohnListerhills roadhouse & shop116, Listerhills road
18353 Sargant JohnTumbling hill streetdwelling-house11, Westbrook terrace
successivedwelling-house29, Tumbling hill street
18354 Savage James LesiterManchester roadshop140, Listerhills road
18355 Saville EdwinBright streetdwelling-house14, Rupert street
successivedwelling-house12, Rupert street
successivedwelling-house13, Bright street
18356 Saville RichardNelson squaredwelling-house7, Nelson square
18357 Sawyer AbrahamNaseby streetdwelling-house26, Naseby street
18358 Scaife HenryMarion streetdwelling-house49, Marion street
18359 Scaife StephenTumbling hill streetdwelling-house81, Tumbling hill street
18360 Scanlon JohnNorcroft browdwelling-house12, Norcroft brow
18361 Schofield EdwardMiall streetdwelling-house11, Blythe street
successivedwelling-house16a, Miall street
18362 Schofield JosephLeatham streetdwelling-house15, Leatham street
successivedwelling-house14, Leatham street
18363 Scholefield JamesVilliers streetdwelling-house16, Villiers street
18364 Schott GustavusAshfielddwelling-house26, Ashfield
18365 Scott HenryLongside lanehouse & shop65, Longside lane
18366 Sellers GeorgeLegrams lanedwelling-house14, Legrams lane
18367 Sellers JamesThorpe streetdwelling-house30, Thorpe street
18368 Senior GeorgeCromwell streetdwelling-house3, Cromwell street
18369 Shackleton HenryBright streetdwelling-house59, Bright street
18370 Shackleton JamesSt. Andrew's placedwelling-house3, St. Andrew's place
18371 Shackleton JohnEdinburgh streetdwelling-house56, Edinburgh street
18372 Shackleton JohnFieldhead streetdwelling-house10, Fieldhead street
18373 Shackleton JohnSt. Andrew's placedwelling-house37, St. Andrew's place
18374 Shackleton John ThomasPrinceville streetshop107, Listerhills road
18375 Sharman Frederick ChippendaleTomlinson streetdwelling-house1, Tomlinson street
18376 Sharman James MaudChesham grovedwelling-house2, Chesham grove
18377 Sharman Samuel RenatusMiall streetdwelling-house29, Miall street
18378 Sharp Ivy RileyPreston streetdwelling-house81, Preston street
18379 Sharp JamesCobden streetdwelling-house48, Cobden street
18380 Sharp John BuckleyChesham grovedwelling-house3, Chesham grove
18381 Sharp WilliamSt. Andrew's placedwelling-house23, St. Andrew's place
18382 Shaw CharlesNaseby streetdwelling-house19, Naseby street
18383 Shaw JamesListerhills roadhouse & shop136, Listerhills road
18384 Shaw Thomas HenryHarrington streetdwelling-house6, Harrington street
18385 Sheffield WilliamGreat Russell streetdwelling-house50, Great Russell street
18386 Shepherd AlexanderSt. Andrew's villasdwelling-house45, St. Andrew's villas
18387 Shepherd CharlesCobden streetdwelling-house17, Cobden street
18388 Shepherd EdmundMilton streetdwelling-house16, Milton street
18389 Shepherd EliVilliers streetdwelling-house29, Villiers street
18390 Shoesmith DavidCuckoo nestdwelling-house6, Cuckoo nest
18391 Skelton JohnBright streetdwelling-house58, Bright street
successivedwelling-house20, Bright street
18392 Skirrow William HenryChesham streetdwelling-house12, Chesham street
18393 Slater HenryMiall streetdwelling-house4, Miall street
18394 Slingsby George SamuelThorpe streetdwelling-house82, Thorpe street
18395 Slingsby JosephNaseby streetdwelling-house23, Naseby street
18396 Smith AbrahamPreston streetdwelling-house102, Preston street
18397 Smith AbrahamMonk streetdwelling-house4, Monk street
18398 Smith AustinEdinburgh streetdwelling-house8, Fieldhead street
successivedwelling-house19, Edinburgh street
18399 Smith BenjaminManninghamcountinghouse64, Preston street
18400 Smith BenjaminLongside lanehouse & shop52, Longside lane
18401 Smith BenjaminFieldheaddwelling-houseFieldhead dyeworks
18402 Smith Charles TelfordFieldheaddwelling-houseFieldhead
18403 Smith ClaphamEdinburgh streetdwelling-house15, Rand street
successivedwelling-house48, Edinburgh street
18404 Smith EdmundThorpe streetdwelling-house44, Thorpe street
18405 Smith EdwinThorpe streetdwelling-house39, Thorpe street
18406 Smith EliListerhills roadhouse & shop124, Listerhills road
18407 Smith EliCobden streetdwelling-house23, Cobden street
18408 Smith FrederickNaseby streetdwelling-house15, Naseby street
18409 Smith GeorgeTomlinson streetdwelling-house33, Fenton street
successivedwelling-house22, Tomlinson street
18410 Smith GeorgeMarion streetdwelling-house35, Marion street
18411 Smith HargreavesGreat Russell streetdwelling-house34, Great Russell street
18412 Smith HenryTumbling hill streetdwelling-house43, Tumbling hill street
18413 Smith HenryManninghamcountinghouse64, Preston street
18414 Smith HolmesThorpe streetdwelling-house91, Thorpe street
18415 Smith IsaacManninghamcountinghouse64, Preston street
18416 Smith JamesLady lanedwelling-house5, Lady lane
18417 Smith JamesSt. Andrew's terracedwelling-house34, St. Andrew's terrace
18418 Smith JamesCuckoo nestdwelling-house74, Listerhills road
successivedwelling-house2, Cuckoo nest
18419 Smith JohnForster streetdwelling-house10, Forster street
18420 Smith JohnEdinburgh streetdwelling-house42, Edinburgh street
18421 Smith JohnBright streetdwelling-house44, Bright street
18422 Smith JohnTumbling hill streetdwelling-house115, Tumbling hill street
18423 Smith John WilliamPreston streetdwelling-house31, Preston street
18424 Smith JonathanThorpe streetdwelling-house63, Thorpe street
18425 Smith RichardLeatham streetdwelling-house2, Legrams terrace
successivedwelling-house15, Leatham street
18426 Smith RobertLegrams terracedwelling-house11, Legrams terrace
18427 Smith SamuelLeatham streetdwelling-house21, Leatham street
18428 Smith ThomasTelford streethouse & shop1, Telford street
18429 Smith ThomasPreston streetdwelling-house67, Preston street
18430 Smith ThomasLeatham streetdwelling-house24, Leatham street
18431 Smith ThomasSmith streetdwelling-house26, Smith street
18432 Smith ThomasVilliers streetdwelling-house49, Villiers street
18433 Smith ThomasTumbling hill streetdwelling-house100, Tumbling hill street
18434 Smith UriahBright streetdwelling-house32, Tomlinson street
successivedwelling-house46, Bright street
18435 Smith WheaterEdinburgh streetdwelling-house28, Edinburgh street
18436 Smith WilliamVilliers streetdwelling-house19, Villiers street
18437 Smith WilliamTumbling hill streetdwelling-house70, Richmond road
successivedwelling-house130, Tumbling hill street
18438 Smithies JohnMilton streetdwelling-house27, Milton street
18439 Smithies JohnTelford streetdwelling-house7, Telford street
18440 Snowden George Russell, junr.Thorpe streetdwelling-house97, Thorpe street
18441 Sowden IsaacEccleshillwarehouseTumbling hill street
18442 Sowden JosephRichmond roaddwelling-house63, Richmond road
18443 Sowden SamuelGreat Russell streetdwelling-house30, Great Russell street
18444 Speak DavidTumbling hill streetdwelling-houseback of 118, Tumbling hill street
18445 Speight AmbroseLegrams streetdwelling-house9, Legrams street
18446 Spencer EliBradfordshopBlythe street
18447 Spencer JohnEdinburgh streetdwelling-house20, Edinburgh street
18448 Stanyon CharlesTurner streetdwelling-house37, Turner street
18449 Stead JoshuaLegrams terracedwelling-house25, Legrams terrace
18450 Stead WilliamBright streetdwelling-house18, Bright street
18451 Stephenson George BalmeSt. Andrew's placedwelling-house17, St. Andrew's place
18452 Stephenson MosesListerhills roadhouse & shop152, Listerhills road
18453 Stephenson RichardSt. Andrew's terracedwelling-house12, St. Andrew's terrace
18454 Stewart JohnThorpe streetdwelling-house41, Naseby street
successivedwelling-house10, Thorpe street
18455 Stirk JamesCobden streetdwelling-house10, Cobden street
18456 Storey AbrahamLongside lanehouse & shop50, Longside lane
18457 Stott EllisVilliers streetdwelling-house47, Villiers street
18458 Stott WatsonCobden streetdwelling-house53, Cobden street
18459 Stringer John WilliamSt. Andrew's villasdwelling-house35, St. Andrew's villas
18460 Stringer Robert ThomasGreat Russell streetdwelling-house15, Great Russell street
18461 Strong WilliamMilne streetdwelling-house13, Milne street
18462 Stubbs William SamuelMarion streetdwelling-house57, Marion street
18463 Sugden JohnTelford streetdwelling-house5, Legrams street
successivedwelling-house16, Telford street
18464 Sugden WilliamForster streetdwelling-house7, Forster street
18465 Sullivan WilliamLegrams streetdwelling-house27, Legrams street
18466 Sunderland AbrahamRichmond roaddwelling-house49, Richmond road
18467 Sunderland JosephLeatham streetdwelling-house19, Leatham street
18468 Sunderland SamuelBright streetdwelling-house22, Bright street
18469 Sutcliffe EdwinTumbling hill streetdwelling-house129, Tumbling hill street
18470 Sutcliffe JohnTumbling hill streetdwelling-house141, Tumbling hill street
18471 Sutcliffe ThomasAshfielddwelling-house20, Ashfield
18472 Sutcliffe WilliamRichmond roaddwelling-house57, Richmond road
18473 Swift SamuelMiall streetdwelling-house10, Miall street
18474 Swift ThomasVilliers streetdwelling-house42, Villiers street
18475 Swithenbank JohnMilton streetdwelling-house6, Milton street
18476 Swithenbank WilliamMilton streetdwelling-house4, Milton street
18477 Sykes Edward WilliamWestbrook terracedwelling-house3, Westbrook terrace
18478 Sykes James EliManninghamshopWest Holme street
18479 Sykes William HenryVilliers streetdwelling-house24, Villiers street

LITTLE HORTON WARD1, 1881, surnames beginning with the letter T
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
18480 Tansey JohnNorcroft browdwelling-house17, Norcroft brow
18481 Tarbotton ThomasArchibald streetdwelling-house12, Leatham street
successivedwelling-house35, Naseby street
successivedwelling-house16, Archibald street
18482 Tattersall WilliamWoodhead roaddwelling-house4, Woodhead road
18483 Taylor JohnRichmond roaddwelling-house19, Richmond road
18484 Taylor JosephMilne streetdwelling-house1, Milne street
18485 Taylor JoshuaLongside lanedwelling-house57, Longside lane
18486 Tempest EphraimMilton streetdwelling-house18, Milton street
18487 Tempest IsaacCarlton placewarehouseWestholme
18488 Tennett CharlesGreat Russell streetdwelling-house44, Great Russell street
18489 Terry CharlesRichmond roaddwelling-house27, Richmond road
successivedwelling-house45, Richmond road
18490 Tetley Thomas CrossleyTumbling hill streetdwelling-house128, Tumbling hill street
18491 Tetley William ArthurRichmond roaddwelling-house65, Richmond road
18492 Thackery EdwardChesham streetdwelling-house51, Chesham street
18493 Thackray GeorgeMonk streetdwelling-house1, Monk street
successivedwelling-house3, Monk street
18494 Thackrey John HenryRandall well streetdwelling-house3, Randall well street
18495 Thomas JamesWestbrook Cottagesdwelling-house55, Westbrook Cottages
18496 Thompson FrederickLegrams lanedwelling-house31, Legrams lane
18497 Thompson JamesLongside lanedwelling-house38, Longside lane
18498 Thompson JamesRichmond housedwelling-house2, Richmond road
18499 Thompson JohnTumbling hill streetdwelling-house67, Tumbling hill street
18500 Thompson JohnThorpe streetdwelling-house20, Horton green
successivedwelling-house33, Dirk hill street
successivedwelling-house95, Thorpe street
18501 Thompson John HenryNaseby streetdwelling-house33, Naseby street
18502 Thompson JosephLegrams lanedwelling-house29, Legrams lane
18503 Thompson Matthew WilliamGuiseleycountinghouse4, Brewery street
18504 Thompson ThomasVilliers streetdwelling-house12, Villiers street
18505 Thorns BenjaminThorpe streetdwelling-house90, Thorpe street
18506 Thornton ThomasTurner streetdwelling-house5, Turner street
18507 Thornton Thomas HenryListerhills roadhouse & shop160, Listerhills road
18508 Thorpe WilliamPreston streetshop2, Villiers street
18509 Thorpe WilliamGreat Horton roaddwelling-house120, Great Horton road
18510 Throp CharlesLongside lanedwelling-houseHeap lane
successivedwelling-house53, Longside lane
18511 Thwaites RobinsonGreat Horton roaddwelling-house54, Great Horton road
18512 Thwaites Thomas HirstGreat Horton roadwarehouse113, Thornton road
18513 Thwaites William HenryRandall well streetwarehouse113, Thornton road
18514 Tidswell JohnCobden streetdwelling-house37, Cobden street
18515 Tiffney BenjaminWestbrook streetdwelling-house11, Westbrook street
18516 Tiplady JohnsonShearbridge roaddwelling-house33, Shearbridge road
18517 Todd GeorgeThorpe streetdwelling-house60, Thorpe street
18518 Topham EphraimNaseby streetdwelling-house2, Naseby street
18519 Topham Henry SlaterBright streetdwelling-house39, Bright street
18520 Tordoff HardyGreat Horton roaddwelling-house68, Great Horton road
18521 Town JosephPrinceville streetwarehouse47, Listerhills road
18522 Townend AlfredCobden streetdwelling-house29, Cobden street
18523 Townend JosephButcher streetdwelling-house6, Butcher street
18524 Townend WilliamTelford streetdwelling-house3, Telford street
18525 Townsley JonathanChesham streetdwelling-house47, Chesham street
18526 Townsley ThomasNaseby streetshop95, Listerhills road
18527 Townsley ThomasMilton streetdwelling-house10, Milton street
18528 Trimble James CrozierPreston streetdwelling-house110, Preston street
18529 Tuke EdwardAshfielddwelling-house12, Ashfield
18530 Turner GeorgeLegrams lanedwelling-house7, Legrams lane
18531 Turner JamesLegrams lanedwelling-house23, Legrams lane
18532 Turner JamesLongside lanehouse & shop71, Longside lane
18533 Turner JohnSt. Andrew's villasdwelling-house39, St. Andrew's villas
18534 Turner JosephTelford streetdwelling-house20, Telford street
18535 Turner MatthewForster placedwelling-house5, Forster place
18536 Turner RichardThorpe streetdwelling-house59, Tomlinson street
successivedwelling-house79, Thorpe street
18537 Turner Walter JamesCarlton placedwelling-house1, Carlton place
18538 Turner WilliamPreston streetdwelling-house106, Willowfield street
successivedwelling-house45A, Preston street
18539 Turner WilliamManninghamwarehouseWestholme
18540 Turner WilliamArchibald streetdwelling-house2, Archibald street
18541 Turner William WilsonTelford streethouse & shop22, Telford street
18542 Tyne WilliamVilliers streetdwelling-house13, Villiers street

LITTLE HORTON WARD1, 1881, surnames beginning with the letter V
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
18543 Varley MarkTumbling hill streetdwelling-house42, Tumbling hill street
18544 Varley RichardRichmond roaddwelling-house159, Richmond road
18545 Verity SamuelSmith streetdwelling-house28, Smith street
18546 Vernon John EdwardMorpeth streetdwelling-house7, Morpeth court
successivedwelling-house41, Morpeth street
18547 Virr JosephNorcroft browdwelling-house26, Norcroft brow
18548 Virr WilliamPreston streethouse & shop96, Preston street

LITTLE HORTON WARD1, 1881, surnames beginning with the letter W
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
18549 Waddington IsaacPreston streetdwelling-house104, Preston street
18550 Wade Frederick HenryGreat Russell streetdwelling-house38, Great Russell street
18551 Wade George HenryLongside lanehouse & shop47, Longside lane
18552 Wade WalterForster placedwelling-house1, Forster place
18553 Wadsworth GeorgeMorpeth streetdwelling-house35, Morpeth street
18554 Wadsworth RichardShearbridge roadhouse & shop26, Shearbridge road
18555 Wadsworth WilliamTumbling hill streetdwelling-house25, Tumbling hill street
18556 Walker CharlesBright streetdwelling-house15, Bright street
18557 Walker GeorgeListerhills roaddwelling-house148, Listerhills road
18558 Walker IsaacArchibald streetdwelling-house52, Archibald street
18559 Walker James HenryLongside courtdwelling-house5, Longside court
18560 Walker RowlandMorpeth streetdwelling-house46, Bright street
successivedwelling-house19, Morpeth street
18561 Walker Samuel PeterTurner streetdwelling-house23, Turner street
18562 Walker ThomasListerhills roadhouse & shop172, Listerhills road
18563 Walker Thomas AlfredCobden streetdwelling-house23, Legrams terrace
successivedwelling-house51, Cobden street
18564 Walker Thomas HenryChesham streetdwelling-house42, Chesham street
18565 Walker WilliamForster placedwelling-house9, Forster place
18566 Walker WilliamCobden streetdwelling-house4, Clarence street
successivedwelling-house58, Sterling street
successivedwelling-house8, Cobden street
18567 Walker WilliamFieldhead streetdwelling-house1, Fieldhead street
18568 Walker WilliamManninghamworkshopRichmond road
18569 Wall HenryTomlinson streetdwelling-house45, Tomlinson street
18570 Walsh WilliamButcher streetdwelling-house3, Butcher street
18571 Walton JeremiahFieldhead streetdwelling-house20, Fieldhead street
18572 Walton JohnSt. Andrew's terracedwelling-house42, St. Andrew's terrace
18573 Walton JohnRichmond roaddwelling-house68, Richmond road
18574 Walton JosephArchibald streetdwelling-house32, Archibald street
18575 Walworth JamesPreston streetdwelling-house57, Preston street
18576 Warburton WilliamTumbling hill streetdwelling-house93, Tumbling hill street
successivedwelling-house52, Tumbling hill street
18577 Ward JamesLegrams streetdwelling-house1, Crag terrace
successivedwelling-house53, Legrams street
18578 Ward JamesLeatham streetdwelling-house22, Leatham street
18579 Ward John WilliamListerhills roadhouse & shop168, Listerhills road
18580 Ward JosiahTumbling hill streetdwelling-house139, Tumbling hill street
18581 Ward ThomasRichmond roaddwelling-house9, Richmond road
18582 Ward WilliamHarrington streetdwelling-house3, Harrington street
18583 Wardle AlfredPrinceville streetshop69, Listerhills road
18584 Wardle William ChapmanTurner streetdwelling-house49, Turner street
18585 Warneford HenryCobden streetdwelling-house39, Cobden street
18586 Warner WilliamGreat Russell streetdwelling-house17, Great Russell street
18587 Waterland RobertTelford streethouse & shop25, Telford street
18588 Waters PeterMelville streetdwelling-house14, Melville street
18589 Watson AlfredMilne streetdwelling-house11, Milne street
18590 Watson FrancisNaseby streetdwelling-house16, Naseby street
18591 Watson JohnEdinburgh streetdwelling-house8, Edinburgh street
18592 Watson RobinsonTomlinson streetdwelling-house20, Tomlinson street
18593 Waugh Thomas HudsonRichmond roaddwelling-house64, Richmond road
successivedwelling-house23, Richmond road
18594 Webster SamuelAshfielddwelling-house7, Ashfield
18595 Westerman ThomasMilton streetdwelling-house39, Legrams street
successivedwelling-house37, Milton street
18596 Whaley JarrattListerhills roadhouse & shop170, Listerhills road
18597 Wharton GeorgeRichmond roaddwelling-house80, Richmond road
18598 Whitaker EdwinTelford streetdwelling-house8, Telford street
18599 Whitaker GeorgeFieldhead streetdwelling-house28, Fieldhead street
18600 Whitaker HenryAshfielddwelling-house3, Ashfield
18601 Whitaker JonahThorpe streetdwelling-house123, Great Horton road
successivedwelling-house10, Thorpe street
successivedwelling-house74, Thorpe street
18602 Whitaker RichardTomlinson streetdwelling-house7, Tomlinson street
18603 Whitaker SamuelButcher streetdwelling-house9, Tumbling hill street
successivedwelling-house9, Butcher street
18604 Whitaker WalterMarion streetdwelling-house37, Marion street
18605 Whitaker WelburyTomlinson streetdwelling-house29, Tomlinson street
18606 White Charles RhodesSt. Andrew's terracedwelling-house36, St. Andrew's terrace
18607 White EzraSt. Andrew's placedwelling-house6, St. Andrew's place
18608 White JohnTumbling hill streetdwelling-house104, Tumbling hill street
18609 Whitehead GeorgeVilliers streetdwelling-house32, Villiers street
18610 Whitehead James MagsonCobden streetdwelling-house33, Cobden street
18611 Whitehead JohnBright streethouse & shop1, Bright street
18612 Whitehead JohnNaseby streetdwelling-house7, Naseby street
18613 Whitehead John NeesomeNaseby streetdwelling-house3, Naseby street
18614 Whiteley JosephThorpe streetdwelling-house53, Thorpe street
18615 Whiteley SamuelMorpeth streetdwelling-house77, Listerhills road
successivedwelling-house51, Morpeth street
18616 Whitley John BarberManninghamshop37, Longside lane
18617 Whitwham WilliamThorpe streetdwelling-house51, Thorpe street
18618 Whitworth JohnSt. Andrew's villasdwelling-house142, Listerhills road
successivedwelling-house8, St. Andrew's villas
18619 Widdop CharlesShearbridge roaddwelling-house22, Shearbridge road
18620 Widdop ChristopherSmith streetdwelling-house84, Smith street
18621 Widdop WilliamThorpe streetdwelling-house24, Thorpe street
18622 Wigfall JohnNaseby streetdwelling-house25, Naseby street
18623 Wigglesworth AbrahamManninghamshop99, Listerhills road
18624 Wigglesworth JamesLegrams streetdwelling-house33, Legrams street
18625 Wigglesworth ThomasTumbling hill streetdwelling-house127, Tumbling hill street
18626 Wilkinson DavidRichmond roaddwelling-house76, Richmond road
18627 Wilkinson FrederickMorpeth streetdwelling-house63, Morpeth street
18628 Wilkinson JohnTomlinson streetdwelling-house44, Tomlinson street
18629 Wilkinson RobertTomlinson streetdwelling-house3, Tomlinson street
18630 Wilkinson William HenrySt. Andrew's villasdwelling-house28, Great Russell street
successivedwelling-house23, St. Andrew's villas
18631 Wilks ThomasLower Bright streetdwelling-house1, Lower Bright street
18632 Willey John HenryManninghamwarehouseRichmond road
18633 Wilman JohnNaseby streetdwelling-house18, Naseby Street
18634 Wilson DavidWestbrook streetdwelling-house10, Westbrook street
18635 Wilson EphraimVilliers streetdwelling-house45, Villiers street
18636 Wilson JamesChesham streetdwelling-house3, Chesham street
18637 Wilson JamesLegrams terracedwelling-house19, Legrams terrace
18638 Wilson JosephTopham streetdwelling-house7, Topham street
18639 Wilson RichardVilliers streetdwelling-house6, Villiers street
18640 Wilson WilliamTelford streetdwelling-house15, Telford street
18641 Windle WilliamNorcroft browdwelling-house30, Norcroft brow
18642 Wood JamesAshfielddwelling-house22, Ashfield
18643 Wood John BoyntonEdinburgh streetdwelling-house54, Edinburgh street
18644 Wood John MarshallTelford streetdwelling-house10, Telford street
18645 Wood JosephBright streetdwelling-house29, Bright street
18646 Wood JosephTomlinson streetdwelling-house34, Tomlinson street
18647 Wood Joseph SimpsonMilton streetdwelling-house12, Harrington street
successivedwelling-house13, Milton street
18648 Wood NathanArchibald streetdwelling-house51, Legrams street
successivedwelling-house28, Archibald street
18649 Wood ThomasGreat Russell streetdwelling-house23, Fieldhead street
successivedwelling-house27, Great Russell street
18650 Wood WatsonMorpeth streetdwelling-house33B, Greaves street
successivedwelling-house69, Morpeth street
18651 Wood WilliamNaseby streetdwelling-house41, Naseby street
18652 Wood WilliamArchibald streetdwelling-house24, Archibald street
18653 Woodhead CharlesCromwell streetdwelling-house8, Cromwell street
18654 Woodhead JohnVilliers streetdwelling-house3, Villiers street
18655 Woodhead JonasEasby roadshopWest Holme street
18656 Woodhead William RichardsonLegrams lanedwelling-house19, Jacob street
successivedwelling-house3, Legrams lane
18657 Woodhouse JohnGreat Horton roaddwelling-house96, Great Horton road
18658 Woolham Matthew HenryTomlinson streetdwelling-house10, Tomlinson street
18659 Woolley GeorgeTumbling hill streetdwelling-house2, Norcroft brow
successivedwelling-house22, Tumbling hill street
18660 Worsnop JohnMorpeth streetdwelling-house14, Morpeth street
18661 Wray WilliamLeatham streetdwelling-house17, Leatham street
18662 Wright EdwinCavendish streetdwelling-house8, Cavendish street
18663 Wright JohnWoodhead roaddwelling-house6, Woodhead road
18664 Wright JoshuaEdinburgh streetdwelling-house13, Edinburgh street
18665 Wright WilliamSt. Andrew's villasdwelling-house25, St. Andrew's place
successivedwelling-house6, St. Andrew's villas
18666 Wroe HenryMilton streetdwelling-house25, Milton street

LITTLE HORTON WARD1, 1881, surnames beginning with the letter Y
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
18667 Yates Henry WilliamChesham streetdwelling-house11, Chesham street

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