BRAMHAM: Geographical and Historical information from the year 1829.


"BRAMHAM, a parish-town, in the wapentake of Barkston-Ash."

"BOSTON, a village in the parish of Bramham, and in the wapentake of Barkstone-Ash, west riding, it is 193 miles from London, near to the river Wharf, which is navigable as far as Tadcaster. This village is rising fast into notice, and is becoming celebrated for its chalybeate spring, which has been found highly efficacious in the cure of those afflicted with rheumatic complaints. Many families of great respectability have their abode here; and visitors to this improving village will find every accommodation during their sojournment. It is also to be noticed for the many highly respectable seminaries established in the village and its vicinage, in beautiful and healthy situations. Boston has a chapel of ease, under Bramham, of which the Rev. Thomas Brownigg is the incumbent, and a chapel belonging to the Methodists. The country around here is agricultural, and, though rather flat, presents, in some situations, views exceedingly pleasing. The population returns are made up with the parish of Bramham."
Note: The directory entry for Boston in Pigot's 1829 Directory is included with Thorp Arch.

[Transcribed from Pigot's National Commericial Directory for 1828-29 ]
by Colin Hinson ©2007