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BRADFORD: Bradford Parliamentary Register 1883, WEST WARD2.


WEST WARD2, 1883.
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
8965 Ackroyd BenjaminBroad streetshopCoppy quarry
8966 Ackroyd EdwardAbbey streetdwelling-house111, Abbey street
8967 Ackroyd JohnAbbey streetdwelling-house117, Abbey street
8968 Ackroyd John EdwardSimes streetdwelling-house19a, Simes street
8969 Ackroyd JonasKing streetdwelling-house30, King street
8970 Ackroyd JoshuaWoodhouse buildingsdwelling-house5, Woodhouse buildings
8971 Ackroyd Thomas ButterfieldVictoria streetdwelling-house43, Victoria street
8972 Adams ArthurAbbey streetdwelling-house146, Abbey street
8973 Airey RichardWestfield crescentshop27, Northgate
8974 Akam JohnHallfield roadshop150, Westgate
8975 Alderson ThomasQueen streetdwelling-house12, Queen street
8976 Alexander Edward Spencely CharlesShipleywarehouse14, Piccadilly
8977 Allatt Arthur EdwardDrewton streetshop52, Westgate
8978 Ambler CharlesRegent placeshop108, Godwin street
8979 Anderson RobertLumb lanedwelling-house62, Lumb lane
8980 Anderton JohnManninghamcountinghouse7, Duke street
8981 Andrews JosephHoughton placedwelling-house30, Houghton place
8982 Appleyard JamesGracechurch streetdwelling-house93, Gracechurch street
8983 Archer Thomas EdwardManninghamshop19, North parade
8984 Arundale RobertHoughton placedwelling-house27, Houghton place
8985 Ashton WilliamSedgwick streetdwelling-house37, Sedgwick street
8986 Asman Destin WilliamDarley streetdwelling-house40, Darley street
8987 Aston Reverend WilliamEldon terracedwelling-house1, Eldon terrace
8988 Atkinson FredSimes streetshop126, Westgate
8989 Atkinson GeorgeIllingworth courtdwelling-house4, Illingworth court
8990 Atkinson George HenryPeckover streetshop6, Market buildings, Kirkgate
8991 Atkinson William FletcherHardencountinghouse1, Dale street
8992 Aykroyd JohnManninghamwarehouse11, Piccadilly

WEST WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter B
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
8993 Backhouse WilliamHanover squaredwelling-house57, Hanover square
8994 Bainbridge ThomasFountain streetdwelling-house9, Fountain street
8995 Baines JamesGracechurch streetdwelling-house174, Gracechurch street
8996 Bairstow PaulLumb lanedwelling-house45, Lumb lane
8997 Barbour AlexanderBrunswick placedwelling-house6, Brunswick place
8998 Barbour WilliamAbbey streetdwelling-house12, Abbey street
8999 Barkworth WilliamAbbey streetdwelling-house89, Abbey street
9000 Barlow ThomasRoberts placedwelling-house14, Upper Park street
successivedwelling-house11, Roberts place
9001 Barlow William WagstaffManninghamcountinghouse46, Darley street
9002 Barnby Thomas BayldonFountain streetdwelling-house6, Fountain street
9003 Barraclough JamesClayton streetdwelling-house114, Clayton street
9004 Barraclough JamesRobert's placedwelling-house27, Robert's place
9005 Barran JonasWestgatedwelling-house76, Westgate
9006 Barry PhilipNorthgatedwelling-house67, Westgate
successivedwelling-house75, Northgate
9007 Bashforth AndrewDarfield streetdwelling-house30, Darfield street
9008 Bateman Frederick GeorgeSteel's yarddwelling-house5, Steel's yard
9009 Baxter CharlesHanover squaredwelling-house36, Hanover square
9010 Baxter Frederick WilliamAbbey streetdwelling-house22, Abbey street
9011 Baxter JamesEldon placedwelling-house45, Hanover square
successivedwelling-house12, Eldon place
9012 Baxter WilliamWestgatedwelling-house174, Westgate
9013 Beaver John HenryHortonwarehouse3, Manor row
9014 Beck RichardDarley streetdwelling-house18, Darley street
9015 Bedford JohnSimes streetdwelling-house35, Simes street
9016 Beecroft WilliamJames streetdwelling-house24, James street
9017 Beevers Joseph HardcastleVictoria streetdwelling-house5, St. Jude's square
successivedwelling-house55, Victoria street
9018 Behrens JacobManningham lanedwelling-house53, Manningham lane
9019 Bell John HenryHallfield roaddwelling-house1, Hallfield road
9020 Bell PeterVictoria streetdwelling-house71, Victoria street
9021 Belshaw RobertGracechurch streetdwelling-house28, Gracechurch street
9022 Bennett JohnDrewton streetdwelling-house16, Drewton street
9023 Benson JamesAbbey streetdwelling-house34A, Abbey street
9024 Benson PatrickAbbey streetdwelling-house96, Abbey street
9025 Bentley JohnAbbey streetdwelling-house123, Abbey street
9026 Berlon HenryManninghamcountinghouse17, Darley street
9027 Berry John WaltonHallfield roaddwelling-house17, Hallfield road
9028 Berry Joseph, junr.Abbey streetdwelling-house6, Abbey street
9029 Berwick JamesManninghamshop11, Rawson place
9030 Best AbrahamManninghamwarehouse5, Piccadilly
9031 Best John GibsonManninghamwarehouse3, Duke street
9032 Best JosephManninghamwarehouse5, Piccadilly
9033 Bibby RobertMorton's yarddwelling-house7, Morton's yard
9034 Bilbrough James WilliamManninghamcountinghouse8, Piccadilly
9035 Bilton WilliamLumb lanedwelling-house25, Lumb lane
9036 Binns JesseBoltonwarehousenear 28, Kirkgate
9037 Binns John WilliamManninghamshop38, Darley street
9038 Bird JohnAbbey streetdwelling-house90, Abbey street
9039 Bishop JohnManninghamshop11, Darley street
9040 Blake WilliamSedgwick streetdwelling-house27, Sedgwick street
9041 Blakeborough James EdwardManninghamcountinghouse2, Piccadilly
9042 Blakey GeorgeManningham lanedwelling-house29, Manningham lane
9043 Blakey JamesManningham lanedwelling-house63, Manningham lane
9044 Blamires SamuelManninghamwarehouse46, Sedgwick street
9045 Blamires WilliamOtleywarehouse46, Sedgwick street
9046 Bland JoshuaIdleshop1, Darley street
9047 Bligh MichaelAbbey streetdwelling-house32, Abbey street
9048 Bolt JamesVictoria streetshop32, Kirkgate
9049 Booth John EdwardManninghamcountinghouse8, Piccadilly
9050 Boothroyd James HerveyBrayshaw yarddwelling-house3, Brayshaw yard
9051 Bottomley ArthurHortonshop107, Godwin street
9052 Bottomley JosephLeeds roadshop7, North parade
9053 Bowman LouisVictoria streetdwelling-house50, Victoria street
9054 Boyce Thomas GibsonManninghamshop36, Darley street
9055 Boyes FrederickWhite Abbeydwelling-house60, White Abbey
9056 Boyes RobertColeridge placeshop20, Drewton street
9057 Boyes RobertColeridge placeshop90, Godwin street
successivedwelling-house20, Drewton street
9058 Bradbury WilliamManor rowdwelling-house13, Manor row
9059 Bradley CharlesWestgatedwelling-house42, Westgate
9060 Bradley Frederick William PeelWindhillshop44, Simes street
9061 Bradley JohnSedgwick streetdwelling-house12, Wynne street
successivedwelling-house10A, Sedgwick street
9062 Bragge John GrovesNorthgatedwelling-house57, Northgate
9063 Brayshaw CharlesDarfield streetdwelling-house24, Darfield street
9064 Brayshaw JamesLumb lanedwelling-house19, Lumb lane
9065 Brayshaw JohnSimes streetdwelling-house13a, Simes street
9066 Brayshaw WilliamLumb lanedwelling-house17, Lumb lane
9067 Brayshaw William BoothLumb laneshop9, Lumb lane
9068 Brennan MichaelSummer streetdwelling-house28, Summer street
9069 Brett HenryAbbey streetdwelling-house14, Clayton square
successivedwelling-house9, Abbey street
9070 Briggs JoshuaManninghamshopHoughton place
9071 Broadley MilesDrewton streetdwelling-house26,Tyson street
successivedwelling-house26, Drewton street
9072 Brocklehirst ThomasIllingworth courtdwelling-houseBolton road
successivedwelling-house2, Illingworth court
9073 Bronner EdwardManor rowdwelling-house33, Manor row
9074 Brook JamesWestgateshop25, Northgate
successivedwelling-house122, Westgate
9075 Brook JohnLumb lanedwelling-house6, Lumb lane
9076 Brook RichardQueen streetwarehouseJohn court
9077 Brook WilliamAbbey streetdwelling-house10, Abbey street
9078 Brooksbank HiramDrewton streetdwelling-house40, Drewton street
9079 Broughton WilliamKing streetdwelling-house35, King street
9080 Brown GeorgeManninghamshop30, Kirkgate
9081 Brown George BrothertonHanover squareshop72, Lumb lane
9082 Brown IsaacHanover squaredwelling-house65, Hanover square
9083 Brown JohnNorthgatedwelling-house72, Northgate
9084 Brown JohnBolton roadshop117, Godwin street
9085 Brown SamuelNorthgatedwelling-house39, Northgate
9086 Brown SamuelHardaker streetdwelling-house12, Peter's court
successivedwelling-house17, Hardaker street
9087 Brown Samuel HoratioManninghamshop30, Kirkgate
9088 Brown SydneyManninghamshop25, Cheapside
9089 Brown William BroughtonManninghamshop34, Darley street
9090 Buck BollandHoughton placedwelling-house24, Houghton place
9091 Bulmer AlfredThornburywarehouse5A, Dale street
9092 Bulmer SamuelShipleywarehouse5A, Dale street
9093 Bunting Arthur CharlesHortonwarehouse34, Piccadilly
9094 Burnie WilliamDrewton streetdwelling-house22, Drewton street
9095 Burnley Edward PrinceInfirmary streetdwelling-houseInfirmary street
9096 Burnley JamesManninghamwarehouse3, Cheapside
9097 Burnley ThomasManninghamshopInfirmary street
9098 Butler GeorgeKing streetdwelling-house28, King street
9099 Butler JamesKing streetdwelling-house26, King street
9100 Byles Arthur RowlandHortoncountinghouse10, Piccadilly
9101 Byles WilliamHortoncountinghouse10, Piccadilly
9102 Byles William PollardManninghamcountinghouse10, Piccadilly
9103 Byrne PatrickAbbey streetdwelling-house61, Abbey street
9104 Byrnes LawrenceAbbey streetdwelling-house110, Abbey street

WEST WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter C
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
9105 Campbell Rev. James RobertsonEldon placedwelling-house5, Eldon place
9106 Carrick RichardVictoria streetdwelling-house59, Victoria street
9107 Carter JohnNorthgatedwelling-house31, Northgate
9108 Carter ThomasManninghamwarehouse40, Sedgwick street
9109 Cartwright JosephDrewton streetdwelling-house24, Drewton street
9110 Casson ChristopherTyson streetshop168, Westgate
9111 Cavanagh William, junr.Abbey streetdwelling-house24, Abbey street
9112 Charlton Thomas JamesVictoria streetdwelling-house48, Victoria street
successivedwelling-house34, Victoria street
9113 Cheesborough WilliamKing streetdwelling-house50, King street
9114 Cherry JosephRobert's placedwelling-house7, Robert's place
9115 Chesney Peter KerrHallfield roadshop109, Godwin street
9116 Chester JamesHayworth streetdwelling-house14, Hayworth street
9117 Chapman Henry WoodManninghamshop24, New Market hall
9118 Clark Walter Percy TheodoreExeter streetdwelling-house12, Drewton street
9119 Clarke WilliamJohn streetdwelling-house13, John street
9120 Clayton JohnSedgwick streetdwelling-house87, Sedgwick street
9121 Clayton NathanSedgwick streetdwelling-house41, Sedgwick street
9122 Clayton William HoldsworthBowlingshop21, Rawson place
9123 Clegg JamesDrewton streetdwelling-house53, Drewton street
9124 Cleghorn ThomasKing streetdwelling-house40, King street
9125 Clemitshaw JohnVictoria streetdwelling-house32, Victoria street
9126 Cluderay JohnPeel squareshop134, Westgate
9127 Cluderay TomVictoria streetshop134, Westgate
9128 Coates WilliamNorthgateshop54, Northgate
9129 Cocker FredWestgatedwelling-house30, Westgate
9130 Cockshott JohnWestgatedwelling-house26, Westgate
9131 Cockshott WilliamBroad streetshop32, Westgate
9132 Collett JamesGracechurch streetdwelling-house34, Gracechurch street
9133 Collins JohnShipleywarehouse5, Cheapside
9134 Collins ThomasManor rowdwelling-house39, Manor row
9135 Collins WilliamManninghamwarehouse36, Bermondsey
successivewarehouse4, Duke street
9136 Conchar RobertDarfield streetdwelling-house10, Darfield street
9137 Conolly JamesAbbey streetdwelling-house12, Spink street
successivedwelling-house82, Abbey street
9138 Conroy JohnGracechurch streetdwelling-house47, Gracechurch street
9139 Consitt RobinsonJames streetdwelling-house56, James street
9140 Cooke William ThomasVictoria streetdwelling-house39, Victoria street
9141 Cooper Charles HenryManninghamshop12, North parade
9142 Cooper ChristopherBrunswick placedwelling-house19, Brunswick place
9143 Cooper RentonSedgwick streetdwelling-house88, Sedgwick street
9144 Copperthwaite ArthurHoughton placedwelling-house7, Houghton place
9145 Corry ThomasHanover squaredwelling-house20, Hanover square
9146 Costello ThomasAbbey streetdwelling-house94, Abbey street
9147 Coulton John ThomasSummer streetdwelling-house17, Summer street
9148 Cowan SamuelHanover squaredwelling-house11, Hanover square
9149 Cowin WilliamQueen streetdwelling-house42, Queen street
9150 Coyne MichaelKing streetdwelling-house80, Dyson street
successivedwelling-house16, King street
9151 Crabtree WilliamHeatonshop5, Rawson place
9152 Crabtree WilliamHallfield roaddwelling-house36, Hallfield road
9153 Crann Frederick SillsCounty Court house, Manor rowcountinghouse2, Piccadilly
9154 Crann WilliamManor rowdwelling-house27, Manor row
9155 Cranston ArthurSedgwick courtdwelling-house5, Sedgwick court
9156 Craven JosephWhite Abbeydwelling-house18, White Abbey
9157 Croft IsaacQueen streetdwelling-house28, Queen street
9158 Croft JosephShipleybanking-house34, Kirkgate
9159 Crosby JohnManningham lanedwelling-house35, Manningham lane
9160 Crowther HenrySedgwick streetdwelling-house18, Sedgwick street
9161 Cullen BernardJohn streetdwelling-house25, John street
9162 Culloden NicholasIllingworth courtshop55, New Market hall
9163 Cunliffe JohnHayworth streetdwelling-house11, Hayworth street
9164 Cunliffe JohnHanover squaredwelling-house2, Hanover square
9165 Cushing AlfredQueen streetdwelling-house27, Queen street
9166 Cutting Frederick WilliamPeel squaredwelling-house36, Peel square

WEST WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter D
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
9167 Danns WilliamJames streetdwelling-house54, James street
9168 Davey GeorgeQueen streetdwelling-house9, Queen street
9169 Davis JohnFountain streetdwelling-house25, Brearton street
successivedwelling-house16, Fountain street
9170 Davis JohnHortonshop6, Chapel court
9171 Dawson WilliamVictoria streetdwelling-house58, Victoria street
9172 Day Charles ValentineHanover squaredwelling-house26, Hanover square
9173 Day EdwardWestgatedwelling-houseRipon street
successivedwelling-house196, Westgate
9174 Day EdwardSedgwick streetdwelling-house34, Sedgwick street
successivedwelling-house14, Sedgwick street
9175 Dempsey PatrickAbbey streetdwelling-house17, Abbey street
successivedwelling-house54, Abbey street
9176 Denby JonathanSedgwick streetdwelling-house25, Sedgwick street
9177 Denby SquireSedgwick courtdwelling-house4, Sedgwick court
9178 Dewhirst JamesBrunswick placedwelling-house13, Brunswick place
9179 Dibb JohnHoughton placedwelling-house46, Houghton place
9180 Dickon James NortonManninghamcountinghouse11, Cheapside
9181 Dillon JohnBrearton streetshop36, Westgate
9182 Dixon WilliamFountain streetdwelling-house41, Manningham lane
successivedwelling-house10, Fountain street
9183 Dobson EdwardNorthgatedwelling-house67, Northgate
9184 Dobson TimothyRobert's placedwelling-house31, Robert's place
9185 Dobson William JohnWestgatedwelling-house162, Westgate
9186 Driver SamuelJames streetdwelling-house26, James street
9187 Duckles GeorgePiccadillydwelling-house33, Piccadilly
9188 Duckworth HowarthSedgwick streetshop70, Lumb lane
9189 Duckworth JohnSedgwick streetdwelling-house53, Sedgwick street
9190 Dunlop JohnHanover squaredwelling-house35, Manor row
successivedwelling-house66, Hanover square
9191 Dunn JohnRobert's placedwelling-house5, Robert's place
9192 Dunn MatthewSummer streetdwelling-house20, Summer street

WEST WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter E
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
9193 Eadington JosephBrunswick placeshop6, Cure's yard, Westgate
9194 Eales BassettAbbey streetdwelling-house1, Abbey street
9195 Eastburn ThomasVictoria streetdwelling-house17, Victoria street
9196 Eastwood ThomasWhite Abbeydwelling-house58, White Abbey
9197 Edwards GeorgeSimes streetdwelling-house12, Broad street
successivedwelling-house6, Simes street
9198 Elliott CharlesDarfield streetdwelling-house25, Darfield street
9199 Ellis ThomasKing streetdwelling-house39, King street
9200 Eltoft Joseph GreenNorth paradedwelling-house21, North parade
9201 Emmott JohnSedgwick streetdwelling-house39, Sedgwick street
9202 Engels GustaveDrewton streetdwelling-house57, Drewton street
9203 Evans FrancisPeel squaredwelling-house48, Peel square

WEST WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter F
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
9204 Farmery GeorgeSouthey placeshop94, Godwin street
successiveshop16, James street
9205 Farquhar DonaldRobert's placedwelling-house20, Robert's place
9206 Fattorini EdwardWestgateshop28, Westgate
9207 Fattorini JohnManninghamshop28, Westgate
9208 Faull JohnDudley hillshop204, Westgate
9209 Fawcett RichardRawdonwarehouse9, Dale street
9210 Fearnley EdwardDarley streetdwelling-house42, Darley street
9211 Fearnley JamesNorthgateshop35, Northgate
9212 Fearnley JohnKing streetdwelling-house101, King street
9213 Fearnley ThomasQueen streetdwelling-house41, Queen street
successivedwelling-house29, Queen street
9214 Federer Charles AntonHallfield roaddwelling-house8, Hallfield road
9215 Ferguson DavidHanover squaredwelling-house51, Hanover square
9216 Field JosephJohn courtdwelling-house13, John court
9217 Fieldhouse JacobBrunswick placedwelling-house9, Brunswick place
9218 Firth BenjaminManninghamshop99, Sedgwick street
9219 Firth JohnSedgwick streetdwelling-house11, Sedgwick street
9220 Firth ThomasHayworth streetdwelling-house8, Hayworth street
9221 Firth TomLumb lanedwelling-house57, Lumb lane
9222 Fisher IsaacVictoria streetdwelling-house77, Victoria street
9223 Fisher JamesPeel squaredwelling-house54, Peel square
9224 Flannery JohnNorthgatedwelling-house48, Northgate
9225 Flannigan MichaelAbbey streetdwelling-house112, Abbey street
9226 Fletcher GeorgeLumb lanedwelling-house16, Lumb lane
9227 Fletcher JamesKing streetdwelling-house5, King street
9228 Fletcher JamesKing streetdwelling-house83, King street
9229 Fletcher WilliamLeeds roadshop68, White Abbey
9230 Fletcher WilliamDrewton streetdwelling-house48, Drewton street
9231 Forrest ThomasBaildonshop18, John street
9232 Forshaw ThomasHoughton placedwelling-house29, Houghton place
9233 Foster ChristopherClayton streetdwelling-house5, Crown street
successivedwelling-house77, Clayton street
9234 Foster John WilliamAbbey streetdwelling-house102, Abbey street
9235 Foulds Lewis WhiteLion Inn, John streethouse & shopManchester road
successivedwelling-houseWhite Lion Inn, John street
9236 Fox ThomasDrewton streetshop152, Westgate
9237 Freeman WilliamDrewton streetdwelling-house13, Drewton street
9238 Fuller WilliamHoughton placeshop33, Darley street
9239 Fyrth FawthropThorntonshop96, Northgate
9240 Fyrth John FawthropBrunswick placedwelling-house18, Brunswick place

WEST WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter G
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
9241 Gardiner WalterShipleycountinghouse13, Cheapside
9242 Gardner FrederickJohn courtdwelling-house93, Dyson street
successivedwelling-house7, John court
9243 Garff ThomasGracechurch streetdwelling-house37, Gracechurch street
9244 Garner Francis SherwinHallfield roaddwelling-house30, Hallfield road
9245 Gatenby William ThomasAbbey streetdwelling-house83, Abbey street
9246 George Thomas SandersonManninghamcountinghouse8, Piccadilly
9247 George WilliamManninghamcountinghouse8, Piccadilly
9248 Gibson JamesHortonshop36, Darley street
9249 Gillam ThomasWoodhouse buildingsdwelling-house8, Woodhouse buildings
9250 Gilmartin JohnSummer streetdwelling-house15, Summer street
9251 Gilyard WilsonPollard laneshop32, Darley street
9252 Ginty LukeChapel foldshopJohn court
9253 Goodall GeorgeWhite Abbeydwelling-house10, White Abbey
9254 Gorman RobertQueen streetdwelling-house13, Queen street
9255 Gornall DanielAbbey streetdwelling-house100, Abbey street
9256 Gotthardt Walter HebdenManninghamcountinghouse13, Cheapside
9257 Gotthiel MoniusHanover squaredwelling-house22, Hanover square
9258 Gourley AndrewHallfield roaddwelling-house4, Hallfield road
9259 Grace Charles HenryBowlingshop115, Godwin street
successiveshop94, Godwin street
9260 Grandage WilliamGracechurch streetdwelling-house113, Gracechurch street
9261 Gray John RobbDarfield streetdwelling-house21, Darfield street
9262 Greenwood AaronManninghamshop104, Westgate
9263 Greenwood CharlesSedgwick streetdwelling-house85, Sedgwick street
9264 Greenwood JamesManninghamshop148, Westgate
9265 Greenwood RhodesJames streetdwelling-house30, James street
9266 Greenwood ThomasHanover squaredwelling-house4, Hanover square

WEST WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter H
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
9267 Haddon James ThompsonHortonwarehouse1, Duke street
9268 Haigh Arthur SmithManninghamcountinghouse17, Darley street
9269 Haley Edward NewtonBierleyshop110, Godwin street
9270 Haley EdwinHallfield roadshop20, Northgate
9271 Haley HenryManninghamshop10, Lumb lane
9272 Haley TimothyLumb lanedwelling-house10, Lumb lane
9273 Hall JasperBrunswick placedwelling-house27, Brunswick place
9274 Hallam FrederickJohn streetdwelling-house19, John street
9275 Halliday JohnAbbey streetdwelling-house36, Gaynor street
successivedwelling-house18, Abbey street
9276 Halliwell John WilliamQueen streetdwelling-house16, Queen street
9277 Halstead SamuelGracechurch streetdwelling-house51, Gracechurch street
9278 Hamilton JamesAbbey streetdwelling-house23, Abbey street
9279 Hammerton RobertWestgatedwelling-house58, Westgate
9280 Hammond Ezra WaughEldon placedwelling-house14, Eldon place
9281 Hancock MillerDrewton streetdwelling-house44, Drewton street
9282 Handforth WilliamHayworth streetdwelling-house3, Hayworth street
9283 Hanson AlfredKing streetdwelling-house24, King street
9284 Hanson DavidSedgwick streetdwelling-house79, Sedgwick street
9285 Hanson GeorgeHanover squaredwelling-house10, Hanover square
9286 Hanson IsraelWhite Abbeydwelling-house70, White Abbey
9287 Hardisty JamesLumb lanedwelling-house51, Lumb lane
9288 Hargreaves HenryCrown streetdwelling-house16, Crown street
9289 Hargreaves JohnVictoria streetdwelling-house40, Victoria street
9290 Hargreaves ThompsonNorth paradedwelling-house37, North parade
9291 Harker JosephKirkgatedwelling-house28, Westgate
9292 Harris RisemanLeeds roadcountinghouse30A, Darley street
9293 Harrison ArthurJames streetdwelling-house44, James street
9294 Harrison FrancisVictoria streetdwelling-house30, Victoria street
9295 Harrison JosephQueen streetdwelling-house23, Queen street
9296 Hart JohnAbbey streetdwelling-house63, Abbey street
9297 Hartley EdwardLumb lanedwelling-house68, Lumb lane
9298 Hartley GeorgeManninghamshop53, Manningham lane
9299 Hartley PaulSummer streetdwelling-house34, Summer street
9300 Hartley RichardWestgatedwelling-house198, Westgate
9301 Hatton William HenryRipon streetshop10, Piccadilly
9302 Haw DavidAbbey streetdwelling-house3, Abbey street
9303 Haw ThomasUndercliffeshop15, Rawson place
9304 Hawkins JohnMiddle streetshop82, Northgate
9305 Healey EdwardHallfield roaddwelling-house (joint)12, Hallfield road
9306 Healey FrancisHallfield roaddwelling-house12, Hallfield road
9307 Heath EdmundDrewton streetdwelling-house38, Drewton street
9308 Heaton John PighillsOxenhopewarehouse3, Manor row
9309 Heeley WilliamJowett streetdwelling-house131, Jowett street
successivedwelling-house78, Jowett street
9310 Heighton Henry JamesManninghamshop16, Darley street
successiveshop90, Godwin street
9311 Hellewell GeorgeWoodhouse buildingsdwelling-house2, Woodhouse buildings
9312 Hellewell JamesBrunswick placedwelling-house22, Brunswick place
9313 Henderson CharlesHoughton placedwelling-house8, Broad street
successivedwelling-house38, Houghton place
9314 Hepplestone CharlesNorthgatedwelling-house33, Northgate
9315 Heron Alexander WallaceVictoria streetdwelling-house64, Victoria street
9316 Heron CharlesPeel squaredwelling-house42, Peel square
9317 Heron JamesHanover squaredwelling-house30, Hanover square
9318 Heron JamesGracechurch streetdwelling-house3, Gracechurch street
9319 Heron MartinAbbey streetdwelling-house112, Abbey street
9320 Heron ThomasHallfield roaddwelling-house9, Hallfield road
9321 Heron William HenryFountain streetdwelling-house12, Fountain street
9322 Heseltine ChristopherQueen streetdwelling-house31, Queen street
9323 Hey JosephManninghamshop93, Sedgwick street
9324 Hey WilliamManninghamshop93, Sedgwick street
9325 Hey WilliamJames streetdwelling-house6, Illingworth court
successivedwelling-house58, James street
9326 Hill EdwardWhite Abbeydwelling-house52, White Abbey
9327 Hill JohnKing streetdwelling-house67, King street
9328 Hill SamuelDrewton streetdwelling-house64, Dyson street
successivedwelling-house52, Drewton street
9329 Hill WalkerSedgwick streetdwelling-house51, Sedgwick street
9330 Hilton WilliamManninghamwarehouse40, Sedgwick street
9331 Hinchliffe SamuelHanover squaredwelling-house44, Hanover square
9332 Hird Robert SmithBrunswick placedwelling-house70, Leeds road
successivedwelling-house4, Brunswick place
9333 Hirst CharlesKing streetdwelling-house111, King street
9334 Hoard John HenryHallfield roaddwelling-house6, Hallfield road
9335 Hobley FrederickFarsleyshop97, Godwin street
9336 Hobson EphraimJohn courtdwelling-house23, John court
9337 Hocter PatrickAbbey streetdwelling-house13, Abbey street
9338 Hodgson AlbertHanover squareshopMann's court
successiveshopSunbridge road
successivedwelling-house64, Hanover square
9339 Hodgson ArthurFrizinghallshop6, Market hall buildings, Kirkgate
9340 Hodgson JohnDarfield streetdwelling-house18A, Darfield street
9341 Hogan JamesGracechurch streetdwelling-house35, Gracechurch street
9342 Hogan MartinKing streetdwelling-house46, Clayton street
successivedwelling-house27, King street
9343 Holdsworth JonasWilsdenshop29, Northgate
9344 Holgate EdwardVictoria streetdwelling-house2, Victoria street
9345 Hollingdrake GeorgeWestgatedwelling-house200, Westgate
9346 Hollingworth John WhiteheadManninghamshop48, Westgate
successiveshop27, Lumb lane
9347 Hollingworth ThomasGracechurch streetdwelling-house59, Gracechurch street
9348 Holmes DennisRoberts placedwelling-house25, Roberts place
9349 Holmes JamesAbbey streetdwelling-house97, Abbey street
9350 Holmes JohnManninghamshop26, Darley street
9351 Holmes John AlbertHortonwarehouse17, Piccadilly
9352 Holmes Joseph JamesJohn streetdwelling-house35, John street
9353 Holmes LouisDrewton streetwarehouseSunbridge road
successivedwelling-house7, Drewton street
9354 Holt BenjaminKing streetdwelling-house93, King street
successivedwelling-house91, King street
9355 Hopkinson SamuelHortonwarehouse38, Piccadilly
9356 Horsfall JohnVictoria streetdwelling-house46, Victoria street
9357 Howard ChristopherQueen streetdwelling-house8, Queen street
9358 Howarth WilliamManningham lanedwelling-house59, Manningham lane
9359 Howker James GreenwoodWhite Abbeydwelling-house48, White Abbey
9360 Howker JohnHortonshop48, White Abbey
9361 Hoyle ManassehQueen streetdwelling-house60, Queen street
9362 Hubbard JamesManninghamdwelling-house32, Piccadilly
9363 Hudson EdwardWestgatedwelling-house64, Westgate
9364 Hudson RichardAbbey streetdwelling-house105, Abbey street
9365 Hudson ThomasWestgatedwelling-house182, Westgate
9366 Hughes Richard ThomasHortonshop5, Market buildings, Kirkgate
9367 Hullah Charles RileyRobert's placeshop146, Westgate
9368 Humphreys JosephManor streetshop16, North parade
9369 Hunt Thomas JohnHanover squareshop78, Lumb lane
9370 Hustler ThomasHayworth streetdwelling-house1, Hayworth street
9371 Hutchinson Charles GwynneHortoncountinghouse6, Piccadilly
9372 Hutchinson James GwynneHortoncountinghouse6, Piccadilly
9373 Hyatt Thomas JosephPaper Hall streetshopnext 70, Lumb lane

WEST WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter I
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
9374 Illingworth BoothRoberts placedwelling-house22, Roberts place
9375 Illingworth HenryPeel squaredwelling-house34, Peel square
9376 Illingworth JohnVictoria streetshop176, Westgate
9377 Illingworth JohnQueen streetdwelling-house26, Queen street
9378 Illingworth JohnAbbey streetdwelling-house70, Abbey street
9379 Illingworth JosephSummer streetdwelling-house18, Spink place
successivedwelling-house36, Summer street
9380 Illingworth ThomasQueen streetshop55, Brunswick place
9381 Ingham BenjaminHallfield roadshopGraham street
successivedwelling-house26, Hallfield road
9382 Ingham CravenHoughton placeshop195, Westgate
successivedwelling-house9, Houghton place
9383 Ingham JamesFountain streetshop26, Fountain street
9384 Ingham RobertshawBrayshaw yarddwelling-house1, Brayshaw yard
9385 Ingham William HenryManninghamwarehouse36, Piccadilly
9386 Ingleson RobertWhite Abbeydwelling-house10, Sedgwick street
successivedwelling-house22, White Abbey
9387 Ingleson ThomasQueen streetdwelling-house52, Queen street
9388 Inloes Francis HarrisonBradfordwarehouse9, Piccadilly
9389 Isitt George HannibalManninghamshop41, Darley street

WEST WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter J
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
9390 Jackson HenryTyson streetdwelling-house20, Tyson street
9391 Jackson ThomasAbbey streetdwelling-house35, Abbey street
9392 Jackson WilliamBrunswick placedwelling-house3, Brunswick place
9393 James BenjaminInfirmary streetdwelling-house13, Simes street
successivedwelling-house34, Infirmary street
9394 James WilliamNorthgatedwelling-house43, Northgate
9395 Jeffery Herbert JamesManninghamcountinghouse13, Cheapside
9396 Jeffery John RustManninghamcountinghouse5, Piccadilly
9397 Jennings WilliamLumb lanedwelling-house33, Lumb lane
9398 Johnson Fletcher AtkinsonManninghamshop30, Darley street
9399 Johnson George, senr.Darfield streetdwelling-house14, Darfield street
9400 Johnson JamesDrewton streetdwelling-house55, Drewton street
9401 Johnson NoahWestgatedwelling-house192, Westgate
9402 Johnson RobertHoughton placedwelling-house36, Houghton place
9403 Johnson ThomasDarfield streetdwelling-house12, Darfield street
9404 Johnson ThomasOtley roadshop3, Rawson place
9405 Jowett FrancisJames streetdwelling-house50, James street
9406 Joy AnthonyAbbey streetdwelling-house119, Abbey street

WEST WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter K
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
9407 Kay SampsonHoughton placedwelling-house1, Houghton place
9408 Kay SteadAbbey streetdwelling-house140, Abbey street
9409 Kay WilliamManninghamshopCoppy quarry
9410 Kaye JamesKing streetdwelling-house87, King street
9411 Kayle John J.BurleywarehouseSimes street
9412 Keefe PeterAbbey streetdwelling-house132, Abbey street
9413 Keighley HenrySedgwick streetdwelling-house92, Sedgwick street
9414 Keighley JamesRoberts placedwelling-house27, Darfield street
successivedwelling-house19, Roberts place
9415 Keighley JosephGracechurch streetdwelling-house97, Clayton street
successivedwelling-house30, Gracechurch street
9416 Keighley JosephQueen streetdwelling-house46, Queen street
9417 Kelly PatrickSedgwick streetdwelling-house33, Sedgwick street
9418 Kenningham ArthurQueen streetdwelling-house7, Queen street
successivedwelling-house44, Queen street
9419 Kenny MichaelSedgwick streetdwelling-house67, Sedgwick street
9420 Kent GeorgeSimes streetdwelling-house8, Simes street
9421 Kilby EdwardWhite Abbeydwelling-house6, White Abbey
9422 Kimber WilliamSedgwick streetdwelling-house89, Sedgwick street
9423 King GeorgeAbbey streetdwelling-house130, Abbey street
9424 Kirby William EdwardHallfield roadshop26, Darley street
9425 King SamuelDrewton streetdwelling-house47, Drewton street
9426 Kirk George JacksonManningham lanedwelling-house9, Manningham lane
9427 Kirkbride EdwardBrunswick placedwelling-house1, Brunswick place
9428 Kirkbride JamesIllingworth courtdwelling-house7, Illingworth court
9429 Kitson DixonNorthgatedwelling-house88, Northgate
9430 Knapton JonasVictoria streetdwelling-house11, Victoria street
9431 Knibbs CharlesInfirmary streetdwelling-house1, Infirmary street
9432 Knight JohnManninghamwarehouse10, Dale street
9433 Knowles IsaacLumb lanedwelling-house41, Lumb lane
9434 Knowles ThomasSedgwick streetdwelling-house9, Sedgwick street
9435 Knowles WilliamHortonwarehouseCoppy quarry

WEST WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter L
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
9436 Lamb ThomasKing streetdwelling-house57, King street
9437 Lancaster EdwardWestgatedwelling-house154, Westgate
9438 Lancaster GeorgeHortonwarehouse7, Manor row
9439 Lancaster IsaacManninghamwarehouse7, Manor row
9440 Langdale William PrestonGarnett streetshopopposite 9, Houghton place
9441 Laverty Joseph EdwinWestgatedwelling-house194, Westgate
9442 Law JamesGracechurch streetdwelling-house135, Gracechurch street
successivedwelling-house63, Gracechurch street
9443 Laycock DavidHortonshop58, Kirkgate
9444 Laycock JamesHortonshop58, Kirkgate
9445 Laycock JohnKing streetdwelling-house69, King street
9446 Laycock SamuelHortonshop58, Kirkgate
9447 Leach Edwin ThomasManninghamshop12, Darley street
9448 Leach JohnManninghamshop12, Darley street
9449 Leach JohnVictoria streetdwelling-house47, Victoria street
9450 Leach JosiahHortonshop156, Westgate
9451 Leach SamuelKing streetdwelling-house63, King street
9452 Ledgard William HenryLumb lanedwelling-house11, Lumb lane
9453 Lee AlfredNorth paradeshop52, Kirkgate
9454 Lee DavidQueen streetdwelling-house71, King street
successivedwelling-house10, Queen street
9455 Lee JohnManninghamshop48, Westgate
9456 Lee ThomasAbbey streetdwelling-house116, Abbey street
9457 Lee WilliamHanover squaredwelling-house29, Hanover square
9458 Leeder LionelMount streetdwelling-house154, Mount street
successiveshop73, Bowland street
9459 Leonard FrancisFountain streetdwelling-house25, Stone street
successivedwelling-house3, Fountain street
9460 Leppingwell WilliamLumb lanedwelling-house64, Lumb lane
9461 Leuchter CharlesDarley streetdwelling-house7, Darley street
9462 Lillas JohnAbbey streetdwelling-house28, Abbey street
9463 Lingard HenryFrizinghallwarehouse3, Spink's yard
9464 Lister BenjaminBirkenshawwarehouse25, Union street
successivewarehouse3, Piccadilly
9465 Lister SamuelVictoria streetdwelling-house1, Victoria street
9466 Lister ThomasBowlingwarehouse17, Union street
successivewarehouse5, Dale street
9467 Lister Thomas GloverVictoria streetdwelling-house19, Barkerend road
successivedwelling-house23, Victoria street
9468 Lister WilliamHortonwarehouse17, Union street
successivewarehouse5, Dale street
9469 Little DavidManninghamcountinghouse5, Piccadilly
9470 Littlewood JohnRobert's placedwelling-house8, Robert's place
9471 Livesey EliLumb lanedwelling-house7, Lumb lane
9472 Longfield GeorgeWestgateshop90, Westgate
9473 Lumb EdwardHoughton placedwelling-house31, Houghton place
9474 Lumb RichardGracechurch streetdwelling-house179, Gracechurch street
9475 Lumb Thomas FowlerNorth paradedwelling-house29, North parade
9476 Lumley ThomasPiccadillydwelling-house27, Piccadilly
9477 Lupton EdwardVictoria streetdwelling-house91, Belgrave place
successivedwelling-house80, Victoria street
9478 Lupton JohnHortonwarehouse9, Cheapside
9479 Lupton SimeonJohn streetdwelling-house31, John street
9480 Lupton William CharlesHortonwarehouse9, Cheapside
9481 Lynch WilliamAbbey streetdwelling-house121, Abbey street

WEST WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter M
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
9482 Mackew CharlesManninghamshop38, White Abbey
9483 Macvean JamesVictoria streetshop17, Darley street
9484 Maffe JohnManningham lanedwelling-house65, Manningham lane
9485 Mann AlfredWhite Abbeydwelling-house80, White Abbey
9486 Marsden Charles EdwardManninghamcountinghouse3, John street
9487 Marshall WilliamDarfield streetdwelling-house7, Darfield street
9488 Marshall WilliamTyson streetdwelling-house29, Tyson street
9489 Martin GavinManningham lanedwelling-house5, Manningham lane
9490 Matthews Alfred MarstonManninghamshop12, North parade
9491 Maude JamesSedgwick courtdwelling-house13, Sedgwick court
9492 McClyment JohnSummer streetdwelling-house21, Summer street
9493 McCormack WilliamGracechurch streetdwelling-house30, Gracechurch street
successivedwelling-house2, Gracechurch street
9494 McCraith ThomasVictoria streetdwelling-house21, Victoria street
9495 McDermott JohnAbbey streetdwelling-house64, Abbey street
9496 McDonald JamesAbbey streetdwelling-houseHerring row
successivedwelling-house86, Abbey street
9497 McDonald JohnPeel squaredwelling-house32, Peel square
9498 McGarry MichaelGracechurch streetdwelling-house111, Gracechurch street
9499 McKay AlexanderManningham lanedwelling-house41, Manningham lane
9500 McLellan JohnVictoria streetdwelling-house72, Victoria street
9501 McNab JohnManningham lanedwelling-house39, Manningham lane
9502 Meade HarryEldon placedwelling-house8, Eldon place
9503 Megson AlfredManningham lanedwelling-house55, Manningham lane
9504 Mellor JoelWestgatedwelling-house167, Westgate
successivedwelling-house70, Westgate
9505 Metcalfe JohnHoughton placedwelling-house3, Houghton place
9506 Metcalfe SmithHoughton placedwelling-house40, Houghton place
9507 Mey ThomasGracechurch streetdwelling-house65, Gracechurch street
9508 Middlebrook ThomasBaildoncountinghouse30A, Darley street
9509 Midgley John, junr.Westgatedwelling-house164, Westgate
9510 Midgley John, seniorManninghamshop164, Westgate
9511 Midgley WilliamSedgwick courtdwelling-house6, Sedgwick court
9512 Miles ThomasManninghamshopKirkgate
successiveshop16, Darley street
9513 Miller SamuelWhite Abbeydwelling-house32, White Abbey
9514 Mills CharlesHortonwarehouse2, Duke street
9515 Misdale WilliamDarley streetdwelling-house44A, Darley street
9516 Mitchell Samuel TitusEccleshillshop3, Darley street
9517 Mombert AdolphusManninghamwarehouse11, Manor row
9518 Morgan JohnWakefield roadshop26A, Dale street
9519 Morgan WilliamDarfield streetdwelling-house13, Darfield street
9520 Morrell JohnManninghamshop48, Westgate
9521 Morrell LeviManninghamshop53, Manningham lane
9522 Morrell RobertWestgatedwelling-house46, Westgate
9523 Morris AbrahamWestgateshop98, Westgate
9524 Morris John WalterWestgateshop98, Westgate
9525 Morrison ThomasGracechurch streetdwelling-house12, Wapping street
successivedwelling-house53, Gracechurch street
9526 Mountain Robert AlfredManningham lanedwelling-house51, Manningham lane
9527 Mountford CharlesJohn courtdwelling-house11, John court
successivedwelling-house9, John court
9528 Mowbray GeorgeNorthgatedwelling-house11, Stone street
successivedwelling-house69, Northgate
9529 Murphy PeterAbbey streetdwelling-house128, Abbey street
9530 Murray JohnDrewton streetdwelling-house23, Victoria street
successivedwelling-house34, Drewton street
9531 Murray Patrick JosephSimes streetdwelling-house37, Simes street
9532 Musgrave Peter WilliamOtleywarehouse15, Cheapside

WEST WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter N
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
9533 Nash IsaacSedgwick streetdwelling-houseBirk street
successivedwelling-house90, Sedgwick street
9534 Naylor George FrederickHoughton placedwelling-house32, Houghton place
9535 Neale Francis WilliamManninghamshop14, Darley street
9536 Newbould BenjaminWestgatedwelling-house96, Westgate
9537 Newell WilliamHortonshop45, Infirmary street
9538 Newsholme WilliamJohn streetdwelling-house20, John street
9539 Newton ThomasSimes streetdwelling-house12, Simes street
9540 Nicholson HenryAbbey streetdwelling-house138, Abbey street
9541 Nicholson JamesInfirmary streetdwelling-house22, Infirmary street
9542 Nicholson Joseph HesserWestgatedwelling-house94, Westgate
9543 Noakes Nelson WilliamNorth paradedwelling-house5, North parade
9544 Noble DonaldHanover squaredwelling-house31, Hanover square
9545 Noble ThomasRoberts placedwelling-house8, Roberts place
9546 Nolan LukeSummer streetdwelling-house23, Summer street
9547 Normington JohnAbbey streetdwelling-house91, Abbey street
9548 Nutt David BuchanDrewton streetdwelling-house51, Drewton street
9549 Nuttall JohnRoberts placedwelling-house171, Tennyson place
successiveshop160, Westgate
9550 Nutter MatthewHortonshopSedgwick street

WEST WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter O
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
9551 Ogden AlfredHortonwarehouse11, Manor row
9552 Oliver Henry HungerfordPiccadillydwelling-house30, Trafalgar street
successivedwelling-house35, Piccadilly
9553 Orton GeorgeWhite Abbeydwelling-house28, White Abbey

WEST WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter P
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
9554 Paget JoshuaFountain streetdwelling-house2, Fountain street
9555 Palmer RobertHoughton placedwelling-house43, Trafalgar street
successivedwelling-house5, Houghton place
9556 Parkinson WilliamSedgwick streetdwelling-house55, Sedgwick street
9557 Parr JohnInfirmary streetdwelling-house35, Infirmary street
9558 Paterson RobertVictoria streetdwelling-house20, Victoria street
9559 Peace John WalterAbbey streetdwelling-house37, Abbey street
9560 Peacock John HenryQueen streetdwelling-house47, Queen street
9561 Peacock RobertKirkgatedwelling-house54, Kirkgate
9562 Peacock William SamuelEldon placedwelling-house12, Spring gardens
successivedwelling-house9, Eldon place
9563 Pearce HenryAbbey streetdwelling-house114, Abbey street
9564 Pearson EphraimBrunswick placedwelling-house7, Brunswick place
9565 Penningroth Charles EberhardtManninghamshop33, North parade
9566 Pennington SamuelFountain streetdwelling-house24, Fountain street
9567 Perkins GeorgeSummer streetdwelling-house3, Summer street
9568 Phillips JohnLumb lanedwelling-house66, Lumb lane
9569 Pickard HarryHortonshop1 Darley street
9570 Pickard IsaacBroad streetshop15, Darley street
9571 Pighills JohnManninghamshop50, Northgate
9572 Pighills TimothyManninghamshop50, Northgate
9573 Pitchers WilliamBowlingshop1, Darley street
9574 Plummer WilliamGracechurch streetdwelling-house109, Gracechurch street
9575 Pollard CollingwoodThornton streetwarehouse6, Dale street
9576 Poole GeorgeWestgatedwelling-house112, Westgate
9577 Poole MatthewKing streetdwelling-house36, Raven street
successivedwelling-house18, King street
successivedwelling-house51, King street
9578 Poole William HenryRoberts placedwelling-house17, Roberts place
9579 Posnett Rev. JosephHallfield roaddwelling-house7, Hallfield road
9580 Pratt ChristopherEccleshillshop2, Northgate
9581 Pratt Job CheeseboroughEccleshillshop2, Northgate
9582 Pratt ThomasEccleshillshop2, Northgate
9583 Pratt WilliamValley view groveshop2, Northgate
9584 Precious JesseDarfield streetshop54, White Abbey
9585 Preston JohnBridge streetshop172, Westgate
9586 Priestley JohnVictoria streetdwelling-house54, Victoria street
9587 Procter AlfredHill Side villasshop1, King street
9588 Proctor JohnHill Side villasshop1, King street
9589 Pullan JamesBrayshaw yarddwelling-house4, Brayshaw yard
9590 Punch MatthewManninghamshop103, Godwin street

WEST WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter Q
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
9591 Quayle JosephSimes streetshop118, Westgate
9592 Quinn JohnKing streetdwelling-house89, King street

WEST WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter R
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
9593 Ramsden JosephVictoria streetdwelling-house81, Victoria street
9594 Ratcliffe Edwin HoldenWestgatedwelling-house190, Westgate
9595 Rawson ThomasNorthgatedwelling-house65, Northgate
9596 Rendell AlbertEldon placedwelling-house6, Eldon place
9597 Reynolds DanielHanover squaredwelling-house49, Hanover square
9598 Rhodes EnochVictoria streetdwelling-house70, Victoria street
9599 Rhodes HenryDarfield streetdwelling-house22, Darfield street
9600 Rhodes JeremiahManninghamshop4, Darley street
9601 Rhodes JohnJames streetdwelling-house34, James street
9602 Rhodes JosephBowlingshop44, Northgate
9603 Rhodes JosephJames streetdwelling-house29, James street
9604 Rhodes JosephInfirmary streetdwelling-house5, Infirmary street
9605 Rhodes SamuelLumb lanedwelling-house35, Lumb lane
9606 Rhodes SamuelBrunswick placedwelling-house16, Brunswick place
9607 Rhodes WilliamHanover squaredwelling-house38, Hanover square
9608 Richardson George BartonHortonshop2, John street
9609 Riley JosephFrizinghallwarehouse5, Cheapside
9610 Riley NehemiahQueen streetdwelling-house25, Queen street
9611 Riley Samuel ButlerDaniel streetwarehouse5, Cheapside
9612 Rimes Richard HenryUndercliffeshop32, Darley street
9613 Rimmington Felix MarchEldon terracedwelling-house2, Eldon place
9614 Roberts Irving RobertManninghamshop50, Westgate
9615 Roberts WilliamManningham laneshop48, Kirkgate
9616 Robertshaw ReubenBowlingwarehouse17, Union street
successivewarehouse5, Dale street
9617 Robinson George EdwardSedgwick streetdwelling-house43, Sedgwick street
9618 Robinson JamesSedgwick streetdwelling-house69, Sedgwick street
9619 Robinson RobertQueen streetdwelling-house35, Queen street
9620 Robinson WilliamSedgwick streetdwelling-house7, Sedgwick street
9621 Rodley JohnJohn streetdwelling-house17A, John street
9622 Rogers AlfredAbbey streetdwelling-house92, Abbey street
9623 Rogerson HerbertNorth paradedwelling-house39, North parade
9624 Rogerson JamesWoodhouse buildingsdwelling-house4, Woodhouse buildings
9625 Rogerson JosephGracechurch streetdwelling-house176, Gracechurch street
9626 Rogerson WilliamGracechurch streetdwelling-house117, Gracechurch street
9627 Rollinson JohnSummer streetdwelling-house22, Summer street
9628 Rooke William HenryDarfield streetshop88, Westgate
9629 Roper SamuelAbbey streetdwelling-house14, Abbey street
9630 Roper William GregsonKeighleywarehouse7, Cheapside
9631 Rothwell EdwardManningham lanedwelling-house3, Hanover square
successivedwelling-house31, Manningham lane
9632 Roundtree WilliamAbbey streetdwelling-house65, Abbey street
9633 Rowan John CameronDrewton streetdwelling-house42, Drewton street
9634 Rowe JohnHayworth streetdwelling-house31, Hayworth street
9635 Rowling EdwinManninghamwarehouse6, Dale street
9636 Rudd William HaleyPeel squareshop54, Westgate
9637 Rusconi AnthonyVictoria streetdwelling-house62, Victoria street
9638 Ryan PatrickHayworth streetdwelling-house2, Hayworth street
9639 Ryan Rev. Vincent JohnEldon placedwelling-house15, Eldon place
9640 Rycroft JohnManninghamwarehouseTrafalgar street
successivewarehouse18, Piccadilly
9641 Ryder SamuelNorthgatedwelling-house4, Northgate

WEST WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter S
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
9642 Sachs Henry WilliamHortonwarehouse8, Manor row
9643 Sadler ThomasNorthgatedwelling-house19, Northgate
9644 Sagar BensonVictoria streetshop14, Lumb lane
9645 Sagar HenryManninghamshop16, White Abbey
9646 Sagar William HenryManninghamwarehousenear 28, Kirkgate
9647 Savory Rev. Arnold WordsworthEldon placedwelling-house4, Eldon place
9648 Scarr ThomasGarnett streetworkshop6, Cure's yard, Westgate
9649 Schellenberg GottlebWhite Abbeydwelling-house14, White Abbey
9650 Schorfield Samuel RichardWestgatedwelling-house40, Westgate
9651 Schutt Hermann PeterAllertonwarehouse5, Manor row
9652 Scott Henry HaleyManninghamshop96, Godwin street
9653 Scott William JamesonNorthgatedwelling-house80, Northgate
9654 Scully ThomasGracechurch streetdwelling-house311, Gracechurch street
9655 Sellers JohnGracechurch streetdwelling-house105, Gracechurch street
9656 Sepp GustavVictoria streetdwelling-house13, Victoria street
9657 Sewell George FrederickManninghamshop9, Darley street
9658 Sewell HenryDrewton streetcountinghouse23, Drewton street
9659 Sewell William AugustusPollard laneshop9, Darley street
9660 Shackleton SamuelNorthgatedwelling-house86, Northgate
9661 Sharp John BuckleyHortonshopWell street
successiveshop6, North parade
9662 Shaw JamesWestgatedwelling-house166, Westgate
9663 Shaw ThomasManninghamcountinghouse93, Godwin street
9664 Shepherd HeatonManninghamshop103, Godwin street
9665 Shepherd JohnJohn courtdwelling-house15, John court
9666 Shepherd WilliamVictoria streetdwelling-house75, Victoria street
9667 Sherwin HughSpink's yarddwelling-house5, Spink's yard
9668 Shires ThomasQueen streetdwelling-house36, Queen street
9669 Shuttleworth GeorgeSimes streetdwelling-house17, Simes street
9670 Sibson JohnRoberts placedwelling-house33, Roberts place
9671 Silcock Joshua RowlandPeel squaredwelling-house52, Peel square
9672 Silverwood RichardAbbey streetdwelling-house109, Abbey street
9673 Simpson DavidWestgatedwelling-house132, Westgate
9674 Simpson JohnVictoria streetdwelling-house38, Salem street
successivedwelling-house73, Victoria street
9675 Simpson RandolphSydenham placecountinghouse2, Cheapside
successivecountinghouse4, North Parade
9676 Singleton ArthurSummer streetdwelling-house32, Summer street
9677 Singleton ArthurWestgatedwelling-house142, Westgate
9678 Singleton John WilliamKing streetdwelling-house3, King street
9679 Skelton WilliamHallfield roaddwelling-house10, Hallfield road
9680 Slater CharlesKing streetdwelling-house107, Jowett street
successivedwelling-house107, King street
9681 Slater JohnQueen streetdwelling-house38, Queen street
9682 Slater RobertQueen streetdwelling-house48, Queen street
9683 Slater ThomasQueen streetdwelling-house34, Queen street
9684 Smith Cyrus WilliamManninghamshop50, White Abbey
9685 Smith DavidWhite Abbeydwelling-house30, White Abbey
9686 Smith EdwinQueen streetdwelling-house84, Queen street
9687 Smith EdwinSedgwick streetdwelling-house6, Sedgwick street
9688 Smith HenryGracechurch streetdwelling-house181, Gracechurch street
9689 Smith IsaacQueen streetdwelling-house56, Queen street
9690 Smith JabezHanover squareshop82, Godwin street
9691 Smith JohnDrewton streetshop60, Westgate
9692 Smith JohnRoberts placedwelling-house23, Roberts place
9693 Smith JohnManninghamshop50, White Abbey
9694 Smith John ChristopherDrewton streetdwelling-house15, Drewton street
9695 Smith JosephManninghamcountinghouse13, Cheapside
9696 Smith JosephHortonwarehouse18, Piccadilly
9697 Smith Joseph WebsterManninghamshop35, Darley street
9698 Smith MartinHayworth streetdwelling-house23, Hayworth street
9699 Smith PhilipManningham lanedwelling-house61, Manningham lane
9700 Smith RobertSteel's yarddwelling-house3, Steel's yard
9701 Smith RobertManningham lanedwelling-house3, Manningham lane
9702 Smith SamuelDarfield streetshopDarfield street
9703 Smith SamuelLumb lanedwelling-house49, Lumb lane
9704 Smith ThomasSedgwick streetdwelling-house35, Sedgwick street
9705 Smith Thomas ShiresGracechurch streetdwelling-houseNorthgate
successivedwelling-house121A, Gracechurch street
9706 Smith WilliamWestgatedwelling-house110, Westgate
9707 Smith WilliamVictoria streetdwelling-house9, Robert's place
successivedwelling-house67, Victoria street
9708 Smithson MilesWestgatedwelling-house56, Westgate
9709 Sowerby WilliamAbbey streetdwelling-house136, Abbey street
9710 Speight JohnHanover squaredwelling-house7, Lofthouse street
successivedwelling-house1, Broad street
successivedwelling-house62, Hanover square
9711 Spencer HerbertPeel squaredwelling-house28, Peel square
9712 Spencer MichaelSedgwick streetdwelling-house7, Sedgwick street
9713 Spencer RobertManninghamshopCoppy Quarry
9714 Spink JohnManninghamshop18, Westgate
9715 Spink WilliamManninghamshopMarket buildings, Kirkgate
9716 Spire HenryManninghamshop8, Market buildings, Kirkgate
9717 Stamford Arthur HarrisonManninghamcountinghouse135, Chapel lane
9718 Stead WilsonVictoria streetshop2, Market buildings, Kirkgate
9719 Steel JohnBroad streetshopCoppy Quarry
9720 Steel ThomasKing streetdwelling-house17, King street
9721 Stevens ThomasLumb lanedwelling-house59, Lumb lane
9722 Stevenson JohnSnow hilldwelling-house2, Snow hill
9723 Stewart JohnHallfield roaddwelling-house19, Hallfield road
9724 Stewart WalterVictoria streetdwelling-house37, Victoria street
9725 Stones MichaelSummer streetdwelling-house30, Summer street
9726 Stoney Thomas WilliamQueen streetdwelling-house64, Queen street
9727 Storey HenryWhite Abbeydwelling-house42, White Abbey
9728 Strange SamuelKing streetdwelling-house81, King street
9729 Suart Rev. William KendallHanover squaredwelling-house46, Hanover square
9730 Suddards John BairstowWestgatedwelling-house100, Westgate
9731 Sugden HenryManninghamshop125, Godwin street
9732 Sugden JamesManningham lanedwelling-house25, Manningham lane
9733 Sugden WilliamDrewton streetdwelling-house19, Drewton street
9734 Sunderland BenjaminGodwin streetdwelling-house99, Godwin street
9735 Sunter RobertDarfield streetshop62, Kirkgate
9736 Surr WilliamKing streetdwelling-house46, King street
9737 Sutcliffe JosephNorthgatedwelling-house60, Northgate
9738 Swallow DavidDrewton streetdwelling-house9, Drewton street
9739 Swift FearnleyManninghamwarehouse3, Duke street
9740 Swires ThomasWibseywarehouse30, Kirkgate
9741 Swithenbank FerrandFountain streetshop38, Northgate
9742 Sykes AlfredPiccadillydwelling-house29, Piccadilly
successivedwelling-house23, Piccadilly
9743 Sykes SamuelTyson streetshop74, Westgate

WEST WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter T
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
9744 Tate JohnHanover squarecountinghouse20, Darley street
9745 Tate William HenryHanover squaredwelling-house25, Hanover square
9746 Taylor AllanVictoria streetdwelling-house4, Victoria street
9747 Taylor ChristopherSedgwick courtdwelling-house2, Sedgwick court
9748 Taylor GeorgeManningham lanedwelling-house43, Manningham lane
9749 Taylor JamesNorthgatedwelling-house73, Northgate
9750 Taylor JohnBingleycountinghouse5, Piccadilly
9751 Taylor JoshuaJames streetdwelling-house40, James street
9752 Taylor SmithSpink's yarddwelling-houseOtley road
successivedwelling-houseSpink's yard
9753 Telfer DavidPeel squaredwelling-house44, Peel square
9754 Telfer JamesHanover squaredwelling-house33, Hanover square
9755 Telfer JohnHallfield roaddwelling-house5, Hallfield road
9756 Terry John WrightHanover squaredwelling-house32, Hanover square
9757 Tetley James TurnerQueen streetdwelling-house14, Queen street
9758 Tetley JohnBrunswick placedwelling-house10, Brunswick place
9759 Tetley Thomas CrossleyQueen streetdwelling-house45, Queen street
9760 Thomas Benjamin LewisVictoria streetdwelling-house5, Victoria street
9761 Thomas JamesVictoria streetdwelling-house9, St. Jude's place
successivedwelling-house24, Victoria street
9762 Thompson JamesHortonwarehouse1, Duke street
9763 Thompson JohnQueen streetdwelling-house68, Queen street
9764 Thompson John Richard WakeHoughton placecountinghouse135, Godwin street
9765 Thornes JosephQueen streetdwelling-house68, Queen street
9766 Threlkeld John ThomasJohn streetdwelling-house15, John street
9767 Threlkeld ThomasWestgatedwelling-house72, Westgate
9768 Tindel JamesNorthgatedwelling-house59, Northgate
9769 Todd JohnNorthgatedwelling-house71, Northgate
9770 Tolcke HenryInfirmary streetdwelling-house47, Infirmary street
9771 Toothill John SlaterGirlingtonshop93, Godwin street
9772 Topham William GreavesKing streetdwelling-house12, King street
9773 Tordoff BenjaminHanover squaredwelling-house53, Hanover square
9774 Tordoff Thomas DenbyHeatonshop46, Kirkgate
9775 Town BenjaminGodwin streetdwelling-house98, Godwin street
9776 Town SamuelInfirmary streetdwelling-house34, Infirmary street
successivedwelling-house24, Infirmary street
9777 Turner CharlesAbbey streetdwelling-house104, Abbey street
9778 Turner JohnAbbey streetdwelling-house88, Abbey street
9779 Turner WilliamHallfield roaddwelling-house13, Hallfield road

WEST WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter U
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
9780 Upfield William JamesQueen streetdwelling-house10, Queen street
successivedwelling-house78, Queen street
9781 Uttley ThomasKing streetdwelling-house41, King street

WEST WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter V
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
9782 Varey WalterWhite Abbey roaddwelling-house20, White Abbey road
9783 Virr SamuelSedgwick streetdwelling-house13, Sedgwick street

WEST WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter W
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
9784 Waddington CharlesNorthgatedwelling-house46, Northgate
9785 Waddington Charles EdwinFrizinghallshop31, Darley street
9786 Wade JohnGracechurch streetdwelling-house121, Gracechurch street
9787 Wade John HenryManninghamcountinghouse8, Piccadilly
9788 Wade WilliamGracechurch streetdwelling-house141, Gracechurch street
9789 Waggett JohnKing streetdwelling-house47, King street
9790 Waite WilliamWestgatedwelling-house4, Lidget terrace
successivehouse & shop186, Westgate
9791 Walker GeorgeBingleyshop29, Darley street
9792 Walker JohnWestgatedwelling-house62, Westgate
9793 Walker JohnRoberts placedwelling-house14, Roberts place
9794 Walker ListerAlbert placedwelling-houseAlbert place
successiveshop19, Rawson place
9795 Walker WilliamTennyson placewarehouse7, Manor row
9796 Walker WilliamSimes streetdwelling-house19, Simes street
9797 Walker William HenryAbbey streetdwelling-house144, Abbey street
9798 Wallace WilliamInfirmary streetdwelling-house24, Infirmary street
successivedwelling-house55, Infirmary street
9799 Walls William OliverWestgatedwelling-house188, Westgate
9800 Walmsley WilliamNorthgatedwelling-house70, Northgate
9801 Walsh JamesPeel squaredwelling-house38, Peel square
9802 Walshaw JosephKing streetdwelling-house32, King street
9803 Walton James GeorgeHanover squaredwelling-house48, Hanover square
9804 Ward EdwinClaytonshop10, Westgate
9805 Ward GeorgeKing streetdwelling-house9, King street
9806 Ward MatthewHanover squaredwelling-house7, Hanover square
9807 Ward SquireWestgatedwelling-house10, Westgate
9808 Ward ThomasHortonshop10, Westgate
9809 Ward William Henry HallFrizinghallshop44, Darley street
9810 Wardle ThomasDrewton streetdwelling-house3, Drewton street
9811 Wardle WilliamAbbey streetdwelling-house79, Abbey street
9812 Watson EdwardSteel's yardshop86, Westgate
9813 Watson FrederickJames streetdwelling-house46, James street
9814 Watson GeorgeInfirmary streetdwelling-house15, Infirmary street
9815 Watson JeremiahJohn courtdwelling-house17, John court
9816 Watson JohnJohn streetdwelling-house4, John street
9817 Watson JohnDrewton streetdwelling-house2 Drewton street
9818 Watson RobertGodwin streetdwelling-house78, Godwin street
9819 Watson Thomas AdamHortoncountinghouse11, Cheapside
9820 Webster JamesManninghamshop82, Westgate
9821 Webster JohnDrewton streetdwelling-house32, Drewton street
9822 Webster JosephQueen streetdwelling-house82, Queen street
9823 Webster TomWestgateshop82, Westgate
9824 Welsman John RobertSimes streetdwelling-house30, Simes street
9825 Whalen JohnAbbey streetdwelling-house59, Abbey street
9826 Whaley Henry KnowlesPeel squaredwelling-house46, Peel square
9827 Whalley RalphWestgatedwelling-house102B, Westgate
9828 Whelan DennisAbbey streetdwelling-house27, Abbey street
9829 Whelan JamesSummer streetdwelling-house17, Spink place
successivedwelling-house12, Summer street
9830 White JamesSedgwick streetdwelling-house17, Sedgwick street
9831 White ThomasWoodhouse buildingsdwelling-house3, Woodhouse buildings
9832 Whitehead EdwardInfirmary streetdwelling-house21, Infirmary street
9833 Whitehead GeorgeChapel courtdwelling-house112, New Cross street
successivedwelling-house19, Roundhill street
successivedwelling-house4, Chapel court
9834 Whitehead RobertKing streetdwelling-house44, King street
9835 Whitehead William SwallowDrewton streetdwelling-house11, Drewton street
9836 Whitham JohnGracechurch streetdwelling-house133, Gracechurch street
9837 Whitham WilliamHill side villasshop88, Godwin street
9838 Whithnall EdwardVictoria streetdwelling-house56, Victoria street
9839 Wignall AbrahamInfirmary streetdwelling-house23, Infirmary street
9840 Wild JohnAbbey streetdwelling-house58, Abbey street
9841 Wilde WilfredVictoria streetdwelling-house22, Victoria street
9842 Wildman EdwardSedgwick streetdwelling-house83, Sedgwick street
9843 Wilkinson FrancisKing streetdwelling-house18, Queen street
successivedwelling-house10, King street
9844 Wilkinson HerbertDarfield streetdwelling-house26, Darfield street
9845 Wilkinson JohnAbbey streetdwelling-house95, Abbey street
9846 Willey CharlesEldon terracewarehouse31, Cheapside
9847 Willey John HenryManninghamwarehouse29, Cheapside
9848 Williamson BarzillaiSimes streetdwelling-house11, Simes street
9849 Williamson ThomasSedgwick streetdwelling-house86, Sedgwick street
9850 Wilson HenryHallfield roaddwelling-house14, Hallfield road
9851 Wilson JamesNorth paradedwelling-house9, North parade
9852 Wilson TomSedgwick streetdwelling-house5, Sedgwick street
9853 Winpenny WalkerJames streetdwelling-house35, James street
9854 Winterburn EphraimAbbey streetdwelling-house38, Abbey street
9855 Wolf Walter LeeLumb lanedwelling-house4, Lumb lane
9856 Wood Rev. BenjaminHoughton placedwelling-house26, Houghton place
9857 Wood JosephWestgateshopDuckett lane
9858 Wood JosephJohn streetdwelling-house29, John street
9859 Wood JosephLumb lanedwelling-house3, Lumb lane
9860 Woodbury MarkNorthgatedwelling-house32, Northgate
9861 Woodhead JabezKing streetdwelling-house11, King street
9862 Woodhead JohnManninghamshop124, Westgate
9863 Woodhead JohnNorth paradeshop121, Godwin street
9864 Woodhead SamuelHanover squaredwelling-house18, Hanover square
9865 Worsley JosephInfirmary streetdwelling-house9, Sterling street
successivedwelling-house9, Infirmary street
9866 Wray HenryManninghamshop7, Rawson place
9867 Wright BenjaminDrewton streetdwelling-house43, Drewton street
9868 Wright Frederick HenryHalifaxwarehouse3, Manor row
9869 Wright HenryHortonshop19, Darley street
9870 Wright James CloughManninghamcountinghouse14, Darley street
9871 Wright James JamesHortoncountinghouse17, Darley street
9872 Wright William ThrelfallJohn streetdwelling-house10, John street
9873 Wyrill RobertWhite Abbeydwelling-house8, White Abbey

WEST WARD2, 1883, surnames beginning with the letter Y
Voter number +
Names of voters in full,
Surname being first
Place of AbodeNature of
Name and situation of
qualifying property.
9874 Yewdall David CurtisHanover squareshop8, Albion court
successivedwelling-house28, Hanover square

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