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BRADFORD: Bradford Parliamentary Register 1882, LITTLE HORTON WARD2.


Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
18344 Ackroyd GeorgeOsborne streetdwelling-house52, Osborne street
18345 Adam John MacdonaldAnn placedwelling-house7, Ann place
18346 Adshead Charles WillisElizabeth streetdwelling-house29, Elizabeth street
18347 Agnew PatrickBerwick streetdwelling-house38, Berwick street
18348 Ainley John EdwardManchester roadhouse & shop174, Manchester road
18349 Ainley William HenryRichmond roadshop174, Manchester road
18350 Airey RichardCrowther streethouse & shop13, Crowther street
18351 Airey WilliamBerwick streetdwelling-house29, Berwick street
18352 Akeroyd ZaccheusPark roaddwelling-house91, Park road
18353 Alderson John SpenceEarl streetdwelling-house107, Earl street
18354 Allan ThomasCrampton streetdwelling-house3, Crampton street
18355 Allott JamesRupert streetdwelling-house57, Rupert street
18356 Ambler JamesPark roaddwelling-house75, Park road
18357 Ampleford WalterFitzgerald streetdwelling-house44, Fitzgerald street
18358 Anderson George TweedyAnn placedwelling-house21, Ann place
18359 Anderson JohnRupert streetdwelling-house12, Rupert street
18360 Anderson JohnRand's Mill yarddwelling-house68, Earl street
successivedwelling-houseRand's mill yard
18361 Anderson RichardEarl streetdwelling-house73, Earl street
18362 Anderton EdmundGreaves streetwarehouse19, Hope street
18363 Andrew GeorgeMary gatedwelling-house37, Mary gate
18364 Andrews Thomas GarlickLittle Horton lanedwelling-house123, Little Horton lane
18365 Andrews WilliamShearbridge terracedwelling-house25, Shearbridge terrace
18366 Ansbro EdwardDuncan streetdwelling-house14, Duncan street
18367 Antcliffe JamesCollege roadhouse & shop179, College road
18368 Antcliffe William HenryMarshall streetdwelling-house65, Marshall street
18369 Appleton Thomas WilliamManninghamstudio7, Little Horton lane
18370 Appleyard JamesEarl streetdwelling-house70, Earl street
18371 Appleyard JohnButterfield terracedwelling-house8, Butterfield terrace
18372 Appleyard WilliamManchester roadhouse & shop380, Manchester road
18373 Archer JamesCleveland streetdwelling-house41, Cleveland street
18374 Arensberg Simon HenryGrove terraceshop74, Manchester road
18375 Armistead SamuelManchester roadhouse & shop227, Manchester road
18376 Armitage DanielSouthbrook terracedwelling-house10, Southbrook terrace
18377 Armitage Peter CalvertFitzgerald streetdwelling-house103, Fitzgerald street
18378 Armitage SquireCollege roaddwelling-house177, College road
18379 Armitage WilliamCollege roaddwelling-house9, College road
18380 Armitage WilliamNorton gateshop416, Manchester road
18381 Armitage William GauntDewhirst buildingshouse & shop15, Dewhirst buildings
18382 Arnold JamesEccleshillwarehouse11, Fawcett row
18383 Arnold JosephAbram gatedwelling-house7, Abram gate
18384 Ashworth JamesEarl streetdwelling-house91, Earl street
18385 Ashworth RichardPaisley streetdwelling-house18, Paisley street
18386 Ashworth ThomasHenry streetshop123, Chapel lane
18387 Ashworth ThomasCollege roaddwelling-house13, College road
18388 Askwith GeorgeHorton greendwelling-house25, Horton green
18389 Aspin IsaacPaisley streetdwelling-house80, Paisley street
successivedwelling-house36, Paisley street
18390 Aspinall HerbertFitzgerald streetdwelling-house85B, Fitzgerald street
18391 Aspinall JohnPaisley streetshopCollege road
18392 Aspinall WilliamOsborne streetdwelling-house154, Osborne street
18393 Aspland JohnSterling streetdwelling-house31, Sterling street
18394 Asquith Thomas DownsRupert streetdwelling-house22, Rupert street
18395 Astbury JohnOsborne streetdwelling-house88, Osborne street
18396 Atkins MarshallSt. James's streetdwelling-house20, St. James's street
18397 Atkins SamuelMary gatedwelling-house26, Mary gate
18398 Atkinson AlbertManchester roadhouse & shop155, Manchester road
18399 Atkinson CharlesManchester roadhouse & shop210, Manchester road
18400 Atkinson EbenezerPark roaddwelling-house21, Park road
18401 Atkinson GeorgeHorton greendwelling-houseHorton green
18402 Atkinson JamesBowlingshop18, Manchester road
18403 Atkinson JohnRupert streetdwelling-house43, Rupert street
18404 Atkinson MichaelCleveland streetdwelling-house47 Cleveland street
18405 Atkinson RichardManchester roadhouse & shop216, Manchester road
18406 Atkinson RobertNeal streetdwelling-house2, Neal street
18407 Atkinson WalterRupert streetdwelling-house51, Rupert street
18408 Austin John WilliamCharlotte streetdwelling-house35, Rupert street
successivedwelling-house20, Charlotte street
18409 Aveyard ScottCollege roaddwelling-house19, College road
18410 Ayrton JohnManninghamwarehouse7, Crossland street

LITTLE HORTON WARD2, 1882, surnames beginning with the letter B
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
18411 Baalam JamesCrowther courtdwelling-house1, Crowther court
18412 Babb NicholasCroft streetdwelling-house41, Croft street
18413 Badland Charles HenryGrafton streetdwelling-house88, Grafton street
18414 Bailey JohnCleveland streetdwelling-house19, Cleveland street
18415 Bailey RichardFitzgerald streetdwelling-house38, Fitzgerald street
18416 Bailey ThomasCollege roadshop204, Manchester road
18417 Bain Benjamin SinclairBank buildingshouse & shop6, Bank buildings
18418 Baines WilliamCrowther streetdwelling-house2, Upper green
successivedwelling-house50, Crowther street
18419 Bairstow EzraHorton greendwelling-house34, Horton green
18420 Bairstow SamuelCharlotte streetdwelling-house76, Grafton street
successivedwelling-house17, Charlotte street
18421 Baker CharlesMoss streetdwelling-house12, Moss street
18422 Baldwin DanielElizabeth streetdwelling-house33, Elizabeth street
18423 Baldwin JohnFitzgerald streetdwelling-house9, Fitzgerald street
18424 Baldwin JohnClarence streetdwelling-house31, Clarence street
18425 Bancroft JoelBerwick streetdwelling-house111, Berwick street
18426 Bancroft William HenryEbor streetdwelling-house7, Ebor street
18427 Banister Charles JamesLittle Horton lanedwelling-house125, Little Horton lane
18428 Barber JohnSt. John streetdwelling-house2, St. John street
18429 Barber Joseph WrightPark lanedwelling-house21, Park lane
18430 Barbour RobertWilliam streetdwelling-house22, William street
18431 Barker EdwardPark lanedwelling-house37, Park lane
18432 Barker EdwinMill lanedwelling-house21, Mill lane
18433 Barker ThomasPaisley streetdwelling-house60, Paisley street
18434 Barker ThomasEasby roadcountinghouseBank buildings
18435 Barker WilliamBramley streetdwelling-house119, Bramley street
18436 Barmbrick EdwardBramley streetdwelling-house77, Bramley street
18437 Barr GeorgeEarl streetdwelling-house20, Earl street
18438 Barraclough GeorgeSterling streetdwelling-house92, Sterling street
18439 Barraclough JohnOsborne streethouse & shop41, Osborne street
18440 Barraclough PeterClayton lanedwelling-house4, Denton court
successivedwelling-house107, College road
successivedwelling-house12, Clayton lane
18441 Barrans JamesManchester roadhouse & shop348, Manchester road
18442 Barrans WilliamSterling streetdwelling-house149, Sterling street
18443 Barrett JohnShearbridge terracedwelling-house21, Shearbridge terrace
18444 Barrett RichardLumby streetdwelling-house6, Lumby street
18445 Barrett RobertLumby streetdwelling-house5, Lumby street
18446 Barrett SamuelRupert streetdwelling-house7, Rupert street
successivedwelling-house16, Rupert street
18447 Barrow RichardElizabeth streetdwelling-house39, Bower street
successivedwelling-house32, Elizabeth street
successivedwelling-house36, Elizabeth street
18448 Barry FrancisPark roaddwelling-house2, Marshall street
successivedwelling-house43, Cleveland street
successivedwelling-house42, Park road
18449 Barter Edwin HenryRupert streetdwelling-house28, Rupert street
18450 Bartle EdwinHope streetdwelling-house61, Hope street
18451 Bartle MatthewChester streetdwelling-house6, Chester street
18452 Bartle SydneySawrey placeshop196, Manchester road
18453 Bartle William HenryHope streetdwelling-house59, Hope street
successivedwelling-house49, Hope street
18454 Barton CharlesElizabeth streetdwelling-house35, Elizabeth street
18455 Bastow JonasEbor streetdwelling-house23, Ebor street
18456 Bastow SamuelFitzgerald streetdwelling-house82, Fitzgerald street
18457 Batelina LouisAbram gatedwelling-house25, Abram gate
18458 Bateman MatthewHorton greendwelling-house23, Horton green
18459 Bateman WilliamCharlotte streetdwelling-house8, Charlotte street
successivedwelling-house6, Charlotte street
18460 Bates JohnAbram gatedwelling-house48, Abram gate
18461 Bateson JamesThomas streetdwelling-house1, Thomas street
18462 Batty SamuelMelbourne terracedwelling-house10, Melbourne terrace
18463 Baxendall WilliamBowlingshop2, Thomas street
successivewarehouseMill lane
18464 Baxter RobertHoward streetdwelling-house (joint)2, Howard street
18465 Baxter WilliamBerwick streetdwelling-house51, Berwick street
18466 Beanland HenryDuncan streetdwelling-house46, Duncan street
18467 Beanland JohnAshgrovedwelling-house2, Ashgrove
18468 Beanland John HenryLaisteridge roaddwelling-house8, Laisteridge road
18469 Beanland WilliamLittle Horton lanedwelling-house117, Little Horton lane
18470 Beaumont GeorgeManchester roadhouse & shop225, Manchester road
18471 Beehan DennisGrafton streetdwelling-house8, Fitzgerald street
successivedwelling-house25, Grafton street
18472 Beetham WilliamZetland placedwelling-house3, Zetland place
18473 Bell FrancisAshgrovedwelling-house48, Ashgrove
18474 Bell HarryCrowther streetdwelling-house40, Crowther street
18475 Bell Richard Harrison SandersonLumby streetdwelling-house11, Lumby street
18476 Bennett Edward RobinsonAshgrovedwelling-house8, Ashgrove
18477 Bennett HarrisonFranklin streetdwelling-house10, Franklin street
18478 Bennett JamesEbor streetdwelling-house19, Dorset street
successivedwelling-house3, Ebor street
18479 Benson BenjaminMary gatedwelling-house17, Mary gate
18480 Bentham JosephEarl streetdwelling-house36, Earl street
18481 Bentham WilliamHoward streetdwelling-house4, Howard street
18482 Bentley AbrahamCollege roaddwelling-house165, College road
18483 Bentley TimothyBower streetdwelling-house24, Bower street
18484 Bentley WilliamAshley streetdwelling-house14, Ashley street
18485 Berendt SigmundBradfordwarehouse9, Crossland street
18486 Bergan John WilliamBroadbent streetdwelling-house24, Broadbent street
18487 Berry HerbertCleveland streetdwelling-house8, Cleveland street
18488 Berry William MillsBowlingwarehouse13, Fawcett court
18489 Berwick WilliamJesse streetdwelling-house22, Jesse street
18490 Berwick William EdwardBoltonwarehouse7, Crossland street
18491 Best IsaacCollege roaddwelling-house31, Cobden street
successivedwelling-house129, College road
18492 Best James RobertBerwick streetdwelling-house34, Berwick street
18493 Bickerdike ReubenPaisley streetdwelling-house97, Berwick street
successivedwelling-house55, Paisley street
18494 Bilton JohnNeal streetdwelling-houseColeridge place
successivedwelling-house4, Neal street
18495 Binns CharlesElizabeth streetdwelling-house16, Elizabeth street
18496 Binns JamesElizabeth streetdwelling-house18, Elizabeth street
18497 Binns JohnGrove terracedwelling-house32, Grove terrace
18498 Binns John HenryElizabeth streetdwelling-house14, Elizabeth street
18499 Binns SamuelClayton lanehouse & shop2, Clayton lane
18500 Birch HenryFitzgerald streetdwelling-house12, Fitzgerald street
18501 Birch WilliamFitzgerald streetdwelling-house5, Fitzgerald street
18502 Birkett IsaacSterling streetdwelling-house115, Sterling street
18503 Birkitt RobertFranklin streetdwelling-house18, Franklin street
18504 Blackburn AbrahamEarl streetdwelling-house90, Earl street
18505 Blackburn Edward YatesMill lanedwelling-house7, Mill lane
successivedwelling-house5, Mill lane
18506 Blackburn GeorgeSterling streetdwelling-house54, Fitzgerald street
successivedwelling-house50, Sterling street
18507 Blackburn JohnOsborne streetdwelling-house33, Osborne street
18508 Blackburn John HenryEbor streetdwelling-house24, Ebor street
18509 Blackburn SamuelEdmund streetdwelling-house16, Edmund street
18510 Blagbrough WalterManninghamwarehouse13, Lower Kent street
18511 Blair JohnHoward streetdwelling-house17, Howard street
18512 Blakey AlfredEarl streetdwelling-house93, Earl street
18513 Blakey CharlesLower Ashgrovehouse & shop2, Lower Ashgrove
18514 Blakey JoeFitzgerald streetdwelling-house106, Fitzgerald street
18515 Blakey SamOsborne streetdwelling-house15, Osborne street
18516 Blakey WilliamRupert streetdwelling-house9, Rupert street
18517 Bland NoahHannah gatedwelling-house37, Hannah gate
18518 Bland PaulBerwick streetdwelling-house55, Berwick street
18519 Bligh DominickCollege roadshop276, Manchester road
18520 Blowers JonathanFitzgerald streetdwelling-house129, Fitzgerald street
18521 Blythe JefferyGrafton streetdwelling-house145, Grafton street
18522 Blythe WilsonCrowther streetdwelling-house129, College road
successivehouse & shop111, Crowther street
18523 Boddy ThomasBower streetdwelling-house15, Bower street
18524 Bogg William GriceOsborne streetdwelling-house110, Osborne street
successivedwelling-house128, Osborne street
18525 Bolland JohnMoss streetdwelling-house31, Moss street
18526 Bollans JamesShearbridge terracedwelling-house41, Shearbridge terrace
18527 Bolton GeorgeCleveland streethouse & shop7, Cleveland street
18528 Boocock SamuelSt. James's streetdwelling-house24, St. James's street
18529 Boote Richard TwenlowLittle Horton laneshop186, Manchester road
18530 Booth BenjaminWoodville terracedwelling-house4, Woodville terrace
18531 Booth BenjaminEmma gatedwelling-house1, Emma gate
18532 Booth George WilliamCroft streetdwelling-house24, Croft street
successivedwelling-house12, Croft street
18533 Booth JamesEarl streetdwelling-house95, Earl street
18534 Booth JosephEbor streetdwelling-house34, Ebor street
18535 Booth LuptonMelbourne placedwelling-house13, Melbourne place
18536 Booth WilliamLittle Horton greendwelling-house55, Rupert street
successivedwelling-house5, Little Horton green
18537 Booth WilliamGrafton streetdwelling-house70, Grafton street
18538 Boothman JamesSterling streetdwelling-house113, Sterling street
18539 Boothroyd ByromMannville terracedwelling-house37, Mannville terrace
18540 Boothroyd Charles EdwardAshgrovewarehouseSpring mill street
18541 Boothroyd FrancisMerton roaddwelling-house16, Merton road
18542 Boothroyd Percy TheodoreAnn placedwelling-house5, Ann place
18543 Boston GeorgeBurrow streetdwelling-house3, Burrow street
18544 Bottomley EdwinMerton roaddwelling-house24, Merton road
18545 Bottomley EliClaremont terracedwelling-house10, Claremont terrace
18546 Bottomley WilliamBradfordshop66, Hope street
18547 Bottomley William HenryUpper Back William streetdwelling-house3, Upper Back William street
18548 Bower ThomasHorton greendwelling-house3, Horton green
18549 Bowes PatrickDuncan streetdwelling-house85, Duncan street
18550 Bowes William BrownOsborne streetdwelling-house58, Osborne street
18551 Bowling CharlesSt. James's streethouse & shop13, St. James's street
18552 Bowling JabezBower streetdwelling-house65, Bower street
18553 Boyden HenryWoodville terracedwelling-house1, Woodville terrace
18554 Brackenbury RichardPark roaddwelling-house2B, Park road
18555 Bradley ChristopherManninghamshop19, Crampton street
18556 Bradley John ThomasSouthbrook terracedwelling-house8, Southbrook terrace
18557 Bradley MajorFitzgerald streetdwelling-house148, Fitzgerald street
18558 Bradley MarkClayton lanedwelling-house14, Clayton lane
18559 Bradley ThomasOsborne streetdwelling-house32, Osborne street
18560 Bradley WalterBradfordshop19, Crampton street
18561 Bramfit JamesFitzgerald streetdwelling-house137, Fitzgerald street
18562 Bramfit JonathanHorton greendwelling-house21, Horton green
18563 Bramfit ThomasHorton greendwelling-house37, Horton green
18564 Breaks HenryBerwick streetdwelling-house67, Berwick street
18565 Brear AbrahamManchester roadhouse & shop149, Manchester road
18566 Brearley WilliamEarl streetdwelling-house94, Earl street
18567 Brennan JamesPrince streetdwelling-house15A, Prince street
18568 Brennan MichaelMill lanedwelling-house13, Mill lane
18569 Brennan PatrickPrince streetdwelling-house14, Prince street
18570 Brewer JohnCharlotte streetdwelling-house22, Charlotte street
18571 Briggs CharlesWoodville terracedwelling-house13, Woodville terrace
18572 Briggs Daniel BatemanMannville terracedwelling-house29, Mannville terrace
18573 Briggs FrancisEarl streetdwelling-house28, Earl street
18574 Briggs GeorgeAbram gatedwelling-house34, Abram gate
18575 Briggs Henry PriestleyEmma gatedwelling-house4, Emma gate
18576 Briggs JohnCrowther streetdwelling-house15, Crowther street
18577 Briggs JosephAshley streetdwelling-house47, Ashley street
18578 Briggs Thomas HargreavesEarl streetshopCrampton street
18579 Broadbent CyrusLower Back William streetdwelling-house9, Lower Back William street
18580 Broadbent FrederickLower Back William streetdwelling-house8, Lower Back William street
18581 Broadbent JamesBramley streetdwelling-house49, Bramley street
18582 Broadbent John BlackburnManchester roadhouse & shop402, Manchester road
18583 Broadley WilliamNorton gatedwelling-house31, Norton gate
18584 Bromberg MarksPortland streetdwelling-house104, Portland street
18585 Brook AbrahamBramley streetdwelling-house63, Bramley street
18586 Brook HermanSpring placedwelling-house5, Spring place
18587 Brook RichardRupert streetdwelling-house32, Rupert street
18588 Brooke GeorgeBatleywarehouse16, Clarence street
18589 Brooksbank EliBower streethouse & shop1, Bower street
18590 Brown BenjaminHeatonshop33, Manchester road
18591 Brown GeorgeManninghamwarehousePortland street
18592 Brown JamesManninghamshop14, Manchester road
18593 Brown JamesButterfield terracedwelling-house4, Butterfield terrace
18594 Brown JohnLower Back William streetdwelling-house11, Lower Back William street
18595 Brown JosephSt. John streetdwelling-house50, Abram gate
successivedwelling-house4, St. John street
successivedwelling-house7, St. John street
18596 Brown RobertWilliam streetdwelling-house5, William street
18597 Brown RobertAbram gatedwelling-house21, Abram gate
18598 Brown SandersonBerwick streetdwelling-house58, Berwick street
18599 Brown ThomasGrafton streetdwelling-house48, Grafton street
18600 Brown WilliamManchester roadshop33, Manchester road
18601 Broxup JosephFitzgerald streetdwelling-house154, Fitzgerald street
18602 Bruce FrederickAshley streetdwelling-house32, Croft street
successivedwelling-house5, Ashley street
18603 Bruce ThomasBower streetdwelling-house21, Bower street
18604 Brumbey Thomas EdwardSterling streetdwelling-house16, Sterling street
18605 Buckley CharlesEbor streetdwelling-house51, Ebor street
18606 Buckley EliLumby streetdwelling-house10, Lumby street
successivedwelling-house136, College road
successivedwelling-house31, Lumby street
18607 Buckley WilliamNorton courtdwelling-house8, Norton court
18608 Burbridge ArthurAshley streetdwelling-house20, Ashley street
18609 Burgon PeterHorton greendwelling-house11, Horton green
18610 Burn JohnMerton roaddwelling-house20, Merton road
18611 Burnand MatthewJesse streetdwelling-house27, Jesse street
18612 Burns JohnMary gatedwelling-house9, Mary gate
18613 Burrell GeorgeSt. James's squareshop35, Manchester road
18614 Burron JoeFitzgerald streetdwelling-house48, Fitzgerald street
18615 Burron JoshuaSterling streetdwelling-house30, Sterling street
18616 Burrow JohnEarl streetdwelling-house44, Earl street
18617 Burrows George LeesJonas gatedwelling-house1, Lower Back William street
successivedwelling-house9, Jonas gate
18618 Burrows WilliamSherborne roaddwelling-house18, Sherborne road
18619 Burton LeonardJohn gatedwelling-house3, John gate
18620 Burton RobertJohn gatedwelling-house5, John gate
18621 Busfield CharlesEarl streetdwelling-house92, Earl street
18622 Busfield JabezDuncan streetdwelling-house24, Duncan street
18623 Busfield JosephLittle Horton lanedwelling-house60, Little Horton lane
18624 Busfield JosephCrowther streetdwelling-house41, Crowther street
18625 Butler FrancisNeal streetdwelling-house26, Neal street
18626 Butler JamesCollege roaddwelling-house139, College road
18627 Butler JohnEmma gatedwelling-house17, Emma gate
successivedwelling-house3, Emma gate
18628 Butler RichardMoss streetdwelling-house29, Moss street
18629 Butler SamuelClifford streethouse & shop22, Clifford street
18630 Butterfield BenjaminLittle Horton lanedwelling-house40, Little Horton lane
18631 Butterfield HarrisMerton roaddwelling-house32, Merton road
18632 Butterfield JoahMary gatedwelling-house24, Mary gate
successivedwelling-house22, Mary gate
18633 Butterfield JohnWindhill, IdleofficeBank buildings
18634 Butterfield JohnAbram gatedwelling-house29, Abram gate
18635 Butterworth JamesSt. James's squarehouse & shop270, Manchester road
successivedwelling-house13, St. James's square
18636 Byng Alfred EdwardNorton gatedwelling-house1, Norton gate

LITTLE HORTON WARD2, 1882, surnames beginning with the letter C
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
18637 Caley JohnManchester roaddwelling-house279, Manchester road
18638 Calvert GeorgeMoss streetdwelling-house33, Moss street
18639 Calvert JamesHannah gatedwelling-house32, Hannah gate
18640 Calvert SamuelGrafton streetdwelling-house74, Grafton street
18641 Camm James HenryGreat Horton roadhouse & shop35, Great Horton road
18642 Campbell JohnElizabeth streetdwelling-house39, Elizabeth street
18643 Cantwell TernesClifford streetdwelling-house10, Duncan street
successivedwelling-house16, Clifford street
18644 Carbine JohnMarshall streetdwelling-house22, Marshall street
18645 Carr JamesAshley streetdwelling-house10, Ashley street
18646 Carr WilliamClaremont terracedwelling-house1, Claremont terrace
18647 Carrick RichardBradfordshop14, Dewhirst buildings
18648 Carrington JamesSharpe streetdwelling-house6, Sharpe street
18649 Carroll WilliamFitzgerald streetdwelling-house36, Fitzgerald street
18650 Carter BennettSpring placedwelling-house12, Spring place
18651 Carter GeorgeBower streetdwelling-house11, Bower street
18652 Carter JamesDracup roadwarehouseFawcett row
18653 Carter JamesGrafton streethouse & shop41, Grafton street
18654 Carter JohnAlbion squaredwelling-house7, Albion square
18655 Carter JohnCross streetdwelling-house15, Cross street
18656 Carter JosephClayton lanehouse & shop60, Clayton lane
18657 Carter RichardPark roaddwelling-house61, Park road
18658 Carter WalterEmma gatedwelling-house12, Emma gate
successivedwelling-house5, Emma gate
18659 Carter WilliamCross streetdwelling-house7, Cross street
18660 Carter William ProcterGiles streetdwelling-house6, Giles street
18661 Cartman George WilliamElizabeth streetdwelling-house10, Elizabeth street
successivedwelling-house4, Elizabeth street
18662 Casey JamesPrince streetdwelling-house23, Prince street
18663 Cass FrancisNorth Bierleywarehouse3, Mill lane
18664 Cass JamesFitzgerald streetdwelling-house48, Bower street
successivedwelling-house112, Fitzgerald street
18665 Casson ArthurGrafton streetdwelling-house92, Grafton street
18666 Caston JosephKent streetdwelling-house54, Kent street
18667 Cater JamesLaisteridge roaddwelling-house13, Laisteridge road
18668 Cates JohnGrafton streetdwelling-house135, Grafton street
18669 Catlow WilliamCastle streetdwelling-house5, Castle street
18670 Catton George WilliamCrowther streetdwelling-house33, Crowther street
18671 Cawdry JonasBroadbent streetdwelling-house4, Broadbent street
18672 Cawtheray ThomasBramley streetdwelling-house93, Bramley street
18673 Cawthray JonasButterfield terracedwelling-house5, Butterfield terrace
18674 Chadwick GeorgeDuncan streetdwelling-house87, Duncan street
successivedwelling-house23, Duncan street
18675 Chadwick HutchinsonAdelaide streetdwelling-house53, Adelaide street
18676 Chalcroft WilliamHannah gatedwelling-house4, Hannah gate
18677 Chapman JamesPark roadcountinghouse26, Park road
18678 Chapman JohnBower streetdwelling-house5, Bower street
18679 Chapman SaulManchester roadhouse & shop356, Manchester road
18680 Chappell BenjaminGrafton streetdwelling-house9, Grafton street
18681 Chappell JosephRupert streetdwelling-house2, Rupert street
18682 Chappell WilliamPaisley streetdwelling-house40, Paisley street
18683 Charlesworth CharlesHeatonwarehouse2, Arundel street
18684 Charlesworth HenryManchester roaddwelling-house23, Manchester road
18685 Charnock JesseBerwick streetdwelling-house101, Berwick street
18686 Checklin GeorgePaisley streetdwelling-house54, Paisley street
18687 Cheetham George ThomasHoward streetshop137, Chapel lane
18688 Cheetham JamesFitzgerald streetdwelling-house126, Fitzgerald street
18689 Chettle David WilliamClaremontdwelling-house6, Claremont
18690 Child GeorgePaisley streetdwelling-house46, Paisley street
18691 Child Robert EmmettPaisley streetdwelling-house26, Paisley street
18692 Clancy DanielHannah gatedwelling-house6, Burrow street
successivedwelling-house9, Hannah gate
18693 Clapham HenryAshley streethouse & shop59, Ashley street
18694 Clapham SamuelLittle Horton lanedwelling-house169, Little Horton lane
18695 Clapham ThomasCollege roaddwelling-house133, College road
18696 Clark AbrahamSterling streetdwelling-house139, Sterling street
18697 Clark HenryMerton roaddwelling-house14, Merton road
18698 Clark Herbert Horace LeopoldManchester roadhouse & shop354, Manchester road
18699 Clark JamesRupert streetdwelling-house86, Rupert street
18700 Clark JohnFitzgerald streetdwelling-house39, Fitzgerald street
18701 Clark RichardEasby roadshop156, Manchester road
18702 Clark WilliamRupert streetdwelling-house96, Rupert street
18703 Clarkson ChristopherWibseywarehouse21, Hope street
18704 Clayburn BenEbor streetdwelling-house31, Ebor street
18705 Clayton GeorgeElizabeth streetdwelling-house24, Elizabeth street
18706 Clayton HenryBradfordshop4, Norton gate
18707 Clayton JohnAbram gatedwelling-house33, Abram gate
18708 Clayton JohnEarl streetdwelling-house86, Earl street
18709 Clayton JosephManchester roadhouse & shop63, Manchester road
18710 Clayton SamuelOsborne streetdwelling-house41, Earl street
successivedwelling-house86, Osborne street
18711 Cleavin Thomas FrancisSterling streetdwelling-house8, Sterling street
18712 Clegg EliGreat Horton roaddwelling-house101, Great Horton road
18713 Clegg ElishaCleveland streetdwelling-house17, Cleveland street
18714 Clegg HenryMoss streetdwelling-house15, Moss street
18715 Clegg JamesBaildonwarehousePortland street
18716 Clegg Thomas GilbertEarl streetshopbottom end Earl street
18717 Cliff JohnPrince streetdwelling-house16, Prince street
18718 Cliff JosephLittle Horton lanedwelling-house75, Little Horton lane
18719 Close CharlesGrafton streetdwelling-house122, Grafton street
18720 Close JohnOsborne streetdwelling-house25, Dorset street
successivedwelling-house3, Osborne street
18721 Clough JamesShearbridge terracedwelling-house37, Shearbridge terrace
18722 Clough James HenryAshgrovedwelling-house37, Ashgrove
18723 Clough JohnRussell terracedwelling-house4, Russell terrace
18724 Clough JosephSt. James's streetdwelling-house5, St. James's street
18725 Clough MarkCollege roaddwelling-house53, College road
18726 Clough ThomasManchester roadhouse & shop344, Manchester road
18727 Clough WalterCollege roaddwelling-house78, Osborne street
successivedwelling-house81, College road
18728 Clough WilliamFitzgerald streetdwelling-house98, Fitzgerald street
18729 Cluderay JohnBradfordshop1, Manchester road
18730 Cluderay TomBradfordshop1, Manchester road
18731 Coates AlfredFitzgerald streetdwelling-house116, Fitzgerald street
18732 Cobet Edmund EdwardHannah gatedwelling-house7, Hannah gate
18733 Cockcroft AlfredAllertonwarehouse19, Hope street
successivewarehouse14, Hope street
18734 Cockcroft HartleyEarl streetdwelling-house111, Earl street
successivedwelling-house105, Earl street
18735 Cockin Samuel MouldingHalifaxwarehouse16, Hope street
18736 Cockroft AbrahamPrince streetdwelling-house9, Prince street
18737 Cogan WilliamDuggan's Buildingsdwelling-house11, Duggan's Buildings
18738 Coggill SamuelKent streetdwelling-house47, Kent street
18739 Cole DavidCrowther streetdwelling-house29, Crowther street
18740 Cole EdwardAshley streetdwelling-house23, Ashley street
18741 Cole ThomasNorton gatedwelling-house9, Norton gate
18742 Cole WalterFranklin streetdwelling-house1, Franklin street
18743 Cole WilliamManchester roadhouse & shop268, Manchester road
18744 Colefax Joseph SamuelAshgrovedwelling-house26, Ashgrove
18745 Coleman John EdwardBerwick streetdwelling-house22, Berwick street
18746 Collins HenrySterling streetdwelling-house63, Bright street
successivedwelling-house67, Sterling street
successivedwelling-house5, Sterling street
18747 Collins John RaistrickEarl streethouse & shop82, Earl street
18748 Conder WilliamJonas gatedwelling-house18, Abram gate
successivedwelling-house32, Jonas gate
18749 Connell DennisClifford streethouse & shop9, Clifford street
18750 Connelly JohnClayton lanedwelling-house20, Clayton lane
successivedwelling-house26, Clayton lane
18751 Connor JamesGrafton streetdwelling-house31, Clifford street
successivedwelling-house132, Grafton street
18752 Constantine William HenryCroft streetdwelling-house27, Croft street
18753 Conyers FrederickJonas gatedwelling-house29, Jonas gate
18754 Cook RichardCleveland streetdwelling-house51, Cleveland street
18755 Cook WalterShearbridge placedwelling-house64, Shearbridge place
18756 Cook WilliamMoss streetdwelling-house2, Moss street
18757 Cooke WilliamFitzgerald streetdwelling-house7, Fitzgerald street
18758 Coopan NathanielBramley streetdwelling-house3, Bramley street
18759 Cooper CharlesOsborne streetdwelling-house64, Osborne street
18760 Cooper JohnAshley streetdwelling-house61, Ashley street
18761 Cooper WilliamManchester roadhouse & shop177, Manchester road
18762 Copley BenjaminCrowther streetdwelling-house9, Crowther street
18763 Copley JamesSterling streetdwelling-house107, Sterling street
18764 Copley WilliamOsborne streetdwelling-house24, Osborne street
18765 Cordingley JohnSterling streetdwelling-house117, Sterling street
18766 Cordingley John JamesSpring placedwelling-house18, Spring place
18767 Cordingley John RhodesMelbourne placedwelling-house10, Melbourne place
18768 Cordingley Samuel EllisSterling streetdwelling-house157, Sterling street
18769 Corley ThomasAdelaide streetdwelling-house58, Adelaide street
18770 Coss EdwardAdelaide streetdwelling-house36, Adelaide street
18771 Coss ThomasDuggan's Buildingsdwelling-house8, Duggan's Buildings
18772 Costello JohnPark roadhouse & shop55, Park road
18773 Costello PatrickCaledonia streetdwelling-house34, Caledonia street
18774 Cottam LawrenceSterling streetdwelling-house103, Sterling street
18775 Coultas RichardBroadbent streetdwelling-house23, Broadbent street
18776 Coultas William PadgettCroft streetdwelling-house2, Croft street
18777 Coulter WilliamElizabeth streetdwelling-house19, Elizabeth street
18778 Coupe WilliamManchester roaddwelling-house6, Park road
successivehouse & shop251, Manchester road
18779 Cowcroft JohnSt. James's streetdwelling-house19, St. James's street
18780 Cox John HenryMerton roaddwelling-house30, Merton road
18781 Coxon SamuelElizabeth streetdwelling-house34, Elizabeth street
18782 Crabtree EdwinSterling streetdwelling-house18, Sterling street
18783 Crabtree JamesSt. John streetdwelling-house12, St. John street
18784 Crabtree JosephDuncan streetdwelling-house17, Duncan street
18785 Crabtree ThomasCharlotte streetdwelling-house59, Paisley street
successivedwelling-house16, Charlotte street
18786 Crabtree WilliamCharlotte streetdwelling-house8, Charlotte street
18787 Cramby MartinsonAnn placedwelling-house19, Ann place
18788 Cranston JohnKent streetdwelling-house7, Kent street
18789 Crapper JohnsonSherborne roaddwelling-house12, Sherborne road
18790 Craven HerbertPark roadhouse & shop71, Park road
18791 Craven JohnCleveland streetdwelling-house11, Cleveland street
successivedwelling-house17, Paisley street
successivedwelling-house20, Cleveland street
18792 Craven JonathanManchester roaddwelling-house235, Manchester road
18793 Craven NimshiManchester roaddwelling-house6, Manchester road
18794 Crebbin AlfredGreat Horton roaddwelling-house29, Great Horton road
18795 Cregen MichaelDuggan's Buildingsdwelling-house14, Duggan's Buildings
18796 Croft GeorgeFitzgerald streetdwelling-house28, Fitzgerald street
18797 Croft John HartleyCastle rowdwelling-house4, Castle row
18798 Croft RichardManchester roadshop2, Spring Mill street
18799 Croft RobertSt. James's squaredwelling-house17, St. James's square
18800 Croft WilliamClaremontdwelling-house18, Claremont
18801 Croft WilliamGiles streetdwelling-house12, Giles street
18802 Croft WilliamSterling streetdwelling-house67, Sterling street
successivedwelling-house73, Sterling street
18803 Cromack JohnLower Thomas streetdwelling-house40, Lower Thomas street
18804 Cross ThomasCastle rowdwelling-house5, Castle row
18805 Crossland WilliamBramley streetdwelling-house122, Bramley street
18806 Crossley BenjaminGower streetdwelling-house237, Manchester road
successivedwelling-house13, Gower street
18807 Crossley JohnFitzgerald streetdwelling-house31, Fitzgerald street
18808 Croudson HenrySterling streetdwelling-house18, College road
successivedwelling-house20, Sterling street
18809 Crowther JamesEbor streetdwelling-house42, Ebor street
18810 Crowther JobJesse streetdwelling-house34, Jesse street
18811 Crowther John MilesCharlotte streetdwelling-house5, Charlotte street
18812 Crowther JosephLaisteridge courtdwelling-house6, Laisteridge court
18813 Crowther WilliamGrove terracedwelling-house30, Grove terrace
18814 Crowther William HenryCleveland streetdwelling-house49, Rupert street
successivedwelling-house49, Cleveland street
18815 Cullen MichaelAdelaide streetdwelling-house29, Adelaide street
18816 Culliton DanielGrafton streetdwelling-house15, Grafton street
18817 Culpan EliGrafton streetdwelling-house103, Grafton street
18818 Culshaw JosephCrowther streetdwelling-house120, Bramley street
successivedwelling-house93, Crowther street
18819 Cundall William HenrySterling streetdwelling-house129, Sterling street
18820 Curling CharlesBerwick streetdwelling-house69, Berwick street
18821 Curtis GeorgeHorton greendwelling-house28, Horton green
18822 Curtis ThomasClarence streetdwelling-house17, Joseph street
successivedwelling-house41, Clarence street
18823 Cussack ThomasBower streetdwelling-house55, Duncan street
successivedwelling-house54, Bower street

LITTLE HORTON WARD2, 1882, surnames beginning with the letter D
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
18824 Dable JohnCollege roaddwelling-house24, College road
18825 Dallas James MackenzieAlexandra streetshop5, Little Horton lane
18826 Dann JohnSterling streetdwelling-house63, Sterling street
18827 Davenport WilliamCrampton streetdwelling-house4, Crampton street
18828 Davey JohnAshley streetdwelling-house12, Emma gate
successivedwelling-house88, Ashley street
successivedwelling-house86, Ashley street
18829 Davies CharlesLumby streetwarehouse21, Lumby street
18830 Davis GeorgeLaisteridge lanedwelling-house4, Laisteridge lane
18831 Davy ThomasGrafton streetdwelling-house13, Grafton street
18832 Davy WilliamMerton roaddwelling-house9, Merton road
18833 Dawson AlfredPaisley streetdwelling-house64, Paisley street
18834 Dawson CharlesDewhirst buildingshouse & shop11, Dewhirst buildings
18835 Dawson JamesCharlotte streetdwelling-house19, Charlotte street
18836 Dawson WilliamManchester roadhouse & shop143, Manchester road
18837 Dawson William ArthurWoodville terracedwelling-house6, Woodville terrace
18838 Day JamesBramley streetdwelling-house57, Bramley street
18839 Daynes JohnOsborne streetdwelling-house102, Osborne street
18840 Dean George HenryMarshall streetdwelling-house26, Marshall street
18841 Dean JamesWilliam streetdwelling-house10, William street
18842 Dean JohnMarshall streetdwelling-house29, Marshall street
18843 Dean JohnManchester roaddwelling-house262, Manchester road
18844 Dean JohnFitzgerald streetdwelling-house88, Adelaide street
successivedwelling-house162, Fitzgerald street
18845 Deighton BenjaminThomas streetdwelling-house7, Thomas street
18846 Deighton WilliamManchester roaddwelling-house243, Manchester road
18847 Delaney DanielPark roaddwelling-house35, Park road
18848 Delaney JohnClifford streetdwelling-house23, Clifford street
18849 Delaney JohnHannah gatedwelling-house9, Hannah gate
successivedwelling-house25, Hannah gate
18850 Delaney PatrickBurrow streetdwelling-house11, Hannah gate
successivedwelling-house15, Burrow street
18851 Delius DanielManninghamwarehouse6, Arundel street
18852 Delius Julius AugustusClaremontdwelling-house3, Claremont
18853 Delius RudolphManninghamwarehouse6, Arundel street
18854 Demaine AlfredRupert streetdwelling-house17, Rupert street
18855 Demaine GeorgeBower streetdwelling-house74, Bower street
18856 Demaine WilliamRupert streetdwelling-house14, Rupert street
18857 Denby ArthurShipleywarehouse23, Hope street
18858 Denby EllisManninghamwarehouse23, Hope street
18859 Denby RobertWoodville terracedwelling-house9, Woodville terrace
18860 Denham DavidTrinity roaddwelling-house5, Trinity road
18861 Denison JamesElizabeth streetdwelling-house22, Elizabeth street
18862 Denison Joseph DitchGrove terracedwelling-house1, Grove terrace
18863 Denton JohnHigh streetbuildingsHorton green
18864 Denton WalkerPark roaddwelling-house47, Park road
18865 Denton WilliamCollege roaddwelling-house115, College road
18866 Dewhirst HerbertRawdoncountinghouse10, Dewhirst buildings
18867 Dewhirst JamesRussell streetdwelling-house16, Russell street
18868 Dewhirst ThomasPark lanedwelling-house17, Park lane
18869 Dewhirst WilliamRawdoncountinghouse10, Dewhirst buildings
18870 Dewhirst WilliamShearbridge terracedwelling-house59, Shearbridge terrace
18871 Dewhirst William AlfredYeadoncountinghouse10, Dewhirst buildings
18872 Dexter WilliamThomas streetdwelling-house18, Thomas street
18873 Dickenson SamFitzgerald streetdwelling-house33, Fitzgerald street
18874 Dilworth RobertHorton greendwelling-house22, Horton green
18875 Dixon BenjaminAshgrovedwelling-house49, Ashgrove
18876 Dixon FredEarl streetdwelling-house50, Earl street
18877 Dixon Joseph WilsonPaisley streetdwelling-house78, Paisley street
18878 Dixon RobertRupert streetdwelling-house79, Tennant street
successivedwelling-house20, Rupert street
18879 Dixon ThomasRupert streetdwelling-house59, Rupert street
18880 Dixon WilliamPaisley streetdwelling-house98, Osborne street
successivedwelling-house120, Bramley street
successivedwelling-house118, Paisley street
18881 Dobbin Nathan RentonBerwick streetdwelling-house7, Berwick street
18882 Dobson GilderoyRupert streetdwelling-house35, Clifford street
successivedwelling-houseAshley street
successivedwelling-house70, Rupert street
18883 Dobson HamletBroadbent streetdwelling-house31, Broadbent street
18884 Dobson ThomasPark lanedwelling-house31, Park lane
18885 Dobson William JohnEccleshillwarehouse102, Crowther street
18886 Dodsworth HiramManchester roaddwelling-house289, Manchester road
18887 Dodsworth SamuelBerwick streetdwelling-house33, Berwick street
18888 Dolan JamesJesse streetdwelling-house17, Jesse street
18889 Doley TimothyDuggan's Buildingsdwelling-house3, Duggan's Buildings
18890 Donaghan WilliamClifford streetdwelling-house8, Clifford street
18891 Doolan ChristopherKent streetdwelling-house450A, Manchester road
successivedwelling-house58, Kent street
18892 Douglas JamesAshgrovewarehouse139, Chapel lane
18893 Dovenor GeorgeElizabeth streetdwelling-house53, Elizabeth street
18894 Dovenor JonathanWilliam streetdwelling-house9, William street
18895 Dracup EphraimManchester roaddwelling-house277, Manchester road
18896 Drake JamesCollege roaddwelling-house3, College road
18897 Drake JohnShearbridge terracedwelling-house100, Rupert street
successivedwelling-house69, Shearbridge terrace
18898 Drake JohnEbor streetdwelling-house32, Ebor street
18899 Draper GeorgeBower streetdwelling-house19, Bower street
18900 Draper WilliamManchester roadhouse & shop151, Manchester road
18901 Duckitt ThomasSouthbrook terracedwelling-house4, Southbrook terrace
18902 Duckworth GeorgeCroft streetshopbehind 2, Croft street
18903 Duckworth WilliamPrince streetdwelling-house21, Prince street
18904 Duerden JohnBramley streetdwelling-house18, Barton street
successivedwelling-house113, Bramley street
18905 Duerden WilliamGreat Horton roaddwelling-house5, Great Horton road
18906 Duesbury JohnAshley streetdwelling-house65, Ashley street
18907 Duffy ThomasFranklin streetdwelling-house20, Franklin street
18908 Duggan Edwin PatrickAshgrovedwelling-house69, Ashgrove
18909 Dun Thomas Jesse CarterWoodville terracedwelling-house10, Woodville terrace
18910 Dunlop JamesFitzgerald streetdwelling-house105, Fitzgerald street
18911 Dunlop JohnAshley streetdwelling-house49, Ashley street
18912 Dunn JamesDuncan streetdwelling-house47, Duncan street
18913 Dunn Jephthah PrestLower Thomas streetdwelling-house48, Lower Thomas street
18914 Dunn JohnCaledonia streetdwelling-house40, Caledonia street
18915 Dunn JosephGrafton streetdwelling-house21, Grafton street
successivedwelling-house47A, Grafton street
18916 Dunn RichardFitzgerald streetdwelling-house10, Fitzgerald street
18917 Dunn WilliamShearbridge terracedwelling-house29, Shearbridge terrace
18918 Dunning MarkPaisley streetdwelling-house7, Paisley street
18919 Durant Frederick WilliamMelbourne placedwelling-house6, Melbourne place
18920 Durrans FredEarl streetdwelling-house24, Earl street
18921 Dutton JohnPortland streetdwelling-house41, Portland street
18922 Dymond MichaelClifford streetdwelling-house62, Clifford street
18923 Dyson GeorgeGrove terracedwelling-house7, Westbrook place
successivedwelling-house36, Grove terrace
18924 Dyson JohnMannville terracedwelling-house35, Mannville terrace
18925 Dyson WilliamPortland streetdwelling-house29, Portland street

LITTLE HORTON WARD2, 1882, surnames beginning with the letter E
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
18926 Eastburn CharlesRupert streetdwelling-house12, College road
successivedwelling-house55, Rupert street
18927 Eastburn WilliamEarl streetdwelling-house17, Earl street
18928 Eastwood JamesBerwick streetdwelling-house62, Berwick street
18929 Eastwood William HenryRupert streetdwelling-house33, Rupert street
successivedwelling-house1, Rupert street
18930 Eccles JamesKent streetdwelling-house13, Kent street
18931 Eccles RichardLower Back William streetdwelling-house5, Lower Back William street
18932 Eccles ThomasCleveland streetdwelling-house33, Cleveland street
18933 Edgar Donald RamseyAshgrovewarehouse32, Kent street
18934 Edge IsaiahFranklin streetdwelling-house6, Franklin street
18935 Edhouse HenryBradfordshop162, Manchester road
18936 Edmondson CharlesElizabeth streetdwelling-house30, Elizabeth street
18937 Edmondson JohnFitzgerald streetdwelling-house75, Fitzgerald street
18938 Edmondson JonathanFitzgerald streetdwelling-house86, Fitzgerald street
18939 Edmondson Joseph SowdenLower Ashgrovedwelling-house3, Lower Ashgrove
18940 Edmondson SamuelCrowther courtdwelling-house6, Crowther court
18941 Edwards LouisEbor streetdwelling-house40, Ebor street
18942 Egan NicholasDuncan streetdwelling-house12, Clifford street
successivedwelling-house60, Duncan street
18943 Egan ThomasPark roaddwelling-house65, Park road
18944 Elgey Charles JamesSt. James's squaredwelling-house19, St. James's square
18945 Ellerton Samuel BlairEarl streetdwelling-house62, Earl street
18946 Ellis AlfredMerton roadshop102, Fitzgerald street
18947 Ellis Charles HenryRussell terraceshop248, Manchester road
18948 Ellis NathanPark lanedwelling-house53, Park lane
18949 Ellis WilliamMerton roadshop85, Fitzgerald street
18950 Ellis William HenryCrowther courtdwelling-house37, Ashley street
successivedwelling-house8, Crowther court
18951 Ellison JohnEarl streetdwelling-house49, Earl street
18952 Elsworth CharlesLaisteridge courtdwelling-house11, Laisteridge court
18953 Elsworth GeorgeEarl streetdwelling-house38, Earl street
18954 Elsworth George RichardBramley streetdwelling-house75, Bramley street
18955 Elsworth JamesLaisteridge courtdwelling-house9, Laisteridge court
18956 Emmott ChristopherSterling streetdwelling-house12, Sterling street
18957 Emmott GeorgeMoss streetdwelling-house21, Moss street
18958 Empsall Thomas ThorntonAshgrovedwelling-house32, Ashgrove
18959 Empsall William HenryEarl streetdwelling-house64, Earl street
successivedwelling-house68, Earl street
18960 Emsley CharlesBroadbent streetdwelling-house28, Broadbent street
18961 Emsley WilliamBramley streetdwelling-house35, Bramley street
18962 England JohnMoss streethouse & shop18, Moss street
18963 Evans JamesBramley streethouse & shop31, Bramley street
18964 Evans William HillLittle Horton lanedwelling-house58, Little Horton lane

LITTLE HORTON WARD2, 1882, surnames beginning with the letter F
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
18965 Farley JohnPortland streetdwelling-house49, Portland street
18966 Farnell EzraPaisley streetdwelling-house58, Paisley street
18967 Farnell JosephBroadbent streetdwelling-house11, Broadbent street
18968 Farnell JosephEmma gatedwelling-house5, Hannah gate
successivedwelling-house7, Emma gate
18969 Farnish JosephOsborne streetdwelling-house24, Rupert street
successivedwelling-house121, Bramley street
successivedwelling-house98, Osborne street
18970 Farrand FredWykeshop73, Bower street
18971 Farrar DanielLower Thomas streetdwelling-house25, Lower Thomas street
18972 Farrar Joseph HenryCastle streetdwelling-house13, Lower Thomas court
successivedwelling-house9, Castle street
18973 Farrell GeorgeBramley streetdwelling-house79, Bramley street
18974 Farrer DavidAshgrovedwelling-house22, Ashgrove
18975 Faulkner JohnFitzgerald streetdwelling-house114, Fitzgerald street
18976 Faulkner WilliamFitzgerald streetdwelling-house132, Fitzgerald street
18977 Fawcitt Thomas JosephLittle Horton lanedwelling-house93, Little Horton lane
18978 Fearnley SquireMoss streetdwelling-house37, Moss street
18979 Fearnside FrederickLittle Horton lanedwelling-house32, Little Horton lane
18980 Featherston Edwin HarveyLaisteridge roaddwelling-house2, Laisteridge road
18981 Fenton HarryClarence streetdwelling-house13, Clarence street
18982 Fenton ThomasGreat Horton roadhouse & shop135, Great Horton road
18983 Ferrand John WilliamBaildonwarehouse9, Crossland street
18984 Ferrand WilliamBaildonwarehouse9, Crossland street
18985 Fieldhouse IsaacManchester roadhouse & shop297, Manchester road
18986 Fielding ElijahPrince streetdwelling-house18, Prince street
18987 Finlayson Harry WilliamPark roaddwelling-house69, Park road
18988 Firby JosephClarence streetdwelling-house21, Clarence street
18989 Firman FrederickBower streetdwelling-house32, Bower street
18990 Firman George PeterCrampton streetdwelling-house14, Crampton street
successivedwelling-house40, Crampton street
18991 Firman JeremiahEarl streetdwelling-house30, Earl street
18992 Firth AbrahamManchester roadhouse & shop57, Manchester road
18993 Firth AlbertGate streetdwelling-house3, Gate street
18994 Firth EdwinBower streetdwelling-house8, Bower street
18995 Firth JamesAshgrovedwelling-house10, Ashgrove
18996 Firth JohnZetland placedwelling-house6, Zetland place
18997 Firth JosephSt. James's streetdwelling-house82, Grafton street
successivedwelling-house12, St. James's street
18998 Firth SimeonFranklin streetdwelling-house15, Franklin street
18999 Firth ThomasAshgrovedwelling-house12, Ashgrove
19000 Firth WilliamTrinity roaddwelling-house17, Trinity road
19001 Firth William WallaceFranklin streetdwelling-house11, Franklin street
19002 Fisher OttoChester streetdwelling-house13, Chester street
19003 Fitzpatrick JamesAdelaide streetdwelling-house13, Adelaide street
19004 Fitzpatrick JohnCroft streetdwelling-house35, Croft street
19005 Fitzpatrick MichaelThomas streetdwelling-house8, Thomas street
19006 Fitzpatrick PatrickLumby streetdwelling-house59, Darton street
successivedwelling-house35, Lumby street
19007 Flather JonasMill lanedwelling-house20, Mill lane
19008 Flather ThomasLittle Horton lanedwelling-house49, Little Horton lane
19009 Fleming JohnCross streetdwelling-house47A, Grafton street
successivedwelling-house23, Cross street
19010 Fleming ThomasMarshall streetdwelling-house17, Marshall street
19011 Fleming WilliamDuggan's Buildingsdwelling-house16, Duggan's Buildings
19012 Fletcher EdwardFitzgerald streetdwelling-house80, Fitzgerald street
19013 Fletcher JamesLower Thomas courtdwelling-house16, Lower Thomas court
19014 Fletcher JamesMarshall streetdwelling-house83, Marshall street
19015 Fletcher JosephEdmund streetdwelling-house22, Edmund street
19016 Fletcher WilliamEarl streetdwelling-house39, Earl street
19017 Fletcher WilliamBradfordshop97, Manchester road
19018 Fligg GeorgeBower streetdwelling-house7, Bower street
19019 Flynn PatrickCaledonia streetdwelling-house10, Caledonia street
19020 Footit JohnFitzgerald streetdwelling-house84, Fitzgerald street
19021 Footit WilliamFitzgerald streetdwelling-house77, Fitzgerald street
19022 Fortune Henry FergusPaisley streetdwelling-house1, Rupert street
successivedwelling-house74, Paisley street
19023 Foster BenjaminMiall streetwarehouse29, Kent street
19024 Foster FredMiall streetwarehouse29, Kent street
19025 Foster George BrownMary gatedwelling-house1, Mary gate
19026 Foster HiramEarl streetdwelling-house52, Earl street
19027 Foster JohnLittle Horton lanedwelling-house113, Little Horton lane
19028 Foster WilliamPark roadhouse & shop4, Park road
19029 Foster WilliamSt. James's streetdwelling-house26, St. James's street
19030 Fowlds LewisManchester roadhouse & shop43, Manchester road
19031 Fowler GeorgeManchester roaddwelling-house265, Manchester road
19032 Fox ChristopherBramley streetdwelling-house73, Bramley street
19033 Fox StephensonRupert streetdwelling-house26, Rupert street
19034 Fox ThomasPark lanedwelling-house51, Park lane
19035 Frankland Robert MerrySawrey placedwelling-house6, Sawrey place
19036 Freeman Samuel SowdenSawrey placewarehouse103, Duncan street
19037 Frerichs Jacob AndreasClaremontdwelling-house16, Claremont
19038 Frith John HenryPark roaddwelling-house163, Osborne street
successivedwelling-house41, Park road
19039 Fryer Henry AtkinsonManninghamwarehouseHope street
19040 Fugill JosephSawrey placedwelling-house3, Sawrey place
19041 Fulda LeopoldClaremontdwelling-house9, Claremont
19042 Furneaux HenryMoss streetdwelling-house13, Moss street
19043 Furness JonathanBower streetshop40, Manchester road
19044 Furniss JohnFitzgerald streetdwelling-house52, Fitzgerald street
19045 Furstenheim MoritzHoward streetdwelling-house26, Howard street
19046 Fynn PatrickDuncan streetdwelling-house68, Duncan street

LITTLE HORTON WARD2, 1882, surnames beginning with the letter G
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
19047 Gallagher JohnCleveland streetdwelling-house45, Cleveland street
19048 Galloway FredCollege roaddwelling-house27, College road
19049 Galloway IsaacSterling streetdwelling-house46, Sterling street
19050 Galloway JesseBowlingwarehouse12, Hope street
19051 Galpine ThomasCollege roaddwelling-house21, College road
19052 Gamble AlfredPaisley streetdwelling-house28, St. James's street
successivedwelling-house100, Paisley street
19053 Gamble Samuel NorthenMannville terracedwelling-house6, Mannville terrace
19054 Gane GeorgeCollege roaddwelling-house26, Clarges street
successivedwelling-house41, College road
19055 Gannon JamesDuggan's Buildingsdwelling-house15, Duggan's Buildings
19056 Gardner FrancisGower streetdwelling-house5, Gower street
successivedwelling-house9, Gower street
19057 Gardner JosephBerwick streetdwelling-house45, Berwick street
19058 Gardner ThomasMerton roaddwelling-house2, Merton road
19059 Garforth Thomas SagarCleveland streetshop270, Manchester road
successiveshop274, Manchester road
19060 Garritt WilliamGaythorne streetwarehouse41, Hope street
successivewarehouse6, Hope street
19061 Gaskarth HenrySouthbrook terracedwelling-house9, Southbrook terrace
19062 Gaukroger WalterSherborne roadwarehouse4, Spring mill street
19063 Gavin HughCaledonia streetdwelling-house44, Caledonia street
19064 Gawthorpe WilliamManninghamwarehousePortland street
19065 Gee RobertVulcan streetdwelling-house22, Vulcan street
19066 Geoghegan PatrickOsborne streetdwelling-house103, Berwick street
successivedwelling-houseRoyd street
successivedwelling-house45, Paisley street
successivedwelling-house66, Osborne street
19067 Geoghegan ThomasCrowther streetdwelling-house125, Crowther street
19068 Geraughty JohnHannah gatedwelling-house33, Hannah gate
19069 German WilliamSt. James's streetdwelling-house17, St. James's street
19070 Ghiblin MichaelFitzgerald streetdwelling-house23, Fitzgerald street
19071 Gibson GeorgePortland streetdwelling-house74, Portland street
19072 Gibson George HenryButterfield terracedwelling-house2, Butterfield terrace
19073 Gibson HenryAshley streetdwelling-house16, Ashley street
19074 Gibson JamesNeal streetdwelling-house5, Neal street
19075 Gibson Joseph EdwardPark lanedwelling-house35, Park lane
19076 Gibson ThomasGreat Horton roadhouse & shop33, Great Horton road
19077 Gibson TimothyDuncan streetdwelling-house4, Norton court
successivedwelling-house27, Duncan street
19078 Gibson WilliamElizabeth streetdwelling-house50, Elizabeth street
19079 Gibson WilliamAdelaide streetdwelling-house2, Adelaide street
19080 Gill AlfredBerwick streetdwelling-house56, Copthorne road
successivedwelling-house26, Sterling street
successivedwelling-house75, Berwick street
19081 Gill BarkerFitzgerald streetdwelling-house152, Fitzgerald street
19082 Gill Charles HerbertManchester roadshop37, Great Horton road
19083 Gill JamesSpring placedwelling-house22, Spring place
19084 Gill JohnBowlingshopOsborne street
19085 Gill TomCollege roaddwelling-house145, College road
19086 Gill William HenryEmma gatedwelling-house10, Emma gate
19087 Gillard WilliamBramley streetdwelling-house139, Bramley street
19088 Gillbanks John WilsonHorton greendwelling-house12, Greaves street
successivedwelling-house44, Horton green
19089 Gillooney ThomasManchester roaddwelling-house201, Manchester road
19090 Gledhill AlfredSpring placedwelling-house11, Spring place
19091 Gledhill JohnGate streetdwelling-house1, Gate street
19092 Gledhill JohnCroft streetdwelling-house19, Croft street
19093 Gledhill JosephLaisteridge courtdwelling-house16, Laisteridge court
19094 Gledhill RichardElizabeth streetwarehouse7, Park road
19095 Gleeson JohnDuncan streetdwelling-house11, Duncan street
19096 Glover AndrewMoss streetdwelling-house9, Moss street
19097 Glover JamesLansdowne placedwelling-house20, Lansdowne place
19098 Glover JohnMelbourne placedwelling-house8, Melbourne place
19099 Goldthorpe HenryLower Thomas streetdwelling-house24, Lower Thomas street
19100 Goodchild JamesBradfordshop41, Manchester road
19101 Gooden William BirtlesSawrey placedwelling-house15, Sawrey place
19102 Goodhall RobertEmma gatedwelling-house13, Emma gate
19103 Goodison ThomasEarl streetdwelling-house26, Earl street
19104 Goodliffe AlbertSouthbrook terracedwelling-house15, Southbrook terrace
19105 Gorman MichaelBower streetdwelling-house56, Bower street
19106 Gornall HenryPaisley streetdwelling-house44, Paisley street
19107 Gott JamesJesse streetdwelling-house19, Clifford street
successivedwelling-house38, Jesse street
19108 Goulden JohnCollege roaddwelling-house146, College road
19109 Gouldin MichaelBerwick streetdwelling-house13, Berwick street
19110 Graham JohnGrafton streetdwelling-house250a, Manchester road
successivedwelling-house29, Grafton street
19111 Grattan HenrySawrey placedwelling-house2, Sawrey place
19112 Grattan HoratioGrove terracedwelling-house33, Grove terrace
19113 Gray WilliamCastle rowdwelling-house6, Castle row
19114 Greaves John WesleyClaremontdwelling-house5, Claremont
19115 Greaves JosephOsborne streetdwelling-house100, Osborne street
19116 Greenhough JohnWibseywarehouse21, Hope street
19117 Greening CharlesGrove terracedwelling-house20, Grove terrace
19118 Greenlay EdwardSt. James's streetshop133, Manchester road
19119 Greenwood ChristopherSouthfield lanewarehouse1, Fawcett row
19120 Greenwood FredSt. James's streetdwelling-house7, St. James's square
successivedwelling-house30, St. James's street
19121 Greenwood HeatonMary gatedwelling-house28, Mary gate
19122 Greenwood JamesManninghamshop114, Manchester road
19123 Greenwood James HorsfallCrampton streetwarehouseCrampton street
19124 Greenwood John GarnettRupert streetdwelling-house13, Rupert street
19125 Greenwood John TurnerPark laneshop117, Manchester road
19126 Greenwood JosephMill lanedwelling-house22, Mill lane
19127 Greenwood JosephAdelaide streetdwelling-house4, Adelaide street
19128 Greenwood OriginallAbram gatedwelling-house17, Abram gate
19129 Greenwood Richard MurgatroydMannville terracedwelling-house2, Mannville terrace
19130 Greenwood WilliamBaildonoffice61, Chapel lane
19131 Greenwood William HenryMannville terracedwelling-house32, Mannville terrace
19132 Griffiths William PidduckAshgrovewarehouse16, Hope street
19133 Grimshaw JamesRupert streetdwelling-house33, Bramley street
successivedwelling-house35, Rupert street
19134 Grogan AnthonyHannah gatedwelling-house46, Hannah gate
19135 Growx WilliamMannville terracedwelling-house24, Mannville terrace
19136 Grundy Charles DonaldLittle Horton lanedwelling-house37, Little Horton lane
19137 Guy WilliamLittle Horton lanedwelling-house97, Little Horton lane

LITTLE HORTON WARD2, 1882, surnames beginning with the letter H
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
19138 Haake AdolpheAshgrovedwelling-house40, Ashgrove
19139 Haddock WilliamAbram gatedwelling-house93, Fitzgerald street
successivedwelling-house26, Abram gate
19140 Haddon James ThompsonAshgrovedwelling-house21, Ashgrove
19141 Haden Benjamin RobertDuncan streetdwelling-house40, Duncan street
19142 Hadfield HenrySt. James's squaredwelling-house9, St. James's square
19143 Haigh JohnBower streetdwelling-house2B, Bower street
19144 Haigh JohnBower streetdwelling-house22, Bower street
19145 Haigh ThomasSpring placedwelling-house6, Lower Bright street
successivedwelling-house1, Spring place
19146 Haigh WilliamSt. James's squaredwelling-house16, St. James's square
19147 Hainsworth HiramLaisteridge courtdwelling-house17, Laisteridge court
19148 Hainsworth HiramCrampton streetdwelling-house17, Crampton street
19149 Hainsworth JosephPaisley streetdwelling-house16, Paisley street
19150 Haley AlfredRupert streetdwelling-house46, Rupert street
19151 Haley DavidZetland placedwelling-house1, Zetland place
19152 Haley GeorgeBramley streetdwelling-house71, Bramley street
19153 Haley HenryManchester roadhouse & shop234, Manchester road
19154 Haley JohnSt. James's squaredwelling-house11, St. James's square
19155 Haley JosephLittle Horton lanedwelling-house119, Little Horton lane
19156 Halford Ezra RutterNeal streetshop37, Manchester road
19157 Hall BenjaminWilliam streetdwelling-house1, William street
19158 Hall HenryEarl streetdwelling-house16, Earl street
19159 Halstead GeorgeEmma gatedwelling-house8, Emma gate
19160 Hamer JohnAshgrovedwelling-house53, Ashgrove
19161 Hamer WilliamAshley streetdwelling-house22, Ashley street
19162 Hamilton James WilsonOsborne streetdwelling-house107, Osborne street
successivedwelling-house55, Paisley street
successivedwelling-house56, Osborne street
19163 Hammond Ezra WaughBradfordcountinghouse282, Manchester road
19164 Hanby EdwinManchester roadhouse & shop58, Manchester road
19165 Hanby FredEarl streetdwelling-house108, Osborne street
successivedwelling-house55, Earl street
19166 Hanney TomJonas gatedwelling-house37, Jonas gate
19167 Hanson CyrusFitzgerald streetdwelling-house51, Fitzgerald street
19168 Hanson FredAshley streetdwelling-house52, Ashley street
successivedwelling-house88, Ashley street
19169 Hanson JamesEarl streetdwelling-house74, Earl street
19170 Hanson JohnBroadbent streetdwelling-house16, Broadbent street
successivedwelling-house20, Broadbent street
19171 Hanson WilliamZetland placedwelling-house9, Zetland place
19172 Hanson WilliamJonas gatedwelling-house32, Jonas gate
successivedwelling-house30, Jonas gate
19173 Hardaker JohnWilton streetdwelling-house1, Wilton street
19174 Hardaker SamuelBower streetdwelling-house14, Bower street
19175 Hardaker WilliamCastle streetdwelling-house3, Castle street
19176 Hardaker WilliamLivingstone streetwarehousePortland street
19177 Hardy JosephAdelaide streetdwelling-house68, Adelaide street
19178 Hargreaves HenryBowlingshopPortland street
19179 Hargreaves Jonathan MortonAshley streetdwelling-house46, Ashley street
19180 Hargreaves ThomasBower streetdwelling-house37, Bower street
successivedwelling-house48, Bower street
19181 Hargreaves ThomasJesse streetdwelling-house29, Jesse street
19182 Hargreaves WilliamEbor streetdwelling-house45, Ebor street
19183 Hargreaves WilliamThomas streetdwelling-house16, Thomas street
19184 Harland ThomasCollege roaddwelling-house134, College road
19185 Harper Samuel JamesCrowther streetdwelling-house6, Royd street
successivedwelling-house129, Crowther street
19186 Harris JohnSt. James's squaredwelling-house2, St. James's square
19187 Harrison FrancisSterling streetdwelling-house59, Sterling street
19188 Harrison FreemanMary gatedwelling-house16, Mary gate
19189 Harrison James DeaconPark lanedwelling-house33, Park lane
19190 Harrison JohnCrowther streetdwelling-house19, Crowther street
19191 Harrison JohnOsborne streetdwelling-house66, Osborne street
successivedwelling-house70, Osborne street
19192 Harrison John LightTrinity roaddwelling-house11, Ann place
successivedwelling-house13, Trinity road
19193 Harrison RichardManchester roadhouse & shop352, Manchester road
19194 Harrison SamuelEarl streetdwelling-house102, Earl street
19195 Harrison ThomasLittle Horton lanedwelling-house38, Little Horton lane
19196 Harrison WilliamHipperholmewarehouse34, Kent street
19197 Harrison WilliamCaledonia streetdwelling-house68, Fitzgerald street
successivedwelling-house31, Caledonia street
19198 Hart William HenryCollege roaddwelling-house29, College road
19199 Hartley AbrahamCrowther streetdwelling-house76, Crowther street
19200 Hartley EdwardManchester roadhouse & shop25, Manchester road
19201 Hartley EdwinHerbert streetwarehouse41, Hope street
19202 Hartley JamesWilliam streetdwelling-house7, William street
19203 Hartley JohnBradfordwarehouse41, Hope street
19204 Hartley JohnCross streetdwelling-house5, Cross street
19205 Hartley Rev. MarshallAshgrovedwelling-house17, Ashgrove
19206 Hartley ThomasOsborne streetdwelling-house18, Osborne street
19207 Hartley William HenryMannville terracedwelling-house38, Mannville terrace
19208 Hartop JoshuaFitzgerald streetdwelling-house110, Fitzgerald street
successivedwelling-house99, Fitzgerald street
19209 Haste John HenryCrowther streetdwelling-house25, Grafton street
successivedwelling-house68, Crowther street
19210 Hasty JohnDuncan streetdwelling-house48, Duncan street
19211 Hatfield John WilliamShearbridge terracedwelling-house33, Shearbridge terrace
19212 Hattersley WilliamCollege roaddwelling-house157, College road
19213 Hatton William HedgesAnn placedwelling-house8, Ann place
19214 Hawking SamuelCalverleywarehouse4, Nelson court
19215 Hawkins ThomasGrove terracedwelling-house40, Grove terrace
19216 Hayes HughCroft streetdwelling-house28, Jonas gate
successivedwelling-house8, Croft street
19217 Heath WilliamClarence streetdwelling-houseCroft street
successivedwelling-house15, Clarence street
19218 Hebblethwaite JohnGrove terracedwelling-house15, Grove terrace
19219 Hebblethwaite Thomas EllisSpring placedwelling-house19, Spring place
19220 Hebden JonathanGrafton streetdwelling-house112, Grafton street
19221 Heinrich Carl JosephEdmund streetdwelling-house14, Edmund street
19222 Heinroth Carl GuntherAshgrovedwelling-house20, Ashgrove
19223 Hellewell MartinAshley streetdwelling-house48, Ashley street
19224 Helliwell ThomasAshley streetdwelling-house19, Ashley street
19225 Hemmingway HenryAshley streetdwelling-house72, Ashley street
19226 Hemmingway WilliamManchester roadshop52, Manchester road
19227 Henderson JohnGrafton streetdwelling-house5, Grafton street
19228 Hennessey DavidBramley streetdwelling-house70, Bramley street
19229 Hepworth HowarthEbor streetdwelling-house14, Ebor street
19230 Herscham WilliamManchester roaddwelling-house239, Manchester road
19231 Hertz William MartinManninghamwarehouseNelson street
19232 Heselgrave JohnGrafton streetdwelling-house23, Grafton street
19233 Heseltine SamuelPortland streetdwelling-house84, Portland street
19234 Hesling JohnGrafton streetdwelling-house52, Grafton street
19235 Hesp HenryPaisley streetdwelling-house67A, Paisley street
successivedwelling-house39, Paisley street
19236 Hesp Robert WalkerRupert streetdwelling-house80, Rupert street
19237 Hetherington GeorgeMannville terracedwelling-house11, Neal street
successivedwelling-house1, Mannville terrace
19238 Hetherington Thomas EdwardCollege roaddwelling-house87, College road
19239 Hewitt JohnFitzgerald streetdwelling-house156, Fitzgerald street
19240 Hey JosephCollege roaddwelling-house28, College road
19241 Hey WilliamEasby roadwarehouse4, Spring mill street
19242 Heywood JohnMarshall streetdwelling-house79, Marshall street
19243 Heywood Richard EdwardOsborne streetdwelling-house122, Osborne street
19244 Hibbert FrederickRupert streetdwelling-house92, Rupert street
19245 Hickey ChristopherPrince streetdwelling-house3, Caledonia street
successivedwelling-house12, Prince street
19246 Hicks Alexander WilliamSterling streetdwelling-house23, Sterling street
19247 Hicks JosephBradfordshop91, Manchester road
19248 Hicks JosephCollege roaddwelling-house89, College road
19249 Higgins JohnPaisley streetdwelling-house35, Paisley street
19250 Higgins WilliamCaledonia streetdwelling-house5, Caledonia street
19251 Higgins WilliamJesse streetdwelling-house14, Jesse street
19252 Hill James WalterEarl streetdwelling-houseGrafton street
successivedwelling-housePeach street
successivedwelling-house66, Earl street
19253 Hill JohnGower streetdwelling-house7, Gower street
19254 Hill JohnHannah gatedwelling-house3, Hannah gate
successivedwelling-house1, Hannah gate
19255 Hillam BenjaminLumby streetdwelling-house18, Lumby street
19256 Hillam IsaacLower Back William streetdwelling-house7, Lower Back William street
19257 Hillam LeviSterling streethouse & shop1, Sterling street
19258 Himsworth JosephCrowther streetdwelling-house81, Crowther street
19259 Hinchcliffe GeorgeCastle streetdwelling-house11, Castle street
19260 Hinchliffe SethPortland streetdwelling-house72, Portland street
19261 Hird WilliamPortland streetdwelling-house57, Portland street
19262 Hirst WilliamCollege roaddwelling-house153, College road
19263 Hodgson AlfredGrafton streetdwelling-house111, Grafton street
19264 Hodgson FrancisCollege roaddwelling-house15, College road
19265 Hodgson George HenryGrafton streethouse & shop81, Grafton street
19266 Hodgson HenryFitzgerald streetwarehouse2, Hope street
19267 Hodgson ThomasJonas gatedwelling-house35, Jonas gate
19268 Holdsworth CharlesRupert streetdwelling-house19, Rupert street
19269 Holdsworth DavidSt. James's streetdwelling-house9, Mill lane
successivedwelling-house16, St. James's street
19270 Holdsworth FrederickPortland streetdwelling-house78, Portland street
19271 Holdsworth JohnBramley streetdwelling-house10, Bramley street
19272 Holdsworth JosephGrafton streetdwelling-house98, Grafton street
19273 Holdsworth SamGreat Horton roaddwelling-house119, Great Horton road
19274 Holdsworth SamuelBroadbent streetdwelling-house1, Broadbent street
19275 Holdsworth ThomasOsborne streetdwelling-house112, Osborne street
19276 Holdsworth WilliamBower streetdwelling-house20, Bower street
19277 Holdsworth WilliamPaisley streethouse & shop47, Paisley street
19278 Holdsworth WilliamMarshall streetdwelling-house9, Marshall street
19279 Holgate DavidGrafton streetdwelling-house85, Grafton street
19280 Holland JamesBower streetdwelling-house29, Bower street
19281 Holliday SamuelGrafton streetdwelling-house47, Grafton street
19282 Hollindrake WilliamManchester roadhouse & shop163, Manchester road
19283 Hollings EliEbor streetdwelling-house38, Ebor street
19284 Hollings JamesRupert streetdwelling-house20, Rupert street
successivedwelling-house94, Rupert street
19285 Holmes BryanManchester roadhouse & shop15, Manchester road
19286 Holmes HeatonManninghamwarehouse15, Fawcett row
19287 Holmes JamesBramley streetdwelling-house129, Bramley street
19288 Holmes JamesBerwick streetdwelling-house7, Quaker lane
successivedwelling-house16, Berwick street
successivedwelling-house4A, Berwick street
19289 Holmes JohnAbram gatedwelling-house32, Abram gate
19290 Holmes JosephLower Back William streetdwelling-house51, Tomlinson street
successivedwelling-house6, Lower Back William street
19291 Holmes Joseph RichardGreat Horton roaddwelling-house27, Great Horton road
19292 Holmes ThomasFitzgerald streetdwelling-house49, Fitzgerald street
19293 Holmes ThomasManchester roaddwelling-house273, Manchester road
19294 Holmes ThomasPaisley streetdwelling-house3, Paisley street
19295 Holmes WilliamMoss streetdwelling-house35, Moss street
19296 Holmes WilliamPaisley streetdwelling-house19, Paisley street
19297 Holmes WilliamEdmund streetdwelling-house27, Edmund street
19298 Holroyd AlfredNorton gatedwelling-house21, Norton gate
19299 Holroyd JosephCollege roaddwelling-house152, College road
19300 Holroyd MosesBowlingshop13, Jesse street
19301 Holroyd RichardCroft streetdwelling-house45, Croft street
19302 Holt JosephBower streetdwelling-house17, Bower street
19303 Hookway Henry AlfredOsborne streetdwelling-house14, Osborne street
19304 Hopkinson GeorgeBowlingshop217, Manchester road
19305 Hopkinson George InghamHeatonwarehouseHenry street
19306 Hopkinson SamShearbridge terracedwelling-house65, Shearbridge terrace
successivedwelling-house67, Shearbridge terrace
19307 Hopkinson SamuelElizabeth streetdwelling-house52, Elizabeth street
19308 Hopkinson WilliamManchester roadhouse & shop35, Manchester road
19309 Hopkinson WilliamClayton lanedwelling-house10, Clayton lane
19310 Hopper BenjaminCollege roaddwelling-house26, College road
19311 Hopper ThomasSterling streetdwelling-house83, Sterling street
19312 Hopper WilliamBerwick streetdwelling-house77, Berwick street
19313 Horn James HenryCrampton streetdwelling-house5, Crampton street
19314 Hornby JohnBramley streetdwelling-house58, Bramley street
19315 Horne SamuelManchester roadhouse & shop183, Manchester road
19316 Horne SquireClarence streetdwelling-house35, Clarence street
19317 Horrocks EdwinOsborne streetdwelling-house144, Osborne street
19318 Horsfall DavidCrowther streetdwelling-house43, Crowther street
19319 Horsfall GeorgePaisley streetdwelling-house70, Paisley street
19320 Horsfall JonasLittle Horton lanedwelling-house167, Little Horton lane
successivedwelling-house161, Little Horton lane
19321 Horsman GeorgeManchester roaddwelling-houseBridge street
successivedwelling-house111, Manchester road
19322 Howarth JamesGreat Horton roaddwelling-house115, Great Horton road
19323 Howlett JamesRupert streetshop65A, Manchester road
19324 Howorth WilliamEdmund streetdwelling-house4, Edmund street
19325 Howroyd CharlesMarshall streetdwelling-house39, Marshall street
19326 Howroyd CharlesClarence streethouse & shop7, Clarence street
19327 Howroyd JohnAshley streetdwelling-house6, Ashley street
19328 Howroyd JosephMarshall streetdwelling-house43, Marshall street
19329 Howroyd WilliamSterling streetdwelling-house85, Sterling street
19330 Hoyle JosephPaisley streetdwelling-house51, Paisley street
19331 Hudson CharlesFitzgerald streetdwelling-house20, Fitzgerald street
19332 Hudson FrancisSt. James's streetdwelling-house22, St. James's street
19333 Hudson FrederickOsborne streetdwelling-house38, Osborne street
19334 Hudson JamesMary gatedwelling-house5, Mary gate
19335 Hudson JohnGrafton streetdwelling-house66, Grafton street
19336 Hudson RichardMill lanedwelling-house11, Mill lane
19337 Hudson ThomasMary gatedwelling-house3, Mary gate
19338 Hudson ThomasManchester roaddwelling-house53, Manchester road
19339 Hudson WilliamManninghamwarehouse7, Fawcett court
19340 Hudson WilliamMary gatedwelling-house15, Mary gate
19341 Hughes AnthonyCaledonia streetdwelling-house16, Caledonia street
19342 Hughes Richard ThomasAshgrovedwelling-house63, Ashgrove
19343 Humby JohnLittle Horton lanedwelling-house73, Little Horton lane
19344 Humphreys ThomasLower Thomas streetdwelling-house42, Lower Thomas street
19345 Hustler Edwin IsaacLaisteridge roaddwelling-house6, Laisteridge road
19346 Hustler GeorgeTrinity roadshop89, Manchester road
19347 Hustler MildredEbor streetdwelling-house13, Ebor street
19348 Hutchinson AlbertSterling streetdwelling-house50, Sterling street
successivedwelling-house78, Sterling street
19349 Hutchinson EdwinEarl streetdwelling-house8, Miall street
successivedwelling-house83, Earl street
19350 Hutchinson James GwynneMelbourne placedwelling-house12, Melbourne place
19351 Hutchinson John WilliamBerwick streetdwelling-house62, Rupert street
successivedwelling-houseCopthorne street
successivedwelling-house113, Berwick street

LITTLE HORTON WARD2, 1882, surnames beginning with the letter I
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
19352 Ibbetson JamesOsborne streetdwelling-house17, Osborne street
19353 Ibbetson SethFitzgerald streetdwelling-house110, Fitzgerald street
successivedwelling-house117, Fitzgerald street
19354 Ibbotson SquireGrove terracedwelling-house3, Chaucer place
successivedwelling-house3, Grove terrace
19355 Ibson GeorgeSterling streetdwelling-house133, Sterling street
19356 Illingworth ArthurMerton roaddwelling-house4, Claremont
successivedwelling-house4, Merton road
19357 Illingworth JosephManchester roadhouse & shop346, Manchester road
19358 Illingworth JosephFitzgerald streetdwelling-house16, Fitzgerald street
19359 Illingworth RobertAshgrovedwelling-house56, Ashgrove
19360 Illingworth WilliamAshfieldwarehouse5, Crossland street
19361 Illingworth WilliamSawrey placedwelling-house36, Sawrey place
19362 Inman HenryPark roaddwelling-house8, Park road
19363 Ives WilliamHorton greendwelling-house61, Holme top street
successivedwelling-house33, Horton green

LITTLE HORTON WARD2, 1882, surnames beginning with the letter J
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
19364 Jackson FrederickGrove terracedwelling-house4, Elizabeth street
successivedwelling-house16, Grove terrace
19365 Jackson GabrielDuncan streetdwelling-house36, Duncan street
19366 Jackson George ThompsonNeal streetdwelling-house15, Neal street
19367 Jackson HenryLower Thomas streetdwelling-house8, Lower Thomas street
19368 Jackson JamesManchester roadhouse & shop300, Manchester road
19369 Jackson JohnMannville terracedwelling-house28, Mannville terrace
19370 Jackson John RobinsonBowlingshop364, Manchester road
19371 Jackson John WilliamJeffries streetdwelling-house20, Jeffries street
19372 Jackson WheatleyAnn placedwelling-house9, Ann place
19373 Jackson WilliamManchester roaddwelling-house30, St. James's street
successivedwelling-house123, College road
successivehouse & shop366, Manchester road
19374 Jackson WilliamEarl streetdwelling-house114, Earl street
19375 Jackson William ThomasSterling streetdwelling-house64, Sterling street
19376 James WilliamGrafton streetdwelling-house22, Grafton street
19377 Jarratt WilliamManninghamshop15, Jesse street
19378 Jefferson JosephAdelaide streetdwelling-house25, Adelaide street
19379 Jenkinson Joseph EdwardClaremont terracedwelling-house11, Claremont terrace
19380 Jenkinson WilliamHorton greendwelling-house15, Horton green
19381 Jenkinson WilliamMerton roaddwelling-house10, Merton road
19382 Jennings John WilsonOsborne streetdwelling-house140, Osborne street
19383 Jennings WilliamManchester roadhouse & shop404, Manchester road
19384 Johnson AlfredBerwick streetdwelling-house54, Berwick street
19385 Johnson CharlesCrampton streetdwelling-house12, Crampton street
19386 Johnson CharlesMelbourne placedwelling-house2, Melbourne place
19387 Johnson EdwinGrafton streetdwelling-house94, Grafton street
19388 Johnston JamesLaisteridge courtdwelling-house10, Laisteridge court
19389 Jolly PeterManninghamwarehouse8, Fawcett court
19390 Jones EdwardCrampton streetdwelling-house9, Crampton street
19391 Jones RobertPortland streetdwelling-house35, Portland street
19392 Jones William GresleyHenry streetdwelling-house3, Henry street
19393 Jordan ThomasJeffries streetdwelling-house10, Jeffries street
19394 Joss JohnGrafton streetdwelling-house95, Grafton street
19395 Jowett ArchibaldOsborne streetdwelling-house5, Osborne street
19396 Jowett CharlesFitzgerald streetdwelling-house69, Fitzgerald street
19397 Jowett DanielEbor streetdwelling-house30, Ebor street
successivedwelling-house36, Holme top lane
successivedwelling-house30, Ebor street
19398 Jowett George BarkerBower streetdwelling-house26, Bower street
19399 Jowett HenryClaremont terracedwelling-house9, Claremont terrace
19400 Jowett HenryManchester roadhouse & shop214, Manchester road
19401 Jowett JamesCollege roadhouse & shop2, College road
19402 Jowett JohnSherborne roadshop14, Cleveland street
19403 Jowett JohnCrowther streetdwelling-house70, Crowther street
19404 Jowett JohnSterling streetdwelling-house141, Sterling street
19405 Jowett PeterAshley streetdwelling-house82, Ashley street
19406 Jowett ThomasCleveland streetdwelling-house10, Darton street
successivedwelling-house11, Cleveland street
19407 Jowett WilliamGrafton streetdwelling-house114, Grafton street
19408 Jowett WilliamWilliam streetdwelling-house13, William street
19409 Jowett WilliamManchester roadhouse & shop222, Manchester road
19410 Joy WalterEmma gatedwelling-house14, Emma gate
19411 Joyce MichaelBower streetdwelling-house58, Bower street
19412 Joyce PatrickClarence streetdwelling-house33, Clarence street
19413 Jubb RobertSterling streetdwelling-house53, Sterling street

LITTLE HORTON WARD2, 1882, surnames beginning with the letter K
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
19414 Kaye EliasPrince streetdwelling-house7, Prince street
19415 Kaye GeorgePortland streetdwelling-house88, Portland street
19416 Kaye JohnDuncan streetdwelling-house76, Duncan street
19417 Kaye ThomasManchester roaddwelling-house340, Manchester road
19418 Kaye WilliamLower Thomas streetdwelling-house15, Lower Thomas street
19419 Kearns Michael JosephCleveland streetdwelling-house35, Cleveland street
19420 Keating DanielMarshall streetdwelling-house12, Marshall street
19421 Keble FrankPaisley streetdwelling-house23, Paisley street
19422 Keighley Henry HolmeGreat Horton roadshop250, Manchester road
19423 Kellett GaythorneOsborne streetdwelling-house8, Lumby street
successivedwelling-house158, Osborne street
19424 Kellett UriahBroadbent streetdwelling-house38, Broadbent street
successivedwelling-house39, Broadbent street
19425 Kelly JohnCaledonia streetdwelling-house38, Caledonia street
19426 Kelly JohnJohn gatedwelling-house92, Portland street
successivedwelling-house18, Bower street
successivedwelling-house4, John gate
19427 Kelly PeterCaledonia streetdwelling-house71, Caledonia street
19428 Kelly ThomasAlbion squaredwelling-house3, Albion square
successivedwelling-house12, Portland street
successivedwelling-house2, Albion square
19429 Kelly WilliamCaledonia streetdwelling-house27, Fitzgerald street
successivedwelling-house57, Caledonia street
19430 Kemp AlbertCharlotte streetdwelling-house15, Charlotte street
19431 Kemp HenryMannville terracedwelling-house31, Mannville terrace
19432 Kendall James CharlesLittle Horton lanedwelling-house63, Little Horton lane
19433 Kennedy CorneliusBerwick streetdwelling-house65, Berwick street
19434 Kennedy DonaldAshgrovedwelling-house71, Ashgrove
19435 Kennish Louis HenryMerton roaddwelling-house18, Merton road
19436 Kennish William ThomasElizabeth streetdwelling-house40, Elizabeth street
19437 Kenny JohnSterling streetdwelling-house52, Sterling street
19438 Kenny JohnGrafton streetdwelling-house11, Grafton street
19439 Kenny WilliamLower Thomas courtdwelling-house14, Lower Thomas court
19440 Kerney JohnManchester roadhouse & shop66, Manchester road
19441 Kerr AlexanderOsborne streetdwelling-house74, Osborne street
19442 Kerry GeorgeMarshall streetdwelling-house34, Marshall street
19443 Kershaw JosephGrafton streetdwelling-house53, Grafton street
19444 Kershaw JosephCollege roaddwelling-house31, College road
19445 Kershaw PeterBowlingwarehouseSpring mill street
19446 Kettlewell GeorgeFitzgerald streetdwelling-house13, Franklin street
successivedwelling-house56, Fitzgerald street
19447 Kiddie HenryOsborne streetdwelling-house22, Osborne street
19448 Kilburn SamsonCleveland streetdwelling-house3, Cleveland street
19449 Killin RobertMary gatedwelling-house7, Mary gate
19450 Kilner ThomasGrafton streetdwelling-house56, Grafton street
19451 Kind RichardCrowther streetdwelling-house124, Osborne street
successivedwelling-house79, Crowther street
19452 King FredFitzgerald streetdwelling-house13, Abram gate
successivedwelling-house47, Fitzgerald street
19453 King RobertCollege roaddwelling-house149, College road
19454 King ThomasPortland streetdwelling-house42, Portland street
19455 Kirkley RobertCollege roaddwelling-house7, College road
19456 Kitchenman OliverManchester roaddwelling-house272, Manchester road
19457 Kitchenman RobertMill lanedwelling-house24, Mill lane
19458 Knapton JohnRupert streetdwelling-house6, Rupert street
19459 Knowles HenryMarshall streetdwelling-house28, Marshall street
19460 Knowles JosephHoward streetdwelling-house19, Howard street
19461 Knowles WilliamFitzgerald streetdwelling-house138, Fitzgerald street
19462 Knowles WilliamFranklin streetdwelling-house19, Franklin street
19463 Knowlson Rev. MarkEarl streetdwelling-house117, Earl street

LITTLE HORTON WARD2, 1882, surnames beginning with the letter L
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
19464 Labatt ThomasAshgrovedwelling-house57, Ashgrove
19465 Laing JohnJesse streetdwelling-house19, Jesse street
19466 Lamb EdwardBramley streetdwelling-house9, Caledonia street
successivedwelling-house120, Bramley street
19467 Lamb JohnGrove terracedwelling-house11, Ashgrove
successivedwelling-house4, Grove terrace
19468 Lambert JamesJonas gatedwelling-house1, Jonas gate
19469 Lambert RobertOsborne streetdwelling-house80, Osborne street
19470 Lambert ThomasFitzgerald streetdwelling-house127, Fitzgerald street
19471 Lambert ThomasLower Thomas streetdwelling-house38, Lower Thomas street
19472 Lane DanielPortland streetdwelling-house60, Grafton street
successivedwelling-house96, Portland street
19473 Lapage JohnBramley streetdwelling-house52, Bramley street
19474 Larcey FentonDuncan streethouse & shop91, Duncan street
19475 Larner JohnHannah gatedwelling-house2, Hannah gate
19476 Lauckland JosephChapel lanedwelling-house75, Chapel lane
19477 Law RobertManninghamshop77, Chapel lane
19478 Lawler EdwardGrafton streetdwelling-house64, Grafton street
19479 Lawler JosephDuncan streetdwelling-house100, Duncan street
19480 Lawler PatrickAdelaide streetdwelling-house66, Adelaide street
19481 Lawrence JamesBerwick streetdwelling-house60, Berwick street
19482 Lawrence JohnCharlotte streetdwelling-house2, Charlotte street
19483 Lawrence WilliamBramley streetdwelling-house51, Bramley street
19484 Lawson CharlesLittle Horton lanedwelling-house71, Little Horton lane
19485 Lawson CharlesShearbridge terracedwelling-house45, Shearbridge terrace
19486 Lawson Charles, junr.Park roaddwelling-house89, Park road
19487 Lawson SamuelNorton gatedwelling-house6, Norton gate
19488 Laycock BenjaminCleveland streetdwelling-house4, Cleveland street
19489 Laycock JamesFitzgerald streetdwelling-house122, Fitzgerald street
19490 Laycock JohnEarl streetdwelling-house35, Earl street
19491 Laycock JohnCrowther streetdwelling-house7, Emma gate
successivedwelling-house7, Crowther street
19492 Laycock SamuelZetland placedwelling-house7, Zetland place
19493 Laycock SmithsonFitzgerald streetdwelling-house22, Fitzgerald street
19494 Laycock ThomasButterfield terracedwelling-house1, Butterfield terrace
19495 Lazenby JamesMelbourne terracedwelling-house9, Melbourne terrace
19496 Lazenby James, junr.Melbourne terracedwelling-house1, Melbourne terrace
19497 Lea JohnDuggan's Buildingsdwelling-house2, Duggan's Buildings
successivedwelling-house10, Duggan's Buildings
19498 Learoyd TomFitzgerald streetdwelling-house171, Fitzgerald street
19499 Leather JamesManchester roadhouse & shop19, Manchester road
19500 Lee George WilliamPark roaddwelling-house36, Park road
19501 Lee GibsonLaisteridge courtdwelling-house13, Laisteridge court
19502 Lee HirstClayton lanehouse & shop54, Clayton lane
19503 Lee JohnMoss streetdwelling-house19, Moss street
19504 Lee SamuelCross streetdwelling-house19, Cross street
19505 Lee William BoothSherborne roaddwelling-house4, Sherborne road
19506 Leeming SamuelBramley streetdwelling-house135, Bramley street
19507 Leeson Joseph FrederickHoward streetdwelling-house (joint)2, Howard street
19508 Leggott HenryEasby roadwarehouseNelson court
19509 Leggott Robert JohnMerton roaddwelling-house13, Merton road
19510 Lewis LeopoldClaremontdwelling-house10, Claremont
19511 Lickley JamesFitzgerald streetdwelling-house100, Fitzgerald street
19512 Lightowler HenryCaledonia streetdwelling-house8, Caledonia street
19513 Linagham WilliamPortland streetdwelling-house7 Adelaide street
successivedwelling-house23, Portland street
19514 Linck EdwardAshgrovedwelling-house1, Ashgrove
19515 Line SamuelBurrow streetdwelling-house12, Burrow street
19516 Linley William HemsworthNeal streetdwelling-house9, Neal street
19517 Lister DavidSawrey placedwelling-house18, Sawrey place
19518 Lister EdwardBirkenshawwarehouse12, Clarence street
19519 Lister FrederickGrove terracedwelling-house12, Lansdowne place
successivedwelling-house10, Grove terrace
19520 Lister JamesEarl streetdwelling-house98, Earl street
19521 Lister JohnAnn placewarehouse15, Fawcett court
19522 Lister John WilliamGrafton streetdwelling-house80, Grafton street
19523 Lister Joseph DysonGrafton streetdwelling-house90, Grafton street
19524 Lister Oliver BrookAnn placewarehouse12, Clarence street
19525 Lister SamuelEarl streetdwelling-house11, Norton gate
successivedwelling-house64, Earl street
19526 Lister WilliamNorth Bierleywarehouse15, Fawcett court
19527 Lister WilliamPaisley streetdwelling-house15, Paisley street
19528 Lobley EdwardMary gatedwelling-house4, Newall street
successivedwelling-house35, Mary gate
19529 Lobley JoshuaBradfordshop20, Dewhirst buildings
19530 Lobley WilliamBradfordshop20, Dewhirst buildings
19531 Lockwood GeorgeBower streetdwelling-house70, Bower street
19532 Lockwood JosephBower streetdwelling-house57, Earl street
successivedwelling-house37, Bower street
19533 Lockwood ThomasSterling streethouse & shop137, Manchester road
successivedwelling-house6, Sterling street
19534 Lockwood WilliamBower streetdwelling-house61, Bower street
19535 Loeffler Philip EsaiasMelbourne terracedwelling-house2, Melbourne terrace
19536 Long JobCollege roaddwelling-house33, College road
19537 Longbottom HenryWest Ardsleywarehouse10, Clarence street
19538 Longbottom ThomasFitzgerald streetdwelling-house79, Fitzgerald street
19539 Longfield James WilliamEasby roaddwelling-house15, Easby road
19540 Longfield JohnEasby roaddwelling-house3, Easby road
19541 Lord JamesManchester roadhouse & shop45, Manchester road
19542 Lorryman GeorgePortland streetdwelling-house60, Portland street
19543 Loughnan Rev. John EdwardSt. James's squaredwelling-house1, St. James's square
19544 Lowe Robert HenryRupert streetdwelling-house34, Rupert street
19545 Lowndes AbsalomBerwick streetdwelling-house20, Berwick street
19546 Lowndes JohnCaledonia streethouse & shop75, Caledonia street
19547 Lowndes JosephDuncan streetdwelling-house38, Duncan street
19548 Lowndes MajorCaledonia streetdwelling-house39, Caledonia street
successivedwelling-house65, Caledonia street
19549 Ludlam DanielLower Thomas streetdwelling-house11, Lower Thomas street
19550 Ludlam EdwinGiles streethouse & shop16, Giles street
19551 Ludlam JohnOsborne streetdwelling-house12, Osborne street
19552 Lumb John FowlerLower Thomas courtdwelling-house10, Lower Thomas court
19553 Lumb JosephElizabeth streetdwelling-house26, Elizabeth street
19554 Lumb William HenryGiles streetdwelling-house14, Giles street
19555 Lund John MannOsborne streetdwelling-house120, Osborne street
19556 Lund JonasGreat Horton roadhouse & shop31, Great Horton road
19557 Lund ThomasLansdowne placedwelling-house16, Lansdowne place
19558 Lupton George WilliamBaildonwarehouse19, Little Horton lane
19559 Lupton John LishmanWoodville terraceshop55, Manchester road
successiveshop24, Manchester road
19560 Lupton William CharlesClaremontdwelling-house14, Claremont
19561 Lyons JohnHannah gatedwelling-house35, Hannah gate
successivedwelling-house43, Hannah gate

LITTLE HORTON WARD2, 1882, surnames beginning with the letter M
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
19562 Macdonald FrancisGrafton streetdwelling-house30, Grafton street
19563 Macdougall ThomasOsborne streetdwelling-house160, Osborne street
19564 Mace LukePortland streetdwelling-house24, Portland street
successivedwelling-house92, Portland street
19565 Macmillan RobertMannville terracedwelling-house27, Mannville terrace
19566 Mackenzie Lawrence StorrarManchester roaddwelling-house422, Manchester road
19567 Mackew CharlesManninghamshop158, Manchester road
19568 Mackew JamesNeal streethouse & shop30, Neal street
19569 Madden JohnDuncan streetdwelling-house21, Duncan street
19570 Mallinson JosephBank buildingshouse & shop7, Bank buildings
19571 Manley James PatrickGrafton streetdwelling-house133, Grafton street
19572 Mann JoshuaEarl streetdwelling-house46, Earl street
19573 Mann WilliamCollege roaddwelling-house131, College road
19574 Mannion PatrickBower streetdwelling-house40, Bower street
19575 Mansfield JohnEbor streetdwelling-house9, Ebor street
19576 Marchbank WilliamManchester roadshop35, Manchester road
19577 Margerison ListerAshgrovedwelling-house14, Ashgrove
19578 Marriott Thomas LakeEarl streetdwelling-house59, Earl street
19579 Marriott WilliamEbor streetdwelling-house17, Ebor street
19580 Marsden WilliamGrafton streetdwelling-house93, Grafton street
19581 Marsh WilliamEbor streetdwelling-house4, Ebor street
19582 Marshall JamesMannville terracedwelling-house44, Mannville terrace
19583 Marshall JohnEarl streetdwelling-house42, Earl street
19584 Marshall JohnPark roadhouse & shop49, Park road
19585 Marshall John, junr.Park roadshop51, Park road
19586 Marshall JosephBower streetdwelling-house34, Bower street
19587 Marshall JosephMarshall streetdwelling-house33, Marshall street
19588 Marshall TomMarshall streetdwelling-house41, Marshall street
19589 Marshall William HenryPark roaddwelling-house81, Park road
19590 Martin James FrancisClaremont terracedwelling-house7, Claremont terrace
19591 Maskell GeorgeBramley streetdwelling-house128, Bramley street
19592 Masker JamesKeighleywarehousePortland street
19593 Mason Charles HenryAshley streetdwelling-house50, Ashley street
19594 Mason Christopher BottomleyGaythorne streetwarehouse23, Kent street
19595 Mathers EdwardOsborne streetdwelling-house157, Crowther street
successivedwelling-house107, Osborne street
19596 Mathers JosephGrafton streetdwelling-house115, Grafton street
19597 Matthews Edward CharlesMarshall streetdwelling-house19, Marshall street
19598 Mawson SunderlandLittle Horton lanedwelling-house48, Little Horton lane
19599 Mawson ThomasCollege roaddwelling-house163, College road
19600 Mawson Walter EdwardOsborne streetdwelling-house159, Osborne street
19601 Maxfield JohnHorton greendwelling-house36, Horton green
19602 McCardell DavidNelson courtdwelling-house58, Nelson court
19603 McCarthy PatrickDuncan streetdwelling-house54, Duncan street
19604 McCormick AlexanderGrafton streetdwelling-house119, Grafton street
19605 McCue MichaelNorton gatedwelling-house47, Norton gate
19606 McDermott HughMoss streetdwelling-house14, Moss street
19607 McDermott OwenClifford streetdwelling-house36, Clifford street
19608 McDowell JohnGrafton streetdwelling-house100, Grafton street
19609 McGee John RichardManchester roaddwelling-house255, Manchester road
19610 McGeever PatrickDuncan streetdwelling-house25, Duncan street
19611 McGough PatrickLumby streetdwelling-house23, Lumby street
19612 McGowan JohnManchester roadhouse & shop128, Manchester road
19613 McGowen WilliamCollege roaddwelling-house155, College road
19614 McGuinn JohnBerwick streetdwelling-house7, Duggan's Buildings
successivedwelling-house103, Berwick street
19615 McGuire JamesBramley streetdwelling-house70, Kent street
successivedwelling-house81, Bramley street
19616 McIntyre JohnCleveland streetdwelling-house37, Cleveland street
19617 McKee JamesMarshall streetdwelling-house75, Marshall street
19618 McKee ThomasMerton roaddwelling-house11, Merton road
19619 McKenzie ThomasGrafton streetdwelling-house86, Grafton street
19620 McKinley WilliamEdmund streetdwelling-house25, Edmund street
19621 McLaughlin JohnBower streetdwelling-house15, Fitzgerald street
successivedwelling-house59, Bower street
19622 McLaughlin PatrickVulcan streetdwelling-house26, Vulcan street
19623 McMahon ThomasFitzgerald streetdwelling-house90, Fitzgerald street
19624 McNamara ThomasMarshall streetdwelling-house16, Marshall street
19625 McNulty JohnPrince streetdwelling-house31, Prince street
19626 McWeeney MichaelRupert streetdwelling-house50, Rupert street
19627 McWeeney WilliamEarl streetdwelling-house96, Earl street
19628 Mears ThomasManchester roaddwelling-house281, Manchester road
19629 Mears ThomasManchester roadhouse & shop126, Manchester road
19630 Meekin JohnLower Thomas courtdwelling-house8, Lower Thomas court
19631 Menmuir JamesNorton gatedwelling-house13, Norton gate
19632 Mercer JohnCollege roaddwelling-house136, College road
successivedwelling-house124, College road
19633 Merrick Thomas JamesElizabeth streetdwelling-house21, Elizabeth street
19634 Metcalfe George BeckBaildonwarehouseClarence street
19635 Metcalfe JamesBaildonwarehouseClarence street
19636 Metcalfe JohnBaildonwarehouseClarence street
19637 Metcalfe JohnTrinity roaddwelling-house15, Trinity road
19638 Metcalfe LeonardElizabeth streetdwelling-house41, Elizabeth street
19639 Metcalfe RobertOsborne streetdwelling-house82, Osborne street
successivedwelling-house84, Osborne street
19640 Metcalfe WilliamBaildonwarehouseClarence street
19641 Middlebrook HargreavesCrampton streetdwelling-house1, Crampton street
successivedwelling-house20, Crampton street
19642 Middleditch PhilipLower Thomas streetdwelling-house32, Lower Thomas street
19643 Middleton Rev. WilliamLittle Horton lanedwelling-house99, Little Horton lane
19644 Miles JohnCharlotte streetdwelling-house12, Charlotte street
19645 Milestone GeorgeCrowther streethouse & shop54, Crowther street
19646 Miller RobertEarl streetdwelling-house79, Earl street
19647 Milner John CharlesCleveland streethouse & shop12, Cleveland street
19648 Milnes AlonzoGreat Horton roaddwelling-house103, Great Horton road
19649 Milnes DavidCrampton streetdwelling-house11, Crampton street
19650 Milnes Francis WebsterLaisteridge lanedwelling-house2, Laisteridge lane
19651 Milnes George HarrisonFitzgerald streetdwelling-house142, Fitzgerald street
19652 Milnes HenryGreat Horton roaddwelling-house113, Great Horton road
19653 Milnes JonasClayton lanedwelling-house44, Clayton lane
19654 Milnes JoshuaPaisley streetdwelling-house42, Paisley street
19655 Mitchell AbrahamBowlingcountinghouseOld lane
19656 Mitchell EliCaledonia streetdwelling-house63, Caledonia street
19657 Mitchell HenryHolme top streetwarehouse10A, Hope street
19658 Mitchell JamesManchester roadhouse & shop185, Manchester road
19659 Mitchell JesseManchester roadhouse & shop376, Manchester road
19660 Mitchell JohnEbor streetdwelling-house1, Ebor street
19661 Mitchell JohnEarl streetdwelling-house108, Earl street
successivedwelling-house113, Earl street
19662 Mitchell Robert EdmondsonBowlingwarehouse3, Fawcett row
19663 Mitchell SamuelNorth Bierleywarehouse139, Chapel lane
19664 Mitchell ThomasSpring placedwelling-house4, Spring place
19665 Mitchell ThomasManchester roaddwelling-house436, Manchester road
19666 Mitchell TitusOsborne streetdwelling-house118, Osborne street
19667 Mitchell William HenryMerton roadbuilding38, Clayton lane
19668 Molloy MichaelJesse streetdwelling-house12, Jesse street
19669 Monaghan PatrickBurrow streetdwelling-house14, Burrow street
19670 Moncaster JohnGrafton streetdwelling-house106, Grafton street
19671 Moon FountainMary gatedwelling-house6, Mary gate
19672 Moore AlfredBower streetdwelling-house47, Bower street
19673 Moore CharlesPaisley streetdwelling-house34, Montague street
successivedwelling-house127, College road
successivedwelling-house59, Paisley street
19674 Moore James WhartonClaremontdwelling-house7, Claremont
19675 Moore JohnBramley streetdwelling-house45, Bramley street
19676 Moore JohnPortland streetdwelling-house70, Portland street
19677 Moore JosephGreat Horton roadhouse & shop125, Great Horton road
19678 Moore SmithMarshall streetdwelling-house37, Marshall street
19679 Moore WilliamManchester roadhouse & shop266, Manchester road
19680 Moorhouse BenjaminMary gatedwelling-house12, Prince street
successivedwelling-house2, Mary gate
19681 Moorhouse RobertBowlingshop50, Manchester road
19682 Moorhouse SquireSterling streetdwelling-house51, Sterling street
19683 Mordey Robert StephensonManchester roadhouse & shop249, Manchester road
19684 Moriarty JohnHope streetdwelling-house71, Hope street
19685 Morley HenryHorton greendwelling-house32, Woodhead road
successivedwelling-house36, Copthorne street
successivedwelling-house43, Horton green
19686 Morley John LimberAshgrovedwelling-house54, Ashgrove
19687 Morley WalterBramley streetdwelling-house69, Bramley street
19688 Mortimer AlfredEarl streetdwelling-house125, Earl street
19689 Mortimer SamuelHoward streetdwelling-house22, Howard street
19690 Morton WaringMarshall streetdwelling-house13, Marshall street
19691 Motler Rev. JohnLittle Horton lanedwelling-house149, Grafton street
successivedwelling-house151, Little Horton lane
19692 Moulson AngusGiles streetshop76, Bower street
19693 Moulson JonathanLower Thomas streetdwelling-house30, Lower Thomas street
19694 Moulson RufusHorton greenshop76, Bower street
19695 Moulson WilliamHorton greenshop76, Bower street
19696 Mounsey JohnJesse streetdwelling-house4, Jesse street
19697 Mountain HenryCrowther streetdwelling-house2, Crowther street
19698 Muff CharlesFitzgerald streetdwelling-house134, Fitzgerald street
19699 Muff JohnOsborne streetdwelling-house8, Osborne street
19700 Muff SwaineManchester roaddwelling-house304, Manchester road
19701 Mulroy JamesKent streetdwelling-house5, Kent street
19702 Murgatroyd CharlesKent streetdwelling-house74, Kent street
19703 Murgatroyd JohnManninghamwarehouse7, Crossland street
19704 Murgatroyd JosephMary gatedwelling-house10, Mary gate
19705 Murgatroyd SamuelGreat Horton roadhouse & shop97, Great Horton road
19706 Murphy JamesRupert streetdwelling-house78, Rupert street
19707 Murphy JamesFitzgerald streetdwelling-house17, Fitzgerald street
19708 Murphy WilliamCross streetdwelling-house13, Cross street
19709 Murray JohnRupert streetdwelling-house98, Rupert street
19710 Murray WilliamBerwick streetdwelling-house49, Berwick street
19711 Murrowood BenjaminCaledonia streetdwelling-house101, Caledonia street
19712 Musgrave JohnRupert streetdwelling-house21, Rupert street
19713 Musgrave John KeenanSpring placedwelling-house13, Spring place
19714 Muter ThomasHoward streetdwelling-house6, Howard street
19715 Myers GeorgeLower Back William streetdwelling-house4, Lower Back William street
19716 Myers HenryMarshall streetdwelling-house5, Marshall street
19717 Myers Thomas FrancisHorton housedwelling-house86, Little Horton lane

LITTLE HORTON WARD2, 1882, surnames beginning with the letter N
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
19718 Nachbar NathanManninghamwarehouseChapel lane
19719 Nanson WilliamMarshall streetdwelling-house14, Marshall street
19720 Narey PeterRussell terraceshop62, Manchester road
19721 Naylor EdwardFitzgerald streetdwelling-house96, Paisley street
successivedwelling-house14, Fitzgerald street
19722 Naylor Edward John KirbyButterfield terracedwelling-house11, Butterfield terrace
19723 Naylor EdwinAshley streetdwelling-house39, Ashley street
19724 Naylor IsaacLaisteridge roadwarehouse18, Hope street
19725 Naylor JamesBerwick streetdwelling-house15, Berwick street
19726 Naylor JamesRupert streetdwelling-house88, Rupert street
19727 Naylor JohnFitzgerald streetdwelling-house45, Fitzgerald street
19728 Naylor JosephOsborne streetdwelling-house85, Crowther street
successivedwelling-house68, Osborne street
19729 Naylor ThomasFitzgerald streetdwelling-house10, Grafton street
successivedwelling-house76, Fitzgerald street
19730 Naylor WilliamManchester roaddwelling-house263, Manchester road
19731 Neal John HenryNeal streetshopJohn gate
19732 Neesom GeorgePudseywarehouse9, Chapel lane
19733 Neesom JamesPudseywarehouse9, Chapel lane
19734 Nelson Frederick HillLittle Horton lanehouse & shop20, Little Horton lane
successivehouse & shop69, Little Horton lane
19735 Nelson James EdwardManchester roaddwelling-house157, Manchester road
19736 Nelson Joseph LapageEdmund streetdwelling-house8, Edmund street
19737 Nelson Thomas HughEdmund streetdwelling-house7, Edmund street
19738 Neumann Hermann Samuel JosephWoodville terracedwelling-house11, Woodville terrace
19739 Newboult Frederick William TaylorManninghamwarehouse22, Kent street
19740 Newby GeorgeAshgrovedwelling-house65, Ashgrove
19741 Newell RichinsonManchester roadhouse & shop181, Manchester road
19742 Newman ThomasCrowther courtdwelling-house3, Crowther court
19743 Newsholme GeorgeCollege roaddwelling-house5, College road
19744 Newsholme WilliamPaisley streetdwelling-house12, Paisley street
19745 Nicholl JohnSt. James's squaredwelling-house4, St. James's square
19746 Nichols RichardBurley-in-Wharfedalewarehouse5, Fawcett court
19747 Nicholson GeorgeOsborne streetdwelling-house105, Osborne street
19748 Nicholson HenryManchester roadhouse & shop236, Manchester road
19749 Nicholson JohnPark roadhouse & shop44, Park road
19750 Nicklin JohnManchester roadshop67, Manchester road
19751 Noble AlfredNeal streetshop176, Manchester road
19752 Noble GeorgeAbram gatedwelling-house10, Bower street
successivedwelling-house11, Abram gate
19753 Noble JamesCharlotte streetdwelling-house18, Charlotte street
19754 Noble JosephCollege roaddwelling-house16, College road
successivedwelling-house18, College road
19755 Nolan JohnBower streetdwelling-house64, Bower street
19756 Noon JohnGower streetdwelling-house44, Adelaide street
successivedwelling-house41, Gower street
19757 North JamesNeal streetdwelling-house8, Neal street
19758 North JohnSt. James's squaredwelling-house3, St. James's square
19759 North JohnNeal streetshop286, Manchester road
19760 Northin DavidMary gatedwelling-house33, Mary gate
19761 Northin EdwardEarl streetdwelling-house56, Earl street
19762 Northin WilliamEarl streetdwelling-house7, Castle street
successivedwelling-house41, Earl street
19763 Northrop JoshuaBramley streetdwelling-house11, Bramley street
19764 Northrop WilliamCollege roadhouse & shop67, College road
19765 Nugent JamesGrafton streetdwelling-house33, Grafton street
19766 Nutton JosiahMarshall streetdwelling-house3, Marshall street
19767 Nutton LawrenceEarl streetdwelling-house103, Earl street
19768 Nutton RichardManchester roadhouse & shop213, Manchester road

LITTLE HORTON WARD2, 1882, surnames beginning with the letter O
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
19769 O'Brien WilliamSterling streetdwelling-house36, Sterling street
19770 O'Connor JamesMarshall streetdwelling-house18, Marshall street
19771 O'Connor JohnAshley streetdwelling-house31, Ashley street
19772 Oddy AbrahamSt. James's streetdwelling-house8, St. James's street
successivedwelling-house14, St. James's street
19773 Oddy BenjaminRupert streetdwelling-house44, Rupert street
19774 Oddy Benjamin HenryEarl streetdwelling-house104, Earl street
19775 Oddy FairfaxCollege roaddwelling-house39, College road
19776 Oddy JohnNorton gatedwelling-house49, Norton gate
19777 Oddy JosephJonas gatedwelling-house22, Jonas gate
19778 Oddy SamuelJonas gatedwelling-house13, Jonas gate
19779 Oddy SamuelBroadbent streetdwelling-house36, Broadbent street
19780 Oddy WilliamButterfield terracedwelling-house3, Butterfield terrace
19781 O'Donnell CharlesBroadbent streetdwelling-house18, Broadbent street
19782 O'Donnell DanielCaledonia streetdwelling-house42, Caledonia street
19783 O'Donnell JohnBerwick streetdwelling-house73, Berwick street
successivedwelling-house81, Berwick street
19784 O'Donnell PatrickBerwick streetdwelling-house91, Berwick street
19785 O'Dowd TimothyMarshall streetdwelling-house73, Marshall street
19786 O'Driscoll TimothyPortland streetdwelling-house25, Portland street
19787 Oetzel FrederickManchester roadhouse & shop95, Manchester road
19788 Ogden FeatherLightcliffewarehouse2, Nelson street
19789 Ogden RobertsMelbourne placewarehouse2, Nelson street
19790 Ogden Thomas ListerLightcliffewarehouse2, Nelson street
19791 Ogg AlexanderClayton lanedwelling-house42, Clayton lane
19792 O'Hara ThomasMary gatedwelling-house19, Mary gate
19793 O'Keefe ThomasBradfordshop14, Dewhirst buildings
19794 Oldfield GeorgeLansdowne placedwelling-house8, Lansdowne place
successivedwelling-house6, Lansdowne place
19795 Oliver RichardSterling streetdwelling-house123, Sterling street
19796 O'Mahony JohnClifford streetdwelling-house13, Clifford street
19797 O'Neill WilliamBerwick streetdwelling-house43, Berwick street
19798 Ormstone BenjaminHope streetdwelling-house45, Paisley street
successivedwelling-house67, Hope street
19799 Osbaldiston OscarCroft streetdwelling-house61, Croft street
successivedwelling-house40, Croft street
19800 Osborn JamesGreat Horton roaddwelling-house99A, Great Horton road
19801 Osborne HenryBerwick streetdwelling-house73, Tudor street
successivedwelling-house30, Berwick street
19802 O'Shaughnessy WilliamRupert streetdwelling-house10, Rupert street
19803 Overend JamesLower Thomas streetdwelling-house23, Lower Thomas street
19804 Overend SamLower Thomas streetdwelling-house52a, Lower Thomas street

LITTLE HORTON WARD2, 1882, surnames beginning with the letter P
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
19805 Packer Rev. GeorgeLittle Horton lanedwelling-house127, Little Horton lane
19806 Packer WilliamSharpe streetdwelling-house5, Sharpe street
19807 Padgett JohnMarshall streetdwelling-house21, Marshall street
19808 Page Gregory AlexanderBradfordwarehousePortland street
19809 Paley WilliamGrove terracedwelling-house13, Grove terrace
19810 Palmer JohnBramley streetdwelling-house43, Bramley street
19811 Parker JohnOsborne streetdwelling-house55, Thorpe street
successivedwelling-house82, Osborne street
19812 Parker JohnManchester roaddwelling-house303, Manchester road
19813 Parker RichardMerton roaddwelling-house19, Merton road
19814 Parker William NormingtonPark roaddwelling-house76, Park road
19815 Parkin SamuelClarence streetdwelling-house11, Clarence street
19816 Parkinson George SmithLansdowne placedwelling-house2, Lansdowne place
19817 Parkinson JohnZetland placedwelling-house10, Zetland place
19818 Parkinson John MilliganMerton roaddwelling-house17, Merton road
19819 Parkinson JosephManninghamwarehouseChester street
19820 Parkinson PatrickFitzgerald streetdwelling-house50, Fitzgerald street
19821 Parkinson ThomasChester streetdwelling-house12, Chester street
19822 Parkinson WilliamSpring placedwelling-house16, Spring place
19823 Parkinson WilliamNorton gatedwelling-house33, Norton gate
19824 Parratt GeorgeBradfordwarehouse9, Fawcett row
19825 Parratt HenryBowlingshop428, Manchester road
19826 Parratt WilliamBower streetdwelling-house14, Bower street
19827 Parsons GeorgeAshgrovedwelling-house59, Ashgrove
19828 Parsons WilliamGrafton streetdwelling-house20, Grafton street
19829 Patrick ChristopherLittle Horton lanedwelling-house18, Little Horton lane
19830 Pattinson Thomas HenryChesham streetshop44, Manchester road
19831 Paxman Walter AlmaPaisley streetdwelling-house29, Paisley street
19832 Payton Frederick BartramSherborne roaddwelling-house2, Sherborne road
19833 Peach JamesCollege roaddwelling-house144, College road
19834 Peacock GeorgeEarl streetdwelling-house43, Earl street
19835 Peacock RobertFitzgerald streetdwelling-house109, Fitzgerald street
19836 Peacock WilliamBramley streetdwelling-house6, Lower Thomas street
successivedwelling-house53, Bramley street
19837 Pearson DavidManchester roadhouse & shop278, Manchester road
19838 Pearson GentHannah gatedwelling-house39, Hannah gate
19839 Pearson NoahCrowther streethouse & shop52, Crowther street
19840 Pearson WilliamManchester roaddwelling-house291, Manchester road
19841 Pearson WilliamGrafton streetdwelling-house139, Grafton street
19842 Pease RichardHoward streetwarehouse17, Little Horton lane
19843 Peckover JohnEarl streetdwelling-house75, Earl street
19844 Peel JohnEdmund streetdwelling-house29, Edmund street
19845 Penchion GeorgeClifford streetdwelling-house52, Clifford street
19846 Penman WilliamAdelaide streetdwelling-house13, Prince street
successivedwelling-house19, Adelaide street
19847 Perkins CharlesHorton greendwelling-house14, Horton green
19848 Perkins JamesAshgrovedwelling-house52, Ashgrove
19849 Petherbridge JamesManchester roadshop228, Manchester road
19850 Petherbridge JohnFitzgerald streetdwelling-house46, Fitzgerald street
19851 Petyt AaronNeal streetdwelling-house30A, Neal street
19852 Pexton TomJonas gatedwelling-house46, Jonas gate
19853 Phalen FentonFitzgerald streetdwelling-house70, Fitzgerald street
19854 Pickard CharlesMill lanedwelling-house18, Mill lane
19855 Pickard JosephOsborne streetdwelling-house1, Osborne street
19856 Pickard JosephGrafton streetwarehouse130, Osborne street
19857 Pickard WilliamGrove terracedwelling-house34, Grove terrace
19858 Pickard WilliamSouthbrook terracedwelling-house14, Southbrook terrace
19859 Pickard WrightSterling streetdwelling-house5, Skinhouse street
successivedwelling-house72, Sterling street
19860 Pickersgill HenryPaisley streetdwelling-house66, Paisley street
19861 Pickersgill JohnCollege roaddwelling-house107, College road
successivedwelling-house22, College road
19862 Pickersgill WilliamPaisley streetdwelling-house68, Paisley street
19863 Pickles BalmforthOsborne streetdwelling-house48, Osborne street
19864 Pickles BenjaminGrafton streetdwelling-house131, Grafton street
19865 Pickles GeorgeManninghamwarehouse8, Clarence street
19866 Pickles John BoothMerton roadwarehouse8, Clarence street
19867 Pickles SamManchester roaddwelling-house215, Manchester road
19868 Pickles ThomasSherborne roaddwelling-house10, Sherborne road
19869 Pickles ThomasMarshall streetdwelling-house9, Henry street
successivehouse & shop1, Marshall street
19870 Pighills JohnBerwick streetdwelling-house21, Berwick street
19871 Pigot FrederickMarshall streetdwelling-house71, Marshall street
19872 Pish ThomasLumby streetdwelling-house56, Portland street
successivedwelling-house8, Lumby street
19873 Pitt WilliamCollege roaddwelling-house47, College road
19874 Pittam SamuelChapel lanedwelling-house81, Chapel lane
19875 Pittam Thompson ColemanPortland streetdwelling-house82, Portland street
19876 Pitts JohnBowlingwarehouse3, Fawcett row
19877 Pollard HenryCleveland streetdwelling-house1, Cleveland street
19878 Pollard JonasSterling streetdwelling-house17, Sterling street
19879 Popplewell BenjaminClayton lanehouse & shop48, Clayton lane
19880 Potter ThomasWoodville terracedwelling-house3, Woodville terrace
19881 Powell Francis SharpHorton Old halldwelling-houseHorton green
19882 Powell SamuelBroadbent streetdwelling-house22, Broadbent street
19883 Pratt JohnCroft streetdwelling-house4, Croft street
19884 Pratt JohnBerwick streetdwelling-house6, Berwick street
19885 Pratt WilliamCollege roaddwelling-house35, College road
19886 Precious JohnGreat Horton roaddwelling-house109, Great Horton road
19887 Preston JohnBradfordshop103, Manchester road
19888 Preston WilliamJeffries streetdwelling-house14, Jeffries street
19889 Price HenryNelson courtdwelling-house52, Nelson court
19890 Priestley JohnManchester roaddwelling-house293, Manchester road
19891 Priestley JosephNeal streetshop382, Manchester road
19892 Priestley Richard HenryGiles streetdwelling-house5, Giles street
19893 Priestley Richard RowntreeAshgroveoffice5, Little Horton lane
19894 Priestley ThomasBank top housedwelling-house133A, Great Horton road
19895 Priestley WalterBerwick streetdwelling-house79, Copthorne road
successivedwelling-house46, Berwick street
19896 Priestley WilliamHorton greendwelling-house4, Horton green
19897 Priestman WalterClaremontdwelling-house17, Claremont
19898 Pringle ThomasAnn placedwelling-house17, Ann place
19899 Priteaux JohnOsborne streetdwelling-house50, Osborne street
19900 Proctor AnthonyManchester roadhouse & shop167, Manchester road
19901 Proctor GeorgeSterling streetdwelling-house58, Sterling street
19902 Proctor JamesLittle Horton lanedwelling-house45, Little Horton lane
19903 Pullan CharlesLittle Horton lanedwelling-house56, Little Horton lane
19904 Puttfarken CharlesManninghamofficeBank buildings
19905 Pye EdwardRussell terracedwelling-house10, Russell terrace
19906 Pye JamesGower streetdwelling-house35, Gower street

LITTLE HORTON WARD2, 1882, surnames beginning with the letter Q
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
19907 Quayle WilliamBramley streetdwelling-house83, Bramley street

LITTLE HORTON WARD2, 1882, surnames beginning with the letter R
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
19908 Radcliffe Thomas PhilipSawrey placedwelling-house11, Sawrey place
19909 Radford JohnEarl streetdwelling-house100, Earl street
19910 Rafter DanielGrafton streetdwelling-house3, Grafton street
19911 Rafter JohnGrafton streetdwelling-house19, Grafton street
19912 Rafter JosephCaledonia streetdwelling-house99, Caledonia street
19913 Raistrick Charles EdwardCollege roaddwelling-house45, College road
19914 Raistrick James BowerManchester roadhouse & shop139, Manchester road
19915 Raistrick WilliamBroadbent streetdwelling-house8, Broadbent street
19916 Raistrick WilliamCollege roaddwelling-house85, College road
19917 Ramsden HenryGrafton streetdwelling-house46, Grafton street
19918 Ramsden JamesLansdowne placedwelling-house18, Lansdowne place
19919 Ramsden JamesSterling streetdwelling-house71, Sterling street
19920 Ramsden RobertGrafton streetdwelling-house55, Grafton street
19921 Rands WilliamCross streetshop258, Manchester road
19922 Ranson JohnFitzgerald streetdwelling-house87, Fitzgerald street
19923 Ranson JosephCrowther streetdwelling-house38, Crowther street
19924 Raper James RhodesClaremont terracedwelling-house4, Claremont terrace
19925 Rawling Joseph AlfredLower Thomas streetdwelling-house18, Lower Thomas street
19926 Rawlings WilliamLittle Horton lanedwelling-house153, Little Horton lane
19927 Rawnsley EdwardGreat Horton roadwarehouse25, Kent street
19928 Rawnsley JonathanSterling streetdwelling-house14, Sterling street
19929 Rawnsley JosephPaisley streetdwelling-house41, Paisley street
19930 Rawson JamesMannville terracedwelling-house42, Mannville terrace
19931 Rayner EphraimManchester roadhouse & shop93, Manchester road
19932 Read FountainElizabeth streetdwelling-house6, Elizabeth street
19933 Redburn JosephClifford streetdwelling-house11, Clifford street
19934 Reddihough JohnManninghamwarehouse21, Little Horton lane
19935 Redfern HenryCrowther streethouse & shop8, Crowther street
19936 Redfern WilliamAshley streetdwelling-house62, Ashley street
successivedwelling-house80, Ashley street
19937 Redgen ThomasCollege roaddwelling-house143, College road
19938 Redman MilesLumby streetdwelling-house1, Castle row
successivedwelling-house1, Lumby street
19939 Redman WalterJonas gatedwelling-house15, Jonas gate
19940 Redman WrightCollege roaddwelling-house63, College road
19941 Ree IsidorApperley Bridgewarehouse9, Crossland street
19942 Reece WilliamEbor streetdwelling-house34, Jonas gate
successivedwelling-house15, Ebor street
19943 Regester John EustaceAnn placedwelling-house3, Ann place
successivedwelling-house11, Ann place
19944 Reid JamesCross Southbrook terracewarehouse6, Nelson street
19945 Rennard JosephGiles streetdwelling-house7, Giles street
19946 Revell WilliamRupert streetdwelling-house66, Holme top street
successivedwelling-house7, Rupert street
19947 Reynolds JosephMoss streetdwelling-house17, Moss street
19948 Rhodes GeorgeAllertonwarehouse19, Hope street
successivewarehouse14, Hope street
19949 Rhodes JamesGrafton streetdwelling-house87, Grafton street
19950 Rhodes JohnSterling streetdwelling-house125, Sterling street
19951 Rhodes JohnManninghamwarehouse15, Fawcett row
19952 Rhodes JosephManninghamshop178, Manchester road
19953 Rhodes SamuelLower Thomas streetdwelling-house44, Lower Thomas street
19954 Rhodes ZaccheusGreat Horton roaddwelling-house7, Great Horton road
19955 Richards JessePrince streetdwelling-house17, Prince street
19956 Richards WilliamHannah gatedwelling-house1, Hannah gate
successivedwelling-house6, Hannah gate
19957 Richardson George BurtonLittle Horton lanedwelling-house95, Little Horton lane
19958 Richardson HenryCrowther streetdwelling-house72, Crowther street
19959 Richardson John EdwardFitzgerald streetdwelling-house6, Fitzgerald street
19960 Richardson John JamesHorsforthofficeBank buildings
19961 Richardson RichardCrowther streetdwelling-house20, Broadbent street
successivedwelling-house34, Crowther street
19962 Richardson RobertSterling streetdwelling-house3, Sterling street
19963 Riches FrancisNeal streetdwelling-house36, Elizabeth street
successivedwelling-house12, Neal street
19964 Ridsdale WilliamDewsburywarehouse19, Fawcett row
19965 Rigg AminadabButterfield terracedwelling-house6, Butterfield terrace
19966 Riley JamesManchester roadhouse & shop232, Manchester road
19967 Riley JohnGrove terracedwelling-house27, Grove terrace
19968 Riley ThomasHorton greendwelling-house18, Horton green
19969 Riley WilliamShearbridge placedwelling-house66, Shearbridge place
19970 Ringstedt Joseph SolomonElizabeth streetdwelling-house55, Elizabeth street
19971 Ripley DanSawrey placedwelling-house5, Sawrey place
19972 Ripley Sir Henry William, Bart.Acacia, RawdonbuildingsSpringmill street
19973 Roberts RichardOsborne streetdwelling-house90, Osborne street
19974 Roberts Samuel FrederickGrove terracedwelling-house9, Grove terrace
19975 Robertshaw BenjaminFitzgerald streetdwelling-house130, Fitzgerald street
19976 Robertshaw EdwinEarl streetshop160, Manchester road
19977 Robertshaw GeorgeLegrams laneshop3, Little Horton lane
19978 Robertshaw IllingworthAllertonwarehouse9, Fawcett court
19979 Robertshaw JamesBroadbent streetdwelling-house21, Broadbent street
19980 Robertshaw SamuelBerwick streetdwelling-house23, Berwick street
19981 Robinson ArthurBowlingshop2, Lumby street
19982 Robinson Arthur WhitworthClaremontdwelling-house21, Claremont
19983 Robinson Charles John TempestGreat Horton roaddwelling-house25, Great Horton road
19984 Robinson EdwardMary gatedwelling-house25, Percy street
successivedwelling-house29, Mary gate
19985 Robinson GeorgeManchester roaddwelling-house301, Manchester road
19986 Robinson HenryManchester roadhouse & shop378, Manchester road
19987 Robinson JamesWilliam streetdwelling-house14, William street
19988 Robinson JamesClaytonwarehouse4, Lumby street
19989 Robinson JasperCollege roaddwelling-house111, College road
19990 Robinson JonasCrowther streetdwelling-house123, College road
successivedwelling-house83, Crowther street
19991 Robinson JosephSterling streetdwelling-house135, Sterling street
19992 Robinson JosephLumby streetdwelling-house41, Lumby street
19993 Robinson JosephPark roaddwelling-house1, St. James's street
successivedwelling-house74, Park road
19994 Robinson RalphHorton greenshop150, Manchester road
19995 Robinson RobertKent streetdwelling-house17, Kent street
successivedwelling-house19, Kent street
19996 Robinson ShawBramley streetdwelling-house5, Bramley street
19997 Robinson ThomasFitzgerald streetdwelling-house145, Fitzgerald street
19998 Robinson ThomasCastle streetdwelling-house8, Castle street
19999 Robinson WilliamGreat Horton roaddwelling-house21, Great Horton road
20000 Robinson WilliamBramley streetdwelling-house141, Bramley street
20001 Robshaw CharlesGrafton streetdwelling-house54, Grafton street
20002 Robshaw RobertEbor streetdwelling-house28, Ebor street
20003 Robson James AbelBower streetdwelling-house35A, Bower street
20004 Roche JamesAdelaide streetdwelling-house54, Adelaide street
20005 Rodgers IsaacGreat Horton roadhouse & shop10, Cleveland street
20006 Rodgers JamesOsborne streetdwelling-house72, Osborne street
20007 Rodgers James MannCollege roaddwelling-house17, College road
20008 Roebuck JosephMill lanedwelling-house26, Mill lane
20009 Rogers John JamesNeal streetdwelling-house115, Earl street
successivedwelling-house10, Neal street
20010 Rolffsen AlbertManninghamwarehouse8, Hope street
20011 Ronnfeldt FrederickHoward streetdwelling-house31, Howard street
20012 Roote GeorgeJonas gatedwelling-house36, Jonas gate
20013 Roper HenryFitzgerald streetdwelling-house146, Fitzgerald street
20014 Roper William SpinkEarl streetdwelling-house6, Earl street
20015 Ross AlfredCaledonia streetdwelling-house2, Caledonia street
20016 Ross JohnMannville terracedwelling-house41, Mannville terrace
20017 Ross WilliamBower streetdwelling-house4, Bower street
20018 Rothera JosephSterling streetdwelling-house11, Sterling street
20019 Rowan PatrickPortland streetdwelling-house47, Portland street
20020 Rowbotham HenryBowlingshop64, Manchester road
20021 Runcorn HenrySterling streetdwelling-house45, Sterling street
20022 Runcorn JohnJohn gatedwelling-house2, John gate
20023 Runcorn RichardHannah gatedwelling-house56, Jacob street
successivedwelling-house24, Hannah gate
20024 Rush ThomasGrafton streetdwelling-house89, Grafton street
successivedwelling-house31, Grafton street
20025 Rushforth AquilaEarl streetdwelling-house33, Earl street
20026 Rushforth JamesOsborne streetdwelling-house36, Osborne street
20027 Rushworth JohnEbor streethouse & shop46, Ebor street
20028 Rushworth JosephEbor streetdwelling-house37, Ebor street
successivedwelling-house33, Ebor street
20029 Russell FrankWilliam streetdwelling-house68, Thorpe street
successivedwelling-house20, William street
20030 Ryan JamesRupert streetdwelling-house66, Rupert street
successivedwelling-house41, Rupert street
20031 Ryan WilliamGrafton streetdwelling-house41, Clifford street
successivedwelling-house121, Crowther street
successivedwelling-house12, Grafton street

LITTLE HORTON WARD2, 1882, surnames beginning with the letter S
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
20032 Sagar JamesGreat Horton roaddwelling-house117, Great Horton road
20033 Sagar WilliamMill lanedwelling-house14, Mill lane
20034 Saltonstall GeorgeBroadbent streetdwelling-house13, Broadbent street
20035 Saltonstall JamesFitzgerald streetdwelling-house41, Fitzgerald street
20036 Saltonstall JosephCleveland streethouse & shop15, Cleveland street
20037 Sanders ThomasManninghamshop110, Manchester road
20038 Sanderson JohnHorton greendwelling-house7, Horton green
20039 Sarafogbu EustaceManninghamwarehouse59, Chapel lane
20040 Scandling JohnCrowther streetdwelling-house138, College road
successivedwelling-house109, College road
successivedwelling-house31, Crowther street
20041 Schofield AlfredHorton greenshop8, Manchester road
20042 Schofield EdwardClaremontdwelling-house11, Claremont
20043 Schofield EdwinPaisley streetdwelling-house52, Paisley street
20044 Schofield EmanuelCollege roaddwelling-house97, College road
20045 Schofield JohnCollege housedwelling-house87, Park road
20046 Schofield JohnSterling streetdwelling-house60, Sterling street
20047 Schofield Jonathan SnowdenCollege roaddwelling-house159, College road
20048 Scholefield HenryFitzgerald streetdwelling-house55, Fitzgerald street
20049 Scholefield RichardThomas streetdwelling-house9, Thomas street
20050 Scholes EdwardCollege roaddwelling-house142, College road
20051 Schussler GeorgeManchester roadhouse & shop256, Manchester road
20052 Schwalenberg GustavSterling streetdwelling-house30, Jonas gate
successivedwelling-house80, Sterling street
20053 Scott Henry Washington HowardCrampton streetdwelling-house30, Crampton street
20054 Scott JamesLumby streetdwelling-house43, Lumby street
20055 Scott JamesEarl streetdwelling-house32, Earl street
20056 Scott JoeEast Bierley, Hunsworthwarehouse17, Fawcett court
20057 Scott JohnFitzgerald streetdwelling-house72, Fitzgerald street
20058 Scott WilliamVulcan streetdwelling-house9, Vulcan street
20059 Scully DanielAdelaide streetdwelling-house41, Clifford street
successivedwelling-house19, Vulcan street
successivedwelling-house85, Adelaide street
20060 Scully William PatrickBramley streetdwelling-house24, Marshall street
successivedwelling-house137, Bramley street
20061 Seber HenryGrafton streetdwelling-house2, Castle street
successivedwelling-house77, Grafton street
20062 Seed AlfredGrafton streetdwelling-house67, Grafton street
20063 Sellers GeorgeSterling streetdwelling-house49, Hope street
successivedwelling-house147, Sterling street
20064 Sellers MatthewEarl streetdwelling-house31, Earl street
successivedwelling-house29, Earl street
20065 Sellers WilliamKent streetdwelling-house15, Kent street
20066 Senior Joseph NaylorSterling streetdwelling-house50, Berwick street
successivedwelling-house85, Crowther street
successivedwelling-house7, Sterling street
20067 Sephton HenryLaisteridge lanedwelling-house6, Laisteridge lane
20068 Seymour HinchliffeCrowther courtdwelling-house13, Crowther court
successivedwelling-house4, Crowther court
20069 Seymour JohnClifford streetdwelling-house74, Clifford street
successivedwelling-house19, Clifford street
20070 Seymour ThomasPortland streetdwelling-house98, Portland street
20071 Shackleton GeorgeManchester roaddwelling-house51, Manchester road
20072 Shackleton James WilliamCastle streetdwelling-house4, Castle street
20073 Shackleton JosephOsborne streetdwelling-house27, Osborne street
20074 Shackleton JosephManchester roadhouse & shop27, Manchester road
20075 Shackleton RichardAshley streetdwelling-house13, Ashley street
20076 Shackleton ThomasWilliam streetdwelling-house16, William street
20077 Shapcott WilliamUnion roadshop120, Manchester road
20078 Sharp JeremiahPark lanedwelling-house13, Park lane
20079 Sharp JosephGrafton streetdwelling-house123, Grafton street
successivedwelling-house121, Grafton street
20080 Sharp WilliamAshley streetdwelling-house74, Ashley street
20081 Sharp WilliamAshley streetdwelling-house7, Ashley street
20082 Sharpe William NaylorHoward streetdwelling-house15, Howard street
20083 Sharples AlexanderLower Thomas streetdwelling-house17, Lower Thomas street
20084 Shaw JamesGrafton streetdwelling-house137, Grafton street
20085 Shaw MosesJonas gatedwelling-house27, Jonas gate
20086 Shaw SamBramley streetdwelling-house124, Bramley street
20087 Sheard JohnEarl streetdwelling-house133, Earl street
20088 Shears JohnShearbridge terraceshop133, Great Horton road
20089 Shepherd George AlbertFitzgerald streetdwelling-house128, Fitzgerald street
20090 Shepherd IsaacElizabeth streetdwelling-house7, Elizabeth street
20091 Shepherd JohnMarshall streetdwelling-house31, Marshall street
20092 Shepherd JosephPaisley streetdwelling-house84, Paisley street
20093 Shepherd MarkBroadbent streetdwelling-house37, Broadbent street
20094 Shepherd ThomasJonas gatedwelling-house42, Jonas gate
20095 Shepherd WilliamLittle Horton lanedwelling-house66, Little Horton lane
20096 Shepherd WilliamMoss streetdwelling-house3, Moss street
20097 Shepherd William HenryLittle Horton lanedwelling-house68, Little Horton lane
20098 Sheridan MartinDuncan streetdwelling-house8, Duncan street
20099 Shillam JosephManchester roaddwelling-house1, Grafton street
successivedwelling-house250a, Manchester road
20100 Shipton CharlesCollege roaddwelling-house49, Grafton street
successivedwelling-house101, College road
20101 Shooter ChapmanCaledonia streetdwelling-house37, Caledonia street
20102 Sichel Victor SylvesterClaremontdwelling-house2, Claremont
20103 Sidney William HenryBroadbent streetdwelling-house27, Broadbent street
20104 Simmons MarkClifford streetdwelling-house15, Clifford street
20105 Simonett IsaacHorton greendwelling-house16, Horton green
20106 Simpson Frank BollandCollege roaddwelling-house128, College road
successivedwelling-house16, College road
20107 Simpson RichardJonas gatedwelling-house10, Jonas gate
20108 Simpson WilliamOsborne streetdwelling-house134, Osborne street
20109 Simpson WilliamMarshall streethouse & shop6, Marshall street
20110 Singleton ArthurMerton roaddwelling-house8, Merton road
20111 Singleton Ralph PopplewellGrove terracedwelling-house19, Grove terrace
20112 Singleton RobertPark lanedwelling-house49, Park lane
successivedwelling-house45, Park lane
20113 Singleton SydneyGrove terracedwelling-house24, Grove terrace
20114 Sinyard Joseph EnglishBower streethouse & shop31, Bower street
20115 Skillings GeorgeHannah gatedwelling-house26, Hannah gate
20116 Skirrow JobFitzgerald streetdwelling-house57, Fitzgerald street
20117 Skirrow JohnBramley streetdwelling-house15, Bramley street
20118 Skirrow John MarshallPortland streetdwelling-house22, Portland street
20119 Sladdin JohnMoss streetdwelling-house23, Moss street
20120 Sladdin WilliamCastle streetdwelling-house13, Castle street
20121 Slater JohnEarl streetdwelling-house34, Earl street
successivedwelling-house14, Earl street
20122 Slater ThomasCrowther streetdwelling-house65, Crowther street
20123 Slater William HenryCharlotte streetdwelling-house83, Earl street
successivehouse & shop1, Charlotte street
20124 Smales AllanHorton greendwelling-house8, Horton green
20125 Smart FredHoward streetdwelling-house1, Howard street
20126 Smith CharlesEbor streetdwelling-house39, Ebor street
20127 Smith DavidLittle Horton lanedwelling-house53, Little Horton lane
20128 Smith DavidBramley streetdwelling-house37, Bramley street
20129 Smith EdmundPark roaddwelling-house44, Thorpe street
successivedwelling-house80, Park road
20130 Smith EdwardAnn placedwelling-house12, Ann place
20131 Smith EdwinCollege roaddwelling-house23, College road
20132 Smith GeorgeHenry streetdwelling-house5, Henry street
20133 Smith GeorgeBramley streetdwelling-house21, Bramley street
20134 Smith GeorgeManchester roaddwelling-house285, Manchester road
20135 Smith GeorgeBroadbent streetdwelling-house12, Broadbent street
20136 Smith George BelkMelbourne placedwelling-house11, Melbourne place
20137 Smith JamesClarence streetdwelling-house19, Clarence street
20138 Smith JamesClayton lanehouse & shop4, Clayton lane
20139 Smith JamesDewsburyshop32, Manchester road
20140 Smith JamesSterling streetdwelling-house43, Sterling street
20141 Smith JamesGrafton streetdwelling-house110, Grafton street
successivedwelling-house108, Grafton street
20142 Smith JohnOsborne streetdwelling-house11, Paisley street
successivedwelling-house110, Osborne street
20143 Smith JohnGrafton streetdwelling-house91, Grafton street
20144 Smith JohnLower Back William streetdwelling-house10, Lower Back William street
20145 Smith JohnCroft streetdwelling-house58, Croft street
successivedwelling-house38, Croft street
20146 Smith JohnFitzgerald streetdwelling-house71, Fitzgerald street
20147 Smith JohnSterling streetdwelling-house49, Sterling street
20148 Smith JohnLumby streetdwelling-house13, Lumby street
20149 Smith John CharlesGrafton streetdwelling-house50, Croft street
successivedwelling-house28, Grafton street
20150 Smith JonathanOsborne streetdwelling-house63, Thorpe street
successivedwelling-house78, Osborne street
20151 Smith JosephPaisley streetdwelling-house98, Paisley street
20152 Smith JosephCrowther streetdwelling-house62, Sterling street
successivedwelling-house21, Crowther street
20153 Smith JosephMannville terracedwelling-house39, Mannville terrace
20154 Smith MarkPark roaddwelling-house9, Park road
20155 Smith RichardGrafton streetdwelling-house11, Osborne street
successivedwelling-house123, Grafton street
20156 Smith RichardClifford streetdwelling-house17, Clifford street
20157 Smith RobertBerwick streetdwelling-house105, Berwick street
20158 Smith Robert CundallSterling streetdwelling-house101, Sterling street
20159 Smith SamuelGrove terracedwelling-house11, Howard street
successivedwelling-house26, Grove terrace
20160 Smith SamuelGrafton streetdwelling-house63, Grafton street
20161 Smith SamuelAshgrovewarehouse5, Crossland street
20162 Smith SolomonCleveland streetdwelling-house78, Sterling street
successivedwelling-house27, Cleveland street
20163 Smith ThomasManchester roaddwelling-house295, Manchester road
20164 Smith ThomasManchester roadhouse & shop153, Manchester road
20165 Smith ThomasClifford streetdwelling-house27, Clifford street
20166 Smith WilliamSterling streetdwelling-house187, Manchester road
successivedwelling-house66, Sterling street
20167 Smith WilliamEarl streetshop124, Manchester road
20168 Smith WilliamEarl streetshop182, Manchester road
20169 Smith William BedfordCaledonia streetdwelling-house13, Spicer street
successivedwelling-house77, Caledonia street
20170 Smith William HenryAnn placedwelling-house10, Ann place
20171 Smithies AbrahamPark roaddwelling-house52, Park road
20172 Snowden George RussellEdmund streetdwelling-house23, Edmund street
20173 Snowden Joseph BatemanSherborne roaddwelling-house24, Sherborne road
20174 Somers ThomasBower streetdwelling-house71, Bower street
20175 Somerset JohnMarshall streetdwelling-house58, Marshall street
20176 Sowden DavidAshgrovedwelling-house51, Ashgrove
20177 Sowden JohnSt. James's squaredwelling-house21, St. James's square
20178 Sowden JohnManninghamwarehousePortland street
20179 Sowden MilesAshgrovedwelling-house36, Ashgrove
20180 Sowood SydneyOsborne streetdwelling-house29, Osborne street
successivedwelling-house114, Osborne street
20181 Speed JamesManchester roadshop211, Manchester road
20182 Speight RobertHoward streetdwelling-house14, Howard street
20183 Spence ThomasClarence streetdwelling-house37, Clarence street
20184 Spence WalterPaisley streetdwelling-house93, Crowther street
successivedwelling-house102, Paisley street
20185 Spencer JamesSterling streetdwelling-house38, Sterling street
20186 Spencer MilesSt. James's squaredwelling-house6, St. James's square
20187 Spencer ThomasHoward streetdwelling-house8, Howard street
20188 Spencer ThomasBramley streetdwelling-house4, Jeffries street
successivedwelling-house87, Bramley street
20189 Spencer WilliamLumby streetdwelling-house45, Lumby street
20190 Spencer WilliamGrafton streetdwelling-house99, Grafton street
20191 Spink JohnManninghamshop13, Manchester road
20192 Spink WilliamManninghamshop13, Manchester road
20193 Sprint JohnBerwick streetdwelling-house37, Berwick street
20194 Spurr JohnBerwick streetdwelling-house9, Berwick street
20195 Squires JohnSt. John's streetdwelling-house3, St. John's street
20196 Stables John WilliamBramley streetdwelling-house20, Osborne street
successivedwelling-house123, Bramley street
20197 Stamp EdwardBerwick streetdwelling-house19, Berwick street
20198 Stamp JamesMoss streetdwelling-house16, Moss street
20199 Stancliffe William HenryManchester roaddwelling-house119, Manchester road
20200 Standing WilliamManninghamshop72, Manchester road
20201 Stanley EdwinOsborne streetdwelling-house156, Osborne street
20202 Stanley JosephPortland streetdwelling-house36, Portland street
20203 Stanley WilliamFitzgerald streetdwelling-house160, Fitzgerald street
20204 Stansfield FrederickHorton housecountinghouse76, Manchester road
20205 Stansfield WilliamClaremont terracedwelling-house8, Claremont terrace
20206 Stead DavidElizabeth streetshop107, Manchester road
20207 Stead HeberOsborne streetdwelling-house40, Osborne street
20208 Stead JonathanGower streetdwelling-house11, Gower street
20209 Stead JosephCollege roaddwelling-house59, College road
20210 Stead Joseph HitchenEarl streetdwelling-house109, Earl street
20211 Stead MichaelBramley streetdwelling-house125, Bramley street
20212 Stead SamuelBurrow streetdwelling-house4, Burrow street
20213 Stead SamuelSt. James's streetdwelling-house7, St. James's street
20214 Steel JamesEbor streetdwelling-house35, Ebor street
20215 Stenchion JohnDuncan streetdwelling-house4, Duncan street
20216 Stephenson JohnSpring placedwelling-house21, Spring place
20217 Stephenson Reuben CalvertAshgrovedwelling-house4, Ashgrove
20218 Stewart AlexanderSouthbrook terracedwelling-house3, Southbrook terrace
20219 Stewart ThomasManchester roaddwelling-house360, Manchester road
20220 Stillings GeorgeMarshall streetdwelling-house45, Marshall street
20221 Stirk GeorgeCollege roaddwelling-house15, Ann place
successivedwelling-house109, College road
20222 Stirk Henry JowettManchester roadhouse & shop113, Manchester road
20223 Stock HenryFitzgerald streetdwelling-house158, Fitzgerald street
20224 Stockdale WilliamOsborne streetdwelling-house92, Osborne street
20225 Stocks JamesGrafton streetdwelling-house127, Grafton street
successivedwelling-house105, Grafton street
20226 Stoner DavidEarl streetdwelling-house48, Earl street
20227 Stoner JamesBerwick streetdwelling-house115, Berwick street
20228 Stoner ThomasNeal streetdwelling-house22, Neal street
20229 Storey BenjaminCollege roaddwelling-house151, College road
20230 Storey JohnPrince streetdwelling-house2, Prince street
20231 Stott EdwardLumby streetdwelling-house19, Lumby street
20232 Stott FrederickLower Thomas streethouse & shop52, Lower Thomas street
20233 Stott HenrySterling streetdwelling-house159, Sterling street
20234 Stott James WhiteleyAshley streethouse & shop1, Crowther street
successivedwelling-house53, Ashley street
20235 Stott JosephManchester roadhouse & shop362, Manchester road
20236 Stott ThomasPark roadshop338, Manchester road
20237 Stringer JosephBerwick streetdwelling-house48, Berwick street
20238 Suddards EliBowlingwarehouse3, Lower Kent street
20239 Suddards Francis SimpsonBowlingwarehouse3, Lower Kent street
20240 Suddards ThomasBowlingwarehouse3, Lower Kent street
20241 Suddards WilliamEdmund streetdwelling-house48, Elizabeth street
successivedwelling-house3, Edmund street
20242 Sugden AlfredBramley streetdwelling-house133, Bramley street
20243 Sugden EdwardElizabeth streetshop198, Manchester road
20244 Sugden George HenryPark lanedwelling-house11, Park lane
20245 Sugden IsaacFitzgerald streetdwelling-house78, Fitzgerald street
20246 Sugden JosephEarl streetdwelling-house127, Earl street
20247 Sugden MichaelGrove terracedwelling-house2, Grove terrace
20248 Sugden MosesBerwick streetdwelling-house89, Berwick street
successivedwelling-house93, Berwick street
20249 Sugden Robert JobsonEasby roadshop198, Manchester road
20250 Sugden ThompsonBerwick streetdwelling-house52, Berwick street
20251 Sugden WilliamMarshall streetdwelling-house27, Marshall street
20252 Summerley WilliamCollege roaddwelling-house140, College road
20253 Sunderland AlfredGrafton streetdwelling-house136, Grafton street
20254 Sunderland AlfredDewhirst buildingshouse & shop16, Dewhirst buildings
20255 Sunderland EdwardBatleywarehouse12, Clarence street
20256 Sunderland JohnBroadbent streetdwelling-house9, Broadbent street
20257 Sunman Rev. William RobertElizabeth streetdwelling-house42, Elizabeth street
20258 Sutcliffe GeorgeGaythorne streetwarehouse41, Hope street
successivewarehouse6, Hope street
20259 Sutcliffe IsaacCleveland streetdwelling-house74, Paisley street
successivedwelling-house25, Cleveland street
20260 Sutcliffe JamesLittle Horton lanedwelling-house30, Little Horton lane
20261 Sutcliffe JamesBramley streetdwelling-house47, Bramley street
20262 Sutcliffe WilliamRupert streetdwelling-house13, Fairfax street
successivedwelling-house54, Rupert street
20263 Sutcliffe Wilson, junr.Bowlingwarehouse15, Fawcett court
20264 Sutherland JamesGrafton streetdwelling-house143, Grafton street
successivedwelling-house110, Grafton street
20265 Swaine Absalom RawnsleyMannville terracedwelling-house34, Mannville terrace
20266 Swaine Charles HenryElizabeth streetdwelling-house54, Tudor street
successivedwelling-house37, Elizabeth street
20267 Swaine JamesCollege roadhouse & shop30, College road
20268 Swinton JamesSterling streetdwelling-house56, Sterling street
20269 Swithenbank EdwardFitzgerald streetdwelling-house108, Fitzgerald street
20270 Sykes Henry EdwinLittle Horton lanedwelling-house80, Little Horton lane
20271 Sykes Henry HowarthSt. James's squaredwelling-house20, St. James's square
20272 Sykes JohnBower streetdwelling-house68, Bower street
20273 Sykes TimothyPortland streetdwelling-house39, Portland street
20274 Sykes William HenrySterling streetdwelling-house80, Sterling street
successivedwelling-house79, Sterling street

LITTLE HORTON WARD2, 1882, surnames beginning with the letter T
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
20275 Tabrah JohnZetland placeshop4, Bank buildings
20276 Tallant JohnAshley streetdwelling-house33, Clifford street
successivedwelling-houseJohn gate
successivedwelling-house41, Ashley street
20277 Tane JeremiahGrafton streetdwelling-house46, Berwick street
successivedwelling-house134, Grafton street
20278 Tankard JohnBowlingshop292, Manchester road
20279 Tarbotton JamesCollege roaddwelling-house14, College road
20280 Tattersall JamesNorton gatedwelling-house29, Norton gate
20281 Tattersall ThomasPortland streetdwelling-house100, Portland street
20282 Tattersall WilliamNeal streetdwelling-house17, Neal street
20283 Taylor AlfredAshgrovewarehouse9, Nelson street
20284 Taylor Christopher EdmondsonMelbourne placedwelling-house14, Melbourne place
20285 Taylor FrancisFitzgerald streetdwelling-house30, Fitzgerald street
20286 Taylor JamesPark roaddwelling-house67, Park road
20287 Taylor John WilliamManchester roadhouse & shop305, Manchester road
20288 Taylor JonasPaisley streetdwelling-house9, Paisley street
20289 Taylor JosephOsborne streetdwelling-house30, Osborne street
20290 Taylor JosephRupert streetdwelling-house48, Rupert street
successivedwelling-house64, Rupert street
20291 Taylor RichardSpring placewarehouseCharlotte street
20292 Tebbs JosephSawrey placedwelling-house12, Sawrey place
20293 Tempest EdwinBower streetdwelling-house66, Bower street
20294 Tempest JohnCollege roaddwelling-house8, College road
20295 Tempest JohnOsborne streetdwelling-house16, Osborne street
20296 Tennant ThomasPark roaddwelling-house41, Park road
successivedwelling-house10, Park road
20297 Terry HenryManchester roaddwelling-house125, Grafton street
successivehouse & shop233, Manchester road
20298 Terry JoabCollege roaddwelling-house160, College road
20299 Terry JohnMary gatedwelling-house21, Mary gate
20300 Tetley Herbert HustlerSouthfield laneshopbottom end Earl street
20301 Tetley JohnEarl streetdwelling-house106, Earl street
20302 Thackwray EmanuelEarl streetdwelling-house40, Earl street
20303 Thackwray JamesLittle Horton lanedwelling-house43, Little Horton lane
20304 Thirkill GeorgeJonas gatedwelling-house39, Jonas gate
20305 Thirkill HenryHenry streetdwelling-house13, Henry street
20306 Thirkill WilliamCrowther streetdwelling-house62, Marshall street
successivedwelling-house23, Crowther street
20307 Thomas Stephen GeorgeGrove terracedwelling-house5, Grove terrace
20308 Thomas WilliamOsborne streetdwelling-house42, Osborne street
20309 Thomas William JacobWoodville terracedwelling-house2, Woodville terrace
20310 Thompson CharlesFitzgerald streetdwelling-house35, Fitzgerald street
20311 Thompson Charles HaleyBower streethouse & shop77, Bower street
20312 Thompson JamesFitzgerald streetdwelling-house118, Fitzgerald street
20313 Thompson JamesMerton roadshop54, Manchester road
20314 Thompson JohnEdmund streetdwelling-house30, Edmund street
20315 Thompson JohnPortland streetdwelling-house64, Portland street
20316 Thompson RobertLittle Horton lanedwelling-house129, Little Horton lane
20317 Thompson SmithSpring placedwelling-house20, Spring place
20318 Thompson SquirePortland streetdwelling-house62, Portland street
20319 Thompson ThomasEarl streetdwelling-house3, Earl street
20320 Thompson WilliamOsborne streetdwelling-house136, Osborne street
20321 Thompson William ThomasGiles streetdwelling-house9, Giles street
20322 Thomson RichardMerton roaddwelling-house27, Merton road
20323 Thornbeck ThomasHope streethouse & shop47, Hope street
20324 Thornton ArthurKaye streetshop13, Little Horton lane
20325 Thornton EbenezerRichmond roadshop13, Little Horton lane
20326 Thornton JohnCastle streetdwelling-house10, Castle street
20327 Thornton JohnOakenshawwarehouse7, Fawcett row
20328 Thornton JonathanManchester roadhouse & shop179, Manchester road
20329 Thornton SimeonCollege roaddwelling-house137, College road
20330 Thornton WilliamHorton greendwelling-house6, Horton green
20331 Thornton WilsonManchester roadhouse & shop244, Manchester road
20332 Thorp Thomas SowarsbyJonas gatedwelling-house44, Jonas gate
20333 Thorpe JosephHoward streetdwelling-house9, Howard street
20334 Threapleton DavidMoss streetdwelling-house27 Moss street
20335 Thresh JamesWindhill, Idleshop22, Manchester road
20336 Tighe DennisNelson courtdwelling-house30, Nelson court
20337 Tighe FrankCaledonia streetdwelling-house13, Caledonia street
20338 Tindle GeorgeMerton roaddwelling-house28, Merton road
20339 Tiplady GeorgeShearbridge terracedwelling-house43, Shearbridge terrace
20340 Toney BernardDuncan streetdwelling-house89, Duncan street
20341 Topham JohnLower Thomas streetdwelling-house19, Lower Thomas street
20342 Topham ThomasLaisteridge lanedwelling-house10, Laisteridge lane
20343 Tordoff William HenryBower streetdwelling-house12, Bower street
20344 Torrance JamesBradfordshop39, Manchester road
20345 Towers ThomasFitzgerald streetdwelling-house136, Fitzgerald street
20346 Towler ThomasOsborne streetdwelling-house7, Osborne street
20347 Towler WilliamMary gatedwelling-house18, Mary gate
20348 Townend JamesBank buildingshouse & shop5, Bank buildings
20349 Townend John WilliamGreat Horton roadshop168, Manchester road
20350 Townend RobertShipleyshop17, Croft street
20351 Townend ThomasFitzgerald streetdwelling-house67, Fitzgerald street
20352 Townsend AdolpheEbor streetdwelling-house20, William street
successivedwelling-house53, Ebor street
20353 Townson Alfred MellorLaisteridge lanehouse & shop12, Laisteridge lane
20354 Tozer HenrySterling streetdwelling-houseClarence street
successivedwelling-houseThorpe street
successivedwelling-house69, Sterling street
20355 Tracy WilliamCaledonia streetdwelling-house69, Caledonia street
20356 Trees JosephBowlingwarehouse10, Hope street
20357 Tremel FerdinandManninghamdwelling-house11, Crossland street
20358 Trueman JosephSterling streetdwelling-house24, Sterling street
20359 Turner EdwinShearbridge terracedwelling-house39, Shearbridge terrace
20360 Turner GeorgeOsborne streetdwelling-house26, Osborne street
20361 Turner GeorgeMarshall streetdwelling-house15, Marshall street
20362 Turner JohnBerwick streetdwelling-house64, Berwick street
successivedwelling-house97, Berwick street
20363 Turner RobertBower streetdwelling-house9, Bower street
20364 Turner ThomasMarshall streetdwelling-house40, Marshall street
20365 Turnpenny WatsonManchester roadshop336, Manchester road
20366 Tustin John FrancisOsborne streetdwelling-house11, Osborne street
successivedwelling-house115, Osborne street
20367 Twibill JohnBramley streetdwelling-house86, Crowther street
successivedwelling-house78, Bramley street
20368 Tynan MartinFitzgerald streetdwelling-house107, Fitzgerald street
20369 Tyne JamesManchester roaddwelling-house49, Manchester road
20370 Tyne ThomasBower streetdwelling-house38, Bower street

LITTLE HORTON WARD2, 1882, surnames beginning with the letter U
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
20371 Underwood FrederickGower streethouse & shop366, Manchester road
successivedwelling-house5, Gower street
20372 Underwood IsaacSouthbrook terracedwelling-house7, Southbrook terrace
20373 Underwood JosephSterling streetshop140, Manchester road
20374 Underwood ThomasChester streetshop12, Dewhirst buildings
20375 Upton SamuelCollege roaddwelling-house99, College road

LITTLE HORTON WARD2, 1882, surnames beginning with the letter V
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
20376 Varey JohnBradfordshop13, Jesse street
20377 Varley AbrahamGrafton streetdwelling-house65, Grafton street
20378 Varley ThomasGrafton streetdwelling-house1, Longside court
successivedwelling-house78, Grafton street
20379 Varley WilliamHannah gatedwelling-house18, Hannah gate
20380 Venables ZechariahBower streetdwelling-house27, Bower street
20381 Verity JohnManchester roadhouse & shop47, Manchester road
20382 Verity WilliamJesse streetdwelling-house20, Jesse street
20383 Vickerman JohnAshgrovedwelling-house18, Ashgrove
20384 Virr AlfredAllertonofficeBank buildings
20385 Vitty GeorgeOsborne streetdwelling-house111, Osborne street

LITTLE HORTON WARD2, 1882, surnames beginning with the letter W
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
20386 Waddington JohnCrowther streetdwelling-house91, Crowther street
20387 Waddington WilliamEbor streetdwelling-house18, Ebor street
20388 Waddington WilliamSterling streetdwelling-house68, Sterling street
20389 Waddington WilliamNorth Bierleyshop14, Park road
20390 Wade AaronAshgrovedwelling-house43, Ashgrove
20391 Wade WilliamBramley streetdwelling-house117, Bramley street
20392 Wade William HenryCrampton streetdwelling-house395, Manchester road
successivedwelling-house84, Jacob street
successivedwelling-house36, Crampton street
20393 Walbank JosephEarl streetdwelling-house47, Earl street
20394 Walker AlexanderPark roaddwelling-house59, Park road
20395 Walker GeorgeEarl streetdwelling-house131, Earl street
20396 Walker James GoodhallSherborne roaddwelling-house22, Sherborne road
20397 Walker JohnPudseyshop4, Clifford street
20398 Walker JohnLansdowne placeshop200, Manchester road
20399 Walker John WilliamGreat Horton roadhouse & shop127, Great Horton road
20400 Walker JosephManchester roadhouse & shop99, Manchester road
20401 Walker JosephFitzgerald streetdwelling-house63, Fitzgerald street
20402 Walker JosephCalverleywarehouse48, Kent street
20403 Walker PeterGreat Horton roaddwelling-house11, Great Horton road
20404 Walker RichardOsborne streetdwelling-house109, Osborne street
20405 Walker Richard FelvusLaisteridge roaddwelling-house4, Laisteridge road
20406 Walker Samuel GrantElizabeth streetdwelling-house15, Elizabeth street
20407 Walker WilliamManchester roaddwelling-house271, Manchester road
20408 Walker WilliamLumby streetdwelling-house9, Lumby street
20409 Wall ErnestClaremontdwelling-house19, Claremont
20410 Wallace ElijahPaisley streetdwelling-house37, Paisley street
20411 Wallace JamesBroadbent streetdwelling-house10, Broadbent street
20412 Wallace John WilliamJonas gatedwelling-house39, Broadbent street
successivedwelling-house24, Jonas gate
20413 Wallace WilliamShearbridge terracedwelling-house27, Shearbridge terrace
20414 Wallis GeorgeOld lanedwelling-house8, Old lane
successivedwelling-house2, Old lane
20415 Wallwork JamesSt. James's squaredwelling-house5, St. James's square
20416 Walmsley BeniahAshley streetdwelling-house2, Ashley street
20417 Walmsley IsaacBerwick streetdwelling-house107, Berwick street
20418 Walmsley JabezEbor streetdwelling-house29, Ebor street
20419 Walsh James AustinSouthbrook terracedwelling-house12, Southbrook terrace
20420 Walsh William HenryBerwick streetdwelling-house28, Berwick street
20421 Walters JosephSterling streetdwelling-house103, College road
successivedwelling-house48, Sterling street
20422 Walters WilliamManchester roaddwelling-house275, Manchester road
20423 Walters Rev. William DaviesLittle Horton lanedwelling-house101, Little Horton lane
20424 Walton ElijahGreat Horton roaddwelling-house19, Great Horton road
20425 Walton George JamesSterling streetdwelling-house10, Sterling street
20426 Walton JamesCollege roaddwelling-house25, College road
20427 Walton JamesLittle Horton laneshop33, Little Horton lane
20428 Walton JohnFarsleywarehouse10, Fawcett row
20429 Walton JosephFarsleywarehouse10, Fawcett row
20430 Walton NathanielLaisteridge lanedwelling-house8, Laisteridge lane
20431 Walton RobertManchester roadhouse & shop332, Manchester road
20432 Walton Robert SimpkinHoward streetdwelling-house13, Howard street
20433 Walton RogerBroadbent streetdwelling-house35, Broadbent street
20434 Walton SamuelShearbridge terracedwelling-house31, Shearbridge terrace
20435 Ward JohnGrafton streetdwelling-house79, Grafton street
20436 Ward RobertCrowther streetdwelling-house61, Crowther street
successivedwelling-house5, Crowther street
20437 Ward ThomasSpring placedwelling-house9, Richmond road
successivedwelling-house10, Spring place
20438 Ward WilliamWilliam streetdwelling-house24, William street
20439 Ward WilliamCaledonia streetdwelling-house23, Caledonia street
20440 Wardman HenryElizabeth streetdwelling-house20, Elizabeth street
20441 Wardman LeviOsborne streetdwelling-house19, Osborne street
20442 Waring AbrahamAnn placedwelling-house23, Ann place
20443 Waring JosephManchester roadhouse & shop59, Manchester road
20444 Waterhouse JonasSpring placedwelling-house3, Spring place
20445 Waterhouse JosephAshley streetdwelling-house11, Ashley street
20446 Waterhouse ThomasPark lanedwelling-house1, Park lane
20447 Waterworth JamesManchester roadhouse & shop229, Manchester road
20448 Watkins WilliamAshgrovedwelling-house9, Trinity road
successivedwelling-house42, Ashgrove
20449 Watmough JohnAshgrovedwelling-house47, Ashgrove
20450 Watson FrederickPaisley streetdwelling-house104, Paisley street
20451 Watson JamesCrampton streetdwelling-house13, Crampton street
20452 Watson JohnAshley streetdwelling-house1, Ashley street
20453 Watson JosephCollege roadhouse & shop56, Richmond road
successivehouse & shop12, College road
20454 Watson RichardFranklin streetdwelling-house8, Franklin street
20455 Watson SimeonEarl streetdwelling-house76, Earl street
20456 Watson Thomas AdamClaremontdwelling-house15, Claremont
20457 Watson WilliamTrinity roaddwelling-house1, Trinity road
20458 Waud Frederick ArthurManninghamwarehouse17, Portland street
20459 Waud George MotleyBradfordwarehouse17, Portland street
20460 Waud Horace ChristopherManninghamwarehouse17, Portland street
20461 Waugh JohnMarshall streetdwelling-house23, Richmond road
successivedwelling-house62, Marshall street
20462 Waugh ReubenAshgrovedwelling-house41, Ashgrove
20463 Weatherill WilliamElizabeth streetdwelling-house8, Elizabeth street
20464 Webster ElijahSterling streetdwelling-house153, Sterling street
20465 Webster FrederickGower streetdwelling-house33, Gower street
20466 Webster RobertHoward streetwarehouse59, Chapel lane
20467 Webster RufusBramley streetdwelling-house65, Bramley street
20468 Wechmar William MoritzClaremontdwelling-house13, Claremont
20469 Welfare ThomasCrowther streetdwelling-house123, Crowther street
20470 Wells JacobBramley streetdwelling-house23, Bramley street
20471 Wells WilliamCross streetdwelling-house3, Cross street
20472 Welsh MartinCaledonia streetdwelling-house29, Caledonia street
20473 Welsh ThomasDuncan streetdwelling-house3, Jesse street
successivedwelling-house75, Duncan street
20474 Wentworth GeorgeJonas gatedwelling-house17, Jonas gate
20475 West EdwardManninghamcountinghouse76, Manchester road
20476 West ThomasBower streetdwelling-house13, Bower street
20477 West WilliamSherborne roadshop15, Little Horton lane
20478 Wetherill Thomas BinnsShipleyoffice10, Manchester road
20479 Whalley JamesOsborne streetdwelling-house9, Osborne street
20480 Whalley WilliamLittle Horton lanedwelling-house77, Little Horton lane
20481 Wharton ScottAshgrovedwelling-house28, Ashgrove
20482 Wheater RichardManchester roaddwelling-house283, Manchester road
20483 Wheatley Jonas TurnerGrafton streetdwelling-house17, Grafton street
20484 Wheelwright Thomas WhitfieldShipleywarehouse1, Sharpe street
20485 Whelan DanielCaledonia streetdwelling-house28, Caledonia street
20486 Whelan JohnLumby streetdwelling-house37, Lumby street
20487 Whelan KeranDuncan streethouse & shop66, Duncan street
20488 Whelan MichaelBower streetdwelling-house46, Bower street
20489 Whelan ThomasPrince streetdwelling-house34, Croft street
successivedwelling-house13, Prince street
20490 Whitaker EbenezerLower Thomas courtdwelling-house15, Lower Thomas court
20491 Whitaker FrancisWilliam streetdwelling-house26, William street
20492 Whitaker GeorgeCross streetdwelling-house21, Cross street
20493 Whitaker JamesJesse streetdwelling-house21, Jesse street
20494 Whitaker JamesLower Bramley streetdwelling-house10, Lower Bramley street
20495 Whitaker JohnJonas gatedwelling-house7, Jonas gate
20496 Whitaker ThomasManchester roaddwelling-house42, Manchester road
20497 Whitaker ThomasRupert streetdwelling-house55, Tudor street
successivedwelling-house90, Rupert street
20498 Whitaker WilliamLittle Horton lanehouse & shop39, Little Horton lane
20499 White AlexanderGrafton streetdwelling-house27, Grafton street
20500 White CalebTrinity roadshop79, Chapel lane
20501 White EdwinEarl streetdwelling-house78, Earl street
20502 White FrederickAllertonwarehouse9, Fawcett court
20503 White LutherAllertonwarehouse11, Fawcett court
20504 White RobertLumley streetdwelling-house11, Crowther court
successivedwelling-house16, Lumley street
20505 White WilliamSterling streetdwelling-house28, Sterling street
successivedwelling-house75, Sterling street
20506 White WilliamBroadbent streetdwelling-house17, Broadbent street
20507 Whitehead CoultasCrowther courtdwelling-house9, Copthorne road
successivedwelling-house11, Crowther court
successivedwelling-house13, Crowther court
20508 Whitehead JamesBramley streetdwelling-house109, Bramley street
20509 Whitehead JamesOsborne streetdwelling-house25, Osborne street
20510 Whitehead RichardManchester roaddwelling-house15, Clayton lane
successivehouse & shop328, Manchester road
20511 Whitehead Thomas RochesterManninghamwarehouse1, Sharpe street
20512 Whitehead Thomas StottManchester roadhouse & shop60, Manchester road
20513 Whitehead WilliamFranklin streetdwelling-house16, Franklin street
20514 Whiteley EzraRupert streetdwelling-house72, Rupert street
20515 Whiteley JohnMill lanedwelling-house17, Mill lane
20516 Whitfield John CharlesBowlingwarehouse130, Osborne street
20517 Whitham CalebPortland streetdwelling-house76, Portland street
20518 Whitley ThomasHorton greendwelling-house42, Horton green
20519 Whitney AlfredSwan streetdwelling-house6, Swan street
20520 Whitney GeorgeGreat Horton roadshop25, Little Horton lane
20521 Whittam FieldhouseBower streetdwelling-house67, Bower street
20522 Whittingham JosephManninghamwarehouse7, Chapel lane
20523 Whitwell RalphBramley streetdwelling-house117, College road
successivedwelling-house29, Bramley street
20524 Whitworth JohnHoward streetdwelling-house23, Howard street
20525 Widdop HenryRawdonwarehouseLower Kent street
20526 Widdop WilliamCastle rowdwelling-house7, Castle row
20527 Widdop WilliamLightcliffewarehouseLower Kent street
20528 Widdop William WrigleyRawdonwarehouseLower Kent street
20529 Widdowfield RalphAshley streetdwelling-house76, Ashley street
20530 Widdup MicahManchester roadhouse & shop370, Manchester road
20531 Widnall JohnSouthbrook terracedwelling-house6, Southbrook terrace
20532 Wigglesworth JohnGrafton streetdwelling-house42, Grafton street
20533 Wignall GeorgeEarl streetshopnext 107, Manchester road
20534 Wilby HenryJonas gatedwelling-house11, Jonas gate
20535 Wilcock CharlesShearbridge terracedwelling-house57, Shearbridge terrace
20536 Wilcock JohnRussell streetdwelling-house5, Russell street
20537 Wilcock JohnLittle Horton lanedwelling-house28, Little Horton lane
20538 Wilcock JohnEbor streetdwelling-house32A, Ebor street
20539 Wilcock ThomasSt. John's streetdwelling-house14, St. John's street
20540 Wild John Watson NaylorBank buildingshouse & shop8, Bank buildings
20541 Wiles WilliamClifford streetdwelling-house78, Clifford street
successivedwelling-house31, Clifford street
20542 Wilkes WalterHeadingleyshop20, Manchester road
20543 Wilkes William CharlesAshley streetdwelling-house51, Ashley street
20544 Wilkinson BenjaminCollege roaddwelling-house6, College road
20545 Wilkinson FrankBradfordwarehouse41A, Hope street
20546 Wilkinson HenryManninghamwarehouse1, Nelson street
20547 Wilkinson JamesSterling streetdwelling-house84, Sterling street
20548 Wilkinson JamesBowlingwarehouse130, Osborne street
20549 Wilkinson JamesSterling streetdwelling-house119, Sterling street
20550 Wilkinson JohnGrove terracedwelling-houseClarendon terrace
successivedwelling-house6, Grove terrace
20551 Wilkinson JosephKent streetdwelling-house41, Kent street
20552 Wilkinson JosephGiles streetdwelling-house1, Giles street
20553 Wilkinson JoshuaOsborne streetdwelling-house13, Osborne street
20554 Wilkinson RichardBurrow streetdwelling-houseCroft street
successivedwelling-house10, Burrow street
20555 Wilkinson SamAshley streetdwelling-house43, Ashley street
20556 Wilkinson SamManninghamwarehouse1, Nelson street
20557 Wilkinson ThomasBerwick streetdwelling-house109, Berwick street
20558 Wilkinson TimothySpring placedwelling-house17, Spring place
20559 Wilkinson WilliamOsborne streetdwelling-house116, Osborne street
20560 Wilkinson WilliamSterling streetdwelling-house40, Sterling street
20561 Wilks CharlesAshley streetdwelling-house51, Ashley street
20562 Wilks JosephManchester roadhouse & shop129, Manchester road
20563 Willey FrancisManninghamwarehouse4, Crossland street
20564 Willey Richard ClarendonManninghamwarehouse4, Crossland street
20565 Willey ThomasBerwick streetdwelling-house47, Berwick street
20566 Willey Thomas, junr.Berwick streetdwelling-house35, Berwick street
20567 Williams ThomasElizabeth streetdwelling-house44, Elizabeth street
20568 Williamson William WaudLaisteridge roaddwelling-house10, Laisteridge road
20569 Willis Charles JohnSpring placedwelling-house15, Spring place
20570 Willis HenryEccleshillwarehouse8, Fawcett court
20571 Willis JosephZetland placedwelling-house4, Zetland place
20572 Willis ThomasCrowther streetdwelling-house25, Crowther street
20573 Wilman JohnWibseyshopGower street
20574 Wilman WilfredFitzgerald streetdwelling-house74, Fitzgerald street
20575 Wilson CharlesBramley streetdwelling-house61, Bramley street
20576 Wilson GeorgeCrowther streetdwelling-house78, Crowther street
20577 Wilson James HenryCharlotte streetdwelling-house4, Charlotte street
20578 Wilson James StevenRawdonwarehouse1, Great Horton road
20579 Wilson JohnFitzgerald streetdwelling-house147, Fitzgerald street
20580 Wilson John HenryEarl streetdwelling-house123, Earl street
20581 Wilson Rev. John MooreEdmund streetdwelling-house1, Edmund street
20582 Wilson JonathanEarl streetdwelling-house53, Earl street
20583 Wilson RobertAshley streetdwelling-house44, Ashley street
20584 Wilson ThomasEbor streetdwelling-house10, Ebor street
20585 Winder RobertsonOld lanedwelling-house6, Old lane
20586 Winpenny SamuelHope streetdwelling-house25, Hope street
20587 Winter FrederickEbor streetdwelling-house27, Ebor street
20588 Winterburn BenjaminOsborne streetdwelling-house104, Osborne street
20589 Wiseheart FrederickPark roaddwelling-house83, Park road
20590 Wolstenholme JamesEarl streetdwelling-house27, Earl street
20591 Wombwell George ZachariahManchester roadhouse & shop400, Manchester road
20592 Womersley SamuelManchester roadhouse & shop127, Manchester road
20593 Womersley SamuelCollege roaddwelling-house49, College road
20594 Wood AbrahamGrove terracedwelling-house6, Sherborne road
successivedwelling-house12, Grove terrace
20595 Wood AmbroseGrafton streetdwelling-house57, Grafton street
20596 Wood AnthonyEbor streetdwelling-house41, Ebor street
20597 Wood BenjaminShipleywarehouse13, Lower Kent street
20598 Wood FrederickLaisteridge courtdwelling-house15, Laisteridge court
20599 Wood GeorgeSterling streetdwelling-house47, Sterling street
20600 Wood JohnShipleywarehouse13, Lower Kent street
20601 Wood John EdwardMannville terracedwelling-house14, Mannville terrace
20602 Wood JonasManninghamshopPease's yard, Horton lane
20603 Wood JosephSpring placedwelling-house14, Spring place
20604 Wood JosephLittle Horton lanewarehouse15, Hope street
20605 Wood JoshuaFranklin streetdwelling-house4, Franklin street
20606 Wood Joshua MarshallCroft streetdwelling-house39, Croft street
20607 Wood RichardNorton gatedwelling-house27, Norton gate
20608 Woodhead AbrahamLow moorwarehouse34, Kent street
20609 Woodhead ArthurCollege roaddwelling-house121, College road
20610 Woodhead JamesMill lanedwelling-house22, Mary gate
successivedwelling-house16, Mill lane
20611 Woodhead JamesBramley streetdwelling-house62, Bramley street
20612 Woodhead JamesMarshall streetdwelling-house10, Marshall street
20613 Woodhead JosephCharlotte streetdwelling-house11, Charlotte street
20614 Wooller EphraimCrowther courtdwelling-house2, Crowther court
20615 Woolley RobertLower Thomas streetdwelling-house22, Lower Thomas street
20616 Wormald ThomasPortland streetdwelling-house21, Portland street
20617 Worsley JosephSterling streetdwelling-house9, Sterling street
20618 Worsnop IsaacFitzgerald streetdwelling-house40, Fitzgerald street
20619 Worsnop LeviPark lanedwelling-house47, Park lane
20620 Worsnop SamuelLower Bramley streetdwelling-house32, Marshall street
successivedwelling-house2, Lower Bramley street
20621 Worsnop SimeonAbram gatedwelling-house23, Abram gate
20622 Wray TitusOsborne streetdwelling-house3, Osborne street
successivedwelling-house2, Osborne street
20623 Wray WilliamEarl streetdwelling-house67, Earl street
20624 Wright George AndersonLittle Horton lanedwelling-house165, Little Horton lane
20625 Wright James JamesPark lanedwelling-house5, Park lane
20626 Wright JohnHorton greendwelling-house46, Horton green
20627 Wright JonathanEdmund streetdwelling-house23, Grove terrace
successivedwelling-house6, Edmund street
20628 Wright JosephPortland streetdwelling-house55, Portland street
20629 Wright MatthewHorton halldwelling-houseHorton hall
20630 Wright ThomasSterling streetdwelling-house114, Sterling street
20631 Wright ThomasEccleshillshop188A, Manchester road
20632 Wright ThomasCrampton streetshop23, Little Horton lane
20633 Wright WalterGrafton streetdwelling-house141, Grafton street
20634 Wyrill JosephGrafton streetdwelling-house147, Grafton street

LITTLE HORTON WARD2, 1882, surnames beginning with the letter Y
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
20635 Yates JudeGiles streetdwelling-house8, Giles street
20636 Yewdall Charles ArthurRodley, Calverleywarehouse16, Hope street
20637 Yewdall SamuelLower Thomas streetdwelling-house21, Lower Thomas street
20638 York WilliamZetland placedwelling-house12, Zetland place
20639 Young GeorgeDuggan's Buildingsdwelling-house17, Duggan's Buildings

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