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BRADFORD: Bradford Parliamentary Register 1882, MANNINGHAM WARD2.


Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
23627 Abbott BenjaminThorncliffe roaddwelling-houseThorncliffe road
23628 Abbott EdwardWoodbank placedwelling-housePriestman street
successivedwelling-house28, Woodbank place
23629 Abbott JohnBeamsley streetdwelling-house180, Beamsley street
23630 Abbott JohnWoodbury roaddwelling-house65, Woodbury road
23631 Ackroyd BenjaminGlobe folddwelling-house47, Globe fold
23632 Ackroyd EdwinWoodbury roaddwelling-houseWestbourne road
successivedwelling-house17, Woodbury road
23633 Ackroyd FrancisGreen lane courtdwelling-houseGreen lane court
successivedwelling-house3, Green lane court
23634 Ackroyd FrancisWoodbank placedwelling-housePriestman street
successivedwelling-house24, Woodbank place
23635 Ackroyd GeorgeNorth Park roaddwelling-house5, North Park road
23636 Ackroyd JohnBelgrave placedwelling-house58, Belgrave place
23637 Ackroyd John HarrisSt. Mary's roaddwelling-house53, St. Mary's road
23638 Ackroyd John WilliamThorncliffe roaddwelling-houseHebden street
successivedwelling-house1, Thorncliffe road
23639 Ackroyd Jonas AlfredGreen lanedwelling-house40, Green lane
23640 Ackroyd JosephRose streetdwelling-house30, Rose street
23641 Ackroyd LeviBlenheim roaddwelling-houseBertram road
successivedwelling-house20, Blenheim road
23642 Ackroyd OliverPark view roaddwelling-house39, Park view road
23643 Ackroyd RobinsonPark mountdwelling-house17, Park mount
23644 Ackroyd WilliamWood streetdwelling-house44, Wood street
23645 Ackroyd WilliamSilk streetdwelling-house57, Silk street
23646 Ackroyd William HenryArcadia streetdwelling-house15, Arcadia street
23647 Acres John WilliamHebden streetdwelling-houseRydal street
successivedwelling-house7, Hebden street
23648 Acres RobertBateman streetdwelling-house3, Bateman street
23649 Acworth JamesBlenheim mountdwelling-house9, Blenheim mount
23650 Agley Thomas WaddingtonWood streetdwelling-house15, Wood street
23651 Ahrons LeopoldMornington villasdwelling-house8, Mornington villas
23652 Airey RobertBelgrave placedwelling-house129, Belgrave place
23653 Aked John BentWoodview terracedwelling-house29, Woodview terrace
23654 Albert CarlOak villasdwelling-house4, Oak villas
23655 Albrecht SiegfriedWoodview terracedwelling-house9, Woodview terrace
23656 Alderson GeorgeCarlisle roaddwelling-house74, Carlisle road
23657 Alexander WilliamOakroyd terracedwelling-house29, Oakroyd terrace
23658 Allan DavidManningham lanedwelling-house156, Manningham lane
23659 Allan GeorgePicton streetdwelling-house35, Picton street
23660 Allan LeviArnold streetdwelling-houseWhetley hill
successivedwelling-house28, Arnold street
23661 Allcock HenryAnvil streetdwelling-houseWhitefield place
successivedwelling-house8, Anvil street
23662 Allcock ThomasAnvil streetdwelling-house10, Anvil street
23663 Allen JamesLaburnum streetdwelling-house38, Laburnum street
23664 Allerton AquilaBeamsley streetdwelling-house150, Beamsley street
23665 Allerton ArthurRose streetdwelling-house8, Rose street
23666 Allerton Edwin ListerMorningsidedwelling-house24, Morningside
23667 Allinson CharlesAtlas streetdwelling-house16, Atlas street
23668 Allinson WilliamThorncliffe roaddwelling-house79, Thorncliffe road
23669 Allison GeorgePrimrose streetdwelling-house61, Primrose street
23670 Allison JamesSouth paradedwelling-house8, South parade
23671 Almond JamesBold streetdwelling-house2, Bold street
23672 Ambler Edward BinksNorth Park roaddwelling-house4, North Park road
23673 Ambler GeorgeOak lanedwelling-house10, Oak lane
23674 Ambler IsaacBuxton streetdwelling-house2, Buxton street
23675 Ambler JohnBishop streetdwelling-house14, Bishop street
23676 Ambler JohnNorth Park roaddwelling-house17, North Park road
23677 Ambler JohnNorth Park roaddwelling-house6, North Park road
23678 Ambler SamuelOak avenuedwelling-house8, Oak avenue
23679 Ambler ThomasBeamsley roaddwelling-house47, Beamsley road
23680 Ambler ThomasOakfielddwelling-houseOakfield
23681 Ambler WilliamOak lanedwelling-houseOak lane
23682 Amos JonasLilycroft roaddwelling-houseLilycroft road
23683 Anderton Frederick WilliamBolton royddwelling-houseBolton royd
23684 Anderton JohnCunliffe terracedwelling-house20, Cunliffe terrace
23685 Anderton MichaelSalt streetdwelling-house78, Salt street
23686 Andrews HenryBeamsley streetdwelling-house138, Beamsley street
23687 Andrews WilliamValley streetdwelling-housePicton street
successivedwelling-house24, Valley street
23688 Appleton JamesCunliffe terracedwelling-house24, Cunliffe terrace
23689 Appleton Thomas WilliamOak villasdwelling-house15, Oak villas
23690 Appleyard GeorgeChassum streetdwelling-house36, Chassum street
23691 Appleyard HenryWaile streetdwelling-house47, Waile street
23692 Appleyard JohnClifton villasdwelling-house1, Clifton villas
23693 Archer Thomas EdwardWoodview terracedwelling-house4, Woodview terrace
23694 Archer WilliamSouth paradedwelling-house18, South parade
23695 Armistead AbednegoPriestman streetdwelling-house151, Priestman street
23696 Armitage JohnFarfield streetdwelling-house72, Farfield street
23697 Armitage JohnWestbourne roaddwelling-house32, Westbourne road
23698 Armitage JosephValley rowdwelling-house2, Valley row
23699 Armitage WilliamPriestman streetdwelling-house68, Priestman street
23700 Ash EdwardCarlisle streetdwelling-house52, Carlisle street
23701 Ashton John HenryWoodbury placedwelling-house5, Woodbury place
23702 Ashton WilliamSpring cliffedwelling-house34, Spring cliffe
23703 Ashworth BartholomewBeamsley roadhouse & shop49, Beamsley road
23704 Ashworth WalterSpringcliffe streetdwelling-house55, Springcliffe street
23705 Ashworth WalterWestbourne roaddwelling-houseAtlas street
successivedwelling-houseSpringcliffe street
successivedwelling-house42, Westbourne road
23706 Askam JohnPrimrose streetdwelling-house1, Primrose street
23707 Aspinall GeorgeFairmountdwelling-house5, Fairmount
23708 Aspinall George TattersallLilycroft roaddwelling-house23, Lilycroft road
23709 Asquith JamesWhetley terracedwelling-house2, Whetley terrace
23710 Asquith James SmithWhetley terracedwelling-house4, Whetley terrace
23711 Asquith JohnWaile streetdwelling-houseWaile street
successivedwelling-house69, Waile street
23712 Atack BenjaminPark View terracedwelling-house13, Park View terrace
23713 Atherton RobertFarfield streetdwelling-house186, Farfield street
23714 Atkins GeorgeManningham lanehouse & shop81, Manningham lane
23715 Atkins GeorgeWoodbank placedwelling-houseWoodbank place
successivedwelling-house31, Woodbank place
23716 Atkinson Charles LawVictor roaddwelling-house27, Victor road
23717 Atkinson EphraimBateman streetdwelling-houseBateman street
successivedwelling-houseBateman street
23718 Atkinson GeorgeWhetley streetdwelling-house10, Whetley street
23719 Atkinson JamesPriestman streetdwelling-houseMontgomery street
successivedwelling-house70, Priestman street
23720 Atkinson JamesSkinner lanedwelling-house31, Skinner lane
23721 Atkinson JohnMarlborough roaddwelling-house38, Marlborough road
23722 Atkinson JohnMorningsidehouse & shop1, Morningside
23723 Atkinson John HenryPriestman streetdwelling-house171, Priestman street
23724 Atkinson Nelson AaronBateman streetdwelling-house15, Bateman street
23725 Atkinson RichardSpringcliffe streetdwelling-house3, Springcliffe street
23726 Atkinson WilliamSilk streetdwelling-house89, Silk street
23727 Atkinson William ChildMarlborough roaddwelling-house40, Marlborough road
23728 Audersley JohnWood streetdwelling-house29, Wood street
23729 Auerbach AdolphusParkfield roaddwelling-house8, Parkfield road
23730 Aveyard SamuelWood streetdwelling-house7, Wood street
23731 Aykroyd AlfredOakwood villasdwelling-houseOakwood villas, Toller lane
23732 Aykroyd EnochSalt streetdwelling-house130, Salt street
23733 Aykroyd JohnSouthfield squaredwelling-house57, Southfield square
23734 Aykroyd JosephSalt streetdwelling-house128, Salt street
23735 Aykroyd JosephChassum streetdwelling-houseWilson square
successivedwelling-house113, Chassum street
23736 Ayrton HenryArcadia streetdwelling-house74, Arcadia street
23737 Ayrton JohnArcadia streetdwelling-house76, Arcadia street

MANNINGHAM WARD2, 1882, surnames beginning with the letter B
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
23738 Bacchus John SamuelOak mountdwelling-house6, Oak mount
23739 Backhouse George FrederickSouthfield squaredwelling-house61, Southfield square
23740 Backhouse JohnThorncliffe roaddwelling-house49, Thorncliffe road
23741 Bacon GeorgeLeyburne streetdwelling-house19, Leyburne street
23742 Bacon John WalkerBishop streetdwelling-house18, Bishop street
23743 Bagley Thomas BucklandCarlisle terracedwelling-house42, Carlisle terrace
23744 Bailey JohnMiddleton streetdwelling-house13, Middleton street
23745 Bailey Samuel OldfieldVictor roaddwelling-house54, Victor road
23746 Bailey ThomasOakroyd terracedwelling-house26, Oakroyd terrace
23747 Bairstow JamesHeaton roaddwelling-houseHeaton road
successivedwelling-house128, Heaton road
23748 Bairstow JamesPriestman streetdwelling-house155, Priestman street
23749 Balaam ElijahLincoln terracedwelling-house26, Lincoln terrace
23750 Balding WilliamHebden streetdwelling-house18, Hebden street
23751 Baldwin HartleyGlobe folddwelling-house8, Globe fold
23752 Baldwin William HartleyArnold streetdwelling-houseUnwin place
successivedwelling-house26, Arnold street
23753 Balfour Archie BaileyVictor roaddwelling-house17, Victor road
23754 Balme RobertPrimrose terracedwelling-house10, Primrose terrace
23755 Balmfield LewisLaburnum streetdwelling-house36, Laburnum street
23756 Balmforth FrankBeamsley roaddwelling-house9, Beamsley road
23757 Balmforth WilliamMiddleton streetdwelling-house25, Middleton street
23758 Bankart GeorgeOak avenuedwelling-house3, Oak avenue
23759 Banks GeorgePriestman terracedwelling-house34, Priestman terrace
23760 Banks ThomasBishop streetdwelling-house38, Bishop street
23761 Bannister GeorgeGreenhill placedwelling-house43, Greenhill place
23762 Bannister HenryGlobe folddwelling-house42, Globe fold
23763 Barber JohnChassum streetdwelling-house158, Chassum street
23764 Barber ThomasGrosvenor terracedwelling-house1, Grosvenor terrace
23765 Barber WilliamBeamsley streetdwelling-house158, Beamsley street
23766 Barber WilliamVictor roaddwelling-house30, Victor road
23767 Barker AlbertSouth paradedwelling-houseHebden street
successivedwelling-house52, South parade
23768 Barker HenryWestbourne roaddwelling-house21, Westbourne road
23769 Barker HenryWhetley hilldwelling-house2, Whetley hill
23770 Barker IsaacHeaton roaddwelling-houseHeaton road
successivedwelling-house124, Heaton road
23771 Barker JamesBack Wood streetdwelling-house47, Back Wood street
23772 Barker JamesPicton streetdwelling-house176, Picton street
23773 Barker MarkSalt streetdwelling-house190, Salt street
23774 Barker RobinsonHome View terracedwelling-houseBuxton street
successivedwelling-houseHome View terrace
23775 Barker ThomasManningham lanedwelling-house67, Manningham lane
23776 Barker ThomasChassum streetdwelling-house15, Chassum street
23777 Barker WilliamConduit streetdwelling-house20, Conduit street
23778 Barlow William WagstaffBlenheim housedwelling-house163, Manningham lane
23779 Barnes EphraimBeamsley streetdwelling-house123, Beamsley street
23780 Barnett WilliamWestbourne placedwelling-house13, Westbourne place
23781 Barr RichardFarfield streetdwelling-houseFarfield street
successivedwelling-house158, Farfield street
23782 Barr RobertSouthfield squareschoolBowland street
23783 Barran WilliamBeecher streetdwelling-house21, Beecher street
23784 Barrans JohnWood streetdwelling-house52, Wood street
23785 Barrett EsauBeamsley streetdwelling-house119, Beamsley street
23786 Barrett GeorgeApsley crescentdwelling-house8, Apsley crescent
23787 Barrett ThomasPriestman streetdwelling-house102, Priestman street
23788 Barrow WilliamWestbourne roaddwelling-house26, Westbourne road
23789 Bartle JohnCarlisle roaddwelling-house120, Carlisle road
23790 Bartle WilliamCarlisle terracedwelling-houseCarlisle terrace
successivedwelling-house54, Carlisle terrace
23791 Barton WilliamWoodbank placedwelling-houseCarlisle road
successivedwelling-house11, Woodbank place
23792 Bashforth CharlesNewport roaddwelling-house40, Newport road
23793 Bassett Arthur HenryArcadia streetdwelling-house39, Arcadia street
23794 Bastow ArthurBertram roaddwelling-house19, Bertram road
23795 Bastow FredSalt streetdwelling-house122, Salt street
23796 Bastow JamesQuarry streetdwelling-house8, Quarry street
23797 Bastow JosephCanary streetdwelling-house3, Canary street
23798 Bastow JosephSpringcliffe streetdwelling-house23, Springcliffe street
23799 Bastow ThomasSpringcliffe streetdwelling-house34, Springcliffe street
23800 Bateman CharlesSalt streetdwelling-house71, Salt street
23801 Bateman ThomasSpringcliffe streetdwelling-house42, Springcliffe street
23802 Bates JoshuaTemple streetdwelling-house8, Temple street
23803 Bateson GeorgeConduit streetdwelling-houseChurch street
successivedwelling-house17, Conduit street
23804 Bateson HaleyRegent squaredwelling-house25A, Regent square
23805 Bateson Jabez ReadSouthfield squaredwelling-house43, Belgrave street
successivedwelling-house6, Southfield square
23806 Batty JohnLilycroft roaddwelling-house70, Lilycroft road
23807 Baxter CharlesClarendon terracedwelling-house15, Clarendon terrace
23808 Baxter CharlesMarlborough terracedwelling-house3, Marlborough terrace
23809 Baxter GeorgeElmsall streetdwelling-house17, Elmsall street
23810 Baxter GeorgeHebden streetdwelling-houseThorn street
successivedwelling-house14, Hebden street
23811 Baxter ThomasPriestman streetdwelling-house210, Priestman street
23812 Beach JohnWilson squaredwelling-house16, Wilson square
23813 Beach William RobertBelgrave placedwelling-house36, Belgrave place
23814 Beacham FrankLily streetdwelling-house1, Lily street
23815 Beanland FrederickClarendon placehouse & shop1, Clarendon place
23816 Beanland GeorgeChurch streetdwelling-house39, Church street
23817 Beanland HenrySpring rowdwelling-house2, Spring row
23818 Beanland JohnPriestman terracedwelling-house54, Priestman terrace
23819 Beanland ListerCanary streetdwelling-house16, Canary street
23820 Beattie JonathanSpring bankdwelling-house11, Spring bank
23821 Beaumont George PerkinNorth Park terracedwelling-house2, North Park terrace
23822 Beaumont George SutherlandPark mountdwelling-house21, Park mount
23823 Beaumont WilliamWilson squaredwelling-house13, Wilson square
23824 Beauwater Robert HenryMansfield roaddwelling-houseWestbourne road
successivedwelling-houseMansfield road
23825 Beecroft JamesSilk streetdwelling-house1, Silk street
23826 Bees Thomas, junr.Thorncliffe roaddwelling-house65, Thorncliffe road
23827 Beeston JosephSilk streetdwelling-house108, Silk street
23828 Beet JohnSalt streetdwelling-house59, Salt street
23829 Beevers Joseph HardcastleSt. Jude's squaredwelling-house5, St. Jude's square
23830 Beha LeoGreenhill placedwelling-house14, Greenhill place
23831 Behr OttoPark mountdwelling-house15, Park mount
23832 Belcher PaulMellor streetdwelling-house25, Hollings terrace
successivedwelling-house24, Mellor street
23833 Bell George MauricePriestman terracedwelling-house36, Priestman terrace
23834 Bell StephenLilycroft roadhouse & shop82, Lilycroft road
23835 Bell WilliamClifton streetdwelling-house7, Clifton street
23836 Bell WilliamSalt streetdwelling-house69, Salt street
23837 Bellaby RobertHeaton roaddwelling-house16, Heaton road
23838 Belton GeorgeAnvil streetdwelling-house37, Anvil street
23839 Bendall GeorgeFern terracedwelling-house12, Fern terrace
23840 Benn JamesSpring cliffedwelling-house8, Anvil street
successivedwelling-house28, Spring cliffe
23841 Benn JohnWestbourne roaddwelling-house69, Westbourne road
23842 Benner EdwinGrosvenor placedwelling-house151, Grosvenor place
23843 Bennett AbrahamWaile streetdwelling-house20, Waile street
23844 Bennett Arthur JohnBurlington streetdwelling-houseElmsall street
successivedwelling-house33, Burlington street
23845 Bennett CharlesCarlisle placedwelling-house29, Carlisle place
23846 Bennett JosephChurch streethouse & shop36, Church street
23847 Bennett SamuelGreen lane courtdwelling-house1, Green lane court
23848 Benney Alfred EdwardAmbler streetdwelling-house3, Ambler street
23849 Benson JosephCarlisle terracedwelling-house34, Carlisle terrace
23850 Bentham AlbertGreenhill placedwelling-house32, Greenhill place
23851 Bentley GreenwoodMannheim roaddwelling-houseGirlington road
successivedwelling-houseMannheim road
23852 Bentley HenryHebden streetdwelling-houseHebden street
successivedwelling-house8, Hebden street
23853 Bentley JamesAlice streetdwelling-houseSalt street
successivedwelling-house117, Alice street
23854 Bentley JohnSalt streetdwelling-house87, Salt street
23855 Bentley JohnMiddleton streetdwelling-house6, Middleton street
23856 Bentley JosephCarlisle placedwelling-house54, Carlisle place
23857 Bentley SamuelSalt streetdwelling-house83, Salt street
23858 Berlon HenryWelbury drivedwelling-house7, Welbury drive
23859 Bernard JacquesSpring bankdwelling-house1, Spring bank
23860 Berry CharlesTemple streetdwelling-house26, Temple street
23861 Berry ThomasPicton streetdwelling-house46, Picton street
23862 Berwick JamesBurlington streetdwelling-house5, Burlington street
23863 Besckey GustaveMornington villasdwelling-house7, Mornington villas
23864 Best AbrahamBelle vuedwelling-house3, Belle vue
23865 Best John GibsonHighfield placedwelling-house6, Highfield place
23866 Best SamuelBlenheim roaddwelling-house5, Blenheim road
23867 Betts Alfred ThomasWoodview terracedwelling-house14, Woodview terrace
23868 Bever CharlesPark royddwelling-house240, Park royd
23869 Beverley WalterSt. Paul's roaddwelling-house18, St. Paul's road
23870 Bielfield EmilWalmer placedwelling-house4, Walmer place
23871 Bilborough James WilsonLindum terracedwelling-house8, Lindum terrace
23872 Billington ThomasSalt streetdwelling-house204, Salt street
23873 Bilsborough WilliamLily streetdwelling-house25, Lily street
23874 Binns CharlesSt. Jude's placedwelling-house13, St. Jude's place
23875 Binns CharlesGrosvenor terracedwelling-house4, Grosvenor terrace
23876 Binns PeterWood streethouse & shop12, Wood street
23877 Binns JohnChurch streetdwelling-house96, Church street
23878 Binns JohnWaile streetdwelling-houseGreenhill place
successivedwelling-house4, Waile street
23879 Binns JohnPriestman streetdwelling-house83, Priestman street
23880 Binns JohnPrimrose streetdwelling-house57, Primrose street
23881 Binns JonasNewport roaddwelling-house8, Newport road
23882 Binns JosephWhetley streetdwelling-house7, Whetley street
23883 Binns JosephChurch streetdwelling-house24, Church street
23884 Binns Joseph ArthurOak lanedwelling-house11, Oak lane
23885 Birch HenryBelgrave placedwelling-house48, Belgrave place
23886 Birch JohnLumb lanedwelling-house114, Lumb lane
23887 Birkett IsaacNorthfield placedwelling-house5, Northfield place
23888 Birkinshaw John RichardMarlborough roaddwelling-house32, Marlborough road
23889 Black JohnCarlisle placedwelling-house46, Carlisle place
23890 Blackburn FrederickElmsall streetdwelling-house15, Elmsall street
23891 Blackburn SampsonLincoln terracedwelling-house5, Lincoln terrace
23892 Blagbrough WalterAshburnham grovedwelling-house7, Ashburnham grove
23893 Blair AlexanderRose bankdwelling-house3, Rose bank
23894 Blair Hugh RamseyOak mountdwelling-house7, Oak mount
23895 Blakeborough James EdwardPrimrose terracedwelling-house47, Primrose terrace
23896 Blakesley DavidSilver streetdwelling-house24, Silver street
23897 Blakey WalterLincoln terracedwelling-house23, Lincoln terrace
23898 Blamires JohnMiddleton streetdwelling-houseMorningside
successivedwelling-house22, Middleton street
23899 Blamires SamuelWoodview terracedwelling-house17, Woodview terrace
23900 Blanshard JosephWestbourne roaddwelling-house35, Westbourne road
23901 Bocock JesseWest Butterfield rowdwelling-house7, West Butterfield row
23902 Bodenheim AugustMornington villasdwelling-house6, Mornington villas
23903 Bogan ThomasChassum streetdwelling-houseChassum street
successivedwelling-house29, Chassum street
23904 Bolton FrankPriestman streetdwelling-house195, Priestman street
23905 Bolton GeorgeLumb lanedwelling-house102, Lumb lane
23906 Bolton GeorgeSelbourne villasdwelling-house15, Selbourne villas
23907 Bolton JohnWoodbury placedwelling-house37, Woodbury place
23908 Bolton JosephPriestman streetdwelling-house136, Priestman street
23909 Bolton JoshuaNorth Park roaddwelling-house26, North Park road
23910 Bolton LewisLumb lanehouse & shop153, Lumb lane
23911 Bomforth EdwardCanary streetdwelling-house12, Canary street
23912 Bond PeterBeecher streetdwelling-house22, Beecher street
23913 Bootes William HenrySalt streetdwelling-house116, Salt street
23914 Booth CharlesPriestman terracedwelling-house50, Priestman terrace
23915 Booth EdwardOakroyd terracedwelling-house21, Oakroyd terrace
23916 Booth James FawcettMiddleton streetdwelling-house18, Middleton street
23917 Booth JohnHebden streetdwelling-house4, Hebden street
23918 Booth John EdwardSt. Paul's roaddwelling-house52, St. Paul's road
23919 Booth JosephSalt streetdwelling-house33, Salt street
23920 Booth Joseph JohnVictor roaddwelling-house14, Victor road
23921 Booth Spencer BanksChurch streetdwelling-house30, Church street
23922 Booth WilliamWestbourne placedwelling-house7, Westbourne place
23923 Booth William EdwardOakroyd terracedwelling-house19, Oakroyd terrace
23924 Boothroyd JosephSilk streetdwelling-house27, Silk street
23925 Borissow Alfred MatthewWalmer villasdwelling-house13, Walmer villas
23926 Borrett WilliamBowland streetdwelling-house67, Bowland street
23927 Bottomley JamesGrimwith streetdwelling-house10, Grimwith street
23928 Bottomley JosephOak mountdwelling-house1, Oak mount
23929 Bottomley ThomasHeaton roaddwelling-house12, Heaton road
23930 Bowden JamesChurch streetdwelling-house106, Church street
23931 Bower JonasAlice streetdwelling-house15, Alice street
23932 Bowes JosephSt. Jude's placedwelling-house56, St. Jude's place
23933 Bowker ChristopherSt. Mary's roaddwelling-house66, St. Mary's road
23934 Bowker JosephHebden streetdwelling-houseHebden street
successivedwelling-house20, Hebden street
23935 Bowker ThomasLumb lanehouse & shop96, Lumb lane
23936 Bowland RichardChassum streetdwelling-house46, Chassum street
23937 Bowles GeorgeAtlas streetdwelling-houseFour Lane ends
successivedwelling-house41, Atlas street
23938 Bowman HenryManningham lanedwelling-house224, Manningham lane
23939 Boyce AlfredSilver streetdwelling-house9, Silver street
23940 Boyce Thomas GibsonOak lanedwelling-house20, Oak lane
23941 Boyes FrancisThorncliffe squaredwelling-house18, Thorncliffe square
23942 Boyes HenryCarlisle placedwelling-house32, Carlisle place
23943 Boyes ThomasGreen lanedwelling-house15, Green lane
23944 Boyes WilliamOakroyd terracedwelling-house12, Oakroyd terrace
23945 Boyes William JosephManningham lanedwelling-house164, Manningham lane
23946 Bracewell MichaelWestbourne roaddwelling-house40, Westbourne road
23947 Bracken WilliamWaile streetdwelling-house41, Waile street
23948 Brackenbury WilliamWood streetdwelling-house50, Wood street
23949 Bradbury MarmadukeCarlisle placedwelling-housePriestman street
successivedwelling-house3, Carlisle place
23950 Bradbury JohnNorth Butterfield rowdwelling-house8, North Butterfield row
23951 Brade Richard WilliamPicton streetdwelling-house126, Picton street
23952 Bradley JamesWestbourne placedwelling-house25, Westbourne place
23953 Bradley JohnHopwood streetdwelling-houseChassum street
successivedwelling-house13, Hopwood street
23954 Bradley ThomasWoodbank placedwelling-house14, Woodbank place
23955 Brady BennettChassum streetdwelling-house118, Chassum street
23956 Brailsford Alfred WaltonVictor roaddwelling-house22, Victor road
23957 Brambani AgosstinArcadia streetdwelling-house41, Arcadia street
23958 Brammer WilliamBeamsley streetdwelling-house39, Beamsley street
23959 Brannan MichaelBack Wood streetdwelling-house5A, Back Wood street
23960 Brayshaw EllisGlobe folddwelling-house28, Globe fold
23961 Brayshaw HenryWilson squaredwelling-house11, Wilson square
23962 Brayshaw JohnLincoln terracedwelling-house30, Lincoln terrace
23963 Brayshaw WilliamBowland streetdwelling-house54, Bowland street
23964 Brear SamuelAlice streetdwelling-house23, Alice street
23965 Brearley MatthewSalt streetdwelling-houseSalt street
successivedwelling-house19, Salt street
23966 Breuer RobertManningham lane, Belle VuehotelManningham lane
23967 Brewer ThomasPriestman streetdwelling-house212, Priestman street
23968 Brice WilliamBateman streetdwelling-house22, Bateman street
23969 Brigg JoshuaBelle vuedwelling-house6, Belle vue
23970 Briggs GeorgePicton streetdwelling-house138, Picton street
23971 Briggs HendersonArnold streetdwelling-house4, Arnold street
23972 Briggs HenrySalt streetdwelling-house31, Salt street
23973 Briggs James HenrySouthfield squaredwelling-house44, Southfield square
23974 Briggs JohnSt. Mary's roaddwelling-house72, St. Mary's road
23975 Briggs JohnSilk streetdwelling-house106, Silk street
23976 Briggs JoshuaWhetley streetdwelling-house38, Whetley street
23977 Briggs MatthewPriestman streetdwelling-house203, Priestman street
23978 Briggs MilesBelgrave placedwelling-house95, Belgrave place
23979 Briggs ReubenSilver streetdwelling-house14, Silver street
23980 Briggs ThomasSouthfield squaredwelling-house19, Southfield square
23981 Briggs WatsonNewport roaddwelling-house12, Newport road
23982 Briggs WilliamSilk streetdwelling-house100, Silk street
23983 Briggs William HodgsonCarlisle terracedwelling-house20, Carlisle terrace
23984 Brindisi JacquesSt. Mary's roaddwelling-house77, St. Mary's road
23985 Brittain AlfredUpper globedwelling-house20, Upper globe
23986 Brittain JamesMontgomery streetdwelling-house35, Montgomery street
23987 Broadbent GeorgeBeamsley streetdwelling-house133, Beamsley street
23988 Broadbent JohnCarlisle placedwelling-house34, Carlisle place
23989 Broadbent JohnSt. Paul's roaddwelling-house2, St. Paul's road
23990 Broadbent JonathanArcadia streetdwelling-house16, Arcadia street
23991 Broadbent WilliamFarfield streetdwelling-house122, Farfield street
23992 Broadhead JohnGrimwith streetdwelling-houseTemple street
successivedwelling-house24, Grimwith street
23993 Broadhead SamuelMiddleton streetdwelling-house17, Middleton street
23994 Broadhead ThomasLily streetdwelling-house61, Lily street
23995 Broadley EdwardThorn terracedwelling-houseBurlington street
successivedwelling-house4, Thorn terrace
23996 Broadley EzraHebden streetdwelling-house16, Hebden street
23997 Broadley JosephWoodbury roaddwelling-housePaul street
successivedwelling-house36, Woodbury road
23998 Broadley ThomasBeamsley streetdwelling-house94, Beamsley street
23999 Broderick ArthurSilk streetdwelling-house66, Silk street
24000 Broderick WilliamSilk streetdwelling-houseChassum street
successivedwelling-house64, Silk street
24001 Brook AlfredSalt streetdwelling-house34, Salt street
24002 Brook MarkQuarry streetdwelling-house23, Quarry street
24003 Brook TimothySt. Mary's roaddwelling-house10, St. Mary's road
24004 Brooke AlfredWhetley terracedwelling-house6, Whetley terrace
24005 Brooke CharlesGrimwith streetdwelling-houseGrimwith street
24006 Brooke Richard, junr.Blenheim roaddwelling-house4, Blenheim road
24007 Brooke WilliamPriestman streetdwelling-house74, Priestman street
24008 Brooks GeorgeAnvil streetdwelling-houseKensington street
successivedwelling-house28, Anvil street
24009 Brooksbank JohnMorningsidedwelling-houseWhitefield, Fairbank road
successivedwelling-house12A, Morningside
24010 Broomhead EdwinLeamington streetdwelling-house33, Leamington street
24011 Broughton BenjaminRose Mount villadwelling-houseRose Mount villa
24012 Broughton TomHome View terracedwelling-house7, Home View terrace
24013 Brown Benjamin BibbyWilson streetdwelling-houseCarlisle street
successivedwelling-house2, Wilson street
24014 Brown CharlesBack Wood streetdwelling-house17, Back Wood street
24015 Brown DavidCowgill streetdwelling-house16, Cowgill street
24016 Brown GeorgeBlenheim roaddwelling-house8, Blenheim road
24017 Brown JamesSalt streetdwelling-house9, Salt street
24018 Brown JamesTemple streetdwelling-house1 & 3, Temple street
24019 Brown JohnTemple streetdwelling-house16, Temple street
24020 Brown John DruryPriestman streetdwelling-house145, Priestman street
24021 Brown Newton MurgatroydVictor roaddwelling-house10, Victor road
24022 Brown RichardSpringcliffe streetdwelling-house6, Springcliffe street
24023 Brown Samuel HoratioGrosvenor terracedwelling-house12, Grosvenor terrace
24024 Brown ThomasGreenhill placedwelling-house11, Greenhill place
24025 Brown ThomasLincoln terracedwelling-house7, Lincoln terrace
24026 Brown WilliamSilk streetdwelling-houseBeamsley street
successivedwelling-house81, Silk street
24027 Brown WilliamWoodbury placedwelling-houseHollings road
successivedwelling-house3, Woodbury place
24028 Brown WilliamPrimrose streetdwelling-house55, Primrose street
24029 Brown William BoughtonPark View terracedwelling-house2, Park View terrace
24030 Bruce ThomasBishop streetdwelling-house29, Bishop street
24031 Brumfit GeorgePriestman terracedwelling-house38, Priestman terrace
24032 Brumfit JohnBelgrave placedwelling-house137, Belgrave place
24033 Buckley MarcusWestbourne roaddwelling-house49, Westbourne road
24034 Buckley WilliamAlice streetdwelling-house3, Alice street
24035 Bullock JamesHebden streetdwelling-house5, Hebden street
24036 Bulmer WilliamNorthfield placedwelling-house23, Northfield place
24037 Burgess FrederickVictor roaddwelling-house44, Victor road
24038 Burlison JohnLincoln terracedwelling-housePriestman street
successivedwelling-house9, Lincoln terrace
24039 Burlison ThomasBelgrave placedwelling-house59, Belgrave place
24040 Burnley AlbertCarlisle roaddwelling-house84, Carlisle road
24041 Burnley JamesNorth Park terracedwelling-house4, North Park terrace
24042 Burnley JamesWhetley mountdwelling-house76, Whetley mount
24043 Burnley ThomasSt. Paul's roaddwelling-house8, St. Paul's road
24044 Burns GeorgePicton streetdwelling-house120, Picton street
24045 Burns WilliamManningham lanedwelling-house83, Manningham lane
24046 Burrell EllisCarlisle roaddwelling-house51, Carlisle road
24047 Burrows William HenryAtlas streetdwelling-houseBingley street
successivedwelling-house17, Atlas street
24048 Burton AbsalomChassum streetdwelling-houseCanary street
successivedwelling-house40, Chassum street
24049 Burton DavidChassum streetdwelling-house70, Chassum street
24050 Burton HenryBowland streetdwelling-houseMellor street
successivedwelling-house59, Bowland street
24051 Burton RobertChassum streetdwelling-house56, Chassum street
24052 Burton WilliamBeamsley streetdwelling-house30, Beamsley street
24053 Busfield JoshuaFarfield streetdwelling-house172, Farfield street
24054 Bush JosephHighfield placedwelling-houseHighfield place
24055 Busher EdwardSouthfield squaredwelling-house43, Southfield square
24056 Butler AlfredConduit streetdwelling-houseGrimwith street
successivedwelling-house29, Conduit street
24057 Butler EdwardPrimrose streetdwelling-house17, Primrose street
24058 Butterfield JosephValley roaddwelling-house100, Valley road
24059 Butterwick WilliamAtlas streetdwelling-house21, Atlas street
24060 Buxton JohnPrimrose terracedwelling-house3, Primrose terrace
24061 Byles William PollardSelborne terracedwelling-house1, Selborne terrace
24062 Byrom Henry LeesLumb lanehouse & shop104, Lumb lane

MANNINGHAM WARD2, 1882, surnames beginning with the letter C
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
24063 Callam JohnSilk streetdwelling-houseSilk street
successivedwelling-house182, Silk street
24064 Calvert CharlesBack Spring rowdwelling-house9, Back Spring row
24065 Calvert GeorgeHome View terracedwelling-house10, Home View terrace
24066 Calvert MichaelCarlisle roadhouse & shopCarlisle road
24067 Campbell DuncanSouthfield squaredwelling-house50, Southfield square
24068 Campbell JamesPatent streetdwelling-house36, Patent street
24069 Carlisle HerbertBuxton streetdwelling-houseBuxton street
successivedwelling-house9, Buxton street
24070 Carlton OatesPriestman streetdwelling-house133, Priestman street
24071 Carr HenryWood streetdwelling-house56, Wood street
24072 Carr WilliamLily streetdwelling-house55, Lily street
24073 Carradus ThomasBateman streetdwelling-house34, Bateman street
24074 Carter JohnValley streetdwelling-houseMellor street
successivedwelling-house2, Valley street
24075 Carter JohnSpringcliffe streetdwelling-house19, Springcliffe street
24076 Carter John WilliamValley streetdwelling-housePriestman street
successivedwelling-house23, Valley street
24077 Carter ThomasAtlas streetdwelling-house19, Atlas street
24078 Carter ThomasLumb lanehouse & shop193, Lumb lane
24079 Carter WilliamClarendon streetdwelling-house17, Clarendon street
24080 Carter WoodhouseBeamsley roaddwelling-houseFarfield street
successivedwelling-house55, Beamsley road
24081 Cass ArthurLeyburne streetdwelling-house12, Leyburne street
24082 Catherall JonasLilycroft roadhouse & shop33, Lilycroft road
24083 Catton StephenChassum streetdwelling-house64, Chassum street
24084 Cawley JohnToller lanedwelling-house66, Toller lane
24085 Cawthra JosephNorth Park roaddwelling-house25, North Park road
24086 Cawthraw RichardSalt streetdwelling-houseSalt street
successivedwelling-house84, Salt street
24087 Challes WilliamBeamsley roaddwelling-house76, Beamsley road
24088 Chapman EdwardWestbourne roaddwelling-houseWestbourne road
24089 Chapman FrancisChurch streetdwelling-house104, Church street
24090 Chapman George OdamMarlborough roaddwelling-house29, Marlborough road
24091 Charlton RichardArcadia streetdwelling-house60, Napier street
successivedwelling-house34, Arcadia street
24092 Charnock JoeArcadia streetdwelling-house25, Arcadia street
24093 Cheeseborough LeonardTradesmen's Homedwelling-house8, Tradesmen's Home
24094 Cheetham GeorgeAnvil streetdwelling-house34, Anvil street
24095 Cheetham JosephPatent streetdwelling-house32, Patent street
24096 Cheetham SamuelPark view roaddwelling-houseSalt street
successivedwelling-house53, Park view road
24097 Chelvers DavidPicton streetdwelling-house5, Picton street
24098 Chesney ThomasClarendon streetdwelling-house19, Clarendon street
24099 Chester GeorgeWhetley mountdwelling-house94, Whetley mount
24100 Chester ThomasBarden streetdwelling-house12, Barden street
24101 Chevob HenryHighfield placedwelling-house5, Highfield place
24102 Child Frederick JohnNorthfield placedwelling-houseSalt street
successivedwelling-house9, Northfield place
24103 Child JamesRose streetdwelling-house44, Rose street
24104 Child ThomasBowland streetdwelling-house49, Bowland street
24105 Christian HenryLincoln terracedwelling-house15, Lincoln terrace
24106 Clapham JohnSt. Mary's roaddwelling-houseSt. Mary's road
successivedwelling-houseManningham lane
24107 Clapham MarkConduit streetdwelling-house31, Conduit street
24108 Clarey JohnWood streetdwelling-house39, Wood street
24109 Clarey PatrickBeamsley streetdwelling-house80, Beamsley street
24110 Claridge WilliamFairfield roaddwelling-house16, Fairfield road
24111 Clark AbrahamSpringfield streetdwelling-house15, Springfield street
24112 Clark HenrySalt streetdwelling-house37, Salt street
24113 Clark HenryPicton streetdwelling-house47, Picton street
24114 Clark JamesBeamsley streetdwelling-house33, Beamsley street
24115 Clark JamesValley streetdwelling-house9, Valley street
24116 Clark JohnCarlisle placedwelling-house50, Carlisle place
24117 Clark JohnParkfield roaddwelling-house4, Parkfield road
24118 Clark JohnMontgomery streetdwelling-house22, Montgomery street
24119 Clark JosephCarlisle placedwelling-houseCarlisle place
successivedwelling-house65, Carlisle place
24120 Clark JosephSpringfield streetdwelling-house40, Springfield street
24121 Clark WilliamChurch streetdwelling-house81, Church street
24122 Clark WilliamWestbourne roaddwelling-house12, Westbourne road
24123 Clarke HenryPicton streetdwelling-house47, Picton street
24124 Clarke JohnGreenhill placedwelling-house8, Greenhill place
24125 Clarkson CharlesAnvil streetdwelling-house14, Anvil street
24126 Clarkson WilliamChassum streetdwelling-house27, Chassum street
24127 Clayton GeorgeFarcliffe placedwelling-house18, Farcliffe place
24128 Clayton JamesGreenhill placedwelling-house16, Greenhill place
24129 Clayton JohnGreen lanedwelling-house16, Green lane
24130 Clayton Joseph WilkinsonPrimrose streetdwelling-house71, Primrose street
24131 Clayton Michael ArthurPrimrose terracedwelling-house33, Primrose terrace
24132 Clayton WilliamLaburnum streetdwelling-house26, Laburnum street
24133 Clegg JohnHebden streetdwelling-house23, Hebden street
24134 Clegg JohnLincoln terracedwelling-house35, Lincoln terrace
24135 Clegg RichardSalt streetdwelling-house41, Salt street
24136 Clegg RobertPriestman terracedwelling-house56, Priestman terrace
24137 Clegg SamuelLincoln terracedwelling-house6, Lincoln terrace
24138 Clegg ThomasMiddleton streetdwelling-house10, Middleton street
24139 Clewer GeorgeFarfield streetdwelling-house136, Farfield street
24140 Close WilliamAtlas streetdwelling-house7, Atlas street
24141 Clough JohnBelgrave placedwelling-house44, Belgrave place
24142 Clough JohnBishop streetdwelling-house19, Bishop street
24143 Clough JohnPicton streetdwelling-house206, Picton street
24144 Clough LeeBlenheim roaddwelling-house3, Blenheim road
24145 Clough ThomasNorth Butterfield rowdwelling-house2, North Butterfield row
24146 Clough ThomasSkinner lanedwelling-house17, Skinner lane
24147 Clough WhitakerQuarry streetdwelling-house6, Quarry street
24148 Clough WilliamLincoln terracedwelling-house11, Lincoln terrace
24149 Clough WilliamPriestman streetdwelling-house129, Priestman street
24150 Clough WilliamCarlisle placedwelling-house6, Carlisle place
24151 Clough William HenrySt. Jude's placedwelling-house23, St. Jude's place
24152 Coates Christopher ThomasSpring bankdwelling-house5, Spring bank
24153 Coates Henry ToddWoodbury placedwelling-house21, Woodbury place
24154 Coates JamesCarlisle roadhouse & shop2, Carlisle road
24155 Coates JohnBack Heaton roaddwelling-houseBack Heaton road
successivedwelling-houseBack Heaton road
24156 Coates JohnSpring bankdwelling-house3, Spring bank
24157 Coates JohnSpringfield streetdwelling-house28, Springfield street
24158 Coates JosephWellesley terracedwelling-house212, Wellesley terrace
24159 Coates MatthewSilver streetdwelling-house45, Silver street
24160 Coates Richard PullanPark royddwelling-house238, Park royd
24161 Coates ThomasBack Heaton roaddwelling-houseBack Heaton road
24162 Coates WilliamAtlas streethouse & shop3, Atlas street
24163 Coates WilliamValley streetdwelling-house3, Valley street
24164 Cockcroft JessePriestman streetdwelling-housePriestman street
successivedwelling-house168, Priestman street
24165 Cockcroft OliverBavaria placedwelling-house20, Bavaria place
24166 Cockcroft RichardChassum streetdwelling-house78, Chassum street
24167 Cocker Justus JohnCarlisle placedwelling-house34, Arcadia street
successivedwelling-house38, Carlisle place
24168 Cockerham HenryOak villasdwelling-house9, Oak villas
24169 Cockitt JosephWoodbury roaddwelling-house67, Woodbury road
24170 Cockroft HerbertCarlisle placedwelling-house37, Carlisle place
24171 Cocksedge BenjaminChassum streetdwelling-house144, Chassum street
24172 Cockshott VickersLilycroft roaddwelling-house56, Lilycroft road
24173 Cohen BernardPark royddwelling-house236, Park royd
24174 Colbridge GeorgeBuxton streetdwelling-house21, Buxton street
24175 Collins WilliamSt. Paul's roaddwelling-house38, St. Paul's road
24176 Collins WilliamWoodbank placedwelling-houseWoodbank place
successivedwelling-house19, Woodbank place
24177 Collinson GeorgeBeamsley streetdwelling-house114, Beamsley street
24178 Collinson John HenryBeamsley streetdwelling-house85, Beamsley street
24179 Collinson WilliamHopwood streetdwelling-houseHopwood street
successivedwelling-house4, Hopwood street
24180 Collinson WilliamPriestman terracedwelling-house20, Priestman terrace
24181 Comfort William AlfredSpring cliffedwelling-house26, Spring cliffe
24182 Condie DavidCottingley terracedwelling-house10, Cottingley terrace
24183 Cononley MichaelChassum streetdwelling-house161, Chassum street
24184 Conway JohnSouthfield squarehouse & shop74, Southfield square
24185 Cook Alexander CharlesCarlisle placedwelling-house11, Carlisle place
24186 Cook John TurnerNorth Park roaddwelling-house24, North Park road
24187 Cook William PearceSouth paradedwelling-houseBishop street
successivedwelling-house26, South parade
24188 Cooke Edward ClaytonSalt streetdwelling-house115, Salt street
24189 Cooke HenryMiddleton streetdwelling-house26, Middleton street
24190 Cooke Henry JamesWalmer villasdwelling-house8, Walmer villas
24191 Cooke JohnMiddleton streetdwelling-house24, Middleton street
24192 Cooke John MirfieldBelgrave streetdwelling-house51, Belgrave street
24193 Cooke WilliamGreen lanedwelling-house21, Green lane
24194 Cooper BenjaminChassum streetdwelling-houseFarfield street
successivedwelling-house109, Chassum street
24195 Cooper Charles HenryCunliffe terracedwelling-house8, Cunliffe terrace
24196 Cooper FrancisChassum streetdwelling-house70, Chassum street
24197 Cooper HenryWestbourne roaddwelling-house22, Westbourne road
24198 Cooper JoshuaPicton streetdwelling-house23, Picton street
24199 Cooper RichardChassum streetdwelling-house190, Chassum street
24200 Cooper SamuelDenby streetdwelling-house2, Denby street
24201 Cooper SamuelPrimrose streetdwelling-house1, Primrose terrace
24202 Cooper ThomasFarfield streetdwelling-house134, Farfield street
24203 Cooper ThomasLincoln terracedwelling-house10, Lincoln terrace
24204 Copeland Frank StrangeAthol roaddwelling-house5, Athol road
24205 Copley Benjamin TaylorSt. Jude's squaredwelling-house62, Ripon street
successivedwelling-house3, St. Jude's square
24206 Cordingley JohnThorncliffe roaddwelling-houseThorncliffe square
successivedwelling-house55, Thorncliffe road
24207 Cordingley ThomasHortonworkshopThorncliffe road
24208 Corlett PhillipTemple streetdwelling-house20, Temple street
24209 Cottam Charles BeaumontCunliffe terracedwelling-house6, Cunliffe terrace
24210 Cottam FrederickNewport roaddwelling-house38, Newport road
24211 Cottam LaurenceCliffe terracedwelling-house14, Cliffe terrace
24212 Coulson JohnBeamsley streetdwelling-house95, Beamsley street
24213 Coulson RichardSilver streetdwelling-houseEast Squire lane
successivedwelling-house28, Silver street
24214 Coulton ArthurLily streetdwelling-houseLily street
successivedwelling-house26, Lily street
24215 Coulton JohnRose streetdwelling-house31, Rose street
24216 Coulton JohnTemple streetdwelling-house12, Temple street
24217 Coulton SimeonSpring rowdwelling-house27, Spring row
24218 Cousen WilliamHome View terracedwelling-house19, Home View terrace
24219 Cowan SamuelBishop streetdwelling-house9, Bishop street
24220 Coward JohnGreenhill placedwelling-housePriestman street
successivedwelling-house22, Greenhill place
24221 Cowgill Brian Bollans HirdMellor streetdwelling-house14, Mellor street
24222 Cowgill GeorgePicton streetdwelling-house166, Picton street
24223 Cowgill ThomasWoodbury roaddwelling-houseAshwell street
successivedwelling-house21, Woodbury road
24224 Cowling ThomasBertram roaddwelling-house12, Bertram road
24225 Cowman WilliamWestbourne placedwelling-house23, Westbourne place
24226 Cowper GeorgeCarlisle roaddwelling-house151, Carlisle road
24227 Cox CharlesMorningsidedwelling-house11, Morningside
24228 Crabtree JosephChassum streetdwelling-house133, Chassum street
24229 Crabtree RichardFarfield streetdwelling-house70, Farfield street
24230 Crabtree Sam WoodWhite Abbeydwelling-house86, White Abbey
24231 Crabtree WilliamWestbourne roaddwelling-houseSkinner lane
successivedwelling-houseWestbourne road
24232 Crafts JohnNorthfield placedwelling-house8, Northfield place
24233 Craske Arthur WilliamConduit streetdwelling-house42, Conduit street
24234 Craven ArthurWelbury drivedwelling-house13, Welbury drive
24235 Craven CharlesPicton streetdwelling-house44, Picton street
24236 Craven CharlesSalt streetdwelling-house72, Salt street
24237 Craven EdwardBlenheim mountdwelling-house7, Blenheim mount
24238 Craven FrederickSt. Paul's roaddwelling-house9, St. Paul's road
24239 Craven IsaiahLilycroft roadhouse & shop96, Lilycroft road
24240 Craven JamesCarlisle terracedwelling-house25, Carlisle terrace
24241 Craven JamesCarlisle placedwelling-houseLincoln terrace
successivedwelling-house8, Carlisle place
24242 Craven JamesMiddleton streetdwelling-house3, Middleton street
24243 Craven JamesThornvilledwelling-houseThornville
24244 Craven JohnAnvil streetdwelling-house41, Anvil street
24245 Craven JohnBelgrave placedwelling-house131, Belgrave place
24246 Craven JohnChurch streethouse & shopCarlisle street
successivehouse & shopSouth-east terrace
successivehouse & shop49, Church street
24247 Craven JohnLumb laneshop216, Lumb lane
24248 Craven JohnPicton streetdwelling-house131, Picton street
24249 Craven JonasSpring cliffedwelling-house23, Spring cliffe
24250 Craven JosephCarlisle streetdwelling-house41, Carlisle street
24251 Craven JosephRose streetdwelling-house32, Rose street
24252 Craven SamuelLincoln roaddwelling-house37, Lincoln road
24253 Craven SamuelHebden streetdwelling-house2, Hebden street
24254 Craven WilliamBateman streetdwelling-house38, Bateman street
24255 Craven WilliamHollings viewdwelling-house56, Whetley hill
24256 Crawford JamesMarlborough roaddwelling-house36, Marlborough road
24257 Crawford JamesBertram roaddwelling-house2, Bertram road
24258 Crawshaw Edward VickersSilver streetdwelling-house47, Silver street
24259 Creer PhilipChassum streetdwelling-houseFarfield street
successivedwelling-house19, Chassum street
24260 Creswell CharlesSalt streetdwelling-houseSalt street
successivedwelling-house196, Salt street
24261 Creyke JohnGrosvenor roaddwelling-house4, Grosvenor road
24262 Creyke Mark CoatesSalt streetdwelling-house50, Salt street
24263 Crigleton RobertSilk streetdwelling-house63, Silk street
24264 Croft HenryCarlisle terracedwelling-houseCarlisle place
successivedwelling-house16, Carlisle terrace
24265 Crofts Arthur Edward HastingsVictor roaddwelling-houseNorthfield place
successivedwelling-house23, Victor road
24266 Cromwell OliverMontgomery streetdwelling-housePicton street
successivedwelling-house16, Montgomery street
24267 Crook BenjaminPriestman streetdwelling-house188, Priestman street
24268 Crook JosephSilk streetdwelling-house93, Silk street
24269 Crossley JamesBowland streethouse & shop65, Bowland street
24270 Crossley JamesCarlisle placedwelling-house22, Carlisle place
24271 Crossley JoshuaWhetley hilldwelling-houseLeyburne street
successivedwelling-house102, Whetley hill
24272 Crossley SamuelCowgill streetdwelling-house12, Cowgill street
24273 Crossley William PullanBeamsley roaddwelling-house53, Beamsley road
24274 Crowther DanielBeamsley streetdwelling-house67, Beamsley street
24275 Crowther GeorgeLilycroft roaddwelling-house37, Lilycroft road
24276 Crowther JamesSpringcliffe streetdwelling-house35, Springcliffe street
24277 Crowther JohnBateman streetdwelling-house19, Bateman street
24278 Crowther JohnLilycroft roaddwelling-house66, Lilycroft road
24279 Crowther JohnLilycroft roaddwelling-house86, Lilycroft road
24280 Crowther William EdwardArnold streetdwelling-house40, Arnold street
24281 Cullen JamesBeamsley streetdwelling-house89, Beamsley street
24282 Cure John ThomasLumb lanedwelling-house140, Lumb lane
24283 Curley PatrickSt. Jude's placedwelling-house70, St. Jude's place
24284 Cushin MichaelRegent streetdwelling-house5, Regent street
24285 Cutler IsaacSpringcliffe streetdwelling-houseSpringcliffe street
successivedwelling-house49, Springcliffe street

MANNINGHAM WARD2, 1882, surnames beginning with the letter D
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
24286 Daggett JohnLumb lanehouse & shop124, Lumb lane
24287 Dalton RichardChassum streetdwelling-house72, Chassum street
24288 Davies EvansWestbourne roaddwelling-houseWestbourne road
successivedwelling-house6, Westbourne road
24289 Davies ThomasPriestman streetdwelling-house156, Priestman street
24290 Davis Charles AlfredManningham lanedwelling-house154, Manningham lane
24291 Davis JohnSpring cliffedwelling-house27, Spring cliffe
24292 Davison James ThomasPriestman streetdwelling-house160, Priestman street
24293 Davison JeremiahCarlisle terracedwelling-house58, Carlisle terrace
24294 Davison John IsaacCarlisle placedwelling-house27, Carlisle place
24295 Davison SamuelValley placedwelling-house4A, Valley place
24296 Davy JamesPrimrose terracedwelling-house53, Primrose terrace
24297 Davy JohnPrimrose streetdwelling-house54, Primrose street
24298 Davy SethRegent streetdwelling-house16, Regent street
24299 Davy WilliamCarlisle roaddwelling-house22, Carlisle road
24300 Dawson Charles HenryLilycroft roadhouse & shop11, Lilycroft road
24301 Dawson EdwinNorth Butterfield rowdwelling-house10, North Butterfield row
24302 Dawson JoeBateman streetdwelling-house9, Bateman street
24303 Dawson JohnValley paradedwelling-house12, Valley parade
24304 Dawson JohnWood streetdwelling-house2, Wood street
24305 Dawson Ralph RobinsonFarcliffe placedwelling-houseFarcliffe place
24306 Dawson ThomasSalt streetdwelling-house99, Salt street
24307 Dawson WilliamBertram roaddwelling-house4, Bertram road
24308 Dawtrey WilliamLily streetdwelling-house29, Lily street
24309 Day BenjaminGlobe folddwelling-house32, Globe fold
24310 Day JamesSpring rowdwelling-house20, Spring row
24311 Daykin WallacePriestman streetdwelling-house126, Priestman street
24312 Dean JohnBuxton streetdwelling-house20, Buxton street
24313 Dean JosephLilycroft roaddwelling-house44, Lilycroft road
24314 Dean JosephSpringcliffe streetdwelling-house60, Springcliffe street
24315 Dean William JohnNorth Butterfield rowdwelling-houseCarlisle road
successivedwelling-house7, North Butterfield row
24316 Delius DanielSelbourne villasdwelling-house12, Selbourne villas
24317 Delius RudolfSt. Paul's roaddwelling-house28, St. Paul's road
24318 Demain GeorgeArcadia streetdwelling-house45, Arcadia street
24319 Demain GeorgeBowland streetshopSt. Jude's place
24320 Demaine GeorgeBelgrave placedwelling-house50, Belgrave place
24321 Demaine JohnBelgrave streetdwelling-house1, Belgrave street
24322 Demaine JosephQuarry streetdwelling-house3, Quarry street
24323 Demaine WilliamSt. Jude's placedwelling-house12, St. Jude's place
24324 Dempsey SylvesterBack Wood streetdwelling-house7, Back Wood street
24325 Denby JonasBurlington streetdwelling-house45, Burlington street
24326 Denby Timothy CurtisCamden terracedwelling-house1, Camden terrace
24327 Denby WilliamSpringcliffe streetdwelling-house38, Springcliffe street
24328 Denby WoodSilver streetdwelling-house27, Silver street
24329 Denison BenjaminBelgrave placedwelling-house125, Belgrave place
24330 Denison BenjaminRose streetdwelling-house18A, Rose street
24331 Denison JamesValley streetdwelling-house21, Valley street
24332 Denison JohnGrosvenor roaddwelling-house10, Grosvenor road
24333 Denison JohnSilver streetdwelling-house7, Silver street
24334 Denison Richard WebsterPark View terracedwelling-house1, Park View terrace
24335 Denison Robert LawsonGreenhill placedwelling-housePrimrose street
successivedwelling-house20, Greenhill place
24336 Denison ThomasOakroyd terracedwelling-house13, Oakroyd terrace
24337 Denton WilliamSouthfield squaredwelling-house48, Southfield square
24338 Derry WilliamTemple streetdwelling-house36, Temple street
24339 Desdon JohnFarfield streetdwelling-house180, Farfield street
24340 Desfordes EdwinArcadia streetdwelling-house5, Arcadia street
24341 Dewhirst BenjaminBelgrave streetdwelling-house5, Belgrave street
24342 Dewhirst HenryPriestman streetdwelling-house64, Priestman street
24343 Dewhirst JohnWoodbury roaddwelling-houseWoodbury road
successivedwelling-house30, Woodbury road
24344 Dewhirst ThomasValley streetdwelling-house11, Valley street
24345 Dexter JosephCarlisle placedwelling-houseBelgrave street
successivedwelling-house28, Carlisle place
24346 Dickenson WilliamGreen lanedwelling-house30, Green lane
24347 Dickinson BenjaminFarfield streetdwelling-house76, Farfield street
24348 Dickons James NortonOak villasdwelling-house12, Oak villas
24349 Dickson Charles AnthonyLindum terracedwelling-house3, Lindum terrace
24350 Diggles John PearsonWoodbury placedwelling-houseSt. Jude's place
successivedwelling-house13, Woodbury place
24351 Dimmock George HenryLilycroft lanedwelling-houseWashington street
successivedwelling-house5, Lilycroft lane
24352 Dinsdale HenryGrimwith streetdwelling-house11, Grimwith street
24353 Dinsdale SpencerWoodbury roaddwelling-house48, Woodbury road
24354 Disney ThomasSilk streetdwelling-house36, Silk street
24355 Diver MatthewWestbourne roaddwelling-house8, Westbourne road
24356 Dixon AlbertSalt streetdwelling-house81, Salt street
24357 Dixon FredPrimrose terracedwelling-house19, Primrose terrace
24358 Dixon GeorgeChurch streetdwelling-house13, Church street
24359 Dixon GreenwoodChassum streetdwelling-houseFarfield street
successivedwelling-house83, Chassum street
24360 Dixon JamesLincoln roaddwelling-house29, Lincoln road
24361 Dixon JohnSalt streetdwelling-house51, Salt street
24362 Dixon RichardFern terracedwelling-houseProspect place
successivedwelling-house18, Fern terrace
24363 Dixon SamuelPatent streetdwelling-house50, Patent street
24364 Dobin HamiltonSilk streetdwelling-house79, Silk street
24365 Dobson NelsonLincoln terracedwelling-house17, Lincoln terrace
24366 Dodsworth WilliamCanary streetdwelling-house7, Canary street
24367 Doidge Jabez SweetLumb lanedwelling-house136, Lumb lane
24368 Donnellon ThomasSalt streetdwelling-house28, Salt street
24369 Donoghue HenryBeamsley streetdwelling-house90, Beamsley street
24370 Donough JamesBeamsley streetdwelling-house37, Beamsley street
successivedwelling-house47, Beamsley street
24371 Donough JohnBeamsley streetdwelling-house51, Beamsley street
24372 Donough JohnRegent streetdwelling-houseRegent street
successivedwelling-house20, Regent street
24373 Dooley ThomasThorncliffe roaddwelling-house59, Thorncliffe road
24374 Dooling DanielChassum streetdwelling-house39, Chassum street
24375 Dorber RichardSeal streetdwelling-house34, Seal street
24376 Douglas RichardBeamsley streetdwelling-house122, Beamsley street
24377 Dovener JonathanBishop streetdwelling-house1, Bishop street
24378 Dovenor JohnPicton streetdwelling-house135, Picton street
24379 Dover Henry FentonGlobe folddwelling-house31, Globe fold
24380 Dowson William AlbertCamden terracedwelling-house2, Camden terrace
24381 Dracup AdamLincoln terracedwelling-housePriestman street
successivedwelling-house34, Lincoln terrace
24382 Drake JamesCarlisle roaddwelling-house32, Carlisle road
24383 Drake JamesMontgomery streetdwelling-house24, Montgomery street
24384 Drake JohnLaburnum placedwelling-house8, Laburnum place
24385 Drake ThomasPriestman streetdwelling-house62, Priestman street
24386 Drake WilfredMiddleton streetdwelling-house11, Middleton street
24387 Driver AlbertChassum streetdwelling-house168, Chassum street
24388 Driver JohnWilson streetdwelling-house4, Wilson street
24389 Driver WilliamBishop streetdwelling-house13, Bishop street
24390 Drummond JamesSpring Lodgedwelling-houseSpring Lodge, Manningham lane
24391 Drummond James, junr.Spring LodgewarehouseLumb lane
24392 Drummond JohnSpring LodgewarehouseLumb lane
24393 Drury Richard HenryAtlas streetdwelling-house12, Atlas street
24394 Dryburgh WilliamCottingley terracedwelling-house6, Cottingley terrace
24395 Duckitt Charles AtkinsonSelborne terracedwelling-house8, Selborne terrace
24396 Duckitt JohnWood streetdwelling-house30, Wood street
24397 Duckitt William EdwardDevonshire terracedwelling-houseDevonshire terrace
successivedwelling-house8, Devonshire terrace
24398 Duckles GeorgeWoodbury roaddwelling-house28, Woodbury road
24399 Duckworth JohnBeamsley streetdwelling-house62, Beamsley street
24400 Duckworth RichardChassum streetdwelling-house134, Chassum street
24401 Duff AlexanderChassum streetdwelling-house166, Chassum street
24402 Duff ArchibaldSt. Mary's roaddwelling-house51, St. Mary's road
24403 Dufton JamesPicton streetdwelling-house2, Wood square, Picton street
24404 Dugdall JohnSpringfield streetdwelling-houseGreenhill place
successivedwelling-house5, Springfield street
24405 Duke HenryCarlisle roaddwelling-house175, Carlisle road
24406 Dunleaves JohnPatent streetdwelling-house10, Patent street
24407 Dunlop JamesThorncliffe roaddwelling-houseHoxton street
successivedwelling-house63, Thorncliffe road
24408 Dunn AndrewSilk streetdwelling-house34, Silk street
24409 Dunn DennisRegent streetdwelling-house24, Regent street
24410 Dunn FrancisBeamsley streetdwelling-house6, Beamsley street
24411 Dunn JamesChassum streetdwelling-houseFarfield street
successivedwelling-house65, Chassum street
24412 Dunn JosephGrimwith streetdwelling-house4, Grimwith street
24413 Dunn MatthewRegent streetdwelling-houseBack Regent street
successivedwelling-house30, Regent street
24414 Dunn PatrickLilycroft roaddwelling-house92, Lilycroft road
24415 Dunn TomBold streetdwelling-house8, Bold street
24416 Dunning CharlesSalt streetdwelling-houseCarlisle place
successivedwelling-house65, Salt street
24417 Dunwell JohnBishop streetdwelling-house20, Bishop street
24418 Durrance WilliamSilver streetdwelling-house6, Silver street
24419 Dustan WilliamSilk streetdwelling-houseBeamsley street
successivedwelling-house69, Silk street
24420 Duxbury John SimpsonPriestman streetdwelling-house167, Priestman street
24421 Dymond Joseph JohnSelbourne villasdwelling-house14, Selbourne villas
24422 Dyson HumphreyCarlisle hotel, Carlisle roadhotel86, Carlisle road
24423 Dyson John JosephCarlisle roaddwelling-house1, Carlisle road
24424 Dyson John WilliamPark View roaddwelling-house45, Park View road
24425 Dyson WilliamBertram roaddwelling-house10, Bertram road

MANNINGHAM WARD2, 1882, surnames beginning with the letter E
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
24426 Eaddie JosephPriestman streetdwelling-house184, Priestman street
24427 Eales WilliamPrimrose terracedwelling-housePicton street
successivedwelling-house23, Primrose terrace
24428 Eamonson JamesElmsall streetdwelling-house28, Elmsall street
24429 Earnshaw JohnBeamsley roaddwelling-house127, Beamsley road
24430 Earnshaw ReubenBold streetdwelling-house6, Bold street
24431 Earnshaw SpencerPark View roaddwelling-house53, Park View road
24432 Eckersley JohnCliffe terracedwelling-house15, Cliffe terrace
24433 Eckersley JosephCliffe terracedwelling-house17, Cliffe terrace
24434 Eddowes Rev. JohnSt. Jude's Vicaragedwelling-house6, Camden terrace
24435 Edgeworth RobertLincoln terracedwelling-houseSeal street
successivedwelling-house34, Lincoln terrace
24436 Edmondson AmosConduit streetdwelling-house48, Conduit street
24437 Edmondson CharlesGreenhill placedwelling-house39, Greenhill place
24438 Edmondson ChristopherSalt streetdwelling-house132, Salt street
24439 Edmondson EliasGreenhill placedwelling-house29, Greenhill place
24440 Edmondson George BeanMiddleton streetdwelling-house9, Middleton street
24441 Edmondson JohnGreenhill placedwelling-house23, Greenhill place
24442 Edmondson PaulSkinner lanedwelling-house15, Skinner lane
24443 Edmondson WilliamSt. Paul's roaddwelling-house41, St. Paul's road
24444 Edwards JamesCarlisle roaddwelling-house177, Carlisle road
24445 Edwards JamesBeamsley roaddwelling-house21, Beamsley road
24446 Egglestone WilliamValley streetdwelling-house4, Valley street
24447 Ekins GeorgePriestman streetdwelling-house72, Priestman street
24448 Elliott Benjamin, senr.Anvil streetdwelling-house43, Anvil street
24449 Elliott RobertFarfield streetdwelling-house150, Farfield street
24450 Elliott William JohnArcadia streetdwelling-house31, Arcadia street
24451 Ellis TomSt. Jude's placedwelling-house60, St. Jude's place
24452 Ellison EdwardRose streetdwelling-house36, Rose street
24453 Ellison GrimshawMornington villascountinghousePriestman street
24454 Ellison HenryBowland streetdwelling-houseElmsall street
successivedwelling-house48, Bowland street
24455 Ellison RobertArcadia streetdwelling-house18, Arcadia street
24456 Ellison ThomasAtlas streetdwelling-house11, Atlas street
24457 Ellison WilliamMornington villasdwelling-house3, Mornington villas
24458 Eltoft AlfredHeaton roaddwelling-houseHeaton road
24459 Emmett JamesPicton streetdwelling-house18, Picton street
24460 Emmett ThomasChurch streetdwelling-house77, Church street
24461 Emmett WilliamPicton streetdwelling-houseEast Squire lane
successivedwelling-house6, Picton street
24462 Emmott John HeatonPriestman streetdwelling-house137, Priestman street
24463 Emmott WilliamGreen lanedwelling-house8, Green lane
24464 Emmott WilliamAnvil streetdwelling-house26, Anvil street
24465 Emsley GeorgePriestman streetdwelling-house175, Priestman street
24466 Emsley SamSpring cliffedwelling-house10, Spring cliffe
24467 Emsley William HenryAthol roaddwelling-house31, Athol road
24468 England GeorgeMansfield roadstableMansfield road
24469 England JohnBack Spring rowdwelling-houseCanary street
successivedwelling-house4, Back Spring row
24470 England JosephCarlisle roaddwelling-house79, Carlisle road
24471 Errington WilliamLincoln roaddwelling-house19, Lincoln road
24472 Euerby ArthurLilycroft roadhouse & shop27, Lilycroft road
24473 Euler HenryWalmer placedwelling-house2, Walmer place
24474 Eurich RichardSelbourne villasdwelling-house89, Selbourne villas
24475 Evans ArthurThorncliffe squaredwelling-house6, Thorncliffe square
24476 Evans James ShoreArnold streetdwelling-house18, Arnold street
24477 Evans RichardGrimwith streetdwelling-houseMorningside
successivedwelling-house19, Grimwith street
24478 Evans WilliamValley roaddwelling-house102, Valley road
24479 Exley EdwinPriestman streetdwelling-house139, Priestman street

MANNINGHAM WARD2, 1882, surnames beginning with the letter F
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
24480 Fairbank WilliamBishop streetdwelling-houseBeamsley street
successivedwelling-house24, Bishop street
24481 Fairburn ThomasWoodview terracedwelling-house24, Woodview terrace
24482 Falk BernardCamden terracedwelling-house3, Camden terrace
24483 Falkingham DavidCarlisle roadhouse & shop20, Carlisle road
24484 Falkingham JamesChurch streetdwelling-house108, Church street
24485 Fall HerbertBelgrave placedwelling-house35, Belgrave place
24486 Farnish JohnBowland streetdwelling-house58, Bowland street
24487 Farr ThomasSeal streetdwelling-houseWestbourne road
successivedwelling-house14, Seal street
24488 Farrar DavidValley streetdwelling-house18, Valley street
24489 Farrar George HenryMarlborough terracedwelling-house2, Marlborough terrace
24490 Farrar JamesSalt streetdwelling-houseWeston street
successivedwelling-house104, Salt street
24491 Farrar JeremiahSilk streetdwelling-houseSilk street
successivedwelling-house48, Silk street
24492 Farrar JohnWoodbury roaddwelling-houseLincoln terrace
successivedwelling-house27, Woodbury road
24493 Farrar JohnValley streetdwelling-house16, Valley street
24494 Farrar Thomas EdwinSpringcliffe streetdwelling-house21, Springcliffe street
24495 Farrell JohnBack Wood streetdwelling-house23, Back Wood street
24496 Fattorini JohnWoodview terracedwelling-house22, Woodview terrace
24497 Fawcett IsaacLilycroft roaddwelling-houseToller lane
successivedwelling-houseLilycroft road
24498 Fawcett WilliamGrosvenor terracedwelling-house6, Grosvenor terrace
24499 Fayers George DennisClarendon streetdwelling-house9, Clarendon street
24500 Fearnley BenjaminPriestman streetdwelling-house81, Priestman street
24501 Fearnley Charles RandolphMannheim roaddwelling-houseSalt street
successivedwelling-houseMannheim road
24502 Fearnley Eli BentleyWellesley terracedwelling-house246, Wellesley terrace
24503 Fearnsides AlbertHebden streetdwelling-house25, Hebden street
24504 Fearnsides AlfredLily streetdwelling-house58, Lily street
24505 Fearnsides JohnBelgrave streetdwelling-house7, Belgrave street
24506 Fearnsides SamuelSpring rowdwelling-house5, Spring row
24507 Fearnsides WaltonWhetley terracedwelling-house17, Whetley terrace
24508 Feather George PriestleyBateman streetdwelling-house2, Bateman street
24509 Feather JamesMontgomery streetdwelling-house30, Montgomery street
24510 Feather JohnTemple streetdwelling-houseWoodbury road
successivedwelling-house6, Temple street
24511 Feather John WilliamChurch streetdwelling-house29, Church street
24512 Feather JosephBack Spring rowdwelling-house14, Back Spring row
24513 Feather ListerValley roaddwelling-house182, Valley road
24514 Feather ThomasGreen lanedwelling-house6, Green lane
24515 Feather TimothySalt streetdwelling-house55, Salt street
24516 Fecht RichardParkfield roaddwelling-house9, Parkfield road
24517 Fell JosephChassum streetdwelling-houseChassum street
successivedwelling-house16, Chassum street
24518 Fell WilliamGreenhill placedwelling-house2, Greenhill place
24519 Fergusson JohnPriestman streetdwelling-house106, Priestman street
24520 Ferrand JosephCarlisle roaddwelling-house141, Carlisle road
24521 Fethney JessePicton streetdwelling-house128, Picton street
24522 Field GeorgeSt. Jude's placedwelling-house10, St. Jude's place
24523 Field JohnValley streetdwelling-house14, Valley street
24524 Field LouisValley streetdwelling-house8, Valley street
24525 Field MartinBlenheim roaddwelling-house22, Blenheim road
24526 Fieldhouse BenjaminSilver streetdwelling-house26, Silver street
24527 Fieldhouse JohnLily streetdwelling-house33, Lily street
24528 Fieldhouse WilliamBeamsley streetdwelling-house93, Beamsley street
24529 Firth AmosAshdowne placedwelling-houseSalt street
successivedwelling-house11, Ashdowne place
24530 Firth BenjaminRose streetdwelling-house18A, Rose street
24531 Firth JamesFarfield streetdwelling-houseChassum street
successivedwelling-house92, Farfield street
24532 Firth JamesChassum streetdwelling-house127, Chassum street
24533 Firth JamesNorth park roaddwelling-house22, North park road
24534 Firth JohnPriestman streetdwelling-house142, Priestman street
24535 Firth JohnWellesley terracedwelling-house266, Wellesley terrace
24536 Firth JosephAnvil streetdwelling-house22, Anvil street
24537 Firth JosephHebden streetdwelling-house10, Hebden street
24538 Firth JosephSkinner lanedwelling-house19, Skinner lane
24539 Firth JosephWhetley streetdwelling-house43, Whetley street
24540 Firth JosephWood streetdwelling-house46, Wood street
24541 Firth JoshuaManningham lanedwelling-house75, Manningham lane
24542 Firth LedgardChurch streetdwelling-house87, Church street
24543 Firth MartinTradesmen's Homedwelling-house6, Tradesmen's Home
24544 Firth MichaelMontgomery streetdwelling-house38, Montgomery street
24545 Firth MichaelSpringcliffe streetdwelling-house24, Springcliffe street
24546 Firth NathanWhetley streetdwelling-house19, Whetley street
24547 Firth PhineasMontgomery streetdwelling-house40, Montgomery street
24548 Firth RichardPriestman streetdwelling-house108, Priestman street
24549 Firth RobertMiddleton streetdwelling-house5, Middleton street
24550 Firth SamPriestman streetdwelling-housePriestman street
successivedwelling-house144, Priestman street
24551 Firth ThomasMiddleton streetdwelling-houseBeamsley street
successivedwelling-house15, Middleton street
24552 Firth WilliamPrimrose streetdwelling-house53, Primrose street
24553 Firth WilliamPriestman streetdwelling-house205, Priestman street
24554 Firth WilliamLumb lanehouse & shop156, Lumb lane
24555 Fisher AlfredCarlisle streetdwelling-house45, Carlisle street
24556 Fisher BenjaminBelgrave streetdwelling-houseAlice street
successivedwelling-house43, Belgrave street
24557 Fisher WilliamPrimrose streetdwelling-house24, Primrose street
24558 Fishwick HenryChassum streetdwelling-house88, Chassum street
24559 Fishwick WilliamChassum streetdwelling-house82, Chassum street
24560 Fishwick WilliamWaile streetdwelling-house29, Waile street
24561 Fisk Francis GeorgeLilycroft roaddwelling-house68, Lilycroft road
24562 Fitton RobertNorthfield placedwelling-houseSpring cliffe
successivedwelling-house7, Northfield place
24563 Fitzpatrick JamesLilycroft roaddwelling-house90, Lilycroft road
24564 Flaxington ThomasPriestman streetdwelling-house84, Priestman street
24565 Fletcher RichardBack Spring rowdwelling-house12, Back Spring row
24566 Fletcher WilliamKeighleystables & buildingsBowland street
24567 Florack Jacob JosephLindum terracedwelling-house7, Lindum terrace
24568 Flynn EdwinSpring cliffedwelling-house12, Spring cliffe
24569 Foggarty MichaelBeamsley streetdwelling-houseKensington street
successivedwelling-house145, Beamsley street
24570 Forbes MarkhamChassum streetdwelling-house105, Chassum street
24571 Forrest FrankSouthfield squaredwelling-house16, Southfield square
24572 Forrest JohnBowland streetdwelling-house68, Bowland street
24573 Fort RobertPrimrose terracedwelling-house39, Primrose terrace
24574 Foster AbrahamPaul streetdwelling-houseWest Butterfield row
successivedwelling-house17, Paul street
24575 Foster CharlesNorth Butterfield rowdwelling-houseRichmond road
successivedwelling-house6, North Butterfield row
24576 Foster EdwinOakroyd terracedwelling-house5, Oakroyd terrace
24577 Foster HartleyBeamsley streetdwelling-house168, Beamsley street
24578 Foster JohnClarendon terracedwelling-house7, Clarendon terrace
24579 Foster JohnWestbourne roaddwelling-houseWestbourne place
successivedwelling-house29, Westbourne road
24580 Foster JohnBeecher streetdwelling-house24, Beecher street
24581 Foster JonasElmsall streetdwelling-house20, Elmsall street
24582 Foster JonathanWest Butterfield rowdwelling-house5, West Butterfield row
24583 Foster JonathanSpringcliffe streetdwelling-house5, Springcliffe street
24584 Foster JosephWhetley mountdwelling-house96, Whetley mount
24585 Foster SamuelSilk streetdwelling-house22, Silk street
24586 Foster ThomasSalt streetdwelling-houseSalt street
successivedwelling-house64, Salt street
24587 Foster WilliamLaburnum placedwelling-house2, Laburnum place
24588 Foulds BenAnvil streetdwelling-houseGrimwith street
successivedwelling-house7, Anvil street
24589 Foulds Benjamin GottManningham lanehouse & shop192, Manningham lane
24590 Foulds ThomasBowland streetdwelling-house60, Bowland street
24591 Foulds WilliamGreenhill placedwelling-house5, Greenhill place
24592 Fowler FrederickWaile streetdwelling-house28, Waile street
24593 Fowler JosephHopwood streetdwelling-house12, Hopwood street
24594 Fowler RobertWestbourne roaddwelling-house56, Westbourne road
24595 Fox Andrew ChadwickSouthfield squaredwelling-house8, Southfield square
24596 Fox ThomasThorncliffe squaredwelling-house7, Thorncliffe square
24597 Franckel HermannCunliffe villasdwelling-house4, Cunliffe villas
24598 Frankland AndrewChassum streetdwelling-house151, Chassum street
24599 Frankland ColvilleMount royddwelling-house1, Mount royd
24600 Frankland ThomasCarlisle roaddwelling-house100, Carlisle road
24601 Frankland WilliamLily streetdwelling-house54, Lily street
24602 Frankland WilliamTradesmen's Homedwelling-house38, Tradesmen's Home
24603 Frankland WilliamSalt streetdwelling-house1, Salt street
24604 Franks TomSalt streetdwelling-house60, Salt street
24605 Fraser DanielPark mountdwelling-house7, Park mount
24606 Fraser Frank OctaviusParkfield roaddwelling-house12, Parkfield road
24607 Freeman JamesSt. Paul's roaddwelling-house37, St. Paul's road
24608 Friedley EmilBurlington streetdwelling-house49, Burlington street
24609 Fryer Henry AtkinsonPark mountdwelling-house19, Park mount
24610 Fuller EdwardChassum streetdwelling-house117, Chassum street
24611 Fuller JohnBeamsley streetdwelling-house131, Beamsley street
24612 Fuller RichardLumb lanedwelling-house216A, Lumb lane
24613 Fuller ThomasValley streetdwelling-house6, Valley street
24614 Furby JohnBeamsley streetdwelling-house162, Beamsley street
24615 Furby RichardSalt streetdwelling-house83, Salt street
24616 Furstenhagen IsidorLindum terracedwelling-house10, Lindum terrace

MANNINGHAM WARD2, 1882, surnames beginning with the letter G
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
24617 Gale SamuelPicton streetdwelling-house15, Picton street
24618 Gallimore JosephLumb lanedwelling-house161, Lumb lane
24619 Gallimore WilliamChassum streetdwelling-house136, Chassum street
24620 Galloway JohnThorncliffe roaddwelling-housePicton street
successivedwelling-house61, Thorncliffe road
24621 Game WilliamPrimrose terracedwelling-house13, Primrose terrace
24622 Gane CharlesSilver streetdwelling-house12, Silver street
successivedwelling-house11, Silver street
24623 Gardiner WalterMount royddwelling-house5, Mount royd
24624 Gardner RobertMornington villasdwelling-house10, Mornington villas
24625 Garfitt GeorgeHighfield placedwelling-house1, Highfield place
24626 Garforth DavidLumb lanedwelling-house108, Lumb lane
24627 Garforth JamesGreenhill placedwelling-house38, Greenhill place
24628 Gassman PhilipDevonshire terracedwelling-housePark view terrace
successivedwelling-house2, Devonshire terrace
24629 Gatenby HenryWood streetdwelling-house36, Wood street
24630 Gatenby JamesWood streetdwelling-house38, Wood street
24631 Gaukroger GeorgeWhetley terracedwelling-house1, Whetley terrace
24632 Gaukroger JosephPrimrose streetdwelling-house33, Primrose street
24633 Gawthrop BenjaminPriestman streetdwelling-house92, Priestman street
24634 Gawthrop WilliamBateman streetdwelling-house23, Bateman street
24635 Gee ElijahValley rowcountinghouse18, Valley row
24636 Gee RichardValley rowdwelling-house10, Valley row
24637 Gelder FrederickElmsall streetdwelling-house12, Elmsall street
24638 Gelder JohnGreen lanedwelling-house41, Green lane
24639 George WilliamSpring bankdwelling-house10, Spring bank
24640 George WilliamBlenheim roaddwelling-house25, Blenheim road
24641 George WilliamWellesley terracedwelling-house256, Wellesley terrace
24642 Geraghty ThomasBeamsley streetdwelling-house64, Beamsley street
24643 Gibbard JohnWestbourne roaddwelling-house46, Westbourne road
24644 Gibberd ThomasWestbourne roaddwelling-houseSkinner lane
successivedwelling-house52, Westbourne road
24645 Gibbons Joseph HenryWelbury drivedwelling-house15, Welbury drive
24646 Gibson JonathanPatent streetdwelling-houseBeamsley street
successivedwelling-house56, Patent street
24647 Gibson RichardBelgrave streetdwelling-house65, Belgrave street
24648 Gill AlbertPriestman streetdwelling-house150, Priestman street
24649 Gill Amos FrancisThorn terracedwelling-house3, Thorn terrace
24650 Gill HenryHeaton roaddwelling-house104, Heaton road
24651 Gill JohnCowgill streetdwelling-house4, Cowgill street
24652 Gill JohnLily streetdwelling-house21, Lily street
24653 Gill JohnSilk streetdwelling-houseAshwell street
successivedwelling-house54, Silk street
24654 Gill JohnVictor roaddwelling-house28, Victor road
24655 Gill JosephNorth Butterfield rowdwelling-house3, North Butterfield row
24656 Gill JosephCarlisle terracedwelling-house30, Carlisle terrace
24657 Gill SamuelSt. Mary's roaddwelling-house64, St. Mary's road
24658 Gill SykesWood squaredwelling-house5, Wood square, Picton street
24659 Gill ThomasGlobe folddwelling-house14, Globe fold
24660 Gillian CharlesSt. Jude's placedwelling-house5, St. Jude's place
24661 Gledhill JohnWoodbury roaddwelling-houseNorthfield place
successivedwelling-house41, Woodbury road
24662 Gledhill Joseph YatesLeyburne streetdwelling-house7, Leyburne street
24663 Goavby HenrySalt streetdwelling-house3, Salt street
24664 Godding JohnHebden streetdwelling-house21, Hebden street
24665 Godson FrankPaul streetdwelling-house5, Paul street
24666 Godwin SamuelChassum streetdwelling-house142, Chassum street
24667 Goepel GeorgeLaburnum streetdwelling-house34, Laburnum street
24668 Goggin MauriceBlenheim roaddwelling-house15, Blenheim road
24669 Goldsborough FrancisCarlisle streetdwelling-house16, Carlisle street
24670 Goldschmidt EmilBarden streetdwelling-house1, Barden street
24671 Goldstein LouisMarlborough roaddwelling-house10, Marlborough road
24672 Goldthorpe JosephChassum streetdwelling-house153, Chassum street
24673 Gomersal RichardChurch streetdwelling-house35, Church street
24674 Goodall CharlesClarendon terracedwelling-house23, Clarendon terrace
24675 Goodchild AnthonyGrimwith streetdwelling-house13, Grimwith street
24676 Goodchild CastleSalt streetdwelling-house85, Salt street
24677 Goodchild DavidLily streetdwelling-house28, Lily street
24678 Goodchild James ScholeyCarlisle roaddwelling-house157, Carlisle road
24679 Goodchild JohnCarlisle roadhouse & shop6, Carlisle road
24680 Goodchild WilliamBelgrave placedwelling-house101, Belgrave place
24681 Gorell John EdwardBelgrave placedwelling-house33, Belgrave place
24682 Gorman PatrickBack Wood streetdwelling-house7, Back Wood street
24683 Gott CharlesParkfield roaddwelling-house1, Parkfield road
24684 Gott WilliamNewport roaddwelling-house12, Newport road
24685 Gotthardt Walter HebdenBlenheim roaddwelling-house10, Blenheim road
24686 Gourlay JamesApsley crescentdwelling-house3, Apsley crescent
24687 Gourley AndrewLumb lanedwelling-house163, Lumb lane
24688 Graham JohnSeal streetdwelling-houseHopwood street
successivedwelling-house38, Seal street
24689 Graham WilliamConduit streetdwelling-house26, Conduit street
24690 Graham WilliamSilk streetdwelling-house43, Silk street
24691 Grainge AlfredChassum streetdwelling-houseFarfield street
successivedwelling-house167, Chassum street
24692 Grainge GeorgeTemple streetdwelling-houseBuxton street
successivedwelling-house4, Temple street
24693 Grant Robert NicholsBavaria placedwelling-house17, Bavaria place
24694 Grant StephenLeyburne streetdwelling-house21, Leyburne street
24695 Gray Daniel ArchibaldElmsall streetdwelling-house6, Elmsall street
24696 Gray John PooleLeyburne streetdwelling-house2, Leyburne street
24697 Gray RobertPriestman streetdwelling-house123, Priestman street
24698 Gray William MartelloPark mountdwelling-house11, Park mount
24699 Grayson JamesPicton streetdwelling-house27, Picton street
24700 Greaves EdwardPark mountdwelling-house25, Park mount
24701 Green CrosslandCanary streetdwelling-house10, Canary street
24702 Green EdwardChassum streetdwelling-house68, Chassum street
24703 Green JeremiahChurch streethouse & shop18, Church street
24704 Green JohnPriestman streetdwelling-house198, Priestman street
24705 Green RobertFarfield streetdwelling-house116, Farfield street
24706 Greenfield JohnBelgrave streetdwelling-house57, Belgrave street
24707 Greenhough SamuelSalt streetdwelling-house93, Salt street
24708 Greenman WilliamValley rowdwelling-house6, Valley row
24709 Greenwood AlfredWaile streetdwelling-house69, Waile street
24710 Greenwood HughFarfield streetdwelling-house170, Farfield street
24711 Greenwood JamesHome View terracedwelling-house28, Home View terrace
24712 Greenwood JohnAlice streetdwelling-house1, Alice street
24713 Greenwood JohnCarlisle roadhouse & shop82, Carlisle road
24714 Greenwood JohnChurch streethouse & shop107, Church street
24715 Greenwood MosesBeamsley streetdwelling-house164, Beamsley street
24716 Greenwood MosesSpringcliffe streetdwelling-house44, Springcliffe street
24717 Greenwood MosesLily streetdwelling-house63, Lily street
24718 Greenwood SamuelSilk streetdwelling-houseChassum street
successivedwelling-house49, Silk street
24719 Greenwood ThomasChassum streetdwelling-house23, Chassum street
24720 Greenwood ThomasSilver streetdwelling-house4, Silver street
24721 Greenwood ThomasCliffe villasdwelling-house1, Cliffe villas
24722 Greenwood ThomasRose streetdwelling-house4, Rose street
24723 Greenwood TomMiddleton streetdwelling-house2, Middleton street
24724 Greenwood WilliamGreen lanedwelling-house9, Green lane
24725 Greenwood WilliamGreenhill placedwelling-house50, Greenhill place
24726 Greenwood WilliamWestbourne placedwelling-house17, Westbourne place
24727 Gregson George HartleyClarendon placedwelling-house11, Clarendon place
24728 Grew John, junr.Elmsall streetdwelling-house8, Elmsall street
24729 Grew ThomasCarlisle roaddwelling-house137, Carlisle road
24730 Griffin Alfred JohnChassum streetdwelling-houseChassum street
successivedwelling-house164, Chassum street
24731 Griffiths EdwardBeamsley streetdwelling-house147, Beamsley street
24732 Grindley ThomasSeal streetdwelling-house24, Seal street
24733 Groveham John ChapmanApsley crescentdwelling-house2, Apsley crescent
24734 Groveham Thomas JesseBertram roaddwelling-house5, Bertram road
24735 Groves James SeynorSilver streetdwelling-house20, Silver street
24736 Grundy JohnAnvil streetdwelling-house18, Anvil street
24737 Grundy RobertWoodbank placedwelling-houseCarlisle street
successivedwelling-house20, Woodbank place
24738 Gurney JohnSelborne terracedwelling-house10, Selborne terrace
24739 Guy SamuelFarfield streetdwelling-houseChassum street
successivedwelling-house152, Farfield street

MANNINGHAM WARD2, 1882, surnames beginning with the letter H
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
24740 Habbishaw JohnLumb lanedwelling-house138, Lumb lane
24741 Hackin ThomasMiddleton streetdwelling-house14, Middleton street
24742 Haensler CasperThorncliffe roaddwelling-house41, Thorncliffe road
24743 Hagenbuch JohnNorthfield placedwelling-house28, Northfield place
24744 Hagerty PeterLily streetdwelling-house18, Lily street
24745 Haggas JosephSpring rowdwelling-house29, Spring row
24746 Hague JosephWest Butterfield rowdwelling-house2, West Butterfield row
24747 Hahlo CharlesOak villasdwelling-house8, Oak villas
24748 Haigh AlbertGreen lanedwelling-house22, Green lane
24749 Haigh BenjaminBack Spring rowdwelling-house13, Back Spring row
24750 Haigh GeorgeMontgomery streetdwelling-house31, Montgomery street
24751 Haigh GeorgePicton streetdwelling-house123, Picton street
24752 Haigh HowarthCanary streetdwelling-house18, Canary street
24753 Haigh JosephSalt streetdwelling-house26, Salt street
24754 Haigh MatthewSouthfield squaredwelling-house10, Southfield square
24755 Haigh SamuelBelgrave streetdwelling-house15, Belgrave street
24756 Haigh Thomas ListerWellesley terracedwelling-house234, Wellesley terrace
24757 Haigh WalterCarlisle terracedwelling-house52, Carlisle terrace
24758 Haigh WilliamArcadia streetdwelling-house43, Arcadia street
24759 Haigh William WalterValley streetdwelling-house1, Valley street
24760 Hailstone ArthurBlenheim roaddwelling-house23, Blenheim road
24761 Hainsworth DavidMannheim roaddwelling-houseAgar street
successivedwelling-houseMannheim road
24762 Hainsworth JohnWoodbury roaddwelling-house29, Woodbury road
24763 Hainsworth JonasChassum streetdwelling-house41, Chassum street
24764 Hainsworth RobertWoodbank placedwelling-house35, Ashwell street
successivedwelling-house25, Woodbank place
24765 Hainsworth WilliamCarlisle streetdwelling-houseHeaton road
successivedwelling-house18, Carlisle street
24766 Halbot Eugenie LouisParkfield roaddwelling-house6, Parkfield road
24767 Haley SimeonBeamsley streetdwelling-house160, Beamsley street
24768 Haley WatsonLincoln roaddwelling-house39, Lincoln road
24769 Haley WilliamArnold streetdwelling-house22, Arnold street
24770 Hall EdwardLincoln terracedwelling-house28, Lincoln terrace
24771 Hall Edward WilliamWoodview terracedwelling-house25, Woodview terrace
24772 Hall GeorgeCarlisle placehouse & shop4, Carlisle place
24773 Hall GeorgeLumb lanehouse & shop181, Lumb lane
24774 Hall HenrySt. Jude's squaredwelling-house8, St. Jude's square
24775 Hall HenryPriestman streetdwelling-house82, Priestman street
24776 Hall HenrySilver streetdwelling-house22, Silver street
24777 Hall JamesPriestman streetdwelling-house80, Priestman street
24778 Hall JohnChassum streetdwelling-house188, Chassum street
24779 Hall JohnButterfield rowdwelling-houseIsles street
successivedwelling-house10, West Butterfield row
24780 Hall JosephPicton streetdwelling-houseHollings road
successivedwelling-house150, Picton street
24781 Hall TitusSpring cliffedwelling-house18, Spring cliffe
24782 Hall WilkinsonTemple streetdwelling-house7, Temple street
successivedwelling-house18, Temple street
24783 Hall WilliamCarlisle roaddwelling-house72, Carlisle road
24784 Halle Morris vonOak villasdwelling-house3, Oak villas
24785 Halstead BarnesLincoln terracedwelling-house24, Lincoln terrace
24786 Halstead SmithSalt streetdwelling-house89, Salt street
24787 Hamberg AugustBlenheim roaddwelling-house39, Blenheim road
24788 Hamilton DavidAlice streetdwelling-house11, Alice street
24789 Hamilton William BrankerManningham lanedwelling-house160, Manningham lane
24790 Hammond BenjaminWalmer villasdwelling-house1, Walmer villas
24791 Hammond HenryBeamsley streetdwelling-house44, Beamsley street
24792 Hanson AlfredChurch streetdwelling-house37, Church street
24793 Hanson BenjaminSouthfield squaredwelling-house28, Southfield square
24794 Hanson CharlesCarlisle roadhouse & shop73, Carlisle road
24795 Hanson Charles EdwardSpring cliffedwelling-house9, Spring cliffe
24796 Hanson HenrySpringcliffe streetdwelling-house53, Springcliffe street
24797 Hanson JamesAtlas streetdwelling-houseAtlas street
successivedwelling-houseAtlas street
24798 Hanson JamesGrosvenor roaddwelling-house2, Grosvenor road
24799 Hanson JohnConduit streetdwelling-house21, Conduit street
24800 Hanson SamuelChurch streethouse & shop1, Church street
24801 Hanson WilliamConduit streetdwelling-house25, Conduit street
24802 Harbisher EdwardSilver streetdwelling-house21, Silver street
24803 Harbutt Robert GeorgeAthol roaddwelling-house41, Athol road
24804 Hardaker James HenryClarendon streetdwelling-house1, Clarendon street
24805 Hardaker JohnSouthfield squaredwelling-house67, Southfield square
24806 Hardaker WilliamMontgomery streetdwelling-houseWood street
successivedwelling-house14, Montgomery street
24807 Hardcastle ThomasChassum streetdwelling-house123, Chassum street
24808 Hardcastle ThomasSpringcliffe streetdwelling-house51, Springcliffe street
24809 Hardcastle WilliamBishop streetdwelling-houseVictor road
successivedwelling-house11, Bishop street
24810 Hardisty CharlesSeal streetdwelling-houseBinbrook street
successivedwelling-house22, Seal street
24811 Hardisty ChristopherHeaton roaddwelling-house34, Heaton road
24812 Hardisty JamesChurch streetdwelling-house31, Church street
24813 Hardy JonasBelgrave placedwelling-house133, Belgrave place
24814 Hardy RobertBowland streetdwelling-house51, Bowland street
24815 Hardy WilliamBack Northfield placedwelling-house12A, Back Northfield place
24816 Hargreaves Charles HenryFarfield streetdwelling-houseFarfield street
successivedwelling-house176, Farfield street
24817 Hargreaves EmorDenby streetdwelling-house1, Denby street
24818 Hargreaves FredArcadia streetdwelling-house70, Arcadia street
24819 Hargreaves HenryChurch streetdwelling-house103, Church street
24820 Hargreaves ThomasDenby streetdwelling-house11, Denby street
24821 Hargreaves WilliamBelgrave streetdwelling-house31, Belgrave street
24822 Hargreaves William ButlerSpringcliffe streetdwelling-house52, Springcliffe street
24823 Hargreaves William HenryBelgrave streetdwelling-house17, Belgrave street
24824 Harker JohnBelgrave streetdwelling-house63, Belgrave street
24825 Harrex James PhilipSeal streetdwelling-house30, Seal street
24826 Harridance WilliamPrimrose streetdwelling-house45, Primrose street
24827 Harris ArthurOak lanedwelling-house22, Oak lane
24828 Harris JosephNorth Park roaddwelling-house7, North Park road
24829 Harrison FrancisGrimwith streetdwelling-house26, Grimwith street
24830 Harrison GeorgeParkfield roaddwelling-house2, Parkfield road
24831 Harrison JamesElmsall streetdwelling-house16, Elmsall street
24832 Harrison John ThomasPicton streetdwelling-house9, Picton street
24833 Harrison John ThomasPriestman streetdwelling-house117, Priestman street
24834 Harrison MetcalfeBurlington streetdwelling-house9, Burlington street
24835 Harrison RobertPrimrose terracedwelling-house43, Primrose terrace
24836 Harrison StephenBeamsley roaddwelling-house43, Beamsley road
24837 Harrison ThomasCarlisle streetdwelling-house54, Carlisle street
24838 Harrison ThomasGreenhill placedwelling-house19, Greenhill place
24839 Harrison WilliamSilver streetdwelling-house38, Silver street
24840 Harrison WilliamVictor roaddwelling-house16, Victor road
24841 Harrop JamesMorningsidedwelling-house18, Morningside
24842 Harrowby EdwardNewport roaddwelling-house4, Newport road
24843 Harrowby WilliamPriestman terracedwelling-house58, Priestman terrace
24844 Hartley AlfredClifton terracedwelling-house206, Clifton terrace
24845 Hartley Alfred WardMorningsidedwelling-house21, Morningside
24846 Hartley AmosArcadia streetdwelling-house58, Arcadia street
24847 Hartley CharlesPicton streetdwelling-house198, Picton street
24848 Hartley GeorgeBelgrave streetdwelling-house53, Belgrave street
24849 Hartley HenryPicton streetdwelling-house220, Picton street
24850 Hartley JosephRose streetdwelling-house18, Rose street
24851 Hartley ThomasCliffe terracedwelling-house30, Cliffe terrace
24852 Hartley WilliamSpringcliffe streetdwelling-houseSilk street
successivedwelling-house11, Springcliffe street
24853 Hartop JosephChassum streetdwelling-house15, Chassum street
24854 Harwood WilliamBelgrave streetdwelling-house54, Belgrave street
24855 Haslam John BaileySelborne terracedwelling-house5, Selborne terrace
24856 Haste JosephPriestman streetdwelling-house130, Priestman street
24857 Haste JosephPrimrose terracedwelling-house49, Primrose terrace
24858 Hatton HenryTemple streetdwelling-house2, Temple street
24859 Hatton WilliamWestbourne roadhouse & shop72, Westbourne road
24860 Hatton William HenryCarlisle streetdwelling-house6, Carlisle street
24861 Havers Robert NuddSt. Paul's roaddwelling-houseVictor road
successivedwelling-house27, St. Paul's road
24862 Hawcridge ThomasClarendon placedwelling-house15, Clarendon place
24863 Hawkins HenryHopwood streetdwelling-houseHopwood street
successivedwelling-house6, Hopwood street
24864 Haworth WilliamWoodbury placedwelling-house17, Woodbury place
24865 Hayward ThomasFairfield roaddwelling-house38, Fairfield road
24866 Hazley GeorgeCunliffe villasdwelling-house22, Cunliffe villas
24867 Heaps EliSilk streetdwelling-house4, Silk street
24868 Hearne JamesWood streetdwelling-house19, Wood street
24869 Hearns PeterWood streetdwelling-house14, Wood street
24870 Heaton AlfredWest Butterfield rowdwelling-house4, West Butterfield row
24871 Heaton CharlesBowland streetdwelling-house50, Bowland street
24872 Heaton EliasClifton terracedwelling-house214, Manningham lane
24873 Heaton JacobBack Wood streetdwelling-house3A, Back Wood street
24874 Heaton JosephBelgrave streetdwelling-house13, Belgrave street
24875 Hebden Thomas HoadleyManningham lanedwelling-house161, Manningham lane
24876 Heckley John WilliamLilycroft roaddwelling-house64, Lilycroft road
24877 Heighton Henry JamesSt. Jude's placedwelling-houseBowland street
successivedwelling-house8, St. Jude's place
24878 Heilborn FerdinandMarlborough roaddwelling-house1, Marlborough road
24879 Helliwell JamesValley roaddwelling-house172, Valley road
24880 Helliwell JohnCarlisle roadhouse & shopWillow street
successivehouse & shop18, Carlisle road
24881 Helliwell SydneyMontgomery streetdwelling-house5, Montgomery street
24882 Hemingway JohnWilson squaredwelling-house4, Wilson square
24883 Hemingway JosephGreen lanedwelling-house13, Green lane
24884 Hemingway SamuelWalmer villasdwelling-house12, Walmer villas
24885 Henderson ThomasWood streetdwelling-house10A, Wood street
24886 Henshall GeorgeWhetley streetdwelling-house26, Whetley street
24887 Hentschel AugustCarlisle terracedwelling-house8, Carlisle terrace
24888 Hepworth EdmundWood squaredwelling-house4, Wood square, Picton street
24889 Herbst EdwardFairfield roaddwelling-house12, Fairfield road
24890 Hering WilliamWoodview terracedwelling-house8, Woodview terrace
24891 Herridge AlfredClarendon placedwelling-house7, Clarendon place
24892 Heslington WilliamPrimrose terracedwelling-house7, Primrose terrace
24893 Hesseltine Charles HerbertSt. Paul's roaddwelling-house50, St. Paul's road
24894 Hewson WilliamSilver streetdwelling-house32, Silver street
24895 Hey HenryWoodbank placedwelling-houseDuckworth lane
successivedwelling-houseWoodbank place
successivedwelling-house40, Woodbank place
24896 Hey JamesCarlisle terracehouse & shop62, Carlisle terrace
24897 Hey JamesBelgrave placedwelling-house143, Belgrave place
24898 Hey JeremiahPicton streetdwelling-house162, Picton street
24899 Hey JonasPriestman terracedwelling-house26, Priestman terrace
24900 Hey JonasCanary streetdwelling-houseCanary street
successivedwelling-house2, Canary street
24901 Hey JosephRose streetdwelling-house27, Rose street
24902 Hey SamuelCarlisle streetdwelling-house43, Carlisle street
24903 Hey WignallBavaria placedwelling-house5, Bavaria place
24904 Hey WilliamBavaria placedwelling-house11, Bavaria place
24905 Heydemann NicholasSpring bankdwelling-house14, Spring bank
24906 Heydon EdmundHome View terracedwelling-house2, Home View terrace
24907 Heydon WilliamChassum streetdwelling-houseBeamsley street
successivedwelling-houseLilycroft road
successivedwelling-house48, Chassum street
24908 Heynemann EdwardOak mountdwelling-house5, Oak mount
24909 Hick John BlamiresOakroyd villasdwelling-house5, Oakroyd villas
24910 Hicks JosephHeaton roaddwelling-house108, Heaton road
24911 Higgins RichardGrosvenor placedwelling-house159, Grosvenor place
24912 Higson JohnHebden streetdwelling-house19, Hebden street
24913 Hiley EdwardLily streetdwelling-house19A, Lily street
24914 Hiley GeorgeWoodbank placedwelling-houseWhetley hill
successivedwelling-house38, Woodbank place
24915 Hill AlbertSpring rowdwelling-house15, Spring row
24916 Hill Frederick WilliamFairmountdwelling-house2, Fairmount
24917 Hill JohnWhetley streetdwelling-house12, Whetley street
24918 Hill JohnApsley crescentdwelling-house11, Apsley crescent
24919 Hill JosephWhetley streetdwelling-house36, Whetley street
24920 Hill JosephClifton villasdwelling-house5, Clifton villas
24921 Hill SquireSpring rowdwelling-houseGlobe fold
successivedwelling-house30, Spring row
24922 Hill ThomasSpring rowdwelling-house17, Spring row
24923 Hillan MichaelChassum streetdwelling-house95, Chassum street
24924 Hillman CharlesWilson streetdwelling-house9, Wilson street
24925 Hilton BensonPicton streetdwelling-house212, Picton street
24926 Hinchliffe Henry EdwardClarendon terracedwelling-house9, Clarendon terrace
24927 Hindle CharlesSpring cliffedwelling-house16, Spring cliffe
24928 Hindle EdmundSpring rowdwelling-house22, Spring row
24929 Hindle John HenryChassum streetdwelling-houseChassum street
successivedwelling-house86, Chassum street
24930 Hindle MarkCarlisle roaddwelling-houseKensington street
successivedwelling-house135, Carlisle road
24931 Hindle ThomasSalt streetdwelling-house56, Salt street
24932 Hineson WilliamPriestman streetdwelling-house169, Priestman street
24933 Hinsley HenryBelgrave placedwelling-house99, Belgrave place
24934 Hird JonathanPicton streetdwelling-house50, Picton street
24935 Hirsch LeopoldBlenheim mountdwelling-house4, Blenheim mount
24936 Hirst JamesCarlisle placedwelling-house24, Carlisle place
24937 Hirst JamesPrimrose streetdwelling-house35, Primrose street
24938 Hirst JosephCarlisle roadhouse & shop114, Carlisle road
24939 Hirst SamuelBeamsley streetdwelling-house103, Beamsley street
24940 Hitchin ThomasWoodbury placedwelling-house27, Woodbury place
24941 Hoare FrankLily streetdwelling-house14, Lily street
24942 Hoddinott JamesBeamsley roaddwelling-house45, Beamsley road
24943 Hodgson AlbertRock terracedwelling-house277, Rock terrace
24944 Hodgson Charles MasseyWhetley streetdwelling-house45, Whetley street
24945 Hodgson HenryPrimrose streetdwelling-house46, Primrose street
24946 Hodgson JohnClarendon terracedwelling-house1, Clarendon terrace
24947 Hodgson JohnOakroyd terracedwelling-house18, Oakroyd terrace
24948 Hodgson JosephAtlas streetdwelling-house24, Atlas street
24949 Hodgson JosephCarlisle placedwelling-houseBelgrave street
successivedwelling-house21, Carlisle place
24950 Hodgson RobertAtlas streetdwelling-houseManningham lane
successivedwelling-house28, Atlas street
24951 Hodson JamesOakfielddwelling-houseOakfield
24952 Hoffmann AchiorClifton villasdwelling-house6, Clifton villas
24953 Hoffmann GustaveRookwooddwelling-house4, Victor road
24954 Holdsworth CharlesSalt streetdwelling-house118, Salt street
24955 Holdsworth HeberCliffe terracedwelling-houseClarendon terrace
successivedwelling-house9, Cliffe terrace
24956 Holdsworth JamesBack Spring rowdwelling-house7A, Back Spring row
24957 Holdsworth JohnOakroyd terracedwelling-house23, Oakroyd terrace
24958 Holdsworth JohnPicton streetdwelling-house21, Picton street
24959 Holdsworth JonathanLaburnum placedwelling-house9, Laburnum place
24960 Holdsworth SamuelChurch streetdwelling-house110, Church street
24961 Holdsworth SamuelMontgomery streetdwelling-houseMontgomery street
successivedwelling-house6, Montgomery street
24962 Holdsworth Thomas WrightMannheim roaddwelling-houseCarlisle road
successivedwelling-houseMannheim road
24963 Holdsworth WilliamGreen lanedwelling-house14, Green lane
24964 Holdsworth WilliamHome View terracedwelling-house9, Home View terrace
24965 Holgate FrederickBeecher streetdwelling-house2, Beecher street
24966 Holgate WilliamBeamsley streetdwelling-house79, Beamsley street
24967 Holgate WilliamHollings viewdwelling-houseSpring cliffe
successivedwelling-house60, Whetley hill
24968 Holland GeorgeWestbourne placedwelling-house9, Westbourne place
24969 Holland ValentineWhetley terracedwelling-house14, Whetley terrace
24970 Hollings JohnPicton streetdwelling-house10, Picton street
24971 Hollingworth GeorgeSouth paradedwelling-house10, South parade
24972 Hollingworth JohnClarendon placedwelling-house9, Clarendon place
24973 Holmes EdwardCarlisle streetdwelling-house26, Carlisle street
24974 Holmes JamesSpring cliffedwelling-house30, Spring cliffe
24975 Holmes JohnFairfield roaddwelling-house17, Fairfield road
24976 Holmes JosephLincoln roaddwelling-house25, Lincoln road
24977 Holmes JosephWestbourne placedwelling-houseWestbourne place
24978 Holmes Joseph HenryArcadia streetdwelling-house4, Arcadia street
24979 Holmes LeviSpring rowdwelling-house11, Spring row
24980 Holmes SamuelBavaria placedwelling-house10, Bavaria place
24981 Holmes Samuel HartleyMarlborough terracedwelling-house5, Marlborough terrace
24982 Holroyd BenjaminSalt streetdwelling-house48, Salt street
24983 Holroyd GeorgeNorthfield placedwelling-house13, Northfield place
24984 Holroyd GideonLeyburne streetdwelling-house14, Leyburne street
24985 Holroyd ThomasCarlisle roaddwelling-houseSalt street
successivedwelling-house78, Carlisle road
24986 Holroyd TimothySpringfield streethouse & shop27, Springfield street
24987 Holt AbrahamCarlisle roadhouse & shop49, Carlisle road
24988 Holt GeorgeCarlisle roaddwelling-house27, Carlisle road
24989 Holt GeorgeOak lanedwelling-house14, Oak lane
24990 Holt JamesPrimrose streetdwelling-house69, Primrose street
24991 Holt JamesLincoln terracedwelling-house13, Lincoln terrace
24992 Holt JohnBeamsley streetdwelling-house49, Beamsley street
24993 Holt ThomasPriestman streetdwelling-house185, Priestman street
24994 Hood DavidSpring cliffedwelling-house20, Spring cliffe
24995 Hood EdwinPicton streetdwelling-house96, Picton street
24996 Hood WilliamArcadia streetdwelling-house30, Arcadia street
24997 Hope Thomas CampbellParkfield roaddwelling-house10, Parkfield road
24998 Hopkinson AbrahamCarlisle streetdwelling-house57, Carlisle street
24999 Hopkinson JohnChassum streetdwelling-house125, Chassum street
25000 Hopkinson ThomasSilk streetdwelling-house53, Silk street
25001 Hopkinson WilliamAnvil streetdwelling-house29, Anvil street
25002 Hopwood MatthewBeamsley streetdwelling-house149, Beamsley street
25003 Horne BenjaminWoodbury roaddwelling-house59, Woodbury road
25004 Horne CharlesWhite Abbeydwelling-house104, White Abbey
25005 Horner BarnabasLincoln terracedwelling-house29, Lincoln terrace
25006 Horner GeorgeWhetley terracedwelling-house18, Whetley terrace
25007 Horner John ThomasWoodbury placedwelling-house29, Woodbury place
25008 Horner WilliamTemple streetdwelling-houseTemple street
successivedwelling-house22, Temple street
25009 Horner WilliamLilycroft roaddwelling-house42, Lilycroft road
25010 Hornshaw JohnCarlisle streetdwelling-house8, Carlisle street
25011 Horsfield FairbankSilk streetdwelling-house31, Silk street
25012 Horsfield GeorgeArcadia streetdwelling-house64, Arcadia street
25013 Horsfield JosephSilver streetdwelling-house31, Silver street
25014 Horsfield WilliamCarlisle placedwelling-house26, Carlisle place
25015 Horsley Samuel HowardLumb lanedwelling-house130, Lumb lane
25016 Horsman SimonCliffe terracedwelling-house18, Cliffe terrace
25017 Horton GeorgePicton streetdwelling-house155, Picton street
25018 Horton Thomas GallandSelborne terracedwelling-house7, Selborne terrace
25019 Houlbrook JohnHopwood streetdwelling-house20, Hopwood street
25020 Howarth ThomasArnold streetdwelling-house10, Arnold street
25021 Howe GarsideCarlisle roadhouse & shop131, Carlisle road
25022 Howgate JohnSilver streetdwelling-house34, Silver street
25023 Howroyd JohnBlenheim roadshop182, Manningham lane
25024 Howroyd MatthewLeamington streetdwelling-house41, Leamington street
25025 Howroyd RichardLumb lanehouse & shop194, Lumb lane
25026 Howroyd WilliamManningham laneshop182, Manningham lane
25027 Howson Fred HorsfallOak lanedwelling-houseOak lane
25028 Hoyle WilliamOakroyd terracedwelling-house16, Oakroyd terrace
25029 Huddlestone SamuelFraser streetdwelling-house9, Fraser street
25030 Hudson JamesWaile streetdwelling-houseGreenhill place
successivedwelling-house63, Waile street
25031 Hudson JamesWhite Abbeyhouse & shop100, White Abbey
25032 Hudson JohnPicton streetdwelling-house119, Picton street
25033 Hudson JohnFraser streetdwelling-house6, Fraser street
25034 Hudson JohnMontgomery streetdwelling-house28, Montgomery street
25035 Hudson JosephChurch streetdwelling-house118, Church street
25036 Hudson JosephOakroyd terracedwelling-house8, Oakroyd terrace
25037 Hudson RobertRock terracedwelling-house281, Rock terrace
25038 Hudson SamuelChurch streetdwelling-house48, Church street
25039 Hudson SamuelSilk streetdwelling-houseSilk street
successivedwelling-house6, Silk street
25040 Hudson WilliamHopwood streetdwelling-house7, Hopwood street
25041 Hudson WilliamMiddleton streetdwelling-house21, Middleton street
25042 Hudson WilliamPark View roaddwelling-house37, Park View road
25043 Hudson WilliamQuarry streetdwelling-house2, Quarry street
25044 Hudson William HenryToller lanedwelling-houseAshwell street
successivedwelling-house61, Toller lane
25045 Huggan CharlesChassum streetdwelling-house97, Chassum street
25046 Humble GeorgeMarlborough terracedwelling-house6, Marlborough terrace
25047 Hunt ArthurVictor roaddwelling-house36, Victor road
25048 Hunt HenryPriestman streetdwelling-house149, Priestman street
25049 Hunt William HughesLaburnum placedwelling-housePriestman street
successivedwelling-house1, Laburnum place
25050 Hunter AlexanderApsley villasdwelling-house9, Apsley villas
25051 Hunter FrederickCanary streetdwelling-house6, Canary street
25052 Hunter FrederickChurch streetdwelling-house89, Church street
25053 Hunter JamesAnvil streetdwelling-house19, Anvil street
25054 Hunter JosephConduit streetdwelling-house24, Conduit street
25055 Hunter ThomasApsley crescentdwelling-house16, Apsley crescent
25056 Hurdford SolomonWoodbury roaddwelling-houseMiddleton street
successivedwelling-house38, Woodbury road
25057 Hurford CharlesPicton streetdwelling-house210, Picton street
25058 Hurworth Robert RichardCarlisle placedwelling-houseCarlisle terrace
successivedwelling-house12, Carlisle place
25059 Hustler AlfredBowland streetdwelling-house62, Bowland street
25060 Hustler HenryWhetley mountdwelling-house62, Whetley mount
25061 Hutchinson SandyLily streetdwelling-house23, Lily street
25062 Hutchinson William Llewellyn GwynneLily streetdwelling-house57, Lily street
25063 Hutchison ArchibaldHighfield placedwelling-house3, Highfield place
25064 Hutton EdwinElmsall streetdwelling-house22, Elmsall street
25065 Hutton HenryLumb lanedwelling-house199, Lumb lane
25066 Hutton JohnSilver streetdwelling-house43, Silver street

MANNINGHAM WARD2, 1882, surnames beginning with the letter I
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
25067 Ibbetson HenrySalt streetdwelling-house61, Salt street
25068 Ibbotson JohnLumb lanedwelling-house146, Lumb lane
25069 Ideson AlfredPriestman streetdwelling-house196, Priestman street
25070 Ideson WilliamWilson streetdwelling-house8A, Wilson street
25071 Illingworth AlbertSt. Jude's squaredwelling-houseCarlisle place
successivedwelling-house10, St. Jude's square
25072 Illingworth AlfredChurch streetdwelling-house43, Church street
25073 Illingworth AlfredCliffe terracedwelling-house1, Cliffe terrace
25074 Illingworth BoothSt. Jude's placedwelling-house1, St. Jude's place
25075 Illingworth Charles EdwardAthol roaddwelling-houseWhetley grove
successivedwelling-house11, Athol road
25076 Illingworth FrederickPark View roaddwelling-housePark View road
25077 Illingworth JamesBelgrave placedwelling-house14, Belgrave place
25078 Illingworth JohnBeecher streetdwelling-house10, Beecher street
25079 Illingworth JohnLindum terracedwelling-house2, Lindum terrace
25080 Illingworth JohnValley streetdwelling-house17, Valley street
25081 Illingworth Jonas WoodPicton streetdwelling-house200, Picton street
25082 Illingworth JoshuaPriestman streetdwelling-house86, Priestman street
25083 Illingworth Thomas HeatonCarlisle placedwelling-house19, Carlisle place
25084 Illingworth WalterSelbourne villasdwelling-house87, Selbourne villas
25085 Ineson WilliamGlobe folddwelling-house33, Globe fold
25086 Ingham BenjaminWoodview terracedwelling-house21, Woodview terrace
25087 Ingham CharlesAnderson streetdwelling-house10, Anderson street
25088 Ingham JamesCunliffe villasdwelling-house20, Cunliffe villas
25089 Ingham OatesOak mountdwelling-house9, Oak mount
25090 Ingham William HenryFarcliffe roaddwelling-house6, Farcliffe road
25091 Ireland GeorgeBack Spring rowdwelling-house15, Back Spring row
25092 Isitt CharlesBelgrave placedwelling-houseBelgrave place
successivedwelling-house8, Belgrave place
25093 Isitt FrederickClarendon placedwelling-house12, Clarendon place
25094 Isitt George HannibalApsley crescentdwelling-house9, Apsley crescent
25095 Isitt JohnWoodview terracedwelling-house27, Woodview terrace
25096 Isitt SamuelHighfielddwelling-house9, Highfield
25097 Ives DavidCarlisle terracedwelling-houseSkinner lane
successivedwelling-house35, Carlisle terrace
25098 Iveson WilliamGreen lanedwelling-house39, Green lane

MANNINGHAM WARD2, 1882, surnames beginning with the letter J
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
25099 Jackman JosephHeaton roaddwelling-house22, Heaton road
25100 Jackson Albert HenryGrimwith streetdwelling-house7, Grimwith street
25101 Jackson ElijahVictor roaddwelling-house8, Victor road
25102 Jackson GeorgeSalt streetdwelling-house53, Salt street
25103 Jackson GeorgeTemple streetdwelling-house34, Temple street
25104 Jackson George BinghamBelgrave placedwelling-house34, Belgrave place
25105 Jackson HenryHopwood streetdwelling-house22, Hopwood street
25106 Jackson JohnCarlisle terracedwelling-house2, Carlisle terrace
25107 Jackson MichaelVictor roaddwelling-house66, Victor road
25108 Jackson RichardGreen lanedwelling-house26, Green lane
25109 Jackson ThomasSt. Jude's squaredwelling-house12, St. Jude's square
25110 Jackson WilliamBold streetdwelling-house3, Bold street
25111 Jackson WilliamCanary streetdwelling-house4, Canary street
25112 Jackson William HenryMellor streetdwelling-house16, Mellor street
25113 Jacobs AdolphMount royddwelling-house2, Mount royd
25114 Jacques Robert HerbertConduit streetdwelling-house36, Conduit street
25115 Jagger CharlesWhetley streetdwelling-house42, Whetley street
25116 Jagger WilliamRock terracedwelling-house287, Rock terrace
25117 James RobertArcadia streetdwelling-house60, Arcadia street
25118 Jarratt EdwardGlobe folddwelling-house2, Globe fold
25119 Jefferson JosephPriestman streetdwelling-house202, Priestman street
25120 Jefferson ReubenVictor roaddwelling-house40, Victor road
25121 Jefferson William LonsdaleManningham lanedwelling-house158, Manningham lane
25122 Jeffery HerbertSt. Mary's roaddwelling-house70, St. Mary's road
25123 Jeffery John RustNorth Park roaddwelling-house20, North Park road
25124 Jeffries CharlesVictor roaddwelling-house56, Victor road
25125 Jenkinson JohnBeamsley roadhouse & shop23, Beamsley road
25126 Jenkinson SimeonBuxton streetdwelling-house25, Buxton street
25127 Jewell John HenryWoodview crescentdwelling-house1, Woodview crescent
25128 Johnson AbrahamWilson squaredwelling-house5, Wilson square
25129 Johnson BenRose bankdwelling-house6, Rose bank
25130 Johnson JabezWaile streetdwelling-house59, Waile street
25131 Johnson James BradleyChurch streetdwelling-house5, Church street
25132 Johnson John ThomasLumb lanehouse & shopFern terrace
successivehouse & shop207, Lumb lane
25133 Johnson MatthewPicton streetdwelling-house14, Picton street
25134 Johnson ThomasWhetley hilldwelling-houseWhetley hill
successivehouse & shop108, Whetley hill
25135 Johnson WilliamClarendon streetdwelling-house11, Clarendon street
25136 Johnson WilliamMiddleton streetdwelling-house29, Middleton street
25137 Johnson WilliamPrimrose terracedwelling-house55, Primrose terrace
25138 Johnson William EdwinLily streetdwelling-house35, Lily street
25139 Johnstone JosephCarlisle placedwelling-house7, Carlisle place
25140 Jolley JohnCunliffe terracedwelling-house4, Cunliffe terrace
25141 Jolley SamuelChassum streetdwelling-house124, Chassum street
25142 Jolly AlfredCarlisle roadhouse & shop34, Carlisle road
25143 Jolly PeterMarlborough roaddwelling-house26, Marlborough road
25144 Jones JamesHome View terracedwelling-house30, Home View terrace
25145 Jones WilliamGlobe folddwelling-house17, Globe fold
25146 Jones WilliamPriestman terracedwelling-house48, Priestman terrace
25147 Jowett EdmundSpringcliffe streetdwelling-house12, Springcliffe street
25148 Jowett George JamesPriestman streetdwelling-house138, Priestman street
25149 Jowett JoshuaFarfield streetdwelling-house164, Farfield street
25150 Jowett LordArcadia streetdwelling-house37, Arcadia street
25151 Jowett Nathan AtkinsonClock housedwelling-houseClock house, 244, Manningham lane
25152 Jowett Samuel GreenwoodSalt streetdwelling-house114, Salt street
25153 Jowett WilliamGreenhill placedwelling-house6, Greenhill place
25154 Joy RobertChurch streetdwelling-house91, Church street
25155 Joy ThomasRose streetdwelling-house35, Rose street
25156 Judson JosephParkfield roaddwelling-house21, Parkfield road

MANNINGHAM WARD2, 1882, surnames beginning with the letter K
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
25157 Kay JamesBeecher streetdwelling-house9, Beecher street
25158 Kay JamesQueen's roaddwelling-houseQueen's road
25159 Kay JohnOak lanedwelling-house18, Oak lane
25160 Kay JohnPriestman streetdwelling-house90, Priestman street
25161 Kearns JamesPicton streetdwelling-house157, Picton street
25162 Keenan JohnBradfordwarehouseBowland street
25163 Keeton WilliamFarfield streetdwelling-house78, Farfield street
25164 Keighley ArthurSpringcliffe streetdwelling-house56, Springcliffe street
25165 Keighley EllisHeaton roaddwelling-house6, Heaton road
25166 Keighley Frank ClaytonPark View roaddwelling-house33, Park View road
25167 Keighley FrederickBelgrave placedwelling-house18, Belgrave place
25168 Keighley GilbertSt. Mary's roaddwelling-house65, St. Mary's road
25169 Keighley IsaacChurch streethouse & shop65, Church street
25170 Keighley JosephHeaton roaddwelling-house2, Heaton road
25171 Keighley RichardSeal streetdwelling-house5, Seal street
25172 Keighley WilliamUpper globedwelling-house46, Upper globe
25173 Keighley WrightLily streetdwelling-house40, Lily street
25174 Kell William CopelandFern cottagedwelling-house36, Skinner lane
25175 Kelly FrancisPicton streetdwelling-house218, Picton street
25176 Kelly JamesBack Wood streetdwelling-house19, Back Wood street
25177 Kelly John OatesGrosvenor roaddwelling-house22, Grosvenor road
25178 Kelly MichaelBeamsley streetdwelling-house58, Beamsley street
25179 Kelly ThomasSilk streetdwelling-house8, Silk street
25180 Kelsey William JamesBelle vuedwelling-house9, Belle vue
25181 Kemp GeorgeValley roaddwelling-house118, Valley road
25182 Kemp Henry FridlingtonCarlisle terracedwelling-house49, Carlisle terrace
25183 Kemplay WilliamChassum streetdwelling-house184, Chassum street
25184 Kendall RichardGlobe folddwelling-house6, Globe fold
25185 Kennedy PeterPicton streetdwelling-house192, Picton street
25186 Kennedy Robert JohnManningham lanedwelling-house95, Manningham lane
25187 Kenyon JohnBuxton streetdwelling-house7, Buxton street
25188 Kershaw AlfredPicton streetdwelling-house136, Picton street
25189 Kershaw JamesPicton streetdwelling-house115, Picton street
25190 Kershaw JamesPrimrose terracedwelling-house15, Primrose terrace
25191 Kershaw WilliamHebden streetdwelling-houseHebden street
successivedwelling-house1, Hebden street
25192 Kershaw WilliamThorn terracedwelling-house21, Thorn terrace
25193 Kettlewell ThomasGreen lanedwelling-house10, Green lane
25194 Kilberry JohnGreenfield placedwelling-house2, Greenfield place
25195 Killerby AlfredFarfield streetdwelling-houseAtlas street
successivedwelling-house88, Farfield street
25196 Killerby EliMontgomery streetdwelling-house9, Montgomery street
25197 Killerby SamuelMontgomery streetdwelling-house43, Montgomery street
25198 Kilvin FrankWilson squaredwelling-house6, Wilson square
25199 Kimber BenjaminWood squaredwelling-house3, Wood square, Picton street
25200 King BenjaminPicton streetdwelling-house7, Picton street
25201 King JosephCarlisle roaddwelling-house88, Carlisle road
25202 King JosephTemple streetdwelling-house30, Temple street
25203 King William HenryWhetley streetdwelling-house3, Whetley street
25204 Kirby BenjaminBishop streetdwelling-house4, Bishop street
25205 Kirby JamesBold streetdwelling-house4, Bold street
25206 Kirby JosephMontgomery streetdwelling-house11, Montgomery street
25207 Kirk JamesSkinner lanedwelling-house42, Skinner lane
25208 Kitchen EllisPriestman streetdwelling-house112, Priestman street
25209 Kitchen JohnSpring cliffedwelling-house33, Spring cliffe
25210 Kitchen WilliamBavaria placedwelling-house19, Bavaria place
25211 Kitchen WilliamBeecher streetdwelling-house23, Beecher street
25212 Kitchen WilliamWest Butterfield rowdwelling-house3, West Butterfield row
25213 Kitching AlfredLincoln terracedwelling-house38, Lincoln terrace
25214 Kitching JohnLincoln terracedwelling-house40, Lincoln terrace
25215 Kitson ThomasPriestman streetdwelling-house116, Priestman street
25216 Knight Edward SamuelMarlborough roaddwelling-house19, Marlborough road
25217 Knight James BlackburnSt. Paul's roaddwelling-house4, St. Paul's road
25218 Knight JohnSt. Paul's roaddwelling-house42, St. Paul's road
25219 Knight Thomas EdmundParkfield roaddwelling-house17, Parkfield road
25220 Knowles GeorgeAtlas streetdwelling-houseAtlas street
successivedwelling-house27, Atlas street
25221 Knowles JamesLincoln roaddwelling-house35, Lincoln road
25222 Knowles JohnSalt streetdwelling-house202, Salt street
25223 Knowles JohnSilk streetdwelling-house51, Silk street
25224 Knowling JosephHopwood streetdwelling-house10, Hopwood street
25225 Koster AugustCunliffe villasdwelling-houseSt. Mary's road
successivedwelling-house14, Cunliffe villas

MANNINGHAM WARD2, 1882, surnames beginning with the letter L
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
25226 Lacey Albert EdwardSpringfield streetdwelling-house10, Springfield street
25227 Lacey WilliamBarden streetdwelling-house8, Barden street
25228 Lamb EdwinMontgomery streetdwelling-house10, Montgomery street
25229 Lamb SamManningham lanedwelling-house222, Manningham lane
25230 Lambert AbrahamCarlisle streetdwelling-house66, Carlisle street
25231 Lambert BenjaminPicton streetdwelling-house102, Picton street
25232 Lambert EdwardAlice streetdwelling-houseArcadia street
successivedwelling-house5, Alice street
25233 Lambert Joseph ThomasRose streetdwelling-houseRose street
successivedwelling-house22, Rose street
25234 Lambert ThomasSpringcliffe streetdwelling-house27, Springcliffe street
25235 Lambert WilliamWestbourne placedwelling-house21, Westbourne place
25236 Lambert WilliamSouth paradedwelling-houseThorncliffe road
successivedwelling-house50, South parade
25237 Lancaster GeorgeLumb lanedwelling-house132, Lumb lane
25238 Lancaster RobertWhetley streetdwelling-house35, Whetley street
25239 Lancaster William GeorgeCarlisle roaddwelling-houseBuxton street
successivedwelling-house7, Carlisle road
25240 Land EdwardChassum streetdwelling-house17, Chassum street
25241 Landolph FrancisLindum terracedwelling-house9, Lindum terrace
25242 Lange AlbertSelborne terracedwelling-house6, Selborne terrace
25243 Lansbury EdwardChassum streetdwelling-house92, Chassum street
25244 Lapage JosephChassum streetdwelling-house163, Chassum street
25245 Lassen AlbertMount royddwelling-house3, Mount royd
25246 Lassen Edward SamuelRose mountdwelling-houseRose mount, Clifton villas
25247 Last John ThomasClarendon placedwelling-house2, Clarendon place
25248 Latimer Henry Ridley CranmerOakroyd terracedwelling-house11, Oakroyd terrace
25249 Laverty WilliamSt. Jude's placedwelling-house74, St. Jude's place
25250 Law SamuelWhetley hilldwelling-house106, Whetley hill
25251 Lawrence WilliamSalt streetdwelling-house112, Salt street
25252 Lawrie James DouglasGrosvenor placedwelling-house155, Grosvenor place
25253 Lawson John RichardBowland streetdwelling-house52, Bowland street
25254 Lawson WilliamLily streetdwelling-house9, Lily street
25255 Laycock AlfredQuarry streetdwelling-house15, Quarry street
25256 Laycock WilliamSpringfield streetdwelling-house44, Springfield street
25257 Leach ArmitageSpringcliffe streetdwelling-houseBuxton street
successivedwelling-house13, Springcliffe street
25258 Leach JohnBelgrave placedwelling-house10, Belgrave place
25259 Leach JohnChurch streetdwelling-house27, Church street
25260 Leach JosephBateman streetdwelling-house42, Bateman street
25261 Leach MarkLily streetdwelling-house47, Lily street
25262 Leach SamuelArcadia streetdwelling-house44, Arcadia street
25263 Leach WilliamBeecher streetdwelling-houseArthington street
successivedwelling-house11, Beecher street
25264 Leach WilliamSouthfield squaredwelling-house40, Southfield square
25265 Leach WilliamValley roaddwelling-house104, Valley road
25266 Leaf WilliamLincoln terracedwelling-house4, Lincoln terrace
25267 Leaford WilliamPriestman streetdwelling-houseWhetley street
successivedwelling-house189, Priestman street
25268 Leather SamuelBlenheim roaddwelling-house6, Blenheim road
25269 Ledgard FredLily streetdwelling-house34, Lily street
25270 Ledgard JeremiahSouthfield squaredwelling-house4, Southfield square
25271 Ledgard JosephWaile streetdwelling-house12, Waile street
25272 Ledgard William HenrySeal streetdwelling-house32, Seal street
25273 Ledingham JamesCunliffe terracedwelling-house22, Cunliffe terrace
25274 Lee John BroadleySpring cliffedwelling-house14, Spring cliffe
25275 Lee John MargraveClarendon terracedwelling-house3, Clarendon terrace
25276 Lee PhilipLilycroft roaddwelling-house94, Lilycroft road
25277 Lee RobertCarlisle roaddwelling-house143, Carlisle road
25278 Lee ThomasPatent streetdwelling-housePatent street
successivedwelling-house46, Patent street
25279 Lee ThomasClarendon streetdwelling-house27, Clarendon street
25280 Lee William BroadleyWoodbury roaddwelling-house57, Woodbury road
25281 Leighton GeorgeBack Wood streetdwelling-houseBack Wood street
25282 Leppoc OscarWalmer villasdwelling-house3, Walmer villas
25283 Levson JohnHeaton roaddwelling-house4, Heaton road
25284 Lewig RichardNorth Park roaddwelling-houseClifton terrace
successivedwelling-house18, North Park road
25285 Lewis JohnPriestman streetdwelling-house194, Priestman street
25286 Lewty JohnCarlisle roaddwelling-house5, Carlisle road
25287 Lickley ThomasBishop streetdwelling-houseChassum street
successivedwelling-house12, Bishop street
25288 Liebreich Charles EdwardParkfield roaddwelling-house15, Parkfield road
25289 Liepke Frederick GustaveClifton terracedwelling-house218, Clifton terrace
25290 Lincey JamesBack Northfield placedwelling-house10A, Back Northfield place
25291 Lincey James HenryFarcliffe terracedwelling-house17, Farcliffe terrace
25292 Lister JosephPark View terracedwelling-house7, Park View terrace
25293 Lister Samuel CunliffeBradfordwarehouseHeaton road
25294 Lister WilliamGrosvenor terracedwelling-house13, Grosvenor terrace
25295 Little DavidMount royddwelling-house6, Mount royd
25296 Livesley John ThomasPrimrose streetdwelling-house20, Primrose street
25297 Lloyd FrancisThorncliffe roaddwelling-house18, Thorncliffe road
25298 Lobley FrederickRose bankdwelling-house1, Rose bank
25299 Lobley John DeanApsley villasdwelling-house5, Apsley villas
25300 Lobley WilliamManningham lanedwelling-houseManningham lane
successivedwelling-house208, Manningham lane
25301 Lochore JohnFairfield roaddwelling-houseOak lane
successivedwelling-house9, Fairfield road
25302 Lockwood John CrossleyOak lanedwelling-house4, Oak lane
25303 Lockwood MatthewSilver streetdwelling-house35, Silver street
25304 Lodge JonathanSpringfield streetdwelling-house3, Springfield street
25305 Lomas Frederick JohnHome View terracedwelling-house13, Home View terrace
25306 Long Arthur BarrettFarfield streetdwelling-house128, Farfield street
25307 Long CharlesLilycroft roadhouse & shop21, Lilycroft road
25308 Long HenryBateman streetdwelling-house40, Bateman street
25309 Long JamesSeal streetdwelling-house12, Seal street
25310 Long JamesPriestman streetdwelling-house159, Priestman street
25311 Long JohnSeal streetdwelling-house9, Seal street
25312 Long JosephSilver streetdwelling-house16, Silver street
25313 Longbottom CharlesNewport roaddwelling-house24, Newport road
25314 Longbottom ChristopherFairfield roaddwelling-house32, Fairfield road
25315 Longbottom JohnSeal streetdwelling-houseSeal street
successivedwelling-house28, Seal street
25316 Longbottom RobertBeamsley streetdwelling-house53, Beamsley street
25317 Longfellow George WithamThorn terracedwelling-houseThorncliffe road
successivedwelling-house10, Thorn terrace
25318 Longfield John WilliamManningham lanedwelling-house93, Manningham lane
25319 Longfield JosephOakroyd terracedwelling-house3, Oakroyd terrace
25320 Longthorne JosephBeamsley streetdwelling-houseSilk street
successivedwelling-house77, Beamsley street
25321 Lonsdale CharlesSt. Paul's roaddwelling-house16, St. Paul's road
25322 Lord Frederick FieldLumb lanehouse & shop106, Lumb lane
25323 Lorimer GeorgeLeyburne streetdwelling-house1, Leyburne street
25324 Lougee Noah SmithSt. Mary's roaddwelling-house8, St. Mary's road
25325 Ludgate JohnWoodbury roaddwelling-house63, Woodbury road
25326 Lumb LukeGreen lanedwelling-house33, Green lane
25327 Lumb MannassehBeecher streetdwelling-houseBeecher street
successivedwelling-house28, Beecher street
25328 Lund GeorgeBishop streetdwelling-house40, Bishop street
25329 Lund MatthewLily streetdwelling-house48, Lily street
25330 Lupton EdwardBelgrave placedwelling-houseBelgrave place
successivedwelling-house89, Belgrave place
25331 Lupton EdwardRose streetdwelling-house2, Rose street
25332 Lupton JohnBishop streetdwelling-house22, Bishop street
25333 Lush Henry WilliamCarlisle terracedwelling-house24, Carlisle terrace
25334 Lynn JamesLeamington streetdwelling-house47, Leamington street

MANNINGHAM WARD2, 1882, surnames beginning with the letter M
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
25335 Macdowell Edward AndrewPriestman streetdwelling-house173, Priestman street
25336 Mackew JohnWoodbury placedwelling-houseWoodbury place
successivedwelling-house33, Woodbury place
25337 Mackley William HenryWoodbury roaddwelling-house33, Woodbury road
25338 Macmaster Robert PatonSelborne terracedwelling-house9, Selborne terrace
25339 Macphail WilliamValley paradedwelling-house10, Valley parade
25340 Maddock JohnParkfield roaddwelling-houseParkfield road
successivedwelling-house13, Parkfield road
25341 Maden HenrySalt streetdwelling-house12, Salt street
25342 Maden MargerisonPicton streetdwelling-house100, Picton street
25343 Maden SamuelAtlas streetdwelling-house10, Atlas street
25344 Magson AnthonyPrimrose streetdwelling-housePicton street
successivedwelling-house56, Primrose street
25345 Magson JohnFraser streetdwelling-house2, Fraser street
25346 Maguinness John ThomasAthol roaddwelling-house9, Athol road
25347 Maidstone HenryPriestman streetdwelling-houseGreen lane
successivedwelling-house13, Priestman street
25348 Makepeace ThomasAmbler streetdwelling-house4, Ambler street
25349 Mallinson DanWoodbury roaddwelling-house1A, Grimwith street
successivedwelling-house27, Woodbury road
25350 Mallinson Joe ThorntonMannheim roaddwelling-houseLincoln terrace
successivedwelling-houseMannheim road
25351 Mallinson JohnSilver streetdwelling-houseRose street
successivedwelling-house18, Silver street
25352 Mallinson JosephConduit streetdwelling-house3, Conduit street
25353 Mallinson JosephPatent streetdwelling-house4, Patent street
25354 Mallinson ThomasSilk streetdwelling-house114, Silk street
25355 Mallison JohnLily streetdwelling-house43, Lily street
25356 Mann AlfredWhetley terracedwelling-house8, Whetley terrace
25357 Mann EllisPrimrose terracedwelling-house16, Primrose terrace
25358 Mann JabezHopwood streetdwelling-housePicton street
successivedwelling-house15, Hopwood street
25359 Mann James EdwardLilycroft roadhouse & shop31, Lilycroft road
25360 Mann WilliamChurch streetdwelling-house97, Church street
25361 Mann WormaldSt. Mary's roaddwelling-house60, St. Mary's road
25362 Manning RobertSilk streetdwelling-house77, Silk street
25363 Mansfield JosephFairfield roaddwelling-house26, Fairfield road
25364 Mansfield JosephGrimwith streetdwelling-house9, Grimwith street
25365 Mansfield JosephWoodbury placedwelling-houseGrimwith street
successivedwelling-house15 Woodbury place
25366 Mansley CharlesBelgrave placedwelling-house141, Belgrave place
25367 Mansley JamesGreen lane courtdwelling-house2, Green lane court
25368 Marriott GeorgeChassum streetdwelling-house84, Chassum street
25369 Marsden SquireNewport roaddwelling-house36, Newport road
25370 Marsh WilliamAtlas streetdwelling-house5, Atlas street
25371 Marshall Albert GeorgeOak villasdwelling-houseParkfield road
successivedwelling-house11, Oak villas
25372 Marshall EdwardPriestman streetdwelling-house146, Priestman street
25373 Marshall EmanuelMellor streetdwelling-house15, Mellor street
25374 Marshall RobertVictor roaddwelling-house60, Victor road
25375 Marshall SamuelLincoln roaddwelling-house27, Lincoln road
25376 Marshall SimpsonGlobe folddwelling-house44, Globe fold
25377 Marshall WilliamPriestman terracedwelling-house16, Priestman terrace
25378 Marsland SamuelCliffe villasdwelling-house17, Cliffe villas
25379 Marston Charles HenryWoodbury placedwelling-houseSeal street
successivedwelling-house5, Woodbury place
25380 Martindale WilsonLily streetdwelling-house23A, Lily street
25381 Marvell AndrewBishop streetdwelling-house23, Bishop street
25382 Marvell JamesClarendon terracedwelling-house19, Clarendon terrace
25383 Maskew JohnWoodbury placedwelling-houseWoodbury place
successivedwelling-house33, Woodbury place
25384 Mason DanielSilk streetdwelling-house102, Silk street
25385 Masterman WilliamHeaton roaddwelling-house120, Heaton road
25386 Masterton David SalmondRose bankdwelling-houseSouthfield square
successivedwelling-house2, Rose bank
25387 Mathers James StewartApsley crescentdwelling-house5, Apsley crescent
25388 Mathers RobertBeamsley streetdwelling-house153, Beamsley street
25389 Mathers ThomasFarcliffe roaddwelling-house14, Farcliffe road
25390 Matthews Alfred MarstonMount pleasantdwelling-house5, Mount pleasant
25391 Matthews JamesWaile streetdwelling-house27, Waile street
25392 Maud AlbertPrimrose streetdwelling-house7, Primrose street
25393 Maud James FrederickArcadia streetdwelling-house14, Arcadia street
25394 Maud James MurgatroydBelgrave placedwelling-house145, Belgrave place
25395 Maud JohnSalt streetdwelling-house95, Salt street
25396 Maud Robert FranklandPicton streetdwelling-house142, Picton street
25397 Maude WilliamBlenheim mountdwelling-house2, Blenheim mount
25398 Maw ThomasFarcliffe placedwelling-house19, Farcliffe place
25399 Maw WilliamNorthfield placedwelling-house26, Northfield place
25400 Mawson WilliamClifton villasdwelling-house3, Clifton villas
25401 Mawson WilliamBlenheim roaddwelling-house17 Blenheim road
25402 Max Lorenz JosephBlenheim roaddwelling-house29, Blenheim road
25403 McCabe WilliamBack Wood streetdwelling-house25, Back Wood street
25404 McCarthy CharlesBeamsley streetdwelling-house107, Beamsley street
25405 McClellan William JohnThorncliffe squaredwelling-houseThorncliffe square
25406 McCroben Edward RipleyHighfield placedwelling-house7, Highfield place
25407 McDonald DuncanAmbler streetdwelling-houseAmbler street
25408 McDonald JohnHome View terracedwelling-house23, Home View terrace
25409 McDonald WilliamAmbler streetshopAmbler street
25410 McGowen William ThomasOak villasdwelling-house1, Oak villas
25411 McGuinness GeorgeSilk streetdwelling-houseSilk street
successivedwelling-house2, Silk street
25412 McGuinness RichardBeamsley streetdwelling-house115, Beamsley street
25413 McLaren John MalcolmOak mountdwelling-house8, Oak mount
25414 McLaurence CharlesPaul streetdwelling-house4, Paul street
25415 McLaurin AndrewDevonshire terracedwelling-house3, Devonshire terrace
25416 McNab JohnManningham lanestableSt. Jude's place
25417 McTurk AlexanderBlenheim roaddwelling-house35, Blenheim road
25418 McTurk JamesSelborne terracedwelling-house3, Selborne terrace
25419 Mecauley Peter TarbuttMiddleton streetdwelling-house19, Middleton street
25420 Medley ThomasMorningsidedwelling-house2, Morningside
25421 Mee JosephPriestman streetdwelling-house192, Priestman street
25422 Meehen JohnRegent streetdwelling-house24A, Regent street
25423 Megson AlfredSt. Jude's placedwelling-house21, St. Jude's place
25424 Megson RichardSalt streetdwelling-house120, Salt street
25425 Megson William BroadleyFarcliffe placedwelling-house21, Farcliffe place
25426 Mellan JohnSilk streetdwelling-house43, Silk street
25427 Mellor IsaacPicton streetdwelling-house137, Picton street
25428 Mercer JamesPicton streetdwelling-housePriestman street
successivedwelling-house163, Picton street
25429 Mercer RobertWhetley mountdwelling-house74, Whetley mount
25430 Mercer SamuelCanary streetdwelling-house43, Canary street
25431 Meredith JamesBateman streetdwelling-house17, Bateman street
25432 Merrill Henry WilliamArcadia streetdwelling-house68, Arcadia street
25433 Metcalfe AnthonyGrimwith streetdwelling-house16, Grimwith street
25434 Metcalfe EdwardRegent streetdwelling-houseRegent street
successivedwelling-house24, Regent street
25435 Metcalfe GeorgeAtlas streetdwelling-house23, Atlas street
25436 Metcalfe JamesApsley crescentdwelling-houseGrosvenor place
successivedwelling-house20, Apsley crescent
25437 Metcalfe JohnSalt streetdwelling-house58, Salt street
25438 Metcalfe JohnWhetley streetdwelling-house15, Whetley street
25439 Metcalfe JosephDenby streetdwelling-house3, Denby street
25440 Metcalfe ThomasSilk streetdwelling-house74, Silk street
25441 Metcalfe WilliamAthol roaddwelling-house33, Athol road
25442 Metcalfe WilliamClarendon streetdwelling-houseCliffe terrace
successivedwelling-house23, Clarendon street
25443 Metcalfe WilliamHeaton roaddwelling-house126, Heaton road
25444 Miall Rev. James GoodeveCamden terracedwelling-house5, Camden terrace
25445 Miall PhilipManningham lanedwelling-house150, Manningham lane
25446 Micklethwaite GeorgeWhetley terracedwelling-house3, Whetley terrace
25447 Middlebrook Albert HoldsworthRock terracedwelling-houseRichmond road
successivedwelling-house271, Rock terrace
25448 Middlemiss AnthonyWellesley terracedwelling-house228, Wellesley terrace
25449 Middleton JohnBateman streetdwelling-house30, Bateman street
25450 Middleton John ThomasWaile streetdwelling-house24, Waile street
25451 Midgley AdamCarlisle roaddwelling-house171, Carlisle road
25452 Midgley AmosCarlisle streetdwelling-house60, Carlisle street
25453 Midgley JohnChurch streetshop2A, Church street
25454 Midgley JohnLumb lanehouse & shop116, Lumb lane
25455 Midgley JosephCarlisle placedwelling-house39, Carlisle place
25456 Midgley JosephSalt streetdwelling-house117, Salt street
25457 Midgley JosephQuarry streetdwelling-house11, Quarry street
25458 Midgley SamuelWestbourne roaddwelling-house16, Westbourne road
25459 Midgley WilliamPicton streetdwelling-house112, Picton street
25460 Midgley WilliamPrimrose streetdwelling-house50, Primrose street
25461 Midgley WilliamWhetley terracedwelling-house12, Whetley terrace
25462 Miles JohnBeamsley streetdwelling-house13, Beamsley street
25463 Miles JohnSalt streetdwelling-house192, Salt street
25464 Miller JosephValley roaddwelling-house168, Valley road
25465 Miller RobertHebden streetdwelling-house29, Hebden street
25466 Miller RobertWaile streetdwelling-house25, Waile street
25467 Miller ThomasWood placedwelling-house6, Wood place
25468 Milligan RobertNorth Park roaddwelling-houseNorth Park road
25469 Milligan WalterHighfielddwelling-house8, Highfield
25470 Millington HartleyWestbourne roaddwelling-houseWestbourne road
25471 Millington JohnPicton streetdwelling-house54, Picton street
25472 Milnes EliFarcliffedwelling-houseToller lane
25473 Milnes GeorgeWoodbury roaddwelling-house24, Woodbury road
25474 Milnes WilliamGlobe folddwelling-house1, Globe fold
25475 Milthorpe Charles HenrySt. Paul's roaddwelling-house40, St. Paul's road
25476 Minikin WilliamSpringcliffe streetdwelling-house50, Springcliffe street
25477 Mirfield John JamesSpringcliffe streetdwelling-house37, Springcliffe street
25478 Mirfield WilliamMontgomery streetdwelling-house26, Montgomery street
25479 Mitchell CharlesChassum streetdwelling-house108, Chassum street
25480 Mitchell GeorgeAmbler streetdwelling-house6, Ambler street
25481 Mitchell GeorgePaul streetdwelling-house9, Paul street
25482 Mitchell GreenwoodGreen lanedwelling-house46, Green lane
25483 Mitchell HenryParkfielddwelling-houseParkfield
25484 Mitchell JamesThorn terracedwelling-houseThorn terrace
25485 Mitchell JamesWaile streetdwelling-house3, Waile street
25486 Mitchell JohnChassum streetdwelling-houseChassum street
successivedwelling-house63, Chassum street
25487 Mitchell JonasArcadia streetdwelling-house6, Arcadia street
25488 Mitchell RobertWoodbank placedwelling-houseGrimwith street
successivedwelling-house29, Woodbank place
25489 Mitchell RufusWestfielddwelling-houseWestfield, Toller lane
25490 Mitchell SamuelBeamsley streetdwelling-house132, Beamsley street
25491 Mitchell ThomasBelgrave placedwelling-house123, Belgrave place
25492 Mitchell ThomasBertram roaddwelling-house13, Bertram road
25493 Mitchell TomGrimwith streetdwelling-house5, Grimwith street
25494 Mitchell WalterCarlisle terracedwelling-house36, Carlisle terrace
25495 Mitchell WilliamBack Wood streetdwelling-houseBack Wood street
25496 Mitchell WilliamCarlisle placedwelling-house16, Carlisle place
25497 Mitchell WilliamMarlborough roaddwelling-house22, Marlborough road
25498 Mitchell WilliamPriestman streetdwelling-house220, Priestman street
25499 Mitton GeorgeBishop streetdwelling-house17, Bishop street
25500 Mitton GeorgeMannheim roaddwelling-houseBishop street
successivedwelling-houseAshdowne place
successivedwelling-houseMannheim road
25501 Mitton Rev. WelburyVictor roaddwelling-houseSt. Paul's Vicarage
successivedwelling-house6, Victor road
25502 Moffatt James CloseLumb lanehouse & shop274, Lumb lane
25503 Moffatt John NotmanSpring cliffedwelling-house17, Spring cliffe
25504 Mollin Frederick EdwardSt. Mary's roaddwelling-house74, St. Mary's road
25505 Mollin JamesSelbourne villasdwelling-house85, Selbourne villas
25506 Mombert AdolphusMornington villasdwelling-house1, Mornington villas
25507 Monckman HarryCliffe terracedwelling-house7, Cliffe terrace
25508 Moore AbrahamSilk streetdwelling-house70, Silk street
25509 Moore BenjaminMontgomery streetdwelling-house17, Montgomery street
25510 Moore DavidWood placehouse & shop4, Wood place
25511 Moore EdwardCarlisle roadhouse & shop63, Carlisle road
25512 Moore HenryLeamington streetdwelling-house25, Leamington street
25513 Moore JohnPatent streetdwelling-house52, Patent street
25514 Moore JonathanManningham lanedwelling-houseThorncliffe road
successivedwelling-house95, Manningham lane
25515 Moore JosephLumb lanedwelling-house151, Lumb lane
25516 Moore SmithPicton streetdwelling-house75, Picton street
25517 Moore ThomasWhite Abbeyhouse & shop98, White Abbey
25518 Moore William HenryPrimrose terracedwelling-house5, Primrose terrace
25519 Moorhouse George HenryCliffe villasdwelling-house3, Cliffe villas
25520 Moorhouse JamesGreen lanedwelling-house36, Green lane
25521 Moorhouse James EllisonPark mountdwelling-house9, Park mount
25522 Morgan ArchibaldChassum streetdwelling-houseBeamsley street
successivedwelling-house24, Chassum street
25523 Morgan Joseph HomerPriestman streetdwelling-housePriestman street
successivedwelling-house191, Priestman street
25524 Morley JonathanBeamsley streetdwelling-house178, Beamsley street
25525 Morley William JamesWelbury drivedwelling-house1, Welbury drive
25526 Morrell AlbertChassum streetdwelling-houseChassum street
successivedwelling-house141, Chassum street
25527 Morrell BryanMontgomery streetdwelling-house27, Montgomery street
25528 Morrell DavidBeamsley roaddwelling-house51, Beamsley road
25529 Morrell JosephBateman streetdwelling-houseSouth parade
successivedwelling-house48, Bateman street
25530 Morrell LeviCarlisle terracedwelling-house51, Carlisle terrace
25531 Morrell RawsonArcadia streetdwelling-house54, Arcadia street
25532 Morrell ThomasPatent streetdwelling-house42, Patent street
25533 Morrell WilliamChassum streetdwelling-house122, Chassum street
25534 Mortimer BenjaminChurch streetdwelling-house122, Church street
25535 Mortimer DavidWhetley hillhouse & shop110, Whetley hill
25536 Mortimer JamesChassum streetdwelling-house138, Chassum street
25537 Mortimer JamesSpringcliffe streetdwelling-house18, Springcliffe street
25538 Mortimer SamuelCarlisle roaddwelling-house45, Carlisle road
25539 Mortimer SamuelTemple streetdwelling-house10, Temple street
25540 Morton JohnSalt streetdwelling-house198, Salt street
25541 Morton JohnTradesmen's Homedwelling-houseTradesmen's Home
successivedwelling-house13, Tradesmen's Home
25542 Moser JacobOak villasdwelling-house10, Oak villas
25543 Mossop IsaacVictor roaddwelling-house34, Victor road
25544 Mossop WilliamRegent streetdwelling-house6, Regent street
25545 Moulson RichardWellesley terracedwelling-house268, Wellesley terrace
25546 Mountain JobSpringcliffe streetdwelling-house25, Springcliffe street
25547 Moverley FrancisSpring rowdwelling-house11, Spring row
25548 Mowitt WilliamSalt streetdwelling-house109, Salt street
25549 Muff JohnPatent streetdwelling-house12, Patent street
25550 Muir JamesLeyburne streetdwelling-house15, Leyburne street
25551 Mulcahy DavidRegent streetdwelling-house8, Regent street
25552 Mullany PeterRegent streetdwelling-house24, Regent street
25553 Muller GeorgeSelbourne villasdwelling-house11, Selbourne villas
25554 Mumford George EdwardMount royddwelling-house7, Mount royd
25555 Mundell WilliamCarlisle placedwelling-house17, Carlisle place
25556 Murgatroyd DenbyPicton streetdwelling-house110, Picton street
25557 Murgatroyd JohnOak avenuedwelling-house7, Oak avenue
25558 Murgatroyd John WaiteMarlborough roaddwelling-houseSouthfield square
successivedwelling-house30, Marlborough road
25559 Murgatroyd JosephChurch streethouse & shop84, Church street
25560 Murgatroyd WilliamAshdowne placedwelling-house8, Ashdowne place
25561 Murphy JohnBeamsley streetdwelling-house97, Beamsley street
25562 Murray FrancisSkinner lanehouse & shop7, Skinner lane
25563 Murray HenrySilk streetdwelling-house94, Silk street
25564 Murray JamesSkinner lanedwelling-house45, Skinner lane
25565 Murray Robert LittleOakroyd terracedwelling-house24, Oakroyd terrace
25566 Musgrove BenjaminLindum terracedwelling-house11, Lindum terrace
25567 Musgrove SamuelWhetley terracedwelling-house5, Whetley terrace
25568 Myers AbrahamAnvil streetdwelling-house36, Anvil street
25569 Myers AlbertLincoln roaddwelling-houseCarlisle place
successivedwelling-house17, Lincoln road
25570 Myers FrederickCarlisle placedwelling-house44, Carlisle place
25571 Myers JohnPrimrose streetdwelling-house30, Primrose street
25572 Myers JosephBowland streetdwelling-house66, Bowland street
25573 Myers JosephHebden streetdwelling-house6, Hebden street
25574 Myers SamuelWoodbury roaddwelling-house26, Woodbury road
25575 Myers Samuel PeelLindum terracedwelling-house15, Lindum terrace
25576 Myers WilliamGlobe folddwelling-house16, Globe fold

MANNINGHAM WARD2, 1882, surnames beginning with the letter N
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
25577 Nachbar NathanSt. Paul's roaddwelling-house30, St. Paul's road
25578 Nathan BernardOak villasdwelling-house13, Oak villas
25579 Nathan EmilBlenheim mountdwelling-house8, Blenheim mount
25580 Naylor AbednegoGlobe folddwelling-house29, Globe fold
25581 Naylor BenjaminBeamsley streetdwelling-houseBack Spring row
successivedwelling-house28, Beamsley street
25582 Naylor EdwardGreen lanedwelling-house29, Green lane
25583 Naylor JacobCarlisle streetdwelling-house24, Carlisle street
25584 Naylor JohnFarfield streetdwelling-house160, Farfield street
25585 Naylor WalterSalt streetdwelling-house91, Salt street
25586 Naylor WilliamBack Spring rowdwelling-house22, Back Spring row
25587 Needham IsaacPrimrose streetdwelling-houseGreenhill place
successivedwelling-house51, Primrose street
25588 Neesome WilliamPicton streetdwelling-house48, Picton street
25589 Neill AlexanderParkfield roaddwelling-houseSt. Paul's road
successivedwelling-house19, Parkfield road
25590 Nelson CharlesRock terracedwelling-house279, Rock terrace
25591 Nelson DavidWood streetdwelling-house21, Wood street
25592 Nelson JohnWood streetdwelling-house25, Wood street
25593 Neumann Charles Gustave TheodoreSt. Paul's roaddwelling-houseMarlborough road
successivedwelling-house15, St. Paul's road
25594 Newbould BenjaminCottingley terracedwelling-house8, Cottingley terrace
25595 Newbould JohnManningham lanehouse & shop200, Manningham lane
25596 Newboult Frederick William TaylorFairfield roaddwelling-house14, Fairfield road
25597 Newboult JosephElmsall streetdwelling-house5, Elmsall street
25598 Newell EdwardSilk streetdwelling-house116, Silk street
25599 Newport Henry WilliamWhetley mountdwelling-house92, Whetley mount
25600 Newport RichardWest Butterfield rowdwelling-house8, West Butterfield row
25601 Newsome DavidChurch streetdwelling-house56, Church street
25602 Newsome HebdenWilson streetdwelling-house5, Wilson street
25603 Newsome JosephRose streetdwelling-house6, Rose street
25604 Newton GeorgeBlenheim roaddwelling-house13, Blenheim road
25605 Nichols HenryCarlisle roaddwelling-house3, Carlisle road
25606 Nichols JamesChurch streetdwelling-house88, Church street
25607 Nichols William SchofieldAthol roaddwelling-houseAthol road
successivedwelling-house29, Athol road
25608 Nicholson AlfredSt. Mary's roaddwelling-house75, St. Mary's road
25609 Nicholson JamesSpringfield streetdwelling-house32, Springfield street
25610 Nicholson RichardSpringcliffe streetdwelling-houseWoodbury road
successivedwelling-house58, Springcliffe street
25611 Nicholson RobertSt. Paul's roaddwelling-house33, St. Paul's road
25612 Nicholson ThomasSilk streetdwelling-house24, Silk street
25613 Nixon GeorgeArcadia streetdwelling-house11, Arcadia street
25614 Noble Harry AndersonBelgrave placedwelling-house19, Belgrave place
25615 Nolan JohnWaile streetdwelling-house11, Waile street
25616 Norbury JosephLincoln terracedwelling-house36, Lincoln terrace
25617 Norbury ThomasAtlas streetdwelling-house15, Atlas street
25618 Norfolk ThomasSouthfield squaredwelling-house68, Southfield square
25619 Norfolk WrightChassum streetdwelling-houseChassum street
successivedwelling-house174, Chassum street
25620 Normington JohnAnvil streetdwelling-house11, Anvil street
25621 Normington JohnSpringcliffe streethouse & shop2, Springcliffe street
25622 Normington JohnCarlisle roaddwelling-house29, Carlisle road
25623 Normington WilfredWhetley hilldwelling-houseGrimwith street
successivedwelling-house100, Whetley hill
25624 Normington WilliamChurch streetdwelling-house1, Anderson street
successivedwelling-house26, Church street
25625 Normington WilliamWoodbury placedwelling-house25, Woodbury place
25626 Norris ThomasChassum streetdwelling-house140, Chassum street
25627 North ArthurBelgrave streetdwelling-house23, Belgrave street
25628 Northcliffe GeorgeSalt streetdwelling-houseSalt street
successivedwelling-house57, Salt street
25629 Northrop JonasBeecher streetdwelling-houseDenby street
successivedwelling-house7, Beecher street
25630 Northrop LeviChassum streetdwelling-house71, Chassum street
25631 Northrop ThomasValley roaddwelling-house110, Valley road
25632 Northrop WilliamAnvil streetdwelling-houseGrimwith street
successivedwelling-house16, Anvil street
25633 Nunn JohnGreen lanedwelling-house31, Green lane
25634 Nunwick ThomasManningham lanehouse & shop186, Manningham lane
25635 Nussey BenjaminMount royddwelling-house8, Mount royd
25636 Nutter JosephPriestman streetdwelling-house201, Priestman street
25637 Nutter SamuelPriestman streetdwelling-house125, Priestman street

MANNINGHAM WARD2, 1882, surnames beginning with the letter O
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
25638 Oakes GeorgeSeal streetdwelling-house2, Seal street
25639 Oakley HenryBertram roaddwelling-house6, Bertram road
25640 Oates John FrancisFairfield roaddwelling-house28, Fairfield road
25641 Oates WilliamWestbourne roadhouse & shop11, Westbourne road
25642 Ockerby WilliamWilson squaredwelling-house1, Wilson square
25643 Oddy JohnCarlisle roadhouse & shop65, Carlisle road
25644 Ogden JamesPrimrose streetdwelling-housePrimrose street
successivedwelling-house13, Waile street
25645 Ogden JasperChassum streetdwelling-house6, Chassum street
25646 Ogden JonathanSilk streetdwelling-house73, Silk street
25647 Ogden SamuelPaul streetdwelling-house10, Paul street
25648 Ogle WilliamArnold streetdwelling-house32, Arnold street
25649 Oldfield AlfredArnold streetdwelling-house20, Arnold street
25650 Oldfield StephenWestbourne roaddwelling-house13, Westbourne road
25651 Oldfield WilliamNewport roaddwelling-house6, Newport road
25652 Oliver CharlesWoodbury roaddwelling-house55, Woodbury road
25653 Ollerenshaw James SpicerVictor roaddwelling-house19, Victor road
25654 O'Neale JamesGreenfield placedwelling-house6, Greenfield place
25655 O'Neale ThomasGrosvenor terracedwelling-house11, Grosvenor terrace
25656 Orton WilliamWestbourne roaddwelling-houseConduit street
successivedwelling-house59, Westbourne road
25657 Osborn JosephPrimrose streetdwelling-house9, Primrose street
25658 O'Sullivan TimothyMorningsidedwelling-house20, Morningside
25659 Oven JamesRegent streetdwelling-house10, Regent street
25660 Overend HenrySouthfield squaredwelling-houseCarlisle terrace
successivedwelling-house12, Southfield square
25661 Overend ThomasWoodbury roaddwelling-house22, Woodbury road

MANNINGHAM WARD2, 1882, surnames beginning with the letter P
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
25662 Paley JohnSpringcliffe streetdwelling-house29, Springcliffe street
25663 Pape Ambrose HenryHebden streetdwelling-housePriestman street
successivedwelling-houseBateman street
successivedwelling-house27, Hebden street
25664 Pape WilliamChurch streetdwelling-house45, Church street
25665 Pape WilliamNewport roaddwelling-house50, Newport road
25666 Parkins WilliamChassum streetdwelling-house103, Chassum street
25667 Parkinson BenjaminChurch streetdwelling-house28, Church street
25668 Parkinson DavidSouth paradedwelling-house24, South parade
25669 Parkinson EdwardSpringcliffe streetdwelling-house8, Springcliffe street
25670 Parkinson Edward ChandlerWellesley terracedwelling-houseCarlisle terrace
successivedwelling-house248, Wellesley terrace
25671 Parkinson JacksonLeyburne streetdwelling-house8, Leyburne street
25672 Parkinson John ClaytonSilk streetdwelling-house110, Silk street
25673 Parkinson JosephClarendon terracedwelling-house27, Clarendon terrace
25674 Parkinson MarkPrimrose streetdwelling-house34, Primrose street
25675 Parkinson RobertWest viewdwelling-houseWest view, Lilycroft road
25676 Parkinson ThomasArcadia streetdwelling-house33, Arcadia street
25677 Parkinson ThomasPark View terracedwelling-house10, Park View terrace
25678 Parr WilliamCarlisle placedwelling-house1, Carlisle place
25679 Parry CharlesHome View terracedwelling-house11, Home View terrace
25680 Parry SamuelGreen lanedwelling-house38, Green lane
25681 Parsey Joseph KnightSpring cliffedwelling-house29, Spring cliffe
25682 Partridge FrederickGrimwith streetdwelling-house20, Grimwith street
25683 Passavant FerdinandBlenheim roaddwelling-house11, Blenheim road
25684 Passingham EdwardPark View terracedwelling-housePark View terrace
25685 Patchett HenryPriestman streetdwelling-house193, Priestman street
25686 Patchett HerbertLincoln terracedwelling-houseCarlisle street
successivedwelling-house31, Lincoln terrace
25687 Patchett JamesGrimwith streetdwelling-house33, Grimwith street
25688 Patchett JohnGrimwith streetdwelling-house22, Grimwith street
25689 Patchett JohnWoodbank placedwelling-houseChurch street
successivedwelling-house10, Woodbank place
25690 Patchett JosephGreen lanedwelling-house5, Green lane
25691 Patefield HenryPriestman terracedwelling-house24, Priestman terrace
25692 Patefield ThomasPriestman streetdwelling-house5, Priestman street
25693 Patefield WilliamPriestman streetdwelling-house12, Priestman terrace
25694 Patrick GeorgeQueen's roaddwelling-houseQueen's road
25695 Pattinson SamuelPriestman streetdwelling-house115, Priestman street
25696 Pattison RobertAlice streetdwelling-house7, Alice street
25697 Pawson HenryPriestman streetdwelling-house161, Priestman street
25698 Pawson HenrySpringfield streetdwelling-house14, Springfield street
25699 Pawson JosephBishop streetdwelling-house36, Bishop street
25700 Peacock HenryThorncliffe squaredwelling-house8, Thorncliffe square
25701 Peak FrederickBateman streetdwelling-houseHebden street
successivedwelling-house4, Bateman street
25702 Pearce JohnBeamsley streetdwelling-house112, Beamsley street
25703 Pearce William PrestPicton streetdwelling-house188, Picton street
25704 Pearson BenjaminFarfield streetdwelling-house138, Farfield street
25705 Pearson GeorgeRose streetdwelling-house40, Rose street
25706 Pearson JamesBuxton streetdwelling-house1, Buxton street
25707 Pearson JohnCarlisle terracedwelling-house10, Carlisle terrace
25708 Pearson JohnFarfield streetdwelling-house114, Farfield street
25709 Pearson John WilliamWoodbury roaddwelling-houseBuxton street
successivedwelling-houseWoodbury road
25710 Pearson JosephSalt streetdwelling-house88, Salt street
25711 Pearson ThomasWhetley terracedwelling-house16, Whetley terrace
25712 Pearson Thomas WilsonBishop streetdwelling-house3, Bishop street
25713 Pearson WilliamWoodview terracedwelling-house16, Woodview terrace
25714 Peasegood AquilaWood streetdwelling-house3, Wood street
25715 Peel JohnGrosvenor terracedwelling-house10, Grosvenor terrace
25716 Peel JosephValley rowdwelling-house16, Valley row
25717 Pell ChristopherChassum streetdwelling-house129, Chassum street
25718 Pell JamesMontgomery streetdwelling-house13, Montgomery street
25719 Pellett EmanuelPicton streetdwelling-house180, Picton street
25720 Pendleton JosephLumb lanedwelling-house154, Lumb lane
25721 Pennington GeorgeBlenheim roaddwelling-house41, Blenheim road
25722 Pennington George EdwardCarlisle placedwelling-house57, Carlisle place
25723 Pennington SamuelHebden streetdwelling-house12, Hebden street
25724 Penty WilliamBavaria placedwelling-house4, Bavaria place
25725 Percy RobertArnold streetdwelling-house30, Arnold street
25726 Perkin JosephSt. Paul's roaddwelling-house39, St. Paul's road
25727 Perkins Rev. James EdwardFarcliffe roaddwelling-house2, Farcliffe road
25728 Perkins ThomasOakroyd terracedwelling-house15, Oakroyd terrace
25729 Pesel Frederick RobertMornington villasdwelling-house11, Mornington villas
25730 Peters RudolphAshburnham grovedwelling-houseApsley crescent
successivedwelling-house8, Ashburnham grove
25731 Pettinger Thomas FarrarMarlborough roaddwelling-house15, Marlborough road
25732 Petty JamesLily streetdwelling-houseChurch street
successivedwelling-house14, Lily street
25733 Petty JamesRose streetdwelling-house28, Rose street
25734 Petty JohnMontgomery streetdwelling-house34, Montgomery street
25735 Petty JohnSpringcliffe streetdwelling-houseSpringcliffe street
successivedwelling-house43, Springcliffe street
25736 Petty ThomasLumb lanedwelling-house94, Lumb lane
25737 Philipp AdolphusMornington villasdwelling-house12, Mornington villas
25738 Philipp JacobClifton villasdwelling-house2, Clifton villas
25739 Phillips JamesHome View terracedwelling-house27, Home View terrace
25740 Phillips JohnWellesley terracedwelling-house252, Wellesley terrace
25741 Phippen Alexander ThomasChurch streetdwelling-house54, Church street
25742 Phippen WilliamLincoln terracedwelling-house33, Lincoln terrace
25743 Pickard ArthurClarendon placedwelling-house10, Clarendon place
25744 Pickard John ArthurChurch streetdwelling-houseGreenhill place
successivehouse & shop16, Church street
25745 Pickard JosephPicton streetdwelling-house184, Picton street
25746 Pickard WilliamGreenhill placedwelling-house10, Greenhill place
25747 Pickering GeorgeGreen lanedwelling-house52, Green lane
25748 Pickersgill HanleyPrimrose terracedwelling-house35, Primrose terrace
25749 Pickles BenjaminPriestman streetdwelling-housePrimrose street
successivedwelling-house190, Priestman street
25750 Pickles EdwardPatent streetdwelling-housePriestman street
successivedwelling-house40, Patent street
25751 Pickles GeorgePark View terracedwelling-house3, Park View terrace
25752 Pickles Herbert CharlesSalt streetdwelling-house76, Salt street
25753 Pickles HiramCarlisle terracedwelling-house6, Carlisle terrace
25754 Pickles JohnBurlington streetdwelling-house7, Burlington street
25755 Pickles JohnChassum streetdwelling-house145, Chassum street
25756 Pickles JohnFarfield streetdwelling-house166, Farfield street
25757 Pickles JohnFraser streethouse & shop10, Fraser street
25758 Pickles JosephPriestman streetdwelling-house119, Priestman street
25759 Pickles JosephNorthfield placedwelling-houseBack Northfield place
successivedwelling-house1, Northfield place
25760 Pickles NathanPriestman streetdwelling-house162, Priestman street
25761 Pickles WilliamBowland streetdwelling-house41, Bowland street
25762 Pickles WilliamChassum streetdwelling-house178, Chassum street
25763 Pickup WilliamArcadia streetdwelling-house2, Arcadia street
25764 Pickwell JohnPriestman streetdwelling-housePriestman street
successivedwelling-house163, Priestman street
25765 Pighills TimothyLumb lanehouse & shop196, Lumb lane
25766 Pimperton RobertBuxton streetdwelling-house33, Buxton street
25767 Pinder JosephBeecher streetdwelling-house15, Beecher street
25768 Pinder JosephGreenhill placedwelling-house41, Greenhill place
25769 Pinder ThomasChassum streetdwelling-house130, Chassum street
25770 Platt JamesLily streetdwelling-house27, Lily street
25771 Platt WilliamCarlisle streetdwelling-house53, Carlisle street
25772 Pollard AdamSt. Paul's roaddwelling-house17, St. Paul's road
25773 Pollard WilliamGreenhill placedwelling-house15, Greenhill place
25774 Pollard WilliamNewport roaddwelling-house34A, Newport road
25775 Poole JohnSt. Jude's placedwelling-houseManningham lane
successivedwelling-house48, St. Jude's place
25776 Popple JohnWestbourne roaddwelling-house23, Westbourne road
25777 Porritt George CharlesworthCarlisle roadhouse & shop69, Carlisle road
25778 Porritt JonathanBlenheim roaddwelling-house7, Blenheim road
25779 Porritt Joshua LeePark View terracedwelling-house11, Park View terrace
25780 Portway HerbertOak lanedwelling-house13, Oak lane
25781 Postlethwaite JamesBateman streetdwelling-house5, Bateman street
25782 Potter William HenryParkfield roaddwelling-houseOak lane
successivedwelling-house3, Parkfield road
25783 Poulter GibsonCarlisle streethouse & shop35, Carlisle street
25784 Poulter JamesBelgrave placedwelling-house52, Belgrave place
25785 Poulter John WilliamHeaton roaddwelling-house106, Heaton road
25786 Poulter NorthropPriestman streetdwelling-houseArcadia street
successivedwelling-houseArnold street
successivedwelling-house110, Priestman street
25787 Pratt AnthonyPicton streetdwelling-house202, Picton street
25788 Pratt ChristopherEccleshillshedSt. Jude's place
25789 Pratt RobisonMontgomery streetdwelling-house48, Montgomery street
25790 Precious WilliamMiddleton streetdwelling-house20, Middleton street
25791 Preece CharlesArcadia streetdwelling-house14, Usher street
successivedwelling-house22, Arcadia street
25792 Preston AlfredGreen lanedwelling-house28, Green lane
25793 Preston EdwardPicton streetdwelling-house108, Picton street
25794 Preston EliSilk streetdwelling-house28, Silk street
25795 Preston RobertBeamsley roaddwelling-house7, Beamsley road
25796 Preston WilliamSpring rowdwelling-house4, Spring row
25797 Price EdwardCarlisle terracedwelling-house15, Carlisle terrace
25798 Price HenryLilycroft lanedwelling-houseLilycroft lane
25799 Price JohnLily streetdwelling-house12, Lily street
25800 Priestley JohnPicton streetdwelling-house34, Picton street
25801 Priestman FrederickToller lanedwelling-house56, Toller lane
25802 Priestman Harry BradyFarcliffe terracedwelling-house16, Farcliffe terrace
25803 Prince ThomasNorth park roaddwelling-houseMarlborough road
successivedwelling-house23, North park road
25804 Pringle JamesThorncliffe roaddwelling-house52, Thorncliffe road
25805 Procter AnthonyAnderson streetdwelling-houseWestbourne road
successivedwelling-house12, Anderson street
25806 Procter ThomasBack Spring rowdwelling-house10, Back Spring row
25807 Prout RichardPrimrose streetdwelling-house11, Primrose street
25808 Pullan ArthurMontgomery streetdwelling-house4, Montgomery street
25809 Pullan JohnGrosvenor roaddwelling-house14, Grosvenor road
25810 Pullan JohnBowland streetdwelling-house69, Bowland street
25811 Pullan JosephSalt streetdwelling-house16, Salt street
25812 Pullan ThomasLumb lanedwelling-house174, Lumb lane
25813 Pulman FrederickAnvil streetdwelling-house5, Anvil street
25814 Punt DavidCarlisle streetdwelling-house39, Carlisle street

MANNINGHAM WARD2, 1882, surnames beginning with the letter Q
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
25815 Quinlan WilliamGlobe folddwelling-house10, Globe fold
25816 Quitzow AlfredOak villasdwelling-house2, Oak villas

MANNINGHAM WARD2, 1882, surnames beginning with the letter R
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
25817 Rabagliati AndreaWalmer villasdwelling-house9, Walmer villas
25818 Radcliffe GeorgeHeaton roaddwelling-houseHeaton road
successivedwelling-houseToller lane
successivedwelling-house28, Heaton road
25819 Raistrick GeorgeBelgrave placehouse & shop7, Ambler street
successivehouse & shop55, Belgrave place
25820 Ramsden JamesLaburnum placedwelling-house4, Laburnum place
25821 Ramsden JonathanGreen lanedwelling-house25, Green lane
25822 Ramsden WilliamNewport roaddwelling-house26, Newport road
25823 Rand FrederickBlenheim roaddwelling-house30, Blenheim road
25824 Rand James HoratioSelborne terracedwelling-house4, Selborne terrace
25825 Randell RobertCunliffe terracedwelling-house14, Cunliffe terrace
25826 Raney BenjaminAmbler streetdwelling-houseunder Chapel, Carlisle road
successivedwelling-house7, Ambler street
25827 Raspin John WilliamLily streetdwelling-house56, Lily street
25828 Ratcliffe WilliamClifton streetdwelling-house5, Clifton street
25829 Ratti De AurielWoodview terracedwelling-house7, Woodview terrace
25830 Raw JohnChassum streetdwelling-houseChassum street
successivedwelling-house106, Chassum street
25831 Rawling JohnPrimrose streetdwelling-house8, Primrose street
25832 Rawling LawsonSeal streetdwelling-house4, Seal street
25833 Rawnsley JamesWoodbury placedwelling-houseCanary street
successivedwelling-houseWoodbury place
25834 Rawnsley JesseChurch streetdwelling-houseCanary street
successivedwelling-house51, Church street
25835 Rawnsley JohnSalt streetdwelling-house4, Salt street
25836 Rawnsley JosephRose streetdwelling-house20, Rose street
25837 Rawnsley RichardBeamsley roaddwelling-house15, Beamsley road
25838 Rayner Charles AlbertBishop streetdwelling-house31, Bishop street
25839 Read JesseLincoln roaddwelling-house41, Lincoln road
25840 Read WilliamMellor streetdwelling-house12, Mellor street
25841 Reaney RichardApsley crescentdwelling-house6, Apsley crescent
25842 Reddihough JohnOakroyd villasdwelling-house7, Oakroyd villas
25843 Reddihough RichardLincoln terracedwelling-house19, Lincoln terrace
25844 Redhead George EdwardBack Wood streetdwelling-houseBack Wood street
25845 Redman JohnBateman streetdwelling-housePicton street
successivedwelling-house14, Bateman street
25846 Redman MarmadukeBertram roaddwelling-house16, Bertram road
25847 Redshaw WilsonBavaria placedwelling-house8, Bavaria place
25848 Reed ThomasPatent streetdwelling-house34, Patent street
25849 Reeday HenryPicton streetdwelling-housePicton street
successivedwelling-house87, Picton street
25850 Reeton HenryEast Squire lanedwelling-houseEast Squire lane
25851 Reffitt JohnSpring cliffedwelling-house31, Spring cliffe
25852 Reid WilliamSt. Jude's placedwelling-house50, St. Jude's place
25853 Reid WilliamBarden streetdwelling-house4, Barden street
25854 Reixach JosephSelborne grovedwelling-house3, Selborne grove
25855 Rendell James RobsonCarlisle terracedwelling-house37, Carlisle terrace
25856 Render SamuelGrosvenor roaddwelling-house20, Grosvenor road
25857 Renton GeorgePicton streetdwelling-housePicton street
successivedwelling-house130, Picton street
25858 Renton JamesChassum streetdwelling-houseChassum street
successivedwelling-house110, Chassum street
25859 Renton ThomasClifton villasdwelling-house4, Clifton villas
25860 Renton Thomas LeavensMarlborough roaddwelling-house17, Marlborough road
25861 Reynolds HubertBeamsley streetdwelling-houseSilk street
successivedwelling-house83, Chassum street
25862 Reynolds WalterCanary streetdwelling-house8, Canary street
25863 Reynolds WilliamGrosvenor terracedwelling-house8, Grosvenor terrace
25864 Rhodes AbnerCarlisle roaddwelling-house189, Carlisle road
25865 Rhodes AlbertLily streetdwelling-house32, Lily street
25866 Rhodes JamesBeamsley streetdwelling-house82, Beamsley street
25867 Rhodes JamesMansfield roaddwelling-house7, Mansfield road
25868 Rhodes JesseAnvil streetdwelling-house30, Anvil street
25869 Rhodes JobCarlisle roaddwelling-houseAshwell street
successivedwelling-houseCarlisle road
successivedwelling-house181, Carlisle road
25870 Rhodes JohnBold streetdwelling-house1, Bold street
25871 Rhodes JohnHeatonwarehouseAnderson street
25872 Rhodes JohnSkinner lanehouse & shop33, Skinner lane
25873 Rhodes JosephOakroyd terracedwelling-house1, Oakroyd terrace
25874 Rhodes RushforthSalt streetdwelling-house15, Salt street
25875 Rhodes SamuelAnvil streetdwelling-house32, Anvil street
25876 Rhodes SamuelChurch streetdwelling-house85, Church street
25877 Rhodes SamuelPaul streetdwelling-house2, Paul street
25878 Rhodes ThomasBeamsley streetdwelling-house125, Beamsley street
25879 Rhodes TimothySt. Jude's placedwelling-house11, St. Jude's place
25880 Rhodes WilliamWindhillwarehouseAnderson street
25881 Richards BenjaminChassum streetdwelling-houseChassum street
successivedwelling-house44, Chassum street
25882 Richards JohnWoodview terracedwelling-house26, Woodview terrace
25883 Richards ThomasBeamsley streetdwelling-house127, Beamsley street
25884 Richards WilliamChassum streetdwelling-house120, Chassum street
25885 Richards William HenryWoodbury placedwelling-house39, Woodbury place
25886 Richardson John HowisonPark View roaddwelling-house29, Park View road
25887 Richardson RobertWalmer placedwelling-house5, Walmer place
25888 Richardson WilliamConduit streetdwelling-house27, Conduit street
25889 Richardson WilliamPriestman streetdwelling-houseCowgill street
successivedwelling-house172, Priestman street
25890 Richley DaltonPriestman terracedwelling-house14, Priestman terrace
25891 Richmond JamesWestbourne roaddwelling-house41, Westbourne road
25892 Richmond JamesArcadia streetdwelling-house35, Arcadia street
25893 Richmond ThomasGrimwith streetdwelling-house1, Grimwith street
25894 Riddiough HartleyMiddleton streetdwelling-house12, Middleton street
25895 Riddiough RichardLincoln terracedwelling-house19, Lincoln terrace
25896 Riddiough ThompsonBeamsley streetdwelling-house19, Beamsley street
25897 Rider ThomasPicton streetdwelling-house3, Picton street
25898 Ridge WilliamBack Wood streethouse & shop29, Back Wood street
25899 Ridsdale RichardSilk streetdwelling-houseSpringcliffe street
successivedwelling-houseGirlington road
successivedwelling-house12, Silk street
25900 Rieschke Henry GottlobFairmountdwelling-house4, Fairmount
25901 Rigby JamesBateman streetdwelling-house9, Bateman street
25902 Rigg LeviWoodbury placedwelling-houseWoodbury place
25903 Rigg WilliamPicton streetdwelling-house174, Picton street
25904 Riley CharlesBelgrave placedwelling-house97, Belgrave place
25905 Riley JamesFarcliffe terracedwelling-house10, Farcliffe terrace
25906 Riley Joseph AlfredCarlisle streetdwelling-house20, Carlisle street
25907 Riley PatrickSilk streetdwelling-house25, Silk street
25908 Riley ThomasLily streetdwelling-house38, Lily street
25909 Riley ThomasChassum streetdwelling-house20, Chassum street
25910 Riley WilliamSt. Jude's placedwelling-house52, St. Jude's place
25911 Rimmington Felix MarshBradfordhouse & shop202, Manningham lane
25912 Rimmington Felix William ElgeyBradfordhouse & shop202, Manningham lane
25913 Rimmington GeorgePark View terracehouse & shop202, Manningham lane
25914 Ripley AlfredRose streetdwelling-houseWestbourne road
successivedwelling-house12, Rose street
25915 Risdon ThomasChassum streetdwelling-house32, Chassum street
25916 Ritson SolomonCowgill streetdwelling-house18, Cowgill street
25917 Roberts JohnThorncliffe roaddwelling-house73, Thorncliffe road
25918 Roberts John ArthurApsley crescentdwelling-house22, Apsley crescent
25919 Roberts StarkieGreenhill placedwelling-housePrimrose terrace
successivedwelling-house34, Greenhill place
25920 Roberts ThomasHopwood streetdwelling-houseHopwood street
successivedwelling-house5, Hopwood street
25921 Roberts WilliamBishop streetdwelling-house8, Bishop street
25922 Robertshaw AlfredCarlisle terracedwelling-house27, Carlisle terrace
25923 Robertshaw EliSpringfield streetdwelling-houseChassum street
successivedwelling-house2, Springfield street
25924 Robertshaw JohnSpring rowdwelling-house12, Spring row
25925 Robertshaw SugdenNewport roaddwelling-house10, Newport road
25926 Robertshaw TimothyPrimrose terracedwelling-house17, Primrose terrace
25927 Robertshaw WilliamWoodbury roaddwelling-house20, Woodbury road
25928 Robinson BenjaminWoodbury roaddwelling-house46, Woodbury road
25929 Robinson CharlesChassum streetdwelling-house85, Chassum street
25930 Robinson EdwardArnold streetdwelling-house8, Arnold street
25931 Robinson EdwinAshdowne placedwelling-house9, Ashdowne place
25932 Robinson Frederick CuthbertsonWhetley mountdwelling-house86, Whetley mount
25933 Robinson Frederick JohnSelborne grovedwelling-house1, Selborne grove
25934 Robinson FreemanGlobe folddwelling-house15, Globe fold
25935 Robinson JohnBateman streetdwelling-house8, Bateman street
25936 Robinson JohnCanary streetdwelling-house5, Canary street
25937 Robinson RobertQuarry streetdwelling-house12, Quarry street
25938 Robinson ThomasSilver streetdwelling-house13, Silver street
25939 Robinson WhitakerArcadia streetdwelling-house42, Arcadia street
25940 Robinson WilliamNorthfield placedwelling-houseCarlisle place
successivedwelling-house3, Northfield place
25941 Robinson WilliamCarlisle placedwelling-house55, Carlisle place
25942 Robinson WilliamWilson squaredwelling-house9, Wilson square
25943 Robson WilliamWellesley terracedwelling-house61, Manningham lane
successivedwelling-house250, Wellesley terrace
25944 Rochell James JohnLaburnum streetdwelling-house22, Laburnum street
25945 Roe BenjaminLaburnum placehouse & shop6, Laburnum place
25946 Roebling HermannVictor roaddwelling-houseFairfield road
successivedwelling-house21, Victor road
25947 Rogers AlfredWellesley terracedwelling-house238, Wellesley terrace
25948 Rogers BenjaminBeamsley roaddwelling-house41, Beamsley road
25949 Rolfsen AlbertApsley crescentdwelling-house1, Apsley crescent
25950 Rollinson RobertBeamsley roaddwelling-house49, Beamsley road
25951 Rollis JohnGolden squaredwelling-house14, Golden square
25952 Root EdwardBelgrave placedwelling-house3, Belgrave place
25953 Roper RobertBowland streetdwelling-house74, Bowland street
25954 Roper ThomasCarlisle roadhouse & shop75, Carlisle road
25955 Roper ThomasChassum streetdwelling-houseBeamsley street
successivedwelling-house128, Chassum street
25956 Roper TimothyBurlington streetdwelling-house55, Burlington street
25957 Roper WilliamLindum terracedwelling-house6, Lindum terrace
25958 Ross JohnWhetley mountdwelling-house80, Whetley mount
25959 Ross WilliamSilk streetdwelling-house85, Silk street
25960 Rothenstein MoritzSpring bankdwelling-house4, Spring bank
25961 Rowbotham WilliamPicton streetdwelling-house37, Picton street
25962 Rowe GeorgeWoodbank placedwelling-houseMorningside
successivedwelling-house4, Woodbank place
25963 Rowe JohnBack Spring rowdwelling-houseBack Spring row
25964 Rowe ThomasSilk streetdwelling-house47, Silk street
25965 Rowland JosephBeecher streetdwelling-house13, Beecher street
25966 Rowling EdwinCarlisle terracedwelling-house56, Carlisle terrace
25967 Royle JohnBeamsley streetdwelling-house174, Beamsley street
25968 Rudden OwenHopwood streetdwelling-house3, Hopwood street
25969 Rush TimothyBeamsley streetdwelling-house87, Beamsley street
25970 Rushforth BrumfitHeaton roaddwelling-houseHeaton road
successivedwelling-house26, Heaton road
25971 Rushforth JasperGrosvenor terracedwelling-house2, Grosvenor terrace
25972 Rushton JohnLily streetdwelling-house61A, Lily street
25973 Rushton JohnSpringfield streetdwelling-house52, Springfield street
25974 Rushworth AlfredBowland streetdwelling-house8, Bowland street
25975 Rushworth BaileyLily streetdwelling-house30, Lily street
25976 Rushworth JohnMarlborough roaddwelling-house27, Marlborough road
25977 Rushworth JohnPriestman streetdwelling-house174, Priestman street
25978 Rushworth JosephCowgill placedwelling-house8, Cowgill place
25979 Russell AlexanderBelgrave placedwelling-house26, Belgrave place
25980 Russell AlfredChurch streetdwelling-houseWoodbury place
successivedwelling-house33, Church street
25981 Russell BenjaminCarlisle placedwelling-house14, Carlisle place
25982 Russell JosephCarlisle placedwelling-houseCarlisle place
successivedwelling-house10, Carlisle place
25983 Russum RichardBelgrave placedwelling-house16, Belgrave place
25984 Ruthven AlfredParkfield roaddwelling-houseParkfield road
25985 Rutledge JamesAnvil streetdwelling-house38, Anvil street
25986 Rutledge WilliamAnvil streetdwelling-house46, Anvil street
25987 Rycroft HenryPrimrose streetdwelling-house5, Primrose street
25988 Rycroft JohnOakroyd villasdwelling-house3, Oakroyd villas
25989 Rycroft Joshua BywaterPark mountdwelling-house3, Park mount
25990 Rycroft WilliamAnvil streetdwelling-house12, Anvil street
25991 Ryder JohnSkinner lanedwelling-house55, Skinner lane
25992 Ryder ThomasCarlisle streetdwelling-houseCarlisle road
successivedwelling-house49, Carlisle street
25993 Ryder TomWilson streetdwelling-house3, Wilson street
25994 Ryder WilliamCliffe terracedwelling-houseMontgomery street
successivedwelling-house22, Cliffe terrace
25995 Rye DanielSpringfield streetdwelling-house11, Springfield street

MANNINGHAM WARD2, 1882, surnames beginning with the letter S
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
25996 Sagar BensonWaile streetdwelling-house61, Waile street
25997 Sagar CharlesThorncliffe squaredwelling-house9, Thorncliffe square
25998 Sagar John TetleySagar squaredwelling-house25, Sagar square, Salt street
25999 Sagar ThomasBeamsley roadhouse & shop29, Beamsley road
26000 Sagar TomWaile streetdwelling-house67, Waile street
26001 Salmond DavidBingleywarehouseValley road
26002 Salter William GeorgeHeaton roaddwelling-house114, Heaton road
26003 Sampson EdwardRose streetdwelling-house39, Rose street
26004 Sampson John EdwardThorn terracedwelling-house15, Thorn terrace
26005 Sanderson AlfredCarlisle roadhouse & shopCarlisle road
26006 Sandes Henry Thomas ThompsonSt. Paul's roaddwelling-house22, St. Paul's road
26007 Sands RichardChassum streetdwelling-housePatent street
successivedwelling-house61, Chassum street
26008 Sands ThomasConduit streetdwelling-house40, Conduit street
26009 Sands Thomas ChildOak terracedwelling-house32, Oak terrace
26010 Sargent JamesValley roaddwelling-houseValley row
successivedwelling-house178, Valley road
26011 Sargent RichardMontgomery streetdwelling-house52, Montgomery street
26012 Sargent ThomasWood squaredwelling-house10, Wood square
26013 Sargison ThomasLilycroft roaddwelling-houseLilycroft road
26014 Sargisson WilliamSilk streetdwelling-house98, Silk street
26015 Saul TimothySalt streetdwelling-house101, Salt street
26016 Savage James LesiterLumb lanehouse & shop171, Lumb lane
26017 Saville Dan MortimerMiddleton streetdwelling-house16, Middleton street
26018 Saville JohnCliffe villasdwelling-house19, Cliffe villas
26019 Saville JohnPicton streetdwelling-house190, Picton street
26020 Scales Walter HenryBlenheim roaddwelling-house47, Blenheim road
26021 Schaub WilliamOakroyddwelling-house2, Oakroyd
26022 Schiel WalterFairfield roaddwelling-house36, Fairfield road
26023 Schlesinger AndrewFarcliffe terracedwelling-house1, Farcliffe terrace
26024 Schofield GeorgeChurch streetdwelling-houseGrimwith street
successivedwelling-house12, Church street
26025 Schofield HenryHome View terracedwelling-house3, Home View terrace
26026 Schofield JosephFarfield streetdwelling-houseWestbourne road
successivedwelling-house74, Farfield street
26027 Scholefield BenjaminWoodbury roaddwelling-house40, Woodbury road
26028 Scholes LedgardWoodbury placedwelling-houseRose street
successivedwelling-house35, Woodbury place
26029 Scholes SamuelBeamsley streetdwelling-house136, Beamsley street
26030 Scholey William AlfredPicton streetdwelling-house55, Picton street
26031 Schoon GeorgePriestman streetdwelling-house121, Priestman street
26032 Schutt Hermann PeterCunliffe villasdwelling-house4, Cunliffe villas
26033 Scott GeorgeAlice streetdwelling-house19, Alice street
26034 Scott Henry HaleySt. Jude's squaredwelling-house9, St. Jude's square
26035 Scott JonathanSpringfield streethouse & shop38, Springfield street
26036 Scott JosephChassum streetdwelling-house135, Chassum street
26037 Scott ThomasChassum streetdwelling-house172, Chassum street
26038 Scott William HenryPicton streetdwelling-house53, Picton street
26039 Scrivener GeorgeBavaria placedwelling-house16, Bavaria place
26040 Scriviner ThomasSilver streetdwelling-housePriestman street
successivedwelling-house41, Silver street
26041 Sealey GeorgeLumb lanehouse & shop190, Lumb lane
26042 Selfe ThomasCarlisle terracedwelling-house32, Carlisle terrace
26043 Sellers AllanValley rowdwelling-house8, Valley row
26044 Sellers ThomasValley streetdwelling-house20, Valley street
26045 Senior WilliamChassum streetdwelling-house25, Chassum street
26046 Settle WilliamSpringcliffe streetdwelling-house14, Springcliffe street
26047 Severs Charles JeffAtlas streetdwelling-house9, Atlas street
26048 Sewell CharlesPriestman streetdwelling-houseSalt street
successivedwelling-house135, Priestman street
26049 Sewell George FrederickClarendon streetdwelling-house22, Clarendon street
26050 Sewell HarryBack Spring rowdwelling-house24, Back Spring row
26051 Sewell RobertNewport roaddwelling-house28, Newport road
26052 Shackell GeorgeSalt streetdwelling-houseWestbourne road
successivedwelling-house63, Salt street
26053 Shackleton AbrahamGlobe folddwelling-house19, Globe fold
26054 Shackleton EdwardWestbourne roaddwelling-house30, Westbourne road
26055 Shackleton JohnBateman streetdwelling-house12, Bateman street
26056 Shackleton JohnLaburnum streetdwelling-house20, Laburnum street
26057 Shackleton JonasBishop streetdwelling-houseBuxton street
successivedwelling-house5, Bishop street
26058 Shackleton JosephSalt streetdwelling-house18, Salt street
26059 Shackleton JosephSpringfield streetdwelling-house13, Springfield street
26060 Shackleton NicholasGolden squaredwelling-house23, Golden square
26061 Shackleton RobertGrimwith streetdwelling-house37, Grimwith street
26062 Shackleton SamuelNewport roaddwelling-house46, Newport road
26063 Shackleton WilliamLumb lanedwelling-house112, Lumb lane
26064 Shalders Alfred OwenOak villasdwelling-house7, Oak villas
26065 Shannon ThomasHeaton roaddwelling-house18, Heaton road
26066 Sharp AbramChassum streetdwelling-house141, Chassum street
26067 Sharp FouldsBeecher streetdwelling-house4, Beecher street
26068 Sharp Harry TownendCarlisle terracedwelling-house48, Carlisle terrace
26069 Sharp Richard SpencerChassum streetdwelling-house45, Chassum street
26070 Sharp UriahRegent streetdwelling-house3, Regent street
26071 Shatwell JohnSeal streetdwelling-housePriestman street
successivedwelling-house36, Seal street
26072 Shaw JamesClarendon placedwelling-house5, Clarendon place
26073 Shaw James CooperApsley crescentdwelling-house21, Apsley crescent
26074 Shaw John WilliamPriestman terracedwelling-house42, Priestman terrace
26075 Shaw Seth HenrySeal streetdwelling-houseHollings road
successivedwelling-house26, Seal street
26076 Shaw WilliamBack Regent streetdwelling-house18, Back Regent street
26077 Shaw WilliamSouthfield squarehouse & shop1, Southfield square
26078 Sheard SamuelValley rowdwelling-houseWilson square
successivedwelling-house14, Valley row
26079 Shearer WilliamWelbury drivedwelling-house9, Welbury drive
26080 Shepherd CharlesSilk streetdwelling-house75, Silk street
26081 Shepherd EdwardAlice streetdwelling-house21, Alice street
26082 Shepherd HenrySilk streetdwelling-houseSilk street
successivedwelling-house82, Silk street
26083 Shepherd Henry WalleyPrimrose terracedwelling-house31, Primrose terrace
26084 Shepherd JohnBeamsley streetdwelling-house179, Beamsley street
26085 Shepherd JohnArcadia streetdwelling-house23, Arcadia street
26086 Shepherd JohnArcadia streetdwelling-house10, Arcadia street
26087 Shepherd WilliamPicton streetdwelling-housePicton street
successivedwelling-house145, Picton street
26088 Shields ThomasPark mountdwelling-house27, Park mount
26089 Shorrock SamuelWilson squaredwelling-house18, Wilson square
26090 Shorter AlfredFern terracedwelling-house14, Fern terrace
26091 Shuttleworth EphraimAnvil streetdwelling-house13, Anvil street
26092 Shuttleworth JamesBack Regent streetdwelling-house10, Back Regent street
26093 Shuttleworth JosephPatent streetdwelling-housePatent street
successivedwelling-house18, Patent street
26094 Shuttleworth ThomasPatent streetdwelling-house24, Patent street
26095 Sichel JacobWalmer villasdwelling-house5, Walmer villas
26096 Siddle WilliamAnvil streetdwelling-house23, Anvil street
26097 Sidebottom JeremyBeecher streetdwelling-house6, Beecher street
26098 Silson Richard WalkerChurch streethouse & shop113, Church street
26099 Silverwood HorsfallCarlisle terracedwelling-houseSalt street
successivedwelling-house22, Carlisle terrace
26100 Silverwood LeonardBurlington streetdwelling-house27, Burlington street
26101 Simon GeorgeMount royddwelling-house4, Mount royd
26102 Simpson AlfredManningham lanehouse & shop186, Manningham lane
26103 Simpson EdwardCunliffe terracedwelling-house16, Cunliffe terrace
26104 Simpson EdwardRegent streetdwelling-house34, Regent street
26105 Simpson HenryNewport roaddwelling-house44, Newport road
26106 Simpson JohnSouthfield squaredwelling-house36, Southfield square
26107 Simpson SamuelSilk streetdwelling-house11, Silk street
26108 Simpson ThackrayPriestman streetdwelling-house153, Priestman street
26109 Simpson ThomasCarlisle terracedwelling-house12, Carlisle terrace
26110 Simpson ThomasBeamsley streetdwelling-houseBeamsley street
successivedwelling-house78, Beamsley street
26111 Simpson ThomasLumb lanehouse & shop155, Lumb lane
26112 Simpson WilliamBack Spring rowdwelling-house18, Back Spring row
26113 Simpson WilliamHome View terracedwelling-house4, Home View terrace
26114 Singleton JohnWhetley terracedwelling-house11, Whetley terrace
26115 Singleton Joseph RobertHighfielddwelling-house11, Highfield
26116 Singleton ThomasPrimrose streetdwelling-house60, Primrose street
26117 Skirrow AlfredWellesley terracedwelling-house226, Wellesley terrace
26118 Slade JosephSilk streetdwelling-house35, Silk street
26119 Slading JamesPrimrose streetdwelling-house43, Primrose street
26120 Slater JamesPriestman streetdwelling-house131, Priestman street
26121 Slater JamesCarlisle roaddwelling-houseSalt street
successivedwelling-house169, Carlisle road
26122 Slater JamesPriestman terracedwelling-houseJarratt street
successivedwelling-houseIngleby street
successivedwelling-house46, Priestman terrace
26123 Slater James GreenwoodPriestman terracedwelling-house52, Priestman terrace
26124 Slater JohnChassum streetdwelling-house102, Chassum street
26125 Slater ThomasPicton streetdwelling-house28, Picton street
26126 Sleet George AlfredBelgrave placedwelling-houseSouth parade
successivedwelling-house37, Belgrave place
26127 Sleight JohnLindum terracedwelling-house14, Lindum terrace
26128 Sloane David IrvineArcadia streetdwelling-house80, Arcadia street
26129 Sloane James ArchibaldArcadia streetdwelling-house12, Arcadia street
26130 Smith AlexanderChassum streetdwelling-house33, Chassum street
26131 Smith AlfredHebden streetdwelling-house13, Hebden street
26132 Smith AlfredMorningsidedwelling-house3, Morningside
26133 Smith AlfredWoodbury roaddwelling-house42, Woodbury road
26134 Smith ChristopherWoodview crescentdwelling-house2, Woodview crescent
26135 Smith Christopher HeatonVictor roaddwelling-house48, Victor road
26136 Smith Cyrus WilliamFairfield roaddwelling-house22, Fairfield road
26137 Smith EdwardWhetley streetdwelling-houseOakwood street
successivedwelling-house13, Whetley street
26138 Smith EdwinValley roaddwelling-house170, Valley road
26139 Smith EliBowland streetdwelling-house39, Bowland street
26140 Smith EliHollings viewdwelling-house54, Whetley hill
26141 Smith Francis BurnettLincoln terracedwelling-housePriestman street
successivedwelling-house21, Lincoln terrace
26142 Smith GentUpper globedwelling-houseUpper Globe inn
26143 Smith GeorgeConduit streetdwelling-houseWestbourne road
successivedwelling-house44, Conduit street
26144 Smith GreenwoodManningham lanedwelling-house127, Manningham lane
26145 Smith HarryPrimrose streetdwelling-house14, Primrose street
26146 Smith HenryGreenhill placedwelling-house17, Greenhill place
26147 Smith IsaacPark View terracedwelling-house16, Park View terrace
26148 Smith JamesLeyburne streetdwelling-houseNewport road
successivedwelling-house22, Leyburne street
26149 Smith JamesBeamsley streetdwelling-houseSilk street
successivedwelling-house88, Beamsley street
26150 Smith James AbbottMiddleton streetdwelling-house4, Middleton street
26151 Smith JohnLumb lanehouse & shop120, Lumb lane
26152 Smith JohnWoodbank placedwelling-housePriestman street
successivedwelling-house26, Woodbank place
26153 Smith JohnSouth paradedwelling-house38, South parade
26154 Smith John AlfredRose streetdwelling-house10, Rose street
26155 Smith John WilliamPicton streetdwelling-house186, Picton street
26156 Smith JonasSpringcliffe streetdwelling-house32, Lincoln terrace
successivedwelling-house32, Springcliffe street
26157 Smith JosephBlenheim mountdwelling-house6, Blenheim mount
26158 Smith JosephClarendon terracedwelling-house13, Clarendon terrace
26159 Smith JosephPrimrose streetdwelling-house39, Primrose street
26160 Smith JosephSouth paradedwelling-house58, South parade
26161 Smith JosephValley roaddwelling-houseValley road
successivedwelling-house112, Valley road
26162 Smith JosephValley streetdwelling-house25, Valley street
26163 Smith Joseph WebsterSouthfield squaredwelling-house37, Southfield square
26164 Smith JoshuaCarlisle roadhouse & shop10, Carlisle road
26165 Smith JoshuaRegent streetdwelling-house17, Regent street
26166 Smith LeonardFairfield roaddwelling-house2, Fairfield road
26167 Smith ListerNorthfield placedwelling-house22, Northfield place
26168 Smith ParkerNewport roaddwelling-house48, Newport road
26169 Smith Richard NixonChurch streetdwelling-house7, Church street
26170 Smith RobertMiddleton streetdwelling-house7, Middleton street
26171 Smith SamOakroyd terracedwelling-house17, Oakroyd terrace
26172 Smith Samuel LeemingSt. Paul's roaddwelling-house (joint)46, St. Paul's road
26173 Smith ShackletonFarcliffe placedwelling-house14, Farcliffe place
26174 Smith SidneyValley streetdwelling-house10, Valley street
26175 Smith SidneySt. Paul's roaddwelling-houseSt. Mary's road
successivedwelling-house48, St. Paul's road
26176 Smith ThomasBurlington streetdwelling-house17, Burlington street
26177 Smith ThomasPicton streetdwelling-house156, Picton street
26178 Smith ThomasWhetley streetdwelling-house6, Whetley street
26179 Smith ThomasWood streetdwelling-house17, Wood street
26180 Smith WilliamBeamsley roaddwelling-house17, Beamsley road
26181 Smith WilliamHeaton roaddwelling-house24, Heaton road
26182 Smith WilliamHeaton roaddwelling-house112, Heaton road
26183 Smith WilliamSalt streetdwelling-houseCarlisle terrace
successivedwelling-house5, Salt street
26184 Smith William HarveySt. Paul's roaddwelling-house (joint)46, St. Paul's road
26185 Smyth WilliamArcadia streetdwelling-house1, Arcadia street
26186 Snowden RobertAlice streetdwelling-house17, Alice street
26187 Sonnenthal IsidorOak mountdwelling-houseOak mount
26188 Southall RobertChassum streetdwelling-house59, Chassum street
26189 Sowden GeorgeCarlisle placedwelling-house33, Carlisle place
26190 Sowden JamesManningham lanedwelling-houseManningham lane
26191 Sowden JohnBlenheim roaddwelling-house1, Blenheim road
26192 Sowden WilliamToller lanedwelling-house62, Toller lane
26193 Speak JohnSpringfield streetdwelling-houseBinbrook street
successivedwelling-house9, Springfield street
26194 Speak JonathanSpringcliffe streetdwelling-house36, Springcliffe street
26195 Speight AlfredBelgrave placedwelling-house22, Carlisle terrace
successivedwelling-house56, Belgrave place
26196 Speight EdwardChassum streetdwelling-houseChassum street
successivedwelling-house11, Chassum street
26197 Speight GeorgeSouthfield squaredwelling-house63, Southfield square
26198 Speight JohnThorncliffe roaddwelling-house171, Thorncliffe road
26199 Speight SamuelBurlington streetdwelling-house19, Burlington street
26200 Spellman JamesChassum streetdwelling-house73, Chassum street
26201 Spence Leonard HarrisonHopwood streetdwelling-houseBeamsley street
successivedwelling-house17, Hopwood street
26202 Spencer BenjaminAnderson streetdwelling-house17, Anderson street
26203 Spencer CrossfilPaul streetdwelling-house15, Paul street
26204 Spencer JamesCarlisle roaddwelling-house145, Carlisle road
26205 Spencer James FirthLumb lanehouse & shop177, Lumb lane
26206 Spencer JohnOak mountdwelling-house4, Oak mount
26207 Spencer JonasPriestman streetdwelling-house47, Priestman street
26208 Spencer JosephWaile streetdwelling-house4, Waile street
26209 Spencer MichaelWood streetdwelling-houseRegent square
successivedwelling-house8, Wood street
26210 Spencer RobertLily streetdwelling-house45, Lily street
26211 Spencer SamuelSilver streetdwelling-house23, Silver street
26212 Spencer ThomasPrimrose terracedwelling-house11, Primrose terrace
26213 Spink FrederickBertram roaddwelling-house17, Bertram road
26214 Spink WilliamWoodview terracedwelling-house11, Woodview terrace
26215 Spire HenryBurlington streetdwelling-house3, Burlington street
26216 Spriggs CharlesChassum streetdwelling-house182, Chassum street
26217 Staincliffe GeorgeBeamsley streetdwelling-house70, Beamsley street
26218 Staincliffe JohnArcadia streetdwelling-house72, Arcadia street
26219 Staincliffe JohnThorncliffe squaredwelling-houseArcadia street
successivedwelling-house16, Thorncliffe square
26220 Stainthorpe AbrahamBeamsley streetdwelling-house134, Beamsley street
26221 Standidge George WilliamCarlisle roadhouse & shop58, Carlisle road
26222 Stanley JohnGreen lanedwelling-house23, Green lane
26223 Stanley WilliamNorthfield placedwelling-house16, Northfield place
26224 Stansfield DennisPicton streetdwelling-housePicton street
successivedwelling-house148, Picton street
26225 Stansfield Peter HenryValley placedwelling-house5, Valley place
26226 Starling Charles GraySouthfield squaredwelling-house45, Southfield square
26227 Stead Edward BillingsleySt. Paul's roaddwelling-house25, St. Paul's road
26228 Stead JohnSkinner lanedwelling-house11, Skinner lane
26229 Stead JohnPriestman streetdwelling-house158, Priestman street
26230 Stead WilliamPatent streetdwelling-housePatent street
26231 Steel DanielSt. Jude's placedwelling-house68, St. Jude's place
26232 Steel GeorgeWhetley mountdwelling-house66, Whetley mount
26233 Steel HenryChurch streetdwelling-house15, Church street
26234 Steel JohnSt. Jude's placedwelling-house58, St. Jude's place
26235 Steel WilliamSilk streetdwelling-house29, Silk street
26236 Steel WilliamWoodbank placedwelling-houseSt. Jude's place
successivedwelling-house36, Woodbank place
26237 Steele JohnGreenhill placedwelling-houseGreenhill place
26238 Steele JohnWoodview crescentdwelling-houseWoodview crescent
26239 Steele JosephSouth paradedwelling-house36, South parade
26240 Steinthal BodoWalmer villasdwelling-house7, Walmer villas
26241 Stell WilliamBack Spring rowdwelling-house6, Back Spring row
26242 Stephenson AlfredDevonshire terracedwelling-house6, Devonshire terrace
26243 Stephenson EdwardNorth Park roaddwelling-house21, North Park road
26244 Stephenson HenryHome View terracedwelling-house26, Home View terrace
26245 Stephenson JohnVictor roaddwelling-house12, Victor road
26246 Steventon SamuelBateman streetdwelling-house13, Bateman street
26247 Stewart John LaurenceWoodview crescentdwelling-house5, Woodview crescent
26248 Stirk WalterGreen lanedwelling-house37, Green lane
26249 Stockdale JohnWoodbury roaddwelling-house49, Woodbury road
26250 Stockdale RobertPicton streetdwelling-house45, Picton street
26251 Stocks CharlesPriestman streetdwelling-house100, Priestman street
26252 Stocks JamesValley rowdwelling-house22, Valley row
26253 Stocks JohnSalt streetdwelling-houseMorningside
successivedwelling-house39, Salt street
26254 Stocks MilesCliffe terracedwelling-house26, Cliffe terrace
26255 Stone HenryChassum streetdwelling-house132, Chassum street
26256 Stone WilliamCliffe terracedwelling-house12, Cliffe terrace
26257 Stone WilliamChassum streetdwelling-house126, Chassum street
26258 Stoney GeorgeLeyburne streetdwelling-house11, Leyburne street
26259 Stoney ThomasClifton streetdwelling-houseSalt street
successivedwelling-house2, Clifton street
26260 Storey HenryLumb lanehouse & shop176, Lumb lane
26261 Stork WilliamSouth paradedwelling-house42, South parade
26262 Stott Charles AbelBeamsley roaddwelling-house78, Beamsley road
26263 Stratford HenryCliffe terracedwelling-house5, Cliffe terrace
26264 Street JohnChassum streetdwelling-house10, Chassum street
26265 Strodder JohnPriestman streetdwelling-house66, Priestman street
26266 Stubbs FrancisBishop streetdwelling-houseBeamsley road
successivedwelling-house17, Bishop street
26267 Stubbs John WilliamWoodbury placedwelling-housePatent street
successivedwelling-house13, Woodbury place
26268 Stubbs SamuelHeaton roaddwelling-houseSilver street
successivedwelling-house118, Heaton road
26269 Stubbs Thomas HenryWoodbury roaddwelling-house53, Woodbury road
26270 Sturdy JamesCarlisle terraceshop1, Carlisle terrace
26271 Sugden BarnabasGreenfield placedwelling-house4, Greenfield place
26272 Sugden CharlesSalt streetdwelling-house13, Salt street
26273 Sugden HenrySkinner lanedwelling-house38, Skinner lane
26274 Sugden JosephManningham lanedwelling-house69, Manningham lane
26275 Sugden SamuelMarlborough roaddwelling-house16, Marlborough road
26276 Sugden SamuelWhetley terracedwelling-house10, Whetley terrace
26277 Sugden ThomasCarlisle streetdwelling-house58, Carlisle street
26278 Sugden WilliamChurch streetdwelling-housePriestman street
successivedwelling-house63, Church street
26279 Sugden WilliamUpper globedwelling-house44, Upper globe
26280 Sugden WilliamSt. Jude's placedwelling-house31, St. Jude's place
26281 Sullivan DennisWood streetdwelling-house41, Wood street
26282 Summerfield JosephValley streetdwelling-house19, Valley street
26283 Summerscales JohnSalt streetdwelling-house106, Salt street
26284 Sumner Israel ClarkCarlisle terracedwelling-house21, Carlisle terrace
26285 Sumner William HenryCarlisle roaddwelling-house59, Carlisle road
26286 Sunderland DavidSalt streetdwelling-houseSalt street
successivedwelling-house36, Salt street
26287 Sunderland JamesChassum streetdwelling-house160, Chassum street
26288 Sunderland JohnSalt streetdwelling-house20, Salt street
26289 Sunderland JosephWellesley terracedwelling-house254, Wellesley terrace
26290 Sunderland WilliamSilk streetdwelling-houseSilk street
successivedwelling-house55, Silk street
26291 Sussman AlfredSpring bankdwelling-house7, Spring bank
26292 Sutcliffe AlbertShipleywarehouseValley road
26293 Sutcliffe FrankFairmountdwelling-house7, Fairmount
26294 Sutcliffe GeorgeHome View terracedwelling-house24, Home View terrace
26295 Sutcliffe IsaacElmsall streetdwelling-house4, Elmsall street
26296 Sutcliffe JamesBateman streetdwelling-house26, Bateman street
26297 Sutcliffe JamesSalt streetdwelling-house206, Salt street
26298 Sutcliffe JohnWhetley streetdwelling-house41, Whetley street
26299 Sutcliffe JosephPrimrose terracedwelling-house14, Primrose terrace
26300 Sutcliffe Joseph AlfredCarlisle terracedwelling-house46, Carlisle terrace
26301 Sutcliffe RichardSeal streetdwelling-houseAtlas street
successivedwelling-house7, Seal street
26302 Sutcliffe ThomasArcadia streetdwelling-house47, Arcadia street
26303 Sutcliffe ThomasConduit streetdwelling-house38, Conduit street
26304 Sutcliffe ThomasCowgill streetdwelling-house10, Cowgill street
26305 Sutcliffe ThomasWestbourne roaddwelling-houseCowgill place
successivedwelling-house38, Westbourne road
26306 Sutcliffe ThomasRegent squaredwelling-house3, Regent square
26307 Sutcliffe WilliamConduit streetdwelling-house46, Conduit street
26308 Sutcliffe William HenryPicton streetdwelling-house178, Picton street
26309 Suthers FrederickSilk streetdwelling-house46, Silk street
26310 Sutton JamesSilk streetdwelling-house72, Silk street
26311 Sutton WilliamPicton streetdwelling-house160, Picton street
26312 Swaine HenrySpringfield streetdwelling-house30, Springfield street
26313 Swales WilliamLumb lanehouse & shop90, Lumb lane
26314 Swann WilliamAthol roaddwelling-house37, Athol road
26315 Swanson GeorgeChassum streetdwelling-house60, Chassum street
26316 Sweeney ThomasCarlisle placedwelling-house48, Carlisle place
26317 Swift HoratioValley paradedwelling-house44, Valley parade
26318 Swindlehurst GeorgeWoodbury roaddwelling-house61, Woodbury road
26319 Swithenbank John SwaineVictor roaddwelling-house52, Victor road
26320 Swithenbank MidgleyVictor roaddwelling-house50, Victor road
26321 Sykes EmanuelAnvil streetdwelling-house24, Anvil street
26322 Symons Henry WallaceBurlington streetdwelling-house39, Burlington street

MANNINGHAM WARD2, 1882, surnames beginning with the letter T
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
26323 Talbot MichaelChassum streetdwelling-house176, Chassum street
26324 Tankard John BoyesSpotted House inndwelling-house228, Spotted House inn
26325 Tarbotton John HenryPicton streetdwelling-houseArthington street
successivedwelling-house77, Picton street
26326 Tasker SidneyBuxton streetdwelling-house17, Buxton street
26327 Taylor AbrahamSilk streetdwelling-house80, Silk street
26328 Taylor Alfred ArcherCarlisle streetdwelling-house51, Carlisle street
26329 Taylor CharlesClarendon placedwelling-house14, Clarendon place
26330 Taylor CharlesManningham laneshop176, Manningham lane
26331 Taylor CravenValley streetdwelling-house12, Valley street
26332 Taylor EdwardBurlington streetdwelling-house13, Burlington street
26333 Taylor EdwardBurlington streetdwelling-house15, Burlington street
26334 Taylor GeorgePriestman streetdwelling-housePriestman street
successivedwelling-house147, Priestman street
26335 Taylor GideonFairfield roaddwelling-house34, Fairfield road
26336 Taylor Henry BoothroydAmbler streetdwelling-house1, Ambler street
26337 Taylor JamesOakroyd terracedwelling-house4, Oakroyd terrace
26338 Taylor JohnParkfield roaddwelling-house11, Parkfield road
26339 Taylor John CravenMorningsidedwelling-house12, Morningside
26340 Taylor JosephSouthfield squaredwelling-house33, Southfield square
26341 Taylor SamuelWhetley mountdwelling-house64, Whetley mount
26342 Taylor WilliamPriestman streetdwelling-house157, Priestman street
26343 Teale EmanuelLincoln terracedwelling-house25, Lincoln terrace
26344 Teale WilliamConduit streetdwelling-house28, Conduit street
26345 Temple JohnCarlisle roaddwelling-houseTemple street
successivedwelling-house77, Carlisle road (joint)
26346 Templeton JamesBateman streetdwelling-house20, Bateman street
26347 Terry WilliamLeyburne streetdwelling-house16, Leyburne street
26348 Tetley BairstowSalt streetdwelling-house14, Salt street
26349 Tetley RichardTradesmen's Homedwelling-house23, Tradesmen's Home
26350 Tetley ThomasChassum streetdwelling-house103, Chassum street
26351 Tetlow JamesBeamsley streetdwelling-house126, Beamsley street
26352 Thackray CharlesPicton streetdwelling-house33, Picton street
26353 Thackray JosephAtlas streetdwelling-house13, Atlas street
26354 Thackray WilliamFairmountdwelling-house3, Fairmount
26355 Theakstone FrancisArcadia streetdwelling-house32, Arcadia street
26356 Thomas EliasNorthfield placedwelling-house20, Northfield place
26357 Thomas EnochWoodview crescentdwelling-house8, Woodview crescent
26358 Thomas GeorgePrimrose streetdwelling-house6, Primrose street
26359 Thomas GeorgeSt. Jude's placestable & coach-houseBowland street
26360 Thomas HenrySalt streetdwelling-house61, Salt street
26361 Thomas JamesSt. Jude's placedwelling-house9, St. Jude's place
26362 Thomas JosephLeyburne streetdwelling-houseWhetley hill
successivedwelling-house6, Leyburne street
26363 Thomas MatthewWood streetdwelling-house54, Wood street
26364 Thomlinson BenjaminBelgrave placedwelling-house103, Belgrave place
26365 Thompson AlfredNewport roaddwelling-house30, Newport road
26366 Thompson BartholomewGreen lanedwelling-house45, Green lane
26367 Thompson BenjaminGrosvenor roaddwelling-house16, Grosvenor road
26368 Thompson EdwardCarlisle streetdwelling-house32, Carlisle street
26369 Thompson GeorgeWhetley streetdwelling-house11, Whetley street
26370 Thompson James PulleinGrosvenor terracedwelling-house9, Grosvenor terrace
26371 Thompson JohnNewport roaddwelling-house22, Newport road
26372 Thompson JohnHollings viewdwelling-house58, Whetley hill
26373 Thompson John Richard WakeMarlborough roaddwelling-house34, Marlborough road
26374 Thompson SamuelSalt streetdwelling-house100, Salt street
26375 Thompson ThomasSilk streetdwelling-house87, Silk street
26376 Thompson ThomasWaile streetdwelling-house16, Waile street
26377 Thompson William RoseBelgrave placedwelling-house113, Belgrave place
26378 Thorne Samuel LeyWhetley mountdwelling-house88, Whetley mount
26379 Thornton HenryPriestman terracedwelling-house28, Priestman terrace
26380 Thornton JamesCarlisle roaddwelling-house173, Carlisle road
26381 Thornton JosephPrimrose streetdwelling-house13, Primrose street
26382 Thornton SamuelCliffe terracedwelling-house3, Cliffe terrace
26383 Thornton WilliamArcadia streetdwelling-house66, Arcadia street
26384 Thornton WilliamBateman streetdwelling-house24, Bateman street
26385 Thornton WilliamCarlisle roaddwelling-house187, Carlisle road
26386 Thornton WilliamPatent streetdwelling-house28, Patent street
26387 Thornton WilliamWaile streetdwelling-house17, Waile street
26388 Thorpe JohnRose streetdwelling-house24, Rose street
26389 Thorpe SamuelWestbourne placedwelling-house27, Westbourne place
26390 Thresh AbrahamMarlborough roaddwelling-house18, Marlborough road
26391 Thwaites Henry ThomasLumb lanedwelling-house150, Lumb lane
26392 Tidswell JohnBelgrave placedwelling-house119, Belgrave place
26393 Tillotson JoshuaChurch streethouse & shop109, Church street
26394 Tillotson SamuelSilk streetdwelling-house68, Silk street
26395 Tillotson ThomasCarlisle roaddwelling-house139, Carlisle road
26396 Timperley JosephWoodview terracedwelling-house15, Woodview terrace
26397 Tims HenryWilson squaredwelling-house14, Wilson square
26398 Tindall GeorgeWaile streetdwelling-house18, Waile street
26399 Tindall JohnSouthfield squaredwelling-house24, Southfield square
26400 Tindall RobertArcadia streetdwelling-house46, Arcadia street
26401 Toban JohnBeamsley streetdwelling-house46, Beamsley street
26402 Todd ThomasElmsall streetdwelling-house14, Elmsall street
26403 Tomlin MathiasBeamsley streetdwelling-house102, Beamsley street
26404 Tomlin RobertBeamsley streetdwelling-house110, Beamsley street
26405 Tomlinson GeorgePicton streetdwelling-house146, Picton street
26406 Tomlinson JohnQuarry streetdwelling-house5, Quarry street
26407 Toothill JamesLily streetdwelling-houseWoodbury road
successivedwelling-house11, Lily street
26408 Toothill JosephWoodbury placedwelling-houseConduit street
successivedwelling-houseWoodbury place
26409 Toulman RobertWhetley streetdwelling-houseWhetley street
successivedwelling-house20, Whetley street
26410 Town William HenrySilver streetdwelling-houseSilver street
successivedwelling-house17, Silver street
26411 Townend GreenwoodSouthfield squaredwelling-houseWhetley lane
successivedwelling-house7, Southfield square
26412 Townend JohnSpring cliffedwelling-house1, Spring cliffe
26413 Townsend WilliamWhetley mountdwelling-house70, Whetley mount
26414 Townsley JohnSilver streetdwelling-house36, Silver street
26415 Trainer BarnardBeamsley streetdwelling-house5, Beamsley street
26416 Travis John HiramValley streetdwelling-houseMellor street
successivedwelling-house15, Valley street
26417 Triffitt JohnBelgrave placedwelling-house60, Belgrave place
26418 Trout ThomasSt. Jude's placedwelling-houseManor street
successivedwelling-house17, St. Jude's place
26419 Tunstall ThomasAnderson streetdwelling-house11, Anderson street
26420 Turnbull GeorgeWestbourne roaddwelling-houseWestbourne road
26421 Turner CharlesAnvil streetdwelling-house35, Anvil street
26422 Turner DanRose streetdwelling-house38, Rose street
26423 Turner GeorgeWestbourne roaddwelling-houseWestbourne road
successivedwelling-house39, Westbourne road
26424 Turner George WilliamLumb lanedwelling-house186, Lumb lane
26425 Turner HenryPicton streetdwelling-house94, Picton street
26426 Turner JamesPicton streetdwelling-house11, Picton street
26427 Turner WilliamBeamsley streetdwelling-house151, Beamsley street
26428 Turner WilliamBack Spring rowdwelling-house16, Back Spring row
26429 Turner WilliamVictor roaddwelling-house62, Victor road
26430 Turner WilliamWestbourne roaddwelling-house15, Westbourne road
26431 Turner WilliamWestbourne roaddwelling-house51, Westbourne road
26432 Turnley Matthew HenryUpper Globedwelling-house28, Upper Globe
26433 Tweedle John AndrewRegent streetdwelling-house25, Regent street

MANNINGHAM WARD2, 1882, surnames beginning with the letter U
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
26434 Umpleby George FrederickManningham lanedwelling-house180, Manningham lane
26435 Unwin DavidPrimrose streetdwelling-house38, Primrose street
26436 Unwin WilliamAtlas streetdwelling-houseAtlas street
successivedwelling-house38, Atlas street

MANNINGHAM WARD2, 1882, surnames beginning with the letter V
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
26437 Varley JosephSouth paradedwelling-house60, South parade
26438 Varley ThomasMorningsidedwelling-house17, Morningside
26439 Vaughan WilliamHighfield placedwelling-house2, Highfield place
26440 Verity Frederick WilliamGreenhill placedwelling-house7, Greenhill place
26441 Verity MitchellSalt streetdwelling-houseSpring cliffe
successivedwelling-house47, Salt street
26442 Vesty WilliamHopwood streetdwelling-house9, Hopwood street
26443 Vincent JamesSkinner lanedwelling-house5, Skinner lane
26444 Vitty ThomasPrimrose streetdwelling-house36, Primrose street
26445 Voight Ernest OttoBlenheim roaddwelling-house24, Blenheim road

MANNINGHAM WARD2, 1882, surnames beginning with the letter W
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
26446 Waddington HenrySalt streetdwelling-house66, Salt street
26447 Waddington JohnAlice streetdwelling-house25, Alice street
26448 Waddington RichardWestbourne placedwelling-house11, Westbourne place
26449 Waddington WilkinsonNewport roaddwelling-house16, Newport road
26450 Wade EliSilk streetdwelling-house112, Silk street
26451 Wade HarrisonSilver streetdwelling-house29, Silver street
26452 Wade JamesRegent squaredwelling-house1, Regent square
26453 Wade James BarkerSelborne grovedwelling-house5, Selborne grove
26454 Wade JohnAnvil streetdwelling-house42, Anvil street
26455 Wade John HenryOak avenuedwelling-house6, Oak avenue
26456 Wade JosephAnvil streetdwelling-house20, Anvil street
26457 Wade SylvanusRock terracedwelling-house285, Rock terrace
26458 Wade WilliamPrimrose streetdwelling-house31, Primrose street
26459 Wadsworth WilliamSouthfield squaredwelling-house3, Southfield square
26460 Wagenheim Eugen GeorgeClifton villasdwelling-house1A, Clifton villas
26461 Wager William BramleyBelgrave placedwelling-house115, Belgrave place
26462 Wagg JohnSpringcliffe streetdwelling-house7, Springcliffe street
26463 Waine JamesSilver streetdwelling-house33, Silver street
26464 Wainman JosephPaul streetdwelling-houseAnderson street
successivedwelling-house7 Paul street
26465 Wainwright JamesBeecher streetdwelling-house2A, Beecher street
26466 Waite JonathanArcadia streetdwelling-houseBowland street
successivedwelling-house36, Arcadia street
26467 Waite RobertCanary streetdwelling-houseCanary street
successivedwelling-house24, Canary street
26468 Walker AbrahamGrimwith streetdwelling-house27, Grimwith street
26469 Walker AlfredHebden streetdwelling-houseHebden street
successivedwelling-house15, Hebden street
26470 Walker FrederickChurch streetdwelling-house44, Church street
26471 Walker GeorgeSpring cliffedwelling-houseMorningside
successivedwelling-house24, Spring cliffe
26472 Walker GeorgeSt. Paul's roaddwelling-house21, St. Paul's road
26473 Walker HenryHeaton roaddwelling-house110, Heaton road
26474 Walker JamesCliffe terracedwelling-house24, Cliffe terrace
26475 Walker JohnCarlisle placedwelling-house5, Carlisle place
26476 Walker JohnWood streetdwelling-house31, Wood street
26477 Walker JosephManningham lanedwelling-house107, Manningham lane
26478 Walker Robert ThorntonSt. Mary's roaddwelling-house71, St. Mary's road
26479 Walker ThomasDenby streetdwelling-house8, Denby street
26480 Walker ThomasThorncliffe squaredwelling-house1, Thorncliffe square
26481 Walker Thomas LaycockLumb lanehouse & shop192, Lumb lane
26482 Walker WilliamBack Spring rowdwelling-house5, Back Spring row
26483 Walker WilliamElmsall streetdwelling-house2, Elmsall street
26484 Walker WilliamFarfield streetdwelling-houseCarlisle street
successivedwelling-house84, Farfield street
26485 Wallace FredericBlenheim mountdwelling-house1, Blenheim mount
26486 Wallace JamesRose streetdwelling-house26, Rose street
26487 Wallace JohnBishop streetdwelling-house7, Bishop street
26488 Wallace MichaelPark mountdwelling-house23, Park mount
26489 Wallace ThomasLily streetdwelling-house59, Lily street
26490 Waller CharlesWalmer villasdwelling-houseWalmer villas
26491 Waller Charles HenryWoodview terracedwelling-house28, Woodview terrace
26492 Waller Thomas WilliamSelbourne villasdwelling-house16, Selbourne villas
26493 Wallings JohnSilver streetdwelling-house15, Silver street
26494 Walsh DavidValley roaddwelling-house106, Valley road
26495 Walsh JohnHome View terracedwelling-house8, Home View terrace
26496 Walton EdwardWestbourne placehouse & shop1, Westbourne place
26497 Walton HenrySilk streetdwelling-house59, Silk street
26498 Walton JosephMontgomery streetdwelling-house23, Montgomery street
26499 Walton ThomasWoodbury placedwelling-houseBeamsley street
successivedwelling-house9, Woodbury place
26500 Warburton PeterGreen lanedwelling-house42, Green lane
26501 Ward George HerringCunliffe villasdwelling-house18, Cunliffe villas
26502 Ward Horatio HallSouthfield squaredwelling-house54, Southfield square
26503 Ward JamesTemple streetdwelling-house32, Temple street
26504 Ward JoePaul streetdwelling-house11, Paul street
26505 Ward RobertLumb lanehouse & shop118, Lumb lane
26506 Ward Robert JohnThorn terracedwelling-houseWhetley lane
successivedwelling-house22, Thorn terrace
26507 Ward SimeonLeamington streetdwelling-house37, Leamington street
26508 Warden AlfredWood streetdwelling-house40, Wood street
26509 Wardle EdwardWestbourne roaddwelling-house18, Westbourne road
26510 Wardle WilliamAmbler streetdwelling-house5, Ambler street
26511 Warrillow GeorgeSpringcliffe streetdwelling-house39, Springcliffe street
26512 Warrior CharlesWoodview terracedwelling-house12, Woodview terrace
26513 Washington JohnWestbourne roaddwelling-houseWestbourne road
successivedwelling-house62, Westbourne road
26514 Wass ThomasMorningsidedwelling-housePatent street
successivedwelling-house9, Morningside
26515 Waterhouse GreenwoodBeamsley streetdwelling-house167, Beamsley street
26516 Waterhouse JohnSalt streetdwelling-house103, Salt street
26517 Waterhouse JohnPrimrose streetdwelling-house26, Primrose street
26518 Waterhouse JosephHeaton roaddwelling-house30, Heaton road
26519 Waterhouse RobertDenby streetdwelling-house12, Denby street
26520 Waterhouse SamuelMorningsidedwelling-house23, Morningside
26521 Waterson JosephSkinner lanedwelling-house46, Skinner lane
26522 Watkinson ThompsonPriestman streetdwelling-house186, Priestman street
26523 Watson CalebEast Squire lanedwelling-house5, East Squire lane
26524 Watson EdwinBelgrave placedwelling-house139, Belgrave place
26525 Watson JamesLily streetdwelling-house31, Lily street
26526 Watson JamesWood streetdwelling-house5, Wood street
26527 Watson JamesWoodbury placedwelling-house39, Woodbury place
26528 Watson JeremiahChurch streetdwelling-house98, Church street
26529 Watson JohnWestbourne roaddwelling-houseWestbourne road
successivedwelling-house14, Westbourne road
26530 Watson JohnCunliffe villasdwelling-house16, Cunliffe villas
26531 Watson JosephNorthfield placedwelling-house1, Northfield place
26532 Watson Peter, junr.Oakroyd terracedwelling-house25, Oakroyd terrace
26533 Watson ThomasPicton streetdwelling-house4, Picton street
26534 Watson ThomasThorn terracedwelling-house19, Thorn terrace
26535 Watson WilliamBowland streetdwelling-house37, Bowland street
26536 Watson William SimpsonSt. Jude's placedwelling-house29, St. Jude's place
26537 Watts ArthurOakroyd villasdwelling-house11, Oakroyd villas
26538 Watts GeorgeOak terracedwelling-house36, Oak terrace
26539 Waud Frederick ArthurSpring bankdwelling-house6, Spring bank
26540 Waud HoraceMornington villasdwelling-house14, Mornington villas
26541 Waud RobertElmsall streetdwelling-house13, Elmsall street
26542 Waugh GeorgeBateman streetdwelling-houseBateman street
successivedwelling-house6, Bateman street
26543 Wearden Thomas IgnatiusHebden streetdwelling-houseWoodbury road
successivedwelling-house24, Hebden street
26544 Weatherill JamesRose streetdwelling-house37, Rose street
26545 Weber AlbertSt. Paul's roaddwelling-house36, St. Paul's road
26546 Webster EdwardAtlas streetdwelling-houseCowgill place
successivedwelling-house40, Atlas street
26547 Webster EliChassum streetdwelling-house107, Chassum street
26548 Webster HenryChassum streetdwelling-houseChassum street
successivedwelling-house28, Chassum street
26549 Webster JamesClarendon terracedwelling-house17, Clarendon terrace
26550 Webster ThomasClarendon terracedwelling-house21, Clarendon terrace
26551 Webster WilliamBateman streetdwelling-house21, Bateman street
26552 Wehner George EdwardOakroyd villasdwelling-house6, Oakroyd villas
26553 Weldon John AlfredBeamsley streetdwelling-house15, Beamsley street
26554 Wellack GeorgeMorningsidedwelling-house7, Morningside
26555 Wellack William HenryMorningsidedwelling-house4, Morningside
26556 Wellock RichardSpringcliffe streethouse & shop1, Springcliffe street
26557 Welsh John RobsonSpring cliffedwelling-house14A, Spring cliffe
26558 Welsh ThomasBeamsley streetdwelling-house55, Beamsley street
26559 Wens WilliamFairfield roaddwelling-house30, Fairfield road
26560 West EdwardToller lanedwelling-house58, Toller lane
26561 West Henry ListerSalt streetdwelling-houseSalt street
successivedwelling-house17, Salt street
26562 West ThomasCowgill streetdwelling-houseOswald street
successivedwelling-house6, Cowgill street
26563 West William CunliffeWhetley mountdwelling-house68, Whetley mount
26564 Westman GeorgeChassum streetdwelling-house69, Chassum street
26565 Wetherald JohnMiddleton streetdwelling-house1, Middleton street
26566 Whatam RichardSt. Mary's roaddwelling-house68, St. Mary's road
26567 Whatmuff JoshuaArcadia streetdwelling-house8, Arcadia street
26568 Wheeler GeorgePriestman streetdwelling-house143, Priestman street
26569 Wheelhouse EdwardGreenhill placedwelling-house24, Greenhill place
26570 Wheelhouse RatcliffePicton streetdwelling-housePrimrose street
successivedwelling-house214, Picton street
26571 Whetstone HenryMellor streetdwelling-house20, Mellor street
26572 Whincup RichardCanary streetdwelling-house1, Canary street
26573 Whitaker CharlesWoodview crescentdwelling-houseWoodview terrace
successivedwelling-house13, Woodview crescent
26574 Whitaker FrankValley roaddwelling-house108, Valley road
26575 Whitaker HartleyChassum streetdwelling-house119, Chassum street
26576 Whitaker Henry JamesPrimrose streetdwelling-house64, Primrose street
26577 Whitaker JamesBelgrave placedwelling-housePicton street
successivedwelling-house116, Belgrave place
26578 Whitaker JamesChassum streetdwelling-house96, Chassum street
26579 Whitaker JohnCanal road, BradfordstableThorncliffe road
26580 Whitaker JohnArcadia streetdwelling-housePicton street
successivedwelling-house62, Arcadia street
26581 Whitaker JohnQuarry streetdwelling-house10, Quarry street
26582 Whitaker NicholasLincoln terracedwelling-house8, Lincoln terrace
26583 Whitaker RobinsonArcadia streetdwelling-house42, Arcadia street
26584 Whitaker SamuelBelgrave placedwelling-house147, Belgrave place
26585 Whitaker SimeonRock terracedwelling-house289, Rock terrace
26586 Whitaker ThomasCarlisle streetdwelling-house70, Carlisle street
26587 White CalvinElmsall streetdwelling-houseSalt street
successivedwelling-house24, Elmsall street
26588 White ClarkHeaton roaddwelling-house10A, Heaton road
26589 White GeorgeHeaton roaddwelling-house122, Heaton road
26590 White Herbert WilliamOak terracedwelling-house34, Oak terrace
26591 White James ThomasOakroyd terracedwelling-houseOakroyd terrace
successivedwelling-house7, Oakroyd terrace
26592 White JohnCarlisle roaddwelling-house68, Carlisle road
26593 White JohnChurch streetdwelling-house116, Church street
26594 White Jonas PearsonPark View terracedwelling-house4, Park View terrace
26595 White ThomasWoodbury roaddwelling-houseSilver street
successivedwelling-house44, Woodbury road
26596 Whitehead EdwardWestbourne roaddwelling-house45, Westbourne road
26597 Whitehead Frederick WentworthLeamington streetdwelling-house27, Leamington street
26598 Whitehead JamesClarendon streetdwelling-house20, Clarendon street
26599 Whitehead JohnSalt streetdwelling-house44, Salt street
26600 Whitehead JosephSpringfield streetdwelling-house56, Springfield street
26601 Whitehead RobinsonWoodview crescentdwelling-house11, Woodview crescent
26602 Whitehead ThomasFarfield streetdwelling-house154, Farfield street
26603 Whitehead Thomas RochesterSelbourne villasdwelling-house13, Selbourne villas
26604 Whiteley AlfredPriestman terracedwelling-house22, Priestman terrace
26605 Whiteley JamesBack Spring rowdwelling-house7, Back Spring row
26606 Whiteley JohnLincoln terracedwelling-house20, Lincoln terrace
26607 Whiteley JohnValley streetdwelling-house26, Valley street
26608 Whiteley John MarvelSalt streetdwelling-house70, Salt street
26609 Whiteley John StottChassum streetdwelling-house53, Chassum street
26610 Whiteley JosephPriestman streetdwelling-house60, Priestman street
26611 Whiteoak ThomasWaile streetdwelling-houseWaile street
successivedwelling-house53, Waile street
26612 Whitfield JohnRegent streethouse & shop4, Regent street
26613 Whitham GeorgeLaburnum streetdwelling-house24, Laburnum street
26614 Whitham JohnLilycroft roaddwelling-house52, Lilycroft road
26615 Whitham ThomasChassum streetdwelling-house121, Chassum street
26616 Whitley JamesClarendon streetdwelling-house5, Clarendon street
26617 Whitley WilliamClarendon streetdwelling-house6, Clarendon street
26618 Whittington JohnSilk streetdwelling-house71, Silk street
26619 Why SamuelGlobe folddwelling-house26, Globe fold
26620 Why WilliamBack Spring rowdwelling-house3, Back Spring row
26621 Widdop AbrahamPicton streetdwelling-houseGreen lane court
successivedwelling-house116, Picton street
26622 Widdop GeorgeValley rowdwelling-houseCliffe terrace
successivedwelling-house26, Valley row
26623 Widdop HenryCarlisle roaddwelling-house17, Carlisle road
26624 Widdop HenryPriestman streetdwelling-house177, Priestman street
26625 Widdop JohnValley rowdwelling-house4, Valley row
26626 Widdop WilliamCarlisle roadhouse & shop116, Carlisle road
26627 Widdop WilliamFarcliffe placedwelling-houseGirlington road
successivedwelling-house20, Farcliffe place
26628 Widdop WilliamGreen lanedwelling-house35, Green lane
26629 Wigglesworth FrancisSpringcliffe streetdwelling-houseFarfield street
successivedwelling-house30, Springcliffe street
26630 Wigglesworth JamesAtlas streetdwelling-houseSapling street
successivedwelling-house32, Atlas street
26631 Wigglesworth JohnTemple streetdwelling-house28, Temple street
26632 Wigglesworth ThomasFarfield streetdwelling-house142, Farfield street
26633 Wilcock EllisRose streetdwelling-house16, Rose street
26634 Wild Charles HenryHighfielddwelling-house10, Highfield
26635 Wild GeorgeFarcliffe placedwelling-house16, Farcliffe place
26636 Wild JohnBelgrave placedwelling-houseBelgrave place
successivedwelling-house12, Belgrave place
26637 Wild JohnBeamsley streetdwelling-house100, Beamsley street
26638 Wild JonasGreen lanedwelling-house7, Green lane
26639 Wild JosephCarlisle placedwelling-house58, Carlisle place
26640 Wilkinson AlfredCarlisle roadhouse & shop60, Carlisle road
26641 Wilkinson AlfredAnvil streetdwelling-house48, Anvil street
26642 Wilkinson CharlesGreenhill placedwelling-house12, Greenhill place
26643 Wilkinson CharlesAtlas streethouse & shop2, Atlas street
26644 Wilkinson EdwardLumb lanedwelling-house159, Lumb lane
26645 Wilkinson FrancisSouthfield squaredwelling-house46, Southfield square
26646 Wilkinson GeorgeFarfield streetdwelling-houseLilycroft road
successivedwelling-house82, Farfield street
26647 Wilkinson GeorgeLily streetdwelling-house37, Lily street
26648 Wilkinson JamesSilk streetdwelling-house91, Silk street
26649 Wilkinson John SamuelCarlisle streetdwelling-house4, Carlisle street
26650 Wilkinson JosephBelgrave placedwelling-house135, Belgrave place
26651 Wilkinson JosephClarendon streetdwelling-house25, Clarendon street
26652 Wilkinson SamuelChassum streetdwelling-houseChassum street
successivedwelling-house77, Chassum street
26653 Wilkinson SamuelFairfield roaddwelling-house10, Fairfield road
26654 Wilkinson SamuelFairfield roaddwelling-house24, Fairfield road
26655 Wilkinson SamuelSilk streetdwelling-houseChassum street
successivedwelling-house86, Silk street
26656 Wilkinson ThomasBavaria placedwelling-house18, Bavaria place
26657 Wilkinson ThomasBeecher streetdwelling-houseBeecher street
successivedwelling-house8, Beecher street
26658 Wilkinson ThomasCarlisle roadhouse & shop54, Carlisle road
26659 Wilkinson ThomasLily streetdwelling-house20, Lily street
26660 Wilkinson ThomasRegent streetdwelling-house9, Regent street
26661 Wilkinson WalterFarfield streetdwelling-house146, Farfield street
26662 Wilkinson WilliamChurch streetdwelling-house38, Church street
26663 Wilkinson WilliamLily streetdwelling-house52, Lily street
26664 Wilkinson WilliamLily streetdwelling-house16, Lily street
26665 Wilkinson WilliamSpringcliffe streetdwelling-house16, Springcliffe street
26666 Wilkinson William WebsterNorthfield placedwelling-house17, Northfield place
26667 Willan GeorgeArnold streetdwelling-house16, Arnold street
26668 Willans JamesSilver streetdwelling-house5, Silver street
26669 Willey AlfredPriestman terracedwelling-house40, Priestman terrace
26670 Willey FrancisOak avenuedwelling-house5, Oak avenue
26671 Willey John HenryCamden terracedwelling-house4, Camden terrace
26672 Williams FrederickPicton streetdwelling-house208, Picton street
26673 Williams John EdwardChassum streetdwelling-house156, Chassum street
26674 Williams Josiah WhalleyPicton streethouse & shop194, Picton street
26675 Williams WilliamValley roaddwelling-house176, Valley road
26676 Williamson CharlesCliffe villasdwelling-house2, Cliffe villas
26677 Williamson John EyreBlenheim roaddwelling-house26, Blenheim road
26678 Williamson Thomas AtkinsonSt. Mary's roaddwelling-house61, St. Mary's road
26679 Williamson William HarrisonMarlborough terracedwelling-house4, Marlborough terrace
26680 Williamson William HenryBurlington streetdwelling-house53, Burlington street
26681 Willis JohnOakroyd terracedwelling-house9, Oakroyd terrace
26682 Wills SamuelChassum streetdwelling-house35, Chassum street
26683 Wilman MatthewPrimrose streetdwelling-house42, Primrose street
26684 Wilman ThomasPrimrose streetdwelling-house40, Primrose street
26685 Wilson AbrahamChassum streetdwelling-house165, Chassum street
26686 Wilson CharlesLincoln terracedwelling-house18, Lincoln terrace
26687 Wilson CharlesSouthfield squaredwelling-house39, Southfield square
26688 Wilson Charles MauriceFairfield roaddwelling-house7, Fairfield road
26689 Wilson EdwardMiddleton streetdwelling-house8, Middleton street
26690 Wilson EdwinShipleywarehouseSpring row
26691 Wilson George WilliamSouthfield squaredwelling-house60, Southfield square
26692 Wilson HenryBeamsley streetdwelling-house118, Beamsley street
26693 Wilson HenryBuxton streetdwelling-house15, Buxton street
26694 Wilson HenryLincoln terracedwelling-house14, Lincoln terrace
26695 Wilson JamesAnvil streetdwelling-house31, Anvil street
26696 Wilson JamesWest Butterfield rowdwelling-house9, West Butterfield row
26697 Wilson JohnCarlisle streetdwelling-house56, Carlisle street
26698 Wilson JohnLaburnum streetdwelling-house32, Laburnum street
26699 Wilson John EdwardSouthfield squaredwelling-houseHollings road
successivedwelling-house53, Southfield square
26700 Wilson JosephShipleyofficeSpring row
26701 Wilson JosephSpring rowdwelling-house18, Spring row
26702 Wilson Joseph PhilipShipleywarehouseSpring row
26703 Wilson JoshuaElmsall streetdwelling-house10, Elmsall street
26704 Wilson RobertChurch streetdwelling-house105, Church street
26705 Wilson ThomasSt. Paul's roaddwelling-houseBertram road
successivedwelling-house20, St. Paul's road
26706 Wilson WardCarlisle streetdwelling-house59, Carlisle street
26707 Wilson WilliamWestbourne placedwelling-house19, Westbourne place
26708 Winder SamuelGlobe folddwelling-house27, Globe fold
26709 Winkcup WilliamHeaton roaddwelling-house20, Heaton road
26710 Winn GeorgePicton streetdwelling-house36, Picton street
26711 Winter WilliamDevonshire terracedwelling-house7, Devonshire terrace
26712 Winterburn SamuelSpringfield streetdwelling-house48, Springfield street
26713 Wolfenden DavidPriestman streetdwelling-housePriestman street
successivedwelling-houseCarlisle street
successivedwelling-house206, Priestman street
26714 Womersley WilliamSalt streetdwelling-house110, Salt street
26715 Wood AlfredTemple streetdwelling-house24, Temple street
26716 Wood Charles HenryArnold streetdwelling-house24, Arnold street
26717 Wood Charles JohnSelborne terracedwelling-house2, Selborne terrace
26718 Wood EdwardCarlisle streetdwelling-houseCarlisle street
successivedwelling-house47, Carlisle street
26719 Wood EdwinGreen lanehouse & shop20, Green lane
26720 Wood Frederick WilliamCarlisle roaddwelling-houseBateman street
successivedwelling-house122, Carlisle road
26721 Wood JamesArcadia streetdwelling-house3, Arcadia street
26722 Wood JamesChassum streetdwelling-houseHeaton road
successivedwelling-house157, Chassum street
26723 Wood JeremiahFern terracedwelling-housePark View terrace
successivedwelling-house6, Fern terrace
26724 Wood JohnMontgomery streetdwelling-house8, Montgomery street
26725 Wood JohnWoodbury roaddwelling-houseCarlisle street
successivedwelling-house34, Woodbury road
26726 Wood JohnOakroyd terracedwelling-house20, Oakroyd terrace
26727 Wood John EdwardArcadia streetdwelling-houseArcadia street
successivedwelling-house48, Arcadia street
26728 Wood John WilliamCarlisle roadhouse & shop66, Carlisle road
26729 Wood JonasPicton streetdwelling-house31, Picton street
26730 Wood JosephBarden streetdwelling-house10, Barden street
26731 Wood JosephBurlington streetdwelling-house37, Burlington street
26732 Wood MosesWoodbury roaddwelling-house25, Woodbury road
26733 Wood Nicholas JohnChurch streetdwelling-house47, Church street
26734 Wood ThomasSilk streetdwelling-house92, Silk street
26735 Wood ThorntonThorncliffe squaredwelling-house5, Thorncliffe square
26736 Wood WilliamWoodview crescentdwelling-house3, Woodview crescent
26737 Woodhall WilliamSalt streetdwelling-house22, Salt street
26738 Woodhead AlfredWhite's viewdwelling-house1, White's view
26739 Woodhead DavidSouth paradedwelling-houseCliffe terrace
successivedwelling-house16, South parade
26740 Woodhead JosephHome View terracedwelling-house15, Home View terrace
26741 Woodhead JosephWhetley mountdwelling-house78, Whetley mount
26742 Woodhead Joseph HarperLumb lanehouse & shop184, Lumb lane
26743 Woodhead SamuelSpring cliffedwelling-house11, Spring cliffe
26744 Woodhead Thomas MansleyBradforddwelling-houseLaburnum place
26745 Woodhead WilliamCottingley terracedwelling-house12, Cottingley terrace
26746 Woodhouse JosephSilk streetdwelling-houseSilk street
successivedwelling-house18, Silk street
26747 Woodliff Charles EdwinFern terracehouse & shop20, Fern terrace
26748 Woodward Thomas HallApsley crescentdwelling-house14, Apsley crescent
26749 Wooley ThomasWestbourne roaddwelling-house37, Westbourne road
26750 Woolford HenryFarfield streetdwelling-house182, Farfield street
26751 Wooller SamuelSpring rowdwelling-houseSpring row
successivedwelling-house1, Spring row
26752 Wordsworth JohnBlenheim mountdwelling-house3, Blenheim mount
26753 Wormald AbrahamSpring cliffedwelling-house15, Spring cliffe
26754 Wormwell BenjaminPicton streetdwelling-house143, Picton street
26755 Worsnop JamesWhetley mountdwelling-house84, Whetley mount
26756 Wray ThomasWhetley hilldwelling-house104, Whetley hill
26757 Wright AlmaWhetley terracedwelling-house14A, Whetley terrace
26758 Wright AndrewManningham lanehouse & shop196, Manningham lane
26759 Wright EdwinPrimrose streetdwelling-house59, Primrose street
26760 Wright GreenwoodBold streetdwelling-house7, Bold street
26761 Wright JohnVictor roaddwelling-houseBeamsley road
successivedwelling-house70, Victor road
26762 Wright JohnWoodbury roaddwelling-house35, Woodbury road
26763 Wright JosephBavaria placedwelling-house3, Bavaria place
26764 Wright RobertAnvil streetdwelling-house9, Anvil street
26765 Wright Robert ClaudeAthol roaddwelling-houseVictor road
successivedwelling-house39, Athol road
26766 Wroe WilliamHome View terracedwelling-house6, Home View terrace
26767 Wroe WilliamSouthfield squaredwelling-housePark View terrace
successivedwelling-house41, Southfield square
26768 Wynne Rev. EdwardMarlborough roaddwelling-house2, Marlborough road

MANNINGHAM WARD2, 1882, surnames beginning with the letter Y
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
26769 Yates LewisBeamsley streetdwelling-house48, Beamsley street
26770 Yeadon JohnChurch streetdwelling-house51, Church street
26771 Yewdall HenryPark royddwelling-house242, Park royd
26772 Young GeorgeBeamsley streetdwelling-house76, Beamsley street
26773 Young JamesMannheim roaddwelling-houseKensington street
successivedwelling-houseMannheim road
26774 Young SamuelChassum streetdwelling-houseChassum street
successivedwelling-house30, Chassum street
26775 Young ThomasBeamsley streetdwelling-house92, Beamsley street

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