Parish Church of Calverley - MARRIAGES 1813 to 1834

Sorted alphabetically by Bride.

Date of
Name of MaleCondition
Of male:
Of male
Of the
Name of FemaleCondition
of female:
or Widow
Of the
06.01.1834CARTER, Richard ClothierYes AIRTON, MarySYesYesBannsJohn HollroydAll but John used X
          Henry Carter 
05.07.1829SKIRROW, Joseph WeaverYes AMBER, NancySYesYesBannsWilliam ClarksonAll used x
          Thomas Ambler 
29.08.1831HALLIDAY, Robert ClothierYes ATKINSON, MarthaSYesYesBannsJohn SutcliffeAll used X
          Sarah Varley? 
26.09.1816HALLIDAY, JamesBClothierYes ATKINSON, MarySYesYes BannsBenjamin CravenJames & Mary used X
          Thomas Halliday 
09.09.1827REYNOLDS, Patrick TailorYes AYRTON, ElizabethSYesYesBannsMichael BryanAll used X
          Benjamin Blackburn 
21.02.1814SKIRROW, Benjamin ClothierYes BANNISTER, AnnSYesYesBanns with consent of parentsWilliam GarnettBenjamin & Ann used X
          John Walker 
          William Bannister 
          William Jowett 
11.05.1818KEIGHLEY, JohnBMasonYes BARKER, ElisabethSYesYesBannsWilliam SugdenElisabeth & John B used X
          John Barker 
05.11.1827KEIGHLEY, William FarmerYes BARRETT, EstherSYesYesBannsJoseph KeighleyAll but Joseph Keighley used X
          John Hemingway 
22.08.1824GOMERSHALL, William ClothierYes BATESON, AliceSYesYesBannsJoseph LeeWilliam & Alice used X
          Benjamin Craven 
11.12.1831COULTER, John ClothierYes BATESON, ElizabethSYesYesBannsMurgatroyd HornElizabeth and William used X
          William Cordingley 
19.05.1822WAITE, JosephBMasonYes BATESON, ElizabethSYesYesBannsBenjamin CravenJoseph, William & Elizabeth used X
          William Waite 
22.05.1831HARDCASTLE, JohnWEngineerYes BATESON, SarahSYesYesBannsAbraham SutcliffeSarah & Abraham used X
          Joseph Ginsley 
25.12.1827WHITFIELD, Joshua ClothierYes BATESON. HannahSYesYesBannsWilliam BanksHannah used X
          Thomas Denbigh 
06.01.1834STEAD, David Wool ComberYes BATLEY, PatienceSYesYesBannsJohn HollroydPatience & David used X
          Abraham Craven 
15.07.1832BOOTH, John Wool ComberYes BAXTER, ElizabethSYesYesBannsThomas MarshallElizabeth used X
          William Baxter 
21.12.1829KENDALL, John WatermanYes BAXTER, ElizabethSYesYesBannsBetty GloverElizabeth used X
          James Kendall 
26.10.1818SKIRROW, JohnWClothierYes BERRY, MaryWYesYesBannsBenjamin CravenJohn & Mary used X
          James Craven 
11.07.1819BOOTH, JonasBPrinterYes BLACKBURN, MarySYesYesBannsJohn BirtwhistleMary used X
          Benjamin Craven 
26.10.1823BOOTH, John ClothierYes BLAKEY, ElizabethSYesYesBannsBenjamin CravenAll used X
          Benjamin Marshall 
08.03.1825BATESON, JamesWClothierYes BOAST?, MarySYesYesBannsGeorge RobinsonAll but G.R. used X
          Ann Smith 
17.02.1822RHODES, JosephBClothierYes BOOCOCK, ElizabethSYesYesBannsJas BocockJoseph & Elizabeth used X
          Benjamin Craven 
07.04.1822CORDINGLEY, JamesBStone MasonYes BOOTH, AnnSYesYesBannsBenjamin CravenJames, Ann & William used X
          William Booth 
25.12.1825WISE, John Flag FacerYes BOOTH, Betty or ElizabethSYesYesBannsJoseph SkirrowBride & James C. used C
          James Cordingley 
30.12.1829LIGHTFOOT, James SpinnerYes BOOTH, ChristianaSYesYesBannsW. RobinsonChristiana & Isaac used C
          Isaac Hey 
21.11.1821BAXTER, JamesBClothierYes BOOTH, HannahSYesYesBannsBenjamin CravenHannah used X
          John Booth 
23.09.1816HOLLINGS, JohnBDelverYes BOOTH, HannahSYesYesBannsJohn LeeJohn H, Hannah & Benjamin used X
          Benjamin Lee 
18.06.1823WALLER, William ClothierYes BOOTH, HannahSYesYesBannsBenjamin CravenWilliam & Hannah used X
          Joseph Terry 
10.02.1833WHITFIELD, William Wool ComberYes BOOTH, HannahSYesYesBannsDavid HustlerAll used X
          Isaac Gaunt 
27.02.1822DENISON, IsaacBCloth MillerYes BOOTH, JaneSYesYesBannsJohn KeighleyJane & John used X
          Joseph Dawson 
26.01.1824FLAX, William JoinerYes BOOTH, JudithSYesYesBannsDavid ParkinsonWilliam & Judith used X
          Benjamin Yeadon 
30.12.1829DENNISON, Nathan Flag FacerYes BOOTH, MariaSYesYesBannsW. RobinsonMaria & Samuel used X
          Samuel Hodgson 
30.08.1819BINNS, JohnBDelverYes BOOTH, MarthaSYesYesBannsMartha AtkinsonJohn Binns & both Marthas used X
          John Skirrow 
18.03.1827CARTER, James Wood TurnerYes BOOTH, MarthaSYesYesBannsWilliam CarterAll used X
          James Booth 
23.04.1827KEIGHLEY, James Stone MasonYes BOOTH, MarthaSYesYesBannsWilliam IllingworthAll used X
          Samuel Cordingley 
23.05.1815HINDLE, JosephWLabourerYes BOOTH, MaryWYesYesBannsBenjamin CravenMary Booth used X
          Mary Hargreave Craven 
05.03.1821ILLINGWORTH, WilliamBFarmerYes BOOTH, MarySYesYesBannsThomas HornWilliam, Mary & James used X
          James Booth 
12.12.1825PICKARD, Thomas Flag FacerYes BOOTH, MarySYesYesBannsThomas BaxterThomas, Mary & Thomas Baxter used X
          Peter Garth 
          Samuel Booth 
17.03.1833RAYNER, William ClothierYes BOOTH, MarySYesYesBannsJeremia WaltonAll but Mary used X
          William Tillotson 
16.08.1830ROOKES, Isaac Wool ComberBradford BOOTH, MarySYesYesBannsMary Hargreave CravenMary B. & Isaac used X
          Benjamin Craven 
30.07.1831RUDD, Jeremiah Wool SorterYes BOOTH, MarySpinster of Bradford YesLicenceJames CravenNo X
          Benjamin Craven 
14.03.1833WOODHEAD, Ezra FarmerYes BOOTH, MarySYesYesBannsMiles Oddy 
          Thomas Booth 
05.03.1820CLARK, SamuelBStone masonYes BOOTH, NancySYesYesBannsJohn GraingerSamuel & Nancy used X
          Thomas Horn 
02.07.1826COATES, Joseph ClothierYes BOOTH, NancySYesYesBannsBenjamin CravenJoseph & Nancy used X
          James Craven 
14.08.1826BOOTH, Samuel DelverYes BOOTH, NannySYesYesBannsMatthew LeeNanny & Mary used X
          Mary Brooksbank 
24.09.1821HORN, ThomasBClothierYes BOOTH, PollySYesYesBannsJohn HopeThomas & Polly used X
          John Stansfield 
18.08.1823NAYLOR, Isaac MasonYes BOOTH, RebeccaSYesYesBannsWilliam Flax?All used X
          Judith Booth 
21.10.1833EASTERBROOK, SamuelWWool ComberYes BOOTH, SarahWYesYesBannsSamuel ThomasSarah & Samuel Thomas used X
          J. W. Jenkins 
28.12.1823PACKWOOD, George BrazierYes BOOTH, SarahSYesYesBannsPeter GarthSarah used X
          James Garth 
01.10.1821YEWDALL, JohnBClothierYes BOOTH, SarahWYesYesBannsJohn GrimshawNo X
          Mary Mitchell 
18.08.1828STEAD, James Stone MasonYes BOOTH, SusySYesYesBannsCharles KnowlesJames & Susy used X
          James Raistrick 
20.06.1825MURGATROYD, Charles CarrierYes BRADLEY, HannahSYesYesBannsJonathan TillotsonHannah used X
          Jeremia Tillotson 
23.05.1831COATES, Joshua ClothierYes BRAYSHAW, ElizabethSYesYesBannsJoseph JonesAll but Joseph Jones used X
          William Ross 
          John Lawson 
03.08.1818RHODES, ThomasBWorsted WeaverYes BRIGGS, SusannahWYesYesBannsJames WhiteAll but James Craven used X
          James Craven 
23.08.1813HOLLIDAY, John ClothierYes BROOKE, SusannaSYesYesBannsJohn Waitteard?John H & Susanna used X
          John Varley 
08.10.1832CAWTHERY, Joseph ClothierYes BROOKSBANK, ElizabethWYesYesBannsSamuel InghamBride & Samuel used X
          Jas Proctor 
          Elizabeth Cooper 
29.09.1823BOOTH, James DelverYes BROOKSBANK, HannahSYesYesBannsWilliam SugdenNo X
          John Gill 
08.12.1833BOOTH, Thomas Carpet WeaverYes BROWN, ElizabethSYesYesBannsThomas MarshallAll used X
          Robert Stead 
24.10.1825BOOTH, Peter StoneBradford BULLOUGH, MarthaSYesYesBannsWilliam LittlewoodNo X
  Mason       John Bullough 
25.06.1821MANN, WilliamBComberYes BURNLEY, HannahSYesYesBannsWilliam BaxterWilliam M, Hannah & ? = X
          ? Burnley 
20.10.1824MANN, GeorgeBStone MasonYes CARVER, NancySYesYesBannsBenjamin CravenGeorge & Nancy used X
          James Craven 
13.10.1830DUFTON? ClothierYes CAWETHRAY, SarahSYesYesBannsThomas ListerSarah used X
Samuel         William Johnson 
27.05.1816MAKENSTRA, Thomas HunterWDelverYes CAWTHRA, TamerWYesYesBannsBenjamin CravenThomas, Tamer & Sarah used X
          Sarah Sugden 
14.04.1833STEAD, William Wool ComberYes CHAPMAN, MarySYesYesBannsCh...... CapamMary & William used X
          Benjamin Craven 
14.04.1816HALLIDAY, JosephBClothierYes CHILD, HannahSYesYesBannsThomas CloughJoseph & Hannah used X
          Jas Child 
          James Halliday 
27.09.1818BOOTH, JosephBDelverYes CHILD, MarySYesYesBannsWilliam BrooksbankJoseph & Mary used X
          George Wilman 
25.12.1831DAWSON, James Wool ComberYes CLAYTON, HannahSYesYesBannsJohn CarterAll but groom used X
          William Taylor 
28.06.1829HALLIDAY, William Wool ComberYes CLOUGH, NancySYesYesBannsSamuel SmithAll used x
          William Horsfall 
18.02.1822BOOTH, WilliamBStone MasonYes CLUDERAY?, MarthaSYesYesBannsJohn VarleyMartha used X
          Samuel James 
13.10.1816MURGATROYD, JohnWMasonYes COATES, ElizabethSYesYesBannsBenjamin CravenJohn & Elizabeth used X
          James Craven 
23.12.1832PARKER, James Stone MasonYes COATES, HannahSYesYesBannsWilliam CoatesAll but George used X
          George Sutcliffe 
01.03.1830HALLIDAY, John ClothierYes COATES, MarthaSYesYesBannsJoshua CoatesMartha & Joshua used X
          Joseph Marshall 
06.10.1833ROSS, Joseph DelverYes COATES, NancySYesYesBannsGeorge FlesherAll used X
          Esther Coates 
31.05.1819BOOTH, JamesBDelverYes CORDINGLEY, Sarah YesYesBannsJohn ElmsleySarah used X
          Richard Farrer 
01.09.1823MURGATROYD, Benjamin Slate RiverYes COWLIN, MarySYesYesBannsJeremiah RhodesMary used X
          William Wade 
31.03.1834RHODES, William Wool ComberYes COWLING, ElizabethSYesYesBannsPeter CowlingAll but Peter used X
          Samuel Cowling 
16.08.1813KENDALL, Thomas ClothierYes CRABTREE, SarahSYesYesBannsRobert KendallThomas & Sarah used X
          John Stead 
24.08.1829RHODES, William Wool ComberYes CRAVEN, EstherSYesYesBannsEdward MarshallAll used X
          James Sharp 
06.01.1820KEIGHLEY, SamuelBClothierYes CRAVEN, Martha YesYesBannsGeorge CravenNo X
          Richard Duffield? 
26.09.1824MANN, ThomasBWool ComberYes CRAVEN, MarySYesYesBannsWilliam EllisThomas & Mary used X
          John Greenwood 
07.06.1829HALLIDAY, John SmithYes CRAVEN, NancySYesYesBannsWilliam NaylorNancy, John & William L. used X
          William Longman 
13.06.1824MURGATROYD, William Ingineer?Yes CROWTHER, HannahSYesYesBannsBenjamin CravenWilliam T used X
          William Tiffaney? 
07.04.1833BOOTH, Charles Wool ComberYes CURTIS, RachelSYesYesBannsThomas ....plebyAll used X
          John Bennett 
25.01.1824HORN, William MaltsterYes DALBY, MarthaSYesYesBannsBenjamin CravenMartha used X
          William Walton 
01.05.1831RHODES, Jonas CarrierYes DANIEL, HannahSYesYesBannsJohn HallidayJonas & John & Thomas used X
          Thomas Rhodes 
07.04.1833SKIRROW, John Woollen ManufacturerYes DAVIDSON, HannahSYesYesBannsJohn KendallAll used X
          James Davidson 
25.04.1831ARMITAGE, John WeaverYes DAWSON, AliceSYesYesBannsThomas ArmitageAlice & William used X
          William Johnson 
09.01.1834BIRKBY, John EngineYes DAWSON, HarrietSYesYesBannsElijah AkroydAll but Elijah used X
  Tenter?       Eliza Dawson 
25.07.1824BURNS, JabezBBooksellerYes DAWSON, JaneSYesYesBannsJohn FosterNo X
          John Booth 
20.07.1826MOSSMAN, George Robert GentBradford DAWSON, JaneSYesYesLicenceRichard TolsonNo X. Rd Hartley + something illegible written over word Licence
          S. E. Rayne 
          Beatrix Dawson 
07.11.1831PRESTON, George Nail MakerYes DAWSON, MarthaWYesYesBannsJonas SmithMartha & Jonas used X
          James Kendall 
19.04.1830HUDSON, JohnWFarmerYes DAWSON, MarySYesYesBannsSamuel ScottAll used X
          Hannah Scott 
13.08.1821GILL, JohnWClothierYes DAWSON, SarahWYesYesBannsJoshua HuttonSarah used X
          Thomas Rhodes 
29.05.1820RHODES, JohnBMillerYes DAWSON?, SarahSYesYesBannsJoseph RhodesSarah used X
     DANSON?    Thomas Wilcock 
10.04.1815MURGATROYD, ThomasBClothierYes DENBEIGH, MarySYesYesBannsJames ClarksonThomas & Mary used X
          Jonas Butterfield 
01.12.1828RHODES, Joseph MaltsterBradford DENBIGH, ElizaSYesYesBannsBenjamin FlesherNo X
          Dorothy Clarke 
          George Vint 
          Robert Parkin 
26.08.1822DAWSON, HenryBClothierYes DENBIGH, NannySYesYesBannsThomas HuttonNanny used X
          Benjamin Rastrick 
12.08.1818MURGATROYD, RichardWClothierYes DENISON, HannahSYesYesBannsJohn Taylor & Mary Hargreave CravenRichard & Hannah used X
26.09.1824SKIRROW, ThomasBClothierYes DENISON, MarthaSYesYesBannsWilliam SkirrowAll used X
          Maria Skirrow 
01.02.1819HALLIDAY, AbrahamBClothierYes DICKINSON, Hannah YesYesBannsBenjamin CravenAbraham & Hannah used X
          James Craven 
07.04.1833SKIRROW, Joseph WeaverYes DICKINSON, SarahSYesYesBannsWilliam GrundySarah & Joseph used X
          Nathan Denison 
28.12.1834COATES, Samuel ClothierYes DINSDALE, ElizabethSYesYesBannsWilliam MannSamuel used X
          Joseph Naylor 
21.01.1818KEIGHLEY, JohnBClothierYes DUFFIELD, MarySYesYesBannsIsaac KeighleyNo X
          Richard Duffield 
08.10.1833OVEREND, Nathan ClothierYes DUFFIELD, SarahSYesYesLicenceJames WadeSarah used X
          William Naylor 
          Matthew Fairbank 
26.08.1832COATES, William ClothierYes DUFTON, AliceSYesYesBannsCharles NaylorAll but Charles used X
          Joshua Gaunt 
16.05.1814RHODES, Benjamin ClothierYes DUFTON?, AnnSYesYesBanns with consent of parentsWilliam Dufton?Benjamin, Ann & Frances used X
          Frances Brooks 
20.11.1826SKIRROW, Joseph ClothierYes DUNWELL, AnnSYesYesBannsThomas IllingworthAnn & Thomas used X
          Benjamin Craven 
30.07.1832STEAD, William Wool ComberYes DUNWELL, EttySYesYesBannsThomas SteadAll used X
          Hannah Dunwell 
24.08.1829BOOTH, James DelverYes EATON, NannySYesYesBannsSamuel BoothNanny, James & Patrick used X
          Patrick Fitzsumner? 
25.02.1822DAWSON, WilliamBManufact-Guiseley EDMONDSON, MarySYesYesLicenceWilliam EdmondsonNo X
  urer       Rachel Rushforth 
16.09.1832COATES, John ClothierYes FAIRBANK, SarahSYesYesBannsThomas FairbankAll used X
          Samuel Spencer 
01.09.1817PICKARD, JamesBClothierYes FAIRBANK, SarahSYesYesBannsJohn BusfieldJames & Sarah used X
          Isaac Keighley 
26.09.1831SKIRROW, JosephWClothierYes FARRAR, AnnSYesYesBannsAlfred IllingworthAnn & Joseph used X
          James Suthill 
25.10.1829BATESON, GeorgeWClothierYes FARRER, NancySYesYesBannsJames CravenNancy used X
          Benjamin Craven 
23.12.1821RHODES, JoshuaBLabourerYes FIRTH, MarySYesYesBannsWilliam RhodesJoshua & Mary used X
          William Littlewood 
11.08.1834DAWSON, Samuel ClothierYes FLETCHER, MarthaSYesYesBannsJohn DawsonAll used X
          Martha Rushforth 
17.09.1830MURGATROYD, James Cloth MakerYes FURNISH, AnnSYesYesBannsThomas BulloughAnn & James used X
          Benjamin Craven 
22.02.1829SKIRROW, John WeaverYes GARNETT, HannahSYesYesBannsJoseph SkirrowHannah & Joseph used X
          Benjamin Craven 
06.05.1833HALIDAY, George ClothierYes GAUNT, HannahSYesYesBannsJohn VarleyHannah & William used X
          William Carter 
15.12.1833COATES, Samuel ClothierYes GAUNT, MarySYesYesBannsIsaac CoatesAll but George used X
          George Halliday 
28.08.1826THREAPLETON, James ClothierYes GIBSON, RachelSYesYesBannsWilliam HinchcliffeJames, Rachel & William used X
          Hannah? Gant? 
04.03.1816BOOTH, JeremiahBStone CutterYes GLOVER, NancySYesYesBannsJonathan GarsideJeremiah, Nancy & James used X
          James Halliday 
25.12.1827BOOTH, Isaac Wool SorterYes GLOVER, SarahSYesYesBannsBenjamin YeadonSarah used X
          Samuel Walker 
25.04.1820WALSHAW, WilliamBCorn millerYes GOLDSBOROUGHSYesYesBannsBenjamin CravenSarah used X
     Sarah    Robert Kendall 
30.05.1829BOCOCK, Benjamin Stone MasonYes GOLDSBOROUGH MarySYesYesBannsIsaac PollardBenjamin & Mary used X
          Hannah Bocock 
16.11.1823HILL, John Shoe MakerYes GOLDSBOROUGH SarahSYesYesBannsJoseh BrowenJohn, Sarah & Thomas used X
          Thomas Stead 
31.03.1834NORTH, Child ClothierYes GOLDSBOROUGH SarahSYesYesBannsMatthew FarrerSarah & Child used X
          Robert Kendall 
23.10.1822HORN, William Cloth MakerYes GREENWOOD, MarthaSYesYesBannsWilliam ChildMartha used X
          Joseph Rhodes 
23.09.1833DAWSON, George SlubberYes GREENWOOD, Olive HudsonSYesYesBannsWilliam DawsonAll used X
          John Lee 
24.05.1818HALLIDAY, JosephBClothierYes HAINSWORTH, MarthaSYesYesBannsJohn MuffJoseph & Martha used X
          James Thompson 
09.11.1817RHODES, JerimiahBClothierYes HAISTE, LydiaSYesYesBannsJoshua MawsonLydia used X
          William Mellor 
07.05.1821STEAD, JonasBFarmerYes HALEY, HannahSYesYesBannsBenjamin CravenHannah used X
          James Craven 
25.06.1820BATESON, GeorgeBClothierYes HALEY, MarySYesYesBannsBenjamin CravenMary used X
          James Craven 
26.08.1816THOMPSON, JohnBClothierYes HALLIDAY, AliceSYesYesBannsBenjamin CravenNo X
          Mary Hargreave Craven 
06.08.1834GLOVER, Samuel Coal MinerYes HALLIDAY, AnnSYesYesBannsJohn WaterhouseAnn & Samuel used X
          Elizabeth Cooper 
11.07.1814JOHNSON, William ClothierYes HALLIDAY, BettySYesYesBannsJoseph CawtheryBetty used X
          Samuel Sutcliff 
24.08.1818GAUNT, JoshuaWClothierYes HALLIDAY, ElisabethSYesYesBannsMatthew WalkerJoshua & Elisabeth used X
          William Greaves 
02.05.1825HUGGAN, William ClothYes HALLIDAY, EstherSYesYesBannsReuben RodgerWilliam used X
          Alice Fearnley 
01.04.1832LAYCOCK, JohnWWool ComberYes HALLIDAY, HannahWYesYesBannsJoseph HarperHannah & John used X
          John Higgins 
13.06.1819RODGER, RubenBClothierYes HALLIDAY, HannahSYesYesBannsWilliam HarrisonHannah used X
          Jese (Jefe) Oddy 
01.01.1827CARTER, William ClothierYes HALLIDAY, JaneSYesYesBannsSamuel MyersWilliam used X
          Samuel Farrer 
03.09.1832WATSON, Thomas ClothierYes HALLIDAY, MarthaSYesYesBannsGeorge BraithwaiteMartha & John used X
          John Halliday 
          Hannah Lightfoot 
16.07.1821BORON, WilliamBBlack smithYes HALLIDAY, MarySYesYesBannsHannah CravenAll but Mary H Craven used X
          Mary Hargreave Craven 
29.10.1821CARTER, JohnBClothierYes HALLIDAY, MarySYesYesBannsSamuel MyersJohn Carter used X
          John Webster 
18.05.1819FARRER, JoshuaBClothierYes HALLIDAY, MarySYesYesBannsJoseph AllenJoshua, Mary & Joseph used X
          James Craven 
27.03.1815PICKLES, WilliamBFarmerYes HALLIDAY, MarySYesYesBannsWilliam RodgerWilliam & Mary used X
          Jonathan Harrison 
20.10.1816TIDGEWELL, JosephBClothierYes HALLIDAY, MarySYesYesBannsBenjamin CravenJoseph, Mary & Elizabeth used X
          Elizabeth Farrer 
21.10.1827LAYCOCK, Joseph WeaverYes HALLIDAY, Mary AnnSYesYesBannsThomas LaycockAll used X
          Sarah Laycock 
29.09.1817CORDINGLEY, JosephBClothierYes HALLIDAY, NancySYesYesBannsJoseph BakeNancy used X
          Samuel Bradley 
04.04.1830HORN, William Labourer  HALLIDAY, NancySYesYesBannsWilliam NormingtonNancy & William Horn used X [William N. was groom at next wedding]
          Benjamin Craven 
12.01.1818BRADLEY, SamuelBClothierYes HALLIDAY, SarahSYesYesBannsJames BradleyNo X
          Hannah Bradley 
21.12.1817HOLLINGS, JohnBWorsted WeaverYes HALLIDAY, SarahSYesYesBannsJohn HallidayJohn Hollings & Sarah used X
          William Halliday 
11.09.1825HUTCHINSON, JeremiahWCloth MilnerYes HALLIDAY, SarahSYesYesBannsHannah DavidsonJeremiah, Sarah & Hannah used X
          Benjamin Craven 
08.04.1829DAVY, Daniel FarmerYes HAW, ElizabethSYesYesBannsJames CravenElizabeth used X
          Benjamin Craven 
11.08.1822WOOD, ChristopherBClothierYes HINCHLIFFE, EstherSYesYesBannsJames CravenChristopher & Esther used X
          John Denson? 
05.08.1817JENNINGS, WilliamBClothierBradford HINCHLIFFE, MarySYesYesBannsJames ThorntonWilliam & Mary used X
          Susanna Roberts 
24.06.1827MANN, William John GardenerYes HIRST, MarySYesYesBannsWilliam BarracloughNo X
          Benjamin Craven 
04.03.1832CAWTHERAY, Joseph WeaverYes HODGSON, HannahSYesYesBannsWilliam VarleyHannah & William Wilcock used X
          William Wilcock 
29.08.1825HOLIDAY, James Shoe MakerYes HODGSON, SarahSYesYesBannsBenjamin CravenJames & Sarah used X
          Sarah Blanchard 
22.05.1831MURGATROYD, John Wool ComberYes HOLIDAY, MarthaSYesYesBannsGeorge WaterhouseMartha & John used X
          Joseph Ginsley 
14.03.1814VARLEY, John ClothierYes HOLIDAY, Mary YesYesBannsJohn ThompsonMary used X
          John Kellitt 
          John Halliday 
02.08.1813WILCOCK, John ClothierYes HOLLIDAY, HannahSYesYesBannsWilliam HargreavesJohn, Hannah & Joseph used X
          Joseph Wilcock 
19.05.1817AMBLER, WilliamBClothierYes HOLLIDAY, SarahSYesYesBannsWilliam MidgleyNo X
          John Tetley 
16.04.1820HALLIDAY,WTailorYes HOLLINGS, HannahWYesYesBannsBenjamin CravenJoseph used X
Joseph         James Craven 
01.08.1830WHITFIELD, Joseph Cloth MakerYes HOLLINGSWORTH MargaretSYesYesBannsWilliam MyersMargaret & Joseph used X
          Benjamin Craven 
17.01.1821BOOTH, WilliamBComberYes HOLMS, LydiaSYesYesBannsJames CravenWilliam & Lydia used X
          Mary Hargreave Craven 
24.01.1820ROOKS?, SamuelBDelverYes HORN, BettySYesYesBannsJoseph Spencer Benjamin CravenSamuel & Betty used X
15.09.1822BROOK, ThomasBComberYes HORN, HannahSYesYesBannsWilliam HornHannah used X
          James Craven 
13.03.1820PADGET, JohnBWool ComberYes HORN, Hannah YesYesBannsBenjamin CravenJohn & Hannah used X
          James Craven 
17.02.1833DIXON, John ClothierYes HORN, MarthaSYesYesBannsWilliam BerryAll used X
          Sarah Dixon 
02.10.1814JOWETT, WilliamBClothierYes HORN, MarySYesYesBannsJohn HornMary used cross
          Benjamin Craven 
18.08.1833HAMMOND, Joseph ClothierYes HORN, SarahSYesYesBannsJames HammondAll but Samuel used X
          Samuel Hammond Jnr. 
15.06.1817IBBERTSON, WilliamBDelvourYes HORN, SarahSYesYesBannsWilliam CrossleyWilliam I. & Sarah used X
          Jerimiah Hutchinson 
05.08.1833LEE, John Cord-Yes HORN, SusannaSYesYesBannsGeorge DawsonAll used X
  wainer       Samuel Glover 
28.08.1832COATES, Henry ClothierYes HUDSON, IsabellaSOtleyYesLicenceJames CoatesNo X
          Joseph Wilcock 
          James Coates 
          Nanny Firth 
07.07.1822HALLIDAY, JohnWClothierYes HURST, MarySYesYesBannsWilliam LeachMary used X
          Benjamin Craven 
30.01.1822HALLIDAY, JohnWComberYes HUTCHINSON, SarahSYesYesBannsJohn FosterJohn H & Sarah used X
          John Foster 
28.09.1829HORN, Samuel ClothierYes ILLINGWORTH, MarthaSYesYesBannsWilliam HornMartha, Samuel & William used X
          Joshua Burnley 
31.10.1830SKIRROW, Benjamin ClothierYes ILLINGWORTH, SusannaSYesYesBannsJoseph GraingerSusanna & Benjamin used X
          James Craven 
04.01.1813PICKARD, John ClothierYes JENNINGS, Esther YesYesBanns with consent of parentsSamuel WhiteheadEsther used X
          Jacob Jennings 
28.11.1830COATES, James ClothierYes JOWETT, Mary YesYesBannsWilliam BlakeyMary & William & Joseph used X
          Joseph Hainsworth 
15.06.1834DAWSON, William ClothierYes JOWETT, MercySYesYesBannsJohn DawsonAll used X
          Martha Rushforth 
07.04.1828ALRED?, William ClothierYes KEIGHLEY, EstherSpinster of Leeds YesLicenceNo witnesses givenNo signatures shown
18.02.1833JEPSON, William Cloth MillerYes KEIGHLEY, FannySYesYesBannsWilliam WilsonAll but James used X
          James Swallow 
07.03.1830MAWSON, William WeaverYes KEIGHLEY, GraceSYesYesBannsJames CravenGrace & William used X
          Benjamin Craven 
21.08.1815HARRISON, JamesBComberYes KEIGHLEY, HannahSYesYesBannsBenjamin CravenJames, Hannah & Hannah used X
          Hannah Walmough 
15.10.1823KEIGHLEY, John ClothierYes KEIGHLEY, Martha YesYesBannsRichard DuffieldMartha used X
          Joshua Wood 
          Abraham Keighley 
25.04.1831GRIMSHAW, Peter ClothierYes KEIGHLEY, MarySYesYesBannsJames GrimshawNo X
          William Hall 
          John Watson 
30.10.1826PICKARD, Charles ClothierYes KEIGHLEY, MarySYesYesBannsWilliam JohnsonCharles & Mary used X
          William Keighley 
01.01.1827ROSS, John DelverYes KEIGHLEY, MarySYesYesBannsBenjamin HaighMary & Benjamin used X
          James Howden 
10.08.1814TAYLOR, William ClothierYes KEIGHLEY, RebeckahSYesYesBanns with consent of parentsIsaac GrimshawRebeckah used X
          James Mathers 
01.08.1819AMBLER, DavinsonBDelverYes KEIGHLEY, SarahSYesYesBannsJohn KeighleyDavinson & Sarah used X
          Benjamin Craven 
30.03.1814WOOD, John ClothierYes KEIGHLEY, SarahSYesYesBanns with consent of parentsBenjamin CravenSarah used X
          James Craven 
04.08.1833HOLROYD, Benjamin ClothierYes KENDALL, AliceSYesYesBannsChild NorthAll but Joseph used X
          Joseph Brashaw 
15.09.1833STEAD, Silas Wool ComberYes KENDALL, AnnSYesYesBannsJohn SmithAll used X
          Leonard Kendall 
22.02.1830PARKER, Joshua ClothierYes KENDALL, JaneSYesYesBannsJames KendallJane used X
          John Parker 
01.01.1830UNWIN, William DelverYes KENDALL, MarySYesYesBannsJohn UnwinMary & George used X
          George Kendall 
24.04.1826HALLETT, James WatermanYes KENDALL, SarahSYesYesBannsThomas ScottAll used X
          Mary Kendall 
17.11.1833DAVIDSON, Pullan WeaverYes KENDELL, MarySYesYesBannsThomas BoothAll used X
          Thomas Marshall 
23.11.1818DOWGILL, JohnBClothierYes KIEGHLEY, AnnSYesYesBannsThomas GreavesNo X
          William Robinson 
25.12.1816HORN, JosephBClothierYes LACOCK, GraceSYesYesBannsBenjamin CravenJoseph & Grace used X
          John Hargreaves 
29.09.1834MURGATROYD, William WeaverYes LAYCOCK, CharlotteSYesYesBannsThomas SteadAll used X
          Mary Jennings 
01.04.1834STEAD, Peter DelverYes LAYCOCK, HannahSYesYes Joseph HornAll but James used X
          James Craven 
10.02.1823DAWSON, Joseph DelverYes LAYCOCK, MarySYesYesBannsJoseph RobinsonJoserph & Mary used X
          Joseph Myers 
07.09.1834BOOTH, James Black SmithYes LEE, MarySYesYesBannsJoshua Pitt?No X
          John Booth 
10.02.1828RHODES, John DelverYes LIGHTFOOT, HannahSYesYesBannsDavid BaxendaleJohn & Hannah used X
          William Norton 
27.12.1819GOLDSBOROUGHBMinorYes LISTER, MarySYesYesBannsJohn HarrisonThomas, Mary & William used X. No consent was given. Should 'minor' read 'miner'?
Thomas         William Goldsborough 
25.08.1823HORN, Samuel ClothierYes LISTER, SarahSYesYesBannsThomas JohnsonNo X
          Mary Oddy 
04.03.1832SENIOR, Emanuel ClothierYes MANN, BettySYesYesBannsJohn ThorntonBetty & Mary used X
          Mary Mann 
17.09.1820CLAYTON,BWool ComberYes MANN, FannySYesYesBannsJoseph SykesAbraham, Fanny & William used X
Abraham         William Parker 
17.03.1828JOHNSON, George Wool SorterYes MANN, MariaSYesYesBannsWilliam MannNo X
          C. Johnson 
          David Noble 
26.12.1831BAXTER, Benjamin Black SmithYes MANN, NannySYesYesBannsBenjamin BrayshawAll used X
          Mary Mann 
01.02.1824DAVIDSON, William WeaverYes MANN, Rebecca YesYesBannsJames MannAll used X
          Martha Illingworth 
28.07.1833GALLIMORE, James OverlookerYes MANN, SarahSYesYesBannsJohn RansonSarah used X
          Geo Booth 
18.02.1818WOOD, JamesBWeaverYes MANN, SarahSYesYesBannsWilliam WalkerSarah & William used X
          Joseph Mann 
18.10.1830BATESON, John Plumber & GlazierYes MANNERS, MarySYesYesBannsSamuel BatesonMary used X
          John Hillhouse 
24.05.1829RHODES, John SmithYes MARSDEN, SarahSYesYesBannsJohn SutcliffeSarah & John used X
          Ann Gomersall 
26.05.1828RHODES, William Cabinet MakerYes MELLOR, MarySYesYesBannsGeorge MellorNo X
          Benjamin Craven 
07.02.1826PICKARD, William Cabinet MakerYes MIDGELEY, HannahSYesYesBannsBenjamin CravenHannah used X
          Philip Stonehouse 
15.04.1827MURGATROYD, Charles DyerYes MIDGLEY, AmeliaSYesYesBannsJohn MidgleyNo X
          Thomas Harrison 
          Samuel Yates 
10.08.1829AKAM, William Kendall Wool SorterYes MITCHELL, ElizabethSYesYesBannsJoseph ProctorElizabeth used X
          James Proctor 
09.12.1821KEIGHLEY, JohnBClothierYes MITCHELL, MaryWYesYesBannsWilliam LittlewoodJohn & Mary used X
          William Haley 
23.06.1834HALLIDAY, William ClothierYes MUFF, SarahSYesYesBannsWilliam TunnicliffSarah & William Halliday used X
          Thomas Kettlewell 
          George Halliday 
          Ann Tunnicliff 
15.07.1834HOLDSWORTH, John Worsted Manu-Yes MURGATROYD, AliceSYesYesBannsJohn VerityAll used X
  facturer       William Murgatroyd 
21.08.1814CRAVEN, ThomasBMasonYes MURGATROYD, ElizabethSYesYesBannsBenjamin CravenThomas & Elizabeth used X
          James Craven 
24.03.1822MAWSON, JamesBClothierYes MURGATROYD, ElizabethSYesYesBannsBenjamin CravenElizabeth used X
          James Craven 
28.09.1818DEACON, JonasBClothierYes MURGATROYD, HannahSYesYesLicenceJohn TillotsonNo X
          Thomas Bey? 
16.02.1817FLETCHER, SamuelBClothierYes MURGATROYD, HannahSYesYesBannsWilliam SpencerAll but Hannah Bradley used X
          Hannah Bradley 
18.08.1834SHARP, JamesWCoal MinerYes MURGATROYD, HannahSYesYesBannsWilliam FieldhouseAll but William used X
          Mary Cockerham 
25.09.1826SKIRROW, John ClothierYes MURGATROYD, HannahSYesYesBannsSam Slaraker?John & Hannah used X
          Stephen Skirrow 
19.10.1824HUTCHINSON, Richard Wool ComberYes MURGATROYD, MarthaSYesYesBannsJohn BoothRichard & Martha used X
          Benjamin Craven 
07.04.1834BAXTER, James Wool ComberYes MURGATROYD, MarySYesYesBannsGarnett LeeMary & James used X
          Joseph Thornton 
29.09.1834HARRISON, Benjamin Coal MinerYes MURGATROYD, MarySYesYesBannsJohn HarrisonAll used X
          John Hustler 
26.12.1825TILLOTSON, Jonathan ClothierYes MURGATROYD, MarySYesYesBannsJoseph HallWitnesses used X
          Sarah Sugden 
01.01.1824UNWIN, John ClothierYes MURGATROYD, MercySYesYesBannsThomas BevyNo X
          Samuel Murgatroyd 
18.04.1813WINTERBURN, John ClothierGuiseley MURGATROYD, RhodaSYesYesBanns with consent of parentsJames WhiteRhoda & Mary used X
          Mary Winterburn 
06.03.1831HODGSON, Jonathan ClothierYes MURGATROYD, SarahSYesYesBannsThomas HodgsonSarah used X
          Greenwood Garnett 
28.11.1819RUSHWORTH, JohnBBlackYes MURGATROYD, SarahSYesYesBannsBenjamin CravenJohn & Sarah used X
  smith       James Craven 
20.03.1825SINGLETON, Joseph Stone MasonYes MURGATROYD, SarahSYesYesBannsRichard MurgatroydAll used X
          Susan Murgatroyd 
02.12.1821HARRISON, ZachariahBMasonYes MURGATROYD, SusannahSYesYesBannsWilliam TetleyZachariah used X (no signature for bride)
          Benjamin Craven 
18.04.1813STANSFIELD, Jonathan FarmerYes MURGATROYD, SusannahSYesYesBanns with consent of parentsJoseph GloverAll used X
          James Murgatroyd 
01.05.1822FLETCHER, JohnBClothier Bradford  MURGATROYD, ZipporahSYesYesBannsBenjamin CravenJohn, Zipporah & Rebecca used X
          Rebecca Burg? 
17.04.1831MURGATROYD, James Stone MasonYes MYERS, HannahSYesYesBannsJames SteadHannah & James S. & Joseph X
          Joseph Thornton 
30.08.1819SKIRROW. JohnBFarmerYes MYERS, HannahSYesYesBannsJohn BinnsHannah & John Binns used X
          Benjamin Craven 
27.10.1833BOOTH, William Black SmithYes MYERS, NancySYesYesBannsJoseph BarracloughAll but groom used X
          Betty Lambert 
13.02.1820HALLIDAY,WClothierYes NAYLOR, ElizabethSYesYesBannsWilliam SugdenJoseph, Elizabeth & William used X
Joseph         Benjamin Craven 
23.09.1827BOOTH, William ClothierYes NICHOLS, SarahSYesYesBannsGeorge NicolsAll but Eliza uses X
          Eliza Hogan 
20.11.1825STEAD, Barzillai?WJoinerYes NICHOLSON, Ann YesYesBannsBenjamin OatesAnn used X
          Benjamin Craven 
16.09.1823PYRAH, JosephWWeaverYes PARKER, SarahSYesYesBannsJames GallowaySarah used X
          Daniel Taylor 
01.09.1823THREAPLETON, John ClothierYes PEARSON, MarySYesYesBannsWilliam WadeMary used X
          Jeremiah Rhodes 
02.06.1816AYERTON, SamuelBFarmerYes PEARSON, RachelSYesYesBannsBenjamin CravenSamuel, Rachel & John used X
          John Wood 
29.03.1819NICHOLSON, BenjaminBClothierYes PICKARD, EstherSYesYesBannsJohn Hardcastle?Esther used X
          Isaac Keighley 
10.08.1831LANCASTER, JohnWWool ComberYes PICKARD, HannahWYesYesBannsJames CravenHannah & John used X
          Benjamin Craven 
25.08.1828PARKER, John Stone MasonYes PICKARD, MarthaSYesYesBannsIsaac HudsonAll but Isaac used X
          Sarah Hudson 
08.05.1817REDSHAW, JamesBClothierYes PICKARD, Mary AnnSYesYesBannsJames RedshawGroom & Mary Ann used X
          James Pickard 
08.04.1822DAWSON, JamesBEngineer?Yes POLLARD, ElizabethSYesYesBannsDavid BrookJames & Elizabeth used X
          William Littlewood 
27.08.1827MURGATROYD, John Stone MasonYes PROCTOR, AnnSYesYesBannsWilliam WalkerAnn used X
          William Crowther 
08.07.1827WINTERBURN, John Wool ComberYes PROCTOR, Epsey or HiphzibehSYesYesBannsPeter BarritRichard used X Bride signed her name Hephzi Proctor
          Richard Millar 
02.10.1825THREAPLETON, Thomas ClothierYes PROCTOR, MarthaSYesYesBannsThomas DuftonAll used X
          Elizabeth Barnes 
08.08.1825STEAD, JonasWManufact- urerLeeds RADCLIFFE, MaryWYesYesLicenceWilliam OttleyNo X
          Walter Stead 
          Richard Collett 
          ? Greasely 
15.11.1815KEIGHLEY, DavidBClothierYes RAISTRICK, ElizabethSYesYesBanns with consent of parentsJames HartleyElizabeth used X
          George Craven 
          Joseph Raistrick 
          Joseph Kellett 
02.03.1829KEIGHLEY, Joseph Wool ComberYes RAISTRICK, JaneSYesYesBannsDavid RaistrickAll but Joseph used X
          Ann Mawson? 
17.06.1833MAUD, GeorgeWEngine AttendantYes REED, MarthaSYesYesBannsJoseph MaudMartha used X
          David Reed 
05.11.1826WHITFIELD, Thomas ClothierYes REVES, NaomiSYesYesBannsJoshua WhitfieldNo X. (Bride signed Reeves)
          William Lee 
18.08.1816BALMFORTH, JamesBStockingYes RHODES, HannahSYesYesBannsGeorge SteadJohn Rhodes used X
  Maker       John Rhodes 
02.09.1819GILL, JamesWGrazierKildwick? RHODES, HannahWYesYesLicenceWilliam RhodesHannah used X
          William Littlewood 
??.07.1818MAUD, WilliamBCord-Yes RHODES, HannahSYesYesBannsJoshua FarrerJoshua & Thomas used X
  wainer       Thomas Rhodes 
06.02.1832POLLARD, James TinnerYes RHODES, HannahSYesYesBannsWilliam RhodesAll but Thomas Marshall used X
          Thomas Marshall 
22.05.1831SHARP, James ClothierYes RHODES, HannahSYesYesBannsWilliam SharpHannah & James used X
          William Strother 
13.10.1816SHAW, EdwardWLabourerYes RHODES, JaneSYesYesBannsWilliam RawsonJane used X
          Benjamin Craven 
25.09.1826FIRTH, Jeremiah DelverYes RHODES, MariaSYesYesBannsJames ChildMaria used X
          John Gill 
24.11.1829LIGHTFOOT, William Cloth MakerYes RHODES, Mary YesYesBannsJs LightfootMary used X
          Benjamin Craven 
14.12.1818PYERA, JosephBStone MasonYes RHODES, NannySYesYesBannsBenjamin CravenJoseph Pyerah & Nanny used X
          James Hinchcliffe 
19.10.1824DAVY, EdwardBComberYes RHODES, RebeccaSYesYesBannsBenjamin WatsonEdward & Rebecca used X
          Joseph Kaye 
31.05.1830BEANLAND, George MoulderYes RHODES, SarahSYesYesBannsSamuel WatsonAll used X
          John Scholefield 
24.06.1827RHODES, John JoinerYes RHODES, SarahSYesYesBannsJohn RhodesSarah & John Rhodes (witness) used X
          James Craven 
28.04.1834BALME?, John FarmerYes RHODES, SusannaSYesYesBannsAbraham CravenSusanna used X
          James Craven 
01.10.1826HALLIDAY, James ClothierYes RILEY, SarahSYesYesBannsAbraham PicklesAll used X
          Joseph Hinchcliffe 
29.08.1821KEIGHLEY, IsaacBClothierYes ROBERTS, HannahSYesYesBannsJames ThreapletonHannah used X
          Eli Keighley 
05.11.1821STEAD, JamesBClothierYes ROBERTSHAW, ElisabethSYesYesBannsJames SteadGroom, Elisabeth & Joseph used X
          Joseph Booth 
05.12.1819MURGATROYD, ThomasBSmithYes ROBERTSHAW, SarahSYesYesBannsJoseph TaylorThomas used X
          Joseph Keighley 
01.08.1821BATESON, JonasBClothierYes ROBINSON, Mary AnnSYesYesBannsWilliam LittlewoodNo X
          Elisabeth Robinson 
10.04.1826HAIGH, BenjaminWWool ComberYes ROSS, AnnSYesYesBannsJohn WatkinsonAll used X
          Nanny Watkinson 
27.05.1822THREAPLETON, WilliamBClothierYes ROSS, HannahSYesYesBannsJonathan RossHannah used X
          James Threapleton 
22.05.1820HORN, JohnBClothierYes ROSS, MarySYesYesBannsJohn RobertsMary used X
          George Andrews Jun 
05.03.1832KEIGHLEY, Samuel ClothierYes ROSS, RuthSYesYesBannsGeorge HainsworthRuth used X
          David Hainsworth 
          John Proctor 
24.08.1823TIDGEWELL, William MasonYes RYDER, RebeccaSYesYesBannsThomas WhiteleyWilliam & Rebecca used X
          John Threapleton 
13.06.1833DAWSON, John Horsfall ClothierYes SCOTT, Mary YesYesBannsJames BellNo X
          Sarah Bell 
05.07.1818BOOTH, JeremiahBDelverYes SHEARD, ElisabethSYesYesBannsBenjamin CravenJeremiah & Elisabeth used X
          David Pratt 
24.01.1830MANN, Jonas Wool ComberYes SHEPHERD, MarthaSYesYesBannsJames CravenMartha & Jonas used X
          Benjamin Craven 
18.05.1834HUDSON, Joseph WeaverYes SKIRROW, AliceSYesYesBannsBenjamin SugdenAll but Benjamin used X
          Grace Skirrow 
10.07.1818HARPER, JosephBButcherYes SKIRROW, AnnSYesYesLicenceIsaac WilcockNo X
          Hannah Battersby 
09.08.1819ILLINGWORTH, SamuelBDelverYes SKIRROW, ElisabethSYesYesBannsWilliam HartleySamuel & Elisabeth used X
          Benjamin Craven 
18.04.1831PATCHETT, Thomas Stone MasonYes SKIRROW, ElizabethSYesYesBannsJohn PatchettElizabeth used X
          Joshua Patchett 
18.06.1822NORMINTON?, MartinBCollierYes SKIRROW, HannahSYesYesBannsJames JenkinsonHannah used X
          Benjamin Craven 
25.12.1827WILSON, William FarmerYes SKIRROW, HannahSYesYesBannsJohn SkirrowAll but William used X
          Ellen Wilson 
26.04.1829SUGDEN, ThomasWLabourerYes SKIRROW, JudithSYesYesBannsBenjamin CravenThomas & Judith used X
          James Craven 
23.05.1825BEECROFT, Joseph Stone MasonYes SKIRROW, MarySYesYesBannsRobert SugdenJoseph, Mary & J.S. used X
          John Skirrow 
28.01.1824THORNTON, Thomas Wool ComberYes SKIRROW, MarySYesYesBannsJames BatesonThomas, Mary & Samuel used X
          Samuel Thornton 
          John Burnley 
25.08.1819GELDER, JohnBDelverYes SKIRROW, SarahBYesYesBannsThomas GelderSarah used X
          Jonas? Jonathan? Huff? 
02.05.1815PADGET, BenjaminBClothierYes SKIRROW, SarahSYesYesBannsBenjamin RaistrickAll except Benjamin Raistrick used X
          Benjamin Skirrow 
03.07.1831WILCOCK, Henry ClothierYes SKIRROW, SarahSYesYesBannsGeorge WilcockAll used X
          Nanny Marshall 
10.12.1815BENNETT, JohnWCoal MinerYes SKIRROW, SusannahWYesYesBannsBenjamin CravenJohn, Susannah & William used X
          William Craven 
16.06.1833MYERS, George ClothierYes SKIRROW, ZillaSYesYesBannsIsaac NaylorAll but George used X
          Mary Skirrow 
17.11.1853KENDALL, William ClothierYes SMITH, BettySYesYesBannsThomas MarshallAll used X
          Pullan Davidson 
25.12.1834COATES, Joseph Cord-Yes SMITH, EllenSYesYesBannsWilliam ClarkEllen used X
  wainer       Hannah Ackroyd 
04.05.1829RHODES, Joseph FarmerYes SMITH, MaryWYesYesLicenceSamuel OddyNo X
          Lydia Raistrick 
10.08.1834STEAD, Robert Wool ComberYes SNOWDENSYesYesBannsJohn SteadAll but John used X
          Jane Stead 
07.06.1829MORTIMER, James WeaverYes SPENCE, MarySYesYesBannsJoseph KeighleyMary & Jane used X
          Jane Keighley 
25.05.1817HALLIDAY, MartinBClothYes STANSFIELD, MarthaSYesYesBannsJohn StansfiieldMartin & Martha used X
          Jonas Ward 
19.09.1824WHITEHEAD, JosephBFarmerYes STEAD, AnnSpinster of the parish of Bradford YesLicenceWilliam PawsonNo X
          Hannah Burggine? 
02.12.1821TETLEY, WilliamBFarmerYes STEAD, Ann EstherSYesYesBannsWilliam SugdenNo X
          Benjamin Craven 
10.02.1823MYERS, Joseph DelverYes STEAD, BettySYesYesBannsJoseph DawsonBetty used X
          Joseph Robinson 
08.01.1827ASHLEY, John Flag FacerYes STEAD, ElizabethSYesYesBannsHenry AshleyAll used X
          William Ashley 
09.07.1820TETLEY, JohnBCholh? DresserYes STEAD, ElizabethSYesYesBannsWilliam ClarkJohn and Elizabeth used X
          Thomas Coupland 
24.06.1832ARMITAGE, Hanby? Cloth DresserYes STEAD, HannahSYesYesBannsThomas CouplandHannah and Hanby used X
          John Verity 
29.08.1816WILKINSON, WilliamBWeaverYes STEAD, HannahSYesYesBannsJames SteadHannah & James Stead used X
          James Craven 
04.12.1814MAWSON, DavidBClothierYes STEAD, MarthaSYesYesBannsJames CravenDavid & Martha used X
          Benjamin Craven 
25.10.1819STRATFORD, RichardOf Ocbrook in the County of Derby   STEAD, MarySYesYesBannsJohn SteadNo X
          John Taylor 
14.04.1828HORN, ThomasWStuff WeaverYes STEAD, MarySYesYesBannsWilliam PeelAll but Thomas used X
          William Pratt 
26.12.1924ILLINGWORTH, JamesWClothierYes STEAD, MarySYesYesBannsBenjamin CravenAll but T.G. used X
          Thomas Gamble 
18.04.1830BOOTH, Joseph DelverYes STEAD, RuthSYesYesBannsBenjamin CravenRuth & Joseph used X
          James Craven 
01.01.1814BALME, John Wilkinson Manu-Yes STEAD, SarahSYesYesBanns with consent of parentsBenjamin CravenNo X
  facturer       George Craven 
06.12.1826BOOTH, JamesWClothierYes STEAD, SarahWYesYesBannsJohn StansfieldSarah used X
          John Cowell 
29.08.1813HAINSWORTH, David ClothierYes STEAD, SarahSYesYesBannsGeorge StansfieldDavid & Sarah used X
          Benjamin Craven 
25.12.1827MYERS, Isaac Slate RiverYes STEAD, SusanSYesYesBannsThomas HornAll but Thomas Horn used X
          Joseph Firth 
09.08.1818RHODES, JohnBFarmerYes STEPHENSON, SusannahSYesYesBannsElisabeth StephensonSusannah & Elisabeth used X
          Benjamin Craven 
25.12.1818STEAD, RichardBWool ComberYes STORR?, HannahSYesYesBannsRobert KendallNo X
          David Parkinson 
28.08.1825THREAPLETON, Thomas ClothierYes SUGDEN, MarySYesYesBannsMatthew MilnerMary used X
          Eliza Wilson 
15.03.1825HORN, Joseph WeaverYes TETLEY, SusannaSYesYesBannsBenjamin CravenNo X
          William Horn 
16.10.1814BATESON, JosephBClothierYes THORNTON, AliceSYesYesBanns with consent of parentsBenjamin CravenJoseph & Alice used X
          Mary Hargreave Craven 
28.07.1823KENDALL, John Wool ComberYes THORNTON, HannahSYesYesBannsJoshua RhodesJohn & Hannah used X
          Elizabeth Kendall 
20.01.1823STEAD, Thomas Shoe MakerYes THORNTON, MarySYesYesBannsJoseph MyerThomas used X
          William Bland 
01.06.1833JACKSON, SamuelWClothierYes THREAPLETON, AnnWYesYesBannsJohn KirkAnn & Samuel used X
          William Spence 
          James Craven 
17.05.1824THREAPLETON, John ClothierYes THREAPLETON, BettySYesYesBannsThomas ThreapletonJohn used X
          Joseph Threappleton 
          Joseph Insley? 
          Jonthon Webster 
11.11.1821MIRFIELD, JohnBClothierYes THREAPLETON, EstherSYesYesBannsJohn ArmitageJohn M & Esther used X
          James Craven 
07.03.1813WHITFIELD, George ClothierYes THREAPLETON, Esther YesYesBanns with consent of parentsJonathan PrattEsther used X
          Benjamin Popplewell 
22.09.1828LANGLEY, Jonas ClothierYes THREAPLETON, HannahSYesYesBannsSamuel WaltonAll but Charles used X
          Charles Wood 
05.09.1824ROBINSON, James ClothierYes THREAPLETON, HannahSYesYesBannsWilliam ListerNo X
          Benjamin Craven 
08.07.1822GAUNT, JohnBClothierYes THREAPLETON, MarySYesYesBannsThomas CrowtherJohn & Mary used X
          William Walker 
25.08.1822WARD, JosephWClothierYes THREAPLETON, MarySYesYesBannsBenjamin CravenJoseph & Mary used X
          James Craven 
02.07.1826THORNTON, Samuel FarmerYes THREAPLETON, SarahSYesYesBannsDavid BrownSamuel, David & William used X
          William Thornton 
28.02.1831BROOKE, Joseph JoinerBirstal THRIPPLETON, HannahSYesYesLicenceWilliam ListerNo X
          E. I. Ogle? 
          Thomas Hyland 
01.07.1821SPENCER, WilliamBClothierYes TIDGEWELL, HannahSYesYesBannsJohn PrattWilliam & Hannah used X
          Joseph Pawson 
22.12.1833WATMOUGH, Thomas Wool ComberYes TIDGEWELL, MaryWYesYesBannsWm HareAll but Abraham used X
          Abraham Craven 
29.09.1819HALLIDAY, JamesBClothierYes TILLOTSON, Sarah YesYesBannsGeorge KingsbyAll used X
          John Barrett 
07.10.1816RHODES, JamesBCarpenterYes TILLOTSON, SarahSYesYesBannsIsaac ListerNo X
          Joseph Cordingley 
16.04.1827HORN, Murgatroyd WeaverYes TOMMIS, EuniceSYesYesBannsThomas HornEunice & William used X
          William Cordingley 
30.07.1827CORDINGLEY, William ClothierYes TOMMIS, JaneSYesYesBannsMurgatroyd HornWilliam & Jane used X
          Thomas Horn 
19.10.1829KEIGHLEY, AbrahamBButcherYes VARLEY, RoseWYesYesBannsWilliam DeightonNo X
          George Hainsworth 
12.06.1815BATESON, JamesBClothierYes WADE, IsabelSYesYesLicenceSamuel CowlingNo X
          James Craven 
30.05.1815BOOTH, GeorgeWBlack smithYes WADKINSON, MarySYesYesBannsThomas PicklesGeorge & Mary used X
          James Craven 
14.11.1825BOOTH, James Clothier  WALKER, ElizabethSYesYesBannsChristopher SmithAll used X
          Joseph Booth 
08.06.1833THREAPLETON, Joseph ClothierYes WALKER, ElizabethSYesYesBannsJohn HansonElizabeth & William used X
          William Walker 
25.02.1828HORN, Joseph ClothierYes WALKER, LydiaSYesYesBannsChristopher Smith?Joseph, Lydia & Christopher used X
          Benjamin Craven 
          Thomas Walker 
01.02.1829SKIRROW, William Cloth Drefter?Yes WALTON, SarahSYesYesBannsJoseph WadeBoth Williams used X
          William Busfield 
02.02.1817KEIGHLEY, JohnBClothierYes WARD, SusannaSYesYesBannsEdward KeighleySusanna & William used X
          William Ward 
28.07.1833BOOTH, George JoinerYes WARDLE, AnnSYesYesBannsJohn RansonAnn & James used X
          James Clark 
18.09.1831DAWSON, Wilkinson OverlookerYes WATMOUGH, MarySYesYesBannsJohn RhodesMary used X
          John Proctor 
29.09.1830RHODES, Samuel Shoe MakerYes WEBSTER, MarySYesYesBannsJohn WebsterNo X
          Elizabeth Stowe 
          Nathan Pickles 
19.05.1817STEAD, RobertBWool SorterYes WEBSTER, MarySYesYesBannsJohn HealeyMary used X
          William Hillas 
13.04.1823HALLIDAY, James ClothierYes WEBSTER, SarahSYesYesBannsWilliam CarrSarah used X
          John Mirfield 
26.05.1816HALLIDAY, JohnBRopeYes WEST, NancySYesYesBannsBenjamin CravenJohn, Nancy & Joseph used X
  Maker       Joseph West 
25.12.1823WOOD, John ClothierYes WHITFIELD, MarySYesYesBannsCharles TaylorMary used X
          Christ. Reynald 
25.09.1831ILLINGWORTH, Samuel ClothierYes WHITFIELD, SarahSYesYesBannsDavid ReadSarah used X
          Samuel Hargreaves 
22.01.1826SKIRROW, George ClothierYes WILCOCK, GraceSYesYesBannsWilliam GillGrace & William Gill used X
          William Sharp 
01.01.1815SKIRROW, JohnBFarmerYes WILD, MarySYesYesBannsThomas IllesAnn used X
          Ann Roberts 
02.03.1823RHODES, James Delver Bradford  WILSON, BettySYesYesBannsBenjamin CravenJames & Betty used X
          James Grimshaw 
14.08.1831SKIRROW, William ClothierYes WOMERSLEY, AnnSYesYesBannsJohn Ki.....?Ann & Samuel used X
          Samuel Smith 
15.09.1823HORN, JohnWClothierYes WOMERSLEY, Caritis?WYesYesBannsJohn HargreavesCaritis used X
          Samuel Hillis 
09.11.1829WINTERBURN, Robert Wool ComberYes WOOD, ElizabethSYesYesBannsJohn ProctorElizabeth & Robert used X
          John Booth 
09.09.1821RHODES, JosephBClothierYes WOOD, MarySYesYesBannsJohn WoodJoseph, Mary & William used X
          William Barns 
23.06.1824BOOTH, Jeremiah ClothierYes WOODHEAD, ElizabethSYesYesBannsGeorge IllingworthNo X
          James Woodhead 

Data transcribed from:
Calverley Parish Registers.
Transcribed by
Marilyn Maybury ©2001