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CALVERLEY: Idle Parish Registers, Burials 1947-1965

H391948 01 05ElizabethCOLLINSON77122 Highfield Road 
H401948 01 15Mary ElizabethGARNETT582 Park Cottage, Green Lane 
H411948 01 21Gwendoline MarjoriePARKER2m57 Sydenham Place 
H421948 01 22Mary ElizabethBOOTH51St. Luke's Hospital 
H431948 01 24AnnieKIRBY31The Cottages, Sleights, Whitby 
H441948 01 26CharlesBARTLETT7713A The Green 
H451948 01 28John ThomasDAWSON76St. Luke's Hospital 
H461948 01 29PhoebeELSWORTH767A Albion Road 
H471948 02 02FlorrieKITSON537A Ley Fleaks Road 
H481948 02 03John WilliamCOPLAND60161 Carlisle Road, Bradford 
H491948 02 10Louisa AnnKING7113 Cyprus Drive 
H501948 02 11HerbertCORDINGLEY65339 Leeds Road 
H511948 02 11Annie ElizabethHODGSON7528 Croft Street 
H521948 02 14WallaceSTOREY727 Walter Street 
H531948 02 16ArthurWATSON57St. Luke's Hospital 
H541948 02 18LouisaPROSSER73St. Luke's Hospital 
H551948 02 20ThomasHALL6950 Park Road 
H561948 02 21JamesBARBER85Rooley Lane 
H571948 02 28JohnDENTON7223 Park Road, Thackley 
H581948 03 03BirchTOWN812 Mellor Street, Shipley 
H591948 03 06AlbertWALKER72102 Ashgrove, Greengates 
H601948 03 10Beatrice AliceATKINSON6624A Albion Road 
H611948 03 11JoshuaWARD7039 Kitson Street 
H631948 03 16MaryLANCASTER60Royal Infirmary 
H621948 03 16Edith EthelPETERS572 Hazelhurst Hill 
H641948 03 24James AllanTEALE2011 Roundwood Avenue 
H651948 04 01Brian WilloughbyDAVIS13222 Kings Road 
H661948 04 03LewisHELLIWELL62149 Heights Lane 
H671948 04 05ClaraWALKER70219 Rooley Lane 
H681948 04 09StephenSKIRROW78St. Luke's Hospital 
H691948 04 13JosephMOTLEY7736 Wood Lane 
H701948 04 14JosephDEARDEN6449 Brunswick Road, Greengates 
H711948 04 17HarrietHARDIMENT771 Highdale Road 
H721948 04 17FrederickPARISH61St. Luke's Hospital 
H731948 05 04ClaraWHITAKER7959 Norbury Road 
H741948 05 07William HeatonPEACOCK42St. Luke's Hospital 
H751948 05 12ElsieTHORNTON47134 Wrose Road 
H761948 05 19AnnieHODSON631 Highgate Road 
H771948 06 04Alice MaryRUSSELL7531 Cavendish Road 
H781948 06 07Martha AnnSMITH84The Park, Rooley Lane 
H791948 06 21FredWARD6249 Apperley Road 
H801948 06 23Frances EllenARMISTEAD65St. Luke's Hospital 
H811948 06 26JaneCORDINGLEY67339 Leeds Road 
H821948 06 29Mary JaneBEAUMONT6411 Second Avenue, Rawdon 
H831948 06 30EmilyGOLDSBOROUGH7722 Croft Street 
H841948 07 14Clara ElizabethKEIGHLEY814 Westfield Lane 
H851948 07 15JohnFLETCHER8277 Albion Road 
H861948 07 19Priscilla BeatriceHAINSWORTH6710 Harden Grove 
H871948 07 19Benjamin JosephUTTLEY6617 Milligan Avenue 
H881948 07 24FredHOLDSWORTH588 Rawson Square 
H891948 07 29JoshuaKENDALL81St. Luke's Hospital 
H901948 08 12HarrietBOTTOMLEY8051 Thorpe Garth 
H911948 09 08Annie MariaHAINSWORTH71Chesterfield 
H921948 09 20Martha Elizabeth SabinaCALVERT7939 Brunswick Road, Greengates 
H931948 09 21Alfred ArthurHUDSON321 Highfield Avenue 
H941948 09 23JohnPOPPLEWELL79Manor House Farm, Clint 
H951948 09 28William RaistrickHARDAKER5644 Woodbine Grove 
H961948 10 20Ida MaySUGDEN5612 Pendragon Lane 
H971948 11 09HarryDIXON7250 Myers Lane 
H991948 11 12HillasBOOTH8583 Institute Road 
H981948 11 12ThomasHINETT563 Livingstone Road 
H1001948 11 13Caleb RobinsonHORSFIELD5173 Park Road 
H1011948 11 24DenisDONOGHUE6730 Highfield Road 
H1021948 12 11George WiliamSHEPHERD651 Cobden Street 
H1031948 12 14EmilyWEALEY7052 New Line 
H1041948 12 18WalterNORTH6824 Howgate, Idle 
H1051948 12 22Samuel HaroldROBERTSHAW6077 Bradford Road, Idle 
H1061948 12 30HectorMACTURK82190 Westfield Lane 
H1071948 12 31Pauline LauraWATERWORTH21m49 Chapel Street, Eccleshill 
H1081949 01 11CharlesDAWSON644 High Street Place 
H1091949 01 14WilliamBAXTER664 Regent Place 
H1101949 01 17Mary AnnMAWSON6419 Brighton Street 
H1111949 01 19PhoebeDOBSON77Northern View, R.Lane 
H1121949 01 21FlorencePICKLES80263 Windhill Old Road 
H1131949 01 25Margaret Dandas?JONES752 Pellon Terrace 
H1141949 01 27Sarah JaneWATERHOUSE77203 Windhill Old Road 
H1161949 01 29Charles FrederickMILES76145 Wrose Road 
H1151949 01 29ArthurNORTH734 Spring Street 
H1171949 01 31Ada LilyBOTTOMLEY81134 Albion Road 
H1181949 02 16Walter ReginaldSMITH67Fern Cott, Brown Road 
H1191949 02 19RuthASTON831 Radcliffe Avenue 
H1201949 02 23Joshua ArthurNAYLOR65383 Highfield Road 
H1211949 03 01Mary JaneTIDMARSH864 Leyton Grove 
H1221949 03 02LucyREYNOLDS70St. Luke's Hospital 
H1231949 03 03ElizaSMITH81112 Corporation Road 
H1241949 03 07WalterGARSIDE22High Royds, Menston 
H1251949 03 07Mary EllenPARRY752 Milligan Avenue 
H1261949 03 12AliceLEACH627 Mellor Street, Windhill 
H1271949 03 14JoanMARSHALL1d13 Green Road 
H1281949 03 14AliceMITCHELL8118 Stockhill Road 
H1291949 03 22MaryGLEDHILL8619 Brunswick Road, Greengates 
H1301949 03 28JonasCOULTON8012 Moorfield Place 
H1311949 03 29Rhoda JessieSKIRROW7116 Claremont, Wrose 
H1321949 03 30WilliamHOLGATE737 Park Road 
H1341949 03 31RoseCARBERT744 Walter Street 
H1331949 03 31GeorgeMITCHELL794 Brackendale 
H1351949 04 01AliceJENNINGS66The Park, Rooley Lane 
H1361949 04 05WalterBOOTH6823 Moorfield Place 
H1371949 04 05Mary Hannah CrabtreeHATCH761 Claremont 
H1381949 04 07JamesHARVEY7921 Thackley Road 
H1391949 04 14MosesKELLETT8660 Tyersal Road, Tyersal 
H1401949 04 15Lily CrabtreeHATCH543 Claremont 
H1411949 05 07BerthaBOOTH65163 Park Road 
H1421949 05 21IvySMITH562 Woodbine Grove 
H1431949 05 27Susan MargaretOFFORD10m19 The Grove, Idle 
H1441949 05 30Thomas HenryCUTLER73St. Luke's Hospital 
H1451949 06 03Margaret Jane CochittPATCHETT67Rose Cottage, Apperley Lane 
H1461949 06 11Mary HannahGARNETT8010 Rawson Square 
H1471949 06 15FredBRADLEY2912 Rokeby Gardens, Greengates 
H1481949 06 23WeberNORTON68St. Luke's Hospital 
H1491949 06 24AnnieMURRAY7213 Main Street, Wilsden 
H1501949 07 04ThomasBROOKE8412 Gordon Terrace 
H1511949 07 19Philip GeorgeMCDONALD4322 Rawson Square 
H1521949 07 21FrankPOTTER8012 Leamington Drive 
H1531949 07 23MargaretSKIRROW757 Rillington Mead 
H1541949 07 27AnnieGOODALL53St. Luke's Hospital 
H1551949 07 27AlbertaWHITFIELD73Sandbeds, Leeds Road 
H1561949 07 29AlfredFELLOWS85Carrholm Road, Leeds 
H1571949 07 30PrudenceGARNETT8119 Sherborne Road 
H1591949 08 04Mary JaneCORDINGLEY7312 Renalagh Avenue, Eccleshill 
H1581949 08 04WilfredGLOVER70216 Westfield Lane 
H1601949 08 15HarryMOUNSEY81St. Luke's Hospital 
H1611949 08 17SamHALL694 Regent Street 
H1621949 09 05CorneliusHOLDEN79815 Leeds Road 
H1631949 09 24William HenryRHODES8011 Butt Lane 
H1641949 09 29AlfredDAWSON751 High Street Place 
H1651949 09 29AlfredHARDAKER608 Hampton Place 
H1661949 09 30Charles WilliamHOLMES8930 Claremont Grove 
H1671949 09 30EmmaROBINSON66376 Kings Road 
H1681949 10 04JaneSHUTTLEWORTH9062 Bradford Road 
H1691949 10 25JamesFOSTER359 Kingston Grove 
H1701949 10 29ElizabethHUDSON7035 Bank View, Baildon 
H1711949 11 02ArthurWHITE61154 Leeds Road 
H1721949 11 08ElizabethHEWITT786 Leyton Grove 
H1731949 11 13John ThomasOBANK6892 Town Lane 
H1741949 12 02BeatriceWALLACE7253 Regent Road, Morecambe 
H1751949 12 13DorisHARTLEY27137 Albion Road 
H1761950 01 07MaryALCOCK68110 Leeds Road, Eccleshill 
H1771950 01 07AdaWHITE5825 New Street 
H1781950 01 09HenriettaHOLLIDAY7214 Dawson Street 
H1791950 01 17Herbert HenryWHITELEY524 Belle Vue 
H1801950 01 20SabinaWIMBUSH692 Woodbine Grove 
H1811950 01 24George WiliamHEWITT48Doncaster 
H1821950 01 25SelinaHEWITSON80249 Woodcliffe Grove 
H1831950 01 31EmilyJAQUES69160 Westfield Lane 
H1841950 02 04SethSCOTT80106 Brunswick Road, Greengates 
H1851950 02 08Lillie HartleyGRIMSHAW7634 Ley Fleaks Road 
H1861950 02 14Elizabeth AnnGALLOWAY82157 Albion Road 
H1871950 02 15Sarah EllenBICKERDIKE79111 Ravenscliffe Avenue 
H1881950 02 16SarahDENBY75Ford House Farm, Baildon 
H1891950 02 16FannyMURGATROYD804 Cobden Street 
H1901950 02 24BrianDONNELLLY231 Butt Lane 
H1911950 03 07Hannah TheresaHARGREAVES78171A Great Horton Road 
H1921950 03 13AlfredWHITFIELD8812 Lenton Villas 
H1931950 03 14William ArthurJEPSON8054 Thackeray Road 
H1941950 03 24Tryphena BeatriceBRIDGE863 Leamington Drive 
H1951950 03 24Joseph ChildSUGDEN7824 The Grove 
H1961950 03 28JamesBIRD43Burnwells 
H1971950 04 08EvaSTEELE5864 Woodhall Road, Calverley 
H1991950 04 12Donald MichaelGASCOIGNE235 Back Chapel Walk 
H1981950 04 12EllenWATSON8420 High Street 
H2001950 04 13ThomasGARNETT74147 Town Lane 
H2011950 04 17Margaret ElizabethCLEMENTS33 The Grove, Greengates 
H2021950 04 18NellieSHUTE64Beckfoot Farm, Bierley 
H2031950 04 25EthelHAWKER6562 Bradford Road 
H2051950 05 01Lucy AnnPADGETT77223 Folkstone Street, Bradford 
H2041950 05 01WinifredSMITH3632 Westfield Lane 
H2061950 05 05EllenNORTH835 Barraclough Buildings 
H2071950 05 08EmmaHARDY67St. Luke's Hospital 
H2081950 05 12LouiseBEAUMONT7985 Blenheim Place 
H2091950 05 27EdwinHUDSON8315 Victoria Street, Thackley 
H2101950 05 29FlorrieTAYLOR541 Dibb Fold 
H2111950 06 02JohnMCCUE7128 Stoney Lane, Eccleshill 
H2121950 06 09AmyRYDER7611 Mount Grove, Eccleshill 
H2131950 06 27Jane ElizaHODSON7915 Claremont 
H2141950 06 29Susannah RebeccaCARROLL785 Dockfield Road, Stanningley 
H2151950 07 04SusannahBOOTH767 North Street, Thackley 
H2161950 07 08NannyKITSON8817 Sulby Grove, Greengates 
H2171950 07 25Alice AdelaideHUDSON8031 Cragg Hill Road 
H2181950 08 04Casleen AmyHARDY4339 Norman Avenue, EccleshillCasleen is correct
H2191950 08 07Eliza JaneWORSNOP63The Grange, 24 Town Lane 
H2201950 08 23AbramHALL79563 Leeds Road 
H2211950 08 25JackWILLAND7d38 Croft Street 
H2221950 08 30Hendley GeorgeSTEVENSON7928 Ash Grove, Greengates 
H2231950 09 05WalterHALL839 Rhodes Terrace, Bradford 
H2241950 10 03SarahGARNETT828 Moorfield Drive, Baildon 
H2251950 10 04William DennyATKINSON74The Park, Rooley Lane 
H2261950 10 09Martha AnnALSOP678 Queen Street, Greengates 
H2271950 10 19EdwardODDY58210 Westfield Lane 
H2281950 11 01John GeorgeBARRETT405 Bradford Road 
H2291950 11 14WalterBEAUMONT5114 Cross Road 
H2301950 11 20FredGREENWOOD686 Idle Moor 
H2311950 12 09James EdmundPOULTER66367 Kensington Street, Bradford 
H2321950 12 14KateWATSON81Thorn Garth, Ben Rhydding 
H2331950 12 27AdaBARKER8415 Sherborne Road, Thackley 
H2341950 12 30Edwin SowdenHIRD76167 Leeds Road 
H2351950 12 30John EdwardRAMON685 M---- Crescent, Idle 
H2371951 01 02Charlotte MaryHOLMES8325 Marlborough Road, Idle 
H2381951 01 02George LNEEDHAM83552 Leeds Road 
H2361951 01 02AlfredTHORNTON6244 New Street 
H2391951 01 04Sarah EllenGARNETT8336 Woodbine Grove, Idle 
H2401951 01 08ElizabethHAMPTON837 Brunswick Place, Greengates 
H2411951 01 17BenATKINSON28Royal Infirmary, Bradford 
H2421951 01 20HannahMYERS83The Park, Rooley Lane 
H2431951 01 27HannahSTOTHARD87Bolton Road 
H2441951 01 29AliceROBINSON711 Park Place 
H2491951 02 01MaryMAWSON8638 Westfield LaneOut of sequence?
H2451951 02 02Elizabeth AnnDAVEY75The Park, Rooley Lane 
H2461951 02 03HelenaDOWGILL692 Burnwells Avenue 
H2471951 02 12CharlesSUTTLE63Bingley Hospital 
H2481951 02 21John WilliamFOSTERunrecorded51 Leeds Road, Thackley 
H2501951 03 02HannahTRAVIS ?871 Albert Street, Idle 
H2511951 03 03EdithEMSLEY42320 Highfield Road 
H2531951 03 04Elizabeth FrancesSTANSFIELD4517 Wellhouse Lane, Barnett[Ashes]
H2521951 03 05Charles WilliamHODGSON7429 Windhill Old Road 
H2541951 03 15LouisaMAWSON7419 Brighton Street 
H2551951 03 19ClaraCLAYTON74200 Westfield Lane 
H2561951 03 23AlfredPRATT7521 Queens Street, Greengates 
H2571951 04 10George WilliamHILL7947 Woodcut Avenue, Baildon 
H2581951 04 11Amy ElizabethSTOCK8487 Upper Moor, Pudsey 
H2591951 04 14James GorbuttABBOTT592 Cross Road, Idle 
H2601951 04 19EllenBOTTOMLEY84450 Highfield Road 
H2611951 04 24Mary ElizabethHUDSON8345 Leeds Road, Eccleshill 
H2621951 05 13HarryKENDALL64M-- Garth, Tr----- Drive, Guiseley 
H2631951 05 18William BernardLEE109 Shipley Falls Road, Shipley 
H2641951 05 18EmmaWALSH78210 New Line, Greengates 
H2651951 05 19ArthurLAYCOCK88362 Highfield Road 
H2661951 05 30ElizaMITCHELL77107 Folkestone Street, Bradford 
H2671951 06 06Sarah JaneBOOTH8565 Institute Road, Eccleshill 
H2681951 06 21Joseph JohnSHORTLAND8417 Kingston Road 
H2691951 06 27CharlesSMITH354 Booth Street 
H2711951 07 02Nicholas MarkWHITAKER3dDuke of York Home 
H2701951 07 04Mary Jane SarahDAWSON6737 Albert Avenue 
H2721951 07 17James HoltBUCKLEY4974 Wesley Grove 
H2731951 07 27Eliza AnnKERSHAW84The Park, Rooley Lane 
H2741951 07 28JohnWHITFIELD76Landhurst, Idle 
H2751951 08 07BeatriceHALL75Burkhill Farm, Thackley 
H2761951 08 13William ArthurLEWIS63Royal Infirmary, Bradford 
H2771951 08 13BenPICKLES83263 Windhill Old Road 
H2781951 08 14Harry F--------FISHER45St. Luke's Hospital 
H2791951 08 20EffieBINNS655 Paul's Close, Bradford 
H2801951 08 26MaryCORDINGLEY80St. Luke's Hospital 
H2811951 08 29Frederick EddieSTORY446 Walker Street 
H2821951 08 29John EdwardWESLEY75St. Luke's Hospital 
H2831951 09 13Sarah ElizabethWILKINSON611 Folly Hall Road 
H2841951 09 19Edith SophiaMIDGLEY6593 Albion Road 
H2851951 09 26EllenLEE7814 Wood Lane 
H2861951 10 08EdwinPOUNDS73?? Line, Greengates 
H2871951 10 13Louisa MaryWHITELEY7612 Hope View, Windhill 
H2881951 10 30John AndrewLAWSON7531 The Bank, Eccleshill 
H2891951 11 01Francis GeorgeMITCHELL5814 Brackendale 
H2901951 11 03Lilian IreneMYERS47106 Harrogate Street 
H2911951 11 05MargaretHELLIWELL68167 Bradford Road 
H2921951 11 10BettyNEWSHAM20St. Luke's Hospital 
H2931951 12 10Edith AnnieWILSON4811 Victoria Street, Thackley 
H2941951 12 22HarryATKINSON50The Hospital, Menston 
H2961952 01 01EdwardCLARKSON6134 Meadow Road, Apperley Bridge 
H2951952 01 01JohnGREENWOOD2wSt. Luke's Hospital 
H2971952 01 10John CrabtreeHATCH611 Clarmont 
H3431952 01 12SusannahLEE80St. Luke's Hospital 
H2981952 01 14WalterHARDIMENT7710 Elm Road, Wrose 
H2991952 01 16Robert EdgarBELL62Menston Hospital 
H3001952 01 24Annie ElizabethBRADLEY6335 Brunswick Road, Greengates 
H3011952 02 06Selina Maud MaryHIBBERDunrecorded16 West Royd Road, Windhill 
H3031952 02 14Mary ElizabethCLOUGH6337 Thackley Road 
H3041952 02 18Emily AnnHORSFIELD84Wesley, Apperley Lane, Rawdon 
H3051952 02 20Jessie AgnesMYERS72102 Brunswick Road, Greengates 
H3021952 02 92AnnieSILSEN806 Back Robert Street, Carr Road, Shipley 
H3061952 03 05EmmaDAWSON712 Percy Street, Keighley 
H3071952 03 08Lilian EstherAIRTON6317 Henfield Terrace, Eccleshill 
H3081952 03 15Agnes AliceBURNELL5724 Burnwell Avenue 
H3091952 03 19Ruth V-----MITCHELL12mChildren's Hospital 
H3101952 03 22Mary AnneLAWSON6933 ?? East View, Horsorth 
H3111952 03 28Amy RuthSPENCER71628 Leech Road 
H3121952 04 04HerbertPEACOCK66Hebden Bridge 
H3131952 04 09F---- MargaretLEE2225 Synt----- Road, Frizinghall 
H3141952 04 14Sarah HannahJOWETT8213 Garford Street, Shipley 
H3151952 04 29FlorenceWATERHOUSE68Brackendale 
H3161952 05 07AlfredLITTLE7110 North Hall Avenue 
H3171952 05 14JohnLUPTON804 Hyde Street 
H3181952 05 15CharlesSMITH605 Moorside Place, Idle 
H3191952 05 28AlexanderCUMMINGS5617 Windhill Old Road 
H3201952 06 09Sylvia RosemaryFIRTH2mChildren's Hospital 
H3221952 06 11LouiseHOPKINSON5618 Longhill Road 
H3211952 06 12AdaATKINSON62St. Luke's Hospital 
H3231952 06 16Sarah ElizabethWHEATLEY55St. Luke's Hospital 
H3241952 06 19Martha ElizabethHILL792 North Hall Avenue 
H3251952 07 05Mary AnnSTEAD6711 Cavendish Road 
H3261952 07 09Elsie ElizabethBEANLAND5740 Ash----- Avenue, Bolton, Bradford 
H3271952 07 09WinifredTAYLOR7034 Lydia Street, ??ington 
H3281952 07 10John WilliamMOKES7215 North Street 
H3291952 07 15LouisaO'HARA776 Ley Fleaks Road 
H3301952 07 19FrancisCLARK20w7 Rawcliffe Hall 
H3311952 07 28WilliamBARNES8613 Parkfields, W---- Garden City 
H3321952 07 29James ArthurVOISAY62St. Luke's Hospital 
H3331952 08 02EdnaGRANT229 Apperley Road 
H3341952 08 04WilliamRYDER7611 Mount Grove 
H3351952 08 18EthelGARNETT7647 Orchard Grove, Greengates 
H3361952 08 26Adrian JacksonMEEK1mSt. Luke's Hospital 
H3371952 09 03ElsieLARGO5856 Thackley Road 
H3381952 10 04ArthurWEBSTER7036 King Street, Eccleshill 
H3391952 10 14AnnieBOOTH80St. Luke's Hospital 
H3401952 11 04JoySMITH551 Harehills Road 
H3411952 11 21William BuckleyFAULKNER66Aire Street 
H3421952 12 14Norris Claud SpencerBATESON5712 High Street, Windhill 
H3441953 01 19Joy AdelaideHOLDSWORTH638 Rawson Square 
H3451953 01 22AliceMURGATROYD413 Morecambe 
H3461953 02 02Rose AnnBARTLETT6710 The Grove, Greengates 
H3471953 02 03AdelaideGARNETT80The Park, Rooley Lane 
H3491953 02 04FannyNETTLETON69St. Luke's Hospital 
H3481953 02 04Thomas WilliamNICHOLSON9189 Bradford Road 
H3501953 02 12AlicePALEY80Back Lane 
H3511953 02 20HarryHALL573 Bradford Street, Greengates 
H3521953 02 25David NormanATHERTON4324 Woodbine Terrace, Idle 
H3541953 03 04Hannah JaneFIELDHOUSE84202 Greenhew Line, Greengates 
H3561953 03 10ArthurRYCROFT71Royal Infirmary, Bradford 
H3551953 03 11Willie Lambert WSPARKS767 Althorpe Grove 
H3571953 03 19KennethGARFORTH251045 Harrogate Road 
H3581953 03 26GertrudeHEWITT58y 10?3 Gareby Lane, Bolton 
H3591953 03 30CatherineSMITH3655 Thorpe Garth 
H3601953 04 01EmmaREED79St. Luke's Hospital 
H3611953 04 13RobertWOOLY77157 Albion Road 
H3621953 04 15Mary AlicePULLAN849 Norman Drive 
H3631953 05 13GordonSMITH628 Elan Grove, Wrose 
H3641953 05 20LouisaWILLIAMS409 Bradford Road 
H3651953 06 03Edith LeesEVANS6120 Malton Terrace 
H3661953 06 06AliceDENTON7823 Park Road 
H3671953 06 14FrankTEALE659 Rawson Square 
H3681953 06 20HerbertMAWSON8738 Westfield Lane 
H3691953 07 18FrederickFIRTH446 Fir Tree Gardens, Thorpe Edge 
H3701953 07 25John JamesSCOTT78Cote Farm, Thackley 
H3721953 08 12Martha AnnGARTHWAITE8020 Ashbourne Drive, Bolton, Bradford 
H3711953 08 12Harold ArnoldWAITE16Cavendish House, Idle 
H3731953 08 15Beatrice ElizabethBURRIDGE694 Dibb Fold, Idle 
H3741953 08 20John FrancisDUCK181 Burnwells Avenue, Thackley 
H3751953 08 25JohnTHOMPSON73St. Luke's Hospital 
H3761953 08 31WilliamFEATHER7141 Cray Hill Road 
H3771953 08 31HarrietHODGSON83St. Luke's Hospital 
H3781953 09 01Annie GloverBOWER78Thornton View, Clayton 
H3791953 09 12?? FrancesGRAHAM19Elm Tree Farm, Apperley Bridge 
H3801953 09 24WilliamJONES83St. Luke's Hospital 
H3811953 09 25KateDAWSON90Brackendale, Thackley 
H3821953 10 03Mary EllenROOT72Thornton View, Clayton 
H3831953 10 08LauraWEBSTER7436 King Street, Eccleshill 
H3841953 11 18JuanitaELLIOTT6912 Pellon Terrace 
H3851953 11 18HannahROSS813 Booth Street 
H3861953 11 26FannyTHORPE892 Marne Crescent 
H3871953 11 27FannyRHODES48St. Luke's Hospital 
H3881953 12 01ArthurPITTS79Thornton View, Clayton 
H3891953 12 05HarryPRINCE73Victoria Hospital, Blackpool [Baildon] 
H3901953 12 07Anna KatharinaCROWTHER55Northern View, Rooley Lane 
H3911953 12 24FlorenceDENBIGH7735 Windhill Old Road 
H3921954 01 11HannahBADMAN7821 New Street[Can't read]
H3931954 02 08Sarah Jane EveTHORNTON7739 Park Road 
H3941954 02 15JamesATKINSON82St. Luke's Hospital 
H3951954 02 23EdithGOODAIRE68St. Luke's Hospital 
H3961954 03 02Francis PercyLOWE73Lister House, Ripon 
H3971954 03 06LauraSPENCER8049 Chapel Street, Eccleshill 
H3981954 03 08Annie MaryMARTIN699 Highfield Avenue 
H3991954 03 09Thomas EdwardSPENCER6012 Fowlands Road 
H4001954 03 10Charles PeterHARRISON2831 Craghill Road 
H4011954 03 15AdaLEADBEATER75St. Luke's Hospital 
H4021954 03 25Lydia JaneRAISTRICK92Duchy House, Nursing Home, Harrogate 
H4031954 03 27Martha EllenBEDFORD69Northall Avenue 
H4041954 03 29JaneNORTH6539 Park Road 
H4051954 03 30Mary EmmaDAWSON644 High Street Place 
H4061954 04 10AbazillaDENNISON74St. Luke's Hospital 
H4071954 05 01Harold WhitakerLEE66St. Luke's Hospital 
H4091954 05 03RichardHARRISON803 Kingston Road 
H4081954 05 03Mary AliceWRIGHT813 Barnwells 
H4101954 05 15ElizabethWILLIS85Thornton View, Clayton 
H4111954 06 02FrancisOVEREND818 Butt Lane 
H4121954 06 03FrancisGARNETT68102 Halifax Road, Liversedge 
H4131954 06 05EvaKITSON85Duke of York Home 
H4141954 06 14ClaraGARNETT86Knaresborough 
H4151954 06 29WalterGRIMSHAW8334 Ley Fleaks Road, Idle 
H4161954 07 27HarryBROWN706 Wellington Street, Idle 
H4171954 08 03AnnSTEELE70319 Idle Road, Bradford 
H4181954 08 04WilliamMCDONALD83Albion Road, Idle 
H4191954 08 14AnnieBRAITHWAITE7515 Albert Street, Idle 
H4201954 08 14Martha JaneBURNLEY7927 Sandygate Terrace, Laister Dyke 
H4211954 08 16EuphemiaBRYANT6419 West View, Bowling, Bradford 
H4221954 09 01Charles WilliamHEAD53St. Luke's Hospital 
H4231954 09 24DorisGARNETTunrecorded1 Rawson Square, Idle 
H4241954 10 15Emma ElizabethMITCHELL8114 Brackendale 
H4251954 10 20AnnieSKIRROW83649 Leeds Road, Thackley 
H4261954 10 26ErnestANDERSON53St. Luke's Hospital 
H4271954 11 03JohnHIBBERT77St. Luke's Hospital 
H4281954 11 08Russell AmosWYATT6730 Bradford Road, Idle 
H4291954 11 17RichardBULMAN78St. Luke's Hospital 
H4301954 11 24EmilyWHITFIELD7830 Railway Road, Idle 
H4311954 11 29Percy EdwardTHORNTON69Leeds Road, Idle 
H4321954 12 01MargaretTHORNTON23Westwood Cooper Lane 
H4331954 12 06Margaret ElizabethRICKWOOD8010 Althorpe Grove, Idle 
H4341954 12 21Martha HannahODDY7113 Hampton Place, Idle 
H4351954 12 22AdaHALLIDAY78514 Leeds Road, Thackley 
H4361954 12 24Sarah AnnELSLEY68Stoney Ridge Hospital 
H4371954 12 31William HodgsonBAIRSTOW473 Cavendish Road, Idle 
H4381954 12 31Thomas HenryWHITE73The Park, Rooley Lane 
H4391955 01 03AdaTURNER90146 Park Road, Guiseley 
H4401955 01 13James WilliamTOPHAM88Thornton View, Clayton 
H4411955 01 17JosephSHARP75St. Luke's Hospital 
H4421955 01 21James ThomasPICKARD719 Town Lane, Idle 
H4431955 01 25W------- ?FLETCHER7777 Albion Road 
H4441955 02 04IsabelPOUNDS7113 High Bank Cottages, Moorhead Lane, Shipley 
H4451955 02 08Edward WalterMILNER7410 Butt Lane 
H4461955 02 11WilliamDIXON6517 Springfield Place 
H4471955 02 18AnnHUMPHREY7612 ?-wash Road 
H4481955 02 22GordonBAXTER5713 Moorfield Place 
H4491955 03 08FlorencePADGETT786 Stone Fold, Baildon Green, Baildon 
H4501955 03 09CharleyODDY7513 Hampton Place, Idle 
H4511955 03 12RebeccaBOND781 Melbourne Place 
H4521955 03 18Mary JanePITTS76The Park, Rooley Lane 
H4531955 03 21James WilliamSMITH77The Park, Rooley Lane 
H4541955 04 06Marion Elizabeth HallOSBORNE8611 Westfield Lane 
H4551955 04 12ChristinePEDLEY1m15 Butt Lane 
H4571955 04 13MarthaHODGSON7529 Windhill Old Road, Thackley 
H4561955 04 13FlorenceMYERS79194 Lumb Lane, Bradford 
H4581955 04 14HarryDUNWELL879 Rawson Square, Idle 
H4591955 04 21John RobertANDERSON71[no address recorded] 
H4601955 04 29Elizabeth IsabellaNEAL58St. Luke's Hospital 
H4611955 05 04AdaRAISTRICK72Leeds Road 
H4621955 05 12John FrancisBAIRSTOW4212 Thorpe Place 
H4631955 06 06William James? WOOD60The Colony Heights, Bellington 
H4641955 06 08AgnesMOSLEY8231 Thackley Road 
H4651955 06 13Hannah??ST3429 Cavendish Road 
H4671955 06 21Sarah AmeliaWARDLE804 Pellon Terrace 
H4681955 06 23EvaJOHNSTONE621 Northall Avenue 
H4691955 06 24ArthurHOLDSWORTH9481 Albion Road 
H4701955 06 30MariaBENSON87St. Luke's Hospital 
H4711955 07 02Elizabeth JaneWISE8619 Dennison Fold, Tyersal 
H4721955 07 04LouieCLAYTON584 Westfield Grove 
H4731955 07 25ElizabethSTEPHENSON834 Cross Road 
H4741955 07 28JohnHARRISON7827 Merton Road, Bradford 
H4751955 08 29John WilliamTHORNTON72New Street, Idle 
H4761955 09 23Ellen Margaret MonicaSPENCE8816 Rawson Square 
H4771955 09 30CharlesCONWAY824 Croft Street 
H4781955 10 27IsabellaROYSTON655 Albert Street, Idle 
H4791955 12 02RichardWALSHAW70Thornton View, Clayton 
H4801955 12 08AlfredHODGSON74no address recorded 
H4811956 01 04AlbertSUTCLIFFE74St. Luke, Bradford 
H4821956 01 12HarryPEATE66Leeds Road Hospital 
H4841956 01 26HannahTHORNTON854 Claremont Grove, Wrose 
H4831956 01 26PercyWHITE67St. Luke's Hospital 
H4851956 02 10SamuelGARNETT534 Airview Avenue, Cottingley Bridge, Bingley 
H4861956 02 22HarriettCARVELL87Woodside North Lane, Huntington 
H4871956 03 07Constance MurielHIRD43167 Leeds Road 
H4881956 03 07Mary EthelMURGATROYD64St. Catherine's Home, Bradford 
H4891956 03 13LouisaSHARP69St. Luke's Hospital 
H4901956 03 14ClaraBROTHERTON819 Plumpton Gardens 
H4911956 03 19ThomasPOWELL796 Stansfield Place 
H4921956 03 28ElizaTHOMPSON847 Swain Mount 
H4931956 04 06IsabelHINTON83334 Idle Road, Bradford 
H4941956 04 09Emily FannyGOLDSBOROUGH83High Close Cottage, Moorhead Lane, Shipley 
H4951956 04 14LilyHOLROYD86137a Park View Road, Bradford 
H4961956 04 17Christopher JohnTHORPE3dWesley Grove 
H4971956 04 26JackANDERSON3536 Acton Drive, Barnoldswick 
H4981956 05 02Elsie LouiseHALL6816 Burnwells, Thackley 
H4991956 05 10AnnHEALING65St. Luke's Hospital 
H5001956 05 14Ernest BaxterTHOMAS69323 Highfield Road 
H5011956 05 24KathleenTHOMAS32323 Highfield Road, Idle 
H5021956 06 20AmyRHODES87St. Luke's Hospital 
H5031956 08 10AnnieMCDONALD7220 Albion Road, Idle 
H5041956 08 20ElizabethWEBSTER83St. Luke's Hospital 
H5051956 08 27WilliamWARD70Royal Infirmary, Bradford 
H5061956 08 28ErnestCALVER6314 Wood Lane 
H5071956 09 19Walter ArnoldLAW619 Ashgrove, Greengates 
H5081956 09 21SydneyHIRD43151 Albion Road, Idle 
H5091956 10 04ErnestPETCH3063 Wrose Road 
H5101956 10 19FlorrieTHORNTON704 Rawson Square 
H5111956 10 30WilliamHASTE51St. Luke's Hospital, Bradford [Apperley Bridge] 
H5121956 11 03Joseph IsraelWILD78St. Luke's Hospital, Bradford 
H5141956 11 14HarryTWIDDLE85108 Airville Road, Frizinghall 
H5131956 11 19WillieNORTH68Calverley Hospital, Thornbury 
H5151956 11 29NellieYARKER7126 Sage Street, Bradford 
H5161956 11 30AbrahamDEARDEN81The Park, Bradford 
H5171956 12 03Rebecca ElizabethSPENCER8680 Thackley Old Road, Windhill 
H5181956 12 06Horace EdwinSCOTT80St. Luke's Hospital 
H5201957 01 02James WilliamMYERS83Bierley Hall Hospital 
H5191957 01 02Emma JaneSHARP87114 Carlton Road, Stukley Estate, Heckmondwike 
H5211957 01 10Sidney WilliamHARDY5638 Ash Grove, Greengates 
H5221957 01 14Edward PalethorpeBULMER6914 Burnwells Avenue 
H5231957 01 18ClaraWALKER9218 ?? Bolton Road, Greengates 
H5241957 01 28Frank John TalbotSTORK87High Croft Owlcotes Lane, Pudsey 
H5251957 02 01HarrietHOLLINGS899 Cobden Street, Idle 
H5261957 02 06FrankPOUNDS75Bierley Hall Hospital, Bradford 
H5271957 02 15MariaHIRD8332 Fowlands Road 
H5281957 03 18GordonFIELDHOUSE61The Park, Rooley Lane 
H5291957 03 18KateFLETCHER8298 Apperley Road, Idle 
H5301957 03 20William HenryTHOMAS804 Albert Avenue, Idle 
H5311957 04 02Grace EllenCLAPHAM77Duke of York, Bradford 
H5321957 04 20SarahBAXTER67160 Westfield Lane 
H5331957 04 27Sarah ElizabethCORDINGLEY671 Boothroyd 
H5341957 05 09AlbertBEANLAND67St. Luke's Hospital 
H5351957 06 08FrancesSMITH68The Library, Town Lane 
H5361957 06 20AnnieWALKER142 Kingston Grove 
H5371957 06 24Mary EllenBRIGGS68150 Highfield Road 
H5381957 06 29ElsieTHOMPSON4282 Carbottom Road, Greengates 
H5391957 07 03NellieCRAVEN82273 Leeds Road 
H5401957 07 18WilliamFIELDHOUSE89The Park, Rooley Lane 
H5411957 07 26AliceSMITH68The Library, Town Lane 
H5421957 07 27SarahOSBORNE80St. Luke's Hospital 
H5431957 07 31WilliamLUCK3178 Bradford Road 
H5441957 08 01PaulineRHODES27St. Luke's Hospital, Bradford 
H5451957 08 23JamesPRATT8245 Park Road 
H5461957 09 05George EdwardMOSLEY55Oakleigh Hills, Greengates 
H5471957 09 24AliceKITSON787 Haigh Hill House, Greengates 
H5481957 09 27??HUTCHINSON88High Close, Rawdon 
H5491957 10 09DavidLEE79The Sables, Hundleby 
H5501957 10 10John WilliamBAXTER80Bradford Royal Infirmary 
H5511957 11 19George IsaacPROCTOR81520 Leeds Road, Thackley 
H5521957 11 29BenjaminNORMINGTON7256 Greenwood Avenue 
H5531957 12 14EmmaKITCHEN8061 Chapel Street, Eccleshill 
H5541958 01 01Cornelius Richard WaltWYNESS774 Ra----gh Avenue, Eccleshill 
H5551958 01 09Joseph HenryREDMILE ?4620a Albion Road 
H5561958 01 11MaryHIBBERT70540 Leeds Road 
H5571958 01 13Susannah FlorenceGARNETT7719 Sherborne Road 
H5591958 02 11EvaGARNETT86Cottage Hospital, Ramsbottom 
H5601958 02 25RichardWHITNEY80St. Luke's Hospital, Bradford 
H5611958 03 18CharlesELSWORTH9732 Marsh, Oxenhope 
H5621958 03 31AlbertOATES329 Ridgeway, Wrose, Shipley 
H5641958 04 03Clara JaneBENN6936 Victor Road, Heaton 
H5631958 04 03Octavia MaryHILL715 Leyton Crescent, Idle 
H5651958 04 05FrankWILKINSON66Thornton View, Clayton 
H5661958 04 09MellissaMITCHELL7615 Victoria Street, Thackley 
H5681958 04 10Frederick Charles?--ROY5344 Newlands Avenue, Bradford 
H5671958 04 10SarahBRIGGS861 Dawson Street, Thackley 
H5691958 04 23ErnestBURNELL6626 North Hill Avenue, Bradford 
H5701958 05 02Ida EvelineCRABTREE6513 Union Yard, Idle 
H5711958 06 04TomHARTLEY7545 Park Road, Thackley 
H5721958 06 10Angela JanetHARE8mSt. Luke's, Bradford 
H5731958 06 28LilyBROOKE73127 Apperley Road, Idle 
H5741958 07 12ElizabethLEE851 Ann Street, Haworth 
H5751958 08 02RalphSCOTT70The Bungalow, Cote Farm, Leeds Road 
H5761958 08 20BerthaBEEBE787 Springville Terrace, Idle 
H5771958 09 08EmilySHEFFIELD81215 Tennyson Place, Bradford 
H5781958 09 09Leonard FrankDAVIS62333 Kings Road, Bradford 
H5791958 09 12JosephELLIS70151 Tennyson Place, Bradford 
H5801958 09 13Sarah HannahTHORNTON8750 Hampton Place 
H5811958 09 19MargretFAWCETT65Southmoor Hospital, Hempworth 
H5821958 10 13Eliza WatleyTWIDDLE88Airville Road, Frizinghall 
H5831958 10 18Mary AgnesHOLGATE7545 Lynwood Crescent, Leeds 12 
H5841958 10 25Walter StanleyKAYE51High Street, Idle 
H5851958 10 30JackWATERHOUSE676a Windhill Old Road 
H5861958 11 03John AllanBROOKE67St. Luke's Hospital 
H5871958 12 22MaryLEE6439 Windhill Old Road 
H5881958 12 31HaroldMARSDEN4817 Ley Fleaks Road 
H5891959 01 12AlfredBEAUMONT8011 Blenheim Terrace 
H5901959 01 21Sarah AnnSAVILLE89294 Muster Road, West Bridgford, Notts 
H5911959 01 30IsabellaREDMILE8420a Albion Road 
H5921959 02 05FredWOOD68Town Lane 
H5931959 02 16Jane AnnMCCUE8249 Albert Avenue 
H5941959 02 27George ErnestBRAYSHAW8322 Glenaire, Windhill 
H5951959 02 27SamuelGARNETT699 Victoria Street 
H5961959 03 03HoracePICKLES4820 Brackendale 
H5971959 03 31ElizabethRILEY8334 Cillywell Bay Road, Leaton Shire 
H5981959 04 07Sarah EllenMIDGLEY93Bierley Hall Hospital, Bradford 
H5991959 04 14DorothyWICK74Stoney Ridge Hospital, Cottingley 
H6001959 04 18EdithPEDLEY7315 Butt Lane 
H6011959 05 06Alice AnnBRADLEY67St. Luke's Hospital 
H6021959 05 11Annie ElizabethPROCTOR94The Park, West Bowling 
H6031959 05 19??BIRHILL7730 Wrose Hall Place 
H6041959 06 10Margaret CathrineTRETGEN60Cragg Farm, Thackley 
H6051959 06 20Gladys HelenWILSON40Bradford Royal Infirmary 
H6061959 07 01PaulineHARRISON652 Regent Street 
H6071959 07 08Mary HannahFEATHER758 Dawson Street 
H6081959 07 15Martha EllenSPENCE898 Brookfield Avenue, Rodley 
H6091959 08 04ElizaRUNDLE88The Park, West Bowling 
H6101959 08 15William VROBINSON811 Park Place 
H6111959 10 07WhincupAELAunrecordedThornton View 
H6121959 11 04Robert-----ANGE90Thirston Road Hospital 
H6131959 11 12HarryBALDWIN795 Woodbine Grove, Idle 
H6141959 12 14ArthurLEE6839 Windhill Old Road 
H6151959 12 16HerbertLAWSON73St. Luke's Hospital, Bradford 
H6161960 01 26AnnieMYERS851 ?? Street, Idle 
H6171960 01 28AlicePOWELL8011 Greenwood Mount 
H6181960 02 03JamesDAVENPORT732 By---- Drive 
H6191960 02 24Charles EdwardWOOLLER8229 Fowlands Road 
H6201960 03 07Alfred GarnettSKIRROW768 Norman Crescent 
H6211960 03 14EstherELSWORTH4611 New Street, Idle 
H6221960 03 28Alfred SimpsonSUNLEY668 Deerfield Drive, Baildon 
H6231960 03 30LouisaDAVENPORT712 Cybrus Drive 
H6241960 04 08John HartleyPOTTER67The Park, Rooley Lane, West Bowling 
H6251960 05 19Emily JaneGARNETT7920 Park Road, Thackley 
H6261960 06 09EllenBURRIDGE774 West Royd Road, Windhill 
H6271960 06 09AnniePEATEunrecordedRoyal Infirmary, Bradford 
H6281960 07 14Ann ElizabethDAWSON73Woodbine Grove, Idle 
H6291960 07 21AnnieBRAYSHAW62Rose Cottage, Low Springs, Bingley 
H6301960 08 03John WilliamBROOKE73127 Apperley Road, Idle 
H6311960 08 06FrederickBARRACLOUGH611 Fulford House, Thorpe Edge[died at 59 West Parade, Rhyl, N. Wales]
H6321960 08 18Doris GrundyKNOWLES682 Thackley Road, Thackley[died at the Royal Infirmary, Bradford]
H6331960 08 29LucyELLIOTT7415 Fairfield Road 
H6351960 09 09Alice AnnieELLIOT86The Park, Rooley Lane, West Bowling 
H6341960 09 09Alfred SamuelMCDONALD7720a Albion Road[died at Regan campsite, ??gate, Morecambe]
H6361960 10 04Annie PriscillaCLARK77Thornfield, Micklethwaite, Bingley, Five Gables 
H6371960 10 20Sarah AliceCHADWICK8014 Butt Lane 
H6381960 10 24Mary LouisaBRAYSHAW835 Sir Wilfred's Place 
H6391960 11 10MayJENNINGS4hrsChildren's Hospital 
H6401960 11 14AnnieROBINSON5084 Carbottom Road 
H6411960 12 10EmilyBARRACLOUGH6433 Slackhill Fold, Greengates, Bradford 
H6421960 12 15RalphHUDSON8519 South Lane, Windhill 
H6431960 12 17Susan Jane Clara*5munrecorded 
H6441961 01 06Mary HannahWOOLER8224 Simpson Grove, Idle 
H6451961 01 07GertrudeHAWKER85178 Highfield Road 
H6461961 01 11IsabelNORTH68The Park, Rooley Lane, [3 Dawson Street, Thackley] 
H6471961 01 18Edith SowdenRYCROFT78157 Leeds Road 
H6481961 01 25ErnestWILLIAMS48535 Idle Road 
H6491961 02 09JackILLINGWORTH3228 Harper Grove 
H6501961 02 20BerthaAMBLER75136 Hawes Road, Little Horton, Bradford 
H6531961 03 08HerbertSH---PE684 Haigh House, Greengates 
H6541961 04 19ThomasGARFORTH731045 Harrogate Road, Apperley Bridge 
H6551961 04 25James ErnestBAIRSTOWunrecorded1114 Bolton Road, Bradford 
H6561961 05 09Mercy AnnWILMANunrecorded6 Pelham Road, Eccleshill 
H6571961 05 16LilyCHARLESWORTH8330 G----wood Road, Undercliffe 
H6581961 05 20EvaHOLMES77136 Albion Road 
H6591961 05 26Mary ElizabethKEIGHLEY92Thornton View, Clayton 
H6601961 05 31CissieMYERS5071 Parkin Lane, Apperley Bridge 
H6611961 06 13HarriettPARKINSON773 Garth Fold, Idle 
H6621961 06 19LilyBELL737 Railway Place 
H6631961 06 21WillieLAMBERT822 Ederoyd Rise, Pudsey 
H6641961 07 25JamesWATKINSON70121 Fenby Avenue, Bradford 4 
H6651961 08 18JackSTANLEY5336 Vivien Road, Fairweather Green, Bradford 
H6661961 08 25LouisaKENDALL7950 Park Road, Thackley 
H6671961 09 20WalterHALL7423 Haigh Hall, Greengates 
H6681961 09 30John BrownMYERS517 Parkin Lane, Apperley Bridge 
H6691961 10 19EdithSHORTER5613 Ley Fleaks Road, Idle 
H6701961 10 25ThomasFOULGER8015 Manor Lane, Shipley 
H6711961 10 27Hilda MargaretTHOMPSON7121 Hayes? Avenue, Thackley 
H6721961 12 08StephenHAMER16hrs10 Park Avenue, Thackley 
H672a1961 12 08BrendanHAMER2d10 Park Avenue, Thackley 
H6731962 01 09MargaretHOLGATE72172 Undercliffe Road, Eccleshill 
H6741962 01 17John MarstonSTEELE8860 Mount Pleasant, Ley Fleaks, Idle 
H6751962 03 02AdelaideWILKINSON9125 Fowlands Road, Idle 
H6761962 03 28Frank FosterBRADLEY7421 Haigh Hall Road, Greengates 
H6771962 04 05ElizabethPRIESTLEY806 Luther Terrace, Rodley 
H6781962 04 20Arthur Charles ThomasHORN7310 Rawson Square, Idle 
H6791962 04 27HarrietSLATER5212 Ranelagh Avenue, Ravenscliffe, Eccleshill 
H6801962 05 22LilyDUNN59541 Idle Road, Bradford 
H6811962 06 02AmeliaFEATHER7941 Crag Hill Road, Thackley 
H6821962 06 09FlorenceATKINSON7215 Thackley Old Road, Windhill 
H6831962 06 22George FredOLDFIELD759 Highfield Road, Idle 
H6841962 06 28ArthurKENDALL713 Lena Drive, Baildon 
H6871962 07 04CharlesTIDMARSH722 Mosfield Place, Idle 
H6851962 07 05BarieSUGDEN2669 Westfield Lane, Shipley 
H6861962 07 15Kenneth JohnHIRD1d229 Horton Lane, Little Horton, Bradford 
H6881962 07 17Clara LucyDENNISON822 Stockhill Road, Greengates 
H6891962 07 24MaryBAXTER5913 Moorefield Place, Idle 
H6901962 08 10HerbertHEWARD88Beech Town Old People's Home, Staincliffe, Dewsbury 
H6911962 08 17Frances LouisaLAWTON7959 Park Road, Thackley 
H6921962 08 25Ernest LeslieLOCKWOOD6136 Cyprus Drive, Thackley 
H6931962 09 06ElizabethROGERS8056 Shipley Field Road, Frizinghall 
H6941962 09 10Albert BrownCARR636 Fir Tree Gardens, Thorpe Edge, Bradford 
H6951962 09 11HannahSITTLEunrecorded10 Northwell Avenue, Thackley 
H6961962 09 17ElizaHIGGINGBOTHAM87Hyde Street, Thackley 
H6971962 10 24Stillborn childWILLIAMS022 Harper Green, Idle 
H6981962 11 21HerbertMIDDLETON8826 Highfield Avenue, Idle 
H6991962 11 29HarryDOWGILL832 Burnwells Avenue, Thackley 
H7001962 12 05LilySMITH6926 Foston Lane, Fagley 
H7011962 12 12EmmaJAGGER8319 West View, Bradford 4 
H7021962 12 29AdaHARPER5650 Cross Road, Idle 
H7031963 01 03RichardTHORNTON65107 Albion Road, Idle 
H7041963 01 07Mary ElizabethCONROY854 Croft Street, Idle 
H7051963 01 14AlbertaSCOTT69Cote Farm, Leeds Road, Thackley 
H7071963 02 12EdwardGREEN70224 Leeds Road, Eccleshill 
H7061963 02 12JamesSPENCE6316 Rawson Square, Idle 
H7081963 02 13ArnoldNEWBUILT6045 Westfield Lane, Idle 
H7101963 02 20EvaBARNES751 Cross Banks, Shipley 
H7091963 02 20AgnesWESTON736 Boothroyd, Idle 
H7111963 02 21HarryROSS627 Leeds Road, Idle 
H7121963 02 22SarahAUSTIN8213 Burnwells Avenue, Thackley 
H7131963 02 26Emma JaneMURGATROYD7917 Myers Avenue, Idle 
H7141963 02 27MaryBODDY8395 Park Road, Thackley 
H7151963 03 04Edith SophiaROBERTSHAW65249 Wrosecliffe Grove 
H7161963 03 05ErnestPROCTER7519 Cavendish Road, Idle 
H7171963 03 07HildaBOTTOMLEY639 Gordon Terrace, Thackley 
H7181963 03 15LillianLAWTON5689 Park Road, Thackley 
H7191963 03 21CharlieTHOMPSON8113 Bankside Terrace, Baildon 
H7201963 03 25Wendy JoanWILSON1d21 Cote Lane, Allerton 
H7211963 04 08ElizaPICKARD7345 Link Walk, Scarboroughaka Eliza Stone
H7221963 04 16LaviniaPOULTER81367 Kensington Street, Bradford 
H7231963 05 09Bernard William LawMAYFIELD63227 Leeds Road, Windhill 
H7241963 05 11JoshuaWHITFIELD86174 Westfield Lane, Idle 
H7251963 05 13Sarah JaneWATSON95271 Leeds Road, Idle 
H7261963 05 23Ada OliveBURROWS793 Woodbine Grove, Idle 
H7271963 06 18Mary LouisaSUTCLIFFE8555 Albert Avenue, Idle 
H7281963 07 04Thomas WilliamROSS674 Grange House, Albion Road, Idle 
H7291963 08 09GeorginaSWALE8613 Lough Rigg Street, Bradford 5Died at High Royd Hospital
H7301963 08 13Arthur SmithFOSTER3051 Swain House Road, Bradford 
H7311963 08 17FrankRIGG6220 Apperley Road, Idle 
H7321963 08 19Maurice TrevorHIRD4123 Cyprus Drive, Thackley 
H7331963 08 31JosephBAXTER8310 Lynwood Avenue, Windhill 
H7341963 10 03Mary AnnHOOD9727 Stock Hill Road, Greengates 
H7351963 10 07Albert VictorDRAKE6413 Westfield Lane, Idle 
H7361963 11 15LauraDAVISON92265 Leeds Road, Thackley 
H7371963 12 04EthelALLEN8014 Leavington Drive, Idle 
H7381963 12 28MyraBARTLE60514 Leeds Road, Thackley 
H7391963 12 30Rachel SuzannaWILKINSON21m472 Leeds Road, Thackley 
H7401964 01 01FredBOOTH7933 Thornhill Street, Calverley 
H7411964 01 15Alice BeatriceBARRACLOUGH5241 Windhill Old Road, Thackley 
H7421964 01 16Kathleen EthelCRUTCHLEY62355 Highfield Road, Idle 
H7431964 01 23Thomas WilliamLAYCOCK73362 Highfield Road, Idle 
H7441964 02 12HarryWHITFIELD5725 The Green, Idle 
H7451964 03 12GertrudeHUTTON6822 Rawson Square, Idle 
H7461964 03 31Walter ArthurDUKES7519 Thackley Road, Thackley 
H7471964 04 06Frederick WalterHAGGS6415 Sherborne Road, Thackley 
H7481964 04 24Mary IsabelSPENCE80107 Park Road, Thackleycremation
H7491964 05 15AnnBAINES7718 Apperley Gardens, Apperley Bridge 
H7501964 05 25JohnHOLMES85549 Leeds Road, Thackley 
H7511964 06 11GeorginaANDERSON8748 Peterborough Road, Undercliffe 
H7521964 06 12AlicePITTS622 Harehill Road, Thackley 
H7531964 06 13Ethel MaudTHOMAS73323 Highfield Road, Idle 
H7541964 06 15AliceMELLOR7935 Bradford Road, Drighlington 
H7551964 06 22AlfredHIGGINBOTHAM50606 Leeds Road, Thackley 
H7561964 06 27BeatriceCLARKSON68Apperley Bridge 
H7581964 06 30HenriettaWARDLE74Pellon Terrace 
H7571964 06 30TomWATMOUGH64* 
H7601964 07 14Frances Annie GarbuttABBOTT702 Cross Road, Idle 
H7591964 07 14Catharine IPITTS9362 Westhall Road, Baildon 
H7611964 07 17JuliaKENDALL93541 Leeds Road, Idle 
H7621964 07 18AliceBLOMFIELD761 Skelton Walk, Thorpe Edge 
H7631964 08 13ThomasDUCK573 Burnwells, Thackley 
H7641964 08 14Ida EmmilineCROSLEY712 Pellon Terrace, Thackley 
H7651964 08 22HubertWAINWRIGHT601 Back Lane, Idle 
H7671964 09 02George ArthurCROSLEY712 Pellon Terrace, Thackley 
H7661964 09 09Alice IsabellaMILES8345 Wade Road, Bradford 
H7681964 09 16MarjorieALLARTSON574 Howarth Avenue, Bradford 
H7691964 09 29EdwardRAISTRICK651 Stansfield Place, Idle 
H7701964 10 15Ida MariaHARDAKER617 Highfield Avenue, Idle 
H7711964 11 10WilliamBRADLEY61391 Kings Road, Bradford 
H7721964 11 18JamesPARKINSON544 Cross Roads, Idle 
H7731964 11 28Abraham ErnestHAINSWORTH8329 Rillington Mead, Greengates 
H7741964 12 04AlfredBRAYSHAW64Rose Cottage, Low Springs, Baildon 
H7751964 12 04Mary HudsonWEBSTER808 Barfield Avenue, Yeadon 
H7761964 12 16WilsonBENNETT615 Westfield Grove, Idle 
H7781964 12 23Mary EllenLEE85472 Leeds Road, Thackley 
H7771964 12 23John EdwardMILNER6116 Fourland Road, Idle 
H7791965 02 06WalterPRIESTLEY505 Lynfield Mount, Windhill 
H7801965 02 09EllenHARTLEY57The Grange, Idle 
H7811965 02 10Ellen MaudHALE82115 Apperley Road, Idle 
H7821965 03 12FlorenceRAMM815 Marne Crescent, Idle 
H7831965 03 13Frederick ArthurPICKLES591 Highfield Avenue, Idle 
H7841965 03 15SusannahSHEPHARD9174 Hambledon Avenue, Bierley 
H7861965 03 23EvaPICKLES9120 Brackendale, Thackley 
H7851965 03 23Frederick George WalterSCOTT7310 Rosbundale Crescent, Heysham 
H7871965 05 01Mary EllenHOUSELEY ?667 Louisa Street, Idle 
H7881965 05 12George WilliamKNEESHAW6722 Highdale View, Back Lane, Idle 
H7891965 05 14JeffreyHALL40612 Leeds Road, Thackley 
H4661965 06 15EdithWALSH66Victoria Hospital, Keighley 
H7901965 07 14AnnieSELBY716 Walter Street, Idle 
H7911965 09 15AliceEASTWOOD6950 King's Drive, Wrose 
H7921965 09 17GertrudeCHAMBERLAIN7518 New Line, Greengates 
H7931965 09 22James WalkerHEWITSON95249 Wrosecliffe Grove, Idle 
H7941965 10 01Arthur PercivalTHOMAS8396 Westfield Lane, Idle 
H7951965 10 02MatthewHARDAKER3hrs10 Fourland Road, Idle 
H7961965 11 03HarryGOODAIRE7766 New Street, Idle 
H7971965 11 09NevilleRHODES5413 Hawley Terrace, Ravenscliffe 
H7981965 11 17ErnestHOLLINGS6212 Mirfield Avenue, Swain House, Bradford 
H7991965 11 19Ann MonicaHIRD741 Westfield Grove, Highfield Road, Idle 
H8001965 11 23ClaraSHIELDS5638 Grange View, Leeds 

Transcribed by Jack Parry © 2008
Checked by David Simpson
If you find an error (small or large) in the transcription
please email the Transcribers