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BRADFORD: Bradford Parliamentary Register 1883, HEATON WARD1.


Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
25312 Abbott EdwardWoodbank placedwelling-house28, Woodbank place
25313 Abbott IsaacBishop streetdwelling-house33, Bishop street
25314 Abbott JohnWoodbury roaddwelling-house65, Woodbury road
25315 Ackroyd EdwinWoodbury roaddwelling-house17, Woodbury road
25316 Ackroyd FrederickRose streetdwelling-houseCarlisle street
successivedwelling-house14, Rose street
25317 Ackroyd GeorgeNorth Park roaddwelling-house5, North Park road
25318 Ackroyd John HarrisSt. Mary's roaddwelling-house53, St. Mary's road
25319 Ackroyd JosephRose streetdwelling-house30, Rose street
25320 Ackroyd JosephAnvil streetdwelling-house21, Anvil street
25321 Ackroyd LeviBlenheim roaddwelling-house20, Blenheim road
25322 Ackroyd OliverPark View roaddwelling-house39, Park View road
25323 Ackroyd RobinsonPark mountdwelling-house17, Park mount
25324 Ackroyd WilliamBack Heaton roaddwelling-house1, Back Heaton road
25325 Ackroyd WilliamLindum terracedwelling-house4, Lindum terrace
25326 Acworth JamesBlenheim mountdwelling-house9,Blenheim mount
25327 Alderson GeorgeCarlisle roaddwelling-house74, Carlisle road
25328 Allcock HenryAnvil streetdwelling-house8, Anvil street
25329 Allcock ThomasAnvil streetdwelling-house10, Anvil street
25330 Allerton ArthurRose streetdwelling-house8, Rose street
25331 Althorp GeorgeSt. Paul's roaddwelling-house53, St. Paul's road
25332 Ambler Edward BinksNorth Park roaddwelling-house4, North Park road
25333 Ambler GeorgeOak lanedwelling-house10, Oak lane
25334 Ambler IsaacBuxton streetdwelling-house2, Buxton street
25335 Ambler JohnNorth Park roaddwelling-house6, North Park road
25336 Ambler ThomasOakfielddwelling-houseOakfield
25337 Ambler WilliamOak lanedwelling-houseOak lane
25338 Anderton HenryAnvil streetdwelling-house33, Anvil street
25339 Appleyard GeorgeBuxton streetdwelling-houseChassum street
successivedwelling-house18, Buxton street
25340 Arensberg LouisSt. Mary's roaddwelling-house81, St. Mary's road
25341 Ash EdwardCarlisle streetdwelling-house52, Carlisle street
25342 Ashton John HenryWestbourne roaddwelling-houseWoodbury place
successivedwelling-house97, Westbourne road
25343 Ashworth WalterWestbourne roaddwelling-house42, Westbourne road
25344 Aspinall GeorgeFairmountdwelling-house5, Fairmount
25345 Assenhumer AlexanderSt. Paul's roaddwelling-house51, St. Paul's road
25346 Atack BenjaminPark View terracedwelling-house13, Park View terrace
25347 Atkins GeorgeWoodbank placedwelling-house27, Woodbank place
25348 Atkinson JamesSkinner lanedwelling-house31, Skinner lane
25349 Atkinson JohnMarlborough roaddwelling-house38, Marlborough road
25350 Atkinson William ChildMarlborough roaddwelling-house40, Marlborough road

HEATON WARD1, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter B
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
25351 Bacon John WalkerWestbourne roaddwelling-house117, Westbourne road
25352 Bailey Samuel OldfieldVictor roaddwelling-house54, Victor road
25353 Bakes SamuelBeamsley hoteldwelling-house116, Heaton road
25354 Banks ThomasBishop streetdwelling-house38, Bishop street
25355 Barker IsaacHeaton roaddwelling-house38, Heaton road
25356 Barker WilliamConduit streetdwelling-house20, Conduit street
25357 Barlow William WagstaffBlenheim housedwelling-house163, Manningham lane
25358 Barnett WilliamWestbourne placedwelling-house13, Westbourne place
25359 Barrow WilliamWestbourne roaddwelling-houseWestbourne road
successivedwelling-house33, Westbourne road
25360 Bartle JohnCarlisle roaddwelling-house120, Carlisle road
25361 Barton WilliamWoodbank placedwelling-house11, Woodbank place
25362 Bastow ArthurBertram roaddwelling-house19, Bertram road
25363 Bastow JohnTemple streetdwelling-houseHeaton road
successivedwelling-house11, Temple street
25364 Bates JoshuaTemple streetdwelling-house8, Temple street
25365 Bates WilliamWestbourne roaddwelling-house60, Westbourne road
25366 Bateson GeorgeConduit streetdwelling-house17, Conduit street
25367 Battinson GeorgeNorth Park terracedwelling-house3, North Park terrace
25368 Beacham FrankLily streetdwelling-house1, Lily street
25369 Beanland GeorgeChurch streetdwelling-house39, Church street
25370 Beanland ListerCanary streetdwelling-house16, Canary street
25371 Beaumont FrederickOak lanedwelling-houseMannheim road
successivedwelling-houseOak lane
25372 Beaumont George PerkinNorth Park terracedwelling-house2, North Park terrace
25373 Beaumont George SunderlandPark mountdwelling-house21, Park mount
25374 Beckett ArthurCarlisle roaddwelling-house & shop28, Carlisle road
25375 Bellaby RobertHeaton roaddwelling-house36, Heaton road
25376 Belton GeorgeAnvil streetdwelling-house37, Anvil street
25377 Bendall GeorgeFern terracehouse & shop12, Fern terrace
25378 Benn JohnWestbourne roaddwelling-house69, Westbourne road
25379 Bennett JosephChurch streetdwelling-house36, Church street
25380 Best John GibsonHighfield placedwelling-house6, Highfield place
25381 Best SamuelBlenheim roaddwelling-house5, Blenheim road
25382 Beverley WalterSt. Paul's roaddwelling-house18, St. Paul's road
25383 Bilborough James WilsonLindum terracedwelling-house8, Lindum terrace
25384 Billing WilliamWoodbank placedwelling-house16, Woodbank place
25385 Binney Alfred EdwardAmbler streetdwelling-house3, Ambler street
25386 Binns JohnChurch streetdwelling-house96, Church street
25387 Binns Joseph ArthurOak lanedwelling-house11, Oak lane
25388 Birkinshaw John RichardMarlborough roaddwelling-house32, Marlborough road
25389 Blagbrough WalterAshburnham grovedwelling-house7, Ashburnham grove
25390 Blair AlexanderRose bankdwelling-house3, Rose bank
25391 Blakesley DavidSilver streetdwelling-house24, Silver street
25392 Blanshard JosephWestbourne roaddwelling-house35, Westbourne road
25393 Bocock JesseWest Butterfield rowdwelling-house7, West Butterfield row
25394 Bolton JohnWoodbury placedwelling-house37, Woodbury place
25395 Booth John EdwardSt. Paul's roaddwelling-house52, St. Paul's road
25396 Booth Joseph JohnVictor roaddwelling-house14, Victor road
25397 Booth Spencer BanksChurch streetdwelling-house30, Church street
25398 Booth WilliamWestbourne placedwelling-house7, Westbourne place
25399 Bottomley ThomasHeaton roaddwelling-houseHeaton road
successivedwelling-house16, Heaton road
25400 Bowater Robert HenryMansfield roaddwelling-houseMansfield road
25401 Bowden IllingworthAnvil streetdwelling-house25, Anvil street
25402 Bowden JamesChurch streetdwelling-house90, Westbourne road
successivedwelling-house106, Church street
25403 Boyce AlfredSilver streetdwelling-house9, Silver street
25404 Boyce Thomas GibsonOak lanedwelling-house20, Oak lane
25405 Bracewell MichaelWestbourne roaddwelling-house40, Westbourne road
25406 Bradbury JohnNorth Butterfield rowdwelling-house8, North Butterfield row
25407 Bradley JamesWestbourne placedwelling-house25, Westbourne place
25408 Bradley ThomasWoodbank placedwelling-house14, Woodbank place
25409 Brailsford Alfred WaltonOak lanedwelling-houseVictor road
successivedwelling-house16, Oak lane
25410 Breakes ThomasWoodbury placedwelling-houseCowgill street
successivedwelling-house21, Woodbury place
25411 Briggs JohnSt. Mary's roaddwelling-house72, St. Mary's road
25412 Briggs ReubenSilver streetdwelling-house14, Silver street
25413 Briggs WilliamWoodbury placedwelling-houseSilk street
successivedwelling-house7, Woodbury place
25414 Brindisi JacquesSt. Mary's roaddwelling-house77, St. Mary's road
25415 Bristol ThomasAnvil streetdwelling-house31, Anvil street
25416 Brittain AlfredUpper globedwelling-house20, Upper globe
25417 Broadbent JohnSt. Paul's roaddwelling-house2, St. Paul's road
25418 Broadhead ThomasLily streetdwelling-house61, Lily street
25419 Brodie PeterVictor roaddwelling-house32, Victor road
25420 Brook ThomasWestbourne roaddwelling-house34, Westbourne road
25421 Brooke Richard, junr.Blenheim roaddwelling-house4, Blenheim road
25422 Brooks GeorgeAnvil streetdwelling-house28, Anvil street
25423 Brooks JohnWoodbank placedwelling-house7, Woodbank place
25424 Brown AlfredWestbourne roaddwelling-houseSaplin street
successivedwelling-houseWestbourne road
25425 Brown DavidCowgill streetdwelling-house16, Cowgill street
25426 Brown GeorgeBlenheim roaddwelling-house8, Blenheim road
25427 Brown Newton MurgatroydVictor roaddwelling-house10, Victor road
25428 Brown WilliamWoodbank placedwelling-houseSilk street
successivedwelling-house13, Woodbank place
25429 Brown William BoughtonPark View terracedwelling-house2, Park View terrace
25430 Bruce ThomasBishop streetdwelling-house29, Bishop street
25431 Brundrett JamesSilver streetdwelling-house25, Silver street
25432 Buckley JosiahWoodbury roaddwelling-house45, Woodbury road
25433 Buckley MarcusWestbourne roaddwelling-house49, Westbourne road
25434 Bullock HenryCanary streetdwelling-houseSalt street
successivedwelling-house14, Canary street
25435 Burgess FrederickVictor roaddwelling-house44, Victor road
25436 Burnley AlbertCarlisle roaddwelling-house84, Carlisle road
25437 Burnley JamesNorth Park terracedwelling-house4, North Park terrace
25438 Burnley ThomasSt. Paul's roaddwelling-house8, St. Paul's road
25439 Bush JosephHighfield placedwelling-house1A, Highfield place
25440 Byles William PollardSelborne terracedwelling-house1, Selborne terrace

HEATON WARD1, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter C
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
25441 Carlisle HerbertBuxton streetdwelling-house9, Buxton street
25442 Carr WilliamLily streetdwelling-house55, Lily street
25443 Cawley JohnLily streetdwelling-houseToller lane
successivedwelling-house63, Lily street
25444 Chapman EdwardSeal streetdwelling-houseWestbourne road
successivedwelling-house6, Seal street
25445 Chapman FrancisChurch streetdwelling-house104, Church street
25446 Cheetham SamuelPark View roaddwelling-house53, Park View road
25447 Chevob HenryHighfield placedwelling-house5, Highfield place
25448 Child JamesRose streetdwelling-house44, Rose street
25449 Clapham JohnSt. Mary's roaddwelling-house49, St. Mary's road
25450 Clapham MarkConduit streetdwelling-house31, Conduit street
25451 Clark WilliamChurch streetdwelling-house81, Church street
25452 Clark WilliamWestbourne roaddwelling-house12, Westbourne road
25453 Clarkson CharlesAnvil streetdwelling-house14, Anvil street
25454 Clayton BenjaminVictor roaddwelling-house38, Victor road
25455 Clough JohnBishop streetdwelling-house19, Bishop street
25456 Clough LeeBlenheim roaddwelling-house3, Blenheim road
25457 Clough ThomasNorth Butterfield rowdwelling-house2, North Butterfield row
25458 Coates JamesCarlisle roadhouse & shop2, Carlisle road
25459 Coates JohnBack Heaton roaddwelling-house4, Back Heaton road
25460 Coates MatthewSilver streetdwelling-house45, Silver street
25461 Coates ThomasBack Heaton roaddwelling-houseBack Heaton road
successivedwelling-house3, Back Heaton road
25462 Cockcroft OliverBavaria placedwelling-house20, Bavaria place
25463 Cockitt JosephWoodbury roaddwelling-house67, Woodbury road
25464 Coffey Robert SteelSt. Paul's roaddwelling-house14, St. Paul's road
25465 Colbridge GeorgeWestbourne roaddwelling-house21, Buxton street
successivedwelling-house15, Westbourne road
25466 Collins WilliamSt. Paul's roaddwelling-house38, St. Paul's road
25467 Collins WilliamWoodbank placedwelling-house19, Woodbank place
25468 Comfort William AlfredAthol roaddwelling-houseSpring cliffe
successivedwelling-houseAthol road
25469 Cook JohnCarlisle streetdwelling-house44, Carlisle street
25470 Cooper Charles HenryBlenheim roaddwelling-houseCunliffe terrace
successivedwelling-house16, Blenheim road
25471 Cooper HarryWestbourne roaddwelling-house22, Westbourne road
25472 Cooper RichardTemple streetdwelling-houseTemple street
successivedwelling-house20, Temple street
25473 Copley JamesHeaton roaddwelling-house66, Tumbling Hill street
successivedwelling-house24, Heaton road
25474 Corlett PhilipWestbourne roaddwelling-houseTemple street
successivedwelling-house84, Westbourne road
25475 Coulson RichardWest Butterfield rowdwelling-houseSilver street
successivedwelling-house9, West Butterfield row
25476 Coulson William JamesSilver streetdwelling-house40, Silver street
25477 Coulton ArthurLily streetdwelling-house26, Lily street
25478 Coulton JohnRose streetdwelling-house31, Rose street
25479 Coulton JohnTemple streetdwelling-house12, Temple street
25480 Cowan SamuelBishop streetdwelling-house9, Bishop street
25481 Cowling ThomasBertram roaddwelling-house12, Bertram road
25482 Cowman WilliamWestbourne placedwelling-house23, Westbourne place
25483 Cowper GeorgeWoodbury roaddwelling-houseCarlisle road
successivedwelling-house39, Woodbury road
25484 Crabtree WilliamTemple streetdwelling-house7, Temple street
25485 Crapper StephenAnderson streetdwelling-house14, Anderson street
25486 Craske Arthur WilliamRose streetdwelling-houseConduit street
successivedwelling-house12, Rose street
25487 Craven ArthurWelbury drivedwelling-house13, Welbury drive
25488 Craven EdwardBlenheim mountdwelling-house7, Blenheim mount
25489 Craven FosterSilver streetdwelling-house104, Clayton street
successivedwelling-houseWeston street
successivedwelling-house20, Silver street
25490 Craven FrederickSt. Paul's roaddwelling-house9, St. Paul's road
25491 Craven JosephCarlisle streetdwelling-house41, Carlisle street
25492 Craven JosephRose streetdwelling-house32, Rose street
25493 Craven WilliamWestbourne placedwelling-house10, Westbourne place
25494 Crawford JamesMarlborough roaddwelling-house36, Marlborough road
25495 Crawford JamesBertram roaddwelling-house2, Bertram road
25496 Crawshaw Edward VicarsSilver streetdwelling-house47, Silver street
25497 Croft HenryBuxton streetdwelling-houseChassum street
successivedwelling-house21, Buxton street
25498 Crofts Arthur Edward HastingsVictor roaddwelling-house23, Victor road
25499 Crook BenjaminWestbourne roaddwelling-housePriestman street
successivedwelling-house53, Westbourne road
25500 Cross William BowyerFern cottagedwelling-house36, Skinner lane
25501 Crossley SamuelCowgill streetdwelling-house12, Cowgill street
25502 Crowther JamesWoodbury roaddwelling-houseSpringcliffe street
successivedwelling-house55, Woodbury road
25503 Cullerton JohnSkinner lanedwelling-house13, Skinner lane
25504 Cutler IsaacCarlisle streetdwelling-houseSpringcliffe street
successivedwelling-house51, Carlisle street

HEATON WARD1, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter D
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
25505 D'Andria Joseph NicholasLindum terracedwelling-house5, Lindum terrace
25506 Daniel HenryWoodbury placedwelling-houseWoodbank place
successivedwelling-house35, Woodbury place
25507 Davies EvansWestbourne roaddwelling-house6, Westbourne road
25508 Davy Henry LeeRose streetdwelling-house27, Saplin street
successivedwelling-house2, Rose street
25509 Davy WilliamCarlisle roaddwelling-house22, Carlisle road
25510 Dawson EdwinNorth Butterfield rowdwelling-house10, North Butterfield row
25511 Dawson EdwinSt. Paul's roaddwelling-house13, St. Paul's road
25512 Dawson WilliamBertram roaddwelling-house4, Bertram road
25513 Dawtrey WilliamLily streetdwelling-house29, Lily street
25514 Dean JohnWestbourne roaddwelling-houseBuxton street
successivedwelling-house85, Westbourne road
25515 Dean William JohnNorth Butterfield rowdwelling-house7, North Butterfield row
25516 Denby WoodSilver streetdwelling-house21, Silver street
25517 Denison JohnSilver streetdwelling-house7, Silver street
25518 Denison Richard WebsterPark View terracedwelling-house1, Park View terrace
25519 Derry WilliamTemple streetdwelling-house36, Temple street
25520 Dewhirst JohnWoodbury roaddwelling-house30, Woodbury road
25521 Dickson Charles AnthonyLindum terracedwelling-house3, Lindum terrace
25522 Dinsdale HenryConduit streetdwelling-houseGrimwith street
successivedwelling-house21, Conduit street
25523 Dinsdale SpencerWoodbury roaddwelling-house48, Woodbury road
25524 Dixon GeorgeChurch streetdwelling-house13, Church street
25525 Dixon Joseph HenryBlenheim roaddwelling-house21, Blenheim road
25526 Dixon RichardFern terracedwelling-house18, Fern terrace
25527 Dorber RichardSeal streetdwelling-house34, Seal street
25528 Dovener JonathanBishop streethouse & shop1, Bishop street
25529 Driver MatthewPaul streetdwelling-house43, Paul street
25530 Driver WilliamBishop streetdwelling-house13, Bishop street
25531 Duckitt Charles AtkinsonSelborne terracedwelling-house8, Selborne terrace
25532 Duckitt William EdwardDevonshire terracedwelling-house8, Devonshire terrace
25533 Duckles GeorgeWoodbury roaddwelling-house28, Woodbury road
25534 Duff ArchibaldSt. Mary's roaddwelling-house51, St. Mary's road
25535 Dunwell JohnBishop streetdwelling-house20, Bishop street
25536 Dunwell William HenryBuxton streetdwelling-house3, Buxton street
25537 Dymond Joseph JohnSelbourne villasdwelling-house14, Selbourne villas
25538 Dyson WilliamBertram roaddwelling-house10, Bertram road

HEATON WARD1, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter E
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
25539 Earnshaw SpencerPark View roaddwelling-house55, Park View road
25540 Edmondson PaulSkinner lanedwelling-house15, Skinner lane
25541 Ellison EdwardRose streetdwelling-house36, Rose street
25542 Emmett ThomasChurch streetdwelling-house77, Church street
25543 Emmott WilliamAnvil streetdwelling-house26, Anvil street
25544 Emsley JohnUpper Globedwelling-house24, Upper Globe
25545 Emsley William HenryAthol roaddwelling-house31, Athol road
25546 England GeorgeMansfield roaddwelling-house11, Mansfield road
25547 Enrich RichardSelbourne villasdwelling-house89, Selbourne villas
25548 Evans RichardWoodbury roaddwelling-houseGrimwith street
successivedwelling-house8, Woodbury road

HEATON WARD1, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter F
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
25549 Fairbank WilliamBishop streetdwelling-house24, Bishop street
25550 Falkingham DavidCarlisle roadhouse & shop20, Carlisle road
25551 Farrar JohnWestbourne placedwelling-houseWoodbury road
successivedwelling-houseWestbourne place
successivedwelling-house12, Westbourne place
25552 Fearnley Eli BentleyBertram roaddwelling-houseWellesley terrace
successivedwelling-house5, Bertram road
25553 Fearnsides AlfredLily streetdwelling-house58, Lily street
25554 Feather JohnTemple streetdwelling-house6, Temple street
25555 Feather John WilliamChurch streetdwelling-house29, Church street
25556 Feather ThomasCowgill placedwelling-house14, Cowgill place
25557 Field MartinBlenheim roaddwelling-house22, Blenheim road
25558 Fieldhouse BenjaminBavaria placedwelling-houseSilver street
successivedwelling-house16, Bavaria place
25559 Fieldhouse JohnLily streetdwelling-house33, Lily street
25560 Firth AmosAshdowne placedwelling-house11, Ashdowne place
25561 Firth BenjaminRose streetdwelling-house18A, Rose street
25562 Firth JamesNorth Park roaddwelling-house22, North Park road
25563 Firth JosephAnvil streetdwelling-house22, Anvil street
25564 Firth JosephSkinner lanedwelling-house19, Skinner lane
25565 Firth LedgardChurch streetdwelling-house87, Church street
25566 Firth ThomasWestbourne roaddwelling-houseMiddleton street
successivedwelling-house8, Westbourne road
25567 Firth WrightLily streetdwelling-house11, Lily street
25568 Florack Jacob JosephLindum terracedwelling-house7, Lindum terrace
25569 Foster CharlesNorth Butterfield rowdwelling-house6, North Butterfield row
25570 Foster JohnWestbourne roaddwelling-house29, Westbourne road
25571 Foster JonathanWest Butterfield rowdwelling-house5, West Butterfield row
25572 Foulds BenAnvil streetdwelling-house7, Anvil street
25573 Fowler RobertWestbourne roaddwelling-house56, Westbourne road
25574 Frankland ThomasCarlisle roaddwelling-house100, Carlisle road
25575 Frankland WilliamLily streetdwelling-house54, Lily street
25576 French Arthur WilliamLeamington streetdwelling-house45, Leamington street
25577 Fryer Henry AtkinsonPark mountdwelling-house19, Park mount
25578 Furstenhagen IsidorSt. Paul's roaddwelling-houseLindum terrace
successivedwelling-house45, St. Paul's road

HEATON WARD1, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter G
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
25579 Gane CharlesSilver streetdwelling-house11, Silver street
25580 Garfitt GeorgeHighfield placedwelling-house1, Highfield place
25581 Garnett DanielWoodbank placedwelling-houseAshwell street
successivedwelling-house26, Woodbank place
25582 Gassman PhilipDevonshire terracedwelling-house2, Devonshire terrace
25583 Gavin HughBishop streetdwelling-house15, Bishop street
25584 Geldhard JohnCarlisle roaddwelling-houseLily street
successivedwelling-house80, Carlisle road
25585 George WilliamBlenheim roaddwelling-house25, Blenheim road
25586 Gibbard JohnVictor streetdwelling-houseWestbourne road
successivedwelling-house21, Victor street
25587 Gibbard ThomasWestbourne roaddwelling-house52, Westbourne road
25588 Gibbons Joseph HenryPark mountdwelling-houseWelbury drive
successivedwelling-house5, Park mount
25589 Gill JohnCowgill streetdwelling-house4, Cowgill street
25590 Gill JohnLily streetdwelling-house21, Lily street
25591 Gill JohnVictor roaddwelling-house28, Victor road
25592 Gill JosephNorth Butterfield rowdwelling-house3, North Butterfield row
25593 Gill SamuelSt. Mary's roaddwelling-houseSt. Mary's road
successivedwelling-house66, St. Mary's road
25594 Glaser HenryBlenheim roaddwelling-house17, Grove terrace
successivedwelling-house18, Blenheim road
25595 Gledhill JohnWoodbury roaddwelling-house41, Woodbury road
25596 Godson FrankPaul streetdwelling-house5, Paul street
25597 Goggin MauriceBlenheim roaddwelling-house15, Blenheim road
25598 Goldsborough FrancisCarlisle streetdwelling-house16, Carlisle street
25599 Gomersal RichardChurch streetdwelling-house35, Church street
25600 Goodchild DavidLily streetdwelling-house28, Lily street
25601 Goodchild JohnCarlisle roadhouse & shop6, Carlisle road
25602 Gothard JohnWestbourne roaddwelling-houseWoodbank place
successivedwelling-house81, Westbourne road
25603 Gotthardt Walter HebdenBlenheim roaddwelling-house10, Blenheim road
25604 Graham JohnSeal streetdwelling-house38, Seal street
25605 Graham WilliamConduit streetdwelling-house26, Conduit street
25606 Grainge GeorgeTemple streetdwelling-house4, Temple street
25607 Gray William MartelloPark mountdwelling-house11, Park mount
25608 Green CrosslandCanary streetdwelling-house10, Canary street
25609 Green JeremiahChurch streethouse & shop18, Church street
25610 Greenwood JohnCarlisle roadhouse & shop82, Carlisle road
25611 Greenwood JohnChurch streethouse & shop107, Church street
25612 Greenwood ThomasSilver streetdwelling-house4, Silver street
25613 Greenwood ThomasRose streetdwelling-house4, Rose street
25614 Grindley ThomasSeal streetdwelling-house24, Seal street
25615 Grundy JohnAnvil streetdwelling-house18, Anvil street
25616 Grundy RobertWoodbank placedwelling-house20, Woodbank place
25617 Grunwald ErnestSt. Paul's roaddwelling-house32, St. Paul's road
25618 Gurney JohnSelborne terracedwelling-house10, Selborne terrace

HEATON WARD1, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter H
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
25619 Hackell WilliamWoodbury roaddwelling-houseWestbourne road
successivedwelling-house19, Woodbury road
25620 Hagerty PeterLily streetdwelling-house18, Lily street
25621 Hague JosephWest Butterfield rowdwelling-house2, West Butterfield row
25622 Haigh ArthurCarlisle streetdwelling-house18, Carlisle street
25623 Haigh CharlesVictor streetdwelling-houseWoodbury road
successivedwelling-house15, Victor street
25624 Hailstone ArthurSelborne terracedwelling-houseBlenheim road
successivedwelling-house2, Selborne terrace
25625 Hailstone JohnWoodbury roaddwelling-house29, Woodbury road
25626 Hainsworth RobertWoodbank placedwelling-house25, Woodbank place
25627 Hainsworth WilliamVictor streetdwelling-houseCarlisle street
successivedwelling-house23, Victor street
25628 Hall JohnWest Butterfield rowdwelling-house10, West Butterfield row
25629 Halstead IsaacHortonwarehouseUpper globe
25630 Hamberg AugustBlenheim roaddwelling-house39, Blenheim road
25631 Hanson AlfredChurch streetdwelling-house37, Church street
25632 Hanson JamesAnderson streetdwelling-houseAtlas street
successivedwelling-house10, Anderson street
25633 Hanson SamuelChurch streethouse & shop1, Church street
25634 Harbutt Robert GeorgeAthol roaddwelling-house41, Athol road
25635 Hardaker BenjaminSkinner lanedwelling-house3, Skinner lane
25636 Hardcastle WilliamBishop streetdwelling-house11, Bishop street
25637 Hardisty CharlesSeal streetdwelling-house22, Seal street
25638 Hardisty ChristopherHeaton roaddwelling-house34, Heaton road
25639 Hardisty JamesChurch streetdwelling-house31, Church street
25640 Hargreaves HenryChurch streetdwelling-house103, Church street
25641 Harrex James PhillipSeal streetdwelling-house30, Seal street
25642 Harris ArthurOak lanedwelling-house22, Oak lane
25643 Harris JosephNorth Park roaddwelling-house7, North Park road
25644 Harrison ThomasAnvil streetdwelling-houseCarlisle street
successivedwelling-house16, Anvil street
25645 Harrison WilliamSilver streetdwelling-house38, Silver street
25646 Harrison WilliamVictor roaddwelling-house16, Victor road
25647 Hart JoshuaSelborne grovedwelling-house11, Selborne grove
25648 Hartley EdwardWestbourne roaddwelling-house19, Westbourne road
25649 Hartley JosephRose streetdwelling-house18, Rose street
25650 Haslam John BaileySelborne terracedwelling-house5, Selborne terrace
25651 Hatten William HenryCarlisle streethouse & shop6, Carlisle street
25652 Hatton HenryTemple streetdwelling-house2, Temple street
25653 Havers Robert NuddSt. Paul's roaddwelling-house27, St. Paul's road
25654 Haworth WilliamWoodbury placedwelling-house17, Woodbury place
25655 Healey JamesCanary streetdwelling-house8, Canary street
25656 Heaton AlfredNorth Butterfield rowdwelling-house4, North Butterfield row
25657 Helliwell JohnCarlisle roadhouse & shop18, Carlisle road
25658 Hesseltine Charles HerbertSt. Paul's roaddwelling-house50, St. Paul's road
25659 Hewson WilliamSilver streetdwelling-house32, Silver street
25660 Hey JosephRose streetdwelling-house27, Rose street
25661 Hey RichardCanary streetdwelling-houseCanary street
successivedwelling-house5, Canary street
25662 Hey WignallBavaria placedwelling-house5, Bavaria place
25663 Hey WilliamBavaria placedwelling-house11, Bavaria place
25664 Hicks JosephHeaton roaddwelling-house108, Heaton road
25665 Hiley EdwardLily streetdwelling-house19, Lily street
25666 Hiley GeorgeWestbourne roaddwelling-houseWoodbank place
successivedwelling-house105, Westbourne road
25667 Hill Frederic WilliamFairmountdwelling-house2, Fairmount
25668 Hinchliffe BenjaminBlenheim roaddwelling-house19, Blenheim road
25669 Hindle MarkWoodbury placedwelling-houseCarlisle road
successivedwelling-house1, Woodbury place
25670 Hirsch LeopoldBlenheim mountdwelling-house4, Blenheim mount
25671 Hirst JosephCarlisle roadhouse & shop114, Carlisle road
25672 Hodson JamesOakfielddwelling-houseOakfield
25673 Hoffmann GustaveRookwooddwelling-house4, Victor road
25674 Holdsworth SamuelChurch streetdwelling-house110, Church street
25675 Holland GeorgeWestbourne placedwelling-house9, Westbourne place
25676 Holmes EdwardCarlisle streetdwelling-house26, Carlisle street
25677 Holmes JohnNorth Park roaddwelling-house1, North Park road
25678 Holmes JosephWestbourne placedwelling-house3, Westbourne place
25679 Holmes SamuelBavaria placedwelling-house10, Bavaria place
25680 Holroyd GeorgeWoodbury roaddwelling-houseNorthfield place
successivedwelling-house36, Woodbury road
25681 Holroyd ThomasCarlisle roaddwelling-house78, Carlisle road
25682 Holt ArthurCarlisle streetdwelling-houseWeston street
successivedwelling-house43, Carlisle street
25683 Holt GeorgeOak lanedwelling-house14, Oak lane
25684 Hood DavidCarlisle roaddwelling-houseSpring cliffe
successivehouse & shop14, Carlisle road
25685 Hopkinson AbrahamCarlisle streetdwelling-house57, Carlisle street
25686 Hopkinson John WhiteBuxton streetdwelling-house26, Buxton street
25687 Hopkinson ThomasBuxton streetdwelling-houseSilk street
successivedwelling-house32, Buxton street
25688 Hopkinson WilliamAnvil streetdwelling-house29, Anvil street
25689 Horne BenjaminWoodbury roaddwelling-house59, Woodbury road
25690 Horne RalphConduit streetdwelling-houseKensington street
successivedwelling-house25, Conduit street
25691 Horner John ThomasWoodbury placedwelling-house29, Woodbury place
25692 Horner WilliamTemple streetdwelling-house22, Temple street
25693 Hornshaw JohnCarlisle streetdwelling-house8, Carlisle street
25694 Horsfield JosephSilver streetdwelling-house31, Silver street
25695 Horton Thomas GallandSelborne terracedwelling-house7, Selborne terrace
25696 Howgate JohnSilver streetdwelling-house34, Silver street
25697 Howroyd MatthewLeamington streetdwelling-house41, Leamington street
25698 Howson Fred HorsfallWordsworth cottagedwelling-houseOak lane
25699 Hudson JosephChurch streetdwelling-house118, Church street
25700 Hudson Thomas HenryPaul streetdwelling-house19, Paul street
25701 Hudson WilliamBuxton streetdwelling-house29, Buxton street
25702 Hudson WilliamPark View roaddwelling-house37, Park View road
25703 Hudson William HenryVictor roaddwelling-houseToller lane
successivedwelling-house62, Victor road
25704 Huggan CharlesWestbourne roaddwelling-houseChassum street
successivedwelling-house78, Westbourne road
25705 Hunt ArthurVictor roaddwelling-house36, Victor road
25706 Hunter FrederickCanary streetdwelling-house6, Canary street
25707 Hunter FrederickChurch streetdwelling-house89, Church street
25708 Hunter JamesAnvil streetdwelling-house19, Anvil street
25709 Hunter JosephConduit streetdwelling-house24, Conduit street
25710 Hurford SolomonWoodbury roaddwelling-house38, Woodbury road
25711 Hutchinson SandyLily streetdwelling-house23, Lily street
25712 Hutchison ArchibaldHighfield placedwelling-house3, Highfield place
25713 Hutton JohnSilver streetdwelling-house43, Silver street

HEATON WARD1, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter I
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
25714 Illingworth Charles EdwardAthol roaddwelling-house11, Athol road
25715 Illingworth FrederickPark View roaddwelling-housePark View road
25716 Illingworth JohnLindum terracedwelling-house2, Lindum terrace
25717 Illingworth Thomas PatchettWestbourne roaddwelling-house23, Westbourne road
25718 Illingworth WalterSelbourne villasdwelling-house87, Selbourne villas
25719 Ingham CharlesSilver streetdwelling-houseAnderson street
successivedwelling-house37, Silver street
25720 Isitt SamuelHighfielddwelling-house9, Highfield
25721 Isles GeorgeWoodbank placedwelling-house32, Woodbank place
25722 Ives DavidSkinner lanedwelling-houseCarlisle terrace
successivedwelling-house39, Skinner lane

HEATON WARD1, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter J
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
25723 Jackson ElijahVictor roaddwelling-house8, Victor road
25724 Jackson GeorgeTemple streetdwelling-house34, Temple street
25725 Jackson MichaelVictor roaddwelling-house66, Victor road
25726 Jackson WilliamCanary streetdwelling-house4, Canary street
25727 Jacques Robert HerbertWestbourne roaddwelling-houseConduit street
successivedwelling-houseWestbourne road
successivedwelling-house113, Westbourne road
25728 Jefferson ReubenAthol roaddwelling-houseVictor road
successivedwelling-house13, Athol road
25729 Jeffery John RustNorth Park roaddwelling-house20, North Park road
25730 Jennings JohnSilver streetdwelling-house55, Maltby street
successivedwelling-house29, Silver street
25731 Johnson BenRose bankdwelling-house6, Rose bank
25732 Johnson James BradleyChurch streetdwelling-house5, Church street
25733 Johnson William EdwinLily streetdwelling-house35, Lily street
25734 Jolly AlfredCarlisle roadhouse & shop34, Carlisle road
25735 Jolly PeterMarlborough roaddwelling-house26, Marlborough road
25736 Jones WilliamBavaria placedwelling-house21, Bavaria place
25737 Joy RobertChurch streetdwelling-house91, Church street
25738 Joy ThomasRose streetdwelling-house35, Rose street

HEATON WARD1, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter K
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
25739 Keighley EllisHeaton roaddwelling-house6, Heaton road
25740 Keighley Frank ClaytonPark View roaddwelling-house33, Park View road
25741 Keighley IsaacChurch streethouse & shop65, Church street
25742 Keighley JosephHeaton roaddwelling-houseHeaton road
successivedwelling-house4, Heaton road
25743 Keighley RichardSeal streetdwelling-house5, Seal street
25744 Keighley WrightWestbourne placedwelling-houseLily street
successivedwelling-house2, Westbourne place
25745 Kenyon JohnBuxton streetdwelling-house7, Buxton street
25746 King JamesWestbourne placedwelling-house6, Westbourne place
25747 King JosephCarlisle roaddwelling-house88, Carlisle road
25748 King JosephTemple streetdwelling-house30, Temple street
25749 Kirby BenjaminBishop streetdwelling-house4, Bishop street
25750 Kirk JamesSkinner lanedwelling-house42, Skinner lane
25751 Kitchen WilliamBavaria placedwelling-house19, Bavaria place
25752 Kitchen WilliamWest Butterfield rowdwelling-house3, West Butterfield row
25753 Kitson FredWestbourne roaddwelling-house31, Westbourne road
25754 Kitson John ReedTemple streetdwelling-houseTemple street
successivedwelling-house24, Temple street
25755 Knight James BlackburnSt. Paul's roaddwelling-house4, St. Paul's road
25756 Knight JohnSt. Paul's roaddwelling-house42, St. Paul's road
25757 Knowles JohnRose streetdwelling-house41, Rose street

HEATON WARD1, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter L
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
25758 Lambert Joseph ThomasRose streetdwelling-house22, Rose street
25759 Lambert WilliamWestbourne placedwelling-house21, Westbourne place
25760 Lane HenryWoodbury roaddwelling-house31, Woodbury road
25761 Lange AlbertSelborne terracedwelling-house6, Selborne terrace
25762 Lapage JosephHeaton roaddwelling-houseChassum street
successivedwelling-house124, Heaton road
25763 Law George DuncanNorth Park roaddwelling-house19, North Park road
25764 Lawson WilliamWoodbank placedwelling-houseLily street
successivedwelling-house23, Woodbank place
25765 Leach JohnChurch streetdwelling-house27, Church street
25766 Leach MarkLily streetdwelling-house47, Lily street
25767 Leather SamuelBlenheim roaddwelling-house6, Blenheim road
25768 Ledgard FredLily streetdwelling-house34, Lily street
25769 Ledgard William HenrySeal streetdwelling-house32, Seal street
25770 Lee EdmundNorth Park terracedwelling-house1, North Park terrace
25771 Lee FrederickRose streetdwelling-house29, Rose street
25772 Lee ThomasBuxton streetdwelling-houseAshwell street
successivedwelling-house38, Buxton street
25773 Levson JohnHeaton roaddwelling-houseHeaton road
successivedwelling-house2, Heaton road
25774 Lewig RichardNorth Park roaddwelling-house18, North Park road
25775 Liebreich Arnold AdolphusLindum terracedwelling-house13, Lindum terrace
25776 Lister JosephPark View terracedwelling-house7, Park View terrace
25777 Lobley FrederickRose bankdwelling-house1, Rose bank
25778 Locke Charles HenryBishop streetdwelling-house16, Bishop street
25779 Lockwood John CrosleyOak lanedwelling-house4, Oak lane
25780 Loll HenryBuxton streetdwelling-house27, Buxton street
25781 Long JamesSeal streetdwelling-house12, Seal street
25782 Long JohnSeal streetdwelling-house9, Seal street
25783 Long JosephSilver streetdwelling-house16, Silver street
25784 Longbottom JohnSeal streetdwelling-house28, Seal street
25785 Lonsdale CharlesSt. Paul's roaddwelling-house16, St. Paul's road
25786 Lorenz Joseph MaxSt. Mary's roaddwelling-houseBlenheim road
successivedwelling-house6, St. Mary's road
25787 Ludgate JohnWoodbury roaddwelling-house63, Woodbury road
25788 Lund GeorgeBishop streetdwelling-house40, Bishop street
25789 Lund JohnWelbury drivedwelling-house19, Welbury drive
25790 Lupton EdwardRose streetdwelling-house2, Rose street
25791 Lupton JohnBishop streetdwelling-house22, Bishop street
25792 Lynn JamesLeamington streetdwelling-house47, Leamington street
25793 Lynn John WilliamBishop streetdwelling-house28, Bishop street

HEATON WARD1, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter M
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
25794 Mackley William HenryWoodbury roaddwelling-house33, Woodbury road
25795 Maguinness Rev. John ThomasAthol roaddwelling-house9, Athol road
25796 Makepeace ThomasAmbler streetdwelling-house4, Ambler street
25797 Mallinson DanWoodbury roaddwelling-houseGrimwith street
successivedwelling-house27, Woodbury road
25798 Mallinson JosephConduit streetdwelling-house3, Conduit street
25799 Mallison JohnLily streetdwelling-house43, Lily street
25800 Mallison JohnSilver streetdwelling-house18, Silver street
25801 Mann WilliamChurch streetdwelling-house97, Church street
25802 Mansfield JosephWoodbury placedwelling-house15, Woodbury place
25803 Marshall RobertWoodbury roaddwelling-houseVictor road
successivedwelling-house21, Woodbury road
25804 Marston Charles HenryWoodbank placedwelling-house5, Woodbank place
25805 Martin HenryBishop streetdwelling-house34, Bishop street
25806 Martindale WilsonLily streetdwelling-house23A, Lily street
25807 Marvell AndrewBishop streetdwelling-house23, Bishop street
25808 Maskew JohnWoodbury roaddwelling-houseWoodbury place
successivedwelling-house47, Woodbury road
25809 Masterman WilliamHeaton roaddwelling-house120, Heaton road
25810 Masterton David SalmondRose bankdwelling-house2, Rose bank
25811 Matthews Alfred MarstonMount pleasantdwelling-house5, Mount pleasant
25812 Matthews JamesAnderson streetdwelling-house16, Anderson street
25813 Maude WilliamBlenheim mountdwelling-house2, Blenheim mount
25814 Mawson WilliamBlenheim roaddwelling-house17, Blenheim road
25815 McCroben Edward RipleyHighfield placedwelling-house7, Highfield place
25816 McDonald DuncanAmbler streetdwelling-houseAmbler street
25817 McDonald WilliamAmbler streetshopAmbler street
25818 McTurk AlexanderBlenheim roaddwelling-house35, Blenheim road
25819 McTurk JamesSelborne terracedwelling-house3, Selborne terrace
25820 Meakin HerbertWoodbury placedwelling-house19, Woodbury place
25821 Mercer RobertWestbourne placedwelling-house4, Westbourne place
25822 Mercer SamuelChurch streetdwelling-houseCanary street
successivedwelling-house43, Church street
25823 Metcalfe WilliamHeaton roaddwelling-house126, Heaton road
25824 Midgley AmosCarlisle streetdwelling-house60, Carlisle street
25825 Midgley JohnChurch streetshop2A, Church street
25826 Midgley SamuelVictor roaddwelling-houseWestbourne road
successivedwelling-house56, Victor road
25827 Milligan RobertBeech grovedwelling-house2, Victor road
25828 Milnes GeorgeWoodbury roaddwelling-house24, Woodbury road
25829 Milthorpe Charles HenrySt. Paul's roaddwelling-house40, St. Paul's road
25830 Mitchell GeorgeAmbler streetdwelling-house6, Ambler street
25831 Mitchell GeorgePaul streetdwelling-house9, Paul street
25832 Mitchell RobertWoodbank placedwelling-houseWoodbank place
successivedwelling-house8, Woodbank place
25833 Mitchell TomWoodbury placedwelling-houseGrimwith street
successivedwelling-house3, Woodbury place
25834 Mitchell WilliamMarlborough roaddwelling-house22, Marlborough road
25835 Mitton Rev. WelburyVictor roaddwelling-house6, Victor road
25836 Mollin Frederick EdwardSt. Mary's roaddwelling-house74, St. Mary's road
25837 Mollin JamesSelbourne villasdwelling-house85, Selbourne villas
25838 Moore EdwardConduit streethouse & shopCarlisle road
successivedwelling-house28, Conduit street
25839 Moore HenryLeamington streetdwelling-house25,Leamington street
25840 Morley William JamesWelbury drivedwelling-house1, Welbury drive
25841 Morrell DavidAnvil streetdwelling-houseBeamsley road
successivedwelling-house44, Anvil street
25842 Mortimer BenjaminSeal streetdwelling-houseChurch street
successivedwelling-house7, Seal street
25843 Mossop IsaacVictor roaddwelling-house34, Victor road
25844 Muir JamesOak terracedwelling-house30, Oak terrace
25845 Muller GeorgeSelbourne villasdwelling-house11, Selbourne villas
25846 Murgatroyd John WaiteMarlborough roaddwelling-house30, Marlborough road
25847 Murgatroyd JosephChurch streethouse & shop84, Church street
25848 Murgatroyd WilliamAshdowne placedwelling-house8, Ashdowne place
25849 Murray HenryLily streetdwelling-houseSilk street
successivedwelling-house60, Lily street
25850 Murray JamesSkinner lanedwelling-house45, Skinner lane
25851 Musgrove BenjaminLindum terracedwelling-house11, Lindum terrace
25852 Myers AbrahamAnvil streetdwelling-house36, Anvil street
25853 Myers SamuelSilver streetdwelling-houseWoodbury road
successivedwelling-house17, Silver street
25854 Myers Samuel PeelLindum terracedwelling-house15, Lindum terrace

HEATON WARD1, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter N
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
25855 Nachbar NathanSt. Paul's roaddwelling-house30, St. Paul's road
25856 Nathan EmilBlenheim mountdwelling-house8, Blenheim mount
25857 Naylor JacobCarlisle streetdwelling-house24, Carlisle street
25858 Neumann Charles Gustave TheodoreSt. Paul's roaddwelling-house15, St. Paul's road
25859 Newport RichardWest Butterfield rowdwelling-house8, West Butterfield row
25860 Nichols JamesChurch streetdwelling-house88, Church street
25861 Nichols William SchofieldAthol roaddwelling-house29, Athol road
25862 Nicholson RobertSt. Paul's roaddwelling-house33, St. Paul's road
25863 Normington AlfredCowgill streetdwelling-house20, Cowgill street
25864 Normington JohnAnvil streetdwelling-house11, Anvil street
25865 Normington WilfredWoodbury roaddwelling-houseWhetley hall
successivedwelling-house58, Woodbury road
25866 Normington WilliamChurch streetdwelling-house26, Church street
25867 Normington WilliamWoodbury placedwelling-house25, Woodbury place
25868 Northrop WilliamSilver streetdwelling-houseAnvil street
successivedwelling-house21, Silver street

HEATON WARD1, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter O
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
25869 Oakes GeorgeSeal streetdwelling-house2, Seal street
25870 Oakley HenryBertram roaddwelling-house6, Bertram road
25871 Oates ThomasWestbourne roaddwelling-houseWoodbury place
successivedwelling-house62, Westbourne road
25872 Ogden JonasHeaton roadhouse & shop8, Heaton road
25873 Ogden SamuelPaul streetdwelling-house10, Paul street
25874 Oldfield JohnWestbourne roaddwelling-house13, Westbourne road
25875 Oliver CharlesHeaton roaddwelling-houseWoodbury road
successivedwelling-house20, Heaton road
25876 Ollerenshaw James SpicerLeamington streetdwelling-houseVictor road
successivedwelling-house43, Leamington street
25877 Orton GeorgeAnderson streetdwelling-house12, Anderson street
25878 Orton WilliamWestbourne roaddwelling-house59, Westbourne road
25879 Overend ThomasWoodbury roaddwelling-house22, Woodbury road

HEATON WARD1, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter P
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
25880 Padgett JohnWestbourne roaddwelling-houseWoodbank road
successivedwelling-house91, Westbourne road
25881 Pape WilliamChurch streetdwelling-house45, Church street
25882 Parkinson BenjaminChurch streetdwelling-house28, Church street
25883 Parkinson ThomasPark View terracedwelling-house10, Park View terrace
25884 Passavant FerdinandBlenheim roaddwelling-house11, Blenheim road
25885 Passingham EdwardPark View roaddwelling-house31, Park View road
25886 Pawson JosephBishop streetdwelling-house36, Bishop street
25887 Pearson GeorgeRose streetdwelling-house40, Rose street
25888 Pearson John WilliamWoodbury roaddwelling-house23, Woodbury road
25889 Pearson RobertBuxton streetdwelling-house12, Buxton street
25890 Pearson RobertWestbourne roaddwelling-houseLilycroft lane
successivedwelling-house87, Westbourne road
25891 Pearson Thomas WilsonBishop streetdwelling-house3, Bishop street
25892 Pennington GeorgeBlenheim roaddwelling-house41, Blenheim road
25893 Penty WilliamBavaria placedwelling-house4, Bavaria place
25894 Pepper GeorgeDevonshire terracedwelling-house1 Devonshire terrace
25895 Perkin JosephSt. Paul's roaddwelling-house39, St. Paul's road
25896 Petty JamesLily streetdwelling-house14, Lily street
25897 Petty JamesRose streetdwelling-house28, Rose street
25898 Phillips JohnSt. Paul's roaddwelling-houseWellesley terrace
successivedwelling-house35, St. Paul's road
25899 Phillips WilliamWestbourne roaddwelling-house54, Westbourne road
25900 Phippen Alexander ThomasChurch streethouse & shop54, Church street
25901 Pickles GeorgePark View terracedwelling-house3, Park View terrace
25902 Pimperton RobertBuxton streetdwelling-house33, Buxton street
25903 Platt JamesLily streetdwelling-house27, Lily street
25904 Pollard AdamSt. Paul's roaddwelling-house17, St. Paul's road
25905 Popple JohnWestbourne roaddwelling-houseWestbourne road
successivedwelling-house21, Westbourne road
25906 Portway HerbertOak lanedwelling-house13, Oak lane
25907 Poulter GibsonCarlisle streethouse & shop35, Carlisle street
25908 Poulter John WilliamHeaton roaddwelling-house106, Heaton road
25909 Price JohnLily streetdwelling-house12, Lily street
25910 Priestley SamCanary streetdwelling-housePaul street
successivedwelling-house3, Canary street
25911 Priestman JamesConduit streetdwelling-house30, Conduit street
25912 Prince ThomasNorth Park roaddwelling-house23, North Park road
25913 Proctor AnthonyAnderson streetdwelling-houseAnderson street
successivedwelling-house13, Anderson street
25914 Pulman FrederickAnvil streetdwelling-house5, Anvil street
25915 Punt DavidCarlisle streetdwelling-house39, Carlisle street

HEATON WARD1, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter R
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
25916 Radcliffe GeorgeHeaton roaddwelling-house48, Heaton road
25917 Rand FrederickBlenheim roaddwelling-house30, Blenheim road
25918 Raney BenjaminAmbler streetdwelling-house7, Ambler street
25919 Raspin John WilliamLily streetdwelling-house56, Lily street
25920 Rawes Gerard JonesSt. Paul's roaddwelling-house49, St. Paul's road
25921 Rawling LawsonSeal streetdwelling-house4, Seal street
25922 Rawnsley JamesWestbourne roaddwelling-houseWoodbury place
successivedwelling-house109, Westbourne road
25923 Rawnsley JesseChurch streetdwelling-house51, Church street
25924 Rawnsley JosephRose streetdwelling-house20, Rose street
25925 Rayner Charles AlbertBishop streetdwelling-house31, Bishop street
25926 Redman MarmadukeBertram roaddwelling-house16, Bertram road
25927 Redshaw WilsonBavaria placedwelling-house8, Bavaria place
25928 Reeday HenryWestbourne roaddwelling-housePicton street
successivedwelling-house51, Westbourne road
25929 Reeton HenryEast Squire lanedwelling-houseEast Squire lane
25930 Reixach JosephSelborne grovedwelling-house3, Selborne grove
25931 Rhodes AlbertLily streetdwelling-house32, Lily street
25932 Rhodes JamesMansfield roaddwelling-house9, Mansfield road
25933 Rhodes JeremiahBlenheim roaddwelling-house12, Blenheim road
25934 Rhodes JesseAnvil streetdwelling-house30, Anvil street
25935 Rhodes JohnHeatonwarehouseAnderson street
25936 Rhodes JohnSkinner lanehouse & shop33, Skinner lane
25937 Rhodes SamuelChurch streetdwelling-house85, Church street
25938 Rhodes SamuelPaul streetdwelling-house2, Paul street
25939 Rhodes WilliamWindhillwarehouseAnderson street
25940 Richardson John HowisonPark View roaddwelling-house29, Park View road
25941 Richmond FrankManningham parkdwelling-houseManningham park
25942 Richmond JamesWestbourne roaddwelling-house41, Westbourne road
25943 Rider ThomasCarlisle streetdwelling-houseCarlisle street
successivedwelling-house45, Carlisle street
25944 Rieschke Henry GottlobFairmountdwelling-house4, Fairmount
25945 Rigg LeviWoodbury placedwelling-house11, Woodbury place
25946 Riley Joseph AlfredCarlisle streetdwelling-house20, Carlisle street
25947 Riley ThomasLily streetdwelling-house38, Lily street
25948 Rimmington GeorgePark View terracedwelling-house15, Park View terrace
25949 Ritson SolomonCowgill streetdwelling-house18, Cowgill street
25950 Roberts JohnBuxton streetdwelling-house4, Buxton street
25951 Roberts John HenrySkinner lanedwelling-house41, Skinner lane
25952 Roberts WilliamBishop streetdwelling-house8, Bishop street
25953 Robertshaw WilliamWoodbury roaddwelling-house20, Woodbury road
25954 Robinson BenjaminWoodbury roaddwelling-house46, Woodbury road
25955 Robinson EdwinAshdowne placedwelling-house9, Ashdowne place
25956 Robinson Frederick JohnSelborne grovedwelling-house1, Selborne grove
25957 Robinson GeorgeCarlisle roadhouse & shop16, Carlisle road
25958 Robinson JamesSeal streetdwelling-house20, Seal street
25959 Robinson ThomasSilver streetdwelling-house13, Silver street
25960 Roebling HermannVictor roaddwelling-house21, Victor road
25961 Roper WilliamLindum terracedwelling-house6, Lindum terrace
25962 Rowe GeorgeWoodbank placedwelling-house4, Woodbank place
25963 Rushforth BrumfitHeaton roaddwelling-house46, Heaton road
25964 Rushton JohnLily streetdwelling-house61A, Lily street
25965 Rushworth BaileyLily streetdwelling-house30, Lily street
25966 Rushworth John WilliamBertram roaddwelling-house8, Bertram road
25967 Rushworth JosephCowgill streetdwelling-house8, Cowgill street
25968 Russell AlfredChurch streetdwelling-house33, Church street
25969 Rutledge JamesAnvil streetdwelling-house38, Anvil street
25970 Rutledge WilliamAnvil streetdwelling-house46, Anvil street
25971 Rycroft Joshua BywaterPark mountdwelling-house3, Park mount
25972 Rycroft WalterPark View terracedwelling-house5, Park View terrace
25973 Rycroft WilliamAnvil streetdwelling-house12, Anvil street

HEATON WARD1, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter S
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
25974 Salter William GeorgeHeaton roaddwelling-houseHeaton road
successivehouse & shop102, Heaton road
25975 Sampson EdwardRose streetdwelling-house39, Rose street
25976 Sands ThomasConduit streetdwelling-house40, Conduit street
25977 Sayers ChristopherSt. Paul's roaddwelling-house29, St. Paul's road
25978 Scales Walter HenryBlenheim roaddwelling-house47, Blenheim road
25979 Schofield BenjaminAnvil streetdwelling-houseWoodbury road
successivedwelling-house48, Anvil street
25980 Schofield GeorgeChurch streetdwelling-house120, Church street
25981 Schulke CharlesCarlisle streetdwelling-house12, Carlisle street
25982 Scott GeorgeWestbourne placedwelling-house8, Westbourne place
25983 Selby Thomas JamesBavaria placedwelling-house6, Bavaria place
25984 Shackleton EdwardWestbourne roaddwelling-house30, Westbourne road
25985 Shackleton JonasBishop streetdwelling-house5, Bishop street
25986 Sharp SamSkinner lanedwelling-houseWhetley lane
successivedwelling-house9, Skinner lane
25987 Shatwell JohnSeal streetdwelling-house36, Seal street
25988 Shaw Seth HenrySeal streetdwelling-house26, Seal street
25989 Shearer WilliamWelbury drivedwelling-house9, Welbury drive
25990 Shields ThomasPark mountdwelling-house27, Park mount
25991 Shorter AlfredFern terracedwelling-house14, Fern terrace
25992 Shuttleworth EphraimAnvil streetdwelling-house13, Anvil street
25993 Siddle WilliamAnvil streetdwelling-house23, Anvil street
25994 Silson Richard WalkerChurch streethouse & shop113, Church street
25995 Simpson SamuelCarlisle roaddwelling-house122, Carlisle road
25996 Singleton Joseph RobertHighfielddwelling-house11, Highfield
25997 Sleight JohnLindum terracedwelling-house14, Lindum terrace
25998 Smith AlbertSt. Mary's roaddwelling-house47, St. Mary's road
25999 Smith GentUpper Globe inndwelling-houseUpper Globe
26000 Smith GeorgeConduit streetdwelling-house44, Conduit street
26001 Smith HartleyChurch streetdwelling-house61, Church street
26002 Smith IsaacPark View terracedwelling-house16, Park View terrace
26003 Smith JohnWoodbank placedwelling-house26, Woodbank place
26004 Smith John AlfredRose streetdwelling-house10, Rose street
26005 Smith JosephBlenheim mountdwelling-house6, Blenheim mount
26006 Smith JoshuaCarlisle roadhouse & shop10, Carlisle road
26007 Smith Richard NixonChurch streetdwelling-house7, Church street
26008 Smith SidneySt. Paul's roaddwelling-house48, St. Paul's road
26009 Smith WilliamHeaton roaddwelling-house44, Heaton road
26010 Smith WilliamHeaton roaddwelling-house112, Heaton road
26011 Smith WilliamVictor streetdwelling-houseWestbourne road
successivedwelling-house19, Victor street
26012 Smitham JohnPaul streetdwelling-house45, Paul street
26013 Sowden JohnBlenheim roaddwelling-house1, Blenheim road
26014 Sowden William MilesSt. Mary's roaddwelling-house62, St. Mary's road
26015 Speak JonathanAnvil streetdwelling-houseSpringcliffe street
successivedwelling-house39, Anvil street
26016 Speight GeorgePark mountdwelling-houseSouthfield square
successivedwelling-house1, Park mount
26017 Spencer BenjaminAnderson streetdwelling-house17, Anderson street
26018 Spencer CrossfilPaul streetdwelling-house15, Paul street
26019 Spencer RobertLily streetdwelling-house45, Lily street
26020 Spencer SamuelSilver streetdwelling-house23, Silver street
26021 Spink FrederickBertram roaddwelling-house17, Bertram road
26022 Standidge George WilliamCarlisle roadhouse & shop58, Carlisle road
26023 Stead Edward BillingsleySt. Paul's roaddwelling-house25, St. Paul's road
26024 Stead JohnSkinner lanedwelling-house11, Skinner lane
26025 Stead WilsonCarlisle roadhouse & shop12, Carlisle road
26026 Steel HenryChurch streetdwelling-house15, Church street
26027 Steel WilliamWoodbank placedwelling-house36, Woodbank place
26028 Stephenson AlfredDevonshire terracedwelling-house6, Devonshire terrace
26029 Stephenson EdwardNorth Park roaddwelling-house21, North Park road
26030 Stephenson JohnLister parklodgeLister park
26031 Stockdale JohnWoodbury roaddwelling-house49, Woodbury road
26032 Stubbs FrancisBishop streetdwelling-house17, Bishop street
26033 Stubbs SamuelHeaton roaddwelling-house118, Heaton road
26034 Stubbs Thomas HenryWoodbury roaddwelling-houseWoodbury road
successivedwelling-house42, Woodbury road
26035 Sugden SamuelMarlborough roaddwelling-house16, Marlborough road
26036 Sugden ThomasCarlisle streetdwelling-house58, Carlisle street
26037 Sugden WilliamChurch streetdwelling-house63, Church street
26038 Sutcliffe FrankFairmountdwelling-house7, Fairmount
26039 Sutcliffe James, junr.Carlisle streetdwelling-house30, Carlisle street
26040 Sutcliffe ThomasWestbourne roaddwelling-house38, Westbourne road
26041 Sutcliffe Thomas EdwardConduit streetdwelling-houseConduit street
successivedwelling-house27, Conduit street
26042 Swann WilliamAthol roaddwelling-house37, Athol road
26043 Swithenbank John SwainVictor roaddwelling-house52, Victor road
26044 Swithenbank MidgleyVictor roaddwelling-house50, Victor road
26045 Sykes EmanuelAnvil streetdwelling-house24, Anvil street

HEATON WARD1, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter T
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
26046 Tasker SidneyBuxton streetdwelling-house17, Buxton street
26047 Taylor AbigahWestbourne roaddwelling-house63, Westbourne road
26048 Taylor Henry BoothroydAmbler streetdwelling-house1, Ambler street
26049 Thackray WilliamFairmountdwelling-house3, Fairmount
26050 Thackray WilliamSeal streetdwelling-house16, Seal street
26051 Thompson EdwardCarlisle streetdwelling-house32, Carlisle street
26052 Thompson John Richard WakeMarlborough roaddwelling-house34, Marlborough road
26053 Thompson WilliamSt. Mary's roaddwelling-house48, St. Mary's road
26054 Thorpe JohnRose streetdwelling-house24, Rose street
26055 Thorpe SamuelWestbourne roaddwelling-house27, Westbourne road
26056 Thresh AbrahamMarlborough roaddwelling-house18, Marlborough road
26057 Tilley JamesLeamington streetdwelling-house39, Leamington street
26058 Tillotson JoshuaChurch streethouse & shop109, Church street
26059 Toothill JamesLily streetdwelling-houseLily street
successivedwelling-house9, Lily street
26060 Toothill JosephWoodbank placedwelling-house1, Woodbank place
26061 Towne William HenryBavaria placedwelling-houseSilver street
successivedwelling-house17, Bavaria place
26062 Townsley JohnSilver streetdwelling-house36, Silver street
26063 Travis John HiramWoodbury roaddwelling-houseValley street
successivedwelling-house61, Woodbury road
26064 Tuke EdwardOak lanedwelling-house12, Oak lane
26065 Tunstall JamesSilver streetdwelling-houseBeamsley street
successivedwelling-house30, Silver street
26066 Tunstall ThomasAnderson streetdwelling-house11, Anderson street
26067 Turnbull GeorgeAthol roaddwelling-houseWestbourne place
successivedwelling-houseAthol road
26068 Turner CharlesAnvil streetdwelling-house35, Anvil street
26069 Turner DanRose streetdwelling-house38, Rose street
26070 Turner GeorgeWestbourne roaddwelling-house39, Westbourne road
26071 Turner John WilliamVictor roaddwelling-house15, Victor road
26072 Turner WilliamHeaton roaddwelling-houseBeamsley street
successivedwelling-house128, Heaton road
26073 Turner WilliamWestbourne roaddwelling-house15, Westbourne road
26074 Turner WilliamWestbourne roaddwelling-houseWestbourne road
successivedwelling-house99, Westbourne road
26075 Turnley Matthew HenryUpper Globedwelling-house28, Upper Globe

HEATON WARD1, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter V
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
26076 Vaughan WilliamHighfield placedwelling-house2, Highfield place
26077 Vincent JamesWestbourne roaddwelling-houseSkinner lane
successivedwelling-house87, Westbourne road
26078 Voight Ernest OttoBlenheim roaddwelling-house24, Blenheim road

HEATON WARD1, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter W
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
26079 Waddington RichardWestbourne placedwelling-house11, Westbourne place
26080 Wade CockcroftLily streetdwelling-house5, Lily street
26081 Wade HarrisonSilver streetdwelling-house29, Silver street
26082 Wade James BarkerSelborne grovedwelling-house5, Selborne grove
26083 Wade JohnAnvil streetdwelling-house42, Anvil street
26084 Wainman JosephPaul streetdwelling-house7, Paul street
26085 Waite RobertCanary streetdwelling-house24, Canary street
26086 Walbank JosephChurch streetdwelling-houseWoodbank place
successivedwelling-house122, Church street
26087 Walker GeorgeSt. Paul's roaddwelling-house21, St. Paul's road
26088 Walker HenryHeaton roaddwelling-house110, Heaton road
26089 Walker Robert ThorntonSt. Mary's roaddwelling-house71, St. Mary's road
26090 Wallace FredericAshburnham grovedwelling-houseBlenheim mount
successivedwelling-house2, Ashburnham grove
26091 Wallace JamesRose streetdwelling-house26, Rose street
26092 Wallace JohnBishop streetdwelling-house7, Bishop street
26093 Wallace MichaelPark mountdwelling-house23, Park mount
26094 Wallace ThomasLily streetdwelling-house59, Lily street
26095 Waller Thomas WilliamSelbourne villasdwelling-house16, Selbourne villas
26096 Wallings JohnSilver streetdwelling-house15, Silver street
26097 Walton EdwardWestbourne placehouse & shop1, Westbourne place
26098 Walton ThomasWoodbury placedwelling-house9, Woodbury place
26099 Ward JoePaul streetdwelling-house11, Paul street
26100 Ward SimeonBishop streetdwelling-houseLeamington street
successivedwelling-house35, Bishop street
26101 Wardle EdwardWestbourne roaddwelling-house18, Westbourne road
26102 Washington JohnWestbourne roaddwelling-house62, Westbourne road
26103 Waters WilliamWoodbank placedwelling-house2,Woodbank place
26104 Waterson JosephSkinner lanedwelling-house46, Skinner lane
26105 Watson BenjaminAshdowne placedwelling-house10, Ashdowne place
26106 Watson CalebEast Squire lanedwelling-house5, East Squire lane
26107 Watson JamesLily streetdwelling-house31, Lily street
26108 Watson JamesWoodbury placedwelling-house39, Woodbury place
26109 Watson JeremiahChurch streetdwelling-house98, Church street
26110 Watson JohnWestbourne roaddwelling-house14, Westbourne road
26111 Watts GeorgeOak terracedwelling-house36, Oak terrace
26112 Weatherill JamesRose streetdwelling-house37, Rose street
26113 Weber AlbertSt. Paul's roaddwelling-house36, St. Paul's road
26114 West ThomasCowgill streetdwelling-house6, Cowgill street
26115 Whattam RichardSt. Mary's roaddwelling-house68, St. Mary's road
26116 Whincup RichardCanary streetdwelling-house1, Canary street
26117 Whitaker HenryWoodbury placedwelling-houseSpringcliffe street
successivedwelling-house33, Woodbury place
26118 White ClarkHeaton roaddwelling-houseHeaton road
26119 White GeorgeHeaton roaddwelling-house122, Heaton road
26120 White Herbert WilliamOak terracedwelling-house34, Oak terrace
26121 White JohnCarlisle roaddwelling-house68, Carlisle road
26122 White JohnChurch streetdwelling-house116, Church street
26123 White Jonas PearsonPark View terracedwelling-house4, Park View terrace
26124 White JosephHeaton roaddwelling-house10, Heaton road
26125 White ThomasWoodbury roaddwelling-house44, Woodbury road
26126 Whitehead EdwardWestbourne roaddwelling-house45, Westbourne road
26127 Whitehead Frederick WentworthLeamington streetdwelling-house27, Leamington street
26128 Whitehead Thomas RochesterSelbourne villasdwelling-house13, Selbourne villas
26129 Whiteley AlfredLeamington streetdwelling-housePriestman terrace
successivedwelling-house31, Leamington street
26130 Widdop WilliamAnvil streetdwelling-house20, Anvil street
26131 Widdop WilliamCarlisle roadhouse & shop116, Carlisle road
26132 Wigglesworth JohnTemple streetdwelling-house28, Temple street
26133 Wigglesworth ThomasWestbourne roaddwelling-houseFarfield street
successivedwelling-house32, Westbourne road
26134 Wilcock EllisRose streetdwelling-house16, Rose street
26135 Wild Charles HenryHighfielddwelling-house10, Highfield
26136 Wildt HermannDevonshire terracedwelling-houseSt. Paul's road
successivedwelling-house3, Devonshire terrace
26137 Wilkinson AlfredCarlisle roadhouse & shop60, Carlisle road
26138 Wilkinson GeorgeAthol roaddwelling-houseBishop street
successivedwelling-houseAthol road
26139 Wilkinson GeorgeLily streetdwelling-house37, Lily street
26140 Wilkinson John SamuelCarlisle streetdwelling-house4, Carlisle street
26141 Wilkinson ThomasBavaria placedwelling-house18, Bavaria place
26142 Wilkinson ThomasCarlisle roadhouse & shop54, Carlisle road
26143 Wilkinson ThomasLily streetdwelling-house20, Lily street
26144 Wilkinson WilliamChurch streethouse & shop38, Church street
26145 Wilkinson WilliamLily streetdwelling-house52, Lily street
26146 Wilkinson WilliamLily streetdwelling-house16, Lily street
26147 Willans JamesSilver streetdwelling-house5, Silver street
26148 Williams John EdwardWoodbury placedwelling-houseChassum street
successivedwelling-house31, Woodbury place
26149 Williamson John EyreBlenheim roaddwelling-house26, Blenheim road
26150 Williamson Thomas AtkinsonSt. Mary's roaddwelling-house61, St. Mary's road
26151 Wilson HenryBuxton streetdwelling-house15, Buxton street
26152 Wilson JamesOak lanedwelling-houseAnvil street
successivedwelling-houseAnvil street
successivedwelling-houseOak lane
26153 Wilson JamesRose streetdwelling-houseWest Butterfield row
successivedwelling-house6, Rose street
26154 Wilson JamesWoodbury roaddwelling-houseSpringcliffe street
successivedwelling-house57, Woodbury road
26155 Wilson RobertChurch streetdwelling-house105, Church street
26156 Wilson ThomasSt. Paul's roaddwelling-house20, St. Paul's road
26157 Wilson WardCarlisle streetdwelling-house59, Carlisle street
26158 Wilson WilliamWestbourne placedwelling-house19, Westbourne place
26159 Winkcup WilliamHeaton roaddwelling-house40, Heaton road
26160 Winter WilliamDevonshire terracedwelling-house7, Devonshire terrace
26161 Winterburn ThomasWoodbank placedwelling-house15, Woodbank place
26162 Wood AlfredTemple streetdwelling-houseTemple street
successivedwelling-house32, Temple street
26163 Wood ArthurEast Squire lanedwelling-house1, East Squire lane
26164 Wood DavidVictor streetdwelling-houseWaterside farm
successivedwelling-house9, Victor street
26165 Wood EdwardCarlisle streetdwelling-house47, Carlisle street
26166 Wood JamesNorth Park roaddwelling-house22, New Ashfield
successivedwelling-house17, North Park road
26167 Wood MosesWoodbury roaddwelling-house25, Woodbury road
26168 Wood Nicholas JohnChurch streetdwelling-house47, Church street
26169 Woodcock Charles VareyAthol roaddwelling-house1, Athol road
26170 Woodhead RileyAnvil streetdwelling-house17, Anvil street
26171 Woodliffe Charles EdwinFern terracehouse & shop20, Fern terrace
26172 Woolley ThomasWestbourne roaddwelling-house37 Westbourne road
26173 Wordsworth JohnBlenheim mountdwelling-house3, Blenheim mount
26174 Wright JohnWoodbury roaddwelling-house35, Woodbury road
26175 Wright JohnVictor roaddwelling-house70, Victor road
26176 Wright JosephAnvil streetdwelling-house41, Anvil street
26177 Wright Nathan WilmanWelbury drivedwelling-house5, Welbury drive
26178 Wright RobertAnvil streetdwelling-house9, Anvil street
26179 Wright Robert ClaudeAthol roaddwelling-house39, Athol road
26180 Wynne Rev. EdwardMarlborough roaddwelling-house2A, Marlborough road

HEATON WARD1, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter Y
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
26181 Yeadon JohnChurch streetdwelling-houseChurch street
26182 Yewdall William HenryPark mountdwelling-house13, Park mount
26183 Young AndrewVictor streetdwelling-houseBuxton street
successivedwelling-house7, Victor street
26184 Younghusband Frank PinderAthol roaddwelling-house43, Athol road

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