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CALVERLEY: Idle Parish Registers, Burials 1904-1919

E1711904 01 04BerthaWILKINSON420 Fagley Lane, Eccleshill 
E1721904 01 05Sarah AnnDENBIGH677 The Green 
E1731904 01 07FrederickCLARKE65Croft House, Thorp Garth 
E1741904 01 26Richard TurnerGARNETT7m13 New Street 
E1751904 02 03ThomasHUDSON77PO 20, Bradford Road 
E1761904 02 08ThomasCROSSLEY35Menston 
E1771904 02 11LilyLLOYD17m14 Howgate 
E1781904 02 23ClaraCROSS2278 Highfield Road 
E1791904 02 23MaryRAISTRICK4427 Leeds Road 
E1801904 02 23WilliamRHODES5143 Leeds Road 
E1811904 03 03RuthKAY45 Falcon Street, Horton 
E1821904 03 23Christopher ThomasYARKER6141 Castle Terrace 
E1841904 04 16George WilliamBARREN437 Blenheim Place 
E1831904 04 16SethHARDAKER4920 New Street 
E1851904 04 21WilliamHASTE1m7 Rawson Square 
E1861904 04 25Hugh ReginaldHAMMOND1mCross Road 
E1871904 04 25Caroline Ann HillSTONE617 Low Fold, Greengates 
E1881904 04 30DorothyFOSTER3dBourne Terrace 
E1891904 05 06John CecilSIMPSON431 Bradford Road 
E1901904 05 13Kathleen MaryPETTY425 Brighton Street 
E1911904 05 16WilliamKING60Clayton Workhouse 
E1921904 05 23Henry EdwardSHELTON31429 Livingstone Road, Bradford 
E1931904 05 24William WilkinsonRODWELL4723 Baildon Bridge, Baildon 
E1941904 06 01JosephSIMPSON746 Greenfield Lane 
E1971904 06 13JosephCLOUGH5725 Woodbine Terrace 
E1961904 06 13Mary AnnDAWSON44Menston 
E1951904 06 13MaryDUNWELL2m74 Highfield Road 
E1981904 06 14EmilyHASTE127 Rawson Square 
E1991904 06 21GeorgeBROOK125 Elliott Street, Shipley 
E2001904 06 27JohnMCCUE46BFD Infirmary 
E2011904 07 01SarahRHODES666 Lonsdale Street, Bradford 
E2021904 07 02Eric WilliamHUTCHINSON19mCorona Terrace, Thackley 
E2031904 07 02FrederickTODD1114 New Street 
E2041904 07 16EdwinPADGETT6825 Butt Lane 
E2051904 08 03Sarah EmmaROBERTS1m4 North Fold 
E2061904 08 05LydiaPRINCE53dWhite Swan, The Green 
E2071904 08 08Mary ElizabethMYERS11m162 Bolton Hall Road 
E2081904 08 15EmmaLEE741 Thackley Old Road 
E2101904 08 20WalterHOLMES4m44 High Street 
E2091904 08 20FlorenceYARKER2241 Castle Terrace 
E2121904 08 30MaryLUPTON824 Booth Street 
E2111904 08 30JessieROBERTS2m4 North Fold 
E2131904 09 06BenjaminBROOKSBANK7217 Jennings Street, Windhill 
E2141904 09 10MaggieGARBUTT14m30 Hampton Place 
E2151904 09 12WilliamBARKER7Airedale View 
E2161904 09 19JosephLAYCOCK557 Pollard Building's, Highfield Road 
E2171904 09 20John EllisWILLEY4136 Ley Fleaks 
E2181904 09 22Doris ElizabethTHORNTON23m42 Hampton Place 
E2191904 10 07IvySWIFT714 Greenfield Place 
E2201904 10 12Richard DobsonASHLEY2921 Norman Terrace, Eccleshill 
E2211904 10 15ElizabethLONG6375 New Line, Greengates 
E2221904 10 18SarahIRETON?638 Albion Road 
E2231904 10 20MaryWRIGHT681 North Road, Thackley 
E2241904 10 25AlfredDENNISON7d27 Westfield Lane 
E2251904 11 02ElizabethDENBIGH338 The Green 
E2261904 11 04MaryCREIGHTON5328 New Street 
E2271904 11 09BettyPROSSER3711 Springfield Place 
E2281904 11 09WilliamPROSSER2d11 Springfield Place 
E2291904 11 22AbrahamTHORNTON7110 Greenfield Lane 
E2301904 11 22IdaTHORNTON7Sunfield, Stanningley 
E2311904 11 23EmmaGILL39825 Bolton Road 
E2321904 11 29LoisGREENWOOD4m99 Park Road 
E2331904 11 30SarahBROOKE7619 Apperley Road 
E2341904 12 03AlicePADGETT343 Leeds Road 
E2351904 12 05MaryDENBIGH556 Regent Street 
E2381904 12 06James AlfredHOLMES4High Street Place 
E2371904 12 06AnnieSTEPHENSON640 Westminster Road, Bradford 
E2361904 12 06JonathanWRIGHT71North Street, Thackley 
E2391904 12 10WilliamILLINGWORTH21m25 High Street 
E2401904 12 12EdwardBARKER2Airedale View 
E2411904 12 17MarthaABBOTT704 Louisa Street 
E2421904 12 22HenryWATKINSON7316 Highdale Terrace 
E2431904 12 31LutherBOOTH2m8 Cobden Street 
E2441905 01 02JohnPADGETT7m25 Butt Lane 
E2451905 01 06SarahBAXTER86Hatfield House, West Lane 
E2461905 01 07AnnieDOVE1m67 Leeds Road 
E2471905 01 11MinnieLORD30Park Road, Thackley 
E2481905 01 14Sarah AnnMOUNSEY741 West Church Street, Windhill 
E2491905 01 14JohnROSE69Cragg Hill Road 
E2501905 01 14MarySTEAD683 Castle Hill Road, Eccleshill 
E2511905 01 18OverendHODGSON66Park Lodge, Thackley 
E2521905 01 19WilliamGREAVES75Union Workhouse, Clayton 
E2531905 02 09SarahCRABTREE7615 Hampton Place 
E2541905 02 13WilliamDIBB2937 Moorfield Place 
E2551905 02 14DoraHORSLEY2m418 Livingstone Road 
E2561905 02 21Annie LauraHILL5m6 Railway Place 
E2571905 02 25WilliamATKINSON676 Albion Road 
E2581905 03 09AnnCANNON70Idle 
E2601905 03 16EmmaBRAYSHAW6418 Windhill Old Roadinterred in private burial ground in Brown Wood
E2591905 03 16PollyHOLLINGS2117 Railway Place 
E2611905 03 18EllenSCOTT625 Hutton's Buildings 
E2621905 03 21MarionBERRY9m9 Railway Place 
E2631905 04 01William CharlesRUNDLE342 Boothroyd 
E2641905 04 11AnnieGARBUTT10Idle 
E2651905 04 11AliceOXLEY9m18 Cragg Hill Road 
E2661905 04 15Dorothy Annie ThorntonHAINSWORTH10m92 Highfield Road 
E2671905 04 17AdamKAY684 Croft Top 
E2681905 04 19RalphLEE1123 High Street 
E2691905 04 20George FrederickHILL1851 Park Road 
E2701905 04 21BenjaminALRED653 North Street 
E2711905 04 27Ernest GeorgeWEBSTER233 Ellar Carr Road 
E2721905 05 03FredHICK32 Rawson Square 
E2731905 05 04ArthurSTEAD2317 Thorp Garth 
E2741905 05 13EmmaBROOKE4197 Park Place 
E2751905 05 20HannahGILL6829 The Bank, Eccleshill 
E2761905 05 22AbrahamNORTH6858 Bradford Road 
E2771905 05 22ThomasWAIN4711 Oakley Terrace, Leeds 
E2781905 05 24AnnKENDALL7253 Park Road 
E2791905 05 30MaryMARTIN21mCalverley Hospital 
E2801905 06 03Mary AnnBUTTERFIELD6275 Bradford Road 
E2811905 06 10JamesBROADLEY4628 Maidstone Street, Bradford 
E2821905 06 15SamuelCOATES806 Hampton Place 
E2831905 06 27MaryBAXTER8116 Park Road 
E2841905 07 04FannyHARDAKER161 Back Cave Road 
E2851905 07 06AnnBECK8124 Kirkham Street, Rodley 
E2861905 07 13AllanMITCHELL3m23 High Street 
E2871905 07 18SamSTEAD284 Booth Street 
E2881905 07 29HildaMURGATROYD10m7 Highfield Lane 
E2891905 08 03SarahRENDELL793 Hampton Place 
E2911905 08 09MauriceBRIGGS2220 The Green 
E2901905 08 09JosephHARTLEY1dNorth Fold 
E2921905 08 12Annie MariaGOULDSBOROUGH3653 Midland Road, Frizinghall 
E2931905 08 15John WilliamSTEAD35Orangeman's Inn, Bradford Road 
E2941905 08 21MargaretATKINSON686 Albion Road 
E2951905 08 28SamuelGLOVER638 Valley Parade 
E2961905 08 30SarahLEE1623 High Street 
E2971905 09 02RobertDUNWELL25d26 Back Lane 
E2991905 09 12FrankHUDSON7m18 Green Row 
E2981905 09 13Solomon ClarkBOWER3829 Leeds Road, Thackley 
E3011905 10 07JoeBOTTOMLEY7014 Ley Fleaks Road 
E3001905 10 07CharleyJOYCE810 Brunswick Road, Greengates 
E3021905 10 18FrankWILKINSON7516 Church View 
E3031905 10 24Jane RumfittLAMB7928 Thornhill Place, Bradford 
E3041905 11 07Benjamin ThorntonFAWCETT23Ashfield 
E3051905 11 18ElsieBARKER4Railway Road 
E3061905 11 25HannahRILEY7517 Ley Fleaks Road 
E3071905 12 06EdmundBOOTH34105 Park Hill, Thackley 
E3081905 12 09JaneKENDALL12mFever Hospital, Bradford 
E3091905 12 21WilliamHUDSON78Moorfield Place 
E3101905 12 22JamesMANN557 Burnwell 
E3111905 12 27BaxterLEE22High Street, Idle 
E3121906 01 02Mary AnnPICKLES5512 Brackendale 
E3131906 01 03MaryHINDLE7324 Hampton Place 
E3141906 01 04AmosPICKLES68Greenfield Lane 
E3151906 01 12ElizabethDIXONnot enteredHutton Buildings, Thackleyalso Menston Asylum
E3161906 01 13James WilliamSEARLE62Royal Infirmary, Bradford 
E3171906 01 16WilliamALRED586 Bourne Terrace 
E3181906 01 18WilliamCORDINGLEY4336 Fourlands 
E3191906 01 20ElizabethWADE7112 Highdale Terrace 
E3201906 01 23SusannahROSS6811 Cavendish Road 
E3211906 01 26Mary AnnGARNETT1916 Back Lane 
E3221906 02 01EllenBOTTOMLEY7116 The Green 
E3241906 02 07WalterBRAYSHAW7Vint's Buildings, West Road 
E3231906 02 07Albert TempestHEYS24Church View 
E3251906 02 09CoatesMURGATROYD6415 Ash Grove, Horton 
E3261906 02 14RaistrickMITCHELL77Windhill Shipley 
E3271906 02 15GeorgeCORDINGLEY9mSimpsons Green 
E3281906 02 19JohnLEE48Union Workhouse, Clayton 
E3291906 03 14HannahMITCHELL72Windhill 
E3301906 04 03Jim SandersonRHODES431 Butt Lane 
E3311906 04 05EzraCORDINGLEY698 Aire Street 
E3321906 04 11WilliamLOCKWOOD27The Workhouse, Bradford 
E3331906 04 20GladysSTRICKLAND16d9 Louisa Street 
E3341906 04 24LoisBAXTER38610 Leeds Road 
E3351906 04 28AlfredPICKLES475 Westfield Lane 
E3361906 05 15John JamesBOOTH3529 Westfield Lane 
E3371906 05 22FrankCROSSLEY2827 Park Crescent, Thackley 
E3381906 06 02MaryHARROD7110 Thorp Garth 
E3391906 06 03MarthaJENNINGS65Windhill 
E3401906 06 09MaryMANN84Morecambe 
E3411906 06 23Martha ElizaCOATES353 Marlboro Road 
E3421906 06 23John CharlesPICKLES468 Pretoria Terrace, Leeds 
E3431906 06 29Arthur SaxtonWEBSTER14m14 Queen Street, Greengates 
E3441906 07 05SarahBREAREY32Ditchfield Lane, High Legh? 
E3451906 07 20JosephSIMPSON75Highdale Terrace 
E3461906 07 24SamuelWOMACK55Woodville Terrace 
E3471906 07 30RebeccaBINNS7229 Croft Street 
E3481906 08 11MaryBAXTER8227 Croft Street 
E3491906 08 21AdaKENZIE3526 Darrel Road, Ordsall?probably Odsal, Bradford
E3501906 08 23HarryPADGETT16d25 Butt Lane 
E3511906 08 29WilliamJENNINGS79Haigh Hall 
E3531906 09 06ElizabethMANN7711 Thackley Old Road 
E3521906 09 06GraceTOWN392 Wellington Street, Windhill 
E3541906 09 07ThompsonROPER40Rodley 
E3551906 09 11EvaSMITH3m24 New Street 
E3561906 09 19AmeliaMIDGELEY24Idle 
E3571906 09 22MarthaMYERS8820 New Street 
E3591906 09 25JamesBRANNAN6152 Bradford Road 
E3581906 09 25JohnMURGATROYD82Quarry House, Clayton 
E3601906 09 27LilyHEATON2412 Spring Street 
E3611906 10 01MargaretWEBSTER50Stockhill Fold, Greengates 
E3621906 10 12ArthurTOWN5m91 Leeds Road, Windhill 
E3631906 10 17Kathleen ConstanceSTEAD8m15 Kensington Place, Idle 
E3641906 10 18AliceDAWSON8011 Howgate 
E3651906 10 26SamuelSUTTLE6063 Bradford Road 
E3661906 12 31SarahDENNISDALE7327 Windsor Road, Shipley 
E3681907 01 08JamesBAXTER35High Street 
E3701907 01 08AnnRAISTRICK82Wheatley Lawn, Ben Rhydding 
E3671907 01 08BenjaminSIMPSON6930 Townwell Square 
E3691907 01 09EdmundBERRY649 North Street 
E3711907 01 10AnnPADGETT6655 The Bank, Eccleshill 
E3721907 01 12Mary AnnTHACKRAY703 Moorside Place 
E3731907 01 15William WalterFELL58137 Woodroyd Road, Bowling 
E3741907 01 17AtkinsonDENNISON56Ley Fleaks Road 
E3751907 01 24WilliamBARKER6925 Albion Road 
E3761907 01 26JamesSUNTER73Westfield Lane 
E3771907 01 30BettySUTTELLE6423 Closes Road, Rastrick 
E3781907 02 07CharlotteFLETCHER78Sandbeds 
E3811907 02 14Mary AnnAIRTON77230 New Line, Greengates 
E3801907 02 14JosephBINNS7629 Croft Street 
E3791907 02 14MaryGARNETT7226 Church Street, Windhill 
E3821907 02 22FredGARNETT12Back Lane 
E3841907 03 09RobertMULLINDER606 Valley Street, Bradford 
E3831907 03 09MarySWIFT76Union Workhouse, Clayton 
E3851907 03 16AnnKEIGHLEY67Windhill 
E3861907 03 23Laura AnnieSPENCER3228 King Street, Eccleshill 
E3871907 03 30MariaMOTTESHEAD58112 Westgate, Bradford 
E3881907 04 06GeorgeALRED507 Stanley Street, Idle 
E3891907 04 11ThomasLEWIS54Rawson Square 
E3901907 04 13Alice MatildaHASTE63A Booth Street 
E3911907 04 19ElizaDALE7529 Butt Lane 
E3921907 04 27MaryBALL76Rose Cott, Thackley End 
E3931907 05 06CharlotteATKINSON5216 Park Road 
E3941907 05 13Florence May?FOWLER5m5 Pollard Buildings, Idle 
E3951907 05 15DavidWALKER78Ley Fleaks Road 
E3971907 06 06FrankDOBSON4m14 Highdale Terrace 
E3981907 06 26DanielMYERS32Moor End, Highfield Road 
E3991907 06 29SamuelBAXTER8316 Park Road 
E3961907 065 24JaneSHEARD?473 Alexandra Square, Shipley 
E4001907 07 11FannyDOBSON2714 Highdale Terrace 
E4011907 07 22DorothyBAKER357 Castle Terrace 
E4021907 07 29JosephMYERS63Thackley Old Road 
E4031907 08 07SarahNAYLOR763 Delph Mount, Leeds 
E4041907 08 13AbrahamGLEDSTONE648 Hampton Place 
E4051907 08 14ElizabethMYERS9126 The Green 
E4061907 08 27John JordanBATEMAN8321 North Street 
E4071907 09 14ArthurTHOMPSON11m24 Hampton Place 
E4081907 09 25BenjaminTHORNTON62Park Road 
E4101907 10 04MarthaKENDALL75Upper Mill, Esholt 
E4091907 10 04CarolineOBANK79608 Leeds Road 
E4111907 10 05AnnieSMITH4535 Prospect Street, Eccleshill 
E4121907 10 09JohnSMITH225 Prospect Street, Eccleshill 
E4131907 10 11AbrahamGRIMSHAW62Idle 
E4141907 10 16SusannahSTANSFIELD7157 Baildon Bridge 
E4151907 10 26AnnWATSON659 Burnwell 
E4161907 10 29Frank WalterODDY26Heather Bank, Yeadon 
E4181907 10 30JoshuaMYERS593 Lees Place 
E4171907 10 30Frank EdwardWILLIAMSON1015 Falmouth Grove, Leeds 
E4191907 11 08Samuel DawsonOVEREND8mWell Inn 
E4201907 11 12JaneEDMUNDSON8623 Bertram Road, Manningham 
E4211907 11 14AlfredSUTTLE5111 Louisa Street 
E4221907 11 23ArthurSMITH1m35 Prospect Street, Eccleshill 
E4231907 12 02Florence MayLILLY492 Leeds Road, Windhill 
E4241907 12 07MariaCALVERT6326 Bute Street, Bradford 
E4251907 12 12Francis WilliamHUNTER54St. John's House, Idle 
E4261907 12 20JosephGLEDSTONE50Hyde House, Thackley 
E4271907 12 24TirasPEACOCK3m3 Wellington Street 
E4281908 01 02GeorgeDAWSON62Louisa Street 
E4291908 01 06SethTHOMAS779 Croft Street 
E4301908 01 14EmmaELLIOTT4721 New Street 
E4311908 01 17AnnieDENBIGH447 The Green 
E4321908 01 22MarthaNORTH77Leeds Road 
E4331908 01 22FrankWATKINSON12Dibb Fold 
E4341908 01 23JaneBAYLEY7628 Maidstone Street, Bradford 
E4351908 01 25MaryBROWN67Glebe House, Thackley 
E4361908 01 25JohnSINGLETON5015 Falmouth Grove, Leeds 
E4371908 01 29Charles WillieWILLIAMSON1615 Falmouth Grove, Leeds 
E4381908 02 08HannahGOLDSBOROUGH59Guiseley 
E4391908 02 11MarthaCLAUGHTON6816 Dawson Street 
E4401908 02 12SelinaNAYLOR1380 Blenheim Place 
E4411908 02 17ArthurHOBSON53Albion Road 
E4421908 03 02WilliamPLACE558 Aire Street, Thackley 
E4431908 03 06WilliamDIXON74Union Workhouse, Clayton 
E4441908 03 28NelliePEACOCK20m3 Wellington Street 
E4451908 04 07SamWOOMACK14m10 Fernbank Terrace, Bingley 
E4461908 04 08JosephBURROUGHS82Brighton Street 
E4471908 04 10MaryPADGETT8659 Ley Fleaks Road 
E4481908 04 14John ThomasMARSHALL384 Park Road 
E4491908 04 15JohnPITTS62Brighton Street 
E4501908 04 17John MarshallRENNISON2876 Town Lane 
E4511908 04 18JosephHASTE7037 Moorfield Place 
E4521908 04 20EllenDALBY7013 Croft Street 
E4531908 04 21SamHASTE2922 Butt Lane 
E4541908 05 07Mary AnnKEIGHLEY45Thorp Garth 
E4551908 05 13EmilyDOWGILL4d14 Dawson Street 
E4561908 05 16AlbertSIMMONDS15d42 New Street 
E4571908 05 19Elizabeth AnneGREENWOOD7212A Capel Street, Calverley 
E4581908 05 20AnnCOATES886 Hampton Place 
E4591908 06 02WilliamREYNOLDS6074 Town Lane 
E4601908 06 09ElsieTHOMPSON1711 Louisa Street 
E4611908 06 29JosephPICKLES7127 Marlboro Road 
E4621908 07 03EmilyELSEY2610 Bradford Road 
E4631908 07 13TomLUPTON4229 South View, Thackley 
E4641908 07 18MatildaBROTHERTON6Saltaire 
E4651908 07 28ElizabethBELL6628 Westfield Lane 
E4661908 08 06GarfieldTONGE231 North Street 
E4671908 08 14JohnMITCHELL67Brackendale 
E4681908 08 19RalphKINLEY?1423 Fourlands Road 
E4691908 08 21Martha AnnAPPLEYARD249 Ashfield Road 
E4701908 08 22WillieSTONE4m18 Moorfield Place 
E4711908 08 22ElijahTOWN4869 Aire Street, Windhill 
E4721908 09 17JosephWINTERBURN77Union Workhouse, Clayton 
E4731908 09 22AliceATKINSON2613 Back Cave Road 
E4741908 09 26CharlotteSIMMONDS276 Greenfield Lane 
E4751908 10 08HenryHALL3m7 Carr Road, Calverley 
E4761908 10 08GilbertHALL3m7 Carr Road, Calverley 
E4771908 10 31SarahBAXTER5928 Back Lane 
E4781908 11 02EmmaPOWELL11m6 Arthur Street 
E4791908 11 05ElizabethHODGSON74513 Leeds Road 
E4801908 11 06SarahGARSIDE83Cote Farm 
E4811908 11 12ElishaHOBSON75Leeds Road, Windhill 
E4821908 11 14AbigailMORLEY6822 Moorfield Place 
E4831908 11 21Eric JamesPORTER2m558 Leeds Road 
E4841908 11 21IreneSUMMERFIELD12m32 Hampton Place 
E484a1908 11 24JohnWHITFIELD Greengates 
E4851908 11 25RobertKENDALL661 Hyde Street 
E4861908 12 03JamesKENDALL5245 Idle Road, Bradford 
E4871908 12 04MarthaFLETCHER73Wells House, Idle 
E4881908 12 15MaryMAWSON7319 Brighton Street 
E4891908 12 16Elizabeth EllenPITTS2589 Ryan Street, Bradford 
E4901908 12 18MaryLEE667 Tivoli Place, Ilkley 
E4911908 12 28EmmaWHITFIELD682 Brackendale 
E4921908 12 29Martha ElizabethBAXTER50Hatfield House, Westfield Lane 
E4931908 12 31SethGOULDSBOROUGH5519 North Street 
E4941909 01 01BenjaminCORDINGLEY68Cumberworth 
E4951909 01 11MaryWEBB8223 Selborne Terrace, Shipley 
E4961909 01 13DugdaleCREIGHTON6628 New Street 
E4971909 01 14Elsie HildaEDDISON1227 Dyehouse Fold, Apperley Bridge 
E4981909 01 19ThomasSMITHIES647 Boothroyd 
E4991909 01 28JamesATKINSON66Union Workhouse, Clayton 
E5001909 02 02HannahILLINGWORTH7576 Town Lane 
E5011909 02 05FrederickBERRY67North Street Farm 
E5021909 02 27RachelSUMMERSCALES6462 Southampton Street 
E5031909 03 10Thomas MarshallEXLEY7515 Cragg Hill Road 
E5041909 03 18Mary EllenKILSHAW3328 Apperley Road 
E5051909 03 20Julia AnnWATKINSON631 Croft Top 
E5061909 03 27Maud ElizabethSEARLE8m53 Park Road 
E5071909 04 14LouisaSIMPSON7525 Park Road 
E5081909 04 19JohnDIX84553 Leeds Road 
E5091909 04 20Mary ElizabethDAVISON4911 New Street 
E5101909 04 22WilliamPARKINSON2m15 High Street 
E5111909 04 26MaryKEIGHLEY8312 Moorfield Place 
E5121909 04 27William CathcartATHERTON471 Union Yard 
E5131909 05 10AnnGLEDSTONE6419 The Green 
E5141909 05 17ElizaGARNER6723 Marlboro Road 
E5151909 05 29EmilyHARDAKER50Menston 
E5161909 06 12AnnTHOMPSON5710 Louisa Street 
E5171909 06 16MaryGREENWOOD8m3 Doctor Lane 
E5191909 06 17JohnDENBIGH71The Green 
E5181909 06 17FredMAUD?387 Junction Terrace 
E5201909 06 18MaryMANN48Park Road 
E5211909 06 19EllenBRISTOW3513 Gordon Street, East Ardsley 
E5221909 06 23MarthaROBINSON79Garth Fold 
E5231909 07 15WilliamGOLDSBOROUGH36Idle 
E5241909 07 17SelinaNAYLOR78Blenheim Place 
E5251909 07 20WilliamMANN80Park Road 
E5261909 07 24AliceELGEY46Leeds Road, Thackley 
E5271909 07 27Myrtle MayWISE19Raventhorpe 
E5281909 07 30EllisWEBSTER2m107 Park Road 
E5291909 07 31ElsieTHOMPSON14m7 Rawson Square 
E5301909 08 05SamuelGREEN69188 Otley Road 
E5311909 08 07SamLUPTON594 Booth Street 
E5321909 08 09FredEMSLEY3126 Woodbine Terrace 
E5331909 08 14SarahFURNESS?70161 Albion Road 
E5341909 09 14EmmaRAISTRICK47557 Leeds Road 
E5351909 09 15AnnieGRIMSHAW10mPollard's Buildings, Idle 
E5361909 09 18Alice MargaretCLAY40191 Leeds Road 
E5371909 09 22AnnieBRIGGS3365 Castle Terrace 
E5381909 09 22GeorgeHUMBERSTONE22152 Priestman Street, Bradford 
E5391909 09 29FredHASTE42Booth Street 
E5401909 09 30JohnFARRAR9m75 Leeds Road, Shipley 
E5411909 10 19HenryTHORNTON5323 Croft Street 
E5421909 10 21AnnaWHITTINGHAM352 High Street, Rishton 
E5431909 10 26DanielPRATT7213 Cragg Hill Road 
E5441909 10 27JamesLEE5547 Croft Street 
E5451909 11 08Edith MabelNEALE9m30 Ley Fleaks Road 
E5461909 11 18OvingtonKITSON515 Highfield Road 
E5471909 11 26Irene MargaretCLAY12Carlisle 
E5481909 12 02James EdwardBEAUMONT81Shipley 
E5491909 12 06HildaDRACUP21m6B New Street 
E5501909 12 08EstherDIXON712 Dibb Street 
E5511909 12 10Joseph NoahWEBSTER257 Highfield Terrace 
E5521909 12 21EvelynESPLEY6m6 Kensington Place 
E5531909 12 24SarahHALLIDAY73Claremont? Cottage, Highfield Road 
E5541909 12 28HaroldCLIFFE13m13 Airdale Place, Baildon 
E5551910 01 05Edith AdelaideFLETCHER41Wells House, Idle 
E5561910 01 15AlbertGLEDSTONE323 Marlboro Road 
E5571910 01 22JamesROBERTSHAW5167 Bradford Road 
E5581910 02 01BenjaminATKINSON538 Cragg Hill Road 
E5591910 02 05JohnHUDSON4d10 Woodbine Terrace 
E5601910 02 09AdaVALE4311 Brighton Street 
E5611910 02 22ClaraRICHMOND37Clayton 
E5621910 03 08EthelPEARSON124 Granville Street 
E5631910 03 12James ArthurCRAVEN11m97 Park Road 
E5641910 04 04GeorgeCANNON50The Infirmary, Burnley 
E5651910 04 07ElizabethWATSON67Thorn Garth 
E5661910 04 13ThomasBERRY47Highfield Road 
E5671910 04 25Mary AnnHARDY80Gladstone Place, Windhill 
E5681910 05 11AnnieLEE5239 Windhill Old Road 
E5691910 05 24MabelCOPLAND268 Wellington Street 
E5701910 05 24HenryDAWSON284 High Street Place 
E5711910 06 15JamesFIRTH5455 Thorp Garth 
E5721910 07 11BenjaminSUGDEN727 Lydgate Street, Calverley 
E5731910 07 18JohnRICHMOND84Clayton 
E5741910 07 23WilliamDENNISON56Castle Street, Bradford 
E5751910 08 01FrankDAVISON611 Murgatroyd Street, Shipley 
E5761910 08 03Henry JamesSTONE10m1 Greenfield Place 
E5771910 08 05JohnBUTTERFIELD40Thackley 
E5781910 08 17WilliamGARNETT51Highdale Terrace 
E5791910 08 19JohnHELLIWELL3mBradford Road 
E5801910 08 20ErnestHILL13Royal Infirmary 
E5811910 08 23RobertLEE72Walter Street 
E5821910 08 27WilliamLONG51Highdale View 
E5841910 08 30Thomas WilliamHEMINGWAY4021 Park Road 
E5831910 08 30John RichardROBERTS15m17 Hampton Place 
E5851910 09 05FrederickREYNARD3934 Briggate, Windhill 
E5861910 09 10EthelMARTIN9m17A Windhill Old Road 
E5871910 09 17EvaOSBORNE4m17 Rawson Square 
E5881910 09 26George Henry ClarkWRIGHT45Infirmary, Leeds 
E5891910 09 28John WilliamRUSHTON6523 High Street 
E5901910 10 01ElizabethSKIRROW74Rawson Square 
E5911910 10 03RichardRHODES61167 Leamington Terrace 
E5921910 10 11AnnCHADWICK495 Springville Terrace 
E5941910 10 12HenryDAWSON6441 Craghill Road 
E5931910 10 12Thomas HenryGARBUTT4m36 Hampton Place 
E5951910 10 13SydneyHEATON63 Green Row 
E5961910 10 20EmilyRHODES12m11 Butt Lane 
E5971910 10 24JackDUNWELL1m247 Highfield Road 
E5981910 10 31Joseph ErnestACKROYD13m20 Springcliffe Street, Baildon 
E5991910 11 01SarahHUDSON8112 Moorfield Place 
E6001910 11 07FrankWADE19mCalverley 
E6011910 11 10JohnHAINSWORTH4m46 Moor End 
E6021910 11 22WilliamHALL7567 Park Road 
E6031910 12 12JamesCORDINGLEY64499 Leeds Road 
E6041910 12 12MaryHAINSWORTH8210 Gaycroft, Otley 
E6051910 12 13John FallonBROOKE4919 Milman Lane 
E6061910 12 17FredGARNETT17m3 Croft Top 
E6071910 12 22SydneyFOWLER1m89 Blenheim Place 
E6081911 01 06RuthRENTON53359 Highfield Road 
E6091911 01 09WilliamBOOTH54257 Girlington Road 
E6101911 01 18CharlesARMISTEAD29Menston 
E6111911 02 07JamesHICKS56Clayton 
E6121911 02 08MarthaTHORNTON69Clayton 
E6141911 02 09CharlesBOOTH3250 Bradford Road 
E6131911 02 09William HodgsonBRIGGS46214 Leeds Road, Shipley 
E6151911 02 11John JamesHAINSWORTH55215 Highfield Road 
E6161911 02 23Thomas AnthonyHIRD69 Albion Road 
E6171911 02 25ClaraSTEELE3724 The Grove 
E6181911 03 07MaryTHOMAS8341 Carr Street, Bradford 
E6191911 03 29Mary AnnMOSLEY774 Highdale Terrace 
E6201911 04 05WilliamSPENCER646 Thomas Place, Windhill 
E6211911 04 15WillieHUTTON58 Arthur Street 
E6221911 04 19Thomas HallidayGARNETT62Cote Farm 
E6231911 04 22HoraceSPARKS66 New Street 
E6241911 04 25Florence EdnaGRIMSHAW9m8 Thorpe Place 
E6251911 04 26WilliamBAXTER4316 Highdale Terrace 
E6261911 04 27Alice ElizabethTHORNTON3651 Mount Pleasant 
E6271911 05 01LeonardOBANK6070 Otley Road, Harrogate 
E6281911 05 19AnnOGDEN6739 Thorpe Garth 
E6291911 06 10BenjaminBEAUMONT77Clayton 
E6301911 06 26Sarah AnnWRIGHT8614 Greenfield Lane 
E6311911 07 01CharlesPREST?8616 Brighton Street 
E6321911 07 05Mary AnnSPENCER616 Thomas Place, Windhill 
E6331911 07 08JosephBAXTER3856 Croft Street 
E6341911 07 17ThomasHARROD82128 Idle Road, Bolton 
E6351911 07 17Mary AnnWATMOUGH6220 Albion Road 
E6361911 07 19GraceHARDAKER2149 Bradford Road 
E6371911 07 20BenjaminARMISTEAD5348 Tinklers Style 
E6381911 07 22ElizabethGARTH?79Church End, Horsforth 
E6391911 08 02Mary AnnTHORNTON72552 Leeds Road 
E6401911 08 05JamesHALEY2d133 Moor End 
E6411911 08 07ElsieCORDINGLEY13m7 Howgate 
E6421911 08 12ThomasGRIMSHAW7615 Park Road 
E6431911 08 23ChristopherWRIGHT79529 Leeds Road 
E6451911 09 19Mary AnnCLARKE74Croft House 
E6441911 09 19HenryCORDINGLEY742 Malt Shovel Yard 
E6461911 09 20Arthur Edward WilliamSEARLE6m53 Park Road 
E6471911 09 25ArthurJOWETT22m17 Hampton Place 
E6481911 09 27JowettKENDALL6016 Spring Terrace, Morecambe 
E6491911 09 30RobertYATES68Woodville Street, Windhill 
E6501911 10 02ElizaSHELTON7810 Highdale Terrace 
E6521911 10 10NormanBATLEY22 Spring Street 
E6511911 10 10MarthaLEE5466 New Street 
E6531911 10 11AlfredBRIGGS3619 Moor End, Shelf 
E6541911 10 11Thomas ThackeraySTEAD5217 Thorpe Garth 
E6551911 10 14MarthaTHORNTON73264 Leeds Road 
E6571911 10 16Mary AnnMACHIN273 Westfield Lane 
E6561911 10 16EleanorWHITFIELD72Oak Lea, Greengates 
E6581911 10 17MaryPITTS6213 High Street 
E6591911 10 20FrankPOWELL2d6 Arthur Street 
E6601911 10 20MaryPOWELL1d6 Arthur Street 
E6611911 10 26ArthurSPENCE10m16 Rawson Square 
E6621911 10 28ThomasGARNETT75Clayton 
E6631911 11 09MabelWEBSTER175 Airedale View, Apperley Bridge 
E6641911 11 23IsaacWEATHERELL42Menston 
E6651911 12 02Martha AnnBROOKE6593 Gladstone Street, Bradford 
E6661911 12 13MarySPENCER6428 King Street, Eccleshill 
E6671911 12 16Ada MayKITSON13m9 Booth Yard, Ley Fleaks Road 
E6681911 12 30HannahACKROYD1713 Back Cavendish Road 
E6691912 01 03ArthurHILLARY2637 South View, Thackley 
E6701912 01 13HarrietBURROUGHS79Clayton 
E6711912 01 15Emmanuel JacksonSTEELE53806 Harrogate Road, Greengates 
E6721912 01 20HoracePETERS3dAll Alone Farm 
E6731912 01 24JosephWATMOUGH5866 Bradford Road 
E6741912 01 26AnnGLOVER69146 Lumb Lane 
E6751912 02 11John MitchellBAXTER315 Rawson Square 
E6771912 02 14GraceMANN864 Nunthorpe Road, Rodley 
E6761912 02 14SarahRAISTRICK8856 Brunswick Road, Greengates 
E6781912 02 21Herbert WalterWILSON9mWillowfield Lodge, Highfield Road 
E6791912 02 26Sarah JaneSWIFT62Greenfield Place 
E6801912 03 02MaryCORDINGLEY1127 Park Road 
E6821912 03 06John WilliamBARKER63Horton 
E6811912 03 06EdwinKENDALL79Town Lane 
E6831912 03 07Mary EllenMYERS623 Lees Place 
E6841912 03 11WinifredHYLTON23 Rawson Square 
E6851912 03 15WilliamCOATES6054 Croft Street 
E6871912 03 16AliceINGHAM7717 Westfield Lane 
E6861912 03 16MarthaSTANSFIELD818 Regent Street 
E6881912 03 23John NortonWISE4418 Commercial Street, Ravensthorpe 
E6901912 04 08MariaLEE7718 Park Road 
E6891912 04 08CharlesWATERHOUSE7621 The Grove 
E6911912 04 09Thomas HenryJOWETT25d6 Ashgrove, Greengates 
E6921912 04 12ClaraKELLETT47Westfield Lane 
E6931912 04 29EdwinELSWORTH731 Albion Road 
E6941912 05 01MarthaBELL654 Carbottom Road, Greengates 
E6951912 05 03MaryBENSON79825 Bolton Road, Bradford 
E6961912 05 11Doris GibsonBARKER3m5 Claremont, Idle 
E6971912 05 14Sarah EllenMURGATROYD58Leeds Road, Windhill 
E6981912 05 15AmandaBOOTH66Dibb Fold 
E6991912 05 16WilliamFAWCETT7021 Brenton Street, Bradford 
E7011912 05 18WilliamCLAPHAM80Menston 
E7001912 05 18Mary AnnHILLARY5537 South View, Thackley 
E7021912 05 24Sarah AnnBREARLEY4531 Croft Street 
E7031912 05 24TomNAYLOR27Blenheim Place 
E7041912 05 29JosephFLETCHER46Wells House, Thorp Garth 
E7051912 06 01AnnieMANN24Commercial Inn, Thackley 
E7061912 06 06WilliamHOLDSWORTH7113 Carbottom Road, Greengates 
E7071912 06 07SarahALRED73North Street 
E7081912 06 08Esther HannahBRIGGS7452 High Street 
E7091912 06 10Sarah AnnTHORNTON44264 Leeds Road 
E7101912 06 18ElizaGRIMSHAW77Clayton 
E7111912 06 29VioletSCAIFE7mNorth Street Farm 
E7121912 07 15Mary ElizabethSEARLE36Park Road 
E7131912 07 27AnnieMITCHELL5253 Castle Terrace 
E7151912 08 06ElizaHARGREAVES49859 Bolton Road 
E7141912 08 06ArthurNUTTALL65Woodcott, Baildon Green 
E7161912 08 21Ann ElizabethLONG5622 Back Lane 
E7171912 08 26George AbnerDAWSON7011 Dyehouse Fold, Apperley Bridge 
E7181912 08 26Sydney DunningWEBSTER22d122 Wharncliffe Drive, Eccleshill 
E7201912 08 27Sarah AnnROSS65Stanhope Arms, Horsforth 
E7191912 08 27SamuelSPENCER566 Walter Street 
E7211912 08 30EdwinBAXTER6328 Back Lane 
E7221912 08 31Henry Robert CannonLONG6922 Back Lane 
E7231912 09 03Jonathan JarvisHOWARD705 Leeds Place 
E7241912 09 03Philip HenryWEBSTER1mWharncliffe Drive, Eccleshill 
E7251912 09 09RobertCROSSLEY1321 Cragg Hill Road 
E7261912 09 14Margaret JuliaHUTCHINSON77Clayton 
E7271912 09 17Hannah EllenBREAR605 Tilbury Mount, Holbeck 
E7281912 09 27RolandILLINGWORTH14d12 Ashgrove, Greengates 
E7291912 10 21WilliamBLAND62Leeds 
E7301912 11 01SelinaSUGDEN752 Moorfield Place 
E7311912 11 07RachelBROOK6516 William Heny Street, Shipley 
E7321912 11 15JosephLEE878 Gaythorne Terrace, Clayton 
E7331912 11 23Henry EdwardJOHNSTONE56Railway Station 
E7361912 11 26EmmaASHLEY12Springfield Place 
E7351912 11 26AlbertDALE4611 Lees Place 
E7341912 11 26SarahTOMLINSON6914 Greenfield Lane 
E7371912 11 28HenryBLAND68Mount Road, Fleetwood 
E7381912 11 30Sarah JaneBAILEY5320 High Street 
E7391912 12 13Anne CarolineWILCOCK24 Mitchell Lane, Leeds 
E7401912 12 26AnnieHARROD48128 Idle Road 
E7411913 01 04AlfredSCOTT40Brighton House 
E7421913 01 04NOTHING LISTED    
E7451913 01 25WilliamSMITH784 Princess Street 
E7431913 02 01AgnesSHELTON646 Starting Point, Idle 
E7441913 02 03GeorgeBLAND707 Jennings Place, Horton 
E7461913 02 19Elizabeth MaryDIXON6335 High Street 
E7481913 02 27JohnFEATHER725 Boothroyd 
E7471913 02 27Mary JaneWALSH47334 Highfield Road 
E7491913 02 28MiriamROPER79Westfield Mount, Bramley 
E7511913 03 15HenryHOLLINGS5611 Carrwood Terrace, Greengates 
E7501913 03 15JohnILLINGWORTH78Harehills Cottage, Town Lane 
E7521913 03 25MariaBOOTH211 Cambridge Place 
E7531913 03 27WilliamWATSON814 Cambridge Road, Morecambe 
E7541913 04 07SarahOSBORNE7518 Westfield Lane 
E7551913 04 11JohnHUTCHINSON54606 Leeds Road 
E7561913 04 14RuthHOBSON7775 Leeds Road, Windhill 
E7571913 04 19EmmaSPENCE8047 Windhill Old Road 
E7581913 04 23JoshuaMYERS26Cott Hospital, Morecambe 
E7591913 05 20SamuelALDRED9616 Stockfield Road, Greengates 
E7601913 05 22Willam HeadleyGARNETT439 Highdale Terrace 
E7611913 05 28BenjaminJOY636 Burnwells 
E7621913 05 31JamesSMITH6151 The Bank, Eccleshill 
E7631913 06 06SherahBROOKE64337 Leeds Road 
E7641913 06 11EmmaTHORNTON72552 Leeds Road 
E7651913 06 20AudreyROBERTS3w616 Leeds Road 
E7661913 07 16Mary AnnCROWTHER265 Back Victoria Terrace, Bradford 
E7671913 07 19HannahSUTTLE5114 Hampton Place 
E7681913 07 21ElizabethKITSON65Clayton 
E7691913 07 26MaryHALLIDAY679 Springfield Place, Springfield 
E7701913 08 05Alice Maud MarySTONE3m16 Greenfield Place, Idle 
E7711913 08 11JohnHANNAM824 Park Road 
E7721913 08 12Alice RoseWHARAM6317 High Street 
E7731913 08 28EdnaSTOCKDALE42Malt Shovel Yard 
E7741913 09 10RonaldELSWORTH1mDoctor Lane 
E7751913 09 12MaryGARNETT78Birk Hill Farm 
E7761913 09 20Mary AnnPEDLEY24d38 Hampton Place 
E7771913 09 26JaneHASTE6710 Booth Street, Idle 
E7781913 09 26HarriettSCOTT78Brighton House, Leeds Road 
E7791913 10 01SarahCORDINGLEY681 Boothroyd 
E7801913 10 04ElizaBICKERDIKE79537 Leeds Road 
E7811913 10 16EdmundLEE6623 High Street 
E7821913 11 11Reginald JamesIANSON9m62 Ley Fleaks 
E7831913 11 25WilliamSMITH7110 Bright Street 
E7841913 11 27SarahCORDINGLEY73Eccleshill 
E7851913 12 15Mary AnnSPENCER37Eccleshill 
E7861913 12 23IdaBARRETT7mGreenfield Lane 
E7871913 12 24LeslieFYNN9m10 Rydall Street 
E7881913 12 29WilliamHEWITSON769 Bradford Road 
E7891914 01 03EdwardTHORNTON603 Albert Buildings, Bradford Road 
E7901914 01 05Albert SheltonCONROY3131 Highfield Road 
E7911914 01 13John WilliamTHORNTON46Albion Road 
E7921914 01 14James OswaldBANCROFT65Clayton 
E7931914 01 17JohnBOOTH662 Dibb Fold 
E7941914 01 26SarahGARNETT7622 Town Lane 
E7951914 01 28SarahJENNINGS8691 Apperley Road 
E7961914 02 02WilliamPARRY58201 Queens Road, Bolton 
E7971914 02 06ElizaCLARKE6821 Thorp Garth 
E7981914 03 03MaryBOOTH6938 Wellington Street 
E7991914 03 05MaryDIBB4838 Moorfield Place 
E8011914 03 10Mary AnnBUTTERFIELD41Boothroyd 
E8001914 03 10EdwinTHORNTON74Dob Royd, Leeds Road 
E8021914 03 14Esther AnnBOOTH7mCambridge Place 
E8031914 04 01JennyHEMPSTEAD43The Vicarage, Idle 
E8041914 04 01IsabellaTOWN7770 Aire Street 
E8051914 04 02SarahBOTTOMLEY8020 Ley Fleaks Road 
E8061914 04 04Martha AnnGARBUTT22m42 Hampton Place 
E8071914 04 08CharlesHODGSON329 Windhill Old Road 
E8081914 04 08ZillahKENDALL48541 Leeds Road, Thackley 
E8091914 05 08FredCROSS622 The Green 
E8101914 05 30Emily CarolineHOLLINGS129 Cobden Street 
E8111914 06 02AlbertHOLMES74 Railway Place 
E8121914 06 18JasperSUTTLE21Clayton 
E8131914 06 22Doris AnnettaHUNTER187 Albion Road 
E8141914 06 22DozeMYERS5836 Hampton Place 
E8151914 07 07MariaBOOTH6556 Bradford Road 
E8161914 07 17JosephWRIGHT605 Harrison's Buildings, Leeds 
E8171914 08 04RaymondKITSON1m39 Victor Road, Bradford 
E8191914 08 14FrederickPARKINSON686 Greenfield Lane 
E8201914 08 28SarahLIGGINS?3538 Wightman Street, Bradford 
E8211914 08 29ElizaHEATON713 Green Row 
E8181914 08 37ElizabethMURGATROYD897 Smallwell Road, Pudsey 
E8221914 09 02ThomasDAVISON6819 Green Road, Springfield 
E8231914 09 03HoraceALRED14m13 Fourlands Road 
E8241914 09 07AnnieYEADON576 Marlborough Road 
E8251914 09 09Sarah JaneBRAITHWAITE6514 Butt Lane 
E8261914 09 16SarahBROOMHEAD628 Brackendale 
E8271914 09 22JohnLEE7114 Hampton Place 
E8281914 10 09AlfredHOPKINSON685 Albert Street 
E8291914 11 04EvaNETTLETON1m11 Barraclough Buildings, Greengates 
E8301914 11 07Martha AnnHIRST7138 Knowles Hill Road, Dewsbury 
E8311914 11 18HerbertDENNISON449 Rawson Square 
E8321914 11 25Walter CrabtreeHATCH3m13 Claremont, Idle 
E8331914 11 25LilianSTEPHENSON19Bradford 
E8341914 11 27MaryWISE7338 Rivers Street, Ravensthorpe 
E8351914 12 02HannahPICKLES759 Butts Terrace, Guiseley 
E8361914 12 09Clarice LouisaMARR234 Garth Fold 
E8371914 12 14AnnieCHADWICK4m5 Marlborough Road 
E8381914 12 22JamesSUGDEN6728 High Street 
E8391914 12 29George HaroldGOULDSBOROUGH1m57 Windhill Old Road 
E8401915 01 06Emily AmySPARKS3614 New Street 
E8421915 01 16ElizabethLEE55Airdale House, Railway Road 
E8411915 01 16AdaWHITTAKER9m93 Bridge Street, Bowling 
E8441915 01 20ElizaFEARNLEY65Horton 
E8431915 01 20MarthaSIMS7123 Moorfield Place 
E8451915 01 23HannahBRIGGS74214 Leeds Road, Shipley 
E8461915 01 23ClaraNICHOLLS2mClayton 
E8471915 01 25EmmaTHORNTON871 Regent Place 
E8481915 02 09JonasMURGATROYD69387 Highfield Road 
E8491915 02 10Mary AnnSUGDEN6928 High Street 
E8501915 02 11ElsieNEWSHAM129 Butt Lane 
E8511915 02 13Mary HannahFEARNSIDES3626 Woodbine Terrace 
E8521915 02 20Mary AnnieDAWSON7115 Gordon Street, East Ardsley 
E8531915 02 24Joseph BatesonWHITFIELD792 Brackendale, Thackley 
E8541915 03 06EllenHARTLEY7460 Westminster Road, Morecambe 
E8551915 03 11JohnPOTTER56125 Highfield Road 
E8561915 03 17AnnBEARDSELL5112 Thackley End 
E8581915 03 18JaneHOOK627 Burnwells 
E8591915 03 18JohnHOWTON5727 Westgate, Bradfordwrittem Major John
E8571915 03 18WalterWILSON323 Church View 
E8601915 03 26PhancyHELLIWELL596 Wellington Street 
E8611915 04 06MarthaLAWRENCE791 Kensington Place 
E8621915 04 07Elizabeth JaneMEASURES7212 Bourne Terrace, Thackley 
E8631915 04 12ThomasHARGREAVES68859 Bolton Road 
E8641915 04 17Leonard HenryPROSSER403 Booths Yard 
E8651915 04 29HarryWATKINSON26Highfield Road 
E8661915 05 04CatherineDENNISON7578 Birkshall Lane, Bradford 
E8671915 05 27Richard JacksonWILSON34Willowfield Lo 
E8691915 05 29William FrancisHOLGATE711 Cobden Street 
E8681915 05 29AliceSMITH387 Nimrod Place, Idle 
E8701915 06 08TheresaLLOYD4010 Thorpe Place 
E8711915 06 22LydiaHORNER81Caton Lancaster 
E8721915 06 23WinifredCARTER2d168 Highfield Road 
E8731915 06 26ThomasBOWER406 Brighton Street 
E8741915 07 01ElizabethLAYTHAM79County Asylum, Lancaster 
E8751915 07 01FredPADGETT30506 Leeds Road 
E8761915 07 01JosephTAYLOR59576 Leeds Road 
E8771915 07 03FredOSBORNE11m17 Rawson Square 
E8781915 07 03CharlesSCOTT7423 Bateson Street, Greengates 
E8791915 07 08AdaPROSSER14d3 Booths Yard, Ley Fleaks 
E8801915 07 12RosaDEMEYER13m37 Thorpe Garth 
E8811915 07 20MatildaLONG474 Valley Street, Windhill 
E8821915 07 28RuthLONG626 Cockshott Lane 
E8831915 08 10CarrieHARVEY31555 Leeds Road 
E8841915 08 17Mary AnnieRAISTRICK71Renton Avenue, Guiseley 
E8851915 08 21FlorenceRAPER474 Rawson Square 
E8861915 09 01SarahLEE74Union Workhouse, Clayton 
E8871915 09 04HannahLEE6516 Regent Street 
E8881915 09 08JamesATKINSON4130 Moorfield Place 
E8891915 09 08HarryWRIGHT423 Claremont 
E8901915 09 09JosephMAWSON54Workhouse Infirmary, Clayton 
E8911915 10 04HarryMURGATROYD10d362 Highfield Road 
E8921915 10 09MaryASHBURNE60Royal Infirmary 
E8931915 10 18ElizabethBEARDSELL8912 Windhill Old Road 
E8941915 10 28IsaacMUNTON798 Tomlinson's Buildings 
E8951915 10 30JosephKENDALL625 North Street 
E8961915 11 04HannahHOWKER776 Rawson Square 
E8971915 11 05MaryBALL5431 Windhill Old Road 
E8981915 11 20AnniePADGETT6410 Union Yard 
E8991915 11 29MaryLEE66221 Highfield Road 
E9001915 12 10JimGARNETT495 Croft Top 
E9011915 12 18FrederickOBANK61632 Leeds Road 
E9021915 12 21Alice AnnOVEREND4310 Louisa Street 
E9031915 12 22Ann ElizabethHARDAKER5164 Bradford Road 
E9051916 01 08MaryALRED67Cragg Hill Road 
E9041916 01 08LukeFOX52White Horse Inn, Idle 
E9061916 01 11Annie AliceCOPELAND422 Thomas Place, Windhill 
E9071916 01 14LilianGRIMSHAW1543 Ley Fleaks Road 
E9081916 01 15EmmanuelBARKER5331 Albion Road 
E9101916 02 12EdwinPOTTER52125 Highfield Road 
E9091916 02 12JamesREED7693 Blenheim Place 
E9111916 02 21GladysTAYLOR542 Bradford Road 
E9121916 02 23John WilliamMAWSON30Bradford 
E9131916 02 28William HenryPATCHETT5550 North View Road 
E9141916 03 06JamesKEIGHLEY75382 Highfield Road 
E9151916 03 13EdwinCORDINGLEY72377 Leeds Road 
E9161916 03 18Kenneth Charles AlbertEKE12m25 Melbourne Street, Farsley 
E9171916 03 18ArthurINGLE2d16 Apperley Road 
E9181916 03 22FrederickWHITELEY6818 Midland Terrace, Frizinghall 
E9191916 03 25William CharlesWHITFIELD515 Cross Road 
E9201916 04 12ElizabethHASTE645 Railway Place 
E9211916 04 14IsabellaBROWN7315 Windhill Old Road 
E9221916 04 17EmmaFARNISH35Workhouse Infirmary, Clayton 
E9231916 04 22Edith AugustaPEDLEY44Greenfield Lane 
E9241916 04 25Edith Maud EmilyMORETON35Moreton 
E9251916 04 25NannySTANSFIELD7021 Alexandra Road, Shipley 
E9261916 05 04AliceHUTTON7660 Briggate, Shipley 
E9271916 05 10SarahWEBSTER565 Low Fold, Apperley Bridge 
E9281916 05 17BerthaBADMAN1621 New Street 
E9291916 05 29Mary Ann CrowtherPEDLEY21m38 Hampton Place 
E9301916 05 29AgnesROBINSON4717 Butt Lane 
E9311916 06 06JackCORDINGLEY4825 High Street 
E9321916 06 20Gladys MayJENNINGS256 Ley Fleaks Road 
E9331916 06 23GeorgeMANN1d146 Highfield Road 
E9341916 06 30ElizaODDY6824 Church Street, Shipley 
E9351916 07 03EllenFOUNTAIN586 Granville Street 
E9361916 07 28GeorgeBALL8431 Windhill Old Road 
E9371916 07 29FrankBEAUMONT66Leeds Arms Hotel, Grimsby 
E9381916 08 02AliceDAWSON1m8 Friendly Street, Shipley 
E9391916 08 08JohnINGHAM5817 Westfield Lane 
E9411916 08 19AnnMOUNTAIN8423 Woodbine Terrace 
E9401916 08 19Harriet JaneWHITELEY4757 Wilmer Road, Shipley 
E9421916 08 23JohnMOULD6852 New Line, Greengates 
E9431916 08 26Elizabeth AnnWARD20Workhouse, Horton 
E9441916 09 02NathanielCLAUGHTON88Workhouse Infirmary, Clayton 
E9451916 09 04CatherinePICKARD8495 Albion Road 
E9461916 09 07HannahSCOTT72Cote Farm 
E9471916 09 12Sarah JaneBANCROFT35Royal Infirmary 
E9481916 09 13FrederickHILL5247 Browgate, Baildon 
E9491916 09 15ThomasSCHOLEFIELD5045 Albert Avenue 
E9501916 09 16MaryTHORNTON5920 Westfield Lane 
E9511916 09 21Jonathan *HOWARD3416 Butt Lane 
E9531916 09 30Sarah JaneLEE6714 Hampton Place 
E9521916 09 30WinifredSUTTLE9m18 Hampton Place 
E9541916 10 04MargaretRAISTRICK6512 Ash Grove, Greengates 
E9551916 10 06EdwinMANN63Commercial Inn 
E9561916 10 07AgnesBLACKWELL14m1A Dibb Fold 
E9571916 10 07MaryBOWMAN7111 Cavendish Road 
E9581916 10 12DonaldPALEY18m4 Back Lane 
E9591916 10 18MaryGREEN7822 Maidstone Street, Bradford 
E9601916 10 19EzraBELL7528 Westfield Lane 
E9611916 10 25EdwardBROWN79720 Leeds Road 
E9621916 11 09FredBINNS644 Haigh Hall, Greengates 
E9631916 11 14EmmaMURGATROYD6410 Highdale Terrace 
E9651916 11 22CravenHINCHCLIFFE53County Asylum, Menston 
E9641916 11 22GershomSHUTTLEWORTH724 Westfield Lane 
E9661916 11 27AnnieMETCALFE35Livingstone Place, Shipley 
E9671916 11 30EmilyPROSSER43 Ley Fleaks Road 
E9681916 12 05JohnHORNE6731 The Green 
E9691916 12 08WillieSMITH3d18 Regent Street, Greengates 
E9701916 12 11IreneWALLAGE18m8 Thorpe Place 
E9711916 12 13AliceRILEY238 Queen Street, Greengates 
E9761916 12 21Rose MaryMCDONALD41Workhouse Infirmary, Clayton 
E9721916 12 21Ernest EdwinWYATT42St. John's School House 
E9731916 12 21EmmaWYATT32St. John's School House 
E9741916 12 21Ethel FlorenceWYATT4St. John's School House 
E9751916 12 21Florence BeatriceWYATT2St. John's School House 
E9771916 12 27HenrySTOTHART17d941 Bolton Road 
E9781916 12 28CarolineBATEMAN9512 Leyburn Grove, Shipley 
E9791916 12 28JamesJOWETT5523 Hampton Place 
E9801916 12 30MabelPOWELL4m6 Arthur Street 
E9811917 01 01AlfredBARRETT21d3 Greenfield Lane 
E9821917 01 01Mary ElizabethREYNOLDS6322 Carbottom Road, Greengates 
E9841917 01 03JaneDARNBOROUGH6045 Springwell Lane 
E9831917 01 03WilliamSHARP5099 Albion Road 
E9851917 01 04WillieGARNETT36Boothroyd 
E9861917 01 05LeonardLOWE2748 Town Lane 
E9871917 01 10LilyDUTTON4012 Carbottom Road, Greengates 
E9881917 01 17WallisSELBY2m28 High Street 
E9891917 01 20Kate Enid ThorntonHAINSWORTH19m44 Albion Road 
E9901917 01 23NellieMILNER7m18 Meadow Road, Apperley Bridge 
E9911917 01 27SamuelDICKINSON36Royal Infirmary 
E9921917 02 10Mary AnnMYERS66323 Highfield Road 
E9931917 02 14AnnDUNBAR7737 Park Road 
E9941917 02 17WilliamHAINSWORTH8421 Ley Fleaks Road 
E9951917 03 02WalterJOYCE46 Montrose Street, Shipley 
E9961917 03 03HarrySMITHIES6m50 New Street 
E9971917 03 05JamesBROOKE1538 Fourlands Road 
E9981917 03 06ArthurJOYCE20m5 Montrose Street, Shipley 
E9991917 03 10IsabellaHASTE7637 Moorfield Place 
E10001917 03 19ThomasKENDALL7523 Park Road 
E10011917 03 21EdithROBINSON197 Park Road 
E10021917 03 22JohnGARNETT78Church Farm, Town Lane 
E10031917 03 26Martha AliceHALLSON?478 Spring Street 
E10041917 03 27OliverMITCHELL7213 Thackley Road 
E10051917 03 29LawrenceHEYS76Clayton 
E10061917 04 04CarolineJOY6855 Park Road 
E10071917 04 16GeorgeBREAR69Eccleshill 
E10081917 04 17SarahWATMOUGH40Eccleshill 
E10091917 04 18SusanHARRISON7225 Woodbine Terrace 
E10101917 04 26WilliamTAYLOR3025 Hall Lane, Windhill 
E10111917 05 04AnniePOWELL8m6 Arthur Street 
E10121917 05 15HannahWADE44Bradford Workhouse 
E10131917 05 16EllenSKIRROW45Wrose Hill 
E10141917 05 26OliveEXLEY785 Cragg Hill Road 
E10151917 05 26Elizabeth TaylorWILLIS23m25 Hall Lane, Windhill 
E10161917 06 08SelinaSOUTHWORT54147 Albion Road 
E10171917 06 15StanleyWADE1mWorkhouse Infirmary 
E10191917 06 27WillieCHADWICK575 Marlborough Road 
E10181917 06 27HenriettaDAVISON75Victoria Street, Baildon 
E10201917 07 17EmmaMITCHELL7716 Brackendale 
E10211917 08 04Louise AnnROBERTSHAW52156 New Lines, GreenGates 
E10221917 08 08AnnBAXTER81389 Highfield Road 
E10231917 08 15ElizaTHORNTON77Dob Royd, Leeds Road, Idle 
E10241917 08 27HildaDENBIGH15The Green 
E10251917 09 12GeorgePOWELL67Royal Infirmary 
E10261917 09 21Sarah AnnPITTS60136 Highfield Road 
E10271917 10 15WilliamPEIRSON423 Thackley Road 
E10281917 10 15BenjaminTILLOTSON4427 Brunswick Road, Greengates 
E10291917 11 03Elizabeth SarahREYNOLDS65Bank House, The Green 
E10301917 11 07RebeccaSMITH84Royal Infirmary 
E10321917 11 17HenriettaTHORNTON75Infirmary, Clayton 
E10311917 11 17EmmaWRIGHT84529 Leeds Road 
E10331917 11 21AgnesJOWETT1523 Hampton Place 
E10341917 11 24Charles ErnestFLETCHER56Grosvenor Road, Scarboro 
E10351917 11 28ElizabethBRISTOW7918 Gordon Street, Halifax 
E10361917 11 29HannahNAYLOR4423 High Street 
E10371917 12 01ArthurSMITHIES4410 Princess Street 
E10391917 12 04JamesCORDINGLEY573 Garth Fold 
E10381917 12 04George AlbertKITCHEN11m61 Chapel Street, Eccleshill 
E10401917 12 15ErnestPITT512 The Grove, Greengates 
E10411917 12 19Sarah AnnEDDISON7427 Meadow Road, Greengates 
E10421917 12 22RuthWEATHERHEAD5746 New Street 
E10431917 12 24FredGREENWOOD4357 Windhill Old Road 
E10441917 12 26Charles GilbertPINCHIN5417 Lonsdale Street, Bradford 
E10461917 12 26HarrySKIRROW5The Hospital, Oakenshaw 
E10451917 12 26WilliamTHOMPSON6841 George Street, Milnsbridge 
E10471918 01 02FannyMOULD36The Asylum, Menston 
E10491918 01 03HannahATKINSON1112 Cragg Hill Road 
E10481918 01 03Thomas CharlesMIDDLETON2Dewsbury 
E10501918 01 05ThomasMATTHEWS545 Rawson Square 
E10511918 01 07Samuel HodgsonFLETCHER62495 Leeds Road 
E10521918 01 10RobertWEBSTER6629 Stockhill Fold, GreenGages 
E10531918 01 11Annie ElizabethGOLDSBOROUGH6624 Field Street, Shipley 
E10541918 01 12ElizabethSCAIFE65North Street Farm 
E10551918 01 12WilliamWEATHERHEAD6146 New Street 
E10561918 01 28MarionTOPP6d12 Brackendale 
E10571918 01 28WalterWAITE6013 Fourlands Road 
E10581918 01 29MaggieMETCALFE42The Asylum, Menston 
E10591918 02 05PhoebeSMITH716 Cobden Street 
E10601918 02 09SusannahGARNETT7611 Greenfield Lane 
E10611918 02 09MargaretGRAY128 Bolton Villas 
E10621918 02 14AnnieHILL429 Howgate 
E10641918 02 16Charlie LongmarshODDY6m8 Union Yard 
E10631918 02 16Lily AgnesPADGETT3506 Leeds Road 
E10651918 03 07JamesBLANCHARD825 Spring Street 
E10661918 03 08ElizaBERRY6512 Hutton's Buildings 
E10671918 03 08AliceILLINGWORTH8112 Hyde Street 
E10681918 03 11Sarah AnnODDY705 Mill Fold 
E10691918 03 18AnnSUGDEN80Stockhill Farm, Greengates 
E10711918 03 28LeonardHARGREAVES75Kettlewell 
E10701918 03 28MarySTEAD5717 Thorpe Garth 
E10731918 04 03ClariseGARNETT275 New Street 
E10741918 04 03CatherineRUSHTON774 Cecil Street, Armley 
E10721918 04 03AdelaideTHORNTON50548 Leeds Road 
E10751918 04 09William JamesPROSSER591 Spring Street 
E10761918 04 16ThomasHATCH8413 Claremont, Idle 
E10771918 04 20CharlesBICKERDIKE84537 Leeds Road 
E10791918 04 23Cyril CharlesDOWGILL28 Brighton Street 
E10781918 04 23ElizabethRAWNSLEY666 Prospect Street, Eccleshill 
E10801918 04 23SmithTHORNTON7832 New Line, Greengates 
E10811918 04 30ArthurPRICE412 Thackley Road 
E10821918 05 02GeorgePARKINSON65Infirmary, Clayton 
E10831918 05 06EllenHOLMES6717A Windhill Old Road 
E10841918 05 09ElizabethMARTIN32Royal Infirmary 
E10851918 05 18MaryHAINSWORTH6621 Ley Fleaks Road 
E10861918 05 20CharlotteMITCHELL7113 Thackley Road 
E10871918 05 21George HenryGARNETT58Croft Top 
E10881918 05 30FrankBEDFORD9m5 Garth Fold 
E10891918 06 01DaisyHARTLEY423 Westfield Lane 
E10901918 06 05Mary HodgsonBERWICK3549 Bierley Lane, Dudley Hill 
E10921918 06 19Frances EllenBROWN3031 High Street 
E10911918 06 19HenryRAISTRICK60The Nook, Idle 
E10931918 06 25MaryBOOTH2812 Denby Place, Shipley 
E10941918 06 29Sarah AnnNORTH4531 Thorp Garth 
E10951918 07 01ElizaSPENCER733 Mill Fold 
E10961918 07 05EmmaPALEY114 Back Lane 
E10971918 07 17ErnestMARSHALL1m17 Green Row 
E10981918 07 17AsenethOGDEN541 Railway Place 
E10991918 07 20Mary AnnNEWBOULT4228 Westfield Lane 
E11001918 07 26Peter SmithBROWN7813 Windhill Old Road 
E11011918 07 30Sarah EllenWILKINSON57341 Leeds Road 
E11021918 08 06Charles EdwinANDERTON47478 Leeds Road 
E11031918 08 10AnnieLEE7516 Luther Street, Rodley 
E11041918 08 16AgnesMAWSON15m95 Bradford Road 
E11051918 08 17EdwardSWIFT38Idle 
E11061918 08 27Agnes MaudHILL45Idle 
E11071918 09 20LilyBALDWIN18Idle 
E11081918 09 30RobertADCOCK53Idle 
E11091918 09 30PercyCORDINGLEY26UnderCliffe 
E11101918 10 07JohnATKINSON63Idle 
E11111918 10 08Joseph LeeMURGATROYD26Idle 
E11121918 10 08WatsonSTANSFIELD18Idle 
E11141918 10 12FrankHARDIMENT18Thackley 
E11131918 10 12Lilian MavisRHODES3m7 Albion Road 
E11151918 10 23Arthur ChristopherWRIGHT46529 Leeds Road 
E11161918 10 24EdithSTEAD514 Moorfield Place 
E11171918 10 25George HenryPICKLES193 Hatfield Road, Bradford 
E11191918 10 31JameMAWSON66Cott Hospital, Skegness 
E11181918 10 31JohnPICKERSGILL3w1057 Harrogate Road, Greengates 
E11201918 11 02Thomas MillerAIRTON554 Peel Park Drive, Bradford 
E11231918 11 04ElizabethLEE712 Woodbine Terrace 
E11221918 11 04James MyersPADGETT301 Spring Terrace 
E11211918 11 04Annie GertrudeUPTON4713 Derby Street, Idle 
E11241918 11 06Mark NelsonSTOCK155 Spring Grove 
E11251918 11 11Lily AnnKENDALL288 Avondale Mount, Shipley 
E11271918 11 16AnnieEDMONDSON2089 Park Road 
E11261918 11 16WilliamPADGETT3444 High Street, Idle 
E11281918 11 18LeahSHUTTLEWORTH4023 Woodbine Terrace 
E11291918 11 19SarahBINGHAM637 Victoria Street 
E11301918 11 20HarryPALEY226 Moorfield Place 
E11311918 11 22George HaroldMAWSON479 Park Road 
E11321918 11 23CharlesPITTS4428 Aire Street, Shipley 
E11331918 11 26ReneeTEALE5d25 Hampton Place 
E11341918 11 29JessieJOHNSON2811 Bondgate, Otley 
E11351918 12 02David PicklesGARNETT5453 Thorpe Garth 
E11361918 12 02Mary AnnGARNETT4255 Thorpe Garth 
E11371918 12 03AliceBEAUMONT46 Ley Fleaks Road 
E11381918 12 05LesliePEDLEY4mWindhill 
E11391918 12 06Martha AnnKENDALL548 Barrett Street, Shipley 
E11401918 12 23CharlesOVEREND7240 Highfield Road, Idle 
E11411919 01 08JohnPICKLES648 Birklands Road, Shipley 
E11421919 01 11GeorgeSTEPHENSON7021 Airedale Road, Bradford 
E11431919 01 16JessiePICKLES34Royal Infirmary 
E11441919 01 28HenriettaWHITFIELD505 Cross Road 
E11461919 02 01FredMITCHELL5518 Stockhill Road, Greengates 
E11451919 02 01GeorgeMOSLEY4631 Thackley Road 
E11471919 02 07EdwardHARRISON7971 Bradford Road 
E11491919 02 08John WilliamBRACKEN10Wells House, 57 Thorp Garth 
E11481919 02 08MayTODD29392 Idle Road, Eccleshill 
E11501919 02 13EmmaMURGATROYD256 Croft Street 
E11511919 02 17EdnaWALSH28 Booth Street 
E11521919 02 18ErnestJOWETT1223 Hampton Place 
E11531919 02 20WinnieWHITELEY418 Midland Terrace, Frizinghall 
E11541919 02 20EricWHITELEY218 Midland Terrace, Frizinghall 
E11551919 02 21Roderick John MackenzieHOGG1050 New Line, Greengates 
E11561919 02 22FreddyHOLMES504 Railway Place 
E11571919 02 24William RiceHAYES60Fagley Villa, Eccleshill 
E11581919 02 25John WilliamATKINSON5390 Brunswick Road, Greengates 
E11591919 02 25ElizabethHARTLEY647 Hampton Place 
E11601919 02 27Mary ElizabethSTEAD5342 Aire Street, Windhill 
E11611919 02 28EmmaSCOTT826 Bateson Street, Greengates 
E11621919 03 01AliceATKINSON212 Cragg Hill Road 
E11641919 03 03EmilyMITCHELL4864 Brunswick Road, Greengates 
E11631919 03 03AlicePITTS53487 Leeds Road 
E11651919 03 06Mary AnnFELL69271 Bowling Old Lane 
E11661919 03 08WilliamCHAMBERLAIN6418 New Line, Greengates 
E11671919 03 11JohnBROTHERTON61100 Bradford Road 
E11681919 03 15AlfredJOWETT244 Hampton Place 
E11691919 03 29GeorgeLEADBEATER7m7 Spring Street 
E11701919 04 03SarahHUTTON78Leeds 
E11711919 04 14FrancisSTOYLES7524 Rawson Square 
E11721919 04 17MaryPETTY7037 South View 
E11731919 04 30Grace ElizabethSPENCER404 Burnwells 
E11741919 05 02Mary AnnPICKLES7027 Park Road, Shipley 
E11761919 05 03Sarah AnnGRIMSHAW7412 Ley Fleaks Road 
E11771919 05 15Sarah AnnYARKER75269 Bowling Old Lane 
E11781919 05 16Charles GordonNAYLOR9Front Street, Sacriston 
E11791919 05 17Sarah AnnHOWKER64Highfield Road 
E11801919 05 24WalterGARSIDE67551 Leeds Road 
E11811919 05 28Frank MiltonROBERTSHAW24Greengates 
E11821919 05 31MatildaPICKLES587 Salisbury Street, Shipley 
E11831919 06 07Mary ElizabethDIXON5379 Albion Road 
E11841919 06 26RobertHILLARY33Bramhope 
E11851919 06 28JoeDRANSFIELD5313 Queen Street, Greengates 
E11861919 07 10GeorgeSTANSFIELD76Westfield Lane 
E11871919 07 19TomBOWER4912 Greenfield Lane 
E11881919 07 25MarthaSINGLETON63Leeds 
E11891919 08 08William BishopCLAPHAM16d14 Burnwells 
E11901919 08 14MariaSHUTTLEWORTH63Westfield Lane 
E11911919 08 22Samuel FletcherMITCHELL65157 Town Lane 
E11921919 08 30ArthurHESLING6349 Cavendish Road 
E11931919 09 04Mary JaneSTEAD663 Highdale Terrace 
E11941919 09 09Sarah PameliaHANSON759 High Street 
E11951919 09 10ElizabethDENNISON744 Pollard Buildings 
E11961919 09 11EvelynILLINGWORTH413 High Street 
E11971919 09 13JohnTOMLINSON78Highfield Road 
E11981919 10 02AliceASHBY4010 Oak Road, Windhill 
E11991919 10 06Jane TennantSMITH76127 Washington Street 
E12001919 10 11BertieRAISTRICK2418 Spring Street 
E12011919 10 17Anna ElizabethPRIESTLEY6610 Bourne Terrace 
E12021919 10 21Mary AnnRUSHTON691 Highgate Road, Clayton 
E12031919 10 28Ida MaryKENDALL27Leeds Road, Thackley 
E12041919 10 29RobertGARNETT3810 Rawson Square 
E12051919 10 30EdithADCOCK181 Westfield Lane 
E12061919 11 04GeorgeCOPLAND702A Hollings Square, Bradford 
E12071919 11 07FlorrieTHORPE3336 Hampton Place 
E12081919 11 14Margaret LilianADCOCK11 Westfield Lane 
E12091919 11 22EphraimBAXTER794 Boothroyd 
E12101919 11 26Benjamin ThorntonWILSON68West Riding Asylum, Menston 
E12111919 11 27Sarah AnnREAVES725 Pollard Buildings 
E12121919 12 03Selina HildaHELLIWELL20Wellington Street 
E12131919 12 17Samuel EdwardPICKLES4920 Brackendale 
E12151919 12 23Charles Maurice Arnaud?BROADBENT46Woodland View, Greengates 
E12141919 12 23SamSMITH235 High Street 
E12161919 12 27Edward LonnieSAVILLE15480 Leeds Road 
E12171919 12 30WilliamSUGDEN78Ossett 
E11751919 05 03Rachel MatildaMIDGLEY6724 Church Street, Windhill 

Transcribed by Jack Parry © 2008
Checked by David Simpson
If you find an error (small or large) in the transcription
please email the Transcribers