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Burnsall parish:

Burnsall, Rectors transcription:

The list of Rectors in the Church, Burnsall.

Of the one Mediety Patrons Of the other Mediety Patrons Since the Division Patrons
1270John de KYRKEBYSir Robert de NEVILE 1228William de REDDEMEREWilliam de HEBBEDEN Charles Henry CARLISLE
John FITZHENRY 1270Richard de KNOLLEWilliam de EBOR 1889William James STAVERT M.A.William George Robert, Earl of CRAVEN
1293Adam de HERWERTONSir Hugh FITZHENRY 1294Adam de LINCOLNWilliam de EBOR 1929John WOODTrustees of William George Bradley,
1309William de BULMERHenry 1st Baron FITZHUGH 1348Hugh HOWELLSir Richard de HEBDEN Earl of CRAVEN
1323John de BOWESHenry 1st Baron FITZHUGH 1367William de HEBDENSir Richard de HEBDEN 1938William Ford KENNEDYTrustees of William George Bradley,
1370Adam de CARLETON in LyndrickHenry 2nd Baron FITZHUGH 1369William ALMOTESir Richard de HEBDEN Earl of CRAVEN
John de LATON 1371William de BEKYNGHAMSir Richard de HEBDEN 1944Albert MARCHANT Lm.University of Cambridge
1392Thomas de HUDEAttor of Henry 3rd Baron FITZHUGH 1371William de KIRKESALLSir Richard de HEBDEN 1947Herbert Ernest BRIGHTON B.A.University of Cambridge
1411William APPILTONHenry 3rd Baron FITZHUGH John de SUTHWELL 1957Joseph BUTTERWORTH B.A. Lm.University of Cambridge
1425William GREGGES 1390Thomas NEWSOMEWilliam de NEWSOME 1965Ralph Harrison PLACE M.A.University of Cambridge
1426Henry CRAVENWilliam 4th Baron FITZHUGH John GRYNTON 1972Horace Douglas PIKE, AKCUniversity of Cambridge
1438Thomas KIRKEHAMWilliam 4th Baron FITZHUGH 1431William VAVASOURJohn HEBDEN 1978Percy Edward BUSH, Priest in Charge
1454Robert COKE Henry 5th Baron FITZHUGH 1472Ralph REDCLYFFESir Roger CLIFFORD & Thomas TEMPEST 1987Alan WHITWORTH M.Ed.Trustees of the Earl of CRAVEN
1469Thomas SUTTONHenry 5th Baron FITZHUGH Robert TALBOT 1992Colin David Emrys CLARKE M.Ed.Trustees of the Earl of CRAVEN
1472Edward PUDSEYHenry 5th Baron FITZHUGH 1546Nicholas PAVER M.A.Assigns of Richard TEMPEST 1997Christopher Joseph HAYWARD M.A., Priest in Charge
1505Thomas SWIFTSir Henry WILLOUGHBY 1551George ELLYSON M.A.Assigns of Richard TEMPEST 1997Albert HODGE, Priest in Residence
William HEGHFELD 1557Henry ELSOSir John TEMPEST
1539Anthony HOLGATEJohn LAMBERT of Carlton 1564John BAITEMAN B.A.Humfrey ELLIS of York
1554Richard SOMERSCALESJohn LAMBERT of Carlton 1569Thomas BROGDEN B.A.William BYENAM of York
1559Anthony HOLGATERestored 1579William BROGDENJames BROGDEN of Stoke
1570Humphrey DODGSONJohn LAMBERT of Carlton 1619Richard TENANT M.A.Henry TENANT of Mawaterhouses
1582Benjamin HOLGATE B.A.John LAMBERT of Carlton 1653James TENANT
1596John TOPHANJohn LAMBERT of Carlton 1687Richard CARR B.A.Sir William CRAVEN
1619Thomas TOPHAN M.A.Thomas TOPHAN Sen. of Cracoe 1689Robert TOPHAMSir William CRAVEN
1652Christopher LANCASTER M.A. 1690Richard CARRSir William CRAVEN
1689Peter ALCOCKJohn ALCOCK 1734William CARR M.A.William 3rd Baron CRAVEN
1707Thomas CLAPHAMJohn ALCOCK 1754Matthew KNOWLES M.A.Fulwar 4th Baron CRAVEN
1708Peter ALCOCKJohn ALCOCK 1777Joseph Atwell SMALL M.A.William 6th Baron CRAVEN
1733John ALCOCK M.A.Ellen ALCOCK 1797George HICKES M.A.Archbishop of York (by lapse)
1753John ALCOCK B.A.Rebecca & Dorothy HEBER of Marton 1839William BURY M.A.William 2nd Earl of CRAVEN
1810Richard WITHNELLRobinson CHIPPENDALE of Skipton 1875Charles Henry CARLISLEGeorge Grimston 3rd Earl of CRAVEN
1832John Baines GRAHAM M.A.John Baines GRAHAM The Ancient Parish of Burnsall was by an order
1838Gregory RHODESJohn Baines GRAHAM in Council divided into the two Parishes of
1839William BURY M.A.John Baines GRAHAM Burnsall and Rilston-with-Coniston
1875Capel WOLSELEY B.A.Susan & Mary GRAHAM 21st July 1876
1876Henry Theodore CAVELLSusan & Mary GRAHAM

Data transcribed by
Patricia Hayward
from photography by Colin Hinson