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PUDSEY: Church and Chapel Wardens for Pudsey Township 1606 - 1887

1606JohnCrosley ThomasWhitley
1608WilliamGaunte JamesSaill
1609Wmffarrowe EdwdHolsworth
1628RichardSmith WmStables
1633JamesLepton EdwdSizer
1640RowlandMilner JohnWilson
1663JohnSmith JoshuaLumby
1664JohnNettleton ThosArcher
1665WmJenkinson WmMosse
1666JohnHey ThosButterfield
1667WmWilson RichdGaunt
1668ThosHutchinson StephenStout
1669SamuelLumby ThosLeigh
1670JohnWilson WilliamLepton
1671Richardffarrer ThosSyzer
1672ThosMilner CuthbertLeigh
1673GabrielDodgson DanielGaunt
1674SamuelStables ThosWaterworth
1675JnoPurdy JoshuaLumby
1676RichdLobley WmAtkinson
1677WmRudd RobertLumby
1678JeremiahCrabtree JnoWilson
1679WilliamLumby JohnKent
1680JamesPierson JamesBower
1681WmHall AbmHutchinson
1682JoseHolsworth StephenStoute
1683AbmHainsworth JonathonCrowder
1686EdwardKent Wmffarrer
1687SamuelLumby WilliamLee
1688JohnSmith JereWilson
1689WilliamMosse WilliamChild
1690ThomasLee Williamffarrowe
1691JoshuaLumby JohnBower
1692WilliamLumby EdHarrison
1693JoshuaLumby JohnCromack
1701JnoHutchinson RichdSugden
1709WilliamBanks SamuelHillas
1710JohnHoldsworth RicFarrer
1711HenryHillas AbmHutchinson
1712HenrySugden RichardLee
1713Samuelffarrer WmSwaine
1714JoshRayner JnoHutchinson
1715WmAtkinson Wmffarrer
1716WmAtkinson JoshuaSugden
1717HenryBellas JeremyScott
1718SamuelHillas JamesTaylor
1719SamuelHillas JamesTaylor
1721WilliamBanks SamuelMosse
1722Benjffarrer ThomasDean
1745SamuelMoss JoshuaFarrer
1754JohnFarrer JohnHartley
1767SamlHinchliffe JPearson
1768WmBoys JohnBrooksbank
1771WmMoss TJohnson
1772JohnCarr JohnNewsom
1773SamlCromack GeoLangley
1774JohnNewsom JohnCarr
1775BenjAsquith RichardMountain
1776WmMunton GeoLangley
1779WmDodgson JohnLumby
1780JamesHeckler SamlJohnson
1781JosCrowther SamlJohnson
1782JohnTurner JamesHeckler
1783JohnTurner JamesHeckler
1784JamesHeckler JonathonGaunt
1785JamesHeckler JonathonGaunt
1787SFarrerin the LaneWmDean
1788SamuelFarrer WmDean
1791SamuelFarrer SamuelBanks
1792SamuelFarrer SamuelBanks
1793JeremiahCrowther JohnMuschamp
1802JohnCarr JoshuaWhitfield
1806RichardFarrer JohnLister
1807RichardFarrer JohnLister
1808JohnBalme RichardFarrer
1809Thomas FairfaxCarlisle JohnFarrer
1810WmHodgson ThomasBanks
1811ThomasBanks JohnHalliday
1814GeorgeBeaumont JDrake
1815JohnHalliday GeorgeScott
1816GeorgeScott JohnWebster
1817JohnWebster JohnDean
1818BenjDean JohnWebster
1819RichardFarrer JamesSharpe
1820RichardFarrer JohnBalme
1821RichardFarrer JoshuaArmitage
1822JoshuaArmitage JHutchinson
1823JasHutchinson WmDennison
1824WmDennison WmBoys
1825WmDennison WmBoys
1826HenrySimons RobtParkinson
1827HenrySimons RobtParkinson
1828HenrySimons RobtParkinson
1829HenrySimons RobtParkinson
1830SamuelSharp JohnHutchinson
1831SamuelSharp SamuelScarth
1832SamuelSharp SamuelScarth
1833SamuelSharp SamuelScarth
1834JosephRayner JosephMusgrave
1835JosephRayner JohnFarrer
1836JohnFarrer WmBeaumont
1837JohnFarrer WmBeaumont
1838Ric Fred.Farrer EdwardBinks
1839Richd Fred.Farrer EdwardBinks
1840BenjTroughton WmHainsworth
1841BenjTroughton WmHainsworth
1843SamuelField JosephWalker
1844JohnBaker SamuelField
1845JohnFarrerGrove House, ChapletownJohnBaker
1846JohnParkinson JamesWalker
1851JohnParkinson WmHuggan
1852JohnRayner JohnCrowther
1853JohnRayner JohnCrowther
1854JasBeaumont JosephRayner
1855Samuel GGamble JoshuaMachill
1856T. M.Tunnicliffe JonathonClarkson
1857T. M.Tunnicliffe HenryMoore
1858J.H.Mitchell GHainsworth
1859J.H.Mitchell GHainsworth
1860JohnHalliday WilliamFarrer
1861WmElsworth JohnHalliday
1862WmMerritt BenjTroughton
1863WmMerritt BenjTroughton
1864WmMerritt EmanlBoocock
1865WmElsworth EmanlBoocock
1866JamesBanks JoshuaGaunt
1867JamesBanks JoshuaGaunt
1868W.H.Greaves JohnKeenan
1869JohnKeenan W.H.Greaves
1870WmElsworth H.Beaumont
1871HenryBeaumont WmFarrer
1872HenryBeaumont WmFarrer
1873GeoArmitage JosephDriver
1874GeoArmitage JosephDriver
1875GeoArmitage WmMaude
1876GeoArmitage WmMaude
1877GeoArmitage WmMaude
1878Geo A.Jones WilliamMaude
1879Geo A.Jones DArmitage
1880Geo A.Jones D.Armitage
1881Geo A.Jones D.Armitage
1882HenryBeaumont JBooth
1883HenryBeaumont JBooth
1884HenryBeaumont JNewell
1885HenryBeaumont J.H.Dawson
1886HenryBeaumont J.H.Dawson
1887SHyland W.B.Potts

Data transcribed from:
"The History and Antiquities of Pudsey",
Simeon Rayner, published 1887 by Longmans, Green and Co.

Transcribed by
the late David Simpson ©2000