The burial records for this church can not be traced.
In the 1930's, a Mr. Blackburn of Bradford transcribed the monumental inscriptions at the church and these are now at Bradford Central Library, Local History Section.
The details shown here are taken from those records.
There are no details of any person buried in unmarked graves, or those buried after 1930.
As the church and graveyard have been cleared for building, the Blackburn notes are the only known record of burials at this site.
Many thanks are due to the staff of the Local History Department, Bradford Central Library, for their
help in checking the details in this document, And also to Rev. Peter Gray, Minister at St. Andrew's Methodist Church, Pudsey

Page No.Grave No.SurnameChristian Names(s)BornDiedYearAgeNotes
11GauntSophia Jul 9187552 
12SharpeThomas Jul 12187364 
23ProctorJohn Mar 3186681 
24DixonSamuel Walton Jul 16187362 
35GauntMazzini Jul 71855<1son of John and Rebecca Gaunt
36GambleRichard Nov 25187251 
47JowettMary Jun 9186681 
58BoyesHarold Apr 2818963son of John and Elizabeth Boyes
58BoyesJohn Nov 12190374 
58BoyesMary Nov 30185716daughter of John and Elizabeth Boyes
5 J-B J-W-H     no other details
69TurnerCharles Jan 14184876 
610ThompsonT.R Apr 23187669 
610ThompsonAnn Feb 3187566wife of T R Thompson
711GatehouseSarah Apr 4188272 
711GatehouseWilliam May 7187870 
712HudsonBetty Apr 26184761wife of Francis
712HudsonFrancis Feb 5184783yoeman
813BrayshawAnn Jul 24186936wife of William
813BrayshawWilliam Nov 22188446in Pudsey Cemetery
814CrowtherMaryJun 9 1814Aug 311871 wife of John
814CrowtherJohnJan 17 1776Oct 101871 of Elm Cottage, Pudsey
914CrowtherMary and Martha    twins died in infancy
914CrowtherSamuel    died in infancy
915SugdenAnn Aug 14187040wife of William
915Sugden6 children    died in infancy, same grave as Ann
916WalkerHannah Mar 1185935wife of Thomas Walker
1017WatsonWilliam Feb 7188883 
1017WatsonSusannah Jan 21189472 
1017CoatesJames Jul 30185577 
1118RaistrickWilliam Dec 24189564 
1118RaistrickAnn Jul 8188152wife of William
1118RaistrickEthel and Hannah    Gdau of William, dau of Edward & Sarah Jane Raistrick died in infancy
1119ShawSamuel Apr 17189063 
1119ShawMary Aug 27189773 
1120BentleyEmily Apr 30189847daughter of Samuel Shaw, wife of William Bentley
1221BraithwaiteJarvis Jul 17185333 
1221BraithwaiteRhoda May 251859  daughter of Jarvis and Mary
1221BraithwaiteElija Hudson May 26185616son
1222JonesJoseph Apr 19192977Husband
1222JonesMartha May 10191265wife 1
1222JonesSarah Hannah Sep 22191645wife 2
1323LawsonMary Dec 17190357wife of William
1323LawsonWilliam Jan 9192882 
1323LawsonEdith & James Wm    died in infancy
1324SalterWillie Aug 4191253husband of Mary E.Salter
1324SalterBenjamin Feb 29186435 
1324SalterAnn Jan 20189463wife of Benjamin
1425AckroydSarah Mar 23186271wife of Jeremiah
1425AckroydJeremiah Oct 10185876 
1425AckroydEsther Oct 10186251daughter
1426CoopeJulia Augustin Apr 16187411daughter
1426CoopeMary Jul 18188262wife
1426CoopeBenjamin Oct 5187648 
1527HousecroftCharles Apr 26185748 
1527HousecroftAmeliaOct 28 1811Feb 3189179wife
1527HousecroftFrederick Sowden Nov 518429mthson
1528JohnsonEdward Apr 19187777 
1528JohnsonIsrael Apr 21184726son
1528JohnsonMary Mar 16184320daughter of Edward and Elizabeth
1528JohnsonElizabeth May 13186071wife
1629BoocockSarah Dec 17188133dau, wife of Joseph Nicholson
1629BoocockAnn Dec 3188253wife of Samuel
1629BoocockSamuel Mar 3190272husband
1629BoocockJonathon Nov 3187421son
1630HallMathew Henry Apr 16190339son
1630HallSarah Ann Mar 6189452wife
1630HallJoshua Sep 4188747 
1630HallJohn and Sarah    died in infancy
1631NicholsonSarah Dec 17188132wife of Joseph, daughter of Samuel
1732GreenwoodJoseph Dec 12188067 
1732GreenwoodSarah Elizabeth May 30187663 
1733RhodesSusannah Jan 1188873wife of William
1733RhodesWilliam Mar 2188653 
1834RobinsonNaomiApr 12 1825Jan 221879 wife of Joseph of Fartown
1834RobinsonJosephAug 11 1819May 9188170 
1835TurnerElizabeth Dec 26187570 
1835TurnerJames Nov 12187160 
1936GreavesNanny Apr 2189971 
1936GreavesSamuel Feb 2189870 
1937WoodheadMary Oct 21185271 
2038BoyesSarah Dec 25186233wife of John
2038BoyesEsther Ann Sep187716mdau
2039ShawHannah Aug 16186669wife of John
2140LumbyH Aug 171918 Pte 534435 5th London Rgt, Civil Service Rifles, Killed in Action
2141ManAmelia Apr 16192662wife of John Edwin Mann
2242LumbyElizabeth Apr 28184275 
2243ShawJohn2-3-1814Nov 10187964 
2344CrowtherGrace Ann Oct 1719063y3mdaughter of Ernest and Florence Ann
2345WardSamuel Dec 301848  
2446StottAnn Dec 20189472wife
2446ArmitageOliver Jul188840husband of Eliza
2446StottWilliam Jul 13189072butcher
2446StottEliza May 20189342dau
2446StottHannah & Ethel    dau's of Elizabeth and Oliver
2547NewellJames15-1-1850Feb 111850  
2547NewellSamuel1-5-1846Feb 151867  
2547NaylorJames1-5-1812Jul 11881 father of Martha
2547NewellJohn4-11-1833Jul 221855 interred at Pudsey Church
2547NewellThomas17-1-1837Oct 161856  
2547NaylorMartha Naylor5-2-1845Oct 281871 in Methodist Chapel,Lowtown
2547NewellEmma Elizabeth5-9-1851Oct 91868  
2547NewellJoseph5-9-1847Sep 111851  
2648PogsonJames Apr 24190684Husband of Mary
2648PogsonJames Aug 21186916 
2648PogsonSarah Aug 4185611m 
2648PogsonAlice Jan 18187513 
2648PogsonMary Jan 28189269 
2648PogsonGeorge Jul 918592 
2648PogsonAlfred May 11185810 
2648ThurlessLouisa Nov 6188021 
2648PogsonSarah Ann Nov 29184516m 
2648PogsonJohn William C Sep 18186921 
2749EmsleyEllen Mary Apr 17192063widow of William
2749EmsleyClara Diana Dec 2918732 
2749EmsleyLouisa Jan 2118765m 
2749EmsleyWilliam Nov 25191073 
2749EmsleyMary Ellen Nov 30186318mDau of William and Ellen Mary
2749BraithwaiteHarry Sep 2718976m 
2850WadeSusan Dec 12186178wife of James
2850WadeWilliam Jan 5187763 
2850WadeJames Jan 7188258 
2850WadeJames Jun 29186476 
2850WadeJoseph Sep 29185948son of James and Susan
2951WhiteleyJames Jul 23184082father of Hannah, buried at Pudsey Church
2951AsquithSamuel Jul 26184258 
2951AsquithHannah Nov 28184049wife of Samuel
3052OatesElizabeth Ann Jul 12185011daughter
3052OatesJoseph May 1184727 
3052OatesMartha May 17185027wife
3052OatesEdith Jane Oct 1218466mdaughter
3052OatesJames Francis    son, died in infancy
3153BirksMaria Jan 5186427wife of William Birks/Binks
3153AckroydPaulina Mar 12190155 
3153BirksWilliamMar 7 1894May 241894 son of William and Paulina
3153BirksJoseph Percival Nov 8189016mson of Frank and Martha
3153BirksWilliam Nov 121878 of White Cross Inn
3254CarterSusannah Dec 1189367wife
3254CarterCharles Henry Jan 28187936son
3254CarterSamuel Nov 3189377 
3355CromackGrace Ann Apr 418557mthsdaughter
3355CromackJohn Aug 7188571 
3355CromackMaria Dec 1418538mthsdaughter
3355CromackMartha Jan 15186750wife of John
3355CromackGeorge Jan 218485son of John and Martha
3355CromackMary Jun 24186414daughter
3355CromackNancy Mar 3187517 
3456GauntMathew Apr 21190878 
3456GauntMargaret Nov 12189569wife of Mathew
3456JohnsonBeatrice Sep 18190721daughter of David and Sarah Johnson of Green Top
3456GauntMathew Henry Sep 2318683 
3557WoodheadMartha Ann Dec 5186016daughter
3557WoodheadElliott Jan 25187554of Holmefirth, died at Armley
3557WoodheadAnn Sep 6187350wife
3557Woodhead2 children    died in infancy
3658WebsterWilliam Apr 30188257 
3658WebsterMary Mar 9190782 
3658WebsterSarah Ann Oct 28187315daughter of William and Mary of Fartown
3759DuftonHarriett May 30187356wife of Abraham of Bankhouse
3759DuftonAbraham Sep 18189477 
3860TuckerLucy Dec 30188357daughter of William and Mary Woodhead
3960HallSarah Sep 10186434wife of Robert Hall
3961?Joshua Dec 26191167 
3961?Elizabeth Oct 17189043wife of Joshua, daughter of Sarah
4062LawsonJohn Nov 15185358 
4062LawsonWashington Nov 2318539mthson
4062LawsonFranklin Nov 7185621mthson
4062LawsonMark Sep 718576 
4062LawsonEsther    wife, no date given
4263ShawJames Apr 9187484husband of Mary
4263ShawMary Feb 7185264 
4263ShawMartha Nov 9183618daughter
4364JohnsonBella Apr 13189419daughter of William and Ann
4364JohnsonMary Jul 1189922 
4364JohnsonArthur Jun 3018967week 
4364JohnsonAnn May 2191366 
4465JonesElizabeth Apr 9186339daughter
4465JonesWilliam Aug 12184647 
4465JonesElizabeth Dec 23188588wife
4465WadeSarah Nov 19188563wife of Joseph Wade, daughter of abve, died in USA
4566GreenwoodHannah Feb 26185042daughter
4566GreenwoodJonas Feb 28185268 
4566GreenwoodDeborah Oct 31185776wife of Jonas
4566Greenwood5 grandchildren    died in infancy
4667BoyesMary Feb 28187474wife of William
4667BoyesMary Oct 11186568sister of William
4667BoyesWilliam Sep 22184451of Gibraltar, Pudsey
4768ShoesmithJoshua Dec 25190267 
4768ShoesmithHannah Nov 8190976wife of Joshua
4869CromackJohn Jan 27184115son of James and Elizabeth
4869CromackElizabeth Nov 7185433mother of John
4970AckroydMartha Apr 26186928daughter of James and Hannah
4970AckroydJames Dec 10186956father of Martha
4970AckroydMary Ann Feb 28187020daughter of James and Hannah
4970AckroydHannah Nov 23187863 
4970AckroydEdwin    son of James and Hannah, died in infancy
5071AspinallEmmaAug 22 1848Dec 91918 daughter of William and Mary Ann
5071CromackWilliam July188765 
5071CromackMaryOct 10 1844Mar 111915 daughter of William and Mary Ann
5071CromackMary Ann May 25187658wife of William
5172AckroydEmma Jul 6187719daughter of Edward and Esther
5172AckroydAlice Maude Sep 28187514mdaughter of Edward and Esther
5173CromackAda Aug 25188125wife of John Cromack, daughter of Edward and Esther Ackroyd
5173CromackEsther Grace Dec 1918816mdaughter of Ada and John
5274WalkerJosephJan 2 1811Dec 151883 of Greenside, Pudsey. Father of Ruth
5274WalkerRuth May 14185313 
5375AckroydJames Apr 20190189 
5375MoorhouseHannah Mar 13190670duaghter of James
5375AckroydMartha   63wife of James, no date given
5476GreenAmy Saville Jul 2919018g/daughter of William
5476GreenWilliam Jun 12192158 
5476SharpeMary Nov 9191070 
5577SutcliffeJohn Jan 27190669husband of Sarah
5577SutcliffeSarah Elizabeth Mar 30189160wife of John
5577SutcliffeEdithFeb 1895   daughter of William and Sarah, no date given
5678JohnsonBenjamin Dec 15189177father of Benjamin
5678JohnsonMary Jan 16189178mother of Benjamin
5678JohnsonBenjamin May 18192772husband of Mary
5779HallSarah Ann Apr 25190389 
5779HallJosephJan 14 1833Jan 31901  
5880GreavesAlfred Apr 7184812nd son of Joseph ( age could be wrong)
5880GreavesThomas Dec 1818632y7mson of joseph
5880GreavesSimeon Jan 118482y4mson of joseph
5880GreavesAlfred Jan 518489 mthson of joseph
5880GreavesJohn Jan 20187651eldest son of Joseph
5880GreavesSarah Jun 23188377wife of Joseph
5880GreavesJoseph May 5187678contractor
5981HinchcliffeMartha Jan 1187066wife of John
5981HinchcliffeMartha Jul 12187632daughter of John and Mary
5981HinchcliffeMary Hollingworth Jun 218485daughter of John and Mary
5981HinchcliffeJohn May 22188680 
6083NaylorSamuel Aug 918687son of Samuel and Sarah
6083NaylorSamuel Aug 13187745father of Samuel. Drowned in Strid, Bolton Abbey
 L-----------     daughter of Joseph and Martha L-------- ( details worn away on headstone)

Transcibed from
"The History and Antiquities of Pudsey"
written by Simeon Rayner, published 1887 by Longmans, Green and Co.
Transcribed by
the late David Simpson ©2000