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BRADFORD: Bradford Parliamentary Register 1883, WEST BOWLING WARD2.


Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
14739 Ackroyd BastowManchester roaddwelling-house886, Manchester road
14740 Ackroyd JamesRooley lanedwelling-house325, Rooley lane
14741 Ackroyd JohnRooley lanedwelling-house329, Rooley lane
14742 Ackroyd SamuelGreaves street, HortonsandworksManchester road
14743 Akeroyd JosephParkside roadhouse & landParkside road
14744 Albrecht Siegfried Herbert CaesarManninghamwarehouseParkside road
14745 Alderson SquireManchester roaddwelling-house725, Manchester road
14746 Appleyard ZachariahBierley lanedwelling-houseBierley lane top
14747 Armitage BenjaminSmiddles lanedwelling-house16, Smiddles lane
14748 Armstrong JosephFaxfleet streetbeerhouse1, Faxfleet street
14749 Arnold JohnRaymond streetdwelling-house12, Raymond street
14750 Asquith Alfred MitchellNorwood streetdwelling-house7, Norwood street
14751 Asquith WilliamNewell halldwelling-house326, Rooley lane
14752 Atkinson CharlesNewell halldwelling-house330, Rooley lane
14753 Atkinson GeorgeEvens terracedwelling-house18, Evens terrace
14754 Atkinson GeorgeNew Cross streetdwelling-house158, New Cross street
14755 Atkinson MarkNewell halldwelling-house322, Rooley lane
14756 Aucock JonathanBierley farmdwelling-houseBierley lane top

WEST BOWLING WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter B
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
14757 Backhouse James DonaldsonBismarck streetdwelling-houseBismarck street
successivedwelling-houseBengal street
successivedwelling-house6, Bismarck street
14758 Bairstow JosephCarr streetdwelling-house10, Carr street
14759 Baker CharlesBismarck streetdwelling-houseLoughrigg street
successivedwelling-house4, Bismarck street
14760 Baker ChristopherRooley lanedwelling-house450, Rooley lane
14761 Barker JamesMurgatroyd streetdwelling-house416, Old lane
successivedwelling-house1, Murgatroyd street
14762 Barker JohnManchester roaddwelling-house696, Manchester road
14763 Barker JohnMalt streetdwelling-house1A, Malt street
14764 Barker ListerSmiddles lanedwelling-house34, Smiddles lane
14765 Barker ListerWoodman Inn, Bankfootdwelling-house908, Manchester road
14766 Barmby JohnRooley lanedwelling-house271, Rooley lane
14767 Barnes GeneralGibson folddwelling-house2, Gibson fold
14768 Barraclough AquilaManchester roaddwelling-houseChellow street
successivedwelling-house826, Manchester road
14769 Barrett WilliamGibson folddwelling-house11, Gibson fold
14770 Bastow AbrahamRooley lanedwelling-house7, Rooley lane
14771 Bastow ListerCarr streetdwelling-house6, Carr street
14772 Bateman AbrahamManchester roaddwelling-house879, Manchester road
14773 Baxandall AlbertManchester roaddwelling-house842, Manchester road
14774 Beanland William CudworthHolly villa, HortonwarehouseParkside road
14775 Beetham AlfredRooley lanedwelling-house385, Rooley lane
14776 Beetham ThomasRooley lanehouse & shop430, Rooley lane
14777 Beetham WilliamRooley lanedwelling-house379, Rooley lane
14778 Bell GeorgeBirch lanedwelling-house145, Birch lane
14779 Bellerby HenryManchester roaddwelling-house739, Manchester road
14780 Bellfield CharlesBeatrice streetdwelling-house10, Beatrice street
14781 Benn JamesAmerica squaredwelling-house4, America square
14782 Benn JohnGalloway lanedwelling-houseGalloway lane
14783 Benn SamuelCarrbottom roaddwelling-house4, Carrbottom road
14784 Bennett WilsonOld lanedwelling-house472, Old lane
14785 Binns WilliamRooley lanedwelling-house24, Rooley lane
14786 Binns William AckroydPark viewdwelling-house109, Parkside road
successivedwelling-house749, Manchester road
14787 Birkby WesleyRooley lanedwelling-house213, Rooley lane
14788 Blackburn JohnBismarck streetdwelling-house55, Bismarck street
14789 Booth CyrusNew Cross streetdwelling-house14, New Cross street
14790 Booth HenryNorwood streetdwelling-house1, Norwood street
14791 Booth MarkWest End terracedwelling-house44, Smiddles lane
14792 Booth UriahWoodroyd roaddwelling-house25, Woodroyd road
14793 Bottomley SamuelRooley lanedwelling-house26, Rooley lane
14794 Bowker BurrowsParkside roaddwelling-house21, Clough street
successivedwelling-house131, Parkside road
14795 Boyes FirthManchester roaddwelling-houseFaxfleet street
successivedwelling-house767, Manchester road
14796 Bradley JohnBarley streetdwelling-house8, Barley street
14797 Brayshaw DanielManchester roaddwelling-house836, Manchester road
14798 Brayshaw EdwinLow moorstables & coach-houseManchester road
14799 Brayshaw ThomasNorwood streetdwelling-house5, Norwood street
14800 Breaks IsaacSmiddles lanedwelling-house31, Smiddles lane
14801 Breaks WalterDraughton streetdwelling-house14, Draughton street
14802 Bretherick PaulManchester roaddwelling-house828, Manchester road
14803 Briggs CharlesSmiddles lanedwelling-house11, Smiddles lane
14804 Broadley IsaacOld lanedwelling-house446, Old lane
14805 Broadley NicholasOld lanedwelling-house496, Old lane
14806 Brook RobertManchester roaddwelling-house830, Manchester road
14807 Broughton IsaacSmiddles lanedwelling-house41, Smiddles lane
14808 Brown DavidManchester roaddwelling-house959, Manchester road
successivedwelling-houseEvens terrace
successivedwelling-house922, Manchester road
14809 Brown JamesOld lanedwelling-house430, Old lane
14810 Burnett AlfredManchester roaddwelling-house923, Manchester road
14811 Burnett HenryRooley lanedwelling-house17, Rooley lane
14812 Burnley JohnBismarck streetdwelling-house30, Bismarck street
14813 Bushell HenryBirch lanedwelling-house139, Birch lane
14814 Butler ReubenRooley lanedwelling-house415, Rooley lane
14815 Butler RichardRaymond streetdwelling-house72, Raymond street
14816 Butterworth AlbertEli streetdwelling-house9, Eli street
14817 Butterworth JosephCarrbottomdwelling-house9, Carrbottom
14818 Buxton WilliamRooley lanedwelling-house317, Rooley lane

WEST BOWLING WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter C
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
14819 Camm MauriceThornton squaredwelling-houseBarley street
successivedwelling-house13, Thornton square
14820 Carter Samuel MitchellNew Cross streetdwelling-house6, New Cross street
14821 Cawthron EzraBarley streetdwelling-house2, Barley street
14822 Child JohnManchester roaddwelling-house721, Manchester road
14823 Clark FrankParkside roaddwelling-houseOld lane
successivedwelling-house119, Parkside road
14824 Clark GeorgeManchester roaddwelling-house680, Manchester road
14825 Clark HenryRooley lanedwelling-house34, Rooley lane
14826 Clark JamesRooley lanedwelling-house14, Rooley lane
14827 Clark RichardRooley lanedwelling-house3, Rooley lane
14828 Clark WilliamOld lanedwelling-house425, Old lane
14829 Clayton GeorgeElizabeth street, Hortonworsted millParkside road
14830 Cliff HarryNew Cross streetdwelling-houseWoodroyd road
successivedwelling-house134, New Cross street
14831 Clough AlfredRaymond streetdwelling-house16, Raymond street
14832 Clough JamesCraven Heifer inndwelling-house774, Manchester road
14833 Clough JonathanManchester roaddwelling-house650, Manchester road
14834 Clough JosephManchester roadhouse & shop928, Manchester road
14835 Cockcroft EdwardBismarck streetdwelling-house14, Cobden street
successivedwelling-house2, Bismarck street
14836 Cockcroft JohnRed Lion inndwelling-house943, Manchester road
14837 Cockcroft JonasDraughton streetdwelling-house6, Draughton street
14838 Cockcroft JosephManchester roaddwelling-house898, Manchester road
14839 Collinson JohnRooley lanedwelling-house409, Rooley lane
14840 Coombes WilliamBismarck streetdwelling-house79, Bismarck street
14841 Crabtree CharlesParkside roaddwelling-house55, Parkside road
14842 Crabtree CharlesCarrbottomdwelling-house11, Carrbottom
14843 Crabtree JosephParkside roaddwelling-house53, Parkside road
14844 Craven JohnManchester roaddwelling-house798, Manchester road
14845 Crossland JosephOld lanedwelling-house498, Old lane
14846 Crossley KenionRathmell streetdwelling-house10, Rathmell street
14847 Crossley SidneyRoyal Sovereign inndwelling-house460 & 466, Rooley lane
14848 Cursley JohnBeatrice streetdwelling-house21, Beatrice street
14849 Cutler ThomasBismarck streetdwelling-house34, Bismarck street

WEST BOWLING WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter D
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
14850 Darvill William JohnBarley streetdwelling-house1, Barley street
14851 Davis EdwardSmiddles lanedwelling-house38, Smiddles lane
14852 Dawson JohnBismarck streetdwelling-house36, Bismarck street
14853 Dean JohnManchester roaddwelling-house934, Manchester road
14854 Dean WilliamManchester roaddwelling-house916, Manchester road
14855 Deighton IsaacOld lanedwelling-house462, Old lane
14856 Deighton JosephEvens terracedwelling-house12, Evens terrace
14857 Denning JosephOld lanedwelling-house466, Old lane
14858 Denning StephenSmiddles lanedwelling-house29, Smiddles lane
14859 Dennison GeorgeBismarck streetdwelling-houseBismarck street
successivedwelling-house57, Bismarck street
14860 Dennison William WalkerBismarck streetdwelling-house32, Bismarck street
14861 Dent RobinsonBeatrice streethouse & shop2, Beatrice street
14862 Dent ThomasParkside roaddwelling-house6, Joshua street
successivedwelling-house111, Parkside road
14863 Denton SmithManchester roaddwelling-house936, Manchester road
14864 Dickinson AlfredNew Cross streetdwelling-houseNew Hey road
successivedwelling-house112, New Cross street
14865 Dobson VincentRooley lanedwelling-house311, Rooley lane
14866 Dyson HenryBismarck streetdwelling-house103, Bismarck street
successivedwelling-house117, Bismarck street

WEST BOWLING WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter E
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
14867 Earnshaw JamesBarley streetdwelling-house1, Barley street
14868 Eastwood AaronSmiddles lanedwelling-house30, Smiddles lane
14869 Ellershaw ThomasNew Cross streetdwelling-house142, New Cross street
14870 Ellis HenryFaxfleet streetdwelling-house11, Faxfleet street
14871 Elstone JosephRaymond streetdwelling-house14, Raymond street
14872 England JohnManchester roaddwelling-house7, Malt street
successivedwelling-house812, Manchester road
14873 Eyre Rev. William AlfredWoodroyd roaddwelling-house83, Woodroyd road

WEST BOWLING WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter F
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
14874 Fawcett JohnSmiddles lanedwelling-houseManchester road
successivedwelling-house18, Smiddles lane
14875 Fawthrop JohnOld lanedwelling-house412, Old lane
14876 Fearnley IsaacRooley lanedwelling-house458, Rooley lane
14877 Fearnley JesseRooley lanedwelling-house413, Rooley lane
14878 Fieldhouse GeorgeRooley lanedwelling-house221, Rooley lane
successivedwelling-house153, Rooley lane
14879 Fieldhouse HenryGalloway lanedwelling-houseGalloway lane
14880 Fieldhouse WilliamRooley lanedwelling-house166, Rooley lane
14881 Firth FrederickRooley lanedwelling-house355, Rooley lane
14882 Firth JohnGibson folddwelling-house12 Gibson fold
14883 Firth StanleyManchester roaddwelling-house713, Manchester road
14884 Firth WilliamWoodroyd roaddwelling-houseParkside road
successivedwelling-house11, Woodroyd road
14885 Firth WilliamRooley lanedwelling-house365, Rooley lane
14886 Fitzpatrick JohnOld lanedwelling-house442, Old lane
14887 Fletcher HenryRooley lanedwelling-house373, Rooley lane
14888 Fletcher JohnOld lanedwelling-house476, Old lane
14889 Fox ReubenManchester roaddwelling-house918, Manchester road
successivehouse & shop834, Manchester road

WEST BOWLING WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter G
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
14890 Garnett AnthonyOld lanedwelling-house25, Little Cross street
successivedwelling-house404, Old lane
14891 Gill WilliamChellow streetdwelling-house11, Chellow street
14892 Gledhill ThomasSmiddles lanedwelling-house28, Smiddles lane
14893 Good JamesWoodroyd roaddwelling-houseBaird street
successivedwelling-house19, Woodroyd road
14894 Goodchild JacksonWoodroyd roaddwelling-house39, Woodroyd road
14895 Gornall EliOld lanedwelling-house470, Old lane
14896 Graham JohnParkside roaddwelling-house125, Parkside road
14897 Graham WilliamWoodroyd roaddwelling-house15, Woodroyd road
14898 Gray FieldhouseOld lanedwelling-house460, Old lane
14899 Gray HarryManchester roaddwelling-houseChellow street
successivedwelling-house888, Manchester road
14900 Gray WilliamManchester roadhouse & shop894, Manchester road
14901 Greaves EdwardSmiddles lanedwelling-house9, Smiddles lane
14902 Green JamesRooley lanedwelling-house133, Rooley lane
14903 Greenhough JamesNewell halldwelling-house328, Rooley lane
14904 Greenwood FredManchester roaddwelling-house & club-roomRooley lane
14905 Greenwood Frederick AlexanderOswald housedwelling-houseBankfoot
14906 Greenwood JohnRooley lanedwelling-house77, Rooley lane
14907 Gregg WilliamWoodroyd roaddwelling-house31, Woodroyd road
14908 Gregson John WilliamManchester roaddwelling-house927, Manchester road
14909 Groves HenryRaymond streetdwelling-house32, Raymond street

WEST BOWLING WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter H
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
14910 Haigh HenryRooley lanedwelling-house269, Rooley lane
14911 Hainsworth DavidRooley lanedwelling-house315, Rooley lane
14912 Hainsworth JamesManchester roaddwelling-house840, Manchester road
14913 Haley EzraRook lanedwelling-house2, Rook lane
14914 Haley JamesRook lanedwelling-house20, Rook lane
14915 Haley JamesRook lanedwelling-house1, Rook lane
14916 Haley JeremiahEvens terracedwelling-houseBismarck street
successivedwelling-house24, Evens terrace
14917 Hall AbrahamMurgatroyd streetdwelling-house60, Bismarck street
successivedwelling-house25, Murgatroyd street
14918 Hall JamesRooley lanedwelling-house393, Rooley lane
14919 Hammond WilliamWoodroyd roaddwelling-house93, Woodroyd road
14920 Hannam WilliamBankfootdwelling-house9, Bankfoot
14921 Hanson DanChellow streetdwelling-house21, Chellow street
14922 Hanson HenryRooley foldhouse & land85, Rooley lane
14923 Hanson RichardBankfootdwelling-house11, Bankfoot
14924 Hanson RichardRooley lanedwelling-house74, Rooley lane
14925 Hardisty FredBowling parkdwelling-houseHall lane
14926 Hardisty JosephBirch lanedwelling-house142, Birch lane
14927 Harrison GeorgeOld lanedwelling-house426, Old lane
14928 Hartley JosephBirch lanedwelling-houseSloane street
successivedwelling-houseRipley terrace
successivedwelling-house131, Birch lane
14929 Heaton ThomasRooley lanedwelling-houseRooley lane
successivedwelling-house313, Rooley lane
14930 Helliwell IsaacOld lanedwelling-house410, Old lane
14931 Henderson RobertOld lanedwelling-house490, Old lane
14932 Heron JamesRaymond streetdwelling-house36, Raymond street
14933 Hesling MichaelPark sidedwelling-house152, Birch lane
14934 Hetherington JosephEvens terracehouse & shop2, Evens terrace
14935 Hey JamesNew Cross streetdwelling-house146, New Cross street
14936 Hiley JamesBarley streetdwelling-house3, Barley street
14937 Hill JohnThornton squaredwelling-house9, Thornton square
14938 Hill ThomasBismarck streetdwelling-house12, Bismarck street
14939 Hillam CharlesSmiddles lanedwelling-house37, Smiddles lane
14940 Hinchcliffe JohnRathmell streetdwelling-house888, Manchester road
successivedwelling-house8, Rathmell street
14941 Hindle JamesManchester roaddwelling-house921, Manchester road
14942 Hindle SamuelBismarck streetdwelling-house21, Little Cross street
successivedwelling-house28, Bismarck street
14943 Hindle William HenrySmiddles lanedwelling-house47, Smiddles lane
14944 Hirst Henry DaltonRaymond streetdwelling-house84, Raymond street
14945 Hirst JamesNorwood streetdwelling-house3, Norwood street
14946 Hirst ThomasOld lanedwelling-house502, Old lane
14947 Hobson SimeonRaymond streethouse & shop2, Raymond street
14948 Hodgson BenjaminOld lanedwelling-house488, Old lane
14949 Hodgson ChristopherBankfootdwelling-house7, Bankfoot
14950 Hodgson HenryManchester roaddwelling-house902, Manchester road
14951 Hodgson HenryWhite lane, Wibseyhouse & clubroomCarrbottom road
14952 Hodgson JamesDraughton streetdwelling-house11, Draughton street
14953 Hodgson JohnManchester roaddwelling-house957, Manchester road
14954 Hodgson JosephFaxfleet streetdwelling-house3, Faxfleet street
14955 Hodgson ThomasRook lanedwelling-house12, Rook lane
14956 Hodgson WellsRooley lanedwelling-house335, Rooley lane
14957 Holden JonasManchester roaddwelling-house906, Manchester road
14958 Holden WilliamManchester roaddwelling-house672, Manchester road
14959 Holder FrancisManchester roaddwelling-house654, Manchester road
14960 Holding AbrahamBismarck streetdwelling-house107, Parkside road
successivedwelling-house53, Bismarck street
14961 Holdsworth WilliamAmerica squaredwelling-house2, America square
14962 Holdsworth WilliamWoodroyd roaddwelling-house95, Woodroyd road
14963 Hollywood Rev. JohnSt. Matthew's Vicaragedwelling-houseCarrbottom road
14964 Holmes DavidEli streetdwelling-house7, Eli street
14965 Holmes Edward AckroydPark sidedwelling-house150, Birch lane
14966 Holmes JonathanNew Cross streetdwelling-house160, New Cross street
14967 Holmes JosephParkside roadhouse & shop51, Parkside road
14968 Holmes ThomasRooley lanedwelling-house12, Rooley lane
14969 Holmes WilliamRooley lanedwelling-house267, Rooley lane
14970 Holroyd AbrahamGibson folddwelling-house15, Gibson fold
14971 Holroyd George WilliamRaymond streetdwelling-house86, Raymond street
14972 Holroyd JamesNew Cross streetdwelling-house68, Evens terrace
successivedwelling-house2, New Cross street
14973 Holroyd JohnBarley streetdwelling-house16, Barley street
14974 Holroyd MosesParkside roaddwelling-house63, Parkside road
14975 Holroyd WilliamNew Cross streetdwelling-house116, New Cross street
14976 Holt JohnBismarck streetdwelling-house3, Bismarck street
14977 Holt JosephRooley lanedwelling-house436, Rooley lane
14978 Hopkinson RichardEli streetdwelling-house15, Eli street
14979 Horsfall JohnBeatrice streetdwelling-house19, Beatrice street
14980 Horsman JamesRooley lanedwelling-house144, Rooley lane
14981 Horsman JohnRooley lanedwelling-houseBeatrice street
successivedwelling-house138, Rooley lane
14982 House AlfredEvens terracedwelling-houseLong row
successivedwelling-house20, Evens terrace
14983 Houson ChristopherGalloway lanedwelling-houseGalloway lane
14984 Houson ThomasGalloway farmhouse & landGalloway lane
14985 Houson WilliamGalloway lanedwelling-houseGalloway lane
14986 Howard JesseRaymond streetdwelling-house14, Cotewall road
successivedwelling-house60, Raymond street
14987 Howard WilliamManchester roadhouse & land821, Manchester road
14988 Hughes Edwin MauriceRooley lanedwelling-house383, Rooley lane
14989 Hulme WilliamNew Cross streetdwelling-houseParkside road
successivedwelling-house60, New Cross street
14990 Hyne Rev. Charles Wright NobleBierley Vicaragehouse & land374, Rooley lane

WEST BOWLING WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter I
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
14991 Illingworth JamesPark viewdwelling-house19, Thornton square
successivedwelling-house753, Manchester road
14992 Illingworth JohnDraughton streetdwelling-house5, Draughton street
14993 Illingworth SquireEvens terracedwelling-houseRooley lane
successivedwelling-house26, Evens terrace
14994 Illingworth ThomasOld lanedwelling-house456, Old lane
14995 Ingleson Henry JohnPark viewdwelling-houseManchester road
successivedwelling-house735, Manchester road
14996 Iredale DavidMurgatroyd streetdwelling-house22, Evens terrace
successivedwelling-house29, Murgatroyd street
14997 Iredale FredMurgatroyd streetdwelling-houseLittle Cross street
successivedwelling-house5, Murgatroyd street
14998 Iredale JohnEvens terracedwelling-house4, Evens terrace
successivedwelling-house22, Evens terrace

WEST BOWLING WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter J
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
14999 Jackson ReubenMarsh placehouse & shop690, Manchester road
15000 Jackson ReubenBarley streetdwelling-house10, Barley street
15001 Jefferson LeonardGibson folddwelling-house16, Gibson fold
15002 Jennings JamesManchester roaddwelling-house710, Manchester road
15003 Johnson JamesManchester roaddwelling-houseSmiddles lane
successivedwelling-house925, Manchester road
15004 Jowett SamuelListerhills, HortonwarehouseParkside road
15005 Jowett ThomasListerhills, HortonwarehouseParkside road
15006 Jukes DavidWoodroyd roaddwelling-house65, Woodroyd road

WEST BOWLING WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter K
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
15007 Kay HenryNew Cross streetdwelling-house132, New Cross street
15008 Keating JamesBismarck streetdwelling-house10, Bismarck street
15009 Keighley JonathanBirch lanedwelling-house33, Woodroyd road
successivedwelling-house146, Birch lane
15010 Keighley JosephBeatrice streetdwelling-house26, Beatrice street
15011 Kellett JosephManchester roadhouse & shop786, Manchester road
15012 Kershaw IsaacManchester roaddwelling-house708, Manchester road
15013 Ketley George DavidBismarck streetdwelling-house51, Bismarck street
15014 Kitchingman DavidBismarck streetdwelling-house121, Bismarck street
15015 Kitchingman WilliamRaymond streetdwelling-house4, Raymond street
15016 Knowles WilliamNewell halldwelling-house332, Rooley lane

WEST BOWLING WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter L
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
15017 Lambert WilliamEvens terracedwelling-house20, Evens terrace
successivedwelling-house68, Evens terrace
15018 Law ThomasWoodroyd roadhouse & shop2, Bismarck street
successivehouse & shop77, Woodroyd road
15019 Lawton WilliamManchester roaddwelling-house866A, Manchester road
15020 Laycock Thomas ParkNew Cross streetdwelling-house152, New Cross street
15021 Lea JohnRooley lanedwelling-house327, Rooley lane
15022 Leeming EdwardEvens terracedwelling-houseGlover street
successivedwelling-house50, Evens terrace
15023 Lightowler Dan FletcherManchester roaddwelling-house901, Manchester road
15024 Lightowler MatthewManchester roaddwelling-house919, Manchester road
15025 Lightowler ThomasRooley lanedwelling-house81, Rooley lane
15026 Lightowler WilliamManchester roadhouse & shop931, Manchester road
15027 Lockwood DanRooley lanedwelling-house18, Rooley lane
15028 Lodge RobertManchester roaddwelling-house825, Manchester road
15029 Louis HenryBarley streetdwelling-house5, Barley street
15030 Loxam WilliamParkside roaddwelling-house20, Parkside road
15031 Luty JohnFaxfleet streetdwelling-house7, Faxfleet street
15032 Lynch JamesManchester roadhouse & shop969, Manchester road

WEST BOWLING WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter M
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
15033 Maher DanielThornton squaredwelling-house11, Thornton square
15034 Mann EdmundRooley lanedwelling-house232, Rooley lane
15035 Mann JamesManchester roaddwelling-house884, Manchester road
15036 Mann JosephRooley lanedwelling-house240, Rooley lane
15037 Mann SquireRooley lanedwelling-house236, Rooley lane
15038 Marsden FirthRooley lanehouse & shop454, Rooley lane
15039 Marsden WilliamNew Cross streetdwelling-house98, New Cross street
15040 Marshall EdwinSmiddles lanedwelling-house25, Smiddles lane
15041 Maskell GeorgeBirch lanedwelling-house143, Birch lane
15042 Mason WilliamRaymond streetdwelling-house351, Bolton road
successivedwelling-house20, Raymond street
15043 Mayo ThomasOld lanedwelling-house423, Old lane
15044 McCrea IsaacBismarck streetdwelling-house44, Bismarck street
15045 McGhee WilliamParkside roaddwelling-house57, Parkside road
15046 McLoughlin JohnRaymond streetdwelling-house74, Raymond street
15047 McNamara JohnRaymond streetdwelling-house58, Raymond street
15048 McNamara PatrickMurgatroyd streetdwelling-house83, Bismarck street
successivedwelling-house39, Murgatroyd street
15049 Metcalfe Ralph PrestonParkside roaddwelling-house115, Parkside road
15050 Middleton RufusRooley lanedwelling-house3, Beatrice street
successivedwelling-house229, Rooley lane
15051 Midgley Michael MortimerRooley cottagedwelling-house354, Rooley lane
15052 Midgley ThomasBarley streetdwelling-house20, Barley street
15053 Milnes James AckroydEli streetdwelling-house1, Eli street
15054 Mitchell AbrahamBowling parkdwelling-house285, Rooley lane
15055 Mitchell FrancisOld lanehouse & shop492, Old lane
15056 Mitchell FrancisRooley lanedwelling-house146, Rooley lane
15057 Mitchell HenryManchester roadhouse & shop910, Manchester road
15058 Mitchell Jacob HardyManchester roadhouse & shop784, Manchester road
15059 Mitchell JohnBeatrice streetdwelling-house23, Beatrice street
successivedwelling-house20, Beatrice street
15060 Mitchell JohnDraughton streetdwelling-house7, Draughton street
15061 Mitchell JosephManchester roaddwelling-house930, Manchester road
15062 Mitchell ReubenRooley lanehouse & land194, Rooley lane
15063 Mitchell Robert EdmondsonRooley lanehouse & shop343, Rooley lane
15064 Mitchell TomManchester roaddwelling-house723, Manchester road
15065 Moody WilliamEvens terracedwelling-house6, Evens terrace
15066 Mortimer JosephAmerica squaredwelling-house8, America square
15067 Mortimer JosephRooley lanedwelling-house377, Rooley lane
15068 Mortimer RichardRooley lanedwelling-house371, Rooley lane
15069 Moulson WilliamHorton greenbrick works & landBirch lane
15070 Muff FrankManchester roaddwelling-house656, Manchester road
15071 Muff HenryBurras enginedwelling-houseRooley lane
15072 Muff JamesRooley lanedwelling-house10, Rooley lane
15073 Muff SamuelRooley lanedwelling-house13, Rooley lane
15074 Muff WalterRooley lanedwelling-house15, Rooley lane
15075 Murgatroyd BenjaminWood roydsoap worksWood royd

WEST BOWLING WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter N
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
15076 Naylor ThomasManchester roaddwelling-house971, Manchester road
15077 Neil RufusBarley streetdwelling-house22, Barley street
15078 Newbould FrederickRooley lanedwelling-house337, Rooley lane
15079 Newell AbrahamManchester roadhouse & shop648, Manchester road
15080 Newell FrankParkside roaddwelling-house75, Parkside road
15081 Newell JamesSmiddles lanedwelling-house2, Smiddles lane
15082 Newell JohnOld lanedwelling-house510, Old lane
15083 Newell JohnBismarck streetdwelling-houseGlover street
successivedwelling-house58, Bismarck street
15084 Newell JonathanManchester roadhouse & shop662, Manchester road
15085 Newell WilsonManchester roaddwelling-house652, Manchester road
15086 Newton JohnRaymond streetdwelling-house24, Raymond street
15087 Nicholl Abraham MitchellParkside roaddwelling-house67, Parkside road
15088 Nicholl IsaacOld lanedwelling-house504, Old lane
15089 Nicholls EnochBismarck streetdwelling-house64, Bismarck street
15090 Nicholls RichardRooley lanedwelling-house369, Rooley lane
15091 Nicholson StephenRooley lanedwelling-house452, Rooley lane
15092 Nicholson WilliamRooley lanedwelling-house397, Rooley lane
15093 Noble FrankOld lanedwelling-house480, Old lane
15094 North BenjaminCarrbottomhouse & land6, Carrbottom
15095 North BenjaminManchester roaddwelling-house945, Manchester road
15096 North JosephCarrbottomdwelling-house8, Carrbottom
15097 North OrlandoRooley lanedwelling-house6, Rooley lane
15098 Northin SamuelNew Cross streetdwelling-houseLudlam street
successivedwelling-house156, New Cross street
15099 Northing WilliamDraughton streetdwelling-house1, Draughton street
15100 Norton EnochSmiddles lanedwelling-house39, Smiddles lane

WEST BOWLING WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter O
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
15101 Oddy SamMurgatroyd streetdwelling-houseRaymond street
successivedwelling-house3, Murgatroyd street
15102 Oldried GeorgeBismarck streetdwelling-house59, Bismarck street
15103 Oldroyd GeorgeThornton squaredwelling-house17, Thornton square
15104 Osborne DavidManchester roaddwelling-house741, Manchester road
15105 Owrid AbrahamRooley lanedwelling-house373A, Rooley lane

WEST BOWLING WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter P
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
15106 Parkinson CharlesRaymond streetdwelling-house26, Raymond street
15107 Parkinson JoshuaTunnel enddwelling-house170, New Cross street
15108 Parkinson WilliamNew Cross streetdwelling-house121, New Cross street
successivedwelling-house124, New Cross street
15109 Parratt FredSmiddles lanedwelling-house12, Smiddles lane
15110 Pearson DanielManchester roaddwelling-house772, Manchester road
15111 Pearson IsaacFaxfleet streetdwelling-house4, Faxfleet street
15112 Pearson James FletcherManchester roaddwelling-house780, Manchester road
15113 Pearson JohnBankfootdwelling-house5, Bankfoot
15114 Peel JamesManchester roaddwelling-house890, Manchester road
15115 Peel LeviBankfootdwelling-house1, Bankfoot
15116 Peel MarkAmerica squaredwelling-house7, America square
15117 Peel WilliamAmerica squaredwelling-house6, America square
15118 Phillips JohnNew Cross streetdwelling-house162, New Cross street
15119 Phillips ThomasRooley lanedwelling-house361, Rooley lane
15120 Phillips WilliamGibson folddwelling-house8, Gibson fold
15121 Phillips WilliamManchester roaddwelling-house717, Manchester road
15122 Pickering WilliamChellow streetdwelling-house23, Chellow street
15123 Pickles JoshuaWoodroyd roadhouse & shop3, Woodroyd road
15124 Pitts JohnRooley lanedwelling-houseWesleyan terrace
successivedwelling-house389, Rooley lane
15125 Pitts ThomasManchester roaddwelling-house866, Manchester road
15126 Pollard James RichardFaxfleet streetdwelling-house6, Faxfleet street
15127 Poole CharlesRooley lanedwelling-house36, Rooley lane
15128 Poole FrancisOld lanedwelling-house438, Old lane
15129 Priestley HenryBeatrice streetdwelling-house14, Beatrice street
15130 Priestley JohnRooley lanedwelling-house353, Rooley lane
15131 Priestley JohnRooley lanehouse & shop359, Rooley lane
15132 Priestley JonathanBeatrice streetdwelling-house17, Beatrice street
15133 Priestley MarkRooley lanedwelling-house20, Rooley lane
15134 Priestley WilliamRook lanehouse & shop24, Rook lane
15135 Prigg JosephOld lanedwelling-house424, Old lane
15136 Pyrah AlfredRooley lanedwelling-house160, Rooley lane
15137 Pyrah HenryWoodroyd roaddwelling-house7, Woodroyd road

WEST BOWLING WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter Q
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
15138 Quigley MosesBarley streetdwelling-house11, Barley street

WEST BOWLING WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter R
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
15139 Race GeorgeNew Cross streetdwelling-house128, New Cross street
15140 Rayner AlfredManchester roaddwelling-house871, Manchester road
15141 Rayner BenjaminManchester roaddwelling-houseManchester road
successivedwelling-house785, Manchester road
15142 Rayner JamesChellow streetdwelling-houseChellow street
successivedwelling-house29, Chellow street
15143 Read FrederickRooley lanedwelling-house403, Rooley lane
15144 Redman BenRaymond streetdwelling-house18, Raymond street
successivedwelling-house76, Raymond street
15145 Redman JohnParkside roaddwelling-house71, Parkside road
15146 Revell JohnRooley lanedwelling-house227, Rooley lane
15147 Reynolds RobertThornton squaredwelling-house15, Thornton square
15148 Rhodes CharlesOld lanedwelling-house427, Old lane
15149 Rhodes EbenezerMalt streetdwelling-house3, Malt street
15150 Richards GeorgeBarley streetdwelling-house9, Barley street
15151 Riley JohnParkside roaddwelling-house135, Parkside road
15152 Robinson EphraimRook lanedwelling-house7, Rook lane
15153 Robinson HenrySmiddles lanedwelling-houseSmiddles lane
15154 Robinson LeonardManchester roadhouse & shop822, Manchester road
15155 Robinson RossEli streetdwelling-house3, Eli street
15156 Robinson WilliamSmiddles lanedwelling-house27, Smiddles lane
15157 Rodgers PeterManchester roaddwelling-house907, Manchester road
successivedwelling-house810, Manchester road
15158 Rodgers WilliamChellow streetdwelling-house25, Chellow street
15159 Rotheray DavidFaxfleet streetdwelling-house19, Faxfleet street
15160 Rotheray IsaacSmiddles lanedwelling-house13, Smiddles lane
15161 Rotheray JosephSmiddles lanedwelling-house36, Smiddles lane
15162 Rotheray RobertManchester roaddwelling-house747, Manchester road
15163 Rotheray SharpPark viewhouse & shop731, Manchester road
15164 Rotheray ThomasSmiddles lanedwelling-house24, Smiddles lane
15165 Rotheray WilliamSmiddles lanedwelling-house40, Smiddles lane
15166 Rothery DavidFaxfleet streetdwelling-house19, Faxfleet street
15167 Rouse EdwinManchester roaddwelling-house808, Manchester road
15168 Rouse FrederickFaxfleet streetdwelling-house15, Faxfleet street
15169 Rouse JosephManchester roadhouse & shop790, Manchester road
15170 Rouse SharpManchester roaddwelling-house800, Manchester road
15171 Ryan JohnBismarck streetdwelling-house18, Bismarck street
15172 Ryder IsraelParkside roaddwelling-house117, Parkside road

WEST BOWLING WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter S
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
15173 Saunders JamesRooley lanedwelling-house217, Rooley lane
15174 Saville GeorgeSmiddles lanedwelling-house7, Smiddles lane
15175 Saville IsaacRaymond streetdwelling-house68, Raymond street
15176 Saville ThomasManchester roaddwelling-house917, Manchester road
15177 Scholey RichardBirch lanedwelling-house147, Birch lane
15178 Scobie George ArchibaldSmiddles lanedwelling-house32, Smiddles lane
15179 Scott HalvinRooley lanedwelling-houseRook lane
successivedwelling-house440, Rooley lane
15180 Sedgwick SamuelSmiddles lanedwelling-house49, Smiddles lane
successivedwelling-house41A, Smiddles lane
15181 Seed GeorgeNewell halldwelling-house334, Rooley lane
15182 Seed JamesOld lanedwelling-house500, Old lane
15183 Seed JohnRooley lanedwelling-house211, Rooley lane
15184 Seed WilliamRooley lanedwelling-house277, Rooley lane
15185 Seed William, junr.Rooley lanedwelling-houseRooley lane
successivedwelling-house275, Rooley lane
15186 Sellers GeorgeRooley lanedwelling-house387, Rooley lane
15187 Shackleton JamesOld lanedwelling-house512, Old lane
15188 Shackleton WilsonChellow streetdwelling-house7, Chellow street
15189 Sharp HenryRooley lanehouse & land87, Rooley lane
15190 Sharp JohnOld lanedwelling-house464, Old lane
15191 Sharp MitchellRooley lanedwelling-house & land237, Rooley lane
15192 Sharp ThomasOld lanedwelling-house508, Old lane
15193 Sharp WilliamOld lanehouse & shop444, Old lane
15194 Shaw DavidThornton squaredwelling-house7, Thornton square
15195 Shaw SampsonFaxfleet streetdwelling-house9, Faxfleet street
15196 Shaw WilliamBismarck streetdwelling-house101, Bismarck street
15197 Shepherd AlfredManchester roaddwelling-house874, Manchester road
15198 Shoesmith JosephRooley lanedwelling-house349, Rooley lane
15199 Shoesmith ThomasRooley lanedwelling-house351, Rooley lane
15200 Shoesmith ThomasRooley lanedwelling-house462, Rooley lane
15201 Shuttleworth EllisManchester roaddwelling-house951, Manchester road
15202 Sidebottom JohnRook lanedwelling-house8, Rook lane
15203 Slater WilliamBismarck streetdwelling-house75, Bismarck street
15204 Smith AlfredBismarck streetdwelling-house42, Bismarck street
15205 Smith BenjaminRaymond streetdwelling-house10, Raymond street
15206 Smith EastwoodManchester roaddwelling-house873, Manchester road
15207 Smith GeorgeBankfoothouse & stable17, Bankfoot
15208 Smith GeorgeWoodroyd roaddwelling-house47, Woodroyd road
successivedwelling-house63, Woodroyd road
15209 Smith ThomasOld lanedwelling-house454, Old lane
15210 Smith WilliamSmiddles lanedwelling-houseManchester road
successivedwelling-house14, Smiddles lane
15211 Snowden AlfredOld lanedwelling-house486, Old lane
15212 Snowden JosephOld lanedwelling-house484, Old lane
15213 Stainthorpe William BurnettField Lodgedwelling-houseManchester road
15214 Stead AmosBarley streetdwelling-house12, Barley street
15215 Stead JamesBeatrice streetdwelling-house24, Beatrice street
15216 Stead LeviManchester roaddwelling-house644 Manchester road
15217 Steel ThomasBirch lanedwelling-house149, Birch lane
successivedwelling-house133, Birch lane
15218 Stephenson JohnBismarck streetdwelling-house16, Bismarck street
15219 Stobart JohnDraughton streetdwelling-house8, Draughton street
15220 Stobart JosiahParkside roaddwelling-house7, Copthorne street
successivedwelling-house21, Parkside road
15221 Stopford JamesNew Cross streetdwelling-houseAddison street
successivedwelling-house106, New Cross street
15222 Stott JohnWoodroyd roaddwelling-house5, Woodroyd road
15223 Street Major Harry WroeManchester roaddwelling-house759, Manchester road
15224 Stringer WalterRooley lanedwelling-house375, Rooley lane
15225 Strutt CharlesManchester roaddwelling-house700, Manchester road
15226 Studwell William RobertManchester roaddwelling-house719, Manchester road
15227 Suddards EdwardFar oakshouse & land155, Birch lane
15228 Suddards Francis SimpsonNew Cross streetdwelling-house168, New Cross street
15229 Suddards ThomasNew Cross streetdwelling-house166, New Cross street
15230 Sugden JohnBismarck streetdwelling-house91, Bismarck street
15231 Sugden WilliamManchester roaddwelling-house816, Manchester road
15232 Summersgill JosephRaymond streetdwelling-house62, Raymond street
15233 Sunderland RobertRaymond streetdwelling-house80, Raymond street
15234 Sunley WilliamManchester roaddwelling-houseBowling Old lane
successivedwelling-house877, Manchester road
15235 Sutcliffe ListerOld lanehouse & shop432, Old lane
15236 Sutcliffe UriahGibson folddwelling-house3, Gibson fold
15237 Sutcliffe WilliamNew Cross streetdwelling-house100, New Cross street
15238 Sutcliffe WilsonBurnett fieldhouse & landManchester road
15239 Swaine LeviCarrbottom roaddwelling-houseCarrbottom road
15240 Swaine ShepherdChellow streetdwelling-houseChellow street
successivedwelling-house3, Chellow street
15241 Swift WilliamRaymond streetdwelling-house82, Raymond street

WEST BOWLING WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter T
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
15242 Taylor AbrahamOld lanedwelling-houseCarrbottom road
successivedwelling-house428, Old lane
15243 Taylor DavidManchester roaddwelling-house924, Manchester road
15244 Taylor GeorgeCarrbottom roaddwelling-house7, Carrbottom road
15245 Taylor George BrearleyCarrbottom roaddwelling-houseCarrbottom road
15246 Taylor JamesRooley lanedwelling-house411, Rooley lane
15247 Taylor JosephMarsh streetdwelling-house3, Marsh street
15248 Taylor JosephDraughton streetdwelling-house4, Draughton street
15249 Taylor RalphOld lanedwelling-house402, Old lane
15250 Taylor Squire BoothDraughton streetdwelling-house3, Draughton street
15251 Taylor ThomasBismarck streetdwelling-house81, Bismarck street
15252 Taylor William HenryMurgatroyd streetdwelling-houseParsonage road
successivedwelling-houseNew Cross street
successivedwelling-houseParsonage road
successivedwelling-house9, Murgatroyd street
15253 Taylor William HenryWoodroyd roaddwelling-house59, Woodroyd road
15254 Tempest WilliamNew Cross streetdwelling-house130, New Cross street
15255 Tetley WilliamRooley lanedwelling-house381, Rooley lane
15256 Thackray WilliamNewell halldwelling-house314, Rooley lane
15257 Thompson ThomasRooley lanedwelling-house442, Rooley lane
15258 Thornes JohnRooley lanedwelling-house231, Rooley lane
15259 Thornton ColonelRooley lanedwelling-house83, Rooley lane
15260 Thornton DavidNew Cross streetdwelling-house104, New Cross street
15261 Thornton EzraManchester roaddwelling-house846, Manchester road
15262 Thornton HenryThornton squaredwelling-house25, Thornton square
15263 Thornton JohnWoodroyd roaddwelling-house87, Woodroyd road
15264 Thornton JosephParkside roaddwelling-house365, Old lane
successivedwelling-house127, Parkside road
15265 Thornton WilliamSmiddles lanedwelling-house19, Smiddles lane
15266 Thornton WilliamThornton squaredwelling-house27, Thornton square
15267 Thornton WilliamGrange farm, KeighleybrickworksParkside road
15268 Thornton William DanielBurnett fieldhouse & landManchester road
15269 Throp CharlesManchester roadhouse & shop784, Manchester road
15270 Throp HenryManchester roaddwelling-house782, Manchester road
15271 Throp JohnRooley lanedwelling-house16, Rooley lane
15272 Throp JonasBismarck streetdwelling-house52, Bismarck street
15273 Tiffney JosephNewell halldwelling-house318, Rooley lane
15274 Tomlinson JosephBowling parkdwelling-houseNew Hey road
15275 Tomlinson WalterOld lanedwelling-house468, Old lane
15276 Topham CharlesOld lanedwelling-house506, Old lane
15277 Tordoff SamuelNew Cross streetdwelling-houseParsonage road
successivedwelling-house122, New Cross street
15278 Tordoff SquireRooley lanedwelling-house5, Rooley lane
15279 Tordoff SquireManchester roaddwelling-house715, Manchester road
15280 Towler JohnParkside roaddwelling-house87, Parkside road
15281 Townsend George WilliamWoodroyd roaddwelling-house9, Woodroyd road
15282 Trees JosephRooley lanedwelling-house239, Rooley lane
15283 Turner IsaacNew Cross streetdwelling-house108, New Cross street
15284 Turner JamesNew Cross streetdwelling-houseBismarck street
successivedwelling-house4, New Cross street
15285 Turner Joseph CharlesManchester roaddwelling-house766, Manchester road
15286 Turner Joseph GilbertManchester roaddwelling-house770, Manchester road
15287 Turner SamuelBirch lanedwelling-house153, Birch lane

WEST BOWLING WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter U
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
15288 Unwin JosephNew Cross streetdwelling-house114, New Cross street
successivedwelling-house120, New Cross street

WEST BOWLING WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter W
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
15289 Wade JosephRooley lanehouse & land301, Rooley lane
15290 Wadsworth PeterManchester roadhouse & shop704, Manchester road
15291 Wadsworth SquireRathmell streetdwelling-house4, Rathmell street
15292 Walker JohnManchester roaddwelling-houseKelvin street
successivedwelling-house787, Manchester road
15293 Walker JosephOld lanedwelling-house419, Old lane
15294 Walker RalphGibson folddwelling-house7, Gibson fold
15295 Walker RichardGibson folddwelling-house5, Gibson fold
15296 Walker SampsonEli streetdwelling-house5, Eli street
15297 Walker ThomasPark side cottagedwelling-house173, Birch lane
15298 Walker ThomasRaymond streetdwelling-house22, Raymond street
15299 Walker WilliamChellow streetdwelling-house27, Chellow street
15300 Walshaw OrlandoRaymond streetdwelling-house56, Raymond street
15301 Ward WilliamManchester roaddwelling-house698, Manchester road
15302 Wardman GeorgeRooley lanedwelling-house230, Rooley lane
15303 Wardman JohnBeatrice streetdwelling-house1, Beatrice street
successivedwelling-house3, Beatrice street
15304 Wardman JonathanStaith hilldwelling-house234, Rooley lane
15305 Wardman MarkRooley lanedwelling-house162, Rooley lane
15306 Watson JohnRook lanedwelling-house5, Rook lane
15307 Waugh HardestyParkside roaddwelling-house83, Parkside road
15308 Weatherhead William ThomasGalloway lanedwelling-houseGalloway lane
15309 Webster LeviNew Cross streetdwelling-house404, Old lane
successivedwelling-house58, New Cross street
15310 Webster WilliamRooley lanedwelling-house401, Rooley lane
15311 Wells LouisRaymond streetdwelling-house5, Summerhill street
successivedwelling-house70, Raymond street
15312 West John BrooksbankParkside hoteldwelling-house91, Parkside road
15313 West JosephManchester roaddwelling-house783, Manchester road
15314 White GeorgeEvens terracedwelling-house43, Baird street
successivedwelling-houseMurgatroyd street
successivedwelling-house16, Evens terrace
15315 White JohnBeatrice streetdwelling-house11, Beatrice street
15316 Whitehead FrancisWest End terracedwelling-house42, Smiddles lane
15317 Whiteley BenjaminNewell halldwelling-house320, Rooley lane
15318 Whiteley EdwinManchester roaddwelling-house941, Manchester road
15319 Whitelock JamesManchester roaddwelling-house733, Manchester road
15320 Whitfield John CharlesManchester roaddwelling-house832, Manchester road
15321 Wild James WalkerManchester roaddwelling-house694, Manchester road
successivedwelling-house702, Manchester road
15322 Wilkinson AbrahamRooley lanedwelling-house215, Rooley lane
15323 Wilkinson CharlesRooley lanedwelling-house30, Rooley lane
15324 Wilkinson FredBirch lanedwelling-house135, Birch lane
15325 Wilkinson JamesEli streetdwelling-house13, Eli street
15326 Wilkinson JohnRooley lanedwelling-house23, Rooley lane
15327 Wilkinson JohnThornton squaredwelling-house23, Thornton square
15328 Wilkinson JonathanWoodroyd roaddwelling-house55, Woodroyd road
15329 Wilkinson JosephRooley lanedwelling-house319, Rooley lane
15330 Wilkinson JosephRooley lanedwelling-house19, Rooley lane
15331 Wilkinson NathanielCarr streetdwelling-house4, Carr street
15332 Wilkinson OrlandoNew Cross streetdwelling-house164, New Cross street
15333 Wilkinson RobertNew Cross streetdwelling-house126, New Cross street
15334 Wilkinson SamsonManchester roaddwelling-house791, Manchester road
15335 Wilkinson SamuelRooley lanedwelling-houseRooley lane
successivedwelling-house321, Rooley lane
15336 Wilkinson ThomasWoodroyd roaddwelling-house17, Woodroyd road
15337 Wilkinson WilliamMarsh streetdwelling-house1, Marsh street
15338 Wilkinson WilliamManchester roadhouse & shop706, Manchester road
15339 Wilkinson WilliamNew Cross streetdwelling-house154, New Cross street
15340 Williams WilliamOld lanedwelling-house422, Old lane
15341 Wilman AlexanderMalt streetdwelling-house9, Malt street
15342 Wilman CharlesFaxfleet streetdwelling-houseFaxfleet street
successivedwelling-houseSmiddles lane
successivedwelling-houseCotewall road
successivedwelling-house12, Faxfleet street
15343 Wilman GeorgeRooley lanedwelling-house87A, Rooley lane
15344 Wilman JohnSmiddles lanedwelling-house21 Smiddles lane
15345 Wilman RichardDraughton streetdwelling-house12, Draughton street
15346 Wilson BenjaminPark sidedwelling-house148, Birch lane
15347 Wilson ChristopherManchester roaddwelling-house876, Manchester road
15348 Wilson DavidRook lanedwelling-house14, Rook lane
15349 Wilson EdwardMurgatroyd streetdwelling-houseBismarck street
successivedwelling-house7, Murgatroyd street
15350 Wilson EdwardWoodroyd roaddwelling-house69, Woodroyd road
15351 Wilson RobertWoodroyd roaddwelling-house21, Woodroyd road
15352 Wilson SamuelBismarck streetdwelling-house8, Bismarck street
15353 Wilson ThomasRooley lanedwelling-house18, Beatrice street
successivedwelling-house221, Rooley lane
15354 Wimpress GeorgeBeatrice streetdwelling-house4, Beatrice street
15355 Windle MurgatroydManchester roaddwelling-house642, Manchester road
15356 Wood AbsalomManchester roaddwelling-house961, Manchester road
15357 Wood AmosManchester roadhouse & shop878, Manchester road
15358 Wood DavidTunnel enddwelling-house172, New Cross street
15359 Wood JohnSmiddles lanedwelling-house3, Smiddles lane
15360 Wood JohnManchester roaddwelling-house965, Manchester road
15361 Wood JosephSunnybank roaddwelling-houseSunnybank road
15362 Wood JosephManchester roadbeerhouse711, Manchester road
15363 Wood SamManchester roaddwelling-house963, Manchester road
15364 Wood WilliamBeatrice streetdwelling-house9, Beatrice street
15365 Woodhead EdwinSmiddles lanedwelling-house10, Faxfleet street
successivedwelling-house5, Smiddles lane
15366 Woodhead GeorgeWhite Hart inndwelling-house367, Rooley lane
15367 Woodhead JamesSmiddles lanedwelling-house51, Smiddles lane
15368 Woodhead JohnOld lanedwelling-house474, Old lane
15369 Woodhead ThomasRook lanedwelling-house4, Rook lane
15370 Woodhead ThomasAmerica squaredwelling-houseAmerica square
successivedwelling-house1, America square
15371 Woodhead UriahManchester roadhouse & shop854, Manchester road
15372 Woodhead WilliamRaymond streetdwelling-house34, Raymond street
15373 Woods AdamRooley lanedwelling-houseManchester road
successivedwelling-house38, Rooley lane
15374 Worby RobertNew Cross streetdwelling-house150, New Cross street
15375 Worsman DanielRooley lanedwelling-house407, Rooley lane
15376 Wright Alphonso RowlandWoodroyd roaddwelling-house97, Woodroyd road
15377 Wright GeorgeNew Cross streetdwelling-house144, New Cross street
15378 Wright JamesNew Cross streetdwelling-house136, New Cross street
15379 Wright RalphManchester roaddwelling-house666, Manchester road
15380 Wright WilliamBarley streetdwelling-house13, Barley street
15381 Wroe JosephSmiddles lanedwelling-house1A, Smiddles lane
15382 Wroe JosephParkside roaddwelling-house69, Parkside road

WEST BOWLING WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter Y
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
15383 Yewdall SamuelSunnybank roadhouse & shopManchester road

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