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PUDSEY: Transcription of PUDSEY OVERSEERS, 1743-1887

Definition of Overseer taken from the Imperial Dictionary of 1850:
In England, the duties of overseers are, to provide for the poor in every parish, to collect the poor-rate, to remove such persons as the parish is not liable to support, and to do other acts incidental to the management of the poor, under the directions of the poor-law commissioners, or their assistant commissioner, or according to the provisions of any local act.

1743BGaunt ThosJohnson EliPearson Jo.Elsworth.
1765RichardHey SamuelIngliam      
1766WmMoss Win.Darnbrook      
1767WmWhitley Jar.Clifford      
1768Trist.Moss JLobley      
1771JnoRadcliffe Jon.Balme      
1772JosephLumby JohnAtkinson      
1773JamesAtkinson Wm.Dean      
1774JohnFarrar JoshuaFarrar      
1775WmWalker Ino.Farrar      
1776Wm.Farrer MatthewFarrer      
1777Richd.Farrer JohnRadcliffe      
1778Saml.Boys JohnBeaumont      
1779JoshuaHargreave MathewHutchinson      
1780JohnLobley WmBanks      
1781Thos.Pullan BenjRoberts      
1782WmDodgson Jerh.Crowther      
1783Saml.Farrer JohnLumby      
1784Win.Lumby MatthewDufton      
1786JohnNewsom JohnBooth      
1787JosephGreave JohnCowper      
1788Richd.Womersley Jos.Crowther Jas.Harper   
1791JamesHarrison Wm.Grave      
1792Wm.Cautherey JosephDodgson      
1793SamuelHinchliffe JamesHarper DenisRider   
1797JamesHutchinson Wm.Dean JamesHarper   
1800JosephCooper JohnLobley      
1802Ben.Dean JohnCrampton      
1803Wm.Ellwand Wm.Dufton      
1804Jere.Crowther Wm.Cauthery      
1805Thos.Rider AndrewWade      
1807AndrewWade JosephWilkinson      
1808Win.Clark BenjSeifferth JosWilkinson   
1809JDrake HenryCarr AndrewWade   
1810HenryCarr MathewHainsworth      
1811JohnRadcliffe WmStowe      
1814WmGreaves WillmStowe      
1815JonasHolmes JohnCooper (jnr) WmStow   
1816JohnBoys SamuelHinchliffe      
1817JamesHutchinson RobtParkinson      
1818WmBoyes JamesStead      
1819BenjGaunt JohnVarley      
1820BenjBrook ThomasBrayshaw JnoHutchinson   
1821HenrySimons JamesBlackburn JHutchinson   
1822WmMusgrave JamesBlackburn JohnHutchinson   
1823JohnTordoff WmFarrer JHutchinson   
1824HenryCarr PeterWinsor JHutchinson   
1825WmSharpe JohnBanks JHutchinson   
1826JohnFarrer GeorgeScott      
1827WilliamEllwand JosWilkinson JohnFarrer   
1828JohnHalliday GeorgeBrooksbank JohnFarrer   
1829PeterHyland BenjBraithwaite JohnFarrer   
1830SamuelCrowther JohnFarrer (Lowtown) JohnFarrer   
1831JoshuaArmitage SamuelLobley JohnFarrer   
1832WilliamBeaumont EdwardGreenwood JohnFarrer   
1833JosephCautherey AbrahamHutchinson      
1834WilliamWalton BenjTroughton      
1835JohnCrowther WillmLister      
1836JohnCrampton JohnHinchliffe (snr)      
1837SamuelSharp GeorgeGlover (snr)      
1838WilliamDenison JohnFarrer      
1839GeorgeBeaumont JohnDawson AbrahamHutchinson   
1840JohnFarrer RichardEllwand AbrahamHutchinson   
1841JohnFarrer (Lowtown) WmBoys(Tyersal) AbrahamHutchinson   
1842SamuelField IsaacBoocock AbrahamHutchinson   
1843SamuelSharp WilliamHutchinson AbrahamHutchinson   
1844WmHuggan SamuelLobley RichardSutcliffe JohnNewell
1845JoshuaHarrison WmHuggan RichardSutcliffe JohnNewell
1846RichardWomersley (Marsh) JoshuaHarrison RichardSutcliffe JohnNewell
1847RichardWomersley JoshuaHarrison      
1848RichardWomersley WilliamProcter      
1849RichardWomersley WilliamJefferson JosNewell   
1850BenjWade JamesBeaumont JosNewell   
1851JohnFarrer (Grove House) SamuelVarley      
1852JohnFarrer SamuelVarley      
1853ThompsonFarrer SamuelGaunt Gamble      
1854ThompsonFarrer SamuelGaunt Gamble      
1855SamuelSykes BenjTroughton      
1856SamuelSykes BenjTroughton      
1857SamuelSykes BenjTroughton      
1858BenjTroughton JosephBanks      
1589JamesBanks WmShepherd      
1860JamesBeaumont WilliamHaste      
1861WilliamHuggan GoeHainsworth      
1862WilliamHuggan GeorgeHainsworth      
1863WilliamHuggan GeorgeHainsworth      
1864WilliamHuggan GeorgeHainsworth JamesBeaumont   
1865WilliamHuggan GoergeHainsworth JamesBeaumont   
1866WilliamHuggan GeorgeHainsworth JamesBeaumont   
1867WilliamHuggan GeorgeHainsworth JamesBeaumont   
1868WilliamHuggan GeorgeHainsworth JamesBeaumont   
1869WilliamHuggan RichardWomersley EmanuelBoocock   
1870RichardWomersley EmanuelBoocock WmDibb Scales   
1871EmanuelBoocock ThomasGoodhall JosBlackburn   
1872EmanuelBoocock ThomasGoodhall JosBlackburn   
1873EmanuelBoocock JosBlackburn Samuel AMerritt   
1874EmanuelBoocock JosBlackburn Samuel AMerritt   
1875EmanuelBoocock JosBlackburn Samuel AMerritt   
1876EmanuelBoocock JosBlackburn Samuel AMerritt   
1879EmanuelBoocock JosBlackburn WilliamHuggan   
1880EmanuelBoocock JosBlackburn WilliamHuggan   
1881EmanuelBoocock WilliamHuggan JosHyland   
1882EmanuelBoocock WilliamHuggan JosHyland   
1883EmanuelBoocock WilliamHuggan SamuelArmitage   
1884EmanuelBoocock WilliamHuggan SamuelArmitage   
1885EmanuelBoocock WilliamHuggan      
1886WilliamHuggan SamuelArmitage John AHinings   
1887WilliamHuggan SamuelArmitage John AHinings   

Transcibed from
"The History and Antiquities of Pudsey"
written by Simeon Rayner, published 1887 by Longmans, Green and Co.
Transcribed by
the late David Simpson ©2000