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BRADFORD: Bradford Parliamentary Register 1883, ALLERTON WARD.


Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
26704 Ackroyd DownsNew rowdwelling-house15, New row
26705 Ackroyd FrankSunnybankdwelling-house1, Sunnybank
26706 Ackroyd HuramSnake Hill lanedwelling-houseHoxton street
successivedwelling-house69, Snake Hill lane
26707 Ackroyd JohnSmith lanedwelling-house7, Smith lane
26708 Ackroyd RobertUnwin placedwelling-house13, Unwin place
26709 Ackroyd SamuelWashington streetdwelling-houseDuckworth lane
successivedwelling-houseWashington street
successivedwelling-house39, Washington street
26710 Ackroyd WalterGirlington roadhouse & shop83, Girlington road
26711 Akeroyd JamesThorn streetdwelling-houseThorn street
successivedwelling-house17, Thorn street
26712 Akeroyd JamesWashington streetdwelling-house62, Washington street
26713 Akeroyd ThomasGirlington roaddwelling-house49, Girlington road
26714 Alderson JamesGirlington roaddwelling-house141, Girlington road
26715 Allen GeorgeFour lane endsdwelling-house52, Four lane ends
26716 Allen RichardGirlington roaddwelling-house223, Girlington road
26717 Allen WilliamFour lane endsdwelling-house50, Four lane ends
26718 Allen WilliamMelrose cottage, Thornton roaddwelling-house500, Thornton road
26719 Angle AlfredGirlington roaddwelling-house321, Girlington road
26720 Angus JamesFour lane endsdwelling-house8, Four lane ends
26721 Armitage ThomasGirlington roaddwelling-houseSt. Leonard's road
successivedwelling-house153, Girlington road
26722 Armitage Thomas WoodGirlington roadhouse & shopGirlington road
successivehouse & shop35, Girlington road
26723 Ashworth MichaelGirlington roaddwelling-house183, Girlington road
26724 Ashworth ThomasFour lane endsdwelling-house100, Four lane ends
26725 Atkins RobertWashington streetdwelling-house64, Washington street
26726 Atkinson WilliamGirlington roaddwelling-house15, Girlington road
26727 Austin ThomasGirlington roaddwelling-house327, Girlington road
26728 Aykroyd CravenGirlington roaddwelling-house113, Girlington road

ALLERTON WARD, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter B
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
26729 Bailey WalterWashington streetdwelling-house41, Washington street
26730 Bailey WilliamAllerton roaddwelling-houseOswald street
successivedwelling-house44, Allerton road
26731 Bairstow JoshuaUnwin placedwelling-house11, Unwin place
26732 Barker LotWashington streetdwelling-house47, Washington street
26733 Barker WilliamCrow Tree lanedwelling-house14, Crow Tree lane
26734 Barr JohnWest Squire lanedwelling-house2, West Squire lane
26735 Barrett DavidGirlington roaddwelling-house133, Girlington road
26736 Barron FosterWashington streetdwelling-houseWashington street
successivedwelling-house73, Washington street
26737 Bartle RichardWashington streetdwelling-house214, Washington street
26738 Bateman ThomasSt. Leonard's roaddwelling-house106, St. Leonard's road
26739 Batt NelsonAgar streetdwelling-houseSt. Leonard's road
successivedwelling-house34, Agar street
26740 Baxter John EarnshawGirlington roaddwelling-house257, Girlington road
26741 Baxter JosephThornton roaddwelling-house454, Thornton road
26742 Baxter SamuelHoxton streetdwelling-house18, Hoxton street
26743 Beanland JobGirlington roaddwelling-house205, Girlington road
26744 Beaumont EdwardGirlington roaddwelling-house29, Girlington road
26745 Beecroft JamesUnwin placedwelling-house33, Unwin place
26746 Beecroft JohnSt. Leonard's roaddwelling-house140, St. Leonard's road
26747 Bell JamesSt. Leonard's roaddwelling-house152, St. Leonard's road
26748 Bennett CorneliusGirlington roaddwelling-house185, Girlington road
26749 Bennett WilliamWashington streetdwelling-house284, Washington street
26750 Bentley HenryGirlington roaddwelling-house307, Girlington road
26751 Binns JohnWashington streetdwelling-house86, Washington street
26752 Binns RichardGirlington roaddwelling-house241, Girlington road
26753 Binns WilliamDuckworth lanedwelling-house22, Duckworth lane
26754 Bland FrederickGirlington roaddwelling-house289, Girlington road
26755 Bontoft RichardWashington streetdwelling-houseFarcliffe place
successivedwelling-house70, Washington street
26756 Boocock AllanGirlington roaddwelling-house87, Girlington road
26757 Boocock JohnAllerton roaddwelling-house58, Allerton road
26758 Booth JamesDaisy Hill lanedwelling-house16, Daisy Hill lane
26759 Booth John PollardGirlington roaddwelling-house271, Girlington road
26760 Booth JonasAllerton roaddwelling-house5, Allerton road
26761 Booth ThomasSt. Leonard's roaddwelling-house10, St. Leonard's road
26762 Bootland William RhodesGirlington roaddwelling-house265, Girlington road
26763 Bould FosterGirlington roaddwelling-houseSt. Leonard's road
successivedwelling-house129, Girlington road
26764 Bowen WilliamGirlington roaddwelling-house227, Girlington road
26765 Briggs AbrahamGirlington roaddwelling-houseKensington street
successivedwelling-house31, Girlington road
26766 Briggs HiramSt. Leonard's roaddwelling-house84, St. Leonard's road
26767 Broadbent ThomasWashington streetdwelling-house100, Washington street
26768 Brown GeorgeWashington streetdwelling-house16, Washington street
26769 Brown WilliamGirlington roaddwelling-houseKensington street
successivedwelling-house315, Girlington road
26770 Burroughs JosephCrow Tree lanedwelling-house5, Crow Tree lane
26771 Burrows JohnGirlington roaddwelling-houseGirlington road
successivedwelling-house231, Girlington road
26772 Bush Joseph WalterGirlington roaddwelling-houseWhitefield place
successivehouse & shop77, Girlington road

ALLERTON WARD, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter C
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
26773 Calvary StephenWashington streethouse & shop93, Washington street
26774 Carr JohnWashington streetdwelling-house110, Washington street
26775 Carson WilliamGirlington roaddwelling-house203, Girlington road
26776 Carter GeorgeHoxton streetdwelling-house63, Hoxton street
26777 Chapman JosephGirlington roaddwelling-house173, Girlington road
26778 Clark JohnCrow Tree lanedwelling-house1, Crow Tree lane
26779 Clark JosephProspect placedwelling-house9, Prospect place
26780 Clark WilliamFour Lane endsdwelling-house36, Four Lane ends
26781 Clark WilliamWashington streetdwelling-house22, Washington street
26782 Clayton CharlesBox Tree cottage, Allerton roaddwelling-houseBox Tree cottage, Allerton road
26783 Clayton DanBox Tree cottagedwelling-houseBox Tree cottage
26784 Clayton EdwardCrow Tree lanedwelling-house2, Crow Tree lane
26785 Coates Henry ToddDaisy Hill lanedwelling-house1, Daisy Hill lane
26786 Cockcroft JohnCrow Tree lanedwelling-house8, Crow Tree lane
26787 Cockcroft OliverChellow mountdwelling-houseChellow mount
26788 Cockcroft WilliamHoxton streetdwelling-house51, Hoxton street
26789 Cockle WilliamHoxton streetdwelling-houseWashington street
successivedwelling-house83, Hoxton street
26790 Coe WilliamGirlington roaddwelling-house323, Girlington road
26791 Cooper RobinsonWashington streetdwelling-house158, Washington street
26792 Copperthwaite WilliamHoxton streetdwelling-houseWashington street
successivedwelling-house73, Hoxton street
26793 Coulson JohnsonWashington streetdwelling-house49, Washington street
26794 Court JohnWashington streetdwelling-house76, Washington street
26795 Cousins DanielCrowtreesdwelling-houseCrowtrees
26796 Cowgill Benjamin RangdaleGirlington roaddwelling-house43, Girlington road
26797 Cowgill JamesWashington streetdwelling-house82, Washington street
26798 Cragg HenryHoxton streetdwelling-house67, Hoxton street
26799 Crampton ThomasFour Lane endsdwelling-house24, Four Lane ends
26800 Craven BenjaminNew rowdwelling-house2, New row
26801 Craven DanPearson lanedwelling-house9, Pearson lane
26802 Craven HerbertDaisy Hill lanedwelling-house14, Daisy Hill lane
26803 Craven IsaacPearson lanedwelling-house6, Pearson lane
26804 Craven JesseWashington streetdwelling-house124, Washington street
26805 Craven JohnDaisy Hill lanedwelling-house27, Daisy Hill lane
26806 Craven JosephWashington streetdwelling-house152, Washington street
26807 Craven KelitaPearson lanedwelling-house1, Pearson lane
26808 Craven MarkNew rowdwelling-house4, New row
26809 Craven RichardDaisy Hill lanedwelling-house18, Daisy Hill lane
26810 Craven SamuelAllerton roaddwelling-house51, Allerton road
26811 Craven ThomasAgar streetdwelling-house44, Agar street
26812 Craven ThomasWashington streetdwelling-house280, Washington street
26813 Craven WhitakerWest Squire lanedwelling-house14, West Squire lane
26814 Craven WilliamSt. Leonard's roaddwelling-house16, St. Leonard's road
26815 Craven WilliamWashington streetdwelling-house43, Washington street
26816 Crosdale JohnFour Lane endsdwelling-house86, Four Lane ends
26817 Crossley JohnFour Lane endsdwelling-house74, Four Lane ends
26818 Crossley William HenrySt. Leonard's roaddwelling-houseAgar street
successivedwelling-house68, St. Leonard's road
26819 Culling ThomasHoxton streetdwelling-house77, Hoxton street
26820 Culpan JohnHoxton streetdwelling-house70, Hoxton street
26821 Curry Martin HudsonToller lanedwelling-houseToller lane

ALLERTON WARD, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter D
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
26822 Dalby JohnFour Lane endsdwelling-house66, Four Lane ends
26823 Davis JamesHoxton streetdwelling-houseKensington street
successivedwelling-house85, Hoxton street
26824 Delicate JosephDuckworth lanedwelling-house21 Duckworth lane
26825 Desborough JohnGirlington roaddwelling-house27, Girlington road
26826 Dexter ThomasWashington streetdwelling-house91, Washington street
26827 Dickenson RichardSmith lanedwelling-house46, Smith lane
26828 Dimmock George HenryWashington streetdwelling-house258, Washington street
26829 Dobson ThomasGirlington roaddwelling-house63, Girlington road
26830 Dodson OrmonroydGirlington roaddwelling-house157, Girlington road
26831 Dodson SamuelHoxton streethouse & shop71, Hoxton street
26832 Downs CravenGirlington roadhouse & shop85, Girlington road
26833 Downs SutcliffeSnake Hill lanedwelling-houseAgar street
successivedwelling-house45, Snake Hill lane
26834 Dracup NathanielGirlington roaddwelling-house311, Girlington road
26835 Drake John ThurmanBrow, Daisy hilldwelling-houseBrow, Daisy hill
26836 Drake ThomasBrow, Daisy hilldwelling-houseBrow, Daisy hill
26837 Driver WilliamSt. Leonard's roaddwelling-house98, St. Leonard's road
26838 Duckworth WilliamSt. Leonard's roaddwelling-house90, St. Leonard's road
26839 Dufton BenjaminFour lane endsdwelling-houseWillow street
successivedwelling-house98, Four lane ends
26840 Dunn GeorgeGirlington roaddwelling-houseGirlington road
successivedwelling-house5, Girlington road
26841 Dunnington JamesHoxton streetdwelling-house66, Hoxton street
26842 Dunwell RobertGirlington roaddwelling-house37, Girlington road
26843 Dutton John WilliamFour lane endsdwelling-house84, Four lane ends
26844 Dyson JesseUnwin placedwelling-house35, Unwin place
26845 Dyson JoeGirlington roaddwelling-houseProspect place
successivedwelling-house269, Girlington road

ALLERTON WARD, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter E
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
26846 Eades Edward GeorgeWest Squire lanedwelling-house16, West Squire lane
26847 Easteby ChristopherWashington streetdwelling-house2, Washington street
26848 Edmonds HenrySt. Leonard's roaddwelling-house100, St. Leonard's road
26849 Edmondson JosephSunnybankdwelling-house4, Sunnybank
26850 Edmondson RichardSt. Leonard's roaddwelling-houseSt. Leonard's road
successivedwelling-house64, St. Leonard's road
26851 Elison ThomasThorn streetdwelling-houseWashington street
successivedwelling-house15, Thorn street
26852 Emsley JohnGirlington roaddwelling-houseGirlington road
successivedwelling-house89, Girlington road
26853 Evans EvanWashington streetdwelling-houseMontgomery street
successivedwelling-house114, Washington street

ALLERTON WARD, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter F
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
26854 Fairbank Benjamin DalbyDuckworth lanedwelling-house26, Duckworth lane
26855 Fairbank HenryDuckworth lanedwelling-house24, Duckworth lane
26856 Fairbrother WilliamSt. Leonard's roaddwelling-house116, St. Leonard's road
26857 Fairhirst WilliamAllerton roaddwelling-house59, Allerton road
26858 Farnell SamuelGirlington roaddwelling-house91, Girlington road
26859 Farr JohnWashington streetdwelling-house184, Washington street
26860 Farrar WilliamGirlington roaddwelling-house117, Girlington road
26861 Fawell JamesAgar streetdwelling-house48, Agar street
26862 Fawell WilliamSnake hill lanedwelling-house65, Snake hill lane
26863 Fawthrop EdwardWashington streetdwelling-house40, Cobden street
successivedwelling-house170, Washington street
26864 Feather RobertsThornton roaddwelling-houseKensington street
successivedwelling-house464, Thornton road
26865 Feather SmithCrowtreesdwelling-houseCrowtrees
26866 Feather WilliamFour lane endsdwelling-house30, Four lane ends
26867 Fell JohnGirlington roaddwelling-house175, Girlington road
26868 Fieldhouse AaronGirlington roaddwelling-house145, Girlington road
26869 Fieldhouse AlfredAllerton roaddwelling-house49, Allerton road
26870 Fieldhouse ThomasWashington streetdwelling-house24, Washington street
26871 Firth HellewellSnake Hill lanedwelling-houseSt. Leonard's road
successivedwelling-house47, Snake Hill lane
26872 Firth NathanAllerton roaddwelling-house11, Allerton road
26873 Firth RichardGirlington roaddwelling-houseGirlington road
successivedwelling-house207, Girlington road
26874 Flathers AbrahamGirlington roaddwelling-house299, Girlington road
26875 Fleming JamesWashington streetdwelling-house75, Washington street
26876 Foster JohnSt. Leonard's roaddwelling-house120, St. Leonard's road
26877 Foulds EzraAgar streetdwelling-house30, Agar street
26878 Foulds SamuelHoxton streetdwelling-house72, Hoxton street
26879 Froggatt JosephWashington streetdwelling-house13, Washington street
26880 Froggatt ThomasGirlington roaddwelling-house189, Girlington road

ALLERTON WARD, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter G
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
26881 Galloway JohnCrow tree lanedwelling-house9, Crow tree lane
26882 Garforth FrederickGirlington roaddwelling-houseSt. Leonard's road
successivedwelling-house3, Girlington road
26883 Garforth William HenryGirlington roaddwelling-house21, Girlington road
26884 Gaunt JosephGirlington roaddwelling-houseAshwell street
successivedwelling-house243, Girlington road
26885 Gill BarnardWashington streetdwelling-house35, Washington street
26886 Gill JamesHoxton streetdwelling-house & shop37, Hoxton street
26887 Glaister HenryWashington streetdwelling-house & shop59, Washington street
26888 Goldthorpe HenryWashington streetdwelling-house8, Washington street
26889 Gomersal Joseph JenkinsAgar streetdwelling-house56, Agar street
26890 Gorell RobertSt. Leonard's roaddwelling-house30, St. Leonard's road
26891 Green JohnSt. Leonard's roaddwelling-house80, St. Leonard's road
26892 Greenwood AbrahamDaisy hill lanedwelling-house4, Daisy hill lane
26893 Greenwood CharlesGirlington roaddwelling-house209, Girlington road
26894 Greenwood JamesGirlington roaddwelling-house285, Girlington road
26895 Greenwood JohnFour lane endsdwelling-house42, Four lane ends
26896 Greenwood JonasWashington streetdwelling-house132, Washington street
26897 Greenwood RushforthGirlington roaddwelling-house313, Girlington road
26898 Greenwood WilliamRoundthorn placedwelling-house8, Roundthorn place
26899 Greenwood WilliamWashington streetdwelling-house160, Washington street
26900 Gregory JohnWashington streetdwelling-house216, Washington street
26901 Griffiths WilliamGirlington roaddwelling-house51, Darton street
successivedwelling-house71, Girlington road

ALLERTON WARD, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter H
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
26902 Hainsworth EmanuelFour lane endsdwelling-house62, Four lane ends
26903 Hainsworth GreenwoodFour lane endsdwelling-house58, Four lane ends
26904 Hainsworth JoshuaHoxton streetdwelling-house36, Hoxton street
26905 Hainsworth RedmanHoxton streetdwelling-house26, Hoxton street
26906 Hainsworth WilliamWashington streetdwelling-house104, Washington street
26907 Hall Thomas WalkerDuckworth lanedwelling-house23, Duckworth lane
26908 Halliday Edward AndersonSt. Leonard's roaddwelling-house144, St. Leonard's road
26909 Hammond JonasRoundthorndwelling-house462, Roundthorn
26910 Handel CharlesSt. Leonard's roaddwelling-house136, St. Leonard's road
26911 Hanson EnochGirlington roaddwelling-house273, Girlington road
26912 Hardacre JohnGirlington roaddwelling-house75, Girlington road
26913 Hardisty DavidSt. Leonard's roaddwelling-houseKensington street
successivedwelling-house42, St. Leonard's road
26914 Hardwick ThomasWillow streetdwelling-house20, Willow street
26915 Hardy ThomasWillow streetdwelling-house50, Willow street
26916 Harris WilliamGirlington roaddwelling-house245, Girlington road
26917 Harrison EmanuelWashington streetdwelling-house278, Washington street
26918 Harrison HenryWashington streetdwelling-houseRoundthorn place
successivedwelling-house98, Washington street
26919 Harrison JohnHoxton streetdwelling-houseSt. Leonard's road
successivedwelling-house91, Hoxton street
26920 Hartley John HenryGirlington roaddwelling-houseGirlington road
successivedwelling-house127, Girlington road
26921 Hartley SamuelProspect placedwelling-house2, Prospect place
26922 Hartley WalkerWashington streetdwelling-house88, Washington street
26923 Hawksley FrancisGirlington roaddwelling-house249, Girlington road
26924 Heaton JohnWest Squire lanedwelling-house3, West Squire lane
26925 Heaton RobertWashington streetdwelling-house10, Washington street
26926 Heley SamuelGirlington roaddwelling-houseYoung street
successivedwelling-house253, Girlington road
26927 Henderson JamesGirlington roaddwelling-houseKensington street
successivedwelling-house279, Girlington road
26928 Hey GeorgeWashington streetdwelling-house80, Washington street
26929 Hey SamuelDaisy hill lanedwelling-houseCarlisle street
successivedwelling-house6, Daisy hill lane
26930 Hill AbrahamHoxton streetdwelling-house28, Hoxton street
26931 Hill AlbertUnwin placedwelling-houseUnwin place
successivedwelling-house5, Unwin place
26932 Hill CharlesDaisy hill lanedwelling-house33, Daisy hill lane
26933 Hill DavidGirlington roaddwelling-house177, Girlington road
26934 Hill EllisDaisy hill lanedwelling-house32, Daisy hill lane
26935 Hill FrankDaisy hill lanedwelling-houseDaisy hill lane
successivedwelling-house5, Daisy hill lane
26936 Hill Henry ThomasHoxton streetdwelling-house56, Hoxton street
26937 Hill JamesGirlington roaddwelling-houseGirlington road
successivedwelling-house329, Girlington road
26938 Hill JohnSunnybankdwelling-house2, Sunnybank
26939 Hill JohnDaisy hill, Back lanedwelling-house6, Daisy hill, Back lane
26940 Hill JonasDaisy hill, Back lanedwelling-house3, Daisy hill, Back lane
26941 Hill JosephAllerton roaddwelling-house43, Allerton road
26942 Hill LambertUnwin placedwelling-house3, Unwin place
26943 Hill NathanielWashington streetdwelling-houseIsles street
successivedwelling-house176, Washington street
26944 Hill SamuelDaisy hill lanedwelling-house30, Daisy hill lane
26945 Hill ThomasAllerton roaddwelling-house3, Allerton road
26946 Hill WilliamDaisy hill lanedwelling-house31, Daisy hill lane
26947 Hindle FrederickSt. Leonard's roaddwelling-house70, St. Leonard's road
26948 Hinton FrederickBrowdwelling-houseBrow, Daisy hill
26949 Hirst GeorgeProspect placedwelling-house3, Prospect place
26950 Hirst JacobDaisy hill lanedwelling-house28, Daisy hill lane
26951 Hirst TitusDaisy hill lanedwelling-house35, Daisy hill lane
26952 Hodgson JohnLadye royddwelling-houseLadye royd
26953 Hodgson Joseph, seniorWashington streetdwelling-house266, Washington street
26954 Hodgson Joseph, junr.Washington streetdwelling-house274, Washington street
26955 Holden CharlesDuckworth lanedwelling-houseDuckworth lane
26956 Holdsworth CastorGirlington roaddwelling-houseKensington street
successivedwelling-house309, Girlington road
26957 Holdsworth JonasSmith lanedwelling-house6, Smith lane
26958 Holmes JoshuaHoxton streetdwelling-house39, Hoxton street
26959 Holmes Michael AngeloSt. Leonard's roaddwelling-house56, St. Leonard's road
26960 Holmes RufusDuckworth lanedwelling-house30, Duckworth lane
26961 Holroyd EzraSt. Leonard's roaddwelling-houseYoung street
successivedwelling-house48, St. Leonard's road
26962 Horsfall WilliamThorn streetdwelling-houseGirlington road
successivedwelling-houseGirlington road
successivedwelling-house13, Thorn street
26963 Howarth AbrahamWashington streetdwelling-house134, Washington street
26964 Hoyle AmonGirlington roaddwelling-house19, Girlington road
26965 Huddleston NathanielHoxton streetdwelling-house59, Hoxton street
26966 Hudson MatthewCrow Tree lanedwelling-house3, Crow Tree lane
26967 Huntington WalterSt. Leonard's roaddwelling-house150, St. Leonard's road
26968 Hustler JohnGirlington roaddwelling-house275, Girlington road
26969 Hutchinson IsaacHoxton streetdwelling-house64, Hoxton street
26970 Hutton JonathanWashington streetdwelling-house290, Washington street

ALLERTON WARD, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter I
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
26971 Illingworth Alfred M.P.Daisy bankdwelling-houseDaisy bank
26972 Illingworth EdwinFour lane endshouse & shopFour lane ends
successivedwelling-house28, Four lane ends
26973 Illingworth HenryLadye royddwelling-houseDuckworth lane
26974 Illingworth JubalHoxton streetdwelling-house69A, Hoxton street

ALLERTON WARD, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter J
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
26975 Jackson SamuelHoxton streetdwelling-houseGirlington road
successivedwelling-house58, Hoxton street
26976 Jacques JonathanCrow Tree lanedwelling-house11, Crow Tree lane
26977 Jarratt JamesGirlington roadhouse & shop165, Girlington road
26978 Jefferson CorneliusGirlington roaddwelling-house53, Girlington road
26979 Jefferson JamesRoundthorn placedwelling-house8, Roundthorn place
26980 Jefferson LazarusHoxton streetdwelling-house4, Hoxton street
26981 Jefferson MordecaiGirlington roaddwelling-house59, Girlington road
26982 Jennings John WalterSt. Leonard's roaddwelling-house154, St. Leonard's road
26983 Jennings WilliamWashington streetdwelling-house154, Washington street
26984 Johnson DavidWashington streetdwelling-house14, Washington street
26985 Johnson MarkWillow streetdwelling-house40, Willow street
26986 Jones WilliamGirlington roaddwelling-house123, Girlington road
26987 Jowett BenjaminHoxton streetdwelling-house65, Hoxton street
26988 Jowett HerbertSt. Leonard's roadhouse & shop6, St. Leonard's road
26989 Jowett JamesSnake hill lanedwelling-house2, Snake hill lane
26990 Jowett JosephWashington streetdwelling-house168, Washington street
26991 Jowett WilliamWashington streetdwelling-house164, Washington street
26992 Jowett William GreenwoodWashington streetdwelling-house180, Washington street

ALLERTON WARD, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter K
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
26993 Kay WilliamWashington streetdwelling-house218, Washington street
26994 Kearney IsaacSunnybankdwelling-houseSunnybank
26995 Kendall DavidAllerton roaddwelling-house48, Allerton road
26996 Kershaw BakesWashington streetdwelling-house156, Washington street
26997 Kershaw ThomasSt. Leonard's roaddwelling-houseSt. Leonard's road
successivedwelling-house24, St. Leonard's road
26998 Killerby GeorgeWashington streetdwelling-house51, Washington street
26999 King JaredWillow streetdwelling-house46, Willow street
27000 Knapton MatthewSt. Leonard's roaddwelling-house54, St. Leonard's road
27001 Knowles JohnSt. Leonard's roaddwelling-houseSt. Leonard's road
successivedwelling-house46, St. Leonard's road
27002 Knowles MatthewWashington streetdwelling-house19, Washington street

ALLERTON WARD, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter L
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
27003 Lamb JonasGirlington roadhouse & shop201, Girlington road
27004 Lambert Charles HenryGirlington roaddwelling-house95, Girlington road
27005 Lambert MarkWashington streetdwelling-house268, Washington street
27006 Lambert SmithWashington streetdwelling-house84, Washington street
27007 Lambert ThomasWashington streetdwelling-house138, Washington street
27008 Leach AmosUnwin placedwelling-house41, Unwin place
27009 Leach FrederickSt. Leonard's roaddwelling-house72, St. Leonard's road
27010 Leach HenryWashington streetdwelling-house264, Washington street
27011 Leach IsaacSt. Leonard's roaddwelling-houseSt. Leonard's road
successivedwelling-house138, St. Leonard's road
27012 Leach JonathanAgar streetdwelling-house46, Agar street
27013 Leach ZachariahWillow streetdwelling-house17, Willow street
27014 Lishman MatthewWashington streetdwelling-house36 Washington street
27015 Lockwood William HenryWashington streetdwelling-house79, Washington street
27016 Long WilliamAllerton roaddwelling-house46, Allerton road
27017 Lord JoshuaSnake hill lanedwelling-houseFour lane ends
successivedwelling-house77 Snake hill lane
27018 Lovell GeorgeWashington streetdwelling-house260, Washington street

ALLERTON WARD, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter M
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
27019 Macintosh EvansGirlington roaddwelling-house287, Girlington road
27020 Mann BenjaminDaisy hill lanehouse & shop9, Daisy hill lane
27021 Mann DavidDaisy hill lanedwelling-house4, Daisy hill lane
27022 Mann IsaacDaisy hill lanedwelling-house17, Daisy hill lane
27023 Mann RichardDaisy hill lanedwelling-house8, Daisy hill lane
27024 Mann SamuelSt. Leonard's roaddwelling-houseDaisy hill lane
successivedwelling-house52, St. Leonard's road
27025 Mann ThomasDaisy hill lanedwelling-house3, Daisy hill lane
27026 Mann WilliamPearson lanedwelling-house3, Pearson lane
27027 Marshall WilliamGirlington roaddwelling-house57, Girlington road
27028 Mercer JohnGirlington roadhouse & shop101, Girlington road
27029 Mercer SamuelWashington streetdwelling-house178, Washington street
27030 Metcalfe JosephFour lane endsdwelling-house68, Four lane ends
27031 Metcalfe WilliamSunnybankdwelling-house3, Sunnybank
27032 Milnes William HenryRoundthorn placedwelling-houseFour lane ends
successivedwelling-house4, Roundthorn place
27033 Mitchell ParkerGirlington roadhouse & shop167, Girlington road
27034 Mitton SimeonGirlington roaddwelling-house149, Girlington road
27035 Moorhouse HenryAgar streetdwelling-houseKensington street
successivedwelling-house40, Agar street
27036 Mortimer JosephCrow tree lanedwelling-housePearson lane
successivedwelling-house18, Crow tree lane
27037 Moseley ThomasWashington streetdwelling-houseWashington street
27038 Mossman FrederickCrow tree lanedwelling-houseCrow tree lane
27039 Moulden AndrewSmith lanedwelling-house11, Smith lane
27040 Muhl HenryWillow streetdwelling-house19, Willow street
27041 Myers JamesSt. Leonard's roaddwelling-house40, St. Leonard's road

ALLERTON WARD, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter N
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
27042 Nash ThomasWashington streetdwelling-house54, Washington street
27043 Naylor DavidSunnybankdwelling-house6, Sunnybank
27044 Naylor Henry WilliamGirlington roaddwelling-house73, Girlington road
27045 Nichols ThomasFour lane endsdwelling-house60, Four lane ends
27046 Nichols WilliamDaisy hill lanedwelling-house15, Daisy hill lane
27047 Nightingale SimeonGirlington roaddwelling-house23, Girlington road
27048 Nimmo JohnProspect placedwelling-houseSt. Leonard's road
successivedwelling-house5, Prospect place
27049 Noble JosephUnwin placedwelling-house23, Unwin place
27050 North AllanHoxton streetdwelling-house32, Hoxton street
27051 Northend JesseChellow mountdwelling-houseChellow mount
27052 Northrop JosephSt. Leonard's roaddwelling-houseSt. Leonard's road
successivehouse & shop78, St. Leonard's road
27053 Northrop WilliamFour lane endsdwelling-house48, Four lane ends
27054 Northrop WilliamGirlington roaddwelling-house163, Girlington road
27055 Norton IsaacWashington streetdwelling-house230, Washington street
27056 Norton JonathanWashington streetdwelling-house254, Washington street

ALLERTON WARD, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter O
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
27057 Oxtoby JohnGirlington roaddwelling-house159, Girlington road

ALLERTON WARD, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter P
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
27058 Padgett SamuelHoxton streetdwelling-house6, Hoxton street
27059 Peacock DanGirlington roadhouse & shopKensington street
successivedwelling-house135, Girlington road
27060 Pearson JohnWashington streetdwelling-house15, Washington street
27061 Peel RobertHoxton streetdwelling-house74, Hoxton street
27062 Petty JohnGirlington roaddwelling-house17, Girlington road
27063 Peverell Charles WilliamGirlington roaddwelling-houseSt. Leonard's place
successivedwelling-house211, Girlington road
27064 Phillips FrankGirlington roaddwelling-house221, Girlington road
27065 Pickering GeorgeWashington streetdwelling-house186, Washington street
27066 Pickering JosephWashington streetdwelling-house188, Washington street
27067 Pickles AbrahamHoxton streetdwelling-house43, Hoxton street
27068 Pickles ThomasGirlington roaddwelling-house139, Girlington road
27069 Pickles ThomasUnwin placedwelling-houseWashington street
successivedwelling-house37, Unwin place
27070 Pighills JohnGirlington roaddwelling-house305, Girlington road
27071 Pollard CorneliusWashington streetdwelling-house94, Washington street
27072 Pollard RobertFour lane endsdwelling-house70, Four lane ends
27073 Pollitt GeorgeFour lane endsdwelling-house6, Four lane ends
27074 Popplewell JamesRoundthorn placedwelling-houseKensington street
successivedwelling-house10 Roundthorn place
27075 Popplewell John BenjaminBrowdwelling-houseBrow, Daisy hill
27076 Porritt JonathanGirlington roaddwelling-house261, Girlington road
27077 Potter WilliamWest Squire lanedwelling-houseWest Squire lane
27078 Priestman EdwardToller lanedwelling-houseToller lane
27079 Pritchar JasperCrow tree lanedwelling-house6, Crow tree lane
27080 Proctor JohnHoxton streetdwelling-houseGirlington road
successivedwelling-house61, Hoxton street
27081 Pulford RobertGirlington roaddwelling-house281, Girlington road

ALLERTON WARD, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter R
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
27082 Ramsbotham John RandCrow tree lanedwelling-houseCrow tree lane
27083 Ramsden EllisGirlington roadhouse & shop229, Girlington road
27084 Ramsden WilliamSt. Leonard's roaddwelling-houseNewport road
successivedwelling-house14, St. Leonard's road
27085 Rangdale BenjaminWillow streetdwelling-house52, Willow street
27086 Rawnsley HenryFour lane endsdwelling-house40, Four lane ends
27087 Rawnsley JosephSmith lanedwelling-houseLumb lane
successivedwelling-house6A, Smith lane
27088 Rhodes JosephNew rowdwelling-house3, New row
27089 Ridley WalterSt. Leonard's roaddwelling-house112, St. Leonard's road
27090 Rigby IsraelGirlington roaddwelling-house9, Girlington road
27091 Roberts EliGirlington roaddwelling-house255, Girlington road
27092 Robertshaw JoshuaRoundthorndwelling-house464, Thornton road
27093 Robinson HenryWashington streetdwelling-house150, Washington street
27094 Robinson JamesGirlington roaddwelling-house119, Girlington road
27095 Robinson JonasGirlington roaddwelling-house97, Girlington road
27096 Robinson JonathanGirlington roaddwelling-house115, Girlington road
27097 Robinson ThomasGirlington roaddwelling-house51, Girlington road
27098 Robinson WilliamWashington streetdwelling-house250, Washington street
27099 Robinson WrightProspect placedwelling-houseUnwin place
successivedwelling-house7, Prospect place
27100 Roper JamesBrow, Daisy hilldwelling-houseBrow, Daisy hill
27101 Roper JohnWashington streetdwelling-house148, Washington street
27102 Rothera IsaacSnake Hill lanedwelling-houseBingley street
successivedwelling-house63, Snake Hill lane
27103 Rowling DavidDaisy Hill lanedwelling-house34, Daisy Hill lane
27104 Rushton EdwinGirlington roaddwelling-house283, Girlington road
27105 Rushton JosephWashington streetdwelling-house112, Washington street
27106 Rushton Joseph BaxterSunnybankdwelling-house7, Sunnybank
27107 Rycroft AmosHoxton streetdwelling-house68, Hoxton street
27108 Rycroft JamesGirlington roaddwelling-house267, Girlington road

ALLERTON WARD, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter S
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
27109 Sagar James SteadSt. Leonard's roaddwelling-house92, St. Leonard's road
27110 Schofield Edward ThomasWashington streetdwelling-house174, Washington street
27111 Scholes EdwardGirlington roaddwelling-house25, Girlington road
27112 Scholey Matthew HenryWashington streetdwelling-house146, Washington street
27113 Scott RobertSnake Hill lanedwelling-houseAtlas street
successivedwelling-house67, Snake Hill lane
27114 Scrivener ThomasSt. Leonard's roaddwelling-house104, St. Leonard's road
27115 Seller EdmundWashington streetdwelling-houseFairbank road
successivedwelling-house172, Washington street
27116 Seller JohnFour Lane endshouse & shop4, Four Lane ends
27117 Senior JamesSnake Hill lanedwelling-houseAgar street
successivedwelling-house73, Snake Hill lane
27118 Settle IsaacWashington streetdwelling-house53, Washington street
27119 Shackleton AndrewWest Squire lanedwelling-houseWest Squire lane
27120 Shackleton DanielGirlington roaddwelling-houseWhitefield place
successivedwelling-house125, Girlington road
27121 Shackleton IsaacWashington streetdwelling-house126, Washington street
27122 Shackleton JohnWillow streetdwelling-house42, Willow street
27123 Shaw AlfredHoxton streetdwelling-house75, Hoxton street
27124 Shaw HenryGirlington roaddwelling-house67, Girlington road
27125 Shaw SamuelPearson lanedwelling-house4, Pearson lane
27126 Shepherdson Henry JohnsonHoxton streetdwelling-house54, Hoxton street
27127 Shields JohnWashington streetdwelling-house166, Washington street
27128 Shorrock JohnFour Lane endsdwelling-house38, Four Lane ends
27129 Shuttleworth ThomasHoxton streetdwelling-houseAgar street
successivedwelling-house49, Hoxton street
27130 Shuttleworth WilliamGirlington roaddwelling-house213, Girlington road
27131 Simpson GeorgeSt. Leonard's roaddwelling-house12, St. Leonard's road
27132 Simpson IsaacSnake Hill lanedwelling-houseBinbrook street
successivedwelling-house75, Snake Hill lane
27133 Singleton HarrisonGirlington roaddwelling-house143, Girlington road
27134 Skirrow Joseph ArthurWashington streetdwelling-houseWashington street
successivedwelling-house17, Washington street
27135 Smith AnthonyUnwin placedwelling-house29, Unwin place
27136 Smith BenjaminDuckworth lanedwelling-houseDuckworth lane
27137 Smith HenryChestnut cottagedwelling-houseChestnut cottage
27138 Smith IsaacFieldhousedwelling-houseFieldhouse
27139 Smith IsaacPearson lanedwelling-house5, Pearson lane
27140 Smith PeterSt. Leonard's roaddwelling-house32, St. Leonard's road
27141 Smithson JohnSnake Hill lanedwelling-houseSt. Leonard's road
successivedwelling-house49, Snake Hill lane
27142 Speight GeorgeAllerton roaddwelling-house47, Allerton road
27143 Stanley JohnWashington streetdwelling-house55, Washington street
27144 Stansfield YoungAllerton roaddwelling-houseWhitefield place
successivedwelling-house45, Allerton road
27145 Stead BrianWashington streetdwelling-house276, Washington street
27146 Stead TheophilusDaisy hill lanedwelling-house36, Daisy hill lane
27147 Stead WalkerDaisy hill lanedwelling-house23, Daisy hill lane
27148 Stead WilliamNew rowdwelling-house17, New row
27149 Storey SamuelSt. Leonard's roaddwelling-house114, St. Leonard's road
27150 Stuttard JamesWashington streetdwelling-house61, Washington street
27151 Sunderland JonasSnake hill lanedwelling-houseBinbrook street
successivedwelling-house43, Snake hill lane
27152 Sutcliffe JamesDuckworth lanehouse & shop11, Duckworth lane
27153 Sutton FrederickWashington streetdwelling-house256, Washington street
27154 Swales ChristopherDuckworth lanedwelling-houseDuckworth lane
27155 Swales WilliamSt. Leonard's roaddwelling-houseFour lane ends
successivedwelling-house132, St. Leonard's road
27156 Sweeting GeorgeWashington streetdwelling-houseGirlington road
successivedwelling-house224, Washington street

ALLERTON WARD, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter T
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
27157 Tandy ThomasSt. Leonard's roaddwelling-house82, St. Leonard's road
27158 Tattersall FearnleyProspect placedwelling-house15, Prospect place
27159 Taylor JohnWashington streetdwelling-house163, Round street
successivedwelling-house108, Washington street
27160 Taylor JosephWashington streetdwelling-house38, Washington street
27161 Terry HenryUnwin placedwelling-house1, Unwin place
27162 Tetley WilliamBrowdwelling-houseBrow, Daisy hill
27163 Thacker OliverSt. Leonard's roaddwelling-house58, St. Leonard's road
27164 Thomas JamesFour lane endsdwelling-house20, Four lane ends
27165 Thomas UriahFour lane endsdwelling-houseFour lane ends
successivedwelling-house12, Four lane ends
27166 Thompson RichardWashington streetdwelling-houseWillow street
successivedwelling-houseWashington street
successivedwelling-house25, Washington street
27167 Thompson ThomasGirlington roaddwelling-house259, Girlington road
27168 Thompson WilliamHoxton streetdwelling-house93, Hoxton street
27169 Thornton JamesGirlington roaddwelling-houseIngleby street
successivedwelling-house161, Girlington road
27170 Threlfall CharlesSmith lanedwelling-house44, Smith lane
27171 Tillotson SamuelDuckworth lanedwelling-houseSilk street
successivedwelling-house31, Duckworth lane
27172 Toothill HenryAllerton roaddwelling-house1, Allerton road
27173 Toothill JohnDaisy hill, Back lanedwelling-house2, Daisy hill, Back lane
27174 Turner JamesHoxton streetdwelling-house87, Hoxton street
27175 Turner JonathanThorn streetdwelling-house11, Thorn street
27176 Turner WilliamToller lanedwelling-houseToller lane

ALLERTON WARD, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter U
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
27177 Unwin JamesUnwin placedwelling-houseSmith lane
successivedwelling-house43, Unwin place

ALLERTON WARD, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter V
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
27178 Varley Charles, junr.Girlington roaddwelling-house7, Girlington road
27179 Varley HenrySnake Hill lanedwelling-houseGirlington road
successivedwelling-house51, Snake Hill lane

ALLERTON WARD, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter W
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
27180 Waddington JohnAllerton roaddwelling-house7, Allerton road
27181 Waddington JohnWillow streetdwelling-houseGirlington road
successivedwelling-house44, Willow street
27182 Waddington JosephTraveller's restdwelling-houseLily street
successivedwelling-house25, Duckworth lane
27183 Waddington RichardChellow mountdwelling-houseChellow mount
27184 Waddington William HenryThorn streetdwelling-house9, Thorn street
27185 Waddle Henry RobertFour Lane endsdwelling-house18, Four Lane ends
27186 Wadsworth JamesHoxton streetdwelling-house10, Hoxton street
27187 Walker ArthurDuckworth lanedwelling-houseGirlington road
successivedwelling-houseDuckworth lane
27188 Walker JohnGirlington roaddwelling-house179, Girlington road
27189 Walker JohnNew rowdwelling-house14, New row
27190 Walker JonasNew rowdwelling-house13, New row
27191 Walker WilliamGirlington roaddwelling-house325, Girlington road
27192 Walmsley EphraimAgar streetdwelling-house62, Agar street
27193 Walmsley ThomasHoxton streetdwelling-house34, Hoxton street
27194 Warburton AbrahamGirlington roaddwelling-house33, Girlington road
27195 Wardle CharlesCrow Tree lanedwelling-house12, Crow Tree lane
27196 Wardle JohnDuckworth lanedwelling-houseDuckworth lane
27197 Waugh BenjaminFour Lane endsdwelling-house76, Four Lane ends
27198 Weatherhill JohnGirlington roaddwelling-houseGirlington road
successivedwelling-house151, Girlington road
27199 Wheater BenjaminWashington streetdwelling-houseHoxton street
successivedwelling-house63, Washington street
27200 Whitaker GeorgeHoxton streetdwelling-houseWhitefield place
successivedwelling-house52, Hoxton street
27201 Whitaker JamesWashington streetdwelling-house21, Washington street
27202 White AlbertAllerton roaddwelling-house31, Allerton road
27203 White EdwinUnwin placedwelling-houseUnwin place
successivedwelling-house39, Unwin place
27204 Whitehouse Arthur JosephWillow streetdwelling-house24, Willow street
27205 Whitley John BarberAgar streetdwelling-house28, Agar street
27206 Whitrick WilliamWashington streetdwelling-house60, Washington street
27207 Wilkinson JohnDuckworth lanehouse & shop35, Duckworth lane
27208 Wilman AbrahamWashington streetdwelling-house140, Washington street
27209 Wilman DanSt. Leonard's roaddwelling-houseWashington street
successivedwelling-house108, St. Leonard's road
27210 Wilman HarrisonSt. Leonard's roaddwelling-houseBinbrook street
successivedwelling-house74, St. Leonard's road
27211 Wilman JohnGirlington roaddwelling-houseGirlington road
successivedwelling-house47, Girlington road
27212 Wilman SampsonWashington streetdwelling-house136, Washington street
27213 Wilson WilliamSnake hill lanedwelling-houseBingley street
successivedwelling-house41, Snake hill lane
27214 Winder CliftonDaisy hill lanedwelling-house19, Daisy hill lane
27215 Winder RichardDaisy hill lanedwelling-house12, Daisy hill lane
27216 Winders JosephWashington streetdwelling-house83, Washington street
27217 Winn JohnHoxton streetdwelling-house16, Hoxton street
27218 Winterbottom JohnWashington streetdwelling-house272, Washington street
27219 Winterbottom WilliamWashington streetdwelling-house27, Washington street
27220 Wiseman EdwardWashington streetdwelling-house11, Washington street
27221 Wood AbrahamNew Rowdwelling-house6, New row
27222 Wood IsaacDaisy hill, Back lanedwelling-house4, Daisy hill, Back lane
27223 Wood IsaacGirlington roaddwelling-house13, Girlington road
27224 Wood IsaiahNew rowdwelling-house12, New row
27225 Wood John CatlowWashington streetdwelling-house190, Washington street
27226 Wood JonasProspect placedwelling-house4, Prospect place
27227 Wood Samuel WilkinsonWashington streetdwelling-house144, Washington street
27228 Wood ThomasNew rowdwelling-house11, New row
27229 Wright IrvineFour lane endsdwelling-house14, Four lane ends

ALLERTON WARD, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter Y
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
27230 Yeadon MarmadukeSnake hill lanedwelling-houseBinbrook street
successivedwelling-house61, Snake hill lane
27231 Yeadon SamuelWashington streetdwelling-house68, Washington street

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