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BRADFORD: Bradford Parliamentary Register 1883, MANNINGHAM WARD1.


Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
22100 Abbott BenjaminWhitefield placedwelling-house15, Whitefield place
22101 Abbott WilliamIsaac streetdwelling-house33, Isaac street
22102 Ackroyd AlfredWhitefield placedwelling-house59, Whitefield place
22103 Ackroyd EmanuelBinbrook streetdwelling-houseBinbrook street
successivedwelling-house33, Binbrook street
22104 Ackroyd GeorgeCity roaddwelling-houseLower Globe street
successivedwelling-house210, City road
22105 Ackroyd HenryKensington streetdwelling-house57, Kensington street
22106 Ackroyd JamesWeston streetdwelling-house57, Weston street
22107 Ackroyd JeremiahBingley streetdwelling-houseSt. Leonard's road
successivedwelling-house27, Bingley street
22108 Ackroyd JosephSaxon streetdwelling-house41, Saxon street
22109 Ackroyd JosephBinbrook streetdwelling-house77, Binbrook street
22110 Ackroyd WalterKensington streetdwelling-house54, Kensington street
22111 Adcock RobertIsaac streetdwelling-house10, Isaac street
22112 Airey SquireBingley streetdwelling-house65, Bingley street
22113 Albesette Dominic AlbertCity roaddwelling-house208, City road
22114 Aldersley AlfredFour Lane endsdwelling-houseFour Lane ends
successivedwelling-house57, Four Lane ends
22115 Alderson Joseph BarminghamGirlington roaddwelling-house94, Girlington road
22116 Allan WilliamWhitefield placedwelling-house33, Whitefield place
22117 Allen WilliamGirlington roaddwelling-house262, Girlington road
22118 Ambler SamuelGirlington roaddwelling-house280, Girlington road
22119 Ambler ThomasGirlington roaddwelling-house284, Girlington road
22120 Anderson HenryOswald streetdwelling-house59, Oswald street
22121 Anderson JohnOswald streetdwelling-house43, Oswald street
22122 Anderton PearsonGreen rowdwelling-houseGreen row
22123 Appleyard WadsworthLower Globe streetdwelling-house29, Lower Globe street
22124 Ardern RobertWeston streetdwelling-house27, Weston street
22125 Armes WilliamBinbrook streetdwelling-houseAtlas street
successivedwelling-house93, Binbrook street
22126 Armitage AbrahamArthington streetdwelling-house41, Arthington street
22127 Armitage BenjaminIngleby streetdwelling-house126, Ingleby street
22128 Armstead JosephGirlington roaddwelling-houseOswald street
successivedwelling-house56, Girlington road
22129 Arundel JonathanFairbank roaddwelling-house43, Fairbank road
22130 Ashe HornorJarratt streetdwelling-house17, Jarratt street
22131 Ashton HiramAshwell streetdwelling-house10, Ashwell street
22132 Askew WilliamYoung streetdwelling-house45, Young street
22133 Askey RobertOswald streetdwelling-house60, Oswald street
22134 Aspinall FieldingIsles streetdwelling-house11, Isles street
22135 Astin GreenwoodGuardian streetdwelling-houseWhetley grove
successivedwelling-house7, Guardian street
22136 Atkins George EdwardGirlington roaddwelling-house164, Girlington road
22137 Atkinson BenjaminSaxon streetdwelling-house33, Saxon street
22138 Atkinson JonathanMortimer streetdwelling-house47, Mortimer street
22139 Atkinson WilliamHollings roaddwelling-house122, Hollings road
22140 Atwell CharlesRosse streetdwelling-house88, Rosse street
22141 Auty BenjaminIngleby streetdwelling-houseIngleby street
successivedwelling-house26, Ingleby street
22142 Aveyard DemaineWeston streetdwelling-house22, Weston street
22143 Aveyard WilliamWeston streetdwelling-house12, Weston street
22144 Avison BenjaminBingley streetdwelling-house125, Bingley street
22145 Aykroyd AllanBinbrook streetdwelling-house61, Binbrook street
22146 Aykroyd EdwinWoodlands roaddwelling-house22, Woodlands road
22147 Aykroyd JohnKensington streetdwelling-house268A, Kensington street
22148 Aykroyd William EdwardToller lanedwelling-houseToller lane
22149 Ayre IsaacYoung streetdwelling-house87 Young street

MANNINGHAM WARD1, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter B
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
22150 Bailey JamesCemetery roaddwelling-house55, Cemetery road
22151 Bailey John TownsendIngleby streethouse & shop4, Ingleby street
22152 Bairstow LumbyKensington streetdwelling-house225, Kensington street
22153 Baldwin JamesBingley streetdwelling-house36, Bingley street
22154 Baldwin JohnIsles streetdwelling-house96, Isles street
22155 Baldwin William EdwinJarratt streetdwelling-house27, Jarratt street
22156 Bales HenryGirlington roaddwelling-house132, Girlington road
22157 Bales JohnGirlington roaddwelling-house182, Girlington road
22158 Bales WilliamGirlington roaddwelling-house114, Girlington road
22159 Bamber JohnSapling streetdwelling-house22, Sapling street
22160 Bamford RobertGreen rowdwelling-house304, Green row
22161 Banyard GeorgeIngleby roaddwelling-house91, Ingleby road
22162 Barber ThomasYoung streetdwelling-house85, Young street
22163 Barker Francis LedronOakwood streetdwelling-house1, Oakwood street
22164 Barker JohnIngleby streetdwelling-houseIngleby street
successivedwelling-house23, Ingleby street
22165 Barker TheophilusYoung streetdwelling-house3, Young street
22166 Barraclough BenjaminWhite's viewdwelling-house11, White's view
22167 Barraclough ClarkeIsaac streetdwelling-house19, Isaac street
22168 Barrall GeorgeWoodlands roaddwelling-house62, Woodlands road
22169 Barran MarkThornton roaddwelling-house324, Thornton road
22170 Barrans GeorgeBinbrook streetdwelling-houseBinbrook street
successivedwelling-house71, Binbrook street
22171 Barrett StephenOakwood streetdwelling-houseOakwood street
successivedwelling-house8, Oakwood street
22172 Barrow ThomasFour lane endsdwelling-house9, Four lane ends
22173 Bartle WilliamFairbank roaddwelling-house30, Fairbank road
22174 Bashforth CharlesHollings terracedwelling-houseNewport road
successivedwelling-house19, Hollings terrace
22175 Bastow HerbertLower Globe streetdwelling-house4, Lower Globe street
22176 Bateman GeorgeFour lane endsdwelling-house101, Four lane ends
22177 Bates MartinIngleby streetdwelling-house163, Ingleby street
22178 Baxter EliBingley streetdwelling-house64, Bingley street
22179 Baxter JohnWhitefield placedwelling-houseSt. Leonard's road
successivedwelling-house45, Whitefield place
22180 Baxter MawsonWoodlands roaddwelling-house15, Woodlands road
22181 Beanland WilliamFour Lane endsdwelling-house43, Four Lane ends
22182 Beaumont HenryOswald streetdwelling-house44, Oswald street
22183 Beaumont JohnOswald streetdwelling-house58, Oswald street
22184 Beaumont RichardKensington streetdwelling-house77, Kensington street
22185 Beaumont SamuelKensington streetdwelling-house82, Kensington street
22186 Bedford EdwardIngleby streetdwelling-house171, Ingleby street
22187 Bedford JosephIngleby streetdwelling-houseRosse street
successivedwelling-house43, Ingleby street
22188 Beetham JamesFour Lane endsdwelling-house27, Four Lane ends
22189 Beetham John LambertKensington streetdwelling-house7A, Kensington street
22190 Beetham JosephRosse streetdwelling-houseRosse street
successivedwelling-house54, Rosse street
22191 Bell HenryKensington streetdwelling-house53, Kensington street
22192 Bennett GeorgeBinbrook streetdwelling-houseIsles street
successivedwelling-house115, Binbrook street
22193 Bennett GeorgeThornton roaddwelling-house350, Thornton road
22194 Bennett HenryBinbrook streetdwelling-house58, Binbrook street
22195 Bennett JohnWallis streetdwelling-house35, Wallis street
22196 Bennett WalterBinbrook streetdwelling-houseWoodlands road
successivedwelling-house50, Binbrook street
22197 Bentham SamuelBinbrook streetdwelling-house21, Binbrook street
22198 Bentley JabezBingley streetdwelling-house145, Bingley street
22199 Bentley JosephSapling streetdwelling-house14, Sapling street
22200 Berry RobinsonWhetley hilldwelling-house23, Whetley hill
22201 Best SamuelHollings roaddwelling-house116, Hollings road
22202 Betts RobertBingley streetdwelling-houseWillow street
successivedwelling-house99, Bingley street
22203 Bilcliffe ThomasHollings terracedwelling-house23, Hollings terrace
22204 Bilsborough JamesBingley streetdwelling-house44, Bingley street
22205 Binns GeorgeKensington streetdwelling-house143, Kensington street
22206 Binns HenryKensington streetdwelling-house215, Kensington street
22207 Birch WilliamFairbank roaddwelling-house26, Fairbank road
22208 Birkett AnthonyGirlington roaddwelling-house200, Girlington road
22209 Birkett JohnBinbrook streetdwelling-houseBingley street
successivedwelling-house102, Binbrook street
22210 Birkett JosephGirlington roaddwelling-house206, Girlington road
22211 Bishop RobertGirlington roaddwelling-houseKensington street
successivedwelling-house70, Girlington road
22212 Blackburn JosephWoodlands roaddwelling-house14 Woodlands road
22213 Blagbrough WilliamArthington streetdwelling-house16, Arthington street
22214 Blakemore JohnIsaac streetdwelling-houseSapling street
successivedwelling-house5, Isaac street
22215 Blakeston MatthiasKensington streetdwelling-houseKensington street
successivedwelling-house125, Kensington street
22216 Blakey MichaelGreen rowdwelling-house312, Green row
22217 Bland EnosKensington streetdwelling-house262, Kensington street
22218 Blay JosephRosse streetdwelling-house92, Rosse street
22219 Blore GeorgeBingley streetdwelling-houseKensington street
successivedwelling-house16, Bingley street
22220 Boardman WilliamOakwood streetdwelling-house37, Oakwood street
22221 Bolland JamesRosse streetdwelling-house64, Rosse street
22222 Bolton WilliamBinbrook streetdwelling-house96, Binbrook street
22223 Booth AlfredKensington streetdwelling-house251, Kensington street
22224 Booth JamesKensington streetdwelling-house186, Kensington street
22225 Booth JonasFour lane endshouse & shop79, Four lane ends
22226 Booth ThomasBrownroyd terracedwelling-house329, Brownroyd terrace
22227 Booth WilliamIsles streetdwelling-house70, Isles street
22228 Booth WilliamKensington streetdwelling-house153 Kensington street
22229 Booth William AlbertKensington streetdwelling-house56, Kensington street
22230 Boothroyd JosephOakwood streetdwelling-house23, Oakwood street
22231 Bottomley DennisKensington streetdwelling-house102, Kensington street
22232 Bottomley GeorgeGirlington roaddwelling-house74, Girlington road
22233 Bottoms BenjaminKensington streetdwelling-house124, Kensington street
22234 Bowden RobertYoung streetdwelling-house10, Young street
22235 Boyce Joseph JeffersonKensington streetdwelling-house297, Kensington street
22236 Boyes WilliamBingley streetdwelling-house62, Bingley street
22237 Breaks HenryBinbrook streetdwelling-house116, Binbrook street
22238 Brear DavidIngleby streetdwelling-house161, Ingleby street
22239 Brear JamesSapling streetdwelling-house60, Sapling street
22240 Briggs IshmaelIsaac streetdwelling-house38, Isaac street
22241 Briggs SamuelGirlington roaddwelling-house228, Girlington road
22242 Briggs SamuelOswald streetdwelling-house50, Oswald street
22243 Briggs ThomasIngleby streetdwelling-houseIngleby street
successivedwelling-house101, Ingleby street
22244 Brindrett William HenryWhitefield placedwelling-house48, Whitefield place
22245 Broadbent JamesOakwood streetdwelling-house6, Oakwood street
22246 Broadbent JohnWhitefield placedwelling-house2, Whitefield place
22247 Broadley WilliamThornton roadhouse & shop448, Thornton road
22248 Broady ThomasArthington streetdwelling-house47, Arthington street
22249 Brook JamesHollings roaddwelling-house123, Hollings road
22250 Brook William EdwinWoodlands roaddwelling-house85, Woodlands road
22251 Brooke John WilliamKensington streetdwelling-house256 Kensington street
22252 Brooksbank JonasWhetley lanedwelling-house51, Whetley lane
22253 Brown DavidWhetley lanedwelling-house67, Whetley lane
22254 Brown JohnIngleby streetdwelling-house8, Ingleby street
22255 Brown JohnGirlington roaddwelling-house212, Girlington road
22256 Brown JohnYoung streetdwelling-house93, Young street
22257 Brown Thomas BuntingWhite's terracedwelling-house4, White's terrace
22258 Brown WilliamWoodlands roaddwelling-house29, Woodlands road
22259 Bryan ThomasKensington streetdwelling-house111, Kensington street
22260 Buffham ThomasHollings roaddwelling-house128, Hollings road
22261 Bulmer EdwardHollings terracedwelling-house11, Hollings terrace
22262 Burgess JohnFairbank roaddwelling-house36, Fairbank road
22263 Burton EdwardFour lane endsdwelling-house45, Four lane ends
22264 Burton GeorgeIngleby streetdwelling-houseIngleby street
successivedwelling-house31, Ingleby street
22265 Busfield MyersRosse streetdwelling-house44, Rosse street
22266 Butler ThomasGirlington roaddwelling-house140, Girlington road
22267 Butler WilliamYoung streetdwelling-houseBinbrook street
successivedwelling-house101, Young street
22268 Butterfield HartleyKensington streetdwelling-houseKensington street
successivedwelling-house96, Kensington street
22269 Butterfield JonasBingley streetdwelling-houseBingley street
successivedwelling-house114, Bingley street
22270 Butterfield WilliamIngleby streetdwelling-house60, Ingleby street
22271 Butterworth Arthur WilliamBinbrook streetdwelling-house97, Binbrook street

MANNINGHAM WARD1, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter C
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
22272 Calvert ArthurRosse streetdwelling-houseIngleby street
successivedwelling-house50, Rosse street
22273 Calvert BenjaminIsaac streetdwelling-house16, Isaac street
22274 Calvert WilliamIngleby streetdwelling-houseIngleby street
successivedwelling-house113, Ingleby street
22275 Calvert William HenryArthington streetdwelling-house71, Arthington street
22276 Campbell John YoungSouth East terracehouse & shop11, South East terrace
22277 Campbell ThomasKensington streetdwelling-house283, Kensington street
22278 Cantrill HenryRosse streetdwelling-house8, Rosse street
22279 Cantwell JohnBingley streetdwelling-house42, Bingley street
22280 Carrall DanGirlington roaddwelling-house330, Girlington road
22281 Carter JohnWhitefield placedwelling-house14, Whitefield place
22282 Cartwright JosephMortimer streetdwelling-house15, Mortimer street
22283 Carver EdwardArthington streetdwelling-houseOakwood street
successivedwelling-house23, Arthington street
22284 Cass JamesFour lane endsdwelling-house61, Four lane ends
22285 Cass WilliamWeston streetdwelling-house42, Weston street
22286 Catrimould RobertKensington streetdwelling-house152, Kensington street
22287 Catton StephenHollings terracedwelling-houseChassum street
successivedwelling-house17, Hollings terrace
22288 Cawthra William BirtwistleWhite Abbey roadhouse & shop105, White Abbey road
22289 Chadwick EdwardBinbrook streetdwelling-houseMortimer street
successivedwelling-house15, Binbrook street
22290 Chadwick Thomas HenryIsles streetdwelling-house9, Isles street
22291 Chalcraft Frederick JamesIsles streetdwelling-house98, Isles street
22292 Chambers BenjaminThornton roadhouse & shop343, Thornton road
22293 Chambers JohnKensington streetdwelling-house182, Kensington street
22294 Chambers RobertBingley streetdwelling-houseBingley street
successivedwelling-house103, Bingley street
22295 Chapman ThomasGreen rowdwelling-house292, Green row
22296 Chatburn SamuelDean streethouse & shopGirlington road
successivehouse & shop6, Dean street
22297 Cheetham JosephThornton roaddwelling-house348, Thornton road
22298 Cherry WilliamPreston streetdwelling-house14, Preston street
22299 Child John WilliamFairbank roaddwelling-house40, Fairbank road
22300 Chippendale EdwinGirlington roaddwelling-house318, Girlington road
22301 Chorley JamesHollings roaddwelling-house152, Hollings road
22302 Christian Charles CromwellThornton roadhouse & shop345, Thornton road
22303 Clark EphraimCemetery roaddwelling-house1, Cemetery road
22304 Clarke John WilliamWhitefield placedwelling-house55, Whitefield place
22305 Clarkson JohnWhitefield placedwelling-house19, Whitefield place
22306 Clayton AbrahamGirlington roadhouse & shop142, Girlington road
22307 Clayton JamesArthington streetdwelling-house13, Arthington street
22308 Clayton JarvisPreston streetdwelling-house4, Preston street
22309 Clayton JohnBingley streetdwelling-house140, Bingley street
22310 Clayton SamuelRosse streetdwelling-house24, Rosse street
22311 Clegg WilliamArthington streetdwelling-houseArthington street
successivedwelling-house70, Arthington street
22312 Clements HenryIsles streetdwelling-house60, Isles street
22313 Clough JohnWhetley lanedwelling-houseBelgrave place
successivedwelling-house67, Whetley lane
22314 Coates AnthonyKensington streetdwelling-house275, Kensington street
22315 Coates GeorgeWoodlands roaddwelling-house56, Woodlands road
22316 Coates James AlbertWoodlands roaddwelling-house93, Woodlands road
22317 Cockcroft Frederick WilliamKensington streetdwelling-house59, Kensington street
22318 Cockcroft William SpeightThornton roaddwelling-house440, Thornton road
22319 Cocker JosephIngleby streetdwelling-house33, Ingleby street
22320 Cockroft AmosKensington streetdwelling-houseGirlington road
successivedwelling-house207, Kensington street
22321 Cockroft OliverKensington streetdwelling-house32, Kensington street
22322 Collins Frederick CharlesWhite's terracedwelling-house22, White's terrace
22323 Collins GeorgeHollings roaddwelling-house136, Hollings road
22324 Connelly JohnIsaac streetdwelling-houseIngleby street
successivedwelling-house39, Isaac street
22325 Cook BenjaminIngleby streetdwelling-houseIngleby street
successivedwelling-house54, Ingleby street
22326 Cook JamesGreen rowdwelling-house294, Green row
22327 Cookson JosephWoodlands roaddwelling-house38, Woodlands road
22328 Cooney JohnIsaac streetdwelling-house40, Isaac street
22329 Cooper AlfredKensington streetdwelling-house179A, Kensington street
22330 Cooper FrancisIngleby streetdwelling-house104, Ingleby street
22331 Cooper HenryIngleby streetdwelling-house102, Ingleby street
22332 Copperthwaite JohnKensington streetdwelling-house109, Kensington street
22333 Cordingley BenjaminWhite's viewdwelling-house4, White's view
22334 Corless WilliamWeston streetdwelling-house24, Weston street
22335 Cotton ThomasIngleby streetdwelling-house170, Ingleby street
22336 Coupe JamesWeston streetdwelling-house63, Weston street
22337 Cousins SummersGirlington roaddwelling-houseIsaac street
successivedwelling-house72, Girlington road
22338 Cowan JamesGirlington roaddwelling-house324, Girlington road
22339 Cowgill ChristopherGirlington roaddwelling-house218, Girlington road
22340 Cowgill JohnFour Lane endsdwelling-house35, Four Lane ends
22341 Crabtree AquillaThornton roadhouse & shop450, Thornton road
22342 Crabtree JoeBingley streetdwelling-house76, Bingley street
22343 Crabtree JohnCemetery roaddwelling-house71, Cemetery road
22344 Crabtree JohnOswald streetdwelling-house52, Oswald street
22345 Crabtree WilliamWoodlands roaddwelling-house53, Woodlands road
22346 Craig JamesHollings squaredwelling-house6, Hollings square
22347 Craig JamesSouth East terracedwelling-house23, South East terrace
22348 Craig ThomasThornton roaddwelling-houseThornton road
22349 Crapper JohnIngleby streetdwelling-house74, Ingleby street
22350 Craven BenjaminOakwood streetdwelling-house3, Oakwood street
22351 Craven DavidKensington streetdwelling-house132, Kensington street
22352 Craven IsaacBinbrook streetdwelling-house113, Binbrook street
22353 Craven JosephBrownroyd streetdwelling-housebottom of Brownroyd street
22354 Craven WardmanGirlington roaddwelling-house92, Girlington road
22355 Craven WilliamFour Lane endsdwelling-house71, Four Lane ends
22356 Crawshaw CharlesWhitefield placedwelling-house1, Whitefield place
22357 Creek JamesHollings terracedwelling-house27, Hollings terrace
22358 Creek JosiahKensington streethouse & shop71, Kensington street
22359 Cressy GeorgeIsles streetdwelling-house21, Isles street
22360 Crocker FredIsles streetdwelling-houseIsles street
successivedwelling-house13, Isles street
22361 Cron JohnWeston streetdwelling-houseArthington street
successivedwelling-house19, Weston street
22362 Crook JosephIngleby streetdwelling-house109, Ingleby street
22363 Cross AbrahamWhite's terracedwelling-houseHollings road
successivedwelling-house3, White's terrace
22364 Cross HenryMortimer streetdwelling-houseKensington street
successivedwelling-house21, Mortimer street
22365 Crossley JohnRosse streetdwelling-house102, Rosse street
22366 Crow AlfredYoung streetdwelling-houseBinbrook street
successivedwelling-house13, Young street
22367 Crowther HenryWhitefield placedwelling-house12, Whitefield place
22368 Crowther Thomas BoothSapling streetdwelling-house48, Sapling street
22369 Crump SimpsonWhite's terracedwelling-house2, White's terrace
22370 Cryer ThomasKensington streetdwelling-houseSt. Leonard's road
successivedwelling-house67, Kensington street
22371 Cullan ThomasIngleby streetdwelling-houseOswald street
successivedwelling-house117, Ingleby street
22372 Culling GeorgeBinbrook streetdwelling-house34, Binbrook street
22373 Cullingford AlfredKensington streetdwelling-houseKensington street
successivedwelling-house223, Kensington street
22374 Cullingford NathanielBingley streetdwelling-house23, Bingley street
22375 Currans ThomasOakwood streetdwelling-house13, Oakwood street
22376 Currant JamesArthington streetdwelling-house65, Arthington street
22377 Curtis SamuelAshwell streetdwelling-house8, Ashwell street
22378 Curtis WilliamIsles streetdwelling-house24, Isles street

MANNINGHAM WARD1, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter D
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
22379 Dable ThomasIsaac streetdwelling-house8, Isaac street
22380 Dacre HenryIsaac streetdwelling-house32, Isaac street
22381 Daines Benjamin DawsonOakwood streetdwelling-house35, Oakwood street
22382 Dalby John HenryKensington streetdwelling-house154, Kensington street
22383 Dalby MichaelBingley streetdwelling-house132, Bingley street
22384 Darling HenryWhitefield placedwelling-house54, Whitefield place
22385 Darlow GeorgeWaterside farmdwelling-houseWaterside farm
22386 Davis JohnIsles streetdwelling-house86, Isles street
22387 Davis WilliamWoodlands roaddwelling-house8, Woodlands road
22388 Dawson WilliamRosse streetdwelling-house30, Rosse street
22389 Dean Duke WilliamOswald streetdwelling-house35, Oswald street
22390 Denison James HerbertKensington streetdwelling-house48, Kensington street
22391 Denison RobertWhetley lanedwelling-house7, Whetley lane
22392 Denison ThomasKensington streetdwelling-house192, Kensington street
22393 Denton John WilliamWhitefield placedwelling-house50, Whitefield place
22394 Denton ThomasWhetley lanedwelling-house21, Whetley lane
22395 Devine JohnHollings roaddwelling-house106, Hollings road
22396 Dewhirst JosephArthington streetdwelling-house5, Arthington street
22397 Dewhirst JosephIsaac streetdwelling-houseIngleby street
successivedwelling-house36, Isaac street
22398 Dewhirst ThomasGirlington roaddwelling-houseAgar street
successivedwelling-house220, Girlington road
22399 Dixon JamesIsles streetdwelling-house31, Isles street
22400 Dobson JamesFour lane endshouse & shop1, Four lane ends
22401 Dobson JohnWeston streetdwelling-house29, Weston street
22402 Dobson RobertWeston streetdwelling-house46, Weston street
22403 Dougherty JohnGirlington roaddwelling-house168, Girlington road
22404 Dovener ChristopherKensington streetdwelling-house60, Kensington street
successivedwelling-house108, Kensington street
22405 Dovener ThomasHollings squaredwelling-house10, Hollings square
22406 Dracup BottomleyKensington streetdwelling-house30, Kensington street
22407 Dracup SamuelBinbrook streetdwelling-house39, Binbrook street
22408 Drake IsaacGirlington roaddwelling-house88, Girlington road
22409 Drake JohnKensington streetdwelling-house272, Kensington street
22410 Drake JohnThornton roadhouse & shop311, Thornton road
22411 Drake JosephThornton roaddwelling-house306, Thornton road
22412 Drake RichardBinbrook streetdwelling-house8, Binbrook street
22413 Driver AbrahamCemetery roaddwelling-house59, Cemetery road
22414 Driver StephenIngleby streetdwelling-house17, Ingleby street
22415 Dumville JohnWhitefield placedwelling-house16, Whitefield place
22416 Dumville RobertWhitefield placedwelling-house18, Whitefield place
22417 Dunn HenryGirlington roaddwelling-house108, Girlington road
22418 Dunn JamesAshwell streetdwelling-house23, Ashwell street
22419 Durrans SamuelLower Globe streetdwelling-houseLower Globe street
22420 Dury JamesIsles streetdwelling-house68, Isles street
22421 Dwire DominicGirlington roaddwelling-house334, Girlington road
22422 Dyer HenrySaxon streetdwelling-house39, Saxon street
22423 Dyson FredWhitefield placedwelling-house41, Whitefield place
22424 Dyson JohnBack Girlington roaddwelling-house9, Back Girlington road
22425 Dyson WilliamWhitefield placedwelling-house13, Whitefield place

MANNINGHAM WARD1, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter E
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
22426 East BenjaminBinbrook streetdwelling-house18, Binbrook street
22427 Edgars EdgarKensington streetdwelling-house199, Kensington street
22428 Edmondson AllanBinbrook streetdwelling-houseIngleby street
successivedwelling-house29, Binbrook street
22429 Edmondson ChristopherWhetley lanedwelling-houseWhitefield place
successivedwelling-house25, Whetley lane
22430 Elliott BenjaminOakwood streetdwelling-house9, Oakwood street
22431 Ellison HenryBingley streetdwelling-house41, Bingley street
22432 Ellison ThomasHollings squaredwelling-house34, Hollings square
22433 Ellison WilliamHollings roaddwelling-house105, Hollings road
22434 Ellison William HenryBaldwin folddwelling-house252, Thornton road
22435 Elsworth EdwardWallis streethouse & shop117, Wallis street
22436 Emery IsaacAshwell streetdwelling-houseAshwell street
successivedwelling-house49, Ashwell street
22437 Emsley JohnMortimer streetdwelling-houseGirlington road
successivedwelling-house23, Mortimer street
22438 England WilliamGreen rowdwelling-house268, Green row
22439 Entwistle RichardLower Globe streetdwelling-house31, Lower Globe street
22440 Evans GeorgeKensington streetdwelling-house174, Kensington street
22441 Evans WilliamIngleby streetdwelling-house147, Ingleby street

MANNINGHAM WARD1, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter F
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
22442 Fair RobertKensington streetdwelling-house185, Kensington street
22443 Fairbank JosephWhetley lanedwelling-house35, Whetley lane
22444 Fairweather WilliamWoodlands roaddwelling-houseIngleby street
successivedwelling-house54, Woodlands road
22445 Farrar JohnBingley streetdwelling-house25, Bingley street
22446 Farrar William SteedmanGirlington roaddwelling-houseGirlington road
successivedwelling-house312, Girlington road
22447 Farrell RichardHollings roaddwelling-house121, Hollings road
22448 Fawell JosephCemetery roaddwelling-houseCemetery road
22449 Fearnley EdwinFairbank roaddwelling-house45, Fairbank road
22450 Fearnsides JamesGirlington roaddwelling-house230, Girlington road
22451 Feather EdwinWhetley lanedwelling-houseWhetley lane
22452 Feather JohnWeston streetdwelling-house38, Weston street
22453 Feather RobertYoung streethouse & shop81, Young street
22454 Feather William FosterWillow streetdwelling-house1, Willow street
22455 Field Alfred LewisWaterside farmdwelling-houseValley street
successivedwelling-houseWaterside farm
22456 Fieldhouse PollardWhetley lanedwelling-house3, Whetley lane
22457 Fielding JohnGirlington roaddwelling-house214, Girlington road
22458 Finch DavidDean streetdwelling-house11, Dean street
22459 Finnelly ThomasIngleby streetdwelling-house130, Ingleby street
22460 Firth JamesBinbrook streetdwelling-house95, Binbrook street
22461 Firth JohnLower Globe streetdwelling-house19, Lower Globe street
22462 Firth JohnWoodlands roaddwelling-house88, Woodlands road
22463 Firth JowettThornton roaddwelling-house354, Thornton road
22464 Firth LukeSaxon streetdwelling-house17, Saxon street
22465 Firth NelsonGirlington roaddwelling-houseChassum street
successivedwelling-house5, Back Girlington road
22466 Firth WilliamWhetley lanedwelling-house61, Whetley lane
22467 Fish ThomasKensington streetdwelling-house115, Kensington street
22468 Fisher GeorgeGirlington roaddwelling-houseBingley street
successivedwelling-house154, Girlington road
22469 Fisher JamesHollings squaredwelling-house38, Hollings square
22470 Fisher JohnBinbrook streetdwelling-house38, Binbrook street
22471 Flathers EzraIsles streetdwelling-houseIsles street
successivedwelling-house80, Isles street
22472 Flavell JohnIngleby streetdwelling-houseOswald street
successivedwelling-house132, Ingleby street
22473 Fleming SamuelArthington streetdwelling-house86, Arthington street
22474 Fletcher AbrahamHollings squaredwelling-house28, Hollings square
22475 Fletcher FrederickGirlington roaddwelling-house194, Girlington road
22476 Fletcher JosephIngleby streetdwelling-house97, Ingleby street
22477 Fligg WilliamIngleby streetdwelling-house87, Ingleby street
22478 Flint George DransfieldIngleby streetdwelling-house57, Ingleby street
22479 Foster IsaacWoodlands roaddwelling-houseWoodlands road
successivedwelling-house7, Woodlands road
22480 Foster JeremiahWhetley hillhouse & shop1,Whetley hill
22481 Foster JonathanWoodlands roaddwelling-house94, Woodlands road
22482 Foster SimeonGirlington roaddwelling-house110, Girlington road
22483 Foulds AndrewHollings squaredwelling-houseCity road
successivedwelling-house24, Hollings square
22484 Fox JosephKensington streetdwelling-house195, Kensington street
22485 Fox JosephKensington streetdwelling-house189, Kensington street
22486 Fox ThomasWhitefield placedwelling-house35, Whitefield place
22487 Fox WilliamKensington streetdwelling-house26, Kensington street
22488 France RamsdenBingley streetdwelling-houseBingley street
successivedwelling-house129, Bingley street
22489 Frank HenryIsles streetdwelling-house56, Isles street
22490 Frankland JosephWhitefield placedwelling-house9, Whitefield place
22491 Fraser WilliamBingley streetdwelling-house51, Bingley street
22492 Fynan AnthonyArthington streetdwelling-house55, Arthington street

MANNINGHAM WARD1, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter G
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
22493 Gallagan JamesIngleby streetdwelling-house162, Ingleby street
22494 Gardiner William EdwardGuardian streetdwelling-house21, Guardian street
22495 Garforth Richard HudsonFairbank roaddwelling-house44, Fairbank road
22496 Garnham GeorgeBinbrook streetdwelling-house28, Binbrook street
22497 Garnham James, jun.Binbrook streetdwelling-house21, Binbrook street
22498 Garnham JamesBinbrook streetdwelling-houseBinbrook street
successivedwelling-house32, Binbrook street
22499 Garside JosephHollings terracedwelling-houseHollings square
successivedwelling-house31, Hollings terrace
22500 Gatenby JamesWeston streetdwelling-houseWood street
successivedwelling-houseAtlas street
successivedwelling-house51, Weston street
22501 Geldard AlbanyIngleby streetdwelling-house139, Ingleby street
22502 Geldard RichardKensington streetdwelling-houseWhetley lane
successivedwelling-house6, Kensington street
22503 Gelder JamesGirlington roaddwelling-house122, Girlington road
22504 Gerrard HubertBingley streetdwelling-house9, Bingley street
22505 Gibson GeorgeGirlington roaddwelling-house54, Girlington road
22506 Gilgan JamesBingley streetdwelling-house50, Bingley street
22507 Gill CharlesOakwood streetdwelling-house39, Oakwood street
22508 Gill JamesWoodlands roaddwelling-house80, Woodlands road
22509 Gill JohnKensington streetdwelling-house81, Kensington street
22510 Gill MarkHollings roaddwelling-house6, Hollings road
22511 Gillett EdwinHollings roaddwelling-house141, Hollings road
22512 Gilliland JamesPreston streetdwelling-house6, Preston street
22513 Gleeson DennisBingley streetdwelling-house70, Bingley street
22514 Glennon William GarnerIngleby streetdwelling-house131, Ingleby street
22515 Goldsborough WilliamBingley streetdwelling-houseWashington street
successivehouse & shop92, Bingley street
22516 Gooch GeorgeOakwood streetdwelling-house25, Oakwood street
22517 Goodair TomOakwood streetdwelling-house16, Oakwood street
22518 Goodbody WilliamHollings squaredwelling-houseBingley street
successivedwelling-house20, Hollings square
22519 Goodger ThomasIsles streetdwelling-house32, Isles street
22520 Goodwin RobertBingley streetdwelling-house58, Bingley street
22521 Gostick Samuel SmithGuardian streetdwelling-house5, Guardian street
22522 Gott WilliamGirlington roaddwelling-houseGirlington road
successivedwelling-house104, Girlington road
22523 Graham JamesHollings roaddwelling-houseCarlisle road
successivedwelling-house149, Hollings road
22524 Graham ThomasAshwell streetdwelling-house3, Ashwell street
22525 Grainge JohnHollings roaddwelling-house2 Hollings road
22526 Grandage AbrahamWhetley hilldwelling-houseWhetley hill
22527 Grandage WilliamGirlington roaddwelling-houseGirlington road
22528 Grandage William, seniorBrownroyd streetdwelling-house24, Brownroyd street
22529 Grant GeorgeHollings roaddwelling-house134, Hollings road
22530 Graves JamesOswald streetdwelling-house57, Oswald street
22531 Gray HenryGirlington roaddwelling-house46, Girlington road
22532 Grayshan John WilliamKensington streetdwelling-house164, Kensington street
22533 Green John WilliamGirlington roaddwelling-house306, Girlington road
22534 Greenwood GeorgeWoodlands roaddwelling-houseWoodlands road
successivedwelling-house101, Woodlands road
22535 Greenwood GrimshawKensington streetdwelling-house281, Kensington street
22536 Greenwood HartleyWhitefield placedwelling-house36, Whitefield place
22537 Greenwood JohnFour lane endsdwelling-houseRoundthorn place
successivedwelling-house59, Four lane ends
22538 Greenwood JosephHollings roaddwelling-house120, Hollings road
22539 Greenwood KitchenWoodlands roaddwelling-house86, Woodlands road
22540 Greenwood WilliamCemetery roaddwelling-house11, Cemetery road
22541 Greenwood WilliamKensington streetdwelling-house150, Kensington street
22542 Gregg RichardBingley streetdwelling-house47, Bingley street
22543 Griffin HenryWeston streetdwelling-house11, Weston street
22544 Groves James SeymourWhetley hilldwelling-houseSilver street
successivedwelling-house37, Whetley hill

MANNINGHAM WARD1, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter H
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
22545 Haigh EnochWhitefield placedwelling-house44, Whitefield place
22546 Hainsworth EsauGirlington roaddwelling-houseWashington street
successivedwelling-house166, Girlington road
22547 Hainsworth GeorgeAshwell streetdwelling-house14, Ashwell street
22548 Hainsworth JosephIngleby streetdwelling-house11, Ingleby street
22549 Hainsworth WilliamIsles streetdwelling-houseWashington street
successivedwelling-house84, Isles street
22550 Haley JamesKensington streetdwelling-house79, Kensington street
22551 Halliday IsaacSaxon streetdwelling-house37, Saxon street
22552 Halliday JohnSapling streetdwelling-house24, Sapling street
22553 Halson WilliamHollings roaddwelling-house100, Hollings road
22554 Hamilton HenryPenzance streetdwelling-house18, Penzance street
22555 Hammond BenjaminFour Lane endsdwelling-house53, Four Lane ends
22556 Hammond JohnFour Lane endsdwelling-house75, Four Lane ends
22557 Hammond JonathanCemetery roaddwelling-house5, Cemetery road
22558 Hancock GeorgeKensington streetdwelling-houseRosse street
successivedwelling-house8, Kensington street
22559 Hanson AmosCity roaddwelling-houseLower Globe street
successivedwelling-house208, City road
22560 Harbron ChristopherIsles streetdwelling-houseWashington street
successivedwelling-house100, Isles street
22561 Hardacre WilsonIngleby streetdwelling-house20, Ingleby street
22562 Hardaker JamesJarratt streetdwelling-house18, Jarratt street
22563 Hardaker RichardBaildonwarehouseThornton road
22564 Hardaker WalterBinbrook streetdwelling-house57, Binbrook street
22565 Hardisty John PeckettGirlington roaddwelling-house268, Girlington road
22566 Hardisty ThomasKensington streetdwelling-house54A, Kensington street
22567 Hardisty WalterIngleby streetdwelling-house52, Ingleby street
22568 Harker AlbertHollings terracedwelling-houseWoodlands road
successivedwelling-house37, Hollings terrace
22569 Harney PatrickIngleby streetdwelling-houseIngleby street
successivedwelling-house164, Ingleby street
22570 Harris JamesAshwell streetdwelling-house25, Ashwell street
22571 Harrison AlfredGirlington roaddwelling-house316, Girlington road
22572 Harrison JohnIngleby streetdwelling-house138, Ingleby street
22573 Harrison JosephGirlington roaddwelling-house98, Girlington road
22574 Harrison JosephIsaac streetdwelling-house6, Isaac street
22575 Harrison JosephGirlington roadhouse & shop26, Girlington road
22576 Harrison RobertOswald streetdwelling-houseIngleby street
successivedwelling-house70, Oswald street
22577 Harrison ThomasKensington streetdwelling-house227, Kensington street
22578 Harrison WilliamKensington streetdwelling-house110, Kensington street
22579 Harrison WilliamKensington streetdwelling-house231, Kensington street
22580 Harrison WilliamMortimer streetdwelling-house3, Mortimer street
22581 Harrod GeorgeGirlington roaddwelling-house322, Girlington road
22582 Harrop HenryWhitefield placedwelling-house46, Whitefield place
22583 Harrop JamesWhetley lanedwelling-house19, Whetley lane
22584 Hart JamesKensington streetdwelling-house127, Kensington street
22585 Hartley Charles EdwardGuardian streetdwelling-house19, Guardian street
22586 Hartley JohnBinbrook streetdwelling-house16, Binbrook street
22587 Hartley JohnWoodlands roaddwelling-house13, Woodlands road
22588 Harvey HenryArthington streetdwelling-house17, Arthington street
22589 Haste Edward AshtonBinbrook streetdwelling-house107, Binbrook street
22590 Head JosephFairbank roaddwelling-house49, Fairbank road
22591 Heathcote Edward GilbertThornton roadhouse & shop436, Thornton road
22592 Heaton JohnWhetley lanedwelling-house89, Whetley lane
22593 Heaton UriahKensington streetdwelling-house211, Kensington street
22594 Helliwell JonathanAshwell streetdwelling-house7, Ashwell street
22595 Helliwell RichardBingley streetdwelling-house7, Bingley street
22596 Hemingway CharlesBingley streetdwelling-houseCemetery street
successivedwelling-house112, Bingley street
22597 Henderson DavidBingley streetdwelling-house40, Bingley street
22598 Henderson ThomasIngleby streetdwelling-house155, Ingleby street
22599 Henry MichaelOswald streetdwelling-house23, Oswald street
22600 Henry Michael WilliamWeston streetdwelling-house36, Weston street
22601 Heptonstall HenryIsles streetdwelling-house18, Isles street
22602 Heron JamesBinbrook streetdwelling-houseBinbrook street
successivedwelling-house37, Binbrook street
22603 Heseltine GeorgeArthington streetdwelling-house29, Arthington street
22604 Hey GeorgeHollings roaddwelling-house114, Hollings road
22605 Hey SamuelWillow streetdwelling-house6, Willow street
22606 Heydon John JamesWhitefield placedwelling-house74, Whitefield place
22607 Heyhurst JohnWoodlands roaddwelling-house78, Woodlands road
22608 Heyton GeorgeYoung streetdwelling-house95, Young street
22609 Heyworth GeorgeWhitefield placedwelling-house27, Whitefield place
22610 Heyworth John HolmesWeston streethouse & shop25, Weston street
22611 Hicking JohnWhitefield placedwelling-house6, Whitefield place
22612 Hield WilliamWhite's terracedwelling-house14, White's terrace
22613 Hill AbrahamSapling streetdwelling-houseKensington street
successivedwelling-house20, Sapling street
22614 Hill EdwardBinbrook streetdwelling-house27 Binbrook street
22615 Hill JamesBingley streetdwelling-house19, Bingley street
22616 Hill JamesThornton roaddwelling-house442, Thornton road
22617 Hill JohnGirlington roaddwelling-house82, Girlington road
22618 Hilliard LeviGirlington roaddwelling-house198, Girlington road
22619 Hilton WilliamArthington streetdwelling-house25, Arthington street
22620 Hind JosephYoung streetdwelling-house75, Young street
22621 Hindle ThomasKensington streetdwelling-houseWashington street
successivedwelling-house76, Kensington street
22622 Hird GeorgeBingley streetdwelling-house106, Bingley street
22623 Hird HenryFour lane endsdwelling-house33, Four lane ends
22624 Hird ThomasSaxon streetdwelling-house53, Saxon street
22625 Hird William HenryAshwell streetdwelling-housePicton street
successivedwelling-house20, Ashwell street
22626 Hirst IsaacYoung streetdwelling-house63, Young street
22627 Hirst JohnWhitefield placedwelling-house3, Whitefield place
22628 Hirst SamuelKensington streetdwelling-house52, Kensington street
22629 Hobbs JosephKensington streetdwelling-houseYoung street
successivedwelling-house237, Kensington street
22630 Hodge ThomasToller lanedwelling-houseToller lane
22631 Hodgson FrankBingley streetdwelling-house104, Bingley street
22632 Hodgson JohnIngleby streetdwelling-houseLower Globe street
successivedwelling-house58, Ingleby street
22633 Hodgson JosephAshwell streetdwelling-house61, Ashwell street
22634 Hodgson RichardKensington streetdwelling-house55, Kensington street
22635 Hodgson SamuelIsles streetdwelling-house76, Isles street
22636 Hogg ClarkGirlington roaddwelling-house282, Girlington road
22637 Holden AngusWoodlandsdwelling-houseToller lane
22638 Holden EdwardBaildoncountinghouseThornton road
22639 Holden GilesIngleby streetdwelling-house24, Ingleby street
22640 Holdsworth DanielKensington streetdwelling-house64, Kensington street
22641 Holdsworth GeorgeIngleby streetdwelling-house6, Ingleby street
22642 Holdsworth JeremiahCemetery bridgedwelling-house2, Cemetery bridge
22643 Holdsworth JonasHollings squaredwelling-house30, Hollings square
22644 Holdsworth JonathanWallis streethouse & shop114, Wallis street
22645 Holdsworth ThomasGirlington roaddwelling-house24, Girlington road
22646 Holdsworth WilliamGirlington roaddwelling-house22, Girlington road
22647 Holgate WilliamDean streetdwelling-house22, Dean street
22648 Holiday Alfred JohnWhetley grovedwelling-houseWhetley grove
successivedwelling-house12, Whetley grove
22649 Holland CharlesBinbrook streetdwelling-house70, Binbrook street
22650 Holmes GeorgeIsaac streethouse & shop1, Isaac street
22651 Holmes IsaacGreen rowdwelling-house270, Green row
22652 Holmes JamesCemetery roaddwelling-house53, Cemetery road
22653 Holmes JohnYoung streetdwelling-house61, Young street
22654 Holmes JosephIngleby streetdwelling-house112, Ingleby street
22655 Holmes OgdenWeston streetdwelling-house45, Weston street
22656 Holroyd SamuelIsles streetdwelling-house108, Isles street
22657 Holt BenjaminIngleby streetdwelling-house169, Ingleby street
22658 Holt JohnLower Globe streetdwelling-house17, Lower Globe street
22659 Hook CharlesBinbrook streetdwelling-house4, Binbrook street
22660 Hopkinson GeorgeThornton roaddwelling-house256, Thornton road
22661 Hopkinson Henry A.Oswald streetdwelling-house62, Oswald street
22662 Horan ThomasArthington streetdwelling-house51, Arthington street
22663 Horne JohnBingley streetdwelling-house18, Bingley street
22664 Horner ThomasWhitefield placedwelling-house51, Whitefield place
22665 Horner WilliamHollings squaredwelling-houseWoodlands road
successivedwelling-house12, Hollings square
22666 Horsfall Jonathan EastwoodBingley streetdwelling-house111, Bingley street
22667 Horsfall Joshua Nathaniel DysonWhetley lanedwelling-house15, Whetley lane
22668 Horsfield DavidBinbrook streetdwelling-house9, Binbrook street
22669 Horsfield JamesFairbank roaddwelling-house41, Fairbank road
22670 Horsfield WilliamIngleby streetdwelling-house70, Ingleby street
22671 Houghton FrederickKensington streetdwelling-house272A, Kensington street
22672 Houghton GeorgeBinbrook streetdwelling-house26, Binbrook street
22673 Howard JohnKensington streetdwelling-house87, Kensington street
22674 Howard SamuelIsaac streetdwelling-house12, Isaac street
22675 Howard ThomasDean streetdwelling-house14, Dean street
22676 Howarth HenryBinbrook streethouse & shop2, Binbrook street
22677 Howarth WilliamCemetery roaddwelling-house21, Cemetery road
22678 Howell JohnIsaac streetdwelling-houseIsaac street
successivedwelling-house27, Isaac street
22679 Howell MarkRosse streetdwelling-house74, Rosse street
22680 Howell Richard, junr.Rosse streetdwelling-house90, Rosse street
22681 Howell ThomasIsaac streetdwelling-house28, Isaac street
22682 Howell ThomasRosse streetdwelling-houseRosse street
successivedwelling-house96, Rosse street
22683 Howell WilliamRosse streetdwelling-houseDean street
successivehouse & shop42, Rosse street
22684 Howker HerbertFairbank roaddwelling-house6, Fairbank road
22685 Howlett HenryBinbrook streetdwelling-house65, Binbrook street
22686 Howley JohnIngleby streetdwelling-house122, Ingleby street
22687 Hoyland AlexanderIsles streetdwelling-house50, Isles street
22688 Hoyland WilliamIngleby streetdwelling-houseIngleby street
successivedwelling-house153, Ingleby street
22689 Huckle WilliamBinbrook streetdwelling-house108, Binbrook street
22690 Hudson FrancisRosse streetdwelling-house72, Rosse street
22691 Hudson RichardHollings roadhouse & shop151, Hollings road
22692 Hughes AlbertWhitefield placedwelling-houseWhitefield place
successivedwelling-house32, Whitefield place
22693 Hunt EphraimWhitefield placedwelling-house4 Whitefield place
22694 Hunt ThomasKensington streetdwelling-house75, Kensington street
22695 Hunter FrederickKensington streetdwelling-house130, Kensington street
22696 Hunter JamesGreen rowdwelling-house318A, Green row
22697 Hurley PatrickPenzance streetdwelling-houseDean street
successivedwelling-house30, Penzance street
22698 Hurry EdwardWhite Abbey roadhouse & shop103, White Abbey road
22699 Hustler ThomasHollings squaredwelling-house8, Hollings square
22700 Hutchinson JeremiahWoodlands roaddwelling-house4, Woodlands road

MANNINGHAM WARD1, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter I
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
22701 Illingworth AlfredKensington streetdwelling-house190, Kensington street
22702 Illingworth BenjaminWhetley lanedwelling-house112, Whetley lane
22703 Illingworth EdwardWhetley lanedwelling-house17, Whetley lane
22704 Illingworth UriFour lane endsdwelling-house39, Four lane ends
22705 Ingham JonathanBingley streetdwelling-house134 Bingley street
22706 Inglehearn LewisWoodlands roaddwelling-house83, Woodlands road
22707 Isherwood WilliamCemetery roaddwelling-house37, Cemetery road
22708 Isitt FrederickWhite's viewdwelling-houseClarendon place
successivedwelling-house9, White's view
22709 Ives WilliamArthington streetdwelling-house67, Arthington street

MANNINGHAM WARD1, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter J
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
22710 Jackman GeorgeRosse streetdwelling-houseRosse street
successivedwelling-house70, Rosse street
22711 Jackson BenjaminArthington streetdwelling-house9, Arthington street
22712 Jackson EdwinWoodlands roaddwelling-house109, Woodlands road
22713 Jackson FosterBaldwin fold, Thornton roaddwelling-house248, Baldwin fold, Thornton road
22714 Jackson JohnIngleby streetdwelling-house190, Ingleby street
22715 Jackson JohnThornton roaddwelling-house326, Thornton road
22716 Jackson RobertWhetley hillhouse & shop17, Whetley hill
22717 Jackson SamuelArthington streetdwelling-house1, Arthington street
22718 Jackson ThomasIngleby streetdwelling-house182, Ingleby street
22719 Jackson TomBingley streetdwelling-houseBingley street
successivedwelling-house96, Bingley street
22720 Jackson WilliamKensington streetdwelling-house45, Kensington street
22721 Jackson William HenryIngleby streetdwelling-house16, Ingleby street
22722 Jacques CharlesBingley streetdwelling-house20, Bingley street
22723 Jagger HenryAshwell streetdwelling-house43, Ashwell street
22724 Jagger HolroydArthington streetdwelling-house1A, Arthington street
22725 Jagger WilliamCemetery roaddwelling-house47, Cemetery road
22726 James HarryYoung streetdwelling-house36, Young street
22727 Jarratt John WilliamJarratt streetdwelling-house24, Jarratt street
22728 Jarratt WilliamWhetley lanedwelling-house73, Whetley lane
22729 Jefferson JosephWhetley grovedwelling-house8, Whetley grove
22730 Jennings JamesDean streetdwelling-house18, Dean street
22731 Jennings WilliamIsles streetdwelling-houseBinbrook street
successivedwelling-house25, Isles street
22732 Johnson AlfredMortimer streetdwelling-house25 Mortimer street
22733 Johnson BenjaminBinbrook streetdwelling-house22, Binbrook street
22734 Johnson EdwardWhetley lanedwelling-house75, Whetley lane
22735 Johnson SamuelSouth East terracedwelling-house29, South East terrace
22736 Johnston JohnWoodlands roaddwelling-house107, Woodlands road
22737 Jones PatrickOakwood streetdwelling-house47, Oakwood street
22738 Jones William JamesBinbrook streetdwelling-house52, Binbrook street
22739 Jowett JamesKensington streetdwelling-house74, Kensington street
22740 Jowett WilfridGirlington roaddwelling-house336, Girlington road
22741 Joy James RichardIsles streetdwelling-house54, Isles street

MANNINGHAM WARD1, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter K
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
22742 Keighley ThomasFour lane endsdwelling-house25, Four lane ends
22743 Keighley WilliamRosse streetdwelling-house18, Rosse street
22744 Keighley WilliamAshwell streetdwelling-house19, Ashwell street
22745 Keith JohnIsles streetdwelling-house42, Isles street
22746 Kellett MarkBinbrook streethouse & shop62, Binbrook street
22747 Kelly JamesIngleby streetdwelling-house137, Ingleby street
22748 Kemp JamesBinbrook streetdwelling-house14, Binbrook street
22749 Kendall GeorgeIsles streetdwelling-house3, Isles street
22750 Kendall JamesKensington streetdwelling-house92, Kensington street
22751 Kerns WilliamBingley streetdwelling-house17, Bingley street
22752 Kershaw WilliamAshwell streetdwelling-house33, Ashwell street
22753 Kerslake RobertCemetery bridgedwelling-house1, Cemetery bridge
22754 Kettle JosephGirlington roaddwelling-house116, Girlington road
22755 Kettlewell RobertArthington streetdwelling-house21, Arthington street
22756 Key ThomasThornton roadhouse & shop446, Thornton road
22757 King JamesGirlington roaddwelling-houseKensington street
successivedwelling-house208, Girlington road
22758 King JohnGirlington roaddwelling-house146, Girlington road
22759 Kingdom JohnWoodlands roaddwelling-houseWeston street
successivedwelling-house41, Woodlands road
22760 Kirkbright WalterCemetery roaddwelling-house29, Cemetery road
22761 Kitchen JacobIsles streetdwelling-house16, Isles street
22762 Kitching MichaelGirlington roaddwelling-house106, Girlington road
22763 Kitson JosephKensington streetdwelling-house14, Kensington street
22764 Knight Charles GeorgeWhitefield placedwelling-house11, Whitefield place
22765 Knight GeorgeCemetery roaddwelling-house73, Cemetery road
22766 Knight JosephWhetley grovedwelling-house18, Whetley grove
22767 Knight TitusFour Lane endsdwelling-house51, Four Lane ends
22768 Knight WilliamKensington streetdwelling-house170, Kensington street
22769 Knowles JohnWoodlands roaddwelling-house10, Woodlands road

MANNINGHAM WARD1, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter L
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
22770 Lackey PeterWeston streetdwelling-house28, Weston street
22771 Lamb BenjaminIngleby streetdwelling-house46, Ingleby street
22772 Lambert JamesRosse streetdwelling-house26, Rosse street
22773 Lambert John MidgleyIngleby streetdwelling-house55, Ingleby street
22774 Lancaster JosephHollings terracedwelling-house13, Hollings terrace
22775 Lawler JohnHollings roaddwelling-house104, Hollings road
22776 Lawson RobertFairbank roaddwelling-house46, Fairbank road
22777 Laycock IrvineSapling streetdwelling-houseSapling street
successivedwelling-house34, Sapling street
22778 Laycock JohnThornton roadhouse & shop353, Thornton road
22779 Leach AlbertWillow streetdwelling-house6A, Willow street
22780 Leach IsaacBingley streetdwelling-house7, Thornton street
successivedwelling-house109, Bingley street
22781 Leach John EdwardMortimer streethouse & shop49, Mortimer street
22782 Leach WilliamHollings roaddwelling-house145, Hollings road
22783 Leach ZachariahWillow streetdwelling-house17, Willow street
22784 Leadbeater DavidThornton roaddwelling-houseRosse street
successivedwelling-house362, Thornton road
22785 Leak AnthonyBingley streetdwelling-house118, Bingley street
22786 Lee EdmundKensington streetdwelling-house112, Kensington street
22787 Lee JohnIsles streetdwelling-house29, Isles street
22788 Lee JohnSapling streetdwelling-houseBelgrave street
successivedwelling-house32, Sapling street
22789 Lee RichardFour Lane endsdwelling-house21, Four Lane ends
22790 Lee WilliamLower Globe streetdwelling-house21, Lower Globe street
22791 Leigh WilliamBinbrook streetdwelling-house89, Binbrook street
22792 Leonard John AndersonFour Lane endsdwelling-houseFour Lane ends
successivedwelling-house51, Four Lane ends
22793 Lewis AlfredBinbrook streetdwelling-houseBinbrook street
successivedwelling-house114, Binbrook street
22794 Licence GeorgePenzance streetdwelling-houseWashington street
successivedwelling-house14, Penzance street
22795 Linfort FredWoodlands roaddwelling-house45, Woodlands road
22796 Lister EliKensington streetdwelling-house260, Kensington street
22797 Lister JamesFairbank roaddwelling-house13, Fairbank road
22798 Livesley ThomasFairbank roaddwelling-house17, Fairbank road
22799 Llanwarne Charles JamesKensington streetdwelling-house84, Kensington street
22800 Lloyd HenryGirlington roaddwelling-houseKensington street
successivedwelling-house272, Girlington road
22801 Lockwood JohnGirlington roaddwelling-houseGirlington road
successivedwelling-house134, Girlington road
22802 Lockwood TomHollings roaddwelling-houseHollings road
successivedwelling-house115, Hollings road
22803 Lockwood WilliamIsles streetdwelling-houseIsles street
successivedwelling-house12, Isles street
22804 Lodge JasonWeston streetdwelling-house18, Weston street
22805 Lodge RobertOswald streetdwelling-house48, Oswald street
22806 Long JohnDean streetdwelling-house26, Dean street
22807 Longbottom GeorgeWoodlands roaddwelling-house31, Woodlands road
22808 Longbottom JohnOswald streetdwelling-house21, Oswald street
22809 Longfellow WilliamWoodlands roaddwelling-house21, Woodlands road
22810 Lonsdale JamesBingley streetdwelling-house3, Bingley street
22811 Lord RichardWhetley lanedwelling-house39, Whetley lane
22812 Lucas WilliamBingley streetdwelling-house10, Bingley street
22813 Ludbrook JohnMortimer streetdwelling-houseMortimer street
successivedwelling-house43, Mortimer street
22814 Ludlam EdwinIsles streetdwelling-house30, Isles street
22815 Lush Francis JohnKensington streetdwelling-house60, Kensington street

MANNINGHAM WARD1, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter M
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
22816 Macdonald AlexanderBingley streetdwelling-house123, Bingley street
22817 MacKenzie JohnIsles streetdwelling-house74, Isles street
22818 Mackew CharlesWhite's terracedwelling-house24, White's terrace
22819 Mackewin JohnIngleby streetdwelling-house125, Ingleby street
22820 Madden PeterGirlington roaddwelling-house320, Girlington road
22821 Mahoney DennisIngleby streetdwelling-house100, Ingleby street
22822 Mail AlbertGirlington roadhouse & shop34, Girlington road
22823 Male CharlesIsles streetdwelling-houseIsles street
successivedwelling-house106, Isles street
22824 Male Charles, seniorYoung streetdwelling-house32, Young street
22825 Male William, junr.Young streetdwelling-house59, Young street
22826 Mallinson JamesWhite's viewdwelling-house19, White's view
22827 Mallinson JohnArthington streetdwelling-house49, Arthington street
22828 Mann JohnIngleby streetdwelling-houseIngleby street
successivedwelling-house65, Ingleby street
22829 Mann JoshuaBinbrook streetdwelling-house86, Binbrook street
22830 March JohnHollings roaddwelling-house160, Hollings road
22831 March JosephArthington streetdwelling-house27 Arthington street
22832 March RobertWoodlands roaddwelling-house16, Woodlands road
22833 Margerison EdwardWhetley hilldwelling-house29, Whetley hill
22834 Marsden FrankOswald streetdwelling-house54, Oswald street
22835 Marsden PhilipRosse streetdwelling-house12, Rosse street
22836 Marsden RogerBinbrook streetdwelling-house74, Binbrook street
22837 Marshall JohnIngleby streetdwelling-house13, Ingleby street
22838 Mathers PeterBingley streetdwelling-house127 Bingley street
22839 Martin GeorgePlumpton streetdwelling-house60A, Plumpton street
22840 Martin HenryDean streetdwelling-house10, Dean street
22841 Martin JohnDean streetdwelling-house8, Dean street
22842 Martin TomBrownroyd hoteldwelling-house339, Thornton road
22843 Martin WilliamIngleby streetdwelling-houseIngleby street
successivedwelling-house29, Ingleby street
22844 Martin WilliamRosse streetdwelling-house54, Rosse street
22845 Marvell ThomasWhetley lanedwelling-house85, Whetley lane
22846 Mason JohnIngleby streetdwelling-house128, Ingleby street
22847 Massheder MatthewWoodlands Lodgedwelling-houseToller lane
22848 Mathers ThomasGuardian streetdwelling-house9, Guardian street
22849 Mathews ThomasYoung streetdwelling-house47, Young street
22850 Maud SamuelArthington streetdwelling-house44, Arthington street
22851 Mawson Thomas WilliamFairbank roaddwelling-house15, Fairbank road
22852 Maynard JohnBinbrook streetdwelling-house42, Binbrook street
22853 McCallum AlexanderBingley streetdwelling-house66, Bingley street
22854 McCann EdwardIngleby streetdwelling-house120, Ingleby street
22855 McCracken JamesKensington streetdwelling-house230, Kensington street
22856 McCunniff MichaelBingley streetdwelling-house107, Bingley street
22857 McGee JohnBinbrook streetdwelling-house41, Binbrook street
22858 McGilliney DuncanHollings roaddwelling-house3, Hollings road
22859 McLean OwenIngleby streetdwelling-house159, Ingleby street
22860 Medley ThomasRosse streetdwelling-house10, Rosse street
22861 Mellor DavidHollings mountdwelling-house2, Hollings mount
22862 Mellor ThomasBingley streetdwelling-house12, Bingley street
22863 Mellor ThomasGirlington roaddwelling-house78, Girlington road
22864 Mellor WilliamGirlington roaddwelling-houseGirlington road
successivedwelling-house80, Girlington road
22865 Melville AlexandraGirlington roaddwelling-house14, Girlington road
22866 Mercer FrederickBinbrook streetdwelling-house30, Binbrook street
22867 Mercer RobertWhite's terracedwelling-houseWhetley mount
successivedwelling-house1, White's terrace
22868 Mercer WilliamCemetery roaddwelling-house22, Cemetery road
22869 Metcalfe JohnGirlington roaddwelling-house44, Girlington road
22870 Metcalfe John WilliamBingley streetdwelling-house126, Bingley street
22871 Metcalfe ThomasArthington streetdwelling-house15, Arthington street
22872 Metcalfe WilliamFour lane endsdwelling-house69, Four lane ends
22873 Metcalfe William BeckwithRosse streetdwelling-house62, Rosse street
22874 Middlemiss SamuelIngleby streetdwelling-house5, Ingleby street
22875 Middleton JamesRosse streetdwelling-houseGirlington road
successivedwelling-house56, Rosse street
22876 Middleton Samuel HaighWallis streetdwelling-house119, Wallis street
22877 Midgley DavidKensington streetdwelling-house178, Kensington street
22878 Midgley HenryWoodlands roaddwelling-house25, Woodlands road
22879 Midgley JohnJarratt streetdwelling-house23, Jarratt street
22880 Midgley RobertHollings roaddwelling-house165, Hollings road
22881 Midgley ThomasMortimer streetdwelling-house1, Mortimer street
22882 Midgley WilliamBrownroyd terracehouse & shop337, Brownroyd terrace
22883 Miller SamuelWhite's terracedwelling-house12, White's terrace
22884 Milner EliBrownroyd terracehouse & shop333, Brownroyd terrace
22885 Milner JohnIngleby streetdwelling-house14, Ingleby street
22886 Milnes Edwin ShuttleworthFairbank roaddwelling-house25, Fairbank road
22887 Milnes HenryHoxton streetwarehouseDuncombe street
22888 Milnes WilliamWoodlands roadhouse & shop1, Woodlands road
22889 Milthorpe JohnArthington streetdwelling-house37, Arthington street
22890 Mirfield JohnWeston streetdwelling-house59, Weston street
22891 Mitchell DanKensington streetdwelling-house136, Kensington street
22892 Mitchell JohnOswald streetdwelling-house49, Oswald street
22893 Mitchell ThomasIsaac streetdwelling-house31, Isaac street
22894 Mitchell TimothyWhitefield placedwelling-house78, Whitefield place
22895 Monestere JosephBingley streetdwelling-house52, Bingley street
22896 Moore BenjaminHollings roaddwelling-house131, Hollings road
22897 Moore JohnBinbrook streetdwelling-houseBinbrook street
successivedwelling-house82, Binbrook street
22898 Moore JohnWhite's terracedwelling-houseWhite's terrace
successivedwelling-house9, White's terrace
22899 Morrell ThomasHollings roaddwelling-house125, Hollings road
22900 Morris RichardYoung streetdwelling-house73, Young street
22901 Morris ThomasAshwell streetdwelling-house57, Ashwell street
22902 Morrison ThomasHollings roaddwelling-house148, Hollings road
22903 Mortimer JamesKensington streetdwelling-house72, Kensington street
22904 Mortimer NehemiahWoodlands roaddwelling-houseGirlington road
successivedwelling-house26, Woodlands road
22905 Moses WilliamKensington streetdwelling-house58A Kensington street
22906 Mowbray SamuelWhitefield placedwelling-house70, Whitefield place
22907 Moxon William RussellLower Globe streetdwelling-house37, Lower Globe street
22908 Mudd AlexanderAshwell streetdwelling-house51, Ashwell street
22909 Munro George HenryBingley streetdwelling-house113, Bingley street
22910 Murgatroyd FredKensington streetdwelling-houseKensington street
successivedwelling-house66, Kensington street
22911 Murgatroyd JamesFairbank roaddwelling-house37, Fairbank road
22912 Murgatroyd JosephBingley streetdwelling-houseNorth wing
successivedwelling-house135, Bingley street
22913 Murgatroyd JoshuaFairbank roaddwelling-house7, Fairbank road
22914 Murgatroyd ThomasBingley streetdwelling-house133, Bingley street
22915 Murray BenjaminHollings squaredwelling-house4B, Hollings square
22916 Musgrave JohnBinbrook streetdwelling-house80, Binbrook street

MANNINGHAM WARD1, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter N
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
22917 Naylor HenryThornton roaddwelling-house257, Thornton road
22918 Naylor JohnGirlington roaddwelling-house216, Girlington road
22919 Nelson HughBingley streetdwelling-house101, Bingley street
22920 Newboult AlfredHollings roaddwelling-house175, Hollings road
22921 Newman ThomasIsaac streetdwelling-house15, Isaac street
22922 Newsholme RobertOswald streetdwelling-house7, Oswald street
22923 Nice SamuelBingley streetdwelling-house122, Bingley street
22924 Nichol JamesIngleby streetdwelling-house160, Ingleby street
22925 Nichols JamesKensington streetdwelling-house101, Kensington street
22926 Nichols William HenryOswald streetdwelling-house28, Oswald street
22927 Nicholson ThomasKensington streetdwelling-house276, Kensington street
22928 Nixon WilliamFour lane endsdwelling-house49, Four lane ends
22929 Nolan MichaelBingley streetdwelling-house13, Bingley street
22930 Norbury JosephSapling streetdwelling-houseLincoln terrace
successivedwelling-house50, Sapling street
22931 North DavidWhitefield placedwelling-house34, Whitefield place
22932 North William HaighWhetley grovedwelling-houseWillow street
successivedwelling-house2, Whetley grove
22933 Northrop AlfredIsles streethouse & shop33, Isles street
22934 Northrop EzraKensington streetdwelling-house134, Kensington street
22935 Northrop HerbertCemetery roaddwelling-house15, Cemetery road
22936 Northrop JonasArthington streetdwelling-houseBeecher street
successivedwelling-house74, Arthington street
22937 Northrop SamuelWhetley lanedwelling-house5, Whetley lane
22938 Northrop WilliamYoung streetdwelling-house31, Young street
22939 Nunwick JohnArthington streetdwelling-house61, Arthington street

MANNINGHAM WARD1, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter O
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
22940 Oates BenjaminKensington streetdwelling-houseGirlington road
successivedwelling-house129, Kensington street
22941 Oddy John CharlesKensington housedwelling-house4, Willow street
22942 O'Donnell MichaelSaxon streetdwelling-house49, Saxon street
22943 Ogden FrankCemetery roaddwelling-house49, Cemetery road
22944 Ogden ThomasIsaac streetdwelling-house9, Isaac street
22945 O'Hara PeterIsles streetdwelling-house104, Isles street
22946 Oldfield HenryGirlington roaddwelling-house256, Girlington road
22947 Oldfield JohnFour Lane endshouse & shop3, Four Lane ends
22948 Oldfield John HenryIngleby streetdwelling-house42, Ingleby street
22949 O'Melia JamesBingley streetdwelling-house117, Bingley street
22950 Onion EdwardBingley streetdwelling-house121, Bingley street
22951 Onion JohnAshwell streetdwelling-houseBingley street
successivedwelling-house6, Ashwell street
22952 Ormanroyd AquilaYoung streetdwelling-house38, Young street
22953 Ormanroyd HenryKensington streetdwelling-house63, Kensington street
22954 Overend AlbertWhitefield placedwelling-house64, Whitefield place
22955 Owston WilliamKensington streetdwelling-house232, Kensington street
22956 Oxley John BenjaminHollings roaddwelling-house177, Hollings road
22957 Oxley William HenrySouth East terracehouse & shop9, South East terrace
22958 Oxtoby JohnGirlington roaddwelling-house159, Girlington road

MANNINGHAM WARD1, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter P
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
22959 Padfield AlfredWhitefield placedwelling-house26, Whitefield place
22960 Palfreyman WilliamGirlington roaddwelling-houseAtlas street
successivedwelling-houseWashington street
successivedwelling-house328, Girlington road
22961 Park RichardDean streetdwelling-house30, Dean street
22962 Parker JubalAshwell streetdwelling-houseWashington street
successivedwelling-house15, Ashwell street
22963 Parker WilliamKensington streetdwelling-house90, Kensington street
22964 Parkinson JamesIngleby streetdwelling-house95, Ingleby street
22965 Parkinson JohnOswald streetdwelling-house55, Oswald street
22966 Parkinson JosephKensington streetdwelling-house80, Kensington street
22967 Parkinson JosiahGirlington roaddwelling-house196, Girlington road
22968 Parry Richard JamesOswald streethouse & shop5, Oswald street
22969 Partington JohnGirlington roaddwelling-house136, Girlington road
22970 Pawson WilliamGirlington roaddwelling-house291, Girlington road
22971 Paxman ThomasIngleby streetdwelling-houseRosse street
successivedwelling-house12, Ingleby street
22972 Peacock JohnArthington streetdwelling-house90, Arthington street
22973 Pearce JohnThornton roaddwelling-house358, Thornton road
22974 Pearson James MortimerMortimer streetdwelling-house41, Mortimer street
22975 Pearson JeremiahKensington streetdwelling-house28, Kensington street
22976 Pearson JohnGreen rowdwelling-house280, Green row
22977 Pearson JohnPenzance streetdwelling-house2, Penzance street
22978 Pearson JonasMortimer streetofficeMortimer street
22979 Pearson William AbrahamMortimer streetdwelling-house37, Mortimer street
22980 Peasegood John GeorgeHollings squaredwelling-houseHollings square
successivedwelling-house14, Hollings square
22981 Peel TheophilusHortonwarehouseLower Globe street
22982 Peniston JohnPreston streetdwelling-houseRosse street
successivedwelling-house2, Preston street
22983 Penny JamesBinbrook streetdwelling-house12, Binbrook street
22984 Perkins John ThomasYoung streetdwelling-house28, Young street
22985 Pettyt ThomasBingley streetdwelling-house4, Bingley street
22986 Phillips AndrewPenzance streetdwelling-house24, Penzance street
22987 Phillips CharlesKensington streetdwelling-house116, Kensington street
22988 Pickard ScarboroughWhetley lanedwelling-house31, Whetley lane
22989 Pickles AlfredWallis streetdwelling-house44, Wallis street
22990 Pickles BenjaminWhetley lanedwelling-house69, Whetley lane
22991 Pickles DavidWhetley lanedwelling-house63, Whetley lane
22992 Pickles JamesJarratt streetdwelling-house20, Jarratt street
22993 Pickles JohnDean streetdwelling-house15, Dean street
22994 Pickles JohnWhetley lanedwelling-house71, Whetley lane
22995 Pickles JohnRosse streetdwelling-house14, Rosse street
22996 Pickles JosephHollings terracedwelling-house15, Hollings terrace
22997 Pollard JohnWoodlands roaddwelling-house91, Woodlands road
22998 Popplewell JamesOakwood streetdwelling-house45, Oakwood street
22999 Porter WilliamOakwood streetdwelling-house7, Oakwood street
23000 Potter JamesIsaac streetdwelling-house14, Isaac street
23001 Potter WilliamKensington streetdwelling-house51, Kensington street
23002 Potts JamesRosse streetdwelling-house76, Rosse street
23003 Pouncey JosephRosse streetdwelling-house66, Rosse street
23004 Powell ThomasAshwell streetdwelling-houseAshwell street
successivedwelling-house4, Ashwell street
23005 Pratt FrankHollings terracedwelling-houseLily street
successivedwelling-house39, Hollings terrace
23006 Pratt JamesIngleby streetdwelling-house143, Ingleby street
23007 Pratt MillingtonWhitefield placedwelling-house56, Whitefield place
23008 Prescott Robert RichmondCemetery roaddwelling-house7, Cemetery road
23009 Prest ThomasHollings roaddwelling-house135, Hollings road
23010 Preston RobertRosse streetdwelling-house46, Rosse street
23011 Price EdwinWoodlands roaddwelling-houseWoodlands road
successivedwelling-house81, Woodlands road
23012 Price ThomasBingley streetdwelling-houseOswald street
successivedwelling-house138, Bingley street
23013 Priestley JonasIngleby streetdwelling-house145, Ingleby street
23014 Priestman AlfredManningham Lodgedwelling-houseManningham lodge
23015 Priestman ArthurManninghamwarehouseCity road
23016 Priestman JohnManningham Lodgedwelling-houseManningham lodge
23017 Proctor Leonard WilliamGirlington roaddwelling-house308, Girlington road

MANNINGHAM WARD1, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter Q
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
23018 Quarmby Joe WalterKensington streetdwelling-housePark lane
successivedwelling-house144, Kensington street
23019 Quick JamesCemetery bridgedwelling-houseWest Squire lane
successivedwelling-house3, Cemetery bridge
23020 Quinn PatrickSaxon streetdwelling-house59, Saxon street

MANNINGHAM WARD1, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter R
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
23021 Radcliffe JamesYoung streetdwelling-houseIsles street
successivedwelling-house21, Young street
23022 Raine ThomasKensington streetdwelling-house303, Kensington street
23023 Raine William EdwinKensington streetdwelling-house269, Kensington street
23024 Raistrick EzraIngleby streetdwelling-house107, Ingleby street
23025 Raistrick WilliamAshwell streetdwelling-house45, Ashwell street
23026 Ramsden FrederickThornton roaddwelling-house328, Thornton road
23027 Ramsden JeremiahIngleby streetdwelling-house53, Ingleby street
23028 Ramsden JohnWoodlands roaddwelling-house34, Woodlands road
23029 Ramsden JonasWoodlands roaddwelling-house11, Woodlands road
23030 Raper FrederickWoodlands roaddwelling-houseSaxon street
successivedwelling-house21, Woodlands road
23031 Raper JosephCemetery roaddwelling-house10, Cemetery road
23032 Raspin WilliamBrownroyd streetdwelling-houseBrownroyd street
23033 Rastrick CharlesKensington streetdwelling-house73, Kensington street
23034 Ratcliffe DenbyHollings roaddwelling-houseSilver street
successivedwelling-house108, Hollings road
23035 Ratcliffe SquireSaxon streetdwelling-house9, Saxon street
23036 Rawling JohnIngleby streetdwelling-house173, Ingleby street
23037 Rawnsley JamesIsaac streetdwelling-house22, Isaac street
23038 Rawnsley JohnWhite's viewdwelling-house29, White's view
23039 Rawnsley JoshuaCommercial hoteldwelling-house75, Bingley street
23040 Rawson ThomasPenzance streetdwelling-house4, Penzance street
23041 Rayner JamesKensington streetdwelling-house1,58, Kensington street
23042 Rayner WalterBingley streetdwelling-house63, Bingley street
23043 Redman John PighillsFairbank roaddwelling-house1, Fairbank road
23044 Renton George HenryClifton villascountinghouseYoung street
23045 Reynolds RobertThornton roaddwelling-house254, Thornton road
23046 Rhodes JohnKensington streetdwelling-house271, Kensington street
23047 Rhodes RobertBinbrook streetdwelling-house73, Binbrook street
23048 Rhodes William CordingleyWhetley lanedwelling-houseWhetley grove
successivedwelling-house87, Whetley lane
23049 Rhodes William EdwinIngleby streetdwelling-house9, Ingleby street
23050 Richards ArthurBinbrook streetdwelling-house94, Binbrook street
23051 Richards CharlesBinbrook streetdwelling-house92, Binbrook street
23052 Richards JamesYoung streetdwelling-house39, Bolling street
successivedwelling-house71, Young street
23053 Richards WilliamCemetery roaddwelling-house13, Cemetery road
23054 Riddiough WalmsleyJarratt streetdwelling-house21, Jarratt street
23055 Rigg GeorgeIsles streetdwelling-house20, Isles street
23056 Riley BenBingley streetdwelling-house30 Bingley street
23057 Riley DavidSt. Andrew's villaswarehouseYoung street
23058 Riley EdwardKensington streetdwelling-house146, Kensington street
23059 Riley GregoryIsaac streetdwelling-house29, Isaac street
23060 Riley JamesFairbank roaddwelling-house21, Fairbank road
23061 Riley JosephMortimer streetdwelling-house11, Mortimer street
23062 Riley WilliamSt. Andrew's villaswarehouseYoung street
23063 Ripley WilliamWeston streetdwelling-house8, Weston street
23064 Ris HenryBinbrook streetdwelling-house104, Binbrook street
23065 Risden JosephIngleby streetdwelling-house72, Ingleby street
23066 Risden Joseph, senr.Ingleby streetdwelling-house27, Ingleby street
23067 Rishworth Jeremiah PhillipsGirlington roaddwelling-houseKensington street
successivehouse & shop62, Girlington road
23068 Roberts HenryKensington streetdwelling-house305, Kensington street
23069 Roberts JohnGirlington roaddwelling-house314, Girlington road
23070 Roberts John EdwardFairbank roaddwelling-house32, Fairbank road
23071 Roberts WilliamGirlington roaddwelling-houseGirlington road
successivedwelling-house298, Girlington road
23072 Robertshaw BenjaminGirlington roaddwelling-house10, Girlington road
23073 Robertshaw JohnOswald streetdwelling-house56, Oswald street
23074 Robinson DavidJarratt streetdwelling-house19, Jarratt street
23075 Robinson GeorgeGreen rowdwelling-house278, Green row
23076 Robinson George HenryHollings roaddwelling-house133, Hollings road
23077 Robinson IsaacKensington streetdwelling-house139, Kensington street
23078 Robinson JohnIsles streetdwelling-house22, Isles street
23079 Robinson JohnKensington streetdwelling-house122, Kensington street
23080 Robinson JohnWhetley lanedwelling-house11, Whetley lane
23081 Robinson John HenryKensington streetdwelling-house263, Kensington street
23082 Robinson JonasYoung streetdwelling-house53, Young street
23083 Robinson JosephGirlington roaddwelling-house180, Girlington road
23084 Robinson JosephGreen rowdwelling-house272, Green row
23085 Robinson LotIngleby streetdwelling-house39, Ingleby street
23086 Robinson PriestleyGirlington roaddwelling-house304, Girlington road
23087 Robinson TomKensington streetdwelling-houseKensington street
successivedwelling-house50, Kensington street
23088 Robinson WilliamKensington streetdwelling-house49, Kensington street
23089 Robinson WilliamYoung streetdwelling-house11, Young street
23090 Robson William GeorgeAshwell streetdwelling-house27, Ashwell street
23091 Rodwell JohnBingley streetdwelling-houseChassum street
successivedwelling-house32, Bingley street
23092 Roe IsaacIsaac streetdwelling-house18, Isaac street
23093 Roe SamuelOswald streetdwelling-house69, Oswald street
23094 Roger ThomasBinbrook streetdwelling-house110, Binbrook street
23095 Rollinson WilliamGirlington roaddwelling-house66, Girlington road
23096 Roper EzraBinbrook streetdwelling-house20, Binbrook street
23097 Roper WilliamWhitefield placedwelling-house24, Whitefield place
23098 Rosier WilliamGirlington roaddwelling-house158, Girlington road
23099 Ross BenjaminBingley streetdwelling-house130, Bingley street
23100 Ross JosephDean streetdwelling-house9, Dean street
23101 Rowbottom AllenFairbank roaddwelling-house5, Fairbank road
23102 Rowell WilliamKensington streetdwelling-house217, Kensington street
23103 Rudd EliWoodlands roaddwelling-house99, Woodlands road
23104 Rushton IsaacFairbank roaddwelling-house29, Fairbank road
23105 Rushton RobertSouth East terracehouse & shop5, South East terrace
23106 Rushton WilliamWhetley lanedwelling-house57, Whetley lane
23107 Rushworth JonathanGreen rowdwelling-house286, Green row
23108 Rushworth JosephGirlington roaddwelling-house16, Girlington road
23109 Russell JosephBinbrook streetdwelling-house44, Binbrook street
23110 Ryan PatrickOswald streetdwelling-house19, Oswald street
23111 Ryan ThomasOswald streetdwelling-house25, Oswald street
23112 Rycroft IsaacArthington streetdwelling-houseWeston street
successivedwelling-house57, Arthington street
23113 Ryder JohnSapling streetdwelling-house26, Sapling street

MANNINGHAM WARD1, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter S
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
23114 Saddler LukeWhitefield placedwelling-houseGirlington road
successivedwelling-house68, Whitefield place
23115 Sanderson RichardThornton roadhouse & shop361, Thornton road
23116 Sarratt WilliamWoodlands roaddwelling-houseGrimwith street
successivedwelling-house67, Woodlands road
23117 Saville JamesGirlington roaddwelling-house84, Girlington road
23118 Saville ThomasBingley streetdwelling-house38, Bingley street
23119 Sawood JosephKensington streetdwelling-house142, Kensington street
23120 Scaife WilliamCemetery roaddwelling-house39, Cemetery road
23121 Scarlett Samuel WhartonHollings roaddwelling-house171, Hollings road
23122 Schofield John StephenBingley streetdwelling-house67, Bingley street
23123 Scholefield DanFairbank roaddwelling-house33, Fairbank road
23124 Scholes GeorgeKensington streetdwelling-house93, Kensington street
23125 Schutt WilliamBingley streetdwelling-house85, Bingley street
23126 Scott James JowettThornton roaddwelling-houseLincoln road
successivedwelling-house & shop349, Thornton road
23127 Scott ThomasHollings roaddwelling-house4, Hollings road
23128 Sedgwick GeorgeArthington streetdwelling-house53, Arthington street
23129 Seller WilliamBinbrook streetdwelling-house6, Binbrook street
23130 Servant JamesKensington streetdwelling-house97, Kensington street
23131 Settle AbrahamMortimer streetdwelling-house9, Mortimer street
23132 Settle John, junr.Young streetdwelling-house37, Young street
23133 Settle WilliamYoung streetdwelling-house35, Young street
23134 Sewell JohnGreen rowdwelling-house302, Green row
23135 Shackleton DavidHollings roaddwelling-houseHollings road
successivedwelling-house118, Hollings road
23136 Shackleton FrankBinbrook streetdwelling-house46, Binbrook street
23137 Shackleton JohnGirlington roaddwelling-houseGirlington road
successivedwelling-house234, Girlington road
23138 Shackleton JosephMortimer streetdwelling-house39, Mortimer street
23139 Shackleton RobertWhetley grovedwelling-house20, Whetley grove
23140 Shannon JosephAshwell streetdwelling-house18, Ashwell street
23141 Sharp WilliamBinbrook streetdwelling-house54, Binbrook street
23142 Shaw Charles PeelKensington streetdwelling-house131, Kensington street
23143 Shaw Edwin RoperDean streetdwelling-houseIngleby street
successivedwelling-house12, Dean street
23144 Shaw JosephWhetley hilldwelling-house35, Whetley hill
23145 Shaw SamuelKensington streetdwelling-houseGirlington road
successivedwelling-house168, Kensington street
23146 Shaw William KenworthyThornton roadhouse & shop359, Thornton road
23147 Sheard JohnFour Lane endsdwelling-houseFour Lane ends
successivedwelling-house13, Four Lane ends
23148 Shepherd John HenryDean streetdwelling-house13, Dean street
23149 Shepherd WilliamBrownroyd terracedwelling-house325, Brownroyd terrace
23150 Shepherd WilliamYoung streetdwelling-houseYoung street
successivedwelling-house23, Young street
23151 Shields CharlesGirlington roaddwelling-house300, Girlington road
23152 Shields HenryIngleby streetdwelling-house176, Ingleby street
23153 Shorrock JamesHollings squaredwelling-house18, Hollings square
23154 Shuttleworth EdwardCemetery roaddwelling-house33, Cemetery road
23155 Shuttleworth JohnLower Globe streetdwelling-house51, Lower Globe street
23156 Shuttleworth WilliamCemetery roaddwelling-house16, Cemetery road
23157 Shuttleworth WilliamFour Lane endsdwelling-house67, Four Lane ends
23158 Siddle JamesWhitefield placedwelling-house40, Whitefield place
23159 Silcock Joshua RowlandGuardian streetdwelling-house25, Guardian street
23160 Silson WilliamGirlington roaddwelling-house86, Girlington road
23161 Simpson AlfredOswald streetdwelling-house61, Oswald street
23162 Simpson JohnCemetery roaddwelling-house61, Cemetery road
23163 Simpson JonathanGirlington roaddwelling-house152, Girlington road
23164 Simpson JosephOswald streetdwelling-house9, Oswald street
23165 Simpson SamuelGirlington roaddwelling-house128, Girlington road
23166 Simpson WilliamWeston streetdwelling-house4, Weston street
23167 Simpson WilliamWhitefield placedwelling-house58, Whitefield place
23168 Singleton WilliamGirlington roaddwelling-houseKensington street
successivedwelling-house63 Girlington road
23169 Skelton JosephKensington streetdwelling-house279, Kensington street
23170 Slater CharlesDean streetdwelling-houseBingley street
successivedwelling-house16, Dean street
23171 Slater ThomasIsaac streetdwelling-house11, Isaac street
23172 Slater WhitakerHollings terracedwelling-house33, Hollings terrace
23173 Slater WilliamIngleby streetdwelling-house36, Ingleby street
23174 Slingsby JamesCemetery roaddwelling-house9, Cemetery road
23175 Smith AlfredSouth East terracedwelling-houseWoodbury road
successivehouse & shop33, South East terrace
23176 Smith EdwardAshwell streetdwelling-houseAshwell street
successivedwelling-house17, Ashwell street
23177 Smith EphraimBaldwin folddwelling-house250, Baldwin fold, Thornton road
23178 Smith HenrySaxon streetdwelling-house45, Saxon street
23179 Smith Henry HansonIngleby streetdwelling-house119, Ingleby street
23180 Smith IsaacJarratt streetdwelling-house31, Jarratt street
23181 Smith JamesIngleby streetdwelling-house123, Ingleby street
23182 Smith JamesKensington streetdwelling-house137, Kensington street
23183 Smith James RileyWhetley hillhouse & shop19, Whetley hill
23184 Smith JeremiahWeston streetdwelling-house6, Weston street
23185 Smith JohnIngleby streetdwelling-house76, Ingleby street
23186 Smith JonasGuardian streetdwelling-house13, Guardian street
23187 Smith JosephArthington streetdwelling-house76, Arthington street
23188 Smith JosephBinbrook streetdwelling-house90, Binbrook street
23189 Smith Joseph ThomasSaxon streetdwelling-house43, Saxon street
23190 Smith RobertRosse streetdwelling-house100, Rosse street
23191 Smith SamBinbrook streetdwelling-house112, Binbrook street
23192 Smith SamuelBingley streetdwelling-house15, Bingley street
23193 Smith SimeonKensington streetdwelling-house65, Kensington street
23194 Smith ThomasBingley streetdwelling-house1, Bingley street
23195 Smith ThomasHollings roaddwelling-house146, Hollings road
23196 Smith ThomasIngleby streetdwelling-house121, Ingleby street
23197 Smith TimothyYoung streetdwelling-houseFour lane ends
successivedwelling-house97, Young street
23198 Smith WilliamAshwell streetdwelling-house11, Ashwell street
23199 Smith WilliamKensington streetdwelling-house180, Kensington street
23200 Smith WilliamWhetley lanedwelling-house37, Whetley lane
23201 Smith William HenryGirlington roaddwelling-house102, Girlington road
23202 Smith William ThomasLower Globe streetdwelling-house33, Lower Globe street
23203 Soothill JosephGreen rowdwelling-house274, Green row
23204 Sowden JonathanGirlington roaddwelling-house264, Girlington road
23205 Sowray RobertKensington streetdwelling-house176, Kensington street
23206 Spafford William GreenwoodWhetley lanedwelling-house27, Whetley lane
23207 Speight JamesBingley streetdwelling-houseWashington street
successivedwelling-house33, Bingley street
23208 Speight SamuelKensington streetdwelling-house106, Kensington street
23209 Spence Joseph ThomasAshwell streetdwelling-house35, Ashwell street
23210 Spencer ChristopherOswald streetdwelling-house64, Oswald street
23211 Spooner JohnRosse streetdwelling-house20, Rosse street
23212 Sprouce SmithBinbrook streetdwelling-house59, Binbrook street
23213 Standeven JosephThornton roaddwelling-house344, Thornton road
23214 Standing WilliamKensington streetdwelling-house299, Kensington street
23215 Stead JohnBinbrook streetdwelling-house68, Binbrook street
23216 Stead JohnsonOswald streetdwelling-houseOswald street
successivedwelling-house72, Oswald street
23217 Steel AlbertIngleby streetdwelling-house22, Ingleby street
23218 Steel StarkieIsaac streetdwelling-house20, Isaac street
23219 Stirk JamesWhite's terracedwelling-house10, White's terrace
23220 Stirk WilliamYoung streetdwelling-house27, Young street
23221 Stocks ArthurCemetery roaddwelling-house51, Cemetery road
23222 Stocks CharlesFairbank roaddwelling-house3, Fairbank road
23223 Stocks John BarkerWhite's terracedwelling-house2, Hollings road
successivedwelling-house112, Hollings road
successivedwelling-house7, White's terrace
23224 Stocks JosephFairbank roaddwelling-house31, Fairbank road
23225 Stoney EdwardToller lanedwelling-houseToller lane
23226 Stoney GeorgePenzance streetdwelling-house36, Penzance street
23227 Storrs RichardBingley streetdwelling-house120, Bingley street
23228 Storrs WilliamOswald streetdwelling-house37, Oswald street
23229 Stott AlbertPenzance streetdwelling-house20, Penzance street
23230 Suddards JohnGirlington roaddwelling-houseGirlington road
23231 Sugden AbrahamKensington streetdwelling-house135, Kensington street
23232 Sugden ThomasKensington streetdwelling-house235, Kensington street
23233 Summersgill RichardWeston streetdwelling-houseWeston street
successivedwelling-house49, Weston street
23234 Sumner James GeorgeHollings roaddwelling-houseWhitefield place
successivedwelling-house154, Hollings road
23235 Sunderland AbrahamSaxon streetdwelling-house19, Saxon street
23236 Sutcliffe ArthurIsles streetdwelling-house17, Isles street
23237 Sutcliffe BenjaminOswald streetdwelling-house65, Oswald street
23238 Sutcliffe JohnKensington streetdwelling-house61, Kensington street
23239 Sutcliffe JohnAshwell streetdwelling-house29, Ashwell street
23240 Sutcliffe JohnBinbrook streetdwelling-house88, Binbrook street
23241 Sutcliffe RobertOswald streetdwelling-house51, Oswald street
23242 Sutcliffe Samuel ThomasHollings roaddwelling-house150, Hollings road
23243 Sutcliffe SpencerIngleby streetdwelling-house7, Ingleby street
23244 Sutcliffe StephenGirlington roaddwelling-house118, Girlington road
23245 Sutcliffe ThomasWoodlands roaddwelling-houseWoodlands road
successivedwelling-house105, Woodlands road
23246 Sutcliffe WilliamWhetley lanedwelling-houseGirlington road
successivedwelling-house45, Whetley lane
23247 Sutcliffe WilliamIngleby streetdwelling-house63, Ingleby street
23248 Suthill EzraWoodlands roaddwelling-house9, Woodlands road
23249 Swaine George HenryIngleby streetdwelling-houseIngleby street
successivedwelling-house157, Ingleby street
23250 Swaine JonathanKensington streetdwelling-house257, Kensington street
23251 Swaine WalterOakwood streetdwelling-houseCity road
successivedwelling-house12, Oakwood street
23252 Swallow John HenryIsaac streetdwelling-house13, Isaac street
23253 Swift WilliamGirlington roaddwelling-houseHoxton street
successivedwelling-house28, Girlington road
23254 Swift WilliamOswald streetdwelling-house38, Oswald street
23255 Swire EdmondIngleby streetdwelling-house79, Ingleby street
23256 Swire WilliamIngleby streetdwelling-house81, Ingleby street
23257 Sykes John KayGirlington roaddwelling-house120, Girlington road
23258 Sykes John MitchellKensington streetdwelling-houseWhitefield place
successivedwelling-house50A, Kensington street
23259 Sykes JosephKensington streetdwelling-house205, Kensington street
23260 Sykes JosephJarratt streetdwelling-house28, Jarratt street

MANNINGHAM WARD1, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter T
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
23261 Tait MatthewKensington streetdwelling-house273, Kensington street
23262 Tarbotton JamesThornton roaddwelling-house370, Thornton road
23263 Tate GeorgeIngleby streetdwelling-house165, Ingleby street
23264 Tate JohnGirlington roaddwelling-house210, Girlington road
23265 Tate SamuelWeston streetdwelling-house48, Weston street
23266 Tattersall BenjaminHollings terracedwelling-house47, Sedgwick street
successivedwelling-house21, Hollings terrace
23267 Taylor EdwardHollings squaredwelling-house42, Hollings square
23268 Taylor GeorgeWhetley lanehouse & shop95, Whetley lane
23269 Taylor JohnIngleby streetdwelling-house37, Ingleby street
23270 Taylor JohnWeston streetdwelling-house17, Weston street
23271 Taylor RobertIngleby streetdwelling-house99, Ingleby street
23272 Taylor ThomasKensington streetdwelling-house277, Kensington street
23273 Taylor WilliamCemetery roaddwelling-houseCemetery road
23274 Teale WilliamAshwell streetdwelling-houseConduit street
successivedwelling-houseWoodbank place
successivedwelling-house21, Ashwell street
23275 Tempest IsaacWhite's viewdwelling-house2, Carlton place
successivedwelling-house17, White's view
23276 Tennant RobertIngleby streetdwelling-house167, Ingleby street
23277 Tetley GeorgeGirlington roaddwelling-houseGirlington road
successivedwelling-house222, Girlington road
23278 Tetley JohnFairbank roaddwelling-house11, Fairbank road
23279 Thackray GeorgeKensington streetdwelling-house267, Kensington street
23280 Thackwray FrankGirlington roadhouse & shop18, Girlington road
23281 Thackwray RobertGirlington roaddwelling-house184, Girlington road
23282 Theakstone GeorgeIngleby streetdwelling-house108, Ingleby street
23283 Theakstone JohnOswald streetdwelling-house17, Oswald street
23284 Thickett JohnKensington streetdwelling-houseOswald street
successivedwelling-house219, Kensington street
23285 Thistlethwaite John AlthamYoung streetdwelling-house42, Young street
23286 Thomas JosephBrownroyd terracedwelling-houseLeyburne street
successivehouse & shop317, Brownroyd terrace
23287 Thomas WilliamWhitefield placedwelling-houseWoodlands road
successivedwelling-house8, Whitefield place
23288 Thompson GeorgeRosse streetdwelling-house40, Rosse street
23289 Thompson JamesBingley streetdwelling-houseFour Lane ends
successivedwelling-house11, Bingley street
23290 Thompson JohnSapling streetdwelling-house6, Sapling street
23291 Thompson ThomasBinbrook streetdwelling-houseBinbrook street
successivedwelling-house36, Binbrook street
23292 Thompson WilliamWhitefield placedwelling-houseBinbrook street
successivedwelling-house38, Whitefield place
23293 Thompson WilliamWhitefield placedwelling-house76, Whitefield place
23294 Thornton EdwinWeston streetdwelling-houseArthington street
successivedwelling-house55, Weston street
23295 Thornton JamesOakwood streetdwelling-house27, Oakwood street
23296 Thornton JamesYoung streetdwelling-house83, Young street
23297 Thornton TomFairbank roaddwelling-house35, Fairbank road
23298 Thorpe JohnGirlington roaddwelling-house100, Girlington road
23299 Thorpe JohnWhetley lanedwelling-house47, Whetley lane
23300 Tidswell JamesCemetery roaddwelling-house43, Cemetery road
23301 Tillotson ThomasGirlington roaddwelling-house76, Girlington road
23302 Tiplady HarryThornton roadhouse & shop355, Thornton road
23303 Tiplady JohnThornton roadhouse & shop355, Thornton road
23304 Tipping JohnSouth East terracedwelling-house31, South-East terrace
23305 Todd John HenryFour Lane endshouse & shop3, Four Lane ends
23306 Toes WilliamWhitefield placedwelling-houseIngleby street
successivedwelling-house10, Whitefield place
23307 Tomlinson JamesGirlington roaddwelling-house236, Girlington road
23308 Toohey JohnBingley streetdwelling-house37, Bingley street
23309 Toothill John SlaterKensington streetdwelling-house285, Kensington street
23310 Toothill JoshuaGirlington roaddwelling-house138, Girlington road
23311 Topley HarryIngleby streetdwelling-house156, Ingleby street
23312 Tordoff PeterWhite's viewdwelling-house7, White's view
23313 Towers FrankBingley streetdwelling-house136, Bingley street
23314 Townend JohnHollings roaddwelling-house158, Hollings road
23315 Townson RobertBingley streetdwelling-house49, Bingley street
23316 Tracey JohnBingley streetdwelling-houseBingley street
successivedwelling-house100, Bingley street
23317 Turner JamesFairbank roaddwelling-house34, Fairbank road
23318 Tweedle OswaldBingley streetdwelling-house39, Bingley street

MANNINGHAM WARD1, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter U
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
23319 Unwin ThomasYoung streetdwelling-house77, Young street

MANNINGHAM WARD1, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter V
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
23320 Vanston JohnCemetery roaddwelling-house45, Cemetery road
23321 Varley CreaserGirlington roaddwelling-house126, Girlington road
23322 Verity Sylvius BertramKensington streetdwelling-house259, Kensington street
23323 Verity WilliamIngleby streetdwelling-house105, Ingleby street

MANNINGHAM WARD1, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter W
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
23324 Wade DavidIsles streetdwelling-house78, Isles street
23325 Waite EdwinWhitefield placedwelling-house21, Whitefield place
23326 Waite JosephYoung streetdwelling-house30, Young street
23327 Walbank InghamWhetley lanedwelling-house91, Whetley lane
23328 Walker GeorgeIngleby streetdwelling-house115, Ingleby street
23329 Walker JohnWhitefield placedwelling-house29, Whitefield place
23330 Walker JosephFairbank roaddwelling-house39, Fairbank road
23331 Walker JosephIngleby streetdwelling-house49, Ingleby street
23332 Walker WilliamDean streetdwelling-house24, Dean street
23333 Walker WilliamKensington streetdwelling-house245, Kensington street
23334 Walpole GeorgeIsles streetdwelling-house15, Isles street
23335 Walton Joseph ElishaGreen rowdwelling-house276, Green row
23336 Walton MosesOakwood streetdwelling-house51, Tomlinson street
successivedwelling-house15, Oakwood street
23337 Walton SamuelAshwell streetdwelling-house55, Ashwell street
23338 Walton WilliamHollings roaddwelling-house147, Hollings road
23339 Ward JamesYoung streetdwelling-houseKensington street
successivedwelling-house15, Young street
23340 Ward PatrickSapling streetdwelling-house8, Sapling street
23341 Ward ThomasSapling streetdwelling-house56, Sapling street
23342 Ward ThomasWhitefield placedwelling-houseWhitefield place
successivedwelling-house7,Whitefield place
23343 Ward WilliamHollings terracedwelling-house29, Hollings terrace
23344 Ward William ThomasGirlington roaddwelling-house156, Girlington road
23345 Warth William RobertRosse streetdwelling-house7, Rosse street
23346 Waterhouse FouldsBinbrook streetdwelling-house103, Binbrook street
23347 Waterhouse FrankBinbrook streetdwelling-house105, Binbrook street
23348 Waterhouse JamesCemetery roaddwelling-house41, Cemetery road
23349 Waterhouse JohnHollings roaddwelling-house181, Hollings road
23350 Watmough JohnHollings squaredwelling-house32, Hollings square
23351 Watson ArthurWeston streetdwelling-houseWeston street
successivedwelling-house41, Weston street
23352 Watson EdwardSouth East terracedwelling-house17, South East terrace
23353 Webster AlfredRosse streetdwelling-house28, Rosse street
23354 Webster PeterCemetery bridgedwelling-house4, Cemetery bridge
23355 Welsh TimothyIngleby streetdwelling-house136, Ingleby street
23356 Welsh WilliamBinbrook streetdwelling-house56, Binbrook street
23357 West JoshuaKensington streetdwelling-house69, Kensington street
23358 Wheater JamesGirlington hoteldwelling-houseGirlington road
successivedwelling-house452, Thornton road
23359 Wheater WilliamKensington streetdwelling-house86, Kensington street
23360 Wheatley BenjaminIngleby streetdwelling-house45, Ingleby street
23361 Wheelhouse JesseOswald streetdwelling-house41, Oswald street
23362 Whelan WilliamHollings roaddwelling-house111, Hollings road
23363 Whewell William SalisburyBingley streetdwelling-house141, Bingley street
23364 Whitaker Henry WilliamKensington streetdwelling-house133, Kensington street
23365 Whitaker JamesCemetery bridgedwelling-house5, Cemetery bridge
23366 Whitaker JonasGuardian streetdwelling-houseWashington street
successivedwelling-house7 Guardian street
23367 Whitaker RobertHollings roaddwelling-house173, Hollings road
23368 Whitaker SamuelRosse streetdwelling-house34, Rosse street
23369 Whitaker ThomasIngleby streetdwelling-house21, Ingleby street
23370 Whitaker ThomasWeston streetdwelling-houseWeston street
successivedwelling-house33, Weston street
23371 White AlbertWeston streetdwelling-house37, Weston street
23372 White EdwinCemetery roaddwelling-house25, Cemetery road
23373 White EmanuelDean streetdwelling-house20, Dean street
23374 White GeorgeAshwell streetdwelling-houseAshwell street
successivedwelling-houseWoodbury road
successivedwelling-house37, Ashwell street
23375 White JamesOakwood streetdwelling-house14, Oakwood street
23376 White JamesYoung streetdwelling-house19, Young street
23377 White JohnKensington streetdwelling-houseKensington street
successivedwelling-house173, Kensington street
23378 White MercerKensington streetdwelling-houseGirlington road
successivedwelling-house268, Kensington street
23379 White ThomasWeston streetdwelling-house39, Weston street
23380 White William HenryWeston streetdwelling-house21, Weston street
23381 Whitehead JosephOakwood streetdwelling-houseSpringfield street
successivedwelling-house43, Oakwood street
23382 Whitehead ThomasKensington streetdwelling-house172, Kensington street
23383 Whitehead WilliamKensington streetdwelling-house27, Park gate
successivedwelling-house148, Kensington street
successivedwelling-house152, Kensington street
23384 Whitehouse Arthur JosephWillow streetdwelling-houseGirlington road
successivedwelling-house24, Willow street
23385 Whitehouse CharlesGirlington roaddwelling-house302, Girlington road
23386 Whitehouse JosephKensington streetdwelling-house126, Kensington street
23387 Whitehouse WilliamPenzance streetdwelling-house32, Penzance street
23388 Whiteley FrederickSaxon streetdwelling-house51, Saxon street
23389 Whiteley ThomasSaxon streetdwelling-house47, Saxon street
23390 Whiteley William JamesIngleby streetdwelling-house51, Ingleby street
23391 Whitham JohnWeston streetdwelling-house43, Weston street
23392 Whitley GeorgeHollings roaddwelling-houseWashington street
successivedwelling-house130, Hollings road
23393 Whitley Joseph BaldwinIngleby streetdwelling-house41, Ingleby street
23394 Whitley ThomasIngleby streetdwelling-house78, Ingleby street
23395 Whitley ThomasIsaac streetdwelling-house25, Isaac street
23396 Whittric ChristopherYoung streetdwelling-house55, Young street
23397 Whittric JohnYoung streetdwelling-houseIsles street
successivedwelling-house24, Young street
23398 Whittric JohnYoung streetdwelling-house51, Young street
23399 Whittric RobertYoung streetdwelling-house41, Young street
23400 Widdop ArthurFairbank roaddwelling-house17, Fairbank road
23401 Widdop John HodgsonKensington streetdwelling-house16, Kensington street
23402 Wilcock Isaac SmithBingley streetdwelling-house124, Bingley street
23403 Wildman JohnIngleby streetdwelling-house30, Ingleby street
23404 Wildman WilliamArthington streetdwelling-house63, Arthington street
23405 Wilkinson AlbertSapling streetdwelling-house58, Sapling street
23406 Wilkinson AlfredBingley streetdwelling-house72, Bingley street
23407 Wilkinson AlfredRosse streetdwelling-houseIngleby street
successivedwelling-house86, Rosse street
23408 Wilkinson ElijahGirlington roaddwelling-house150, Girlington road
23409 Wilkinson JamesKensington streetdwelling-house83, Kensington street
23410 Wilkinson JohnWhetley lanedwelling-house49, Whetley lane
23411 Wilkinson JosephWhetley hilldwelling-house33, Whetley hill
23412 Wilkinson ThomasIngleby streetdwelling-house26, Ingleby street
23413 Wilkinson VirgineasIngleby streetdwelling-house152, Ingleby street
23414 Wilkinson WatsonArthington streetdwelling-houseWood street
successivedwelling-house69, Arthington street
23415 Willan RichardKensington streetdwelling-house270, Kensington street
23416 Willdon BenjaminKensington streetdwelling-house293, Kensington street
23417 Willey AlbertKensington streetdwelling-house203, Kensington street
23418 Williamson ThomasWhetley fieldsdwelling-houseWhetley fields
23419 Willis Joseph EdwardRosse streetdwelling-house78, Rosse street
23420 Wilman HarrisonBinbrook streetdwelling-house47, Binbrook street
23421 Wilman SamuelGirlington roaddwelling-house48, Girlington road
23422 Wilman ThomasGirlington roaddwelling-house90, Girlington road
23423 Wilson GeorgeCity roaddwelling-houseLower Globe street
successivedwelling-house206, City road
23424 Wilson JohnSapling streetdwelling-house10, Sapling street
23425 Wilson JohnThornton roaddwelling-house360, Thornton road
23426 Wilson JosephKensington streetdwelling-house239, Kensington street
23427 Winder Thomas FergusBingley streetdwelling-houseBingley street
successivedwelling-house55, Bingley street
23428 Winn CharlesWeston streetdwelling-house13, Weston street
23429 Winnett JohnKensington streetdwelling-house287, Kensington street
23430 Wolfendale RichardFour lane endsdwelling-house37, Four lane ends
23431 Wolfenden JamesRosse streethouse & shop3, Rosse street
23432 Wood AbrahamIngleby streetdwelling-house118, Ingleby street
23433 Wood JohnBingley streetdwelling-house61, Bingley street
23434 Wood WilliamGirlington roaddwelling-house292, Girlington road
23435 Woodhall ThomasKensington streetdwelling-house270A, Kensington street
23436 Woodhead AlfredWhite's viewdwelling-house1, White's view
23437 Woodhead AlfredYoung streetdwelling-houseIsles street
successivedwelling-house99, Young street
23438 Woodhead JohnAshwell streetdwelling-house39, Ashwell street
23439 Woodhead JosephOakwood streetdwelling-house10, Oakwood street
23440 Woodhead ThomasCemetery roaddwelling-house2, Cemetery road
23441 Woodsworth WilliamBinbrook streetdwelling-houseBinbrook street
successivedwelling-house48, Binbrook street
23442 Wootton WilliamGirlington roaddwelling-house310, Girlington road
23443 Worsley JamesRosse streetdwelling-house97, Rosse street
23444 Worsnop EzraWeston streetdwelling-house16, Weston street
23445 Wray WilliamKensington streetdwelling-house301, Kensington street
23446 Wright AdamJarratt streetdwelling-house30, Jarratt street
23447 Wright EdwinThornton roaddwelling-houseSapling street
successivedwelling-house346, Thornton road
23448 Wright GeorgeIsles streetdwelling-house32, Isles street
23449 Wright GeorgeSapling streetdwelling-houseWoodlands road
successivedwelling-house38, Sapling street
23450 Wright JohnOakwood streetdwelling-houseAshwell street
successivedwelling-house21, Oakwood street
23451 Wright WilliamBingley streetdwelling-house110, Bingley street
23452 Wroe AlbertArthington streetdwelling-house82, Arthington street

MANNINGHAM WARD1, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter Y
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
23453 Yates ThomasKensington streetdwelling-house187, Kensington street
23454 Yeoman JohnSaxon streetdwelling-house13, Saxon street
23455 Yewdall ThomasWeston streetdwelling-house10, Weston street
23456 Young RichardIngleby streetdwelling-house62, Ingleby street
23457 Young RobertThornton roaddwelling-house357, Thornton road

Transcribed by Colin Hinson © 2014
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