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BRADFORD: Bradford Parliamentary Register 1882, NORTH WARD1.


NORTH WARD1, 1882.
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
4391 Abbott AlfredCannon streetdwelling-house24, Cannon street
4392 Abbott AnthonyCannon streetdwelling-house23, Cannon street
4393 Ackroyd BenjaminBroad streetdwelling-house11, Broad street
4394 Ackroyd GeorgeManninghamcountinghouse34a, Kirkgate
4395 Ackroyd JohnShipleywarehousenear 22, Cheapside
4396 Ackroyd ParkinsonShipleywarehousenear 22, Cheapside
4397 Adams John FrederickSpring gardensdwelling-house18, Spring gardens
4398 Alexander Edward Spenceley CharlesShipleywarehouse14, Piccadilly
4399 Allen James WilliamManningham lanedwelling-house68, Manningham lane
4400 Allen WilliamSalem streetdwelling-house64, Salem street
4401 Allmeritter WilliamProspect terracedwelling-house99, Godwin street
successivedwelling-house6, Prospect terrace
4402 Ambler CharlesRegent placedwelling-house1, Regent place
4403 Anderson ThomasSalem streetdwelling-house33, Salem street
4404 Anderton JohnManninghamcountinghouse7, Duke street
4405 Appleton Thomas WilliamManningham laneshop60, Manningham lane
4406 Archer HenryManninghamshopSnowden street
4407 Armitage JohnClaytonwarehouse57, Bermondsey
4408 Ascough ThomasMiddle streetdwelling-house128, Mildred street
successivedwelling-house1, Middle street
4409 Aswan Destin WilliamDarley streetdwelling-house40, Darley street
4410 Atkinson NathanHortoncountinghouse35, Bermondsey
4411 Atkinson William FletcherHardencountinghouse1, Dale street
4412 Austin WilliamSalem streetdwelling-house14, Salem street
4413 Aykroyd JohnManninghamwarehouse11, Piccadilly

NORTH WARD1, 1882, surnames beginning with the letter B
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
4414 Bainbridge JamesHallfield streetdwelling-house21, Hallfield street
4415 Baines KaberryCottingleywarehouse20, Bermondsey
4416 Baines RobertStone streetdwelling-house15, Stone street
4417 Baines WilliamCannon streetdwelling-house18, Cannon street
4418 Bairstow EdwardManningham lanedwelling-houseNorth parade
successivedwelling-house78, Manningham lane
4419 Bairstow George HenrySchool streetdwelling-houseSchool street
successivedwelling-houseSalem street
successivedwelling-house141, Exeter street
successivedwelling-house28, School street
4420 Bairstow JohnSchool streetdwelling-house28, School street
successivedwelling-house32, School square
4421 Baker WilliamBroad streetdwelling-house4, Broad street
4422 Barlow William WagstaffManninghamcountinghouse46, Darley street
4423 Barnsley JonasStone streetdwelling-house9, Stone street
4424 Bayley George HenrySaltaireshop6, Kirkgate
4425 Beaver John HenryHortonwarehouse3, Manor row
4426 Beck RichardDarley streetdwelling-house18, Darley street
4427 Beckenbach Frederick WilliamHortonwarehouse22, Bermondsey
4428 Beldon William BenjaminHallfield streetdwelling-house16, Hallfield street
4429 Bell JamesMiddle streetdwelling-house7, Middle street
4430 Bell WilliamTrafalgar streetdwelling-house48, Trafalgar street
4431 Berendt SigmundEldon placewarehouse26, Cheapside
4432 Best AbrahamManninghamwarehouse5, Piccadilly
4433 Best John GibsonManninghamwarehouse3, Duke street
4434 Best JosephManninghamwarehouse5, Piccadilly
4435 Best Thomas ScraceFrizinghallwarehouse12, Piccadilly
4436 Bilbrough James WilliamManninghamcountinghouse8, Piccadilly
4437 Binns JesseBoltonwarehousenear 28, Kirkgate
4438 Binns John WilliamManninghamshop38, Darley street
4439 Binns JosephTrafalgar placedwelling-house9, Trafalgar place
4440 Bishop Charles FrederickManningham laneshop5, Nesfield terrace
4441 Bishop William AlfredManningham lanedwelling-house5, Nesfield terrace
4442 Blakeborough James EdwardPrimrose terraceoffice2, Piccadilly
4443 Blakey GeorgeManningham lanewarehouse14, Nesfield street
successivewarehouse16, Nesfield street
4444 Bland JoshuaIdlewarehouse19, Piccadilly
4445 Blandford WalterStone streetdwelling-house10, Stone street
4446 Bolt JamesAlbert placeshop32, Kirkgate
4447 Booth John EdwardManninghamcountinghouse8, Piccadilly
4448 Bottomley JohnAllertonshop21, Snowden street
4449 Bottomley JosephSpring gardensdwelling-house6, Spring gardens
4450 Bower JamesMiddle streetdwelling-house12, Middle street
4451 Boyce Thomas GibsonManninghamshop36, Darley street
4452 Boyes WilliamSpring gardensdwelling-house8, Spring gardens
4453 Bradbury WilliamManor rowdwelling-house13, Manor row
4454 Brayshaw WilliamProspect terracedwelling-house4, Prospect terrace
4455 Brear ThomasShipleyshop62, Manningham lane
4456 Brewer JohnTrafalgar streetdwelling-house88, Trafalgar street
4457 Briggs SamuelSchool streetdwelling-house34, School street
4458 Broadley MilesTyson streetshop20A, Manningham lane
4459 Bronner EdwardManor rowdwelling-house33, Manor row
4460 Brook TimothyManninghamcountinghouse26, Manningham lane
4461 Brown EdmundStone streetdwelling-house3, Stone street
4462 Brown GeorgeManninghamshop30, Kirkgate
4463 Brown RobertGrammar School streetdwelling-house3, Grammar School street
4464 Brown SamuelManor rowdwelling-house22, Manor row
4465 Brown Samuel HoratioManninghamshop30, Kirkgate
4466 Brown SidneyManninghamshop25, Cheapside
4467 Brown William BoughtonManninghamshop34, Darley street
4468 Brown William HenryRipon streetshop2, Bermondsey
4469 Browne Rev. JamesSpringfield placedwelling-house29, Springfield place
4470 Bryant JosephMiddle streetdwelling-house8, Middle street
4471 Buckle RichardHortonwarehouse8, Canal road
4472 Buckley ThomasSpring gardensdwelling-house29, Spring gardens
4473 Bulmer AlfredThornburywarehouse5A, Dale street
4474 Bulmer SamuelShipleywarehouse5A, Dale street
4475 Bunting Arthur CharlesHortonwarehouse34, Piccadilly
4476 Burnley JamesManninghamwarehouse3, Cheapside
4477 Burns MartinStaple streetdwelling-house12, Margerison street
successivedwelling-house37, Staple street
4478 Butler SamuelHortonshopWell street
4479 Byles WilliamHortoncountinghouse10, Piccadilly
4480 Byles William PollardManninghamcountinghouse10, Piccadilly

NORTH WARD1, 1882, surnames beginning with the letter C
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
4481 Calvert MichaelManninghamshop33, Nesfield street
4482 Calvert RhodesManninghamcountinghouse9, New Kirkgate
4483 Cawthron WilliamHallfield placedwelling-house4, Hallfield place
4484 Chaffer JohnManor rowdwelling-house10, Manor row
4485 Chance RichardSalem streetdwelling-house54, Salem street
4486 Chapman JohnHortonshop26, Kirkgate
4487 Ching RobertSpring gardensdwelling-house39, Spring gardens
4488 Clarke BenjaminHortonwarehouse23, Bermondsey
4489 Clarke WilliamIdleshop2, Kirkgate
4490 Clayton JamesBack School streetdwelling-house4, Back School street
4491 Clegg EliSalem streetdwelling-house9, Salem street
4492 Clegg JohnTrafalgar streetdwelling-house53, Trafalgar street
4493 Clegg WesleyFrizinghallwarehouse12, Canal road
4494 Clough William AllenSnowden streetdwelling-house11, Brunswick place
successivedwelling-house6, Snowden street
4495 Coates WilliamSalem streetdwelling-house62, Salem street
4496 Cockcroft WilliamBroad streetdwelling-house16, Broad street
4497 Cockshott WilliamBroad streetdwelling-house3, Broad street
4498 Collins JohnShipleywarehouse5, Cheapside
4499 Collins ThomasManor rowdwelling-house7, Broad street
successivedwelling-house39, Manor row
4500 Collins WilliamManninghamwarehouse36, Bermondsey
4501 Conchar RobertDarfield streetcountinghouse18, Kirkgate
4502 Cooper Charles HenryManninghamshop12, North parade
4503 Cornforth ThomasStaple streetdwelling-house41, Staple street
4504 Cousen SamuelBroad streetdwelling-house6, Broad street
4505 Cowie WilliamTrafalgar streetdwelling-house3, Trafalgar street
4506 Cox WilliamSalem streetdwelling-house48, Salem street
4507 Crabtree ThomasSchool streetdwelling-house13, School street
4508 Crann Frederick SillsCounty Court House, Manor rowoffice2, Piccadilly
4509 Crann WilliamManor rowdwelling-house27, Manor row
4510 Craven ArthurKeighleywarehouse24, Cheapside
4511 Craven LotBoltonwarehouse29, Bermondsey
4512 Crebbin Julius CaesarHallfield placewarehouseSnowden street
4513 Cummings MatthewMargerison streetdwelling-house8, Margerison street

NORTH WARD1, 1882, surnames beginning with the letter D
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
4514 Davis JohnBrearton streetdwelling-house25, Brearton street
4515 Davison RobertTrafalgar streetdwelling-house94, Trafalgar street
4516 Davy ThomasSpring gardensdwelling-house16, Spring gardens
4517 Dewick JosephBroad streetdwelling-house18, Broad street
4518 Dibb HenryHoughton placewarehouse53, Bermondsey
4519 Dibb JohnHoughton placewarehouse53, Bermondsey
4520 Dickon James NortonManninghamcountinghouse11, Cheapside
4521 Dinsdale Richard MetcalfeTrafalgar placedwelling-house30, Trafalgar street
successivedwelling-house11, Trafalgar place
4522 Dobby JamesBroad streetdwelling-house25, Bolton place
successivedwelling-house1, Broad street
4523 Drake AlfredManninghamshop50, Manningham lane
4524 Duckles GeorgeRegent placedwelling-house6, Regent place
4525 Dufty BryanHortonwarehouse19, Bermondsey
4526 Dunlop JohnManor rowdwelling-house35, Manor row
4527 Dunn ThomasHortonwarehouse5, Manor row
4528 Dutton EdwinHallfield streetdwelling-house4, Hallfield street
4529 Dyson AmosBroad streetdwelling-house20, Broad street
4530 Dyson JohnSalem streetshop111, Westgate
successivedwelling-house39, Salem street

NORTH WARD1, 1882, surnames beginning with the letter E
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
4531 Easby John FaintManninghamcountinghouse1, Bermondsey
4532 Edmonds ThomasSpring gardensdwelling-house22, Spring gardens
4533 Edmondson John HolmesPark crescentshop21, Broadstones
4534 Edmondson WilliamSchool streetdwelling-house11, School street
4535 Ellis WalterTrafalgar streetdwelling-house6, Trafalgar street
4536 Elverson SquireHallfield placedwelling-house107, Exeter street
successivedwelling-house61, Barkerend road
successivedwelling-house4, Hill side villas
successivedwelling-house3, Hallfield place
4537 Emsley William HenryFrizinghallwarehouse13, New Kirkgate
4538 Everett CharlesCross streetdwelling-house8, Cross street
4539 Exley John, junr.Shipleywarehouse51, Bermondsey
4540 Exley JosephMenstonwarehouse51, Bermondsey
4541 Exley SamuelMenstonwarehouse51, Bermondsey
4542 Exley WilliamShipleywarehouse51, Bermondsey

NORTH WARD1, 1882, surnames beginning with the letter F
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
4543 Fattorini EdwardWestgateshop22, Kirkgate
4544 Fattorini JohnManninghamshop22, Kirkgate
4545 Fawcett JosephBroadstonesdwelling-house9, Broadstones
4546 Fawcett RichardRawdonwarehouse9, Dale street
4547 Fearnley EdwardDarley streetdwelling-house42, Darley street
4548 Fearnley JamesBeanland squaredwelling-house3, Beanland square
4549 Fearnley JohnGomersalwarehousenear 4, Trafalgar street
successiveshop24, Manningham lane
4550 Fearnley WilliamTrafalgar streetdwelling-house11, Trafalgar street
4551 Fearnley WilliamTrafalgar streetdwelling-house15, Trafalgar street
4552 Firth ThomasCannon streetdwelling-house15, Cannon street
4553 Fisher JohnSpringfield placedwelling-house7, Springfield place
4554 Forrest HeelisTrafalgar streetdwelling-house32, Trafalgar street
4555 Forrest ThomasHill side villasshop2, Kirkgate
4556 Fortune ThomasHallfield placedwelling-house13, Hallfield place
4557 Foulds JeremiahSalem streetdwelling-house74, Salem street
4558 French EdwardTrafalgar streetdwelling-house5A, Trafalgar street

NORTH WARD1, 1882, surnames beginning with the letter G
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
4559 Gallagher BryanAlbert streetdwelling-house15, Albert street
4560 Gamble Samuel NorthropHortonwarehouse2, Dale street
4561 Gamble ThomasTrafalgar streetdwelling-house4, Trafalgar street
4562 Gardiner WalterShipleycountinghouse13, Cheapside
4563 George Thomas SandersonManninghamcountinghouse8, Piccadilly
4564 George WilliamManninghamcountinghouse8, Piccadilly
4565 Gibson IsaacRegent placedwelling-house2, Regent place
4566 Gibson JamesHortonshop36, Darley street
4567 Gibson JohnSpringfield placedwelling-house21, Springfield place
4568 Giddings WilliamTrafalgar streetdwelling-house6, Trafalgar street
4569 Gill JosephTrafalgar placewarehouse2, Trafalgar place
4570 Gill WilliamTrafalgar streetdwelling-house84, Trafalgar street
4571 Gilyard WilsonPollard laneshop32, Darley street
4572 Golden CharlesHallfield roadshop10, Cheapside
4573 Goodliffe AlbertHortonshop28, Cheapside
4574 Gosling ThomasTrafalgar streetdwelling-house78, Trafalgar street
4575 Gotthardt Walter HebdenManninghamcountinghouse13, Cheapside
4576 Gouthwaite RobertMiddle streetdwelling-house10, Middle street
4577 Gray William MartelloManninghamcountinghouse33, Mann's court
successivecountinghouse16, Kirkgate
4578 Grayson CharlesBrearton streetdwelling-house3, Brearton street
4579 Greaves WilliamHeatoncountinghouse2, Cheapside
4580 Green JohnUndercliffe streetshop47, Trafalgar street
4581 Greenwood JonathanClaytonwarehouse57, Bermondsey

NORTH WARD1, 1882, surnames beginning with the letter H
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
4582 Haddon James ThompsonHortonwarehouse1, Duke street
4583 Hailes ThomasTrafalgar streetdwelling-house70, Trafalgar street
4584 Hainstock ThomasBroad streetdwelling-houseBroad street
4585 Hall JosephCannon streetdwelling-house21, Cannon street
4586 Hall Thomas NaylorSpring gardensdwelling-house49, Spring gardens
4587 Halliday JamesCannon streetdwelling-house20, Cannon street
4588 Halstead HenryManninghamwarehouse1, Cross street
4589 Halstead SmithFrizinghallwarehouse1, Cross street
4590 Hamilton RobertManningham lanedwelling-house88, Manningham lane
4591 Handforth EdwardNesfield terracedwelling-house6, Nesfield terrace
4592 Hardaker WilliamRegent placedwelling-house42, Heath road
successivedwelling-house7, Regent place
4593 Hardwick Benjamin FirthBrearton streetdwelling-house27, Brearton street
4594 Hardwick JosephUndercliffewarehouse7, Duke street
4595 Harker JosephKirkgatedwelling-house28, Kirkgate
4596 Harland EdwardShipleyshop16, Manor row
4597 Harling JamesWestfield crescentshop21, New Kirkgate
4598 Harris RisemanLeeds roadcountinghouse30A, Darley street
4599 Harrison GeorgeManninghamshop16, Cheapside
4600 Harrison JohnHallfield placedwelling-house2, Cross School street
successivedwelling-house9, Hallfield place
4601 Harrison MetcalfeBroad streetdwelling-house19, Broad street
4602 Harrison PeterSpring gardenswarehouse18, Bermondsey
4603 Harrison RichardManninghamwarehouse18, Bermondsey
4604 Harrison Samuel, junr.Hortonwarehouse7, Lister street
4605 Hart LewisProspect terracedwelling-house2, Prospect terrace
4606 Hartley JosephHallfield placedwelling-house12, Hallfield place
4607 Hartley SamuelManor rowdwelling-house14, Manor row
4608 Hatton William HenryRipon streetdwelling-house230, Ripon street
successiveshop10, Piccadilly
4609 Head EdwardBeanland squaredwelling-house1, Beanland square
4610 Heaton John PighillsOxenhopewarehouse3, Manor row
4611 Hebden Thomas HoadleyManninghamcountinghouse9, New Kirkgate
4612 Heighten Henry JamesManninghamshop16, Darley street
4613 Hemingway SamuelManninghamwarehouse10, Trafalgar street
4614 Henderson CharlesBroad streetdwelling-house8, Broad street
4615 Heron PeterSalem streetdwelling-house31, Salem street
4616 Hewitt Samuel, seniorBroad streetdwelling-house27, Broad street
4617 Hewitt Samuel, junr.Broad streetdwelling-house25, Broad street
4618 Hicks JosephWestfield crescentshop11, New Kirkgate
4619 Hildred WilliamTrafalgar streetdwelling-house7A, Trafalgar street
4620 Hill ThomasManor streetdwelling-house6, Manor street
4621 Hillman John NathanielSpring gardensdwelling-house13, Spring gardens
4622 Holborn Rev. AlfredSpring gardensdwelling-house28, Spring gardens
4623 Holdsworth RalphKirkgateshop6, Kirkgate
4624 Holgate CharlesAlbert placedwelling-house10, Albert place
4625 Holland CharlesTrafalgar streetdwelling-house90, Trafalgar street
4626 Holland EdwinTrafalgar streetdwelling-house42, Trafalgar street
4627 Holmes JohnManor streetdwelling-house7, Manor street
4628 Holmes JohnManninghamshop26, Darley street
4629 Holmes John AlbertHortonwarehouse17, Piccadilly
4630 Holmes RichardTrafalgar streetdwelling-house40, Trafalgar street
4631 Holt MadenBroad streetdwelling-house21, Broad street
successivedwelling-house19, Broad street
4632 Hope Thomas CampbellManninghamcountinghouse2, Cheapside
4633 Hopkinson SamuelHortonwarehouse17, Piccadilly
successivewarehouse38, Piccadilly
4634 Howe WilliamAlbert placedwelling-house5, Albert place
4635 Howson Frederick HorsfallManninghamwarehouse12, Bermondsey
4636 Hubbard JamesManninghamwarehouse32, Piccadilly
4637 Hudson JosephEllis streetdwelling-house10, Ellis street
4638 Hudson WilliamHanover squareshop46, Manningham lane
4639 Hughes JohnBeanland squaredwelling-house13, Beanland square
4640 Humphreys JosephManor streetshopnear 16, North parade
4641 Hunter JohnStone streetdwelling-house4, Stone street
4642 Hutchinson James GwynneHortoncountinghouse6, Piccadilly
4643 Hutton ChristopherProspect terracedwelling-house3, Prospect terrace
4644 Hutton EdwardManninghamshop40, Cheapside

NORTH WARD1, 1882, surnames beginning with the letter I
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
4645 Illingworth ArthurManninghamwarehouse33, Bermondsey
4646 Illingworth ThomasShipleywarehouse10, Canal road
4647 Ingham JamesSpringfield placedwelling-house13, Springfield place
4648 Ingham William HenryManninghamwarehouse36, Piccadilly
4649 Inloes Francis HarrisonBradfordwarehouse9, Piccadilly

NORTH WARD1, 1882, surnames beginning with the letter J
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
4650 Jackson John ArthurBowlingwarehouse16A, Piccadilly
4651 Jackson ReubenBowlingwarehouse16A, Piccadilly
4652 Jackson SamuelShipleycountinghouse2, Kirkgate
4653 Jardine DavidHortoncountinghouse2, Cheapside
4654 Jeffery Herbert JamesManninghamcountinghouse13, Cheapside
4655 Jeffery John RustManninghamcountinghouse5, Piccadilly
4656 Johnson Frederick AtkinsonManninghamshop30, Darley street
4657 Johnson GeorgeDarfield streetshop24, Stone street
4658 Johnson ThomasDarfield streetshop24, Stone street
4659 Jolly DavidManor streetdwelling-house29, Brearton street
successivedwelling-house4, Manor street

NORTH WARD1, 1882, surnames beginning with the letter K
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
4660 Keeling Rev. William HaltonNorth paradedwelling-houseNorth parade
4661 Kershaw JosephManninghamshop7, Broadstones
4662 Kershaw SamuelHallfield placedwelling-house5, Hallfield place
4663 Kirby William EdwardHallfield roadshop26, Darley street
4664 Knight JohnManninghamwarehouse10, Dale street
4665 Knight RichardManninghamcountinghouse16, Kirkgate

NORTH WARD1, 1882, surnames beginning with the letter L
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
4666 Lancaster GeorgeHortonwarehouse7, Manor row
4667 Lancaster IsaacManninghamwarehouse7, Manor row
4668 Lancaster WilliamHipperholmecountinghouse2, Manor row
4669 Leach Edwin ThomasManninghamshop12, Darley street
4670 Leach FrederickManninghamshop26, Snowden street
4671 Leach JohnManninghamshop12, Darley street
4672 Leach JosiahHortonshop15, New Kirkgate
4673 Lee AlfredManningham lanedwelling-house30, Manningham lane
4674 Lister JosephManninghamwarehouse54, Cheapside
4675 Little DavidManninghamcountinghouse5, Piccadilly
4676 Longley WilliamManninghamcountinghouse10, Bermondsey
4677 Loundes ThomasMargerison streetdwelling-house1, Margerison street
4678 Lumley ThomasRegent placedwelling-house5, Prospect terrace
successivedwelling-houseGarnett street
successivedwelling-house3, Regent place
4679 Lund ChristopherSchool streetdwelling-house30, School street
4680 Lupton JohnHortonwarehouse9, Cheapside
4681 Lupton William CharlesHortonwarehouse9, Cheapside
4682 Lynn JamesManningham laneshop56, Manningham lane

NORTH WARD1, 1882, surnames beginning with the letter M
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
4683 Manley GeorgeCross School streetdwelling-house217, Barkerend road
successivedwelling-house4, Cross School street
4684 Manley HenryManningham lanedwelling-house30, Manningham lane
4685 Marshall ThomasEccleshillshop4, Kirkgate
4686 Marten William Henry HerbertMenstonecountinghouse46, Manningham lane
4687 Matthews Alfred MarstonManninghamshop12, North parade
4688 Mawson Thomas WilliamManninghamshop26, Snowden street
4689 May ThomasSalem streetdwelling-house46, Salem street
4690 McFarlane GeorgeBroad streetdwelling-house14, Broad street
4691 McManus GeraldBunker's hillcountinghouse4, North parade
4692 Meade Richard HenryManor rowdwelling-house8, Manor row
4693 Middlebrook ThomasBaildoncountinghouse30A, Darley street
4694 Miller ArthurSalem streetdwelling-house50, Salem street
4695 Mills CharlesHortonshopMarket street
successivewarehouse2, Duke street
4696 Milner JohnMargerison streetdwelling-house3, Margerison street
4697 Milner ThomasSpringfield placedwelling-house23, Springfield place
4698 Milnes GeorgeTrafalgar placedwelling-house4, Trafalgar place
4699 Mirfield DanielWestgate hill, Tongwarehouse4, Dale street
4700 Mirfield EmanuelWestgate hill, Tongwarehouse4, Dale street
4701 Misdale WilliamDarley streetdwelling-house44A, Darley street
4702 Mitchell Samuel TitusEccleshillshopDarley street
successiveshopNesfield street
4703 Mombert AdolphusManninghamwarehouse11, Manor row
4704 Morgan George JenkinsShipleycountinghouse2, Cheapside
4705 Morgan JohnWakefield roadshop26A, Dale street
4706 Mowbray GeorgeStone streetdwelling-house11, Stone street
4707 Moyns JohnHallfield streetdwelling-house14, Hallfield street
4708 Musgrave Peter WilliamHallfield roadwarehouse15, Cheapside
4709 Myers GeorgeTrafalgar streetdwelling-house80, Trafalgar street
4710 Myers HenryHortonshop20, Kirkgate

NORTH WARD1, 1882, surnames beginning with the letter N
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
4711 Naughton PatrickEllis streetdwelling-house17, Providence street
successivedwelling-house6, Ellis street
4712 Neale Francis WilliamManninghamshop14, Darley street
4713 Newby DavidTrafalgar streetdwelling-house68, Trafalgar street
4714 Newby JohnDarfield streetshop12, Kirkgate
4715 Noble HarryAlbert placedwelling-house9, Albert place

NORTH WARD1, 1882, surnames beginning with the letter O
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
4716 O'Brien JohnCannon streetdwelling-house26, Cannon street
4717 O'Connor MichaelMargerison streetdwelling-house17, Margerison street
4718 Oddy John RidleyBirkenshawwarehouse6, Cross School street
4719 Oddy WilliamManor rowdwelling-house6, Manor row
4720 Ogden AlfredHortonwarehouse11, Manor row
4721 Oliver Henry HungerfordTrafalgar streetdwelling-house24, Hallfield street
successivedwelling-house30, Trafalgar street
4722 Ostcliffe JohnKirkgatedwelling-house8, Kirkgate
4723 Overend HenryManninghamshop2, Nesfield terrace
4724 Overend Henry, junr.Manninghamshop2, Nesfield terrace
4725 Overend TheophilusManninghamshop2, Nesfield terrace

NORTH WARD1, 1882, surnames beginning with the letter P
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
4726 Palmer RobertTrafalgar streetdwelling-house43, Trafalgar street
4727 Parkinson ChristopherCannon streetdwelling-house41, Cannon street
successivedwelling-house47, Cannon street
4728 Parkinson WilliamManor rowdwelling-house4, Manor row
4729 Parratt SamuelCannon streetdwelling-house3, Cannon street
4730 Passavant PhilipBrearton streetdwelling-house13, Brearton street
4731 Payot HenryBrearton streetdwelling-house17, Brearton street
4732 Peacock William SamuelSpring gardensdwelling-house12, Spring gardens
4733 Pearson BarnardWool streetdwelling-house49, Wool street
4734 Pearson ThomasSalem streetdwelling-house72, Salem street
4735 Penn WilliamSalem streetdwelling-house50, Salem street
4736 Pennington GeorgeManninghamwarehouse45, Lister street
4737 Pickard HarryHortonwarehouse19, Piccadilly
4738 Pickard JamesBowlingwarehouse19, Piccadilly
4739 Pickard WilliamHortonwarehouse19, Piccadilly
4740 Pickles JosephBack School streetdwelling-house5, Back School street
4741 Pickles William HenryLightcliffewarehouse13, New Kirkgate
4742 Pitchers WilliamBowlingwarehouse19, Piccadilly
4743 Pollard Arthur JamesHoughton placeshop22, Darley street
4744 Pollard CollingwoodThorntonwarehouse4, Dale street
4745 Pool ThomasTrafalgar streetdwelling-house45, Trafalgar street
4746 Poole WilliamSimes streetshop18, Manningham lane
4747 Popplewell JohnCowper placewarehouse13, New Kirkgate
4748 Priestley JohnVictoria streetshop12, Cheapside
4749 Proctor John WadeStone streetdwelling-house5, Stone street

NORTH WARD1, 1882, surnames beginning with the letter R
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
4750 Rand James HenryManninghamwarehouse11, Manor row
4751 Ratcliffe Henry ButlerManningham laneshop8, Nesfield terrace
4752 Ratcliffe WilliamManninghamshop8, Nesfield terrace
4753 Ray John TannerBrearton streetdwelling-house5, Brearton street
4754 Rayner JohnManor rowdwelling-house20, Manor row
4755 Ree IsidorRawdonwarehouse26, Cheapside
4756 Renwick WilliamAlbert streetdwelling-house1, Albert street
4757 Rhodes Arthur WilliamManninghamshop14 & 16, Kirkgate
4758 Rhodes EnochVictoria streetshopTrafalgar street
4759 Rhodes HenryHipperholmeshop52, Cheapside
4760 Rhodes JeremiahManninghamshop4, Darley street
4761 Rhodes Samuel HodgsonManninghamshop14 & 16, Kirkgate
4762 Richardson RichardSpringfield placedwelling-house15, Springfield place
4763 Riley JosephFrizinghallwarehouse5, Cheapside
4764 Riley Samuel ButlerDaniel streetwarehouse5, Cheapside
4765 Rimes Richard HenryUndercliffeshop32, Darley street
4766 Rimmington Felix William ElgeySpring gardensdwelling-house35, Spring gardens
4767 Roberts JamesCottingleywarehouse4, Duke street
4768 Robertshaw ThomasSpring gardensdwelling-house35, Spring gardens
4769 Robinson HenryHallfield placedwelling-house6, Hallfield place
4770 Robinson JamesHortonwarehouse8, Canal road
4771 Robinson RichardTrafalgar streetdwelling-house9A, Trafalgar street
4772 Robson EdwardSalem streetdwelling-house5, Salem street
4773 Rodgers IsaacTrafalgar streetdwelling-house36, Trafalgar street
4774 Rogerson Herbert GoldthorpeNorth paradeshop8, Darley street
4775 Rogerson MichaelNorth paradeshop8, Darley street
4776 Ronson AnthonySalem streetdwelling-house12, Salem street
4777 Roper TomSchool streetdwelling-house3, Infirmary street
successivedwelling-house11, School street
4778 Roper William GregsonKeighleywarehouse7, Cheapside
4779 Rowlatt William HenryBrearton streetdwelling-house9, Brearton street
4780 Rowling WilliamCross school streetdwelling-house1, Cross school street
4781 Rundell ThomasHallfield streetdwelling-house21, Trafalgar street
successivedwelling-house12, Hallfield street
4782 Rushforth JasperManninghamshop19, Snowden street
4783 Rycroft JohnManninghamwarehouseTrafalgar street

NORTH WARD1, 1882, surnames beginning with the letter S
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
4784 Sachs AlbertManor streetshop8, Manningham lane
4785 Sachs Henry WilliamHortonwarehouse3, Manor row
4786 Schutt Hermann PeterAllertonwarehouse5, Manor row
4787 Scurrah GeorgeLister streetdwelling-house12, Lister street
4788 Seed Edward AlbertManningham lanewarehouse42, Cheapside
4789 Senior RichardSalem streetdwelling-house22, Broad street
successivedwelling-house68, Salem street
4790 Servant WilliamHortonshop46, Manningham lane
4791 Shepherd DavisOtley roadshop2, Kirkgate
4792 Shepherd JosephTrafalgar streetdwelling-house28, Trafalgar street
4793 Shepherd William WellsManor streetdwelling-house2, Manor street
4794 Simpson JeremiahGrammar School streetdwelling-house1, Grammar School street
4795 Simpson JohnStone streetdwelling-house7, Stone street
4796 Simpson JohnSalem streetdwelling-house38, Salem street
4797 Simpson JosephStone streetdwelling-house8, Stone street
4798 Simpson RandolphSydenham placecountinghouse2, Cheapside
4799 Singleton ThomasBaildonwarehouse7, Lister street
4800 Smart FredHortoncountinghouse16, Kirkgate
4801 Smith AbrahamPudseywarehouse18, Piccadilly
4802 Smith JosephHortonwarehouse18, Piccadilly
4803 Smith JosephManninghamcountinghouse13, Cheapside
4804 Smith JosephManninghamshop25, Rawson place
successiveshop1, Nesfield terrace
4805 Smith JosephTrafalgar streetdwelling-house82, Trafalgar street
4806 Smith JoshuaManninghamshop70, Manningham lane
4807 Smith PatrickBroad streetdwelling-house10, Broad street
4808 Smith SethEccleshillwarehouse17, Bermondsey
4809 Smith ThomasSchool streetdwelling-house24, School street
4810 Smith William ScottManninghamwarehouse4, Duke street
4811 Soppitt GeorgeFrizinghallshop23, Broadstones
4812 Speight RobertManningham lanedwelling-house52, Manningham lane
4813 Spence WilliamSalem streetdwelling-house31, Trafalgar street
successivedwelling-house37, Salem street
4814 Spencer CrossfilManninghamshop21, Nesfield street
4815 Stafford William HenryMiddle streetdwelling-house5, Middle street
4816 Stake FrancisManninghamshop50, Manningham lane
4817 Stead John TurnerAlbert placeshop40, Cheapside
4818 Steel JohnBroad streetwarehouse33A, Bermondsey
4819 Steinthal Gustave AdolphusManninghamshopBroad street
4820 Stocks HenryHallfield placedwelling-house2, Hallfield place
4821 Stowe RobertTrafalgar streethouse32, Trafalgar street
4822 Surman JohnSalem streetdwelling-house60, Salem street
4823 Sutcliffe JohnLister streetdwelling-house1, Lister street
4824 Swift FearnleyManninghamwarehouse3, Duke street
4825 Swires ThomasWibseywarehouse30, Kirkgate
4826 Sykes AlfredRegent placedwelling-house68, Ripon street
successivedwelling-house4, Regent place

NORTH WARD1, 1882, surnames beginning with the letter T
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
4827 Tacey William GreenManningham lanedwelling-house6, Manningham lane
4828 Tate JohnHanover squareshop20, Darley street
4829 Taylor BenjaminStone streetdwelling-house14, Stone street
4830 Taylor Christian HenryManor rowdwelling-house18, Manor row
4831 Taylor EliasSnowden streetdwelling-house4, Snowden street
4832 Taylor FrankManor rowcountinghouse2, Cheapside
4833 Taylor FrederickShipleyshop54, Manningham lane
4834 Taylor GeorgeManningham laneshop10, Salem street
4835 Taylor JamesManninghamwarehouse10, Bermondsey
4836 Taylor JohnMiddle streetdwelling-house11, Middle street
4837 Taylor JohnBingleycountinghouse5, Piccadilly
4838 Taylor JohnCannon streetdwelling-house4, Cannon street
4839 Taylor ThomasTrafalgar streetdwelling-house74, Trafalgar street
4840 Temple FrederickSpring gardensdwelling-house9, Spring gardens
4841 Terry John WilliamHanover squarewarehouse16A, Piccadilly
4842 Tetley RichardMargerison streetdwelling-house11, Margerison street
4843 Theaker WilliamSchool streetdwelling-house8, School street
4844 Thistlethwaite WilliamShipleywarehouse33, Bermondsey
4845 Thompson JamesHortonwarehouse1, Duke street
4846 Thresh BenjaminNesfield streetshop24, Nesfield street
4847 Tibbits Edward ThomasManningham lanedwelling-house34, Manningham lane
4848 Townend William HenryHeatonwarehouse22, Cheapside
4849 Tuke EdwardHortonshop1, Salem street
4850 Turner John WilliamManninghamwarehouse6, Cross School street

NORTH WARD1, 1882, surnames beginning with the letter W
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
4851 Wade John HenryManninghamcountinghouse8, Piccadilly
4852 Wade WalterHortonwarehouse4, Bermondsey
4853 Walker JamesHallfield roadshop23, Nesfield street
4854 Walker ListerAlbert placedwelling-house8, Albert place
4855 Walker WilliamTennyson placewarehouse7, Manor row
4856 Walks WilliamTrafalgar streetshop40B, Trafalgar street
4857 Waller CharlesManninghamwarehouse69, Trafalgar street
4858 Waller Thomas WilliamManninghamwarehouse69, Trafalgar street
4859 Walsh AndrewStaple streetdwelling-house54, Staple street
4860 Ward SethHallfield placedwelling-house8, Hallfield place
4861 Ward ThomasBack School streetdwelling-house2, Back School street
4862 Ward William Henry HallFrizinghallshop44, Darley street
4863 Ward William SpencerBroad streetdwelling-house17, Broad street
4864 Wardman WilliamEllis streetdwelling-house8, Ellis street
4865 Warrior CharlesManninghamshop10, Kirkgate
4866 Watson JohnManninghamwarehouse4, Canal road
4867 Watson MatthewManningham lanedwelling-house92, Manningham lane
4868 Watson PeterUndercliffewarehouse4, Canal road
4869 Watson Thomas AdamHortoncountinghouse11, Cheapside
4870 Watson WilliamHortonwarehouse4, Canal road
4871 Waud George MotleyManningham lanedwelling-house32, Manningham lane
4872 Waugh ThomasCannon streetdwelling-house5, Cannon street
4873 West George ThomasSalem streetdwelling-house56, Salem street
4874 Whaley EmsleyClaytonwarehouse57, Bermondsey
4875 Whaley TimothyClaytonwarehouse57, Bermondsey
4876 Wharam Charles HenryManor streetdwelling-houseBurlington street, Manningham
successivedwelling-house5, Manor street
4877 Wharf BenjaminStaple streetdwelling-house47, Staple street
4878 Whipp ThomasArmleyshop15, Broadstones
successiveshop19, Broadstones
4879 Whitaker Herbert AlstonManninghamcountinghouse33, Bermondsey
4880 Whitaker JamesCheapsidedwelling-house18, School street
successivedwelling-houseEllis street
successivedwelling-house46, Cheapside
4881 Whitaker JohnCanal roaddwelling-house2, Canal road
4882 Whitaker SimeonManninghamwarehouse3, Bermondsey
4883 Whitaker ThomasHanover squaredwelling-house35, Hanover square
successivecountinghouse1, Broadstones
4884 White WilsonSchool streetdwelling-house17, School street
4885 Wilcock JosephHallfield placedwelling-house11, Hallfield place
4886 Willey CharlesEldon terracewarehouse44, Cheapside
4887 Willey John HenryManninghamwarehouse27, Cheapside
4888 Wilson HenryManninghamshop5, New Kirkgate
4889 Winfield MatthewTrafalgar streetdwelling-house86, Trafalgar street
4890 Wood WilliamTrafalgar placedwelling-house5, Trafalgar place
4891 Wood WilliamProspect terracedwelling-house1, Prospect terrace
4892 Wood WilliamStone streetdwelling-house17, Stone street
4893 Woolham WilliamMargerison streetdwelling-house5, Margerison street
4894 Worby RichardBeanland squaredwelling-house25, Beanland square
4895 Wray WilliamSpring gardensdwelling-house14, Spring gardens
4896 Wright Frederick HenryHalifaxwarehouse25, Bermondsey
successivewarehouse3, Manor row
4897 Wright James CloughManninghamcountinghouse14, Darley street
4898 Wright Nathan WilmanManninghamcountinghouse2, Manor row
4899 Wright SamuelWykecountinghouse2, Manor row
4900 Wroe WilliamManninghamwarehouseTrafalgar street

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