Calverley Parish Burials Index
1596 - 1720

Notes regarding the transcription

  • The transcription was done in EXCEL, and then translated into html for the web by Colin Hinson's software.
The heading format for the entries is as follows:
  • Names
    • I resisted the urge to standardise the name spellings so the original spellings of all names has been preserved. The only change made to surnames was to change occurrences of surnames starting with ff to a single capital F.
    • It is interesting to see the evolution of some surnames throughout this relatively short period. It was possible for the same person to be born as Isacke Nailer, married as Isaack Nalor and buried as Isaac Naylor.
  • Date
    • The date has been formatted as YYYY MM DD (eg 1623 04 29) rather than using the full dates. This is to comply with other, later databases and allows the data to be sorted by date. Unfortunately, due to the fact that the Gregorian calendar was not adopted until the middle of the 18th century, the New Year didn't start until late March. This meant that January 1720 comes after December 1720.
  • Comments
    • This heading is used for comments that appeared in the original transcriptions, though not the more weighty ones.
Please note that there are gaps in the original data, most notably the entries from May 1607 to November 1624 and August 1644 to October 1649 are lost.

The files are arranged in Alphabetical order by surname:

Transcribed by Steve Gaunt ©2002.
from the printed Calverley Parish Registers.
Checked by David Simpson ©2002.