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Help and advice for CALVERLEY: Idle Parish Registers, Burials 1934-1947

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CALVERLEY: Idle Parish Registers, Burials 1934-1947

F6031934 01 02LauraMYERS608 Greenfield Lane 
F6041934 01 04Violet MayHAIGH25High Street Place 
F6051934 01 05FredWAITE478 Leyton Drive 
F6061934 01 08ClaraSHACKLETON678 Queen Street, Greengates 
F6081934 01 10Emily AnnHOBSON69108 Highfield Road 
F6071934 01 10Arthur Edward WilliamSEARLE6011 Peasacre, Micklethwaite, Bingley 
F6091934 01 20ThomasACKROYD7032 Bradford Road 
F6101934 01 22Mary AnnBROOKE7045 Park Road 
F6111934 01 24AdaKENDALL7320 Hyde Street 
F6121934 02 09HarrietTHACKRAY67312 Idle Road, Eccleshill 
F6131934 02 10Tom AlbertLAWRENCE6934 Church Street, Windhill 
F6141934 02 24Charles BurnleySTANSFIELD4915 Cavendish Road 
F6151934 03 03HarryWATERHOUSE3327 Willow Crescent 
F6161934 03 05John WilliamDAVISON6824 Railway Road 
F6171934 03 06Brian GeorgeSTEAD212 Park Road 
F6181934 03 08AnnieEVANS [ABBOTT]4048 Kingston Road 
F6191934 03 08JamesMAGSON5916 Providence Place, Lendall Bridge, York 
F6201934 03 14Benjamin DisraeliFEATHER598 Dawson Street 
F6211934 03 14HoraceROBINSON4548 Bradford Road 
F6221934 03 20FrancisPROCTER703 Kensington Place 
F6231934 03 24Sarah AnnGARSIDE84551 Leeds Road 
F6241934 03 28ThomasCORDINGLEY5612 High Street 
F6251934 04 05HarrySTEAD5217 Woodbine Grove 
F6261934 04 10Henry OvingtonBOTTOMLEY68334 Highfield Road 
F6271934 04 11AlanHOLDSWORTH48 Rawson Square 
F6281934 04 12ArthurLINDLEY6230 Sulby Grove, Greengates 
F6291934 04 14LouisaMILES534 Westwood Avenue, Eccleshill 
F6301934 04 24StanleyPOUNTNEY915 Radcliffe Avenue 
F6311934 05 03WilliamWRIGHT66Greenfield Lane 
F6321934 05 14William James BurnipELLIS5949 Chapel Street, Eccleshill 
F6331934 05 14HenriettaFISHER6495 Bradford Road 
F6341934 05 15Aldewin SuttonHOLDSWORTH4713 Hampton Place 
F6351934 05 16HarrietCORDINGLEY78447 Manchester Road 
F6361934 05 17ElizaSHAW6612 Greenfield Place 
F6371934 05 28John PollardHOLMES80West Riding Mental Hospital, Wakefield 
F6381934 05 29William AbbeyALRED58Town Lane 
F6391934 05 30JasperGILL668 Cresswell Mount, Great Horton 
F6401934 06 05FletcherBAXTER83171 Dudley Hill Road, Eccleshill 
F6411934 06 11JosephSKIRROW7561 Swainhouse Road 
F6421934 06 13WilfredCHAMBERLAIN3318 New Line, Greengates 
F6431934 06 20EmilyHOLDSWORTH778 Brighton Street 
F6441934 06 25Harriet AnnSNELL?86228 Westfield Lane, Shipley 
F6451934 06 26RonaTIDMARSH16m16 Woodbine Grove 
F6461934 06 27WalterWARDLE1111 High Street 
F6471934 07 11ClaraHASTE4624 Woodbine Terrace 
F6481934 07 13MargaretHAILSTON753 The Holt, Shipley 
F6491934 07 18ArthurMIDGLEY5939 Craghill Road 
F6501934 07 20BenjaminELLIOTT7246 Ashgrove, Greengates 
F6511934 07 21RobertNETTLETON806 Barraclough Buildings, Greengates 
F6521934 07 27ThompsonPEATE6533 Windhill Old Road 
F6531934 08 07AnnisBAXTER8548 Margaret Street, Place? 
F6541934 08 10Mary ElizabethDILWORTH8593 Ravenscliffe Avenue, Eccleshill 
F6561934 08 10HannahSENIOR8415 Legrams Street 
F6551934 08 10MaryWILSON83107 Dick Lane, Pudsey 
F6571934 08 11John RaymondLEE338 Wellington Street 
F6581934 08 15JoanDRACUP72 Haigh Hall Road 
F6591934 08 25Ada SimmsWHITE57Leeds Infirmary 
F6601934 08 28WalterTHORNDYKE6711 Victoria Road 
F6611934 08 30AlfredROBERTSHAW6348 Ashgrove, Greengates 
F6621934 09 08Hannah HortonWILLIAMSON5782 Carbottom Road, Greengates 
F6631934 09 15George AlfredMETCALFE5750 Well Close View, Leeds 
F6641934 09 25Mary JaneBENTCLIFFE66405 Beacon Road 
F6651934 09 27AdaHOLROYD6710 Victoria Street, Clayton 
F6681934 10 05WilliamJENNINGS5416 South View, Greengates 
F6661934 10 05EleanorJOHNSON60St. Catherine's Home 
F6671934 10 05HannahTHORNTON6866 Gorrall Street, West Bromwich 
F6691934 10 09GladysLISHMAN5727 Bradford Road 
F6701934 10 11AmeliaWEATHERALL65291 Toller Lane 
F6711934 10 13Mary AnnBOLTON6451 Sutton Avenue, Bolton 
F6721934 10 16GertrudeCOULBY58New Inn, Town, Gate 
F6731934 10 24Elizabeth AnnHARVEY79555 Leeds Road 
F6751934 10 31ThomasAUSTIN2113 Burnwells Avenue 
F6741934 10 31NormanROPER2418 Westfield Lane 
F6761934 11 10Edwin HempsalBRIGGS6270 Claremont, Idle 
F6771934 11 10BrookMELLOR5125 Cavendish Road 
F6781934 11 20Martha HannahTATE6755 Derby Road, Thornbury 
F6791934 11 20ThomasWRIGHT7310 Wilcock Place, Windhill 
F6801934 11 22WilliamHOARE3013 Highdale View 
F6811934 11 27FredMYERS587 Green Row 
F6821934 11 30RalphDRACUP8mThe Chiltern Hospital 
F6831934 12 05Frederick HenrySHEPHARD6438 Swainhouse Crescent 
F6841934 12 10JamesCORDINGLEY7489 Stonehall Road, Eccleshill 
F6861934 12 15HerbertBURNLEY6138 Firth Street, Laister Dyke 
F6851934 12 15ElizabethGARNETT7017 Thackley Road 
F6881934 12 22FlorenceHOLMES4693 Bradford Road 
F6871934 12 22RosaSTEELE5624 Albion Road 
F6891934 12 29BeatriceHALL497 Derby Street, Idle 
F6901935 01 02WalterNORTH23 Dawson Street 
F6911935 01 04Grace AliceRAISTRICK69574 Leeds Road 
F6921935 01 07ErnestTAYLOR2442 Woodbine Grove 
F6931935 01 08MalcolmSTANSFIELD17d139 Park Road 
F6941935 01 09ThomasLEACH5832 Albert Road 
F6951935 01 12RalphWAITE52Thorpe Garth 
F6961935 01 16WilliamELLIS83Carr Bank Bottom, Idleaddress corrected
F6971935 01 25ArthurHUDSON6428 Southfield Avenue 
F6981935 01 25EvaPICKARD7626 Bradford Road 
F6991935 02 04SarahGRIMSHAW861 Highgate Road, Clayton 
F7001935 02 13DennisPOUNDS3d80 Carbottom Road, Greengates 
F7011935 02 14George Arthur BrewittNORTH335 Hampton Place 
F7021935 02 16John HinchcliffeDIXON83Springfield Place 
F7031935 02 16WilliamHARRISON5811 Highfield Road 
F7041935 02 21Wilfred SteadFOWLER2521 North Street 
F7051935 02 27DavidBROMWICH8054 Town Lane 
F7061935 03 04HarryOATES6d4 Apperley Road 
F7071935 03 07RuthSTRICKLAND7112 Sandhurst Street, Calverley 
F7081935 03 11MarthaSPENCER7223 Albert Avenue 
F7091935 03 12Harriet AnnSPENCER6140 Aire View Avenue, Bingley 
F7101935 03 18MarthaBROWN77Cherry Tree Farm, Eccleshill 
F7111935 03 21AlbertLEE5910 Oak View, Shipley 
F7121935 03 30PollyROBINSON6284 Carbottom Road, Greengates 
F7131935 04 04ArchieWATKINSON3835 Meadow Road, Apperley Bridge 
F7141935 04 17Mary HannahHUNT704 Oxford Street, Greengates 
F7151935 04 20RobinCURETON1d326 Kings Road 
F7161935 04 23MaryLUPTON8330 Woodbine Terrace 
F7171935 05 02JaneELSLEY8520 New Street, Idle 
F7181935 05 04JamesMARSHMAN698 Brunswick Place, Greengates 
F7191935 05 04FrederickPLUMRIDGE5814 Cyprus Drive 
F7201935 05 05William HenryBAXTER8396 Agbrigg Road, Wakefieldaddress corrected
F7211935 05 09Joseph ThackerayHORSFIELD673 Marlborough Road 
F7221935 05 15Arthur HiltonADCOCK409 Low Hill, Baildon 
F7231935 05 16ShirleyDAWSON3m87 Bradford Road 
F7241935 05 22ThomasNEWBOULT6547 Westfield Lane 
F7251935 05 25Mary AnnBARKER8431 Galthorne Street, Great Horton 
F7261935 05 25SheilaBROOK19m39 Crag Road, Shipley 
F7271935 05 28HannahHOYLE79Stoney Bank, Barden 
F7281935 06 03Joshua HollandWHITELEY6311 Hope Avenue, Shipley 
F7291935 06 15William EdwardLINE5029A Park Road, Manchester Road 
F7301935 06 15Edna MayTAYLOR2042 Woodbine Grove 
F7311935 06 20John WilliamREED6816 Craghill Road 
F7321935 06 22SquireMYERS59283 Rooley Lane 
F7331935 06 25ClarissaPLACE4416 Regent Street 
F7341935 06 27AliceHANSON48White Bear Inn 
F7351935 07 04FredBAINES723 Rawson Square 
F7361935 07 06Sam WalterNORTH5916 Leamington Drive 
F7371935 07 09John RobertBRYANT78Junction Mount, Eccleshill 
F7381935 07 17EthelSMITH33157 Bradford Road 
F7391935 07 17ElizaSMITH763 Greenhill Road, Armley 
F7401935 07 24Gladys MarySTONE2739 Curzon Road, Bradford Moor 
F7411935 07 29WalterHOLMES54385 Highfield Road 
F7421935 08 03Martha AnnSTEAD7427 Butt Lane 
F7431935 08 08LeahCRABTREE712 Mellor Street, Windhill 
F7441935 08 19AdaBARREN7249 Strawberry Dale Avenue, Harrogate 
F7451935 08 26EmilyBROOKE78129 Apperley Road 
F7461935 09 02Sarah AnnKENDALL7975 Park Row 
F7471935 09 11AudreyMITCHELL6dSt. Luke's Hospital 
F7481935 09 12WalterMOKES2915 North Street 
F7501935 09 23Sarah HannahEXLEY71Meadow Road, Greengates 
F7511935 09 23Hannah WhiteleyGREENWOOD7612 Thackley Road 
F7531935 09 24RichardCLAYTON7311 Marlborough Road 
F7521935 09 24GeorgeGABBITAS8310 Swain Mount 
F7541935 09 25GeorgeCARDWELL7920 Burnwells Avenue 
F7551935 09 28WilliamHUDSON6121 Norman Drive, Eccleshill 
F7561935 10 03KathleenTWIDDLE12Mitchell Lane 
F7571935 10 16WilliamHUTCHINSON80Southlands, Leeds Road 
F7581935 10 21Josephus LlewellynCOOPER252 The Grove 
F7591935 10 22AliceREADMAN6040 Westfield Lane 
F7601935 10 29MurielFOWLER1520 Ashbourne Drive 
F7611935 11 12RushforthSNOW7570 SwainHouse Road 
F7491935 11 13George William HodgsonPALEY634 Back Lane 
F7621935 11 16JesseHATTERSLEY64Springwell House Hospital, Doncaster 
F7631935 11 20ThomasCORDINGLEY71148 Highfield Road 
F7651935 11 21John HenrySWIFT654 North Hall Avenue 
F7641935 11 23DouglasJACK464 Bradford Road 
F7661935 12 16FlorrieCRAGG5912 Butt Lane 
F7671935 12 27ElizabethALLISON7112 Pendragon Lane 
F7681936 01 04MabethGARNETT7023 Thackley Road 
F7701936 01 13JamesBERRY63171 Bradford Road 
F7691936 01 13JessePROCTER7934 Procter Street, Tong 
F7711936 01 14AlbertPAWSON7128 New Street 
F7721936 01 17MatildaDICKINSON7474 Wesley Grove 
F7731936 01 21BrooksbankKNAPTON80?St. Luke's Hospital 
F7741936 01 23JamesSMITH69161 Albion Road 
F7761936 01 24Martha ElizabethCORDINGLEY7011 North Hall Avenue 
F7751936 01 25SylviaRAISTRICK2m20 Park Road 
F7771936 01 30WilliamDUCK38Westfield Lane 
F7781936 01 30FannyJENKINS721 Rawson Square 
F7791936 02 03Patience SelinaRHODES861 Highgate Road, Clayton 
F7801936 02 06AbrahamATKINSON6211 Ravenscliffe Avenue, Eccleshill 
F7811936 02 17JoanSUGDEN5Apperley Road, Idle 
F7821936 02 19Margaret ElizabethSCOTT78172 Highfield Road 
F7831936 02 27PatriciaMYERS2mMeadow Road, Greengates 
F7841936 03 16AlbertPADGETT25Royal Infirmary 
F7851936 03 17EricBROOMFIELD3m16 Kensington Place 
F7861936 03 18William EmsleyDIBB62204 Idle Road, Eccleshill 
F7871936 03 19Donald JamesGLEDSTONE1234 New Line, Greengates 
F7881936 03 20AliceROBERTS573 Stockhill Grove, Greengates 
F7911936 03 21CharlesDIBB5716 Greenfield Place 
F7901936 03 21HenryPOTTER64125 Highfield Road 
F7891936 03 21SarahPROCTER709 Lambert Street, Skipton 
F7921936 03 25Sarah AnnHALL66268 Leeds Road 
F7931936 03 26ThomasBAXTER66389 Highfield Road 
F7941936 03 27WilliamWILKINSON78287 Harrogate Road, Eccleshill 
F7951936 03 28ThomasROSIER4232 Jer? Lane, Horton, Bradford 
F7961936 04 01ShirleyWATERWORTH2d49 Chapel Street, Eccleshill 
F7971936 04 03LucyHINCHLIFFE6045 West Park Terrace 
F7981936 05 04AliceHOLGATE74422 Idle Road 
F7991936 05 06Annie LauraWALLBANK71Park Cottage, Victoria Road, Saltaire 
F8001936 05 13DanielSENIOR61Wetherby 
G11936 05 21AnnWATERHOUSE81St. Catherine's Home 
G21936 05 29JamesBULLOCK61The New Inn, Town Gate, Idle 
G31936 06 03William HenryBENTCLIFFE64405 Beacon Road 
G51936 06 04HarrisCASTLE7469 Chapel Street, Eccleshill 
G41936 06 04AlanPADGETT314 Beatrice Street, Shipley 
G61936 06 09WilliamRAPER8810 Leamington Drive 
G71936 06 13LouisaILLINGWORTH745 Westfield Grove 
G81936 06 18ArthurCULLEAM2953 Wrose Road 
G91936 06 23ElizaSUMMERFIELD82New Hall, Ilkley 
G111936 06 25LydiaFARREN32Pullan Street, Great Horton 
G101936 06 25HesterHOOK777 Burnwells, Thackley 
G121936 06 26Mary AnnKEIGHLEY6018 Hyde Street, Thackley 
G131936 06 30MatthewWHITTLE669 North Street, Thackley 
G141936 07 07RichardCRAGG6046 Thackley Road, Thackley 
G151936 07 16AdaBOOTH69169 Park Road, Thackley 
G171936 07 28Elizabeth Fanny AmyCLAYTON7711 Marlborough Road, Idle 
G161936 07 28HarryMITCHELL686 Regent Street, Thackley 
G181936 08 01EthelBAXTER3851 Prospect Street, Farsley 
G191936 08 19Maurice EdwardRICHARDSON3m10 South View, Greengates 
G201936 09 09Joseph RoyGLEDSTONE15The Royal Infirmary 
G211936 09 18Martha EmmaDIXON67514 Leeds Road, Thackley 
G221936 10 06ArthurCOLLINSON67122 Highfield Road, Idle 
G231936 10 08HerbertCULLEAM5359 Wrose Road, Bradford 
G241936 10 17MaudMITCHELL571 Ashgrove, Greengates 
G251936 10 29John WilliamLEE614 Bright Street, Idle 
G261936 10 30JoshuaPITTS80136 Highfield Road, Idle 
G271936 11 03AnnieGARNETT39153 Town Lane, Idle 
G281936 11 05Mary AnnBROOKE8220 Ranley Avenue 
G291936 11 12WalterBOYES6343 Windhill Old Road 
G301936 11 18Letitia MargueritePICKERING4564 Ripon Street, Bradford 
G311936 11 25EvaSMITH526 Ashgrove, Greengates 
G321936 12 08Sarah AnnTHACKRAY77312 Idle Road, Eccleshill 
G341936 12 09SamuelHOLDSWORTH8222 Burrell Street, G'BoroGainsborough or Guisborough ?
G331936 12 09Winifred VeraNORTH15Bierley Hall Hospital 
G351936 12 19MargaretBRAITHWAITE5dChildren's Hospital 
G361936 12 24HenryGARNETT7641 Park Road, Thackley 
G371936 12 28Eleanor Mary AnnSMITH67Rectory Cottage, Darfield 
G381936 12 31LottieWEBSTER4654 Mount Pleasant, Idle 
G391937 01 01FredTHOMAS779 Croft Street, Idle 
G411937 01 02EvaLUPTON614 Hyde Street 
G401937 01 02WilfredNICHOLSON4814 Hyde Street 
G421937 01 06Mary ElizabethDENTON6219 Highfield Road, Idle 
G431937 01 11WilliamCALVERT72164 Brunswick Road, Greengates 
G441937 01 11JohnDAWSON32422 Livingston Road, Wrose 
G451937 01 12FannySHEARD7366 Town Lane, Thackley 
G461937 01 18ElizabethPRATT7610 Burnwells 
G471937 01 19BenjaminPROCTER729 Lambert Street, Skipton 
G481937 01 25JessieHARDAKER1544 Woodbine Grove, Idle 
G491937 01 26AaronBROOKE3338 Fourlands Road, Idle 
G501937 01 28MarySCOTT248 Leyton Drive, Idle 
G511937 01 30Elizabeth AnnRATCLIFFE7269 Field Street, Shipley 
G521937 02 08Mary JaneHUDSON74237 Bolton Hall Road 
G531937 02 13KateHODGKINS648 Back Lane 
G541937 02 20BarryPROCTER5mSt. Luke's Hospital 
G551937 02 25FaithWATSON744 Cambridge Road, Morecambe 
G561937 03 05PhoebeHESLING8149 Cavendish Road 
G571937 03 12Walter ShawCONROY2810 Kensington Place, Idle 
G581937 03 19Neville HoltBUCKLEY5Albion Road, Idle 
G591937 03 25EmmaSTANSFIELD93Westfield Lane, Idle 
G601937 03 30EmmaGARNETT7455 Thorp Garth, Idle 
G611937 04 01AnnBENNETT4918 George Street, Saltaire 
G621937 04 08EleanorHOWTON7022 Maidstone Street 
G631937 04 12Joshua BenjaminOSBORNE61Town Lane, Idle 
G641937 04 28John MurgatroydRYCROFT44Preston 
G651937 05 05EvaTHORNTON55552 Leeds Road 
G671937 05 06JohnnyGLEDSTONE57Fair Ground, Heckmondwikeaddress expanded
G661937 05 06JohnMURGATROYD57228 Westfield Lane, Shipley 
G681937 05 11Martha JaneBARKER7712 Granville Street, Idle 
G691937 05 17James HenrySPARKS773 Railway Street 
G701937 05 26HenryTHORNTON72550 Leeds Road, Thackley 
G711937 05 26WilliamWILKINSON7115 Town Lane, Thackley 
G721937 06 02Annie EmilyUMPLEBY63630 Leeds Road 
G731937 06 05EdwardWARDLE223 Springfield Place, Idle 
G741937 06 09Mary AnnWOOD792 Malt Shovel Yard, Idle 
G751937 06 10Mary AnnWILBER282 Woodbine Grove, Idle 
G761937 06 14AliceTHOMAS71Alexandra Hotel 
G771937 06 30AliceCANSFIELD5428 Albert Avenue 
G781937 07 05Robert JamesISAACS4726 Burnwells 
G791937 07 12SamuelILLINGWORTH4410 Pellon Terrace 
G811937 07 14SarahBAIRSTOW2414 Westfield Lane, Idle 
G821937 07 14Fred SmithMITCHELL5715 Lilythorne Avenue, Idle 
G801937 07 14Sarah HannahWILKINSON442 Mirfield Avenue 
G831937 07 16DavidHARGREAVES5m20 Ley Fleaks Road 
G841937 07 28AnnieATKINSON594 Ley Fleaks Road 
G851937 08 14Frederick CharlesWATERHOUSE6637 Bolton Hall Road 
G861937 08 18Harry FletcherBAXTER349 Boothroyd 
G871937 08 24ThomasSHAW725 Idle Moor 
G881937 08 25AdelaideHARDY7211 Rawson Square 
G891937 08 25Martha EllenRILEY743 Greenhill Row, Bramley 
G901937 08 31ElizabethLAW7427 Alexandrea Road, Eccleshill 
G911937 09 03ElizaWRIGHT1685 Albion Road, Idle 
G921937 09 15WilliamHODSON6215 Claremont Green Lane 
G931937 09 16Lily GreyTHOMPSON515 Bromlet Place, Eccleshill 
G941937 09 17GertrudeCLARK6720 Willowfield Crescent, Idle 
G951937 09 23DavidBREWSTER9d6 Brackendale 
G961937 09 25Joseph RobertWRIGHT765 Burnwells 
G971937 09 30IlmaGLOVER302 Moor Crescent, Swain House 
G981937 10 02George ChristopherMINETT3217 Hampton Place, Idle 
G991937 10 04ClaraPALEY6027 Woodbine Grove, Idle 
G1001937 10 06PollyMANN725 Windhill Road 
G100a1937 10 07GeorgeMORTIMERnot entered5 Leeds Road 
G100b1937 10 07ValerieMORTIMERnot entered5 Leeds Road 
G1011937 10 09GeorgeBURRIDGE529 Springfield Place 
G1021937 10 16GarnettSCOTT53Cote Farm, Leeds Road 
G1031937 11 03EmmaRYCROFT7818 Darfield Avenue, Buttershaw 
G1041937 11 16Mary JaneHUDSON809 Moorfield Place, Idle 
G1051937 11 20SarahMYERS8336 Hampton Place, Idle 
G1061937 11 27RoyPALEY4Windhill 
G1071937 12 09John WilliamHILLARY5062 Park Road, Thackley 
G1081937 12 14HannahDAWSON6014 Hampton Place, Idle 
G1091937 12 20John WilliamWARDLE714 Pellon Terrace, Thackley 
G1101937 12 24EmmaTHOMAS775 Back Lane, Idle 
G1111937 12 27James WilliamSMITH82Tamlings? Hospital, Farnworth 
G1121937 12 30FrankDENBY23Forde House, Buck Lane, Baildon 
G1131937 12 31ZillahWOOD84488 Leeds Road, Thackley 
G1141938 01 03KateWATMOUGH5930 Albion Road, Idle 
G1151938 01 12Sarah AnnMYERS8145 Bradford Road, Idle 
G1161938 01 15AlfredHARTLEY735 Norman Terrace, Eccleshill 
G1171938 01 25JaneEXLEY6648 Hampton Place, Idle 
G1181938 02 01EmmaFALKINGHAM78547 Leeds Road, Thackley 
G1191938 02 05Mary AnnieILLINGWORTH63Cross Road, Idle 
G1201938 02 05JoeSHAW6612 Greenfield Place, Idle 
G1211938 02 08WillieHOWKER645 Doctor Lane, Idle 
G1221938 02 09JackKEIGHLEY3418 Hyde Street, Thackley 
G1231938 02 11BenjaminGARNETT65East Chevin Farm, Otley 
G1241938 02 16AlanCALVER1414 Wood Lane, Kings Road 
G1251938 02 25DanielDRACUP68476 Leeds Road, Thackley 
G1261938 03 02Henry ThomasJUDE53141 Town Lane, Thackley 
G1271938 03 07ElizaREDHEAD6013 Apperley Road, Idle 
G1281938 03 08EmmaPOPPLEWELL65Hill Top, near Harrogate 
G1291938 03 09Margaret AldrichADCOCK754 Delius Avenue, Eccleshill 
G1321938 03 22Nellie FlorenceBELL4734 Victoria Street, Bradford 
G1301938 03 22ArnoldGARNETT3516 Burnswell, Thackley 
G1311938 03 22Elizabeth AnnNORTH5816 Leamington Drive, Idle 
G1331938 03 23EmilyBARNES6787 Thackley Old Road 
G1341938 03 23AnneHILL6m42 Pellon Terrace, Thackley 
G1351938 03 28Ruth HildaWALKER3126 Harehills Road, Thackley 
G1361938 04 16RobertABRAHAMS5017 Pickard Street, Laisterdyke 
G1371938 04 21EmmaHAINSWORTH891 Highfield Road, Clayton 
G1381938 04 23EllaWIGGLESWORTH7410 Willow Grove, Idle 
G1391938 04 25EarlGLOVER857 Salsiry Road, Frizinghall 
G1401938 04 27MariaHALL717 Ring Road, Leeds 
G1411938 04 30Sarah HannahTHOMAS795 Back Lane 
G1421938 05 11AdaWATERHOUSE66576 Leeds Road 
G1431938 05 26EmmelinaBAXTER5947 Kirkham Road, Horton 
G1441938 06 06JaneRILEY80529 Leeds Road, Thackley 
G1451938 06 10AdaRYAN1784 Fitzgerald Street, Bradford 
G1461938 06 14Jack DunmoreTHOMAS2341 Albert Avenue 
G1471938 06 17Joseph EdwardFERREY?2m78 New Street, Idle 
G1481938 06 25John WilliamHINDLE6375 Blenheim Place, Thackley 
G1491938 07 19WilliamWALKER8448 Sunderland Road, Bradford 
G1501938 07 21John WilliamEDMONDSON681 Kingston Road, Thackley 
G1511938 07 21AgnesHOGG50204 New Line, Greengates 
G1521938 08 03JimPITTS6138 Firth Street, Laister Dyke 
G1531938 08 04AmeliaBEAUMONT73High Royds, Menston 
G1541938 08 09BenjaminKENDALL7370A Town Lane, Idle 
G1551938 08 12EllenDAWSON7258 Carbottom Road, Greengates 
G1561938 08 13SusanBLAND1d12 Mornington Villas 
G1571938 08 16Mary HannahWATERHOUSE72High Royds, Menston 
G1581938 08 23AliceALRED71264 Leeds Road, Idle 
G1591938 08 24JamesBAIRSTOW5810 Lodore Place, Bolton 
G1611938 08 26FrancisDUCK7026 Westfield Lane, Idle 
G1621938 08 26ElizabethLONG8427 Aire View Avenue, Bingley 
G1601938 08 26MarthaRUSHWORTH584 Regent Street, Thackley 
G1631938 08 30RuthHOBSON65103 Hellings Road, Bradford 
G1641938 08 30Richard BenjaminHYLTON66103 Pard Road, Thackley 
G1651938 09 01RachelMIDGELEY546 Victoria Street, Shipley 
G1661938 09 03RichardNAYLOR6412 Musgrave Grove, Eccleshill 
G1671938 09 08GeorgeWATSON1941 Swainhouse Crescent, Bingley 
G1681938 09 16HannahRAISTRICK6812 Thorpe Place, Idle 
G1691938 09 28SarahACKROYD8032 Bradford Road, Idle 
G1701938 09 29John ArthurCOULTAS46395 Highfield Road, Idle 
G1711938 10 01TomSTEAD59162 Bolton Hall Road 
G1721938 10 04CharlesREED5529 Craghill Road, Thackley 
G1731938 10 06John WilliamHARLAND672 Pollard's Buildings, Idle 
G1741938 10 06JosephWARD7214 WindHill Old Road, Thackley 
G1751938 10 15JosephHARTLEY2214 Lilythorne Avenue, Idle 
G1761938 10 22JamesBROOKE78St. Joseph's, Leeds 
G1801938 11 03EvaWATKINSON7620 Hyde Street, Thackley 
G1771938 11 18AbrahamRAISTRICK807 Kingston Grove, Thackley 
G1781938 11 19PeterDAWSON2m8 Wrose View, Wrose 
G1791938 11 29Eileen PatriciaHOARE11m15 Haigh Hill Road, Greengates 
G1811938 12 05MargaretBLOMFIELD8362 Brunswick Road, Greengates 
G1821938 12 06SarahCOOPER7260 Carbottom Road, Greengates 
G1831938 12 06Edward JamesHARRISON5525 Woodbine Terrace, Idle 
G1841938 12 10BerthaNORTH4680 New Street, Idle 
G1851938 12 15JosephSMITH73521 Bolton Road, Bradford 
G1861938 12 21PriscillaHARDAKER57175 Durham Road 
G1871938 12 23Martha HannahBOOTH78253 Girlington Road 
G1881938 12 24EmilyMALTBY6312 Pelham Road, Eccleshill 
G1901938 12 26GeorgeCHARLESWORTH2d41 Thorpe Garth, Idle 
G1891938 12 27William EvansWICKS6921 Malboro Road, Idle 
G1911938 12 31ThomasKITCHING5342 Fitzgerald Street 
G1921939 01 02FannyDIBB7430 Oakroyd Terrace, Manningham 
G1931939 01 07Annie MariaDEARDEN5613 Damon Avenue, Eccleshill 
G1941939 01 16Elizabeth AnnWEBSTER8291 Bradford Road, Idle 
G1951939 01 17ClaraHOLDSWORTH7881 Albion Road, Idle 
G1961939 01 21ArthurSPENCER6712 Fourlands Road, Idle 
G1971939 01 27FrederickBOOTH74289 Rodley Avenue, Bradford 
G1981939 01 28ElizabethELLISON76Scalebor Park, Burley 
G1991939 01 31HannahCORDINGLEY60545 Highfield Road, Idle 
G2001939 02 01John ArthurDENNISON491 North Hall Avenue, Thackley 
G2021939 02 10HarryHARRISON5422 Fernside Terrace, Manningham 
G2011939 02 10FredILLINGWORTH51120 Highfield Road, Idle 
G2031939 02 11William KiddRAISTRICK7933 Thorp Garth, Idle 
G2041939 02 13EdgarHUDSON40147 Carbottom Avenue 
G2051939 02 18LilyHUBBARD4010 Harewood Lane 
G2061939 02 24HenryYARKER59699 Bolton Road, Bradford 
G2071939 03 02ArthurCOULTAS72395 Highfield Road, Idle 
G2081939 03 04George LawrenceWILLIAMSON49214 New Line, Greengates 
G2091939 03 06John Farquhar EastwoodDIBB530 Oakroyd Terrace, Bradford 
G2101939 03 18IsabellaROBERTSHAW80535 Leeds Road, Thackley 
G2111939 03 22William Horley?HOOD7427 Stockhill Road, Greengates 
G2121939 03 23JohnBOTTOMLEY40Fairfield Bungalow 
G2131939 03 24Lewis Frampton?LUPTON54193 New Line, Greengates 
G2141939 03 28MarthaGARNETT82Highfield Terrace, Idle 
G2151939 04 01Sarah MarySMITH721 Woodlands View, Greengates 
G2161939 04 08Charles HenrySWALES66not entered 
G2171939 04 10EmilyTHORNTON7864 Hoxton Street, Girlington 
G2181939 05 02EmilyROUSE7417 Clara Road, Bn. Villas 
G2191939 05 04Eric SamuelROBINSON2450 Bradford Road, Idle 
G2211939 05 09Mary EllenHASTE7951 Cavendish Road, Idle 
G2201939 05 09PercyNORTH50450 Highfield Road, Idle 
G2221939 05 16AdaWILD667 Windhill Old Road, Thackley 
G2231939 05 24Peter AllanWEBSTER8626 Leeds Road, Thackley 
G2241939 05 27LilyLAWRENCE7145 Castle Terrace, Idle 
G2251939 05 30JanetJOLLY51164 Brunswick Road, Greengates 
G2261939 06 01Florence OliviaLONG5822 High Dale View 
G2271939 06 03HarryHARGREAVES3820 Ley Fleaks Road, Idle 
G2281939 06 09PhoebeCOATES676 Hampton Place, Idle 
G2291939 06 10RitaGRANT247 Thorp Garth, Idle 
G2301939 06 13JerBAXTER65160 Westfield Lane 
G2311939 06 20EmilyLEDGER79Station Road, Esholt 
G2321939 06 21Agnes CookCROSLAND7021 Bateson Street, Greengates 
G2331939 06 23JamesLISHMAN6727 Bradford Road, Idle 
G2341939 06 24ThomasBREARLEY7541 Croft Street, Idle 
G2351939 07 05ThomasROBINSON6925 Craghills Road, Thackley 
G2361939 07 15FredALRED72264 Leeds Road, Idle 
G2371939 07 22Eliza JuliaGARNETT6713 Ley Fleaks Road 
G2381939 07 25Charles EdwardNICHOLSON3d146 Leeds Road 
G2391939 07 31TomLOFTHOUSE64263 Bradford Road, Idle 
G2401939 08 02EllenBROADBENT5729 Cavendish Road, Idle 
G2411939 08 04Eliza JaneKNEESHAW6928 Back Lane, Idle 
G2421939 08 10Nellie IreneSPIVEY28Doctor Lane, Idle 
G2431939 08 20FaithHARGREAVES683 Stanley Street, Idle 
G2441939 09 04AlbertKITCHEN5461 Chapel Street, Eccleshill 
G2451939 09 18RobertWHITELEY37123 Wootan Street, Bradford 
G2461939 09 21JosephTHORNTON6218 Willowfield Crescent, Idle 
G2471939 09 26AmyHEWARD68Station? Road 
G2481939 09 30Mary AnnSUTCLIFFE85127 Apperley Road 
G2511939 10 09Martha AnnCORDINGLEY73148 Highfield Road, Bradford 
G2491939 10 09Mary AliceHARRISON8535 Moorside Road, Eccleshill 
G2501939 10 09John HenryPRATT8321 Joseph Street, Shipley 
G2521939 10 10Squire Arthur WilliamACKROYD6955 Cavendish Road, Idle 
G2531939 10 11Lucy AnnWAITE67159 Albion Road, Idle 
G2541939 10 12Ann ElizabethCOATES8413 Mount Avenue, Eccleshill 
G2551939 10 16ClaraSPENCER7781 Mount Avenue, Eccleshill 
G2571939 10 17StanleyGRANTHAM294 Albert Buildings 
G2561939 10 17LeonardLESTER313 Moorfield Place, Idle 
G2581939 10 20LouisaDAWSON8147 Windhill Old Road 
G2591939 10 21Alice Maud MaryDIBB5738 Fourlands Road 
G2601939 10 27HarryHOLT46Eccleshill 
G2611939 10 30WilliamDAVISON6222 Moorfield Place, Idle 
G2621939 11 08Victor WilliamSLATER589 Kensington Place, Idle 
G2631939 11 13LouieBOTTOMLEY31334 Highfield Road 
G2641939 11 16James EdgarCROSSLAND376 Althorpe Grove, Idle 
G2651939 11 22JohnLYNCH4556 Thackley Road, Thackley 
G2661939 11 25JohnSMITH7818 Back Lane, Idle 
G2671939 12 02GeorgeCOATES776 Hampton Place, Idle 
G2681939 12 11DorisSMITH43Greenfield Place, Idle 
G2691939 12 12Winifred AliceSMITH543 Leamington Drive 
G2701939 12 13EmmaSCOTT7836 Cornwall Terrace, Manningham 
G2711939 12 18Harry OatesSHACKLETON722 Barraclough Buildings 
G2721939 12 22EmilyMOULDS713 Park Avenue, Shipley 
G2731940 01 05William PriestleyRAISTRICK47564 Leeds Road 
G2741940 01 09PercyLEACH56East Bierley 
G2751940 01 10ArnoldTAYLOR188 Union Yard, Idle 
G2761940 01 18DinahDENNISON7437 Park Avenue, Thackley 
G2771940 01 24ThomasHOLGATE6145 Lynwood Crescent, Leeds 
G2781940 02 06Charles BLEGGE5112 Wrose Avenue 
G2791940 02 07Elizabeth AnnieYARKER72269 Bierley Old Lane 
G2801940 02 12CarrieTHOMAS5941 Albert Avenue 
G2811940 02 17HaroldFOX3024 High Street, Skipton 
G2821940 02 21Annie Rooms?POOLE5016 Moorfield Place, Idle 
G2831940 02 21Sarah AnnWILMAN961 Highgate Road, Clayton 
G2841940 02 27EmilySTEELE7964 Woodhall Road, Calverley 
G2851940 02 28KathleenODDY313 Rainway Place, Idle 
G2861940 02 29HannahGLOVER829 Croft Street, Idle 
G2871940 03 04LouisaMARSHALL5923 Westfield Lane, Idle 
G2881940 03 04JosephMIDGLEY8193 Albion Road, Idle 
G2891940 03 06MauriceWILSON3dVictoria Street, Thackley 
G2901940 03 07John EdwardDAVIES50476 Leeds, Road, Thackley 
G2911940 03 09SarahSKIRROW703 St. Wilfred's Place 
G2921940 03 11CharlesROBERTSHAW49Wrose, Thorpe Garth 
G2931940 03 16JohnILLINGWORTH6189 Blenheim Place, Idle 
G2941940 03 19PeterPARRY662 Milligan Avenue, Wrose 
G2951940 03 21JamesCLEMENT5994 Acre Avenue, Eccleshill 
G2961940 03 23MinnieWEBSTER558 Barfield Avenue, Yeadon 
G2971940 04 06CliffordDAWSON2612 Woodbine Grove, Idle 
G2981940 04 09Mary JaneDOWEY73289 Rooley Lane, Bradford 
G2991940 04 19ArthurDOLAN46Plumpton End, Wrose 
G3001940 04 22Ethel LouisaRICHARDS564 Leyton Grove, Idle 
G3021940 04 23FredALRED6332 New Street, Idle 
G3011940 04 23AnnieWILKINSON732 Cockshott Lane, Idle 
G3031940 04 26Ralph VincentILLINGWORTH5927 Woodbine Terrace, Idle 
G3041940 05 07Charles KPULLAN739 Norman Drive, Eccleshill 
G3051940 05 28Gertrude MatildaTAYLOR583 Woodbine Grove, Idle 
G3061940 06 03FrederickCORDINGLEY6441 High Street, Idle 
G3071940 06 03CharlesWATERHOUSE6699 Park Road, Thackley 
G3081940 06 10AnnieOVEREND4026 Rawson Square 
G3091940 06 12GrahamHUNTER8277 Apperley Road 
G3101940 06 13James WilliamBUCKLEY4178 Roundwood Avenue, Eccleshill 
G3111940 06 13MaryGLOSSOP8424 Woodview Terrace, Bradford 
G3121940 06 19GeorgeBATESON736 Thomas Place, Windhill 
G3131940 07 02FannyELLIOTT7646 Ashgrove, Greengates 
G3141940 07 04Sarah JaneHARTLEY6148 New Line, Greengates 
G3151940 07 11SamuelSCOTT76St. Luke's Hospital 
G3161940 07 16BernardSTEVENSON2438 Ashgrove, Greengates 
G3171940 07 16James WilliamSWIFT445 Batter Lane, Rawdon 
G3181940 07 22Martha AnnDRACUP703 Hampton Place, Idle 
G3191940 07 26Mary ElizabethGEE811 Highgate Road, Clayton 
G3201940 08 06Judith RosemarySPENCER2dFourlands Road 
G3211940 08 08Mary JaneBAXTER8017 Valley Road, Bradford 
G3221940 08 20Alfred WilliamHORNER578 Gordon Terrace 
G3231940 09 11AnnGREGORY7313 New Street 
G3241940 09 25DrusillaRODWELL82Baildon Bridge 
G3251940 10 04Doris MayBOTTOMLEY369 Althorpe Grove 
G3271940 10 11William Herbert EdwardADCOCK1811 Wrose View, Baildon 
G3261940 10 11RebeccaMUNTON795 Pierston Avenue, Blackpool 
G3281940 10 23Arthur LeslieWALKER2158 Mount Pleasant 
G3291940 10 26Sarah JaneWYNESS5912 Ranelagh Avenue, Eccleshill 
G3301940 11 05Elizabeth AnnBATESON7261 Thomas Place, Windhill 
G3311940 11 28HannahHARDAKER78618 Leeds Road, Thackley 
G3331940 11 30ElizabethTHORPE8857 Carrington Street, Bradford 
G3321940 11 30Charles JohnYOUNG7116 Ley Fleaks Road, Idle 
G3341940 12 02FannyBOWMAN71120 Pullan Avenue, Eccleshill 
G3351940 12 06KatherineCOCKERHAM2554 High Street, Idle 
G3361940 12 07Christopher JohnSPENCE7516 Rawson Square, Idle 
G3371940 12 10ArthurSUTTLE72126 Stockton Lane, York 
G3381940 12 24RachaelACKROYD7355 Cavendish Road, Idle 
G3391940 12 24EthelMYERS7327 Meadow Road, Greengates 
G3401941 01 06Sarah ElizabethLAYCOCK72362 Highfield Road 
G3411941 01 10Terry Leonie?JACKSON16mWestfield Lane 
G3421941 01 15EzraRATCLIFFE4117 Taunton Street, Shipley 
G3431941 01 22William WhiteleyELLIS59546 Leeds Road, Thackley 
G3441941 01 25SylviaHOWDEN3d27 High Street, Idle 
G3451941 02 03RosemaryHALL1d5 Back Lane, Idle 
G3461941 02 04LizzieTHORNTON4418 Willowfield Crescent 
G3471941 02 08HarrietSTEPHENSON82873 Bolton Road, Bradford 
G3481941 02 18EmmaSHUTTLEWORTH7962 Bradford Road 
G3491941 02 20FredMITCHELL7810 Regent Street, Thackley 
G3501941 02 26Catherine ElizaSTUTTER7813 Ley Fleaks Road, Idle 
G3511941 02 26Peter ClaytonTETLEY94Bolton Villas 
G3521941 02 28James C*HUNTER56277 Apperley Road 
G3531941 03 03AnnieOLDFIELD78High Street, Idle 
G3541941 03 08SamuelCLAYTON642 Back Lane, Idle 
G3551941 03 13Alice JaneATHERTON7624 Woodbine Terrace 
G3561941 03 17DonaldPRATT2mChildren's Hospital 
G3571941 03 29JamesPATCHETT54Royal Infirmary 
G3581941 04 03Emily JaneDAWSON5824 Institute Road 
G3601941 04 05HarryGLOVER829 Croft Street, Idle 
G3591941 04 05Thomas EdwardHARTLEY2814 Lilythorne Avenue 
G3611941 04 08SilvesterKITSON5412 Marlborough Road, Idle 
G3621941 04 14ClaraCORDINGLEY7889 Stockhill Road, Eccleshill 
G3631941 04 18HenryWEBSTER816 Derby Terrace 
G3641941 04 21WilliamGARNETT70Buck Hill 
G3651941 04 22Joseph WilliamSQUIRES445 Low Ash Avenue, Wrose 
G3661941 04 26NormanHIGGINS26 Burnwells 
G3671941 04 28Elizabeth RoseNATHAN3Children's Hospital 
G3681941 04 28DonaldTAYLOR146 Hampton Place, Idle 
G3691941 05 03AnnieWATERHOUSE6517 Salisbury Street 
G3701941 05 08SarahBOYD2711 High Street, Idle 
G3711941 05 09ElizabethMACHOKAS61St. Luke's Hospital 
G3721941 05 21Mary EllenWOODHOUSE8410 Hustler Street, Bradford 
G3731941 06 07BrianGARNETT1318 Wrose Avenue 
G3741941 06 09BettyLISTER876 Kensington Place 
G3751941 06 12WilliamWHITFIELD73Apperley Bridge 
G3761941 06 13John ArthurBOYD2711 High Street, Idle 
G3771941 06 17HarryDEEBANK811 Burnwells 
G3781941 06 19EdwinCROSSLAND8114 Ken Street 
G3791941 07 05Albert EdwardWALKER7732 Mount Street, Eccleshill 
G3801941 07 11SimeonRHODES717 Mint Street, UnderCliffe 
G3811941 07 12John HenryRAISTRICK77557 Leeds Road, Thackley 
G3821941 07 14Thomas AlbertCANSFIELD6428 Albert Avenue 
G3831941 07 19Alfred WillieDENBIGH6511 Cyprus Drive 
G3841941 07 22IsabellaLEE54476 Leeds Road 
G3851941 07 29LaviniaHOLDEN74815 Leeds Road, Thackley 
G3861941 08 05MaryNEWSHAM7m21 Ley Fleaks Road 
G3871941 08 19AliceTHORNTON5244 New Street, Idle 
G3881941 08 22GeorgeBRIDGE823 Leamington Drive, Idle 
G3891941 08 23Sarah EllenGRIMSHAW7716 Butt Lane, Idle 
G3901941 08 26MaryWARD5348 Town Lane 
G3911941 09 06IanFEARNLEY3m14 Burnwells Avenue 
G3921941 09 10BarbaraFEARNLEY3m14 Burnwells Avenue 
G3931941 09 10Peter GeorgeGIBSON2mTown Lane, Idle 
G3941941 09 19Arthur LeonardHARLAND43653 Bolton Road, Bradford 
G3951941 09 27John WilliamJENNINGS66Windhill Old Road, Thackley 
G3961941 10 04TabithaHODGSON73555 Leeds Road, Thackley 
G3971941 10 11HarrietCOY74Horsforth 
G3981941 10 15HannahHOLMES77551 Leeds Road, Thackley 
G3991941 11 03Sarah JaneSCOTT85172 Highfield Road, Idle 
G4001941 11 13JohnMETCALFE51 Radcliffe Avenue 
G4011941 11 15Marjorie Florence ScottLISTER1893 Blenheim Place 
G4021941 11 19Ellen MiriamJOWETT65High Royds, Menston 
G4031941 11 21Mary ElizabethWATSON851 BoothRoyd 
G4041941 11 22SamWAITE70289 Rooley Lane, Bradford 
G4051941 11 28FredWILLEY52203 Highfield View 
G4061941 12 12ThomasBLACKWELL2dThe Grove 
G4071941 12 13EdithHALL7025 Marlborough Road 
G4081941 12 17MaryBOOTH87Brompton Farm, Idle 
G4091941 12 20Shirley ElizabethHARDAKER1019 Kingston Road, Thackley 
G4101941 12 22AdaJENNINGS6883 Park Road, Idle 
G4111941 12 24FredSMITH683 Norman Grove 
G4121942 01 03Ellen *BAXTER899 Boothroyd 
G4131942 01 05John AllanSTEAD5d167 Park Road 
G4141942 01 05HarryWILKINSON7654 Park Road 
G4151942 01 13Robert FairfaxWILCOCK28106 Skipton Road, Ilkley 
G4161942 01 22HannahLINLEY745 Leeds Road, Eccleshill 
G4171942 01 28IrvinTYAS7211 Albert Avenue 
G4181942 02 06John WalkerHOLMES8282 Victoria Road, Eccleshill 
G4201942 02 09William HenryDAWSON61425 Harrogate Road 
G4191942 02 09RalphTHORNTON583 Bright Street 
G4211942 02 17HarrietFAULKNER498 Aire Street, Thackley 
G4221942 02 19John AlbertKEIGHLEY7848 Pratt Lane, Windhill 
G4231942 02 22Amandus CharlesLINDEN77London 
G4241942 02 25Albert WilliamHISCOX4296 New Street 
G4261942 02 28ElizabethSMITH7227 Croft Street 
G4251942 02 28John WilliamWHITELEY7246 Field Street, Shipley 
G4271942 03 02Sarah ConstantineALLANSON7427 Thorp Garth 
G4281942 03 07John HubertNORTH4926 Prospect Street, Eccleshill 
G4291942 03 10John BridgewaterROBERTS6729 Thorp Garth 
G4301942 03 19HannahHORSLEY74418 Livingstone Road 
G4311942 03 21Sarah JanePETTY6666 West Scholes? 
G4321942 03 24Richard FizgeraldWOODROOFE4929 Harrogate Road 
G4331942 03 25EdgarPOUNTNEY5315 Radcliffe Avenue 
G4341942 03 25JohnWALKER823 Ellar Carr Road 
G4351942 03 27HarrietILLINGWORTH54120 Highfield Road 
G4361942 03 28AnnieMARTIN2869 Swainhouse Road 
G4371942 03 31JamesSOMMERFIELD82389 Highfield Road 
G4381942 04 01FlorenceTHORNTON433 Kensington Place 
G4391942 04 03MargaretPETTY726 Althorpe Grove 
G4401942 04 04NancyDAVY32High Street 
G4411942 04 08EdwardTHOMAS584 Westfield Crescent, Wrose 
G4421942 04 10ReneeMORRIS2d8 Spring Street 
G4431942 04 14SamATHERTON4259 Claremont Road, Wrose 
G4441942 04 14FrederickRILEY827 Upper Carr Lane, Calverley 
G4451942 04 22Martha Hannah StansfieldKENDALL46High Ridge Farm, Arthington 
G4461942 04 22AnnPOUNDS62New Line, Greengates 
G4471942 04 29John GeorgeBAINES5818 Apperley Gardens 
G4481942 05 11JohnLOCKETT7870 Farfield Street 
G4491942 05 18Mary AnneHOBSON7510 Park Avenue 
G4501942 05 19AnnFLETCHER8215 The Grove 
G4511942 05 26Elizabeth Eva?PARKER656 Aire Street 
G4521942 06 17Ada ForenceMEEK62363 Highfield Road 
G4531942 06 18Francis WalkerFLETCHER78Eccleshill 
G4541942 06 19Angelina OliveBOLLANDS4932 Butt Lane 
G4551942 06 24Emma JaneREADMAN6532 Westfield Lane 
G4561942 07 07ThomasEXLEY76Greengates 
G4571942 07 18Mary AnneWALKER7216 Rawson Avenue 
G4581942 07 20EllenGLOVER6370 Bradford Road 
G4591942 07 29Hugh EastwoodHOLLIDAY6413 Thackley Road 
G4601942 08 01JosephBELL5645 Bradford Road 
G4611942 08 03AlbertBULMER21Burnwells 
G4621942 08 04Rita MaryWHITEHEAD42d114 Wrose Road 
G4631942 08 07Alfred JohnWIMBUSH642 Woodbine Grove 
G4641942 08 18FrederickPITTS73Leeds 
G4651942 09 12Edith MaryBARKER528 Albert Avenue 
G4661942 09 15WalterPARKINSON3626 High Street 
G4671942 09 23Fanny ElizaBRAYSHAW895 Sir Wilfred Place 
G4681942 09 23FrankTATE42Rochester Road, Bradford 
G4691942 10 10HarryHARDY62Greengates 
G4701942 10 10RichardLISHMAN4427 Bradford Road 
G4711942 10 12JohnUTTLEY5873 Pollard Lane 
G4721942 10 23William HenryEASTWOOD50338 Kings Road, Wrose 
G4731942 10 31Evelin AnnNOBLE7568 Brunswick Road, Greengates 
G4741942 11 04FannyDOBSON741 Tomlinson Buildings 
G4751942 11 05TomNICHOLSON33146 Leeds Road 
G4761942 11 06JuneHESSELWOOD5m14 Welwyn Avenue, Wrose 
G4771942 11 07HarryPICKLES79Huddersfield 
G4781942 11 10PeterSHAW1735 Fourlands Road 
G4791942 11 30JosephHOLMES77551 Leeds Road 
G4801942 12 10Joseph BottomleyGARNETT68Guiseley 
G4811942 12 26Ethel EvaCOOPER60829 Harrogate Road 
G4821942 12 28Mary ElizabethPOTTER74125 Highfield Road 
G4831943 01 02HarryANDERSON121047 Harrogate Road 
G4841943 01 05HaroldWATSON196 Leyton Terrace 
G4851943 01 06Harry WhittakerRUSSELL4031 Cavendish Road 
G4861943 01 13John BoothRAISTRICK7212 Thorpe Place 
G4871943 01 21WalterGARNETT46639 Leeds Road 
G4881943 01 22AgnesFELLOWS75Apperley Bridge 
G4891943 01 23HarryGREEN724 Exe Street, Great Horton 
G4901943 01 28GeorgeGRACE50Hyde Street 
G4911943 01 29ClaraDALBY6128 Croft Street 
G4921943 01 30JohnAGAR44153 Apperley Road 
G4931943 02 01ElizabethTYAS738 Dove Street, Saltaire 
G4941943 02 04AlfredMURGATROYD364 Cobden Street 
G4951943 02 16HannahLOCKETT7770 Farfield Street 
G4961943 02 17Albert JesseCARVELL72Burnwells 
G4971943 02 27Florrie ElizabethLIGHT5389 Kings Road, Wrose 
G4981943 03 06RobertGLEDHILL8119 Brunswick Road, Greengates 
G4991943 03 11Sarah ElizabethINGHAM797 High Street 
G5001943 03 16MabelBROOKE601 Chestnut Grove, Bolton 
G5011943 03 19JohnYEADON728 Aire Street, Haworth 
G5021943 03 30AliceODDY58462 Harrogate Road 
G5031943 04 03Thomas HoldenFLETCHER6998 Apperley Road 
G5041943 04 09Percy CharlesGROOM4593 Albion Road 
G5051943 04 10SamHUTTON253 Town Lane 
G5061943 04 12Martha AnnDUNWELL719 Rawson Square 
G5071943 04 19Robert WrightWHINCUP648 Delius Avenue, Eccleshill 
G5081943 04 24John OrlandoMARRIOTT78527 Leeds Road 
G5091943 06 02ElizabethNICHOLSON854 Castle Mills Yard 
G5101943 06 12Mary EmmaWILES88St. Luke's Hospital 
G5111943 06 18EdwardBOOTH78North Street, Thackley 
G5121943 06 29John Thomas?ALRED773 North Street, Thackley 
G5131943 07 05Julia AnnGARNETT74Garth House, Idle 
G5141943 07 12Martha HannahGARNETT705 Victoria Street 
G5151943 07 27ElizaWRIGHT4521 Joseph Street, Shipley 
G5161943 07 30ThomasTHORNTON6511 North Street, Thackley 
G5181943 08 04Abraham PadgettCLOUGH74Sharrow Street, Bradford 
G5171943 08 04MargaretCONROY1dSt. Luke's Hospital 
G5191943 08 14JenkinJENKINS7690 New Street 
G5201943 08 16FredBARKER7715 Sherborne Road 
G5211943 08 23James ObankHOBSON7410 Park Avenue 
G5221943 08 24WilfredWALKER5358 Mount Pleasant, Idle 
G5231943 09 15PollyMCDONALD693 Cavendish Road 
G5241943 09 24BenjaminLEE69217 Highfield Road 
G5251943 10 04WilliamHINDLEY585 Apperley Road 
G5261943 10 07WillieGIBBON57The Lodge, Esholt Hall 
G5271943 10 13ClarrieKENDALL62Victoria Hospital, Burnley 
G5281943 10 21Barbara VeronicaFOSTER9mDog & Gun Inn, Greengates 
G5301943 10 30FlorenceGROOM5995 Albion Road, Idle 
G5291943 10 30JohnWILES83Highgate Road, Clayton 
G5311943 11 18Agnes MaySTOCKDALE45112 Highfield Road 
G5331943 11 20ErnestCORDINGLEY599 Bradford Road 
G5341943 11 20HoraceHURRELL83*wood Cottages,York 
G5321943 11 20Elizabeth HannahREED7745 Park Road, Thackley 
G5361943 11 24HaroldDAWSON50St. Luke's Hospital 
G5351943 11 24JosephHOWKER4836 Moorfield Place 
G5391943 11 26Sarah ElizabethCLARKE88310 Leeds Road 
G5381943 11 26JoshuaLEE6617 North Hall Road 
G5371943 11 26PeterROBINSON9Children's Hospital 
G5411943 11 30EvelinaNAYLOR62383 Highfield Road 
G5401943 11 30HenriettaVAUGHAN73River View, Leathley 
G5421943 12 01BerthaSCOTT63Commercial Hotel, Hinderwell 
G5431943 12 02JuliaHARDAKER874 King Street, Eccleshill 
G5451943 12 06Eva CarolineBROOMWICK86259 Rooley Lane 
G5441943 12 06JohnGARSIDE22High Royds, Menston 
G5461943 12 10HenryPEARCE63189 Leeds Road 
G5471943 12 13AnnBARRACLOUGH7541 Windhill Old Road 
G5481943 12 14Charles AlbertSHUTE563 Wood Lane 
G5491943 12 15WilliamHOLDER808 Granville Terrace 
G5501943 12 17WillieBULMER6953 Albert Avenue 
G5511943 12 18JonasBRAITHWAITE6715 Albert Street 
G5521943 12 21GeorginaSHORTLAND8117 Kingston Road 
G5531943 12 31FredKITSON5557 Institute Road, Eccleshill 
G5541944 01 05Ada ThompsonLINDLEY75105 Leeds Road 
G5551944 01 06WilliamDAWSON5839 Busy Lane 
G5561944 01 06William AugustusWICK5822 Bateson Street, Greengates 
G5571944 01 08SamANDERSON6831 The Green 
G5591944 01 12Frederick CharlesHALL5827 Park Road, Thackley 
G5581944 01 12MarthaVOICEY8017 Brunswick Road, Greengates 
G5601944 01 17Charles RobertTHORNDYKE499 Snowden Road, Wrose 
G5611944 01 20AliceDARBYSHIRE85107 Apperley Road 
G5621944 01 21HenryLANG78152 New Line, Greengates 
G5631944 01 25CharlesPOUNDS4m40 Fourlands Road, Idle 
G5641944 02 01SethKENDALL638 Mannville Terrace 
G5651944 02 03HarryGRAINGER587 Rawson Square 
G5661944 02 04Frances AudreyRHODES1410 Albert Avenue 
G5671944 02 07William LutherBURRIDGE6014 Stanley Street, Greengates 
G5681944 02 08FredDAWSON832 Brackendale 
G5691944 02 12MaggieDIXON5817 Springfield Place 
G5701944 02 16John StansfieldTHORNTON58Beech House, Bradford Road 
G5711944 02 21EvalinaHOOK87Lenton Villas, Idle 
G5721944 02 21MaryPURDY586 Brackendale, Thackley 
G5731944 02 28Grace EllenRAISTRICK835 Moorfield Place 
G5741944 03 04RichardSHEPHERD6380 Wood Lane, Rothwell 
G5751944 03 06Frederick WilliamSHEFFIELD735 Bradford Road 
G5761944 03 13George RobertMARSHALL2710 Leyton Drive 
G5771944 03 22Squire BaxterNORTH5158 Woodcliffe View 
G5781944 03 23John LeslieKITSON4m53 Thorpe Garth 
G5791944 03 23IrisLAWRENCE311 Green Row, Idle 
G5811944 03 25JosephHIRD732 Walker Street 
G5801944 03 25HaroldMEDLEY6022 Swainhouse Road 
G5821944 03 30HarrySMITH6128 High Street, Idle 
G5831944 03 31HarrietTHORNTON7011 Amundsen Avenue, Wrose 
G5841944 04 08JosephSTOCKS7021 Swainhouse Road 
G5851944 04 11George WiliamHOLDSWORTH4881 Albion Road, Idle 
G5861944 04 13Elizabeth AnnBRAYSHAW692 Moorfield Place 
G5871944 04 21JohnPOUNDS40Eccleshill 
G5881944 05 02BarryGARFORTH5105 Harrogate Road, Apperley Bridge 
G5891944 05 04WalterPARKINSON7426 High Street, Idle 
G5901944 05 09ArthurGRAINGER577 Rawson Square 
G5911944 05 10Albert EdwardHALL71St. Luke's Hospital 
G5931944 05 11Roy WilliamCRABTREE9Union Yard, Idle 
G5921944 05 11James AlbertILLINGWORTH815 Westfield Grove 
G5941944 05 12Joan MaryMETCALFE6mChildren's Hospital 
G5951944 05 13ArthurSTANSFIELD71Faltis House, Idle 
G5961944 05 15JesperTHORNTON74St. Luke's Hospital 
G5971944 05 16FannySUTCLIFFE76St. Luke's Hospital 
G5981944 05 25AnthonyCONROY295 Albert Street, Idle 
G5991944 05 27EmmaBAXTER704 Princess Street, Idle 
G6001944 05 31EmersonCOLLEDGE59Duke of York Home 
G6011944 06 05Charles EdwardJENNINGS7183 Park Road 
G6021944 06 10AlbertLAMBERT391 Craghill Road 
G6031944 06 17Jane Strong?SILVERTON75The Lodge, Rawdon 
G6041944 06 21ArthurGILL82289 Rooley Lane 
G6051944 06 24Sarah AnnMITCHELL8210 Regent Street, Thackley 
G6061944 06 29Mary ElizabethHOLMES57Victorial Road, Eccleshill 
G6071944 07 11RachelBINNS914 Haigh Hall Road, Greengates 
G6081944 07 12WillieSOMMERFIELD47St. Luke's Hospital 
G6091944 07 14Mary AnnJENKINS8090 New Street 
G6101944 07 31ThomasOBANK63772 Leeds Road 
G6111944 08 07AlbertSPENCER69289 Rooley Lane 
G6121944 08 28James WilliamGRIMSHAW5650 New Street 
G6131944 08 29JennieDICKINSON3414 Lilythorne Avenue 
G6141944 08 31MichaelFERREY4dBradford Children's Hospital 
G6151944 09 08AlbertBOOTH536 Langbar Avenue 
G6161944 09 12JosephILLINGWORTH237 Kingston Grove 
G6171944 09 13Annie ElizaCAUDWELL55Bulls Head Inn, Baildon 
G6181944 09 19MatthiasREADMAN6232 Westfield Lane 
G6191944 09 23Frank WilliamSTOREY2mChildren's Hospital 
G6201944 09 28Mary JaneHILL816 Cyprus Drive 
G6211944 09 29ThomasMITCHELL72St. Luke's Hospital 
G6221944 10 12WalterSHAW82St. Luke's Hospital 
G6241944 10 17JamesBREAREY70Hospital, Gainsboro 
G6231944 10 17PercyCONROY1dnot entered 
G6251944 11 01RalphMURGATROYD5637 Fourlands Road 
G6261944 11 08Louis SidneyKORNER40St. Luke's Hospital 
G6271944 11 10SimonMARSHALL7617 Cavendish Road 
G6281944 11 11Thomas ClaudeBRIDGE52St. Luke's Hospital 
G6291944 11 14Riley NelsonMITCHELL73829 Barkerend Road 
G6301944 11 15PriscillaBUCKLEY7074 Wesley Grove 
G6311944 11 18EstherDRANSFIELD8336 Sulby Grove 
G6321944 11 20Mary EstherHOPKINSON8518 Craghill Road, Thackley 
G6331944 11 21HarrietODDY8255 Thorpe Garth, Idle 
G6341944 11 23FannySTANSFIELD8315 Cavendish Road 
G6351944 12 06Sarah EllenMYERS46Home Farm Cott, Esholt 
G6361944 12 11Brian AllanWILLIAMSON2m21 Laburnam Place, Greengates 
G6371944 12 12Martha Mavia?HARRISON76New House Farm, Stanningley 
G6381944 12 22Frank JohnsonBEDFORD6411 North Hall 
G6391944 12 29AdaTHOMAS60Royal Infirmary 
G6401945 01 01Sarah EllenBERRY6918 Goodley, Oakworth 
G6411945 01 03RichardWATSON79Thorn Garth, Ben Rhydding 
G6421945 01 06WilliamWATKINSON53St. Luke's Hospital 
G6431945 01 15JohnGARNETT8271 Bradford Road 
G6441945 01 22KennethLEE1817 Northall Road, Thackley 
G6451945 01 29MaryLEE7920 Pellon Terrace 
G6461945 02 01JohnWEATHERHEAD6dChildren's Hospital 
G6471945 02 02JosephNIND61100 Thackley Old Road 
G6481945 02 03HarryWILLS782 Pollard Buildings 
G6491945 02 08AlbertBLACKBURN25Leeds Road, Windhill 
G6511945 02 10FrederickBADMAN7021 New Street 
G6501945 02 10EmilyPOWELL706 Stansfield Place 
G6521945 02 17CharlotteNORTH684 Spring Street 
G6531945 02 20JosephBAXTER929 Sandringham Road, Clayton 
G6541945 02 24DanielWEBSTER51616 Leeds Road 
G6561945 03 03FlorenceSMITH69Reading 
G6551945 03 06Joseph ThomasHELLIWELL65167 Bradford Road 
G6571945 03 21GladysKLUGE3420 Wrose Avenue 
G6581945 03 26AnnieNUTTALL753 Dawson Street 
G6591945 04 03WilliamPEACOCK882 Hazelhurst Hall 
G6601945 04 07IsabellaALRED891 Dawson Street 
G6611945 04 07Clara EllenTHOMAS68St. Luke's Hospital 
G6621945 04 11Grace EllenSLINGER8553 Harrogate Road, UnderCliffe 
G6631945 04 25Edward WilliamCROSS7119 Moorfield Place 
G6641945 05 07AlbertUMPLEBY7542 Kingston Road 
G6651945 05 08Martha AnnSMITH7433 Cordingley Street 
G6661945 05 15JohnGRANT519 Apperley Road 
G6671945 05 15EdwinTHOMPSON475 Union Yard 
G6681945 05 26HenryCROWE5125 Greenwood Avenue 
G6691945 05 30AdaPROCTOR66510 Leeds Road 
G6701945 06 08Ada HelenaCOULTERS779 Highdale Terrace 
G6711945 06 28FrankHUDSON8119 Wrose Road 
G6721945 07 06GladysHARTLEY2514 Lilythorne Avenue 
G6731945 07 23Edith AdelaideSKIRROW6094 New Street 
G6741945 08 01HarryATKINSON6554 Croft Street 
G6751945 08 04HarryRUSSELL2035 CragHill Road 
G6771945 08 13ElizabethLONG576 Cockshott Lane 
G6781945 08 17HarryFOSTER75Brackendale 
G6791945 08 30FredPRIESTLEY634 Ravenscliffe Road 
G6761945 09 09SamuelFARRAR7159 Park Road 
G6801945 09 10HaroldDOBSON231 Dibb Fold 
G6811945 09 17ArthurBAXTER8336 Moorside Road, Eccleshill 
G6821945 10 06GwendolineLEE359 Shipley Fields Road 
G6831945 10 16Frances ElizaBULMER7153 Albert Avenue 
G6841945 10 17SarahFOULGER672 Thackley Road 
G6851945 10 17GarnettLEE77St. Luke's Hospital 
G6861945 10 31ArthurRILEY74St. Luke's Hospital 
G6871945 11 08Martha AnnSHAW77St. Luke's Hospital 
G6881945 11 19AliceBAINES803 Rawson Square 
G6891945 11 20Patricia AnneSTOREY2mChildren's Hospital 
G6901945 11 26ClaraDAVISON5124 Pellon Terrace 
G6921945 12 06Henry LawrenceNUTTON584 The Grove 
G6911945 12 06Thomas JeremiahPARKER7325 Sherborne Road 
G6931945 12 11Allan RodneyHUDSON6mSt. Luke's Hospital 
G6941945 12 13MarkBARNES28125 Thackley Old Road 
G6951945 12 20EmilyHARDAKER591 Cobden Street 
G6961946 01 03AliceLEWIS969 Town Lane 
G6971946 01 07ThomasBEAUMONT7814 Cross Road 
G6981946 01 09HarryDOBSON781 Tomlinson Buildings 
G6991946 01 18Charles JohnMETCALF611 Redcliffe Avenue 
G7001946 01 19Emily GladysBROOKE5212 Gordon Lane 
G7011946 01 25Isabella MacmillanMACKENZIE68564 Leeds Road 
G7021946 02 02LillyDAWSON76St. Luke's Hospital 
G7031946 02 05EmilyMETCALF601 Redcliffe Avenue 
G7041946 02 05Mary AnnPEIRSON6627 Pullan Drive, Eccleshill 
G7061946 02 13Arthur WardKNOWLES60Hatfield House, Westfield Lane 
G7051946 02 13Albert HuttonREYNOLDS65135 Highfield Road 
G7071946 02 15ThomasGLEDHILL856 Cross Road 
G7081946 02 16Charles HenryFALKINGHAM5350 Croft Street 
G7091946 02 18Gertrude FlorenceWEBB4988 Banks Road, West Kirby 
G7101946 02 20AbrahamAMBLERnot enteredSt. Luke's Hospital 
G7111946 02 27RuthRAISTRICK85119 Leeds Road, Windhill 
G7121946 02 28John WilliamRAISTRICK85Park Lodge 
G7131946 03 02RichardALLANSON78St. Luke's Hospital 
G7141946 03 05FredSKIRROW71649 Leeds Road 
G7161946 03 06Arthur JamesJORDAN6mSt. Luke's Hospital 
G7151946 03 06Horace GaythorneMITCHELL49Eye & Ear Hospital 
G7171946 03 12Charles ErnestSTOCKS652 Toller Lane 
G7181946 03 19EthelMITCHELL521 Highgate Road 
G7191946 03 20FredBROTHERTON50111 Carr Road, Calverley 
G7201946 03 22Harry EdwardHUTTON2712 Musgrave Road, Bradford 
G7211946 03 23AmeliaDUCK75289 Rooley Lane 
G7221946 03 29Cecilia McGregorANDERSON8350 Highfield Road 
G7231946 04 13Frederick WilliamKILSHAW692 Woodbine Terrace 
G7241946 04 25WalterBARKER497 Leyton Crescent 
G7271946 05 01David KerwinBARKER7dSt. Luke's Hospital 
G7251946 05 16ArthurWALKER80Bridlington 
G7261946 05 25CharlotteLONG75St. Luke's Hospital 
G7281946 06 04Joseph EdwardFLETCHER713 Cross Street 
G7301946 06 07Annie ElizaBRAITHWAITE6820 Rooley Avenue 
G7291946 06 07FlorenceHAYWOOD592 Acacia Cott, Rawdon 
G7311946 06 10JamesHARDY54Radium Institute 
G7321946 06 19AnnieHOLDSWORTH6625 The Green 
G7331946 06 29ThomasBOWES7360 Ranelagh Avenue 
G7341946 07 03ClaraBASS5035 Westbourne Road 
G7351946 07 03JohnDENNISON6521 Stock Hill Fold 
G7361946 07 23RobertRAISTRICK664 Marlborough Road 
G7381946 08 01RachelKEIGHLEY8348 Pratt Lane 
G7371946 08 01Ellen WallaceLOFTHOUSE69263 Bradford Road 
G7391946 08 15Daisy MariaJENNINGS76St. Luke's Hospital 
G7401946 08 20WilliamGLOVER59St. Luke's Hospital 
G7411946 08 27Alice RobenaPRINCE62Baildon 
G7421946 08 28Eliza AnnieANDERTON7513 Thackley Road 
G7431946 08 30Frank JimWHITAKER4m6 Cockshott Lane 
G7441946 09 10ClaraRAISTRICK78574 Leeds Road 
G7451946 09 10MauriceSKIRROW706 Claremont Grove 
G7461946 09 21LauraHUTTON633 Church View 
G7471946 09 21ElizabethWADE513 The Grove 
G7481946 10 09ElizabethWEBB68St. Luke's Hospital 
G7491946 10 10William FrederickDEANE5810 Kingston Grove 
G7501946 10 15HenryGALLOWAY721 Brighton Street 
G7511946 10 17EmmaVENABLES805 Railway Place 
G7521946 10 23EmmaLAMBERT662 Ederoyd Rise 
G7531946 10 24William HaroldREYNOLDS57511 Leeds Road 
G7541946 10 25George FrederickSMITH66St. Luke's Hospital 
G7551946 10 28BrookebankNORTH603 Dawson Street 
G7561946 10 30Christina McDonaldWHITTLE729 North Street 
G7571946 11 01Lily AgnesLANCASTER63Royal Infirmary 
G7581946 11 05WilliamBODDY65St. Luke's Hospital 
G7591946 11 20Edith Annie MaryWRIGHT86Greenfield Lane 
G7601946 11 26MariaFARRAR73St. Luke's Hospital 
G7611946 12 02JosephNEAL578 Bradford Road 
G7621946 12 07Martin ArnoldBECK6m1 North Hall Avenue 
G7631946 12 07Mary JaneNELSON7630 Pellon Terrace 
G7641946 12 17EvaRAISTRICK826 Regent Street 
G7651946 12 21WalterWALSH5712 Harehills Road 
G7661947 01 04AlanSTOREY2m7 Walter Street 
G7671947 01 08John HallMITCHELL8230 Howard Street 
G7681947 01 11SamuelDUTTON754 Granville Street 
G7691947 01 15David HarryGIBBON10dSt. Luke's, Bradford 
G7701947 01 21EmilyHILL738 Croft Street 
G7711947 01 24Grace RussellGLOVER83St. Luke's Hospital 
G7721947 01 27John WilliamSMITH7627 Croft Street 
G7731947 01 29Jonathan GoodmanROOT6838 Daleside Road, Windhill 
G7741947 02 04John ThomasMACHIN543 Westfield Lane 
G7751947 02 10John HenryOUGHTON65St. Luke's Hospital 
G7761947 02 11AnnMANN63561 Leeds Road 
G7771947 02 12JamesWINTERBURN80High Royds, Menston 
G7781947 02 14ElizabethMOUNSEY72Wrose Brow Farm 
G7791947 02 14AnnieNAYLOR65Leeds Road, Shipley 
G7801947 02 19JosephCOATES74New Cott, New Line 
G7811947 02 22GeorgeLAWTON64High Royds, Menston 
G7821947 03 03JohnLEE7dSt. Luke's Hospital 
G7831947 03 15HarryTAYLOR526 Hampton Place, St. Luke's Hospital 
G7851947 03 18Pamela AnnHUDSON21dSt. Luke's Hospital 
G7841947 03 18AlfredNORRIS6419 Laburnam Place, Apperley Bridge 
G7861947 03 20RachaelDAVISON76St. Luke's Hospital 
G7871947 03 24EvaBARRACLOUGH64Royal Infirmary 
G7881947 03 25James RichardELLIOT58817 Harrogate Road, Greengates 
G7891947 04 05Elizabeth Sizzy?LOFTS683 Hampton Place 
G7901947 04 08Ann LaviniaRICKERS87189 New Line, Greengates 
G7911947 04 09NellieCLARK6492 Town Lane 
G7921947 04 10EmmaMARSHALL7717 Cavendish Road 
G7941947 04 11DenisSTEAD2411 Cavendish Road 
G7931947 04 11EllenWOOD69Royal Infirmary 
G7961947 04 12Mary AnnKENDALL8470A Town Lane 
G7951947 04 12MillicentSMITH8929 Town Lane 
G7981947 04 19MichaelMCHUGH14dSt. Luke's Hospital 
G7991947 04 19MauriceMCHUGH7dSt. Luke's Hospital 
G7971947 04 23Louisa ElizabethILLINGWORTH73Woodlands Convalescent Home, Rawdon 
G8001947 04 24JosephWEBSTER54District Hospital, Skegness 
H11947 04 29Ben HudsonSILSON776 Back Robert Street 
H21947 05 05Mary AnnWILSON72High Royds, Menston 
H31947 05 28ThomasKITSON7358 Brunswick Road, Greengates 
H41947 05 29JeanPICKERING2683 Cooper Lane 
H51947 05 31JamesWILMAN726 Pelham Road 
H61947 06 03James EdwinPEDLEY5715 Butt Lane 
H71947 06 04Fred HuttonBAXTER70160 Westfield Lane 
H81947 06 05EmilyPOTTER7912 Leamington Drive 
H91947 06 19Leslie ArnoldGREENWOOD3dSt. Luke's Hospital 
H101947 06 26JohnSCOTT80St. Luke's Hospital 
H121947 07 20HannahROWE65St. Luke's Hospital 
H111947 07 23Ann ElizabethDUTTON724 Granville Street 
H131947 07 31HenryBROOKE671 Chestnut Grove, Bolton Woods 
H141947 08 01RobertMASON67169 Leeds Road 
H151947 08 06HandelRUSHWORTH59128 Leeds Road, Windhill 
H161947 08 12ClaraGREENWOOD6420 Kingston Road 
H171947 08 27JoanBRAZIER1dSt. Luke's Hospital 
H181947 08 29Sarah AnnSMITH7715 Brighton Street 
H191947 09 04William CharlesRUTHVEN64St. Luke's Hospital 
H201947 09 16KennethBRAZIER20dSt. Luke's Hospital 
H211947 09 17Thomas ArthurPOWELL6611 Greenwood Mount 
H221947 09 18JohnSMETHERS20105 Park Road 
H231947 09 23GeorgeRHODES65St. Luke's Hospital 
H241947 10 06ElizaSCOTT8010 Tower Street, UnderCliffe 
H251947 10 11ConstanceHALL2312 Wainman Street, Baildon 
H261947 10 14Arthur WillieALLEN6134 Fourlands Road 
H271947 10 22HannahBOWES7514 Stonehall Square, Eccleshill 
H281947 10 28Geoffrey EdwardDAVIS4m13 Windhill Old Road 
H291947 10 28ArthurTHORNTON604 Rawson Square 
H301947 11 07ArnoldPADGETT40Min. of Pen. Hospital, Chapel Allerton, Leeds 
H311947 11 10FrederickFORD7136 Hampton Place 
H331947 11 29EmmaJEPSON8654 Thackeray Road 
H321947 11 29IsabellaPULLAN89289 Rooley Lane 
H341947 12 09HodgsonHEWITT776 Leyton Grove 
H351947 12 09JosiahOGDEN79Westwood, Cooper Lane 
H361947 12 13ThomasKITSON613A Ley Fleaks Road 
H381947 12 27GeorgeLAMBERT725 Spring Street 
H371947 12 27SamuelPOWELL6443 Wycliffe Road, Stanningley 

Transcribed by Jack Parry © 2008
Checked by David Simpson
If you find an error (small or large) in the transcription
please email the Transcribers