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Help and advice for BRADFORD: Bradford Parliamentary Register 1883, HEATON WARD2.

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BRADFORD: Bradford Parliamentary Register 1883, HEATON WARD2.


Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
26194 Abbott JohnBeamsley streetdwelling-house180, Beamsley street
26195 Ackroyd WilliamSilk streetdwelling-house57, Silk street
26196 Akeroyd JohnMannheim roaddwelling-houseThorn street
successivedwelling-house45, Mannheim road
26197 Allchurch JamesSilk streetdwelling-houseSilk street
successivedwelling-house64, Silk street
26198 Allerton AquilaBeamsley streetdwelling-house150, Beamsley street
26199 Allerton Edwin ListerMorningsidedwelling-house24, Morningside
26200 Ambler ThomasBeamsley roaddwelling-house47, Beamsley road
26201 Amos JonasLilycroft roaddwelling-houseLilycroft road
26202 Andrews HenryBeamsley streetdwelling-house138, Beamsley street
26203 Andrews MichaelChassum streetdwelling-house162, Chassum street
26204 Armitage JosephChassum streetdwelling-house26, Chassum street
26205 Ashworth BartholomewBeamsley roadhouse & shop49, Beamsley road
26206 Aspinall George TattersallLilycroft roaddwelling-house23, Lilycroft road
26207 Atherton RobertFarfield streetdwelling-house186, Farfield street
26208 Atkinson JohnMorningsidehouse & shop1, Morningside
26209 Atkinson RichardSpringcliffe streetdwelling-house3, Springcliffe street
26210 Atkinson StephenMannheim roaddwelling-house23, Mannheim road
26211 Atkinson WilliamSilk streetdwelling-houseSilk street
successivedwelling-house79, Silk street
26212 Aykroyd AlfredOakwood villasdwelling-houseOakwood villas, Toller lane
26213 Aykroyd JosephChassum streetdwelling-houseWilson square
successivedwelling-house113, Chassum street
successivedwelling-house72, Chassum street

HEATON WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter B
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
26214 Backhouse JamesFarfield streetdwelling-houseFarfield street
successivedwelling-house156, Farfield street
26215 Balmforth FrankBeamsley roaddwelling-house9, Beamsley road
26216 Barber CharlesChassum streetdwelling-house58, Chassum street
26217 Barber JohnChassum streetdwelling-house158, Chassum street
26218 Barber WilliamBeamsley streetdwelling-house158, Beamsley street
26219 Barker RobinsonHome View terracedwelling-house21, Home View terrace
26220 Barnes EphraimBeamsley streetdwelling-house123, Beamsley street
26221 Barr RichardFarfield streetdwelling-house158, Farfield street
26222 Barrett EsauBeamsley streetdwelling-house119, Beamsley street
26223 Bartlett JohnMannheim roaddwelling-houseSt. Leonard's road
successivedwelling-house43, Mannheim road
26224 Bastow JosephSpringcliffe streetdwelling-house23, Springcliffe street
26225 Bastow ThomasSpringcliffe streetdwelling-house34, Springcliffe street
26226 Bateman ThomasSpringcliffe streetdwelling-house42, Springcliffe street
26227 Batty JohnLilycroft roaddwelling-house70, Lilycroft road
26228 Beecroft JamesSilk streetdwelling-house1, Silk street
26229 Beeston JosephBeamsley roaddwelling-houseSilk street
successivedwelling-house21, Beamsley road
26230 Bell StephenLilycroft roadhouse & shop82, Lilycroft road
26231 Benn JamesSpring cliffedwelling-house28, Spring cliffe
26232 Bentley GreenwoodMannheim roaddwelling-house11, Mannheim road
26233 Berry CharlesBeamsley roaddwelling-houseTemple street
successivedwelling-house51, Beamsley road
26234 Boothroyd JosephSilk streetdwelling-house27, Silk street
26235 Bower JohnFarfield streetdwelling-house148, Farfield street
26236 Bradford WilliamLilycroft roadhouse & shop25, Lilycroft road
26237 Brammer WilliamBeamsley streetdwelling-house39 Beamsley street
26238 Bridle JohnBeamsley streetdwelling-house108, Beamsley street
26239 Briggs JohnSilk streetdwelling-house106, Silk street
26240 Broadbent WilliamBeamsley streetdwelling-houseFarfield street
successivedwelling-house75, Beamsley street
26241 Broadhead SamuelMannheim roaddwelling-houseMiddleton street
successivedwelling-house29, Mannheim road
26242 Broadley ThomasBeamsley streetdwelling-house94, Beamsley street
26243 Broderick ArthurSilk streetdwelling-house66, Silk street
26244 Broderick WilliamChassum streetdwelling-houseSilk street
successivedwelling-house120, Chassum street
26245 Brookes Benjamin BrookeMannheim roaddwelling-houseFairbank road
successivedwelling-house27, Mannheim road
26246 Brooksbank JohnSpring cliffedwelling-house12a, Spring cliffe
26247 Broomhead AbramBeamsley streetdwelling-houseBeamsley street
successivedwelling-house163, Beamsley street
26248 Broughton TomHome View terracedwelling-house7, Home View terrace
26249 Brown RichardSpringcliffe streetdwelling-house6 Springcliffe street
26250 Burns WilliamBeamsley streetdwelling-houseRegent street
successivedwelling-house12, Beamsley street
26251 Burton AbsalomChassum streetdwelling-houseChassum street
successivedwelling-house168, Chassum street
26252 Burton DavidChassum streetdwelling-house70, Chassum street
26253 Burton RobertChassum streetdwelling-house56, Chassum street
26254 Burton WilliamBeamsley streetdwelling-house30, Beamsley street
26255 Busfield JoshuaFarfield streetdwelling-house172, Farfield street

HEATON WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter C
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
26256 Cain EdmundFarcliffe placedwelling-house17, Farcliffe place
26257 Calvert GeorgeHome View terracedwelling-house10, Home View terrace
26258 Campbell JamesPatent streetdwelling-house36, Patent street
26259 Carter JamesLilycroft roaddwelling-house & shop15, Lilycroft road
26260 Carter JohnSpringcliffe streetdwelling-house19, Springcliffe street
26261 Cheeseborough LeonardTradesmen's Homedwelling-house8, Tradesmen's Home
26262 Clarey PatrickBeamsley streetdwelling-houseBeamsley street
successivedwelling-house32, Beamsley street
26263 Claridge WilliamFairfield roaddwelling-house16, Fairfield road
26264 Clark Henry WilliamLilycroft roaddwelling-houseLilycroft road
26265 Clark JamesChassum streetdwelling-houseBeamsley street
successivedwelling-house60, Chassum street
26266 Clarkson WilliamChassum streetdwelling-house27, Chassum street
26267 Clough JohnFarfield streetdwelling-house184, Farfield street
26268 Cockcroft RichardChassum streethouse & shop78, Chassum street
26269 Cockshott VicarsLilycroft roaddwelling-house56, Lilycroft road
26270 Coe James WilliamChassum streetdwelling-houseChassum street
successivedwelling-house125, Chassum street
26271 Collinson GeorgeBeamsley streetdwelling-house114, Beamsley street
26272 Conlan MichaelBeamsley streetdwelling-house57, Beamsley street
26273 Cononley MichaelChassum streetdwelling-house161, Chassum street
26274 Conroy RobertChassum streetdwelling-houseBeamsley street
successivedwelling-house76, Chassum street
26275 Cook Henry PriorFarfield streetdwelling-houseMiddleton street
successivedwelling-house2, Ashwell street
successivedwelling-house124, Farfield street
26276 Cook William PearceMannheim roaddwelling-houseSouth parade
successivedwelling-house47, Mannheim road
26277 Cooper FrancisChassum streetdwelling-house74, Chassum street
26278 Cooper RichardChassum streetdwelling-house190, Chassum street
26279 Cooper ThomasFarfield streetdwelling-houseFarfield street
successivedwelling-house138, Farfield street
26280 Cordingley AndrewChassum streetdwelling-houseSilk street
successivedwelling-house85, Chassum street
26281 Coulson JohnBeamsley streetdwelling-house95, Beamsley street
26282 Cousen WilliamHome View terracedwelling-house19, Home View terrace
26283 Cox CharlesMorningsidedwelling-house11, Morningside
26284 Crabtree JosephChassum streetdwelling-house133, Chassum street
26285 Craven IsaiahLilycroft roadhouse & shop96, Lilycroft road
26286 Craven JonasSpring cliffedwelling-house23, Spring cliffe
26287 Creek EdwardBeamsley roaddwelling-houseWestbourne road
successivedwelling-house53, Beamsley road
26288 Creer PhilipChassum streetdwelling-house19, Chassum street
26289 Crigleton RobertSilk streetdwelling-house63, Silk street
26290 Crook JosephSilk streetdwelling-house93, Silk street
26291 Crowther DanielBeamsley streethouse & shop67, Beamsley street
26292 Crowther GeorgeLilycroft roaddwelling-house37, Lilycroft road
26293 Crowther JamesSpringcliffe streetdwelling-house35, Springcliffe street
26294 Crowther JohnLilycroft roaddwelling-house66, Lilycroft road
26295 Crowther JohnLilycroft roaddwelling-house86, Lilycroft road
26296 Cryer JohnChassum streetdwelling-houseChassum street
successivedwelling-house139, Chassum street
26297 Cullam JohnBeamsley streetdwelling-house182, Beamsley street
26298 Cullam RichardBeamsley streetdwelling-house59, Beamsley street
26299 Cullan JamesBeamsley streetdwelling-house89, Beamsley street

HEATON WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter D
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
26300 Daggett JohnSilk streethouse & shop37, Silk street
26301 Dalton RichardMannheim roaddwelling-houseChassum street
successivedwelling-house33, Mannheim road
26302 Davis JohnSpring cliffedwelling-house27, Spring cliffe
26303 Dawson Ralph RobinsonFarcliffe placedwelling-house1, Farcliffe place
26304 Dean JosephLilycroft roaddwelling-house44, Lilycroft road
26305 Denby WilliamSpringcliffe streetdwelling-house38, Springcliffe street
26306 Dennison William Henry BanksSpringcliffe streetdwelling-house31, Springcliffe street
26307 Desdon JohnFarfield streetdwelling-house180, Farfield street
26308 Dickinson BenjaminFarfield streetdwelling-house76, Farfield street
26309 Disney ThomasSilk streetdwelling-house36, Silk street
26310 Dixon GreenwoodChassum streetdwelling-house83, Chassum street
26311 Donoghue HenryBeamsley streetdwelling-houseBeamsley street
successivedwelling-house18, Beamsley street
26312 Donough JamesBeamsley streetdwelling-houseBeamsley street
successivedwelling-house20, Beamsley street
26313 Donough JohnBeamsley streetdwelling-house51, Beamsley street
26314 Douglas RichardBeamsley streetdwelling-house122, Beamsley street
26315 Dresdor WilliamBeamsley streetdwelling-house157, Beamsley street
26316 Driver AlbertChassum streetdwelling-houseChassum street
successivedwelling-house123, Chassum street
26317 Drummond JohnFarcliffe roaddwelling-house4, Farcliffe road
26318 Duckworth JohnBeamsley streetdwelling-house62, Beamsley street
26319 Duckworth RichardChassum streetdwelling-house134, Chassum street
26320 Duff AlexanderChassum streetdwelling-house166, Chassum street
26321 Dunn AndrewBeamsley streetdwelling-houseSilk street
successivedwelling-house66, Beamsley street
26322 Dunn FrancisBeamsley streetdwelling-house6, Beamsley street
26323 Dunn JamesChassum streetdwelling-house65, Chassum street
26324 Dunn JohnChassum streetdwelling-house44, Chassum street
26325 Dustan WilliamSilk streetdwelling-house69, Silk street

HEATON WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter E
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
26326 Earnshaw JohnChassum streetdwelling-house129, Chassum street
26327 Edwards JamesSpringcliffe streetdwelling-houseCarlisle road
successivedwelling-house15, Springcliffe street
26328 Elliott RobertFarfield streetdwelling-house150, Farfield street
26329 Euerby ArthurLilycroft roadhouse & shop27, Lilycroft road

HEATON WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter F
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
26330 Farrar JeremiahSilk streetdwelling-house48, Silk street
26331 Farrar Thomas EdwinSpringcliffe streetdwelling-house21, Springcliffe street
26332 Fawcett IsaacLilycroft roaddwelling-houseLilycroft road
26333 Fearnley RandolphMannheim roaddwelling-house7, Mannheim road
26334 Firth JamesChassum streetdwelling-house127, Chassum street
26335 Firth JohnMannheim roaddwelling-houseFairbank road
successivedwelling-house41, Mannheim road
26336 Firth MichaelSpringcliffe streetdwelling-house24, Springcliffe street
26337 Fishwick HenryChassum streetdwelling-house88, Chassum street
26338 Fishwick WilliamChassum streetdwelling-house82, Chassum street
26339 Fisk Francis GeorgeLilycroft roaddwelling-house68, Lilycroft road
26340 Fitzpatrick JamesLilycroft roaddwelling-house90, Lilycroft road
26341 Foggarty MichaelPatent streetdwelling-houseBeamsley street
successivedwelling-house48, Patent street
26342 Forbes MarkhamChassum streetdwelling-house105, Chassum street
26343 Foster HartleyBeamsley streetdwelling-houseBeamsley street
successivedwelling-house161, Beamsley street
26344 Foster JonathanSpringcliffe streetdwelling-house5, Springcliffe street
26345 Frankland WilliamTradesmen's Homedwelling-house38, Tradesmen's Home
26346 Franklin William DavyBeamsley streetdwelling-house156, Beamsley street
26347 Fuller EdwardChassum streetdwelling-house117, Chassum street
26348 Fuller JohnBeamsley streetdwelling-house131, Beamsley street
26349 Furby RichardSilk streetdwelling-house83, Silk street

HEATON WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter G
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
26350 Gallimore WilliamChassum streetdwelling-house136, Chassum street
26351 Geraghty ThomasBeamsley streetdwelling-house64, Beamsley street
26352 Gillespie AndrewFarfield streetdwelling-houseClayton square
successivedwelling-house72, Farfield street
26353 Goldthorpe JosephChassum streetdwelling-house153, Chassum street
26354 Grady JohnSilk streetdwelling-house19, Silk street
26355 Grainge AlfredChassum streetdwelling-house167, Chassum street
26356 Green EdwardChassum streetdwelling-house68, Chassum street
26357 Green RobertFarfield streetdwelling-house116, Farfield street
26358 Greenwood AbrahamFarfield streetdwelling-houseGirlington road
successivedwelling-house132, Farfield street
26359 Greenwood HenryLilycroft roaddwelling-house54, Lilycroft road
26360 Greenwood JamesHome View terracedwelling-house28, Home View terrace
26361 Greenwood JohnChassum streetdwelling-houseSilver street
successivedwelling-house112, Chassum street
26362 Greenwood MosesBeamsley roaddwelling-houseBeamsley street
successivedwelling-house13, Beamsley road
26363 Greenwood MosesSpringcliffe streetdwelling-house44, Springcliffe street
26364 Greenwood SamuelSilk streetdwelling-house49, Silk street
26365 Greenwood ThomasCliffe villasdwelling-house1, Cliffe villas
26366 Greenwood ThomasLilycroft roaddwelling-houseChassum street
successivehouse & shop13, Lilycroft road
26367 Griffin Alfred JohnChassum streetdwelling-house161, Chassum street
26368 Griffiths EdwardBeamsley streetdwelling-house147, Beamsley street

HEATON WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter H
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
26369 Haigh GeorgeFarfield streetdwelling-house168, Farfield street
26370 Haigh JohnSilk streetdwelling-houseChassum street
successivedwelling-houseSilk street
successivedwelling-house44, Silk street
26371 Hainsworth JonasChassum streetdwelling-house41, Chassum street
26372 Haley SimeonBeamsley streetdwelling-house160, Beamsley street
26373 Hall JohnChassum streetdwelling-house188, Chassum street
26374 Hall TitusSpring cliffedwelling-house18, Spring cliffe
26375 Hall WilkinsonBeamsley streetdwelling-houseTemple street
successivedwelling-house70, Beamsley street
26376 Hammond HenryBeamsley streetdwelling-house44, Beamsley street
26377 Hanson Charles EdwardSpring cliffedwelling-house9, Spring cliffe
26378 Hanson HenrySpringcliffe streetdwelling-house53, Springcliffe street
26379 Hanson WilliamSpringcliffe streetdwelling-house4, Springcliffe street
26380 Hardwick JohnFarfield streetdwelling-house118, Farfield street
26381 Hardy WilliamChassum streetdwelling-houseWashington street
successivedwelling-house94, Chassum street
26382 Harrison RobertSilk streetdwelling-houseChassum street
successivedwelling-house25, Silk street
26383 Harrison StephenBeamsley roaddwelling-house43, Beamsley road
26384 Harrop JamesMorningsidedwelling-house18, Morningside
26385 Hartley Alfred WardMorningsidedwelling-house21, Morningside
26386 Hartley WilliamSpringcliffe streetdwelling-house11, Springcliffe street
26387 Hartop JosephChassum streetdwelling-house15, Chassum street
26388 Hasney ThomasBeamsley streetdwelling-house41, Beamsley street
26389 Hasney WilliamBeamsley streetdwelling-house8, Beamsley street
26390 Hayward ThomasFairfield roaddwelling-house38, Fairfield road
26391 Heed JohnLilycroft roaddwelling-house46, Lilycroft road
26392 Heinzman JohnLilycroft roaddwelling-house & shopLilycroft road
successivedwelling-house & shop80, Lilycroft road
26393 Herbst EdwardFairfield roaddwelling-house12, Fairfield road
26394 Heydon EdwardHome View terracedwelling-houseHome View terrace
successivedwelling-house3, Home View terrace
26395 Heydon WilliamChassum streetdwelling-houseChassum street
successivedwelling-house50, Chassum street
26396 Hill JohnOakwood villasdwelling-houseApsley crescent
successivedwelling-houseOakwood villas, Toller lane
26397 Hill John ThomasChassum streetdwelling-house62, Chassum street
26398 Hill WilliamSilk streetdwelling-houseGirlington road
successivedwelling-house92, Silk street
26399 Hindle CharlesSpring cliffedwelling-house16, Spring cliffe
26400 Hindle John HenryChassum streetdwelling-house86 Chassum street
26401 Hindle ThomasSpring cliffedwelling-houseSalt street
successivedwelling-house20, Spring cliffe
26402 Hirst SamuelBeamsley streetdwelling-house103, Beamsley street
26403 Hoddinott JamesBeamsley roaddwelling-house45, Beamsley road
26404 Holborn JohnBeamsley streetdwelling-house101, Beamsley street
26405 Holdsworth Thomas WrightMannheim roaddwelling-house21, Mannheim road
26406 Holdsworth WilliamHome View terracedwelling-house9, Home View terrace
26407 Holgate WilliamBeamsley streetdwelling-house79, Beamsley street
26408 Holmes JamesSpring cliffedwelling-house30, Spring cliffe
26409 Holmes JohnFairfield roaddwelling-house17, Fairfield road
26410 Holt JohnBeamsley streetdwelling-house49, Beamsley street
26411 Hopwood MatthewBeamsley streetdwelling-house149, Beamsley street
26412 Horner WilliamLilycroft roaddwelling-house42, Lilycroft road
26413 Horsfield FairbankSilk streetdwelling-house31, Silk street
26414 Hoyle GeorgeChassum streetdwelling-houseSkinner lane
successivedwelling-house163, Chassum street
26415 Hudson SamuelChassum streetdwelling-houseSilk street
successivedwelling-house93, Chassum street
26416 Hudson WilliamSilk streetdwelling-house38A, Silk street
26417 Hughes John WilliamChassum streetdwelling-house40, Chassum street
26418 Hurd AlbertFairfield streetdwelling-house86, Fairfield street
26419 Hutchinson HenryChassum streetdwelling-house66, Chassum street

HEATON WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter I
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
26420 Ingham William HenryFarcliffe roaddwelling-house6, Farcliffe road

HEATON WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter J
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
26421 Jackson JohnChassum streetdwelling-house100, Chassum street
26422 Jenkins EdwinMannheim roaddwelling-houseSouth parade
successivedwelling-house35, Mannheim road
26423 Jolley SamuelChassum streetdwelling-house124, Chassum street
26424 Jones JamesHome View terracedwelling-house30, Home View terrace
26425 Jowett EdmundSpringcliffe streetdwelling-house12, Springcliffe street
26426 Jowett JoshuaFarfield streetdwelling-house164, Farfield street
26427 Jowett WilliamMannheim roaddwelling-houseProspect place
successivedwelling-house49, Mannheim road

HEATON WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter K
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
26428 Kay JohnLily mountdwelling-houseOak lane
successivedwelling-houseLily mount
26429 Keeton WilliamFarfield streetdwelling-house78, Farfield street
26430 Keighley ArthurSpringcliffe streetdwelling-house56, Springcliffe street
26431 Keighley WilliamUpper globedwelling-house46, Upper globe
26432 Kelly MichaelBeamsley streetdwelling-house58, Beamsley street
26433 Kelly PearsonMorningsidedwelling-house16, Harris street
successivedwelling-house18, Bateman street
successivedwelling-house13, Morningside
26434 Kelly ThomasSilk streetdwelling-houseSilk street
successivedwelling-houseBeamsley street
successivedwelling-house4, Silk street
26435 Kemp JamesSilk streetdwelling-houseFour lane ends
successivedwelling-house17, Silk street
26436 Kirkham ThomasLilycroftdwelling-houseLilycroft
26437 Kitchen JohnSpring cliffedwelling-house33, Spring cliffe
26438 Knight George JamesFarcliffe placedwelling-house2, Farcliffe place
26439 Knowles JohnSilk streetdwelling-house51, Silk street

HEATON WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter L
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
26440 Lambert ThomasSpringcliffe streetdwelling-house27, Springcliffe street
26441 Land EdwardChassum streetdwelling-house17 Chassum street
26442 Lansbury EdwardChassum streetdwelling-house92, Chassum street
26443 Leach ArmitageSpringcliffe streetdwelling-house13, Springcliffe street
26444 Lee John BroadleySpring cliffedwelling-house14, Spring cliffe
26445 Lee PhilipLilycroft roaddwelling-house94, Lilycroft road
26446 Lee RobertBeamsley streetdwelling-house171, Beamsley street
26447 Leming MatthewSilk streetdwelling-house21, Silk street
26448 Lincey James HenryFarcliffe terracedwelling-house17, Farcliffe terrace
26449 Lister Samuel CunliffeBradfordwarehouseHeaton road
26450 Lochore JohnFairfield roaddwelling-house9, Fairfield road
26451 Lockwood MatthewLilycroft roaddwelling-houseSilver street
successivedwelling-house72, Lilycroft road
26452 Logan WilliamBeamsley streetdwelling-houseBeamsley street
successivedwelling-house22, Beamsley street
26453 Lomas Frederick JohnHome View terracedwelling-house13, Home View terrace
26454 Lomas JohnBeamsley streetdwelling-house9, Beamsley street
26455 Long Arthur BarrettFarfield streetdwelling-house12-, Farfield street
26456 Long CharlesFarcliffe roadhouse & shopLilycroft road
successivedwelling-house26, Farcliffe road
26457 Longbottom ChristopherFairfield roaddwelling-house32, Fairfield road
26458 Longbottom RobertBeamsley streetdwelling-house53, Beamsley street
26459 Longthorne JosephBeamsley streetdwelling-house77, Beamsley street

HEATON WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter M
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
26460 Mallinson Joe ThorntonMannheim roaddwelling-house19, Mannheim road
26461 Mallinson JosephPatent streetdwelling-house4, Patent street
26462 Mallinson ThomasSilk streetdwelling-house114, Silk street
26463 Mann James EdwardLilycroft roadhouse & shop31, Lilycroft road
26464 Manning JohnBeamsley streetdwelling-house68, Beamsley street
26465 Mansfield JosephFairfield roaddwelling-house26, Fairfield road
26466 Marchbank LouisFarcliffe placedwelling-house3, Farcliffe place
26467 Marriott GeorgeChassum streetdwelling-house84, Chassum street
26468 Marsland SamuelCliffe villasdwelling-house17, Cliffe villas
26469 Mathers RobertBeamsley streetdwelling-house153, Beamsley street
26470 Maw GeorgeFarcliffe placedwelling-house19, Farcliffe place
26471 McCarthy CharlesSilk streetdwelling-houseBeamsley street
successivedwelling-house48A, Silk street
26472 McCoates JamesSilk streetdwelling-house84, Silk street
26473 McDonnald JohnHome View terracedwelling-house23, Home View terrace
26474 McGuinness RichardBeamsley streetdwelling-house115, Beamsley street
26475 McNally MartinBeamsley streetdwelling-house50, Beamsley street
26476 Medley ThomasMorningsidedwelling-house2, Morningside
26477 Mellan JohnSilk streetdwelling-house43, Silk street
26478 Metcalfe ThomasSilk streetdwelling-house74, Silk street
26479 Midgley JamesMannheim roaddwelling-house15, Mannheim road
26480 Miles JohnBeamsley streetdwelling-house13, Beamsley street
26481 Miller JohnSpringcliffe streetdwelling-houseGirlington road
successivedwelling-house22, Springcliffe street
26482 Milnes EliFarcliffedwelling-houseToller lane
26483 Minikin WilliamSpringcliffe streetdwelling-house50, Springcliffe street
26484 Mirfield John JamesSpringcliffe streetdwelling-house37, Springcliffe street
26485 Mitchell CharlesChassum streetdwelling-house108, Chassum street
26486 Mitchell JohnChassum streetdwelling-house63, Chassum street
26487 Mitchell JosephSpringcliffe streetdwelling-houseSpringcliffe street
successivedwelling-house45, Springcliffe street
26488 Mitchell RufusWestfield housedwelling-houseWestfield house, Toller lane
26489 Mitchell SamuelBeamsley streetdwelling-house132, Beamsley street
26490 Mooney WilliamBeamsley streetdwelling-house169, Beamsley street
26491 Moore AbrahamSilk streetdwelling-house70, Silk street
26492 Moore JohnPatent streetdwelling-house52, Patent street
26493 Moorhouse George HenryCliffe villasdwelling-house3, Cliffe villas
26494 Morgan John ArchibaldChassum streetdwelling-houseChassum street
successivedwelling-house178, Chassum street
26495 Morrell AlbertChassum streetdwelling-house141, Chassum street
26496 Morrell ThomasPatent streetdwelling-house42, Patent street
26497 Morrell WilliamChassum streetdwelling-house122, Chassum street
26498 Mortimer BenjaminMorningsidedwelling-houseAnvil street
successivedwelling-house25, Morningside
26499 Mortimer JamesChassum streetdwelling-houseChassum street
successivedwelling-house142, Chassum street
26500 Mortimer JamesSpringcliffe streetdwelling-house18, Springcliffe street
26501 Morton JohnTradesmen's Homedwelling-house13, Tradesmen's Home
26502 Mountain JobSpringcliffe streetdwelling-house25, Springcliffe street
26503 Muff JohnPatent streetdwelling-house12, Patent street

HEATON WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter N
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
26504 Naylor JohnFarfield streetdwelling-house160, Farfield street
26505 Newboult Frederick William TaylorFairfield roaddwelling-house14, Fairfield road
26506 Newell EdwardSilk streetdwelling-house116, Silk street
26507 Newsome Henry KayMannheim roaddwelling-house17, Mannheim road
26508 Nicholson ThomasSilk streetdwelling-house24, Silk street
26509 Norfolk WrightChassum streetdwelling-house174, Chassum street
26510 Normington JohnSpringcliffe streethouse & shop2, Springcliffe street
26511 Norris ThomasChassum streetdwelling-house140, Chassum street
26512 Northrop LeviChassum streetdwelling-house71, Chassum street

HEATON WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter O
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
26513 Oates John FrancisFairfield roaddwelling-house28, Fairfield road
26514 Ogden JasperBeamsley streetdwelling-houseChassum street
successivedwelling-houseVictor street
successivedwelling-house140, Beamsley street
26515 Ogden JonathanSilk streetdwelling-house73, Silk street
26516 O'Sullivan TimothyMorningsidedwelling-house20, Morningside

HEATON WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter P
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
26517 Paley JohnSpringcliffe streetdwelling-house29, Springcliffe street
26518 Parker JamesFairfield roaddwelling-house20, Fairfield road
26519 Parkins WilliamChassum streetdwelling-house103, Chassum street
26520 Parkinson EdwardSpringcliffe streetdwelling-house8, Springcliffe street
26521 Parkinson John ClaytonSilk streetdwelling-house110, Silk street
26522 Parkinson RobertWest viewdwelling-houseWest view, Lilycroft road
26523 Parry CharlesHome View terracedwelling-house11, Home View terrace
26524 Pearce JohnBeamsley streetdwelling-house112, Beamsley street
26525 Pearson BenjaminBeamsley roaddwelling-houseFarfield street
successivedwelling-house19, Beamsley road
26526 Pearson EliasFarfield streetdwelling-house124, Farfield street
26527 Pearson JohnFarfield streetdwelling-house114, Farfield street
26528 Pell ChristopherChassum streetdwelling-house131, Chassum street
26529 Perkins Rev. James EdwardFarcliffe roaddwelling-house2, Farcliffe road
26530 Petty JohnSpringcliffe streetdwelling-house43, Springcliffe street
26531 Phillips JamesHome View terracedwelling-house27, Home View terrace
26532 Pickles EdwardPatent streetdwelling-housePatent street
successivedwelling-house10, Patent street
26533 Pickles JohnChassum streetdwelling-house145, Chassum street
26534 Pickles JohnFarfield streetdwelling-house166, Farfield street
26535 Platt WilliamSpring cliffedwelling-houseCarlisle street
successivedwelling-house5, Spring cliffe
26536 Poole JosephToller lanedwelling-house52, Toller lane
26537 Preston EliSilk streetdwelling-house28, Silk street
26538 Preston RobertBeamsley roaddwelling-house7, Beamsley road
26539 Price HenryLilycroft lanedwelling-house59, Lilycroft lane
26540 Priestman FrederickPierremontdwelling-houseToller lane
26541 Priestman Harry BradyFarcliffe terracedwelling-house15, Farcliffe terrace

HEATON WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter R
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
26542 Raw JohnChassum streetdwelling-house116, Chassum street
26543 Reed AnthonyBeamsley streetdwelling-house98, Beamsley street
26544 Reeves JohnBeamsley streetdwelling-house176, Beamsley street
26545 Reffitt JohnSpring cliffedwelling-house31, Spring cliffe
26546 Regan OwenPatent streetdwelling-house30, Patent street
26547 Renton JamesChassum streetdwelling-house110, Chassum street
26548 Rhodes JamesBeamsley streetdwelling-houseBeamsley street
successivedwelling-house81, Beamsley street
26549 Richards WilliamChassum streetdwelling-houseChassum street
successivedwelling-house114, Chassum street
26550 Richardson JamesChassum streetdwelling-house95, Chassum street
26551 Richmond ThomasBeamsley streetdwelling-house175, Beamsley street
26552 Ridsdale RichardSilk streetdwelling-house12, Silk street
26553 Ridsdale StephenChassum streetdwelling-houseChassum street
successivedwelling-house24, Chassum street
26554 Riley JamesFarcliffe placedwelling-house10, Farcliffe place
26555 Riley PatrickBeamsley streetdwelling-houseSilk street
successivedwelling-house99, Beamsley street
26556 Riley ThomasChassum streetdwelling-house20, Chassum street
26557 Risdon ThomasChassum streetdwelling-house32, Chassum street
26558 Robertshaw JohnSilk streetdwelling-house90, Silk street
26559 Rogers BenjaminBeamsley roaddwelling-house41, Beamsley road
26560 Rollinson RobertBeamsley roaddwelling-house40, Beamsley road
26561 Ross WilliamSilk streetdwelling-house85, Silk street
26562 Rowe ThomasSilk streetdwelling-house47, Silk street
26563 Royle JohnBeamsley streetdwelling-house174, Beamsley street
26564 Rush TimothyBeamsley streetdwelling-house87, Beamsley street

HEATON WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter S
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
26565 Sands RichardChassum streetdwelling-house61, Chassum street
26566 Sargison ThomasLilycroft roaddwelling-houseLilycroft road
26567 Saville JohnLilycroft lanedwelling-houseCliffe villas
successivedwelling-houseLilycroft lane
26568 Schiel WalterFairfield roaddwelling-house36, Fairfield road
26569 Schlesinger AndrewFarcliffe terracedwelling-house1, Farcliffe terrace
26570 Schofield HenrySpringcliffe streetdwelling-houseHome View terrace
successivedwelling-houseWoodbury road
successivedwelling-house40, Springcliffe street
26571 Schofield JosephFarfield streetdwelling-house74, Farfield street
26572 Scott JosephChassum streetdwelling-house135, Chassum street
26573 Scott ThomasChassum streetdwelling-house172, Chassum street
26574 Scrivener CharlesBeamsley streetdwelling-house113, Beamsley street
26575 Senior WilliamChassum streetdwelling-house25, Chassum street
26576 Settle WilliamSpringcliffe streetdwelling-house14, Springcliffe street
26577 Sharp AbramChassum streetdwelling-house149, Chassum street
26578 Sharp Richard SpencerChassum streetdwelling-house45, Chassum street
26579 Shepherd CharlesSilk streetdwelling-house75, Silk street
26580 Shepherd HenrySilk streetdwelling-houseSilk street
successivedwelling-house88, Silk street
26581 Shepherd JohnChassum streetdwelling-houseBeamsley street
successivedwelling-house137, Chassum street
26582 Shepherd John ThomasBeamsley streetdwelling-house165, Beamsley street
26583 Shepherd WilliamBeamsley streetdwelling-houseBeamsley street
successivedwelling-house179, Beamsley street
26584 Shuttleworth JosephPatent streetdwelling-house18, Patent street
26585 Shuttleworth ThomasPatent streetdwelling-house24, Patent street
26586 Simpson SamuelSilk streetdwelling-house11, Silk street
26587 Simpson ThomasBeamsley streetdwelling-house78, Beamsley street
26588 Simpson WilliamHome View terracedwelling-house4, Home View terrace
26589 Slade JosephSilk streetdwelling-house35, Silk street
26590 Slater JohnChassum streetdwelling-house102, Chassum street
26591 Smith AlexanderChassum streetdwelling-house33, Chassum street
26592 Smith AlfredMorningsidedwelling-house3, Morningside
26593 Smith Cyrus WilliamFairfield roaddwelling-house22, Fairfield road
26594 Smith JamesChassum streetdwelling-houseBeamsley street
successivedwelling-house69, Chassum street
26595 Smith JonasSpringcliffe streetdwelling-house32, Springcliffe street
26596 Smith RichardBeamsley roaddwelling-house57, Beamsley road
26597 Smith WilliamBeamsley roaddwelling-house17, Beamsley road
26598 Southall RobertChassum streetdwelling-house59, Chassum street
26599 Sowden WilliamToller lanedwelling-house62, Toller lane
26600 Speight EdwardChassum streetdwelling-house11, Chassum street
26601 Spellman JamesChassum streetdwelling-house73, Chassum street
26602 Spriggs CharlesChassum streetdwelling-house182, Chassum street
26603 Stainthorpe AbrahamBeamsley streetdwelling-house134, Beamsley street
26604 Stead IsaacSilk streetdwelling-house56, Silk street
26605 Stead WilliamPatent streetdwelling-housePatent street
26606 Steel Robert ElliottHeaton roaddwelling-houseBlenheim road
successivedwelling-houseHeaton road
26607 Steel WilliamSilk streetdwelling-house29, Silk street
26608 Stephenson HenryHome View terracedwelling-house26, Home View terrace
26609 Stone HenryChassum streetdwelling-house132, Chassum street
26610 Stone WilliamChassum streetdwelling-house126, Chassum street
26611 Stott Charles AbelBeamsley roaddwelling-house78, Beamsley road
26612 Stott GeorgeBeamsley streetdwelling-house148, Beamsley street
26613 Stott John GeorgeFarcliffe roaddwelling-house16, Farcliffe road
26614 Street JohnChassum streetdwelling-house10, Chassum street
26615 Stubbs John WilliamBeamsley roaddwelling-houseWoodbury place
successivedwelling-house15, Beamsley road
26616 Sugden ThomasSpring cliffedwelling-house21, Spring cliffe
26617 Sullivan MartinBeamsley streetdwelling-house60, Beamsley street
26618 Sunderland JamesChassum streetdwelling-house160, Chassum street
26619 Sunderland WilliamSilk streetdwelling-house55, Silk street
26620 Sutcliffe GeorgeHome View terracedwelling-house24, Home View terrace
26621 Suthers FrederickSilk streetdwelling-house46, Silk street
26622 Sutton JamesSilk streetdwelling-house72, Silk street
26623 Swepson RichardPatent streetdwelling-house22, Patent street
26624 Swithenbank AlfredBeamsley streetdwelling-house7, Beamsley street

HEATON WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter T
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
26625 Talbot MichaelChassum streetdwelling-house170, Chassum street
26626 Taylor AbrahamSilk streetdwelling-house80, Silk street
26627 Taylor AbrahamSilk streetdwelling-houseSilk street
successivedwelling-house45, Silk street
26628 Taylor Alfred HodgsonMannheim roaddwelling-houseCarlisle street
successivedwelling-house37, Mannheim road
26629 Taylor GideonFairfield roaddwelling-house34, Fairfield road
26630 Taylor John CravenMorningsidedwelling-house12, Morningside
26631 Tetley RichardTradesmen's Homedwelling-house23, Tradesmen's Home
26632 Tetley ThomasChassum streetdwelling-house101, Chassum street
26633 Thompson ThomasSilk streetdwelling-house87, Silk street
26634 Thompson WilliamBeamsley streetdwelling-house124, Beamsley street
26635 Thornton WilliamPatent streetdwelling-house28, Patent street
26636 Tillotson SamuelSilk streetdwelling-house68, Silk street
26637 Tomlin MathiasBeamsley streetdwelling-house102, Beamsley street
26638 Tomlin RobertBeamsley streetdwelling-house110, Beamsley street
26639 Townend JohnSpring cliffedwelling-house1, Spring cliffe
26640 Trainor BarnardPatent streethouse & shopBeamsley street
successivehouse & shop132, Patent street
26641 Tremel Ferdinand TheodoreFarcliffe roaddwelling-house8, Farcliffe road
26642 Tunstall DavidSilk streetdwelling-house78, Silk street
26643 Turner WilliamBeamsley streetdwelling-houseBeamsley street
successivedwelling-house178, Beamsley street

HEATON WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter V
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
26644 Varley ThomasMorningsidedwelling-house17, Morningside
26645 Vernon HenryChassum streetdwelling-house144, Chassum street

HEATON WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter W
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
26646 Wade EliSilk streetdwelling-house112, Silk street
26647 Wagg JohnSpringcliffe streetdwelling-house7, Springcliffe street
26648 Walker GeorgeMorningsidedwelling-houseSpring cliffe
successivedwelling-house5, Morningside
26649 Wallwork EdwardFarfield streetdwelling-houseFarfield street
successivedwelling-house140, Farfield street
26650 Wallwork JohnChassum streetdwelling-houseChassum street
successivedwelling-house152, Chassum street
26651 Walsh JohnHome View terracedwelling-house8, Home View terrace
26652 Walton FredHome View terracedwelling-house25, Home View terrace
26653 Walton HenrySilk streetdwelling-houseSilk street
successivedwelling-house53, Silk street
26654 Walton JohnHome View terracedwelling-house22, Home View terrace
26655 Ward GeorgeChassum streetdwelling-house97, Chassum street
26656 Ward JamesHome View terracedwelling-houseTemple street
successivedwelling-house2, Home View terrace
26657 Wass JamesChassum streetdwelling-houseChassum street
successivedwelling-house34, Chassum street
26658 Waterhouse GreenwoodBeamsley streetdwelling-house167, Beamsley street
26659 Webster EliChassum streetdwelling-house107, Chassum street
26660 Webster HenryChassum streetdwelling-house28, Chassum street
26661 Weldon John AlfredBeamsley streetdwelling-house15, Beamsley street
26662 Wellack William HenryMorningsidedwelling-house4, Morningside
26663 Wellock RichardSpringcliffe streethouse & shop1, Springcliffe street
26664 Welsh John RobsonSpring cliffedwelling-house14A, Spring cliffe
26665 Wens WilliamFairfield roaddwelling-house30, Fairfield road
26666 West EdwardToller lanedwelling-houseToller lane
26667 Whitaker HartleyChassum streetdwelling-house119, Chassum street
26668 Whitaker JamesChassum streetdwelling-house96, Chassum street
26669 Whitaker James AlfredSpringcliffe streetdwelling-house47, Springcliffe street
26670 White HezekiahSpringcliffe streetdwelling-house49, Springcliffe street
26671 Whitehead ThomasFarfield streetdwelling-house154, Farfield street
26672 Whiteley John StottChassum streetdwelling-house51, Chassum street
26673 Whitham JamesChassum streetdwelling-houseHeaton road
successivedwelling-houseChassum street
successivedwelling-house115, Chassum street
26674 Whitham JohnLilycroft roaddwelling-house52, Lilycroft road
26675 Whitham ThomasChassum streetdwelling-house121, Chassum street
26676 Whitham WilliamMorningsidedwelling-house16, Morningside
26677 Widdop WilliamFarcliffe placedwelling-house20, Farcliffe place
26678 Wigglesworth FrancisSpringcliffe streetdwelling-house30, Springcliffe street
26679 Wild GeorgeFarcliffe placedwelling-house16, Farcliffe place
26680 Wild JohnBeamsley streetdwelling-house100, Beamsley street
26681 Wilkinson GeorgeFarfield streetdwelling-houseFarfield street
successivedwelling-house80, Farfield street
26682 Wilkinson JamesSilk streetdwelling-house91, Silk street
26683 Wilkinson SamuelFairfield roaddwelling-house10, Fairfield road
26684 Wilkinson SamuelFairfield roaddwelling-house24, Fairfield road
26685 Wilkinson WalterFarfield streetdwelling-house146, Farfield street
26686 Wilkinson WilliamSpringcliffe streetdwelling-house16, Springcliffe street
26687 Wills SamuelChassum streetdwelling-house35, Chassum street
26688 Wilson AbrahamChassum streetdwelling-house165, Chassum street
26689 Wilson HenryBeamsley streetdwelling-house118, Beamsley street
26690 Wood JamesChassum streetdwelling-houseChassum street
successivedwelling-house154, Chassum street
26691 Wood JohnChassum streetdwelling-houseBeamsley street
successivedwelling-house143, Chassum street
26692 Wood JonasFarfield streetdwelling-house92A, Farfield street
26693 Wood ThomasSilk streetdwelling-houseSilk street
successivedwelling-house100, Silk street
26694 Woodend JamesBeamsley streetdwelling-house54, Beamsley street
26695 Woodhead JosephHome View terracedwelling-house15, Home View terrace
26696 Woodhead SamuelSpring cliffedwelling-house11, Spring cliffe
26697 Woodhouse JosephSilk streetdwelling-house18, Silk street
26698 Woolford HenryFarfield streetdwelling-house182, Farfield street
26699 Wormald AbrahamSpring cliffedwelling-house15, Spring cliffe
26700 Wroe WilliamHome View terracedwelling-house6, Home View terrace

HEATON WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter Y
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
26701 Young GeorgeBeamsley streethouse & shop76, Beamsley street
26702 Young JamesMannheim roaddwelling-house5, Mannheim road

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