Castleford, Yorkshire, England. Geographical and Historical information from 1750.


Geographical and Historical information from the year 1750.

"CASTLEFORD, (given as "CASTLE-FORTH") a parish in the West Riding of Yorkshire, or CASTLE-FORD, near the conflux of the Are and Calder, by Pontefract, of which it was the mother. There are many remarkable remains of its antiquity, particularly Roman coins, whereof great numbers have been dug up here, called by the people Saracen's heads. It stands upon the Roman way that comes from Doncaster, and leads to Aberforth, and is stiled by Hoveden a city. The Calder was made navigable from hence to Wakefield, in 1698."

[Transcribed by Mel Lockie © from
Stephen Whatley's England's Gazetteer, 1750]