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BRADFORD: Bradford Parliamentary Register 1883, SOUTH WARD2.


SOUTH WARD2, 1883.
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
6589 Abel JosephMulgrave streetdwelling-house45, Mulgrave street
6590 Ackroyd BenjaminBack lanedwelling-house305, Back lane
6591 Ackroyd ThomasMount streetdwelling-house321, Mount street
6592 Ackroyd WilliamMulgrave streetdwelling-house102, Mulgrave street
6593 Adams SamuelBowlingshopAugustus street
6594 Akeroyd JohnWakefield roaddwelling-house43, Wakefield road
6595 Aldersley JohnBack lanedwelling-house3, Back lane
6596 Alderson ThomasPratt streetdwelling-house58, Pratt street
6597 Aldridge JamesBirksland streetdwelling-house79, Birksland street
6598 Allcock RandallMount streetdwelling-house23, Fullerton street
successivedwelling-house322, Mount street
6599 Allison JohnBirk streetdwelling-house52, Birk street
6600 Allott ThomasJewell streetdwelling-house6, Jewell street
6601 Ambler OwenWakefield roaddwelling-house23, Wakefield road
6602 Anderton Frederick WilliamManninghamwarehouse15, Peel street
6603 Appleby SamuelCarpenter streetdwelling-house14, Carpenter street
6604 Archer GeorgeWarwick streetdwelling-house32, Warwick street
6605 Armitage Joseph NewtonShakespeare streetwarehouseMount street
6606 Armstrong JohnSeymour streetdwelling-house9A, Buck street
successivedwelling-house51, Seymour street
6607 Arnold JohnAeolus streetdwelling-house15, Aeolus street
6608 Arnold WilliamNewgate streetdwelling-house2, Newgate street
6609 Arton ThomasRawdonwarehouseGibson street
6610 Ashley NathanielBonwell courtshop9, Peel street
6611 Asquith BartholomewFurnace streetdwelling-house13, Furnace street
6612 Atack WilliamMount streetdwelling-house224, Mount street
6613 Attenborough WalterLeeds roaddwelling-house180, Leeds road

SOUTH WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter B
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
6614 Baalam WilliamEssex streetdwelling-house16, Essex street
6615 Backhouse JonathanWarwick streetdwelling-house43, Mount street
successivedwelling-house16, Warwick street
6616 Bagnall JamesMount streetdwelling-house108, Mount street
6617 Bailey FrederickMount streetdwelling-house217, Mount street
6618 Bailey JohnMyrtle streetdwelling-house24, Myrtle street
6619 Bailey WilliamBack lanedwelling-house11, Back lane
6620 Bailey William HenryWentworth streetdwelling-house41, Wentworth street
6621 Bainbridge John FrancisCope streetdwelling-house5, Cope street
6622 Baines GeorgeBanner streetdwelling-house7, Banner street
6623 Bairstow AbrahamConcordia streetdwelling-house8, Concordia street
successivedwelling-house6, Concordia street
6624 Bairstow WilliamBeck streetdwelling-houseLake street
successivedwelling-house86, Beck street
6625 Baker SamuelSeymour streetdwelling-house102, Leeds road
successivedwelling-house41, Seymour street
6626 Balmforth EdwardArlington streetdwelling-house10, Arlington street
successivedwelling-house17, Arlington street
6627 Bamford JamesMount streetdwelling-house65, Mount street
6628 Bancroft JohnMarsden streetdwelling-house2, Marsden street
6629 Banks JohnAcre streetdwelling-house20, Acre street
6630 Bannister HenryCollier streetdwelling-house27, Collier street
6631 Bannister JosephWentworth streetdwelling-house3, Wentworth street
6632 Bannister ShepherdSeymour streetdwelling-house38, Seymour street
6633 Bannister WilliamCope streetdwelling-house27, Cope street
6634 Barker Albert NewallThornburywarehouseMount street
6635 Barker Charles HenryBirkshall lanedwelling-house13, Birkshall lane
6636 Barker DanielBack Royal streetdwelling-house12, Back Royal street
6637 Barker EdwardWakefield roadshop205, Wakefield road
successivedwelling-house55, Wakefield road
6638 Barker EmanuelJewell streetdwelling-house3, Jewell street
6639 Barker JosephHall streetdwelling-house48, Birk street
successivedwelling-house50, Hall street
successivedwelling-house63, Hall street
6640 Barker ThomasJewell streetdwelling-house9, Jewell street
6641 Barnby JamesBuck streetdwelling-house4, Buck street
6642 Barraclough AbrahamLeeds roaddwelling-house314, Leeds road
6643 Barraclough EdwinPeter's courtdwelling-house6, Peter's court
6644 Barraclough HenryCabinet streetdwelling-house1, Cabinet street
6645 Barraclough James EdwinBirk streetdwelling-house56, Birk street
6646 Barraclough JohnLeeds roaddwelling-house530, Leeds road
6647 Barraclough SamuelEssex streetdwelling-house18, Essex street
6648 Barraclough SamuelLeeds roaddwelling-house456, Leeds road
6649 Barraclough SimeonSeymour streetdwelling-house47, Seymour street
6650 Barrans BenjaminMount streetdwelling-house203, Mount street
6651 Barrett GeorgeMount streetdwelling-house130, Mount street
6652 Barrett StephenAeolus placedwelling-house18, Aeolus place
6653 Barron JosephLeeds roaddwelling-house320, Leeds road
6654 Barstow WilkinsonCope streetdwelling-house9, Cope street
6655 Barton JosephMount streetdwelling-house182, Mount street
6656 Barwick CharlesLeeds roaddwelling-house91, Birksland street
successivedwelling-house282, Leeds road
6657 Baskerville JosephPratt streetdwelling-house4, Pratt street
6658 Bates JamesHammerton streetdwelling-house71, Hammerton street
6659 Bateson AbrahamMount streetdwelling-house295, Mount street
6660 Batters SydneyMount streetdwelling-house309, Mount street
6661 Battye SamuelHester streetdwelling-house4, Hester street
6662 Beanland JamesMount streetdwelling-house274, Mount street
6663 Beanland RichardFurnace streetdwelling-house13, Lake street
successivedwelling-house4, Furnace street
6664 Beckett CharlesCollier streetdwelling-house13, Collier street
6665 Beckett RichardBirk streetdwelling-house28, Birk street
6666 Beetham JamesPotter streetdwelling-house6, Potter street
6667 Beetham John GarforthWakefield roadshop69, Wakefield road
successiveshop45, Wakefield road
6668 Beetham RichardLaisterdykeshop69, Wakefield road
successiveshop45, Wakefield road
6669 Beetles WilliamMount streetdwelling-house14, Cope street
successivedwelling-house136, Mount street
6670 Beever JohnLeeds roadwarehouse28, Wentworth street
6671 Bell AlfredWakefield roaddwelling-house217, Wakefield road
6672 Bell LazarusMount streetdwelling-house106, Mount street
6673 Bell RichardWilliam courtdwelling-house13, William court
6674 Bell SamuelWakefield roaddwelling-house7, Frances square
successivedwelling-house233, Wakefield road
6675 Bellerby LauncelotBarkerend roadshop27, Swan Arcade
successiveshop186, Leeds road
6676 Bendall JamesSt. George's streetdwelling-house2, St. George's street
successivedwelling-house10, St. George's street
6677 Bennett JoshuaSeymour streetdwelling-house45, Seymour street
6678 Benson RichardJackson courtdwelling-house5, Jackson court
6679 Bentley JamesSouthend streetdwelling-house5, Southend street
6680 Bentley JohnMount streetshop510, Leeds road
6681 Berry JosephBirk streetdwelling-house83, Birk street
6682 Berry WilliamLeeds roaddwelling-house506, Leeds road
6683 Bibby JohnMount streetdwelling-house170, Mount street
successivedwelling-house180, Mount street
6684 Billborough AaronBeck streetdwelling-house62, Beck street
6685 Binner JohnLeeds roaddwelling-house418, Leeds road
6686 Binnington Joseph WilkinsonLeeds roaddwelling-house340, Leeds road
6687 Binns AlfredCarpenter streetdwelling-house3, Carpenter street
6688 Binns JamesHolt streetdwelling-house3, Holt street
6689 Binns JohnMount streetdwelling-house13, Mount street
6690 Binns TimothyBeck streetdwelling-house54, Beck street
6691 Birch JohnAeolus streetdwelling-house10, Aeolus street
successivedwelling-house3, Aeolus street
6692 Birch William HenryFrances squaredwelling-house2, Frances square
6693 Birkett JamesBirk streetdwelling-house32, Birk street
6694 Birthwhistle JamesCarpenter streetdwelling-house6, Carpenter street
6695 Blackburn ThomasBack lanedwelling-house30, Back lane
6696 Blackwood BenjaminWakefield roaddwelling-house35, Wakefield road
6697 Bland JohnBeck streetdwelling-house93, Birksland street
successivedwelling-house68, Beck street
6698 Blessington MichaelRoyal streetdwelling-house2, Beck street
successivedwelling-house9, Royal street
6699 Bolton JosephCarpenter streetdwelling-house40, Carpenter street
6700 Bolton LukeLower William courtdwelling-house17, Lower William court
successivedwelling-houseMulgrave street
successivedwelling-house13, Lower William court
6701 Bolton PicklesMount streetdwelling-house42, Mount street
6702 Bond RaperMount streetdwelling-house61, Mount street
6703 Bond WilliamBirkshall lanedwelling-house3, Birkshall lane
6704 Bonham WilliamMount streetdwelling-house131, Mount street
6705 Boocock EnochBanner streetdwelling-house58, Banner street
6706 Boocock JohnLeeds roaddwelling-house468, Leeds road
6707 Boocock JohnQuill streetdwelling-house9, Quill street
6708 Boocock WilliamBack lanedwelling-house197, Back lane
6709 Booth AbrahamManninghamshopAugustus street
6710 Booth AllenBirkshall lanedwelling-house9, Birkshall lane
6711 Booth EberAeolus streetdwelling-house9, Aeolus street
6712 Booth JohnJewell streetdwelling-house2, Jewell street
6713 Booth ThomasLake rowdwelling-house2, Lake row
6714 Booth Thomas HenryBack lanedwelling-house283, Back lane
6715 Booth WilliamLake rowdwelling-house3, Lake row
6716 Booth WilliamCarpenter streetdwelling-house12, Carpenter street
6717 Bottomley GodfreyWakefield roaddwelling-house63, Wakefield road
6718 Bower GeorgeJewell streetdwelling-house12, Birkshall lane
successivedwelling-house36, Jewell street
6719 Bowes EdwardMount streetdwelling-house205, Mount street
6720 Bowling ThomasRoyal streetdwelling-house24, Mulgrave street
successivedwelling-house2, Royal street
6721 Boyes RandallBack lanedwelling-house26, Back lane
6722 Boyes WilliamWilliam courtdwelling-houseBack Pratt street
successivedwelling-house7, William court
successivedwelling-house35, William court
6723 Boynton JohnMyrtle streetdwelling-house60, Myrtle street
6724 Boynton WilliamBanner streetdwelling-house38, Banner street
6725 Boynton WilliamLyndhurst streetdwelling-house8, Lyndhurst street
6726 Bradley JosephWentworth streetdwelling-house31, Wentworth street
6727 Bramhall ReubenHall streetdwelling-house62, Hall street
6728 Bramhall WilliamBeck streetdwelling-house80, Beck street
6729 Bramley JohnMount streetdwelling-house129, Mount street
6730 Brearley JohnLyndhurst streetdwelling-house46, Lyndhurst street
6731 Breen JohnRoyal streetdwelling-house2, Back Royal street
successivedwelling-house5, Royal street
6732 Bridgman OrlandoTownhill streetdwelling-house19, Townhill street
6733 Brine DavidEgbert streetdwelling-house16, Egbert street
6734 Britton GeorgeFiley streetdwelling-house2, Filey street
6735 Broadbent EliTownhill streetdwelling-house14A, Townhill street
6736 Brook CharlesNewgate streetdwelling-house20, Cartmell street
successivedwelling-house4, Newgate street
6737 Brook Charles CliffordSutcliffe streetdwelling-house1, Sutcliffe street
6738 Brook JohnHall streetdwelling-house14, Hall street
6739 Brooks ThomasSeymour streetdwelling-house8, Seymour street
6740 Brooksbank MatthewCullingworthshop24, Lower Ernest street
6741 Brooksbank WilliamJoseph streetshop24, Lower Ernest street
6742 Broomhead HezekiahPratt streetdwelling-house3, Pratt street
6743 Brown Alfred HunterWakefield roaddwelling-house211, Wakefield road
6744 Brown TempestCabinet streetdwelling-house9, Cabinet street
6745 Brown WilliamWentworth streetdwelling-house7, Wentworth street
6746 Brumley William HenryRoyal streetdwelling-house4, Royal street
successivedwelling-house3, Royal street
6747 Bryan JamesQuill streetdwelling-house7, Quill street
6748 Buckley William HoltMyrtle streetdwelling-house42, Myrtle street
6749 Bunn WilliamBirk streetdwelling-house47, Birk street
6750 Bunyan ArthurSeymour streetdwelling-house31, Seymour street
6751 Burke JohnPratt streetdwelling-house54, Laurel street
successivedwelling-house13, Pratt street
6752 Burnell JamesWilliam courtdwelling-house9, William court
6753 Burns JamesMount streetdwelling-house250, Mount street
successivedwelling-house278, Mount street
6754 Burns JohnLower William courtdwelling-house33, Lower William court
6755 Burns WilliamBirkshall lanedwelling-house55, Birkshall lane
6756 Burrow JamesLeeds roaddwelling-house610, Leeds road
6757 Burrows HenryLeeds roaddwelling-house366, Leeds road
6758 Burrows ThomasMount streetdwelling-house142, Mount street
6759 Burton JosephBirksland streetdwelling-house30, Birksland street
6760 Burton PeterFiley streetdwelling-houseFiley street
6761 Busfield EdwardCope streetdwelling-house6, Cope street
6762 Butler AlfredBack Jewell streetdwelling-house5, Back Jewell street
6763 Butler JohnMyrtle streetdwelling-house100, Myrtle street
6764 Butler JosephPenn streetdwelling-house7, Penn street
6765 Butterfield JosephMount streetdwelling-house147, Mount street
6766 Butterworth AlbertWakefield roaddwelling-house37, Wakefield road
6767 Butts RichardClark streetdwelling-house5, Clark street

SOUTH WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter C
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
6768 Calvert CharlesBirk streetdwelling-house101, Birk street
6769 Carter JamesCabinet streetdwelling-house41, Cabinet street
6770 Casey JamesBirk streetdwelling-house25, Birk street
6771 Catlin WilliamBirk streetdwelling-house77, Birk street
6772 Caygill JamesAcre streetdwelling-house10, Peter's court
successivedwelling-house170, Mount street
successivedwelling-house25, Acre street
6773 Chamberlain HenryMount streetdwelling-house58, Woodlands road
successivedwelling-house234, Mount street
6774 Chapman RobertCope streetdwelling-house11, Cope street
successivedwelling-house19, Cope street
6775 Charlesworth LeviMyrtle streetdwelling-house34, Myrtle street
6776 Chatburn WilliamRobert streetdwelling-house24, Robert street
successivedwelling-house26, Robert street
6777 Clansey PhilipArlington streetdwelling-house12, Arlington street
6778 Clapison RobertHall streetdwelling-house63, Hall street
successivedwelling-house73, Hall street
6779 Clark HenryBirksland streetdwelling-house35, Birksland street
6780 Clark JamesPeel streetdwelling-house17, Peel street
6781 Clark JamesLeeds roadshop113, Wakefield road
6782 Clark JosephBirksland streetdwelling-house45, Birksland street
6783 Clark ThomasWentworth streetdwelling-house26, Wentworth street
6784 Clark WilliamTownhill streetdwelling-house29, Townhill street
6785 Clarke Charles WilliamLeeds roaddwelling-house182, Leeds road
6786 Clarke JohnMount streetdwelling-house260, Mount street
6787 Clarkson JamesEdderthorpe streetdwelling-house22, Edderthorpe street
successivedwelling-house24, Edderthorpe street
6788 Clayton AlfredBirk streetdwelling-house3, Birk street
6789 Clayton GeorgeKitchen squaredwelling-house22, Kitchen square
6790 Clayton JamesBack lanedwelling-house21, Clarkson court
successivedwelling-house287, Back lane
6791 Cliffe FredWakefield roaddwelling-house229, Wakefield road
6792 Clifford SquireLeeds roaddwelling-house464, Leeds road
6793 Clinton JamesBack Royal streetdwelling-house10, Back Royal street
6794 Clough CharlesUpper Cabbage streetdwelling-house2, Upper Cabbage street
6795 Clough JohnHeaton streetdwelling-house9, Heaton street
6796 Clough ThomasEssex streetdwelling-house30, Essex street
6797 Clough WalterBack lanedwelling-house231, Back lane
6798 Cluderay JamesCabinet streetdwelling-house11, Cabinet street
6799 Coates AbrahamWarwick streetdwelling-houseBirk street
successivedwelling-houseWentworth street
successivedwelling-house35, Warwick street
successivedwelling-house39, Warwick street
6800 Coates GeorgeCarpenter streetdwelling-house4, Carpenter street
6801 Coates IsaacMount streetdwelling-house99, Mount street
6802 Coates JohnBirkshall lanedwelling-house51, Birkshall lane
6803 Cockerill HenryHall streetdwelling-house45, Hall street
6804 Cockson ThomasMount streethouse & shopMount street
6805 Cockson WilliamMount streetdwelling-house75, Mount street
6806 Coe HenryNewgate streetdwelling-house28, Clarkson street
successivedwelling-house12, Newgate street
6807 Coe JohnBack lanedwelling-house38, Back lane
6808 Cogley MichaelRobert courtdwelling-house22, Robert court
6809 Colbourn JohnBirksland streetdwelling-house23, Birksland street
6810 Coldwell WilliamBack lanedwelling-house10, Back lane
successivedwelling-house35, Back lane
6811 Collins JoshuaMount streetdwelling-house328, Mount street
6812 Collinson AmosMount streetdwelling-house342, Mount street
6813 Conley OwenLeeds roaddwelling-house416, Leeds road
6814 Connell JohnPratt streetdwelling-house10, Pratt street
6815 Connor PatrickBeck streetdwelling-house14, Beck street
6816 Connor ThomasWilliam courtdwelling-house19, William court
6817 Cook GeorgeEgbert streetdwelling-house10, Egbert street
6818 Coope WilliamLeeds roaddwelling-house428, Leeds road
6819 Cooper CharlesWentworth streetdwelling-house1, Wentworth street
6820 Cooper JohnAllan streetdwelling-house23, Gladstone street
successivedwelling-house16, Allan street
6821 Cooper JosephFurnace streetdwelling-house12, Furnace street
6822 Cooper LeonardAcre streetdwelling-house47, Acre street
6823 Cooper WilliamMount streetdwelling-house268, Mount street
6824 Cooper WilliamRifle courtdwelling-house23, Pratt street
successivedwelling-house2, Rifle court
6825 Copeman Thomas HarveyMount streetdwelling-house144, Mount street
6826 Corless WilliamRobert streetdwelling-house11, Robert street
6827 Cornforth DavidMount streetdwelling-house318, Mount street
6828 Cornforth JamesSt. George's streetdwelling-house9, St. George's street
6829 Cornthwaite JohnBack lanedwelling-house24, Back lane
6830 Costin RobertMulgrave streetdwelling-house64, Mulgrave street
successivedwelling-house42, Mulgrave street
6831 Costin WilliamBirk streetdwelling-house5, Birk street
6832 Coup WilliamCarpenter streetdwelling-house30, Carpenter street
6833 Cousen GeorgeBirksland streetdwelling-house99, Birksland street
6834 Coward HenryPratt streetdwelling-house62, Pratt street
successivedwelling-house66, Pratt street
6835 Cowell WilliamMount streetdwelling-house302, Mount street
6836 Cowgill WilliamHeaton streetdwelling-house15, Heaton street
6837 Cox JohnWentworth streetdwelling-house18, Wentworth street
6838 Crabtree JonathanLyndhurst streetwarehouse6, Birksland street
6839 Crabtree JosephMount streetshop19, Edderthorpe street
6840 Crabtree JosephCarpenter streetdwelling-house42, Carpenter street
6841 Crabtree JosephJewell streetdwelling-house5, Jewell street
6842 Crabtree LovellSeymour streetdwelling-house12, Lyndhurst street
successivedwelling-house6, Seymour street
6843 Crabtree RichardBeck streetdwelling-house9, Kimberley street
successivedwelling-house66, Beck street
6844 Craig RobertBirk streetdwelling-house10, Birk street
6845 Craigen WilliamPratt streetdwelling-house50, Pratt street
6846 Craine MartinAcre streetdwelling-house18, Acre street
6847 Craven SamuelBack lanedwelling-house50, Back lane
6848 Crawshaw EliHeaton streetdwelling-house13, Heaton street
6849 Cregg GeorgeHall streetdwelling-house46, Hall street
6850 Croft EdwardButler streetshop7, Peel street
6851 Crook RobertLeeds roaddwelling-house334 Leeds road
6852 Crossland EdwardBack lanedwelling-house18, Back lane
6853 Crossland WilliamLake rowdwelling-house9, Lake row
6854 Crossley JohnBirk streetdwelling-house91, Birk street
successivedwelling-house54, Birk street
6855 Crossley John WilliamBuck streetdwelling-house140, Mount street
successivedwelling-houseBattye street
successivedwelling-house12, Buck street
6856 Crossley ThomasWarwick streetdwelling-house3, Warwick street
6857 Crowley ThomasMulgrave streetdwelling-house38, Birk street
successivedwelling-house4, Mulgrave street
6858 Crowther ThomasCope streetdwelling-house20, Cope street
6859 Cullen MichaelBirk streetdwelling-house11, Birk street
6860 Cullerton JohnLower William courtdwelling-house25, Lower William court
6861 Curney RichardCollier streetdwelling-house7, Collier street
6862 Curtis JonathanSeymour streetdwelling-house16, Seymour street

SOUTH WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter D
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
6863 Daker RobertMulgrave courtdwelling-house4, Mulgrave court
6864 Dalby ThomasMarske streetdwelling-house7, Marske street
6865 Daniel WilliamBack lanedwelling-house2, Clark street
successivedwelling-house10, Back lane
6866 Dark John MayRobert streetdwelling-houseBolton place
successivedwelling-house14, Robert street
6867 Davison ThomasLeeds roaddwelling-house348, Leeds road
6868 Davison WilliamCollier streetdwelling-house21, Collier street
successivedwelling-house43, Collier street
6869 Dawson Charles HenryCabinet streetdwelling-house3, Cabinet street
successivedwelling-house17, Cabinet street
6870 Dawson JacobMount streetdwelling-house348, Mount street
6871 Dawson JohnFurnace streetdwelling-house11, Furnace street
6872 Dawson JohnBanner streetdwelling-house44, Banner street
6873 Dawson JosephTownhill streetdwelling-house8, Townhill street
6874 Deason JohnBirk streetdwelling-house42, Birk street
6875 Delaney MichaelMulgrave streetdwelling-house46, Mulgrave street
6876 Delaney RichardPratt streetdwelling-house31, Pratt street
6877 Delves GeorgeClarke courtdwelling-houseFrancis street
successivedwelling-house10, Clarke court
6878 Delves WilliamFrancis streetdwelling-house13, Francis street
6879 Dempsey PatrickBirksland streetdwelling-house41, Birksland street
6880 Denby Georgenear Gibson streetdwelling-house89, Maperton road
successivedwelling-housenear Gibson street
6881 Denby HartleyPenn streetdwelling-house1, Penn street
6882 Denby RichardQuill streetdwelling-house21, Quill street
6883 Denby ThomasQuill streetdwelling-house35, Quill street
6884 Dennison JosephTownhill streetdwelling-house14, Townhill street
6885 Dennison ThomasMount streetdwelling-house141, Mount street
6886 Denton AlfredMulgrave streetdwelling-house18, Mulgrave street
6887 Denton RobertBack lanedwelling-house37, Back lane
6888 Devine JosephPratt streetdwelling-house60, Laurel street
successivedwelling-house5, Orange street
successivedwelling-house2, Carnation street
successivedwelling-house14, Pratt street
6889 Devitt JohnMount streetdwelling-house34, Frederick street
successivedwelling-house135, Mount street
6890 Dewhirst JamesQuill streetdwelling-house1, Quill street
6891 Dewhirst LeonardPeter's courtdwelling-house19, Peter's court
6892 Dewhirst RobinsonLake streetdwelling-house22, Lake street
6893 Dewhirst ThomasRobert streetdwelling-house10, Robert court
successivedwelling-house19, Robert street
6894 Dewhirst WilliamPratt streetdwelling-house22, Pratt street
6895 Digney JamesBack Pratt streetdwelling-house6, Back Pratt street
6896 Dilworth RichardWarwick streetdwelling-house12, Warwick street
successivedwelling-house27, Warwick street
6897 Dilworth WilliamBack lanedwelling-house273, Back lane
6898 Dixon JohnBirkshall lanedwelling-house6, Birkshall lane
6899 Dixon ThomasMulgrave streetdwelling-house70, Mulgrave street
6900 Dobson WilliamRobert streetdwelling-house38, Robert street
6901 Dobson WilliamMount streetdwelling-house101, Mount street
6902 Dolan PatrickMyrtle streetdwelling-house26, Myrtle street
6903 Doolan PatrickSeymour streetdwelling-house4, Seymour street
6904 Dooley JohnMount streetdwelling-house107, Mount street
6905 Dowsen James WilliamFurnace streetdwelling-house6, Furnace street
6906 Drake SamuelLeeds roaddwelling-house612, Leeds road
6907 Dufton William Henry VarusHarley streetdwelling-house8, Harley street
6908 Dunford AndertonConcordia streetdwelling-house10, Concordia street
6909 Durkin PatrickMulgrave streetdwelling-house48, Mulgrave street
6910 Durrance EdwardBirkshall lanedwelling-house34, Birkshall lane

SOUTH WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter E
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
6911 Eckersley JosephPeter's courtdwelling-house4, Peter's court
6912 Edhouse HenryFullerton streetdwelling-house31, Fullerton street
6913 Ellis CooperRoyal streetdwelling-house11, Royal street
6914 Ellison George WilliamWakefield roaddwelling-house21, Wakefield road
6915 Emmett RobertCabinet streetdwelling-house358, Mount street
successivedwelling-house27, Cabinet street
6916 Emmott ChristopherLeeds roaddwelling-house520, Leeds road
6917 Emmott HartleyBirkshall lanedwelling-house48, Birkshall lane
6918 Empsall EdwardLeeds roaddwelling-house432, Leeds road
6919 England JosephHall streetdwelling-house2, Hall street
6920 Eteson RobertMarsden streetdwelling-house10, Marsden street
6921 Etherington Thomas SwanMulgrave streetdwelling-house8, Pratt street
successivedwelling-houseArlington street
successivedwelling-house25, Mulgrave street
6922 Evans ThomasWakefield roaddwelling-house109, Wakefield road
6923 Ewen JohnMount streetdwelling-house223, Mount street

SOUTH WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter F
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
6924 Fanning MichaelHall streetdwelling-house68, Hall street
6925 Fanning ThomasSt. George's streetdwelling-house8, St. George's street
6926 Farnhill GeorgePratt streetdwelling-house26, Pratt street
6927 Farnish WilliamHarley streetshop207, Wakefield road
6928 Farrant CharlesAcre streetdwelling-house45, Acre street
6929 Farrar AbrahamMount streetdwelling-house35, Mount street
6930 Farrar DavidSeymour streetdwelling-house29, Seymour street
6931 Farrar JohnAcre streetdwelling-house41, Acre street
6932 Farrar JosephLower Ernest streetshop34, Lower Ernest street
6933 Fawbert HenryHolt streetdwelling-house1, Holt street
6934 Fawbert JamesWakefield roaddwelling-house253, Wakefield road
6935 Fawcett JosephWarwick streetdwelling-house28, Warwick street
6936 Fawcett RalphBingleywarehouse47, Hammerton street
6937 Fearnley WilliamMount streetdwelling-house293, Mount street
6938 Fewsdale JosephDownham streetdwelling-house20, Downham street
6939 Field AlbertDudley hillshop556, Leeds road
6940 Field AlfredFrances streetdwelling-house4, Frances street
successivedwelling-house12, Frances street
6941 Fieldhouse EdwinBack lanedwelling-house40, Back lane
6942 Fieldhouse FrederickWakefield roaddwelling-house201, Wakefield road
6943 Fieldhouse JeremiahQuill streetdwelling-house29, Quill street
6944 Fieldhouse JohnWakefield roaddwelling-house259, Wakefield road
6945 Fieldhouse JohnHall streetdwelling-house54, Hall street
6946 Finnigan JamesBirkshall lanedwelling-house1, Birkshall lane
6947 Firth GreenwoodFieldhouse squaredwelling-house4, Fieldhouse square
6948 Firth James EdmondsonMount streetdwelling-house134, Harris street
successivedwelling-house119, Mount street
6949 Fishwick ThomasMount streetdwelling-house156, Mount street
6950 Fitton ThomasCarpenter streetdwelling-house18, Carpenter street
6951 Fleming ThomasMount streetdwelling-house310, Mount street
6952 Fletcher JohnClarke streetdwelling-house3, Clarke street
6953 Fletcher JosephHortonshopnear 20, Edderthorpe street
6954 Fletcher WilliamEdderthorpe streetshopnear 20, Edderthorpe street
6955 Forrest BenjaminMarsden streetdwelling-house14, Marsden street
successivedwelling-house12, Marsden street
6956 Foster EnochBirk streetdwelling-house27 Birk street
6957 Foster John HenryLyndhurst streetdwelling-house28, Lyndhurst street
successivedwelling-house16, Lyndhurst street
6958 Foulds James HartleyMount streetdwelling-house241, Mount street
6959 Fowler WilliamBack lanedwelling-house313, Back lane
6960 Fox ThomasMount streetdwelling-house138, Mount street
6961 Fox WilliamHare streetdwelling-house43, Maltby street
successivedwelling-house9, Hare street
6962 Fox WilliamBack lanedwelling-house209, Back lane
6963 Foxton RobertMulgrave streetdwelling-house43, Mulgrave street
successivedwelling-house80, Mulgrave street
6964 Foye JohnMulgrave streetdwelling-house66, Mulgrave street
6965 Foye WilliamMyrtle streetdwelling-house94, Myrtle street
6966 Frankleton AllenAeolus streetdwelling-house8, Aeolus street
6967 Freeman CharlesRobert streetdwelling-house50, Robert street
6968 French CharlesTownhill streetdwelling-house11, Townhill street
6969 Fuller FrederickCabbage streetdwelling-house13, Cabbage street
6970 Furness JosephMount streetdwelling-house338, Mount street

SOUTH WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter G
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
6971 Gardiner JosephRobert streetdwelling-house21, Robert street
6972 Garnett RichardCarpenter streetdwelling-house48, Carpenter street
6973 George Thomas WoolleyHortonshop41, Wakefield road
6974 Gibson JohnMount streetdwelling-house2, Mount street
successivedwelling-house7, Mount street
6975 Gill AlgernonBirk streetdwelling-house22, Birk street
6976 Gill HoratioHall streetdwelling-house12, Hall street
6977 Gill Joseph HenryMount streetdwelling-house324, Mount street
6978 Gill RichardHare streetdwelling-house330, Mount street
successivedwelling-house27, Hare street
6979 Gill Seth HenryCabinet streetdwelling-house18, Cabinet street
6980 Gill ThomasEgbert streetdwelling-house14, Egbert street
6981 Gill WilliamFrances squaredwelling-house23, Oliver street
successivedwelling-house11, Frances square
6982 Gillard IngramBack lanedwelling-house291, Back lane
6983 Gillibland JohnQuill streetdwelling-house12, Quill street
6984 Gilroy BernardLeeds roaddwelling-house318, Leeds road
6985 Gledhill JohnHayden streetdwelling-house11, Hayden street
6986 Gledhill JosephAcre streetdwelling-house31, Acre street
6987 Gledhill WilliamRobert streetdwelling-house18, Robert street
6988 Glover HenryNewlaywarehouse47, Hammerton street
6989 Goddard HenryMount streetdwelling-house245, Mount street
6990 Golding EdwardBirk streetdwelling-house87, Birk street
successivedwelling-house43, Birk street
6991 Goldsmith Walter DavidBirk streetdwelling-house97, Birk street
6992 Goodby JosephWakefield roaddwelling-housenear 195, Wakefield road
6993 Goodhind SamuelDryden streetwarehouse2, Lower Ernest street
6994 Goodison EdwardFurnace streetdwelling-house15, Furnace street
6995 Gordon JohnJackson streetdwelling-house19, Jackson street
6996 Gore William FrancisMount streetdwelling-house17, Mount street
6997 Gornall JamesBirkshall lanedwelling-house46, Birkshall lane
6998 Gosling GeorgeBack lanedwelling-house25, Back lane
6999 Gradwell EdmundBanner streetdwelling-house27, Banner street
7000 Gradwell RobertBanner streetdwelling-house29, Banner street
7001 Gradwell William HenryBirksland streetdwelling-house22, Birksland street
7002 Graham GeorgeAcre streetdwelling-house19, Acre street
7003 Grattan JohnMulgrave streetdwelling-house26, Mulgrave street
7004 Grattan SamuelMount streetdwelling-house300, Mount street
successivedwelling-house314, Mount street
7005 Gray GeorgeWilliam courtdwelling-house3, Lower William court
successivedwelling-house40, Pratt street
successivedwelling-house77, William court
7006 Greaves IsaacTownhill streetdwelling-house33, Townhill street
7007 Greed GeorgeBirkshall lanedwelling-house54, Birkshall lane
7008 Greed JohnCabinet streetdwelling-house20, Cabinet street
7009 Green JohnBirk streetdwelling-house15, Birk street
7010 Greenwood JohnLyndhurst streetdwelling-house33, Lyndhurst street
7011 Greenwood John HenryAllan streetdwelling-house18, Allan street
7012 Gregson RichardMount streetdwelling-house219, Mount street
7013 Gurney WilliamMount streetdwelling-house67, Mount street

SOUTH WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter H
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
7014 Haigh EdwinMount streetdwelling-house127, Mount street
7015 Haigh George HerbertRobert courtdwelling-house35, Robert court
7016 Haigh JamesMount streetdwelling-house213, Mount street
7017 Haigh RobertRobert courtdwelling-house6, Collier street
successivedwelling-house15, Robert court
7018 Hailey David TrailClyde terracedwelling-house21, Clyde terrace
7019 Hainsworth ShireMount streetdwelling-house340, Mount street
7020 Haldon JohnDownham streetdwelling-house16, Downham street
7021 Haldon WilliamErnest streetdwelling-house18, Ernest street
7022 Haley JosephWakefield roaddwelling-house237, Wakefield road
7023 Haley WilliamHeaton streetdwelling-house11, Heaton street
7024 Hall JohnBack lanedwelling-house213, Back lane
7025 Hallas EdwinCowper placeshopLower Ernest street
7026 Hallewell GeorgeBirkshall lanedwelling-house7, Birkshall lane
7027 Hamilton HenryAcre streetdwelling-house21, Acre street
7028 Hammond IsaacMount streetdwelling-house157, Mount street
7029 Hammond Robert RochesterBanner streetdwelling-housenear 58, Banner street
7030 Hannan JohnAcre streetdwelling-house15, Acre street
7031 Hanson JamesMarsden streetdwelling-house16, Marsden street
7032 Hanson ThomasLeeds roaddwelling-house533, Leeds road
7033 Haran PatrickBanner streetdwelling-house4, Banner street
7034 Harding CharlesRobert streetdwelling-house22, Robert street
successivedwelling-house20, Robert street
7035 Hardisty JohnBanner streetdwelling-house4, Acre street
successivedwelling-house8, Acre street
successivedwelling-house11, Banner street
7036 Hardwick JamesPratt streetdwelling-house6, Pratt street
7037 Hargreaves AlfredBack lanedwelling-house203, Back lane
7038 Hargreaves JamesMount streetdwelling-house111, Mount street
7039 Hargreaves JamesMount streetdwelling-house254, Mount street
7040 Hargreaves JohnSeymour streetdwelling-house26, Seymour street
7041 Hargreaves SamuelSeymour streetdwelling-house17, Hare street
successivedwelling-house55, Seymour street
7042 Hargreaves SamuelCope streetdwelling-house7, Cope street
7043 Hargreaves WilliamBirk streetdwelling-house58, Birk street
7044 Harper JosephHammerton streetdwelling-houseHammerton street
7045 Harris ReubenEssex streetdwelling-house22, Essex street
7046 Harris WilliamHare streetdwelling-house25, Hare street
7047 Harris WilliamBirkshall lanedwelling-house23, Birkshall lane
7048 Harrison DavidBirk streetdwelling-house34, Birk street
7049 Harrison HenryDownham streetdwelling-house10, Downham street
7050 Harrison JohnLeeds roaddwelling-house306, Leeds road
7051 Harrison JosephMulgrave streetdwelling-house15, Mulgrave street
7052 Harrison ThomasHall streetdwelling-house21, Hall street
7053 Hart JohnRobert courtdwelling-house20, Mount street
successivedwelling-house18, Robert court
7054 Hartley FrankEssex streetdwelling-house24, Essex street
7055 Hartley GeorgeQuill streetdwelling-house11, Quill street
7056 Hartley JamesWentworth streetdwelling-house37, Wentworth street
7057 Hartley JohnBowlingwarehouse18, Adolphus street
7058 Hartley ThomasBowlingwarehouse18, Adolphus street
7059 Hartley William HenryHortonwarehouse18, Adolphus street
7060 Haste JohnCarpenter streetdwelling-house54, Carpenter street
7061 Hawking SamuelThornburywarehouseFeversham street
7062 Hawksworth JosephHeaton streetdwelling-house7, Heaton street
7063 Haxby JohnWakefield roaddwelling-house215, Wakefield road
7064 Hayes JamesMulgrave streetdwelling-house30, Mulgrave street
successivedwelling-house32, Mulgrave street
7065 Hellewell NicholasBack lanedwelling-house20, Back lane
7066 Hellewell RichardMount streetdwelling-house243, Mount street
7067 Helliwell HenryBirksland streetdwelling-house49, Birksland street
7068 Helliwell JohnAeolus streetdwelling-house5, Aeolus street
7069 Herr JosephWakefield roaddwelling-house255, Wakefield road
7070 Hetherington Thomas EdwardHortonshop26, Graham street
7071 Heywood RobertBeck streetdwelling-house76, Beck street
7072 Heyworth CrossleyWakefield roaddwelling-house263, Wakefield road
7073 Higgins JohnSt. George's streetdwelling-house9, St. George's street
successivedwelling-house13, St. George's street
7074 Hiley WilliamBack Royal streetdwelling-house9, Royal street
successivedwelling-house14, Back Royal street
7075 Hill JohnMount streetdwelling-house152, Mount street
7076 Hill WilliamLeeds roaddwelling-house332, Leeds road
7077 Hillam AlfredWentworth streetdwelling-house17, Wentworth street
7078 Hind RichardBirk streetdwelling-house53, Birk street
7079 Hindle EdmundLeeds roaddwelling-house840, Leeds road
7080 Hirst FrederickBanner streetdwelling-house30, Banner street
7081 Hirst JosephMount streetdwelling-house113 Mount street
7082 Hiskey JohnBirksland streetdwelling-house16, Birksland street
successivedwelling-house12, Birksland street
7083 Hobbs Charles HenryBirk streetdwelling-house75, Birk street
7084 Hodgkinson ThomasMount streetdwelling-house360, Mount street
successivedwelling-house305, Mount street
7085 Hodgson JohnHillside villasdwelling-house34, Hillside villas
successiveshop3, Carroll street
7086 Hodgson JohnHammerton streetdwelling-house18, Hillside villas
successivedwelling-house43, Hammerton street
7087 Hodgson JosephQuill streetdwelling-house31, Quill street
7088 Hodgson ThomasMyrtle streetdwelling-house91, Myrtle street
successivedwelling-house116, Myrtle street
7089 Hoffman HenryWakefield roaddwelling-house67, Wakefield road
7090 Hogarth JosephHall streetdwelling-house71, Hall street
7091 Holden William HenryLyndhurst streetdwelling-house24, Lyndhurst street
7092 Holdsworth AbrahamBeck streetdwelling-house16, Beck street
7093 Holdsworth FergusLake streetdwelling-house4, Lake street
7094 Holdsworth HerbertLower Ernest streetdwelling-house30, Lower Ernest street
7095 Hollingdrake ThomasMount streetdwelling-house240, Mount street
7096 Hollins OliverJackson courtdwelling-house9, Jackson court
7097 Holmes JohnBaildonshopMount street
7098 Holmes William HodgsonFieldhouse squaredwelling-house3, Fieldhouse square
7099 Holroyd JamesSutcliffe streetdwelling-house7, Sutcliffe street
7100 Holroyd SimeonLeeds roaddwelling-houseOrange street
successivedwelling-house522, Leeds road
7101 Holt BryanAdolphus streetshop4, Adolphus street
7102 Holt Herbert KershawHare streetdwelling-house25, Birkshall lane
successivedwelling-house23, Hare street
7103 Holt William AlfredMyrtle streetdwelling-house28, Myrtle street
7104 Hooper ArthurHall streetdwelling-house47 Hall street
7105 Hopwood JohnTownhill streetdwelling-houseFrystone place
successivedwelling-house6, Townhill street
7106 Horner WilliamWentworth streetdwelling-house33, Wentworth street
7107 Horning ChristianTownhill streetdwelling-house27, Townhill street
7108 Horsfall JonasBeck streetdwelling-house60, Beck street
7109 Horsman Charles EdwardWakefield roaddwelling-house39, Wakefield road
7110 Horsman SimonManninghamshop27, Swan arcade
successiveshop186, Leeds road
7111 Housecroft RobertHall streetdwelling-house58, Hall street
7112 Howard JonathanEssex streetdwelling-house44, Essex street
7113 Howson JohnMount streetdwelling-house261, Mount street
7114 Howson WilliamArlington streetdwelling-house73, Hall street
successivedwelling-house10, Arlington street
7115 Hoyle JamesHall streetdwelling-house55, Hall street
7116 Hoyle SamuelLeeds roaddwelling-house9, Acre street
successivedwelling-house576, Leeds road
7117 Hudson DanielClarkson streetdwelling-house21, Clarkson street
7118 Hudson GeorgeJewell streetdwelling-houseBack Jewell street
successivedwelling-house26, Jewell street
7119 Hudson JacobSouthend streetdwelling-house11, Southend street
7120 Hudson JohnWentworth streetdwelling-house8, Wentworth street
successivedwelling-house49, Seymour street
successivedwelling-house8, Wentworth street
7121 Hudson John WilliamBirkshall lanedwelling-house25, Clarkson street
successivedwelling-house14, Birkshall lane
7122 Hudson RichardMount streetdwelling-house109, Mount street
7123 Hudson RobertBeck streetdwelling-house6, Beck street
7124 Hudson WilliamLeeds roaddwelling-house178, Leeds road
7125 Hudson WilliamMount streetdwelling-house297, Mount street
successivedwelling-house95, Mount street
7126 Huggins CharlesWilliam courtdwelling-house39, William court
successivedwelling-house27, William court
7127 Hulme JohnHall streetdwelling-house92, Beck street
successivedwelling-house1, Hall street
7128 Hustler SquireMount streetdwelling-house81 Mount street
7129 Hutchinson JohnBanner streetdwelling-house17, Banner street
7130 Hutton PeterSeymour streetdwelling-house37, Seymour street

SOUTH WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter I
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
7131 Illingworth MilesHeckmondwikeshop462, Leeds road
7132 Illingworth SamuelAeolus placedwelling-house2, Aeolus place
7133 Ince ThomasArlington streetdwelling-house6, Arlington street
7134 Ingham AlfredHall streetdwelling-house75, Hall street
successivedwelling-house52, Hall street
7135 Ingham BenjaminManninghamwarehouseGraham street
7136 Ingham JohnBack lanedwelling-house309, Back lane
7137 Ingle BenjaminBoldshaywarehouse35, Mulgrave street
7138 Ingleson ChristopherMount streetdwelling-house210, Mount street
7139 Ingleson JohnMount streetdwelling-house134, Mount street
7140 Ingram JohnBanner streetdwelling-house21, Banner street
7141 Ison JosephQuill streetdwelling-house13, Quill street

SOUTH WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter J
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
7142 Jack JamesBuck streetdwelling-house8, Buck street
7143 Jackson JohnHall streetdwelling-house48, Hall street
7144 Jackson RalphQuill streetdwelling-house27 Quill street
7145 Jackson ThomasMount streetdwelling-house192, Mount street
7146 Jackson ThomasWarwick streetdwelling-house54, Brooklyn street
successivedwelling-house7, Warwick street
7147 Jackson WilliamManninghamshopHammerton street
7148 Jackson William HenryAcre streetdwelling-house15, Banner street
successivedwelling-house6, Acre street
7149 Jagger SquireMyrtle streetdwelling-house22, Myrtle street
7150 Jagger ThomasBeck streetdwelling-house74, Beck street
7151 Jarden William HenryBirk streetdwelling-house6, Birk street
7152 Jennings CharlesLeeds roaddwelling-house172, Leeds road
7153 Jennings WilliamHarewood streetshopSeymour street
7154 Jessop JosephHare streetdwelling-house3, Hare street
7155 Johnson JamesLeeds roaddwelling-house296, Leeds road
7156 Johnson JohnMount streetdwelling-house104, Mount street
7157 Johnson ThomasLyndhurst streetdwelling-house10, Lyndhurst street
7158 Johnson WilliamMount streetdwelling-house204, Mount street
7159 Jones EdwardMount streetdwelling-house38, Mount street
7160 Jones JamesSeymour streetdwelling-house39, Seymour street
7161 Jordan BartholomewSt. George's streetdwelling-house4, St. George's street
7162 Jowett AlfredMount streetdwelling-house174, Mount street
7163 Jowett GideonFieldhouse squaredwelling-house2, Fieldhouse square
7164 Jowett IsaacFullerton streetdwelling-house27A, Fullerton street
7165 Jowett JohnCabinet streetdwelling-house19, Cabinet street
7166 Jowett JohnHall streetdwelling-house61, Hall street
7167 Jubb JohnWentworth streetdwelling-house16, Wentworth street

SOUTH WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter K
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
7168 Kay Samuel RobertWakefield roaddwelling-house87, Wakefield road
7169 Keenan MartinRoyal streetdwelling-house39, Acre street
successivedwelling-house2, Back Royal street
successivedwelling-house7, Royal street
7170 Keighley DavidWakefield roaddwelling-house221, Wakefield road
7171 Keighley JohnMount streetdwelling-house188, Mount street
7172 Keighley JosephMount streetdwelling-house124, Mount street
7173 Kellett JamesLake streetdwelling-house15, Lake street
7174 Kelly HattenCabinet streetdwelling-house7, Cabinet street
7175 Kelly PatrickSutcliffe streetdwelling-house3, Birksland street
successivedwelling-house257, Sutcliffe street
7176 Kelly ThomasWentworth streetdwelling-house23, Wentworth street
7177 Kelsall WilliamSydenham placewarehouse47, Hammerton street
7178 Kerridge JamesHall streetdwelling-house56, Hall street
7179 Kershaw AbrahamMount streetdwelling-house239, Mount street
7180 Kershaw AbrahamBack lanedwelling-house21, Back lane
7181 Kershaw CharlesRobert streetdwelling-house1, Robert street
7182 Kershaw JohnHall streetdwelling-house111, Birk street
successivedwelling-house10, Hall street
7183 Kershaw JosephLeeds roaddwelling-house284, Leeds road
7184 Kershaw RalphFernbank roadshop420, Leeds road
7185 Kilcoyne JohnBack Pratt streetdwelling-house26, Back Pratt street
7186 Kilkline JamesHall streetdwelling-house20, Hall street
7187 Killerby JohnHammerton streetdwelling-house41, Hammerton street
7188 Killerby WilliamClark courtdwelling-house4, Clark court
7189 King CharlesMount streetdwelling-house114, Mount street
7190 King ThomasLake streetdwelling-house14, Lake street
successivedwelling-house20, Lake street
7191 Kipling GeorgeMount streetdwelling-house17, Cabinet street
successivedwelling-house301, Mount street
7192 Kipling LionelMount streetdwelling-house5, Hare street
successivedwelling-house360, Mount street
7193 Kipling PhilipMulgrave streetdwelling-house27, Mulgrave street
7194 Kirby HaywoodBirk streetdwelling-house18, Sutcliffe street
successivedwelling-house259, Sutcliffe street
successivedwelling-house62, Birk street
7195 Kirby JohnBirk streetdwelling-house67, Birk street
7196 Kirk JosephMount streetdwelling-house137, Mount street
7197 Kirkbride WilliamGeorge streetdwelling-house1, Diamond court
successivedwelling-house89, George street
7198 Kitchen JohnBowlingshopCarroll street
7199 Kitchen MichaelSt. George's streetdwelling-house11, St. George's street
7200 Kitson EdwardHall streetdwelling-house6, Hall street
7201 Kitson SamuelBirk streetdwelling-house17, Birk street
7202 Kneeshaw GeorgeWarwick streetdwelling-house8, Warwick street
7203 Kneeshaw IsaacMount streetdwelling-house29, Mount street
7204 Knowles EdmundFieldhouse squaredwelling-house6, Fieldhouse square
7205 Knowles James ArthurEssex streetdwelling-house34, Essex street
7206 Knowles ThomasMount streetdwelling-house372, Mount street
7207 Kohler JacobLeeds roaddwelling-house578, Leeds road

SOUTH WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter L
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
7208 Lacey CharlesLyndhurst streetdwelling-house43, Lyndhurst street
7209 Lacey EdwardMyrtle streetdwelling-house12, Myrtle street
7210 Lacey GeorgeBanner streetdwelling-house46, Banner street
7211 Lake HenryMyrtle streetdwelling-house30, Myrtle street
7212 Lambert CharlesMount streetdwelling-house248, Mount street
7213 Lambert EdwardLeeds roaddwelling-house412, Leeds road
7214 Lambert JohnLeeds roaddwelling-house358, Leeds road
7215 Lambert ThomasTickhill streetdwelling-house15, Tickhill street
7216 Land RichardLeeds roaddwelling-house350, Leeds road
7217 Land William RichardLeeds roaddwelling-house354, Leeds road
7218 Langley FarrarHall streetdwelling-house51, Hall street
7219 Langley GeorgeHall streetdwelling-house27, Hall street
7220 Langley JosephBowlingshopnear 14, Adolphus street
7221 Langley WilliamRoyal streetdwelling-house19, Royal street
7222 Latham ThomasMyrtle streetdwelling-house10, Hall street
successivedwelling-house114, Myrtle street
7223 Lavelle JamesBirk streetdwelling-house64, Birk street
7224 Law William CornwallLeeds roaddwelling-house832, Leeds road
7225 Laycock AbrahamWakefield roaddwelling-house73, Wakefield road
7226 Laycock JamesHall streetdwelling-house15, Hall street
7227 Laycock JamesBirksland streetdwelling-house28, Birksland street
7228 Laycock ThompsonMulgrave streetdwelling-house30, Cook street
successivedwelling-houseEast street
successivedwelling-house74, Mulgrave street
7229 Lea GeorgeBack lanedwelling-house307, Back lane
7230 Leach EdwinRobert courtdwelling-house28, Robert court
7231 Lee BenjaminFullerton streetdwelling-house29, Fullerton street
7232 Lee JacksonAcre streetdwelling-house12, Acre street
7233 Lee JacobSeymour streetdwelling-house22, Seymour street
7234 Lee JamesMulgrave streetdwelling-housePeter's court
successivedwelling-house41, Mulgrave street
7235 Lee JohnHall streetdwelling-house16, Hall street
7236 Lee JohnMount streetdwelling-house162, Mount street
successivedwelling-house166, Mount street
7237 Lee JosephMulgrave courtdwelling-house5, Mulgrave court
7238 Lee RobertAcre streetdwelling-house17, Acre street
7239 Lee WilliamMulgrave streetdwelling-house98, Mulgrave street
7240 Leeder LionelMount streetdwelling-house154 Mount street
7241 Leeming JamesHall streetdwelling-house85, Hall street
7242 Leeming ThomasMulgrave courtdwelling-house14, Mulgrave court
7243 Leppingwell AlfredBirksland streetdwelling-house13, Birksland street
7244 Lewthwaite GeorgeMarske streetshop33, Maud street
7245 Lidster FredAeolus placedwelling-house6, Aeolus place
7246 Lightfoot HenryClyde terracedwelling-house3, Clyde terrace
7247 Lightowler JosephMount streetdwelling-house222, Mount street
7248 Lightowler SimeonMount streetdwelling-house1, Rifle court
successivedwelling-house2, Mount street
7249 Lightowler WilliamMount streetdwelling-house206, Mount street
7250 Linforth HenryPratt streetdwelling-house30, Pratt street
7251 Lisles JamesMount streetdwelling-house172, Mount street
7252 Lisles JohnBack lanedwelling-house493, Back lane
7253 Lister BenjaminSeymour streetdwelling-house43, Hammerton street
successivedwelling-house25, Seymour street
7254 Lister JosephLake rowdwelling-house12, Lake row
7255 Lister SamuelGladstone streetshop23, Maud street
7256 Littlewood John HenryMount streetdwelling-house236, Mount street
7257 Lockwood JohnMount streetdwelling-house57, Mount street
7258 Lockwood JosephHare streetdwelling-house7, Hare street
7259 Lodge HenryCabbage streetdwelling-house24, Potter street
successivedwelling-house9, Cabbage street
7260 Lofts GeorgeBirksland streetdwelling-house20, Birksland street
7261 Loisby ThomasTownhill streetdwelling-house9, Townhill street
7262 Londer RobertEssex streetdwelling-house32, Essex street
7263 Long JosephSeymour streetdwelling-house20, Seymour street
7264 Longbottom AndrewMarsden streetdwelling-house46, Carpenter street
successivedwelling-house285, Mount street
successivedwelling-house4, Marsden street
7265 Longbottom WilliamBirksland streetdwelling-house15, Mount street
successivedwelling-house63, Birksland street
7266 Longley FrankHall streetdwelling-house62A, Hall street
7267 Lowrey BenjaminFurnace streetdwelling-house5, Furnace street
7268 Lumby IsaacBirksland streetdwelling-house61, Birksland street
7269 Lumby WilliamMount streetdwelling-house319, Mount street
7270 Lumley William EdwardMount streetdwelling-house311, Mount street
7271 Lupton Arthur EdwardCowper placewarehouseMaud street
7272 Lupton OliverCowper placewarehouseMaud street

SOUTH WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter M
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
7273 Magson JamesLake streetdwelling-house6, Lake street
7274 Mahoney FentonPratt streetdwelling-house36, Pratt street
successivedwelling-house35, Pratt street
7275 Mahoney JamesBirk streetdwelling-house30, Birk street
7276 Mahoney JohnBirk streetdwelling-house73, Birk street
7277 Mandevil LukeEssex streetdwelling-house28, Essex street
7278 Manghan DanielPratt streetdwelling-house22, Farrar square
successivedwelling-house13, Birk street
successivedwelling-house25, Pratt street
7279 Mann ColburnLeeds roaddwelling-house270, Leeds road
7280 Mann DavidBuck streetdwelling-house3, Buck street
7281 Mann TimothyRobert streetdwelling-house54, Robert street
7282 Mann Timothy, junr.Robert streetdwelling-house52, Robert street
7283 Marks BenjaminMount streetdwelling-house225, Mount street
7284 Marks JohnMount streetdwelling-house237, Mount street
7285 Marks WilliamMount streetdwelling-house235, Mount street
7286 Marsden BenjaminBirkshall lanedwelling-house8, Birkshall lane
7287 Marsh Charles EdwardRobert streetdwelling-house2, Robert street
7288 Marshall WilliamMulgrave streetdwelling-house7, Mulgrave street
7289 Marshall WilliamBirk streetdwelling-house50, Birk street
7290 Marsland JosephWakefield roaddwelling-house257, Wakefield road
7291 Martin JosephPeter's courtdwelling-house11, Jackson court
successivedwelling-house15, Royal street
successivedwelling-house25, Peter's court
7292 Martin Stephen JamesNewgate streetdwelling-house10, Newgate street
7293 Martin WilliamRobert streetdwelling-house5, Robert street
7294 Mason JamesMulgrave streetdwelling-house38, Mulgrave street
7295 Matthews JamesPeter's courtdwelling-house20, Rifle court
successivedwelling-house13, Peter's court
7296 Mawer ThomasWakefield roaddwelling-house111, Wakefield road
7297 Mawson JohnRobert courtdwelling-house92, George street
successivedwelling-house10, Robert court
7298 Mawthorp JohnMount streetdwelling-house161, Mount street
7299 McEntyre BernardBanner streetdwelling-house72, Banner street
7300 McGinty LukeBanner streetdwelling-house20, Banner street
7301 McKay JamesBack Royal streetdwelling-house16, Back Royal street
7302 McKechnie NeilFullerton streetdwelling-house13, Fullerton street
7303 McMahon JohnRoyal streetdwelling-house14, Royal street
7304 McNamee JohnMyrtle streetdwelling-house92, Myrtle street
7305 McNulty PatrickCollier streetdwelling-house3, Collier street
7306 Measures JosephSutcliffe streetdwelling-house17 Sutcliffe street
7307 Megson SolonLake streetdwelling-house21, Lake street
7308 Meldrum WilliamConcordia streetdwelling-house2, Concordia street
7309 Melton WilliamPeter's courtdwelling-house15, Peter's court
7310 Metcalf BenjaminMount streetdwelling-house46, Mount street
7311 Metcalf JamesLake streetdwelling-house10, Lake street
7312 Metcalf ThomasCarpenter streetdwelling-house31, Carpenter street
7313 Metcalfe JohnMount streetdwelling-house322, Mount street
successivedwelling-house119, Mount street
7314 Middleton CharlesWakefield roadshopLower Ernest street
7315 Miles JohnBanner streetdwelling-house42, Banner street
7316 Miller MichaelMyrtle streetdwelling-house18, Myrtle street
7317 Mills CharlesHortonshop196, Leeds road
7318 Milner AlfredAcre streetdwelling-house110, Mount street
successivedwelling-house10, Acre street
7319 Milnes AlfredTennyson placeshop3, Downham street
7320 Milnes SamuelTennyson placeshop3, Downham street
7321 Mitchell FrancisMount streetdwelling-house194, Mount street
7322 Mitchell HenryQuill streetdwelling-house15, Quill street
7323 Mitchell JohnSeymour streetdwelling-house27, Seymour street
7324 Mitchell JonasLeeds roaddwelling-house500, Leeds road
7325 Moiet CharlesHall streetdwelling-house68, Beck street
successivedwelling-house69, Hall street
7326 Monaghan ThomasPratt streetdwelling-house15, Pratt street
7327 Moore HenryHortonshopAugustus street
7328 Moore WilliamMyrtle streetdwelling-house112, Myrtle street
7329 Moore WilliamWentworth streetdwelling-house44, Wentworth street
7330 Morgan JohnWakefield roaddwelling-house195, Wakefield road
7331 Morgan JosephBirkshall lanedwelling-house10, Birkshall lane
7332 Morrell WilliamBanner streetdwelling-house22, Banner street
7333 Moss AbrahamArlington streetdwelling-house8, Arlington street
7334 Mowthorp WilliamMount streetdwelling-house242, Mount street
7335 Mudd SimonVictoria streetshop29, Lower Ernest street
7336 Murgatroyd EdwardMulgrave streetdwelling-house74, Mulgrave street
7337 Murgatroyd JamesLeeds roaddwelling-house574, Leeds road
7338 Murgatroyd JohnEssex streetdwelling-house36, Essex street
7339 Murphy GarretAcre streetdwelling-house43, Acre street
7340 Murton SamuelTownhill streetdwelling-house5, Townhill street
7341 Myers AlbertLyndhurst streetdwelling-house43, Birksland street
successivedwelling-house21, Lyndhurst street
7342 Myers John WilliamLake streetdwelling-house18, Lake street

SOUTH WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter N
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
7343 Naylor JohnHall streetdwelling-house33, Hall street
7344 Naylor JosephHall streetdwelling-house19, Hall street
7345 Naylor WilliamMount streetdwelling-house116, Mount street
7346 Neary JamesMaud streetdwelling-house15, Collier street
successivedwelling-house1, Maud street
7347 Nettleton WilliamPratt streetdwelling-house40, Pratt street
7348 Newsome IsraelPeter's courtdwelling-house21, Peter's court
7349 Newton JamesMulgrave streetdwelling-house4, Mulgrave street
successivedwelling-house24, Mulgrave street
7350 Nicholls RichardLeeds roaddwelling-house21, Rufford street
successivedwelling-house572, Leeds road
7351 Nicholson CharlesBirksland streetdwelling-house70, Birk street
successivedwelling-house93, Birksland street
7352 Nicholson Frederick WhitworthSouthey placeshop8, Mulgrave street
7353 Nicholson JohnPotter streetdwelling-house10, Potter street
7354 Nixon ThomasMount streetdwelling-house214, Mount street
7355 Nobbs William HenryWarwick streetdwelling-house34, Warwick street
successivedwelling-house39, William court
7356 Noble JamesLeeds roaddwelling-house452, Leeds road
7357 Noble JohnSeymour streetdwelling-house20, York street
successivedwelling-house57, Seymour street
7358 Noddle ThomasMarske streetdwelling-house1, Marske street
7359 Noddle William HenryBirksland streetdwelling-house36, Birksland street
7360 Nolan JamesEssex streetdwelling-house38, Essex street
successivedwelling-house40, Essex street
7361 North WilliamLeeds roaddwelling-house414, Leeds road
7362 Northrop JosephConcordia streetdwelling-house5, Concordia street
successivedwelling-house1, Concordia street
7363 Nutheing HenryTownhill streetdwelling-house13, Townhill street
7364 Nutter JohnBack lanedwelling-house281, Back lane
7365 Nutton LeviLeeds roaddwelling-house274, Leeds road

SOUTH WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter O
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
7366 Oates HenryRobert courtdwelling-house30, Robert court
7367 Oates RobertLyndhurst streetdwelling-house26, Lyndhurst street
successivedwelling-house7, Lyndhurst street
7368 Oddy JohnMulgrave streetdwelling-house31, Mulgrave street
7369 Oliver DavidRoyal streetdwelling-house1, Royal street
7370 O'Neill James ReynoldsMount streetdwelling-house51, Mount street
7371 Ormanroyd EnochLeeds roaddwelling-house502, Leeds road
7372 Ormerod JamesAeolus streetdwelling-house1, Aeolus street
7373 Orr ThomasLyndhurst streetdwelling-house35, Lyndhurst street
7374 Oversby ThomasMount streetdwelling-house315, Mount street
7375 Owen FrederickHall streetdwelling-house17, Hall street
7376 Oxley SamuelMulgrave streetdwelling-house15, Royal street
successivedwelling-house94, Mulgrave street
7377 Oxley ThomasPratt streetdwelling-house60, Pratt street

SOUTH WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter P
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
7378 Packington John IrwinLeeds roaddwelling-house21, City road
successivedwelling-house10, King street
successivedwelling-house404, Leeds road
7379 Padgett AlfredMount streetdwelling-house238, Mount street
successivedwelling-house216, Mount street
7380 Padgett EdwinMount streetdwelling-house228, Mount street
successivedwelling-house232, Mount street
7381 Padgett JohnMount streetdwelling-house123, Mount street
7382 Padley JamesBirksland streetdwelling-house10, Birksland street
7383 Palliser JohnEdderthorpe streetdwelling-house26, Edderthorpe street
successivedwelling-house2, Downham street
7384 Park EdwardMount streetdwelling-house256, Mount street
7385 Parker JohnClyde terracedwelling-house13, Clyde terrace
7386 Parker SamuelLeeds roaddwelling-house360, Leeds road
7387 Parker ThomasLake rowdwelling-house4, Lake row
7388 Parker ThomasClark streetdwelling-house24, Clarkson street
successivedwelling-house15, Clark street
7389 Parker WilliamBirk streetdwelling-house66, Birk street
7390 Parker WilliamBack lanedwelling-house48, Back lane
7391 Parkinson BenjaminQuill streetdwelling-house33, Quill street
7392 Parkinson JohnBowlingshop27, Wakefield road
7393 Parratt UriahLeeds roaddwelling-house498, Leeds road
7394 Parrington AdamMount streetdwelling-house44, Mount street
7395 Parrington JohnMulgrave streetdwelling-house40, Mulgrave street
7396 Patchett AmbroseWilliam courtdwelling-house49, William court
7397 Patchett WilliamMount streetdwelling-house226, Mount street
successivedwelling-house238, Mount street
7398 Pattison JosephLyndhurst streetdwelling-house37, Lyndhurst street
7399 Pattison William HenryHarley streetdwelling-house3, Harley street
successivedwelling-house10, Harley street
7400 Pattison ZadocPratt streetdwelling-house136, Barkerend road
successivedwelling-house29, Pratt street
7401 Payne James EdwardHeckmondwikeshop462, Leeds road
7402 Pearson GeorgeCope streetdwelling-house17, Cope street
7403 Pearson GeorgeBirksland streetdwelling-house95, Birksland street
7404 Pearson John RichardTickhill streetdwelling-house9, Tickhill street
7405 Pearson RobertMount streetdwelling-house63, Mount street
7406 Pearson WilliamBanner streetdwelling-house26, Banner street
7407 Pease RichardHortonshopMount street
7408 Peel FrederickPratt streetdwelling-house42, Pratt street
7409 Peel HenryBirk streetdwelling-house24, Birk street
7410 Peel HiramLake rowdwelling-house8, Lake row
7411 Penny WilliamRobert courtdwelling-house27, Robert court
7412 Petty JohnCawood placewarehouseMount street
7413 Petty JosephTyersallwarehouseMount street
7414 Petty RobertDownham streetwarehouseMount street
7415 Phillips JamesCabinet streetdwelling-house31, Cabinet street
successivedwelling-house39, Cabinet street
7416 Philpot ThomasNewgate streetdwelling-house24, Newgate street
7417 Pick William HenryBowlingshop8, Adolphus street
7418 Pickard JamesPudseyshop442, Leeds road
7419 Pickard WilliamWakefield roaddwelling-house223, Wakefield road
7420 Pickering JamesMount streetdwelling-house125, Mount street
7421 Pickles CorneliusFullerton streetdwelling-house11, Fullerton street
7422 Pilling JamesGraham streetdwelling-house44, Graham street
7423 Pilmer SamuelSouthend streetdwelling-house8, Southend street
7424 Pinder ThomasMulgrave streetdwelling-house3, Mulgrave street
7425 Platts CharlesHare streetdwelling-house4, Marsden street
successivedwelling-house11, Hare street
7426 Platts RichardBack lanedwelling-house207, Back lane
7427 Plaum GeorgeLyndhurst streetdwelling-house44, Lyndhurst street
7428 Pluriett ThomasAcre streetdwelling-house3, Acre street
7429 Poulter JohnBack lanedwelling-house311, Back lane
7430 Poulton EdwardNewgate streetdwelling-house6, Newgate street
7431 Powell WilliamArlington streetdwelling-house15, Arlington street
7432 Power StephenCope streetdwelling-house18, Cope street
7433 Pratt AlfredHeaton streetdwelling-house1, Heaton street
7434 Preece Walter WilliamWakefield roaddwelling-house241, Wakefield road
7435 Priestley JohnPeter's courtdwelling-house8, Peter's court
7436 Priestley JohnLeeds roaddwelling-house842, Leeds road
7437 Priestley JonasMarsden streetdwelling-houseMarsden street
7438 Procter AlfredHill Side villasshop434, Leeds road
7439 Procter JohnHill Side villasshop434, Leeds road
7440 Puissant AloysiusClyde terracedwelling-house7, Clyde terrace
7441 Pullan RichardBirk streetdwelling-house19, Birk street
7442 Pye EdwardMount streetdwelling-house346, Mount street

SOUTH WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter R
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
7443 Raistrick JohnMount streetdwelling-house30, Mount street
7444 Raistrick SamuelMount streetdwelling-house19, Cope street
successivedwelling-house16, Cope street
successivedwelling-house228, Mount street
7445 Raper JosephHall streetdwelling-house84, Hall street
7446 Raw JamesMount streetdwelling-houseWharfe street
successivedwelling-house10, Royal street
successivedwelling-house122, Mount street
7447 Rawling JosephBirk streetdwelling-house1, Birk street
7448 Rawse JohnHall streetdwelling-house30, Hall street
7449 Rawse Thomas EdwardRobert streetdwelling-house28, Hall street
successivedwelling-house17, Robert street
7450 Read GeorgeSouthend streetdwelling-house4, Southend street
7451 Rearden DanielBirk streetdwelling-house20, Birk street
7452 Reeves WilliamAeolus placedwelling-house10, Aeolus place
7453 Reynolds FrederickLeeds roaddwelling-house828, Leeds road
7454 Reynolds JohnLake streetdwelling-house31, Lake street
7455 Reynolds JohnMount streetdwelling-house168, Mount street
7456 Reynolds JosephFieldhousedwelling-houseFieldhouse, off Mount street
7457 Rhodes FrederickRobert streetdwelling-house30, Robert street
7458 Rhodes James ExleyUndercliffe streetshopDownham street
7459 Rhodes JohnHall streetdwelling-house29, Hall street
7460 Rhodes JohnMount streetdwelling-house265, Mount street
7461 Rhodes JohnLyndhurst streetdwelling-house19, Lyndhurst street
7462 Rhodes JonasMount streetdwelling-house267, Mount street
7463 Riddiough JohnBeck streetdwelling-house88, Beck street
7464 Ridley RobertMount streetdwelling-house14, Birkshall lane
successivedwelling-house297, Mount street
7465 Riley EdwardCope streetdwelling-house21, Cope street
7466 Riley JosephMount streetdwelling-house212, Mount street
7467 Riley MarkLeeds roaddwelling-house436, Leeds road
7468 Riley ShackletonBirk streetdwelling-house40, Birk street
7469 Riley WilliamBirksland streetdwelling-house31, Birksland street
7470 Rimmington JamesBirkshall lanedwelling-house2, Birkshall lane
7471 Rissman JohnBack lanedwelling-house295, Back lane
7472 Roach EdwardWilliam courtdwelling-house73, William court
7473 Roberts AlfredLeeds roaddwelling-house546, Leeds road
7474 Robertshaw JoshuaWakefield roaddwelling-house53, Wakefield road
7475 Robinson Charles WilliamClyde terracedwelling-house19, Clyde terrace
7476 Robinson IsraelLeeds roaddwelling-house346, Leeds road
7477 Robinson JamesMount streetdwelling-house247, Mount street
7478 Robinson JosephBuck streetdwelling-house1, Buck street
7479 Robinson MarkBack lanedwelling-house6, Back Jewell street
successivedwelling-house219, Back lane
7480 Robinson RobertQuill streetdwelling-house20, Quill street
7481 Rodham JohnMount streetdwelling-house45, Mount street
successivedwelling-house43, Mount street
7482 Root TempleMount streetdwelling-house291, Mount street
7483 Roper BenjaminJackson courtdwelling-house10, Leach square
successivedwelling-house3, Jackson court
7484 Ross AlfredBack lanedwelling-house301, Back lane
7485 Ross SamuelLeeds roaddwelling-house512, Leeds road
7486 Rothera JohnBirksland streetdwelling-house8, Birksland street
7487 Roundtree FrederickFrancis squaredwelling-house5, Francis square
7488 Rowbotham JohnLeeds roadshopLower Ernest street
7489 Rudd JohnRoyal streetdwelling-house12, Royal street
7490 Rushforth John EdwardHolt streetdwelling-house5, Holt street
7491 Rushworth EliLeeds roadshop550, Leeds road
successivedwelling-house370, Leeds road
7492 Ryan AnthonyMulgrave courtdwelling-house2, Mulgrave court
7493 Ryan JamesMulgrave streetdwelling-house88, Mulgrave street
7494 Ryan JeremiahWilliam courtdwelling-houseWalnut street
successivedwelling-house4, Chestnut street
successivedwelling-house11, William court

SOUTH WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter S
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
7495 Saunders ArthurDownham streetdwelling-house8, Downham street
7496 Saunders JohnNewgate streetdwelling-house18, Newgate street
7497 Saville FrankHare streetdwelling-house1, Hare street
7498 Schofield JohnDudley hillshop27, Lower Ernest street
7499 Scott HenryWentworth streetdwelling-house24, Wentworth street
7500 Scott JohnRifle courtdwelling-house24, Rifle court
successivedwelling-house17, Rifle court
7501 Scott RobertMount streetdwelling-house21, Birk street
successivedwelling-house30, Mount street
7502 Scott William HenrySeymour streetdwelling-house43, Seymour street
7503 Scriven WilliamHall streetdwelling-house13, Cope street
successivedwelling-houseBirk street
successivedwelling-house57, Hall street
7504 Seavers WilliamRobert streetdwelling-house48, Robert street
7505 Seedhall TempestLeeds roaddwelling-house532, Leeds road
7506 Senior EdwardLeeds roaddwelling-house460, Leeds road
7507 Senior John RaynorWakefield roaddwelling-house195, Wakefield road
7508 Serridge WilliamMaud streetdwelling-house3, Maud street
7509 Shackleton ArthurConcordia streetdwelling-house9, Concordia street
7510 Shackleton ListerRobert streetdwelling-house28, Harrison street
successivedwelling-house9, Robert street
7511 Shackleton MosesCope streetdwelling-house2, Cope street
7512 Shackleton ReubenGibson streetdwelling-house6, Gibson street
7513 Shackleton StephenLeeds roadwarehouseConcordia street
7514 Shackleton ThomasFullerton streetdwelling-house19, Fullerton street
7515 Shackleton UriahBack lanedwelling-house42, Back lane
7516 Shackleton WilliamBack lanedwelling-house28, Back lane
7517 Sharp AbrahamBuck streetdwelling-house10, Buck street
7518 Sharp BenjaminConcordia streetdwelling-house190, Mount street
successivedwelling-house4, Concordia street
7519 Sharp ColonelBack lanedwelling-house211, Back lane
7520 Sharp JamesBack lanedwelling-house31A, Back lane
7521 Sharp ObadiahBirkshall lanedwelling-house39, Birkshall lane
7522 Sharp RichardHare streetdwelling-house19, Hare street
7523 Sharp WilliamBirkshall lanedwelling-house42, Birkshall lane
7524 Sharp WilliamBack lanedwelling-house221, Back lane
7525 Shaw AbsalomLeeds roaddwelling-house836, Leeds road
7526 Shaw EdwardBirk streetdwelling-house99, Birk street
7527 Shaw ElijahBirkshall lanedwelling-house37, Birkshall lane
7528 Shaw JamesHarewood streetshopBirksland street
7529 Shaw MosesBirk streetdwelling-house27, Jonas gate
successivedwelling-house71, Birk street
7530 Shaw SamuelBirkshall lanedwelling-house44, Birkshall lane
7531 Shenstone ThomasBirksland streetdwelling-house63, Birksland street
successivedwelling-house97, Birksland street
7532 Shepherd JohnWilliam courtdwelling-house45, William court
7533 Shepherd WilliamMount streetdwelling-house344, Mount street
7534 Shires DanielBack lanedwelling-house215, Back lane
7535 Shires EmanuelFrancis streetdwelling-house11, Francis street
7536 Shires GeorgeFrancis squaredwelling-house3, Francis square
7537 Silson BenjaminClark streetdwelling-houseClarkson court
successivedwelling-house11, Rouse fold
successivedwelling-house2, Clark street
7538 Simmons HenryBack lanedwelling-house227, Back lane
7539 Simpson EdwardLeeds roaddwelling-house312, Leeds road
7540 Simpson EphraimLyndhurst streetdwelling-house9, Brewery street
successivedwelling-house40, Lyndhurst street
7541 Simpson IsaacJewell streetdwelling-house4, Jewell street
7542 Simpson RobinsonBack lanedwelling-house279, Back lane
7543 Simpson ThomasBack lanedwelling-house34, Back lane
7544 Simpson WilliamBanner streetdwelling-house25, Banner street
7545 Simpson WilliamJewell streetdwelling-house8, Jewell street
7546 Singleton ThomasBaildonwarehousenear 14, Adolphus street
7547 Sinnett MichaelPotter streetdwelling-house18, Potter street
successivedwelling-house16, Potter street
7548 Sinnett PatrickLower William courtdwelling-house19, Lower William court
7549 Skelly WilliamJewell streetdwelling-house20, Carpenter street
successivedwelling-house32, Jewell street
7550 Skevington Thomas WilliamThornburywarehouseBirksland street
7551 Skirrow GeorgeMount streetdwelling-house103, Mount street
7552 Skitt CharlesMount streetdwelling-house143, Mount street
7553 Slack JamesCope streetdwelling-house10, Cope street
7554 Slinger MatthewWakefield roadshop51, Wakefield road
7555 Smith AbsalomMount streetdwelling-house39, Mount street
7556 Smith DanielPratt streetdwelling-house64, Pratt street
7557 Smith GeorgeClarke streetdwelling-house5, Lake row
successivedwelling-house1, Clarke street
7558 Smith GeorgePenn streetdwelling-house3, Penn street
7559 Smith HeasherBirk streetdwelling-house115, Birk street
7560 Smith HollingsJackson streetdwelling-house2, Jackson street
7561 Smith HolmesCollier streetdwelling-house20, Potter yard
successivedwelling-house5, Collier street
7562 Smith JamesMulgrave streetdwelling-house6, Mulgrave street
7563 Smith JamesPratt streetdwelling-house52, Pratt street
7564 Smith JohnHortonshopAugustus street
7565 Smith JohnLake streetdwelling-house68, Amberley street
successivedwelling-house13, Lake street
7566 Smith JohnLower William courtdwelling-house5, Lower William court
7567 Smith John RobinsonBirk streetdwelling-house57, Birk street
7568 Smith John SimpsonAeolus placedwelling-house4, Aeolus place
7569 Smith JosephMount streetdwelling-house299, Mount street
7570 Smith JosephWakefield roadshop261, Wakefield road
7571 Smith ThomasMyrtle streetdwelling-house120, Myrtle street
7572 Smith ThomasMount streetdwelling-house202, Mount street
7573 Smith WilliamMount streetdwelling-house231, Mount street
7574 Smithies JosephBirksland streetdwelling-house77, Birksland street
7575 Snowden William HenryBanner streetdwelling-house32, Banner street
7576 Sowden GeorgeFrancis squaredwelling-house1, Francis square
7577 Sowden WilliamAllan streetdwelling-house16, Allan street
7578 Sowood HenryClark streetdwelling-house19, Clarkson court
successivedwelling-house7, Clark street
7579 Sowyers FrancisClarkson streetdwelling-house23, Clarkson street
7580 Speight Gregory CockroftHall streetdwelling-house54, Birk street
successivedwelling-house36, Hall street
7581 Speight JamesWentworth streetdwelling-house15, Wentworth street
7582 Spencer MilesMount streetdwelling-house271, Mount street
7583 Spencer WilliamHall streetdwelling-house11, Hall street
7584 Spinks AlfredWarwick streetdwelling-house33, Warwick street
7585 Stapleton JohnTickhill streetdwelling-house11, Tickhill street
7586 Stead JohnBowlingshop4, Graham street
7587 Stead John WilliamWakefield roaddwelling-house243, Wakefield road
7588 Stead MatthewBack lanedwelling-house26, Clarkson street
successivedwelling-house233, Back lane
7589 Stead RobertRoyal streetdwelling-house7, Royal street
successivedwelling-house16, Royal street
7590 Steel JamesErnest streetdwelling-house14, Ernest street
7591 Steel WilliamSeymour streetdwelling-house3, Warwick street
successivedwelling-house41, Seymour street
7592 Stephenson Charles WilliamLeeds roaddwelling-house936, Leeds road
successivedwelling-house188, Leeds road
7593 Stephenson JamesTownhill streetdwelling-house15, Townhill street
7594 Stephenson JohnMount streetdwelling-house2, Hind street
successivedwelling-house15, Mount street
7595 Stoner WilliamWakefield roaddwelling-house247, Wakefield road
7596 Storey HenryMount streetdwelling-house139, Mount street
successivedwelling-house145, Mount street
7597 Storey JosephPotter streetdwelling-house25, Acre street
successivedwelling-house8, Potter street
7598 Storrs EdwardDownham streetdwelling-house12, Downham street
7599 Stott Alfred BywaterDownham streetdwelling-house24, Downham street
7600 Stott IsaacFullerton streetdwelling-house17, Fullerton street
7601 Stott WilliamBaildonwarehouse7A, Buck street
7602 Stoyles John NewellCabinet streetdwelling-house15, Cabinet street
7603 Stringer WilliamTownhill streetdwelling-house3, Townhill street
7604 Strother ThomasMount streetdwelling-house263, Mount street
7605 Suddington GeorgeMount streetdwelling-house230, Mount street
7606 Sugden CharlesDownham streetdwelling-house26, Downham street
7607 Sugden IsaacBirk streetdwelling-house9, Birk street
7608 Sugden IsaacProspect streethouse & shopWakefield road
7609 Sugden JamesBack Pratt streetdwelling-house24, Back Pratt street
7610 Sugden JohnSouthend streetdwelling-house3, Southend street
7611 Sugden JohnSeymour streetdwelling-house35, Seymour street
successivedwelling-house21, Seymour street
7612 Sugden JonasHammerton streetdwelling-house17, Hammerton street
7613 Sugden ThomasBirksland streetdwelling-house24, Birksland street
7614 Sugden WilliamFiley streetdwelling-house3, Filey street
7615 Summersgill WilliamBirk streetdwelling-house33, Birk street
7616 Sunderland BenjaminGodwin streetshop36, Graham street
7617 Sunderland GeorgeQuill streetdwelling-house24, Quill street
7618 Sunderland JamesUndercliffeshop9, Hammerton street
7619 Sunderland JosephColeridge placewarehouseBirksland street
7620 Sunderland WilliamFullerton streetdwelling-house21, Fullerton street
7621 Sunter JohnRifle courtdwelling-house16, Rifle court
7622 Sutcliffe AllenHarewood streetwarehouse6, Birksland street
7623 Sutcliffe CharlesMount streetdwelling-house16, Buck street
successivedwelling-house2, Mount street
7624 Sutcliffe GeorgeLyndhurst streetwarehouse6, Birksland street
7625 Sutcliffe GeorgeBack lanedwelling-house267, Back lane
7626 Sutcliffe JamesBack lanedwelling-house43, Back lane
7627 Sutcliffe JamesFrancis streetdwelling-house8, Francis street
7628 Sutcliffe JamesUpper Cabbage streetdwelling-house4, Upper Cabbage street
7629 Sutcliffe SamuelLeeds roaddwelling-house290, Leeds road
7630 Sutcliffe SidneyBirk streetdwelling-house44A, Birk street
7631 Sutcliffe ThomasLake rowdwelling-house13, Lake row
7632 Sutcliffe ThomasAeolus placedwelling-house14, Aeolus place
7633 Sutcliffe WalterBirksland streetdwelling-house29, Birksland street
7634 Sutcliffe WalterEssex streetdwelling-house3, Essex street
7635 Sutcliffe WilliamFurnace streetdwelling-house7, Furnace street
7636 Sutton JosephBirkshall lanedwelling-house11, Birkshall lane
7637 Swales GeorgeMount streetdwelling-house56, Richmond road
successivedwelling-house37, Mount street
7638 Swallow EdwardArlington streetdwelling-house27, Lower William street
successivedwelling-house11, Arlington street
7639 Swinburne Benjamin HenryHarris streetshop6, Hammerton street
7640 Swithenbank AnthonyMulgrave streetdwelling-house78, Mulgrave street
7641 Swithenbank JamesCollier streetdwelling-house17, Collier street
7642 Swithenbank JamesMount streetdwelling-house244, Mount street
7643 Swithenbank JohnBirk streetdwelling-house8, Birk street
7644 Swithenbank WilliamMount streetdwelling-house133, Mount street
7645 Sykes GeorgeQuill streetdwelling-house17, Quill street

SOUTH WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter T
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
7646 Tansey JohnMount streetdwelling-house163, Mount street
7647 Tarbottom WilliamUndercliffe streetshop5, Downham street
7648 Tattersall EllisLeeds roaddwelling-house3, Malvern street
successivedwelling-house177, Leeds road
successivedwelling-house372, Leeds road
7649 Taylor HenryBack Pratt streetdwelling-house26, Back Pratt street
successivedwelling-house8, Back Pratt street
7650 Taylor JohnTownhill streetdwelling-house31, Townhill street
7651 Taylor RobertArlington streetdwelling-house7, Arlington street
7652 Taylor SamuelBirksland streetdwelling-house1, Birksland street
7653 Taylor ThomasMount streetdwelling-house211, Mount street
7654 Taylor WilliamClyde terracedwelling-house17, Clyde terrace
7655 Teal WilliamSeymour streetdwelling-house28, Seymour street
7656 Teale JohnWarwick streetdwelling-house14, Warwick street
7657 Tempest JosephBack lanedwelling-house4, Back lane
7658 Tempest Richards SpencerCowper placeshop22, Graham street
7659 Tempest WilliamSeymour streetdwelling-house34, Seymour street
7660 Terry CharlesClark streetdwelling-house4, Clark street
7661 Tetley WilliamClyde terracedwelling-house1, Clyde terrace
7662 Thacker HenryBack lanedwelling-house23, Back lane
7663 Thompson CharlesBack Pratt streetdwelling-house78, Back Pratt street
7664 Thompson JohnCope streetdwelling-house23, Cope street
7665 Thompson JohnUpper Bolton streetshop4, Wenlock street
7666 Thompson SamuelLake streetdwelling-house8, Lake street
7667 Thompson WilliamMount streetdwelling-house9, Mount street
successivedwelling-house252, Mount street
7668 Thornton JoelQuill streetdwelling-house25, Quill street
7669 Thornton JohnBowlingshop73, Hammerton street
7670 Thornton JoshuaLeeds roaddwelling-house292, Leeds road
7671 Thorp JamesHall streetdwelling-house79, Hall street
7672 Thresh JohnLeeds roaddwelling-house304, Leeds road
7673 Thresh ThomasBanner streetdwelling-house23, Banner street
7674 Thresh WilliamMulgrave streetdwelling-house23, Mulgrave street
7675 Tidswell EdwinRobert streetdwelling-house6, Robert street
7676 Tilford JosephWilliam courtdwelling-house47, William court
successivedwelling-house51, William court
7677 Tillett GeorgePeter's courtdwelling-house17, Peter's court
7678 Tillotson DavidMount streetdwelling-house159, Mount street
7679 Tindale William BentleyHall streetdwelling-house44, Hall street
7680 Tindall JohnBeck streetdwelling-house18, Beck street
7681 Toll WilliamLeeds roaddwelling-house174, Leeds road
7682 Tomlinson CharlesBack lanedwelling-house46, Back lane
7683 Tomlinson JamesMulgrave streetdwelling-house34, Mulgrave street
7684 Tones ThomasLower Ernest streetdwelling-house26, Lower Ernest street
7685 Townend BenjaminBirk streetdwelling-house36, Birk street
7686 Townend ThomasBirk streetdwelling-house12, Birk street
7687 Townson WilliamBirksland streetdwelling-house21, Birksland street
7688 Tunstall GeorgeWentworth streetdwelling-house27, Wentworth street
7689 Turner CharlesBirksland streetdwelling-house26, Birksland street
7690 Turner JohnLeeds roaddwelling-house554, Leeds road
successivedwelling-house454, Leeds road
7691 Turner JohnSouthend streetdwelling-house7, Southend street
7692 Turner WilliamMount streetdwelling-house102, Mount street
7693 Turney PeterSouthend streetdwelling-house13, Southend street
7694 Turtle WilliamBirk streetdwelling-house45, Birk street
7695 Tyas JohnMount streetdwelling-house313, Mount street

SOUTH WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter V
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
7696 Varley FrostBirksland streetdwelling-house17, Birksland street
7697 Varley HenryMarsden streetdwelling-house8, Marsden street
7698 Varley JamesBack lanedwelling-house39, Back lane
successivedwelling-house12, Back lane
7699 Varley ThomasBack lanedwelling-house12, Back lane
successivedwelling-house39, Back lane
7700 Vickers JohnRobert streetdwelling-house3, Robert street

SOUTH WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter W
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
7701 Waddington John CharlesMarsden streetdwelling-house6, Marsden street
7702 Waddington JonathanLyndhurst streetdwelling-house42, Lyndhurst street
7703 Waddington WalterEssex streetdwelling-house5, Essex street
7704 Wade GeorgeSouthend streetdwelling-house1, Southend street
7705 Wade George WalterWakefield roadshop113, Wakefield road
7706 Wade John JosephEssex streetdwelling-house38, Essex street
7707 Wagner EberhardtBack lanedwelling-house1, Back lane
7708 Walker NicholasWentworth streetdwelling-house10, Wentworth street
7709 Walker SamuelLeeds roaddwelling-house364, Leeds road
7710 Wallace PatrickMyrtle streetdwelling-house90, Myrtle street
7711 Waller JohnCope streetdwelling-house1, Cope street
7712 Walsh JohnBirksland streetdwelling-house34, Birksland street
7713 Walsh WilliamBirk streetdwelling-house8, Royal street
successivedwelling-house38, Birk street
7714 Walter CharlesSouthend streetdwelling-house10, Southend street
7715 Walton JamesLeeds roaddwelling-house544, Leeds road
7716 Walton WilliamQuill streetdwelling-house14, Quill street
7717 Warburton CharlesCabinet streetdwelling-house16, Cabinet street
7718 Ward Alfred UriahUndercliffe streetshop10, Graham street
7719 Ward JohnCollier streetdwelling-house47, Collier street
7720 Ward RaperHall streetdwelling-house13, Rifle court
successivedwelling-house8, Hall street
7721 Ward WilliamMount streetdwelling-house276 Mount street
7722 Ward WilliamHare streetdwelling-house13, Hare street
7723 Wardman BenjaminEgbert streetdwelling-house16A, Egbert street
7724 Wardman JonathanEgbert streetdwelling-house18, Egbert street
7725 Warmisham IsaacBirk streetdwelling-house23, Birk street
7726 Warn WilliamClark courtdwelling-house18, Clark court
7727 Waterhouse JamesBirk streetdwelling-house49, Birk street
7728 Waters ThomasAcre streetdwelling-house37, Acre street
7729 Waters WilliamRobert streetdwelling-house4, Robert street
7730 Watson CharlesLeedswarehouse2, Filey street
7731 Watson CharlesSeymour streetdwelling-house53, Seymour street
7732 Watson FrederickKitchen squaredwelling-house26, Kitchen square
7733 Watson GeorgeLeedswarehouse2, Filey street
7734 Watson JohnSeymour streetdwelling-house32, Seymour street
7735 Watson JohnLake streetdwelling-house17, Lake street
7736 Watson JosephLeedswarehouse2, Filey street
7737 Watson WilliamBirkshall lanedwelling-house58, Birkshall lane
7738 Watts AlfredCollier streetdwelling-house4, Collier street
successivedwelling-house6, Collier street
7739 Webb ThomasClark courtdwelling-house2, Clark court
7740 Webster EliPotter streetdwelling-house22, Potter street
7741 Webster JohnBirkshall lanedwelling-house52, Birkshall lane
7742 Webster MartinPotter streetdwelling-house14, Potter street
7743 Webster OliverSouthend streetdwelling-house2, Southend street
7744 Webster Robert MeynellHortonshop8, Essex street
7745 Webster SamuelBack lanedwelling-house7, Back lane
7746 Webster ThomasMulgrave streetdwelling-house100, Mulgrave street
7747 Webster WilliamWarwick streetdwelling-house41, Warwick street
7748 Wedemeyer CharlesLeeds roaddwelling-house548, Leeds road
7749 Welfare CharlesMount streetdwelling-house4, Furnace street
successivedwelling-house53, East street
successivedwelling-house287, Mount street
7750 Wells AbrahamFurnace streetdwelling-house17, Furnace street
7751 Welsh ThomasWarwick streetdwelling-house19, Warwick street
7752 Welsh ThomasClark streetdwelling-house8, Clark street
7753 Wharton SamuelBanner streetdwelling-house5, Banner street
7754 Wheater RobinsonLeeds roaddwelling-house352, Leeds road
7755 Whedon AlfredNewgate streetdwelling-house20, Newgate street
7756 Whipp GeorgeCarpenter streetdwelling-house29, Carpenter street
7757 Whitaker WilliamBirk streetdwelling-house46, Birk street
7758 White FrederickBack lanedwelling-house9, Back lane
7759 Whitehead AlfredLeeds roaddwelling-house838, Leeds road
7760 Whiteley WilliamRobert streetdwelling-house10, Robert street
7761 Whitelock JohnSeymour streetdwelling-house12, Seymour street
7762 Whiteside ThomasWarwick streetdwelling-house50, Banner street
successivedwelling-house15, Warwick street
7763 Whittle ThomasSt. George's streetdwelling-house12, St. George's street
7764 Wigglesworth RobertMount streetdwelling-house229, Mount street
successivedwelling-house283, Mount street
7765 Wilby AlfredBirk streetdwelling-house95, Birk street
7766 Wilcock BenjaminCarpenter streetdwelling-house28, Carpenter street
7767 Wilcock GeorgeFrancis streetdwelling-house14, Francis street
7768 Wild GeorgeMarsden streetdwelling-houseMarsden street
7769 Wilford JamesFurnace streetdwelling-house14, Furnace street
7770 Wilkinson AbrahamBirkshall lanedwelling-house19, Birkshall lane
7771 Wilkinson FrankMount streetdwelling-house233, Mount street
7772 Wilkinson HenryPotter streetdwelling-house20, Potter street
7773 Wilkinson HiramWentworth streetdwelling-house39, Wentworth street
7774 Wilkinson JamesClark streetdwelling-house11, Clark street
7775 Wilkinson James HartBanner streetdwelling-house34, Banner street
7776 Wilkinson RobertMount streetdwelling-house326, Mount street
7777 Williams EliSeymour streetdwelling-house24, Seymour street
7778 Williams JamesLeeds roaddwelling-house6, Laisterdyke
successivedwelling-house554, Leeds road
7779 Williamson RobertMount streetdwelling-house304, Mount street
7780 Willis JohnLyndhurst streetdwelling-house39, Lyndhurst street
7781 Wilson DavidFiley streetdwelling-house1, Filey street
7782 Wilson GeorgeSouthend streetdwelling-house21, Fullerton street
successivedwelling-house9, Southend street
7783 Wilson GeorgeWakefield roaddwelling-house209, Wakefield road
7784 Wilson HenryMount streetdwelling-house322, Mount street
7785 Wilson JosephHare streetdwelling-houseLake street
successivedwelling-house21, Hare street
7786 Wilson JosephPratt streetdwelling-house39, Pratt street
7787 Wilson RichardMount streetdwelling-house200, Mount street
7788 Wilson RobertMyrtle streetdwelling-house76, Myrtle street
successivedwelling-house78, Myrtle street
7789 Wilson ThomasLake streetdwelling-house23, Lake street
7790 Wilson WilliamFieldhouse squaredwelling-house13, Clark street
successivedwelling-house5, Fieldhouse square
7791 Winterbottom HiramMulgrave streetdwelling-house22, Mulgrave street
7792 Winterburn ThomasHortonwarehouse169, Mount street
7793 Wood BenjaminLyndhurst streetdwelling-house32, Lyndhurst street
7794 Wood GeorgeAcre streetdwelling-house38, York street
successivedwelling-house4, Acre street
7795 Wood JohnMyrtle streetdwelling-house118, Myrtle street
7796 Wood JoshuaBack lanedwelling-house285, Back lane
7797 Wood ThomasBirkshall lanedwelling-house303, Mount street
successivedwelling-house15, Birkshall lane
7798 Wood WilliamEgbert streetdwelling-house12, Egbert street
7799 Woodruff WilliamCabinet streetdwelling-house13, Cabinet street
7800 Worth JamesLeeds roaddwelling-house308, Leeds road
7801 Wright HenryConcordia streetdwelling-house7, Concordia street
7802 Wright JamesAeolus placedwelling-house5, Rifle court
successivedwelling-house24, Aeolus place
7803 Wright JohnBowlingdwelling-house2, Back lane
7804 Wright JosephBuck streetshop19, Edderthorpe street
7805 Wright ThomasAcre streetdwelling-house24, Acre street
7806 Wright WilliamDownham streetshop19, Edderthorpe street
7807 Wrightson GeorgeKitchen squaredwelling-house28, Kitchen square
7808 Wrightson JohnClarkson streetdwelling-house29, Clarkson street
7809 Wring PhilipMyrtle streetdwelling-house8, Myrtle street

SOUTH WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter Y
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
7810 Young JohnLeeds roaddwelling-house408, Leeds road
7811 Young John GreenfieldMount streetdwelling-house59, Mount street
7812 Young WilliamPratt streetdwelling-house57, Pratt street

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